Big Brother 13 Week 9: Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 13 week 9 nomination anticipation

We’ve got a new Big Brother 13 HoH this week which means it’s time for some new nominations. With only five HGs left in the game the pickings are slim, but the choice is obvious. Read on to find out who will be nominated tonight at the ceremony and what it should mean for the coming week ahead of Wednesday’s special eviction episode.

Rachel took back the Head of Household room for the third time this season and she’s ready to make things as simple as possible for her and Jordan. There are four possible options to nominate, but you can immediately scratch Jordan off the list. That leaves us with Adam, Kalia, and Porsche. Hmm. I wonder.

No way around it. Rachel is going to nominate Kalia and Porsche. The main target right now is Kalia, but if Kalia wins that Veto then Rachel and Jordan are prepared to settle for evicting Porsche. Adam will be safe this week and only end up on the block as a renom.

Of course there’s a delicate situation for Rachel and Jordan if Adam wins the Veto. He could use it to save either Kalia or Porsche and then force Jordan on the block, leaving him and the other Newbie to vote out Jordan. Adam has already told Jordan he wouldn’t use the Veto if he won it, but is he telling the truth? If Adam wants to keep skating through then the absolute worse thing he could do this week would be to win the Veto. He’d be better off just keeping his head down and pressing on to next week.

What do you think of Rachel’s potential nominations? Should she put up someone other than Porsche and Kalia?


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  1. love her or love to hate her you got to give her credit the girkcomes to play and if the remain 3 are rache, jordon and adam i think this time rachel earned the win if it wasnt for racel they would have been gone of course porsce greed helped also lets hoipe that between now and the voting to evict rachel doesnt get greedy and ruyins it all by making bad move

      • jorday doesnt deserve to win because already won once.. the other 2 just dont deserve it period.. and the rest of them…….. well……..

      • I know people are annoyed by Rachel but I love that woman! She busted her butt every week. She did have a couple bad weeks but she’s picked it back up. I hope and pray she wins this game with Jordan being in 2nd and still winning alittle cash! Go Jordan and Rachel!! Make me proud! One more thing, Rachel isn’t as you said a Hoochie Mama, She may wear short shorts or whatever but she is very dedicated to Brendon and I am very proud of her!

      • Jordan does deserve to win.Rachel, Dani,Shelly have all been saved because of Jordan trying to keep their crazy butts calm. Rachel listened to her and Jeff so shes still here. D&S didnt listen and thats why they are out along with B&J.So she does deserve it.!

    • I have to say Rachel drives me crazy but there is not another person in the house that should win Jordan is a nice person but like the rest she is a floater.

  2. Abc please make next year’s bigbrother more exciting. This was so predictable with bringing back the past players. We all know Rachel is good at winning competitions and we all know that she is going to win the money. She has been already seen on another wedding reality show buying her wedding dress. Why did you bother bringing in a new cast?

    • Totally agree! Really obvious that the vets were stronger and the newbies were screwed over by twists. Very predictable

      • Are you forgetting the fact that the newbies outnumbered the vets 8 to 6, and STILL had the opportunity to go against the vets the first week to evict Porche and keep Keith? Rachel made it quite clear she wanted Keith out, as she saw him as more of an opposition to her alliance than Porche, and to me, that would be a clear opportunity to get an even larget advantage over the vets.

        This is a numbers game. It does not matter who is stronger.

    • CBS produces Big Brother, not ABC. What does Rachel having already bought a wedding dress have to do with her being asked to play again? She is a great player and deserves to win with her 2nd chance on Big Brother.

    • i think they should do a big brother with one hg’s from each show 1 -13 and they should have two a year

      • I’ve thought about a twice-yearly Big Brother, like Survivor or The Amazing Race, but airing three times a week during prime time is a tall order to fill during the regular season. Big Brother does well during the summer, but ~7.5 million viewers isn’t enough for primetime, for CBS standards, anyway. You could argue that that number would increase, largely, just because of it airing during the regular season, but it’s something to think about.

        I believe Big Brother 9 aired during the winter, and I’d be curious to know how that did, if anyone knows the general ratings for that season.

      • @joethehobo – I think it was BB10 (BBX) that aired during the winter and that was because of the writer’s strike, so the only shows that really aired during that time were reality shows, since they didn’t need writer’s to make scripts.

      • You might be right, but I think I remember it being BB9, when they had the couple’s twist. (gag)
        The whole house had a winter/lodge theme.

  3. I actually like this new, independent, stronger Rachel. She seems to have gotten herself together and is the only one being successful at actually playing the game. I definitely think she needs to nominate Porsche and Kalia, then make sure one is voted out, even if one wins the veto. They talk about Shelley being a liar, but they aren’t far behind. Hopefully, Rachel stays smart enough to see through their fakeness and goes to the end. I hope she wins this game, considering all she’s been through and still stayed in, and I couldn’t stand her at first. Gotta appreciate her fortitude.

    • Amen!!! I love Rachel and she deserves to win. Jeff won once plus him and Jordan won cash. Go Rachel! !

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn’t stand Rachel last season but this season her fortitude won me over. It may be that Shelly just sickened me so bad that it just enabled me to see that even Rachel is a far better player than all of them. She really went in there to play and once Brendon got out of the picture & Rachel could play the game her way instead of him always talking to her like she was his pet or something, she really is playing hard & not depending on anybody else to get her through. Dani went in to out do her Dad. I don’t think she accomplished it. She got greedy too soon. I hope Rachel & Jordan make it to the end & Jordan’s speech tells the jury how much Rachel deserves to win.

    • i agree – i couldn’t stand rachel on her season and in the beginning of this one – it seems like once brendan was gone and she was free to play her OWN game (not HIS!) she’s been doing great and isn’t anywhere near as obnoxious

    • I agree Lori64. If we had never had the misfortune to meet Rachel together with Brendon. She would have been everyones favorite from the beginning. I loathed her, with him in the game. She is totally incapable of functioning or single thought of her own with Brendon there. On her own she is smart, funny, she knows the game inside and out. She is actually very likable.. But I know what kind of person she will once again become the second she sees him again. So I wish i had “known” her without him so I could root for her.

      • I love Rachel and hope for her to win, but I think blaming her formerly abrasive attitude on Brenden is wrong. It is pretty obvious to me that Rachel has made real effort to tone herself down, even before Brenden left. I think she got some honest opinions from Jeff and Jordan about her attitude and the way she comes off to other people, and she has taken that advice and ran with it. She proved that she was changing before Brenden left (the second time) – she didn’t freak out, didn’t start causing chaos. In my work, I see people become better through self-development, and that is the process that I have seen with Rachel, over these past weeks. I am delighted for her!

    • Kalia and Porsche? (Do we know them?) Wanted them gone a long time ago!!! Better late than never!!

  4. next year either needs to be all newbies or all vets…. DONT MIX THEM… IT DOESNT WORK….

      • ITA about the couples. It was totally unfair that the veterans got to come in the house with significant others and the newbies had to team up with strangers. I hope if they do a allstars they don’t allow both members of the couples come in. It would nice to see Brendan and Jeff play thier own games without having to worry about protecting thier girlfriends.

  5. I think that This Big Brother is rather boring, as the old players dominate the show. Consequently, future Big Brother should not have previous winners, but give new blood a chance to win. Plus I am so sick of Rachel’s crying and whining!? by no means entertaining, and she is by no means a good sport, neither are Brendan, Jeff or Jordan. Realy had enough of them.

    • I agree. If production wants to make this show more exciting, they should throw a wrench into Rachel/Jordon’s plans somehow to break them up. I would hate to see those to just coast through to the final 2 for the rest of the show – boring!

      • Just have the next Veto comp. be questions about either Heavy Metal or 90210 and that should be something Adam can win, use the veto and force Jordan up, vote her off and they’re you go.

      • You can say a lot of things about Rachel, but you can not say that she has coasted this season. From the moment she walked through that door she had an even larger target on her back than the other veteran teams, both of which included past winners of the game. Rachel has won a critical PoV or HoH more than twice, and if she hadn’t she would have been sent home.

    • my cousin sandra agrees that you should put new memmbers. she also thinks the players are very greedy. we wish to know what happened last night someone pls tell me.newbies need to stick together. girls need to get rid of boys

  6. I want Rachel and Jordan to be left standing. Kalia has got to go now .Adam Ido not believe is any threat unless he is playing possume

  7. Adam’s best move would be to win POV and use it to take Kalia (or Porsche) off the block – forcing Rachel to put up Jordan. I don’t believe any of the newbies can beat either vet in the final two. His best chance is to get to the end with one of the two lazy girls and his awful performance in competitions may be overlooked. Shelly was not wrong in her assessment of how the jury will vote. She was only wrong in how she went about breaking up the veteran alliance. Getting caught in your lies is rarely a good thing – in the Big Brother house or in life.

    • Not to mention then that Rachel couldn’t play in next week’s competition, making her an obvious choice for nominations.

  8. there are four things that you can say
    1–Rachel does work hard to win
    2–Jorday rides on others backs
    3–Shelly, well just good she is gone.
    4–Adam, would make a good background fillin in a cartoon.

  9. I don’t know what Rachel got if anything, but the other hg’s met Tori Spelling and the other hg’s also got new clothes.

  10. Julie C said that this coming thursday is the last hoh did ‘t she?
    So Rachel still gets to play
    Now is wend eviction going to be Rachel nominations or something else

    • Since one of Rachel’s post-PoV nominations will be sent home Wednesday, I assume there will be a new HoH, PoV, and eviction on Thursday, similar to the Big Brother Fast Forward fashion we saw earlier this season, meaning Rachel will not be able to compete for Thursday’s HoH cycle.

  11. Jordan is a free loader and has been all thru the game..dumb & lazy little girl in womans body,Didn’t like her last yr either.Hope K/P/R final 3..Like for Dani to win jury prize..P win $500.K

    • For somebody to not like Jordan is one of two things, jealous (which I am sure is what it is) or just stupid. How could you not like her? I have met her and she is a very sweet person.

    • fugly Dani to win 500K? LOL. not gonna happen. Jordan did acknowledge that Jeff and then Rachel carried her. Takes a lot to admit that (other HGs are in denial even in the DR. cowlia can’t admit she farted. ShellHE can’t admit she lied until the last minute). As for Jordan being dumb, next to porkche she’ll look like Einstein. at least jordan knows where her shoulder is! I can’t wait for cowlia or porkche to get evicted on Wednesday. Actually, I just want Survivor to start already.

  12. tori spelling entered the house there was a lux comp with jesse returning to host it in a speedo i beleive rachel opened the box due to her not being able to compete

  13. Wow, the veto scenario with Adam winning & flipping would be amazing, granted he would have to win something. Next would he be able to figure that scenario, only Rachel would figure/devise that plan. If she wanted to return to that Rachel?????????, however I don’t see Adam betraying Jordan like that. But most of all I don’t see Adam winning the next POV, would the producers be so devious to
    .1 devise a competition geared for Adam to win = Yes!
    .2 If he won, would the Producers lead him via the DR interview of the above scenario = Yes!
    .3 manipulation is the backbone of the show, so yes to all
    .4 However, CBS & the producers may see the “Special Celeb” as the fan draw, I only hope they pass & leave egg on both CBS, Ashton? & the producers face

  14. The last veto competition was made for Rachel and this HOH for made for her again.

    CBS wants 2 newbies and 2 veterans..
    and I am sure they want Jordan to win..

    Anyways I hope Porshe or Kalia win this thing

    • How was it “made for Rachel”? Is it because she actually exercises and doesn’t just sleep and eat like Cowlia? Anyone could’ve won the veto, as well as the first hoh comp, as it was almost the same comp.

      • The donut HoH competition was not ‘geared toward Rachel’. The focus was on athleticism, which is pretty general. Porche proved she can haul ass during the now-infamous yellow clown shoe PoV, and Adam proved he could run back and forth during the ‘rolling the ball’ PoV that barely won.

      • I agree if you ask me Big Brother is rig this comp was meant for Rachel they knew Adam nor Kalia was going to beat Rachel and lord knows Jordan will give up a the drop of a dime.

      • The HoH was definitely geared toward Rachel winning. It was an athletic competition, and of the house guests allowed to compete in it there was 0 surprise when Rachel won. Her competition was Adam, Kalia, and Jordan. All 3 have proven repeatedly they cannot win athletic comps, whereas Rachel can hustle and has some endurance to boot.

      • If you think back to the first hoh Porsche did extremely well with this comp, it could’ve been anyone’s game truly. Kalia was close to winning this veto.

      • I was referring to the veto and Porsche, that many are claiming is rigged. To say any comp is rigged is absurd. When people try to get on the show they know there is physical comps, so to say that it was geared to Rachel because it was a physical comp is bs. It could’ve been anyone’s game.

      • You think the fact that this competition was athletic, it was geared toward Rachel? Let’s review the previous HoH competitions in order.

        Rachel’s HoH was endurance.
        Jordan’s was aiming well at golf.
        Rachel’s was question answer.
        Daniele’s was endurance.
        Kalia’s HoH was question and answer.
        Daniele’s HoH was numbers.
        Jeff’s HoH was the first athletic competition, the bubbles one, and Rachel did horribly in this competition.
        Kalia’s was question answer.
        Porche’s was concentration.

        And finally, Rachel’s HoH was just the second of the season.

        Now you have to admit that in previous seasons, athletic HoH’s were much more abundant and often, so how can you argue that this HoH was unfairly geared toward Rachel? If anything, there haven’t been enough athletic HoH’s. If you’re going to get angry at Big Brother for making the house guests do something athletic, I have two questions for you: What kind of show are you looking for, and why are you watching this one?

  15. If Adam wins the veto and decide to save Porshe would be great

    But he will never do that..
    1 – He is scared of Jeff
    2 – he is scared of Brendon
    3 – it really does not matter, Adam is a ******

  16. U guys make it seem like BB has NEVER brought back vets before. There has been winners who have won twice so stop it with saying jordan shouldnt be up there.

      • I totally agree with you…LOVE JORDAN!!! I dont care if she wins it a million times. If she lasted thru it each time she deserves it.

    • They have only brought back players once before, and that was All-Stars, though, if you count Jesse in season 11, that makes it twice. However, no one has won twice.

  17. This show has gotten sooo preditable boring!!! Everyone knows everything act this point,, thanks to production… The viewers should know already who will be the top two,, and pretty much who’s gonna win for the second time around. I’m glad I stop watching when brenden came back because I knew then it was rigged.,,, but I do love this site,, because it’s interesting to read how right I was about the show:)))..

    • I agree Tiffany this show is so rigged you would think they would want someone new to win I am starting not to like this show because out of all comps they decided to do this one.

  18. I have absolutely loved this season of Big Brother. Jordan is such a sweetheart. Rachel was not one of my favorites but I’m rooting for her now. She deserves a lot of credit for winning these competitions. If I’m honest about it I would say that she definitely deserves to win. I’m so glad Danielle and Shelly are gone. We have definitely seen their true colors.

  19. Rachael needs to get rid of Jordan. If it comes down to them being the final two, Rachael cannot win against Jordan. And again Jordan wins the
    $500,000. Racheal needs to take Adam to the final two. He has not played the game at all. He floated on Jeff’s skirt tail and now on Rachael’s. If you’re not going to play the game, dont sign up for Big Brother.

    • I think Rachel can win against Jordan. She has Brendon of course, she will have Dani, Adam, and most likely Porsche because they all have said they will vote for the best game player.

      • To be honest, I think people will recognize that Rachel has contributed more to the game than Jordan and from the beginning, they have stated that they do not want to give someone 500k twice, so Rachel might stand a chance against Jordan in the end, unless people feel differently now.

        Though, I do not agree with the post above stating Rachel has Daniele’s vote.

        Shelly will vote for Jordan, no doubt, to prove to Jordan, and more importantly, to America, that she wants to be seen as a good person.

        The rest of the votes all depend on if they vote with a level head, or personally.

      • There is no way Adam will not vote for Jordan if she is in the final 2.. He idolizes Jeff and Jordan.

      • First of all, Adam said a few days ago that he would vote for Rachel if she made final 2, I also think Adam would recognize Rachel as the best player out of the two. And as for Dani, she felt so betrayed by Jeff and Jordan for backdooring her, she said it many times and her and Rachel buried the hatchett before she left. So I think she would have Dani’s vote over Jordan for sure. I also think Dani would recognize Rachel as the better player.

  20. cbs has a lack of imagination. The new players deserve to win this one because cbs has set up for the vets and I’m over it…Jordan has not done anything dead weight…Bring back Dani she was most excitment going for that program………
    Rachel makes good tv look bad…

    • I agre marus I don’t know what everybody see in Jordan she is so useless sometimes I think Rachel really want to tell her that but she bite her tongue I don’t care to much for Rachel but if she goes aganist Jordan in the final 2 I hope she wins.

  21. Of course they carefully choose what past house guest to bring back.. They did it for the Ratings! Just like on survivor with Russel…You either hate them,or you love to hate them… The past 6 due members * Evil Dick,Dani,Jeff,Jordan,Rachael,and Brendon have had the season’s with the HIGHEST B.B Ratings since they started!!!! So its an obviouse choice to bring them back,as returning house guest.. yes the noob’s prolly didn’t have a chance in hell to win
    it made the season have a rollar coaster from fun drama to oh hell that did not just happen… Anyway i like Jordan,but do think she should come into second place this season,and take the 50K and Rachael win the half a million.. She has had her cry baby moments as people would say and mental break downs,but she has played her ass off,and if she was to go to survivor she could probably pull out the win! She fights for what she wants until she gets it,and that makes a damn good player love her or hate her,gota admit she is good at the Game! Routing for Rachael to win B.B this yr,and Jordan win 2nd! Sorry noobs! But ya’ll got booted!

    • Agreed!

      Though I don’t think the newbies were as disadvantaged as everyone else seems to think. They outnumbered the Vets 8 to 5 when Dick left, and had the opportunity to vote Porche out instead of Keith, which they did not do.

  22. I ABSOLUTLY want Rachel and Jordan to go to the end together. I don’t know how anyone could say a bad thing about Jordan she is such a sweetie. Just because she won the game before don’t mean she shouldn’t win again. If you get to the end and your one of the last ones standing kudos to you!! Rachel has drove me nuts this season with all the tears but she def has proven herself. Take it all the way Jordan and Rachel!!! Love you Jordan:) Take out the rest of the newbies!!!

  23. Matt, could you talk to CBS and ask them to pay the biggest loser of comps some kind of negative power, which might get hgs evited in the next season? This can at least prevent everybody just tried to be as invisible as they can?

  24. This is ridiculous, Sure it would be beneficial to get kalia or porsche out. Im not hating on rachels game, But the fact that adam is still floating around. He has played the WORST game in the house(apart from rachels hateful goodbyes)
    Honestly, If adam makes it to final 3 im going to sh1t a brick.

    • Well. I wish Jordan would win the next HOH even though it would be for a short time since the next eviction is the next day.Get Kalia and Porsche aout then the final 3.weeeeeeee.

  25. Repeat of Jordan’s win .win the final comps and choose who u want in final 2.Jordan.GOOOO girl.

  26. Shocker, like dany would say .Big brother put that dummy for the challenge like they didn`t know that rachel won the first challenge with the banana . I wonder if they don`t do it on purpose for rachel to be at the end. If the show continues to be this way. The hell with this show.

    • Porsche did very well on this in the first hoh, and Cowlia came close to getting the veto, so I think to say it is rigged is being a poor sport.

  27. get kalia-aka the grinch out.i think porsch will win pov anyway.if not get one of those girls out. it will be tuff for rach next week. i dout jordon will win hoh,its either porsch or the grinch,whoever survives this week.i think final four players should all play in hoh but thats my thoughts. i think porsch is way more dangerous then kalia or adam. will give rach all she can handle. adam will side with her not kalia. if adam wins hoh, bet he will put up rach and jordon. jordon needs to step up and win hoh or pov or she can push the button and go home. do not want to see her win again. rach and porsch in the finals-rach wins. rach jordon-rach wins,rach grinch-rach wins,rach-adam-rach wins.if she makes the final 3 don’t bet agin her.jordon floats as much as adam does. want to see a gamer win it not another floater.rach has been slammed for 2 years and i hope she wins it all. biggest target in the game last two years.ideal, jordon rach in the finals but not going to happen. thats all i have to say about that.

    • before we write that check for jordan let’s take a look at this. Jeff and jordan from day 1 was on board for overthrowing brendan from the house. At one point, jeff told dani he didn’t want to know who she was putting up, he knew damn well it was brendon she wanted out, and jordan agreed to be the pawn to out him. then when brendon left and came back, jeff threw the corn hole game remember? i say this to say these things will be bought up when the full jury meet to discuss who should win. america’s sweetheart little jordan may not win after all

  28. jeff and jordan were never on board with the vet alliance with brenchal. They repeatedly stabbed them in the back while playing the sweetheart role, please both these people deserve nothing and hopefully jeff won’t win america’s player he showed his true colors while speaking with jc

  29. Now that Rachel has gotten use to having her head out of Brenden’s ass she has become way more focused on the game and winning…good thing for her not so good for the other HG’s. The Rachinator is loose …be scared very scared.

  30. I would like to see Rachel win because I think she is playing the best game. However, if she goes up against either Porsche or Kalia in the final 2, she may not get the votes she needs, because Dani may join with the noobs on the jury (Kalia/Porsche, Shelley, and Adam) to make the vote 4-3, with Brendon, Jeff and Jordan voting for Rachel. It depends on whether they can be objective enough to recognize that Rachel has played a better game and keep their personal feelings out of it, particularly when Rachel has added fuel to the fire with her parting messages.

  31. I’m so tired of people saying BB rigged the show. All HG’s play in the comps had the same opportunity to win. I love the show. Why watch and then complain about it? I liked the vets coming back into the house. Stronger newbies would ave made t exciting. Dani and her puppets totally boring. Adam crawling to the finish. So glad liar Shelly is gone. She reminds me of John Wayne. Rachel has played the game since day one. She has a much stronger game play w/o B constantly putting her down. Jordan is just cute.

  32. All I know is I am going to pissed if Adam wins. He has not done shit all season and for him to win at the very end would in my eyes make this game rigged.

  33. Rachel is not only a poor looser, but a poor winner, I reallt think she should not be allowed to play, for she thinks her s–t don’t stink, and causes more trouble. She rules her man so Brandon is wrapped around her finger, it is such ashame as Brandon deserves someone better. Once a Ho always a Ho.

  34. From the start all the vets should have been taken out one by one . All the newbies then would have had a fair chance at winning. It would have made for a better show. WE didn’t know any of them and their stories. The twist in the game .
    1. Give the HOH viewing rights of the Jury and BB house.
    2.Let one evicted house guest a chance to come back with info for the HOH to make the next nomination.
    3.Let the final HOH a chance to visit the Jury house to have dinner and a chance to listen to their side of the game and return without the house members knowing they left.
    4.On the night they announce the winner of BB ( crown them with all the goodies ) then give Him or Her the chance to pick one of those house hold members to play the game of Survivor. To only return to play ( BIG BROTHER ONCE MORE )

  35. omg…GET RACHAEL OUT OF THE HOUSE.. the cry baby,,I would realy like to see jordon win..she tryed but she keeps going.. sheis a giving preson and I would like to see her win…cant stand rachael at all.. when things go her way she is happy and evil..but when she dont win..she crys and acts like a child,, give her something to cry about get her out..

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