Big Brother 13 Week 9: Pandora’s Box Brings A Celebrity And A Pec-Tacular Past HG

Big Brother 13 Tori Spelling

Pandora’s Box struck Big Brother 13 again this afternoon! Sure enough, Rachel took the bait and boy is she probably regretting it now. Well, not really and probably not as much as Porsche is, but at least the other HGs got to enjoy the outcome this time around.

When Rachel returned to her HoH room she found an invitation to a “celebrity shopping spree” along with pictures of Tori Spelling. Of course Rachel’s mind went all over the place and thought there was even a chance Tori was there to help plan Brenchel’s wedding. Those hopes were dashed when she stepped inside Pandora’s Box.

Instead of getting to meet Tori Spelling, Rachel was greeted by, you guessed it, Jessie from Big Brother 10, 11, 12, and now 13. Jessie Godderz, perhaps better known as Mr. Pectacular, jumped out and surprised her in his Speedo.

Meanwhile downstairs the other four HGs went outside to meet Tori Spelling and grab lots and lots of free clothes. Rachel got to watch all the fun from upstairs. Adam says he was shaking he was so excited. Tori gave him a guess and he told her, I’m not kidding, he calls his girlfriend “Donna” in bed…

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
September 2, 2011 @ 11:50 AM BBT all Cams
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The dining table is piled high in free clothes and the HGs are thrilled. They even grabbed extra clothes for Rachel so she could enjoy the fun. Rachel is excited for everyone and retelling her time with Jessie while the other HGs try on their new clothes.

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  1. Who the hell is Tori Spelling? i honestly have no idea. dont care though caz JESSIE mr PEC-TACULAR! was back in the house baby! lol

    love that guy. cant wait for sunday’s episode, im flexing already.

    who doesnt like jessie? i mean really? he’s over the top which makes it funny.

    • Cmon tommy get over it…they’re not going to have the pandoras box make an impact 2 weeks in a row…it HAS NEVER. Been that way…if. you don’t like it and thinks its so fixed why are you still watching? And coming here to post??

      • Hello again, vet fan. Well, guess you can’t fight production. Looking forward to seeing who production favors next year, too! And of course it didn’t have a big impact, Rachel is HOH ;)

        From what I’ve seen on the site, I’m free to root for who I want to win and discuss the same as you do. Go production! :D

      • @ tommy…I never. Said you weren’t…its just the. “Pity me” (newbies) thing you are CONSTANTLY complaining about..get over it..I didn’t see people here complaining production pulled the chips out of the bag whne brenchal needed that veto or jeff needed the veto..we get it, you think its rigged. why spend however long you spend, complaining here?????or wait…you follow dani and the newbies, that’s what they’ve done all summer! Now it all makes sense ; )

      • You’re Vet Fan and can’t admit that this is all rigged? How does Cassie lead the whole week with the most nation wide vote and Dominic close behind to be the one to return to the BB house then at the last minute “Brendon” was selected by CBS to return?

      • @vet fan, I never really cared one side or the other, but even if I did, who am I to fight production? They’ve got who they want to win sitting pretty now. Go production! :)

      • @ rob…all of the polls including the one on this site, ended up with brendon in the lead..feel free to go back and check if You wish..theyre all still available for viewing. And these sites across the web are a small fraction of BB fans…out of all the BB fans most of the votes came from cell phone…also kalia and daniele had the brilliant plan of getting rid of lawan…did production control that too? It could have been rachel OR brendon, then it ended up being both. Daniele also chose to turn against brenchal for a boy she knew 3 weeks, and if she had decided to get rid of. Someone else instead of avenging domonic ,then there was a high possibilty dom would have been the one returning. I could see yor guyses point maybe if it was all vets in an all-star season..but there would be absolutely no point in bringing in 8 new people, just to favor the vets…that. is pointless and ridiculous. Also. They brought. Back 6 vets and newbiess had the numbers with 8…did production also set up the first 3 HOHs? Just face the facts that all of these newbies have been super garbage this year and the season would have sucked w/out the vets..the only reason most of you like kalia or porsche is cause they got rid of jeff for its set. Up and they’re being rooted for..when NOBODY was rooting for them before that. And as I’ve said before, was it set up when none of the vets got to play in the vetos they NEEDED to win? Was it fixed? Did production pull their chips from the bag? You guys sound so sorry when you cry about the game being fixed..what would have happened had shelly or adam or porsche and kalia won the last veto? Then jordan and rachel really would have been screwed.

      • @Vet fan…..I would like to know when a Pandora’s box actually made such a big impact in the game. I cannot recall a time that it has please inform if I am wrong. But it does seem quite convenient that after Jeff messed up the PoV rigging that production had to do something to make sure Jordan and Rachel stay. And why didn’t they announce that Pandora’s Box was coming into the game the first time….I don’t remember hearing that it was coming into the game so when I read it on here I was a little shocked that we as viewers didn’t know.

        And before you go off on one of your famous rants…..I was a fan of Evil Dick and since he’s been gone I haven’t really cared for anyone….so don’t give me the “oh your a dani fan” crap that you like to do…I am merely pointing something out.

      • @ irony..last year with matts dpov…or let me guess, that doesn’t count because fans didn’t like matt? At the end of the day had rachel not won the veto, the twist would have never been a benefit to her and jordan…its nothing buut whining and being a poor sport…you can say your a dick fan all you want, but clearly your biased as you only see it as. A one sided thing. You absolutely have no thought of how this gam COULD have turned out for the newbies had they stepped their game up and got a little smarter at the same ttime…..but it is what is youu guys are right BB decided to start rigging this season with no reason to…. : ) didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out right!?

      • Keep complaining people about production rigging things in the house, its the only way production will learn that this is not the BB show we want to watch. Have all the comps set before the show starts, have all the twists set at a certian time in the game and let the HGs decide who wins and who goes home. I have been a fan of the vets all season and still am, I want to see R and J in the final two so the rigging has been good for my two girls but this is not the way to run a show. Keep complaining, maybe production will get it eventually.

      • @Vetfan- Don’t forget to remind these Porsche/Kalia fans if it wasn’t for them (and Shelly) the newbies would have taken over from first day.

      • It is true, the polls on all of the sites show Brendon in the lead…the funny thing is that an hour and a half before the show started Cassie was still in the lead with Dominic in second. Hmmm…

    • @Tommy you are absolutely rite. This goes to prove the rigging that took place last week. What a ridiculous pandora’s box twist this week.
      Anyone blind enuff to see the fraud going on here is lying to themselves and it shows how totally bias you are, therefore you shouldn’t be taking about the game coz you obviously to illogical to reason

      • for somebody who’s been calling jordan dumb and scum (and who’s been ranting how all the JJ/BR supporters are scum as well), you sure don’t know the difference between “rite” and “right”. I rest my case. happy bashing bitter poster!

      • @MATT – I thought we weren’t going to have namecalling on here. Calling a poster “scum” seems over the line, IMHO. Check Dudan’s post. Thanks.

      • @TK
        Mind your business, go and check the name they’ve called me too. Matt check theWitchIsDead’s post and many others who call me name too. It’s all about fair play. By the way I have other post go check them and see how many have scum. Scum is only directed @theWitchIsDead…coz based on his attitude he really is one.

      • @TK: Yup, let’s wait for the moderator to check all of dudan’s post. Include mine as well to see who started what from the older blogs. It’s probably a “language barrier” considering has terrible grammar and spelling. It seem this dude’s been fighting with ellablue too? Now what does that tell you? hmmm…rite? right?

      • @theWitchIsDead
        Im glad I have made you start using a dictionary when you post your comments. I have seen many of your posts with horrendous spellings and grammar too. When it comes to me you seem to make sure you spell correctly. Thanks for making an “Idiot Troll” that important in your life. Im online I could careless about grammar and spelling. You got rite??????

      • LOL. whatever dude. Something tells me all these comments will get deleted anyway by the admin. Bash away while you still have time.

      • Admin, will delete yours too as it will be obvious you are an aggressor. On BBN its about fair play, don’t expect Admin to favor you like production does your sweethearts J&J and R&B.

      • Oh I know the admin will delete mine as well. I don’t remember saying my posts won’t get deleted. tsk tsk. all these hatred in you affects your ability to read and comprehend. and oh yes! the conspiracy theory! the rigging! the corruption! oh my! LOL. Later hater.

      • dudan is rooting for Cowlia, thats why he’s crying about things being rigged. Sorry, she’s getting the boot! Yay!

  2. oh and i think this pretty much makes the obvious more obvious from last week’s pandora’s box. like we now more than ever SHOULD know what that whole… “thing” was about. one week its really a safety net for rachel (more-so jordan because she doesnt win anything) and now its a happy-go-lucky it doesnt matter pandora’s box. yea okay lol.

    • Last year one week gave Matt the Diamond Power of Veto, a twist more valuable than last week’s chance at safety. Another week last year, Pandora brought back Jessie as well.

      • The Diamond Power of Veto didn’t remove both people from eviction, and the majority of players were still in the house when it was used.

      • Exactly matt…they don’t do 2 pbox’s with a big power twice in a row..infact not even usually twice in a season…last season they had the diamond pov. For matt…then britanny had to spend 2 hrs working out with jessie while the others had a sangria taco fiesta or something like that. And then brendon opened his and the only thing that happened was rachel coming back and. Brendon gone for 24 game changer there either…people are. So whiny this season.

      • yea thats true. the order wasnt really what i was getting at, its just like one of those “yea-ofcourse” type things. i mean i guess anyone could have guessed it with the order from last year but its just like i knew there was no way in hell it was going to be any game changer w/o thinking about matt’s from last year

      • @Tommy: Being able to cherry pick a nominee for eviction is a lot more valuable. Maybe not to production, but I’d rather have a DPoV.

        Plus, this duo twist offered only a chance at safety for both. DPoV was a guaranteed outcome.

      • not whiny. i dont have a problem with it now because it was last week. but last week was clear as day what it was.

        and if u go look at history which i guess i should have done (excuse me), it was clear what this week would be too.

        but make no mistake, last week was what it was which was some ol’ b.s.

        some under ya nose, “that dont smell right”, hey waita-minute type skunky, cheater-cheater-pimpkin eater type stuff haha.

      • @Marcus: Oh I didn’t take the comment as whiny at all. I love discussing/debating the game. It’s all just opinions so everyone can have good ideas/input.

      • oh know i know matt. i like how u’ll clear things up and discuss things about the game. its im on this site and no ther (really.) i was talking to mr/ms vetfan.

      • @Matt,
        yeah they sometimes give Game Changing power’s from Pandora’s box. Like last year, but the timing of this one begs the question and looks too suspiciously and perfectly planned. It doesn’t seem randomly planned at all…hence it lend validity to the argument of rigging

      • i dont understand how matt getting dpov last year makes this years “twist” any less bias. its still production putting their greasy little fingers into the game.

    • Again J won 2 comps this season (granted one a lux comp) you can say all you want that her HOH was given to her by Jeff & B but the only newbie gone at that time was Keith and she beat every single one of them. Can you at least give credit where credit is due?
      Same # of comps that K & P have won.

      • hahahaha ur argument is absurd. “she won a luxury comp” STOP lol. i mean honestly, how dare u give me that garbage hahaha. thats preposterous. c’mon, Jordan fans have to be better than that. least’ i hope so.

        she said “jordan won a luxury comp”… and was serious about her claim. LOL what nerve.

      • uhh no every HOH she has ever won, SHE has never won. she’s only won 2, and they’ve both been thrown to her. only time i will give her credit for something she actually did that she had to work for, was the endurance 1/3 HOH. thats it.

        the fact u tried to seriously sit there and make the argument because she won a luxury comp she does win competitions or w/e is funny.

        kalia and porsche are better gamers then she is if we’re be honest. they both twice have won in the clutch. when u either win or u will go home. ur not thrown anything, u go out and u win it. thats a gamer.

        u know this. why must we discuss this? lol

      • Ok Marcus I am a team newbie fan but you need to get over yourself. Whether you like Jordan or not she did win BB before. She also beat every newbie in a HOH competition this year including Porche and Kalia. And yes she won the luxury comp. She guessed the answer early on no one else was even close. Is she the best player ever? No way. Is she as good as The newbies that are left in the house? Yes. If you don’t like Jordan fine but don’t belittle her or any other houseguest until you have walked in their shoes.

      • @ marcus..the luxury comp was a very tough comp..she guessed david hasselhoff off of looking at a bar of soap and some binoculars…I can promise you, you NEVER would have guessed it and neither did anyone else…that could have been a veto or HOH comp and then it would have been more valid? Just because BB decided to call it a luxury comp it makes it less of a win? Get the eff outta here with your non-sense…I think your lawon…you have got to be lawon, only someone who would vot for their own nomination and eviction would be dumb enough to make the type of comments ou make…rachel out played your team, that’s it, bottom line end of story..NEXT!

      • Typical marcus….always blaming something or someone else..lmao. dani’s gone, stop being so bitter. Just as matt said, that veto and twist could have worked out. Very badly for jorchal..just see that, you always tell everyone else to gain some perspective, so maybe you should just at least see where others are coming from…I admit, I can see why you may think that, however your failing to think of how this game could have turned out for the noobs, had they played better from the get go…they screwed themselves here.

      • @vetFan Thanks for the support They just can’t give the girl credit for anything. Which is just wrong.

      • @Marcus
        LMAO I had to laugh at the absurdity of that claim too. Come on a luxury comp? How low and desperate do J&J fans have to go in order to make jordan look like she actually doing something…SMH

      • @dudan, Jordan also won an HOH and last season she won 2 HOH’s with one at the end being a 2 out of 3 win and she also won a POV last season and did you forget she won $500,000. I’d say she plays this game pretty good!

      • @Marcus – 500 G’s sound familiar? Plus, on the HOH comp this year, she sank the ball. Just because the others were overt in throwing it doesn’t mean that they would have made it. I thought at the time that it wasn’t a good idea, because it took away her credibility. Granted, I think Rachel is far more fierce than her. But, on Rachel’s season, I wasn’t a fan. But, this season, she has gotten my respect.

      • I do not think that winning comps is the only aspect that matters in this game. I don’t believe that any player playing in the game thinks that either, otherwise, they wouldn’t throw so many of them. J is not and never will be good at physical comps. K is not and never will be good at thinking through her moves (unless you call evicting someone in your own allience a good move). Even her vote to evict A last night. Guess JR really got one over on her, dumb dumb J able to help trick poor K into believing A was going home. Even after S’s speach she still votes to evict A. But she has been good at the endurace comps. I will give her credit where credit is due. For me her mental moves have put her in the doesn’t deserve to win category. I do think that P has played a good game and will deserve the win if that happens. But I am rooting for R/J and feel that they deserve it as well. I frankly have no problem with A winning it either. Maybe you can’t understand the game he is playing. Oh thats right you think that K has played a good game.

      • @Kay get over myself? its called an opinion and just cause ur name is in blue doesnt mean anything so get over urself. dont tell me i cant have a opinion cause i havent walked in her shoes. lol thats absurd.

        im not belittling jordan, she did have comps get thrown to her. nothing i said was wrong. EVERY HOH she has “won” was thrown to her. nothing false about that.

        sounds like along with getting over YOURself, u need to start watching the show and season 11.

        @vetfan and everyone else u doesnt agree with me;
        “the luxury comp was a very tough comp.” REALLY? u guys need to stop. this is what i was talking about a couple of days ago. the ppl who love jordan, LOVE jordan and will split hairs, become inconsistent in standards, twist things, and take things out of context to defend her.

        its like a freakin cult without the seriousness and threat of life because it is just a show and we dont know these ppl. some of yall act like u do.

        besides the fact its a freakin luxury comp, THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN YET, it doesnt matter who won it. if brendon won it, if daniele won it. it means nothing.

        HOH’s and POV’s. THATS what matters. THATS what gets u to the end. how many does she have? 3 combined. and 1 of those she won two parts. NOT two HOH’s. its called a 3 part for a reason.

        if natalie would have won 2/3 im sure u guys u say what im saying just out of spite.

        so two HOH’s thrown to u and 2/3 of ONE hoh compares to 2 wins each for porsche and kalia that came they HAD TO win and werent thrown anything?

        logic. get sum.

      • and again, the ONLY reason she won her season is because jessie, natalie, and michelle were bitter because natalie was in final 2 and they werent.

        i love jessie, but he didnt vote her for the reason i just stated AND because he liked natalie and she played him. they worked together, (she brought him in the house BTW) she got the better of him, and he wasnt man enough to take it.

        lydia didnt vote natalie just to piss her off. she has said so, and it was obvious on finale night.

        michelle gave the reason because jordan is such a good person and that was her main point not so much of jordan’s game.

        season 12, everyone wanted out floaters or say they did, and that was a central theme of the season because of guess who? Jordan winning the game.

        hiding behind jeff, benefiting off that B.S. coup’de tat and playing like adam all up till final 3.

        THATS why she won.

        like i said, i give her credit for her endurance comp. it was tough and she killed it. i wish she would play hard like that all the time.

        but lets not let our love for jordo (UR’s not mine) cloud reality.

      • @Marcus, Maybe you should rewatch season 11. Jordan won 2 HOH’s and also a POV, she won another HOH this season plus a luxury comp. She won all of them on her own. In her season she won the last 2 out of 3 for final HOH. She won the POV questions on her own and the HOH that they putted golf balls she beat everyone else out and when it was just her and Jeff he gave it to her but who knows where he would of putted his ball. Same HOH this year knowone hit the ball in the 3rd slot and she beat all the others that went ahead of her. So it’s a total of 5 comps. And if you don’t want to count the luxury comp (which by the way is called a COMPETITION)she still has won 4 with one of them having to win twice for final HOH. She also plays a good social game and won $500,000. I’d say that makes her a pretty good player!

      • Poor Marcus, how are you going to feel when Jordan wins BB for the second time in 3 years. Maybe , just maybe she has a little more game than you want to admit. None of the comps she won was handed to her, she competed against other HGs and WON!!!!! It doesn’t matter if she wins this year or not she has proven again that she is a pretty good player at this game. You go Jordon!!

      • Oh and Marcus start watching this season also because they have shown the luxury comp. What were you watching?

      • AGAIN!!! Please explain to me why why why production would have a preference for who wins?????? U people are annoying. They all have an equal chance to win comps!! If it was so rigged for Rachel because of fitness. Than why did kalia ( the one you all are always calling fat) come in second. Beat out Porsche and Jordon??? Get real!!! Like i said when its going good for the people you like, your not crying foul and if you think its so fixed why are you watching???

      • people saying it took talent for jordan to win that luxury comp are idiots. it was super dumb luck that she won. she thought the shows name was “baywash”. Jordan did not sit and ponder anything logical when she came up with that answer. it was dumb luck.

        i couldnt have gotten that off the given clue because im smart enough to know that the show was baywatch, not baywash.

      • Let me start by saying I am not a big Jordan fan. With that being said I kinda found the HOH that Porsche won kinda different from BB norm. Usually in a comp like that they would have all only gotten one ball and the best score would have won. (Jordan) but instead the person with the worst score got to do it 5 times in a row to get better at it and win b/c Jordan only got to do it twice

  3. How stupid this Pandorax Box..
    they make everything to make Jordan and Rachel safe.

    But if i was HOH i would not mind meetting Jessie at all..

      • Omg! Thank you matt! That is what these people don’t realize..then they’re defense to that is the comp was set up for rachel to win! These people won’t let up…rachel is a beast people just admit it…1 more comp and she has the most wns in a single season! Go rachel!

      • Not so fast…Rachel has proved she can hang on longer than anyone in the house, the probability of her winning that comp was very high. It just like ma girl Kalia, she good with quizzes and when it is a quiz comp she kills it. Same goes for Rachel, if it hanging on to stuff (Moreover this thing had brendon face on it) she would kill. Pandora’s box twist + Vet comp skewed for Rachel to win = Rigging

    • that POV was custom made for Rachel though, it was quite litterally a rehash of the first HOH which she won. wrap your arms and legs around something and hang on. isn’t that what they were doing on the bananas?

      • Vet Fan, in another post you claimed that Jordan came up wth Hasselfhoff. From what I recall, she entertained the thought of Baywatch, told Jeff and he then threw her the name Hasselhoff. Of course she gets credit for initiating this, but truly, didn’t Jeff tell her to say Hasselhoff? Just asking… I notice how you tend to get ‘amped’ when you think your beloved JJ is being attacked. ;)

      • Think she’s being attacked? She is constatly being attack. She’s dumb,
        she can’t win anything on and on.

        It’s as nuts as all the K weight & does nothing but eats attacks. Actually these are even worse because they have nothing to do with game play

    • Not so fast…Rachel has proved she can hang on longer than anyone in the house, the probability of her winning that comp was very high. It just like ma girl Kalia, she good with quizzes and when it is a quiz comp she kills it. Same goes for Rachel, if it hanging on to stuff (Moreover this thing had brendon face on it) she would kill. Pandora’s box twist + Vet comp skewed for Rachel to win = Rigging

      • Nominations were not made when the twist was revealed. Cowlia came close to winning the veto, and in the first HOH Porsche did very well with this type of comp, so if they had put up Shelly/Adam and fought a little harder for the veto, they possibly could’ve won and changed noms to Rachel/Jordan. So, I don’t see how there is rigging.

  4. Matt do u have any idea how Wednesday show will be?
    Will one of Rachel nom go home and then what
    Is it again a fast forward?

    • Not sure, but yeah, I’m expecting some sort of Fast Forward on Wednesday so things are ready for another eviction on Thursday. Maybe we’ll get more details on Sunday’s show.

      • Thanks Matt, it will be fun to watch another Fast Forward….hoping they do this. Another BB Hurdle..the following Sunday the show is pre-empted for 9/11 shows…how will we see the rest of the 3 part HOH leading to the finale on the 14th?? Thanks in advance! Illinois loves you!

      • Well here’s my thought ella..even though you didn’t ask me lol..I’m thinking they’ll do the eviction of whoever goes from this HOH here. And then there going to do the face morphing comp(10 faces) because 4 people will be remaining….and whoever has the slowest time goes home on the spot?????this is just my thought I think the fortune teller has no special power or anything, just a message stating what I just stated lol..or something similar.

      • Thanks vet fan
        So let say Rachel wins then she can still compete in the hoh because only 3 people will be left

  5. See, Rachel did not benefit whatsoever from the this Pandora’s box. SO, if the game was rigged to benefit her no matter what she would have gotten some power or something like that which she could use next week when she is vulnerable. Please, stop crying conspiracies people, it is so absurd. I will state again, that anyone could have taken that veto last week. Rachel wanted it more than anyone else and she fought through the pain. Also, Rachel has been working out this whole time to be in shape for these physical comps, which occur all the time. If the other’s were smart they would be working out too, not stuffing their faces constantly like Cowlia.

      • If you have live feeds you’d know that of the remaining guests, everyone, w/the exception of maybe Jordan & Porsche, have some pretty healthy appetites… particularly Rachel. She could be seen in the kitchen multiple times daily throwing together some ‘eats’ & munching constantly. So is it better for her because she’s physically more appealing to you & granted, seems to take working out more seriously? It still ‘is what it is’, right? Or for Adam, because he’s a MAN? Smoking & eating are his claims to fame in BB. Why is thaat never an issue to be raised?? The easy route is talk about how much this woman eats when she is cleaaarly not alone. Call her out for something pertinent to her gaming if you like… & it is well deserved at times, God knows… but this running ‘eat-a-thon’ joke doesn’t make the cut… sorry. Oh, and let me say.. IN MY OWN OPINION.

    • @beachmama….. I couldn’t agree more. Everyone complains all these comps r set up for rachel. But yet, rachel hos won endurance comps, questions comps and skill comps this what else do you guys want? A food shoveling comp?

      • Amen R is just really good at comps. It is the strength of her game. Her weakness is personal relationships. I hope the weakness doesn’t come back to bite her in the …

      • @GoJR: It just might come back and bite her in the “… ” because of all the “goodbye” messages she’s been giving. All that hard work at the competition for nothing if you can’t get the votes at the end. tsk. oh well…still, go j/r!

      • The last hoh Cowlia won was rigged for her because the last question was about food. Or maybe it’s Production fault for putting so much food in the house, that’s why they can’t win an endurance comp. Cowlia was close to winning this, she was last to drop. This rigging business is SO absurd, it just sounds like a bunch of crybabies. I have liked Rachel since Season 12, so I definitely have her back. And maybe I am critical of Cowlia, but IN MY OPINION she is just plain lazy, and she acts like she is so great. I have an inkling Adam is playing like he is sucky at all comps so anyone would logically take him to final 3 because he will be beaten easily. I don’t have the live feeds, however I have After Dark, and also read a few different blogs to get recaps of the live feeds.

      • @thewitchisdead I have been saying consistantly that I don’t know if R can win this game because of her social game. Way too emotional at the beginning! I would not be rooting for her if she had not changed that behavior. I concede that it may be too little too late for R. It will be interesting to see if she makes it to the final 2. That is one of the reasons I want to see her in the final 2. Would like to see what jury members do. They could clearly see that she changed the way she was reacting. To change is one of the hardest things to do. If she hadn’t done that I would not even think she deserved to win at all.

    • goog point beachmama. maybe they should just make the rest of the comps quizes then maybe all the vethaters will be happy

    • remember back to the first week. the one that rachel won? take the bananas out, and put in dummies. that veto comp was made for her.

      • But, Porsche did well in that comp, also remember, everyone has been saying that they threw that 1st hoh comp because they didn’t want it. Including Shelly said she threw that one on last nites episode. So I say again, for the umpteenth time, that was anyone’s game. Also, the same people that are saying the veto was “made” fro Rachel also saying the HOH comp last nite was also rigged for her BS! Cowlia is gone get over it and stop hating on Rachel.

  6. Rachel is excited for others AND bonding with Jessie? WOW. Honestly at this point I’d rather her win than Jordan

  7. Bring Jesse back for *BB ALL Stars**(@Matt, u think u can put n a request 4 Jesse on the next All-Stars?)

      • I’m sure he has been paid for his appearance, and at this point seems to be a bit of a running joke. I can’t wait to see the footage. But please, no Jesse back for an actual whole season, I couldn’t stand it! He’s just to much ego!

      • @BeachMama: Yeah, it’s definitely an entertaining bit that you can rely on these days. As long as they keep it in small doses then I don’t mind, though they need to find a new way to introduce him after 2 seasons of P’s Box.

  8. How did P benefit frm Pandora Box? per paragraph it said “Rachel took the bait and boy is she probably regretting it now. Well, not really and probably not as much as Porsche is,but at least the other HGs got to enjoy the outcome this time around….So how did P benefit, did she get a personal gift of power??

    • Porsche said she regrets opening Pandora’s Box last week. That sentence joked that Rachel was sorry she opened it (having to spend with Jessie), but not as much as Porsche [regretted opening the Box last week].

    • Rachel nearly didn’t open it. She was told she only had 10 secs left to decide and got worried she was going to miss a chance for something about a wedding prize.

      I’d be tempted too!

      • NO no no ! Production forced Rachel to open it! Production NEVER gives the HG an option whether to open it or not. This is UNFAIR. It’s rigged!

        Okay, that’s really stupid. LOL.

  9. Hey all, let’s just celebrate that the skank is gone!! Anyone against Jordon is just jealous!! She’s beautiful, sweet, and wins when she need to!! She also gets to be with one of the sexiest men alive!! Look at old Burt Lancaster movies and tell me if Jeff doesn’t look just like him!! Hubba Hubba!!!

  10. I wish people would shut up about the rigging already!!! Just sit back and enjoy it for what it is… entertainment! Its not like CBS is cheating US out of $500K. I would have been happy as a loon if they had “rigged” it for Dani. For people to keep on and on and on about the “rigging” is doing nothing to change the fact that the game will go on.

    • NO it’s rigged it’s rigged it’s rigged!

      LOL. For those who don’t get it, I’m being sarcastic :) Rigged or not, I don’t care. I don’t remember complaining when ‘aaaaakwaaard’ and her minions (cow/pork) were ruling the house. Some people should just SU already. Go do a protest in front of CBS or better yet, stop watching :)

      • I don’t think i heard the show was rigged as much when porica &kaila won, as i do when rachel and jordon wins. oh no rachel won the veto and hoh so people thinks it is rigged ,no way rachel is a good player ,go rachel win bb13

    • They are just mad that a player they want to win isn’t or can’t cause they are already out. They need to GET OVER IT.

      • @GoJR ummmm, maybe. ‘cept the one who I wanted to win is gone, too. I have seen both sides do it and I have seen some seemingly valid points. I am just so over the griping about it. “Its rigged.” “No it aint.” “yes it is” “uh uh” WHO CARES????

      • @Becky: couldn’t agree with you more. who freakin cares. If you hate it so much, stop watching (which is what I do if I don’t like who’s in power). otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show! geez. it’s really is that simple.

  11. There is no way to know who is going to win a comp. So how can it be rigged, please just stop. If Porsche hadn’t opened Pandora’s box, Jordan would be gone. If there is money in the box, you have to no something bad is coming so it’s her own stupidity. Maybe if Cowlia and Porsche exercised more this summer they would be better in physical comps. No one cried conspiracy when the last question on the last HOH Cowlia won was about food.

    • funny you’re using the same nickname for one HG — cowlia. So tired of all this conspiracy theories. Those who’s been crying rigged/CT/corruption (seriously?) seem to get so mad if nobody believes them. okay, people, just stop watching then. And if somebody wants to cry about corruption, look at the government not some summer TV show. geez.

      • @witch – yes, it is a very fitting name, lol. I agree, if you think the game is rigged and don’t agree stop watching no one will care whether you do or don’t. It is a great show purely for entertainment. Go Rachel!

    • why would anyone cry conspiracy because it was about food— OOOH you are making a fat joke. i get it.

      you arent serious about that comment, are you?

      • No, it was a joke. But people thinking this is rigged now that the people they are rooting for are now in trouble is so ridiculous to me.

  12. well adam has had his great season got to get tghis far maybe even make the final 3 and gets to see tori how lucky can one floater get what a term is he floating or just playing the sly game ready to pounce just waiting for the right moment to come alive maybe this visit by tori will do it or maybe the fortune teller will say somehing to light his fire way to go adam floater of the year or best player ever in bb history?

    • He has already told you what he is doing in the DR. I really don’t consider A to have been a floater this season. He was extremely loyal to his JJS allience until S sunk the ship. Exactly what should he have done at that point people?

      • I would consider him one of the better players in BB history. Floaters do not bother me at all, just part of the game. I am hoping Jordan, Adam , Rachel final 3.

    • Sorry, this guy hasn’t even tried to win anything. Falling out 1st in the last two comps makes me wonder. Lazy? Sneaky? I’m not sure but he talks a whiny game.

      • Consider this… Maybe Adam is alot smarter than alot of people in the house. He has seen what making moves do to somebody.. a trip to Jury House.

      • He has said all along his goal was to make it to final 4. Then you either win or they beat you far and square. I think that A has thrown comps when he feels 90% certain he is safe. He is always saying why put a target on my back. He just may be alot better than most people on these posts are giving him credit for. I don’t have a problem with A’s game play.

  13. I have to say Rachel was a GREAT sport about it. Even she seemed happy. As for all the whining about the game… as much as you all hate it … Rachel is the hardest working player there. I know she has had a 2nd shot… but it was up to everyone else to play their own game or be a follower. Everyone left followed someone other then R and J. I mean… they had their spouses but… that was it. So… Good for Rachel… good for Adam for meeting Tori… its finally a happy stress free “moment” in the BB13 house!

    • what exact stress is adam under?He doesnt deserve anything here…hes around bcuz hes no threat whatsoever,i would thk rachel has to start thinkn bout bringin him to the end>>

  14. When I read the title I was like “oh no, NOT jesse” but it was him. I swear that guy has 9 lives in the house. I love how they always bring him back to piss the rest of the HGs off. Doesn’t that guy have any dignaty? LOL

    • any longtime follower of this show has gotta be like WTF!!!Jesse is such a loser,is BB gonna make Boston Rob outta him…..keep bringing jesse back till he wins? Even in small doses he blows!!!

  15. While it probably sucked for Rachel to be stuck with Mr. “Pec”-tacular while the rest of the house got to meet Tori Spelling & get free clothes, I was happy to see that they got stuff for Rachel too. That was great! As for Rachel thinking Tori would be there to help plan her wedding, something tells me that if Rachel really wanted Tori Spelling to be her wedding planner, then Tori Spelling would do it in a heartbeat. That’s what last season’s Tori & Dean (On Oxygen) was all about…them (well, HER) being a wedding planner. And she’s great at it. Anyway, I really just wanted to say I was happy to see the other HG’s thinking of getting Rachel stuff too! Of course the fact that Porsche & Kalia are trying to kiss ass is probably the only reason they did it! lol

  16. @vet fan U GO!! ugh too funny all the haters out here!! production,production,production…just an exscuse for all those newbies out there lol…I want an ALLSTARS with Brendon.Rachel,Jordan,Jeff..and whom ever else I think they are great for the show….

  17. Hey People wish I were young again cause this game looks fun I would love to play it , do not think for a minute this how is rigged I think Its all in a game play.

  18. Set UP. Did Brendon or Rachel win any money last year? Did they win America’s vote. They complained they spent all summer and did not make a dime for their time. Do you think they would come back and do it again.
    1. Brendon did not win america’s vote. He did not win it last year and not this year. Set up

    2. Pandorea’s box either favors the HOH or the HOG. This one favored only two Jordan and Rachel and not the others. Set up

    3. With a endurance comp to last 13 min. which I have never seen a time put on it that you have to do the whole 13 min. You have Rachel aganist Adam, Kalia and Jordan. Adam and Kalia are over weight and no way could they win this endurance espeically haven to duck under to pipes. Jordan worried to much about her hair getting dirty. Set up for Racel to win.

    It seems like Big Brother and BR had a deal for them to come back on, at least a second place.

    • At the time the twist was announced nominations where not done, so they could have put up Shelly/Adam and fought harder for the veto. Cowlia came close to winning and Porsche did well on this when it was the first hoh comp, it was anyone’s game. No rigging you crybaby!

      • I do not care who wins, it just looks like a set up. Porche did not play in this veto. So all of the players are the same no matter who was put on the block.

      • Porsche was hoh and most certainly played in the veto, as all hoh do play in the vetoes. Once you get to final six everyone gets a chance in veto anyway.

      • @CB it was the HOH that P could not play in. The rules are outgoing HG not allowed to particpate in upcoming HOH
        The 13 min getting donuts was a HOH comp not a veto comp. She did play the veto.

  19. Some of my thoughts of this season.

    I knew Tori Spelling would come into play. If you watched live feeds from last night after the HOH was played Adam went on and on with Jordan about Tori Spelling. We all know he was a huge fan, but last night I have never seen him talk so much about her. Also, Julie on the show made a comment to Adam about his love for 90210. For all of those thinking the show is not rigged at least admit it has been very predictable. Jordan also talked to Rachel about them having times where they have great clothes and great prizes. Rachel said she didn’t care if there was a box she would not open it. Many of you are saying that Porche was stupid to open hers. Why was she stupid and Rachel not? Porche had no idea what was going to be in her box. Everyone opens the box. At least admit that.

    One of my biggest gripes on this site is the way people call the HG’s all kinds of names. Before we had Dani and all the name calling of her, then Shelly, and let’s not forget what so many of you call Kalia and Porche. Sometimes I think the average age on this site must be 12 because of the way so many act. If you love Rachel and Jordan fine, but don’t put down the people who are not fans of them. Each and every person has a right to their opionion of who they like or don’t like. They have a right to say what they want regarding gameplay, but I am shocked with all the personal attacks. Either you didn’t watch Jordan in her season when she put on quite a bit of weight and the same with Rachel. Even this season Rachel eats every bit as much as Kalia. I have the live feeds. I have heard Rachel herself mention that she has to stop eating so much. Who cares how much they eat? What else do they have to do? Who cares how much they cook? Porche is not the only one who cooks. Brendon and Jeff were always cooking. Porche and Rachel cook. Kalia and Adam cook. Jordan doesn’t cook as she has said so and that she is not good at it. Again, like who you want, root for who you want. Discuss game play, but don’t put others down if they don’t agree with you. Don’t worry J/R fans I predict either one of them will win or one of them with Adam. Like I said rigged or not it sure is very predictable. Worse season ever for me since watching since S1. It is not sour grapes I never liked the whole concept from the beginning. I started out a J/J fan, but was not happy with either one from the beginning. I really liked both of them during their season. I didn’t like Rachel last season and even though she has mellowed lately it makes me wonder what made her mellow the last couple of weeks. How come it was so hard for her to win comps when Kalia won HOH and then Porche won veto and right after that HOH. Of course I have read all your comments about the both of them being worthless. Why did Rachel even change her strategy against floaters. I know the true meaning of floater is one that goes from side to side. During Rachel’s season she classified floaters as those that did nothing. Adam comes to my mind as someone the old Rachel would have gotten out a long time ago. Now she is playing with him. My guess is that we will now see either Adam or Jordan win veto. Hey we may even see CBS throw Rachel and Brendon a wedding. lol These are just my opinions.

    • @Gail, If all you’re going to do is scold everyone on this site for there opinions and comments could you please keep it to a paragraph or less. We don’t want to read a book!

      • @Karen, I was not scolding everyone just those that are guilty. Sorry, if you thought I wrote a book. Just my thoughts.

    • Gail i agree that this season has been very predictable and there has been a lot of name calling. You centered on Kalia and Porche being cut down. You seem to have forgotten that there has been a lot of Jordan and Rachel bashing also. Personally I think we should not judge any of the house guest until we have walked in their shoes!

      • I agree with you Kay and thank you for your comment. I only singled them out as those were the ones that I thought were the meanest with the name calling. I just don’t believe in mean name calling and I am referring to people calling Kalia cowlia and things like that. I have never called any of the houseguests a cruel name such as that. Your last sentence says it all. Thank you Kay.

  20. I’m so disappointed.! THought the 2nd time Pandora’s Box was opened would give an advantage to the newbies to be back in control. If Jordan wins again I will protest the unfairness of the show. Why did BB allow a previous winner to return or the vets to play against new, inexperienced houseguests? Really BB??? For once, do it right and allow a newbie to win. Would be great if a minority would finally win.

    • Well this newbee have watched the shows were the vet were on they knew how they played what thit strenght and weaknesses are
      So u could say the had the advantage they even had the number on their side

    • There has been at least 3 minorities that have one Big Brother. An Asian , Italian, and a person of Polish hertiage. 4 females and 8 maies.

  21. Poor Rachel. No one will ever open Pandoras box again for fear that jackass Jessie might jump out of it. He is the Survivor Russell and needs to find something else to do. Thought he wrestled or something. Good grief, just go away.
    In the meantime I’m thrilled Adam got to meet his idol. He may not be a good game player but he’s a nice guy and deserved a nice surprise. I’m glad they thought of Rachel for clothes too, very thoughtful.
    Vet fan and Marcus, get a room….

    • Hey Oneill…howja doing?….All the good friends are over in the Survivor Fandom posting away in the many threads Matt has started over there…come over…. :-)

      • HoH8, nice to hear from an old friend!!
        See/Read you on the other side. Some of these posters have serious “issues”

    • If that happens, you’re gonna hear all the past players come out and call BS on that one. Nobody minds someone winning two times, but I’m sorry, Jordan does not deserve it. Kalia’s played a better game than her. The only reason she’s still here is because of Rachel, and the only reason she got so far in the beginning is Jeff. I would love to see them bring her back without Jeff, then we’ll see just how far she can go.

      • @Gene, You have spoken correctly. She doesn’t deserve to win nothing. She’s floated all season long and wait for production to save the day. Isn’t it Ironic that no matter what show she and her silly boo are in, there appears to be some form of fraud and manipulation? Just look at Amazing race last year they day they came last was mysteriously made a non elimination leg on the next episode they had a ridiculous task for a speed bump. Thankfully however all that couldn’t save then from elimination. Hope the same thing happens soon…Send Jordan too her boo asap please

      • @Gene I totally agree but Jordan is like a kitten that’s catching butterflies while everyone else is going to war. No one comes after her.

  22. How many times is CBS going to bring Jessie back? He makes me want to throw up. His 15 minutes of fame have been done for a long time. NO MORE JESSIE!

    • he is really hot
      I wish my body was like his body

      I think they should bring him to a all star season

    • I agree, Samething happens on all the reality shows of cbs. Coach is back for the 3rd / 4th? time on Survivor. How many times do we have to see Boston Rob.

    • They can bring him in to annoy HGs, just not for a whole season! I don’t think I’d be able to stand it.

  23. Am I crazy to think that Rachel can win this thing? Maybe. If Kalia wins HoH, or if Adam develops a spine, she might be a goner. Rachel doesn’t have much to fall back on now besides her gameplay. I can’t see Jordan striking against her, but Jordan’s partnership is always a double-edged sword; in a Final Two vote, the Bland Blonde wins every time. (Seriously, if Mother Theresa were sitting next to Jordan, Mother Theresa would look like a backstabbing goblin fascist.)

  24. Yikes, haven’t we seen enough of Jesse? He is so insecure in trying to make people think that he’s sexy that it’s boring. I would hate to see him 20 years from now when he’s got absolutely nothing to offer. He’d be better off working on his personality than his pecs.

    Rachel has sure done a 180. I think that she is actually a nice person and is really there for Jordan. At this point, I will be happy if either of them win.

    • Just remember the Body Builder Arnold became Govenor of California, Not necessarily a good one, but none the less hes made some bucks.

      • Arnold Swartzeneager made his fortune by being an actor not by being governor. His salary as governor was just chump change compared to the money he made acting.

    • “He is so insecure in trying to make people think that he’s sexy that it’s boring. ” —- sometimes boring, sometimes annoying. I just tune out whenever he’s on (during JJ season).

  25. Competitions may be designed to favor certain house guests. However, those house guests still have to step up and win. Jordan lost to Kalia in a simple before or after question game, which played to Jordan’s strong suit. Kalia won becuase she simply stepped up and beat Jordan at her own game. It’s called taking advantge of an opportunity. Not rigging.

    • Exactly, It’s about adapt and overcome. You’re a fool if you think Production doesn’t have a guiding hand, but it doesn’t determine the outcome.

    • True. Also how would production even know how the newbies will perform in any given comp unless I guess they have all the HG coming to a preshow arena where they participate in all the different comps that are going to be played and take notes. Watch the season as it unfolds so they change the order of the comps at any given time based on the players that are still in the game to manipulate the outcome. Sound reasonable to me

  26. Is anyone but me irritated at Dani continuing to claim she was back doored. When she clearly participated in the veto. She was not back doored.
    I hope if it contiunes in the jury house that the other players set her straight.

  27. I can just see Adam when he saw Tori”-Oh my God-Oh my God-Oh my God!!!!!!” Headbangers crack me up.

  28. It was rigged rigged rigged…lie all you want, it won’t change the truth. If J or R wins it won’t being based in merit, but thru dubious manipulations by production. I can’t see why anyone would want to support injustice, unfairness and corruption.

    • Dude, Rach has fought since day one. If anyone can’t give it up for her, you’re just a dick. And I’m not a hardcore Rachel fan, just impressed with her gameplay.

      • @Matt
        See this as proof… I leave a comment and ppl attack me for expressing my opinion. When I attack back they start crying foul to you. Take note he call me a “dick”. I usually would retaliate, but I’ll let this slide just so you can see, why I get ruff with some ppl on here. Im crying foul now too, Matt help me out please

      • Calm down chief, that was not zeroed at you. That goes for anyone that can’t see that Rach has done a good job. I wasn’t zeroing in on you.

      • @Dudan~

        They way I see it, you are the one typically attacking and people do their best to ignore you.

        However, I do see your point and agree that Gene shouldn’t have called you a name, to wit, “dick”;

        Instead, Gene should have more properly addressed the content of your posts/behavior and said:

        “You always act like a dick,”


        “Your posts betray your ignorance.”

        There, all better now. Carry on, dudan.

      • I agree dudan. Rachael was on her way out the door not once but twice and Big Brother threw in twists to save her both times. If not for Big Brothers help Rachael would have been gone weeks ago.

      • rach didnt have to fight from day one. the vets were in power for 3 straight weeks, then it was brendon and jeff that had to fight, as they were the targets.

        rachel is just in a “me me me” mindset.

    • Just because a comp is physical that means it is rigged? The veto – Porsche did well in the first hoh, which was a similar comp, and Kalia almost beat Rachel at the veto. The HOH was a physical comp but not so much so that no one else had a chance. Would you prefer they ONLY have quizzes as comps? I don’t understand why you think these comps were unfair. It’s Big Brother, there are always physical comps, everyone knows that when they sign up. Do you think so little of everyone’s abilities that no one besides Rachel or Jordan could possibly win a comp if it involves athleticism? Kalia did well on the skiing comp and Porsche has done well on physical comps as well, and Adam has held his own in some physical comps as well.

      • I see in another post you said “my girl Kalia” referring to her being good at quizzes, So I assume your rooting for her, is that why your crying about things being rigged? Sorry bud, Cowlia is going out the door this week! YAY!

    • that wouldn’t work because you’re supposed to punish ONLY the person who opened P’box. I think it will be R annoying D, not the other way around. Getting evicted is punishment enough. LOL.

  29. Both Jordan and Rachel have been there for each other, Jordan helped Rachel when Brenndon got evicted, as Jordan says she babysat Rachel and Rachel was there when Shelly got on Jordan in the Purple room she grabbed Jordan and told her this is not you Jordan come on and took her into the have not room so they have both helped each other. They also play game alot. Rachel by her Love for Brendon and Jordan by the way I see she has grown up since her first show, they both play two different games but they never backstab each other at least yet.

    • I don’t know about “they never backstabbed each other”. They have backstabbed each other (not in the same level as D/K/S/P has — no wonder so many hate them), but not anymore. At least not after their partners were evicted.

  30. Where you wrote that Tori gave Adam a “guess,” what do you mean? Because that is obviously wrong. Do you mean “kiss”?

    • Both sides need him for number. I hope cowlia gets the boot next. I find her more annoying than porkche. I’ll settle with P getting the boot if C gets the veto so it’s all good :)

  31. Tori gave him a GUESS? I’m going to go with the probability you meant KISS. either way, it was such a nice thing for Adam who can’t win anything. You made his real dream come true and he’ll never forget that. I tip my hat, CBS.

  32. Wow….nice to know my posts get deleted for whatever reason but yet most of the posts on here who constantly attack people never get deleted. Oh yea because they consistently post. Way to be “fair”……my comments have been on topic and now they get deleted…le sigh

    • I suspect they were not deleted. It can be hard to find sometimes whether you are replying, like I am to you, or adding a post. I get frustrated when I try find
      chonological, but I see replies on posts throws that off. Or you may be looking at the wrong BB entry you posted on. I found that out for
      myself. Also, it could be time delay of your post with so many doing at same time. As you said, if your on topic you should be fine. I, too, find
      some posts inappropriate but still are toletated. Just my thoughts.

  33. Thursday episode; JR in Dr…Jordan obviously reading a script…watch her mouth the words when Rachel is talking….hmmmmm??

  34. I would really like to see Jordan win again, my reasons… well Rachel is a good player but still annoy and both Kalia and Porsche flipped from voting with newbies to voting with vets now they are back with the newbie bit but they were the ones all up Dani’s butt and Adam well he has floated by the whole game. Jordan has won, fought her hardest, told people the truth not what she new they wanted to here,she even to brendan and rachel that her and jeff were not gonna vote for him cuz it was to risky for them and yet shes still there and she is loyal she has played the best game.

    • If Rachel was smart, she’d throw the veto to Adam so Jordan would go up and get voted out.

      At this stage of the game, you’ve got to think about whom you’d beat in the final two, and, without a doubt, Jordan beats Rachel. While newbie solidarity might enable Kalia, Porsche, or Adam to beat Jordan, I can’t imagine any newbie exepct, perhaps, for Porsche voting for Rachel over Jordan.

      It would be a bold and smart move for Rachel to conspire with Adam, Kalia, and Porsche to get Jordan out of the house.

      Sure, then three people would be gunning for Rachel, but she’s a strong enough competitor to win either HoH of PoV during each of the remaining eviction cycles.

      Sticking with Jordan makes it very likely that Rachel will end up with the 50K second prize. Making sure Jordan leaves the house increases the possibility that she wins the grand prize.

      • Thas a bit too risky, considering she can’t play for HOH next week. Plus knowing her, she will remain loyal to Jordan at least to the final 3 for sure.

      • Hi just a thought, if R took Jordan, the other HG might think, HUMMMM, Jordan already won $500,000. and R really did play a better game, so it could go her way. But if she takes Adam, he could win, remember Dr Will didnt do anything in his season and he won. I wouldnt take K or P if I was her. so who knows what R will do, she is pretty loyal to J so she could take her.. we shall see. did Julie say there was a special eviction on weds? and then again on thurs? or did I take it the wrong way? thanks all I have loved visiting and “talking” to all the other BB fans like me. Hope next year is a better choice of HG

      • @Karen: Dr. Will won because he was a good social game player, he manipulated all the HGs very VERY well. That is why he won. Adam has not done that at all. There is no way for him to win at this point, he is playing for second place at best.

  35. Ha ha….. one thing they did right this season and put in meat head jessie in there. That guy is so full of himself that its so hilarious.

  36. first of all i want anyone to win except rachel or jordan or stupid adam. rachel think she is suppose to win and that brendon is god and everyone suppose to love him go figure i think she is selfish and in her own world and i understand why she do not have real friends outside of the house. jordan has done nothing this whole game but rely on others to keep her there and she is weak and let jeff tell her how to feel. adam is the worst player of the game ever.. ever ever….. why are you so loyal to someone that you don’t care if you win or not. and he is the weakest player ever. and the only reason he won the pov is that it was a set up from bb. and i am piss with bb because there should have been a big twist when rachel took the pandox’s box like when porsche open it. so now the truth is out that bb want rachel or a jordan to win. this is a sorry ending…may not watch next summer because of that stupid pandox box setup on porsche.

  37. I can’t wait for Kalia see what really so call sweet Jordan said about her and how her and Jeff think about her and Brendom and rachel feel about her and all the mean hearted things they said about her that to me showed their real color. Thay do not like blacks and we don’t like their fake butt. The truth is in the pudding and they all are eating large bowls full. They should be hung by their feet. I cannot stand them for the way talk about her with their non perfect selves and look in the mirrow they are sooooooo ugly.

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