Big Brother 14: Final 2 Threats And More Threats

Ian Terry on Big Brother 14

When you end up on the losing side of two out of three there’s not much you can do other than throw your weight around in the form of threats. That’s exactly what we’re down to now on Big Brother 14. The first two rounds are over and the only thing between two HGs and the chance at a half-million dollars is one last set of questions. Well, that and a whole lot of threats.

After Ian won the second round of the final HoH competition Dan and Danielle’s plan was put in to action. Dan immediately celebrated Ian’s win and Danielle went in to assault mode. Their goal was to frighten Ian in to throwing the third round so Dan could take Danielle on to the end per his desire to fulfill his role as a Big Brother coach. So far it doesn’t seem to be working.

Danielle has been pushing at Ian with threats that if he wins the next round and cuts her then she’ll lose his vote and Shane’s vote. Instead of worrying Ian, Danielle has managed to annoy and aggravate Ian.

Flashback to last night at 9:11PM BBT to find Danielle working on Ian. She is digging in and reiterates that he’ll lose lots of votes and she’ll go out “guns blazing.” She tells him Dan will win 5-2 if he goes to the end with Ian. Danielle goes over this reason and that reason why he shouldn’t evict her. Ian doesn’t talk much but defends himself from time to time. She goes on for forty minutes before going inside while Ian heads for the comfort of his favorite hammock.

Later Ian comments to himself that he won’t be turned by threats in reference to what Danielle’s been doing. Ian seems committed to taking Dan with him to the Final 2 and he’s repeatedly said that he will not throw the final competition.

The funny thing is that Dan is now getting worried about his chances at the end if he wins the next round and cuts Ian. Dan has been considering his options aloud and may throw the third round to Ian so Ian cuts Danielle instead of him cutting Ian. But if Danielle manages to get through to Ian and Ian also tries to throw it then we could have an interesting situation. It’d be the first guy to screw up and accidentally get a question right that wins. I don’t think it’ll come to that, but it’d by entertaining and probably obvious.

What do you think Ian and Dan should each do heading in to Wednesday night’s finale show? Should either of them throw it to the other or fight to guarantee their F2 seat?


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  1. I think Ian should stick to his plans and not throw the comp to Dan. Dan’s a big boy and has made it this far by making others do exactly what he wants Ian to do. I honestly believe that even if Danielle gets cut Ian will still have the votes to win. Does she think that Ian actually believes that the jury has forgot Dan put them there using shadiness at its finest? Team Ian, don’t back down!

  2. Isn’t it kind of hard to throw the last hoh since it’s more of a crap shoot of questions? Last year I believe Rachel only got 2 right and porcha didn’t even get any..I know they weren’t the brightest but that’s still pretty bad

    • please please send her away… she is NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD. Telling Dan she had to quit her job due to cancer , come on Danielle, think of all the people who really do have to fight cancer, Your a looser… Go back to the woods.

      • So very right on……she’s one desperate sick girl for sure!!!! BB was really hurting for people to play if they got Danielle to be there. She’s by far the worse player/floater, she has never had any game play of her own, she can’t think for herself, she’s just Dan’s dumbass puppet.
        Maybe in the future BB will have DUMB and DUMBER people play a season, then Danielle would be one of the top picks! LMAO

      • So true! Hey Harry and Lloyd, meet Danielle, you are all goin into the Big Brother house together..have fun

  3. I wonder if this season, Dan was guided along by production in all these “dazzling” twists..they just seem a little to contrived at times..Americas Player indeed..Iam beginning to think “America Got Played” is more like it.

  4. Dan is playing for the game, Ian should play for the win. Danielle is just playing for Dan, she doesn’t even realize it. she is all talk right now, I say Ian should play his heart out and take his chances with jury not with the other two, Dan is smart but he didn’t win as many comps as Ian. let the results speak for themselves not the HG’s. this could get interesting.

      • Danielle would have Jenn, Shane, and Dan locked. Ian needs all four of the other votes. Britney’s vote could go either way (I’d guess she’d vote Ian but it’s not a lock), Joe will probably do what he did all season and just follow Shane’s lead, and Frank and Ian were at eachother’s throats a lot. Obviously, Ashley would vote Ian. Danielle in the final two = Danielle wins, fairly easily. However, she blew it by pissing off Ian and now her chances of making F2 are cut in half.

      • Well, you’d think so but look at juries in the past and a trend of in-game followers still following other people for the vote can be found. Just look at Shelly last year. She despised Rachel with every fiber of her being but voted for her to make Jeff & Jordan happy.

      • If Ian is in the final 2 with Danielle. Ian would win. Ian would have Ashley, Britney, Joe, and Frank’s vote. Frank felt played by Dan/Dani so he wont vote for neither of them. Joe will vote for Ian same reason for Frank.

        If Ian is in the final 2 with Dan, thats going to be interesting. But something tells me Ian will win. He would have Ashley, Frank, Joe, and Shane’s vote. Idk about Britney. Jenn and Danielle will vote for Dan

      • Don’t forget, Ian is the poor student who needs money and Dan is already wealthy with a successful business and teaching (coaching) job at the school. Ian will definitely win over Dan. Plus, they all know Dan has played a “dirty” game.

      • Dan also said last week that he has written 3 books, in addition to already winning and teaching/coaching. But Ian sounds like he would be thrilled with the 50 G’s. Remember when Boogie or Frank gave him the 3 grand, Ian was thrilled. Dan does not want to have any blood on his hands when it comes to Dani, so does he throw it to Ian? Dan still has Dani under his mist spell. He’s getting her to badger Ian so Ian will be ticked off at Dani & not take her to F2 if he wins. In that case,Dan just might throw it to Ian. I wonder if Ian knows just what the two of them are up to. Hope so, Ian, read between the lines.

      • Very true and with all being so bitter, my guess is that Ian would actually gain votes for getting rid of Dan. But I don’t think Ian will take Danielle. He has no respect for her, especially now.

      • I think evicting Dan would make Ian get Frank, Joe, and possibly even Jenn’s vote. Everyone in the jury recognizes Dan as the best of the final 3, and Dan’s had a direct part in getting rid of all of them except Ashley and Jenn. If Ian evicts Dan and gives a good speech, I think he beats Danielle.

        Ian vs Danielle: Ian 4-3 (Ashley, Joe, Britney…Jenn and Frank deciding votes)
        Ian vs Dan: Ian 5-2 (Frank, Ashley, Shane, Britney…Joe a tossup)
        Dan vs Danielle: Dan 4-3 (Ian, Jenn, Britney…Joe and Ashley deciding votes)

      • Ian may be able to beat Danielle. I’m not saying it’s impossible but it isn’t likely. However, if it’s Dan vs Danielle: you’re forgetting that Dan was Joe’s least favorite person in the house of the 9 that made jury. You’re also forgetting about Jenn’s lady-boner for Danielle.

      • Joe will probably have cooled down in his time away from the House and I think he will vote for the most deserving, unless he’s still committed to doing Shane’s bidding for some reason. Jenn will get over her lady-boner I think and will vote for Dan. She seemed to appreciate the fact that he’s “slick”. She has to know he’s the best of the final 3.

        I think Jenn is a lock for Dan, but I’m not at all sure with Joe.

      • I really would like Ian to win. I do not understand why Danielle is threatening Ian instead of just have a serious talk to Ian and exposed Dan. Why is it that she has not told him that when he was first put on the block that Dan called and told them one at a time that if Ian does not win POV vote Ian for eviction. The biggest blindsided that would be nice to happen is if Ian wins final HOH and takes Danielle, WOW that would be nice. Dan will experience how it feels to have been blindsided as he has done to many others. I believe that if Ian wins the final HOH, he will over Danielle or Dan.

      • No, Ian came out of nowhere, or a dog suit anyway.

        If he ejects Dan, he will have beat “the best” who backstabbed everyone in the jury.

      • I doubt even Shane would vote for her. He even said in his interview with Jeff, he wonders if she was involved with that whole eviction scenario, so who know. I think Frank would vote Ian and altho Jenn likes Danielle she knows she as dumb as they come

    • That would be funny for Dan.. if he doesnt get evicted he goes down in history as the only contestant to never be evicted in two seasons. But ian is smarter to take Dan.. everyone hates Dan.. but Danielle would probably lose against Ian too. She has only rode the coat tails and is probabably the dumbest player in BB history

  5. I’d tell her if you give me a bj in the HOH bathroom then I will keep you then after I would say well if we have sex I will keep you then I would pull a Dan and vote her off.

    • Oh no, haven’t you heard Dani-she told Ian she CAN manipulate Shane, probably Jen & Ashley to vote for Dan if Ian cuts her. She thinks she has so much power!NOT

      • Its like it hasn’t even occurred to her that Shane probably believes she played him and sold him out in favor of Dan. And Jenn is going to tell him exactly that.

      • The one good thing of having Shane in the jury house is that he is away from Danielle and they can freely tell him what they think about her, about Ian and about Dan. She won’t have any time to convince anyone of anything. She will just sound like her usual whiny self centered self.

      • how do you figure that? jenn had every opportunity to tell a lot while she was in the house and maybe stay, but she didn’t

      • At first I thought the comment he whispered to Shane- “she’s been playing you 100% the whole time, Jenn will tell you”, was a bad idea, but if Jenn does talk to Shane, and Danielle goes out “guns blazing” like she says she will and tries to get Shane to not vote for Ian during the commercial break, Shane MIGHT be angry enough with Danielle to reconsider how he feels about Dan. But, that’s a stretch.

      • Shane said in his post eviction interview with Jeff that he wasn’t sure what Dan said to him as he was leaving, but he thought Dan told him to vote for Danielle. So he really has no idea what Dan really said.

      • I have been saying it and saying it, she is majorly delusional. She actually thinks she is that respected by the rest of them that whatever she says goes. Nope. Plus she won’t even have any time to talk to any of them anyway if she goes. Good thing Kara never made it to the jury house because Danielle would be crapping herself thinking about Shane and her in there together…

  6. Honestly everyone of these 3 are vile. Dan is the Devil. LOL. Danielle is pathetic. And Ian is just so gross. His voice sounds like froggy from the little rascals and his flabby moobs are barf inducing.

    • Ian is the only player this season,That has had no one in the house that Honestly,was even friendly with him..Britney,was the only one that gave him any attention..Ian has played the Game alone..And has done very well,he has taken the most abuse,from everyone..No other player,deserves to win $500.000 as much as Ian..To be Bullied,made fun of,and had to walk alone thru this game,YES I SAID ALONE..I believe this young man,has a Big Heart,and was raised with Good Morals..All the older adults,don’t hold a candle to,Ian..Shane,came next…Would have liked to seen Ian & Shane in the final 2..But now I am Ian #1 and take all..He has out smarted and out played them all..Yeah Dan,pulled some good moves,But Ian swung them around and used them,to benefit Ian..*******Smartest Ducky in the BBH****

      • How many “that’s me!” are there? Do you really think all those contradictory statements make you crediible? Get a life.

      • I agree that Ian is a good candidate for the money. Frank and Boogie treated him as a number for their side and undermined him when he wasn’t around. They underestimated him and didn’t consider him a “real” player and that was their downfall. I would argue the alone part to some extent in that at least after the Quack Pack was formed, he had a team. Maybe they underestimated him for awhile too but I don’t think they ever sunk to Boogie and Frank’s level of condescension. It may have taken awhile but you did see the others eventually bonding with Ian on a more personal level. I think you are right about the morals. He was loyal almost to a fault with the Quack Pack.

  7. She is lyin to everybody even Dan….anybody that has had cancer knows they operate first and then do treatments if treatments are necessary…..just the other day she was sayin she just finished her treatments before she came on big brother….she would not have hair now if that was so…..BBAD last night , I just wanted to jump in the tv and choke her

    • my friend finished kemo last year he is now in remishion but he never lost his hair i am not saying shes telling the truth but every cancer case is different such as lymphoma is treated first then operation if necasary

    • I don’t think she ever said she had cancer, just a non-cancerous mass. But then she said she had to have rad/chemo, which is not true. The girl lies soooo much that you can’t believe anything she says.

      • At first she said that she had a non cancerous mass. Last night she said that when she leave the house, she has to have cancer surgery.

      • Ok, if you have cancer you aren’t going to put off your surgery so you can be on big brother.At least a normal person wouldn’t. Jusy saying.

    • Plus, who in their right mind would go play a game for three months instead of taking care of something like cancer. If I was told that I have cancer, and I hope that I’m never told, I would want to get started with whatever treatment right away, like yesterday…..not three months down the line. Hell, in three months, you could be dead……no way! And, who in their right mind would be able to focus on a game knowing that they have cancer. Plus, what doctor would give a person the okay to postpone cancer treatment for three months, so that they can go play a game. Cancer is not a death sentence, but it is something that you should take seriously. This is my main reason for not liking Danielle.

      • that is one reason why I have a hard time taking Danielle serious….I think she tells things to bring attention to herself…she can’t stand it if its not all about her…

      • Danielle is a pathetic person who needs daily reassurance for her “ego”, she’s one SICK individual. Truly feel sorry for BB having to deal with her, but then they were dumb enough to pick her for the show. She’s hated as much as Casey Anthony is, her and Danielle are two of a kind!

      • Funny, I was just thinking earlier today of the comparisons between those two! No joke. Let’s all hope she doesn’t have any offspring…the world has enough fruitcakes already!

  8. If Ian wins by either way, he could do the ultimate game shocker and evict Dan! As any BB fan who has watched b4 knows, the vote from the jury usually comes down to who played the better game. Yea, they all talk about how they will never vote for X etc.. but very few vote only out of spite. Ian has a great chance to win over Danielle Crybaby. But up against Dan, who really played the better game? They may hate Dan, but they realize that at the end of it all, it was just a game. I hope Ian is thinking hard about all his options and does not get screwed – make the big move Ian and get that MONEY!!

    • I think Ian thinks that he could win in a “who played better?” scenario over Dan; probably because he hasn’t seen the full extent of what Dan’s done to get this far.

    • Ian would probably lose to Danielle in the final two. Danielle’s three lovers (Jenn, Shane, and Dan) would fill the jury and she’d only need one more. Frank, Britney, and Joe could all go either way. It would be difficult for Ian to beat Dani if he took her.

    • The self-centered whiney dumbass crybaby does NOT deserve to receive win any money, let alone 500K or 50 even. She did NOTHING the entire game, except what Dan or others told her to do, that is not game play of your own. She is as ulgy to look at as her zillion ZITS, you just got to see the real evil hearted b**** she truly is!

      • The big thing with Dani is that she is still believing that Dan is her coach & he truly wants to get her to the end (F2) and win. Can she not think beyond & realize that he’s playing for himself. Who would push for another player to win in the end when you are playing for yourself (with $500,00 waiting for you at the end). That alone makes her a bad, bad player. And to put it in her own words, “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me 3 times and I’m a dumbass”. Her words, not mine.

    • Ian will win against dan but think Dani would win against Ian. Got to remember this jury is made up of a bunch of not great thinkers and are going to vote out of anger. Probably the first one ever to vote that way but BB did not pick the brightest crayons in the box this year and think that is why they had to bring back the veterans after they figured that one out. Imagine how horrible this season would of been with just these not so bright crayons playing the game. It would of been even worse that it has been so hope they pick a much better cast of characters next year of might just not even watch it.

  9. I would like to see Ian win but I would also like to see Dan stay true to at least one thing this season taking his student to the end so If Dan or Ian wins I’m cool with it.

  10. Danielle is responsible to being where she is. Her threats are awful and ugly. She should blame herself. Dan doesn’t give a hoot because he has no values, no ethics and certainly doesn’t care as you can witness with his self assured grins. What a poor example for students and coaches alike. I hope Ian takes it all. I can only imagine how he feels when he too was going to be a victim.

    • Dan is laughing hard as he knows that Danielle is blindsiding herself by making Ian despise her do much that he would never be able to even stomach the thought of cutting Dan for her. She just gets more dumb each minute.

    • How could you know so much about Dan just from what you’ve seen on TV and read about on the Internet relating to what he does inside the set of a reality TV game show, with just 15 other people in a timeframe of less than 80 days? To say he has no values or ethics is ridiculous. I’m sure his wife or family, who actually know him, would disagree with you.

  11. I see Dan trying his best to win the Final HOH. If he and Dani are sitting Final 2, he will have one heck of an argument for why he should win it all. Not only did he make it, but his player made it as well.

    I think Dan has a much better selling point sitting next to Dani rather than Ian.

  12. If Dan pulls this off, he has to be the best player in BB history because he screwed so many people in the house. My honest opinion, if its Dan & Ian…Ian will probably win but if he is up against Dani, he will probably win….She is a flake… JMHO

    • You could not consider Dan for the best BB player in history because he came into this game as a “coach” and as such was handed a huge advantage over the newbies (4 weeks, no chance of eviction: three players handed to them(built in alliance) : inside info on the newbies from the other coaches : alliance of coaches). Coaches “entering” the game via a totally scripted “america votes” (every independant poll showed over 80% opposes) was a FRAUD perpetrated by BB production. At the very least the vote count should have been conducted by an independant auditor and the true resultant numbers revealled (neither of which happened). Dan as the best player….. not a chance… maybe the dirtiest, most unethical player… I would agree with that.

  13. I can’t imagine how all three of them don’t have scrambled egg brains by now, instead of just Danielle. It’s sensory deprivation and strategy overload all at once… all summer long. I certainly wouldn’t be good at this game. Hats off to them all!

    • Must be hard to think strategy 24/7. But then that’s basically all there is to do in the house. I’m sure they actually DO have scrambled egg brains by now. But If i were Ian i’d crack that eggshell brain of Danielles and fry it until she self evicts.

    • They all need a hat. Especially Dan: his hair sprouting out from that stupid bandana he always wears looks like he received an electric bolt. which is not too hard to believe considering he’s lied so much. but then again not sure if they have a hat big enough to fit on top of Ian’s massive head considering how big his ego’s gotten.

      • Ok that is so funny! Does Dan even realize how stupid he looks in those bandana’s around his head. Grow up Buddy!

  14. I wouldn’t risk $50K for a chance at $500K. If either of them do, they deserve to go home broke at this stage in the game.

  15. Listening to Dani on BBAD last night talking to Dan. Didn’t she say the other night that JoJo said she usually gets all the guy attention. And didn’t Dani say last night that it was Kara who said that (about the last 30 minutes of BBAD)? That girl can tell some lies. After what she did to Janelle with her big story about telling Janelle off the week Janelle went home, I haven’t believed anything undocumented out of her mouth.

  16. I agree with someone else who mentioned you never throw a competition in the final three. That is your guaranteed spot in the final two. If he does that then he deserves to go home with nothing…..Daniel needs to back off just because she’s weak and doesn’t have her own mind doesn’t mean she has to bagger Ian. She is a complete mess and it’s time for her to go. She can tell the other houseguest in the jury house whatever she wants…..let the chips fall where they may, I wouldn’t throw anything.

  17. I saw some of Danielle’s attacking Ian on Showtime last night. It was embarassing. I didn’t know at that time it was a ploy concocted by Dan. I won’t give Danielle any credit for any kind of plan. Glad Ian is smarter than to buy her attempt at browbeating. He knows, based on the makeup of the jury house, logically Danielle would win in if she is sitting next to him at the end.Probably by a wide margin. He kind of pointed that out to her,although she ignored him, because she already knows that of course. At this point, anyone with half a brain in or out of the house knows that Dan has backstabbed everyone in the jury house.even taking into consideration HGs respect for Dan’s ability to get as far as he has, it won’t be enough. I would still say Dan cannot win.Too many in the jury feel he betrayed them outright. That he is a backstabbing jerk and want anyone but Dan to win. Britney is a prime example.She will vote for whoever isn’t Dan. Anyone sitting next to him is a virtual lock to win. Ian is well aware of that. Not so if it were Danielle beside Ian. And the Shane crap? She almost made it sound like Shane was going to kick his ass. Ian is probably thinking there’s a pretty good chance Shane believes Danielle sold him out for Dan. So that doesn’t wash. And the idea that if he doesn’t take her then she will vote for Dan despite all Dan has done to her and how angry she is with Dan, is totally stupid. She doesn’t deserve to be in the f2, She has been nothing but Dan’s tool. Hasn’t come up with anything on her own.

  18. I don’t think Ian should or will for that matter throw the final HOH competition. Winning the final HOH is the only way Ian is going to the final two period. I just don’t see Dan taking Ian (the bigger threat) to the final two. However for Danielle, that strategy of hers by attacking Ian isn’t going to do any good, instead she should try being nice to him and giving him real reasons to take her over Dan.

    As for the jury, Ian has burnt a few bridges and so has Danielle for that matter, but Dan has destroyed bridges with several jury members and I don’t see him winning BB14. Of course I didn’t see Boogie winning before neither but you know. One thing to know is the final evicted HG wouldn’t have time to tell everything to the jury and I’m not sure anyone would care to listen anyway to Dan or Danielle. Especially Dan.

    Bottom line, I would like to see Ian win the final HOH, evict Dan, in turn taking Danielle and Ian win BB14. Not out of the question by any means. This one choice would make sure Dan doesn’t win BB14 for his game play. I hated the way Mike Boogie, Evil Dick and Dr. Will played this game and I hated the way Dan is playing BB14.

    Dan hosts his own Funeral, yeah that should be a sign.

  19. I’m predicting that Dan loses in a 5-2 vote. Either: 1) Ian wins HOH and evicts Danielle; Ian gets Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, and Shane’s votes to Dan’s Jenn & Danielle votes or 2) Dan wins HOH and evicts Ian; Danielle gets Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn, & Shane’s votes to Dan’s Ashley & Ian.
    Those are my final guesses but I’m not 100% confident in every single vote. In Ian vs Dan I could see Shane & Jenn going either way. Doesn’t matter. Ian beats Dan. In Dan vs Danielle I could see Britney & Ashley going either way. Doesn’t matter. Danielle beats Dan.
    The way I see it, the final HOH determines the winner. Ian wins HOH – Ian wins the game. Dan wins HOH – Danielle wins the game.

  20. really why is people acting like dani is the only liar and rude person i heard ian saying a bunch a ugly stuff 2 just like he did 2 frank he was very rude 2 him i think he was jealous because boogie favored frank more than him and thats y he hooked up with dan and brit because they had lost players i do hope dan gets blindsided because even ians been saying 50 grand would be nice against dan but he mite have a chance against dani

    • Danielle is not the only liar or the only rude person. The difference is Dan and Ian lie for game play and are sometimes rude when pissed.. Danielle on the other hand…is rude because she’s getting beaten and lies for sport.


    • Production had to give her medication to calm her dowm. Wow, that’s pathetic. And then of course Dan had to announce to her knowing the feeds were on, Danielle your medication is here.

  22. Throwing the last comp would be seriously CRAZY!! If Dan wins he should take Danielle, but either way Dan deserves to win. He has played the best game I have ever seen on BB!!

  23. The jury just may not want to see not only another vet win, but someone who has already won. Everyone on the jury, except for Brit, seem to be very emotional about their vote, especially with Shane and Frank both feeling very , shall I say politely, wronged by Dan. Remember, in my opinion, regardless of how annoying many people found her to be, Rachel played an outstanding game and only won by 1 vote in the end. Danielle may not be able to sway Shane in any way. He was shaking when he left the house and felt that Dan played a “dirty game”. Frank is one angry dude, and I really think he hates Dan more than Ian, mostly because of the Bible thing. I don”t know. This is going to be very nail biting. All I can say is that if I hear Dani’s voice berate, belittle or bully Ian one more time, I think she’ll become one of the most despised players in BB history. I truly believe, along with her pathological lying, that this is the REAL Dani.

  24. Anyone standing next to Danielle at the end of this is going to win. She’s got one vote…tops (hopefully with time in the jury house to relax, Shane’s come to his senses and she doesn’t even have that one)!!! But I would hate to see her win even the 2nd place prize. So even though I’d love to see Ian evict Dan and thereby guarantee 1st place for himself…I don’t think his conscience will let him do it…even though Dan will (and should) do it to him in a heartbeat. But I do think Ian will win the last round and I predict he and Dan in the final 2. Any bets??? =)

    • James, I’m sorry but you are wrong, friend. Danielle, sadly?, would beat either guy in the final two.
      Danielle vs Dan – Dan would have Ian for sure. Danielle would have Frank, Joe, Jenn, and Shane for sure. Ashley & Britney could go either way but it wouldn’t matter.
      Danielle vs Ian – Ian would have Ashley for sure. Danielle would have Jenn, Shane, and Dan for sure. Britney, Joe, and Frank could go either way. Technically Ian could win in this scenerio but odds on favorite would be Danielle.
      However, the Danielle vs Ian scenerio probably isn’t even possible as Danielle has done nothing but piss Ian off with her threats and I doubt he’d consider taking her at this point.

    • I am for Ian all the way but, sorry I have to disagree with you on the votes Danielle would get against Ian. Shane and Jenn are a lock for Danielle, Frank and Ashley very likely. That is all she would need. Joe wasn’t real fond of Ian and if Dan is being truthful (yeah I know, Dan and truthful in the same sentence) about supporting Danielle. I believe Ian’s best bet is against Dan. I believe that would flip Joe, Frank and Ashley over to Ian, with Britney that would give him the win.

    • I personally think Dan would win against anyone of them simply because he can argue just about anything, how he manipulated everyone, was in alliance with everyone, Dani only here because I told her what to do, I played Ian the whole game, I am the reason why everyone except Ashely is in the jury. And thats all true. Ppl can’t forget this guys social skills, like in two season he has never even had a vote casted against or been on the block post veto ceremony, thats saying something.

  25. matt just want to thank you. it’s been an awesome summer because of you and your spoilers, can’t wait till next time.will you be doing survivor?

  26. I am not a fan of Dan or Danielle’s but honestly– though it has been a dirty game Dan has played (swearing on the bible, lying to Danielle etc)– I have to respectfully disagree with some of the consensus here. Ian imo, has played a dirty game as well. (Warning: long post ahead ;-) )

    Without mentioning every dirt deed he did just some of the ones that stand out to me that represent that he’s not too good a guy is that he is the only one there to have betrayed every single member of his original teammates:
    1.Voting boogie out.
    2. Nominating and getting rid of frank.
    3. Nominating Ashley (causing her to leave).
    4. And lastly getting rid of Jenn.

    Some may say it’s all part of the game (which I agree to some point because you have to get rid of a lot of people to be one of the last standing) but the disrespect and complete lack of loyalty and respect he showed to his teammates is very telling on what kind of a dirty player/person Ian is.

    I believe he was upset that his relationship with Ashley fizzled out because lets be honest here does anyone truly think that the reason Ian doesn’t not date so much out of the house is because he’s too busy?? It seems clear to me that Ashley, on top of being naive and simple minded, that feeling alone and abandoned by him and also with the encouragement of CBS to start up some shomance, hooked up with an equally lonely and desperate fool in Frank. I also think he resented being on Boogie’s team when he would have much rather been on Britney’s and the fact that Boogie is a good player (if rather loud and ridiculous) I believe this intimidated Ian as he felt he himself was an all star and that boogie was just taking away the limelight. For Frank I think he resented that he was such a likeable guy by everyone in the house (in the very beginning that is) and he never got over it. And for Jenn well, she was an easy target and anyway what does it mean to him if he gets rid of another of his teammates.

    Then giving Frank the finger behind his back! What a little punk! A loyal guy? A trustworthy one? I think not. Not saying the other house guests are saints or that no one has flaws. Just saying that Ian sure has a lot of them! ;-)

    • I dont think Ian played that much of a dirty game. But Dan played an extremely dirty game. Swearing on the bible/ your wife/ your wedding ring? Alot of people on the jury are going to be pissed about that.

      • I agree, Joey_N that Dan played an extremely dirty game. To tell the truth I think that none of them deserve to be in the final 3. Real low class group of people…

      • Roger, don’t take this the wrong way but I don’t think you should be watching Big Brother. I don’t think strategy-based reality shows are the shows for you. The dirtier you play, the better you do. You can only do well playing a clean game if you hide behind bigger threats, which also garners no respect from fans. Or if you win your way to the end in challenges, which is nearly impossible. Dan, Danielle, and Ian have played the three strongest games of the season. It’s no surprise they’ve also played three of the most dirty games.

      • You have a point. But it’s not the strategy based reality shows I should stop watching it’s the ones with smarmy and clinical insane contestants like bb has this season that should have induced me to stop watching a long time ago. But with the lack of good shows and constant reruns on tv I figured I might as well watch these big brother inmates throw Poo at each other!

    • Thank YOu, I liked him in the beginning, but after he stabbed Boogie after the guy gave him 3 grand, that said a lot about the kid. He axed Ashley because of Frank. Boogies team was way stronger than the crack pack, I still don’t get why he blew that up. The reason he gives is just pure BS, so you might be on to something. He even thinks he created the crack pack. Dani told it like was- she said he came into a then 4 person alliance and they let him think he created the crack pack just so he wouldn’t turn and rat them out. After Boogie left, he became an obnoxious little jerk. Sorry Ian Fans, but that’s the truth. He talks trash and all tough behind people’s backs. Dani cracked him last night and he deserved it. That knocked him down a few notches.His only true friend in that house was Frank and Boogie he s**t on both of them bigtime. Britt and Dan only got close to the kid for info.Dan even says the kid is obnoxious, Jenn wanted to throttle him for his 9-11 comments, Shane never really liked him, Joe wanted to kick him to the moon.

      • It isn’t like Boogie had much of a choice about the 3 grand, he had to give it to someone. Frank pointed to Jenn and Ian, taking himself out of consideration. Trust me if Boogie could have kept it for himself he would have. If Ian owes anyone for the 3 grand it is Frank. Boogie and Frank would have dumped Ian, when ever it suited them.

    • Ian didn’t choose to be on Boogies team, Boogie chose him. Ian decided he would go further without them and rightfully so. Boogie and Frank were alienating themselves with the house by their crude behavior and Ian new that ship would sink. Even Boogie gave him props for that. You can not hold it against Ian for trying to get further in the game.

  27. I think Ian should play his best. I think Dan is so full of himself that he actually thinks he’s golden for the final two. Ian should take Dani. Shane’s pissed she threw him under the bus, and who knows what dirt jenn will reveal. I just think Dan is so dirty I’d love to seem evicted at the last moment.

    • Janelle is a fool. I used to like her but she’s just played the game so foolishly each and every time she’s been on BB it’s hard not to think of her like this. And now this comment? Really? Dan helped to orchestrated her out and she would vote for him to win? She doesn’t even have the excuse of not seeing the show and relying on other jury members for her info!

      • Idk why you would say that about her, what because she not basing her vote on personal vengenace but instead on gameplay, that seems pretty fair to me, and it should be based on that, like how couldnèt you vote for Dan the whole jury except for Ashely is their because of Dan.

  28. I started out as a Dan fan. He’s taken the game of lying to extremes. Lie, lie, all you want. Just don’t go there with the Bible, your wife, your dead grandpa, swearing by touching the cross, etc. Now I hope Danielle wins. Looks like Dan is going to need to find a new job. Saw on the internet he’s been let go by the Catholic school whose T-Shirt he’s always wearing. Of course, if he wins 500K he won’t need it. But if he doesn’t, he’s up the creek.

  29. matt, thank you for all your spoilers this summer. i really got addicted to them and couldn’t wait to see what you said today. it’s been awesome. till next time stay safe.

  30. I think if Dan tries to win the HoH comp, actually wins it, and takes Danielle, he will win. If he either throws it to Ian or takes Ian with him, there will be enough bitter jury members willing to say Ian was the paragon of BB gameplay, such that he has a great chance of losing. Hopefully he realizes this in the end and acts accordingly.

  31. Dani isn’t going to have any time to influence anybody. If it’s like last year, They’ll hold the last competition, then the person voted out joins the other jury members waiting on the outside. Then the last 2 will make their speeches, and the jury votes. The last jury member never sees the jury house. So Dani’s so called influence will never happen. Ian should just ignore her…i know I am.

  32. After this 3rd hoh round we’ll see if it’s really Dan playing Ian or vice versa. If Ian actually throws hoh (which I don’t think he will) or he takes Dan to the final 2 he’s a fool. If Dan throws it he’s a fool. But I believe Ian knows good and well it’s too risky taking Dan to the final 3…. after all the jury may respect Dan’s game play…. which I have to be honest was better than Ian’s who merely just stabbed people in the back just for the heck of it.

    But I believe Ian will take Danielle because he knows she hasn’t done as much as he has to win (no matter what she says). And I think Dan has already lost because his whole plan of jumping up and down for Ian’s win and Danielle badgering ian (not threatening him ) his ridiculous. 1. Ian wasn’t going to throw the comp anyway, he’s too slick t. and 2. now Ian has a legitimate reason to get rid of Dan. He can say he can thank Danielle for it for “threatening” to taint the jury if he voted her out. Dan’s plan looks like a fail ! And if on the small chance it isn’t a fail, to quote Frank the “Stank”, Ian will prove that: “he’s a not so bright young man”.

  33. Until last night I didn’t like Ian much but after him taking all the abuse from dumbelle for 40 mins on after dark I am hoping he wins the half million for putting up with her abuse

  34. Ian should definately not throw the comp.Winning final HOH might put him over the top if some jury members are still undecided.

    • Ian throwing the comp: bad idea. Ian learning how to place both feet on the floor when he walks: a good one.

  35. I bet Danielle regrets throwing round 1 to Dan now…her fate lies solely in the hands of whoever wins round 3. I can’t believe anyone would throw any round at this stage of the game. I don’t know why Dan is struggling with the possibility of evicting either Ian or Danielle since he has said time and again that he is not playing with emotion. I guess he is just worried about what the jury is going to think of him but it seems a little too late to take that in consideration now. He should just stick with Danielle his original final 2 deal and the person he coached and I think the jury will understand and accept that logic plus he at least gave Ian a chance to get to final 2 by evicting Shane over Ian giving him the chance to play in the final HOH comps. I hope Dan wins again and makes BB history but I really hope we start getting some fresh seasons with no returning house guest scenarios.

  36. I love the fact that you were positive about Danielle knowing in advance Dan’s plan to evict Shane, but seem to think there is some chance Dan won’t throw final HOH. It’s a lock, Dan wants to win and is sure he has Dani’s vote if he doesn’t cut her. Dan’s first words after the comp, looking at Dani, will be “I tried, I tried.”

  37. Ditzy Danielle deserves everything she is getting right now, you never throw a final HOH comp, which she threw to Dan with the Fishhook thing, that was plain stupidity. Why does she keep giving Dan the benefit of the doubt, she is clueless and stupid. She has lost the game, because of Dan, she needs to realize that she is finishing in 3rd place. I think the way they are threatening Ian right now is childish and disgusting, for that reason, I hope Ian wins it all! Dan has known all along that he was taking Ian to the final two and vice versa. This crap that he keeps telling Danielle about him “coaching” her to the win is so ridiculous.. it is starting to become annoying. Danielle finds out that Dan and Ian have had a Final 2 since day 55, and she accepts it when he tells her he just forgot to tell her about it because he was so excited when Frank left, he completely didn’t remember..Good Lord..this dude lies so easily, it is a little scary. Please, BB, don’t ever ask Dan Gheesling back to play again.

    • For the past week, Danielle has been playing for Dan to win. Her sense of independence and self interest is non existent, small prostestations to the contrary.

  38. Ian is too much of a fan of the show to throw the game and he’s too hyper to let things just happen to him. He was liked by everyone in the jury house. I believe even Frank respected his game. I want Ian all the way!!!!

  39. Watching BB After Dark and I am trying to figure out why Danielle is being so nasty to Ian for having a final 2 deal with Dan. Wasn’t it by her own hand that Shane left the house? She was the one who GAVE the veto to Dan.She threw the first round of the final HOH to Dan. I know that she and Dan were suppose to be doing this whole guilt thing to get Ian to throw the final HOH. I am just not getting the whole “be mean to Ian thing”. I hope he catches on that Dan and Danielle are playing him.

      • I think you’re right. And she is doing one hell of a job being annoying. Not only to Ian, but to Dan, the rest of America & Canada.

  40. I have lost all respect for Dan due to lying and telling so many lies. I can’t imagine how is students can respect a teacher who lies to be in a game. He is a poor excuse of a teacher. As far as Ian goes, he is nothing but a spoiled brat. He does not earn any money as far as I am concerned. He has acted like a poor excuse for a man. Danielle is the most foolish young lady i have ever seen. How could she see a romance with Shane in the future? This show is in deep trouble AND needs help. Dick

    • Wow, look at you judging people, and there jobs based on a reality tv show where people are playing for $500,000. Maybe meet them in real life, and then judge them, or better yet don’t judge them at all especially if your basing everything from a tv show. Like I get why ppl hate on Dan thats fine, but when you judge his life outside the house, or questioning his career based on a frickin show thats ridiculous.

  41. Ian….You’re smart enough to see through Dan’s antics by now!! Win HOH and get him out – it’s either that or congratulate him on winning the half mil!

  42. Ian still might fall for Dan’s final evil plan. which of course is to act excited about going to the end with Ian then have Danielle threaten not to vote for whomever evicts her all in the hopes that Ian throws the final HOH in order to secure danielle’s and perhaps shanes vote. He might fall for it. He might believe Dan will take him (I’ve heard him say he trusts him to his face, does he?). He might take what Danille is threatening at face value and not want to be the one to evict Danielle to secure the votes. He may yet throw the 3rd HOH comp AND THINK IT IS HIS IDEA. At which point dan will evict him. this would be yet another breathtaking blindside from Dan.

    I hope Ian doesn’t fall for it but it all depends on how well it was sold to him. It may never occur to him. unless he starts counting votes and begins to suspect Dan won’t take him. IDK.

    if Ian wins HOH and takes Dan, Ian Wins (7-0 maybe). If Dan blindsides Ian with his newest evil plan then I think he can beat danielle. he can campaign that he is the best player ever and describe danielle’s involvement.

    • Ian has said multiple times he is not throwing HOH at this point. Dan tried to get him to throw part 2, but Ian said no. I can’t imagine him throwing part 3.

    • I hope Ian Doesn’t throw it. I think he has a clear idea that he needs to keep control of his own destiny. also I think the final HOH is a big sell to the jury. It’s like look I just won the game now why shouldn’t I get the money. It’s huge.

      but Ian has no idea dan and daniel are working against him. the one time he had a chance to catch on was when danielle was saying that if dan evicts her then she would vote based on their jury speeches, and Ian said that doesn’t make any sense. I hope he keeps pulling at that thread. He needs to know he can’t trust them. maybe he does.

      but he’s young man. when you are young you think that people will feel the same way you do about things. It’s called naivete. He’s smart, but it’s not stupid to believe someone you trust that is really just lying to you.

      now about danielle: if Ian evicts her I don’t think she will vote for dan, and she definitely won’t get shane to vote for Dan to win. If she tried he would look at her like she’s got two heads. She’s a follower, shane will expect her to vote anti-dan and she will. she’s still pissed at dan for all the lies and disrupting her game. she’s only using him because she thinks he may get her to the end. as soon as she’s voted out, if she is, I don’t think she’d ever vote for dan.

      I don’t think dan derserves to win despite playing a brilliant villian. the reason is you still have to get people to vote for you and if you can’t then you don’t win. that’s the game. (go Ian!)

  43. I am so disgusted with Dan. He is by far the meanest player that has ever been on the show. So much for having any sense of morals and to carry a Bible in his hands is just shameful. Do you know in greek the word diablos means devil which is where the word diabolical comes from. For Dan to outright lie to Shane as he is walking out the door and tell him Danielle has been playing him for the purpose of votes is beyond evil. He knows she really cares for him and I think besides all the joking and not wanting to be tagged with a Showmance, Shane just might like her. Dan has a wife that he loves, but he swore on everything he held dear, including her. Money is the root of all evil and I bet even if he was to win he will feel the wrath of his greed from a higher power. You cannot have it all. If I was married to him, I certainly would never trust him and what kind of Christian school allows a diabolical nut like him to influence the children? As far as winning this money he has no boundaries….he has no soul…he sold that pretty early in this game. If Dan wins this season I am done watching Big Brother and I have been a loyal fan of the show for 14 seasons. Atleast Will was funny and Evil Dick, you just expected it. Dan will manipulate words just like the Devil does to get what he wants. He is the Puppet-master and everyone else have all just been puppets. Poor Chelsie. She will want to rethink who she is married to when he comes out because I don’t think he even knows what is genuine anymore.

    • OMG, I am so sick if this argument. Give it a rest. God could care less who wins BB. She has more important things to do.

    • Ahhhh I don’t no what show you’ve been watching but Dani was clearly playing Shane the whole season in the game not romance. She lied to him numerous times on hers and Dan’s plans, and did use him. On the relationship side thats another question she obviously feels for him. And really how can you call this CONTESTANT greedy for being on a reality tv show playing for $500,000 don’t get me wrong but isn’t that why all the players in the game are there for there own selfish interest to better their own life? Also, Dan is doing it stritcly on gameplay if you saw his first season, he played a fairly clean game except for couple moves, so wouldn#t that be stupid of him to play the same way, he plays it because he has to like he said so many times, because the other hgs would not expect him to play that way after watching his first season. And yes I understand why ppl would get upset with Dan, also I don#t agree with it even though i#m rooting for him because he made this season simple as that never seen so many big moves in just one season and blindsides. But I think you go pass the line when you take it out on him in his personal life, like his career and wife like this guy been in a relationship with her since before BB 10. And what your basing all this judgement on and TV show thats ridiculous.

      • Good post, I agree with you! I find it ironic that the people offended by Dan claim some sort of moral high ground and in the same breath drag his character through the mud, hope Chelsea leaves him and/or his employers fire him, etc. Just how are exactly do they figure they’re better than him? Especially after those kinds of comments? It’s so hypocritical and it drives me crazy that they don’t seem to notice!

    • People rioting and dying all over the world, people starving, war, drug abuse, child abuse and God (and you) is worrying if some guy is lying on a TV game show, are you serious? Give it a rest.

    • Maybe because Dan isn’t lying to the teenagers he teaches? Perhaps it’s because he’s instead doing his job and teaching them the subject matter? You assume because he teaches at a catholic school he teaches religion and I find that funny. He swore on the bible yes, but that was just for outing the Quack Pack not aligning himself to Frank like so many seem to believe. So he didn’t go back on that. Also I’m very flummoxed as to why you’ve given Evel Dick and Will a pass for their behavior but in your mind Dan is the scum of the earth. It doesn’t make sense. He told lies to advance his game. If the others (who also lied quite frequently) won’t even stop to question him, why shouldn’t he keep doing it? As for Chelsea, she has stated various times in interviews and on her twitter that she’s proud of Dan no matter what. I think she knows a lot better than you do who she married. You saw something you didn’t like and you decided Dan had no redeeming qualities at all. You think you know him because you watched him spend the summer competing for money? Well, you don’t. Maybe you shouldn’t be watching anymore if it upsets you that much.If you can tell I’m not a particularly religious person but I was brought up in a Christian household as I’m assuming you were so you’ll know or believe that God forgives the sins of man. It’s not up to you to judge. Remember that.

      • I don’t know what subjects Dan teaches but he has discussed his loose grading. While he might not teach religion, most institutions expect their faculty to honor the school’s mission statement. but guess the way he has lied during this season on BB, he could agree to anything no matter his beliefs (that is if he even knew what they were).

  44. It’s so sad to see Danielle so in love with Dan whom is a married man and clearly has been leading her on he continues to laugh in her face and she continues to throw the game away to him.

  45. Lets go IAN! I have been team Ian since day 1! Dan is an Ass but I guess that’s what has gotten him so far and as far as Dani goes she needs to leave. She has really been a terrible person and for her to sit there and do what she is doing then its time for her to go. She hasn’t played the game once it’s all been Dan.. But yeah Go IAN!

  46. Ian is a little boy in a grown man suit. Cannot wait to see him lose – to Dan, Danielle; however and whoever. He is annoying. And he has some big ears.

  47. Any thoughts on who wins America’s Player. I hope Ian does. Let’s try to be respectful of everyones choices. I don’t care who has played the “best” game. I just like Ian.

  48. Deliberately losing the Final HOH has to be at the top of
    the dumbest thing for anyone of Ian, Dan or Danielle to
    do! Anyone who deliberately loses the Final HOH “does
    not deserve” even 2nd place and that $50,000! If you
    are dumb enough to put your fate in someone else vying
    for that $500,000 then, you do not deserve to win it! And
    I hope if any of them deliberately throw the Final HOH then,
    that person hopefully, gets evicted then, that person will
    get nothing!

    • Well for Ian, that dumb but for Dan is probably msart because he would get more jury votes. Dani and Jenn and probably Shane if Dani convinces him. And then really lets be honest the rest are totally up for grabs, and we really don#t know how they would vote.

      • Even if Ian takes Dan to Final 2, it will still be a
        close vote and Ian might still win it over Dan.
        Dan if he is really thinking of throwing the HOH
        to Ian, I hope Ian takes Danielle if Dan deliberately
        loses the HOH! Dan does not deserve to win it
        then! Why would you put yourself in someone’s
        hands? Just win the HOH and take Danielle to
        Final 2 to insure the $500,000 is won!

      • Yeah I agree, but I think Dani would take it so personally not to vote for Dan then and I think thats why. Yeah I think with any of the three of them it’s going to be a close vote, Idk I just don’t think Dan would win against Dani she has a lot of friends in the jury except like Frank. And if Ian gets evicted by Dan I don’t think Ian would have enough time to calm down and vote for Dan he would be pissed since its like a half hour after the last hoh comp they vote.

      • I can see why Dan would consider throwing the comp to Ian. It’s simple, Ian wins and gives Dumbielle gets a one-way ticket to the nearest psych ward. Dan’s hands are clean, Dumbielle hates Ian, and on her way to the psych ward she will cast a vote for Dan. But on the other hand, Dan is kinda dumb if he really goes through with that plan….he could possibly be the one on the way to a psych ward!

      • It is a big gamble and probably an
        unnecessary gamble at that! For one, what
        if Ian decides at the last minute to take Danielle
        to Final 2? Then, Dan just lost that $500,000
        and even the $50,000? Assuming Ian takes Dan
        to Final 2, there is still the huge risk that Ian may have enough votes to win! So, again Dan wastes his chance at that $500,000! Winning HOH outright and taking Danielle with him assures Dan of the win and that $500,000! Why even chance it when Dan has it in his hands to win it outright?

  49. I am starting to think Ian is screwed with whoever he takes to the final 2. With Dani she would get Shane, Dan, Jenn, prob Britney. Then the rest who knows, not secured for any of them. If it is Ian and Dan, then Dan would have Dani, Jenn, probably Shane with Dani there, I would say prob Britney to because from the jury episode she is probably voting on gameplay and knows Dan played the best and he did. Then the rest are anyones guess. I don/t think Ian has any secure votes from the jury house, and would have to convince all of them. Idk though, I think he probably has a better shot against Dani then Dan, just because the jury knows how amazing Dan is playing to even make it to the final 2 if he does, and looks like he will no matter what.

  50. Even though evicting Dan would be better for Ian’s game, I would love to see dani being evicted by Ian’s hand!

  51. Danielle is beyond obnoxious and disgusting. She literally threatens Ian…Danielle if you want to be in the final two then earn it by winning, don’t blame others for your deficiencies. UGH she kept being like “I have nothing to say to you Ian” then she rambles on for like an hour. You are fat, ugly and Shane was only nice to you because he needed you as a partner. GO HOME no one wants you to win. Oh and she was dumb enough to believe Dan the entire time, get a clue Danielle seriously!

    • Seriously Psycho!! The idiot said yesterday that she was gonna break Ian’s neck. I’m just waiting for her to put her hands on him and get her butt evicted!

  52. I wish Ian would win final comp, boot Dan and then win it all. He has played the game the best and deserves it. It would be nice to see the kid win 5ook and the BB say to Danielle….since you whined and whined and whined all year, we are donating your 50k to charity.

    • Whew, glad you saved yourself at the end there talking about donating her chunk to charity! That’s be frickin’ priceless!!

  53. If Danielle really wants to mess with Ian’s mind (or lack thereof) she’ll break his beloved hammock by sitting on it. Zing!

    • I take back this comment. I don’t think Danielle is fat at all I was just being silly and immature. She really is a very pretty girl. Wish she would have won Big Brother!

  54. I cannot wait to see Danielle’s career after BB. It’s clear that she’s lacking in the area of intelligence. I see porn in her future.

  55. The more I think about, the worse I feel. Allow me to explain.
    Those poor, poor souls behind the walls in the BB house. People are in those walls 24-7 seeing and hearing everything that goes on.
    I feel so sorry that they hear Dumbielle constantly crying and lying. It’s gotta be hard for them not to bust out laughing at her…good job keeping your composure the people hiding in the walls.
    I feel so sorry that they see Dumbielle constantly admiring herself in all the mirrors. It’s gotta be hard for them not to bust out screaming in fear…good job keeping your composure the people hiding in the walls.
    I really hope those poor, poor souls are able to sleep without having awful nightmares every night. Kudo’s to those who are hiding behind the walls…hang in there…only 2 more days to go!

  56. Ian has played a great game. He is only 21. I think that is what he said early on. He couldn’t be in the game until he turned 21. I hope he wins. He has waited a long time to be on the show and to get this far as he has he will not throw the final. who ever he takes I hope he wins.

  57. I would like to see Dan get evicted because first, I think he is arrogant and second, I think that allowing the seasoned house guests to compete against new players was totally unfair. Dan is not playing against his equals as he is leading a group of babies. I think that Ian will never let Dan take anything away from him. Ian was playing along with Dan so that Dan didn’t go after him that is what I think. Dan is not as clever as he thinks he is. I hope BB doesn’t set up this scenario again.

  58. Based on so many Polls I have seen online, I think it’s safe to say that Ian is going to get the Americas Player. His popularity just went sky high.

    sorry for Frank and Shane’s fans..there are other players ahead of them.

  59. Ian you just seen what happened to Shane don’t let the same thing happen to you! Especially if your competing to go to the finale.

  60. Dan is making Danielle abuse Ian so in the case where Ian wins the final comp, Ian is not going to bring Danielle to the Final 2. Simply put it, it isn’t a plan to make Ian throw the competition but to guarantee Dan makes it to the Final 2 regardless of the results.

  61. imagine how different this season would have been if dan had evicted danielle instead of jodi lol. i think the word everyones looking for is better

  62. Something big going to happen in the house tomorrow. A possible visit from Big Bang Theory? Feeds keep cutting to fish, but HGs are really excited. Dani of course talking about what to wear. She thinks everything makes her look fat.

    • I would say something about “She thinks everything makes her look fat”. but that’s just…tooo….easy.

  63. Of the 3 people left, Dan and Ian are the two that deserve to win.

    Really what has Daniel done except cry and want a big showmance???? She is a lost dog without Shane and Dan telling her what to do.

    Dani is one SORE loser.

  64. OK, no brainier. If Ian wins he should take Daniel. (Ian wins the votes). If Dan wins he should take Daniel. (Dan wins the votes) If either is dumb enough to take the other (which they are not…) Then it comes down to a really good final speech. Play on the jury…tough one this year;however history shows that most of the time the pissed off people in the jury house don’t give props to good players until they have cooled off after the show…so i give it to Ian if he wins final hoh or if Dan wins…Either way Daniel isn’t really in the running lol

  65. Okay, we all should agree that Dan is the best player; however, he’s not a nice guy and Hope they treat as they did Russell on Survivor and deny him the prize for his dirty tactics. That old be Sweeeet!

    • The biggest (of many) difference(s) between Dan and Russell is that Dan IS a good guy. He just played a dirty game. Russell is NOT a good guy. In Samoa, he didn’t even play that much of a dirty game despite what he claimed in his confessionals that only he should know about (he actually bragged to people about what he said about them in confessionals). Russell was just an ass. Russell could never win a jury vote. Dan has already won by unanimous decision and he could do it again (win; not by unanimous decision though).

  66. Did anyone else see Dani on BBAF, she is nasty to Ian, what a Bitch, she is a sore loser, tryin to make him cry and intimidate him. I loved how he went to the hammock and said… I wont let her threaten me.. and that is that!! GO IAN!

  67. Agreed never throw the last HOH. If Dan win he tells Ian that he came into the game as a coach, and is taking his player to the end.
    Dan and Ian in the final 2:
    Ash – ???
    Brit – Dan
    Frank – Ian
    Joe – Dan
    Jenn – Dan
    Shane – ??
    Dani – ?? if Ian wins she will vote Dan, and so will Shane (Dan Wins); If Dan wins and takes Ian, Dani might not vote for him.
    Dan and Dani in the final 2:
    Ash – ???
    Brit – Dan
    Frank – ??
    Joe – Dan
    Jenn – Dan
    Shane – Dani
    Ian – ?? I think he will vote for Dan (the better player), but so close after the evection he might be mad and vote Dani.
    On second thoughts Dan might be better thouring the comp, that way he doesn’t get the blood on his hands.

  68. My husband just turned on BBAD and there was Ian rocking in that darn hammock – for the 1000th time. Thank God tomorrow is the last episode of the worst BB season. Don’t hate me for saying this but Ian should not have been on this show. BB is supposed to bring pleasure to itsw viewers. Ian has brought (to us) nothing but boredom.

    • Don’t know what show you’ve been watching! I would say it’s been the BEST season ever. (maybe you need to go watch the Gladiator, or SOMETHING else to get your jucices flowing)! Love Ian. He is a poster boy of an ADHD–or whatever affliction he has. Very proud of that kid, and how far he’s come.–and how far he CAN go.

    • I love Ian and I’m proud of him for chasing his dream. I’m glad that he is on the show. I’d be honored to call him my friend. GO IAN…WIN IT ALL!!!

      • Responsible – maybe. Mature – no. I like Ian but he’s not exactly “a rolemodel for young men these days” what with the awkward cursing, the anger issues, spying on girls in the shower, constantly talking about masturbation, and things like those 9/11 comments. He’s got a long way to go but he’s young. I’m sure he’ll get there.

      • Agree with you Jillith and Peggy. Ian has been remarkable. How he took Danielle’s badgering was too much. Expected him to explode at any moment. Am for him the whole way.

        The other two get creepier by the moment.

  69. WHY IN THE WORLD is Dumbielle kissing Dan’s butt right now? He’s trying to sleep and ignore her yet she keeps going on and on and on and on and on….shut up already!! It’s just a matter of minutes before she starts crying about it. Then who’s shoulder is she gonna cry on, Ians?

  70. Danielle is the dumbest bb player ever… she only made it on danw’s coat tails..she should have been evicted two weeks..

  71. Dan is a better player than Dr Will because they won theyre first seasons and Dan got further on his second try than Dr Will did..

    • Dan had a bunch of dummies playing with him though. Will’s 2nd season was an all star season, and this one wasn’t necessarily one.

  72. BAHAHA! Dumbielle just fell trying to do a handstand against the wall. Looked like she almost broke her neck….some gymnast huh?

    • I don’t know which is worse…Danielle in a sports bra or Danielle in a bikini. She almost suffocated Al today (the blow up alligator in the pool).

  73. Well, Dumbelle just convinced Dirty Dan not to take her to the final 2! Is she for real? I hope she gets the help that she desperately needs after the show ends. She has a histrionic personality with a ‘daddy complex’ to boot! As many times as Deceitful Dan has lied to her, she keeps coming back for more and Dirty Dan is a pro at taking advantage of those who are mentally challenged!. He himself is not playing with a full deck but comes off as a genius in this pathetic group!

  74. If Ian throws the final competition he is a complete idiot.
    I hope that dosen’t happen,because of the three remaining he’s the only one i can stomach winning.

  75. Truth be told Ian,Danielle, and Dan all need serious therapy. I don’t think it would be the first time they have seen a shrink either.Good new’s for them though 500,000 should get them alot of prozac!

  76. I think this jury vote will be a total crapshoot. It all depends on how angry people are. Jurors have a history of cooling down (usually) and voting who they think played best. Exceptions would be Season 6 when the Jury voted for Maggie because they couldn’t stand Ivette. If the jurors are still angry, whoever is beside Dan will likely win, but if they aren’t, they might be tempted both by superior strategy and the chance to do a first ever hing on BB by handing a player the win for the second time.
    If it’s Ian and Danielle, I think Ian will win. If it’s Danielle and Dan, all depends on how angry the jury is with Dan. If it’s Dan and Ian, again, it’s all about emotions.

    • A lot of these juries were emotion based, Jun won because they hated the fact Allison wiggled the the F2. Jordan won because they hated Natalie. Dan got his 7-0 vote because they were mad at Memphis. Maggie , like you said. Rachel barely squeaked it because Butthurt Dani and her crew.

      • I agree with most of that, except for Jordan over Natalie. Natalie didn’t do anything, so while people can say Jordan didn’t do much, she still had more competition wins which included the final HoH win.

  77. Somebody please burn that F—-ing swing!
    Even though I want Ian to win out of these three,it would be nice if he won the Power of Straight Jacket, or something.

  78. what a douche bag danielle, if you wanted a spot in the final hoh round then you shouldn’t have let go in the edurance comp.

  79. this is getting ridiculous…the things a lot of you guys are ragging on danielle for is getting stupid. i’m not exactly a big fan, a lot of her comments in the last couple weeks have annoyed me, but at least i’m shaking my head at her for game-related comments and actions…it’s come to a point where a lot of you are ragging on her for every little thing she does. oh she can’t do a handstand when she says she’s a former gymnast (she’s said it was a long time ago, not that she was still great at it). oh her back fat is showing out of her sports bra. seriously? give it a rest. danielle is not fat, and that type of thinking is why so many women in america have body image issues…she’s 23 years old and you feel the need to talk about that? how about the game instead? not being model thin does not equal being fat.

  80. in other news, how the hell can ian even stand the sound of that hammock swinging, let alone us who try to watch BBAD?…i want to take a cannon and blow that thing to pieces….nothing against ian, i hope he’s well away from the hammock when i take that shot…i just have no idea how he can sit there and listen to it since he’s got the best and most audible seat in the house.

    • Ian’s constant hammock squeaking, Dan and Dani’s slurping , chewing, burping etc… all a total chalkboard screech to me… anyone else feel the same way? Hopefully production will learn to edit the sound a bit to make the show more watchable (listenable?)… otherwise many viewers will not watch BBAD.

      • The only thing that really gets me is the hammock rocking/squeaking sounds, because for some weird reason BBAD doesn’t seem to have anybody editing or monitoring the feed, or just plain thinks it’s fine to have viewers sit and watch that for 5-10 minutes straight (sans exaggeration, it was going on forever last night). He eventually started making comments to himself, but not enough to make it worth enduring that repetitive sound drilling into viewers heads. I changed the channel a couple of times, and the sound is still stuck in my head. It’d seriously be better to watch Danielle think, or Dan sleep, as creepy as that sounds…yeah I just shuttered…but at least they don’t make mind-numbing sounds.

  81. If either throw the comp they’re stupid. Winning The comp with all their might gives that person a final two shot.

  82. Just finished voting…two friends let me use their accounts…

    10 for Frank
    10 for Shane
    8 for Dan (don’t care that he’ll probably win, he’s my favourite)
    1 for Ian
    1 for Mike

  83. first of all i am for girl power and i am tried of those two men who think they are bb gods,,, they are only little weak little boys who are their own fans… both are sick….. the real man they blind sided him which was my man shane… with his fine self…

    • Is that Britney talking? Or Janelle? Forget gender, Dan and Ian are both far better players than Danielle. Cheer for the best player.

  84. some how i pray that dani get her revenge and shut up dan you do not know people like you think you do with your hairy monkey looking self,,, know that your mist do not work on me i see thru you and know you work with the devil…


  86. At this point, I’ve watched the entire season. Followed everything in the house. And with the present situation, everything considered, I hope either Ian or Dan, (one or the other), gets nothing.- aside from America’s favorite player. That is the Best I could ask for now.

    • Yeah, we wouldn’t want the two players who’ve arguably done the most game playing to win anything, would we? The ones who came to Big Brother to not play Big Brother should win instead…


  87. After what’s been going on these past few weeks … would not be surprised if Ian wins the HOH and evicts himself, to avoid p*ssing off both Dan and Danielle …. lol …. ;-)

  88. I dont want Danielle to be in the final 2, but BOTH Ian and Dan should want to sit next to her in the final 2.

  89. OH how PRICELESS it would be if Ian won the last HOH and evicted Dan!!!! That would be the best blindside of the season! Dan is so confident and cocky. I am sick of hearing about “being a coach”…blah, blah, blah. UGH!!!! Come on Ian!!!!

  90. Well, this isn’t Survivor so let’s not compare … I agree, never throw a comp because it’s every man for himself @ this stage of the game! I seriously doubt that Dan will throw Comp 3 … he needs to ensure his spot in the F2 – he can’t gamble @ this stage of the game!

  91. The questions for the final comp are always guessing what another houseguest says in response to some stupid question. You can’t really know the answers to these, so I am not sure how one would throw the comp anyway….

  92. I agree with those who don’t want to see Danielle win. I have never seen a more needy, delusional contestant on any game show. For me it started with her embarrassing obsession with Shane. The clincher for me was the BBAD episode a few weeks ago when she was sitting on the hammock with Ian, asking if he thought the next comp might be “America’s choice” and if they should practice in case it was. Ian asked how they could practice that and she said “who would America rather see in a bikini, her or Janelle?” (I thought she was joking) Ian said Janelle. Then she asked “who would America rather see in a bikini, her or Ashley? Ian said Ashley. Possibly afraid that she might lose to Jodi at some point, she tried a new direction and asked “who would America say is smarter, her or Britney? She finally gave up when Ian said Britney. If “fool me 3 times, I’m a dumbass” is true, what comes after “fool me 6 times…”?

  93. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all to throw the F2 comp would be crazy unless Dan is wanting to throw it so he doesn’t have to take Dani. Think he has a way better chance of beating her if they are in the F2

  94. Every year I cannot wait to see big brother….this year I am so ready for it to be done…wondering if I will even watch again…

  95. i was ian shane frank from the way beginning…..lost alot of guest but ian is still there……please let him win…..cant stand danielle who did absolutely nutting all summer and guest are u frigging crazy dan has already won alot of cash and hes a dirty player…..common IAN go go go

  96. In any case the votes will be like this:
    Ian vs Dan – 2-5
    Dan vs Danielle – 6-1
    Ian vs Danielle – 4-3

    So, Ian must win and evict Dan. That´s the only way he will win.

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