Big Brother 14: Top 10 Events Of The Season – Part 1

Ahh yes, the end of Big Brother 14 is here which means we’ve got another chance to reflect on a long and eventful season. Sure, every year we hear complaints of how this season is the worst season evah! but I’d have to argue this was pretty darn exciting with some incredible twists and turns.

Boiling a season down to a list of top events is never easy, but it’s always fun to try and open things up for discussion. After a review with Branden I’ve got a set of our Top 10 moments for this Big Brother season. I’ll run through the front half today and then we’ll jump in to the top five tomorrow. Enjoy!

#10: Froot Loops & Salmon

Big Brother 14: Frank Eudy

We were just days in to the new season when a fight broke out between Willie Hantz and Frank Eudy. To set the stage, Willie had promised Frank safety but ended up nominating him anyway. It’s important to remember that Frank “really wanted to be there” and it’s just not fair to nominate him with that in mind or at least that was Frank’s perception for his duration on the show. So of course Frank didn’t take kindly to his nomination and created a false rumor that Willie had mocked Wil for his sexuality. That did not happen. Oh, and despite nominating him, Willie really was working to help save Frank at that point. This turned out to be just a small preview of Frank’s inability to read the other HGs and a big part of his downfall in the game.

When word reached Willie of Frank’s lies it didn’t go over so well. Willie exploded at Frank in front of the rest of the house. Frank managed to remain calm and collected while claiming to be a “straight shooting M-F’er”. Before too long even Boogie got involved to protect his player and call out Willie on his behavior. This all led down the path for Willie stating he would still eat his Froot Loops if that’s what he wanted to do and Boogie added that he can eat his Froot Loops while Boogie had his salmon. Sure enough, the HGs soon received Froot Loops & salmon as the Have-Not’s special treat.

#9: Newbies Revolt

Big Brother 14 House meeting

This season’s twist brought in four returning HGs as coaches to mentor the newbies through the season. Some HGs took to them while others seemed to quickly reject their new overlords with suspicions of ulterior motives. After a little over a week in the house Willie called a house meeting but invited only the newbies. There they all agreed to stop playing for the coaches and to make their own deals rather than being forced to honor what their coaches had negotiated separately. Ultimately it was a failed effort, but it still showed ambition and guts to try to draw the lines that early in the game for something that might or might not happen down the road.

Whatever could have given Willie this crazy idea that the coaches might enter the game? Why that’d be Britney. She revealed that info to Willie shortly after fretting that revealing that info to the newbies might cause a revolt. I guess Britney can always tell herself, “I told you so.” Ironically, Willie’s fear of coaches entering the game became a reality after he was expelled and threw off the season’s numbers causing production to take action and, you guessed, have the coaches enter the game.

#8: Nomance

Big Brother 14: Shane and Danielle's Nomance

Repeat after me: there was no showmance. CBS, desperate to revive its JeJo or Brenchel romance angle, couldn’t stop pushing the idea that Shane and Danielle were sharing some romantic attraction. They weren’t. Matter of fact, Shane repeatedly said he was not interested in discussions on the Live Feeds. He would hold 15 minute discussions with Danielle explaining he was NOT interested in her. CBS would respond by showing clips of them in some alleged budding relationship.

CBS completely missed out on a wildly entertaining story line of Danielle chasing while Shane evaded. Only later in the season were they even remotely open to sharing the true story that any relationship there was completely one-sided, but by then it was much too late and the opportunity had passed. Ah well, it was another installment of the ongoing saga that there are really two Big Brother games each season: the one CBS broadcasts and the one the rest of us watch online.

For more details on Shane and Danielle’s “nomance” you should check out’s summary review.

#7: Get To Steppin’, Boogie

Big Brother 14 Mike Boogie Malin evicted

I wasn’t a fan of the coaches entering the game and anxiously awaited each of their evictions, but none were more entertaining than Mike Boogie’s exit. After spending his week yelling at Shane with Frank’s help, Boogie thought he might have a shot at staying in the house. He didn’t. What made it worse for Boogie was that his own mentored player, Ian, was all part of the plan to get him out.

After the votes were revealed Boogie knew Ian had stabbed him in the back and warned Frank not to trust him anymore. It wasn’t until later when Boogie was on the couch with Julie that he had been duped on a much larger scale by Ian than he had realized. Unlike the rest of the week where Boogie was often anything but classy, he took the news very well and even literally tipped his hat to Ian on a job well done. Boogie “got got.” He knew it. We knew it. It was a fun moment in the season for sure.

#6: Shane Severs the Silent Six

Big Brother 14 - Shane Meaney

Shane gets far too little credit in this season. He started out strong with multiple HoH wins and three straight Veto wins, but when you decide to coast it’s easy for fans to forget your earlier contributions. Shane managed to effectively get Frank evicted before production decided to step in and block his eviction that night. Then on Shane’s second HoH he manages to once again nominate Frank but this time he gets to do with with Frank’s coach sitting next to him. Enter a befuddled Frank and Boogie stage right.

The Live Feeds returned post nominations to find Shane cornered by Frank and Boogie who can’t understand what just happened. Shane is hilariously apologetic and suggests being so confused and making a last minute decision. He tells them he made a big mistake and wants to work with them to fix it. They buy the whole thing and foolishly believe him. That conversation set off a firestorm for Britney after Shane threw her under the bus in the process. Arguing, fights, and drama went on for seven hours that night and every little bit of it was awesome.

Shane might have seen his season surprisingly cut short, but he played a huge role in making the first half of the season very exciting while fooling most of his opponents.

There’s our first half of Big Brother 14’s Top 10 Events. Check in tomorrow for the second half, but in the meantime debate away on what makes your own top moments.


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  1. Out of all five of them, I liked the #7 “get to steppin'” Boogie the best. Ian just used Boogies tricks against him and got him evicted. Funny thing was, Boogie was not only surprised, but applauded Ian for the play.

    Of course the #10 was classic as well with Frank vs. Willie. I believe that fight was the beginning of the end of Willie in Big Brother 14. Willie should have never promised Frank an alliance and then nominated him. Sad though that Kara was evicted so soon.

    This has been an interesting and drama filled season for sure, but not the best season in BB history.

    • I have always really dislike Boogie, even when he was with Will and his season, but I have to express admiration for how he handled being back stabbed by Ian. Of course some of how he handled that might have been appreciation for being evicted the week before jury started, preventing him from spending several weeks in the jury house.

      • he decided to put on a good show for those who didn’t watch feeds or BBAD.
        he behaved badly most of the time, you just didn’t see it during the edited TV show

      • I doubt that very much. Boogie has an ego and regardless of what he said, I think he would have enjoyed having some power in that jury house. He said that to save face- no doubt in my mind!

      • Boogie is cut from a different cloth and I truly don’t think he cares what America thinks. He’s the only coach that didn’t hit the reset button and I do believe he was quite happy to get out of the house and back to his son. If he wanted to play again, he would have hit the button and if he wanted to stay he would have put up one hell of a fight.

      • As the only coach who didn’t hit the button, boogie should automatically get the long since evaporated $100,000.00 coaches prize that is now never mentioned.

      • hah, that’s funny. I was really surprised that of the four coaches he would be the one to want to stay a coach. I think he took being evicted well. Unlike his precious protege Frank, Mike seems able to accept it was just strategy.

    • Boogie was only gracious because Ian gave him credit for learning from him. However, I was glad that he took the eviction so well. I still don’t like him but it brought him out of the bowels of a bottomless pit just a little.

    • You have more issues than Danielle. You are constantly commenting on her weight, behaviors, etc. We get it, you don’t like her, move on, get a life. Enough.

      • In all sincerity, whatever problems you had with her in college are in the past. Continuing to hold a grudge is not benefiting you or hurting her. You can tell by all the “thumbs down” next to your comment that most people do not agree with you or are tired of the constant put-downs. You are a beautiful young woman. Rejoice in that and live an authentic life that is void of negativity. I promise you will feel better and be happier.

      • Totally agree with you Blueberry, all the friggin make-up in the world on Danielle face will never change the evil hearted person she is truly inside! She needs all that heavy make-up to cover her ulgy pimples, without her make-up on she is as ulgy and homely on the outside as she is on the inside!!! Guess good make-up can make even the ulgiest person look good. Her poor parents can’t be proud of what they raised either. Almost feel sorry for them.
        The only thing Danielle has ever said that was close to be the truth, “Dan your the one who has “carried” me in this game!” Boy, did she get that right, she’s such a dumbass player, it’s actually funny to watch her, it’s called cheap entertainment……lol~thanks BB!

      • I don’t know Danielle, I don”t care to know anymore about Danielle or her personal life or her weight gain or her cereal fetish. I think she may have some mental and emotional problems and as I have stated before on this site, she does not come across as a nice person at all! I simply can”t stand her either, but can we all get past this ?Who cares ? The minute she leaves the the house and finds out what people think about her, she’ll probably end up in an institution. It’s sad. We all know she is a compulsive liar and has some serious issues, so that being said “let”s get to steppin”

      • Really guys? By no means am I rooting for Danielle to win but all these comments about her weight and general appearance is? That’s uncalled for. It’s petty and immature.

  2. The Best moment has to be “Dan’s Funeral”. Jen was on slop for the rest of the season, and Frank chose not to compete in an additional HOH competition for the sole reason as to make sure Dan didn’t win the veto. AND DAN GOT THEM TO USE IT ON HIM. One of the greatest BB moments of all time!

    • All the players this year are a dumb as posts. Dan only seems good because he has an IQ of 85 compared to the others who top out at 78. Take a closer look at the idiots in the house….

      • It’s easy to say that when we know everything that’s happening. And look Britney been final 4 Janelle final 3 twice Boggie won. Not like he playing against weak ppl.

      • Dan is a lot smarter than you give him credit for. I agree the others don’t seem to understand that they should be trying to get strong players out, especially a past winner. That said, they thought Dan was gone and they aren’t accustomed to nominees playing mind games with them. That’s why the funeral was a brilliant move. It saved Danielle. Outing the quack pack in private to Frank saved himself. Dan knew Frank was desperate for allies and using that against him was genius. I’d go as far as to say the whole thing was on par with Dr. Will.

  3. “Dan’s Funeral” was by far one of the best strategic moments of the season. If he never had that 24 hours of solitary confinement I don’t think it ever would have happened. That punishment turned out to be a prize for him!

  4. If you watch Shane’s post eviction interview with Jeff – he admits to liking Danielle genuinely. He didn’t want people in the house to think they were that close.
    I agree that Shane’s actions and conversations in the house make it almost indisputable that he has no interest. But why would Shane tell Jeff he really does like her when she nor any other houseguest is listening? I honestly do think Shane likes Dani. He just was very shy with the cameras and he didn’t want a ‘showmance’ to hinder his relationship with other people in the house.

    • I think he’s being polite in interviews when it comes to the subject of him and Dumbielle. He knows that she will potentially see it when she gets out and he’s probably trying to avoid any problems with her.

      • It would also make him look like an uber-a**, him going along with her to further himself in the game. Basically prostituing himself. I can see him admitting to liking her, but not in a sexual way.

      • I think people dislike Dani so much they don’t want to think there’s ANY possibility that Shane likes her for real…
        To me, his interview with Jeff seemed pretty genuine.

      • Actions speak louder than words. Don’t just tell a person you love them, show them that you love them. Shane talked about liking Dani, but didn’t really show Dani that he did.

      • Yea shane is leaving the door cracked, just in case dani wins the money, but watch how he,ll act if she comes F3.

      • He did make a comment that he truly & genuinely liked her as a PERSON, but not as a romance. If they were to have a friendship outside the house she would need to realize that and accept it, other wise it just won’t work.

      • He sent her such mixed signals in the house that bringing it to a friendship level might not work for her. I think she’s looking for more than friendship in a relationship but i don’t think Shane will be the one to give it to her.

      • I’m sure she wants more than just a friendship with him. If they can both have a friendship I wish them the best luck with it. I try to put myself in the place of the HG’s. If I was in the house I think it’d be easy to find one other person who I really clicked with and be close to them for the season. I know it’d be detrimental strategy wise, but it’d be hard being stuck in that place for so long not to.

      • Impossible for her to just be friends… If he is smart and cares about his safety he will steer clear. In the real world there are no people hiding in the walls to sedate her when she starts thinking about snapping his neck.

      • Smart move on his part… As she is definitely a problem that is capable of lurking in the shadows….

    • why would Shane tell Jeff he really does like her? One reason would be $25,000 with America’s Choice, saying he was just using her wouldn’t win him any support. I am not saying that was his reason, only he knows, but that would be a reason. It is his only chance to win any more money.

      • You are probably right. Shane also used the sympathy thing. He said that his parents are struggling right now and he could have really used the money. For a very brief minute, I wanted him to win the fan favorite money. Hey, don’t hate me because I have a heart.

      • Of course it is the reason. Any person that has been watching all that has happened would realize that. The only times he kissed her was when there might be a chance to better his game. He can kiss her right after she wins HOH, but is otherwise shy. That’s just ridiculous… Only Dumbelle and delusional others cannot see the blunt truth…. Sad, really.

      • maybe he told jeff that because he really does. actiually you saw him behind dani everywhere she was. if she was in the shower, he was waiting in the chair near the shower, even stayed in the br while she popped pimples. sometimes he would get in her bed before she even came in there. gotta be something there.

    • It was the right thing to do. Plus, I think Shane is broke and is waiting to see if Dani wins the money. Shane was in love with Dani when she had the power, but when she didn’t, he didn’t want to be bothered with her. I have never had to beg a guy, who was interested in me, to give me a kiss or to touch me.

      • You either love someone or you don’t. It’s not love if you only love them when they have money or power. That is using someone for personal gain. Shane already admitted he was thinking about playing the “gay card”. Why is it such a long stretch for people to not think that he’s playing “the my family is so poor card”. People are such suckers… But good for Shane as he’s probably a little smarter than most people think.

    • He won’t like her much when he finds out the how she and Dan duped them all with the funeral and Daniell’s part in getting Britney evicted..Daniel used Shane and he won’t appreciate her doing it..

    • Really? Then you are as gullible as Dumbelle. Actions speak louder than words and you are just a romantic hoping for a story book ending. Shane is just worried that America might think he lead Dumbelle on and wants to be the good guy. He has mentioned several times that he was attracted to Kara and while she was still in the house he didn’t get close with Dumbelle. He also mentioned that if he could, and if it wouldn’t be so hurtful to dummy he would hook up with Kara at the after party. That to me doesn’t sound like he is genuinely interested in Dumbelle romantically. To be honest, I’m pretty sure if Britney wasn’t married Shane would have put the moves on her. His crush was pretty obvious.

  5. My top event hasn’t happen yet, so please leave slot number one open. My top event will be seeing Danielle walk out the door with nothing, and it will be even better if Dan evicts her. Right now, my top event is the funeral and Shane’s eviction.

    • Dan needs to keep Danielle to win. I doubt he will get her vote if he evicts her. She will be PO’d and won’t have time to get over it. Although she probably has enough Dan mist around her to last through the rest of the year!

      • I think so too. She seems like the type to vote emotionally. I can see her being petty enough to want to stick it to whoever sends her packing. Dan will keep her if he has the opportunity.

  6. Dans funeral changed the course of the game. Strategy overcame comp play at that point. Whether you liked how he did it or not…it was a major move.

    • I agree, but I also don’t. It was a good move, but it was the only move he had. It changed the the game bigtime, no doubt about it, but after Britt got put up, everyone should’ve seen through it, especially Ian. After all, it was his”closest ally” that paid for that move. It was just a wierd result, the guy stabbed the alliance in the back and the rest of them just aid meh

      • I see what you’re saying. But i think Frank took a large part of the blame for Brit being ousted. As evidenced by his fight with Ian. At Dans “funeral” he said such nice things about them all…except Dani. And i think this is partly why he was able to deflect any negative output from the other hg. He set them up with kindness….and brought them down through strategic game play.

      • I see your point, but it was just wierd that Britt just laid down after that. She could’ve destroyed Dan by campaining that whole week and warned everyone about how he plays the game. She knew the score. I don’t know, looking back on it I think everyone’s blind hatred for Frank really screwed their game bigtime. I guess dan saw it and used it for maximum effect.

      • I think she did warn Ian…and maybe Danielle. Plus i think she depended on her “likability” too much. She’s good socially but not so much with the strategy. And you’re right…her hatred for Frank made any campaigning secondary. I would have left with “guns blazing” as Danielle says.

      • Very true and their blind hatred cost them big time… Can’t help but wonder what they’ll think once they watch the entire thing and can reflect on that.

    • Dan has been over playing, the funeral did not save him, it was his lying to Jenn to get her to use the POV.

      What people don’t understand is Dan could be a much better player except that he seems to need to sting people.

      What do they call people who like to see people suffer? That seems to be Dan’s F3 strategy.

      • I agree Jenn was a big part of it. But without the “funeral” and Franks acceptance of what Dan told him…Jenns part never would of happened. So i guess what i’m trying to say is…Dans “funeral” started it all. The rest was how his strategy played out. Love or hate his strategy…it worked.

      • Why I say the funeral was not necessary, he did not know who would get POV even after that we know he fight hard to try and get it. He nearly had a conflict with Ian over one.

        He got off solely by fooling Jenn and Frank. Dan is a good enough player he could have done this just by his betraying the QP.

        He just seems to like to hurt Danielle emotionally.

      • You’re right…none of it was necessary. And he DOES use emotions in his strategies. But i think his strategy was long term thinking…not just for that week. And no matter WHO won POV…i think his strategy would have been the same. Hes been able to “mist” them all so far and there’s really no reason…at least in my opinion…. to think he couldn’t have used someone else besides Jenn.

      • The funeral wasn’t necessary to protect Dan but it was necessary to protect Danielle, remember Danielle was on the block against Dan. After Dan said she was dead to him, there was no way she getting evicted. Dan said that is why he did it to save Danielle after Dan came off the block.

      • Yes you’re right. That was the first thing he wanted to accomplish…Danielles safety. The rest of the plan was securing his.

      • He loves to play mind games and screw with people’s heads… For sure! Some people think he actually cares and that he wants to coach Danielle… Give me a break! He has used her as she was the easiest to manipulate. The other night he told her he caught shane kissing jojo. What was the purpose of that other than to get pleasure in seeing her suffer. No game play, just plain out torturing someone who has done nothing bad to him! He had to pull the covers up over his mouth to hide his laughter… Danielle might be crazy but he’s one sick puppy. Actually, they would make an excellent couple!

      • I agree too! He lives for that sting and it might be his downfall…. He is definitely capable of getting results without being so obvious about it, and he wouldn’t have to worry about getting votes if he spent a little time on damage control but his ego and twisted mind has him craving the pleasure of watching people suffer. It’s all in that devilish grin…

      • I completely disagree with you. Dan had to stab all the ppl in the back because ppl wouldn’t think that of Dan watching his season and when he stabbed someone in the back no one noticed he did because they were all in a secret alliance with him. And like really how can we point out flaws in his gameplay he s won before made final 3 no won has ever done that in the history of the game is basically going to final 2 no matter what he s never had a vote castes against him or even been in the block post veto ceremony. We can’t judge his strategy like really guy a beast.

  7. 1) Dan’s funeral. 2) Shane’s eviction. 3) Frank’s eviction. 4) Ian winning POV, saving himself in the DE show. 5) Ian’s hammock. :)

    • lol..i hope Ian gets to take the hammock home with him. I can’t see ANYONE using it as much as he did. And it just wouldn’t be the same if someone else did. It’s one of those things that when we remember BB 14…his love for that hammock will come to mind. Hg take a lot of things from the house….this one should be his.

    • NOOOOOO, pre-formed alliances wouldn’t crack… it would come down to just who wins the comps. Plus, I despise the thought of returning players yet again…ugh.

  8. My feeling is, if Danielle hadn’t been so gullible to Dan’s stories he wouldn’t have been able to stay in the house. She is so dumb for having allowed him to play her not once but at least three times!!! That is how Dan was able to spin his web and get to where he is now. He is truly a master at this game, but he would not have been if Danielle had been at all smart. That’s my feelings. As for Ian, he has somewhat of a hero worship outlook on Dan and believes he is a powerful player and will get him to the end. And, if he does, Ian will get the votes over Dan due to his handicaps.

    • Dan is coming across as a psychopatic liar who doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his greed to win more money. To play so ‘dirty” and think he will win… i hope he doesn’t… and i don’t feel he is a master at the game, he is a disgrace to people who actually believe in the bible and wouldn’t swear on it as a lark.

    • I don’t think Ian would get votes because of that. He’s really played a good game. The only person on the jury who might have any sort of bitterness towards him is Frank but I think he’s much more bitter with Dan and Danielle rather than Ian. He got out Boogie, Frank’s main alliance and he was incredibly loyal to the quack pack even though they were always looking to jump ship if they thought it would lower their chances of being nominated. How much he knew about that though is anybody’s guess. Don’t forget he’s won five competitions as well.

      But you’re right about Danielle. I don’t know why she kept trusting Dan. They could’ve gotten out a strong player more than once if they wanted. It’s silly, really.

    • No, but isn’t it annoying? Always on “game” mode now, it seems. The same as this morning. I never heard why earlier, either.

      • Something is going on. I know they didn’t make The Talk today, but maybe they are taping an spot for tomorrow’s show. There was also some talk about The Big Bang Theory making an appearance. Who knows. They all could be “misting” us.

      • Right, but HGs were led to believe they would be on it. They talked about it all day yesterday. Production got them up early to get dressed up, etc.

      • I long for the good ole days when the HG’s didn’t leave the house no matter what unless they were evicted…. trips to see olympians, interviews on tv shows…. it destroys the aspect that they are LOCKED in the house.

      • I have to agree. Total seclusion is not total if you win that sort of luxury. And it’s kind of unfair to the other hg. They could give them that sort of prize…a trip to something interesting….but only for AFTER they leave the house.

    • And why is there a message that they are preparing for tonight’s live eviction? It’s tomorrow night.

  9. When Dan was talking to Danielle last night from BBAD, and acting depressed, it was hilarious. Is he ever gonna stop scheming?, and when is she gonna stop believing him? I kinda felt bad for her. lol. If Dan wins, he should give her at least 20K for Therapy bills, because she will need one, when she watches the show.

    • I just couldn’t believe she didn’t recognize it for what it was. By now she should know what he’s like…but she doesn’t. I’m not sure if i’ve ever seen a BB hg act like they need pumping up in terms of game play. Maybe a slight you’re doing a good job but not the kind of over the top…”You are the best Dan”, speech that she was giving him. She should have been suspicious.

      • Danielle goes on and on about her coach this and dan’s her coach that … its sickening that she is so thick that she doesn’t realize that Dan is playing for the big money all by himselft, others be damned.
        Even after Dan’s betrayed her three times, she still cozies up to him and tells him he is her best friend… I want to puke.

    • I just don’t get her. I watched BBAD maybe a week ago and she was going on and on about how she’s soooo trusting but if someone does something to break it then she’s done with them. She’s saying this to DAN, whom she’s forgiven time and time again. Dan is phenomenal at keeping his emotions in check because if it were me, I don’t think I could fight the laughter.

      • He is a very good actor as well. I’d be busting up laughing too. It’s hard to tell those kind of lies and keep a straight face.

      • I think they’re the male and female version of each other. They both lie…in different ways and for different reasons but they both feel the need. I think they’re more similar than they are different.

      • Hmm, I never thought of that but I think it’s a valid point. I think in the house they are similar but I don’t think Dan plays this way in real life. On the other hand it’s been all over the internet that Dumbielle does. At this point she needs someone to listen to her unbelievable lies and he just needs someone to lie to and corrupt a little more in the game.

  10. You know, I think Boogie did tip his hat to Ian because he does respect the game and I think he considered Ian’s post-comments a complement. Regardless of some of his unsavory behavior in the house, he did act pretty classy upon his departure. If he were a Jury member, I would not be suprised if his vote wpould have gone to Ian.

    • I agree. He’s way better than most at seeing the game for what it is. He understands that a move against him is simply strategic. His exit interview with Julie definitely earned him points with me.

  11. The night they played spin the bottle was pretty entertaining, I also really enjoyed seeing Brittany beat up Ted

    • That was a good night. I loved the fact that the sushi party was going on in the backyard earlier that night and the HG’s attending thought they were having the best time. When in reality the HG’s not invited were having the best party inside. I miss Wil for moments like that.

    • Poor Ted. Britney got the best of him but he took it like a trooper. Wouldn’t mind having a Ted of my own :)

  12. Does anybody else find it a little bit discouraging to the common individual in terms of applying and actually getting onto this show, considering how many houseguests this year had some former affiliation? Willie was Survivor Russell’s brother. Kara was a Playboy playmate. Frank was Psycho Sid Vicious’ son. Jenn was in a band as a lead singer (don’t know how famous JennCity ever was though). Wil apparently has rich and/or famous parents. As it was there were only 12 players that weren’t former players (coaches) and about half of them were likely picked at least in part due to their ‘alignments’, for lack of a better term, in the outside world?

    For all I know there are more than that too, but those are the ones I know of, and it doesn’t bode too well for the every-man/woman who applies with hopes of actually being selected. I understand they need to look out for ratings, but…

    • I was thinking about that earlier. I wish that real people who apply for BB would be chosen for the show. Not people who apply/audition for other shows, fail at that and then get picked up by BB as a last resort. I also want to see people from different places. It seems like the past 3 seasons (maybe more) that a majority of the HG’s have been from the same geographic areas. Let’s get people from Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming…I think you get the hint. Mix it up BB! I hope next year brings on fresh HG’s who applied strictly to be on BB, and no returning players no matter who they are…even during Pandora’s Box.

      • I actually don’t mind returning/favourite players, but of the players who are selected as ‘newbies’, it’d be nice if more ‘real’ and ‘normal’ people were selected. I know Frank for example wanted to be on this show for a very long time, but I find it extremely hard to believe that him being selected had nothing to do with the fact that he had a famous father. It’d be nice to feel like even if you know nobody ‘special’ or have any other alignment, that you still have a decent chance to be considered as a contestant, whether that be 1 of 8, 1 of 10, 1 of 12 or 1 of 14 (when factoring in possible returning players).

      • Maybe they should base choosing new people strictly on the person. Don’t ask about family, special/famous people they may know or dated, and all that. Just get info about the potential HG only. Know what I mean? Or maybe…let the Canadian HG’s play in America’s BB and send the American HG to Canada. :-)

      • Haha yeah that’d be something. I like both of your ideas, but can’t see the second one happening lol. The first one should happen, but I won’t hold my breath.

      • Good idea and I don’t know why the two countries can’t mix it up. I think it would make it different and fun to watch. Maybe I am saying this because I am (don’t get uset now, Canadian). I have been watching from day 1 and I love it. We are getting our own BB. because Canadians are not invited to apply for the American BB. That is ok, I get it, but why not just have one. Why does it have to be this way.We don’t have horns coming out of the top of our heads and we don’t eat with our feet. If they can let Danielle on there I don’t understand why they can’t mix Americans and Canadians. I hope I am still welcome on this site now that I have dropped the Canadian bomb.

      • They legally can’t have people from other countries on the show. Just as Big Brother Canada wont have anyone that is not from Canada; Big Brother US wont have anyone that is not from the US.

      • Returning players is a failed idea. They would have an unfair advantage of the “been there, done that” aspect. They had there chance at the game already… there are 300 million people in the U.S., hundreds of thousands would die to get on the show. Anyone getting on the show certainly do not need “coaches” to play there game for them… this season was a ‘set-up’ to give returning players an even greater advantage over the normal “new” contestants… I can only hope that is they ever bring back returning players, the “newbies” will be smart enough to gang up on them and send them packing right at the start.

      • Frank and Shane, two non-veteran players, proved they can play alongside anybody competition-wise, and Ian proved that as well, along with other aspects of the game. I’m not a fan of the reasoning that coaches have this big unfair advantage. It’s an advantage, yes, but it’s not an un-climbable mountain like people make it out to be, and frankly it’s starting to sound like an excuse to me. Some players rise to the challenge, some don’t.

      • I think it was a bit of a set up too. The coaches had a free ride for a few weeks and that’s not fair. The only scenario in which I want to see old favorites is if they do another all stars season.

    • If you really want to get on the show, hire a PR person and a talent agent. The agent will work to get you the spot and the PR person will create the buzz so they want you to have a spot. In my opinion that is probably how 99% get picked.

    • Jenn is not a lead singer…she is a bassist for the punk rock group called Suicide City. They have platinum albums out! Before that she played as a bassist in a Canadian group called Kittie!

    • Oh you left out Ian,who I heard told Dan,his uncle is some famous smart person,Dan replied back ;Are you for real, probably some genius like a mad scientist.and Danielle, Im still waiting to hear, she,s a actress, because no one is tha dum,to let the other have the money,

  13. Danielle just said it’s their last night in the house. I bet it will seem strange to them to be on the outside again. Can’t imagine living with strangers for 3 months and then having to walk back into your life like nothing has changed. Only with these particular hgs….a lot i think has or will change. Very volatile hg this season.

    • I bet it’s gonna be a reality shock to them. If it were me I’d want a vacation after the show just to get back to normal life. And I don’t mean a vacation to some tropical land, just a vacation in my house trying to blend back into life.

      • I’d say that’s true. Only for Danielle…it might take a little longer. And Ian also. Dan has been there…done that. And he might adjust a little better than them. But Danielle and Ian seem more like the type to cling to things once they’re a part of their world.

      • I definitely think it’ll take Dumbielle longer to adjust. I think she’s gonna hold on to BB “fame” as long as she can and milk it for all it’s worth. Plus she’s gonna be so butt hurt from losing next to Ian and Dan that it’s just gonna eat at her day after day after day after day…..

  14. the big brother show they might have fights crying or whatever but at the end of the game there one big family its like taking a summer vacation to some where n get back home aint no place like home

  15. Dan and Dumbielle are sitting at the kitchen table recapping events on a timeline. What’s the F2 status now? Is Dan taking her? I hope not. Last I thought it was Dan and Ian.

  16. Why is Dumbielle suddenly drinking beer? She’s has said over and over that she can’t have dark liquids because of her kidney. Hurry someone call EMS!!

      • Bahahaha!! I laugh every time I hear that. She’s dumb, but’s that taking it to a new low.
        Lets play the “what if” game…what if she really did win 500K and didn’t give half to a church. Is she gonna be looked upon by so many people worse than Dan or better? Will people forgive her because she’s a kindergarten teacher— I mean a nurse?

      • I know! Did you happen to see earlier in the backyard they were sitting around talkin’ and the subject of female HG’s with plastic surgery came up. She’s so dumb!!! She alleged that she has breast implants (true or not-we will never know) and in the same sentence she said “don’t tell anyone”. Haha! Seriously, you are on live feeds…um..did you forget at day 74 or 75 whatever day it is, that camera’s are on you at all angles with microphones? It’s amazing. A couple weeks ago when she had them out for Joe in the kitchen she said they were real. Hmm…did she get a boob job in the DR one day?

      • WOW i think dumbelle is actually gonna choose Shame over trey Shame says the LD relationship wont work Dan doesnt want her calling him when they get out either LOL

      • They don’t look real! But her butt does look real…we got plenty of angles on that last night. When Ian told her about the cameras closing in on her butt, she said, “Seriously?” Like she really didn’t know when she’s been looking at herself in mirrors and windows all season long? I also caught her in another lie. When Dan came out of DR, he asked what she’d been up to. She said she ran…when what she really did was leg lifts showing off her butt, 1/2 cartwheels (round offs) showing off her butt, bar bell drops, showing off her butt…all after Ian had pointed out about the cameras. That girl has some serious image issues for sure! LOL

      • And another thing I noticed, when Ian was showering, Daniell left her top and bottom underwear hanging on the shower door, too bad,her clevernish, has cost her the big winnings.

    • Beer is a clear liquid…coke isn’t. I have just one kidney and have to watch salt intake. The only time I have to drink mostly clear liquids is when I have a bladder infection or UTI! Otherwise I can drink dark liquids as long as I drink at least 16 oz of water too a day! Have you noticed she’s not mentioned anything about the amount of salt one should have when they have kidney ailments? She eats chips and cookies regularly. Not good for the kidneys at all.

  17. This is a good list. Can’t wait for the next part! I think the reason people discount Shane’s earlier competition wins is because even though he won,he didn’t want to make any decisions that comes along with the power and safety. I think the fact that he started to coast for awhile speaks to that. He took a lot of direction, especially from Britney, even after coaches entered the game.

  18. You made a mistake! Willie did mock wil slightly mimicking his gayish lisp. It was after Willie told the new houseguests the coaches were going back in the game. Wil said hes taking a 24 hour break from the game and Willie mimmicked him when he was gone!

  19. I don’t know how many of you here lived in Mexico… lol… but I certainly did, and I remember watching big brother, big brother (mexico) well that was not nearly as interesting as big brother VIP.. I especially enjoyed this variant because of the quality celebrity houseguests they had, if I could compare the celebrities to some here in the US.., I’d say they are about the same quality as some of the better known celebs from dancing with the stars.. anyway.. my point is.. it would be awesome to see something of that sort here in the states…….. sometime soon…….

    • I don’t think there will ever be a celebrity BB here in the US, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It’s a completely different game here, and it being a game where you have to backstab people, it can bring out the worst in people. I don’t think any celebrity would put that side of themselves out in the open like that.

  20. Hey grew up with franks father & he was a real jerk! Nice to see if real people to get there for a big money chance !! TA

  21. Ugh! I cannot wait for tonight’s show! We have known the results for the first two parts of the HoH for over a week now and the anticipation for the last one is killing. I’m excited for tonight’s show, but mostly I just want this to be over with!!

  22. Well I certainly hope the Hantz family gives up trying to win a reality show! They certainly haven’t proven themselves to be very good people. Russell Hantz, the two time Survivor loser, was the first to show that he is a very bad loser. All along saying he should have won Survivor…well, you didn’t Russell and that’s part of the game. If you are as big of a snake as you are you alienate people and they don’t want good things for you! Then there was Brandon Hantz, another Survivor who didn’t survive. I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much crying in a game as I did from him. He needs to just stay home and let momma cook for him. Then we have Willie Hantz, the Big Brother Bully. He come into the house saying he is nothing like his brother Russell and showed America that they could be mistaken for twins! Three times and you’re out! So, please…let’s not cast them for any more reality shows!

  23. Honestly this is probably the best season Alot of crazyness. Cant wait for BB15. They should lower the age to 18 though so I can apply :D

  24. Did anybody see how mad Daniele was on the season finale. She barely even smiled when Ian won!

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