Big Brother 14 Episode 22: Week 7 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

It’s time for another big night of Big Brother 14. We were treated to an awesome episode last night where Dan showed us why he is known as one of the greatest players of Big Brother. Going from dead man walking to safe and secure is no easy feat, but it isn’t over yet. He’s still got to keep his player Danielle safe from eviction as she sits on the block next to Britney. With only six votes this could be close.

We’ve been watching the votes and have a strong idea of who is going home tonight. Check out our eviction predictions and then cast your own vote for who you think will be the next HG to sit down with Julie Chen for their eviction interview.

The HGs know someone is about to be sent home but they’re also anxiously awaiting the next HoH competition. Right now the HGs have been on lockdown since early Wednesday which has everyone expecting an HoH competition. If that happens then you need to have your Live Feeds ready to go. You can only watch endurance competitions on the Feeds as they’ll continue long after the live eviction show ends. Don’t have the Feeds? Then this is the perfect to grab the Free Trial and start watching the real game!

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Think you know who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 14? Cast your prediction vote in our weekly poll and see what other fans expect. Then check back here tonight during the live show for the results as they happen. This will be a great night!


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  1. i really hated the way Jenn suddenly thinks she is a brilliant player!! Like she was just waiting all this summer for the moment she could really play! iisshh,,,it was justthisclose to embarrassing watching her crow about her “strategy”..

    • I had to laugh when she was in the DR and referred to her veto as the “golden veto”. Isn’t the golden veto a special power that goes into the game unexpected, similar to Ian’s veto ball?

    • I’m like wild is she for real,she has never won a thing or address any of the others as a group to make subject on who should or should not be evicted.. This chick think she like a Janelle or Brittney give me a brake she should had been gone long time ago.

  2. Just watched last nights episode. Frank cheated AGAIN. I’m sorry but he has admitted he cheated to Boogie when drawing the chips. This one couldn’t be covered up by production. Yes he is a good at competitions but in NO way should he be rewarded for cheating. There has to be rules about that & he has done it several times. IMO he should be removed from the game. At the very least the producers of the show should be held accountable for allowing this to happen. This is not the game of Big Brother we have loved all these years. Back stab, lie, make up fake illnesses, but cheating I draw the line at!!

    • Omg seriously – all the Frank haters constantly complaining that he cheats or the show is rigged. He didn’t cheat the first time, and at the Veto, if he gained something maybe you could say something. He had nothing to gain by Britney winning, and not only was he eliminated when he was the for sure winner which could have really messed up his whole game, but he still had to do all the punishments, including nomHOH, which could send him packing. That is more than enough penalty for just speaking a word out loud!!!!!!!!!!

      • The only reason this wasn’t covered up was because it was witnessed by everyone. The name of the show is Big Brother. The name says it all. Let production manipulate the game all they want. That’s what big brother does & normally I would not care. I do however draw the line at cheating. This isn’t his first time doing it though. He was lucky in the previous times because production covered it up. Yes production manipulates the game but a line has to be drawn some place. Cheating is that line for me. I’m not saying this because it is Frank. I don’t care which player it is. If you cheat you should be expelled from the game no matter who you are. Like I said, lie, make up fake illnesses but cheating no. I won’t stand for that & neither should any of the viewers who love this game. Rules have to be followed no matter who it is. Willie was expelled for chest bumping Joe. In Jeff’s season he was given an extra day of slop for drinking Gatorade.

      • Enzo ate everything including things off the floor with out being punished. So what if Frank lost the POV. That only happened because it couldn’t be covered up. What about the other times he’s cheated in this game? Just because it’s Frank he should be given a pass? This use to be a game of integrity because production made the contestants listen to the rules. Again as a viewer of the show I absolutely love, It sickens me that the producers only inforce the rules when they want to now. I want back the show I love. The show that production yes manipulated but at least didn’t allow & encourage cheating.

      • As I said that you completely ignored- there is no proof Frank cheated before. It’s all rumors. I think losing the Veto and possibly costing him the game, chum baths and no HOH is more than enough punishment. Much worse than 1 extra day of slop. And Willie head butted Joe, not Chest bumped, and he threatened and cussed and bullied everyone. If name calling and threatening was always a crime, Ian should be out too. No one cheated other than the stupid thing Frank did at Veto, and he was punished severely. End of story.

      • Well we know who you want to win this game because you see no reason when it comes to Frank. Oh by the way there was proof of Frank cheating. He openly admitted it to Boogie who told him never to mention it again. The other 2 times also had been leaked on you tube but they have been yanked because of “copy write”. It’s funny because nothing else from you tube has been removed other then that. People threaten all the time in this game. Call people names & everything else. Yes Willie chest
        & head butted Joe & was evicted for it. I don’t care that it was Frank. It could be any player in the game & I would say the same thing.

      • Also I didn’t ignore what Frank chose to take in punishments from the game he played. What he should be rewarded for cheating because he got caught & shouldn’t have to do those either? Lol your cracking us up over here. Thanks for the laugh. ;)

      • Frank played the Game chose those punishments.what should he be rewarded for cheating & not have to keep the punishments he chose? Thanks for the laugh Lisa. You have us all cracking up over here;)

      • You are absolutely right about Frank telling Boogie that he cheated. There is your proof.

  3. Dan showed why he is the greatest player in history? He did the exact same thing Boogie did when he talked Danielle and Dan into getting rid of Janelle instead of Frank. Frank should have been out the door that week.

    • The difference is Dan was about to get evicted. Boogie wasnt really on the block. Plus it was Dan who told the crazy broad to put up Janelle

  4. Dead man walking….. that’s exactly the right words to use. I almost forgot he was on the show, all he did was lay around all summer…..might as well being dead at one point. I’m glad Frank lit a fire under his ass… thank you Frank for not letting Dan sleepwalked to end ( if he makes it there). He was willing for everyone to get blood on their hands except him. Now fight to get to the end like everyone else! Now Joe is the man ( but he’s not my fav)…although he can’t win comps….he’s playing the game. He is even better than Ian! ( telling on both sides of the house) and getting away with it. He even manages to have a final three deal with everyone in the house. He just might make it to final 3 too.

  5. I realize that Frank can’t play in this HoH competition; however, I think it is unfair that he is penalized for speaking out during the POV competition. The way I saw it was it was more like he was speaking out loud to himself. Britney didn’t even hear what he said. Britney kept pushing the button and had no idea what the drawing were–she did this twice! Frank was NOT giving her the answer. What does anyone else think?

    • Frank totaly gave her the answer

      He mumbled something like “do you know the answer” … and then “summer” … He admited it later and said he was sorry to Big Brother.

      What I don’t understand is why Frank did that. If Britney had it wrong he just had to mash the button like crazy because he knew the answer, if she got it right, Frank would still win because it didn’t give enough points to Brit.

      • Because Frank is an idiot, that’s why. He also thinks the rules don’t apply to him. And yes Harry, he was trying to give Brit the answer

    • Speaking out loud during a competition = cheating no matter what your excuse

    • The rules in the beginning stated no talking to other players. Unfortunately Frank spoke to Brit. On the other side, Dan told Jenn that she was safe while she was deciding to take slop or not. To me talking is talking and Dan broke the rules as well.

      • Good point. The rules said no talking, not no giving out answers, right? If true, Dan should be disqualified.

        I just watched the beginning of the veto comp again (with captions) and Ian did say “Players you are not allowed to assist each other at any point.” I made a mistake by thinking he said they are not allowed to talk to other players. Sorry.

  6. I don’t understand why Brit is not trying to convince people to keep her instead of accepting defeat. She could certainly convince Shane and Joe to vote for Danielle. She already has Ians vote. I lost all respect for her this week. She has no game at all. Go out fighting or just go.

    • She said on the live feeds this morning that she is going to try something today. She wants to be the last one to talk to them, and show them they should vote to keep her.

      • Yup. But Shane isn’t going to vote for her because Shane found out that Brittany would not take him to the F2 and Shane mentioned on the feeds to Danielle early this morning (around 3 am ish) that he wanted to confront Brittany about that. He also said he would not choose Brittany over Danielle because Brittany hasn’t done anything to try to keep him, he’s been doing everything to keep her. So, its finally coming to light all of Brittany’s wheeling and dealing with everyone in the house. Shane and Danielle seem to be extremely close so even if she gets Joe’s vote, he isn’t going to get Shane’s.

      • I dont understand why he feels she hasn’t done anything so save him. Doesn’t he remeber the game before this week? she hasnt won any challenges but instead making deals to ensure she and shane are safe.
        And if Brit can convince Shane that Danielle is too close to Dan, he can vote her out instead.

  7. Any ideas as to why we are having trivia so early today? maybe Ian is getting a second chance to use his veto. :D

  8. Although I think Britt is gone, I’m not putting all my eggs in that basket because Joe and Shane are so wishy-washy you never know. It’ll be interesting to see who takes the for rent sign in Shane’s head if Britt’s gone.

  9. does britney realize how seriously easy it would be for her to stay. Allshe has to do is convicne shane danielle is attached to dan and is crazy (not that hard to do) and she gets his vote and Joe’s and stays. Like seriously, for her to stay would not take that much effort. Put a little effort in!

  10. I’m not against Brit OR Danielle. I just don’t see it as a great loss no matter which goes. Neither seems to have had much of a plan strategy wise. Danielle is depending on Dan getting her through and Brit had at first depended on Shane then later tried to depend on Frank…now back to Shane. Brit seems to have a knack for depending on the wrong people instead of depending on herself.

    • I see her depending on her alliance to win challenges. Lots of stradgey comes from her though.

    • Brittney has no strategy and Dr. Will said so himself and she was the worst among the 4 coaches including Janelle
      at the time of Dr. Will’s assessment. Not really surprised by
      her lame game play and total lack of strategy. Of course, she went up against Boogie and Dan, two of the best manipulators on Big Brother so, it probably was not a fair
      match but, you have to play the cards dealt to you just the same!

      • I don’t put to much weight on what Dr. Will says. He clearly thinks Boogie was the best in here (which it is clearly Dan) and lets face it Britney was the least celebrated coach to come in regardless. But it should be said that quite a few evicted houseguests have predicted Brittany to win the whole thing. So her social game must not be that bad.

      • Have you watched her season? Did you see how the Brigade manipulated her and threw her like a dirty dish rag after they were done with her? Of course, you do not want to acknowledge Dr. Wil who is probably the best manipulator outside of Boogie and Dan but, whether you accept Dr. Will as the best, he is tops on my list. He has won Big Brother and what has Brittney done? This is her 2nd try and Janelle has 3 tries so far! You are totally biased to judge a good player like Dr. Will from a mediocre player that Brittney is!

      • he’s pretty good at removing tattoes and genital warts. haven’t seen too much else from him.

      • Well then, you missed the season he won. Dr. Will lied to everyone, did not win HOH and Veto and still ended up winning Big
        Brother! He told everyone, he was lying but, he still won it!

      • How could dan be the best coach when he was down to 1 player by the second week. And boogie was the best coach because all his players are still there, and to top it off is how he saved frank when he got the quack pack to evict Jannelle..the only move dan made this game was to rat out the quack pack.

    • Well.. I hope its BratNeedy going home.I could not believe she was whinning and saying ” Dan should through the veto comp or I will be put up”!!!!!!! Why would she think he would go out of the game just to let her stay in and whine while lying on her butt not making any plays????? All she has done is lie about her suggestions to send people home.

  11. Joe has totally sided with Frank. Or has he???? At least for now. He claims that he’ll knock the other side of the house out.

      • i missed the Frank and Dan one. I know he has one with Frank and Shane. F5 with Frank Shane Him Jen and Danielle. I’m sure no one really cares about deals with Joe anyhow as they are all fictional lol

      • Yeah. Joe is still good for one vote
        though. Still counts as one vote no matter how you slice it! LOL

  12. Frank is a big blowhard. Loud and pushy. Can you imagine being in a rel w this Doof and getting him mad? Scary! Dan is an evil snake. The way he grinned while Danielle was sobbing was creepy. And Bb is one of the things u lv most in life? WT? Hah what a weirdo.
    Jenn. Ultra creepy.
    Danielle a follower and pushover. Big heart or not. She should have slapped Dan then go straight to frank and made a F2 deal but she’s too worried about what people think of her for her own good.
    Britt: as smart as she is I hardly believe for a minute that she didnt catch on to dans big BS speech.

    • Dan is a jerk.
      I you can tell many people didnt watch his season because he is playing the same game all over again.
      Way to hand someone 500k.

  13. everyone needs to lay off jenn. what some people see as a floater i see as a great player. she was not even considered a nominee for the first five weeks. that shows she has good social game and now in this week realizing she is without alliances and had gotten far enough where she now knows sitting back will get her evicted has shown she can win comps and make deals. she has no enemies in the house and could easily make final 3. jenn is not as bad of a player as everone thinks. at least she knows when avoiding drama is not going to work anymore.

    • She may have joined the game late however, she is definitely having an impact on it! When the chips are down,
      she takes slop till the end of the season and wins veto and uses it to further her game. Good job. I hope she makes it to atleast, Final 4 with Dan, Danielle, Frank and her. And if she makes it to Final 2, she deserves to get that $50,000 for 2nd!

    • The problem I have with Jenn is she is a newbie… so everything is taking her more time to figure out which is understable. First time she was on the block she freaked out until she understood the concept of pawn. The move she did with Frank is a good move, she took slop to show Frank loyalty. However, she already had Frank’s loyalty because she was the only one never to betray him. Her move did put her in a small corner. Also, she was very easely convinced which the DR reminded her ( right after the first chat with Frank, after she came out of DR she was questioning everything). So Jenn isn’t a bad player, but most of what is happening is no credit to her.

      But in the end, she did do a move to try and get to final 2 which might work if the Dan/Frank/Dani/Jenn alliance holds. Like Joe, she understands she is playing for 50k, and choose the side that gave her that chance. She had to stop floating at this point.

  14. shane is such a bad player its actually hard to watch. i mean seriosuly evicting britney over danielle???? are u kidding me shane. you think danielle is going to evict dan over you? the girl who actually and i am not lying said she would be willing to get evicted so dan could stay. Not to mention you could actually enjoy the next couple of weeks in the house without having to always be at her beck and call. you irk me shane.

    • shane needs to realize danielle is too close to dan. I know britney is close with ian but i think she would of still took shane to the final 2 if she won that final hoh.

      • Shane got misted by Dan… He’s so mad at him he doesn’t even consider Danielle working with him.
        This morning Shane told Danielle he’d throw the HOH to Dani or Dan. Haha.

        Danielle needs to shut up for a day… she told Ian and Brit that Dan wasn’t really mad… wtf girl?
        But your right, Danielle will die for Dan. Right now, Jenn will nom Ian and Joe/Shane, Dan will nom Ian and Joe/Shane. Danielle will nom Ian and Joe/Shane … Ian will nom Frank/Jenn … Joe will never win HOH… Dan is in a pretty good spot

      • It whichever one of them is progressing the most in the game is the one she will follow…

    • BratNeedy can not be trusted by ANYONE.She would vote out anyone .She depends on everyone elses gameplay because she has none.

    • Yes, it is time Shane gets sane – his BB big move is now…vote to evict Danielle along with Ian – convince Joe and work with Brit. This is what he needs to do to survive.

  15. Britt and sort of Ian, now working Dan. Gee…will he change his mind and blow off his deal with Frank? Doubt it.

    • Maybe Frank will tell Dan that Daniell is uncertain when it comes to her final 2 choice Shane/Dan…If Daniell makes it that far of course…

  16. If Dan wins this season it would be hilarious. He is playing the exact same game in his season in which he won, and people pointed it out but never tried to evict him. He also said on day 1 when he entered the house he is here to help someone (out of the 12) win the 500,000. yet he ends up taking the money for himself.
    * and someone pointed out he was creepy when he grinned at Danielle crying. I agree. That was not cool. if she was acting that would be different but she wasnt. and yet, she worships him :/ (unimpressed mckayla face)

      • Like I mentioned above, go to videobrother and watch it live online. I’m on the west coast & it isn’t on here until 3 hours later. I hated reading on here what happened and waiting that long to see it. Well not anymore!

  17. Jacee where are you? I can’t figure out what’s happening here! Shame is flip-flopping like crazy right now. I’m not sure who’s leaving tonight….

  18. Dan’s best option at this point would to let Shane, Joe and Ian evict Danielle, send her to jury, Dan leaves her a “I’ll avenge you” goodbye message, and has her vote. Brittany will come in handy when the house goes for Frank next week.

    • Yeah. Dan should backstab a loyal ally, Danielle so that, Shane and Ian can stab him in the back once more! That would be so smart—-NOT! Frank and Dan are allies with Danielle and Jenn and that should be good enough but, they also have Joe in their back pocket if needed against Ian and Shane. Why would Dan who is the smartest player trust Shane or Ian when they are his next targets?

    • I’m still having a hard time understanding your rational on evicting an ally which is Danielle. BTW evicting a loyal ally is not Dan’s best option.

      • That is his warped mind thinking because in his head, only Brittney needs to get the breaks and if not, that sucks and everyone else has to take the other out in their alliance so that, his favored alliance can win! LOL

      • lol I finally figured that out. Honestly. Danielle may be crazy and overly dramatic, but I have to give her credit. She’s the only one left in Dan’s group. She’s really doing a good job on acting her part. She will be off the block soon and Brit gets evicted. I thought she did better as far as game play is concerned than Brit. I think Brit is over rated.

      • I think Dan has set the house up in the perfect position that he probably won’t get nominated next week. Unless of course its Ian in power. Frank would surely nominate Shane and Brit, as would Jenn. Joe, Brit or Shane would surely nominate Jenn and Frank. Ian is the wildcard.

  19. Correct me if I’m wrong, but during the veto last night didn’t Ian say there was no talking to the other players or it would result in a disqualification? Frank talked to Brit and was disqualified (fair) but Father Dan was not. He bullied both Frank and Jenn. Talking is talking. The rules didn’t say no helping other players or give answers. Clarification?

    • i noticed too, however when Frank got disqualified it was because “he whispered summer to brit” thats what Ian ( the host ) said. Brit also should be DQ’ed by answering to Frank lol.

      But yeah rules are easy to manipulate. Ofc they didn’t want Dan to leave. But by Dan not winning veto it actually made for the best week of BB in years.

    • No actually the rules were that you could not ASSIST another player, not that you couldn’t talk. That’s what Ian said when he read the rules before the game started. When he told Frank that he was disqualified he stated it wrong by saying no one was allowed to talk. By Frank asking Britney if she knew what it was and then he told her – he ASSISTED her in the game and so he was disqualified.

  20. Listening to Shame & Joe talk game is so painful!! Shame claiming he got Dumbielle this far….come on bro. I know your dumb but that comment brings your dumb to a new low!

      • I don’t see it either. Imo Frank & Shame could beat her at endurance or physical comps, so maybe they think she’s the ultimate pawn to get them to F3. I wish they’d share their reasoning with the rest of us.

      • The very obvous reason is she is one precious vote on the side of the new alliance with Dan, Danielle, Frank and Jenn. That is 4 votes there. For HOH next week, it is going to be Dan, Danielle, Jenn and even Joe versus Ian and Shane. If you still cannot figure out the odds then, no one can help you! If any of them wins HOH, it will be Shane and Ian on the block.
        They have the votes to evict Ian and Shane too if they do not win POV. And if Frank gets picked to play for POV then, Ian and Shane could even be in bigger trouble! Certainly, keeping Brittney helps Ian and Shane which you probably are secretly hoping for right?

      • Danielle is very valuable to the alliance that was newly formed. Dan, Danielle, Frank and Jenn. Nobody knows about this. Danielle is basically a spy. Then you have two spineless players Joe and Shane which can easily be swayed. Joe is probably in Franks pocket. When Brit is gone, Ian’s crew is weakened or whoever he still have. Ian or Shane has to win HOH, or both of them are in danger. So yes, Danielle is an asset to the new alliance.

      • Haha! I’m waiting for him to say he’s the best player in BB history. I think all his hair gel is affecting his last brain cell.

  21. Did anybody ever check into the ” Don’t tell em their gonna be evicted” rules…It was being discussed a little yesterday…If they can’t tell Britney that they are ” not” voting for her why is it ok to tell Daniell that they are going to keep her??? I’M REALLY CONFUSED ON THIS “RULE”..It happened when Janell got evicted… Soooo DOES ANYBODY HAVE ANY CORRECT INFO ON THE “RULES of EVICTION????

    • I’m interested to find out too. It made good drama when they were able to tell someone they’re being evicted. But like you said, it’s confusing. What’s fair for one should be fair for all.

  22. The show is gonna take a whole new turn when Shane & Joe (Ian already suspects it) realize that Dan & Daniell are still a team…Would bet money that Frank is the one who lets the cat out of the sack when he goes on the block this week…Dan is not gonna keep no deal with Frank…

  23. Shane may be dumb but do you think he will vote out the only hg he can get nookie from?

    • There are reports that they are really dating out of the Big Brother House so, at this point, Britney is probably done!

    • That is the one thing Shane has used common sense about..not screwing around with Daniell…and she has tried every ” come get it” pose in the free world when she is near him…Just watch her and u will see what I’m talking about…

    • That’s if Danielle is even putting out…please… who’s watching the live feeds? If Shane does not choose to evict his crazy girlfriend tonight (along with Ian and hopefully Joe) he will fall prey to Dan’s game and go down in BB history as the dumb ass he truly is. He needs Brit in game…

  24. Why do people keep talking about someone “deserving” to be in the house or saying something “isn’t fair”? C’mon, folks.. this is BB.

    • I think simply based on game play its a fair discussion. That said, you’re right its BB and as Jojo said earlier this season it isn’t really a fair game. Do I think Britney has played a stronger game than Danielle? Yeah.

    • Unless you know how to play the game and play the game smartly—-you are entitled to nothing! Just because you have fans saying you deserve it more, does not make it true! Brittney deserves to be evicted because she played badly with any strategy involved whatsoever! The Brigade made a fool of her and let her ride their coat tails while, it suited them but, without any serious thought into playing the game, she was doomed then, as she is doomed now!

  25. Does anyone have any information about Frank and Joe being in a side alliance? I was watching them last night and they seem like they may have something together.

    • Yeah, but Joe is being used. He could possibly end up in a F3 deal as being the Jerry from Dan’s Season 10, and Frank and Dan talked about that. Also knowing Joe, he makes deal with everybody. btw, he is in Franks pocket, he’s a number.

    • I think Frank is keeping Joe close because Joe will vote the way Frank wants him to. That’s just my opinion.

  26. As much as I would like to see things go Dan’s way tonight, I would love to see Danielle go home! She isn’t concerned at all about being sent home and is already discussing how great she will be in the next HoH comp. You won one endurance comp because you have a big ass that provided a low center of gravity! And anytime someone says anything to her she is all “And what do you think about me? What did she say about me? What about me?” I just want to see her face as she walks out that door.

  27. For those who are complaining about HGs backstabbing, crying, being idiots, etc……it’s reality tv show. It’s intentionally cast that way. Put people into a house whose personalities guarantee a constant state of conflict, who form close relationships within weeks (if not days) then turn on each other with no notice, whose emotions are dysregulated….and throw in the prize of 500K. Would love to be the mental health professional who probably gets a say in picking the cast.

  28. Get ready for the Ian Power Trip this week, he is the new HOH…don’t think I will be watching the feeds much..his behavior when he gets an ounce of power is disgusting.

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