Big Brother 14 Final Thoughts

Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry

Wow! What a season! Big Brother came to an exciting conclusion last night after 10+ weeks of incredible action and while I might have been disappointed in the results it was still an amazing ride. In the end the whole thing felt like BB4 where the villain loses out to the better liked HG, but it’s a game and that’s just how things go sometimes.

Congratulations to Ian. He played a hell of a game. Ian won a lot of competitions and did it when it mattered most for his survival. I was disappointed in his indignant attitude last night during the final speeches and even later in the backyard interviews. He had just walked out with with a half-million dollars over Dan but couldn’t keep himself from calling Dan “slimy” and a “scumbag” despite the same “scumbagging” moves like blindsiding Shane being what kept Ian in the game. In the end it was his likability among his fellow HGs that snagged him the win. It was a style that worked, so good for him.

Clarification: I don’t think Ian played a bad game. He made a lot of good moves and really did play a great game. I just feel that Dan played a greater game.

Then there’s Dan. Master of the Mist. Puller of the strings. Dan got second despite pulling the biggest moves of the season. Sigh. His efforts to remind the Jury that this was a game fell on deaf ears. Despite watching the big win slip through his fingers Dan left the house with a positive attitude and praised Ian for his win. Dan, you may not have won the Jury but you created the most entertainment for us to write about this season, so thank you for that. And don’t beat yourself up with the “should I have taken Danielle” scenario. You would have lost that 6-1 as well as we learned from the Jury.

Dear Jury, you get an F. It all came down to how they’d vote: personal or gameplay. The answer turned out to be personal. When I took to Twitter to ask readers if they thought the Jury voted personal or on gameplay the response was overwhelming that these were emotional, bitter votes. If you don’t believe me just listen to the backyard interviews for yourself. Shane told Jeff it was a personal vote against Dan. Frank told Jeff he was still bitter at Dan. Britney told SuperPass that Dan’s game was “amazing, amazing” but she had such a personal connection to Ian. She also told Jeff that a ketchup bottle would have beat Dan because that Jury refused to vote for him. We’ve got a poll below where you can vote and share your thoughts on if the Jury went by strategy or emotion.

The biggest Jury offender award goes to Jenn. She told SuperPass that she didn’t vote for Dan because he had won before and she didn’t want a repeat winner. Jenn then goes on to say that she had to give Dan props because “credit where credit is due.” This was the same HG who spewed venom over Ian even up to when she cast her vote. She spent 75+ days in the game, and then throws all that out and voted based on who hadn’t won the game before. What a waste of your entire summer, Jenn. This is why Big Brother shouldn’t be casting HGs based on random messages they’ve posted to Facebook. Try for someone who has a basic concept of game play and reward.

Another congratulations goes out and this one is for Frank. He won the title of “America’s Favorite” plus a check for $25,000. Considering Frank never once won a week in our popularity poll and as of last night he was tied for 3rd with Britney (he’s now in 4th) in our overall “Vote for your Favorite” poll it seems more likely that Frank won by default. Looking over things it seems the 1st & 2nd place HGs have never won America’s Choice. If a HG could place and win AC then Ian would have won it. I guess CBS doesn’t want to let them double dip and instead spread around the prizes which is kinda nice. Or maybe Frank really did win it and all the polls are wrong.

Addendum: I forgot to address the season’s twist! Let me add a blurb here on that.

Twists rarely go as well as they’re planned out on a whiteboard somewhere, but I’ll admit I actually really liked this one. Well, until the coaches were slammed in to the game that is. I loved the idea of having HGs who were effectively safe from eviction and could mouth off or cause chaos without fear of direct results. This separate tier of HGs also offered up a whole new suite of competitions each week as just another added bonus. What wasn’t to like? Of course all good things come to an end and production ruined it by using the coaches to fill the HG gap left by Willie’s expulsion. What a shame.

So the season is over and we’re all done with this crew of HGs and while we might be sad to see the game go that also brings the promise of a brand new season! Yes, that’s right, CBS has renewed the show for Big Brother 15 next summer! We’ll have details up later on that along with details on how to apply, but for now you can set your reminders to join us again next year.

A huge, HUGE thank you to all of our readers. This site would be nothing without you and we’re always thrilled to have you join us. Thanks for stopping by each day, discussing the latest events and spoilers, and especially for signing up for the Feeds through our links and banners. Your support is what makes all of this possible and I greatly appreciate all of you for it. We’ll see you again soon!

Just for fun, here are a couple of polls. First you can decide if the Jury voted based on personal and emotional feelings or if they voted based on game play. Secondly we’ve got a poll for who you think should have won. Ian or Dan? Share your thoughts!


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  1. It was Ian vs everybody in the final 5 and he survived…how is that not good gameplay. This was by far the greatest final 2 in BB history and the toughest choice for a winner ever. Dan played the better game but I think the jury didn’t vote for him because not of how dirty he was but of how much they wanted Ian to win.

    • I totally disagree. The jury did not vote on how much they wanted Ian to win……they voted on how much they wanted Dan to lose. There is a difference.

      • the American justice system is a judgement by their peers, sometimes juries vote on emotion sometimes on facts, it is the American Way

      • Totally agree! It was a vote on how much they wanted Dan to lose. It was either too personal, or they didn’t want him to win a second time. If Dan couldn’t win, I am glad it was Ian though. What a waste if Danielle would have won.

      • eek why does everyone hate danielle so much she did what she had too do to try to get too the end i agree with only 1 thing about danielle she played dans game he brainwashed her if she were too play again i think she would play bettter the second time around like dan i think in season 10 dan that dan won he was ok played better this time around now danielle knows how too play the game the biggest waste was joe and jenn and ashley they won 1 comp between the 3 of them not really any frank got dq is why jenn won so between them no comp wins danielle won 4 comps not bad thats even better than dan

      • I sure hope Danielle does not come back to play again. I don’t hate her that’s a strong word that I don’t use. But her whining all the time and everything was about me, me, me and being the center of attention is what I didn’t like. And I loved Janelle’s zing about how what surprised her was all of Danielle’s lies. Which was so TRUE.

      • totally agree but since most of these HG had never seen the show b4 casting, they don’t know the vote should be game play not personal because they lost.

    • It was a mix of both. THey wanted Ian to win and Dan to lose. If Dan had been in the final with Jenn or Joe, they wouldn’t have had a reason to vote for the other person and Dan would have won, so Ian does get the credit.

  2. I don’t have a problem with the personal votes. It doesn’t matter how great a game you’re playing technically if you piss off so many people that nobody would vote for you. Dan may have weaseled his way into the final two but in doing so he killed all of his social game.

  3. Dan absolutely should have won the game! CBS referred to Ian as the “boy genius,” but it was Dan with the genius game play. It was very disappointing to watch Ian win over Dan.

    • Dan left heart at the door and in the end his genius was that a bottle of ketchup could have beaten him.

      It would have been better for him to stop the evil whispering, but losing the big prize may help him reconcile with his religion outside the bubble of his ego. Good life lessons after all!

  4. I can’t imagine how Dan must feel after last night when I feel so disappointed for him. I was completely shocked when Ian was declared the winner. I was positive Dan was going to win cause I was giving the jury the benefit of the doubt and assumed they would in the end reward the person who played the Best game. This season was a really good one and I’m sorry to see it end, especially when it ended with the wrong person winning the top prize :(

    • Wow…u feel disappointed for a man who claims to have left his heart outside when he entered the BB house. Many, many others have won BB with their heart in it. I find Dan’s egotistic speech appalling blaming his so called game play. Not everyone in this world likes to get their backstabbed time and time ago who they considered maybe half likable. The only one he could sink into his babble of a speech was Danielle’s single vote. What got me the most how it laughed at his fellow hg’s as it slaughtered them as he refereed to all the blood on his hands. So he’s thinking, yeah, I did that all 2 u at one point or another, so plz just give me ur vote. Well I guess the last laugh was on him.

    • Got news for you Sweetie, the jury did reward the player who played the best game. Between the two of them the right person won the top prize! Ian won 3 more HOHs than Dan and 1 more Vetos.
      He also won several times when it really counted including the final HOH. The winner of final HOH almost always goes on to win BB.
      And the social game IS a part of it too and Ian did better at it than Dan as evidenced by the fact that the jury wasn’t as pissed off at him.
      Last year Rachel played a clearly better game than Porsche yet she nearly lost because 3 jjury members disliked her personally.

    • Ian and Dan were ineligible for America Favorite because they were in the final two, thus they were already going to win money. In most of the polls, Frank was in third, so he gets it by default. No rigging here.

  5. Matt, thank you for a great summer! I’ll be back next year.
    I still slightly favor Jenn. I wish she could have made it to the final 3 instead of Danielle. I fully agree with Jenn’s reasoning for her final vote. I would not vote for someone who has already won before. It was such an unfair ploy that that’s what my vote would be based one.

  6. it’s a personal vote but like i get it.. there’s no rules right. the jurors don’t have to vote based on who played better or who they liked. so what now, Dan played a ruthless game and every one pull out “There’s no rules in BB house”. Well the jurors voted personally, I am personally just gonna pull out the same thing, THERE’S NO RULES IN BIG BROTHER HOUSE!

    • Ian did better, keeping the eyes on the prize, and didn’t blow the social game.

      If you’re bitter, just remember “There are no rules in BB house”!

    • I agree there are no rules, that is why I have never said that Ian’s win was unfair, that I was going to call his job and get him fired for winning, or that he (Ian) should be stoned for winning.

    • Even the jurors in BB13 voted for the hated Rachel because she played a better game. This year’s jury members were the biggest wimps of any jury in BB. Total lightweights. When they settle down and watch the show and the diary room statements they will realize that they wimped out. Dan was awesome in the game and NEVER personally trashed anyone like the rest of them did.

      • okay just to be clear, the only jurors not voting personal last year is Shelly

        jordan jeff hated porsche. brendon voting for porsche? i’ll jump off a cliff if that had happened

        danielle n kalia voted rachel? oh please! and adam voted rachel? i mean adam is a coward

      • Danielle and Kalia voted for Porshe to win. So… I think everyone voted PERSONALLY on BB13 except for Shelly.

        That’s because your SOCIAL GAME is what counts more than winning comps and backstabbing people… Rachel got lucky.

  7. So disappointed in the Jury Vote. Especially Brit. I thought sure she would vote Game over Personal. So, if you are in the BB House, which is better social or game?

    • it doesn’t matter. Britney voted the way she did. Leave it at that. Dan really has no one to blame but himself

      • I personally thought Dan played the best game….the funeral….was a MASTER plan! He had tears flowing everywhere. I am proud of Ian and think he played a great game…he peaked at the right time. If the jury had voted Ian because of his game then I would be ok but it felt like they voted AGAINST Dan rather than FOR Ian. Just my thinking. :) Still love this show!!

      • I totally agree. The jurors sat upon their high horses talking about how Dan stabbed them in the back, but EVERY single person on that jury talked CRAP about the other players and stabbed others in the back as well. Who was Joe’s true alliance?….whoever was in power? What about Jenn? Heck, she didn’t even know she was playing a game until just before she left! Shane….OMG….talk about lilly-livered! That guy couldn’t man up and own a move to save his pink tank top! And he was ready and willing to stab Ian in the back….and Dan to, for that matter. Britney (I love Brit!)…but c’mon, she talked trash about everyone and would have absolutely stabbed Dan in the heart to get to the end (hello, alliance with Frank, remember?). So for everyone to say it’s ok for the jury members to vote feelings rather than game play is hipocritical. The point of the game is to get to the end, and you have to eliminate the others to get there. And Ian calling Dan a scumbag. Hello pot, this is kettle…….Ian was crude and disgusting much of the time, particularly toward the end AND showed absolutely ZERO class by calling Dan a scumbag. At least Dan left graciously and with a good attitude. Next season DOES need to be played with players who KNOW that Big Brother would be a really boring and worthless game if everyone just got together and drew straws to see who would leave when… know, so no one’s feelings got hurt. After all, you know, those last seven players evicted make up the jury.

    • You guys make me laugh,,bottem line Dan wins 50G’s and goes down as the best BB plaer ever…Who else ever hosted their own funeral??LOL awesome..And look who voted for him in the end,,Danielle WOW….

  8. Dan saved Ian because it was in HIS best interest. It guaranteed him a spot in the final two. He knew Shane wouldn’t take him. I’m not saying it was wrong, just that Ian doesn’t owe Dan anything. As far as the jury goes, I applaud them because: Nice guys sometimes finish first, the end doesn’t always justify the means, and winning at all costs is not justified. I was actually a Dan fan from the beginning, but as the game wore on his ego started to cloud his thinking. He really has nobody to blame but himself. Ian won, he deserved it. He won more comps and he was loyal to the QP.

    • give me an amen here!
      dan’s good but believe me his ego is over the top. guy still needs some learning,,

    • It also seems that returning favors to backstabbers is justified to some extent, and Danielle can only blame herself that she did not treat Ian well. She could have taken $50k if she didn’t play the role of a mean puppet.

      • joe f everything danielle did in the game was for dan i just saw dan,ian and danielle on a show called the talk and danielle said she just found out things outside of the house she also said if she got to play again she would not let someone play her atleast she knows she got played

    • The thing is though, they didn’t even vote the way they did because Ian was a “nice guy” (he wasn’t, but we don’t need to get into that) and they respected his gameplay; they voted the way they did because they didn’t want to vote for Dan because he screwed literally all of them over and they didn’t like how that happened. 4 of those 6 votes were bitter votes, one was a “well he already won once before” vote, and one was a “I was closer to Ian” vote.

    • Well said. Ian got a lot of miles out of that dog suit. At some point Dan’s smile became a smirk. He proved that pride precedes a fall. I liked Boogie’s comments.

  9. All easy for us to say dan should win, i also wanted Dan to win, but are watching from home we are not the ones who got stabbed in the back.
    So the 7 votes that mattered felt betrayed and voted against him.

  10. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that social gamer is just as important as any other aspect. Dan played a kamikaze style that ignored the long con that can be the social game.

  11. Thank you to all those on this site that have been doing such a good job to keep us updated and informed on one of the best seasons ever. Your hard work is appreciated. And I too am disappointed by the result. Last night was Survivor: Samoa all over again. A bitter jury that was too hurt by their emotions were unable to make a decision based on gameplay. While I do think Ian had a solid game competition-wise and socially, he was nowhere near Dan as far as strategy, manipulating, and cunning. Dan ran the house. Dan was the mastermind. And he deserved to win the game again 7-0, in my opinion.

    But congrats to Ian to sticking it out and pulling it off. It’s nice to see a super fan win it all.

  12. Yeah, it was definitely personal. But people like to say, “There are no rules in BB against lying or backstabbing.” There are also no rules dictating that the jury has to forget about the backstabbing and lying and not vote for the winner based on who they personally like. There are no rules, period, on how the jury is required to vote.

    I will agree that Dan had the bigger moves. But people who tend to make these big moves do so at their own risk, because the jury will get the ultimate say. The best, most deserving houseguest won.

  13. If by great game play you mean that Dan was the man, no-ah! He got too much enjoyment out of twisting the knife over and over. Dan was getting too much fun out of hurting people. His two sided nature was scary creepy, as he laughed at people’s discomfort that he helped to cause. Ian proves you can be civil and win it all!!!!!

    • The delusions of his fans is really getting out of control. Ian was a nice kid in the beginning but as soon as the QP was made, he began feeling himself and becoming extremely arrogant. I don’t know if it was Britney’s attitude rubbing off on him or what but it was sickening to watch. You obviously only watch the CBS edit.

  14. Like I am so over the “Dan-deserves-to-win”
    Deserve is a strong word.
    Remember, basically, no one deserves anything, this is a game, and they are just fortunate enough to play it

    And really, I can’t really blame the jurors for voting that way. Yes maybe it’s personal, but it is what it is. Dan had few weeks to say his apologies but I don’t know, why did he hold it all till the finale night, and like throw them all at once when like 6 jurors already have their vote locked in.

    Britney once approached him and said “Really Dan, not even I am sorry”, and he goes “i see no reason to apologize” . When he blindsided Shane, instead of saying just a little “sorry shane”, he goes “Nothing personal man just business”. When Frank got evicted, all he had to say was “you’re an amazing competitor man”. okay we all know that! it’s like you’re saying “roses are red” we get it.

    so at the end of the day, the 6-1 vote, he has no one to blame but himself

      • before they left… Britney approached him and he denied her… He got a couple minutes with Shane and like days with frank.

      • He did apologize to Britney and Frank bolted out the door and Dan didn’t have days. And Shane pushed him away.

      • “Oh, sorry, I’ve decided to vote against you this week, please forgive me.”

        Yeah, like Frank would have liked that any better.

    • But shouldn’t they all look at it as what it is? He out played them. He got to them before they could get to him! He didn’t have to win competitions to be safe, he could use their minds and make them do what he wanted to ensure his safety. I loved the QP, but maybe he should have cut Ian and Shane earlier and gone with Jenn and Joe.

      • yeah but again it all comes down to the jurors. you the jurors, they’re humans, not robots! you don’t feel what they feel

      • Ian was only there because Dan saved him. He made moves Dan manipulated. Ian won because they HG didn’t want a repeat winner.

      • Dan saved him more than once. Besides evicting Shane instead of Ian he also took the blame for Ian that entire week and because of that Frank wanted him gone. Because of the funeral and Dans GREAT game play he got himself out of that one.

      • Dan saved him because he thought keeping Ian was good for his game – Ina’s social game convinced Dan of that. Dan made the mistake to save him and paid for it. Ian remained b/c he “misted” Dan…Ian made Dan believe he would lose to Danielle b/c jury members like her…turns out they liked him (Ian) more! WAY TO GO IAN!

      • atleast i called danielle to make the final 3 i thought she was the 8 best player of the season dan 1 ian 2 mike 3 janelle 4 britney 5 shane 6 frank 7 danielle 8 if any of you have a top 8 let me know in your order

      • I agree that Ian only made it because Dan stabbed dingbat Danielle in the back. However Dan didn’t lose because they didn’t want a repeat winner…Dan lost because he took lying and manipulating to a whole new low.

      • Maybe he outplayed the jury but he didn’t outplay Ian did he? In the comps and in the social game too Ian outplayed him.

      • i have a feeling that all jurors except Danielle have agreed on some terms that they’ll vote together no matter what before the finale night. they want to reel Danielle in and make another unanimous vote but maybe she refused

      • One thing I don’t see mentioned here is that “jury-building” is and should be a part of anyone’s strategy!!! You can outplay, cheat, backstab, and lie all you want to get to the end sure….but you have to remember that human emotions always play a part. Now some of you are saying that is “shouldn’t” matter and maybe that’s true but the fact doesn’t change that it DOES!!! Dan played a great game…I thought he was going to win….but I’m glad he didn’t. And whether you like it or not…will admit it or not….Ian’s game was better: the fact that he walked home with half a million dollars under any circumstances proves it. (I think of this as the “Russel Hantz effect”….anyone who watches Survivor knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      • Ian was a puppet and did whatever the puppet master wanted. Ian only won because of a bitter jury that didn’t vote for Ian to win but voted for Dan to lose.

      • YOU are the bitter one – sure to reply to any comment giving credit to Ian having played a great game.

      • Hey why don’t you learn how to read before you make a comment. I have stated several times that Ian did a good job. I also said Congrats to Ian SEVERAL times. YOU are the ignorant one.

      • I wish he would have gotten Shane out instead of Joe and not listened to danielle that week. Maybe it would of been a different final 3.

  15. Dan had played a cutthroat game. He lied. He deceived.
    manipulated. He did everything right, except win over the jury. The jury
    didn’t seem won over by his speech, which was a strong indication that
    they wanted Ian to win, possibly even before the finale I wonder how
    they’ll feel once they watch the season and see the way Dan was playing.
    The fact that a former winner made it to the Final 2 makes Dan the top
    of my list as my favorite player ever

  16. I keep reading all these comments about how genius Dan was in playing the game and I agree he made some very strategic big moves in the house, however he should have remembered that all of these people he is “stabbing in the back” are the same people that decide his fate so maybe that wasn’t a “genius” move to make after all….

      he said “I have to play ruthless” a bunch of times. LMAO are you trying to get jury votes cause if i was a juror, i would vote for a bottle of ketchup before i voted for him

    • He played the entire house like puppets. That house belonged to Dan and to reward one of his puppets is horrible. The jury is going to go home, watch the season, and smack themselves in the head.

      • Well he obviously didn’t play the entire house like puppets or they would have voted for him to win wouldn’t they? And he wasn’t able to convince Ian to throw round 3 of final HOH though he really tried to.

    • Totally agree with this…you can lie, manipulate and jump hoops…my problem with Dan was his sheer cockiness and how he overplayed everything for some thrill..he wouldnt just take an opponent down for the kill, he would then have to toy with it then smile at the camera for effect. The so called bitter jurors all came for the same purpose to win…perhaps not all of us have the ability to leave our integrity at the door…Dan outwitted no question, but in the end even his interruptions while Ian spoke, his indignant head shaking, and prepared smarmy and transparent butt kissing speech couldnt save him from his ultimate fall. He ovestimated himself and underestimated Ian. The mist faded and Ian had what it the jurors were buying… Game or no game no one who plays on a tv reality show twice can come up with this twisted mind bending on others for game…there has to be an overlap. Oh and please don’t remind me about this being a game…I am quite aware of that. And Ian won fair and square…

      • Well obviously Dan forgot that everyone who went were the ones that he needed to kiss butt to and not stab in the back once they leave they aren’t gone for good they are the ones who ultimately decide who gets the money. Isn’t that a huge part in the game is to make sure that one you not only make it to the final two, but you also have to guarantee votes.

      • You can never guarantee a vote. This jury is a perfect example. They were very bitter and did not vote on game play. Another example when Jordan won and Jessie voted for Jordan but he was Natalies BFF in the house. You never know how the jury will vote.

      • Yes and it wasn’t Dan. Kudos 2 Ian !! After all this, u still can’t get over the fact he wasn’t Dan. U disgrace most of the other posters who don’t defend ur “idolized” Dan….. Danielle ??

      • WTF is your problem??? A lot of posters agree with me. Even the commentator of this site. Your the disgrace for even making a comment like that.

      • U know what, n/m…U can’t grasp what I’m saying. It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s over it’s done. If I offended u in any, I apology

    • the look on his face when Ian already has 3 votes, and knowing the unreavealed votes were Frank’s Ashley’s and Britney’s. I gotta say it’s priceless. I love it but I felt bad for him he just got Hantzed!

  17. Matt…you have done an incredible job this season (as always) keeping us up on all BB. I really love your conclusion above – right on point with my thoughts exactly!! Thank you!!

  18. Hard to believe that Danielle still gave Dan her vote. What a puppet. The way she played, she didn’t deserve to go to the final 2. I sure would have hated to see her get $50k for being an idiot.

    • i don’t think she really wanted to. she said “the ONLY WAY i vote this way is because i TRIED to KEEP MY WORD and I will continue to do so. it was a “sarcastic” message to Dan, also maybe letting him know that Dan, ilove you but you just lost to a 21 year old kid..

      • maybe but idk. all the jurors maybe approached her and said “we’re all voting for Ian, let’s make it unanimous”. then maybe she felt bad for Dan and you know, throw him a pity vote

      • All the pity votes went to Ian. What a bunch of crybabies, no wonder Dan had such an easy time working them. Have none of them watched the show before? Did they not know thats how people get voted out?

      • if it “all of the pity votes” then it’s not pity lol. pity is when a person or posibly 2 throw you a vote because well… they pity you for already getting screwed

      • I think they will all have a change of heart on their votes after they watch the episodes and realize Dan played a better game. On another note I can see Ian being picked up as guest star on Big Bang

      • Great Idea would love to see him on my favorite show Big Bang Theory.

        It would be impossible for the jury to realize Dan played a better game because he did no such thing.

      • Dan did play a better game and the vote was entirely personal – you don’t have a clue! I think Dan should have won. He played those people like a fine violin. The jury, led by Frank who couldn’t accept that he was bested and was bitter to the end – he who cheated and lied to get as far as he got.

      • love frank!!! Just knew he would get the 25k! Also was impressed that britney said she would choose frank 1st if she could pick her dream team.

      • Some votes were votes against Dan, but he is responsible for earning those votes and Ian succeeded in ensuring that Dan’s mist did not sway the journey yet again. Guess Dan really cannot sell ice to the eskimos as so many have stated. Ian earned many of his votes, and he played a cleaner game. He felt badly about some of the moves he had to make. A great player can turn those that are bitter and Ian managed it. Most of the jurors didn’t like Ian and yet everyone was genuinely so happy for him to win. That says a lot! Heck, he stabbed boogie and boogie adores him! Good job Ian! He deserves this win!!!

      • If Dan had truly played the best game he would not have misjudged the jury so badly. Convincing the jury is a part of the game. He should have made some argument that past winnings should not have anything to do with who has played the best game this time around. He also should have known that it hurts to be stung and it can be better to send someone to the jury less obviously, and to at least act as though one has a little remorse. It helps the victims to feel a bit better and less salty. He lived in the house with these people for some time and new their different personalities.he made a mistake assuming they would judge the game play, the way he would judge it. The only person that was remotely possible of viewing the game as he did was Britney, and he couldn’t even get her vote. His final speech was the wrong approach given the circumstances. He therefore played a good game, but not the best game.

      • Exactly; it sounded a lot more like “I’m taking the high road here” than “Oh Dan, I still love you!”

      • I think her “word” was her swearing to Ian that he would not get her vote under any circumstance. And even realizing that Dan had used her all summer, she kept it.

      • Dan didn’t use her. Once Dan came into the game he could of got rid of her but instead helped her get to the end. And I think if Dan would of won HOH he would of evicted Ian.

      • what were you watching? he threw the comp so Ian would evict her – he thought he could beat Ian…turns out NOT!!! LMAO!!!

  19. All I need is one summer and would make BB a game everyone wanted to watch. People would ask Boogie who Dr What?

  20. I figured Dan being willing to stab even Dani in the back was the reason they wouldn’t vote for him (i.e., his game became TOO dirty at that point, which is fair) and that Ian’s speech made them change their minds, but now it turns out it’s 90% based on personal vendettas against Dan, 5% based on people just liking Ian more (not purely based on strategy), and 5% based on people thinking Dan shouldn’t deserve it just because he already won before.

    Seriously, what the hell? This is one of the worst juries I remember seeing on BB.

      • There aren’t rules, no; but there are rational ways to vote and irrational ways to vote, and pretty much everyone with the exception of Britney chose the latter. And I’m not saying this because I think Dan should have won and was robbed or anything like that, because it would have been fine IMO if they had voted for Ian because they actually thought he was the better competitor. But it’s obvious 90% of those votes were votes against Dan rather than votes for Ian. It’s petty.

      • My point is that rather than voting based on things that DON’T inherently include whether someone did something the best, they should have voted strictly on strategy and gameplay (including comp wins, social game in the house, etc). It’s clear that a large part of the jury couldn’t separate their bitterness from whether they thought Dan had game or not. Yes, they could have gotten over any bitterness and still voted against Dan (see: Britney and Jenn), and no, I don’t think there’s any problem with coming to the same conclusion after looking at the players rationally.

        The difference between being in the game and in the jury is that there are many ways to try and play the game because there are many different outcomes one may want out of the game; but there should only be one general way to judge a player’s worth in that game (i.e., to judge on effectiveness of gameplay/strategy/etc).

  21. It’s not just about how well one plays the game but also on not ticking off the jury. Dan played so dirty and underhanded that while some people could admire his dedication, it pushed the jury too much against him. Dan played the game, but Ian won the jury. For all BB future contestants, remember, you can be TOO sneaky and hence NOT win the grand prize.

    • Most of the jury knew nothing about this game. They had to watch some of the seasons when they were in sequester. If they would of been true BB fans the votes would of been different!

  22. Regarding Frank winning AC: I suspect your polls were wrong because the sampling of voters on this website are more hardcore BB fans (those who watch the live feed or at least want to read about it) and not represenative of all veiwers. This group seems more likely to appreciate the strategic gameplay of an Ian or Frank. The larger viewing population, most of which are CBS-only, seem likely to be Frank fans. He’s big entertaining guy with wild hair that won a bunch of competitions, played mostly honest and fought for his life to make it pretty far in the game. Sounds like an American fave to me.

    • To add on to this Frank was also seen on the show as an underdog fighting against the established power, the QP. Everybody like to root for an underdog.

    • Look at all the polls not just these. Frank was way behind. CBS wanted Frank to win and that’s what happened. He is nothing but an arrogant bitter jerk!

      • Agree, all the polls, chats, and blogs I saw showed Frank at best 4th place. The very fact that he was caught cheating in 2 comps should have disqualified him from even getting it. Those 2 comp wins should definitely not be counted in his his win record.

  23. I would have voted for Dan because of his STRATEGIC moves. Dan never truly relied 100% on others to take him to the final 2. He was always planning to CONTROL his destiny. Not IAN. What “control” did Ian have over his destiny when he threw the first game. He should be glad he won the last HOH. I feel like Dan threw it just so that he wouldn’t have to backstab Ian in the end and lose a vote.

    Nonetheless, Ian’s a great kid and super adorable and I know he’s going to put that money to good use. He’s very smart!!

    Just like there are no moral rules in how to PLAY Big Brother, there are no moral rules in how to VOTE. This game is as much SOCIAL and physical as it strategic. You need to make friends in the Big Brother house; friends that will be in the Jury.

    Good for Ian. Sorry, Dan! I really did want Dan to win but I guess I get it … :(

  24. you people serously need to get over yourselfs yall are acting like the so called pissed off bitter jury that yall keep referring to? yea dan played a good game but IAN ALSO PLAYED A GREAT GAME just bc he didnt play a dirty game and swore on the bible and his wife and dead grandfather like dan did doesnt mean he didnt deserve to win, ian didnt need to backstab and lie like dan did to keep himself safe, he won the h.o.h and veto’s when he needed to save his ass! so yall are very contradicting

  25. I hate Ian. Everyone talks about Dan’s attitude, but Ian is so full of himself. Ian didn’t form the quack pack and he was Britney’s little dog. He even said during confessional that he didn’t want to nominate Frank on his HoH but did for his alliance. Dan should have won, but the jury was too bitter. Dan is an outstanding competitor and all the jury did was make themselves look like fools. Ian disgusts me way more than Dan ever could.

    • Gee, somebody seems jealous. Talking about somebody making themselves look like a fool, you fit the bill.

  26. Ian only surrvived because Dan thought it better to keep him over Shane,,big mistake at that point. So that’s not having the game in your hands IAN, that’s Dan the master running the game as he saw best. I watched After dark and saw very clear Dan whisper to himself that he couldnt believe he was gonna throw the final comp to you..He said its crazy but cray just might work….Dan is by far the greated BB player so far…:)

  27. as much as I hated him, I kind a feel bad for Dan. He’s so fucked up. The jurors screw him so bad, they’re making it unanimous.
    I bet even Danielle was gonna throw Ian a vote, but really felt awful for Dan if the vote comes down 7-0, maybe that’s why she threw Dan 1 pity vote and said that sarcastic final plea.

    regardless to say, he has nothing to blame but himself. should’ve cleaned the mess sooner, should you win

  28. What about a cast of lets say 35-60 yr olds! …now that would be some drama for sure…one thing i know we would not have to deal with the pimples over and over…Sorry Danielle…

    • ow that’s gonna suck. if the HoH is endurance, we can just wait like a couple minutes to see who wins

    • You would definitely have a different game with an older group of HG. I too think it would be very interesting to see how different the show would be. And contrary to Youcansuckit’s response, I’ve seen some fit 40-60 y/o that could kick just about anyone’s ass!!

  29. Dan saying that he left his morals at the door and was going to pick ’em right back up when going to confessional “anyway” (seriously???) goes to show just how little he grasps his level of dickery.

    • That’s how catholics think… “I can do whatever I want. I’ll just go to confession in the morning.”

  30. Dan outplayed EVERYONE! He should have won! I wish my hubby would try out for the show. He would be so good at this game!

  31. This year’s jury members were the biggest wimps of any jury in BB. Total lightweights. In a month or so when they settle down and watch the show and the diary room statements they will realize that they wimped out. Dan was awesome in the game and NEVER personally trashed anyone like the rest of them did–every one of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if Dan donates some or all of this year’s winnings to a charity.

    • Dan is a master liar and manipulator. He convinced people to do his bidding, and it’s obvious that his lies and manipulation worked on more people then those in the house. This message board is full of people who are continuing to allow themselves to be manipulated by him.

      If you honestly believe he would give any of his money to charity, then you take the cake.

      • I agree Dan is a master liar and manipulator, that is why he should have won the game. To be honest, I don’t care what they do with their winnings. Ian can spend all of his on a one night stand with a hooker and Dan can spend all of his on water to keep him mouth from being so dry during confession……they won it and should be able to spend it on whatever they like.

      • Totally agree about spending the money however they want. Even though he shouldn’t, I think Dan has a lot of guilt and he might do good with his money and give some of it to his church. If he just keeps it, good for him, but I think he is a good person in real life and he might try to help other people.

  32. @Matthew Boyer — Very well written piece and I completely agree. Had Ian been sitting next to anyone else, literally anyone else, then I would’ve been fine with him winning. However, Dan played a better game. Period.

    The jury members were a bunch of bitter babies. As fans of the game, you think they would appreciate (they certainly don’t have to like it, but at least appreciate) what Dan did this season. And while I don’t condone Dan swearing on the Bible, he did what he had to do to to make it to the end. He’s the only player who didn’t go soft.

    I hope they all look back and realize how foolish their votes were. And Jenn, seriously, what a dope.

    Don’t hate the player … Hate the game. Dan worked everyone and they were too blinded by their bitterness to see it.

    • Totally agree. Even last year’s jury voted for the hated Rachel because of game play. With his newly found wealth maybe Ian can pitch in and buy the jury members some self respect.

      • Rachel only got 4 votes and 3 of them were from her friends Jeff and Jordan and future husband Brendan. Of the rest only Shelly voted for her even though she clearly outplayed Porsche. Most disgusting was Adam, the moron was angry because Rachel took Porsche over him to final 2. The audience even gasped when his vote was announced.

    • I think you are forgetting that most of these players were hand picked and really were not true fans of BB. Except for Brit and Frank most of them had only watched a bit while in sequester before the game started.

      • Fair point. Maybe next year we can just see an all new cast who have actually seen the show and know what it’s about. Save returning players for another all-stars edition.

    • So just because Dan excelled at one aspect of the game … Ian isn’t deserving because he was better in others? Listen all you “Dan shoulda won” people have to realize it’s NOT JUST ABOUT WHO MADE THE BIGGEST MOVE!! Ian made his own big moves, yet didn’t use the “seek and destroy” mode that Dan did. If Dan was smart, maybe he would have actually tried to win the last HoH so he would have had control ….or maybe he should’ve kept Jenn around knowing there was NO WAY she could beat him in the Final 2. Your opinion is Dan played a better game; mine is, he played a more glamorized, “big move” type of game … which got him 2nd place. Exactly what he deserved.

  33. If someone can give me a good reason why Jenn voted for Ian, I might just change me views about Ian’s win. Jenn said Dan played a good game and Jenn didn’t like Ian while she was in the house, yet she vote for Ian. Jenn’s vote is why I am convinced that the jury was bitter.

    • Because I think Ashley-Brit-Frank-Joe-Jenn-Shane have all agreed maybe that if Ian is in final 2 against Shane (their perfect scenario) they will vote for Ian and scumbag Dan. if it’s Dan vs Danielle it will be different story I think. They’re just playing the game just like Dan is

    • Jenn said early on she wanted a newbie to win. She tried to convince Dani at one point to go with her to the end. She never wanted someone who had won the game before to win again. I think she would have voted for anyone as long as it was not someone who had won before.

  34. lAN IS JUST LUCKY HE GOT THE VOTES FROM THE JURY FOR Personal/emotional because if it wont for that dan would of won so no Lan did not play a better game then dan Lan is not the one who got almost everyone out the house nooo it was dan

  35. I’m sorry, but I disagree with your post. We talk all the time about how great or bad someone’s social game is. If a jury votes emotional, then that’s part of the social game. Dan’s social game was good enough to get him to the end, but it wasn’t good enough to win him the votes.

    Also, who you take to the final 2 is a huge part and taking Ian was dangerous. Per Brittany’s comment, Ian had the emotional heart strings of the jury. Guarantee if Dan would have went with someone like Jenn or Joe, we wouldn’t have gotten the same outcome.

    I personally believe Dan overplayed. It was a great game, but he made a lot of moves that he didn’t need and made the houseguests look like idiots. He didn’t show them any respect when they left the game, figuring he could just mist them out of being angry in his final two speech. Wrong!

    Also, I didn’t think his Final Two speech was all that convincing. He kissed butt to the jury by claiming he had to backstab everyone because he couldn’t play a great social game like Britney or win competitions like Shane, yet he was next to Ian he did well in both. Also, he was apologizing for playing ruthlessly while he was throwing Ian under the bus, trying to discredit his moves. Did he really think that complimenting everyone was going to work after he did it in the funeral and everyone found out it was bull afterward.

    Again, Dan is a great player, but to be that ruthless, you need skyscraper-size can of Mist and unfortunately what Dan brought to the final wasn’t big enough.

    • Dan played Danielle like a guitar to the point where she missed the money and she still voted for him,,,that’s a huge can of mist…But I agree his final speech was lacking..I felt he needed to point out that Ian was only sitting their because Dan pulled the strings to make that happen. That Dan saved Ian and it was Dan who hosted his own funeral and then saved himself.

      • But I think Ian would have been able to counter that. Ian’s game play was pretty clean and it would have went with Joe’s argument that you don’t have to play that dirty to win the game. Ian betrayed team Boogie, but he never chose Team Boogie. He was put on a team with them from the beginning. When he had his choice, he chose the Quack Pack and was loyal to them to the very end without waver. Also, Dan tried to get Ian out as did Frank. Ian won when he needed to win and was able to play Dan into taking him to the final three just like Dan played Ian into taking him to the final two.

    • The ONLY!! reason Ian won is cause Dan screwed up. He should evicted Ian instead of Shane. He stood no chance with Ian in the final 2. He may have had a better chance with Shane or Danielle. His backstapping went to far, he should have stopped at the final 4. The fact that Dan lost means he did not play a great game.

  36. What Dan lovers have to understand is that while BB is a game, the people playing are human beings with feelings/emotions! So if a scumbag like Dan comes along and back stabs you, lies to you, swears on a bible, his wife, his grandfather’s cross etc. YOU might be a little upset and NOT for for him to win. I totally understand the Jury and congratulate them on choosing a MUCH BETTER Human being to win $500K and do something positive with his life and others around him!! Congrats IAN!!

    • So it’s being reported that when Shane was evicted and Dan whispered in his ear, he was trying to say “She’s Playing You.”

      So in this game, two people start a relationship that may or may not continue afterward and Dan tries to torpedo it all for an extra vote for if the situations arises that he’s with Danielle in the final two. Messing with people’s personal relationships goes a little over and beyond the confines of the game. Dan didn’t need to do that and that’s why he paid for it. = KARMA

      • Dan was going for the big money and I remember him telling Ian that if Ian got 2nd prize he would end up with about $38,000. That might have been a lot for Ian, but not for Dan. Didn’t come into play since Ian walked away with the big money and Dan got the $38,000.
        bbfan said it best!!!

    • No, that’s just foolish! True love would be Boogie telling Frank that he will not accept the money.

  37. I may be the only happy person here because I wanted Ian to win the whole game and Frank to win AC. Nice to see a real Super Fan win this. Can’t help, but compare Ian the Super Fan to Adam Super Fan from last year. Just no comparison as Ian played an excellent game and Adam just coasted into F3 with his love of bacon, but no real game play.
    I did vote for Frank and had read on several sites that people voting for Dan and Ian were wasting their votes as F2 are never eligible to win AC. Not a new rule this season, but has always been in place. Votes casted for those people are taken out of consideration if they end up in F2. I originally was hoping for Frank to be in F2 and when he was eliminated I knew I would be happy with anyone, but Dan or Danielle to win. Even though lying is very much a part of BB I think Dan lost the game because he took it a bit to far with the bible, his wife and grandfather’s cross which we now know for sure was something he really did as he admitted it himself. I read many arguements on here that said he was not doing that, but when Ian admitted to Dani that Dan had given him his grandfather’s cross to seal a F2 deal I really think that if there was any doubt by the jurors that sealed it for them. I saw Shane’s exit interview with Jeff where Shane said Dan swore on his wife for a F3 deal and shook his hand. For some people such as Shane and Frank those things mean a lot and does not make them wrong for feeling that way. Brit had told Jeff on her exit interview that if Ian were in the final she would vote for him. Her and Ian were extremely close and I fully expected her to vote for Ian. No different than Dani voting for Dan in the end. What I am trying to say that there is nothing wrong with voting personal as that happens a lot. I believe Dan won his season because he was well liked and had not angered people as he did this season.. I know he said he couldn’t play this season the same and while that may be true I still think he went a bit too far and that was what ultimately lost him the game. If he had not done it to that extreme he may have had more votes in the end. The jurors may have gotten misted by him which ultimately resulted in their eviction, but in the end he angered a lot of people for what he did and they repaid him by not voting for him. The vote that surprised me the most was Jenn, but I do remember her saying early on that she did not want to see someone who had won the game before win again and apparently she felt that way at the end. I agree with her as I never wanted the coaches to enter the game to begin with. Everyone has a right to vote the way they want and just because they may have voted personal I don’t see that as being wrong. I am sure most will not agree with me, but just my opinion and the way I see it.
    Matt thank you for all you do to provide us with great coverage of BB each summer. Really appreciate it.

    • whhaa whhaaa whaaa,,,,,,I love the way Dan has forever changed this game..Think back to BB 1,,the game was not nearly as ruthless…Now, every season there will be “blood up to elbows” LOL

  38. Not that facts matter, but your example about back dooring Shane – was a shock to Ian – Ian played an extraordinary game – Dan gave new meaning to slime ball. Many of us were with Ian since day one – even Dr. Will declared Ian the player to watch. A part of game play is knowing the limits of slime play – it is finding a balance. Ian found the balance and won on skill – not being the bigest slime ball in the house. In 14 seasons this is the first time I cared about any one player. Ian intrigued us – Dan just repulsed us. It would have been an indictment on the character of the Jury members had then voted for Dan. It shocks no one that Dani was the only one who voted for Dan. She was not the brightest bulb in the room.
    It is kind of offensive to humanity for anyone to suggest the better game player is the one who played as a slimeball as opposed to with brains. Ian made this the best BB in its history. Finally it was proven brains and just enough skill at game play can win this game. Ian made the season refreshing.
    There is no skill in being a slimeball – it just means you are a slime ball

  39. i like the comment that will made about dans lies he said take accountability yourself for believing the lies. he is right jury was bitter felt duped. ian indignation i didnt buy…but whatev hes 1/2 mil richer dan did save him that wk. lol smh. onto bb canada yah!

  40. It all boils down on Dan playing waaay to aggressively. The jury-members knows he sworn on the bible, on his wife and on his dead grandfather’s necklace. The fact that he gave his necklace to Ian.

    Dan could of just lied and said, “I swear I’m telling the truth…” without swearing on anything holy or precious to him. Yea, I know it’s a game but you can’t just say I leave all my morals out the door and become a different person.

    Most if you will probably disagree and say it’s just a game but the way I look at it is that God is not a trash can where you can fill it up with lies, then say, “I’m sorry I had lied” to empty the trash can but only to fill it up with lies again. I don’t think it works like that.

    Ian lied, and backstabbed but did it in a big brother classy way. Boogie was impressed by what Ian did to him and the fact that Ian whispered his apologies for the move and any lies or moves he made, he showed heart that he hated to do that but knew he had to in order to win it all.

    Now with Frank winning America’s choice/Favorite may boil down to the people who watch the live feeds being the loud minority while the ones who only watches the show on television being the silent majority. Yet, I wished someone other than Frank had won it but that just how things pan out.

  41. Everyone keeps saying it should be based on game play, Dan should have won, etc… The jury DID vote based on game play: social game is an aspect of the BB game. It’s not always who manipulated who the best, but how far did you go on either side of the moral scale to do so. Part of the game is knowing your HGs, knowing how to get them out, and do it so that they’re not bitter. i.e. Ian having his own coach and ally evicted, and Boogie still being okay with it.

    • Boogie wasn’t mad because he knew what it takes to win the game. Like he said to Ian, “you can write bad checks in the BB house”

      • I was using Boogie as an example. Obviously everyone votes for someone out, but it’s the manner in which you play the game, and how the other other players react that is important. I’m not saying Dan wasn’t amazing, but in his own right, Ian had the better game play for THIS particular jury.

      • This jury didn’t even know about Big Brother. Most of them watched a couple of the seasons while they were sequestered. They need to get people that know the game next year.

      • True but also the fact that most of the newbies knew nothing about big brother is also the reason the douchebag made it as far as he made it, otherwise his a** would have been gone week one!

    • And awkward. . .and walks on his tip-toes, and rocks all day in a hammock. . therapy is only the beginning for this goof-nuts.

  42. Matthew Boyer here is the one really missing the “basic concept of game play and reward”. The Jury isn’t given rules on how they must vote – and anyone playing to win needs to take in account the sorts of personalities that will be doing the voting in the end, and what will motivate their voting. Dan utterly failed to do this – which was a losing move. Hence, Ian proved to be the best player this season. End of story.

    • I totally agree Rusty. Even if you luck into a win, (not saying Ian lucked into it )you played the best game if you won.

    • They voted for Dan to lose not Ian to win. Dan was the best player in BB history. End of story!!!

      • I bet Dan would switch places with Ian, he would rather be the game winner than the best player, and how can you be the best player if you didn’t win? Dan might have played the most interesting game, but the winner of the game played the best game.

  43. The jury vote sucked this year!!! Shame on you guys. .I liked Ian.but thought Dan played a brilliant game, Janelle said it best.

    • I always loved Janelle, but she played this season very different than she normally does and it didn’t work for her. She also knows Dan and I would expect her to be for Dan over those she never met until this season. She wanted to work with Dan from the start so I would expect her to have more loyality to him.

  44. It was a fun season to watch. I have to give credit to anyone who plays Big Brother. I don’t know how they do it. I wouldn’t last two days in the BB house with all those sanctimonious little punks. I’d be like Willie and start headbutting people.

  45. What Dan did was way over the line for sure.. His Speech was something out of Dale Carnige and the jury saw right through it.. Shame on his wife coming to his defense by blogging that its ok for a Catholic teacher to break all the rules!!

    • Ian could have suck Jenn with wearing that dog suit and took her Hawaii vacation away from her. I think in the end Jenn realized that Dan was just using her for his game.

      • She voted for Ian because she did not want Dan to have won the money twice. She’s talked about it in interviews.

  46. I don’t think most people here, who think Dan deserved to win, get the point. How the jury is going to vote HAS to be factored into your gameplay – otherwise all your gameplay can do is ensure that you get to the final 2. People keep saying Dan was the better player, but he was unable to play in a way that got him to the final 2 and still ensured that people don’t hate him. Ian played a pretty good game and ensured he kept his votes in the jury by not going after every single person in the house.

    • I an did not win based on his game play. Ian won because of the juries hatred of Dan. They were all played by him some worse than others and were biter.

      • Yes and Dan did not realize that you can’t play everyone and still win! He missed the point – the jury isn’t made up of extremely objective people or machines, its made up of people who lost their chance to win themselves. If you can’t factor that into your social game then you don’t deserve to win. I think Dan was extremely entertaining and he would have won if America voted for him – but we weren’t in the house with him and he forgot to factor in human emotions in all of his SMART gameplay

  47. Did it occur to anyone else that maybe Danielle may have done in Dan by the question she asked him?
    It graphically showed that Dan was still stabbing people in the back giving everyone a nasty flashback of the knife he put in each one of them.
    I think it only served to provide sympathy for Ian by showing that he too would have been screwed by Dan had he not beat him in the final HOH. He was clearly hurt by it.

    Anyone hear if Ian is planning to return the cross? I hope he sells it back and gives the proceeds to charity.

    Come on people, give Ian his due, this is also a win for all super fans like us, I wish him well.

    • Thank you soooo much..U saved me the trouble of a long post explaning the same . The jury was ready to vote DAN the winner until Daniell ask Ian if he knew that she had a final 2 with DAN?? Dan had a final 2 with Jenn, Frank, Ian, and Daniell (possibly more). And yes that was the tell all…Dan had played everybody including Daniell and all the jurors knew it…At the end of the game Daniell finally got her revenge on Dan..She screwed him over when she threw that question to IAN……I am sure that Ian and Dan will both realize how Daniell changed the course of the votes but that is another topic….lmao

      • Doubtful; it sounds like most had already made up their minds one way or another, and that while her question may have made them feel more conviction for their vote, they were already planning to vote against Dan before they sat down.

  48. When you play a cutthroat game like Dan you can’t expect people to hand you $500,000. That’s just reality, and isn’t this reality TV. Congrats to Ian, he had enough wins, like you said, when it mattered and he did play a strategic game. Even Dan admitted, he was up to elbows iin blood. Sooner or later you drown.

  49. CBS lets Survivor winners also be America’s Choice. In fact, it’s happened more than once. So it shouldn’t be any different for BB, also on CBS. I think Frank won fair and square. It’s not like some shlump who has no fans won, someone like Joe. Frank’s been in the top 3 or 4 in most polls. It’s not impossible that Ian and Dan split votes at the end and Frank squeeked through.

  50. DISAGREE. Just because Dan played a more entertaining game does NOT mean he played a BETTER game. This game is not JUST about lying and manipulating – it’s a social game FIRST and FOREMOST. You need to be able to lie/manipulate WHILE being likable and deserving of the prize in the jury’s minds. EVEN Dan said that. IAN played the BETTER game because he was able to get to F2 WHILE getting the jury to vote for him.

    ugh. Yes, Dan played a great game and was what made the season great. But to say that the jury only voted personally is a cop out. In the end, the jury rewards the person who they RESPECT the most. Dan didn’t play a RESPECTFUL game – and that’s his downfall. He should have known and been more aware of that. He was playing for second place all season. I knew his antics would catch up with him.

    so please stop saying DAN played the BETTER game. There’s so many ways to play this game – one not BETTER than the other. Whoever gets the prize at the end OBVIOUSLY played the “BETTER” game.

    • Couldnt disagree with you more. Dan played the entired house, which is why Ian made it there over Shane. Everyone loved Dan from his previous seasone and couldnt see him coming as he changed his own game..Brilliant. Dan was as good as gone untill he manipulated Frank, Joe, Jenn and so on…..Bottom line is the men he outplayed were all bitter…Who cares he swore on a book or his wife ect. LOL Loved it.

    • I agree, Dan was entertaining but the better game is always played by the person who gets the most votes.

    • I don’t think the jury votes had anything to do with respect. I guarantee, to a person, they all respected Dan’s game more than anyone else’s. It was hurt feelings and sour grapes. Yes, Ian got their votes and deserved to win simply on that basis. That’s how the game works, but I don’t think respect had anything to do with it.

      • The Juries weren’t interested with Dan’s speech. They already made up their mind even before the finale…once they watch the show, they’ll know who really is the best player.

    • I still the best player ever was Dr Will…He told the other houseguests that he would lie and yet they still believed him. I hated him in the beginning yet by the end I not only liked him I wanted him to win. He knew how to play the game.

  51. Dan totally should have won! And your right Ian was a bad sport in his interview to call Dan a slimy scumbag. Be gracious and humble Ian. Douche bag doesn’t look good on you!

  52. Dan so threw that final comp to Ian. You can tell by his mannerism. He wasn’t upset when he answered wrong or when he lost. He knew Ian would take him him and he wanted Dani’s vote in Jury. If Dan won and took Dani, Ian would have never given Dan his vote. Even I got all the questions right and I don’t even know these people, but Dan only gets 2 right? Please. It all backfired on him, although if Dan won and took Dani, Dani would have won. Oh the horror!

    • If you think Ian was civil I have to wonder what show you watched? He was one of the nastiest people in the BB house.

  53. To Ian you ROCK! Dan you proved to me that like so many other greedy liars that you trully will do anthing for money even uise religon to get you cash and when caught at your lies and misdoings just say oh well “that’s why they have cnofession”. I can’t see how by saying you had to play that way makes it right. That is another all out lie, you didn’t have to play that way, you alone chose it, good luck faceing the wife & family. The right guy won that’s for sure. As for all you people saying Dan played a better game, well your probablly like him greedy and don’t think of other peoples feelings, and then cry oh poor me nobody likes me, and then ythe people you stabed in the back are supose to vote for you! HA,ha,ha!

    • They were in a competition to win $500,000. Of course he was greedy. They all were. That’s kind of the point.

  54. This whole season was so rigged it was ridiculous. It was apparent almost from the beginning who AG wanted to win this game and that BB had no intention of letting Dan win. This was obvious from all the manipulation and attempts of Production to sway the HGs votes and decisions. Most of these HG had never even seen 1 episode of BB until they were cast,so what can you expect but personal voting. Several didn’t even apply, they were recruited. If they knew the game, they would also know there are many ways to play, No one can be good at every aspect of the game, hence mental, strategic, physical and endurance comps. For those who claim Dan is so bad? He played no dirtier than Evel Dick, Dr. Will or Boogie and yet they are called some of the BB best players? As for Frank for AC, what a joke! America hated him, just look at every poll, chat or blog written. This was AG choice not America’s. Frank cheated in 2 different games and even lost the veto as punishment and you award him for that? Great move BB. The only award Frank should win is BB sorest loser. He still believes he is the only one that deserves to play. With all the chatter of Production interference and manipulation maybe next season will be a more fair game. One can only hope.

    • Without Dan, this season would have been so boring to watch. That’s really the only reason I tuned in for the entire season and I would imagine that many others feel the same way. CBS should be grateful that Dan lasted until the end. If it would have been the charismatic and dynamic Shane and Ian battling it out I think people would have rather watched CSPAN or Cheers re-runs.

      • When Janelle left some said the season would be boring, same for when Boogie, Frank and Britney left. You never really know who will step up, when a larger personality leaves. Dan was entertaining, but over the years my favorites have often got voted out but I have never found BB boring.

    • Bitter much? Boogie was quite happy and supportive of Ian last night, and maybe you forgot or didn’t see during the season when Dr Will was interviewed, he predicted Ian would win.If it was just about who was making the most moves behibd the scenes, Boogie would have made it to the final 2. It isn’t just about making the moves, it is making the moves while not pissing off the jury members. All the greats managed to do that when they won, including Dan, but this time around he just couldn’t manage it.

    • I disagree about Frank as I voted for him for AC based on his incredible comp play and being on the block more than anyone else. F2 aren’t eligible and Frank was next on almost all polls. If you just take the polls from the live feeder sites the coaches would never have entered the game. So all polls don’t come into play for people who just watch the live shows.
      I do agree with you about the majority of these players being hand picked and not what you would call BB fans. If you believe this season was rigged then you have to say the same about past seasons as well. Just take a look at last season when Rachel and Jordan were looking like goners until the perfect Pandora’s Box came along. I personally have always looked at these seasons as being scriped in one way or another. It’s a reality tv show and the name of the game is ratings. I don’t think they go as far as choosing the winners, but do believe they do certain things to make some things happen.

      • The polls I saw showed Frank at best in 4th place.
        I liked Frank in the beginning but he quickly became one of my least favorite when he started going on and on about how he was the only 1 that deserved anything and was then busted for cheating in 2 different games. This alone should have disqualified him and those 2 game wins should not be counted as wins. You are correct that the show is somewhat scripted, production has always manipulated the show for ratings but this season just seemed worse and more blatant than previous seasons. Hoping this next season is less manipulated.

  55. The jury did a great job and picked the correct winner in selecting Ian as BB14 champion. He deserves to win over the blasphemous hypocritical bible swearing Dan Gheesling. Danielle is a complete moron. She is book smart with no common sense. For Dumbniel toagree with Dan “bible” Gheesling to replace him on the block with Shane was totally insane. And for Shane to agree on being a pawn is even more baffling. What was he thinking of?
    Anyhow, the final month of BB14 was awesome!

  56. Dear idiots
    Dan had the worst jury management ever this season. He didn’t deserve to win. Jury is part of the game

  57. Juries are supposed to be impartial and look at facts…not emotion. This one failed. As Wil said last night…it’s your own fault if you got got.

    • In a court of law you are correct however there are NO rules for this jury, they are free to use what ever reason they want to vote the way they did. Because you don’t agree with their decision, does not make them wrong.

  58. So how stupid did Frank feel once Boogie said that he had no bad feelings towards Ian? LOL. All that ranting and raving and him stabbing Boogie in the back for nothing. I know if I was him, I would feel so dumb. Anywho, this jury was as bitter as they come. It was sad to watch. It was like BB3 & BB11 all over again. The people that played the game the way its supposed to be played came in second. It sucks but it is what it is. Dan got 50,000 ; is going home to his beautiful wife, and will forever be remembered as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Even if he didn’t win, he still won. What’s the chance of Ian ever being called back? Hmm.. Lets ponder on that.

  59. Just a note… Although I partake in the website polls and on CBS’s defense anyone who knows anything about polling knows that it’s easy to get a biased poll.. The people who voted for America’s player were probably an overwhelming majority who watch episodes only, those who vote on this or other websites clearly watch or follow the live feeds. Your sample is NOT representative of the rest of America. Hence inaccurate polls.

    • Thank you! I watch the feeds and my boyfriend watches the show. When Frank won (I was thinking it would have been Ian or Dan or Shane), my boyfriend said he knew he was going to win. So I was able to get an opinion from the outside world. lol There’s a lot of people who don’t want to look online so they can save the suspense of watching the show, can’t afford it, or don’t have reliable internet/computer.

  60. I absolutely agree though Matt. Ian is talking about Dan scumbag moves; well the last scumbag move he did is the reason why you are still in the game, and the reason why you even made it to final 2. Lol. Instead, he hops aboard the I hate Dan train, when in fact, it is because of Dan that he made it past Final 4.

    • Again, Dan got rid of Shane FOR DAN. It had nothing to do with loyalty to Ian. He knew Ian would take him to final two, Shane wouldn’t. Simple as that. Ian doesn’t owe Dan anything.

      • Except taking all that heat from Frank and Boogie about who ratted them out. But I guess that doesn’t count.

      • And Dan was just waiting for the right time to use that information, and when it was most opportune for him he did. Not saying it was wrong, but Dan ratted Ian out as well.

  61. I think you are dead wrong. Whoever wins every year has been the best. Dan just could not make the big moves and have a great social game and Ian had a great social and made big moves. Ian deserves it and to give the jury an F is dumb. Every vote anyone has ever got sense BB1 they earn plain and simple.

  62. I will not trash Ian. But I will say that he is the worst Big Brother Winner in my book. The jury voted on all the wrong reasons. Janelle said it the best, “It would be a travesty if Dan does not win BB14”, and a travesty it was.

    • Ok enough with this word travesty and in the name game which all die hard fans of Dans are throwing around. The only travesty for us is how rediculous Dan looked last night with his inflated swagger reeking of over confidence.. And travesty that Janelle the plastic coated non emotional Botox bomb who quite evidently did not only not want to be there this summer she also treated people with as much respect as you would to a snake in the bath. Coming from her it was a joke. For whatever reason Dan the one who ran the game blew game grasshoppersocial game..this cat had none

      • You cant blame him for having over confidence in himself. He played the best game out of anyone! The jury voted for Dan to lose, not for Ian to win. Britney basically said it herself that no one in the jury was going to vote for him, even if it was him and Danielle. That says it all. He outdid everyone, and yet the jury made it a personal decision. You can sit here and say how fake Janelle looks, but shes played this game 3 times, she knows it like the back of her hand. So coming from her it means a lot, not a joke.

    • Dan is a travesty to the human race. Lies, lies,lies nonstop lies. America is again made to look like we are populated with idiots…. sheesh……. at least Frank was a bright light this season, preesh

  63. Im sorry but am i the only viewer who noticed that at the moment Dan “lost” the final HOH comp i had an AhHa moment…
    I truly feel that this entire season was scripted. Dan wd hv nvr got those answers wrong. He acted like he didnt care and he acted like he knew what was coming.
    I was so dissapointed in Bb at that miment.
    It wasnt Dan who snow jobbed us it was Cbs!
    Ill be watching next season for the dead giveaway clues of set up.
    I knew the way Ian was cast that he was gonna win!
    It wasnt real.
    Boo bb

  64. Some people posting here say the wrong person won. However since the goal of the game is to win the money, then the person who won the game, played the best game, the proof is in the winning. That would be the case regardless of who won. If your favorite didn’t win, I am sorry, If you don’t like who won, oh well you can’t win them all, Overall it was an enjoyable season, so us viewers won, if you didn’t enjoy the season, then you probably didn’t watch it all. Congratulations to those who won something, hopefully everyone got something of value from the season. Looking forward to next year already.

  65. Many of you don’t understand this. To win Big Brother, you must get to the final two, then persuade the jury to vote for you. Ian did, and dan didn’t, so ian deserved to win. Even though dan backstabbed all the jury members, it was hard to forgive his since he took it to a personal level swearing on the bible, his marriage, then breaking it. The jury was disgusted with him; and ian is likeable so it was clear ian was going to win if he won that final hoh.
    A connection is russell from survivor samoa and heroes vs villians. He played an incredible game, better than the other two in the finals. His downfall was that many of the jury hated him, so they didnt vote for him to win.

  66. well I watched all season loved how Dan played I wanted him to win not that nerd.The game is about who can get to the end and make the biggest moves on their way thanks to Dan it was worth watching because no one wanted to watch Ian rock back and forth all season long!

  67. Listen Everyone!!! Ian played a better game and deserved to win!!! I think everyone is forgetting that 4 house guests had already been evicted before Dan even entered the game. Is it fair for someone to win the game when they entered after 4 previous evictions? I think not!!! How about competitions, Ian has him beat in that department. He won 4 HOH’s and 2 POV’S. Dan only won 1 HOH and 1 VETO. Strategic game play was a tie. Now here me out!!! Dan made some good moves but their really not as great as everyone claims. Let’s look at the facts. The whole purpose of Dan’s funeral was for Dan to create a bogus alliance with Frank, Jen, and Danielle in order to save himself from the block. It worked not because Dan has superpowers, but more because of the fact that Frank had nobody to work with and really had to choice but to give it a try. Once Jen the veto holder was on board that was a wrap. Now, the other big moves Dan made all came about from Danielle’s inability to think for herself. Who in their right mind uses the veto on Somebody and gives them the only eviction vote? I think Shane’s eviction speaks for itself. I only give Dan credit for aligning himself with the most vulnerable and easily manipulated player in Big Brother History (Danielle). Enough about Dan’s strategic game play, let’s talk about Ian’s big moves. In the beginning he took slop and willingly participated to be a half not in order to not be targeted. Great Plan!!! He made everyone think he wasn’t a threat at all. When the reset happened, he formed the quack pack. As the role of the mole, he sparked Boogies eviction. During his HOH’s he managed to evict Frank, Ashley, Jen City, and Danielle. Through a game that consisted of 16 participants he only found himself on the block 2 times. Through winning competitions and forming the quack pack and winning 4 HOH’S he played a masterful clean game. The same cannot be said about Dan who played a ruthless and dirty game. O and did I mention that the jury’s perception of the moves you make during the game ultimately play the biggest role in winning or losing. There is a reason why Ian emerged victorious with a 6 to 1 vote. Because Frankly, he deserved it over Dan!!!!

  68. Although Dan played a great game, Ian deserved it at the end. Dan never won any real competitions (and this game is about winning competitions as it is about a social game). Dan sucked at the competitions and that alone should keep him from being the winner. He likely through the competitions which to me does not deserve praise. That is a cop out. If you play this game, you need to play 100% at all levels. No excuses. Also, everyone harps on Danielle, and to a certain degree she deserves it for being so gullible, but the way Dan treated her at the end is beyond game. He really owes her some kind of apology or give her part of his winnings. I hope she never associates with him. I would love to see an all-star where Dan and Danielle are reunited and see how she plays it. Hopefully, she would vote him out the first chance she would get.

  69. This was by far the worst Jury ever in BB history. Obviously majority of the jury has never watched BB before or is a true fan. Dan play the best game ever!

  70. I am very satisfied with Ian winning. He deserved it more than most of the house guests. Dan played the game hard and didn’t care what he did to win. I thought it was a good game for him, but if he didn’t take it so far with all of the promises and giving sentimental things away he could have won.

    Ian did have an attitude, but you have to remember he just found out on live television that his final 2 alliance with Dan was bullsh*t on Dan’s behalf but Ian was faithful. He was probably going through their past conversations, and Ian could have thought, “Damn, this guy got me too like everyone in jury.” So, I understand his anger. I wish Ian had a better speech. Dan had the same arguments. I think Dan knew after hearing the attitude with the jury he probably wasn’t going to win. And his sweet talking to the jury members when they’re about to vote was pathetic. I felt kinda bad for Dan, and he looked bummed too, but I’m happy he didn’t win $500,000.

  71. The majority agrees. The jury voted inappropriately and Dan should have won. I don’t think the voting should be in the hands of the people that are bitter and got knocked out of the game. They’re not thinking straight.

  72. I also believe that Dan sealed his own fate my over playing. He just let his ego get to him. And for once Danielle paid Dan back for his scheming ways when she asked Ian if he knew that Dan & her had a final two deal…..I believe this was the moment that turned the jurors to Ian’s favor……Yes emotions are a big part of the game and I would have been surprised if people did not vote emotionally after this comment, because most of them had a final 2 agreement with Dan…. Was shocked that Danielle asked that question.

  73. I just saw Ian on TV and he came into the house with a plan written down on paper. He basically followed that plan to the letter including the win. I think the did more to win than Dan. Dan was a coach at first and not a target for the first couple of eliminations so no danger to anyone. Ian won more challenges. Dan was just lucky that there was a lot of gullible people who fell for all his lies. No skill – just lies, luck and gullible players.

  74. Dan saved Ian because he thought keeping him was good for his game –
    Ian’s social game convinced Dan of that. Dan made the mistake to save
    him and paid for it. Ian remained b/c he “misted” Dan…Ian made Dan believe he would lose to Danielle b/c jury members like her…turns out they liked him (Ian) more! WAY TO GO IAN!

  75. By this time next year. 80% of the people will start saying that Dan got robbed by the jury and the talk will be is Will or Dan the greatest. Ian will be a forgotten subject after the “he only won because of a butthurt jury” statement. A couple of years after that, the concensus will be that Dan truly played a better game and got robbed. It’s funny how Ian was talking about bitter jurys being BS and how winning comps is a small part of the game, but yet he won because of a bitter jury and he started saying he won more comps in his speech and was more desrving because of it. He won the game from the very things he said he supposedly hated.

  76. Matt this article is spot on with everything I am thinking. I agree 1000% with every word you said. I sure hope next season they get players that know the Big Brother game and not people that just want camera time.

  77. At the end of the day Dan walks away with 50G’s, a beautiful wife, the title of the greatest BB player ever and probably an endorsement deal with a knife company LOL…Hes got blood up to his elbows. :) Ian is a well to do nerd who still cant get the girl..

  78. Even after winning, Ian continued to trash Dan because Dan tweaked him by exposing who really created the Quack Pack. Ian wanted the creation of the Quack Pack to be his claim to fame, but Ian had nothing to do with it. He was pulled into an already existing alliance and he latched on to it. He might have come up with the name, but that’s all. Ian was so pissed he even said he did not say his prepared speech to the jury and started to trash Dan. This was simply because Dan revealed the true origin of the Quack Pack. Even a half a million dollars was not enough for Ian to show a little class.

    • He was already in an alliance with Britney and Shane and working both sides – he knew coming up that day what they were going to ask b/c he talked w/Brit & Shane beforehand. The QP was already in the works – just not officially named…get over it. IAN WON!!! (and Dan got what he deserves)

      • When he joined them they became a stronger alliance. Britney rattled off some names and Ian picked the QP. He knew he was 5th and that was ok with him, in fact he preferred it. Ian had a written gameplan that production took from him before the show. He followed that plan to a T.

    • Wrong, the QP did not exist until Ian went to them to form an alliance. QP had 5 not 4 members. That’s good enough for me.

      Brit came up with the name, but initially Ian passed on it, then said he liked it.

  79. I have heard it all … Dan would have suffered a terrible blow of some kind in real life … you cannot stab people in the back and lie to your so called friends, and swear on things sacred (maybe he had an affair and doesnt care) like his wife or family,
    the HG jury voted for someone who played the game and like life, would have backed him all the way in whatever he choosed unlike Dan whose duplicitous nature made him a target rather than admired ..
    Janelles comments did not make sense as the only beautiful move Dan made was the funeral he had for himself … even I admired that strategy but too bad Danielle was too naive to see through this ploy… she deserved to be ousted…

  80. After watching Ian kicking himself in the head, I would never have thought he would win it. Congrats Ian!!

  81. if for only one reason (there are plenty more IMO) that Dan did not play a better game – he threw the last comp so Ian could evict Danielle – b/c he thought he could beat Ian. BIG MISTAKE – he “put the nail in hos own coffin” and got what he deserved. Yeah Ian!!!

  82. can’t believe the upset that Dan was backstabbed out of the half mil by jury members….whats sauce for the goose is definitely sauce for the gander…dan took credit for most evictions—in other words for betraying backstabbing the jury members out of their chance for the half mill —-for once an ASSHOLE DIDN’T WIN. WAAAGH WAAAGH WAAAAGH – Ian played game with integrity and honored his commitments even to Dan-

    • What I like about Ian reaction to Dan trying to backstab him: Ian admitted to being fooled instead of saying I never really trusted Dan, keep your enemies closer.

      Ian is honest never tried to snow the jury.

      In the end I think Danielle believed Dan threw the last comp to get her out. The reason she threw Dan under the bus with her question. It looked like when she joined the jury she asked Jenn who they were voting for and she told her Ian to win. She could still vote for him but knew he was not going to win.

  83. QUOTE: “Clarification: I don’t think Ian played a bad game. He made a lot of good moves and really did play a great game. I just feel that Dan played a greater game.”

    I guess it depends on what you consider as “greater.”

    Perhaps you missed the point that Ian has studied “game theory.” You should look it up. It has application is all areas of life. His speech reflects elements of game theory. That is how he can say he made moves that were in his best interests.

    While Dan made moves that made for good show, he lost sight of the jury. I cannot call that a greater game.

    • The entire quack pack lost site of the jury. They were just more angry at Dan. They’ve already started pissing on Ian’s win. On The Talk, they showed the clip of Julie saying Dan was the greatest player at the finale “on accident”. Before you jump on the accident bandwagon, know that Julie controls that show and if it was a screwup, she should be raising hell about it and wouldn’t be suprised if those involved get fired. She’s known to be a world class B.

      • I saw several things that make me think that BB did not want Ian to win. During comp against Danielle it looked like they were trying to slow him down getting to the button by not giving him enough rope.

        While he was so far ahead of Danielle they would never have been able to get away with this, doing this just shows their attitude.

  84. What a great summer. The best final 2 ever and the most satisfying end for CBS I am sure… Dan was amazing and hey what about Ian? Talk about a time where the phrase “For the Love of the Game” applies. Good on Boogie AND Brittany for their attitudes. Boogie was thoroughly happy for Ian…
    I wonder how Dan’s play will effect future seasons? Scholars of the game will never trust anyone on anything… Him and Dr. Will master manipulators… cept Dr. Will wore a surgical gown and was not up to his elbows in blood… Dan … ya still have to love his abandon and strategy…

  85. Ian the worst player, FLOATER, was brought into a strong alliance as the 5th vote. He had no game play. They carried him along and Dan was going to get rid of him but BB played to Ian with the competitions . What a disgrace BB, playing favoritism was just wrong. The kid has a photographic memory and shartk tail played to his strong suit. And each comp after that was just as bad. I guess that’s the end of BB for me. Totally disgusting. Jury voting with emotional was pathetic, if Ian was so great why didn’t he get America’s vote too!,

    • I told people this jury was gonna be emotional after Britt left. Many people gave me hell for saying that, but the writing was on the wall. That entire quack pack made it personal by the way they acted to the people they knew were going out. It’s bunk that Dan’s taking all the heat for it. They were dumb for not making him a target after Britt left and he was smart not to let that happen. I don’t even like the guy. His gameplay will overwhelmingly be considered legendary by this time next year.

    • Because, Ian and Dan were not eligible for America’s Favorite because they were in the final two. Frank came in third and “won” by default.

      • All players were eligible regardless of the final 2… Frank won because he was “liked ” by more viewers… I guess most people applaud integrity over floaters and liars

      • Online polls gave Ian far out in front, followed by Dan then Frank. The only way Frank wins is if they were stupid enough to spend money on multiple votes.

      • With all due respect to this site, CBS doesn’t come here for poll results to determine America’s Choice. The only official polls are those voted on at CBS’s website and via text messaging. I’m pretty sure I’m not wrong about this, but if I somehow am, somebody can correct me if they wish. Many people who voted don’t visit sites like this or participate in online polls on Big Brother fan sites. I for one didn’t vote in unofficial polls. And there are some people who only vote on the fan sites and online polls, and don’t vote officially via the CBS website or text message.

  86. While I understand that this is a game, it’s also a social experiment and therefore populartiy and social game are considered. I think Ian played an amazing game, he masterminded the quack pack, he made some difficult decisions, he won competitions and he grew as as a person and developed personal relationships along the way. I like Dan, but I like Dan 1.0 much better than Dan 2.0, I would have voted for 1.0 over Ian if he had played the game this year.

  87. Dan should have won. These players were childlike and had no backbone. It seems they forgot this was a “game” and all things can happen. They wouldnt let Dan win because they were pouting cause they listened to Daddy Dan and he sent them packing. You cant send “kids” in to play an adult game. I did like Ian and if Dan didnt win I was ok for Ian to. I hope next season real adults play this game. Dan has taken the number one spot for game play. Dr.Will has dropped to number 2 and Booger is off the list!

    • Good post, however I would put Dr. Will and Dan in a first place tie even though Dan made the final two twice. I think in week two Dr. Will predicted Ian would win it all. Dr. Will is a genius. I agree that Boogie is totally overrated. Dr. Will also said that this was Boogie’s first time in the BB house without him. Well, we saw what happened. Boogie only won his previous time because of Will.

  88. first, this was an awesome season. started off slow but there were so many twists and backstabs it was great. congrats to ian. he really did play an amazing game because i actually thought he was toast after the first week. alot of people are upset that dan did not win and the jury was bitter and thats the reason. no the jury being bitter is not the reason. dan lost because dan overplayed. he forgot that while he was filling the jury with his backstabbing that he needed to get 4 votes to win big brother. yes, he made some incredible moves during the season but he did a horrible job of knowing the houseguests that were on the jury. yes they were upset and i think it would have boiled over but the more members came to the jury, the more they found out how ruthless he was. understanding the emotional impact on the jury members is part of your game as well. this is where dan failed miserably. and this is evidence that his social game was seriously lacking. he underestimated his felloe houseguests and overestimated his gameplay. ian won when he needed to win. there is no dispute there. dan saved ian over shane because that was beneficial to dan’s game. remember, ian made a f2 agreement with dan. shane did not. credit ian’s gameplay for that as well. bb is not only about big moves. big moves dont win big brother, jury votes do. sorry but its true. and part of your f2 strategy has to has to be about getting 4 votes. ultimately, dan’s poor social game completely unravelled as danielle leveled him with the question she asked ian. with that question, dan’s entire game came undone, which is why ian one. sorry dan fans. he overplayed, didnt consider the jury and it cost him. the jury may have been bitter, but you have to take that into consideration as youre executing hgs to fill the jury. congrats again to ian

    • Well, according to the jury’s final interviews, they made it quite clear thier vote was due to being bitter and personal. You should really go take a look at them. They already had thier minds made up before the theme music started.Don’t get me wrong, Ian played a solid game, but his win is tainted. Dan controlled every move in that house when he got out of confinement. I don’t mind voting on emotion, but these guys always say it’s about gameplay until they get cut. They need to start using past contestants for jury. Dan outplayed everybody in that house.

      • it doesnt matter if they say its about gameplay and then vote on emotion. essentially youre arguing that they lie and say its about gameply until they get cut. thats fine. lying is a part of the game and it extends to the jury. as a player you have to make sure that the lies you tell dont cut so deeply that players cant get over it. it is a part of the game. you watch how players react when they lose competitions. they get emotional. they are trying to win 500g. dan did in fact control the house. he was responsible for creating the feelings on the jury members. with all of his planning he was i believe a bit too naive in just thinking saying he was sorry and he had to play the way he did would be enough to mist his way to a win. ian’s win in not tainted because of how the jury voted. it would be only if there was a rule book for the jury to vote on strategic moves. there is no such rule book. it is only wishful thinking and only further strengthens the argument that as a player you have to know how your decisions will affect the hgs that you help send to the jury. did dan really think frank would vote for him? really? britney tried talking to dan as she was backdoored and he wouldnt give her any play. did he not realize that ashley and frank were getting close in the house and that her vote would likely go with frank? did he really think that after the debacle with joe, that joe would vote for him? what about shane? he knew shane was trusting him to go to f3. did he really think shane would vote for him based on his actions? thats 4 votes right there. pas contestants are not the way to go because the win is based on competition, lying etc and social game with the houseguests that youre competing against. it makes no sense to have people who have nothing to do with the game being played now. your position just further highlights the deficiency in dans game. he overplayed and didnt truly know and understand his competition as it filled the jury. like i said big brother is not won by big moves or who controlled the house. its won by the votes cast to the player they think should win. if you dont consider that as part of your strategy then your game gets exposed. sadly thats what happened to dan. i liked the moves dan made. they were quite entertaining. but the fact that his social game was not able to sure up votes to give him the win despite his tactics are his fault..not the jurys.

      • No it does matter when they say that because they ruin the true integrity of the game when they say a vote should go one way then change it up because they got got.At that point, you can'[t say you love the game anymore because it”s all about lying and backstabbing to get to the end. Britts the best example because both times she was on, she would always say that she would vote on gameplay, not personal. She voted personal twice. Ian was saying that bitter jury’s are BS and comps are a small part of the game, but he played up his comp wins because he knew he was outplayed and brought the fact that Dan sent everyone packing, stoking the bitter jury that he supposedly hated. This is why past contestants are the way to go, sit them down on the live feeds so they see everything and and not just a butthurt point of view.The only mistake Dan made with the jury was trying to kiss thier ass at the end. If he would’ve said I stabbed you, it’s part of the game, no regrets, my moves got all of you out and I controlled the house from top to bottom. When they make statements like this isn’t a popularity contest, or Comps don’t mean anything ect and turn around and do the opposite, it’s a joke. I’m a Dan hater and i’m the first to say he got robbed.I’ll even bet if you get Ian one on one he’ll admit Dan got robbed. Let’s be real, Ian did whatever Dan and Britt told him to. They controlled his HOH and Veto except for the last HOH. His gameplay was Dan and Britts. Trust me when I say this and this will turn Ian into a alcoholic. Ian will always be known as the guy who won because Dan crushed his opponents and they got butthurt. Ian is this season’s Patt Garrett and Dan is Billy the Kid. And we all know how that turned out in the end. Who gets more press?

      • The only reason Dan is remember is because BB keeps bring him back to put on another show. Please stop enough of Dan! He will destroy BB!

        I never watched any of Dan’s seasons. I only reason I might go back and watch is to see who Memphis was, how he played. Heard he said Dan only plays for himself.

      • Umm, easy there Sparky, BB only brought Dan back once. This time. Janelle and Boogie played for the third time. I’ll bet that they bring Dan back again to host a competition or something like that. I agree that Dan got what he deserved. I didn’t think Dan would come close to the money, but he won $50k. I’ll bet poor Dan is crying all the way to the bank.

      • Probably why they went out so early. It looks obvious now that the real reason the new HG’s did not get Dan out toward the end is each knew he would never win in the end.

      • no. it doesnt matter. now youre talking about the integrity of the game? come on now. players say anything and everything but when you are in the house that changes. with respect to ian touting his competition wins. did you miss how he wasnt going to do that until he learned that dan was planning to backstab him? you and i and probably everyone agrees that dan made for entertainment in the house. you want to remove emotion as a part of strategy. in any game you play, you have to plan for your opponents emotions and how you use that to your benefit. if you know a player is proned to emotional outbursts you use that to your advantage when playing the game. you cant take it out as you fill the jury. you want to keep the excitement and entertainment and then forget the impact of the decisions it causes on the players-people. you still do not address that fact that knowing the emotions of the jury members has to be a part of the social game and strategy as well. if they were not a part of the game, then dan would not worry about apologizing and hoping that people werent too mad with him. i think he realized his error as he gave that really lame speech, that he underestimated the emotional impact of his jury. im not saying this is right..but its a part of the game. i think future players will have to take note that they have to strategize to the jury as well. i like you felt that this would be a jury that would vote on emotion because of dans tactics. at some point you have to really think about how you take people out and how they feel about you because there are no rules in big brother. which means there are no rules saying you have to vote on strategy. you may not like it but thats how it is. the integrity of the game does not suffer because ian and dan played different games. you enjoyed dans game more and wanted him to win. but you did not live in the house with dan. thats what dan needed to realize. you cant separate the jury from the house and say lying hurts the integrity of the game. thats just sour grapes nonsense. not if you were making this argument against, jenn or joe then you and i would be in total agreement because they did not play at all. as for the future of ian being an alcoholic or whatever, that is not what this post is about. it is totally irrelevant and you shouldnt waste your time with such speculation and eagerness for another person’s demise. be better than that. its just a game.

      • What part of me saying that I hated Dan don’t you understand? He played the best game. They gave the win to a kid who did whatever coach he latched onto wanted him to do. You can explain it anyway you want, but a year from now, the majority opinion will be that Dan got robbed and Ian won not because of gameplay, but butthurt feelings. I remember when Will won everybody hated that guy, but now they consider him the greatest player. Ian only got “angry” because he knew it would feed into the jury’s anger towards Dan. That entire crack pack scumbagged everybody by the way they treated everyone that was leaving. So for Dan to take the entire heat for the whole thing is dumb. Dan’s Scumbagging and taking the heat for Ian kept that twerp in the game.Ian shitted on Boogie, Frank, Ashley, Jenn and Joe with his behavoir towards them, but he’s playing the game while the evil Dan’s gameplay is beyond the pale? Do I have that right? Give me a break. Ian won because they were too butthurt to admit that Dan outplayed that entire house while talking thier fake trash that this game is based on gameplay. The jury made themselves look stupid after professing that the game shouldn’t be based on emotion but quickly changed after they got got. Ian played a great game for 50k, not 500k. But you blinded Ian fans will never see that. And for the record, I was a Willie fan because he knew how the game was gonna play out then when he got expelled I switched to Frank because he was the ultimate warrior underdog.

    • If you’re implying Danielle’s question to Ian was as instrumental to Dan’s loss as it sounds, then Danielle should be shaking her head. Dan was never going to cut her loose, he talked about back-stabbing everyone on his side, from Britney, to Frank for a week, to Ian, to Shane, but never Danielle. Dan is the only reason Danielle went as far as she did, and obviously many times she couldn’t or wouldn’t see that. I shook my head at her last-minute sabotage, but I don’t think it was as instrumental to the result as you do. The jury had their minds made up before the show even began.

  89. Even ian said this is not who the most liked contest, Even ian said it, but in reality it’s who the most popular who won. Their no way he could have play the good guy card b/c the guy has already won so don’t forget that. No way he could have use the same strategy. But yeah even Brit said, “this jury was never going to vote for Dan, whether he was up against Danielle or up against Ian. This was the most bitter jury in the history of juries. I am not kidding you, this jury hated Dan so bad. They could have Dan up against a bottle of ketchup and the bottle of ketchup would have won this game.” But yeah if Dan was a new player and not a Vet he would have won no doubt.

  90. I wish that Janelle would’ve called out Danielle more about all her crazy lies and her behavior. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall when she realizes that everyone thinks she’s a nut…lol

  91. Dan played a very poor game because he didn’t take into account that the jury, whom he screwed over one by one, were the people in control of awarding the final prize. DUH. Sure, Dan was entertaining to watch all season for the same reason we slow down to see a car wreck… he was ruthless and covered in blood, acted like a neuropathic liar and came off like an arrogant ass. It really should have been unanimous for IAN but Danielle, well, we all know her coconut is hollow.

    • wow so dan play a poor game you say all because he lied and put his hands on the bible.. it is a game no rules or nothing so what im thinking if there was rules in the big brother house would you think there wont be no lies no back stabs no none of that big brother house did not come with a rule book that others have to follow to make it to the end of the game if people got there feeling hurt and the game its all because they took it the wrong way n went down in the hole that dan left for them he did everything he can do to stay in the game wont u do the samething or just let someone boot u from the game

    • If the jury voted solely on game play, it not only wouldnt’ve been unanimous, it probably makes Dan the winner. A very poor game…he was the runner-up. You can’t play a ‘very poor game’ and finish 2nd. Meanwhile making some of the biggest moves in the history of the game, and creating entertainment for people like you. Dan was very aware he back-stabbed almost all of the jury, he expressed concern over votes. He wasn’t blind to this, he knew it might cost him the win. Seeing this, he secured himself $50,000. You have a weird perception of a very poor game.

  92. Some people up here act like dan is a killer n a horror movie dan stabs all of the big brother house guess in the back with a knife and goes after Ian but he got away before the killer dan can get to him ohhhh nooo dan the killer coming like yeah right lmao

  93. Just signed up to follow Dan on Twitter. Great guy.. He said that his sales increased 1400%. I’m sure lots of people will read his book about how to get on a reality show (like Ian did). I wish Dan all the best.

  94. Dan should have won by a landslide!!! He was the smartest and most amazing player. Ian wouldn’t have gotten to the end if it wasn’t for Dan. It’s a game!!! Dan played the game!!! I don’t care if he won before. He played the best game!!!

    • Dan was not smart enough to realize that since he pissed off the jury, backstabbed them and disgusted them with his “swearing on the bible ” crap his “social ” game was extremely poor, D-, that, combined with him not able to win comps , another D- , left the jury with no choice but to label his season as a ” FAIL “. case closed

      • Dan’s first season was a little cleaner, sure, because nobody knew him at that point, no reputation preceeding him and working against him. This season he had that against him, as well as having the stigma of having already won, so as much as all the purists out there hate to hear it and disagree with it, if he didn’t swear on sacred/holy things and people, there isn’t a great chance anybody would’ve believed or listened to him. This is exactly why I don’t believe it’s possible to play the game three times, especially if you were successful in it once, or in Dan’s case, twice (remember, two seasons, never evicted, that’s success whether you want to admit it or not). The first time you make promises, you break them and back-stab. The second time you have to swear on loved ones and bibles, still back-stab. What’s left for a third play-through? There’s now nothing you can do for people to believe you if those people have watched you play before, and chances are, they have.

  95. Dan would have won hands down if they would have evicted Ian and if he took Danielle to the finals. He would have been the coach that successfully took his student to the end.

  96. I thought I had mailed it in for this season, but I’m definitely glad I came back to read this wrap-up article. I agreed completely with so much that was said in this article. Ian played well, but Dan played the greater game. That was just one example, because there was a full paragraph or two that I agreed with word for word.

    I too was disappointed in Ian’s behaviour, as I’ve previously mentioned he seemed to not realize, not acknowledge, not appreciate (or all of the above) the fact that Dan stuck his neck out to protect Ian while he was the Quack Pack mole, and now despite walking away half a million dollars richer, he still can’t stop himself from calling Dan names, even though as mentioned here, those ‘slimy’ moves benefitted Ian greatly. Reminds me of when Ian ungratefully told Mike to ‘get to steppin’ despite Mike always having his back, handing him $3,000, etc.

    Dan could easily have made Ian finish 4th, but he didn’t, and this as well as taking heat for Ian just all seems to go out the door and become forgotten and unappreciated once Ian learns Dan was planning to take Danielle to the final two. I hesitated last night to comment on the jury being bitter, because I just felt I’d get pegged as a biased Dan fan who was upset he didn’t win, so it was really nice to read this article that not only agreed with me, but even better had the evidence to back it up, via backyard interviews where juror after juror essentially admitted it.

    Last but not least is the disappointment and frankly, disgust, that I share with this article about Jenn. Several of her comments and actions bothered me, big-headedness for one, acting like she was a big player in the game at times when in actuality she was a fly on the wall, and then she caps off the season by throwing everything about the game away, up to and including her own final comments, just because Dan had won? I’ve made it clear how much I painstakingly disagree with the idea of not rewarding a player a win just because they’ve won before, that this season should be viewed as this season only, and who deserves it, regardless of history. Jenn made it clear she felt Dan was the better player, then doesn’t give him her vote. I don’t care that 5-2 doesn’t make a difference in the win, it would’ve salvaged some respect for Jenn, and the season ends with zero from me in that regard.

    Thanks Matt for all your work this season, but right now in particular, thank you for this article. I was about to walk away with somewhat odd feelings, feeling like a lot of my thoughts weren’t shared, that maybe I was missing something. I feel better now.

    • P.S. Sorry for the essay-ish length of that post. I didn’t think I had that much to say, but apparently I did.

    • Agreed. My disappointment with the jury isn’t the result, but the reason why they got to that result.

      Also Ian’s proven himself to be just as egotistical as Dan with every passing day in the house…why anyone thought of him as a sweet and innocent guy when he showed that as early as when Boogie left the house (possibly earlier) is beyond me. He did a great job with his speeches last night, though…not that anyone except Danielle really cared what either HG had to say, let’s be honest.

      • It’s true. A lot of people were somehow blinded to anything wrong Ian did, and some others (and this might be stranger) acknowledged questionable behaviour, comments, etc at the time, but as Ian came closer to the end of the game they were forgotten, and replaced with cheering him on as if none of the negative had ever happened. He did/said things that were just as bad or worse than others, but others got fan heat for it while he mostly escaped it. I guess because he was a kid…not great logic by any means.

        All this being said, I don’t dislike Ian, I do think he played well, and I’m happy the winner wasn’t undeserving. Congrats to him.

      • Why don’t you tell the same thing to Matt Boyer then? Since my post was almost entirely in agreement with this article, and he wrote it.

        Thanks for the awesome insight though.

    • While we are all entitled to our own opinions, I must make a few points.
      Dan didn’t take the heat FOR Ian against Boogie and Frank, he took it to protect his own game and advance his alliance. If he could have outed Ian and protected his own game Dan would have.
      Yes Dan could have made Ian finish 4th, but he wanted Shane out more than Ian, because he had a final 2 deal with Ian and not with Shane. Dan saved Ian because it was better for Dan not as a favor to Ian.
      As far as the $3000 that Boogie gave Ian, he had to give it to someone as he had already said he wanted the $6000 for himself, Frank pointed to Ian and Jenn, saying he didn’t want it. Boogie gave it to his two ex team mates, not out of the goodness of his heart, but for game strategy. You say Boogie always had Ian’s back but Boogie and Frank had made it clear that Ian was expendable.
      There are no rules on how the jury votes, if you have a chance to make it to the final two, you need to take bitterness into consideration. If you felt like you just got cheated out of a half million bucks and you might feel a little bitter too. I am surprised there isn’t more bitterness in the jury vote most seasons. Now I feel better.

      • I like how you felt the need to take a return shot at me for whatever reason with your last line there. Really, I find it funny, since alongside the rest of your post it made no sense. It’s as if I took some personal shot at you, which I clearly didn’t, but whatever.

        Dan evicting Shane over Ian benefitted Dan, absolutely, but it still saved Ian’s game. Ian then goes and (after winning the game and could easily show some class and grace) calls Dan slimy and a scumbag, even though Dan’s slimy moves were a big reason Ian was around to even have a shot at winning. Dan protecting Ian as the Quack Pack mole was indeed for the sake of Ian, as well as the sake of the alliance, and not as much at all for the sake of Dan himself. It was hurting him and increasing the size of the target on his back to take that heat, but at that point in the game Dan didn’t want to drag names through the mud, and didn’t want to out Ian.

        Mike and Frank may have considered Ian expendable if it came down to final two, because Mike and Frank would’ve taken each other, but that’s late in the game, and that still sits Ian in final three. I would call that generally having his back in the game, and I believe they would’ve taken him that far unless they had good reason not to, like a betrayal for example along the way. In a game like this, you can’t have somebody’s back much more than that. Also, Mike could’ve given Jenn $3,000 but he gave her $1,000 and saved the $3,000 for Ian. In return for all this Ian needlessly finds reason to tell Mike to ‘Get to steppin’ as he’s leaving, and then claims he felt bad and cried all night about what he did to Mike? Are those the actions of somebody who felt bad?

        As much as it sounds like I’m ripping on Ian, I’ve said just as much that he deserved the win and I’ve congratulated him many times. So don’t peg me as a bitter Dan fan because he didn’t win. Yes, I believe he should’ve won based on gameplay and the moves he made, but I won’t lose sleep over Ian winning, at least somebody deserving took the prize. I’m more just defending my position here, especially after your unnecessary final line of your post.

        Now I feel great. Have a good off-season and take care, sir.

  97. Also, did anyone else noticed how Ashley suddenly started flirting with Ian again after he was getting closer to the $500k?

  98. For all those who said Dan played a social game or shouldn’t have won b/c of his “backstabbing” and should’ve known the jury better: Dan played the game the only way he could to ensure he’d make it to the finale. If he didn’t make the moves he did, it’s 95% probable he wouldn’t have made it. So here’s my case for why Dan, not Ian, should’ve won. (1) He’s a previous winner, which means he had a huge target on his back from day 1. (2) He lost two of his players within a couple weeks . . . and yet managed to take his teammate to the final 3. No one else could’ve pulled that off & with a weak player such as Danielle. (3) He adjusted his strategies on the fly. He lost his first two players and had to lay low for a couple weeks. Then agreed to take heat for Ian while they plotted to get rid of Boogie. He staged his own funeral with his back against the wall and this was where he really had to adjust his gameplay. No one, other than maybe Dr. Will, could’ve pulled off a stunt like this successfully. This was brilliance. Ian’s move to get out Boogie was his highlight, but anybody can do that & it’s been done before. What Dan did has not. He was the puppet master pulling all the strings perfectly. (4) Backstabbing Shane. Brilliant strategy b/c Dan essentially guaranteed his spot in the final 2 by making this move. Keeping Shane meant that he probably would have had to win the last HoH. (5) This had to be one of the lamest juries ever. Frank would’ve done the same thing to Dan and was even planning on getting Dan out next chance he had. Chef Joe & Ashley are two of the worst players I’ve ever seen on the show (no strategy and were in their own worlds). Jenn thought Dan played the best game but just wanted someone else to win (really!?). I wanted to have respect for Shane, but I lost it all for him when he completely caved to Boogie & Frank (showed how weak he really was). Brit was the one I had hopes for, and I still haven’t heard any good reason why she would vote for Ian. (6) Ian won competitions. He had no choice. Anybody can win competitions in Big Brother though. The sign of a true master at the game, though, is someone who DOESN’T have to win. In this case, Dan didn’t have to win b/c he played the house so well. He was the master manipulator, playing everything just right, with a gigantic target on his back. Ian didn’t have nearly the same target on his back (afterall, it was Dan who took the heat for Ian against Boogie/Frank). Remember, Dan convinced Ian that he needed to go on the block to show they weren’t in an alliance, then when it was his turn to go on the block, he convinced Ian that he shouldn’t place him on the block! That right there shows who the true master in the house was. Ian is a chess champion. Dan is a chess master who was essentially told he couldn’t win b/c people didn’t like his game and/or he already won. Ladies & gentleman, I rest my case (just wish Dan would’ve done a better job presenting his).

    • Just for the record, before anyone slams me or thinks I’m just some big Dan fan, that was just my opinion and why I think Dan should’ve won. Also, my wife is the BB fan and I just kind of follow along at times and listen to her talk about it. Yet, this is the first season where I really became interested. And the reason why is b/c of Dan. I watched his “funeral” episode then immediately had to go back and watch all the previous shows and then watched the rest of the season. Again, not to take anything away from Ian, b/c he played a great game and in any other season he would’ve played the best game, but this was Dan’s season and the reason this non-BB enthusiast became one. :) At least for this season.

    • Well said. I agree with pretty much all of that. I also wish Dan’s final statements were a little better presented, but I understand it’s hard to remember to say everything you want to when it’s the moment of truth, all the internal rehearsals and you’ll still always forget something. I’ve been trying to point out that Dan was targeted to be the first coach removed, but ended up bringing his only remaining player to the final three, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears too often, so I’m glad to see you point that out. Jenn, Joe and Ashley were all basically a joke, as harsh as that sounds. This was definitely the only way Dan gets as far as he does, he was dead to rights before his funeral, and that among others were the biggest moves of the season, all made by him. The funeral was arguably the biggest, boldest move in the history of the game. The jury proved they voted with their hearts, and it’s unfortunate, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

  99. Ian’s final speech was awesome – such a nice, brilliant guy. I think his speech definitely touched the hearts of the jurors. I agree Dan played a ruthless YET a phenomenal game, but Ian did the same with a bit of heart and truth to the game.

  100. Dan never deserved to win…….he and Danielle were way too full of themselves and ‘cocky’ as they called everyone else ‘cocky’. Dan only repeated his Season 10, too lazy to play a new game including his funeral which was a repeat. And Danielle, well she shudda been outta there by week 2. Dan played a dirty game which caught up with him in the end.

  101. Dan’s biggest mistake was not evicting Ian, he should have kept Shane and the original final 3 intact. He kept saying he couldn’t control Shane or win against him, but he thought he could control Ian and win against him??? I don’t think Dan threw the final HOH, I think he just wasn’t smart enough against Ian. If he had won it, he would have taken Danielle, that would have had a much better outcome to the game. Now for a very short rant… I’m tired of hearing Ian take credit that he formed the quack pack, there were already 4 people and they included him, Britney came up with the name and all he did was say he liked it.

    • I’ve heard the rationale for taking Shane, but as I mention in a post below, that was actually very smart on Dan’s part. By taking Ian over Shane, Dan guaranteed himself $50K. If he had kept Shane, the odds he was going to make the final 2 were not in his favor b/c I’m betting Shane & Dani would’ve taken each other. So 1 in 3 chance of winning 500K, or guaranteed chance of winning at least 50K. But I do see your point. And agree with Ian taking credit for the Quack Pack. He was a member, not the originator.

      • I agree with you somewhat but I think he could have controlled Shane better than he controlled Ian. Shane went along with whatever Dan or Danielle said. Shane and Danielle would have taken each other no doubt about that. I do think Danielle would have won the first part HOH, Dan winning the 2nd and a toss up on the 3rd for final 2. Dan gave away $500,000 and I’m not saying Ian doesn’t deserve it or need it, just that the end of the game became pretty predictable, along with the fact that a lot of people picked Ian to win before the season even started.

      • Since Dan has trust issues, he probably did believe Ian about several things which he seemed to keep asking over time, my guess to see if the story change. One was when he graduated HS and if he was an undergrad yet.

        Ian mentioned classes on “game theory” but I don’t think Dan took him seriously. When he referred to risk aversion, I knew Dan had made a mistaken. Dan had miss judged Ian since physical he was always compliant to Dan, however, intellectually, he was always playing his game getting out Frank and floaters.

    • Dan threw the final comp..If you watched BB afterhe dark you would have seen him saying quietly that he couldnt believe he was gonna throw the challenge so Ian could evict Danielle..He said its a crazy plan, but cray may win…

      • If u watched after dark u saw that dan and danielles plan was he get ian to throw final comp so ian didnt have to cut danny, but ian said no way,,,This is why danielle yelled and threatened ian about not taking dan or she would taint the jury (all planned) But when dan knew ian would not throw final comp he knew that if he won and cut danny he couldnt get her vote shanes vote and so on,,,sooo his plan (and it didnt work) was to gamble that ian cut danielle and she would get shane on board..Dan knew beating ian was not a guarentee but he also knew he couldnt cut danielle..You see this whole plan if u watched show time…:)

    • If you watched “The Talk” you might better understand why can he said that. He planned an alliance that matched what he found. Once he joined them he completed “HIS” alliance not theirs.

  102. I am still embarassed that Dan had lost… the summer would be extra boring without his big moves! He reminds me of Russell Hantz that had lost to Nathalie White in Survivor 19… it was a tragedy!
    PS : BB, please don’t bring back Britney… never liked her in seaon 12 and never will…

  103. Yes, I belive Dan should have won, on the same token the jury does not get the benifit from watching what we saw. The game of BB is to Mind Fu** your peers and make them feel good about it. Dan forgot the make them feel good about it part. Dan did play a way better game than Ian. Even Ian was Dan’s puppet and will see it when he watches the season. Dan did what he had to do to make it to the end with not too many other choices too make other than back-stabbing. He still made 50K for a summers worth of work, and thats better than most of us chatting on this board so I think he made out ok.
    O and p.s. Frank Is a douchebag. Get over it cry baby.

    • very well said,,not to mention Dan’s book is flying off the shelf right now….:) I like Frank at first but he turned out to be a cry baby biatch and did not deserve 25k

  104. The Godfather easily deserved to win. Regardless, has anyone finished 1st AND 2nd? Amazing, simply amazing. Based on the finale, you could tell it was gonna be 6-1. I just thought Jenn would be the lone vote for Dan. Agreed the jury gets a massive F. What a suck Shane and Frank were. Congrats to Ian, he’s a good kid despite his brutal final speech (and apparently his after interviews). See you next summer, be nice to have another all-stars or winners only.

  105. And btw, Danielle made the dumbest move of all time by taking Dan off the block cuz she was guaranteed final 2 if she let Shane vote Ian off. She deserved what she got, a big fat zero.

  106. It’s starting to feel like Danielle, upon becoming the 7th juror, adopted a mentality that if she was going down she was taking Dan with her. Her question to Ian was clear sabotage to Dan, and that’s unfortunate treatment considering Dan was the biggest reason Danielle even finished 3rd, and had her back the entire game, even if she didn’t always agree with his methods. Her lone vote for Dan now seems like a cover-up or a last minute sign of remorse for sabotaging him, knowing her vote wouldn’t help Dan win as she probably knew as well as anybody that the jury had their minds made up already. You could see it all night long at the finale, Danielle rarely cracked a smile, even when clapping for Ian at the end-of-show celebration. A bitter and poor way to go out, but I guess she’s human, and it was still sinking in since her chances ended on the same night she had to feign enthusiasm watching somebody else win.

    This time I really do believe that was my last comment for the year…take care everybody. Until next season.

      • Even if you didn’t want Dan to win, it’s hard to argue that was a B move by Danielle after all Dan did for her. She’s blinded by his devious methods, but the bottom line is he got the two of them to final three. Her game play on its own wouldnt’ve done that well.

        It didn’t help her at all, it only hurt Dan. Thus, B move.

  107. If for some reason Dan and his wife should ever split,,he is an idiot if he doesnt find Danielle and marry that girl….Talk about a loyal woman!!!!not to mention his wife and her look simialr lol

  108. I dont care what everybody else thinks. Although Ian is a nice person and won competitions and all. Dan used his mind and his cunning to get out of situations where he was sure to be evicted. Keep in mind he did this multiple times which is why he had “blood up to his shoulders”. This Jury voted personally no doubt and if they did vote on game play it would have been a 4-3 vote in Dan’s favor. Too bad Frank and Shane were too butt hurt and “tainted” the other jury members. In my mind Dan is probably the house guest with the best track record and possibly the greatest player to play the game.

    • People forget Ian went to bat for Dan early in the game, suggesting to Frank it was a bad idea to put up Dan. Ian used his mind more than Dan, just in a different way. Dan’s moves were out of desperation. Ian’s moves were strategy. Dr. Will still rules, even predicted the winner, Ian!

  109. why does everybody feel dan deserved to win ?he backstabbed his whole alliance.when has anyone won doing that.thats kind of like the goldern rule of bb and why you would end up in 2 place.ian ‘s game had a little of everything he did some lying and backstabbing but also won comps and stayed true to his alliance.dan’s puts on a show with dan’s funeral which was as fake as he is something i always thought even on his first season 10.and he should be rewarded for acting like a jackass for the 2 time.thats a bunch of bull crap from his fans.the jury was not misted by dan a 2 time and it was about time.i personally wanted frank to win but ian deserved it more then dan won ac award when he won bb 10 so yes a winner 1 or 2 can win ac award.frank won it fair and sqaure because he has loyal fans which can make a difference to at least some of us anyways.from holly lehman

  110. I think the jury did vote on who played the best game. Just because Ian didn’t play dirty didn’t mean he didn’t play a good game. I am glad to see that someone who “leaves his morals on the doorstep” didn’t win. I just wish he didn’t get 2nd place money as well. How does he explain his gameplay to his students. Does he teach that it is ok to leave your morals on the doorstep as long as the $$$$ are worth it. Poor, poor example. So glad he didn’t win.

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