Big Brother 14: Week 7 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy

After an intense double eviction episode of Big Brother 14 and a not-so-surprising late night HoH competition it’s now time to move on to the pending nominations. The new HoH will make the nominees be known later tonight and from the private conversations last night we already have a good idea of who that will be.

Last night after receiving his HoH room, Frank sat down with Britney to discuss his options. Flashback to 1:20AM BBT. Frank invites Britney over to the couch and for a moment there I thought he would follow that up with his patented “do you want to make out?” move, but no, just game talk this time. Frank wastes no time in telling her he will not be nominating her and Shane. Instead he tells Britney the nominations will be Dan and Danielle. No surprises there.

Frank goes on to chastise Britney for what he feels was bad behavior for “taking advantage of Ian” as he sees it. Seems Frank still believes Ian was convinced and persuaded by the rest of the HGs that Boogie was a bad guy and needed to go for that reason. Ian has really pulled the wool over on Frank.

Moving along in the night you’ll find Danielle visiting Frank in the HoH room. Flashback to 3:03AM BBT to hear Frank confirm Danielle’s fears that he’ll be nominating her with Dan. Frank tells her that if he can’t get out Dan then she’ll have to go since she’s his closest ally. Danielle is ready to abandon Dan and make a deal with Frank.

After Danielle reports back to Dan, Flashback to 4:15AM BBT, the plan is formed to reveal Ian’s involvement with Boogie’s eviction. At this point Frank doesn’t believe a word Dan says and he’s completely fooled by Ian. I don’t think this is going to work to save Dan before nominations.

The pressure is growing in the Big Brother house and we’re going to see some serious backstabbing and deal making as we head through the weekend. There will be nominations tonight, Veto competition tomorrow, and Veto ceremony on Monday. If you’re going to be out and on the go then download our free iPhone app and free Android app to get the latest spoilers.

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    •  Not much of a king when he is still obsessed in getting out the wrong person, dan, even after all the facts slapped him right in his face.

    • The King is most likely leaving next week considering he has no one playing for him at all.

      • He really hasn’t had anyone playing for him before now, except Boogie, who didn’t win any comps (but he did throw one to Frank), and Ashley who has the intelligence and game play of a banana. Frank put some trust in Shane early, and he got burned…twice. Frank is awesome at comps and he wins in a clutch. That’s what’s gonna keep him in the game. Hopefully he won’t be so blinded by anger and actually listen to what Dan is telling him about Ian. He needs to ditch Shane pronto! I don’t get why he keeps putting so much faith in Shane.

    • If Frank does nominate Dan and Danielle, he would have wasted his HOH. Why not put up Shane and Dan then, try and win veto and keep both on the block? Then, you guarantee either Shane or Dan goes to the jury house.

      • I want Dan on the block really bad. But I feel that if Frank puts him up before the veto, there will be a chance that Dan could win the veto and take him self off the block. So if Frank puts Shane and Ian perhaps, Shane will automatically take himself off the block if he wins the veto, then Frank can put Dan on the block.

        Like with other people say that it’s production, production, production, I bet dan will not be chosen for the veto at all (because of production) so that Frank can put Dan on the block.

        Now I’m not saying this will happen. This is probably my prediction.

  1. i really hope frank can split up the house and get people to work with him. it will be so boring if hes gone… # team frank

  2. This week’s all about who Frank’s going take with him to Jury. I like Frank but his odds of making it to Final 2 are very slim. Next week he’s out

    • Ty……Exactly. Frank should not trust anyone this late in the game. He has to assume everyone in the Quack Pack will evict him which is the truth!Just try to win each HOH and POV and go after Shane, Dan then, Brittney!

  3. Mike Boogie is in serious legal trouble. He may end up in prison in the near future. Read the horrifying article about Mike Malin in Courthouse News Service.

  4. is there gonna be another twist?? cuz dont it always be a double eviction then someone comes back into the house or am i wrong? please someone help an let me know lol

    •  Your not right. There is always a double eviction. Sometimes two, but very seldom do they let a houseguest re-enter the house.

    •  they already put the 4 coaches into the house, that’s why there was a double eviction. they’ll most likely be another one, or something else, as there’s way to many houseguest’s left, with too little time left in the season

      •  Then what do you think the ? mark means that was on the block I hope that Frank can send out a big players such as Dan, Britteny or Shane then he can send Ian packing for backstabbing but, first I hope Dan throws him under the bus, he needs to know why Boggie said he can not be trusted

    •  I don’t think they can bring anyone back this year, They are going to run out of time.

      • I dont know didnt you hear Boogie tell Frank to put his bag in the storage room???

      • @ Friendlyrage: He told him that because they usually exit with their small BB bag, while the bulk of their stuff is packed in suitcases in the storage room to be picked up by production. He didn’t take his BB bag out with him, he was telling Frank to put it with his suitcases in storage so production could get it to him.

  5. Frank take out the major threats. Don’t waste your HOH on Danielle. Nominate Shane and Dan with the goal of getting out Shane first! Think of HOH and POV which is your only chance. Everyone will go after you. Do not waste your HOH going after players like Danielle who is not a threat compared to Shane. They will go after you next week and it will be a huge waste to send Danielle home! Dan is not the only threat, Shane is even a bigger threat for HOH and POV. Use your head.

    • Not to mention how many times Shane has stabbed him. But to be fair it was Britney pulling his strings.

      • That too. And since, Frank cannot play for HOH next week, why would you want Shane still in house to compete for HOH and POV so that, Shane can evict Frank? That would be a dumb move on Frank’s part.

      •  you are right i think he would worked with him had it not been for Brittney and Danielle ,but to late now

    • Kateclark Kc……The problem with not putting up Shane is if he gets picked to play veto and wins veto, he can save Dan. And now you have Brittney and Danielle as the nominees and Frank wasted his HOH this week. The Quack Pack will be going after him and Dan and Shane would still be competing for HOH and POV.

      • True, quack pack controls the vote this week. of the 5 i’m thinking danielle is the most expendable although britney most likely would keep her.

    • Agreed, but the guy has such a hard on for Dan it’s not even funny. The rest of the Quack Pack will hide behind Dan and blame him as the mastermind behind every move they’ve made, when in all actuality, it’s been Shane and Britney who have been trying since day one to get the guy out of the house. Dan is just going to be collateral damage in all of this, and even if Dan were to tell Frank the truth, he’s not going to believe it at this point. After Grodner rigs the rest of the game for Frank to win and he goes home and watches the show, then and only then will he see that Dan played a very minuscule role in the witch hunt to get Frank out of the house. I do believer, however that Dan will actually show some class and cast his vote for Frank to win in the end, unlike Frank who has been promising to taint the jury against Dan if the roles were reversed.

      • I am hoping he wakes up and puts up Shane and Dan. His days are numbered being a huge target for the Quack Pack. Atleast, if he gets Shane out, he would have done a good thing to change the dynamics of the game for good! If not then, he just wasted his HOH and would end up with the strongest competitors still in the Big Brother House next week when they go after Frank!

      •  Frank really needs to get over his obsession with Dan I agree hes had it in for him since like the first week..

    • He needs to break up that alliance. Losing Danielle won’t cut it. He has to get rid of Dan or Britney. The rest of the alliance has no clue how to play or who to nominate. I agree that Frank needs some allies, but Shane isn’t it. It doesn’t matter if Shane says he’ll protect Frank next week. We all know how true to his word Shane has been when it comes to Frank.

      • Losing Danielle will mean that Dan will have to find someone else to do his dirty work and I don’t think Britney is willing to lend him Shane – especially not now that Dan has such a huge target on his back and Britney is actively trying to distance herself from him. 

        Besides, Danielle has zero game play and is dumb enough to do whatever someone she “trusts” wants her to do. That makes her very dangerous around vet players who would use her to make key moves and carry the target.

    • I think he will nominate Dan and Danielle, win veto (as usual) then take Danielle off and nominate Shane. That way either Shane or Dan goes home.

    • From the talk in the house right now it seems that Frank is still blaming Dan for Boogies eviction. He wants to hurt Dan is some way, weather it be taking Dan out or his closest ally in Danielle. Also, it has been said he doesn’t want to take Shane out right now b/c if Joe or Jenn or the likes get HOH he won’t be the only large target for them to go after.

  6. Didn’t Frank tell Shane he’s his new number 1 target? LOL

    Anyway, Frank should nominate Dan and Shane. They’re the two biggest targets IMO. And although Frank may not believe Dan, he needs to make it very clear to him that Ian was the rat last week, and not him (Dan). Frank may or may not believe him, but its time for Dan to throw Ian to the wolves. Ian’s the rat and it looks like he won’t even be targeted this week.

    • Ian really went down in my estimation last night when he said that Dan
      took the heat for him this past week, he took the heat for Dan at HOH
      competition, and now it was Dan’s turn to take the heat for him again.
      Excuse me, when did Ian get the power or right to believe anyone should
      take the heat for him week after week. Someone has been doing that
      since day one for him.

  7. I am glad Boogie is gone, he has been on the show two to many times,  he ran the house and his mouth far too much.  Ian is the suprise this season, his act is working for him…he could take it all the way.  Dan will work his magic and not be sent home.  Jenn and Joe are just floating along, neither deserve to win…sometimes floaters do and have, but not either of these two.  Without Frank, the show would certainly be boring…he is a good competitor. Britney is a whinner, just like she has always been and Danielle a follower who really doesn’t know what a big move is…all of her moves so far have not been her origianl idea.  Same could be said about Shane.  Get on with it BB HG’s.

  8. I was away for a week so missed some of the show.  I read on here somewhere that Frank and Boogie “Cheated” in a comp….can anyone tell me what that was about.  Thanks folks.

    • Boogie pulled HG choice and picked Ian. Frank then picked Ian, but since Boogie had already selected Ian, Frank had to pick a new chip. The new chip he selected was also a HG choice chip. The production crew didnt get the right angle for the show, so they had him “pick again”. Instead of picking a new chip, Frank palmed the HG choice chip that he just selected and acted like he was picking again.

      •  I thought that there was always only one chip that hat HG choice.  What’s up with that???

      • Blahblah…if you retards pay attention, there are always two HG coins. Get with the programs slackers.

      • no. they pour all the names out of the bag before drawing to prove everyones name is in there. when frank was raking them bac in he palmed the hg chip and pretended to draw it.

  9. I think the show is already planned when Frank won HOH and why did Boogie say put his stuff in storage and not take things with him

  10. If I’m reading this correctly, I don’t see Frank’s logic. I understand that Frank wants to nominate Dan because Frank has never liked Dan. But why Danielle? Ian and Shane are the ones who made the moves and got out Mike “Boogie”. Is Frank so blind that it was Ian who was the mole…I guess so. But Frank knows Shane nominated him last week and broke the “silent six”, so why not nominate Dan and Shane? 

    Personally I have no problem with Dan being evicted this week. But if you can’t get Dan out, why not take out Shane…besides getting Danielle out right now is like a waste of an HOH in some cases. Frank has the opportunity to take out one big player and he chooses Danielle, wow. Sorry, but unless Frank is lying, his logic is terrible.

    • That is a huge waste of nomination. Frank should be going after the strongest players Shane and Dan with the goal of getting Shane out first because he is good at HOH and POV. Frank if he goes with this nominations is just not using his head!

      • Don’t forget the possibility of blindsiding someone as was talked about
        by Frank. Danielle is a stronger contender than Dan. He has done
        nothing this season but throw comps. Now I am beginning tot hink he
        isn’t capable of winning. Ian is a strong competitor, too. If he doesn’t show
        a weakness for Ian, he may blindside him.Brit wants Dan in the game
        because as long as he is in the game, she is in less danger of being

      • The Quack Pack has the majority votes if you have not counted it yet.
        They can decide who stays and goes. More likely Danielle if she and
        Brittney were on the block and that would have wasted Frank’s HOH.
        Or if Shane because he is not on the block used the veto assuming he
        wins it and saves Dan. That means the two strong players will be there
        next week when they target Frank! Frank’s best move is to evict Shane
        this week so that, he would in the jury house and one less to compete
        with on HOH and POV and a very good one at that!

      • its going to be really hard for frank to get the votes to get shane out
        unless its brit/shane
        shane/joe shane/jenn shane stays easy
        shane/ian brit dan & dani keep shane
        shane/dan brit will convince ian and joe owns shane
        shane/dani same thing
        shane/brit is a great team shane is great in comps and brit somehow makes ppl think se cares about more then just her and shane  

    • Oh yeah, don’t forget, the Quack Pack controls the votes this week. So if Dan and Danielle are on the block, unless Britney and Shane really want Dan out which is a possibility, Danielle will be evicted. 

      • That is why Frank should nominate Shane and Dan. Then, try to win veto and not change it. The Quack Pack has to decide who to evict among Shane and Dan but, atleast, one of the two strong players is evicted!

    • He really wants Dan out.  He knows if he puts up Dan and Danielle, and the noms stay the same, everyone will vote out Dan over Danielle.  If he puts Shane and Dan, some might vote out Shane instead, and he will be still in the house with Dan.

      • Dan could win POV and take himself off the block, then the plan is dead. Plus, if Frank can’t get Dan out, he wants Danielle out. And the Quack Pack controls the votes this week, Frank doesn’t decide who gets evicted, they do. So like I said if nominations stay the same after POV (and keep in mind nomination haven’t even happened yet), unless Britney and Shane want Dan evicted (could happen), Danielle would be evicted. That would be a waste in my opinion. Shane is a bigger threat than Danielle and so is Ian.

  11. I like how you use the term “not-so surprising” as if to confirm what we all probably thought after watching last nights show, that Frank would be the next HoH. BB once again proves that it is scripted by a Hollywood screenwriter, putting the person with the most possibility of drama in charge. Frank is a force to be reckoned with, but the fact that he’s not going after Ian after Boogie warned him proves that Frank is not the brightest tool in the shed. The reveal when Ian is exposed should be good.

  12. Ian is the rat, but Frank should still nominate Dan and Shane. Face it, Frank can’t compete in HOH next week. He’s likely to get nominated no matter what (unless maybe Jenn pulls off a miracle; she’d go after Shane). Frank is going to need to win POV. It would be easier for him without Shane or Dan there. Who cares about Ian in a POV contest?

    • Exactly. Frank should use his head and not emotions. Go after Shane and Dan first with the goal of evicting Shane this week. If Shane is gone, he cannot compete in HOH and POV. That is the best move!

    • I believe the only real chance Frank has to stay in the game is to keep
      Shane. They are the only ones who have truly fought for their survival
      throughout the game. Between the two of them they could make it to
      the end. They are each other’s only chance of making it through the
      rest of the weeks to come. Just saying…..

      • Cody: You may be right, but he may begin to figure out he has to look
        out for himself instead of everyone else in the house and realize, if he
        and Frank do NOT have each other’s back, they will both be gone before
        the end. You have to have someone to win the HOHs after you have just
        won. Outside of Danielle, no one is willing or capable of doing that. Shane
        needs to find out Brit does NOT have his back and hasn’t for a long time.

  13. If Frank puts up Dan & Danielle, then Shane will win POV and take off Danielle.  Frank will have to put someone else up which in turn everyone will vote to keep Dan and there you have it!!  Everyone can fight to get Frank out of the house again.  I think it’s just interesting to see the guy always winning.  Maybe there will be a Pandora box and Frank will get greedy and it will do something to the nominations.  Just so he doesn’t get another free pass like a golden power of veto.  Then I think I will throw up!!

    • I doubt Shane would save Danielle, he’d probably be ecstatic to get her out of the house.

    • No he won’t.  Frank told Brit that if Shane wins POV and uses it, Brit goes up.  I am sure Brit is going to tell Shane that.  Shane won’t risk that unless they 100% know Brit stays over Dan.

      • Frank has mentioned he is nominating Dan and Danielle.  If Dan wins POV, Frank wants his closest ally in the house…

      • At this point I am pulling for Shane to win POV and get Brit out. I believe
        she is the most dangerous player in the game. She has thrown so many
        people under the bus and is the biggest whiner in the house if she gets
        Have Not or thinks someone has hurt her game. I am tired of her picking
        at her face, biting her cuticles, and chewing with her mouth open. She is
        a limelight seeker at all times. Brit has had nothing but a social game.
        It is time for her to put up or shut up. It is time to stop throwing comps.

  14. For some strange reason, Frank keeps wanting to work with Shane and Shane always burns him…Good for Shane I guess.  It looks like Shane and Brit might just do what FRank wants this week so whoever is left from Dan/Danielle:  They are on their own.

    • Frank is a fool to trust anyone at this point. It is too far late in the game and he should focus on winning each and every HOH and POV he can play in.
      Also, use his head in nominations and put up Dan and Shane for this weeks nominations with a goal of evicting Shane!

  15. What I’m wondering is why Frank was allowed to tell Danielle that she was definitely going up on the block last night. Remember in BB12 when Brendon told Britney that she was going up and then production made him change his nominations because there is some rule against telling someone that they are definitely going up? I guess it doesn’t matter since Frank is obviously production’s pet this season and they’re letting him get away with murder (cheating, saving him from eviction, etc.) in order to ensure that he has the best chances of winning the game. I’m calling it now – he’s going to open a Pandora’s Box this week that will give him a special power like a Diamond Power of Veto that will keep him from being evicted further down the road. I just don’t get what they see in the guy, honestly. He’s a bully and a racist and has absolutely no social game whatsoever. I’m done watching this show for good now because the rigging is just too out of control.

    • i disagree deb , if ya wanna talk about racists and idiots then ya otta talk about Danielle and her homophobia !

      • Brennie, what are you even talking about? All Danielle said was that she had never known a lesbian before and that Jenn made her see differently. Frank, on the other hand has called Jenn a Puerto Rican bitch from Brooklyn and dirty brown water trash. How is that not considered to be a racial comment? Do you even watch the feeds, or are you only watching the CBS edit of “good guy Frank?” Danielle’s another character that is getting a fantastic CBS edit and probably isn’t the nicest person in the world, but I have yet to hear her say one racial epithet or homophobic slur against the other house guests, which is more than can be said for Frank.

    • You are so right Deb. Just because Danielle is from the south doesn’t make her a racist. She was just being honest about her feelings for lesbians until she changed her mind when she met Jenn.

    • I disagree, Deb. I think considering that Frank has NO ONE in the house and knows that Ian turned double-agent, he’s being pretty tame. He may be a little naive when it comes to Ian in thinking poor the little fellow was manipulated and tortured into turning to the other side but other than that I really don’t see where you’re coming from — and I definitely don’t see the alleged racism. In fact, I see just the opposite; when Willy was imitating Wil earlier in the season, it was Frank who was first incensed and the first to defend Wil.

      • Yes, Frank did call out Willie for homophobia and then turned right around two weeks ago when Wil was up on the block and say several homophobic things about Wil, himself. He’s a hypocrite. And how is calling someone a Puerto Rican bitch and dirty brown water trash not racism? I’m guessing that you are also a casual CBS viewer and do not watch the feeds. Allison Grodner has all of you drinking her Kool Aid about this guy with her nice guy edit of him. He is not the nice guy that the broadcast show is making him out to be.

    • Don’t presume to know ANYTHING about me with your heaps and mounds of assumptions simply because I had the sheer audacity to disagree with you.

      Drinking Allsion Grodner’s Kool-Aid? Really? Gee, what an “original” analysis.

      You’re getting pretty PERSONAL over a game/TV show that you say you will no longer watch simply because someone expresses a differing opinion from yours.

    • Jenn or Joe will be in the final 2 even though they do not deserve it!
      The winner of Big Brother 14 will see to that!

      • Jenn or Joe in the final 2 would be Frank’s only chance to win.  Except for Ashley, the rest of the jury will be Quack Pack people.  If Frank doesn’t do some major sucking up and stop acting like an arrogant, know-it-all jerk, he gets 2nd place at best (if he wins the rest of the comps).  Time for Frank to get on his knees and plead redemption and turn on the charm offensive or he’s toast.

      • @ Stoked: I agree with you 100%. Frank needs to realize that even if he wins his way to final 2 he has to have the votes to win the game. If he keeps treating everyone like trash, thats not going to happen. Winning is great, but you have to have a great social game as well.

  16. This is my first posting and it’ll probably be my last…I’ve been a fan of BB since day one…over the years people talked about the show being rigged and I always replied “NAH”…but watching this season I am now convinced that all of it is rigged…or most of it…come on now…Frank getting the Veto every time he’s on the block and making HOH….puleeeeze…just sayin…:)

    • Am in complete agreement….Nobody is that “lucky” especially in the game of BB…Ask RACHEL RILEY…SHE WAS DAMMMED GOOD…but she also lost at the most critical times.. Frank is just tooo dam “lucky” and it’s very apparent that he is getting help from production or whoever…The producers have made a joke of this season of BB….There is no “game” of BB 14….very sad that we can see it and know it too be true..

  17. Same old…same old…shit…come up with something new! Tired of reading about production is helping the contestants when it’s not your favorite with the HOH and POV…damn…you think you writing it here over and f*****g over again is going to make a difference? Use your brains and come up with better posts. All you are doing is pissing off most of us here.  If that was your aim…then congrats! you succeeded! move the f**k on now!

    • I don’t have a favorite this season….and u seem to be the “pissed”  poster ..Is it because we don’t agree “with u”…??? Wow…I am quaking in my flipflops…lmmao..

  18. very strong reaction to a harmful post…did i say frank wasn’t my favorite or being upset him getting POV ??? no, i did not…i was just stating my opinion…absolutely no reason to use foul language or insulting people…or should i say trying to insult people …I was not aiming to upset people on here – sorry, but i will not lower myself to your level using f…p…or other kind of words – and i didn’t know that one person on here speaks for all…

    • Tina….my post just happened to show up after yours.  When I was writing this, you had not yet posted or I hadn’t read your post.  This was not personally to you…I was generalizing. So, I’m sorry if you took offense.  This was in reference to the people who continually saying the show is rigged or the players have production help and haven’t contributed anything else to the sight but this repetitive bullshit.

      • i see :)……i must confess that i did not read any of the other comments hence  it was my first post…that is the reason why i did feel a tiny bit offended :)…i mostly go over the spoilers and that’s it…i just wanted to get this of my chest in hopes to hear what other people think about it…anyway, it’s all good :)

  19. I kind of wish frank would of been evicted and boogie stayed…frank is way too soft and he trusts people that have burned him time after time his softness is getting on my nerves make a stand for boogie u punk!

    • Vince… I understand what you are saying, but look at it from his point.  He’s alone in the game and can’t win every time.  I don’t think he really trusts them.  Let’s believe he’s just using them for his purpose.  Maybe he can have a little leverage if he tells Ian that the Qpack is throwing him under the bus and wants him to put up him up, Ian.  He can also go to Joe and tell him they’re trying to get him to put him up too.  Okay, maybe not Joe…he’s a lost cause…he’s as dumb as they come and wouldn’t care.

  20. This is the best part of BB.  Alliances start turning on each other and new ones will be formed and since the jury has begun it adds a new element to decision making.  Looking forward to Frank, Shane, Dan and Britney battling it out.  The entire vibe of the house has changed for the better since belligerent Boogie left.  Hope he doesn’t come back because of some twist.  It’s just as competitive now, if not more, but it will be mostly game play and strategy and not so much the bellligerent, insulting, temper tantrum, name calling, pouting and whimpering that it was when the petulant child Boogie was there.   Should be a good final month.

    • Britt battle? She’s the biggest scumbag in the house. Makes everyone else get bloody but she cowers. Shane had a moment of clarity when she tried to chew him out but he went back to stupidville when it was over.I can’t believe nobody calls her out and Frank is starting to trust her? These people are just stupid.

    • I too hope he doesn’t come back, if he does then I would think everything is rigged.  I agree with your post totally.  Frank can’t win every comp between now and the end…he will slip up somewhere and find himself on the block every time he does.
      And, what is with Joe always screaming into the camera in the diary room…seems like the only time he has any fire in him is when he is in the DR and no one can hear him.

  21. Frank is still underestimating Ian…..even when Boogie told Frank not to trust Ian….when the facts were as clear as ever….he still defends Ian AND wants Dan out.

    I’ll be laughing my ass off IF, Frank thinks Dan is lying about Ian being the reason for why Boogie left the house. I only supported Frank and Boogie cause it was really Boogie game play while Frank is the clueless Puppet.

    Should be a good week to watch and I have a sneaky feeling Ian will indirectly be one of the main causes for Dan demise.

  22. Anyone that doesn’t wash their hands after taking a piss when preparing my food is a dirty and filthy bastard. Joe is safe this week and this perverted troll thinks he cool with the lame and whack Quack Pack. He needs to go. Mantits, Closet Shane, Corny Dan, Dummy Britney and Dummy Danielle have to get the hell of that house. Its nauseating. Bring on Survivor and Coach.

  23. Frank needs to concentrate on Shane, Once the meatshield that can actually win goes, the rest of those roaches will scatter. I hope he backdoors Shane, he really desrves it and it will change the game bigtime and it will force everyone to see how Britt scumbags people in this game.

  24. I am so of Danielle and Brittany. At this point I wish Frank and Shane would form an alliance. That way no one could ever bet them. If frank wants to make it to the end that is his only hope. I rather see two physical players at the end, not a cry baby,.cook,.or hen city who? Please tell them to smarten up and stick together.

    • Zoolander is from a small town called Stupidville. Britts got control of his brain and she ain’t letting go. If they’re both in jury she’s gonna tell him who to vote for. If Frank goes, I would love to see them have to choose between Jenn and Joe. That would tell them all that they played a horrible game  and how was it wasting a summer to make that choice?

  25. Why does everyone want Shane out? He is far better than Frank. I think Frank needs to learn a lesson before they stab him in the back again. I have never seen this many liers and back stabbers in one season. It seems to me people r forgetting what Frank has done in that House. He is not a nice guy. Shane is very sweet and loyal to his alliance. The only problem his alliance Brittany didnt want blood on their hands. Brittany cries to much after hitting the bottom. Danielle can’t stop looking at herself. I will be happy when they leave. Jen really needs to.stop her do do to do song. She is useless.

    • What part of Shane is a liar also don’t you understand? He promised Frank…twice…that he wouldn’t put him up, and he did it anyway…twice. Shane is a lemming. He would follow Britney no matter the consequences. Frank is actually pretty honest as far as BB goes (chip palming incident aside). He has stayed loyal to alliances, and only got irate after he was blatantly lied to…again…by Shane. Yes, they all lie. It’s the nature of the game. But Shane lied, and then sold out Britney (another lie), to cover up his bull****. So why is Shane a better dude than Frank?

  26. He needs to put up shane and Dan. Shane is a threat in comps and Dan can manipulate the quack pack for his benifit. Frank twice tried to deal with Shane and didn’t put him up to only get back stabbed twice by Shane by Shane putting him on the block. needs to get Dan or Shane

  27. idc what anybody says, brit is rocking this house. She dosnt need to win comps, because she has a great social game. But she will need to start winning comps, because frank will get her out eventually 

  28. I think Frank should put up Dan and Brit, and try and convince the house that they need to target the ‘coaches’ who aren’t doing anything but floating (they are worse than the ‘newbies’ because they have been there before) that it is time to let the ‘worthy’ battle it out.  If Frank could trust Shane (???????) then the two of them could rule the house.

  29. You know what…let’s give Frank the benefit of doubt…let’s say, he’s placating Ian…hmmm, I’m thinking twice about that….but let’s say.  Say he’s trying to build an alliance to protect himself, since he knows, he’s alone in this game.  Let’s say he plans to backstab them like they did him…if he can think that far in the future….cough…cough. Let’s say he doesn’t trust anyone in the house and knows they’re all lying and using him …cough… cough.. and he’s planning to backdoor Shane …chuckle… chuckle…..just saying…mumbling…I wish he has the smarts.

  30. It fascinates me that everyone complains about being lied to.  Hello?  This is Big Brother.  I can’t remember anyone winning this game without lying.  No one bragged more about their lying than Boogie, but when it happened to him he was so hurt.  If Boogie and Frank pulled what Shane and Ian did, Boogie would be claiming it was the best move in BB history.  It’s a liar’s game.  Liar’s Poker. 

    • Well said Stroked. I must admit though I was a little taken off guard last night with Boogies reaction after watching Ians goodbye video. He gave him props for what he did instead of trying to turn the table on the kid. Even took off his hat and bowwed. Maybe he is maturing a little with age. No, probobly not….

      • Make no mistake, Mindy, that Boogie had a slow burn when he found out that Ian punked him.  Boogie was so disrespectful and condescending toward Ian and Ian knew it.  Boogie knew he was on national TV and tried (emphasize “tried”) to appear classy.  He showed who he was on BBAD by personally insulting everyone and their families.  He knows that most viewers don’t watch BBAD so he tried to fool everyone on the national broadcast. 

  31. Maybe Frank is thinking about someone winning POV and taking themself off the block.If he put up Dan & Shane, one of them could win POV& would come off the block. This way.. whoever comes off can be replaced by Shane.If Ian had not put up Frank last night, the POV winner could have used it and Frank would be out.

  32. While I personally don’t think Frank is the best BB player
    of all time (Dr. Will still holds that title for me), I do believe that Frank
    is the least spineless, most reliable of all the HG. If not for Boogie, Frank would
    have done what he said, when he said it. Boogie totally ruined Frank’s game. Boogie
    put a huge target on Frank’s back by association alone, and he trained Frank to
    be other than himself. But, in that house I don’t really think anyone is their true
    self anyway. That’s why it’s called a game. It’s a mental, physical, crafty game!
    While Frank may have been crafty behind the scenes, at least he was trying to protect
    the underdogs (Jenn, Ian, Ashley), while DDBS are not caring enough to protect
    anyone, except their own behinds. In fact, they would have all thrown Ian under
    the bus in a second, if they didn’t still need to use him for his spying. Dan
    even told Brit that he would throw the kid under the bus in a minute if it
    hurts his game because he just doesn’t care about the kid. That should have set
    warning bells off in Brit’s dimwitted head. I still believe that Frank is the
    most respectable and reliable HG and he showed that to everyone by sticking by Boogie
    even though he himself knew that Boogie was poison for his game! To me, that
    means more than anything else in this game. Words are worthless, but actions
    are priceless!

    • @ similligan:  I agree that Frank is the least spineless, which doesn’t necesssarily translate to winning the game.  I also agree that Frank’s association with Boogie hurt him in the game, however, I disagree that Frank thought Boogie was poison to his game.  Frank not only drank, but he guzzled, the Boogie kool-aid and trashed everyone personally just like Boogie did.  We’ll see if he makes amends and changes his mean behavior.  The other HGs see right through Frank’s phony attempt to be nice and friendly.  We’ll see if he can change their minds.

  33. I know I wouldn’t last two days in the BB house without losing it.  That’s why I respect Dan.  I have never heard him personally attack anyone (or their family and especially their kids).  He can hold his mud.  He’s emotionally tough, unlike Boogie who could be described as an “emotional slob” and Frank has been teetering on the edge of being that way, too.  Dan won’t win, but he deserves credit for not cracking.  That’s a great life skill.  Shane also has strong emotional control.  I’m sure it’s very difficult to hang emotionally tough in that environment.

    • I agree. I think what all of these contestants say is true, the hardest thing about the BB house is the emotional toll it can take on you.

      Dan gets angry, and you can see it. But he refuses to engage, the dude has got nerves of steel.

      Same with Shane, they may be upset but they do not let that control them. Which is great for them.

      I would be a mess like Danielle or Chima. 

  34. Frank isn’t as dumb as
    everyone thinks. He knows his time is limited in that house so he wants to make
    it count and watch Dan walk out the door before he goes. I would feel the same way
    under the circumstance and so would you if you were in in that house. Anyone
    would want revenge on the one person that you believed had manipulated everyone
    and ruined your entire game. Everyone keeps saying that Ian got Boogie out.
    Whatever! In all actuality DDBS evicted Boogie because of the spying little weasel,
    but Ian did not single handedly get Boogie evicted. Ian is nothing more than a
    tool. When his usefulness is over he’ll be sent home too.

  35. Did anyone notice that Boogie said to put his stuff in the storage room??? He believes he will be coming back in the house. Do you think he knows that he is coming back in?????

    • He said put it in the storage room because that’s where the BB guys come to get all of it to be returned. Usually they have a duffel bag but obviously not everything fits so the other HGs put it in the SR for pickup. And he didn’t feel like looking cheesy and carrying that one duffel bag like everyone does. Hence “put it in the storage room”

  36. bb  is cheating this season, thats why Frank keeps winning pov and why he’s hoh

  37. BB producers want Frank to win, that is why he wins pov everytime he is on the block duh, can you say cheating.

  38. Moving on to other topics, man you guys are on fire this morning with your attacks on each other. Matt usually doesn’t allow that (it is one of the rule of posting that they will be removed) and I am a bit suprised here. Ok, that said, Oh My Gosh!! Danielliar, nominated. I can barely stomach her insecurity and vainess on a regular week. She will be untolerable to listen to. I already have to fast-forward thru much of BBAD because I can not listen to her. So if she is on the block, double air time for the Queen of Whiners….. I really will take the hammock squeek at 60 mph via Ian over her squirrel-like voice. Please, let her come down with Laurengitis (sp?) for the next 6 days……

  39. It’s real talk in pimpin. You have realize that it is the wackiest season of BB14. Who is the man with the breasts on here? Who is the guy that keep screaming and yelling in the God awful blue shirt? Closet gays and crossed eyed mangy gerbils galore.

  40. I hope Frank nominates Danielle and Dan. Dan wins POV, and Danielle gets evicted. That way Frank HoH can be a total waste and we can watch bozo the non showering clown get evicted next week.

    • When was the last time you washed your stinky ass? You have time to post a idiotic comment such as that but can’t wash your damn scrotum. Bozo clowns rocked by the way douche.

      •  But Danielle will probably still get evicted. Since Frank all of a sudden trust Shane and Britney.

    •  i guess your right because he dosent lie, tells things how it is, rocks at comps. I guess your cheering for some wank on the fudge packer alliance they need that alliance because they are weak and feeble minded and it takes 6 of them to make a decision 

  41. Rite on the money Joey_N.Can’t be said any plainer’n that.Let the gamer stay.The whiner needs to go!!

    • Boring…Joey_N is a fool and you are too. Bring Keith back. Come on Frank! Arvin blows.

  42. I think it’s really funny that Brit seems like she’ll skate to the end.

    Dan’s motto has been to win when you have to, and maybe he can pull it our. Or not.

    But I think Dan’s time is limited in the BB house under Frank’s reign, unless the stars align for him.

    Though for Frank, I think it’s good he’ll get a strong player out. But he is still in the dark about who he should be going after, Ian or Shane. Both of them are bigger threats than Dan.

    But I guess if the worst you can do in a week is get out Dan, then you have had a good week

  43. For everybody who dislike Frank, I get that.  I found Frank to be the most annoying in BB until Jenn showed her true color.  After the past couple days with her “fired up”, I just don’t want any of her shadow on my screen.

  44. First of all, the fact frank is still here and has HOH shows how rigged this show is. It’s ridiculous. Second of all, he is an idiot. He is so obsessed with getting out dan he can figure out what is right in front on him! Ian is the mole! On top of that, EVERYONE is against him, so he needs to win every competition here on out to stay in the game. Therefore, if frank were smart, he’d get rid of the one person who challenges him most in comps, AKA Shane. As soon as frank loses a comp, he is 100% gone

    • I’m still rooting for Frank, but I do think he’s dumb to trust Ian after boogie told him not to, then Ian nominates him and the only other person willing to work with him and sends her home. I understand him forgiving Ian because he has to try to patch things up somehow, but to confide in him or take his advice anymore is just stupid. if frank goes next it’s going to be soooo boring and predictable. Britney’s worthless, I don’t get why anybody would risk their game for her

  45. Once again, would be nice if someone that wasn’t Frank or Shane would win HoH (and would stay it for longer than a couple of hours..)

  46. Gotta hand it to Ian. He was so close to really changing this game around. If he had just found that second clover, the game would be completely different at this point. Getting Boogie out was the best move the remaining players could have made. 

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