Big Brother 14: Top 10 Events Of The Season – Part 2

It’s time to finish off the season’s Top 10 events from Big Brother 14. We ran through the first half of the best moments yesterday so we’re back with the rest of the list. Let’s get right to it picking up at number five.

#5: Double Your Evictions, Double Your Fun

Big Brother 14 - Double Eviction Veto comp

I love double eviction nights. Love ’em. It’s an entire week of Big Brother rolled up in to 43 minutes of airtime and none of it’s disappointing regardless of how it turns out. This season we got two double evictions and it was everything we could hope for it to be.

Both nights provided exciting results with big targets eliminated and backfired eviction attempts. The first one snagged Boogie and the second caught Frank after he dodged a bullet in the first double eviction night. Ian still doesn’t know how close he came to being sent packing after Dan renominated him before securing his safety with the Veto.

Unfortunately both nights ended with disappointing second evictions with Ashley the first time and Joe the second. At least we got the fun of Ashley’s failed eviction plea and Joe’s silent delivery of his own.

#4: Coaches Hit The Reset

Big Brother 14 - Britney hits reset

I was not happy at all about this “twist” but after Willie got himself thrown out of the game it was obvious that something needed to be done to get the schedule back on track. The messiest part of the night was production’s decision to introduce the twist before the eviction rather than after. This took things from too few HGs to too many and completely negated Shane’s HoH while exposing his attempt to shock and blindside Frank that night. What a waste of what could have been an incredible moment in the season.

So the coaches entered the game and became HGs. Great. Last season all over again. Well thankfully it didn’t totally go that way as Janelle was immediately evicted and Boogie went out not far behind her with even Britney two weeks later. Now only Dan remains and is likely to head right on in to the final two. I’m hoping this gets Vets out of Grodner’s system, but I fear it won’t.

#3: Pork Rinds & Headbutts

Big Brother 14: Willie and Joe fight

Willie told me preseason he didn’t want to get evicted for dropping a deuce (his plan to jokingly leave the toilet unflushed each time), but instead he deemed it better to drop a deuce on his chances in the game. Following a Coaches’ comp where Britney’s entire team was punished to be Have-Nots, Willie let his temper get the better of him. Charging down Joe, Willie foolishly knocked in to him with a headbutt and that was enough. CBS only showed one hit while HGs swore there were several. Since we didn’t get to watch it on the Feeds we’ll never know what really happened, but suffice to say it was enough for Willie to be sent home and uninvited from the season finale.

I was greatly disappointed to lose Willie even if it was only a few days before he likely would have been evicted anyway. His time in the house was brief but he was causing fights and calling house meetings. He was involved in more fights in his few days than other HGs even witnessed through the rest of the season. Willie lost out, HGs lost out, and we lost out when Willie was expelled.

#2: Blindside Mania

Danielle Murphree on Big Brother 14

When word came back from the Final 4’s Veto competition that Danielle held all the power it seemed inevitable that Ian would be evicted. I mean, there’s just no way Danielle would agree to let Shane get evicted, right? Enter Dan.

It was just another string of incredible puppet mastering like we had seen from Dan over and over. He convinced Danielle and Shane that the best option for them was to let him evict Ian so they didn’t get the blood on their hands. Try to explain to me why either person would think it makes sense for another HG to be offering to do the dirty work at this late stage in the game. Shane told me that he didn’t so much agree to the plan as he simply trusted Dan and Danielle. Meanwhile I just don’t believe that Danielle didn’t have the slightest suspicion that Dan was about to make this move. Maybe she wasn’t sure, but I think she was considering it somewhere in the back of her mind.

So all day we waited and waited knowing what was about to hit the house. Anxious for the event to finally arrive I feared something would go wrong and Danielle would change her mind at the last minute. Nope. It all went through. Shane pretended to be surprised by Danielle’s use of the Veto, climbed up on the tee, and Dan swung away. My only disappointment was Shane’s reaction. He didn’t get angry or shocked, he just accepted Dan’s decision and left. Shane, you’re too nice! You could have at least given us Dustin’s patented jaw drop from BB8, Shane. I guess Danielle did that for us.

It was an incredible blindside and the best moment of live Big Brother action all season. Only one thing topped it.

#1: The Death & Rebirth of Dan

Big Brother 14: Dan's Funeral

It was the greatest moment in the season. There’s little debate here. I had readied myself to call it a night when I saw Dan had just requested a house meeting that evening. I had no idea what we were in for as he started out and I was shocked when he dropped that bomb on Danielle. It was fantastic.

One day earlier Dan had been defeated. He was on the block and lost a crucial Veto competition. As Dan described it, he had many chances to dodge the danger but he let it slip through his fingers. Then after 24 hours of solitary confinement Dan returned with a new plan, quite possibly the most well executed plan we’ve ever seen. He hosted a house meeting under the guise of his “Big Brother funeral” but in fact it turned out to be his rebirth in this game.

We all know how it went, so I won’t waste pixels retelling it further, but damn it was amazing. Dan went from dead man walking to not even being on the block anymore! His opposition had taken on devastating punishments at the Veto comp to insure his demise and now he had them fighting to save him. Along with securing his safety he managed to convince the house he was at odds with is closet ally Danielle. It was incredibly well executed and set him up for safe sailing right to the very end. Amazing.

A cloud of mist settled over the house this season and if Dan doesn’t emerge from it carrying another enormous check then I’ll be disappointed in the jury’s priorities.

Side note: Not all of these “top 10 events” are listed because I found them to be my favorite moments, but rather more for their impact on the game. There were lots of hilarious antics and silly events, but I trended toward ranking on importance factors rather than just fun.


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  1. Definitely when Britney beat up frank’s teddy bear and played with a knife was certainly a memorable moment. It was also down right crazy, and scary. She maybe be little but that girl has a big temper. I was surprised big brother didn’t kick her off the show or at least call her to the dr room for “playing” with that knife and throwing things on the floor. She should have been kicked off the show like Willie because she was displaying some seriously dangerous behavior!

    • That’s just how she vents. It’s childish but she wasn’t targeting any of the houseguests with her behavior. If she had been, she’d be gone. Simple as that.

      • If that’s how she vents then let’s be glad she wasn’t really angry! I have a funny feeling though that Britney wanted to do all those things to Frank!

    • Brit realizing she was out the door she had to be the drama queen she is. She slams on ppl for their actions but does the exact same thing to them. She luvs to be the center of attention (that’s why Dani & her r BFF) and she dissed everyone in her DR sessions. She’s a click chick kind of girl. She floated her first season clinging to Hayden & Lane and got evicted when they told her she wasn’t part of their “brigade”. Funny it happened again. Best moment for me of this season. LOL

  2. Totally, agree with the ending statement in the posts if Dan is in the final 2 and doesn’t win this game it would be a complete disgrace to the game, like its hands down who boviously ran the house this year, I don’t think I ve ever seen one hgs dominate and make so many big moves in one season since Dan in his season and Dr.Will.

    • Don’t like Dan, but I agree with you.Ian did not play the better game.

      Plus all this time he’s been taking credit for the quack pack when it wasn’t really his original idea to begin with. OK, so he came up to the HOH room and said he wanted to start an alliance with Britney, Dan, Shane and Danielle, but really why wouldn’t he want to do this?? It was at a time when Shane and Britney were in power, and they were spending a lot more time with Dan and Danielle. Why wouldn’t he want to be on there team? Especially when it was clear that Boogie and Frank were on the outs. It wasn’t really an original idea: Ian just included himself in an alliance that was already technically formed!

      Also he didn’t even come up with the name Quack Pack! It was Britney! And it was Dan who orchestrated getting Boggie out! Ian was just the final insult! He didn’t even have the guts to admit it to the man’s face.

      • Completely agree, and last night on the live feeds Dan was working on his speech last in the night, and even brought up that same argument. And said Ian didn’t form the Quack Pack he came into our hoh room dressed as a dog with someone holding his leash and was told what to do, and that it was really him, Dani, Shane, and Britney who formed the Quack Pack. Thats what he said he was going to tell the jruy, and its totally true.

      • Just to add to your comment, as well as Chace’s reply below…

        Ian didn’t form the Quack Pack and look who is in the jury if things go as expected: Danielle, Shane, and Britney. They know this.

        Moreover, Frank knows that Ian was working with them, but has always suspected that Dan was pulling the strings. In this case, I think he’ll be forced to reconcile his outrage with the fact that Dan was in charge.

    • If Ian evicts Dan, that would be the second and biggest move he has made this season (Ian got Mike Boogy out also) and would win the game. I hope that’s what happens!

  3. I agree with your thoughts on the reset. If they insisted on doing it why couldn’t it have taken place AFTER the eviction ceremony? I really just miss the days when they would just cast entirely new people and let them have at it. I know Alison has a lot of past favorites but mixing them with newbies just doesn’t work. Have another all stars if you want to see old players again.

    • They did it before the eviction because BB wanted Frank to stay. I wish production wouldn’t mess with things and just let them happen. It sucks that Shane went thru all that that week for nothing.

      • Absolutely agree. Just think, we get to see Dumbielle’s “shocked” face again tonight when they send her to jury! I can’t wait. It’s gonna be hard to focus on work today.

      • LOL…you think it will rival the shocked face she gave us at Shanes eviction? If she’s not in F2…i fully expect her to burst into tears and make a scene.

      • It’s gonna be even more epic that Shame’s eviction. She’s gonna have her mouth to the floor and be crying, have a panic attack, probably start hyperventilating, break out in hives and burst an implant all at the same time. I can’t wait!!

      • yes I agree but I don’t think Dan will take Ian to the finals…. and ian i think might just be smart enough to evict Dan if he wins…..

      • I don’t think he will just because Dani harassed him and attacked him all week. I think that was part of Dan’s plan to when they did that to try and make Ian throw hoh, but at the same time it made Dani look really bad, so it was a win win for Dan. If I was Ian and someone was just haraassing me and saying you ‘ll never get jury votes i’ll convince them not to, that would make me not take them even more.

    • Not just this season. That was hands down the best strategic move by any houseguest ever in the history of Big Brother.

    • Totally agree. His 24 hour stint in isolation gave him time to assess each hg and come up with a strategy to use each one…a plan for the whole season…not just that week. He was thinking ahead. And Danielle was the cog that turned the wheel in his master plan.

      • Can’t wait to hear it. It may make his “funeral” speech look insignificant. He’s going to have to pour on the bs…and i have no doubt he can do it.

      • me too if Dan even makes it to jury speech… i don’t know why though but I have this strange strange feeling if Ian wins this final HOH he evicts Dan and by doing that puts all DAN’s game in the water and Ian comes out as the best player this season… His best move, the move that will give him all the jury votes (including Dan’s) will be that he evicted Dan.. Surly Dan would vote for the best player!

      • Never happen…they are exchanging items that mean a lot to them to show that they promise to take each other to F2. Only Ian doesn’t know that Dan is going to throw it to him.

      • Agree. Why would Dan throw away the chance of the ultimate power – the power to send Ian – his only potential rival for first prize – out third? Seems out of character to me.

    • hahahahahaha thats actually completely true, like how many times did he use her emotions to his advantage lol

  4. You can’t believe Danielle didn’t suspect Dan was going to blindside Shane because you haven’t accepted the central premise of everything she’s done this season. Adoration for the master. She is self misted to perfection, with a sprinkling of delusion thrown in. She actually believes Dan might attempt to win HOH toninght. She’ll soon learn (in excrutiating detail) that his highest principle is never give a sucker an even break.

  5. Dan is by far the most deserving, even last night proved it even more on the live feeds. All the other hgs were asleep and Dan and get get up at 1;30 in the morning and starts practicing his speech to the jury and brings out a stop watch to time how long he is. Also, I think that moment comfirmed what he is going to do tonight because he was talking about why is deserves it more than Ian, so it looks like Dan is going to throw the competition to Ian, and Ian will evict Dani most likely.

    • Dan won’t throw it to Ian….Dan would rather be against Danielle than Ian…Dan wants to win the hoh and evict ian

      • Dan doesn’t think he can win against Danielle. He wants to go to the final 2 with Ian. He is going to let Ian do the dirty work and evict Danielle.

      • Dan doesn’t want to be against Danielle in the final. He’ll lose out of spite from the jury. WIth Ian sitting next to him, the jury will have to pick between two guys that have lied to and backstabbed almost everyone on that jury. They will cancel each other out, forcing the jury to consider who was a more strategic player. I believe Dan beats Ian there hands down.

        If Danielle goes to the F2 with Dan, then jurors like Frank will vote Danielle out of spite. Shane will vote for Danielle almost certainly. It’s an uphill battle.

        The problem is that he can’t cut Danielle because that too would piss off the jurors, just like they were made at him for being mean to her during his funeral. They see her sticking up for him and being incredibly loyal. They’ll see him cutting her as completely unnecessary and underhanded.

        That’s why Dan has been working so hard for 3 days to ensure that Ian will take him. He has spent more time working Ian socially than he has preparing for the competition or talking endgame with Danielle.

        He’s throwing that final HOH. I would bet money on it. He may, however, win it inadvertently and that would put him in a terrible position.

  6. GO IAN!! Win it all tonight! I’m gonna be sending good thoughts your way all day. Make that princess pop a squat on the jury!! :-)

  7. Ian doesn’t have the experience that Dan has over playing the game. Dan has won before. Danielle doesn’t deserve the money she is a floater… I think Ian deserves the money…. When it comes right down to it the coaches should have never played the game the newbies didn’t stand a chance against them.

    • Yeah right it’s obvious everyone was Dan’s puppet. And that experience factor is actually a huge disadvantage for Dan! Yeah Dan came into the house day one as a previous winner, but call me crazy but he has the biggest target on his back from day 1! everyone seen how he has played the game, kinda know what to expect, it’s way harder to make it far the second time playing the game because everyone wants you out, and for Dan to be in that position in crazy and shows you how good this guy is. No one in the history of this game after winning a season or making it to the finals have even made it to the final 3 the next season including Dr.Will. And really if your watching the episodes its clearly who is playing the best game and played everyone in the house Dan. Heck Dan put up Ian on the block then next week Ian won hoh convinced him not to put him up, and made all his nominations.

      • Also, all the coaches basically got out when the reset happen, I don’t buy the newbies didn’t have a chance, I think its more Dan outplayed everyone in the house, like the whole jury except Ashely is there because of Dan, think that speaks volumes in itself.

  8. I completely agree w/you about Dan’s funeral. He turned his game around faster then I have seen anyone and now I’ll be more shocked if he doesn’t win the whole thing. He’s not my fave hg just cuz he laid low for so long he was boring but since his funeral he has amazed me w/his skills of mind manipulation. I was really hoping that it’d be Frank and Dan battling it out at the end but now I’m just hoping that the jury looks at Dan’s gaming skills w/appreciation instead of bitterness and award him the money since he earned it. Whether or not you agree w/some of his tactics, there is no denying that he has owned this game.

  9. Some changes I would love to see in future Big Brothers.
    Forget about slop and have nots, it adds nothing to the game other than to irritate the house guests. If they feel that they have to have slop and have nots, then give it to the first third of the people that drop out in competitions, to stop people from throwing challenges.
    Either no veterans or all veterans.
    More video, from the jury house, it was a real disappointment this year.
    Loved it the season that three ejected house guests got to compete for one of them to return.
    More Pandoras box.
    Some cash for third place.
    I would love to see a harder to adopt dog from the local humane shelter enter the house each week and leave with the eviction, that animal would be adopted in a heart beat.
    No head shaving, that is unfair to the women because that is a bigger deal for them than men. (glad that didn’t happen this season)
    Anyone else have any good ideas?

    • Pandora’s Box was a joke this season. Nothing really good or bad. Get rid of it. Also, NEVER, ever bring Jessie back.

  10. @jillith ROFL. .about Danielle. .Thats too funny. Cant wait. .This has been a great season!! Love Ian. .But gooooo Dan!

  11. This is pretty much a moot point now, but can somebody tell me why an exterminator wasn’t brought in to kill all those dang ants? I just can’t figure this one out.

    • Production is a business and they want to make money, so they probably saw it as an unnecessary expense (as gross as that is).

      • I’m not a drama queen, but if I were in that house and nobody did anything about all those ant, I would have complained like crazy….in the diary room and every chance that I got. If I were in there, somebody would have done something about those ants.

      • Cheers to that.

        At the very least they production have provided them with some ant traps.

        One of the bloggers on Twitter was saying they were even getting into the ice machine and were frozen in the ice cubes.

  12. Shane’s blindside should have been number 1. That moment was too much and im mad that Danielle & Shane didnt see it coming when 1 week ago they knew Shane was Dan’s target.

  13. Dan is a legend. I’d like to see another All Stars with Dan, Boogie and Dr. Will, Janelle and Bitney, Danielle and Evil Dick and of coarse, Rachel and Brendon having a major fight in rhe BB house! That would be an incredible season.

  14. I think it would have been a great twist if when the coaches reset the game, and here’s the thats it reset but, here’s the twist they can’t play till one if them loses all their players.

    Can you imagine how crazy the house would’ve gotten? Their definitely wouldn’t be any alliances like Boogie and Frank or Dan and Daniel. And how fast would greedy Dan throw Danielle under the bus?

    But I’m more than pleased with how it all ended. I didn’t like Dans game play, but he def deserved what he got second place. It’s better than Danielle going to the end right?

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