Big Brother 13 Week 8: Nomination Anticipation – Updated x3

Big Brother 13 Week 8 nominations

After a roller coaster double eviction Big Brother 13 show last night followed by an overnight HoH competition we’re ready for the next big event: nominations. The new HoH has just a few hours to finalize the noms and then hand them out tonight. From late night conversations we’ve got a pretty good idea of who will be going up on the block. Read on to find out what we’re expecting.

Flashback to 4:32AM BBT to find Porsche, the new HoH, and Kalia settling in to the HoH room and going through their options. Those options are pretty limited this week with only 5 available HGs. It’s safe to say Kalia won’t be nominated, so that leaves 4 HGs.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 26, 2011 @ 4:32 AM BBT on Camera 1
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Porsche is concerned that Adam might not be totally with them. They know Shelly has no one in the game now that she’s burned that bridge with Jordan. So back to Adam. Porsche worries if she nominates Rachel and Jordan, then Adam wins the Veto then he’ll save one of them and force a renom where he would control the eviction.

Remember, there will only be 3 votes next week. No tie-breaker. If Adam saved Jordan, for example, and Shelly was renom’d, then Adam and Jordan could vote together, evict Shelly, and be a team of 3 against 2 with 3 versus 1 in the next HoH comp.

Kalia and Porsche are extremely confident that Jordan will not win the Veto on Saturday. That confidence makes Porsche more comfortable nominating Adam and Rachel. Kalia isn’t as sure, but it’s not her call this week.

The nominations will be confirmed tonight around 6PM BBT, but in the meantime I would expect Porsche to follow this plan and nominate Adam and Rachel.

Big Brother has been incredibly exciting this week and it’s only going to get better. If you don’t want to wait for shows to see events five days after they happen then you’ll need to get the Live Feeds where you can watch events in real-time, uncensored on the in-house cams. Grab your Free Trial and see what other fans are watching right now.

Update: Porsche is telling Adam her plan to nominate him against Rachel. He’s not happy with this plan. Points out the faults. Adam doesn’t want to be nominated. Flashback to 12:27PM BBT Cam 1 and listen as all Newbs gather and discuss.

Update 2: Might not be Adam afterall. Porsche seems to be less worried about him possibly rescuing Jordan or Rachel. Did he just dodge the chopping block?

Update 3: Forget nominations! It’s twist time instead. Pandora’s Box is back. Noms will be pairs and Veto will save the pair. That means noms are practically meaningless.


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  1. So if Rachel wins POV she gets off, Jordan goes up and most likely goes home no? Cuz it’d be jist Rachel voting to keep her. Shelly and Kalia will vote out Jordan. If Jordan wins POV, Shelly goes up and is sent home. So the best case scenario right now with Adam and Rachel going up is for Jordan to win POV

    • all we can do is hope for the best that rachel and jordan can survive this week! hopefully adam sticks with them

      • Ha Ha godbye Jordan and rachel HELLO Shelly.
        Serves them right for bullying everybody in the house.
        Best show all season.

      • Jordan has never bullied anyone that I’ve seen or read. I get that it was a smart move for Shelly, but if she’s going to make a big move like that then she should be ready to accept the backlash. I thought it was very selfish and self-serving for her to try to comfort Jordan and try to defend her actions to Jordan when SHE’s the cause of Jordan being upset. It’s not Jordan’s place to make Shelly feel less guilty for stabbing her alliance in the back. Suck it up Shelly. You made your bed so put on your big girl panties and shut your pie hole.

      • Shelly’s daughter is the one I do feel sorry for with a lying cheating backstabbing Shelly for a mom. That child is going to need therapy with a mom that seems to be a pathological liar and does not even seem to be able to acknowledge what she does is wrong. THis woman needs to go Thursday because she seems almost manic depressive. I would not want to be in the house with her because I would worry about my safety especially with all the comments and faces she is making at Jordan. Jordan watch your back!!

      • Right…cuz nobody wants to see a
        floater win 500…Wait, Jordan is the biggest floater (x2) in BB history!!!

      • I too feel sorry for Shelly’s daughter. Can you imagine the teasing/bulling she is going to get at school bacause her mother is a flip flopped lying, backstabber weirdo.

      • Jordan may not have bullied face to face…but she was on a high horse during Jeff’s reign of terror, and made some devious suggestions. She is just quiet with it…I hope she goes next. Shameful with all that crying!!

    • If rach gets off and jordan gets put up yes she goes home because she has no votes but im assuming thats their plan.

      • I think Rachel and Jordan will go up. If Rachel wins veto, I think they will foolishly keep Jordan and backdoor Adam. I still think they will keep Jordan around for final two and she will win again. These girls will screw this up. They are not very smart.

      • I agree wayne…they will screw it up because they’re too cocky..its like the blind deaf dumb leading the blind deaf dumb.

      • However, where I think they’ll screw up is underestimating jordan and not nominating her, then shell win the veto.

      • @ matt. I know that’s the plan, the point is, she’s saying she’s gonna put up adam and rachel…jordan. wins pov takes rach down and saves them both

    • If Jordan wins veto and takes Rachel down and then they put up Shelly I would love it even if either Rachel or Jordan do not win BB. It would make this whole season worthwhile to see Jordan get the opportunity to evict that lying hypocrite piece of crap out of the BB house. I really would not care then who won as long as that sorry excuse for a lying mother was evicted. Hoping for Jordan to win the VETO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yall can be as hateful as you want about my comment but am going to write it anyway. It is time for a black person to win BB and Kalia is the most successful black player to have played BB yet. She won 2 HOH comps, came in second on the one that Dani won. She is a strategist that think before every move she made and overall GREAT. She is not a floater and I will cheer for her because it is about time we see new faces crowned at the end. Team Kalia

      • It would not bother me if Kalia won as long as she boots Shelly out the door this Thursday. As a matter of a fact would not care if any of the others win as long as Shelly gets thrown out this Thursday. Shelly just makes the whole house and even the game stink and makes you not want to watch BB at all which is exactly why I will not be watching.

      • I don’t think she should win Big Brother because she is black. I think that she would be offended by that. My only hope is that Shelly doesn’t win any money.

      • I think someones color should not matter, it’s how they play the game. Kalia is a floater in my book. Yes she won 2 HOH’s but she can’t seem to make up own mind. Dani did that for her and when Dani won the HOH, Kalia thought she won as well and acted cocky and bully like.

      • Kalia may not be floater but I will never liked her. I didnt like her when the show started, and I don’t like her now. Or Porche. She is just beyond words. Go team Jordan!

      • @ dayday

        ‘Hateful’ Comment = Hate
        I’m glad you were anticipating the hateful backlash but do you ever stop to think that racism will never end as long as people like you keep throwing out the race card?
        Racism = suggesting somebody SHOULD win because of the color of his/her skin!!
        That is the same thing as suggesting that everyone else doesn’t deserve to win because they’re not black?
        Wake up! It’s the 21st century. Do you want racism to stop? It starts with you!! Be the change in the world that you want to see!

    • JJ have you been watching Jordan has not bullied anyone and everyone that Rachel has bullied has had it coming. Shelly is a puke and I am gonna laugh when she goes back and watches the tape and sees that everything Rachel said about her was true. I am starting to think that Shelly has amnesia or short term memory for the things she says and does. Sio don’t be pointing out Rachel and certainly don’t be pointing out Jordan when they have all done it, the bigger share of them have slept until now and there light bulbs just came on and wow they are now playing shocker

      • I agree with you Vet Fan all the way! Tellie I agree with you to as Jeff said they all woke up suddenly and whoopie if Kalia won 2 HOH WOW only took her 50 some days or so I think? Then you have Porsche who has been riding the tails of most of the vets and I believe that if ED was still in the game this would of turned out so different .. JMO

    • Shelly made a massively bad move. She had a chance for 1st, but instead p’ed off 4 of the 7 jury memebers and now can only hope for 2nd. Of course JJ wouldn’t take her, but will KP or Rachel? No.

      • i dont care if kalia wins, but i dont think she will win because shes black. kalia will win because at least when shes a witch she does it to your face when she turns into a snake and does some wrong at least she apologized to jeff and jordan, unlike that backstabbing lying witch shelly, i hope porsche puts up adam and rachel and that jordan whens tkaes rachel down and sends that two faced wench home. i feel sorry for anyone with a mom like shelly.

  2. Porsh should nominate Adam & Rachel to guarantee either Rachel/Jordon eviction. mAdam cannot be trusted.

    • Very true,Madam,Dumbdam,whatever his name is,lol, cant be trusted and hopefully hes out following rach or jordon.

    • For porsche sake…I hope she does do doesn’t guaranty crap, clearly you guys didn’t watch season 11 where jordan won because she won the last few comps.

      • Nominatimg Rachel and Adam does not guarantee that either Rachel or Jordan gets evicted. If Jordan wins veto and takes Rachel off the block then neither one goes home. The only way to be 100% sure one of them gets evicyed is to nominate both of them. If one wins veto put up Adam. That way Kalia and Shelly cast 2 votes against either Rachel or Jordan. Any other scenario offers potential for neither Rachel or Jordan to go home.

  3. i have a feeling were going to get the worst final 2 in big broterh history…if porsche/kalia/shelly make it to the finals it will none of them deserve the money and especially not shelly and porsche mayybe kalia a bit cuz she stuck to danielle from the beginning but if S/P win ill be sick to my stomach even adam hes so wishy-washy he doesnt either the only 2 who deserve to is jordan and rachel they havent swicthed sides once and they compete hard!

    • They compete hard? Jordan won a putting game that was thrown to her and nothing else, Rachel has won nothing since her precious Brenda ( it’s misspelled on purpose ) was evicted twice. They cry a lot, if that counts as competing, sure.

      • Jordan hitting a 3 on that putting contest after 7 non-allies undershot or overshot was hardly having it thrown to her. She won that comp for her alliance, regardless of how Jeff or Brendon would have scored at that point. It’s a legitimate win considering she beat every opponent out to get her.

      • “Legitimate win” implies everyone in the competition tried. It was good for her alliance she won, sure, but the vets had their 2 best competitors up if she’d missed regardless. I’d hardly call it critical, and since Jeff and Brendon both threw the comp on purpose we’ll never know if she really was the best at putting. Sorry, what else has she done except ride the vet alliance? I like Jordan, she’s a sweet girl, but she doesn’t deserve to even be in the final 5.

      • Exactly matt…jordan is good when it comes to skill, which that comp was…and for those of you watching AD we all saw her killing it at that snake thing. We don’t even know that brendon or jeff would have hit a 3…that was a good shot.

      • I disagree RJ. I hope Kalia/Porsche/Shelly make it to the end. I think of all 5 left they deserve to win! Kalia has played hard and picked a side. Porsche has played hard as well, and even though she flipped, she has played the game. I think Shelly has played a great game. Sure she was with J&J in the beginning. And what did they do, use her as an informant, which she did well. I think her smartest move was flipping to K&P. If she had gone with J&J to the end, they would have sent her packing without a skipped breath.

      • Yeah, Rachel punned the term floater into big brother history yet she cannot play the game alone. She doesn’t need a life vest, she can float on out on her surgically enhanced bust line. I was all for Jordan until I saw that she is just as phony as Brendon and Rachel. Gimme a break, you’re still in the house with a good shot to win, and you are going to cry like an infant because you don’t get to play the game with your cradle robbing boyfriend?

      • @Scott: You’re missing the point. Je/Br weren’t “competitors,” they were allies. Didn’t matter if they beat her or not, she beat everyone who was against her. If everyone opposing you loses to you, then you just beat them.

        Sure, Je/Br might have beat Jo, but she still already beat all the Newbies at that stage and that’s what counts for her performance.

        Until last night, what had Porsche done to “deserve” to be in Top 6? Heck, if Jordan winning 1 comp doesn’t qualify for your “deserve” then how can Shelly “deserve” to be there either? Can’t really say “deserves” to be there. They’re all competing for the same thing with the same chances.

        @Cole: “Floaters” in BB terminology long preceded Rachel’s famous catch phrase.

      • dang about choked to death laughing . Wow glad to hear that im not the only anti racjel and jordan. have never liked rachel. goooooooooo rachel bashers

      • Actually it was smart to let Jordan win that Comp since that left Je/Br to compete in the next one.

      • she putted that fairly and won that fairly it was there fault not hers that they never tried to get closer than her

    • Porsche has won just as many comps as jeff did no? 1 hoh and 1 veto, why doesn’t she deserve it?

      • Porsche did not win anything until all of the stronger players are gone – Brendon, Jeff, Dani. What real competition is left – of course she can win now – look who she is up against.

      • Porsche was laying low early on, which I think is a smart move. She has pulled it out, when she needed to. And coming in second is way better than not cominging in at all!

      • Porsche couldn’t compete since her partner was kicked off and she was given the golden key. Since then she has came in second twice and won 1 hoh and 1 veto. Actually if they were all “newbies” you would think Rachel and Jordan were the floaters. Both Kahlia and Porche deserve this above the reaming HG.

      • The majority in the house now got there because of that “golden key” They have not really needed to do anything until now. Hope Rachel or Jordan wins, because they have been playing the game day 1. The others are there because of the key, and the fact dani turned on her original group. Enjoyed watching the vets, but the newbies never stood up and they are very boring

    • I always was a big fan of Rachel and Jeff, until this season. Jeff was a total dick in his game play. And one thing I am shocked about.. the ONLY thing Jordan has done, was win one HOH that Jeff and Brendon both threw to let her have. So tell me.. how does she deserve to win? What has she done that is so great? Being loyal in the game really doesnt make you a good player.. it makes you a FLOATER.. yep.. just like the season she won.. Jordan is a floater AGAIN! =)

      • I hate it when people say that “she got it handed to her” in the hoh’s because maybe one or two people give it to her.she still beat EVERY SINGLE PERSON! newsflash. she was not a floater on bb11 and shes not a floater on bb13!

      • but, if we remember well, Jordan did great on BB11 when left alone in the house. She won all the important comps that secured her final 2 spot. Let’s hope Jordan and Rachel come together to their senses and strength, knowing that it’s all up to them to stay in the game.

      • She’s not a floater because she clearly has sides. I don’t know why everyone thinks that not winning things isn’t “playing” the game. You win the game if you win.. then you clearly had the best strategy for that season. There’s no “she doesn’t deserve to win because she laid low and was really nice” It’s a social game too, which is far more important than competitions.

      • So agree Matt! I have been really disappointed in Jeff & Jordan this year. Jeff has been a bully and Jordan has played the whoa is me card so many times. And the comments from Jordan & Rachel that Danni was a cocky b***h. Really. What have you all done besides be a cocky b***h everytime you have been in the HOH. It is called playing the game, only everyone else has seemed to play with kindness towards their teammates, except Brenchel & Jeff. If Jef & Jordan would have chosen someone other than the Veterens, they would have gone farther. Dani was smart to get off that ship! She would have been the first to go of the 5. Right under the bus for sure!

      • I completely agree Matt. Jordan could’nt even pull of yesterday HOH comp. over a dense Kalia. A lot of ppl don’t seem to want to critisize her bec. she is BB/America’s sweetheart. I like her too. But in this season
        she has been useless & has let Jeff completely take over.

      • You’re mixed up on “Floater.” Being loyal would be the anti-floater. Floating means going from power to power and having no alliance other than to whoever has the power at that time.

    • Actually I dont think a person should just win the show based on staying true to their team. Jeff left saying that its been 55 days and people just woke up in the house..he forgot to mention that about Jordan. Sure, she is a nice girl but she hasn’t done much to help her team out!! As for Rachel she is a good competitor and she at least deserves a top 3 position. Porsche deserves to be in the top 3 with her because she is quite the competitor!!!

      • I don’t want Jordan to win 1/2 million again!! She has done nothing to deserve it. Someone else should win it!

      • I think that Rachel should be top 3 too! Adam should so help them out and they get rid of shelly this week.

    • I totally agree. Maybe Adam will step up finally and help them out. I was really p-d off last night with the way things turned out and to hear that no game porsche won hoh is worse

      • I think JOrdan just came back because Jeff wanted to and it was probably both of them or nothing. That was sweet of her to do that for him just like it was sweet of her to give lying hypocrite the phone call home. It has been apparent from Day One that she is totally miserable in the house this season and who wouldn’t be with this cast of liars and cheats this year.

    • wrong RJ you said rachel hadn”t switched sides.brendon and rachel went to dani and asked to switch. dani wouldn’t do it

  4. i love how the 2 most unlikely suspects from the beginning of the game, Kalia and Porsche, who no one thought could do anything at the beginning are completely running the house now. does anyone else think this is ironic/hilarious?

    • They are running the house until sunday, then it’s all up to Kalia, because shelly can’t win anything, If Adam, Rachel or jordan win it’s all over but the crying. Also shelly is too dumb to see that Kalia and Porsche are useing her just like JeJo, and she is going to the jury house and not the final two, and if shelly get’s to the final two she has fore out the seven vote’s that hate her and will not give her thier vote.

      Shelly said it was a big move for her BS, all she did was ride the tails of JeJo and rachel and then turn on them when someone else won the HOH, a big move is when youwin HOH and then turn. She has won on-thing and she’s now Kalia and Porsche’s Puppet.

  5. Porsche is locked out of her HOH room. Does that mean a pandora’s box? Maybe a luxury comp?

    • I hope its Pandoras Box! Like desperatly jeff or dani need to come back or something. its boring without them

      • To late in the season fo that now, plus Brendan was already back i nthe house. unless Pandora’s box is just a luxury comp thing this time around

  6. Wow is everyone shocked that big Jeff,and Dani got evicted on the same night? Cause usually there are about 50 people whom have posted by now….. I hated both evictions, i think Jeff should of took the deal with Dani. Had a clean slate with her,and Jeff,Jordan,and Dani take it to the end…. But unfortunetly Jeff didn’t go through with it,and they both got sent to the jury house! Shame Shame lame game play! Now i have to rout for Jordan,and possibly Rachel just because *Big Jeff* got a Big Head* and ditched Dani at the last moment!

    • He ditched her because she would put him up. I would not take that deal either. She wouldn’t take Jeff and Jordan to final 3. No way. Her speech was everyone will be signing their checks. She would not take them. He’s no fool. He knew this might happen. He had no choice but to get rid of her. This show would have been more exciting if Kalia and Porsche actually played the game and won things more. Not so exciting now, no competition.

      • as if Kalia and Porsche plus newly added to the gang Shelly weren’t writing dani a check???
        so it’s ok to write her a check but not to anyone else whomever that could be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • No way Dani could not be trusted. She would have back door-ed Jeff 1st chance. Just like she wanted to do in the beginning (liar that she is). Now if he would have seen his clown shoe outside the box (knocked out by accident,oopps) and won the veto. He would still be there (jordon would be gone).

    • I don’t think the result would be any different for Jeff even if he keep Daniele. However, he should have done his social game with Kalia, claiming she was only a prawn, and he wanted to keep her.

    • There was no deal with Dani on Dani’s end or Jeff’s end. If Dani stayed she would have put up Jeff in a heartbeat. I have been thinking about all of this and what messed this whole season up was first doing partners and that stupid golden key with was a reward for your partner or you screwing up. That golden key mess kept the game from being exciting because we didn’t have everyone competing equally. We had a bunch of people sitting around doing nothing so their interactions in competitive playing was not brought out. All we basically had were the vets beating out each other and taking each other out. Now the vets totally underestimated Porsche who has now thrown her weight into the game. I don’t know what is wrong with Rachel because I know she can win stuff–what is she doing? She is going to get sent to Jury but maybe that is where she wants to be with Bookie because she doesn’t seem to be trying like she did last season. As for Jordan, what is she doing? She isn’t really throwing herself into these comps either. There is no fight coming out of those two.

      • Does everyone forget that Dani did keep her word and kept Jeff and Jordan safe for 3 weeks? But yes at some point they would have had to consider putting each other up or thhey would have only been doing what dani said last night. Writing Jeff and jordan a fat paycheck. This season has been screwes from the beginning. This is supposed to be a social and competitive game. yes you make friends but all this crying is driving me nuts. Instead of all these people making deals they should have tried to win and make alliance(that’s the social part) that they stick with. But instead they made week by week deals and threw comps.And then they all took it personal when people talked about backdooring them. Every single one of them talked about doing it to the other couple in the first couple weeks. Did these couples not think they weren’t going to get split up at some point? When they are in power they walk around expecting everyone to bow down to them. That is not a good social game. If they hadn’t alienated the newbies so early then it might’ve turned out different.

      • I agree Nikki. Some must have missed those conversations. thinking poor jeff and jordan AT LEAST Dani did keep her word!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I totally agree with the stupid idea of partners and golden key! the first half of this show was boring as hell!!!!

  7. From what I’ve just heard from BBAD last night, Jordon is giving up. She is wanting to leave. I can’t blame her. All the ones left is nothing but snakes in the grass. It would be nice if when Shelly gets out of the house and she goes back to her job, her job is gone. And she has to go into the unemployment line. Jordon may bounce back with Rachel’s help, but I doubt it. The only hope she has now if Adam and J join forces. And get everyone else out. Adam can win and J gets second. Now that would be super!

    • I think it’d be good if Rachel won. That might give her some push to actually DO something with her life. This whole waitress thing isn’t doing much for her.

      • I think Rachel should win or at least have the chance final 2. I sure hope Adam knows his only way to win or have a shot at winning is if he sticks with Rachel and Jordan. This way it would be final 3 and not 4. Somehow he should help get rid of shelly and then he is 3 on both sides, because sides would want the other 2 out.

    • lol i think jordan gave up since the beginning.. at least rachel still gives it her all in the comps.. between those 2, i would rather rachel have it

  8. Porsche fought hard to evict Kalia and Kalia is to ignorant to know. I’m calling Porsche and Kalia final 2. Go Jordan win the Veto and send the bitch packing .

    • This is just a game,PLEASE get over it,Jeff is gone and Jordan is on her way out too!!!

  9. If it ends up being Kahlia and Porsche in the final two, if I were in the jury, I’d walk out and vote for neither. They’re both so useless. It’s going to be a rude awakening for them out in the real world once this is done when they realize they have to do more than eat and sleep.

    • really??…. what is wrong with people? it’s a game. each person did what they had to do to make it as far as they could. sometimes being a floater will get you far or it gets you sent packing, same way as being a strong competitor. Or in shellys case work both sides of the house and lie lie lie! HEY if it works it works. i give props to all of the house guests who are left in the house.

  10. rachel and jordon definitely do not deserve to win. dont forget they competed as a TEAM until last week. they put themselves in this position by the way they acted. dont be so cocky if you want people to keep you when you’re not on top

  11. Isn’t it cute that Kalia aspires to be the black verison of Dani?? Notice the hair and she has been miming Dani’s actions and phrases …Not a racial post or comment..just a view..

  12. Matt, where are the highlights from last night? I don’t have the live feeds. Are you going to post it?

    • We skipped it today because we covered all the major events. Post show blowup, followed by the HoH comp, followed by nomination discussions. Another post restating all of these events previously discussed would be redundant.

      • @ Matt (BBN)
        OMG please can u do something with people inapropriate postings like this person called ”Porshe

  13. So, I think Jordon is an amazing person and so what if she gets mad every once and a while and goes crazy. Sometimes when you are treated like a doormat after you’ve gone out of your way to be a nice person it builds up and you lose it. Shelly is an idiot. Porsche is an idiot. Kalia and adam might not be perfect but at least they are not completely heartless …….! I actually like Rach after all that. Who would have ever thought that could happen?

    • Jordan should have never agreed to be on the show. She is too nice and trusting. I understand why she is so upset. She’s not used to unscrupulous,amoral and unethical people like Shelly. Shelly is setting a great example for her daughter. After all she did leave her to play a game and she didn’t do it for her family as she says.

      • We all know by now that Shelly is a bad example of mothers. She is a horrid example of a role model and is teaching her little girl that lying, cheating and backstabbing are okay as long as you get what your want. This child is going to need a lot of therapy after having Shelly as a mother.

      • “blank” is a horrid example if “blank”

        Took the other players pieces playing checkers.
        Intercepted the ball playing football.
        Stole the puck playing hockey.
        Served an ace playing tennis.
        Bluffed while playing cards.
        Stole home while playing baseball.
        Picked dare while playing truth or dare.
        Hit another player with a ball playing dodgeball.
        Lying and backstabbing while playing BIG BROTHER.

    • I thought that Rachel’s speech last night when she was up for eviction was very mature and showed Rachel as being a rational reasonable person which she is and people never give her credit for because they just she her drama. What in the world was Jeff’s speech focusing on Shelly for/

  14. I’m surprised at how game smart that would be on Porsche’s part if she puts up the two she’s thinking. Between Adam and Jordan, both poor competitors if you ask me, I too think Adam would fair better given Jordan’s fragile state of mind.

    Amazing, in the span of 24 hours my opinion of Porsche as a player has done a 180. She may not be bright, but she does well in comps…she’s finished second and third all season, no surprise she’s winning now given Jeff removed Dani then got booted himself. Putting Rachel and Adam up would be very strategic and impressive.

  15. Dani’s speech was hilarious yesterday, is she for real???
    as if Kalia and Porsche plus newly added to the gang Shelly weren’t writing dani a check???
    so it’s ok to write her a check but not to anyone else whomever that could be LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    • What was even more hilarious was the dumbfounded look Big Jeff had on his face after he’d gotten evicted. What just happened Jeff, were you hit by a bus?! That was classic, that and him throwing one of his clown shoes out to guarantee his departure! LMAO

      • and even more hilarious is when Dani jumped from joy thinking Rachel was in with them, priceless how she was shocked
        as she would say SHOCKERRRRRRRR!

      • anonymous, so true! She actually thought RACHEL would vote for HER! How funny is that? Lots of people on this site BELIEVED IT TOO! RACHEL save JUDAS!!!? lmfao…

      • wayne :-)
        too bad Dani’s fans are so blind to see that she does what she implies others are doing
        thus we can’t say that the others haven’t done stupid moves as well but the truth should be told and not sheer for a person who was doing the same and even worse than what the others were doing
        and let’s not strat with their bullying Rachel and stealing stuff, so immature and childlish!!!

    • Dani got her t.v. time and thought she was all that.Nice speech snake -Guess what you left without the check too.Now go find your boy toy and have a nice life.Oh never mind you were using him too.

  16. I was just watching the feeds, Shelly is at the mirror putting makeup on her ugly face, Jordan is at the other sink, brushing her teeth, Kalia is in the background, Shelly keeps looking up in the mirror at Kalia making this little smirky grin on her face. Like she is saying, HA HA..I totally played this little dumbass. I wonder if Shelly knows how many fans are totally digusted with her right now, I wonder if she will still send Jordan all of those clothes she promised her, I wonder if she will still have Jeff and Jordan over to her house, I wonder if she will still invite Jeff and Jordan to go to an LSU football game with her like she promised. I don’t think her actions would upset me so much if I were not CONSTANTLY hearing on the feeds, “I play with integrity, I do not lie, and if you lie to me, watch out, and the way she defended herself when Rachel called her out about her hearing she would consider putting up Jordan..Jordan defended Shelly to the bitter end over that, turns out, shelly did lie. I hope Shelly is in the final 2, that way she can be raked over the coals by Jeff and Brendon, that would be fun to watch. This woman has no class at all.

    • she doesn’t deserve being in the F2 cos she could still cash in some $$$
      and even if she still will invite them or do whatever she promised, i doubt they will accept even to answer her call!

      • she had better not win anything she is a pathetic excuse for a human being. I don’t care how she played the game or how she got as far as she did. What bothers me is how she says I don’t lie i play with integrity but when i get cuaght and blasted out in front of others watch out cause venom will spew and I will tell everyone that you are the liar. Ughhh a grown woman acting like that I would never let my children see me do that no matter how much money I was after it isn’t right and it shows very bad morals

    • There is not alot of hope for a person that is being compared to Casey Anthony…Both are total losers…

      • I agree Lynn she was saying that she hopes Jordan is not going to say things about her because she does not want to be embaressed
        Is she for real?
        Going after Jordan will make a lot of people dislike her because Jordan was sween and trusted her

      • She is as big a pathological liar and hypocrite an as disgusting a person as Casey Anthony is. Cannot stand Shelly and the only reason I would ever come back and watch a season of BB is if they lying piece of crap goes home this week. In all the seasons of BB, she is the worst person ever cast on this show and will not watch another season if she stays.

      • Seriously? Comparing some one who made a sneaky move in a game compared to someone who killed her child. Please tell me yall are joking.

      • Wretched comment, Fly. I don’t like Shelly, but when you nutters compare those you don’t like to real life atrocities you demean yourself. She is not the devil, nor is she a murderer.

        Big Brother is a game. There are no rules against what she’s done in the game. Lying, backstabbing, betrayal are all part of Big Brother and EVERY one of those in that house have lied at some point. Shelly just does it more often and apparently better.

      • Where the moderator to delete this comment? How this is civil and on topic I don’t know…..

    • Shelly does not even know how to spell the word integrity much less does she have any. I hope Shelly realizes how much people all over the country hate her UGLY face right now so she better be wiping that grin off of her ugly lying face. Do not worry after she goes home to her child and sees the disgust her little girl has on her face she will realize exactly what she will have lost and I will be laughing my ass off!!!! Shelly deserves nothing but contempt from everyone!!!

      • It’s a season of curses and blessing
        with Shelly been the curse and her been evicted next week a blessing

  17. I really hope if she nominates adam and rachel, that jordan then wins veto. these chances aren’t likely but a girl can dream!! I want shelly gone this week!

    • Me Too Go Rachel and Jordan get Shelly out of the house! Adam has got to know if Shelly goes he is number 3 spot on both sides.

  18. Big Brother is turning into a complete and utter diaster!! I’m not gonna say I’m not watching it ever again, I might phase it out of my life slowly, but surely!
    My reasons are simple, in what psycho world can you take people things, and nothing happen to you, ESPECIALLY when you have a thousand cameras following your every move!

  19. Has Porsche not noticed that any act of kindness that Shelly does for a person ( getting sunglasses)results in a stab in the back?? Careful Porsche u may be next..

  20. If porsha puts Adam&Rachel up . hope JOrdon wins pov and takes Rachel off, Then she will have to put up Shelly then she will be going to the jury house.

  21. I hope sooooo bad this scenario plays out. I think a lot of people ae forgetting one thing. For those of you calling jordan a floater and sayying she rides Jeffs cottails…jordan made it further than jeff in bother seasons, I do not care what anyone says, if you made it further your not riding their cottails. Also, jordan made it to F2 her season and WON all because she brought herself there…she stepped up and won when she needed to and she decided who she wanted in F2 with her…NOBODY brought her, she brought Natalie. So with that being said. Folks…I’ve said it a few times aleady, ill say it again DO NOT BE SURPRISED WHEN RACHEL AND JORDAN SURVIVE THIS WEEK. I hope shelly noms Adam and Rachel..jordan can and will win veto(there ain’t no sitting out on this one) pull rachel off, porsche will be forced to nomiante shelly…rachel and jordan get to be the 2 that vote shelly out and seek their oh so sweet revenge…yay!

      • i hope and pray to god that happens. Jordan is not a stupid girl like people are making her out to be she will step up and play hard and hopefully win over these other losers

    • O I would love that P anK and S underestimate Jordan so they would likly put up Adam and R and if R wins then they have J has a replacement
      But if Jordan wins ahha sweet s
      yes ur right she will take R off and the so rightous migthy Shelly would go home
      Vet fan u have giving me hope

    • do you think maybe cuz jeff got her there.. i would really like to know if jeff wasn’t there both times whether she would have still made it that far

      • If that scenario plays out and Jordan wins veto and Shelly is kicked out the door, then I will once again be the dedicated BB watcher I have always been since Season 1, but if that does not happen I am done watching forever. JOrdan or rachel do not necessarily have to win, even though I hope JOrdan does if for no other reason than for her thoughtfulness to that lying piece of crap Shelly, but as long as Jordan makes sure that Shelly’s ass is kicked to Jury this week I am fine with whatever happens after that.

  22. S is a scum bag. I used to like her but her flip floping between power is just sad, she is to desperate to stay right now she turned her back on her one alliance that was loyal to her that would have never put her up.

    Best case scenario is R and A go up J wins POV takes R down and S goes home because P only wants her and K safe right now and will throw S away!

    I cant wait to watch that happen. Next person that needs to go is P because she said she only wants to win somthing and then shes ok with leaving, now shes one a POV and HOH she can walk out the door now!

  23. Why wouldn’t they nominate Jordan and Rachel and use adam as an option if one of them wins. Jordan could win POV and take rachel off. If either of them win it and their both on the block at least one of them stays up there. Seriously PK I am doubting your game play

    • What gameplay….


      Let me be Team BR as Rachel’s bff

      Let me be Team Dani as Dani’s bff

      Wow…. I won a POV

      Wow I won a HOH

      Let me nominate Adam and Rachel because Jordan is no going to win the POV

    • Either way that possibility exists. If Jordan and Rachel are nominated and Adam wins PoV then removes Jordan; Rachel stays with a vote of 2 to 1. If Adam and Rachel are put up, and Jordan wins PoV then removes Rachel; Adam stays with a vote of 2 to 1.

      So, the question is, which of them is more likely to win PoV. Adam or Jordan? Adam. Jordan is a mental wreck and isn’t that good of a competitor to begin with. By putting Adam up, if he wins PoV, he removes himself and voila up goes Jordan. Understand?

      • Ahhhh no, don’t understand…stop saying understand? People aren’t dumb…the point is that jordan can win..period.

      • Actually with some of you, I want to make sure. At least you’re not double posting yet, or ending every word with a period today. That’s a plus, I guess.

  24. I honestly would like to know EVERYBODY’S opinion with CBS/Producers and Dani. I do not want to say the game is 100% rigged, but it does seem that people affilated with Big Brother (Production, Directors)seem to gear competitions and DR sessions to whom they favor or have friendships with outside of the show. One may say this can be evident with the mainly favorable edits Dani has recieved. Not even a quarter of Dani’s mean behavior has been show on the show. Opinions? Have a great weekend everybody :o)

    • The competitions and the game are not rigged. Production probably does have people they want to win certain events, but they don’t rig them. The way they influence is in the choice of game for PoV or HoH, if someone they want to win is good at endurance contests, they’ll choose an endurance game. That’s it I believe.

      As far as edits, of course they do, they’re trying to create as much drama as possible to draw in ratings. Big Brother is a business after all. However, don’t for a second think others aren’t spared when it comes to editing too. Rachel for instance is a particularly ugly person, but you don’t see nearly half of it on the show.

    • You CAN say it is evident with the mainly favorable edits Dani has received. I agree with you. May not be 100% rigged, but even Dani stated that this is true.I am still waiting for the two people from BB to quit their jobs…

      • Yes me too cause snake Dani said they would.Does that mean she lied? Just asking- ha-ha

    • I have been watching live feeds and dani is very rude and nasty to ppl, everyone in the house she has talked nasty about. on top of that she has repeatedly said on live feeds that if she goes out, then her friends (natalie and jeff, production workers on BB13) will quit. also Dani said on the LF’s as well that they set up her with Racheal to try to keep her in the house, and thats why Racheal talked to her and she thought she was staying. I have been watching BB since the beginning but I find this season very disturbing and they aren’t game players like previous years. Porche, Kahlia have slept most o the game away. Shelly is a two faced nasty person that complements everyone. she is FAKE!!!! and Adam will be a new fav of mine i he teams up with Jordon and Racheal. the only way anyone is gonna win is if they team up with the vets, cause they have all the votes in jury!! GO racheal and Jordon!!

      • The only way anyone will win is if they team up with the Vets, cause they have the votes?

        Uh, no. If the choices for a winner are Porsche/Kalia, Kalia/Shelly, Porsche/Shelly…then guess what? No matter what the vets have to vote one of the final 2 a winner. None of them need the vets for anything any longer. It’s down to crunch time, their best bet is to toss them out and try for final 2. Someone has to win regardless how much the vets may hate the final 2.

  25. I laugh at a lot of the comments. Jordan is a floater. Just like the one I just flushed…lol!

  26. thats terrible that porsche & kalia feel confident that jordan wont win the pov.(that shows how much a floater jordan really is,cant win a comp to save herself frm drowing,but she won/floated her season to the top)…like @JUST SAYN put it Shelly is now using her smarts to outlast,outwit, outplay to the top…..could she b the next dr will/boogie of her season??……go shelster!!!…..its only a game!!

  27. People have to get over the game fixing thing. “It is fixed for Dani to win.” Obviously not. “It is fixed for Jeff to win.” Obviously not. Who is it fixed for now?….some people are retarded with their conspiracy theories. According to them, no one landed on the moon. I guess CBS fixed the moon landing too. Way to go CBS!

  28. Adam does as Jeff told him (time and time again) “grow some balls something”… He is totally not liking the situation concerning Jordon ..possibly Rachel..He has never been done a wrong by Jordon (to my knowledge) AND tho Jeff got testy with Adam at times all he wanted him to do was PLAY THE GAME..WIN SOMETHING..ADAM BETTER WATCH HIS BACK AS WELL Shelly has stabbed u tooo

  29. It would be crazy if Rachel and Adam are nominated and Jordan wins the POV and saves Rachel…..

    • No one is going to use the POV on anyone else. If they did, they are just signing themself up as the replacement.

    • Yes Leo in a perfect world I really hope they underestimate her and it goes that way
      Shellys face alone would be worth that because then she would know she is toast and would have to go and spend time with Big Jeff

  30. Shelly telling Adam that she has never gone against him

    Shelly, you, Kalia and Porsha are all going to evicted Adam once Rachel and Jordan are evicted right? LMAO!!!

  31. Jeff thought Adam voted against him? WTF? Jeff why would you assume Shelly voted to keep you?

    • yes strange, why did he think that???
      he will know from the video of the week that it ain’t the case but JR maybe will still be wondering unless S is busted again or if they are really done with her

      • The deal is that Adam does not come completely to the point of anything in a conversation. He hates conflict he wants to be the good guy and he is a good guy..What he needs to do now is talk to Jordon and Rachel and listen to them as to Shelly and all the times she has talked against him..He may listen and he may not..but it’s shot..Just like right now they are talking ignorant.. 4 people cannot win the $500,000.00 THEY MAKING DEALS THAT CANNOT BE KEPT..IT IS SOOOOO DUMB….That is what Dani did TOOO MANY PROMISES SHE COULD NOT KEEP..Shelly will be Adam’s downfall ..just sit back and watch..

  32. I must say after the 2 biggest players got voted out last night . this big brother goes into history as being the most boring one now. i will stop watching it now because it just got stupid.players sleep all day and do nothing for half of the game. then they finialy wake up and play. like common.

  33. The 3 people who deserve to win are the 3 people sitting in the jury house right now…Jeff, Brendan and Danielle. Those 3 played a good game and got screwed in the end. Kalia, Porche, Adam and Shelly all floated until the end. Shelly lost all my respect when she got pissed at people for lying and then turned out the be the biggest liar in the house. Kalia is lazy and cant make one decision on her own. Adam is so out there that I am wondering where the producers actually picked him up from…And oh Porche that girl is just a ditzy blonde with huge hips…Really disappointed with those people….Jordan hmmm well what can you say, shes just there (in body only) half the time. Rachel would get my voted only because I really don’t like the rest of the people in the house

    • i’m sure shelly will get her just desserts after the game ends.. with the amount of hate against her she needs to go into a witness protection program stat!

      i think it’s luck that out of all the newbies the vets assumed kalia and porsche were easily dispensable.. but porsche is def proving she is not with her sudden ninja comp skills!

      • I agree with you on that one. I have never ever seen a player in BB history that is as hated as Shelly. I wish I could say she does not deserve it but she does for what she has done. She needs to go this week so we can all start enjoying watching BB again and then whoever wins is fine as long as Shelly’s ass is kicked out the door Thursday night!!!!

    • @essie…Did u know that people are calling her home and her workplace to leave hate messages..?? Have u seen her HATE PAGES on Facebook??? The woman is totally loathed..

      • you know what’s really sad, i wish they never put her child on tv because could you imagine the amount of bullying she must receive????????

      • on an earlier post this was posted
        could u explain it please cos i didn’t see it

        Leo says:

        August 26, 2011 at 3:00 pm

        Jeff thought Adam voted against him? WTF? Jeff why would you assume Shelly voted to keep you?


        anonymous says:

        August 26, 2011 at 3:06 pm

        yes strange, why did he think that???
        he will know from the video of the week that it ain’t the case but JR maybe will still be wondering unless S is busted again or if they are really done with her


        flyonthewall says:

        August 26, 2011 at 3:07 pm

        SHELLY PLANNED IT THAT WAY..Have yall not been paying attention??


        anonymous says:

        August 26, 2011 at 3:08 pm

        no how?
        how can he think that way after she voted to keep Dani?

      • Can you imagine what is going on with that little girl right now. I mean what kind of a mother does something like this to her child or would even think of putting her in this situation. Shelly definitely gets the worst mother award and she will get her just rewards when she gets home and has to try and explain away her lying hypocritical backstabbing self to that little girl who will not believe one word that comes out of Shelly’s UGLY mouth!!! Do feel very sorry for Josie!

  34. ugh the only thing that will make me like this season is if rachel and jordan both make it past this week and win every HOH. i dont wanna see shelly or adam in the finale two. the did nothing except flip sides.

  35. Heres to hoping shelly gets out this week. She is nothing but a lying piece of crap excuse for a mother. Lets all hope Jordan will some how get to send this sorry piece of crap out the door.

    • this is game ppl,,Shelly is the next dr will/boogie of her season……outwit,outplay,outlast is the SHELSTER all the way..

  36. “Porsche is concerned that Adam might not be totally with them. They know Shelly has no one in the game now that she’s burned that bridge with Jordan. So back to Adam. Porsche worries if she nominates Rachel and Jordan, then Adam wins the Veto then he’ll save one of them and force a renom where he would control the eviction.”

    I’m lost. They can’t just put Adam up now?

      • i think it’s a dumb move, because IF jordan wins veto, she’s safe from nomination and she can take rachel off the block… if porsche puts both R and J up, whoever wins can only save themselves or the other but not both

    • To answer your question, Hal. No they couldn’t just nominate Adam if he won PoV and removed Jordan. The PoV winner also cannot be the replacement nominee. It allows a person to be removed from the block and protects the wearer against the renomination afterwards.

  37. COME ON R@J do something.get rid of Shelly please!bye the looks of Shellys house she dosent need the money lmao

  38. Nothing about this game is exciting anymore since the most inept players — who have also been lazy — Porsche and Kahlia are now calling the shots. Shelly should not still be in the house — and actually neither should Adam. None of these newbies actually played the game along the way, but were content to take their direction from others. Shelly’s game play seems to have worked in her favor up until this week, which is a shame in my book because she has not honestly been loyal to anyone. I know lying is part of the game — or disception — but she has taken that to the lowest level I have ever seen. I certainly hope this isn’t an indication of how this game will be played in future years because if it is, I most definitely won’t be watching it.

    • “…most inept players”…funny, considering they’re the one’s sitting in the house right now, and Jeff, Brendon and Dani are not. Maybe coasting until the end is a strategy that works? Hmm…

    • This is how the game will be played in the future. No one to blame for their decimation but the vets themselves. For all the vaunted talk about targeting floaters from JJ and BR, they sure zeroed in on Dani every chance they got. The reason the floaters are left is because of the war between Dani and the vets…Jeff should have accepted that truce with Dani for at least a week to get one of them out. Amusingly, now one of the people that flew under the radar all game is likely to win it. I’m fine with it.

    • If you were in the house and saw the Vets taking each other out, wouldn’t you stay out of the way?

  39. I was watching the live feeds. Porsche was going over her options, Kalia keep talking over her. does this woman (kalia) ever shut up? I could not hear anything Porsche was saying.

  40. Shelly saying Jordan is immature (who hid R dog and wanted to cut it into pieces?)
    Shelly saying when things dont go Jordans way she gets mad (never u Shelly)
    Jordan is upset because u betreyed her but u wouldn’t understand that because u r such a straight shooter

  41. When Rachel gets sent to the jury house I hope dani whips her ass for talking shut that would be a real show in the jury house!!

  42. shelly has outwit,outplay & outlasting so far,,,cld she b the next Dr WILL/BOOGIE of her season!!!!!!…go SHELSTER all the way!!let a newbie win….i dnt like her but she has dominated the alot of the votes her way,,backstabbed,it all etc……..its only a game!! i like jo but she already has floated/Won her season…can someone else win some $$$

  43. I’m just wondering about a few things…1) Do all HGs HAVE to go see the HOH’s room? Is it a rule? If not, then, had it been me, I would have skipped it last night. 2) In the HOH room, Kalia and Porsche were saying that when/if they get to the final 2 and they have to answer the jury members’ questions, they said they’d tell them to “Suck it” and they’d pass on answering their questions. (And people kept saying Jeff was arrogant, which I failed to see) So if they can pass on answering questions, what would they do if the jury members refused to vote? How about they “pass” on voting if those DBs want to “pass” on answering questions. 3) Why do people assume that they know what a person thinks just because they think that’s what that person thinks? For example, Jeff and Jordan are so arrogant they just want to win. Well Duh! Of course they want to win – everyone there SHOULD want to win. It doesn’t make anyone arrogant. Arrogance is acting like you’ve won already just because you are the one in power at the moment. J/J didn’t act that way. When I watched them, they always said they had to win this comp or that comp to get this person or that person out. I never saw them act like they had it all in the bag. However, D/P/K did it the three weeks they were in power. It was this person is going, then that person, then that person. Then they got pissed when their plan didn’t always work. I don’t care if you don’t agree, but I think Jeff did leave with class. Of course he was upset to be leaving, that’s to be expected. Especially when it was that sudden with no time to campaign. However, if you saw his interview with Julie afterwards there was nothing arrogant about it. He even said he still thought Shelley was a good person. So you know what, shut up with all the Jeff bashing. I just HATE it when people decide someone is who they think that person is. And one more thing, if Jordan had kept the phone call for herself, then Shelley would have been in the Humilitard for the week as I’m pretty sure Adam would have taken the Veto from Shelley just as he took it from Jordan. I’m basing my opinion of these HGs on their actions and I can’t stand Shelley. Most of the HGs kept saying J/J were in the way of them winning, but can’t those idiots see that EVERYONE left in the house at any one time stands in your way??? Dumbasses!

    • so true!
      and Dani’s speech as if her puppets weren’t sitting there to write her a check as well LoL

      where did u watch Jeff’s interview with Julie afterwards?

      • Sorry – I tried to respond and tell you where I watched Jeff’s interview but my response went to a moderator and then it seems it was deleted. Check out though. It should be there. Hopefully this post won’t be deleted.

    • If Adam had any guts or balls right now He would say “IF yall so sure Jordon won’t win the POV put SHELLY and RACHEL ON THE BLOCK”..BUT HE AIN’T GOT THE NERVE..he is chickenshit.

  44. What people are forgetting that with all the crap that Shelly had done to Jordon, with all four vets in the jury (not Dani), Shelly has NO HOPE of winning BB. She might get second, but she has NO HOPE of winning it with JJBR in the jury house. THEY decide who wins BB13 since they will be the majority.

    Of course, with the collective IQ of a dead worm, they won’t figure that out.

    • yeah but i think shelly figured she has a better chance getting F2 than F3.. i’d too rather go home with 50 thousand than nothing

  45. I really cant figure out who to root for now that Dani is gone. I cant make myself really cheer for anyone left.

    On another note, this Shelly hate is getting out of hand. Just because she broke her promise in a game..people, get real. She owed J and J abosolutely NOTHING!!!! I can understand their fans being mad and upset at her, but for the ones who are taking it to another level and comparing her to the likes of Casey Anthony, getting joy from her daughters hurt from this and sending threats is plain wrong.
    I was mad at Jeff for putting Dani up, but no way do I wish him, Jordon or their families any harm.

    • The Shelly mania is out of hand. Then again, the Dani hate was over the top too when she was still in the house. A lot of Jeff and Jordan fans take their love for them too far, it is a just a game.

      As far as who you should root for…anyone but Adam or Jordan in my book. Neither should win this game given how awful they are at competitions and how far under the radar both have been.

    • I am in no way guilty of hurting Shelly’s child ..Shelly is hurting her own child.. Do u not comprehend that?? Shelly is on national TV lying skeeming and backstabbing people and trying to justify it…NOT ME.. Do not even accuse me of trying to hurt a child.. And if people are comparing her to Casey Anthony that is something she will have to deal with cause u can’t get any lower than Casey Anthony….

      • Dude you were the one comparing her to Casey Anthony….its apples and oranges….this is a game….Casey Anthony is life. Taking the game way too serious.

      • What Curious said. YOU were the one comparing her to Casey Anthony. Your posts seem to go over the top the more annoyed you get. Take a chill pill, Fly. BB is just a game. Hate Shelly, I don’t care, but keep it about the game rather than throwing insane fuel on the fire.

      • @fly, I wasnt talking about you. Nor did I accuse anyone of hurting a child. Please re read.

      • U said “getting joy from her daughters hurt”.. so that would seem to mean that I am in some way hurting the kid..i feel sorry for the child..again if the child is hurt I did not do it..That falls on her mother..

    • In addition, it seems to me that JJ will be more forgiving of Shellys move after the dust and hurt settles than some of their fans.

    • “I” did not compare Shelly Moore to Casey Anthony…The Shelly Moore Hate Pages (bloggers) on Facebook are the people doing that…U need to read the post again…I said ” people comparing her to Casey Anthony” I READ IT AND PUT IN MY POST..THAT IS ALL I DID..and I do tend to get annoyed when people don’t fully read my post and then accuse me of being “over the top” as u put it..

      • EVEN if your intent is what you say, you mentioning it only makes it look like YOU support the idea and you sure posted it on this site without clarifying where it came from until you were called out.

        Get upset all you want, but YOU posted it and didn’t clarify that YOU weren’t comparing her to Casey Anthony. Where does that leave the reader, Fly? Thinking YOU are comparing her to Casey Anthony. Personally, I still think you were.

      • again, fly. I was not saying that YOU did. Nowhere in my post did I call your name, nowhere did I make an accusation at or about you.

      • If you didn’t post it and it was from facebook….then why post it on here if you don’t agree with them? You were clearly saying you agree with them and you were clearly saying she is like Casey Anthony….you my friend are a horrible person for comparing the two….that is taking things WAY out of context.

        Again I am pleading with the mods to take all of this Casey Anthony stuff off the boards and/or ban fly for it….it’s clearly against the commenting rules….

  46. I cannot stop laughing at how many people keep throwing the words like “integrity” and “honesty”…..I would love to see every single poster on the game and see if they could play the game with “integrity” and “honesty”…..every one of you would fail.

    And to all the posters slamming Shelley for how she supposedly is as a person and mother…’re post saying how ugly she is is showing how ugly you are….when you point the finger at someone….you always have 3 pointing right back at you…remember that. What you send out ALWAYS comes back to you times 3

  47. Rachel & Jordon just need to get ther heads back in the game . GO Rachel and Jordon make it to the final 2,

      • Yep–a mean vindictive preggy 14 year old–gotta feel sorry for Brandon–if he becomes a Dr.–better be a shrink–he’s gonna need one–& oh the poor child if there really is one!

      • Why do you think Rachel should win it.
        The first HOH she won, she won because
        Dick and Dani gave it to her. She has
        won nothing since Brent left the house.
        Porche has beaten her in the comps by
        coming in right ahead of her or better.
        She now has an HOH and a veto comp in
        her back pocket. Kahlia has won two
        HOHs, too. Adam won one veto which was
        given to him by Jeff and Dani. So why
        Rachel is better than the rest of these
        people is hard for me to understand.
        Oh, forgot that Jordan had an HOH given
        to her, too.

      • regardless, shes a competitor, not a floater so she should win out of the people left. Look at whose left, none of them deserve to win it other than rachel

      • No no yo yo Roachel not nice–very stupid, whiny, whatever–if she deserved to win HOH or Veto she would have–she just can’t play

  48. I think Racheal will go this week hopefully Jordan wins the next HOH takes out Shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I think this game is not worth watching now. Jeff screwed everything up when he voted to keep Shelley and send Brendan home. They knew Shelley was playing both sides of the house and all the time telling them she didn’t want the money. The only reason she was there was on a lark. What a bunch of bologna. You wouldn’t leave your family if not for the money. Do you agree that Shelley is more masculine than feminine. I thought for sure her husband would be female. Please, please someone teach her how to be a woman.

    • even if jeff and jordan voted to evict shelly, i don’t think that was enough to keep brendon

    • Its not about voting. It was about him throwing the corn hole veto. That’s where he screwed up. Makes me so mad, them 4 could wiped the house clean if jejo had stayed loyal to them.

      • I think Jeff made more than one mistake
        in this game. Yes, he threw the comp and more than one I think. But when it
        really counted he didn’t come through.
        However, his attitude and the way he
        treated his fellow HGs did nothing to
        endear him to them. He bummed cigarettes (3 cartons from Shelly) and
        no telling how many from Adam. Who comes into that house a smoker and does
        not bring their own cigarettes? A bummer. He yelled, he swore, he threatened, and lied to everyone. He
        was critical of everyone’s cooking but
        his own. He was as affectionate to Jordan as a wet blanket. He made his
        own eviction possible and lost his team
        with his own game play. Just as others
        have done.

      • its very sad how this game went down! all the newbies that didnt come out swinging (dom,cassi,kieth) slept thier way to the final six while the vets picked each other off one by one. and sometimes twice.i love jejo more than anyone ive ever watched in this game! but the vets should hang their heads in shame at the way they let this season turn out for them. this should have been a no brainer for them. that pretty much explains why most of the people still left in the house are still there without ever really having to use their brain. they literaly slep through most of it! its a damn shame!!!!

  50. Shelly-LIAR, should be ashamed of herself. I hope her employer fires her horrible lying butt!
    Kahlia-2 FACED, wouldn’t trust as far as I could toss her. Playing her own game, yeah whatever-only when Dani move her mouth for her.
    Porsche-WHATEVER, float for 5+ weeks and then brag you can compete, give it up cocktail waitress.
    Jordon-LOVE HER, send her home so you evil people don’t damage this angel on earth.

    • Oh yeah–angel on earth–more like devil in disguise just like whiney Jeff when he got evicted & threw his little tantrum–he just wanted bucks to quit feeding off Jordans bucks–did you see her last nite with her F-bombs–what a sweetie! Vets out newbies win except Adam kick him out talk about a floater–would like if Shelly didnt win but hey long as its not Rachel!

    • You got it, love your post, shelly is a sleeze, kallia is a , I don’t know what and Porsha well, we all know what she is I can’t wait until they all fall of their high and mighty horses I didn’t like Rachel antics earlier but now I wish her, Adam and Jorden would kick a$$ and get those loafers outa the house, Wow they think they are soo important now and haven’t done much until now but the BIGGEST snake is SHmelly

    • This is a GAME. There was no rule book when they entered the house and the name of the game is to make it to the end. None of them went there to make a best friend they went to win. So if u have to win hohs, povs, lie, backstab etc. to get u there so what. They all knew what to expect before they got uYthere especially the vets. They need to stop being sore losers and play till they are out. Dont hate the player hate the game if u went in with a partner you had to have known there woyld be a possibility your partner would be sent packing especially if they stood in the way of them getting and winning in the end.

      • That’s what I’v been saying. They (vets)should of know better then to trust the newbes-but they thought they were better and knew the game I case the newbes are having the last laugh. As for Shelly stop with the name calling if she out smart the first time shame on her the second time shame on you. A s for her family they know the real Shelly.

  51. I really dont want to watch the show anymore, since Jeff is gone. Jeff was so nice to look at. Now the only 2 men remaining are Shelly and Adam, they are not as easy on the eye as JEFF!!

    • Yea–nice to look at (if you like the type) but sure likes to order/dominate women around & Lil o’ Jordan just follows behind like a good mop squeezer–what a joke–real men don’t have to order people around–unless their in the service.

  52. I don’t think it will happen but I’d much rather see Rachel play this game out to at least the final 2 and the house get ready of the dead weight like Shelly and Adam. If not this game will be so boring. I’m already bored with these mediocre game players.

  53. i quote: ”Adam says that the thing that I am the most hurt about is after the votes come down he looked at me and yelled at me.. that hurt! Shelly says that you were expendable to them. ”

    why did Jeff yell at Adam? didn’t he know he voted to keep him?

    Matt (BBN) or anyone could please explain this to me???
    thanks in advance

    • I don’t think Jeff knew that Adam voted. He was so shocked that I think he jus took it out on him. Although Adam did struggle for a few seconds before he finally made his vote. Either way this game is going to suck. I want Shelley out of the house.

      • yeah me too such an hypocrite person

        u know it’s my second season of watchng BB but i don’t remember the double eviction from last year and anyone can be totally shocked just as Jeff was if not more
        feel bad for him for the only mistake that he has done trusting this Shelly

    • No–Jeff is an idiot he can’t count to two & figure out his little slave gal & Adam were his only votes–what a jerk!

      • I keep hearing that Jeff’s big mistake
        was giving Adam the comp and trusting
        Shelly. Yet didn’t Dani trust him and
        ended up leaving the house?

    • Shelly set up that way..She wanted Jeff to belive that Adam voted against him..Did yall not see the 30 second frame of Shelly in Jeff’s ear..She was telling him that she would vote for him…She lied she set Adam up..

  54. I am loving the game this year – It has been fun watching Shelley play the whole house this year. I was a total Dani fan but have switched to the REAL game player Shelly.

    BB is all about game plan and Shelley has played everyone in that house like a fiddle.

    The best game players should win – Shelly – should win – she pretends to be the mom but she is a smart game player.

    I don’t believe this season was fair for the newbies – BB let couples that knew eachother play against players that knew no one, how fair was that BB. Shelly had no one and worked her way into the JJ aliance. She knows how to play the game

    • Sorry I disagree with you. She’s done nothing but float back and forth. The only decent move she made was flipping because she can’t do anything else. Jeff made a big mistake in trusting her as much. Sorry I know it’s a game but she’s a nasty piece of work and I hope they kick her ass out the door asap. Based on the results so far, this would have been one boring season if they had not brought in the veterans. The newbies are nothing but a bunch of airheads!!

      • Did people think Jeff and Jordan were
        ariheads their first season? Yep, espe-
        cially Jordan. The game is a real “shocker” to anyone who has not
        played before. But then there is Jordan
        who has played before and has acted sullen this entire game. She has cried
        her eyes out for losing Jeff, even
        though she had her partner longer than
        anyone else (partners being the biggest
        threat to other players). She has called BB stupid and threatened to quit
        more than once this season. She was no
        lady last night and went way beneath
        the “angel” status. She then had the
        nerve to ask Rachel what had she ever
        done to make people turn on her. Maybe
        she needs to go back and see her own
        performances this season and how it was
        just a game when others lost their partners, but personal when it was Jeff.

  55. I hope that Jordan wins veto pulls off Rach and they put up Shelly, shelly goes home, Jordon or Rach win HOH, Kalia and Porcha go up, Porcha goes home!! Best case ever!

  56. As per Matts above low down there is chance..actually 3 chances for the good guys to win POV. This is the option to save any chance of something interesting to watch. GO RAJ win and put up S and you can dump her; finally

  57. I feel sorry for Shelly’s daughter and am embarrassed for her. Think of all the bad things her mother has done just for money! WOW poor little girl has to find out this way that her mom is a bitch! I bet her daughter liked Jordan!

    • Then we hope her little sweetie doesn’t happen upon your comments—don’t be a hater–unless its Roachell you dislike. Too bad she wasn’t gone before jury now we have to suffer through her end of season crapola speech as well.

      • I think the comments about Shelly are
        really getting out of hand. Her poor
        daughter is going to have a bad time
        with other kids whose parents may say
        some of these things in front of their
        own children. She is learning a very
        hard lesson now about people in general
        and how judgmental they can be. Is Shelly not allowed to play the game by
        the same rules all of the others play
        because she is a mom. And about her
        masculinity….I think she was a tomboy
        and has a deep voice from smoking. But
        because she doesn’t come off as feminine as Jordan (who does nothing in
        the house and hasn’t cooked one thing
        except canned soup) doesn’t mean she
        is a bad person and should be crucified
        for it. Haven’t always been a fan of
        her game, but in the end she has played
        the game she was able to play with the
        cards she was dealt. Opinions of the
        game are great, but to bring her child
        into this and her esthetic characteristics and trash them is a little too much.

    • I FELL SORRY FOR YOUR KIDS!!! This is a game just because your fav has lost don’t say hateful things about the others and leave the kids out of it. If you can’t handle the out come STOP WATCHING!!!!!

    • I think with her expanding butt from all of the eating and sitting around doing nothing, that’s the only thing she has left in her wardrobe that fits.

  58. Little Jeff was just SCARE of Dani. She beat him & Brendon easily in her HOH wins, and at the end he Got Got by two weaker players. Now Jeff is a little B….H.

  59. Jeff didn’t loose anything, he is laughing his ass off too with 15 grand, plus what he gets in the jury house, so he isn’t disappointed. He is laughing all the way to the bank! Way to go Jeff! You Jordan haters should look in the mirror, Jordan has a kind heart, didn’t your momma teach you any manners!

    • The same manners that didn’t get taught to most JJ lovers when they demonize Dani or now Shelly?

      • Totally agree Scott, JeJo fans can dish it but can’t take it(much like JeJo), all weak it’s been Dani suck, Dani the tranny, she’s evil, she this, she’s that ect…ect.. Now that Karma bit Jeff in a$$, JeJo fans gotta whine and cry about it.

  60. For those of you who aren’t informed…..ADAM IS NOT WITH JORDAN AND RACHEL. He has chosen his side…I dk why people are still saying one of the 3 needs to win…NO..she is most likely nominating adam and rach…jordan HAS to win pov..period…the only strand of hope for Adam working with rachel and jordan is that he’ll be pissed she puts him up.

  61. now that we get to see the other players play it getting interesting. why the girls (p & K) don’t think that rachel can win the pov is an oversight. and why did jeff and th others think that “floaters” don’t have a game play. just because they don’t see it?

  62. I just love the way everything worked out. I’m truly glad that Jeff is out. He was just to cockey. He wanted everyone to be true to their word, but he was not true to his. Hopfully Rachel and Jordan will be next. I would like to see Porsche & Kahlia final two. I did not like them bringing bat the vets anyway. Get them out one by one.

  63. Go K & P!!!! J is “Stupid” as Jeff would say. And Jeff is a loser for not taking the offers from D,K,and P. Try again Jeff! “That’s what she saaaaid!” (In my D voice.)hahahahahahaha!

  64. i love Daniele’s Newbie Alliance, Kalia followed Dani’s orders perfectly and Porsche is gonna finish the job. but they need to drop Adam though, he had his chance and blew it.

    • Let’t face it. Thursday was the best BB episode. I did not want Dani to go home, surprise. Kicked Little Jeff to the curve. Kali and Porsche kicked but and won HOH twice and then turned around and won POV. That’t not floating.LOL At BB After Dark Jordan cried like a baby and Rachael looked stupid. My team should win and go to the final. Shelly even stepped up her game and puncked out Jeff. Adam is a true floater. I am so proud of the girls performance last Thursday. Kali, Porsche, and Shelly stood up to Jeff. By the way everyone is tired of Jeff and Jordan. Look at the videos of BB 11, Jordan is not an angel. You go girls. Kick but and take names.

  65. What is happening in the HOH? How come spongebob got booted out of there for a while? Is it Pandora’s box? Is Brendon coming back?? HAHAHAHA I am dying with laughter watching spongebob (Porcha cuz her body is square and yellow and pores’ can be! and square teeth too)She thinks she is all that because she won POV and HOH.. “oh has anyone ever done that? i am going to be famous!!” LMAO

  66. All i can say is thank god the wicked witch of the east and west is gone see ya dani, U will never win the bb game.

  67. @ Matt (BBN)
    OMG please can u do something with people inapropriate postings like this person called ”Porshe”

  68. if, you really think about daniele never really lost a comp except for that robot one. every other competition she didnt win is because she threw them or wasnt in it

  69. There is racket in the HOH room! Porsche can’t go up there, Porsche thinks she’s definitely getting a pandoras box. Julie said at the beginning of the summer, this season will be about blessings and curses…obviously starting with pairs…. BLESSING FOR VETS, BUT CURSE FOR NOOBS. Along with the golden key so on and so forth…let’s hope she does get a p-box and she opens it, its a curse and JORDAN OR RACHEL..get. a blessing!

    • I am with you all the way! I would love to see the looks on their face then!! Too good to b true!

    • No! America is so stupid! They should not be allowed to vote, since brendon was voted back in the house, my faith in america has dropped.

  70. Porsche is funny to watch I agree, can she find some clothes that fit her? Does she think that blab hanging out over her pants look sexy? LMAO

    • No kidding, look how she walks.. does she have an adams apple? look at her neck next time, that is how you can tell… talk about that word they called Brendon last year, can’t spell it! That is how she looks…

    • are you sure she’s a women? She fights like a man, lies like a man and she’s awful cozy with the girls

  71. in the last 24hrs Porsche’s gone from being a Jordan to a Janelle(ok maybe not that good), but it’s like she just woke up from all her naps at once. Losing Dani lit a fire under the Newbie’s

  72. Rachel and Jordon was saying that they wanted to go to the hotel to be with their man. Rachel is playing with Jordon head because she want to win the money

  73. great :( i am pretty sure i just herd porsche say she had a hand shake with adam or something then said im glad i dont have to put him on the block….looks like we might just see rachel and jordan nom instead :( this really sucks the last thing i want to see is porsche, kalia and shelly in the final 3….. i really hope jordan, rachel or adam wins hoh next week and gets out kalia…..or shelly….damn they should have kept brendon and got rid of shelly (wish they would have caught on to her sooner)

    • I agree with pretty much everything you said. Would hate to see that final 3 you mentioned and would hate for Jordan and Rachel to be put up, and I definitely wish Shelly was evicted over Brendon, but sadly even if Jeff and Jordan voted to evict Shelly that week, Dani would’ve broken the tie to evict Brendon…they couldn’t seem to sway Adam to vote to evict Shelly…

      • i’m very happy big jefffffffff,out.
        Jordan and Rachel out soon too…My wish……….Jordan not deserve to win again…Kalia and Sherly yes……..
        To bad Danielle,good players to bad she’s listen big jeff is so lawerrrrr go, she’s deserve to win and Dominic too, not the two arrogan couple…………i’m glad.what’s happen now to bigbrother

      • I do not want to see Jordan win again. I do like Porsche and Kiia go as far as they can. I wand to see Jordan and Rachel go. I rather see Shelly go as far as she can. Adam is worthless.

    • I totally agree with keeping Jordan, Rachel & Adam- I can’t stand the others!

  74. Damn, now porsche is saying she feels better about not nominating Adam…if she doesn’t then folks, things do not look good for either rachel or jordan…really hope there’s a twist, the show will be so boring once one of them 2 are gone.

    • Yeah I know..there has to be a twist…cmon CBS…these 4 “noobs” are so garbage…I would have rather seen at least Dom and Cassie than porsche and shelly there.

      • I agree they haven,t done much to be where thier at especially shelly all she did was wine and cry over everything.Had she stuck with j/j she might have won

    • Good, I am glad Jordan is staying true to Rachel but now it looks like Jordan may need to use it on herself if she is up for eviction and wins POV. I can’t stand these new people and if one of them wins BB, it will really stink.

  75. The Shelly hate here is crazy. She had nothing personally against Jeff and Jordan. If anything, she loves them more than anyone else in the house. But she’s playing a game to win $500k. She had no chance at winning by taking J&J farther in the game, period. She made the best strategic game move she could. It’s a freaking game. Part of the game has always been breaking your word. The strategy & alliances you have at the beginning of the game generally won’t take you to the end of the game — you have to adapt. Shelly did. If you love this game you should look at what Shelly did as a great game move and respect her MORE for it.

    • i have to disagree with you cause you know what everyone of those jury members gets a vote and i will tell you right now it wont be her….and not to mention kalia and porsche will only keep her till they feel its time to get rid of her, even rachel and jordan both just said that…

      • Yeah because she had such a BIG shot at winning keeping JJ in the house. (sarcasm)
        At least now Shelly has a chance to get runner-up prize. Kudos to Shelly

      • When Shelly first flipped she was trying to keep Dani, that was her first idea at a big move to split up Jeff and Jordan. If she was successful, do you really think her chances were any better against Dani? Who never trusted her? Yea right…she doesn’t deserve any cudos for getting lucky that Dani left, and with the current/today’s situation, I don’t think her chances are that much better. She still can’t win anything to save her life, and even if the final HOH takes her to final 2, she won’t get jury votes.

      • Whether or not Shelly made a good move for herself is mute…She won’t make F2 because K & P. have already made a pact for them to be F2. Best thing Shelly can get is 3rd place which gets you nothing in this game. What’s more I’m certain she won’t even get Americas vote for 25k either. Sorry a move like that is only good if you can win comps. & also have a 100% guarantee of F2 w/someone. Shelly thinks she has but she doesn’t. She’s just fodder right now. Someone who K & P will keep around to clean for them.

    • Perry I agree 100%…I thought it was a great move. When I watched season 8 with ED and Dani there were times that I had to walk out of the room because ED was so horrible to people at times but at the same time I thought that what he was doing was genius…and he won! Way to go Shelly and way to make a GREAT game move. Loved it!!!

      • yep..Wonder where SHELLY learned to throw knives??? Cause she sure did hit the target with the knife she put in Jordon’s back…Not forgetting the one she has placed in Adam’s back..The 2 people that she could have actually counted on…Yep old Shelly’s everybody’s friend.. sure enough..

    • Shelly isnt going to make it past final 3 she booted jeff for no reason he was taking her to final 3 and thats as far as shes gonna get with kalia and porshe as well

      • So she should be happy to settle for third and say thanks JJ I didn’t play to win but to come in third and help you win 500k? What world do you live in?

      • Obviously u didnt understand shelly turned on them for no reason no one had any deal with her but final 3 she evicted jeff for nothing really she didnt make a big power move she was and will never make it past final 3 sorry I had to spell it out for u

    • well thay snake shelly is a big bitch and now really has no chance at the big money cause the power couples have the votes in jury and now she can make her daughter proud on how to screw a friend

    • really? u don’t understand the hate for ShelHe? mayve because she/he is a backstabbing lying bitch?

    • I dont know about that.I have seen the person that made the biggest move in this game win.They say well she played it the best she got all vets out if she in the finaaly three.Shelly might be like Jordan just luck up win some of games at the end .Win it all.Dont count her out yet.Its always the person you think wouldnt win will win.

      • I don’t think she will beat Kalia or Porsche in F3. I think Porscha has been laying low on purpose..waiting for everyone else to get their hands dirty & taken out & then when it’s to her advantage win comps. I say its going to be Porscha who wins out of the 3 comps. You have to remember, the person who wins the lst comp. dosen’t have to play the 2nd one. They will square off against the winner between the 2nd comp. & whomever wins that last comp. gets to pick who will stand beside them for F2. I don’t see Shelly winning 2 comps. IMO

    • I agree with you Perry. I would hate to see of some of the people leaving comments in that house. They would be evicted one behind the other or used as pawns until they are no longer needed. You have to remember this is game with a huge prize. There are no friends or rules. You can be friends outside the house. Shelly stepped up her game and now she has a chance to win.

      • Not a chance…the final 3 comps. one is an endurance comp. I remember when Dani was in F3 w/her Dad. She lost the lst one which was an endurance one where they stood on this circular disk that spun & they had to hop over rabbits while keeping one hand on a ring with icy cold water being sprayed on them. If it wasn’t for ED Dani wouldn’t have won, she jumped off lst shivering like crazy. I just don’t see Shelly being able to do anything physical like that, nor Kalia for that matter & it wouldn’t matter since K & P swore they would take each other. So its a no-win situation for Shelly unless she somehow can win an endurance comp in the end. My money is on P & K for F2

    • Shelly may have had no chance of winning by taking JJ to the end, but she desnt have any chance at winning no matter who she goes to the end with, if she even makes it to the end. So why ruin a great friendship. that she made with Jordan and Jeff. For more than a month she has done nothing but ride their coattails, and the only move she could make in the house was to backstab a friend. She has not, nor has K or P made any good game moves in the house at all. Maybe all the floaters will make it to the end….. and win the money for doing absolutely nothing but it will only be because the jury has to vote for someone. I am sure they would prefer to not vote at all. Dani played the worst game of anyone because she came into the game thinking she could play like her father and got all the weakest players to go with her and got herself evicted because of it. This season is the worst ever. These 3 girls do not know how to play the game, and have, for sure blown even the social part of the game, which is just as important.

      • Well we’ll see. I just don’t see Shelly winning any endurance comps. P. can she came close seveal times & like I said in earlier post one of the 3 final comps. for F3 is an endurance one. You have to win 2 out of the 3 to be H.O.H & pick who you want to stand w/you at F2. Don’t see Shelly making it…sorry you did all that for nothing so I agree w/ Gordy she would have gotten the same thing w/JJ who she rode till they were no longer useful to her & took a generous gift from Jordan. I remember she said to Jordan & in DR she will never ever forget what Jordan did…hmmm. she must have developed Alzheimer’s. lol

  76. if they put up racheal and adam and if jordan wins power of veto and takes racheal off the block they cant put up jordan right

  77. i HOPE Rachel makes it to final 2, just so she can LOSE and she would lose, there is No One she can beat for votes.

    • not true! she will win 4 votes unless she is against Jordan. i thinkl adam would vote for her and then there is her alliance.

      • I cant stand Rachel but honestly she is the only one left that is a game player. Everyone else is floaters. Jordan plays the best social game, although l dont think shes playing, it just comes naturally for her.

    • @My Other Girl.Yeah but Rachael would still get 50k for 2nd place. You don’t need any votes for 2nd place.

  78. The thing is that the jury members get to watch clips of the show..and as each evicted HG goes in the info is passed from one to another as to compare notes..AND on finalle nite they are again shown clips When Julie questions the 2 winners..Shelly has evidently not taken that into account..possibly none of them have yet..

    • @flyonthe wall..your sooo right. They are all too focused on getting to F2 & not giving the Jury much thought at all…all except Rachael that is. She is well aware of Jury votes. Jordan does too but right now she’s too strung out crying for Jeff to want to play the game anymore

  79. Look guys I’m for the underdog I know, but I like the scrapper. Now Rachel got on my last nerve and Jorden is a sweet heart ( glad she could tell Shmelly where to go ) but they are vets and they have got to pull together and get these lazy , lieing good for nothing players out. Adam well he is making an effort and I hope he is a hero and helps the girls Porsha walking around like the Queen of Sheba really, Cowllia well she ate her way through this BB and I’m not sayin it to be mean I know the problem, and y’all know what I think of that lieing snake Shmelly, . I can not wait to see her knocked off her pestestal ( whatever spelled wrong) don’t tell Rach
    l. there will be some wailing and crying why oh why me I tried to be so good Bitoch and nothing but. She says to her family ” I DIDN’T PUT jj IN FRONT OF you” no I just threw them under the bus especially after Jorden let me talk to you THE bitch

    • @Moe…I think Shelly is delusional…She thinks she’s holier than thou & has played without lying & backstabbing & w/integrity. She absolutely believes this..that’s why I have no respect for her. Admit you lied & backstabbed to progress yourself..I for one would not dislike her then since everybody lies & backstabs its part of the game, but to say you were the only one who didn’t lie or backstab ??? Come on does she think America is Blind & deaf or just plain stupid ?? I quess so. I believe in her own twisted delusional brain she doesn’t think what she did would fall into the category of lying or backstabbing.

  80. its the way that shelly did it ! not only did she show her daughter that winning was everything, but that if you cant do it on your own then lie, sneek, and turn on the people that helped you. and all season all shes been saying is how much better she is than Rachel PLZ how her honor was worth more than a game PLZ she sold out pretty darn quick. she now makes me sick to my stomach just to even think about. I hope she rules the day she turned on jeff.

    • @Robin I agree not so much in backstabbing Jeff (who never really trusted her anyway, it was Jordan who honestly believed in Shelly) I think it was accepting the phone call & her crying & swearing how much she loved Jordan & would never ever forget what she I said in earlier post. She forgot really quick ..early Alzheimers. Take a gift then stab the person in the back for what? She has no chance of winning anything. She’s 3rd place at best which gets you $0. Hmm maybe she like’s the title of Villaness…could be.

  81. So Adam. Rachel and Jorden to the end Kick that low A$$ lieing beoych out smelly and Porsh and Kallia really what did they do game wise until everyone helped them get to where they are

    • i hope JRA go to the end. Porka, smelly and miss piggy need to all go! they think the are the sh*t because they won a comp or two. there’s no one left! someone’s got to win! and when production gears it towards you, it makes it easier to win.

      • i would have liked to see some of the players last night continue to look to see if their shoe was even in their stalls! seems some shoes never were found. seems very odd. like the veto bag. how do you know if anyone’s chip is missing and maybe two of another houseguest is in the bag to make sure that guest plays? i don’t trust production.

      • I agree completely, I thought that some of the shoes was missing and hoped that Jeff would search and say there was no other shoe in there. You are so right. I bet that there were a few missing, totally unfair unless they showed that each bin had both shoes which they did not do…

      • Awful to feel this way about the show. Loved it so much, but thought it was at least honest with the producers of the show, but really awful to have to doubt it isn’t it???

  82. racheal better stay one more week and get at least one newby out of the house before she goes like cowlia because shelly will never win let adam or porch win in less she ahs jordon then the newbies are screwed if the both stay next week

    • Even if jordan goes this week. Rachel can win the rest of the comps just like jordan did in her season.

  83. Wow, all the hate for Shelly, What she supposed to do, just sit there and help JJ get to the final two? She did what she had to do to advance her game. That’s ho9w you play BB. Believe me, I think she a natural born liar, bur Jeff did it to himself. He was way too cocky this time around. Maybe if Jordan would have won som comps this time around, things wouldn’t have gone down the way they did. Maybe if Jeff didn’t backdoor dani, he might still be there. Maybe if Jeff would have fought for his supposed alliance member Brendan(twice), he wouldn’t have left. Maybe Jeff and Jordan would have stuck with Rachel and Brendan when Dani went off the reservation, Jeff would still be there. Fact is Jeff cares about Jeff and he’s mad that nobody else felt the same. Get over it Jordan, shut up and start winning. Time to earn your keep. Sorry but JJ became real spoiled this season. If you’re a fan of thiers you have to admit that fact to yourself.

    • how about a little classs and dignity from ShelHe? she is a disgusting person. no need to play the game she did. Dani, Rachel, Jeff, even Kalia, you always knew where they stood with you. she lied to everyone and no one trusts her. she totally screwed her game up. she will not win against anyone!

      • You really want the truth? I don’t know about you, but when somebody always goes around saying that they are straight shooters and have morals in every other sentence. 100% of the time they are liars. I learned this fact when I was 8 years old. The fact she made this far shows how dumb that entire house is. JJ are the biggest dummies for letting her into thier alliance. She totally sent a creepy vibe to me on day one. Going for 500k, all the stops come out. Gaurentee if JJ were playing the same way aShelly was, you hear everybody saying that’s a genious move and they are great players. It’s just a show .

      • It may be only a show, but wish the production was honest, don’t know. But that was the first thing I thought of was shoes missing. Didn’t used to think stuff like that about Big B.

    • I’m no JJ fan…never was even in their season, however Shelly really does not earn my respect either. She will not get to F2. F3 perhaps which earns her nothing. I admired ED because at least he wasn’t a snake like Shelly. He never really promised anyone anything more than safety for a week depending on how the situation was. He was not like Shelly who professed she didn’t care if she lost she will not play by lying & backstabbing. Ok so what do you call what you did then Shelly??? At least have the so called integrity that you throw out so much that you have & admit you lied & backstabbed to further yourself, then maybe ppl. won’t dislike you so much.

  84. Really? Kalia pet just sides with the two people that voted to evict her. I believe Shelly is now the most hated person in America now. Anything can happen in the final three and people aren’t thinking that even if Jordon made it to the final 2, ppl would give the money to the other person since she already won the 500 grand. I want an “Hate Shelly” website, I would join for sure…. If there is one,let me know. I hope she sits back while puffing away and thinks of the role model she sets for her daughter. Oh yea, this is for my family. Treade your integrity for cash… I don’t think so. Well, one good thing Shelly has taken the new title from Chima and Natalie….

    • Kalia is too stupid to realize they chose Dani over her. they knew Dani was going and she didn’t have the numbers but they voted for her anyway. this season is full of nothing but floaters. they are all a bunch of sheeple! (sheep + people for those of you who don’t get it. meaning Porka and Kalia!)

  85. i agree with mindy, shelly has for sure taken the title from chima and natalie. i seen a lot of bb shows, and i think shelly is the most black hearted bitch i have ever watched. what a snake. hope she never makes it to final 2. i like her speech to jj about , all i’m trying to do is get you both to final 2 . they knew that was a bunch of bull, but still trusted her.

    • Why does everyone forget about Jun? That chick was ten time more ruthless, but she could win to.

  86. You guys make me laugh. “OMG SHELLY LIED AND BACKSTABBED JJ SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE!” Shelly is playing the game with a blackheart and people “jordan and jeff” were dumb enough to fall for her lies. I’ll say it again, Jordan and Jeff were DUMB enough to FALL for Shellys lies. JJ brought this on themsleves. -___-

    • @Animal yes I agree JJ brought it on themselves for trusting her…well Jordan anyway..Jeff never did. Not a JJ fan but honestly do you accept a gift from someone & then be cruel & stab them in back & say “Well I did it for my family?” what is she bringing home to her family? She has no chance to win anything but the title of most hated hg. But hey maybe she wants that title.

  87. Hi,
    In my opinion the game is rigged they know who is gonna win hoh and veto because p and k were talkin and said they should let adam get it this week so he can boot j out.What a load of crap and she is friends with someone in production I thought you weren,t aloud to be related or know anyone when you get to play I think it sucks all together maybe if they gat a pandoras box it will allow j to come back and p will have to get rid of k/s/ or a, they say expect the unexpected but without the wets it,s really not a game anymore.

    • With the winner taking home a cash prize, it makes this a game show. It is against the law to rig a game show.

  88. I hope some of you that keep posting about Shelly lying sign up and play in the BB house. Let us know so we can watch how you would play without lying to anyone. I bet you will not make it to final 3 because everyone would think that you were a floater still and would evict you to get them the money. Remember what Brendon said about the person who plays the game will get his vote (may have been lying also, but just in case he was telling the truth. He wants to see someone play hard and make it to the final 2. Right now the best three players in that house are Shelly, for managing to stay under the radar and get Jeff out cause he was in the way of her winning any money, Khalia, because when it comes to winning a comp she goes full steam ahead using her brain and has won 2 HoHs and may have won 3 but she jumped and Dani won it. Porsche because she laid low and competed hard until it finally paid off. Girl won 2 back to back. And they were the most important for either side. I am sorry but Adam has not won anything, not even the veto he got. He asked Jeff to let him win that one and Jeff did. You have to play the game hard to win the prize, not sit back and let others make all the decisions and you just smile in their face (Adam). No puppet should win this game. The winner should be the person that played the hardest, out played all the other competitors by having the best game. Right now those three ladies have the best game.

  89. So Shelley made a big move..Kudos..But the way she attacked Jordan after Jeff was evicted showed her true colors>>>she is a bitch!!!! Jordan was hurt about her betrayal and rightfully so she didnt have to attack Jordan…Bitch

  90. Nominate, schmominate, the house is just going to be such a bore with these four, Shelly,(please shut-up), Kahlia, (please, please shut up and don’t talk with your mouth full), Porsche, what did you say?, can’t understand you. Adam only ray of hope for entertainment. I don’t think I can even watch the rest of BB13 unless Jordan and or Rachel are in the mix.

    • Personally I am sick of watching Jordan & Rachaels pity fest crying jag. Please either get a grip on yourselves & come out fighting or just tell them you want to be voted to Jury. Shelly shut up & go back & clean the bathroom..where you belong anyway since you are so full of BS. K & P don’t you feel you had enought to eat? Adam stop muttering to in white coats might come for you.

    • I don’t know Rachel told Jordon today “they said there are more twists” Hope all go toward R/J and Adam if he sides with them. Which I hope he does.

  91. Honestly, rather quite boring if you ask me, since the real game players are gone. Rachel needs to step it up, she hasnt been winning anything like she did in the beginning or last year. Jordan kind of flys by with her kindness. It’s boring and I only watch if something on here sounds interesting.. Worse one to me of all the years.

  92. I am not a Shelly fan but why hate her for actually playing “the game”. All this talk about the phone call, she didn’t ask for it. I’m sure her daughter only watches certain segments. Hope Rachel and Jordan go next. Go P.

    • She didnt ask for it but she didn’t turn it down either and then profess such love & admiration to Jordan & now tears her up when she’s upset..Wow that takes real integrity.

  93. Shelly deserves a kick in the face, wait that looks like it already happened! I hope Kalia, Shelly and Porsche don’t win anything. I can’t believe I am saying this but I much rather see Rachel, Adam or Jordan win the money. I was a big fan of big Jeff and will not longer be wasting my time watching BB 13 now that he’s gone. Peace

  94. I read somewhere where Porsh told Kalia that she is going to take Jordan to F2 because that will the vets from having the majority in the jury. Anyone can verify?

  95. Technically Shelly has played a good game. She floated, gathered information from both sides without drawing suspicion, played both sides against one another, and lied with a straight face to everyone. However, this does not make her the best player or the favorite. In doing all of these things she has shown that she is truly a two faced, snake charmer, sleeze ball, coattail riding, lying, low life of a human being. Should she some how make it to the end I doubt f she would even garner one jury vote.

  96. I have watching bb since day one and i know its a game were lies and betrayel get u far. AS a mother, there is no amount of money worth my children seeing me chain smoke, lie, backstab, and truly hurt friends. Shelly should be ashamed of herself !!!!!

  97. shelly is a backstabber, she may be playing the game i give her some credit, but seriously Throw jordan under the bus After she gave her PHONE call to her to talk to her daughter.. new low!!

  98. i hope jordan goes next. she already won. give someone else a chance. she is just a floater anyway. i like the way shelly is playing and she does deserve to win it all. it’s about time someone showed jeff the door and hopefully jordan will be right behind him.

  99. Big Brother is a game !where people lie, swear on their children,mother, father ,sister,brother all for money. The object of the game is by any means necessary, don’t hate the players, hate the game

  100. Everyone wants to say what a great player Danille was, but where is she now??? Gone, she must not have been too good!

  101. If anyone thinks that Shelly’s confrontation with Jordan was by accident, think again. I have been to all of the corporate training courses she has. Like one of the things they teach is to raise the height of your chair in your office so that you are looking down on anyone setting opposite you intimidating them and giving the person the feeling that you have authority over them. That is why the bed in the HOH room is raised on a platform. Everyone in the house knows that if Jordan makes it to the finally two. The jury will give her the money. Shelly knew this was an opportunity to make Jordan look bad and shift the attention from her. The same reason Shelly is stealing Rachael’s personal items. Shelly knows it will rattle Rachael get her to concentrate on something else than game play and throw her off her game. This is the only game play Shelly has.

  102. I really want to see one of the newbies winning the price. JR are disguting. They don’t deserve… Shelly did a good move. Now she has a chance of win it. Rachel has to go. otherwise BB is going to be boring.

  103. Oh, Boy, I hope silly little floater Porche will listen to Kalia. That would be great to watch & you’d have 2 fairly evenly matched teams to fight it out. Kalia’s thinking, too, I bet about taking Rachel to the Final3 with them, assuming she’d be a shoe-in to win which, unfortunately, she probably would.
    Rachel has been treated so unfairly this Season. Noone besides maybe Regan Fox, felt anymore negatively toward her than I did during her season, but she has tried SO hard to do better this time & she has & even Regan has done a complete turn around & is going to be a member of the Wedding Party!!
    And even now she’s being accused of lying. Why would that be. Noone is stopping to think about it. They’re all hatrers when it comes to Rachel cuz of her Season. Hatrers don’t allow ppl to change.
    Anyway, they think Rachel is a liar cuz of what Danielle (who proved & said she’d do or say anything to get her way. But, mainly, these idiots have listened to & believed Shelly the DUDE SNAKE who lied about all of them about each other, but especially Rachel. Why? Cuz Rachel was on to her early on & even Jejo believed the DUDE Snake over their own alliance member. They aren’t thinking about WHY they think she’s been lying – just that she has. I thought maybe R & J should have a House Meeting & really out the Bitch – 1 lie about the top 4 & their heroine Danielle ( what a joke. Reminded me of that idiot body builder except Danille is smart & a fairly good game player. U can’t even give that to Jesse! Lol!
    But all of that to say they could trust Rachel even tho they’re too mean to stop & figure it out, but they all know they can’t trust the butch snake & I don’t think P or K think they can trust Adam, so. Perfect scenario for all of us – surely noone has a burning desire for Adam to win & I can’t imagine anyone in the world being able to stand Shelly.
    Put Adam & Shelly up. Surely Mr. Butch Snake who hasn’t won a damn thing won’t win now. Adam can see for sure he’s safe with Jordan & Rachel voting that Shelly’s gone. They both can’t stand her. Next week it’ll be 4/1 to get HOH, put up Adam – he’s gone & then let the 3 best & Porche play it out. Whoever u r for has an equal chance & we can all get along for 2 or 3 weeks!!
    I like it!! U go, Kalia! IF U really mean it. U can’t win everything by yourself. I figure this Porche HOH deal was a lucky fluke of some sort. Shelly DUDE Snake is the only 1 worse. Unless she’s hustling that , too.

    • People this is just a game. It is easy for us to coach the team from our sofa. Let’s be for real, the BB production is running the show. These people have to do what they say to get a pay check. Also, they have to keep the show entertaining for us to keep watching. More, importantly, what would you do if you were on the show. It looks easy, but it’s not. Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly, are keeping us entertained. Rachael and Jordan had great support from their boy friends. Big Brother production is running the show. Jeff is not a leader, that’s where he messed up. Adam is the true floater. I am enjoying all the twists and turns of the show. I like Kalia and Porsche.

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