Big Brother 14 Episode 10: Week 3 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’ll have another live eviction where either Frank or Joe will be evicted from the game. We’ll also get the results of America’s vote, but I don’t think we have to wait for that to speculate the Coaches will be entering the game.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition that should be an endurance battle which means you’ll need your Big Brother Live Feeds to watch it all playout since it’ll last way past the end of tonight’s show. Get your 3-Day Free Trial now and be ready to watch it tonight where you can only see it online or you’ll miss all the fun.

I’ll be here posting live results during the east coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest BB14 spoilers. On the go tonight? Grab out free Big Brother apps.

Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Frank or Joe go home.


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  1. Does it bother anyone else that the coaches basically got a free pass the first couple of Weeks if they enter the game now? Abf they have the advantage of having been in the big brother house before (and winning for some of them.) Just seems like this game becomes a little unfair if they enter now. Newbies vs. Vet’s doesn’t work. We saw that last year…

    • No, because Britt was dumb enough to let the cat out of the bag, Willie tried to warn everyone and nobody ajusted thier game accordingly.

      • True, if they would have adjusted their game they could have gotten Danielle out and Dan would be gone. So, they had a chance.

    • Even if the coaches were in the game from the start there are already multiple players who haven’t been nominated so it’s not really a fair argument to say it’s not far they haven’t had a chance to play. The same is true that if Dan or Brittney was in the game they could have possible won HoH and not been down 2 players from their starting teams. The whole game changes the minute you add IF’s to the game. IF the coaches were in the game Willie might still be in the game too. Technically people could have voted out Dan and Danielle so it’s not fair to say they had immunity.

      • Free from nomination and eviction for several weeks is a big..I mean big advantage. Players buy time in BB on a weekly basis. Can’t you not realize that?

      • You can’t say that the coaches being in the game would actually lead to them being nominated. In fact the biggest chances of them being nominated would come from them nominating each other (Brit and Jan vs Mike and Dan) over these new players going after them. Also adding in the fact that if Dan is actually playing the game and is seen as a target it changes how he treats certain competitions (i.e. not throwing coaches challenges that could have kept Kara safe). Further, Willie might not be kicked out of this game if there are multiple big targets. Finally, the idea of the coaches helped certain players in this game much more than others… being put on a team of 3 due to who the coaches were completely changed who was targeted. Frank for example isn’t being put up the first week if it wasn’t for Boogie. Kara doesn’t get nominated if it wasn’t for being on Dan’s team. So some coaches were targets at the start of the game. Dan SHOULD have been gone if people were actually playing to remove a coach.

      • @ Cyril Axel: And having immunity for 3 weeks last season (and 2 and 1 depending on the week) was fair last season? Danielle had her teammate leave for personal reasons and she sat back pretty and just played social game to try and get her solidified with the newbies. How was that fair to anyone else last season?

    •  I didn’t like the coaches in there to begin with, but I’ve already accepted that they’re gonna be entering the game, and just enjoy the show. It might be a good lesson for the newbies not to be just a follower and start thinking for themselves.

  2. I don’t think it matters that we voted “no” or maybe yes…but the producers already decided to rig the results anyways…hopefully i’m wrong

  3. What would be a good twist is if the coaches entered the game before the vote was cast…so now you have 4 or less new votes to take into consideration. Although Frank would still be voted out either way it would make things interesting for the moment.

  4. I have a question. I live on the West coast and I have the live feeds. What time will I be able to watch the endurance competition play out? The east coast show ends at 7 PM my time so will I be able to watch it then? Or do I have to wait until the west coast show ends at 10 PM my time?

    • right after your time because when it’s 7 there it’s 10 on the west coast. it’s all happening at the same time. we’re watching it when you do.

      • I don’t think that makes sense because I also live on the West Coast but I watch the show on ‘time shift’ aka east coat time-live feeds should be LIVE (in my opinion-im not a subscriber). To me it would make sense that you should be able to see the rest of endurance starting at 7pm. Please correct me if I’m wrong!!

    • we all watch the show at the same time. the clocks are just different because of the time zones.

      • It is 9 pm est and 6pm pst tonight. I believe the show is on at 7 pst. If so then the live feed would be later than the taped replay. ? What time is it on california time.

  5. I’m on team Shane, so obviously I want Frank to go home. But God, it would be nice not to have to hear Joe yelling all the time!

  6. I am quite sure they will vote out Frank.  But, how stupid because Shane is a bigger threat than Frank.  Shane wins and that is a big threat; however, it just happens that Shane is HoH and won POV or else Shane would be in Frank’s place.  Shane will be the next to go if the opportunity arises.  I can’t stand that Joe’s big mouth so I wish it was him.  I like Frank and think he is a smart player and would enjoy watching him more than that boring big mouth Joe.  Also, I can’t stand Wil and would like to see him go–yawn.  What a disgusting scene Wil made at his so called Birthday bash.  He was gross in that speedo.  Anyhow, I think if the coaches join the game Janielle will be a force to be reckoned with.  I would not like to see the coaches join in.

    • Where to start.

      1.) Shane can’t be nominated, he’s HOH. And he is still there because he has been the only HG to win a veto this season.
      2.) I agree that Joe does a lot of yelling in the DR, but he also stirs up a lot of drama making for good live feeds (ie last night with Jenn) so he is not my favorite, but he does make it interesting.
      3.) Frank just sits around with Boogie making fun of people and talking about how they are going to run this house all the way to the end. I can’t wait to see their faces when Frank walks out of the house tonight. Frank brings nothing to the table as far as interest, at least to me.
      4.) Are you telling me that personal attacks at Wil make you feel good about yourself? Are you saying that if you were locked up in that house with nothing to do and no outside stimulation you wouldn’t want to let loose and have a good time. I have no problem with people talking about HG gameplay, but personal attacks at people are just stupid.

      That is all ;D

      •  # 3- Ditto, Frank really hasn’t did anything but run his mouth and make threats to scare other HG gameplayers.      
         # 4- Ditto, I agree it is classless to provide personal attacks at the HG players.

    • I voted yes. I figure that since they are doing all the work already they should play for themselves, not someone else.

    • The ahow already had it setu up for them to enter so it is ridiculous to speculate. Not enough PLAYERS entered the house for a complete season!!!!!!!!

  7. I think they should let the coaches come into the game before the vote and they have to be on the block with their players.  Then, the houseguests and other coaches could vote who leave.  It would be funny to see them all running around trying to figure out who to vote out:  Boogie, Janelle, Frank, or Joe.  

  8. Julie : By a vote of 3 to 2, Joe… You…are safe. Frank,you have been evicted from the Big Brother House
    Mike : OH MY GOD!!!! (Storms out like a loser)
    Frank : (is about to leave) you know I have an alliance with him and her (point to Shane and Danielle)
    Danielle : Yeah whatever Frank. That’s whatcha gettin’ for putting me y’all.

    Jojo : (when she watched the show)… Bam! That’s what yo getting for evicting Staten Island.

    • Hate to break it to you but, Frank is still in the game and 4 coaches are also in as players. LOL Now, Shane can feel pretty safe this coming week!
      Yeah, not only is Janelle’s players going to be going after you, you also have Frank and the 4 coaches also all going after you! Way to go!

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