Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations Revealed

This week’s Big Brother 13 HoH nominations have arrived. After last night’s post-show competition we had a good feeling for who would be on the block. Those suspicions were confirmed later that night on where alliances stood and not even another visit from Pandora’s Box was going to stand in the way.

Read on to find out who is up for eviction this week.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 9 Nominations:

  • Porsche
  • Kalia

Before the ceremony, Adam told Rachel he would not use the Veto if he won it. Later he told Porsche this is what he told Rachel and Porsche praised him for “saying the right thing.” Hmm. Which side will Adam go to? Why the one with the power, of course!

The Power of Veto competition should be held on Saturday but things look pretty set for one of these Newbies to be heading to Jury on Thursday. Once those spoilers are out we’ll have them here on the site so stay close by on Facebook and on Twitter.

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    • if he uses the veto then he will be put up and he will leave. porsche and khalia are a team and jordan will vote him out for lying. let him try it.

      • @sugarland: Anthony is correct. Veto holder can not be nominated. Jordan would have to be renom’d and then Adam & who ever he saved would have the 2 votes to evict her.

        If Adam is a smart floater, then he’ll avoid that Veto like it’s the plague.

      • If Adam won the veto and played it Rachael would be forced to put Jordan up. What a power move that would be for Adam. He could open up a spot in the final 2 for himself. When you think about whats he got to loose? If Rachael and Jordan both stay he won’t make it past final3 and will come away with zilch. If he should somehow win veto he definately play it.

      • If Adam thinks that he will make final 2 if he helps evict Jordan and Rachel then, he is deluding himself. Seriously, Kalia and Porsche are in a tight alliance. He will be odd man out and be booted out in due time! He will not even make one cent! His best move is to get into the final 2. That is if Rachel and Jordan are in final 3 with Adam. If Rachel wins HOH, he will take Adam because Rachel wants to win that $500,000 and if it was Jordan then, Rachel can only hope for that $50,000 and no more. And if Jordan wins HOH, she can take either Rachel or Adam and it would not matter because Jordan will win it!

      • Adam has a lot to lose by taking a public stand with one side or the other. For example, one word: Shelly.

        If Adam keeps his head down he can move on to next week and again side with whichever side is better. If he picks now and picks wrong, then he’s in a bad spot.

      • Adam would be an idiot to use the veto or to even try and play for it. He is safe and if he takes one of the others off and puts Jordan up and then Rachel goes home he will lose any chance of even being second and definitely will lose the money because the vets would then control the votes and they would not vote for Adam. I would just not even try for the veto because even with Jordan and Rachel he has a chance to make it to at least final 2.

    • Don’t know what he will do. Have a feeling he is now with the newbies. Otherwise, he will throw the veto comp.

      • Not that Adam actually stands a chance of winning a veto. But if he happened to and used it to remove one of Noms, it actually could work in his favor. he and who ever he removed would control the vote. Jordan could be gone. Rachel can’t compete in HoH. They then could get Rachel on Thursday night. But as I said that is a ginormous IF for Adam to actually win.

    • Adam cant wain a thing and if he wins this veto than wt frog legs does BB think letting a drifter gte by the whole game and than all of a sudden win something Adam your doing good game wise not winning a thing and playing both sides but come on we want to see the 4 ladies battle it out, we want winners in the final 2 not drifters

      • I want Jordan to win! But I think the only chance she has is against Rachel and now that might be slim. But Adams best chance is to go up against Jordan. I bet anyones chance is good if they go up against Jordan. Love you Jordan!

      • There are a number of ways to successfully play BB and one of them is keeping the target off your back as long as possible.

        You could say that Adam played a better game than Jeff or Brendon, because they won comps and were perceived as threats.

        He also avoided the sort of game-related and personality-related conflicts which put a target on your back.

        By definition, if you get to the end of the game, you’re a good player, regardless of your strategy.

      • If you remember, Jordan did not win anything the entire game until the end…when she won hoh and then $500k. She let Jeff do all the dirty work. Of those left, Porsche’s only dumb move was opening Pandora’s box.

    • my guess is he will try until he is sure porche or kaliah can’t win it and then throw it but if he wins he probably won;t use is becasue it doesn’t benifit him to keep KP.

    • first he has to win it
      Second if he goes against JR and R survives next elimination his ass will be out the door

      • Altho he is a nice guy….he is a super slug….smokes like a freight train, and wonders why he can’t get out of his own tracks…and that stupid crap he says to his woman, Farrah every night…..DUH……(she sure doesn’t look like the old Farrah)…..

      • all rj have to say to adam is if they both end up in jury they will have 4 votes and adam will not winn

    • I hoping Adam does not win POV either. He cannot be trusted because he is allied with both sides so, will flip at the drop of a coin!
      If Rachel or Jordan can win POV then, that guarantees there is no hanky panky on Adam’s part. And even if Kalia or Porsche win POV, the other left on the block will still go home because Adam will be the replacement and it will be a tie and Rachel will decide between Adam and Kalia or Porsche who goes home! I’m rooting for Porsche to go home. I think she is more dangerous of an opponent as far as competitions go and Rachel cannot play for HOH next week.

      • Yeah I agree! P should go home. She has been lucky lately.Yeah its luck cause she couldnt even talk about the game until she got lucky. I do think K is quick when it comes to memory. Who knows? She could have been lucky too. Anyway they should not trust Adam

    • Why does everyone just assume that if Adam gets to the final 3 he has no chance to win HOH or a Veto? Jordan didn’t win anything in her first season until the end of the game. So, who’s to say that Adam gets into the Final 3 and then wins HOH and eliminates Kalia/Porsche or Jordan/Rachel. Now, how likely is it that he will win ANY competitionsin this game? Probably slim, but not impossible.

    • Adam only won 1 competition & that’s because 2 people threw it so he could win. I don’t think he is much of a threat.

  1. I’ll save you time to read all the following posts. Here’s what they say:

    Blablahblah Rigged CBS geared for Rachel to win Blahblahblahblah Will never watch again Blah blah blablah Jordan doesn’t deserve to win again Blahblablah I’ll sue CBS worst BB season in history Blahblahblah Adam is useless Blablablah The vets got a free pass might as well hand them the money now blablablah

    The end. You’re welcome.

      • i dont get why you think the show is rigged. each contestant has fair shot of winning. seriously just cause some hg’s suck at the game does not mean it is geared towards rachel. she has worked for it. so has porsche. kalia and jordon might be to follow. adam well he puts no effort. seriously you would think he would perhaps light his butt to win something so he can make a call in the house. the pov he won was given to him on a silver platter.

    • Ontariostr8. You’re so annoying, If you don’t want to watch BB anymore then don’t watch it, Rachel and Jordan played a good game, they’re good competitors, so deal with it.

      • Jordan a good competitor??? Since when? Jordan is a major floater who is riding Rachel’s coat tail since Jeff left

      • Cheri agree Rachel has played a good game but Jordan hmmm.Thats a different story.Jordan even admitted she cant win a game.

    • He’s just being sarcastic (I think) because a lot have been crying about it being rigged, corruption (seriously!), etc so he’s just probably tired reading the same post over and over. Can’t say I blame him. Note that I said “I think”.

      • Once something happens that a viewer doesn’t like, they say it’s rigged.

        Ex: When Rachel wins HOH or POV all the Rachel haters blame CBS.

        It’s a great show til your favorite gets the boot or doesn’t win something!!!!

    • Me too dangerous player but I’m not sure R sees it because they were close in the begining of the game. P made a huge mistake in her veto speach saying it’s what Dani would have wanted. I’m not even sure Dani respects that type of game play.

    • I do too want Porsche out, but I think it’s best to get Kalia out first because Kalia is dangerous in question competitions, remember she won HOH twice in question competition and I know BB will use the question competition again

      • No matter who goes out of Porsche or Kalia (if any) I’m almost certain the “survivor” will win HOH i mean come on they will be against Jordan and Adam.

  2. I have went for Jeff and Jordan from the beginning.Alot of us hated Rachel. I only like her now because she is partners with Jordan.I would rather her win instead of the newbies, but im still going for Jordan.

    • Same here, I start liking Rachel when she partner up with Jordan and wants to keep Jordan to the final 2.. I wouldn’t mind if Rachel wins, as long it’s not Kalia or Porsche.

      • R has been a much better player since B left…she has got her game on and I have never been a R fan, but have go girl………….

    • Rachel’s been hurting her chances of winning the grand prize with her snarky parting comments to the outgoing houseguests during the Julie Chen exit interviews. How can she expect Daniele and Shelly to vote for her if she’s being nasty to them? It makes more sense for anyone to say, “I voted you out because you’re a good player and a threat, etc.”

      Lining up jury votes is part of the game, too.

      • Rachel and Dani made up and she told her about that, so I don’t think Dani will hold it against her, especially if she is sitting next to Jordan.

  3. Porkchop is the one who opened Pandora’s box not cbs so she is the one who screwed up and gave Rachel and Jordan new life in the game. What did you want all questions for the hoh and veto? Would that be rigged too? Rachel beat the two guys and porkchop butt fair and sqaure in the veto so blah blah blah that. Go Jochel!

    • Seeing as there has NEVER been an endurance competition for the PoV it seems a little suspicious. Just saying

      • That does not sound right. How do you define endurance? Any contest Rachel wins when the game is on the line? GO BIG RED! AWESOME BABY!

      • Where is the rule book stating veto comps can’t be athletic. The first hoh comp was similar and Porsche did very well. I am so sick of people crying this is ufair or rigged. GO RACHEL!

      • Hey man, they got a gym in that back yard. Rach is smart for working out everyday. Maybe if they exercised more and didn’t eat and motormouth all day, they might do better in the physical stuff. I knw if I were in that cage as long as they have, I would’ve put at least 5 pounds of muscle on. Nothing else to do in that house.

    • Last week I would consider a endurance having to hang on those dummies…. So I think there has been a couple endurance pov comps

  4. Adam doesnt even know who side hes on, he’ll wait for the veto comp and then pick a side lol.

  5. if adam was smart he would work with rachel and jordon to make sure that one of them(r/j/a) wins the pov. if so the nominations will stay the same and danielle’s mini me will be sent home.

      • That would be very dumb game play because it is a given that he will not make it past final 3. His best move would be to win POV, play it and force Rachael to put Jordan up.

    • If Adam is smart, he would continue to float in the middle, which is exactly what he is doing. He is in the final three, no matter which side wins, so why expose himself and choose a side when he can just let the four of them duke it out with each other and not burn any bridges in the process.

      • very true so I lean toward him throwing it. unless he has truly floated to the newbies. remember R can’t play in the next HOH. there is no way she will be able to put him up
        but if she wins that veto his a** will be headed out the door

  6. First off you have look it from adam’s point of view if he wins he has to really chose a side, if he sticks with KP and back stabs RJ then he will lose becasue their will be 4 vets in the jury house(rachel can’t play next wk and chances are she is going home) if he doesn’t he alienates the newbies. Now if he doesn’t win and P or K win the veto one comes down and he goes up but he knows jordon has his back even when porche was hoh he said that jordon has his back. At this point of the game you have to look at all sides and the jury and there is really no benifit for him to keep KP so i would guess he will throw it that way he can still keep face with both sides. If P or K win veto and hoh next week he is still good with them and if jordon wins he is still good so i would say he will throw it

    • You’re right that Rachel has a good chance of being nominated next week, as Jordan is her only ally eligible to play, but don’t underestimate her during the PoV competition. The PoV competition is just as, if not more important than the HoH next week, since the PoV winner will most likely cast the sole vote to evict unless it’s the HoH who wins it.

    • Adam’s best move if he was half as smart is to just not try and win the POV. Let Rachel, Jordan, Kalia and Porsche fight for it. Even if he gets on the block and either Kalia or Porsche get off, that is just one vote against Jordan’s vote which would make it a tie. Rachel as HOH will break the tie and send either Kalia or Porsche depending on who is left on the block home!

    • You could throw out Dani vote for the money, she already said she wouldnt vote for him to win, so that would just leave the other vets ( 3) plus which ever newbies in jury house, if he votes against J/R then he looses all the vets votes, and only has the newbies votes, which wouldnt be enough to win. Unless he was up against Kalia, then Dani plus the newbies would vote for her ( I think )

      • If one vetran is in the final two the newbies will control the vote. The way Jeff will treat Dani in the house would make her vote for the newbies. Jordan has done no more than Adam in this game. Dani is not going to vote for rachel.

  7. I agree with Matt Adam will avoid winning the veto let the 2 sides battle it out as it stands right now he is final 3 with either side he will go with whom ever is winning

    • Are two people going home this coming week? Sorry, thought I read that somewhere and am not sure…are there too many HG’s? Sleep deprived right now so not thinking this out …anyone have any thoughts?

  8. no matter what happens, doesnt matter who wins veto as it stands right now (rachel/jordo pretty set in their ways) either kalia or porsche will be gone.

    the power has shifted and really i dont see it shifting again. only person that would make a difference is if porsche wins POV which actually now that i think about it has a good chance going up against jordan and adam.

    im tired of being so annoyed with adam. now im just like “he’s there, he’s the floater what are u gonna do about it”

    this guy has a good chance to wind up in final 3.

    FINAL EFF-ING 3!!!


    only thing he’s done is shave his beard and wear an elf-suit

    seems to be working for him so far.

      • If it gets down to final 3 with Jordan, Rachel and Adam and Rachel wins HOH then, he should choose Adam over Jordan because Rachel cannot win against Jordan. Jordan if she wins HOH can take either Rachel or Adam because chances are, she is going to win it because everyone likes her!

    • I agree…too bad but Adam has sailed through without causing much damage. actually pretty good game play if you think about it… no harm done but still hanging around, worth 50K at least.

    • If Porche wins the PoV, Kalia stays up, Adam goes up, Jordan and Porche tie, Rachel evicts Kalia, who is just as big of a threat, if not more, than Porche.

    • I would rather Porsche go home. Hopefully, Kalia stays. Porsche is a bigger threat on competitions having won HOH and POVs when it counted. Rachel cannot play for HOH next week and it is a crucial week too! So, it will be Jordan, Adam, Kalia or Porsche. That is why Porsche should be evicted. Porsche has won more competitions than Kalia and come close to winning in a couple of others.

      • I agree…and I am more worried of the next HOH competition. Jordan has to win next HOH or else she is gone for sure. I don’t want to see that happen…

      • i am worried about the next hoh cause i have hunch rach is going home. jordon has not won anything for some time.

  9. Adam ain’t smart enough to figure out what a powerful move it would be to use veto if he won it….someone else will have to tell him….he can’t do anything on his own…….

    • @Shana
      L0L…come think of it that might true. His game play can the big twist of the season. He is Kind of a saboteur against the newbies…damn shame

      • That would be an unexpected twist huh? The joke would be on us?!


        One could only hope for an unexpected “twist”

  10. If Adam won the POV and chose to use it to remove either Porshe or Kalia off the block Rachael would be forced to put Jordan up on the block and the three newbies could then vote to evict Jordan. What an incredible power move that would be for Adam. He could open up a final 2 spot for himself and no could say he didn’t do anything but float the whole game. Playing the veto could be a game winning move for Adam.

    • I agree, I think Adam’s best mice would be to line himself w/P&K because at least he would have a chance @ winning if he goes final 2. If he goes fnl 2 w/R or J, he will more than likely come in 2nd place.

      • If Adam backstabs Jordan and Rachel and makes it to final two with Kalia or Porche he will not win. In this case the vets will have 4 votes and will decide the winner. They will not vote for Adam if he does this. His best move at this point is to avoid winning veto. He is safe with both sides.

    • He’s playing for final three with both sides so unless he wins the last HOH, his best hope of getting to final two is if either side will betray their “partner” and take him instead. His chances are pretty the same with either side.

    • But he would burn JJB jury votes and R if she ended up in jury. He would have no shot of winning this game. Not that I think he has a shot anyway.

      • Adam has a shot winning if he sits by either a newbie or veteran. His bonds with Jeff and Jordan would guarantee him votes from Rachel, Brendon, Jordan, and Jeff, if he is sitting next to a newbie, while the newbies plus Daniele would rather see him win if he was sitting next to Rachel or Jordan.

      • Joe he will not get the vets vote if he stabs Rachel and Jordan in the back by Winning and using the veto thus week. However if he continues to play both sides and let’s the 4 girls take each other out and makes it to final two that way I think you are right and he just might win.

      • no dani will not vote for adam she would vote for racheal if you watched thursday dani said she wanted adam to be evicted next she doesnt respect his game play and hates that hs a floater

    • @TeamNewbies,
      You have spoken correctly, but as we all know Adam is someone only one person can rely on….Silly Jeff.

    • Adam wont win anything. That mite b his strategy…isn’t that what Dr.Will did?Would love 2 hang w him&drink appletinis but that whole 90210 thing is creepy!

      • I am convinced that Adam and Porsche have a final 2 deal. Adam is a terrible liar, he just talks and talks and doesn’t know when to shut up. If he wins veto, he will take off Porsche, rachel will be forced to put up Jordan, Jordan goes to jury with a 2-0 vote.

      • You are so wrong Lynn. Adam will either throw veto or if he wins he won’t use it. He’s going to continue to float along. Neither side is after him and both sides think he is with them.

      • Geez, Lynn, I never thought of that. That would be a great idea for the Newbies to take over and control the house. Of course, we all know that Adam doesn’t have the guts to make a move like that, but I think it would be hilarious.

  11. adam is player hater and will float from women to women promsing them anything to get in the finals. he wants to be their with porsch. i hope he gets burned by the lady’s. jordon can thank her lucky stars racheal has her back. jordon has floated this whole game. i sure don’t want to see her win money. there is truly only one player that should win this game and thats racheal. hate her all you want but she’s the gamer in the crowd and thats what big brother is, a game. the house under estimated her resolve to win this game and kalia is about to find that out. adam won’t win. go big red take em down.

    • well said. i am just hoping that someone will squeal that adam is playing both sides so then there is some drama!

    • As much as I want R or J to win, I don’t think R will make it to final 2. Unless R and J wins the next two HOHs.

      • Jordan needs to win the next HOH and POV
        to ensure they boot out Kalia or Porsche whoever is still in the house and make sure the final 3 is Adam, Rachel and Jordan. That is the best case scenario.

    • Agreed about Rachel. Love her or hate her, she has made this season the nail-biter that it is, and she is here to play, as opposed to sitting around and float.

      • i do want her to get to the top 2 cause she worked for it. aldo with all the trash talking she endured she was still strong through the competitions. i did not see her wish the worst for anyone. i am not saying she perfect throughout the season either. but some of the attacks/comments against her was plain harsh.

    • Hey David! If it wasnt for Jordan most of their alliance would have cracked including Rachel. And she has won something! She talked tradegy with jeff and others. And she didnt go back and forth running her mouth.She is where she is because of who she is as a player,not because someone dragged her.P,K,A!

      • Thanks! I try! I absolutely cannot stand Cowlia, she is a waste of space in the BB house, she contributes nothing of worth to the game in my opinion, I have no desire to watch her do anything, oh wait she doesn’t do anything except sleep, eat, and complain.

      • I don’t disagree with you, I was rooting for Rachel and Dani, I know opposite sides by I liked Dani on season 8, and thought she deserved the win over Dick.

  12. Why doesn’t big brother just give rachel the 500,000 so we can end this season and start Survivor and Americas Next Top Model! :)

    • How true they might as well turn da whole show into a wedding special for she and brenden. It seems CBS is hell bent on giving them money to start off their new family. How unfair

    • What is this new, cocky trend where people use the phrase ‘Why don’t they give ____ the money already” in every other post?

      Am I the only one who finds them annoying?

      • Haven’t really noticed them. I tend to just skip the comments that are annoying — ie: it’s rigged! conspiracy theories, corruption! mmm..okay. Cry me a river. Tune out, or just enjoy the ride.

      • LMAO…you people make me laugh. You find our comments annoying? I suggest you go back and all the nasty comments you’ve left read kalia and porsha…oh and Dani too. When you done reading come back and tell me if you have the rite to complain…SMH

    • No joe im very annoyed by the conspiracy theorist. They keep crying,saying its fixed and they arent watching anymore. So go away. Especially animal larsen, nita beeaaach and marcus.

      • animal larson…survivor and america’s top model forums need you to comment about what to expect in their upcoming season. i will be excited to read your comments.

      • oooooooooooh so just because I don’t like Rachel I’m a “conspiracy theorist”. I personally don’t give a shit who wins this season, because this is the worst big brother season ever.
        And no, unlike you I don’t “quit” shows because they don’t go my way.

    • Jordan is not a floater!She kept her alliance together! P&K got lucky because of Danis lead. Just remember if Dani would have listened to Jeff and Jordan she would still be there. It was Jordan who wanted to call her out! So Jordan aint loud and crazy but she isnt a floater!

      • Sorry, it was Jeff who backed doored Dani, after saying he would not. Jeff would still be there if he had not.

      • @J&J alltheway
        I don’t think you are qualified to jugde jordan’s floater status. Your screen Alias gives away your bias.

  13. Rachel spent the whole game saying she wants all the floters gone.
    And why now she choose to be with the 2 biggest floaters of the season?

    This showgirl is full of shit.
    And she had some balls she would take Adam out and do a power 4 all girls.

    Anyways I hope Kalia wins the veto
    and next week she put and vegas girl out

    • Who else could she work with when the rest of the alliance is in jury. You have to do the best with what you have to work with. Besides now she actually has a shot at 1st place.

    • Why would she do all 4 girls??? Kalia and Porche would be the first to stab her in the back and put her up and vote her out.

      • Fabio, stop and think about what you just said.

        Let’s not play games here. It’s down to the final 5. Rachel can still hate floaters while still playing with a level head.

        You obviously don’t like Rachel, and it seems you care more about her personality than her gameplay. People like you are a-dime-a-dozen, and if the kind of people you would root for were the majority of the Big Brother competitors, the show would more of a beauty pageant than a competitive reality show.

  14. Adam is an &&@$. He could wind up winning and never do a thing for it. He should be proud just being a slug!

  15. Adam is an &&@$. He could wind up winning and never do a thing for it. He should be proud just being a slug!

  16. What makes anyone so sure Jordan would get jury votes over Rachel if they were the final two? If the final 2 were Jordan and a Newbie Jordan will win and rightly so, but will a jury, even those who dislike Rachel give the prize for a second time to Jordan when Rachel has done so much better in competitions with more of a target on her? I would bet on Rachel to win over Jordan if they are final 2

    • If it were Jordan and Rachel, the only vote Rach would get is from Brendan. Jeff won’t vote for her, Dani sure as hell won’t vote for her, Adam votes with Jeff cuz he has arms like a rock star, Shelly will vote for Jordan to get back in her good graces, Kalia hates her guts and won’t vote for her, Porshe is on board with Kalia and Dani.If Jordan goes against Kalia or Porshe, she doesn’t deserve to win. Both have played a better game than she has. What has Jordan done since the 2nd week? NADA. If Jordan wins, there will be a huge backlash from former players and a lot of fans.

      • Rachel will win over Jordan, in my opinion. 2 days ago, Adam said on the feed he would vote for her in final 2, of course Brendon, Porsche would pick Rachel over Jordan, and yes, Dani and Rachel buried the hatchet before she left, and all week she was so upset and betrayed by Jeff & Jordan for backdooring her. That aside, if everyone goes for who is the best game player, Rachel gets it hands down. She was on the block twice, and for sure we thought she was gone, but she is that good that she stayed. Rachel will beat Jordan, the game is Big Brother, not who is the nicest person in the house.

      • Jordan won her season because Natalie didn’t anything in the game either, between those two it was who was the best floater. If Natalie was more of a competitor she probably would have taken it.

      • lol natalia did do alot her season, just cause ppl didnt like her doesnt mean anything. natalie lost due to a bitter jury, who completely threw the age issue out of proportion. though i liked jordan, natalie got robbed, hence i have no respect for lydia or jessie, as they both were just idiots

      • Ok, I don’t remember all the details of that season. I do however not remember Natalie winning all kinds of comps, just basically her laying around with Jesse all the time. She was kinda a floater too.

      • Natalie lost for two reasons. First, she kept nosing in on the Jessie/Lydia showmance, rather than give them some private time together (as private as you can get with 24/7 cameras on, that is). She was a c**kblocker, and no guy likes that.

        Also, she lost an opportunity to impress the jury when, during the finale, Russell asked her (paraphrasing) if she had a strategy in the game. He seemed to be opening a door for her to come out and say that she lied about her age so she would seem like less of a threat. She missed that cue from Russell entirely, and she might have been able to sway a vote or two if she had said something like that.

        (Same thing goes for Adam. If he gets to the final two, he should say that his strategy was to avoid conflict, align with someone who was a big target, and always point out why another player should be evicted when talking game.)

  17. ADam has no choice. He won’t get past the final three if he sits around. He’s got nothing to lose if finally decides to get his hands dirty, win pov and use it.He’s already going to jury, so what difference does it make if you finish anywhere from 7 to 3? You still get nothing.

    • Jurors get a stipend just for making it to jury. I would imagine the amount increases the higher you rank from 7th to 3rd, but who knows, maybe it’s just a flat juror amount and they all receive the same. And I don’t think Adam is ready or willing to part with two votes automatically, Jeff and Jordan’s wouldn’t be in his favour. Sure he could hope for the other five, but guaranteed not to have two doesn’t sound good to anybody. His best option is what he’s been doing all along, “throwing” competitions, don’t even try to win this Veto, but if you want, make it look believable. He doesn’t want to have to make the choice between Jordan (use it and she’s gone) and Porsche (don’t use it and she hates him). He’s not a player to want even a drip of blood on his hands.

  18. I am confursed, If the Veto winner can save someone else, and himself, then why when Brendon won Veto, saved Rachel, why wasn’t he also saved, and HOH would hve to put up 2 more. Confused!!!

    • If Brendon weren’t a nominee he would’ve been safe, but if one nominee could save themselves and the other nominee everyone would do it.

    • If the Veto winner is a nominee and uses it on the other nominee (like Brendon did) he still stays on the block, as he wouldn’t be classified as a replacement. The Veto ensures the winner remain safe only if they’re not already on the block. If Brendon used it on himself he would’ve been safe (I know you knew that, just saying). Unless it’s the duo twist, only one replacement can be made by use of the Veto.

  19. im confused, if the veto holder cant be renommed if they save someone, why werent both brendon and rachel saved when brendon won the veto and used it on her

  20. Did you say the wrong day in your above post, heard Julie say the live eviction would be on Wednesday this week?

  21. Dani was laughing and having a good time in the jury house :) While Jeff is still sour about not winning veto, he is such a sore loser :P

    • He’s mad because his pet snake turned around and bit him. I thought he was gonna slug Dani in the face when she was rubbing it in.

    • Yea, because Dani isn’t sour or bitter at all. Right. Guess you didn’t watch the part where she said all three of them were bitter and that the bitter side of her wanted to see Jeff join them next, but overall she wanted to see Adam.

      • Yea he seemed pretty relaxed, I was just saying Dani made a comment about them all being bitter, and clearly admitted she was despite how ‘happy’ and cheerful she seemed. She was directly trying to rub it in Jeff’s face, trying to piss him off because he got her out. You don’t have to act and look sour to be sour, Dani. All out of the house now, you didn’t see Brendon rubbing it in her face half as bad even though she got him out and then had the same happen to her. Jeff also didn’t rub anything in her face for trying to backdoor him so early on in the game.

      • Even though I like Dani, truth is, she’s a little brat. Even when she got spanked, she still didn’t learn her lesson.

      • Well said Gene. I used to like Dani more early on, and I liked her more than I did her first season, but then she reminded me about the things that I didn’t like about halfway through this season, the bratty, arrogant comments. However the respect for her competitiveness and killer instinct to go and win competitions still remained, that’s why I would’ve rather seen her rather her win/be around than her little minions who I can’t stand

      • *would’ve rather seen her win/be around…I hate typos when I’m not on MSN or something, I really do

    • Judas was there for a week before Jeff got there so she was used to it. Also, she knew she was leaving as soon as Jeff put her up. Jeff went on the fast forward and never had time to chill. Judas looked just like the little girl in the Exorcist when she smiled and said “were all three here because of me”…GO RACHEL! WIN IT TO SPITE JUDAS!

      • Exactly Bill. I want to know who in this world wouldn’t be mad/upset about losing their chance at 500,000 dollars because they screwed themselves up by throwing the shoe out of their own pit, and if he had just looked over he would’ve had the Veto. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a while if that happened to me, and he wasn’t exactly throwing a tantrum, he sat back in the couch and put his hands on his head and said “Ohhhh my God”…that’s such a bad reaction? Sore loser? I don’t think so.

      • No he was bitter before he even found out he threw the CLOWN SHOE (why did you emphasize that?)

      • MJ: Way to go Bill *smacks his ass*
        Karen: You’re awesome MJ * smacks his ass*
        MJ: You too Karen *smacks her ass*

        awwwww you guys are awesome together :3

      • Funny, Animal…you’re right, that must be how it is just because we’ve agreed with one or two points the other’s made. At least we back up comments with reasoning, don’t see me taking any shots at anybody here do you? Not even Kalia or Porsche fans. To each their own, you included.

      • ok MJ I was all for the “everybody to each their own thing” but after reading all the Porkchop,Cowlia, and disgusting things said about Shelly; I’m not going to keep anything to myself.

      • Fair enough Animal. For the record though my dislike for Kalia isn’t due to her appearance. Not saying I like her appearance lol, but that’s irrelevant, this game isn’t a beauty pageant.

      • As MJ said, you’d be a bit upset too if you had been evicted from the house with no warning, with an ally deciding to get rid of you, at that. The CLOWN SHOE ;) was like rubbing salt in the wound. He was probably calming down a bit until he saw that. I personally would have been SOOOO down on myself if I discovered that I had done that.

  22. I just had a aha moment for all you conspiracy theorists crying about Rachel winning the veto. All season EVERYONE has been saying that they threw the first hoh with the banana. Shelly said it on last nites episode even. SO, nananabooboo, that was anyone’s game to win. Rachel wanted it bad, she got it, get over it.

    • No one that I know of has claimed that the Bananna game was fixed. What we believe is that Big Brother saved Rachaels butt not once but twice with twists. That is where the game is fixed,IMO.

      • Whatevs, people have been posting that all day. I’m sure they had the first 3 evictees sequestered just in case Rachel was up for eviction, right? And, as far as Pandoras box, it was the veto that everything relied on, if anyone but Rachel or Jordan won, then one of them would have been evicted. Also, nominations weren’t made when the twist was revealed, so if Porsche had put up Adam/Shelly and fought harder for the veto things would have gone differently.

      • Let me clarify, they have been saying the veto was rigged for Rachel to win because she won the first hoh comp and they were very similar.

      • I can’t buy that. was it geared to her? yeah more than likely, but there’s a gym out there and it’s open for everybody to use. She’s the only one that uses it and runs around the house. All the rest of them eat sleep, fart and motormouth all day.

      • That’s exactly why Rachel deserves to win, and that even her haters can’t deny it. They like to look to the past and all of her shananigans, but as of now who’s working harder to win this game. Like you just said, Kalia, Porsche, Adam and yes, even though I like her, Jordan, do a lot of eating and sleeping, the first three do it more but Jordan isn’t exempt. Jordan at least walks/jogs around the backyard with Rachel and works out with her, even if not as hard. The gym is for everyone, but Kalia decides to hit the elliptical for five minutes then follow it up by making a sandwich.

      • It’s either that or she went to bed lol…or went to the bathroom and then to bed without washing her hands…

      • Yea that was one of the absolute worst…there’s lots of reasons to dislike Kalia without even talking about her weight lol…it’s sad when any one person’s list is this long…would love it if she’s gone next

      • Each time I have asked someone if they are a fan of her’s and if that is their problem, they don’t reply, not sure what to make of that. Her own fans don’t even want to claim her.

      • I wonder how many real, legitimate fans she has, and not just people who are so against Rachel or Jordan that they’ll cheer for their enemies no matter who they are.

      • Though my loyalty lies to Rachel, I think Kalia deserves to win more than Jordan. Don’t get me wrong, I rooted for Jordan in her season, love her this season, but when it comes down to it, Kalia deserves the win more than Jordan does, from the effort she has put forth in the game. Everyone laughs at Kalia’s weight, but she has kicked but in these endurance challenges! Not an easy thing to do!

        This being said, I’d still be happy if Jordan won.

    • Lily Munster’s lost daughter, aka Rachel, will be evicted from the BBH on Thursday nite – she made a bad, bad move winnning HOH this week, ala lil jef – karma rules, not BB. Bad girls go to hell –
      Rachel goes to the jury house……………

  23. I think Porche may be more dangerous to Rachel and Jordan’s game. If Porche stays she probably will team up with Adam because they have been close this entire game. But if Kalia stays she’s all alone because Adam can’t stand her.

    • Didn’t anybody learn anything from Evel Dick?
      If I wanted to win competitions against these players, ESPECIALLY Jordon or Rachal, I would freak them out emotionally before a comp to the point they wouldn’t know up from down, Just look at the sobbing, slurping off-balance BB widows huddled together after lil jef got booted – boo hoo, boo hoo – they were so blown out of the water they couldn’t snap a burnt matchstick – so, no – I disagree, GENE, they play like crap under emotional stress – you just have to push the right buttons.

  24. A lot of people are saying this is the worst season ever…maybe it isn’t the best ever, but my vote for worst ever wouldn’t go to this season. I didn’t watch 9 (I was so disinterested within a few weeks) but for not having watched it all, I won’t say it was the worst. I didn’t exactly love season 8 because I felt people were too stupid or chicken to go against Dick when they had the chance or when he and Daniele weren’t saving each other. Didn’t properly watch season 1 or 2 either. Worst season that I watched all or most of, either 4 or 10. Dan was the only thing that kept 10 interesting, glad he won it.

    • I loved season 4. That’s my favorite one. It showed the art of being a floater and doing it right. Jun and Alison played one hell of a game. They used everybody and cut them out at the right time every time.One stuck her head out, one laid low. Everybody knew they were floaters and they still pulled it off. Loved how they teamed up at the end and they still fooled people into thinking they wanted to get rid of each other.

      • I guess I just didn’t get into it enough. I watched it all but for some reason never really got into it, and I also tend to like strong competitors. I can appreciate all aspects of gameplay if it’s truly strong, even the art of floating and flying under the radar, it’s something I felt Dan (for a while, not entire game but a lot of it) did well from Season 10. I could see the way he was working the game mentally. I always think it’d be cool to see a final three play the final 3-part HoH with three strong competitors that don’t cut each other any deals just to end the first part (endurance). But that’s never going to happen that three of them make it that far, those players get too big of targets on their back and get evicted sooner than that. Fans of theirs or not, I’m not sure many can deny that this season for example, seeing Jeff, Brendon and Dani (or insert Rachel over any of the three) duke it out for the final HoH would’ve been intense…

  25. BeachMama whatever infers that Kalia, by referring to her as Cowlia, in reality a human black female, is a large, milk – producing animal, a type of cattle, with multiple udders, possibly raised for the human consumption of her meat and the use of her hide for leather tanning and shoe soles, and has the gall to ask me if I am “jealous” or “bitter”? JEEZ!

    • I was just wondering why you would say such things about Rachel, you must have some personal issue with her.

    • Oh, and everyone knows it was a cheap shot at her weight, I am not inferring that she is actually a bovine. You seem to be taking it pretty seriously so I thought I should clear that up for you. And no, it is not my proudest moment, but I just don’t like her.

      • Exactly. You “don’t like her” (Kalia), so with you, it IS personal. I do not “like” or “dislike” any player because I have never met nor do I know any of them personally – I try to restrict my commentary to my observation of a player’s CONDUCT or what I would do or would have done if I were them and had the opportunity. FYI – I thought Yvonne DeCarlo, who played LILY MUNSTER, was a beautiful woman – and I LOVED ‘THE MUNSTERS’ and LILY – now try to resolve THAT fact with your “jealous” question about Rachal. I did not say Rachal was ugly or bad – just what I thought her fate would be and why – sorry you disagree. I stand firm, and the odds from past seasons are on my side – only two past HOH’s during Rachal’s week made it to finale – because with Rachal’s fellow -houseguests, IT IS PERSONAL!

      • Wow, it took you an hour to come up with that explanation to try and make yourself feel all morally superior, good for you. And btw I do not like Kalia IN THE GAME. Of course I do not know her personally.

  26. You know Adam could win the POV—remove Porsche
    (his buddy)…and then still vote to evict Kalia…
    So he could leave the choice up to Rachel of what to do…If he suspects Porsche will be the one being evicted…

    His smartest play is to lay low however…

    • Very true about being able to remove Porsche from the block and still vote to evict Kalia, and let Rachel break the tie, but if he even changes the nominations it sounds the alarm for Rachel and Jordan in terms of where he stands and their level of trust in him. Like you said, his best play is to lay low…ironic that for once his do-nothing mentality is actually being suggested…

  27. I don’t think there is even a small chance that Adam could win veto, but if he did…I think he
    would be better off to take P off and have R put
    J up. Then he and Porche could vote J off. RJ were
    not going to do a final two with him. At least R
    would not have done so, I don’t think. J is not
    as loyal as R, so she might take A thinking she
    would have a better chance against A than with
    R. A would have a better chance winning against
    PK than RJ. Rachel deserves to stay, but Jordan
    hasn’t earned the right to stay with attitude or
    comps. against her. Then there is the other side of
    the coin and Jordan would badmouth Adam so badly
    if she is sent to the jury house that it would be
    hard to get enough votes, but they aren’t going to
    vote for him against their girls if Jordan stays.
    It is time for Adam to make a good move. Hope he
    makes one and that it works out for him.

  28. Best case scenario if Adam wins POV and uses it:
    1.Adam saves Porsche
    2.Jordan goes up on the block with Kalia
    3.Porsche votes to evict Jordan
    4.Adam votes to evict Kalia
    5.Rachel has deciding vote; Kalia goes to jury house

  29. My girlfriend bought a candle that smells way too much like a cupcake…do you think my stomach will get over it if I take a bite?

    I guess this isn’t game related, sorry…unless Kalia bashers want to say “Sounds like something Kalia would do!”

  30. @AGM if that happens Adam is not going to be kept
    by RJ. He is gone next eviction. But if he and Porche vote to evict Jordan, then it is PKA against
    Rachel and she can’t compete in HOH. But then maybe
    they all will get to compete this next week. At least they would all have a fair chance to compete.
    Jordan is just dead weight for Rachel. If Rachel
    had to compete with the three, she would have just
    as good of a chance as with APJ, if not better. I
    just don’t think Jordan deserves any money this
    season. She has ridden on someone’s coattails the
    entire game and hasn’t even looked like she has
    tried. At her age, being a vet and past winner, having a strong vet team behind her, and in good
    physical condition…there is no reason why she
    shouldn’t have won some comps., unless she hasn’t
    tried. I would like to see Rachel win the 500, but
    I would like someone else besides Jordan win the
    50. I am just sayin….

  31. Doesnt anyone realize rachel doesnt play for hoh. If adam wins the veto He can take one off put up jordan. Evict her. Than no rachel for hoh only time hoh plays for hoh again is final 3

  32. Just posted something to this effect but let’s put it out there…

    Fans of theirs or not, anybody disagree that a final three HoH competition with Jeff, Brendon, Dani, or Rachel (any three of these four) would’ve been awesome?

    • Everybody would be trying so hard and everybody would have a legitimate chance to win. The epitome of competition. They would’ve wiped the floor with the newbies all game long if they stuck together, Dani breaking it up because she ‘would’ve been the odd one out’ and nobody would’ve taken her is what gets me. I clearly understand her logic, but gee Dani, just win that HoH then. It’s more pressure but challenge yourself, win it, and then you choose who to take to Final 2.

    • It may not get me very far, but if I was in the game I’d try for all competitions, and when people wanted to say ‘ok time to get you out’ because I’m a threat, I’d argue work with me instead and if I win you’re safe…

    • I Wouldnt call Jordan a floater she just sucks when it comes to the physical competitions. At least she tried

  33. Watching BBAD, watching Jordan play the camera’s”oh look at me I am the only one cleaning, I am such a good person, If I can’t win America please vote for me” How sick, HELL NO

    • Nina…That just shows where your mind goes, Jordan (isn’t saying I am such a good person I am cleaning”, she is just cleaning. Did it ever occur to you that she is a good person and maybe you are not for thinking everything she does has an evil thought behind it. WRONG. Such a negative person would think that way, to bad.

      • you are right jordan is a good person,she has a great personality and she don’t have a mean bone in her body until someone like shelly push her to far.She still forgave shelly after she stab her in the back for the sake of the game. If jordan is cleaning then it must be the way her mom has raised her in her own home. What nita should have said was why aren’t the others helping.

      • Hell no, I wouldn’t help that backstabbing bitch, can’t wait for Rachel to watch the show so she can see where Jordan told Jeff”You think we should backdoor B or R” Gonna be a good one. GO Rachel, win it all

  34. I loved Dani this season she was everything that this season needed. With her gone so is this season really!! I also love Kalia. She is not the floater that people thought she was and if she stays I see her making it to the end. She built a resume that surely should make her the 1st black person to win BB. I would say it is about time. Danielle should have won it BB3 but the jury got to see the diary room sessions before voting ( which wasn’t fare ) and she lost. America is full of different races it is time for a new face to win.

    My comment is not about a race thing I am just stating that I believe that Kalia and Racheal are the only one sworthy of the title. They both had targets on there back early. On one side the target order was Brendon, Jeff, Racheal, Jordon. On the other side it was just Dani, and Kalia for a while then Porsha was included. Jordon never was a true target but Kalia was. So I am just saying I would be fine it a actual competitor won ( Racheal, Kalia, Porsha ) but the tie breaker for me would be HISTORY which Kalia would make. She would deserve it.

    • I won’t speak about my severe dislike for Kalia in my response to what you said because I don’t want it to come off as biased, but realistically, Kalia wasn’t a target until this week. With Jeff and Daniele leaving in the same episode, Daniele was a target for Jeff and after Jeff was gone Porsche was HoH, so once again Kalia not a target. Before Dani’s exit aka Jeff’s HoH, Brendon was the target for Dani. Before that Kalia was HoH so of course she couldnt’ve been the target. I don’t believe Kalia was ever a true target until this week, and that’s with only 5 houseguests left. Kalia thinks she’s an amazing player because she won two question/answer competitions, and ok, granted that’s not nothing and it’s more than Adam’s one Veto, but she talks about Adam’s gameplay like it’s so unbelievably below hers when she was floating up until Brendon confronted her about it and lit a fire under her, and she decided to wake up. Porsche didn’t wake up until 50 days into the game, and I bet Kalia thinks Porsche’s so much better than Adam too.

      • Agree completely, also on the BBAD can Kalia talk without using the word “LIKE” everytime she opens her mouth. She is really sickening to listen to. Sign of smarts, I think not.

      • as much as I dislike khalia and porsche not only as players but as people i think khalia needs to go this week cause rachel can beat her at anything and if you all remember jordans season…she did win cause she wan competitions she is not waek and i think she can beat oput porcs anyday cause she is a weak link. but khalia needs to go cause unfortunately i think people would vote for her to win.

    • I know you say you don’t want to make it a race thing, but then why even say ” She built a resume that surely should make her the 1st black person to win BB.”, not trying to be mean just want an explanation, also I would like hear why you think she is so deserving of the win.

      • Kalia is a good player, but saying she’s great,nah, the only great player left is Rachel.But Kalia by far has played a better game than the rest of them.

      • I almost hate to agree with that because of how much I dislike Kalia, but I’ll be rational because it’s true, just sad to have to say that because it speaks to how weak the remaining cast is. Jordan from Season 11 I’d put over Kalia, but this isn’t Season 11, this year Jordan has had a lot of help and not done much. (but I still refuse to call her a floater)

      • Jordan wasn’t a floater, far from it. I prefer the term coaster. But yeah, spot on about how weak the rest are. I blame it on the golden key. That completly wrecked this season. giving those guys a pass, but they could still vote and compete, that was just blatently unfair not only to everyone but to the game itself.

      • I definitely wasn’t a fan of the golden keys either. It lets people like Porsche justify her week-to-week coma and because of them, really early in the game options were already limited for replacement nominees. Which would explain Jordan putting up Cassi and Shelly, only other (non-backstabbing in my eyes, at the time) choice was Kalia and Lawon…then later I found out she had a deal with Kalia not to put each other up.

      • They should’ve kept the golden keys, but when they were done handing them out, , they should’ve had a comp just for the keyholders with a one week pass, some money,veto ticket, something along those lines. That would’ve made them choose more carefully how they hand those things out instead of trying to turn them into alliance sleeper cells.

      • Yeah that would’ve been interesting to see, as long as that competition was of at least some relevance to the game moving forward. I feel like on some level they thought about the week 1 choice, I think Rachel wanted Porsche safe for four weeks, but after that it seemed thinking about who to give the key just went out the window and it was solely about who to evict…imagine if Jordan and Kalia don’t have that deal and she’s evicted with Lawon getting a golden key…for some reason Lawon + golden key just makes me laugh…

      • Exactly lol imagine his comments he’d be acting like it was a power for sure…”How do ya like me NOW!…..I’m a vegetable until a month into the game”…as if that’s any different from his entire Big Brother experience…what a waste, if I got on the show only to have it end like that I’d be slapping myself for the rest of my life lol

      • @Gene a floater is a floater just as a duck is a duck. Coaster, where did that come from? Jordan is floater end of discussion

      • That whole Lawon thing- I can’t even begin to talk about that fiasco. No way to explain it without using the phrase” You big dummy!”

      • @anon…Kalia a floater? You must no be watching the game. 2 HoH’s plus even though Dani was voted out the house, she remained true to her and sent jeff packing? Also even though she weigh a brick she gave Rachel a good run in the last veto and the ski comp too. Now how is she a floater?

      • Hey boss, a floater is a person who keeps switching sides. Jordan doesn’t fit the description. Kalia’s not a floater, she was with the vets until Brendan pissed her off and she jumped ship to Dani. Adam is a floater, he switches sides, Porshe was a floater, she was switching sides until 3weeks ago. You’re listening to the Brenchal definition of a floater, which in thier eyes is someone who sits on the sidelines and doesn’t play the game.

      • Was Kalia not throwing Porsche under the bus as soon as Rachel won hoh? And trying to cut a final 2 deal? She goes wherever the power is.

      • @Gene,
        You seem to forget why ppl float. It is becos they can’t win comps or do anything, so they have to latch on to other for safety. Jordan latched on to Jeff, now that he is gone she on Rachel’s back. Forget the alliance the fact that she can’t pull a win to save herself and needs to latch on someone all the time is proof she a floater. Yesterday it was Jeff, now is Rachel, who know what tomorrow brings she float again. Why? coz she can’t win comps or make big moves

      • There’s five people left. Alliances don’t mean anything at this point. Kalia’s not floating, she jockeying for position, big difference. At this stage of the game.If you were playing the game and it got to this point, would you be saying F-U do what you gotta do? It’s every person for themselves at this point.

      • It’s not floating when your in the same alliance. She’s riding coattails.Again you’re going by the Brenchal definition of what a floater is.

      • Alright, I give you that at this point in the game you gotta be on your own mostly. But it would be pretty interesting to see what would’ve happened if Kalia or Dani weren’t in power 3 weeks in a row. I bet Kalia wouldn’ve rolled over on Dani so fast.

      • Well I don’t know these people, just watched them play a game, and for some people to get up here and call Kalia fat and Adam and Jordan stupid that is uncalled for. But in my opion Rachael and Kalia are the 2 best players in the game now, so I think they should be in the F2.(But Jordan is my Favorite) Please people, be nice, it is just a game.

    • Out of all the hgs left Kalia and Porsche in my opinion deserve final 2 but that probably wont happen now because cbs rigged it by setting up the pandoras box last weekend to get Rachel and Jordan back in the game..Why cant the people that are truly playing the game have an honest win?Also no offense to anyone but why are there so many Kalia haters,Is it because she is a good player but also an african american woman?Ive seen all the jokes about her which are very childish and uncalled for but only a small few willing to admit shes the best player left,but on the other hand everyone talks about how sweet,cute and innocent Jordan is.

      • You posted this exact same comment on another site, so I’ll give you the exact same comment I gave you there:

        Don’t even try to place the race card. That’s such a cop out. Vast majority of viewers don’t give a crap about skin color. Did people hate on Brendon because he was Hispanic?

        Plenty of people say mean things about Jordan. You’re using selective reading.

        Kalia is far from the best player left. She made horrible decisions in her first HoH and got her own alliance member evicted as a result. You don’t evict your own supportive team member and then get to be the “best player.”

      • I’m not African America,but do give credit where it’s due Kelia,is the best player in game now,Rach is next,then Porc.they should be final 3,mt thoughts..I also think Kelia,is the most intelligent of all 5 hg there now,also she is a classy gal outside BBH and she has the best profession.She does deserve to win the $500.K..just sayingPorsh should win best stratagy and social player if not porc.Dani should take it.just saying

      • HAHAHA! You actually used Porsche and strategy in the same sentence, that is just hilarious!

  35. I just thought of this and it really pains me. Adam’s been on the block four times and escaped and his vote is still sought after. The guy deserves some credit, as long as he keeps the 90210 fetish out of it. But he’s gotta make a move,he pretty much has no more road to go down.

    • I just can’t believe he actually said he calls Fara ‘Donna’ in bed…I can definitely see the humour but it’s clouded by ‘creepy’…

      • I can’t even believe he let Tori in on it. Imagine how creeped out she was when she heard it coming from that dude. He wrecked her sex life.Dude doesn’t make a move in the game but says that? That guy is a trip.

      • Yea seriously lol. I want to see the episode to see her reaction to him saying that. If it was good she must’ve been being nice

  36. I’k be really surprised if Adam won the veto he would use it. He has been most loyal to the Brenchel and JeJo alliance throughout the game, and as a superfan, he would not risk jeapordizing their friendship. He knows Jordan will go up if he uses it, and Jeff was his buddy. I don’t think it much matters who they evict this week, Porsche or Kalia, because we don’t know what competition they will be facing, so since their strengths are so opposite, its a fifty fifty chance you make the right decision. I think Rachel sees the finish line, and she’s such a fighter, it will take a bulldozer to get her out of that house before final 2. When she makes it to final two, she wins, probably unanimously, unless Jordan is with her. Jeff will of course, be loyal to his girl. Rachel will be very deserving of the win. She’s overcome adversity, and fought hard all the way! She’s never floated, coasted, or thrown a competition. She’s lied minimally, and stayed loyal to her alliance. Considering how she was hated in her season, and how she started out strong this season winning the first HOH, she has earned her place in the winners circle, and a star on the BB hall of fame. GO RACHEL! Do it for your FI AN CE!

    • I agree to a certain extent, although I do think that Adam wants to do something big and I think he would use the Veto. With Jordan out and Rachel not competing for F4 HoH, I think he’d see the ease of a newbie F3. Also, both Porsche and Kalia said that they would take him to F2, which is something he knows he won’t get with Rachel and Jordan. And in my opinion, I think P/K would be smart to take him to F2, anyone would win against Adam in F2.

      That being said, I highly doubt Adam will win the Veto. I have a feeling it’s going to be Porsche, Kalia or Rachel, and I also have a feeling either Porsche or Kalia will make it to F3 and have the chance to compete for their BB lives.

      At this point, I just want to get to next Thursday and begin the F3 HoH, because all this voting and strategy bullshit always becomes pointless and annoying near the end of the season.

      As to the winner, if it’s anyone but P/K/R, Big Brother is screwed. Partially because of the worst winner of all time (A), OR the worst winner of all time winning AGAIN (J), and partially because it will encourage players in later seasons to float like there’s no tomorrow.

      I would like to see Porsche or Rachel win though, hope Porsche doesn’t go home this week. Rachel and Jordan have decided Kalia is the target, but if it’s some sort of intellectual PoV and Kalia wins…well that sucks :(

  37. I also think Adam leaves the house really happy having had his dream of meeting Tori Spelling and he owes that to Rachel. He will hopefully be loyal to the girl who helped him achieve that dream! I know I would be! I wouldn’t be surprised if Tori Spelling did not somehow become involved in Rachel/Brendon’s wedding. Her show would benefit from the cross advertising.

  38. I agree w/ Lennie…Rachel has fought so hard to stay in the game! Even though she can be so annoying sometimes, she still deserves to win more than anyone there. Luv Jordan, but she already won & I truly think Rachel has earned the right to be the winner this season!

  39. Why does everyone keep saying Jordan shouldn’t win because she won already? what does that have to do with anything she came back on the show to win and if no one was smart enough to evict her then she deserves to win. Granted she had only won 1 HOH (we will never know if Jeff or Brendan could have beat her she did get a 3 remeber)but she does have a strong social game and she was there for Rachel when she needed her Porcha was not.I ‘m hoping for final 2 with Rachel and Jordan they are the only reason I’m still watching.

    • That’s where u r wrong. Jordan and Jeff came on the show to spend the summer together….They were the ones who said so. And Jordon wouldn’t be there if Jeff hadn’t asked her to join him. She didn’t want to come back. She did it for Jeff. She surely didn’t come to win.

      • If you play any game twice, do you not deserve a chance to win again? If she’s a player in that game I don’t care if she’s played 87655 times – she’d deserve to win as anyone else. I’d rather people be critical of her gameplay than saying that she doesn’t deserve for the idiotic reason that she’s won before.

      • jordan has no game plan…. unless its just let everybody else carry her along like jeff did….

  40. Rachel stepped up her game this week(with help of the producers),but if she was smart she wouldve put up Adam and let it be an all girls f4 but now either kalia or porsche will win the pov and rach will be on her way to the jury house next week because she wont be able to play in the hoh comp..and if Jordan or Adam(biggest floaters)make it to f2 i will never watch again,period!!

    • If she had put up Adam with one of the girls…the other that is safe can win the veto and save the other. She then would’ve to put up Jordon. K/P would then have the power and evict Jordon. She did a smart thing putting up K/P.

      • How is that smart when Jordan or Adam will not be able to save her next week?Neither can or will win a pov or hoh comp,so rachel is sending herself to the jury house.

      • @bbfan214: Okay, say you’re right and neither Jordan or Adam are capable of winning Veto next week. That would put all the pressure on Rachel to save herself.

        In that case, would you rather it be just you versus 2 HGs (Kalia & Porsche) in that comp or you versus 1 HG (Porsche) in that comp?

        I’d rather face 1 player than 2 against me when fighting for my safety.

      • @Matt,Why are you so defensive?I dont see you replying like this to the people that are bashing kalia or porsche.
        I guess the truth hurts.

      • who says Jordan can’t win jeez she is capable of winning anything she is a good player her winning her season proves that.

    • That would be the dumbest move to make considering Kalia and Porsche has won competitions and not Adam if you count the giveaway POV of Jeff to Adam which does not count. My preference is to have Porsche leave this week, Kalia next week and Rachel, Jordan and Adam in Final 3. True, Rachel cannot play for HOH next week so, why would anyone think that leaving Kalia and Porsche in would help Jordan or Rachel’s chances in the HOH competitions? If Porsche or Kalia goes this week, that would leave either Kalia or Porsche versus Jordan and Adam so, that is the best chance of Jordan winning and keeping her and Rachel safe. As for not watching, that is your choice. I stopped watching last season as I got tired of the brigade antics who were not doing anything but, voting people off! This season is loads better and if Danielle did not betray her alliance, we would have had the best players competing at the end but, that is water under the bridge.

    • Peoples “logic” on here is really starting to bug me. Do you watch the show? The next hoh comp is the final 3 battle. Where Rachel WILL be allowed to play (as long as she doesn’t leave on thursday, where the eviction will more then likely have something to do with the fortune teller). Putting Adam up would have been the worst move Rachel could have made. If anyone besides herself and Jordan won the Veto, Jordan would go up, and more then likely go home. Anyways, I just wanted to make it clear that there is only ONE more hoh comp (the final 3) So whoever is left on thursday will be allowed to play, even Rachel.

  41. Whoever wins veto next week has the power to evict. So veto holder is more powerful than HOH next week …unless the HOH is the veto holder.

  42. Ok, I would like a good, valid explanation on why you think Kalia is the best player. I just don’t get it, sorry. I am trying to understand, what I am missing.

  43. Everyone don’t forget. Someone is going home on Wednesday. I don’t see how anyone can say what is going to happen on Thursday when we don’t even know the format for Wednesday’s eviction is which could totally shake things up.

  44. Just saying, Kalia is hard to watch. Listening to her speak with LIKE her and LIKE there and never a sentence without at least 10 LIKES in there is sickening to listen to. Now, watching BBAD and watching her eat big mouth fulls of food all the time, constantly and then farting while sitting next to other people is to me not cool at all. She needed a mother like Jordan has, someone who could teach her some manners. Plus the fact that she is not really loyal to anyone. When Rachael got HOH the first thing she said to her was trying to cut a deal,in other words, cutting her alliance Porsha right out of the game, no problem. Will love to see her gone gone gone…

  45. I would like to see Kalia gone more than anything…HOWEVER….because of the bond between Adam and Porsche if J&R get veto, they should get rid of Porsche….that way they WILL have Adam with them since he doesn’t care to work with Kalia since she outed their F2 to everyone. This also ensures Adam is not truly working with Porsche. It also ensures one of those 2 are gone so mission is still accomplished.

  46. Firstly, I can’t stand Rachel. But she played a good strong game.K has also played strong. P and Adam look like a couple of gnats the way they fly from partner to partner.I think that Rachel and Kalia should be the final two. It would be interesting.

  47. cbs, should just should have been nice and pay Rachel her $500,000- dream wedding, instead of torturing us viewers into BB13. Way too many twists favoring the vets for me to think that game is not rigged. I feel sorry for the Newbies, who actually thought they would have a fair game.

    • Who is to say they still wont pay 500K-1MM for their wedding? I would watch and so would many others. So it’s a win win situation. Win 500K on BB13 and also win her dream wedding….GO RACHEL!!! GO WIN THAT 500K!!!!

  48. What does everyone think ? elimination view:
    Adam & Jordan (Adam)
    Adam & Rachel (Adam)
    Adam & Porsche (Porsche)
    Adam & Kalia (Kalia)
    Jordan & Adam (Adam)
    Jordan & Rachel (Jordan)
    Jordan & Kalia (Kalia)
    Jordan & Porsche (Porsche)
    Rachel & Adam (Adam)
    Rachel & Jordan (Jordan)
    Rachel & Kalia (Kalia)
    Rachel & Porsche (Porsche)
    Kalia & Adam (Adam)
    Kalia & Rachel (Kalia)
    Kalia & Jordan (Jordan)
    Kalia & Porsche (Porsche)
    Porsche & Adam (Porsche)
    Porsche & Rachel (Porsche)
    Porsche & Jordan (Porsche)
    Porsche & Kalia (Porsche)

    Porsche dawg will run out of gas. Unless we don’t know Rachel’s secret plan to backdoor sweet Jordan in the event Kalia or Porsche wins veto.

  49. Adam’s decision is crucial. He should keep Kalia if he wants extra power to smack R & J. However if Adam decides to ride along J’s back…to the final, floatie Porsche would be wise choice to keep. Right now Rrrach is relaxing in her HoH hutt.

  50. Rachel fans let us sit back and just listen to the dirty comments… eek haha.. hope Kalia stays and Porsche out.

  51. Just sayin’ -convinced this show is rigged. How many times can “surprise twist” save Rachel and Jordan? Face it, they can’t play the game without Brendan and Jeff. They had to throw Porsche something good in Pandora’s box to get her to take it to save the chosen two….really? I know why I stopped watching this show years ago. I’d love for anyone BUT Jordan or Rachel to win. HEY Big Brother time to throw another twist to save a newbie or two!

    • I thought the same thing. Every twits for the favor of Rachel came exactly when she needed it. Rigged or not it does seem a little funny.

  52. I would like to first say that I am a fan of Jeff and Jordan. But come on people why would anyone believe that if JJ or BR would take anyone other than their significant other to the final two. Although Shelly is out of the game she made a bold move by breaking up the duo. What will Rachel say when she finds out that Jeff lied to her about throwing the competition that sent Brendon home? He lied to her face when she asked him. Honestly the personal comments about Kalia are somewhat childish. She has won HoH competitions when she needed to and did what was best for her game. Danielle said it when she said that some people wanted to just hand JJ the money. JJ should not take it personal when someone is playing the same game and are trying to get paid also.

  53. All of them are a little dumb. Rachel the cry baby that she is at her age is sicking. How she made it this far being caddy as a 13 year old gives me hope I can do this. Either side could’ve won if they only stuck together. Some of them are so scared to do their own bidding that they listen to others and then get the boot.

  54. Gotta wonder who Rachel did from CBS to get her this far? this WHOLE SEASON HAS BEEN SUCH A BIG joke you can see where they manipulated the game so a vet would get to the end and win, the newbies didn’t have a chance. hoping the big old bad luck 13 is the last season for this sorry show!

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