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It’s time for Danielle’s most feared reality: the Big Brother 14 popularity poll! This past week’s poll dropped down to just 7 HGs left in the game while this week’s offers up just 5 options. With the narrowing pool of candidates you’d think maybe Jenn and Joe would pull out of that <1% category. You'd be wrong. With nearly thirteen thousand votes we saw a repeat of Dan holding on the top spot with any even greater share of the vote. At an impressive 35% of the vote Dan is a strong candidate for this season's "America's Favorite" on finale night. Leap frogging Frank you'll find Ian coming up to second place with 25%. Looks like big moves and pairing with Dan are a good combination in the viewers' eyes. Frank isn't far behind either though with 21% of the vote. He may have been sent out of the game, but he did it on a high note. Don't be surprised to see him back on another season. Heading to the middle of the pack you'll find Shane with 9% of the vote. After holding a previous season high of 27% during week 3 we've seen Shane free fall in the rankings. Considering this timing coincides with when he stopped winning and started gliding I think he's got the potential to end on a low note if he doesn't turn up his gameplay. Then you've got Danielle at 5%. Today is a difficult one for Danielle as she is facing either being evicted or becoming the least popular HG left in the game. Danielle is an annoying, walking disaster in the house and I won't dedicate anymore text to her here. Rounding things out you'll find the Double-O Duo: Jenn and Joe. Jenn will be evicted later today and she'll likely do it while never garnering a full 1% of the vote. That means out of 13,000 votes last week she couldn't even pull 130 votes. Don't feel bad though, Jenn. Joe couldn't do it either for the last five weeks he played the game. Joe was an alternate cast member, but what's Jenn's excuse? Both seem like nice people, but the audience simply never bonded with either of them. You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for Big Brother 14.

Vote below for your favorite Big Brother 14 HG this week and share your thoughts.

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Big Brother 14 - Week 8 poll results


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    • But, he is MUCH to naïve and gullible when it comes to Dan*! I voted for Shane*; I actually doubted he would not use his Veto because he was being told he was “safe”. He has to be starting to catch on….. I wish Ian had…. He gave up not one, but TWO shots at Dan this week…

    • I actually think Danielle sits in the best spot to be a finalist and Ian needs to get her out. Both Dan and Shane will take her to the end if she’s in the final 3. Ian is in the best spot right now. Shane or Dan will be next HOH. The real power is in the POV in the final 4. If Ian wins there take her out. Ian can win an endurance comp and a quiz comp in the final 3 HOH.

      • Actually Ian would be well advised to take her to F2 also. He could beat her hands down. In fact, i’d be willing to bet that ANY of them could beat her. Compared to the rest she has not done much. I’d hate for her to win ANY money…but i sure would like to hear her explain herself.

      • all true but I can’t stand her being sad playing on both Shane and Dans emotions…… awww poor freakin Danielle all the time. I think Dan should get with Ian and Vote her out and take Jen . No one would loose taking her final 2 and I’d rather see her get 50k then Danielle

      • She always brings up her big hoh win and how she got Janelle out, which isn’t much compared to the guys left in the house. and she told Shane the other night that she could easily beat Dan in endurance lol. the swamp comp was endurance and all she did was fall

  1. I cant believe Ian is believing Dans lies and didnt try to backdoor him this week. It was a perfect Opt!!!! Well hopefully the HG are smart and say BYE BYE Jen then its fair game NO floaters…. At least the 4 that would be left had lied to everyone sitting in the jury.. If not they might as well just sign Dans name to the check now!!

  2. Ian is starting to look like Obama getting a bounce in the polls, difference is he is actually doing his job. lol

  3. Two great players both made bad moves in their HOH. For me it comes down to who did worse. On Dan’s side, we have him listening to baseket case (Dani) to not nominate Shane. On Ians side, we have him listening to the man that put him on the block. Both of them have wasted an HOH on floaters either of them could have beaten in a final four. It’s a tough choice, but I give Dan the slight nod because he only had minutes to decide what he was going to do.

    • I wouldn’t say Dan wasted his HOH. He knew for a FACT that Joe wasn’t with him. If he left Joe in, he knows for SURE Joe is coming after him. At least with Shane, he, Danielle, and Shane have a Final 3 deal. Joe was dead weight.

      Either way, he’s sitting pretty and is in the Final 4 so he did something right…

  4. I don`t understand why people think Ian would try to get Dan out. In Ian`s eyes Dan is the only person he has. Danielle and Shane would choose each other over him and Jenn certainly wouldn`t take him to the final 2 if she stayed. It`s too late for Ian to open his eyes and get rid of Dan. He should`ve done that weeks ago! GO DAN!!! The only person who`s been playing this game since Day 1!!!!!!!!

  5. Dan is sitting pretty.
    Shane wins HoH
    puts up dan and ian, regardless of who wins
    like if shane or dani win nominations stay the same. Ian gets voted out the door by dani. If ian wins and it is dani and dan on the block ian will vote dani out because she knows shane would pick her over him in final two, and he already has a pack with dan. If dan wins veto and ian and dani are on the block. Ian will be sent packing by dan launching him into the final 3.
    Base one covered.
    Dani wins, ian and dan go up or who ever. if ian wins veto shane will go home if dan wins veto it could be shane who goes home and if shane wins veto it will probably be ian cause of the final three deal with dan and the fact that shane knows he cant beat ian in the final two.
    Now if dan wins – best scenario cause dan would be safe! If dan win someone except him will be going home which is fine with me. Mostlikey shane or ian.

  6. Keep Jenn in, the slop diet is doing wonders for her figure. Let Shane go to jury so we can watch Chompy Danielle eat herself into a size 22.

  7. I think Danielle needs to go, talking about being the biggest floater in the game! She has won 1 HOH and that is because Britney gave it to her. She has done nothing but hide behind Dan and Shane the whole time. She is so whiny, she needs to go.

    • shannon what show are you watching brithey did not give the hoh to danielle on the ship endurance comp britney was fading and jump off if you look at it danielle was still strong on there you dont want to win too much because you become a bigger target plus next week i have a friend from LA who is going to a big brother after party and gets too meet the cast from this season big brother and i ask that friend to ask danielle if she played annyoing and all about her for the show or if thats the way she really is

  8. Does anyone else feel, Ian might have been granted a Golden Power of Veto from Pandoras last box? He has been agitated and pretty quite as to game talk. Ian would be able to change noms, put Dan up, and break the 1-1 vote. Maybe it’s just me hoping Dan does not win

  9. Boo Dan hissing at Ian “i’ll rip your face off” if he noms dumbyell then he does it himself. Evil nasty Dan. No i dont want to see him win 500k twice

    • this is the weakest season of BB. Nobody has game and it is boring to watch everyone. The people or person who did the casting should be fired. Also do ya think the veto and HOH games lately have been rigged for ian to win. Memory game and puzzle solving?? C’mon BB, this year the brand looks really weak. Can’t wait to see BB 15 since this season has no backbone.

      • The ones who would have made this season interesting are long gone. Britney should have chosen jojo as the first hoh, and willie wouldn’t have had that much heat on him the first week. he should have listened to boogie and put Joe up. Joe should have been expelled for that fight too, him constantly running his mouth was annoying. if it wasn’t for Joe, Willie and frank wouldn’t have hated eachother so much, it would have been so different and maybe boogie would have stayed a little longer. Willie, Frank, and boogie were the only ones that knew Dan was full of it. so the rest of the season became boring with everybody just doing whatever Dan says. It’s like taking money from a baby smh

  10. How hard is it to be the most popular amongst these idiots? They keep talking trash about everybody’s game, and yet they have none themselves.
    They all seem to think, that their going to win this thing together, and all they’re doing is helping that goober Dan win the 500,000. Come on wakeup morons.
    PS> I can’t stand that little porker Danielle

  11. The only reason Frank told porky Danielle he had a crush on her, was because he was trying to get her vote, and he new feeding her ego was the way to go. Hey Danielle, your in for a reality check when you find out what people really think about you!

  12. I don’t like Dan AT ALL. Talk about being a hypocrite. He says he’s a good Christian boy when he’s just the opposite. His actions don’t match what he professes to be. Sure it’s a game, but you shouldn’t change who you are to win a game. Especially one you have already won. I prefer the nice, loyal contestants much more than the dark, twisted ones like Dan.
    Side note: I wish BB would QUIT bringing back past contestants. Time to let there just be newbies competing.

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