Big Brother 14 Episode 10: Week 3 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 14 nominees Frank and Joe

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll see the results of the next live eviction, the not-so-surprising “big surprise,” and what we expect is an endurance HoH competition.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as it’s revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go (not signed up yet? use the Free Trial) because when the broadcast show is over the Live Feed returns and that’ll be the only place you can watch the endurance battle play out. Combining tonight’s big reveal of the Coaches entering the game and the deceitful voting, this will be a big one.

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Before we get to the eviction, Julie Chen makes the announcement that the Coaches will have the choice to enter the game. If they enter then there’s no eviction and all HGs will play in tonight’s competition. Wow, that’s a little bit of a twist on the twist.

The 4 coaches will have the chance to accept the challenge. All it takes is for 1 of the 4 coaches to accept and they’re all bound. Yep, Britney is up first and accepts.

Big Brother 14 – Coaches Twist voting:

  • Britney votes ‘yes’ – that’s all it takes
  • Boogie votes ‘no’
  • Dan votes ‘yes’
  • Janelle votes ‘yes’

Big Brother 14 - Britney hits reset

There is no eviction tonight after all. All HGs are now players and all will remain in the game. Now it’s time for the endurance competition! All HGs head to the backyard.

Big Brother 14 Week 4 HoH Competition – ‘Walk the Plank’:

  • The HGs are perched on a small ledge aside a pirate ship. The last HG standing wins HoH. We’ll be live posting updates here.

Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll either have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house or the endurance competition will rage on! Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night with the Veto competition on Saturday, so stay close by!

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  1. Hello houseguests. I need everyone to gather in the living room. As you know, the motto is expect the unexpected. All week we’ve been asking America to vote.. What are they voting for? To see the coaches return back into the game and abandon the one hundred thousand dollar prize for a shot at the five hundred thousand dollar prize. How did America vote?  It clearly doesn’t matter because we always rig these things and cater to veterans, coaches are back in the game, here’s 12 diamond power of veto’s to go along with it.

    • Julie Chen: An update to the “new reset” that has just happened in the house. We understand that Shane winning HoH last week was rather pointless and have decided to give him compensation for this. Shane will get the option to change the game even further! He can either a) Kick a house guest in the family jewels or b) Open Pandora’s box. As always we pretty much force all our house guests to open this damned thing so let’s go ahead and open it for him! What’s this!? Rachel will now be a player for the remainder of the game! She will also get to choose 5 house guests to be evicted. Oh and we’re giving her the 12 Diamond Power of Vetos. Since you opened Pandora’s box Shane you get something for it! You get the chance to tell all your fellow lovely housemates that you unleashed Rachel! Enjoy!

    •  think for a second, if amercia voted no the coaches wouldn’t be returning. CBS doesn’t want to risk ratings. fact is only the hardcore big brother fans didn’t want coaches to return, the casual ones just seem to love the twist. sadly there’s more casual fans than hardcore ones, so the coaches are in the game

  2. America decided to vote them into the game TOTAL BS! I like the way they turned it though. 

  3. I don’t feel that what just happened is really fair to shane. He won last week for nothing, and outed his plans to the house without his target leaving. However at this point we are going to have A LOT of double evictions coming our way.

    • You are so right Nick !!!!!!!!!!!!  Who knows Shane may end up on top again.This game is really getting better by the day…Best B.B. ever !!!

    • I agree Nick, but I’m so tired of CBS changing the outcome of the game! Let the new players play their games without bringing former winners & losers into the game.  Poor Shane….he doesn’t have a chance & I think that’s exactly the way BB wants it to come out. Apparently, they want Boogie to win yet again! And, he probably will…but I won’t be watching it any more!

  4. Yes Hailey that’s exactly how it is. This is pure bullshit. Say goodbye to the half-million noobies!

  5. Congrats Big Brother, after tonights episode I will never watch this show again.  This from someone who has watched this show every year since its inception.  Total BS.  Whats wrong too lazy to actually go out find a whole cast of people who havent been on this show? 

    •  Sorry man but I call bull. Every year there are people on this site that say “this twist sucks” and “I cant believe they did that” “I’m not watching this show anymore” and honestly I don’t see you not watching. Maybe for an episode of two but no more than that.

    • yes  ,, it is totally unfair to all the new people in the house and the ones who could really use the money….  Boogie obviously doesn’t need it…  Did you hear him brag about owning a restaurant?    Cant stand him    .. hope he goes first

      • GOOD Lavendargirl !!! You have it down right. There’s people out there that like to complain about everything.

  6. It is over for the newbies. Watch Shane backdoored this coming week! That is why you want Frank in the game. The coaches are coming in and going to start
    evicting the newbies. Shane let himself be manipulated by Janelle and Brittney.
    Now, they will backdoor him and he deserves it too! 

    • Shane deserves to be backdoored?  The guy won an HOH and a POV to determine who is on the block to be voted out and then low and behold THE HOUSE NEVER EVEN HAS A CHANCE TO VOTE and you think he should get backdoored?  Like CBS playing the ratings game at the expense of the integrity of the show hasn’t screwed Shane bad enough?  Regardless of what you think of his gameplay, Shane got screwed.

      • I agree with you Brizilla 100 %. I say that Shane deserves  the right to evict who he wants..That right was taken away from him !!!! BAD deal for him..

    • Sure hope that Shane wins the H.O.H. tonight. We need to see Frank back on the block, than Boogie, Joe, Janelle,and Britney . Dan and Shane too the end !!!!

  7. This twist is so unfair to Shane.  His HOH was completely pointless and it put a huge target on his back since he tried to actually make a big move and backdoor Frank.

  8. I just love the people complaining that they will no longer watch the show after tonight because of this.  I really do not think CBS or Big Brother cares if they lose a a couple of viewers.  Millions others, including myself will watch and continue to watch.  

    And I just have to say it, GO IAN, FRANK, AND BOOGIE!  

    • Hopefully, Boogie wins and then, they can then, backdoor Shane so he does not know it till he is put on the block and cannot save himself! He
      deserves to be evicted because he betrayed his alliance with Frank. I would put Danielle on the block because she deserves it too! She formed an alliance with Frank and Shane then, promptly stabbed him in the back!

      • I agree with you.  I can not stand Shane or Danielle.  Give me a double eviction with both of them going and I would be pretty happy.  Boogie has always been my favorite player of all time in the game, Frank, I just find to be a good player.  Ian, well he does not have much of a game, but being that he the the local boy, at least for me from New Orleans, I have to pull for him.  

      • Do you really think that Frank would not have done the same to Shane ??? On B.B.A.D. it was very clear just what he would do to Shane if he had the chanse. Boogie and Frank had it all planned out just what they would do to Shane when the time came. Remember this is B.B.It’s all about lying and back stabbing to ALL !!!!!!

  9. I think a lot of us are not happy with the couches being allowed to play , but given it is a reality, the reset made it a lot more fair and did put an interesting twist in it.  The question is, the the newbies stop fighting long enough to work together to get rid of the couches

    Does anyone knows why Wil has a wild hair up his butt for Ian?

  10. I am PISSED the coaches are in…..I think BB trumped what we really wanted in America… so much for what we wanted…

  11. I agree that the coaches should have stayed out as they have had an advantage for weeks. Also, Shane won both HOH and veto with his reign being useless. He should have at least been awarded another week of safety.

  12. The best player in the game so far will be one of the next two to be evicted for sure… sad really BB… :-( 

  13. i don’t think this is unfair to shane
    1. he gets to compete
    2. frank thought he was safe so why would he go after shane?

    i wasn’t down for this twist but i do think it’s going to be interesting and i agree the way they did it was really good.

  14. O’k did everyone see Boogie face, not happy at all. And Frank and Joe are save so let see will Frank because Boogie, Will or will Frank turn on Boogie and go for his self… Now with all this Janelle watch Wil may come after you just to show you who was caring who. Can’t wait for tonight after dark… Good Luck Guys.

  15. Big Brothers new motto should be expect the expected, we all expected this is what they would do and they did it.   I have watched BB since the first season but when you just do what is expected, I am afraid this show is doomed to fail.  Veterans on the show, expected. Coaches allowed in the game, expected, even by the house guests.  Hopefully next season won’t be so predictable.

  16. I just got the 3-day trial of the live feeds…how long does it usually take for them to kick on after Thursday shows?  It seems weird that we’re going on almost 10 min after the show is off and the live feeds haven’t switched from trivia to showing the HOH competition.  Is that normal?

  17. I am watching Team USA at the Olympics, just popped in here to see the results of the eviction etc, see i didnt miss a damn thing, awesome!

  18. Okay that’s it for the season for me. No more, that’s so totally unfair to remove Shane of his HoH powers. Wow, that’s so ridiculous. Now he’s in a horrible position, Frank was supposed to go home and now he’s screwed. There’s no point in watching anymore

    • Sure that’s what all the complainers say…you know you’ll be watching. But I wish the coaches would of came in after the eviction. I wanted to see Frank go and the look on that cocky Boogies face.

  19. You can not make me believe that America really voted for the coaches to come into the game. I saw the numbers online and it was against the coaches. BB was going to put them in no matter how we voted. Shane has had to fight it alone and has won 3 veto coms plus HOH. Tell me what is fair about this crap ?

  20. not gonna lie, im happy the coaches are back in the game
    things are gonna get realll interesting now! :)

  21. I feel violated. The producers cheated on the loyal viewers. This must be what rape feels like.

  22. What is the point of having America vote on whether or not the coaches should be offered the chance to compete as players or stay coaches if you aren’t going to tell America WHAT ELSE will happen based on their choice? What’s the point of pitching to America that the coaches will be given the chance to decide whether or not they will compete as players if America doesn’t know that the vote of each coach only really counts if they all vote not keep coaching and not play? Wouldn’t America like to have known just how badly they’d screw Shane by voting to allow the coaches to possibly return as players before America casted their votes?  How can CBS possibly act like the fix wasn’t in on the so-called “America’s Vote”?

  23. If they were going to bring the coaches back it should of been after Frank walked out the door. I wanted to see Booger freak out. Besides it wasn’t fair to Shane as HOH. But once again CBS rigs it so Frank will stay. I hope Janelle wins HOH.

  24. The producers really screwed Shane. He worked so hard to make his Hoh eviction be meaningful and then they pulled the rug out from under him.

    • They ruined what would have been the best moment so far.Boogie going ballistic after Frank gets evicted .

  25. Yall do realise that frank thought he was safe and that joe was going home. he still wants to work with shane. plus shane has danielle, hopefully brit so that might be enough. also joe if he sticks to his word.

  26. Such a horrible way to execute this stupid “twist”, rigging would be a better word to use.  Anyway, they should have proceeded with the vote, so that Shane’s great work this week would be respected and then introduce the scam of bringing back the coaches.  I hope a new contestant wins HOH and they make it a point to slaughter the former coaches.  I would love to see the next 4 evictions be the old farts and therefore give somebody new a chance to play their game.  Good to see Boogie and Dan already down.  I want Shane to get back in the HOH and get Brittney evicted to set the example.  

  27. I hate how ppl keep saying oh why do they always bring back players. Like have any of you actually watched big brother this is only the third time in all 14 seasons that’s they have brought back players to compete. Everyone acting like its every year stop crying and exaggerating everything.

  28. Can’t say I was surprised by last night’s turn of events…..however, I AM tired of CBS producers dictating the outcome of the BB game.  Won’t be watching the rest of this season! Sorry….I think the 4 coaches already played their games & don’t want to watch them take over this house. I used to like this show too!

  29. I’ve lost interest and have stopped watching altogether.  BORING……it is a real snoozefest this year….

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