Big Brother 14 Episode 20 Recap: Pandora’s Box Returns

The game is definitely on in the Big Brother 14 house (we’ll try to forget that it took about 18 episodes to get going) and if anything can shake up the game, it’s Pandora’s Box.

Yes, the box — well room — that can unleash something good or bad on the house made its return and whether or not the power it unleashed will be used is still up in the air.

Before Pandora’s Box was revealed, we got the fallout from Boogie’s eviction, Ashley’s surprise demise and Ian backstabbing Frank once again.

Frank was angry enough that Ian didn’t throw Boogie a vote, so when Ian won the Head of Household competition and hastily nominated Frank and Ashley, he was on fire. After Frank won the veto and Ashley was evicted, he was letting Ian have it. Britney stepped in to protect Ian because he doesn’t handle emotional situations well (and because Britney’s maternal instincts have been in high-gear with Ian for a while now).

Since the next HoH is approaching, Britney decides to cover all her bases and tells Frank she’s ready to work with him. She says that Shane’s on board too.

Danielle has a couple of opportunities to secure her safety with Frank, but instead she just cries and cries and cries.

At the second Head of Household contest, it’s Frank vs. Everyone. Literally. The game plays out to where Frank basically has to defeat each of the other houseguests one-on-one. And he does so one right after the other.

Frank has won HoH. And at this point, we can only say in Dani Donato’s voice “Shocker!”Frank also gets to pick the one person for slop this week and he, of course, picks Dan. And it should be noted that this is Dan’s first time being a Have-Not ever in two seasons.

Britney checks in with Frank on their deal and she’s actually earned Frank’s trust, so right now she’s the person sitting in the best position. She hasn’t turned her back on her alliance, but she’s done a great job positioning herself for Frank’s nominations.

Frank goes to his HoH room and finds Pandora’s Box. He gets the usual instructions. He can open the box and something good or bad can be unleashed. He sees that he has the chance to win up to $10,000, so he opens the box. He find several little cubes with dollar signs on them and he can pick three. They each contain a certain amount of money and it will be his to keep.

The first box contains $1.05. The second he chooses is worth $7.11. His final choice was worth $3,333.

Elsewhere in the house, Pandora gave the other HGs the chance to find quarters to play for the newly-introduced Golden Ball of Veto in the Arcade Room’s claw game. That means there will be a second power of veto for potential use this week.

The backyard starts raining down balls and in some of the balls are quarters. Dan is fighting hard to grab as many quarters as possible and the ruthlessness that Boogie has warned everyone about in Dan is shining bright. He’s jumping in on people’s finds, stealing them away, he’s shutting doors in peoples’ faces and lying about whether or no he’s already plucked up the ball.

Playing equally nasty is Ian. This game sure brought out the worst in all of these people. In the end, Ian won the Golden Power of Veto. So let the fun begin.

Frank and Ian are talking about the veto and Ian is being as wishy-washy as ever. Frank can’t get a solid answer out of him about what he’s going to do with the power. Ultimately, Frank tells Ian if he uses the veto, he’ll put up Britney. So that helps Ian make his decision a no. But Dan still has some time to work his magic.

At the nomination ceremony, Frank, to no one’s surprise, he nominates Dan and Danielle.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out who won the other Power of Veto this week, we’ve already got those spoilers posted.

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  1. be glad when frank goes. he acted like boogie wants every thing to go his was. the way he treated ian was all uncalled for. the way frank is acting i would be threatened from him like every one was beling threatened by willie

    • Difference being everyone knows there’s no way Frank would ever physically attack someone the way Willie did. He just gets emotional is all. But yes, he has been acting like he deserves to be there a tad too much lately. It is a game, after all.

      Dan…dang. That was brutal watching that. Straight up bully tonight.

      Ian continues to frustrate me to no end. He claims he wanted to throw the HoH. Um…then we did he answer MULTIPLE rounds correctly? That’s such bull. He LOVED having that power, and it was easy to see when he was talking to Joe right after he won. Walk’ and talk’n all high and mighty….then becoming a coward once it’s all over with. I liked how he told Brittney she screwed him when it was his OWN freaking decision to nominate Frank outright instead of backdoor him.

      But the biggest loser of the night award actually goes to Shane, who asked Brittney, “Is there any chance Frank would work with Dan?” There isn’t a bigger clueless dope in this house than Shane this season. This kid is literally a boy in a man’s body. 

      • I agree with what you are saying about Dan being a straight up bully. I understand he wants to secure his place in the house but he was going about it all wrong.

        However I disagree with how you thought Ian didn’t wanna throw the HoH comp. While at first glance it looked as tho he was giving it his all (maybe the power sucked him in) it is clear Ian thought this through no doubt.

        He knew the Quack Pack was targeting Frank. It wouldn’t matter if he won or not just so long as a single member of the Pack won. Boogie told Frank not to trust Ian moments before his departure from the house. Thing is Frank only knows that Ian just voted out Boogie and nothing more.

        Now during the HoH comp he was giving it a 100% while Frank was in the game. Ensuring Frank didn’t win was his top concern. As soon as Frank was eliminated he could throw it but not that easily. Thing is it was a 50/50 shot at being right/wrong each round. When it came down to him and Danielle he thought of a rather high number but not high enough to make people think he threw it. Basically what I am saying is that he had to make it “look” like he was a valuable asset to the Quack Pack. In the end he won.

        Now why wouldn’t Ian want this power and proof that he wasn’t trying every single round to win it? Simple. Less blood on his hands. I can’t speak for certain but Ian could have mended fences with Frank about not giving his vote to Boogie and be in an even better place in the house.

        Ultimately Ian probably felt for his game that it would have been better if he didn’t win the HoH. Having the Quack Pack breathing down his neck for looking like he threw it would have been bad for his game.

        I don’t disagree that Ian didn’t love the power. Of course he did! Who wouldn’t? But it was double eviction and things just happen so fast.

        Anyways this is all just my opinion and it was the impression that I got from the double eviction episode.

      • I think if Ian had been smart he would he thrown the HOH to Danielle the same way Britney did during the pirate ship comp. It would have been Danielle’s “fault” then, and there would have been less hostility from Frank.

    • Ian shouldn’t be coddled just because he has some mental disorders. He wants to hide behind everybody and hope his tics protect him. If he wants to be an evil genius he shouldn’t be surprised when people get pissed at him.

      • Ian seems to have very serious emotional problems. BB was very wrong to bring him on the show and expose him to a national audience. Its really difficult watching him rocking, mumbling to himself, shaking with nerves, all the while trying to be a Godfather and not succeeding.

      • Totally agree.  Ian loves to play the victim.  He may have the demeanor as a weak little nerd, because he looks scrawny and awkward, and is a coward, but he is full of arrogance when he goes and talks behind Frank’s back and and when he has power.  He isn’t a victim.

      •  Completely agree Mike. Don’t act all tough in the DR and then wimp out when Frank calls your bullsh*t.

        Frank wasn’t being a bully. He’s obviously heated because literally the entire house wants him out. If Ian wants to dish it and back stab, he better be able to take it when he gets caught.

    • So very uncall for…smh…Why didn’t he just slap Ian on the back and say great kid thanks for the betrayal.. I can’t comprehend why he’s not running around the house shouting for joy that everyone wants him out. Why isn’t he singing Cumba ya mi Lord. Frank knows everyone is allowed to be angry except him…I’m so disappointed in him.

    • I agree. Dan was pretty rude during the entire thing. Threatening to rat on Ian while collecting quarters, lying about how he won the Veto ball first try, then waiting for Ian to make another attempt before he went again.

  2. Does Frank know the point is to get the best player out of the house? You’ve won every comp, why wouldnt the whole house want you out?

    • You’re right…so in the meantime he shouldn’t be angry.  He should shake their hands and give them a hug for trying to get him out.  How stupid of him to be angry. Shouting at Ian for back-stabbing him twice!!! How ungrateful of him ! He should lift up Ian and spin him around and shouted thank you! thank you!

  3. I have been an Ian fan since day one, and remain so – but boy tonight was something – when he got Joe to say “yes sir” that blew me away – he seems to have a  control problem – I hope it does not cost him the game – I hope he is smart enough to save his Veto ball and he wins the next HOH – that buys him at least 2 weeks – hopefully he kisses and makes up with Frank – I think Frank is his best bet to stay in the game – Dan, Shane and Brit want him gone

    • Joe is a WEAK SNAKE, he is a grown man and should be ashamed of his self for saying “yes sir” like that to Ian.  Ian is a sneaky little p*$$y and I can’t wait for him to be evicted.

    • that veto ball is not for the rest of the season. if he doesn’t use it this week, he doesn’t get to use it at all.

  4. Frank is the only one who has played an honest game although the other hgs have lied to him. I like Frank and I want him to stay because he fights hard to be there. If frank leaves it’s no reason for me to continue watching because the others are sickening and liars.

    • Why does everyone think Frank has played such an honest game. If you do not have the live feeds you truly have no idea how shady he has been. CBS has done a really good job with editing. He has made personal attacks against every person in the house except for Mike Boogie. Yes if he says he will nominate you then he sticks to it but come on people. In the same hour he told shane he would rather keep him cause he knows shane would take him to final 2 then he told Brittney he would rather shane left then he told Jenn he wouldn’t mind getting rid of Brittney and Ian before Shane if she won HOH because Brit and Ian being so closemade him nervous.

    • Which is worse?…Lying or vile personal attacks behind the back?   Since all of them have committed at least one of those….i’d say they’re even.

  5. If ball is used Thursday, Ian should pull off Danielle, that way he keeps his word to Frank, I then think Frank will put Joe in as the replacement, unless production says something else to him. Then the Quack pack decides if Dan stays or goes. That way it is a win, win situation for Ian. Frank should put Joe, as they do not get along.

  6. I was watching BB After Dark last night and I was wondering if Ian have some medical problems because he could not stop rocking back and forth does anyone know?

    • In his normal every day life Ian’s ADHD symptoms probably aren’t as bad. But you add in stuck in a house, people lying to you, and constant paranoia and you’d rock back and forth too. Or pick your face, drum on the table, play with your tongue piercing, get upset whenever anyone mocks your “relationship” with Shane. Ok…that last one is a bit of a stretch.

  7. I think Britany is playing a good game. I am always seeing Frank, Shane, Ian, and Dan’s name come up, and Britany should be up there too. Even though she isnt winning challenges, who cares? This game is mostly social and she is doing a great job.
    Frank and Britney were chatting like they had an alliance formed tonight. Frank is not getting her out anytime soon. She is there for Ian, and Ian trusts her more than anyone in the house. Shane is also close with her, and neither Shane or Ian seem to want Britany gone, if not, until the end.
    If anyone opposing her wins hoh, they will try to take out one of the stronger guys like Shane, or even ian. This could result in a similar situation like last year were jordan and rachel survived attacks because jeff and brenden were there.
    All and all, she is playing a good game and has a good shot to win.

    •  Her name shouldn’t be anywhere but in the jury house.She hasn’t did anything but lay around the HOH room with her crossed eyes[not that she ever won it,mind you],eat THEIR food and use THEIR shower.SHE DOESN”T DESERVE A DIME,unless they’re paying hg for laying around!

  8. Does anyone know if the two HoH Comps that frank cannot compete in, starts after this week since he cannot compete anyway?

    • In the past, it has been the NEXT TWO competitions, but who knows-the producers might rig the $h!t.

  9. Ian does have a good shot of making it to the end if he doesnt drain out mentally. Although he floated the first few weeks, he flew under the radar and into a strong alliance. If Dan goes home, Ian can easily slide to the finals if his alliance stays together.
    If frank goes home next week, the quack pack can really stick it to final 4. Joe will probably never win a challenge, and Jenn might crack.

    If Ian wins we can all look back at the second episode and say that weird kid wondering the bb house at night ended up winning. oh that winnner can kick himself in the face

    • Not so sure, if Frank stays, he said to Jenn that after Dan, Ian has to go next, and she agreed.
      As I have said several times, Franks strategic game left with Boogie. He may be great at the Comps, but when it comes to his social game, he’s a train wreck!!!

  10. I cant believe how some of you think production helped Frank win his games, the other house guests other than Shane are just sorry. Why are you all hating on Frank because he fights so hard and wins because he wants to be there. I really wish Frank would hook up with Shane and the 2 of them go 2 the end because they are the 2 strongest players in the house. Dan should not win he should go home he has already won once,

    • I don’t think production helped Frank win those games.   I think Frank did it all on his own.    And i would admire that if he didn’t act like his sh*t  doesn’t stink too.   Do you really believe that the others don’t want to be there too?    I understand his frustration but whatever situation you find yourself in….it’s YOU that put you there.   Even if you’re stabbed in the back.   Distracting yourself while there’s a knife being thrown at you is stupid if you don’t want to end up with a toe tag.  

  11. Geez  everyone saying how bad Frank was acting..Look how Dan was acting  with the Veto ball..10 times worse than what Frank was doing

  12. If Dan or Danielle get evicted this week, so be it. Time for these players to make some really moves to win the game and you either play or get evicted. Now I wonder what will happen tomorrow night with both vetos? 

    By the way, there’s no crying in baseball! Just keep that saying in mind.

  13. I really don’t how Dan acted this episode. I mean yeah your at risk of being put up but the least you can do is act mature and people would want to keep you around. I have to agree though, after Dan slammed the door in Britney’s face it was both disrespectful but also hilarious!

    • I think it’s because he plays it cool all the time and keeps everything bottled up. Especially with last week taking the heat for Ian. Sometimes when you do that eventually you’re going to explode. And to be honest, considering how much weight he took on his shoulders last week, that explosion wasn’t really that bad…. as far as we saw on TV anyway.

  14. My vote is with Ian.(to win)  I think that all hs craziness is part of his game.  I dont understand how so many ppl can be down all the game play…the bullying, lying, backstabbing, ect.  Its a game. We have all watched for years(and loved every minute of it) The rule is you can not get physical.  Frank is a know it all…and he is going to be so surprised…he dont know jack. Hope he goes home soon. And he is a jerk…watch the live feeds.  As far as live feeds goes watch Dan he is an up standing guy!!!

  15. here we go again , dan hurts the nasal nose little miss whiney and shimmering shane runs to baby her sick of her and everyone babies her. shane take off those pink panties and be a man

  16. Dan has ratted “everybody ”  out and I mean  “everybody”…..Ok …. discussion has lead to Dan being taken off the block….Dan is good….If Dan is not evicted Frank can bend over and kiss his ass good-bye….lmao…

      • If he gets to the end, yes, Frank will win (after all the times he’s escaped eviction, it’s basically a win by default).  However, he still has to get through the next couple of weeks, where he can’t play for HOH.  Only the POV can guarantee him safety after this week, so if the others play their cards right (and depending on how many people are going to be playing for the Veto to be pulled from), Frank could very well be back doored.

    • Frank is going to get backdoored next week that is for sure. However, someone still will go home this week. If Dan gets off, Frank might put up Ian to get rid of the Golden POV then, he might put Shane or Brittney up. Now the dynamics change because Dan if he gets off gets to vote and Joe and Jenn with Dan could decide who goes home, Danielle or Shane/Brittney.
      My guess is Dan, Ian, Jenn, Joe might vote to evict Shane or Brittney whoever winds up on the block as you eliminate a huge threat and there are not many house guests left in the house.

  17. LOL Dan just NUKED the Quack Pack. Now it’s up to Frank. If Dan get’s evicted anyway, Dan just started a war inside BB house by blowing all their cover. Nobody is safe.

    • Dan probably realized that the Quack Pack members just about threw him under the bus and was not saving him. Ian is probably not going to use the golden POV now that he feels even more at risk. That leaves just Jenn to use hers if at all! For all the drama, this just rocks. Now, there is a lot of things that can happen. If Dan gets off the block somehow, Frank might now put up Ian to get rid of his golden POV. Then, put up Shane or Brittney as replacement nominee for Ian. What a twisted web it is but, I love it!

  18. Jenn would never use the veto on Dan (being close with Danielle)….Now Ian might.  Frank and Ian can say (hey: You kinda owe us here)….let’s make a new alliance and get these guys out.

    • I’m pretty sure Dan has a plan….and Ian might even be part of it.   Outing Danielle could also be part of it.   If he makes her cry…which he did….Jenn just might save her.   And if Ian is the think tank that Dan believes he is….Ian will figure it out.   He may not be good socially, but he processes things before he acts.   When hes seen the light of day on Dans plan…he will save him.    Frank should remember….believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.  

      • Frank’s making a deal with Dan will be the end of the game for him…He’s telling DANIELL THE PLAN  as I write this…

  19. Ian lacks social game. I do not think Ian has mental instability. He is just in his head..and he is virtually a CHILD. He is in an adult game now and he has to face adult consequences for what moves he’s made like everyone else. Frank or Dan going off on him does nothing but show Ian that he’s indeed a boy playing a mans game trying to make men moves. Him taking out Boogie was the dumbest move ever because it made him a target when Mike was perfectly willing to coddle Ian to the final 5 at least in his bossom and all Ian had to do is a little grunt work and vote how Boogie wanted. Where Ian fails is that he was the nerd who was happy to be “friends” with popular people, who were just using him. Frank… well… Frank… You are wasting your HoH on DAN..when Dan really is sniveling coward.. You need to take out Shane. The muscle holding the brains ups.

    • I would rather Shane get backdoored as he is the bigger threat. However,  this developments turned the Big Brother House upside down and nobody can trust anybody because everyone will be out to evict the others for that $500,000. A free for all is great. I love it!

  20. Dang tonigh is a good night for BBAD  watching Danielle cry  is so fun to watch  hahhahhahahha   you broke my heart Dan boo too this is the best

  21. That little twirp better not screw Frank again, because if he does,  he deserves anything Frank might do to him.

    • well if Frank is putting his trust in Dan he is seriously mental….Dam the guy is sooooo stupid…He really bought all that DAN said..

    • Frank doesn’t want to spend the rest of the game against the entire house with his survival relying on him winning every single challenge.  He has to take a gamble and take a lifeline if someone casts it out to him.

    • So, what is the deal now? Dan gets off the block using whose Veto? And who is he in an alliance with now? Frank and who else? And who becomes the replacement nominee now? Shane or Brittney?

      • Frank had to work Jenn first and Dan has to salvage things with Danielle and tell her it’s only an act to save both of them. Franks wants Brit and Ian on the block….who knows what will happen…this is crazy lol Dan is good.

  22. Well from what I can tell so far my guess for the next eliminated contestants are Joe, Jenn, and then Danielle. Or, if the quack pack remain they try getting Frank out.

  23. Dan rules! Really that’s all this post is about. Perfect move considering his back is against the wall. I don’t see how anyone can disagree with his game play this season. Aside from his little eruption at the veto comp, the guy is so cool and collected especially considering how he took the weight for his alliance last week. GO DAN!!! Get yourself off that block!! 

      • Dan I think will stick with Frank for now. They both need each other. Quack Pack will go after Dan once, they know of the betrayal. So, Dan’s best move is to stick with Frank until the numbers come down and the herd is thinned some more! Atleast, Frank and Dan have a better chance of going much further.

      • @Richie…agreed.   But Frank and Dan decided they would like to take Jenn and Danielle to F4.   Get rid of Danielle at that point.    Jenn not likely to win in F3 so it would be all out war between Dan and Frank….the winner takes Jen to F2.   NO WAY she could win against either of them.

  24. Shane or Britney backdoored…by whom? If Frank cannot become HOH for two weeks, he will go home! (Odds are!) Second thought; Frank could persuade Ian to nominate Brit and/or Shane and that disorientated kid just might do it.
    Frank, what were you thinking, two weeks, no HOH and for what? $3000? You have got to be kidding me!

    •  Jenn will remove Dan, Brit will be the renomThe house will vote out Brintey as Danielle has the sympathy vote
      Britney goes home on Thuesday

    • Does not matter at this point. Dan cannot go back to Quack Pack and Shane or Brittney whoever is in the Big Brother House and Ian will target Dan and Frank. If either wins Veto then, they can be safe. If Dan wins HOH, he can put Brittney or Shane (whoever is still in house) plus Ian on the block. It is all out war now. Frank would not have had a chance if he has no ally. Dan I think will stick with Frank until a couple more weeks because if not, Dan can still be evicted by Shane/Brittney or Ian whoever wins HOH on the Quack Pack side. 

      • This is exactly what I wanted. Dan & Frank working together!! Floaters grab a life vest… KRISTEN!

  25. Something ain’t been said……If Dan gets off that leaves DANIELL (possibly) up against  BRITNEY….IAN can use his gold Veto to get Britney off and both are safe ( I do believe)…I don’t think Frank and DAN DISCUSSED  IANS  VETO..

    •  Ian has to use his veto first, when he declines Jenn will use it to save dan and then Frank will renom Britney, Buh Bye Britney

    • Yeah, then, Shane goes on the block. I rather Shane get evicted than Brittney because he is still a threat at HOH and POV. Another plus is Ian would have burned his golden Veto so, won’t have it next week!

  26. Ian told Frank earlier today that he wouldn’t take him to F2.    Could that be part of the plan to get Frank to trust Dan when he told him that he would?   Frank would have no chance for F2 without an ally.   And Dan being a strong player would be his best chance.

  27. Ha! Brittney is hugging Danielle making sure she’s ok while Danielle is stabbing her in the back lmfao

  28. Danielle has garnered some of my respect with the way she’s working Britney over. I love this new 4pack alliance. It’d be a hoot if Danielle went home though.

  29. Ninja Dan… .and taking his little pupil along for the ride.   If he can make it to F2 with her he would definitely be coach of the year!

      • To say he’s good is like saying caviar is just fish eggs.    This rivals even his strategy in season 10!     The man is a BRILLIANT master minipulater.  

  30. Ring Ring  ” Hello ”  Im sorry brittney can’t come tot he phone right now..she’s too busy crying cause she got backdoored..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol lol lol lol lol lol ha ha ha ha

  31. Dan just played us ALL….even the FANS!    Ians plot to get Boogie out pales in comparison to Dans masterpiece of strategy.

  32. What about DAM telling ian last night Ill rip your face off! Ive lost all respect for that bible banging phony bully

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