Big Brother 14: Week 4 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Big Brother 14: Walk the Plank

Here we go! It’s our very first Big Brother 14 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw the Coaches decide to enter the game and in a big twist there will be no elimination. That means everyone will be competing tonight including both nominees & the HoH.

The endurance competition is called “Walk the Plank” and it’s set up like many past endurance competitions. They’re perched on small ledges as the wall tilts forward and back. The last HG standing becomes the next HoH.

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Big Brother 14 Week 4 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:10 PM BBT – Live Feed returns and all HGs remain up!
  • 7:15 PM BBT – All HGs remain up. BB dumping water on them.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – BB dropping seagull droppings on them.
  • 7:23 PM BBT – Boogie complaining loudly. Tells Ian he’ll drop.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Most HGs look like they’re having fun. All in.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Talk of Joe dropping soon, but he’s still there.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Lots of complaining about the cold water. All remain.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Strong bunch this year! All still in the game.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – Shane encouraging Joe to keep him from falling.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – Boogie is really unhappy about all this. All remain.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Over an hour into the comp and all HGs remain!
  • 8:02 PM BBT – Boogie declares he’s down & drops. Jenn follows.
  • 8:04 PM BBT – Joe has dropped. Not surprising. He was having trouble.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – 9 other HGs remain. Drop-off’s getting pizza.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – Janelle & Britney whispering. 9 HGs remain.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – These HGs are going strong! Way to go!
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Not much talking from the remaining 9 HGs
  • 8:30 PM BBT – Boogie, Jenn, & Joe chatting on the sidelines
  • 8:35 PM BBT – 9 HGs remain. They are hanging in there.
  • 8:40 PM BBT – Frank is crouching. Legs must be hurting.
  • 8:42 PM BBT – Ashley is down. I didn’t see that coming.
  • 8:44 PM BBT – Dan follows suit. He’s down. 7 remain.
  • 8:50 PM BBT – Frank was enjoying a PowerBar. No signs of stress now.
  • 8:55 PM BBT – Boogie has been whining on the sidelines to get in the house.
  • 9:00 PM BBT – More than 2 hours in and 7 HGs remains.
  • 9:05 PM BBT – Boogie says Danielle, Brit, & Ian look the strongest.
  • 9:06 PM BBT – Frank is down. 6 HGs remain.
  • 9:10 PM BBT – Janelle is having a very hard time. Grunting.
  • 9:15 PM BBT – Shane seems to be struggling. Danielle going strong.
  • 9:20 PM BBT – Janelle struggling. Boogie complaining on the sidelines.
  • 9:25 PM BBT – 6 HGs remain. Few looking rough. Few going strong.
  • 9:30 PM BBT – Shane is doing lots of bending & grunting. He won’t last long.
  • 9:35 PM BBT – Shane and Wil agree & drop together. 4 HGs remain.
  • 9:39 PM BBT – Janelle drops. I’m surprised she lasted this long. 3 remain.
  • 9:45 PM BBT – All 3 remaining HGs look strong. Dan is doing his speech!
  • 9:50 PM BBT – Ian starts talking about safety to other 2 HGs. He’s hurting.
  • 9:51 PM BBT – Ian slips and nearly falls off then worries he’s been DQ’d.
  • 9:55 PM BBT – Ian, Brit, & Danielle remain. Ian wasn’t DQ’d.
  • 10:00 PM BBT – Britney wants Ian to ask for privacy to negotiate deals.
  • 10:05 PM BBT – Ian asking Britney if he has safety. He’s shuddering.
  • 10:08 PM BBT – Ian confirms safety. He drops.
  • 10:09 PM BBT – Britney throws it to Danielle and drops. Danielle is new HoH.
  • 10:10 PM BBT – Shane jumps on Danielle and kisses her. Yikes.
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Big Brother 14 Danielle wins HoH

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    • Dude, this isn’t jumping the shark.  They did that two years ago.  This is jumping the shark, coming back, shooting the shark, taking a dump on it, consuming its flesh, devouring its soul, hanging its head on the wall, and then doing it to TWELVE MORE SHARKS just to be safe!!!

      • @1e29c2c022c39590f46677c183a77499:disqus 

        I’m not.  I just cancelled my feeds right now and don’t intend on watching any more TV episodes.  I’m just coming back to this site because it’s a good fan site worth reading.

      • As long as we don’t know who’s gonna win, then it doesn’t matter. Big brother is still exciting

    • I just wasted 3 hours this week with the reset. I’ve watched it since day one. Big Brother can expect the unexpected… me to stop watching!

    • Show is rigged. Frank stays and then they rig it for Danielle to win because when Ian fell, he was the only one getting the freezing shower. It was so bad he was shivering really bad. If Ian wasn’t going to come down on his own, BB was going to force him. Britney had some water but probably only because she was close to Ian. I understand them wanting Danielle to win. It creates a big story line in the showmance with Shane and no one really know what she will do with the hoh. Keep the three amigos alive? Take out a coach? Take out Boogie even if Dan has an alliance with him. Go back on her word and nominate Ian? Take out Janelle and her team even though they were with together last week. So many good story line possibilities for Danielle. 

      • Frank stays because he is a very popular player with the personality of you either love him or hate him who is in the center of controversy every week. When you watch the three hour show on Big Brother After Dark at 1:56 to 1:57, Danielle admits to Britney that when Ian and Britney was shivering, she wasn’t even cold because they didn’t pour the freezing water on her. 

        After watching Big Brother After Dark, I truly believe leading up to the hoh competition, BB wanted Ian to win but decided to let Danielle win because at the time Ian feel off and Danielle won, Mike Boogie was telling Frank that Danielle was going to vote him out because that what Dan told him. If Ian won the hoh, Mike would make Ian put Dan, Shane, or Danielle on the block. One of those three was going to go home next week and BB would of never allowed that to happen. They didn’t want Dan, a fan favorite to get kicked out or the only showmance on the show with Shane and Danielle to be broken up. 

        Dan is the one that that squealed not Joe, he only confirmed what Dan said by saying he had the votes to stay. There is nothing Dan can say to make it go away. Even if he tries to play it like Will was going vote to get rid of Frank, Danielle still was the swing vote to keep him. Didn’t matter how Will voted, only mattered how Danielle voted and by what Dan told Mike Boogie,”Frank was going to go home if I didn’t press the red button” which means that Danielle was going to vote to evict Frank. Will is lying saying that he wasn’t going to evict Frank but the only way what Dan told Boogie is  100% true about Frank was going home is if Will fesses up and tells Frank that Him and Danielle were both going to evict him by blindsiding him but he was only doing what Shane the HOH and his “Girlfriend” was telling him to do so Frank wouldn’t hassel them all week. If Joe really was the target to go home, what would be the point to keep it a secret from everyone. Dan is in a tough spot as now Mike Boogie and Britney now don’t trust Dan. Britney is giving little hints to Danielle in Big Brother After Dark to put Dan on the block. Never directly says it but giving her hints and Danielle tries to persuade her that Dan never meant it to happen and that he was crying to her about it.

    • Well, pretty much. The newbies were not really playing using their
      heads. They had an inkling the coaches were coming in as Willie
      mentioned it and I find it hard to believe they did not even have an
      inkling. The fact that they ignored it shows their total lack of individual
      strategy. Now, with the coaches in, they will have to play because
      they will all be targets but, more so, Shane because he brought it
      on himself by betraying his alliance with Frank. Now, he has to deal
      with Janelle, Brittney, Dan, Boogie, Frank, Ian, Jenn, Joe, Ashley
      and Will all who want him evicted. He only has Danielle in his
      pocket and he has himself to blame for it! Why even form an alliance
      if you are not going to stick to it?

      • He didn’t plan on breaking it you idiot.  It happens.  THat’s the game.  Frank would have broken it eventually too.  Are we watchign the same game?

      •  Maybe not Britney. She can use Shane to her advantage and vice-versa, but I basically agree with everyone else. Thankfully, Danielle won HOH, so he should be safe this week!

      • So your telling me that Shane is the only one betraying the other H.G.???? I don’t think so !!!! If you watched B.B.A.D. you could see where THEY all had things going on. You seem to forget that Danielle likes Shane , so I don’t think that she’ll put him  on the block. I think that Frank goes back up. Good play.

    • At least the newbies can play a proper game now instead of forced team dynamics.

    • not likely, the big strong guys usually go down hard in these comps. It might be a little guy like Ian. That would be ironic, the guy sat around and did nothing so far but screw Frank over (hahaha) and to have the power when it matters most, how sweet it would be……

  1. surprise!!!!! not at allI new thecoacheswould be in the game no matter how america voted..I love myman Boogie and I respect him more now for not wanting in the game and possibly letting someone new win, shows u booie isnot Greedy…Hope Boogie or Shane win  this and my Boy Ian

    • He’s not greedy because he owns a few dozen restaurants but he’s still scum the way he talks and treats women. I hope he’s the first one to go. 

      • Boogie still tries to look and act like a frat boy and he’s at least 50 by now!    I was rather surprised that he did NOT want to enter the game, I wonder if that’s because he thought he’d be a big target?  Perhaps he is not as confident as what he tries to convey as far as his game play this season, after all he doesn’t have Dr Will guiding his every move this time. It was a smart move on his part NOT hitting the reset button because his odds of winning the $100k was one in four, now the odds of winning the $500k are about three times that…I would think it would be smarter to try to compete for the smaller prize at much more favorable odds and those odds would have gone down to one in three by simply evicting Danielle and then Dan would follow behind her. 

    •  Ha!  Boogie knows he’s no longer has game … altruistic is not a word I’d use to describe that dude.

    • I think in his eyes, he’s won it as a player, and he truly wanted to win it as a coach. To win in two different ways, plus as a figurehead like a coach, would solidify in his mind that he’s the greatest player in the game’s history. I do actually think wanting to give someone else a chance to win was a factor for him, because he’s mentioned that it’s a life-changing opportunity for a player and their family, but I think wanting to win as a coach was more in his mind.

    • How is he not greedy?  Just before he didn’t push the reset button he told Julie he was only looking out for #1 and was happy to take the $6000 instead of giving the biggest amount to someone on his team.

    • LOL!!!  Booger not greedy ARE YOU KIDDING!!  He didn’t press the reset because he knew one of the others would push it. Cokee will win BB again.  Viewers are stupid for believing this crap.  Last night is the last BB show for me. 

    •  call bull on that one. we will all still watch. its big brother. people say it every year about everything they do, but we all still tune in.

      • Because it’s watching by rote.  People watch despite all the crap happening because they cling to the hope that the show will stop sucking.  

        That’s how Survivor and Big Brother have kept running since 2000.  At some point, once the quality of the show starts declining and the producers start relying on cheap gimmicks, the ratings sustain themselves on the fan base that has become addicted to watching the show religiously because it’s something they have done for years.  Why should Grodner focus on casting a strong cast instead of relying on rehashed players to create a good season when she can just exploit the armies of fans and haters that players like Janelle and Boogie have amassed over the years?

  2. So we aren’t even allowed to watch the blogger ticker on how this goes down…….wow that’s greedy!

  3. At least Grodner had the decency to let Shane compete for the HOH after she just made everything he did this past week completely pointless.

    • they could of just let an eviction happen instead of that story on Frank’s father. I feel bad for shane winning TWO comps for no reason. And both his nominees are in the house and he has to work for another win. so unfair

      • I agree, there should have been an eviction FIRST and THEN the coaches given the chance to enter the game and THEN having the HOH.  You wonder if the producers simply wanted to try to save Frank by having the eviction cancelled because, after all, they had intended all along in bringing the coaches in, the so-called America’s choice was just a formality that meant nothing.  I find it impossible to believe that most viewers voted to allow the coaches to have this unfair advantage.

    •  I’d rather see Ian who has actually watched every season and knows the game than another pretty boy like Shane who was a recruit and has never seen a single episode (watch his pre-show interview on this site, he said it!)

      • Pretty sure Ian sucks and Shane is at least killing it in the comps. All I have to say.

  4. Gonna be really interesting to see who tells Boogie what the real plan was, and when. Especially if he or Frank win hoh.  This time Joe actually has “vital information” for them.

  5. We can’t watch it? What is the point of live feeds? Finally decided to get them… how disappointing.

  6. I wish they still held an eviction. That way Shane’s rain of hoh wasn’t completely pointless. Now they are back to twele again?! There will have to be two double evictions to finish the season on time yet they didn’t let anyone go home? I wonder if this will come out true. Who knows what the producers have in store for us…

    • And they said since the game was reset, an evicted houseguest will have the chance to compete and come back into the game on next Thursday…?

  7. What I think they were trying to do with this, was make it so the coaches can create alliances outside of eachother. For instance last season, all the old against newbies…I think they wanted it to be much less segregated than last they figured they’d make them coaches and then bring them in the game after a few weeks (assuring them jury seats) and letting them find alliances outside of eachother.

    • it won’t work tho. maybe as far as Boogie, but Dan Brit and Janelle will still have their teams try to work together to get Boogie. Then IDK what will happen

  8. What? An evicted houseguest has a chance to compete and come back this Thursday?! KARA. KARA. KARA!!!!

    • They didn’t say that. If the coaches joined, frank and joe stay. If they didn’t join, then an evicted one does. The coaches joined..

      • Sorry! I mis-heard it. I thought it was since the game was “reset”, they were bringing one back. Again, I apologize. My mistake.

    • longest was 13 hours in season 6. but it wasn’t hard they all had to hold down a button, last one standing won.

  9. 7:40pm bbt – Everyone still up.  The guys are looking a bit tired, Joe, Frank and Boogie especially.  Jenn looks very solid, hard to see Ashley at the end.

  10. Everyone still on.  Janelle lying and saying she did not push the button.  Boogie the only one who did not.  Do not like the fact that all had to start over like Shane’s HOH did not count or his POV.  Hope Shane wins this comp or one of his alliances.

  11. Ian will end up cutting a deal with Brit or Dan, or whoever is up there with him at the end.

  12. This has already happend. Big brother after dark messed up and showed Jen and Will talking in arcade room talking about she would drop if she keeps her boy safe. Will agrees, and wins the comp! Will is the new HOH

      • I was on set when producers told Julie to speed it up when she was explaining the rules….if you look at the board there was a blue line that the balls had to go past in order to count….Shanes was the only one that did not, BUT seeing how it was live, they couldnt go back and say wait…watch the clip, Ashley won hoh

  13. I hope Janelle wins HOH and nominates Boogie and Frank!!  There are now 12 house guests and it is already the beginning of August… will this be the longest Big Brother ever?  Because the only way the show could end the time it usually does is if they have like 4 double evictions.  

    • I 100% agree…want Janelle to make it all the way!!! She;s one of the best players ever and finally deserves a win.

      • I know! Janelle would have HANDS down won season 7 if she didnt accidentally take her hands of the volcano… I HOPE  she wins this season, because she already said if she gets evicted she is not going to go to jury and she is going to go back home to her baby.  She made it to the final 3 twice, the only way she can top that this year is if she wins! If she gets nominated she will win the veto for sure. 

  14. Hey Matt,,,The BBN forum ia not accessible. I’ce been geting a 503 Error for over an hour.

  15. This is total bullshit..Shane gets screwed again, his entire hoh was a flop. BB sucks,,boogie is mad azz hell, clearly he wanted to stay a coach.Hope shane pulls this one off. Team shane!!! whatever

      • the big brother game started over tonite it was a “reset” and the coaches are now players, and no one was evicted tonite..they are in the middle of an endurance comp. dan, boogie, joe, ashley, jenn. is out so far

  16. Does anyone know why the live feeds like to cut to trivia for just seconds at a time? I don’t understand it, its not really long enough for production to tell them anything.

  17. where did frank get that chocolate bar from??? and how nice of him to leave a bite for shane….

  18. This is just like the competition my girl Dani won last year! Go Janelle!! You can do it! 

  19. Everyone already knew that the coaches were coming back into the game NO SURPRISE there… Willie said that week one and the key holes next to their names was enough to give it away to they didn’t need our votes because it was already planned before they even aired the show… I think it is messed up that everything Shane did this week didn’t count for anything at least he made Frank think he was going to be safe even if that isn’t what was going to happen I hope that Shane can pull out the WIN on this comp as well… seeing I’m sure everyone will try and get him out!!!!!!!!!! out of everyone in that house right now that deserves to make it to final 2 is Shane being that he has won the most comps as of right now… Cant wait to watch BB after dark tonight sure its gonna be the best one of the season so far…  

    • The only people that deserve to go to the final two are the people that make it there. People that win a ton of competitions, get a target on their back and then get evicted mid-season don’t deserve to be anywhere other than the jury house.

  20. I hope Ian wins just cause it’d be funny that the puniest of all the dudes won the endurance competition.  

    • Janelle plays well but she’s gotta go and wil too he’s a damn drama queen! Joe’s a liar with a big mouth, Ashley is a moron. Obviously Shane is the strongest man up to this point and frank is a bit over rated unless he is throwing comps. Danelle thinks she’s a master at the game and is way to over confident that she can win comps whenever she wants. The twist is stupid but I won’t stop watching because I want to see if Britt can spread the wisdom about Janelle

    • They would make a good team but you can’t trust Britney…all she does is talk crap about every single person behind there back.

  21. Loving BB! And for those people who said they wont watch the show anymore…. All I can say is…. Liars! Lol

  22. For all the people that hate on Brit and say she is not good at the game or comps. It’s been 2 1/2 hours now and she is still hanging in there, and looks pretty solid. While Boogie and Dan (both winners) have already dropped. Boogie being the first out.

      • I try man. I love Big Brother and have always come to this site for all my spoilers. Guess it’s time I help out and try to keep a running tally.

  23. Brit will ask Ian to drop, with an offer of safety. The question is will he be smart enough to refuse.

  24. If Shane, Boogie, and Frank all work together no one is going to stop them. I just pooped in the refrigerator

    • Too late for that, Shane already showed he cannot be trusted with any
      alliance. A good alliance would be Boogie, Dan, Frank, Ian but, keep it on
      the down low. However, a stronger alliance is a coaches alliance of Janelle, Britney, Dan and Mike Boogie!

  25. Julie: in a shocking twist, the new hoh will have the option to either a)open pandoras box or b)open pandoras box! Oh, you’ve decided to open it! Congratulations! Rachel is now entering the game and has a golden key to the final 2! Rachel also has the power to evict 5 houseguests on the spot! In another shocking twist, Rachel is also the new BIG BROTHER SABOTEUR. She will get 50,000 for every task she completes! America, choose what Rachel will have to do!
    Text 1 for take a shower
    Text 2 for talk to another houseguest, or
    Text 3 for blink!

    Congrats Rachel! You have completed Americas challenge of taking a shower!


  26. i say the show would be better with out Julie Chen… lets get Mike Rowe he would be funnier, and not as annoying.. who is on board

    • Really? Personal attacks? Ian has proved himself to be a very good player tonight!!!!!!

    • Uh…. actually by definition nerds are the opposite of dumb.  Just sayin’

    • Wow, this may be the worst comment I have ever read.  Nerds are dumb?  Really???  I was classified a nerd in high school, and am by no means dumb.  Generally from what I have seen, people that go around making fun of nerds are the kind of people that walk around with their pants around their knees like common street thugs.  Nerds are the kind of people that have made something of life.  The kind that makes the big money and hires sad pathetic people like you.  

  27. So glad someone from Boogie and Janelle’s team did not win HOH!! I am team dan/danielle/brittney!!! YAY

  28. I hope danielle holds on I think boogie needs to get back doored otherwise I fear he could walk away with the whole thing they need to do it now if they want a fighting chance, and the only reason boogie is complaining is because he knew that if he’d enter into the game he’d have to fight to stay cause he’s such a huge threat that they will want him out, surprised that frank and Shane dropped and didn’t hold out might of been a big mistake for them two

  29. Mike Dan And Janelle sharing a snickers bar freaking out b/c there is already talk of taking out the coaches first.

  30. Shane got screwed, but if you want to get technical about it, Britts the one who bent him over, she pushed the button first. Let’s see how far she can float this time around. Praying for a boogie, dan, frank, shane, ian alliance.

  31. I would say since Danielle won HOH (great job too winning HOH), she will most likely put up Janelle, Boogie, Frank or Joe. Two of those four would be great choices with a third if someone wins POV. But I would say Britney, Dan, Shane and maybe Ian will be safe. Just a thought. Hopefully a veteran vs. a veteran on the block come Thursday night for eviction. A veteran should go home next.

  32. I can’t be the only one who thinks it is so screwed up that Shane kissed Danielle…he was saying 2 days ago how she makes him uncomfortable and he doesn’t know how to get out of her liking him and stay on her good side….sooooo I guess this is his solution…jump on her and kiss her…..this is exactly why he rubs me the wrong way…

      • I was wrong, not 2 days prior, but 3 days…on Monday July 30 around 5:20pm BBT. During Britney and Shane’s conversation in the HOH room she asks him if he really likes Danielle and he opens up to her about it. He tells her she is making him uncomfortable but he doesn’t know what to do about it because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and get on her bad side. He admits that he actually liked Kara. BBN even highlighted it on their live feed summary post for Monday.

        I don’t think it is very hard to stay on someone’s good side and just not be as flirty with them as they are with you…

    • Shane is only in it to manipulate Danielle knowing she is his puppet. He is looking at trying to win that $500,000 and not a showmance with Danielle.
      Danielle is gaga over Shane though even with that very sloppy kiss he gave her! She should concentrate on the game instead of engaging in a showmance with Shane. This is not the Bachelorette!

      • Shane is smart…  Make sure the “house/America” know you are not in a “show-mance,” but let the “girl” think you are, in a way..  Mixed signals!!! Gives her “hope” and she, unfortuntately, as young as she is, does not realize what she has to offer, or can do on HER WON…  will protect him… because of her huge insecurities..  But that could be a good thing for Shane, if they ally to the end…  However, Shane would win over her…

  33. Danielle won HOH. Great, strategy still in placed. I guess we know who’s gonna be on the block……AGAIN…the difference is, this time it’s gonna be a sure ball.

    • No kidding…Shane, Danielle and Britney show. And if I have to listen to Danielle cry to Britney about high school things I’m going to throw up. She acts like she’s 15yrs old.

  34. Danielle wins!!!!!! Woot! I was sure this was going to come down to Shane, Janelle and Ian.

  35. I don’t care what anybody has bad to say because my husband and I have watched for 9 years together and it is the best show so no matter what and we will always watch it whatever they throw at us.

  36. this show is soooo rigged …last night on bbad they all asked danielle if you win who will you put up…..come on its rigged.

    • Everybody asks everybody that question. Stop flooding the boards with your inane ranting.

  37. They should turn off Joe’s mic when he eats.  He sounds like a pig at the trough and it’s making me sick.

  38. maybe bigbrother put something on danielles shoes to keep her from slipping wouldnt doubt it…this show is soo rigged. wow now we have to hear danielle…brag brag brag…

    • If it WAS rigged it would most likely be for ian and britney these competitions are really made for the smallest player but danielle toughed it out, even janelle said tall girls don’t usually win but danielle did and bet all the veterans while doing it. Just because someone you don’t like one, doesn’t autmatically mean it was rigged… because that comp worked against her, it wasn’t rigged cuz she could’ve droppwd of whenever ahe wanted. And she has her right to brag she stayed up there for about 3 and 1/2 hours give the girl some credit.

  39. This RESET thing is BULLSH*T !!!

    They want a RESET right? Then RESET the whole freakin’ game!

    I mean literally!!!!

    Bring all evictees back, even Willie!
    have all 16 of them Restart the game just like day1

    THAT’s a freakin’ RESET!!!!

    You know what, I am done with this show
    It rigged too much..
    AB* has a similiar show and now, IT’S WAY BETTER
    I am watching that show.

  40. Dannielle’s gonna be her own worst enemy this week. She’s dumb if she goes after boogie, it will backfire.

    • Danielle will do whatever Shane and Bratney tell her to do. She can’t think for herself.

      • Actually she can she’ll do whatever she wants? If she listens to anyone it would be dan

  41. If the newbies don’t make it priority #1 to get each and every one of these washed up ex coaches out of the house they are gonna go down as the most idiotic group of fools that has ever played this game/show that used to be a lot more fun to watch.

  42. Alright everyone I’m out for the night. Thanks to Matt for being so awesome with this website and the updates. Goodnight

  43. I think marriage agrees with Britney. Maybe it is still early in the game, but she has grown on me. Last time she was on, could not stand her. She is more mellow now. I still think Janelle’s baby is close by. She gets called to DR a lot. And I don’t hear her saying how much she misses her hubby and baby.

    • What show are you watching? All of Bratney’s conversations are a lie about someone. All she does is talk crap about everyone like she did on her season. She talked crap about Danielle for 2 weeks and now she’s her BFF. She thinks she knows everything. Hope she goes soon!!! 

      • Danielle, Brittney and Shane have been friends from the beginning.  If you watched BBAD and have the live feeds you could see that.  They talk the way they do because they don’t want people to know how close they are.  When Brit was Shane’s coach she could get away with talking a lot to Shane as he was her player.  When Janelle and her team left the HOH room when Willie was in the game no one would talk to Brit, Shane and JoJo.  The only one that did was Danielle.  This is what made Danielle, Brit and Shane so close.  Brit realized that Janelle only went wherever the power is.  You can have your love of Janelle – your decision.  I see her as nothing, but fake and am entitled to mine.  What show are you watching???

  44. That pic makes it look as if Danielle’s bar is set 4-6 inches higher than the others. Did the bottom bracket break giving her a leverage advantage, or am I seeing things?

    • The bars are anchored on a swivel, they can swing up and down. Because Danielle has her bar locked where her arms bend, it’s up higher. Most houseguests just reached behind them and held the bar with their hands. No leverage advantage in Danielle’s favour here. She won it and deserves credit.

  45. Didn’t take Bratney long to start talking crap about Janelle. All she does is spread lies. I hope Janelle calls her out and lets everyone know she was in on the plan to get Frank out. And now that little child is HOH and her head is going to get so big. She’s already talking about being the first girl to get HOH. She’s not happy unless she is getting all the attention.

    • Danielle just stood there for more than 3 hours againt some tough competitros ,she has the right to say whatever she wants so give her a break and stop whining about it

      • Did I say she didn’t stand there long??? Danielle is a waste of an HOH because she will do whatever Shane or Bratney tell her to do. She can’t think for herself and she acts like a 14yr old. And just because I post my opinion does not mean I’m whining. Grow up!

      • Really, how do you know what shea gunna do? You just think, and honestly I thinl she’ll do what SHE.wants to benefit HER game .. not shanes..

      •  @lavendargirl  First of all Danielle is not a waste at being HOH.  She proved herself and deserves credit.  Janelle is very jealous that Danielle won and talked beforehand that she didn’t think Danielle could win anything.  She trashes Danielle and then uses her when she needs her.  She does that to all the players. 
        In answer to your last comment to me  I watch
        BBAD and the live feeds. Janelle made up a lie and spread it around and then
        turned around and said Ashley said it. The reason Ashley doesn’t remember is
        because she never said it. Janelle is constantly going around starting trouble
        on purpose. Danielle and Brit are very close, but Brit has to make Janelle
        think she is on her side. Janelle started talking about the coaches coming in
        the game and told Brit she wanted to go to the end with her as a female has
        never won sitting against a man.  Luckily
        Janelle is not fooling Brit one bit. 
        Janelle ran to Dan and said she wanted all 4 coaches to be in the end
        and take the new people down one by one. She wanted Joe to start trouble. She
        took part way back when Willie was still in the house and told Joe to tell lies
        and start trouble. She accused people of stealing her makeup and ran to the DR
        only to find it in a drawer. She brags about herself constantly and after
        awhile you get sick of listening to her. She hates Frank and has said Frank comes
        on to her. She has said hurtful things against Danielle and then had her team
        namely Ashley following her around like crazy. I could go on and on why I think
        Janelle is not the person I once admired, but she is very different this season
        and I know everyone plays the game different, but I don’t like her way one bit.

        Thank you Janellesucks as I think you and I are watching
        the same show and see Janelle for what she is. 
        She does make everything about her and I think most everyone is catching
        on to her ways.  I hope she is first

    • Actually it has been the other way around with Janelle starting all the lies in the house and causing Wil her own team member to not be able to stand her.  Janelle wants to dump her whole past team and have all the coaches pick all the new ones off one by one.  She also makes deals with anyone in power.  After Danielle won Janelle came in the house and started with her lies yet again.  I use to like Janelle, but now can’t stand her.  She is not liked by many in the house because of her getting caught in her lies.  Brit has had to play Janelle’s game in order to keep Shane her only player safe.  Now that the coaches are in the game Shane, Danielle, Dan and possibly Wil are working together.  I agree Daniele deserves to say a few things as again Janelle has done nothing, but brag about herself.

      • What are you watching??? Janelle has only repeated what people are telling her. Like Ashley told her Frank wanted to put Wil on the block and when Janelle told Britney she told everyone Janelle said it. Then Ashley says duh I don’t remember. Also the first week Britney and Janelle were in the HOH and JOJO talked all kinds of crap about Danielle and Britney was a part of it but she told everyone Janelle made it up. I could go on and on. Bratney is the one starting all the lies and stirring up trouble. I just hope she gets called out.

      • So, so agree with Jacee2.  Janelle is a bitch!!  ALL the problems start with that woman (and I use that term lightly).  She makes everything about HER.  What a SKANK and a HOE!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brittney is not too smart anyways. She bad mouths Janelle because of the repeated lies she told her and Janelle betrayed her team twice, yet, Brittney goes along with any plans concocted by Janelle so, who is the dummy?

  46. Whats the deal with Boogie? Why doesn’t he want to be in the game 500 is a lot more than 100….

    • He’s won it as a player, I truly believe he wanted to win as a coach. Winning two different ways would justify his self-imposed title of best player in Big Brother history.

    • Who is Boogie going to beat in the final two? MAAAAAAYBE Jenn or Joe? Boogie had a much better shot at making money this season by coaching than he does by playing.

      • In the All-Star season, Mike beat Janelle in the final HoH competition. He’s older now, but so is she.

      • Don’t count him out yet. If you were watching the coaches competition, Boogie was winning those.He lost one with the money stacks because he was showboating at the end and did not hit the button before stepping off!
        This is one HOH mind you. Even Shane couldn’t last and Danielle won this only because Brittney and Ian dropped after being assured of safety!

  47. please britt throw the comp for me. i have such low self esteem. i need to look like i won .please i want shane to kiss me….please britt throw the comp for me,

  48. brit would have won hands down… but she threw the comp to danielle.. to wash the blood off her hands this week… she knows shes safe…. britts smart.

    • Take a look at the picture, Danielle doesn’t even look uncomfortable. Her arms are locked behind the bar and she’s chilling. Britney would’ve won hands down? I don’t think so. Often players make deals to drop when they’re uncomfortable and want out of the competition.

    • Honestly I think danielle woould have won, she was gunna stay there all night if she had to. She WON giber her friggen credit she beat out all 4 vets while doing it. Give her credit.

  49. im so not going to watch bbad tonight all we will hear is danielle brag thatt she was the best player and she can always beat everyone… me me me…

  50. I think Wil was being irrational, not to mention just plain ungrateful, towards Janelle.  He might not like to hear it implied or whatever, but Janelle DID save him from going on the block.  Shane had intended to put him there but Janelle won the coaches’ comp and gave immunity to Wil.  And, I’m sorry, but it is true, Wil HAS NOT been very good at playing this game by all appearances.  He’s terrible at the comps from the looks of it and I don’t think it’s smart of him to turn Janelle against him, as good as SHE has proven herself to be at comps.  I used to like Wil, now I hope he gets nominated and Janelle no longer has to feel the need to try to protect him since she’s no longer a coach.

    • Janelle saved him, but it’s not the move of a good coach to remind your player that the only reason they’re alive is because of you, and make them feel like they had nothing to do with it. I can agree he was being a little irrational/ungrateful, but I clearly see his side too. I’m just glad he saw right through her pathetically fake tears.

  51. i wouldnt be surprised if danielle wins this game …i think bigbrother sets it up for certain people to win,,,can anyone say…..this show is riggggged

    • Really? Have you not seen past seasons? Who would’ve thought in a million years Rachel would have won last season… she was a nut case. Season before, Hayden won because he was a charming guy who worked the house but stayed on good terms with people.. Season before that, Jordan won by standing along side Jeff and being the innocent sweet heart… And let’s not forget season 8 with the Donato’s! NO ONE would have said that ED would have made it all the way and won the game by terrorising the house. Daniele and him were targets the entire time… so no. I don’t think anyone can say this show is rigged.

  52. now that danielle won hoh..we will have to hear her talk about shanes kisses and how shes the best player in the game..yuk. 

  53. poor shane since he cant have beautiful kara back.. he has to settle for stalker danielle,,, so keep on leading her on dummy.

  54. not all coaches entered the game so maybe kara will come back…. that would be cool…cant wait see danielles jealousy over kara and shane…

    • What show did you watch? All coaches entered the game. It was either the coaches enter and are no longer coaching, or they remain coaching, the live eviction of the night takes place, and sequestered houseguests (Kara, JoJo, Joe/Frank) would have a chance to return in the following week or two.

      With the coaches entering, Kara’s chance at returning is over. She and JoJo have been sent home.

    • If one coach agreed to the reset then, all coaches have to go in! All of them competed for HOH so, Kara or Jojo cannot come in unless, they start doing double evictions and need extra players again!

  55. It’s nice to be able to say without bias that Janelle should be Danielle’s primary target. Either put her up and force her to win the Veto since she’s so overly-confident in her ability, or backdoor her. I’m sure Shane will be on board with that idea.

    • 100% right. But I got a feeling Shane’s paranoid and is gonna push for Frank and Boogie. Janelle’s burned a lot of people .

      • I agree they could go that route, I just hope they don’t. Shane wanted competitor Frank out, so now take the chance to remove competitor Janelle and re-establish a tie with Frank if at all possible (most likely not possible, but Shane was trying to tell Frank he wasn’t the main target before eviction…go back to that story)

    • The obvious strategy for the newbies is to target the coaches. Danielle won this HOH but, did not win it on her own! Remember she struck deals with Ian and Brittney for safety so they gave her the HOH! Since, Danielle is a
      puppet of Shane pretty much, I see Mike Boogie and possibly Frank being put on the block. She should realise it is everyone for themselves now and
      should play her own game. Listening to anyone including Shane will only cost her a chance at that $500,000. A better move is to put up the coaches.
      Put up Janelle and Mike Boogie on the block and backdoor Dan if any of the two get POV. That way, you get out one of the coaches out guaranteed right off the bat! Sure the coaches will go after you next week but, there is going to be 3 coaches left instead of 4. Huge difference there! Also, you stir the pot and make the coaches think of alliances with newbies. That will screw their game if the coaches are not united! Whoever she nominates, people will get pissed at her so, why not make it count? The newbies need the coaches to be booted out to have a chance at that $500,000. 

  56. i knew danielle would win it was so obvious…she had to…it was set up for her to win. so we could all think shes showmancing with shane… give me a break

  57. Everyone needs to stop hatin! We all knew the coaches would enter the game from the begenning. If you thought that they wouldn’t enter the game then that’s flat out stupid. Who would want to sit around and watch four “coaches” control
    “players” games. The people who got picked to play in this game all SUCK so far! So good thing the coaches got the chance to enter the game.. Now we will be able to watch real strategy, real competition, and real players play this game. Now the newbies are forced to play their own game, so I’m sure we will all see a great season. We all saw it coming, so get over it already… you know you’ll continue to watch it. Oh and Boogie sucks. Get that old man outta there… let bozo the orange curly head clown follow behind hime. (: Thanks for reading.

    • As far as strategy goes, the newbies has no clue and was pretty much following the coaches. Now, that all of them are with the 4 coaches then,
      they have to start thinking for themselves. If not, they will be evicted for bad choices they make in the nominations. There will be a lot more lies, backstabbing, manipulation. The last thing the newbies need to be doing is listening to the coaches. If they do, they will get themselves booted out earilier and alliances have not been formed yet. 

  58. wow dan hugged danielle alittle tighter than shane did….theres gonna be one mad wife.. lol

  59. get ready for danielle boasting and bragging how she won to keep people safe…wow this chicks conceided

  60. I’m surprised Matt didn’t see Ashley’s drop coming. I was on another fan site that said they saw Ashley as a candidate to win this competition. Am I the only one who expected her to not be in it too long? I didn’t think she’d be down first, but I guessed middle of the pack. Not only do I not hold any belief in her competitor ability (not just because she hasn’t won one, but just the vibe I had) but she’s also said a few times she wants to fly under the radar more than anybody. Winning HoH doesn’t help that whatsoever.

  61. No one said this game was fair.. you have to roll with the punches, and as fans we should be doing the same.

  62. bigbrother if you want a showmance for shane bring kara back….hes been hinting he wants her back….duh

  63. WAY TO GO DANIELLE !!!!!!!   POOR, POOR, Boogie.He is such a cry baby !!! He was the only one that didn’t want to go back in the game as a player. He want’s to go in the house now that he’s down. Doesn’t he know he has to wait until all H.G. drop ??? I thought he played the game before. I don’t think that he and Frank will be doing their little dance anymore….THANKS TO ALL AMERICA that voted to have the coaches join the game..GREAT GAME !!!!!!!!!

  64. didn’t get live feeds this year after hearing about the “coaches” twist. Thought they would enter the game and guess what i was right. Thanks big brother you just lost another fan!

  65. All I have to say is the new bees better get it together one and all. If not this will be the same game as last year. Has big brother really gotten down to the bottom of the barrel. Jannel just has had a baby and I have not hear he once say anything about it. What kind of mother would run off and play some game like this? Is she hat hard up forces that she could leave her own kid? My god she even offer to give away her own wedding rings, Is that what she thinks of him.  My what people will do for money. CBS just can not seem to find enough player to make a real game. If they want to have a game with the old player then have it but My god give us some fresh meat. It seem kind of unfair to have veterans playing against the has beens.
    I think this is it for me, I am tired of the same old stuff. If that is what I want to see I can go back to Net flicks and watch the other seasons reruns. Come ON CBS Wake up

  66. Awesome! U go my girl Danielle! We needed some female power up in the BB house! Now be strong and put Janelle and Boogie on the block!

  67. Although the concept isn’t fair but what is new about BB, I feel the producers were going to do this anyway and especially after Willie left, they had to make good television again.  At least it kept a strong competitor in the game another week and perhaps now the focus can be on JOE to leave.

  68. Love BB! Watch every season even tho it’s pretty much the same! But hello it is also a game show! And we all know they are the same! I hope Ian wins it! I think the cute little geeky guy should win, that would make a change!

  69. whats  up with Will dancing around in a spedo and a sailor hat and boots  I’m sure the other guys in the house didn’t want to see that not to mention the viewer’s.

  70. i agree they should have to give him a prize or a one time get of the block power scene the people he put up are all still in the house and probably after him  now  scene his hoh or power of veto were pretty much useless   .

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