Big Brother 13: Shelly and Jordan Exploded In A Big Fight

Big Brother 13 fighting

Since this might have been missed with all the other craziness of last night’s Big Brother 13 double eviction & HoH comp I thought I’d give it it’s own post this afternoon while we wait for the nomination spoilers (read my nomination anticipation post).

Last night, right after the show was over and the Live Feeds returned we were treated to a major fight between two former, close allies. Flashback to 8/25 @ 7:06PM Cam 3/4.

Jordan is curled up crying in the Lounge room when Shelly comes in and says she wants to talk to her when she calms down. Jordan says she doesn’t want to talk to her. For whatever purpose Shelly starts yelling at Jordan and gets up in her face. Shelly was yelling that Jordan is only mad because Shelly wouldn’t play Jeff’s game for Jeff. She is jabbing her finger at Jordan and yelling some self-pity line. I’m a little surprised how nasty Shelly became unprovoked. Way to kick a girl when she’s down, Shelly.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 7:06 PM BBT on Camera 3/4
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That’s enough to get Jordan up and yelling back that she didn’t do what Shelly is claiming. Shelly is blaming Jordan for things Jeff said during the big fight earlier that everyone missed (Feeds were off just before the show). Jordan is screaming back at Shelly for how she repaid her after giving away that phone call.

Rachel starts to drag a screaming Jordan away who yells the Newbies were following Daniele because they thought she was some sort of god in this game. Jordan gets in a few funny jabs at how Daniele’s 15 mins faded long ago.

It was a huge fight and highly entertaining. You’ve really got to turn on your Live Feeds and use the Flashback feature to watch it over if you missed it. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Then grab the Free Trial and see what you’ve been missing!

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  1. YES! Yes Shelly kick that dead horse Jordan! Jordan and Jeff needed to go a long time ago! I love how Shelly evicted Jeff then goes after Jordan for no reason. XD

    Dani really rubbed off on her >:)
    Go Team Dani (porsche,kalia,shelly)!

    • Fights are fun for viewers, but I really can’t tell how Shelly benefited from instigating that blow-up. Odd choice for her to do that.

      • @ Matt (BBN)
        i posted earlier under another article that there’s a person called ”Porshe” being inappropriate with her posts
        can u do something with people inapropriate postings like this ???

      • @Matt
        thank you :-)
        sorry i posted this request several time just cause i really got disgusted with her posts and couldn’t read more of them
        thanks again

      • I think Shelly has turned into a big ol’ bully towards Jordan. She sure can talk the talk of how she just loves her and is so thankful for the phone call…shit, she knew she had Jordan and she’d give it to her. Don’t watch live feeds, wish I could…or maybe not, I get too upset by these idiots!! LOL I did watch Jordan last night on After Dark and I was crying&blowing my nose right along with her. It was heartbreaking in the least to see her suffering so. She wasn’t even upset (as much)with Jeff leaving as she was with Shelly’s backstabbing. Jordan is too sweet, kind & loving of a person to have this bully (or any other)come after her like that.

    • U r really whacked! Bet u don’t have many friends! Suck shelly’s balls while ur down there! Ur dani u think so highly of couldn’t win bb & her dad handed it to her! He left early so she could have a golden key & 4 weeks to make friends (he knew it would take @ least that long)and even told her who to evict & in what order & she still couldn’t do it! There is no team dani now but there is team jordan & she will school dani on how to win bb!funny dick begged the hg to vote 4 dani when he won& they still wouldn’t.let’s just hope jordan don’t give up & go to jury. #teamne1butshelly. She better hope she has money cause her daughter gonna need a lot of therapy! C-ya wouldn’t want 2 b-ya

      • Jordan school Dani in big brother?pffff
        Jordan sucked on Jeffs dick
        Rachel sucked Brandons dick
        Your sucking Jordans dick
        I know Dani screwed up early in the game. But why I love her the most is because she didn’t want to be a slave for JJ or BR.
        Dani took out Brendon TWICE!
        Dani took out Jeff! Without even being there!LOL

      • @ animal larsen, if I was. As sad as you, id sayy your sucking Danis d***, but it doeasnt need to be said, its obvious.however the fact that you have the nerve to say jordan school dani. In BB pffff!!!!!!!!! Lmao…guess what sweetheart…jordan won her season and made it further than. Dani in this season. Maybe jordan can bring Dani to charm school and they can teach Dani how to get her social game together, then maybe jordan. Can bring dani down to the salon she works at they can. School dani on how to do her make-up(sorry but red eyebrows and balck hair? Lol, not hot)then maybe at least one of Danis showmances will work out for her, since we all know BB never will!

      • LOL Jordan better looking than Dani!?
        You need to get your eyes checked if you think that blonde bimbo is better looking than Dani. What did Jordan do when she won her season?……….Oh thats it, NOTHING! Jordan coatailed jeff and went up against Natalie (lol what a joke) in the finals. I hope Team Dani sees through Jordans fakeness and evict her along with prego.

      • @Animal Larsen. Jordan is prettier than Dani by about 15-fold. Dani has her bi**h face on almost all the time, not to mention she is very manly. Not as bad as Shelly, but even ED is prettier than Dani!!!

      • @ animal, clearly your style is trash….I’m going to take a poll and see what people think. Dani is classless and full of trash…look at her she looks like skeletor.

    • Get a grip. Team Dani…huh, what a joke! She was the queen puppeteer! No one in her group had enough sense to play the game without her guidance!

      • Dani (porsche kalia and shelly) will get out jordan rachel or adam this week. They made mistakes before but they know what to do this time around. Dani can still win this season even though she is out. LOL

      • Do you seriously think Dani gives a second thought to any of these girls? Did you see how quick she dropped her BBF Kalia when she was no longer helpful to Dani.

    • I am glad the Shelly helped evict Jeff.. but totally classless to blow up at Jordon. So glad Jordy faught back.

      • @ animal larson. I see your another that’s gonna be banned from being within 50ft of dani..can we say holy obsessed! And btw dani isntt going to win anything, incluidng americas player.

  2. Rachel is very different, is she calm or just
    I REALLY hope that Rachel fires up and win POV.

    • SHE IS WANTING TO GET SOMETHING GOING…but Jordon told her to wait until the day before eviction…I don’t think it would be a good idea to get in either one of their faces right now..hmmm hmmm That would be mess..Jordon is not gonna play kiss my with and that is what Shelly wants..I wouldn’t talk to the bitch either..Jordon owes her nothing..

  3. I am so glad Shelly is finally outed!!! She is a BIG FLOATER!!! She says she never lies….HA….she’s the biggest lier in the house and I really hope she goes to jury SOON!!!!

    • i have NO love for Shelly, But she is not really a floater, Adam is the ONLY true floater left

      • At least Adam won a POV, Shelly, the man beast, hasn’t won jack. The only thing she is good at is lying and kissing the person who is HOH’s butt.

      • Are you watching the same show??? Shelly is the biggest floater in BB history. She can’t win anything and every word out of her mouth is a lie. She goes where ever the power is. She was tight with Adam and not even 5 minutes after Porche won HOH Shelly was in Porche’s ear telling her how Adam was so close with J/J and he threw the HOH comp. She needs to go next!!!

      • Shelly is the true floater…shelly has flopped from alliance to alliance…according to matt (bbn) the definition of a floater is someone who doesn’t try to win and floats from alliance to alliance. With the. Exception of lastnight id say porsche adam and shelly are all floater.

      • i’ve said it a million times, just because you can’t win anything, doesn’t mean you are a FLOATER, a floater is someone that doesn’t try, shelly has tried to win, has been with JeJo since day one, not floating from HOH to HOH, she flipped on JeJo and that was a move, it may have not worked the way it was planned, but was a game move none the less and floaters DON’T make game moves.

      • Shelly is the biggest floater!! hopping back and forth between alliances. I want her gone… she didnt have to go out of her way declaring her devotion to Jeff just to stab him in the back. she could have just been a normal liar like everyone else instead of going over the top that that. then to kick Jordan while she is down for no reason… what was the point of that?! she talks so much about wanting to be a good example for her daughter…. ummm not so much….

      • @YourOtherGirlIsAPorsche, WHAT????? You really try at things, so that means you are? So, am I to infer that Shelly really tries to be a man, that’s why she looks so manly? Are you also saying your girl really is trying to be the Jiggly Puff Monster? The only game move that Shelly has made has been to lie!! She was fed info from the producers and because of that you think she’s got a brain. Dude looks like a lady, only in reverse. She is the epitome of floaterism. Just because someone says something enough times doesn’t make it so. But, just to be sure, let’s check. Shelly looks like a woman X 1 million. Oops, didn’t work. She still looks like a dude, dude!

      • Shelly is the biggest floater in the house!!! She hasn’t won anything! You don’t have to be a bag stabbing witch to win BB!! Shows just how much character Shelly has! Don’t know how someone like that even sleeps at night!She should be ashamed, game or no game!!!!!

      • @Kelly, you cant technically call Adams win POV, it was handed to him, he never would have won that if Jeff didnt let him

    • I was one that liked Shelly…HA, not no more. She sure showed her true colors, hasn’t she? I think all the talk about her family life is a bunch of bull too, no one like that can have that great a relationship or be so ‘perfect’ (sounding) with their child. Hope she leaves soon!

      • The Trojan Horse is really Mata Hari! Shelly doesn’t deserve to win anything. When someone is too good to be true in the BB house….watch out.

      • She is so delusional. That week she was up against Brendon she was crying how she is the only straightshooter while lying at the same time.

    • Natalie BB11 also always claimed she didn’t lie and we all know how that turned out for her when jury got together and talked. Good Bye Shelly. Second is the best she can do. Hope it was worth your credibility in the real world. Hope her family can get through the mess she has created for them.

  4. Shelly makes me sick. Her and Rachel need to go on the block! Both as bad as eachother. Shame kalia and porche are alligned with Shelley.

  5. Shelly is a bitch. Even her own daughter sees she is nothing more than a liar. She is gone at 3. I so want Jordan to win and pull Rachel off and send the bitch packing. Porsche and Kalia final 2

      • she can’t go home cos she’s automatically safe as winner of POV that if she won it
        so both will be safe hopefully!

      • If Jordan pulls Rachel off the block and they were both nominated, then Jordan is still on the block. Just remember back to what happened with Brendon and Rachel, B won the veto and removed R, and he got voted out.

      • But, remember Brendan had used the pov on Rachel and he still went out. I think that only works if your not on the block and win the pov. Wish it was where they could take the other off the block and veto the whole hoh noms.

      • I would like to see Jordan win the POV (if she cannot be nominated) take Rachel off the block, Kalia (or Shelly) be nominated and evicted. I say Kalia over Shelly,because who on the jury would vote for Shelly over Rachel or Jordan? No one except Dani.

    • Take off your Jordan goggles and get some perspective. J&J were controlling the game and needed to be split up. They’re the last remaining duo and they had to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Why would Shelly go to F3 with them with the odds so stacked against her? Why is Shelly a bitch? Because she lied and switched alliances? Is that not allowed in Big Brother or something?!

      • Jordan is upset that Jeff is gone…that is to be expected. But that is not why she is so pissed at Shelly…it’s because she really believed in Shelly, so much so that she gave up that phone call, and then got stabbed in the heart. She is feeling very used, and rightfully so!! Shelly said to all the young ones..she wasn’t there to win, but to help a deserving person along and help them get a good start on life. Everyone is all over Jordan having won couple years ago, and not needing the money….meanwhile Shelly is constantly bragging about how much she has, how much she travels, how beautiful her home is, how when she wants something she goes and gets it. She deceived Jordan, and that is what hurts Jordan the most.

      • Duh…there were 2 sides of the house. Dani’s alliance and J/J alliance. Shelly has been floating back and forth and done nothing but lie all season and let everyone carry her to the end. And do you really think Porche and Kalia won’t dump her in the end? She made a stupid move and I hope it bites her in the ass. Oh and she’s a bitch because it was more than an alliance with her and Jordan. Jordan thought of her as a second Mom. That’s why Jordan is so upset. She’s upset Jeff is gone but she is more upset by Shelly betraying her. Bitch needs to go!!!

      • all shelly has to do is win something,it don’t matter who she is in the final 3 with!!! But even in bb you don’t have to be like shelly!! She is just makes me sick…Shelly is worse than Rachael!!!

      • Joyce- you hit the target on that one. Last night all Jordan was upset about was she looked like such an idiot b/c in DR she is always praising what a wonderful person Shelly is. She now feels used and abused and is so embarrassed that she didn’t see it coming.

  6. Shelly needs to go. There’s a certain class you should bring to the game, even with all the lying and backstabbing, that she fully just doesn’t have. go home!

  7. Not a JJ fan. But Shelly is nasty. I have sympathy for anyone that knows her. They must be feeling some level of embarrassment for how she is playing this game. She has absolutely no class whatsoever. I don’t like Rachel either, but from the people left in the house, I’m rooting for her.

    • Its a game, your supposed to lie, Your supposed to cause drama, I bet you the producers told shelly to instigate with jordan, But i do think its kind of rude after jordan gave up the phone call.

      But shelly does have a point, EVERYONE was playing Jeff and jordans game for them, Jeff had it coming.

      Jordan cant expect everyone to just let them win the whole comp.

      • @ Tanner…. NO shelly was carried by JeJo. when she was up on the block they saved her, No one forced her to aline with them, she did that all by herself. So know Shelly has no right to flip on jeff, She wasn’t forced by jeff to do anything, she came to JeJo and made a pack with them on week one. The only reason she flipped was because Dani put the ideal in her head about a big move, But she didn’t make a big move because she didn’t win HOH or the Veto, she just did what Dani and Kalia wanted her to do, and believe me she will never make it to the final two.

      • If you claim that “everyone” was playing Jeff and Jordan’s game FOR them, then would you agree that the other side of the house had the same dynamic, with Dani getting her pawns to carry out her wishes? Even while evicting Jeff the sheep were talking about what Danielle would have wanted… so I guess they’re playing Dani’s game for her, posthumously, right?

    • I agree Melissa!! And for some reason Porshe and Kailia think that when she nominated Jeff that the audience with Julie were Happy!! Man they are in their on little world to think that….so now all we have to look forward to is Kailia talking..and talking..and talking…jeeze shut up already!!!

  8. OMG Jordan sitting alone miding her own business crying and regretting ever being a friend of Shelly
    then good old Shelly comes out of nowhere and start attacking her as if she was the one heatbroken by betrayal, wooooooooooow just wooooooooooow
    no words to describe her enough

    • Shelly would have never done that to Jordan if Jeff was there, she would be too much of a coward.

      • Have you seen the way Jeff spoke to the women in that house? I wonder if he has any sisters or females friends growing up because he sure seems clueless on how to treat women at times. What a bully.

      • No wander Jeff talked to the women in that house the way YOU say he does. Have you seen the women in the house??? They are IDIOTS!! JEEZE!!

  9. I’m with Jordan on this! Oh my Goodness! Dani is Judas, But Shelley is Lucifer in the flesh! And yes she will be hated forever in the Big Brother World!

      • I respect Dani’s game, she did what she was supposed to. It’s her 3 followers, like some Helter Skelter psycho’s that have me so upset today and ready to quit watching, especially if thats how BB comes to a conclusion of the kind of people who should ever be final 3, what a sorry game!

      • Thank you Jill…you know it’s funny, I have been on quite a few sites since last night and almost all of the really nasty comments and name calling is being done by Jeff/Jordan fans. Hmmmm…

      • Correction Dani and Shelly are not hated by everyone in the BB fan base!


      • Jill…..Yes they are!! Hmmmmm I don’t know what world you live in…but here in AMERICA we HATE DANI….SHELLY….PORSHE…and KAILA!!!!

      • @ Jill I guess you didn’t read what was said, The above poster said that she would be “forever hated” by the BB world, not by “All or everyone” I’m sould they knew that there are some people out there that are just like shelly and will think she did good or was right. And fore all of you the say “It’s just a game” not everyone thinks that way, thier has to be a line that you will not cross, and to cross that line and say it’s just a game is just a lie to cover up the fact that you are not a good person.

    • she hasn’t done anything worst than a Evil Dick or Dr Will and they are not hated. i think She has played the best Psychological game in BB get outed now, was the best time to come out and she didn’t get found out till right before her flip happened. she covered lies with lies brilliantly for weeks before that. she as good as a Rachel, but just in a different way. Brains over Brawn.

      oh and you guys saying her Daughter should be ashamed, should be ashamed of yourselves. IT’S A GAME and i’m sure her daughter knows that. what people do or say in BB should stay in BB.

      • Hard to keep it in BB when it’s on TV. Her friends could be watching and see what a liar her mother is. I feel bad for her cause she could end up being teased or bullied cause of her mother. Yes I agree its a game but kids can be just as mean.

      • It is on tv and there are a lot of kids that watch it late into the night, while out of school. I feel there will be somethings said to Josie eventually. I also feel for her to have her mother treating a ‘friend’ like this, great way to teach your child to be kind, no matter what. Can you say ‘bullying’?

      • That’s like saying if it happens in the dark, or in your house where nobody know’s, it’s ok. What morals is she raising her child with, that it’s ever ok to behave as she has. No money is worth keeping your on dignity

      • Are you kidding??? At least Evel Dick & Dr. Will straight upfront about their antics, oh and they won! Shelly covered lies with lies because she is batshit crazy and she actually believed her own lies. Best psychological game, um…don’t think Shelly has any idea or starategy, no brains have been involved in her game play or lack there of…

      • It’s not even so much the lies Shelly told it’s how she used a close friendship with Jordan then turned around and stabbed her in the heart.

      • Shelly is the one that has brought her daughter into the discussion. Shelly didn’t just lie–she told JJcountless times that her purpose was just to get them (JJ) farther in the game. She even suggested that she would give Jeff a job with a 6-figure salary. Oh—-I just remembered Matt from last year pretending he needed the money for his ill wife. I thought he was a dishonest guy, but Shelly makes him look like a saint. Just wonder how her hometown friends think about her actions.

      • OMG! R u kidding me? Hasn’t done anything worse than Dr will or Dick? Unless. Dr will and dick actually believed their own lies, got mad. And CRIED TO DR AND AMERICA(WTF!!) When we ALL knew She was the one really lieing, including herself, calling rachel a bitch and saying she’s disgusted with her for lying, she does not condone lying, and doesn’t tolerate it in her life…then yeah I guess so. If evel Dick and Dr. Will…were. absolute. 100% delusional sociopaths, then maybe they’d all be in the same boat..but I think Shelly is in a boat of her own drowning in a sea of lies(or shall I say floating?lol), shell be gone very soon and I’m not trying to sound corny, but I truly feel so sorry for her daughter, I wouldn’t even claim her if she was my mom

      • Oh yea…way to play the game…yes everyone hated evil dick and Dr. will…jeeze do you people get out much??

  10. i hope rachel and jordan start telling shelly that her daughter is going to hate her and all the kids at school will be mean to her daughter for how she acted……i don`t see how it can happen, although porche is kicking around the idea of putting up adam and rachel…then jordan can win pov and take rachel down, then the cleaning lady goes up and jordan gets to send her out….rachel and jordan final two….

    • Shelly is playing this game NOT her daughter-PLEASE leave her out of you comments. It just shows how small mined you and everyone else that attacked her daughter.

      • No one is ‘attacking’ Josie, it sounds like we all agree that we feel for the girl. geesh.

      • No one is attacking her daughter they’re speaking the truth, you call other people small minded for being realistic. That’s the pot calling the kettle black wouldn’t ya think? If you DON’T think her daughter will catch a lot of greif at school, then your being close-minded. Last year, Matt and his family received death threat mailings and everything for the lie he told about his wife. Shelly has taken her behavior beyond a BB stand point, she seems to truuly need professional help, why do you think her company she works for removed her pic and. Profile from their site? Do you think they want someone like that representing them?

      • I’m not small-minded. I am a mom that wouldn’t talk about my child on reality tv like Shelly has. I read that Dani told Shelly that Jordan would bring up the phone call. Who wouldn’t bring up wearing the humilatard so that Shelly could talk to her daughter??? Jordan has class & heart. Shelly doesn’t gave either!

      • Oops I should have add that I like the part that Porsche puts up Adam and Rachel and Jordan wins POV and takes off Rachel and then Shelly get put up and put out. Did not like the part about her daughter – don’t like that at all.

    • Remember guys this is a ‘game’. It don’t matter what is said to Shelly about her daughter…it’s not being said ‘to’ Josie. It would be more of a mental game play if they were to say anything in that respect to Shelly. Shelly’s a big girl, she can handle it!

      • The thought of Jordan not being on the block, winning pov, taking Rachel off & having one of them win hoh is wonderful. How perfect would that be?

  11. “There is a certain class that you should bring into this game.” I would disagree lol. There have been some pretty classless characters coming to this show. (i.e. Rachel) Not to start an argument BUT, Rachel and Porsche being VIP Cockail Waitresses aren’t exactly the classiest career choices. However, they make for good TV so I could care less. Everyone needs to stop complaining about how people act. I have seriously looked at Rachel and Brendon’s actions in the past as awful but I rarely mention it as it’s just pointless blabbering. Also, people don’t act the way they do in the house outside. Look at Ragan and Rachel’s outside friendship. Also, of course they’ll yell and fight and lie. When in real life can you just lie and cheat and scream with no consequence other than eviction from a house?
    P.S.-is it just me or does Rachel seem a lot better off without Brendon around? She seems actually kind of *gasp* normal.

      • Yes Rachel has suprised me with how “normal” she has been lately. I like that Rachel.

      • I don’t believe “normal” is the choice of words ever to describe Rachel, yes she has been acting much better, I too would be happy if she won. Any one but KPS!

    • it might be the meds she on. Am not being nasty but someone said after the frist time brendon left she got some help.(good for her)Am not her fan put if you need help get it.

  12. Love the pic of Jordan crying her eyes out. What did she expect? That the DUO of her and Jeff would never have split and they be handed F2? Shelly would have had NO chance going to the F3 with J&J. Shelly did what she had to do. Since when is it sooooooo terrible to lie, back stab, and flip sides in the game of Big Brother? And because she’s a mother it makes it 10 times worse? I’m sure her kid understands that it’s a GAME people!
    J&J were controlling the house and had to be split.

    Jordan sure showed her true colors on the feed last night. What a filthy, disgusting mouth on her with the things she said about Daniele. Rachel, of course, is just being herself. She’s one to talk about Dani being a b***h!! They both are being sore losers and want to quit and go to jury so they can harass Daniele. Way to be mature ladies!

      • @score6
        You know that for a fact huh? Did Daniele get paid to sleep with Jeff and Brendon or something? Please state your source.

      • and you know this how? watch what you say because it could come back to bit you in your a**

      • Personally, I think Jordan is more devastated by the betrayal. She considered Shelly a “True Friend” not just an alliance and BB friend! Jordan is not a sore loser, just was totally blindsided by a psycho!!! Can you really put a price on integrity, and call it a game?

    • the only way shelly stays in the game is if the other players really want a clean bathroom……

      • Can’t stand Shelly, but if they are smart, they will keep her around, because the things she has done would make even the die hard player not vote for her in the end. I’m not a JJ, I’m a BB fan and apreciated Dani’s game this year, although, people like J ordan in the game is really appreciated, so kind hearted and good. People are really wicked in this world to laugh at her tears. I feel sorry for whatever must be in one’s on soul to laugh at a persons pain. and one more thing, I bet you Jordons tears were more hurt from Shelly and people being mean, than being without Jeff for 3 weeks

    • Jordan may have said some things that were “inappropriate” about Dani, but really hasn’t “Team Dani” done nothing but bash everyone who is not with them? I think everyone in the house has had a “filthy mouth” especially Shelly & Kalia (aka: Team Dani)

      • I can’t believe you guys are getting so uptight about saying Dani is a w****…k fine…Dani is a sl*t…I mean really folks come up off the high horse

    • @ HAHa@J&P…Thank you, thank you thank you!! I was watching the feeds and Jordan said she left Jeff a message telling him to “kill” Dani in the jury house..what is she 12?! So over a game she is going to make a statement like that because she won’t see her boyfriend for a couple of weeks?!! WOW!!!

    • @HaHa, And I’ll bet you were a bully in school…Jordan is not a sore loser, sure she’s upset Jeff left but that’s not why she is this upset. It’s because she thought of Shelly as a Mom and Shelly took a knife stabbed Jeff in the back pulled it out and stabbed Jordan in her heart. And as far as last night Shelly came in the purple room where Jordan was and started attacking her. At least Jordan finally stood up to that lying bitch.

    • Oh also HaHa, Dani, Porche and Kalia are so mature they hide everything. And the 41yr old bitch takes Rachels dog. Real mature!!!

  13. Hope that B-tch Shelly Gets hers real soon cant win nothing can only run her mouth and even her daughter said she needed to stop lying she makes me sick. Go Jordan

    • so agree with these posts I like Shelly at first 2 and when she went and thru Jeff under the bus with Rachel that did it for me. I so hope she goes soon and doesn’t make it to the end. I don’t care who wins now just don’t let it b Shelly. SHE DOESN’T DESERVE IT!!!

  14. smh…. what next…. its a scripted game people done for ratings…. the more drama the better the ratings….

  15. it`s funny how dani thinks it`s stupid for the people in the house to follow jeff and write him a check, but smart for them to follow her and write her a check………how is it different?…..i guess it`s because big brother means more to her than anyone in the world…..

    she`s gone…this time america`s player wasn`t there to carry her loser dad along to the end and she didn`t have his coat tails to ride…

    she is a bad player…she`s a LOSER

    • I’m sure Dani will really care that an anonymous
      stranger on the internet thinks she’s a LOSER.

      But if you think you can do better why don’t you apply??!!

      • I would but unlike Danielle, I have a job.

        Oh, before you answer back at me, being Dick`s daughter doesn`t count as a job.

    • Like Daniele cares what some anonymous stranger on the internet thinks of her. But if you think you can do better, why don’t you apply to go on the show?

    • @score6, I was thinking the same thing. It’s ok for people to follow her because she’s Dani. Give me a break that girls head is to big for the BB House.

  16. Shelly is by far the BIGGEST, lying, backstabbing, ungratefull, evil evIL EVIL, psycho – B!T@H I have ever seen on this show!!! What she did and her evil actions have gone waaayyyy beyond game play! I hope she is sent packing with $00000. her new nick name should be “Shelly the She-Devil”

  17. I love how Jordan and Shelly are the biggest f*cking hypocrites.

    Shelly, is doing exactly what she “dislikes” Rachel for: being an instigator and stirring up trouble.

    Remember when Shelly pulled Rachel away from Dani after the nom ceremony and told her to have more class etc?

    LOL! And here Shelly unprovoked gets in Jordan’s face (who f*cking would never even hurt a fly) and starts yelling at her after her boyfriend just got evicted due to shelly’s betrayal.

    Then you have Jordan who made fun of Rachel, talked behind her back, calling her a “wackadoodle” and so forth and here Jordan is crying her eyes out just as Rachel did upon B’s eviction.

    I hope Rachel sails to the end. Go Team Brenchel.

      • Fair point about Jordan but keep in mind, Rachel had Days to prepare herself for Brendon’s eviction and Jordan only had minutes. It was all a “heat of the moment” type of situation.
        Shelly simpy just has zero self-awareness as she is everthing she says she hates in others. It’s funny how a week ago she told JeJo he would love for them to win and now she suddenly realized she is playing a game for $500,000 as well. Who do you think filled her in on this? Danielle or production? lol

    • Don’t you think Jordan was crying because she felt totally betrayed by someone who claimed to “love” her. Rachel was whining that no ones likes her, Jordan’s heart was broken by someone she trusted….big difference.

  18. Shelly’s family and friends must be so embarassed right now! Her poor little girl too! What an example she has set for her daughter. I understand this is a game and you do what you have to do but try and have a little class! Jordan gave up her phone call for that bitch! What a loser that lady is! Disgusting I tell ya!

    • being embaressed is the least of her problems
      Have u seeing face book? there is a I hate shelly site her husband has being bombarded with phone calls and emails by shelly’s haters and they have compared her to Casey Anthony
      When she gets out of BB and finds out how many people despise her behaviour how hope she can steel feel it was worthed Im doing this for my family
      If she was my mom I would change my last name

      • I didnt know there was a facebook page. Thats kinda scary! I would keep her poor daughter out of school for fear that kids pick on her. Way to go Shelly! LOSER!

    • So… you go from “have a little class” to calling Shelly a bitch. Seems you are an expert in what it means to have “little class”. And, BTW, class and succeeding in BB are mutually exclusive.

  19. Doesn’t Kalia realize Shelly and porche were trying to get her voted out? If rachel and Jordan want second life they need to expose that situation.

    • yes they discussed that last night, i think they are putting it behind them and going forward as a unit. which is playing very smart.

      plus what is she gonna do? scream and yell at Shelly and/or Porsche and go on the block?

    • I am telling u these people got their head up somebody’s ass or in the fridge..Kalia is about as dumb as they come…Adam is 3% smarter than Kalia and that is next to nothing..

  20. Shelly’s behaviour is tipical of somebody that has done something wrong but does not want to accepted When Jordan said she did not want to talk walking away and wating for her to at least get over the fact that Jeff is gone would have been the decent way to go
    But not Shelly she has to raise her voice acting exactly like she accused Rachel of doing and go on the offence knowing very well that at that moment Jordan is vulnerable
    she got what she wanted Jeff out there is no needd to go and bully Jordan that way
    she has no class and no heart

    • My thoughts exactly. There was NO reason for her to push the issue at that moment in time. After everything Jordan did for her. Shelly is just an ungrateful bitch! yep I said Bitch again! if the shoe fits..

  21. is anyone else watching Adam on the feeds talk about being able to beat someone in a final. he thinks he has made some sort of move in the game. Porsche needs to put him up, just to put him in his place.

  22. Shelly’s nickname should be Leather Face. And I also love how Jeff got evicted, and now how helpless “Stupid Jordan” is feeling

  23. How can Shelly blame things on Jordan for what Jeff said to her in that “Big Fight”???? Jordan has no control of what comes out of Jeff’s mouth it’s his life!! And back to when BigBrother showed us Shelly’s hometown and daughter, her daughter said “I want my mom to work with Jeff and Jordan because I like them.” Her daughter was probably dissaponited in her mom. And i am happy for Jordan for sticking up for her and in Racheals words “Her MAN” You Go Girl<3

  24. When I called and canceled my live feeds, the lady was begging me to keep them. asked who my fav HG was , and she said they’ve had millions of cancellations after Dani and Jeff left. How great would it be for Porsche to get A pandora’s box with JEFF in it!!! :)

    • Good for you if that is true then CBS will know about it and that is revenue loss for them
      Maybe it would be nice but I guess we are stuck with the SPKA show and in that case how exiting do u think it will be?

      • Don’t you agree it would have been just as boring to watch Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel pick off everyone one by one? Kind of predictable and therefore boring too?

      • I dont care that Jeff went home, and I do like Jeff. I really need more game play than I’m seeing right now. Really I think this show should be renamed mean girls who don’t really deserve to be there. Worst season everrrrrr!

    • yep waiting on the results of the POV ..then I’m gonna cancel my feeds…Should be able to do it Monday..

      • why don’t you just cancel them now, so we who still like it, don’t have to read all the whining

    • Now that would be THE most amazing twist in the history of BB!! Would love to see the faces of those 3 evil so and so’s if that happened!!

    • Same here Ashley. I also cancelled SHowtime for BBAD and took BB off my DVR record list. I can not stand to listen to the banter in the HOH room. While watching BBAD this am, I had to ffwd thru most of it. Not worth it, my time or the money for the two….

    • Way to go! And kudos to Mindy too. If enough people do the same we can teach CBS a lesson on social responsibility. We consumers have more power than we give ourselves credit for. I am still amazed that there were no repercussions for the benefiber and noose incidents.

  25. Shelly’s nickname should be leather face. And I just love the way that Jeff got kicked out of the house. Now all is left to do is to evict “Stupid Jordan”. PS I love the way that Shelly went off on her

  26. Hey Matt,

    I keep trying to watch the fight on flashback but once it gets going it keeps switching to trivia. It is rather frustrating to say the least. Is this something everyone is getting? I understood that the entire Jordan/Sheldon fight would be there.

  27. over 2000 comments last night. Awesome :) Some people were losing their minds. Great stuff.

  28. I feel bad for Little Josie. She is going to have a really hard time from the other kids when she goes back to school. I would suggest she be home schooled but unfortunately that would make Shelly her teacher. lol

    • Best comment on Shelly ever, DJSkins !

      She was crying when she was voting to evict Jeff. Oh, tears of 1000 crocodiles !

  29. It’s not very fair for you to say “way to kick a girl when she’s down, Shelly” for the sole fact that 10 minutes before, they succeeded in evicting Daniele! Why is it ok for Jordan to be upset but no one else is allowed to feel upset? That is just the way Shelly handles being upset. Jordan is being a baby. You didn’t see Kalia crying her eyes out playing the pity game after Daniele left.

    • What did Shelly upset about, btw ?

      Crying is Kalia’s routine in the house, Tyler !

      If there’s one baby in the house, it’s definitely Kalia.

    • Youere mixing apples & oranges here. Jordan mostly upset that she was bamboozled by someone she trusted & praised om DR. She misses Jeff too but her biggest hurt is Shelly. Shelly always tells lies then goes onthe offensive to make herself look better. She knew Jordan would holler back & she’D SAY “See people how mean Jordan is . I wanted TO apologize”. NO SHE DIDn’t.

  30. Porsche gonna get Pandora Box and it’s gonna be something like she can bring back anyone of the 3 jury members, but she has to give 2 of her alliance. so she trades in Shelly and Adam for Dani.

    ya i know it’s delusional, but i figured that since everyone on here seems to be that way, if you can’t beat em join em

  31. I wonder if there is a way to find out how many other people cancelled their live feeds and showtime today?

    • won’t cancel showtime..but will cancel feeds after the POV comp..which is Monday..

      • I’m cancelling after Monday but keeping Showtime. I think it would be funny if everyone cancelled there feeds all at once.

    • no one is cancelling anything, all these people have been saying the same thing since yesterday, buy are still watching now and will keep on watching. lots of sore loser, they are happy Dani got evicted but Jeff goes and their world falls apart. i feel sorry for them

  32. Jorden and Rachel do not dare give up and disappoint the women of America and Canada Everyone is rooting for you and you are going to give up cause your man left well get the hell over it, it happens all the time and you are not even married yet. Fight, Fight Fight for the the women and show America and Canada that you got what it takes to win this game Are you kidden, if you let Shmelly win . I’ll just be so disappointed. Come on on girls Jorden you got spunk you told her off last night, good for you Rachel fight for your MAN do not give up and be a wimpy girl Send the smelly Shelly home Slimy Slimy Slimy

    • Actually, we ran a scientific poll, with a margin of error that is +-.86745. It turns out that America and Canada preferred Danielle over Jeff and Jordan. Literally.

  33. we must admit that the show would not be worth watching if there wasn’t any backstabbing, backdooring or lying….Why is everyone so mad at Shelly when she finally chose her side and decided to go against JJ(who has been doing the same thing (lying)the entire season).Everyone has made side deals and alliances….Shelly has been just as involved(if not more)as Jordan-HOH was given to her-she didn’t even win it!!!I am happy that everything turned out the way it did-Jeff was a little tooo cocky for me and also the way he talked to the women in the house was rediculous!!

    • When someone made you feel disgusted, you’d quit watching too.

      Remember when she said she was done trojan horsing, now she was just on one side. Or she said that she taught Josie to never lie, and she was upset about spoiling her kid on TV in the second week. Josie told her to stop lying, but now that little girl has to deal with watching her mom in the house being so disgusted by other houseguests and viewers !

  34. I love that the crew of pigs….2 for eating and 1 for being a smoking hag….they think that America just loves them….and by the comments made I think they are in for a rude awakening. As for me, I despise them because of their crude, personal behavior toward Rachel and for the thefts that BB appears to approve as they have not made them return anything. Yes, Rachel is a handful, but she never made it personal in the way they have. They talk about how they are going to exclude her in post game life — childish mean spirited behavior. Not game. Rachel mean-ness is game related so I give her a pass. “Evil eyes” and taunting, is not the same. Adam’s spinelessness is driving me crazy.

    • I agree 100% with you!
      It makes me sick watching them talking **** about Rachel, judging her and all of it!
      And they are even worse. At least Rachel is a real competitor and she has nothing to regret it!

    • before anyone says I made it personal by calling them the crew of pigs…..I just do not like them 3…they sit and cackle and plot mean things to do to Rachel, and talk smack about people 24/7 — and now they have the spineless wonder joining the fray. Rachel has actually been pretty good for a couple weeks yet they just cannot let up….and they fuel others to join the hate train by planting fake “used condoms” …pathetic behavior. Shelly makes me embarrassed for her daughter.

      • Ha! Rachel is the meanist one of all! She is always picking on others and saying mean things. Her goodbye speach to Dani was totally classless!

      • I don’t think it was classless. Earlier we’ve got to see Dani calling her “the most disgusting human-being ever”.
        Dani evicted Brendon (twice) and Dani disrupted the Alliance between the vets.
        If i were Rachel i’d say a lot of things even worse than she said.

  35. All the vets said they won’t give a floater the 500k prize. So if Adam is left against Shelly they have no choice. If he is next to porshe or kalia will they let their emotions do the voting?

      • umm, Tammy what show have you been watching?? Adam and Jordan are the biggest floaters, they’ve done nothing this season!!

        Team Dani stepped it up after they lost their leader.
        Team Jeff started crying like bi***es when they lost their leader.

        Kudos to Porsche and Kalia.

      • some people on her have a weird idea of a floater, but you take the cake. you should really go watch getting schooled on superpass and learn the meaning. each flipped ONCE, a floater flip from one to the other, back to the first and so on, Kalia been with Dani most of the game and Porsche flipped to Dani’s side. not a floater. not to mention 2 HOH for Kalia and Back to back HOH/Veto. so again NOT a floater.

        the only one that fits a floater is Adam

  36. When shelly kalia and porsche leave the house, I think they’ll all. Be surprised at how much America disliked them(especially shelly) I mean lastnight kalia and porsche saying they’re going to be. LEGENDS and this season will be THE MOST TALKED ABOUT SEASON EVER IN BB!!!!!!!!! Wait what? Oh that’s right, if rachel and jordan go home it will be, for having the worst ratings in BB history!

    • I’m a little bit pissed that it’s almost sure that Rachel or Jordan will go to the Jury’s house…
      If we could choose one of them, i’d choose Rachel.
      I think if she stays by herself, she will win (again) HOH and stuffs. But if that three people r in the finals, i’m done watching lol

    • If BB doesn’t do something to shake it up and Jordan and Rachel are gone and we are left with the 4 dunces I know I will be cancelling my feeds, deleting BBAD from my DVR schedule and only watching sporadically just to keep up and of course watch the finale….sure, CBS and SuperPass won’t miss me, but I will feel better not watching the non stop mindless yapping of big mouth Kalia, arrogant mean girl Porsche, hag Shelly and spineless Adam…..

  37. Funny future moment..When the tape of Shelly (best called) hasassing Jordon and provoking her into an argument is shown Jeff is gonna wanna crown Shelly and he will complete her transistion to KING. There is no way that segment is gonna escape the jury members…hmmm hmmm

    • do they show the jury that stuff? it doesn’t matter either Rachel or Jordan will tell when they get there even if I am hoping that neither one will make it to jury

    • If its gonna be a final between Porsche / Shelly or Kahlia / Shelly
      it’s pretty obvious that Shelly would lose between those two lol
      The Vets r controlling the votes on jurys..
      BUT, there’s always a but!
      I think that Rachel can be very persuasive and she’s the only one that can change this game.. Remember that Rachel and Porsche used to be friends (or not lol)

  38. Surprised with how bad rachel is being at competitions after Brendon’s eviction !

    Come on girl ! You gotta take the victory moment back !

    I really can’t count on Jordan !

  39. Go team Kalia, Porche & Shelly! It’s a game people! Shelly is good at it. She not the only one that has lied. Jeff, Rachel & Brendon has lied plenty and are all bullies. Especially Jeff. I can’t believe he said he shaped and molded Jordan! He’s so full of himself! It was funny to see him panic last night. Jeff, he gone!!!

    • lol
      You are right when you say its a game! But.. well.. Shelly ISN’T a game player! She is the biggest floater ever, and if it was just Danielle, she would’ve continued with JJ. Let’s see Porsche (she’s good? really?). Porsche was like a dead fly on the whole game.. Kalia it’s ok cus she won HOH and she’s pretty good at the game!
      And about the ‘bully part’, how do u explain Shelly going nuts and yelling at Jordan, when it was Shelly who did the most betrayal ever?
      And when they exclude Rachel of EVERYTHING, they r being big bullys. I see a lot of contradiction of what u r saying.

      • Well you have to admit that Jeff is the biggest bully of them all and so full of himself. I still can’t believe he said he shaped and molded Jordan. What’s up with that?

  40. I dont get it, how did Shelly benefit? There was plenty of time for Rachel, Jeff whoever to still get sent home, without her becoming such a hated player, How stupid to think she was putting herself in the game longer, instead of considering tha serious enemy’s she created. I bet her tv at home is now edited for her daughter not to see such ugliness

  41. It sounds like Rach may be preggers. Maybe that’s why she’s not winning comps, she feels lousy.

  42. Porche was talking about putting Rachel and Adam up because she’s afraid Adam will win POV and take one of them down and control the votes. They don’t think Jordan can win POV. But now she’s changing her mind. Come on production talk Porche into putting up Adam and Rachel. Then Jordan wins POV and takes Rachel down and he/she devil goes up and voted out.

  43. Wow! 3:35 pst, on the live feeds, camera 2, Rachel tells Jordan she thinks she’s pregnant! Conceived while in the Big Brother house. She also tells Jordan she’s not on any form of birth control!

      • Very serious. Just about three minutes ago, Jordan accidentally spoke outloud about preganancy tests. Rachel says “Thanks now America knows” — Jordan rightly pointed out that America already knows. Worth looking at the feed.

        Rachel keeps talking about her pg symptoms.

      • I beleive she is. No other reason for her lackluster performace this season.Like her or hate her, she’s a beast of a competitor when she’s on.

      • oh my God, i dont know if this is good or bad. Dont get me wrong, im really happy for brendon and her, but i dont think this is the best time to have a baby!! geez rach

      • BigBrotherLeak BigBrotherLeak
        Rachel has been trying to get a pregnancy test from diary room, but they won’t give her one. #BB13

  44. I used to work with a bitch like Shelly. She started with Jordon because she feels the shame and knows that it was more than just her going against her alliance with JJ. Jordon acutally cared for her, but she will get over it. Shelly is lucky Jordon did not kick her ass right there in the hallway.

  45. So rachel just told jordan she thinks she’s pregnant…she’s not on any bc and her and brendon Had sex in the house…I’m sure production will eventually make her take a test right? I wonder if they’d make her leave if she was…then jeff could come back! Yay! Lol (not that I want rachel to go, I’m. Just sayin)

    • 21 days, not enough of a time for a pregnancy burden to effect game play, i could see her being eliminated from all competitions and being a host

      • Leo! I’m a woman! Lol I have a child! The first trimester is where you have to be most careeful.

      • Leo! I’m a woman! Lol I have a child! The first trimester is where you have to be most careeful…

    • How is it that production can demand Rachel take a pregnancy test?! That is very private, personal health information. Rachel is in control of her own body — by law, not even the production of Big Brother can override federal law.

      • Dan, it could turn into a safety issue.CBS better do it if for nothing else liability reasons. I’m sure there’s some contract clause that gives them the right to ask for such things as a situation arises.

      • I’m shocked, i hope this isnt true!
        But if it is, explains a lot her behavior this week

      • @ Gene,
        No contracts can override law.
        What is the safety issue? Sheets? Houseguests?
        No pre-impregnation genetic testing? C’mon. That’s just not going to happen.

        This isn’t the dark ages. They aren’t prisoners or wards of the state. The house guests are free human beings and citizens of these United States. Again, Big Brother cannot demand such a thing.

      • Dude, are you serious, say she trips and falls. That fall results in a miscarriage or whatever, point is the baby if she’s pregnant is dead. he signs have been there for a while that she’s been off in hindsight. Do you really think that a lawsuit couldn’t come out of this because people will be saying why didn’t you take precaution? Obvioulsy , you’ve never signed a contract before. Your basically agreeing to what they say, and a lot of times in a contract, you are signing away alot of your rights for liability reasons.

      • Gene,

        With that line of reasoning, a pregnant woman shouldn’t be allowed in a grocery store. What if she trips and falls and has a miscarriage.

        Oh my, this kind of thinking is not well-informed.

        Onward to other aspects of the game, I’ll leave Rachel and Brendon to announce their glad news!

    • If she’s pregnant, she’ll have to leave in the way Dick kinda did.

      She’s cant play while pregnant. CBS would have to check in on her with this.

      • With that kind of thinking, any pregnant woman should be laid off from her job, lose her voting rights, and restricted from riding horses, bicycles, and pogo sticks.

        C’mon people — this is 2011! AD not BC!!

      • noo they did not mean it that way..Insurance purposes is wht he is getting at..Rachel may not be able to compete in any strenous comps cause of liability..

    • I thought I had seen where she had gone into the DR carrying her boots and when she came out she went into the bathroom with her boots. I thought there was talk then of her taking a possible pregnancy test. Also, if she thought she may be pregnant why would she be drinking wine and beer? She also was working out and lifting that snake game in the yard. I also noticed she seemed to be eating a lot and wondered if she could possibly be pregnant. As far as working, I worked up until 2 days before my son was born.

  46. sometimes the truth hurts and the call back of calling jordan jordumbo was a classic move by Shelly, BRAVO!!!

  47. Getting tired of people being so quick to say ‘Still bitter about Jeff/Dani going?’ depending on last week or this week’s turn of events, or ‘you’re just mad because Jeff/Dani left’ or anything along those lines. Thinking that just because any of the remaining houseguests got said person out, that now they must hate that houseguest only because they got their favourite out. I have disliked Kalia, Porsche, etc for a long time now, since really early in this game. The only one who I ‘only now’ don’t like is Shelly and it’s not because she voted out Jeff, it’s because of her personal actions that have come to the forefront. It started with stealing Rachel’s belongings and that was pretty recent. Instigating the yelling with Jordan when she’s already down? Really? Jordan had the right to start the yelling but she didn’t. Porsche’s personal actions with the benefiber made it worse, but I already didn’t like her because she wasn’t doing anything. My point is, whether or not they took out my favourite, I didn’t like them anyway and it’ll stay that way until the end of the game, I don’t just jab at players for being integral in my fave’s evictions. I could write a novel on everything I don’t like about Kalia, a short story on Shelly, and at least a solid paragraph about Porsche, so I don’t want to hear that I’m just mad for who they helped remove. Thanks.

      • Ditto exactly! Those people are all the lowest of the low and it makes me ill to think that one of them will be the winner in a couple of weeks from the looks of things. I wish Big Brother let the America choose the winner this year, including from the jury! Whoever wins this year is not going to deserve it at all!

      • I agree MJ.I can’t stand the”mean girls” not because of game moves,but because the way they act.Stealing someones stuffed animal just to be mean.I mean seriously grow up.The way Daniele was talking about Rachel doing a pregnancy test was a bit much.And Shelly…yuck!She should understand that Jordan was going to feel totally betrayed because she thought they were really true friends.Kalia didn’t betray Daniele when they were on the block together(and Daniele was being a bitch to her)I kind of feel like Jeff got what he deserved since he picked Shelly over Brendon.It’s how the game works,but I don’t think you have to be so ugly.Shelly said she didn’t want to even see Rachel make it to F2 because of how she’s played the game and that she doesn’t deserve it.What?Why not because she hates her because she called her out for lying.OK?Oh yeah and Daniele is super arrogant.It’s annoying how clever she thinks she is.I hope Rachel starts winning some comps.


      • I couldn’t agree more. What a jerk! Why are you even commenting in this blog? What brings you here if you hate the show so much? Get lost, loser!

      • why is dan a jerk or loser? i think we all kind of know it’s rigged towards all different people throughout. no big surprise to me.

    • Very well put. I, as an adult, am totally shocked at Shelly’s behavior all season, especially when she claims to be a “normal” person. If that is normal, I want to be abnormal.

      • I don’t believe he worked for CBS, I have a friend that went pretty far in a different season, trust me they aren’t paid to behave that way. It’s a game and one show that is not scripted.

  48. Dani went out of the BB House with pride.
    She is the ultimate BB Gamer.

    unlike some people

    • No she’s just one little girl trying to get out of her Dad’s gameplay, which is way better than hers!

      • you must not have watched bb8 she is as good as her dad he is just a lit bit better in terms of strategizing …he would not have won if she didnt get all those vetos …and lets remember she is in bb record for most veto won in a game

      • I didnt say that she is a bad game player! And yes i watched. She is really good, but this season she was desperate to make those “big moves” that screwed her game. She was in the best position in the house, she could have won this game. But again, she was trying to get out that image of hers!

      • Shocker, I don’t know what show you watched, but the Judas I saw leave left with no class at all. Total loser. Over rated little biatch…lol
        ED said she was dead to him.

      • Wayne why do you hate Dani so much?I guess it sounds like alot of sour grapes since she turned you down on going on a date.She told you she dont like Judas haters.So get over it already she dont want to date you.

      • shocker…i agree with you completely. she is the only one who didn’t lose her head when yelling and screaming was going on, even in her direction. she remained calm, didn’t let herself get riled up, and continued to play. she did go with class. i was so hoping she would win but oh well. :( i can’t wait to see the look on dani’s face when she walks in the jury house and hears jeff say “wait….hold the door for me please” LMAO priceless!!

    • pride???? hello!!!! she was throwing everybody under the bus cause she got ousted! kahlia,porsche and shelly were so arrogant and gave a new meaning to kicking somebody when there down! making fun of them cause they are crying! until yesterday porsche hasnt done crap in this game and one win and shes the greatest player in big brother history! if Dr Will was in the house he would use porsche as his bitch!!!

      • hey kalani…what has jordan done so far this game besides win an HOH comp that was given to her by jeff and brendan? oh yeah…nothing. i get so tired of people thinking she is an effing saint. she talks just as much crap as everyone else, but peope don’t see it i guess? i dunno i’m stumped as to why people think she’s so fab. she is sweet at times, but so is everyone else! i’m sick of her. can’t wait to see her ass go out the door!

    • you are full of bologna! If you think being a jealous girl over some dude you like in the house, getting rid of who he likes so you can have him and then destroying the alliance you made for said “boy” makes you an the ultimate gamer then that is really sad! She did not have game in BB8 she got to the finals bc of her daddy! She played the same game she did b4 and was worse this time, didn’t think it was possible, than in BB8 with her chronic whining and complaining not to mention her bashing of everyone in the house! She is a backstabbing lil twit that got what she deserved and it’s sad that she even got to jury!

      • Bravo!! You told it like it is. America’s player got them to final two. I was one of those idiots voting for them.

      • Don’t downplay Daniele her father was more hated than her and was a bigger threat she had to win the comps to carry him. Don’t get it confused, Dani is a far better competitor than Jeff, jordumb or rachel COMBINED. That’s why Jeff took his first chance to get her out despite his deal with her because he was sh!t scared of her. He knew even if him and jordumb and her where final 3 and duked it out she would beat him. Deal or no deal he was gunning for her day one believe that. Jeff is fake egotisical homophobic douche bag who thought he was on top of the world and controlling the house. He thought he was god it was HILARIOUS to see him go. Hopefully his lame fat fake cookie dough eating useless butt buddy goes too.

      • @”Big Jeff, Jeff didn’t take out Dani because he was afraid of her. He took her out bc she was not trustworthy. She would backstab him the moment she got the chance.

    • @ Diego so was Jeff and look where that got him, in Jury! So according to you, don’t make big moves lay low like jordumb.

      • not true dj…she gave him her word twice, and honered it both times. jeff DID feel like the king of the world and i LOVED seeing him sitting on the couch talkin to julie! perfect.

  49. Jeff said in his interview People in the house where jealous of his fame after the show …. this guy has the biggest head ..full of himself lol

    and jordan turned out to be a bitch …her true colors are coming out

      • Just watch the feed …the things she says about the past houseguest we get it you are popular but you dont have to down other people i just didnt expect this from her trust me this is coming from a person who used to be a fan

      • How is Jordan a bitch? She never says anything bad about anyone. She gave up her phone call for the real bitch “shelly the he-she devil”

      • if you people watch either the feeds or showtime after dark, you would most definetly see how jordan is a bitch. i will admit, they don’t show her cattiness and bitchiness on CBS. they really don’t but i see it all the time on after dark. seriously…it’s true.

      • J/J thought they were better than an all the other HG, they blurted out what Jeff was saying because he was swearing, he was screaming at the other HG’s and when he was gone Jordan continued the tirade. Jeff was mad because before the show Shelly told me she was going to play the game for herself, Jeff and Jordan took offence to this.

    • wow, really? sounds like you are a lil jealous of Big Jeff and his sweet kind hearted girlfriend Jordan! Who is not nor could ever be considered a Bitch even if she wanted to be! You have some serious issues! lol

      • Jordumb is a bitch, she’s just good at hiding it from dumb brainwashed viewers like you. Jordumb could kill 300 people and you would still defend her you moron.

      • No matter what J/J do, their followers will always defend them. Look at the facebook page, that grown folk go to and write evil things. This is why kids in America get killed everyday, because people can’t seperate game from reality.

    • ppl don’t like good people and they don’t like them to succeed because it reminds the bad people of what they are not and so they tend to root for ppl that are as bad as they are or worse…why don’t ya’ll just look in the mirror and change what you don’t like about yourselves and become better ppl?

      • I guess dumb people like you root for other dumb hill billies such as yourself! You just love homophobic bullies and fat losers who don’t crap but talk about others. Jordumb has called everyone a floater meanwhile she’s won close to nothing. So no i’m not going to root for a pathetic excuse of competitor or some chicago thug bully who thinks he’s boss. Thank god that piece of sh!t was taken out.

      • omg seriously…you are too funny. i think jordan is a bitch because i’m dissatisfied with myself. thank you for making me see the light!

      • Jeff may have stayed in the game, but because of his hissy fit that he threw at all the other HG’s they had no choice. He at the time did not realize that there was going to be a double eviction, so he and Jordan were very comfortable telling everyone else they were losers.

    • Know Jordan is not a bitch it’s about time she stood up for herself . I would be livid if someone got in my face and yelled at me . Jordan is still that sweat girl standing up for herself shelly is just a nasty person I hope her kids seen the lie she did

      • J/J were in everyone’s face prior to realizing there was going to be a double eviction. Jeff was drinking his own koolaide and they both thought they were better than the other HG’s.

  50. Rachel – willing to bet – is pregnant. 1) unprotected sex 2) she is over 2 weeks late in a house with a lot of women who tend to start cycling together for some strange reason 3) she says she has been queezy 4) she is working out and not losing weight 5) she says she is so tired lately and 6) her poor performances are uncharacterstic

    Glad they are engaged but I know this is not what they wanted (so why be so dumb and not use bc??) but I am sure they probly don’t have health insurance coverage since she is unemployed and he is a student and so there will be another American pregnancy that the bill will have to be picked up by the taxpayers….so I say Big Brother should promote it, and pay for it since it happened on their set and on their cameras!! LOL!!!

    • We cant say for sure she’s pregnant. Remember, she says she THINKS. So calm down your excitement.

      Its not official until CBS checks her out.

    • LMAO
      dont forget her behavior! She was very calm, it was very scary for me to watch it!
      but i dont think she’s rlly pregnant..

    • BigBrotherLeak BigBrotherLeak
      Rachel has been trying to get a pregnancy test from diary room, but they won’t give her one.

    • Oh dear lord, she is going to have one ugly ugly baby. The poor thing is stuck having her as mom, that alone makes me feel bad for the kid.

      • Have u ever heard the saying if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all?

      • lol lisa…no doubt! poor kid will have a skank for a mom, and an arrogant (though God knows why) woman-of-a-father! i swear does brendan use pads or tampons when he gets his period??

    • Who cares? It is really none of our business if she is or isn’t pregnant. Get a life. She won’t be the first person to get pregnant when they weren’t married or have no insurance. And wheres the blame on Brendon? Give me a break!

    • I’M RIGHT THERE WITH YA! GO JORDAN, GO RACH, GO ANYONE ELSE BUT SHELLY, POR & KALIA, LMAO…SO I GUESS THEN IT’S GO ADAM…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA just tryna have a lil BB humor cause the recent eviction of Jeff and Shelly’s attitude have sucked! She is so not the woman I thought she was and I feel for Jordan, i know she feels so betrayed and understand how she thinks shelly made her look like a fool! Witch….they closed shelly’s fb fan page bc of ppl not supporting her game play…can you believe that, like they can monitor and keep ppl from voicing their feelings! smh…she is not a god either…

    • not in this lifetime. Neither of those people deserve to win, simple as that. I hope those people all go into the jury and in that order too!

  51. sorry jj fan you have to admit Jordan is a lit bitch this year after watching her on the feed i see cbs does a lot of editing

    • no she wasn’t…standing up for herself does NOT make her a bitch, although calling her one makes you one! She hasn’t done a thing to anyone, not a cross word till the witch started in on her and I’m glad Jordan let her have it…Shelly is as immature as the other 20 somethings in the house! Maybe worse! I expect idiotic juvenile pranks from children like por and kal but NOT from someone who has made her entire game on setting an example for her daughter! Ya’ll are obvious bias against the vets which makes you one of two things…a hater or the same age..period! It may even be both..I’m not saying that the vets didn’t come in cocky and intimidating bc they did and it bit them in the ass..I complained the entire time they acted that way but the biggest and most cocky persons in the house are Kal and Por oh and their idol & god, dani!

      • She always calls everyone else floaters for making game decision for themselves. JJ made a game move for themselves and shelly did the same, accept it!

      • no standing up for herself does NOT make her a bitch. all the other shit that goes on after dark and on the feeds DOES, however.

  52. Rachel & Jordon are going to start winning and watch out s/p/k you girls are going to the jury house

  53. Shelley is really showing the kind of person she really is. If I was Jordan, I would have hurt her, she already won money and Shelley completely deserves it. Shelley is trash. I am and always will be Jeff/Jordan fans and for Jordan to do all she has done for Shelley and then the trash gets in her face is disgusting. I can’t wait for Shelley to get kicked out because it won’t be long.

    • You know even if ur are not a fan of JJ the way she went after Jordan it’s so wrong on so many levels Everybody comparing her to Evil Dick or doct Will?
      No there is a fine line between deception and whatever she is

      • I don’t get it, she got out jeff who was a huge target and one half of a couple. Why can’t she lie, it is big brother right?

  54. I CAN’T STAND Shelly! She made a stupid move in the game and it makes me SICK to see her all chummy with KP. I hope she doesn’t get a dime! I almost want to not watch because she is such an idiot, but I just LOVE BB too much. Karma is a b*@#$% and she will get what’s coming to her!

      • I agree with you Joyce. Shelly is a b.. her daugther will be sad for her acts. I just hope she does not win bb

    • thank you! I totally i’m leaving this forum bc it’s just pissing me off reading the nasty comments about Jordan and Jeff…go to shelly’s fan page on fb and let them know but just know they are trying to keep all negative comments off of the page…lmao, they may as well shut down the page!!!

    • best move EVER, are you kidding? Break up the couple rule number 1 of bb. JJ made the best for them so did shelly get over it you whiny baby. JJ don’t deserve anything!

    • i know what you mean…i almost stopped watching because of jeff/jordumb. i love the game too much though. i did however stop taping after-dark for a few days.

    • What was stupid about her move, because she told Jeff before the show that she was not voting his way and he flipped and then Jordan continued it. The first time I ever saw anybody disrupt anyone’s nominations was rude Jordan, with her pathetic speech. No class, and she always insisted that she was not going up to talk to whoever was HOH, because she was to good for that. All she did was sit in the yard, say everyone was a floater, and play with her her for 3-4 hours at a time.

  55. Wow- hope Porsche isn’t actually falling for the he-she’s BS. What lunatic asylum did Big Brother break shelly out of.CBS producers were probably saying ‘ wow America if you thought Natalie was bad wait to you see the freakshow your’e getting this season’ enter shelly( whatever her last name is).

  56. i strongly feel that mean people should not win. dani is gone which i am super glad. she brained washed the other ladies to be mean to rachel. i am not saying rachel is perfect or jordon and so on. just the immaturity. like hidding crap, voodoo, saying cruel abusive stuff and so on. Seriously what the beep is wrong with these people.

  57. I can’t get over what a poor choice of character Shelly has changed into. I know it’s a show, but really? She is ashamed and using a screaming defense to hide her decision to be so nasty.

    • Thats exactly what I said
      And doing it to Jordan even worst
      This girls gave up her phone call and wore for a all week a silly costume the least u could have done is to leave her alone

      • yeah would love that I keep hanging on on the blessed and curse theme for this season let’s hope

      • are you seriously kidding? so just because jordumb gave her the phonecall shelly hasn’t to be indebted to her through out the game and play jeff’s way. You need to go to a doctor and get your head checked. You would be a pathetic a$$ kissing floater in that house handing JJ their half mill instead of playing for yourself. Shelly is that much closer to the half mill, well played shelly. She’s playing BB not best friends for life unlike some of you dumba$$es, lieing is part of the game. When your precious Jeff didn’t no one said anything but when Shelly did ‘shes a abitch”. Dude you guys sexist pigs.

      • elaina – ellablue didn’t say that because jordan gave up here phone call, that shelly should have kept jeff. she said that shelly should have left jordan alone. It’s a little immature for you to call jordan “jordumb”. you are being really rude. I understand why shelly voted jeff out but the way that she has been acting to everyone makes me sick. she talks about how she wants to be an example for her daughter and she has been two faced to everyone since day one.

      • it may be immature to call jordan “jordumb” but all i can say is, if the shoe fits…

      • I thought Jordan was doing something nice because she is a good person. I didn’t realize that Shelly had to stop playing the game because Jordan gave her a phone call.

  58. I have been forced to take a poll on who is better looking…PLEASE RESPOND!!!!! Lol


  59. wow i can’t believe jordan and rachel are saying they would choose kalia to win.. lol adam doesn’t even get a vote from jordan despite staying so loyal to them.. shelly made a good choice after all

      • well maybe “floating” was his strategy. in my opinion, whatever takes you to the end gets the job done. there are many ways to play this game. i’m sick of people complaining about “floaters”. everyone floats here and there.

  60. Something just happened.. I’m watching the feeds and the HGs are talking about a twist, Rachel just said that “This is the biggest twist of the season” So.. WHAT is the twist? J&R are talking about duos… playing in the PoV as a duo… so does the veto winner get to save the TWO noms???

    • did Porsche say she got $5000? for all we know she could be lying and have the Diamond Veto. cause when Matt got it from the box he wasn’t allowed to tell, so he said he got $1 or something

  61. Shelly just complaining to Adam how bad Rachel & Jordan are acting. She thinks she’s the one coming out looking like she has class. Unbelievable she can be that unaware.

    • OMG Shelly is crying to Adam playing the poor me role. She is just playing game & they think it”s personal b/c one of the called her a bitch.

      • Rachel and Jordan are so catty they’re such personal players it’s disgusting to watch. Jordan just hides it a little better but they’re both immature.

      • Because Shelly taking Rachel’s dog and threatening to cut it in little pieces is so mature.

    • Shocker, here’s a shocker…Duminick is a latent homosexual. At worst, Jeff is a homophobe. Your choice would seem clear to me. There is a good reason Duminick is a virgin. He doesn’t know he likes men. I was hoping Lawon would help him figure it out, but Duminick didn’t stay very long did he? lol…

      • lol wow. you must know him personally to have that kind of personal information right? at least dom doesn’t talk down to people and treat his girls like poop. (to jordan) “shut up and eat your food” author, jeff.

  62. I’m loving these comments and arguments. (x Honestly I think that anyone would be mad. Jordan has said some nasty things, and so has Shelly. To be honest we don’t know both of these people, we have to put the past behind us and realize that, you know this game is tough, there is pressure. And everyone you think in this game didn’t go your way, doesn’t mean they’re not a good person. Even you fight or argue with your parents and say things in the heat of the moment. ^^ This is about Shelly and Jordan fight and all of a sudden we get, Dani and Jeff who were long gone? (x come’on people!

  63. I just cannot stand that Shelly that looks & sounds like a man…she needs to go. She gets mad when she is outed says she hates the lies and yet she is the biggest one there so far and she just didn’t pick that up playing BB…that is definitely buried in her character in the real world…you can’t learn to be that nasty over night…

    • I agree, and I really hope she goes back and reads all these comments. I hope someone prints out all these comments and put them in a binder then give it to her in Vegas. Then she can reflect and hopefully learn what it means to be a kind, respectable person.

  64. stop WATCHIN THIS SHOW ITS FAKES CBS HAS THE WINNER ALREADY you people are so stupid not to see how this game is fake wooww

    • Sorry, it’s not fake, I know first hand. Do you think they can literally work the game for the person of their choosing to win? Please enlighten us stupid people how they can fix it? If that were the case, brendon, jeff and dani would still be in the house for ratings and Evel dick would have been in pandoras box. But please tell us your conspirousy theory…

  65. SOOOO glad that the over blown idiot Jeff is gone. Now all is needed is to get rid of the biggest Floater in the game JORDAN. She does nothing!!! Rachel isn’t much better. Tired of all the boo hooing!!! Adam is useless also.

  66. My two cents. To call Shelly trailer trash is to insult trailer trash. The girl’s as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. And her actions reflect this in spades. Stealing other people’s belongings. Lying to both sides, Shelly must have already collected enough liar miles, she’ll be able to vacation with free air travel to any one on the globe; that is, if they don’t mind the Shelly stink following her around like a shadow. If there’s a witless protection program that’ll accept her, it’s probably the best place for Shelly to spend the rest of her miserable existence. Shelly without a doubt is the tallest tree in a forest of human slime.

  67. Dani is a very pretty girl.I would love to look like her.Everybody says Jordan so pretty on inside and out.If you call cussing useing the f bomb pretty. Than I dont know what pretty is .Im not tring to be mean but Jordan kinda looks like a christmas elf.

    • OMg, I smell jealousy!! haha !
      You are probably more ugly then she is !
      Shes there to play a game not to win a beauty competition.

      • Souuue,I guess your right. Im just so jealous of Jordan.If I was a jealous person why would I say I love to look like Dani.I be jealous of her too.

    • no lori you are right. i think she is average looking. dani’s features are much better looking and jordumb DOES drop alot of f-bombs! people who just watch the show don’t see most of it but if you see the feeds or after dark, wow…it sure is there!

  68. Why Im just telling the truth.Take it off then if you cant tell the truth. I want write on this post anymore.

    • Why did you take my post off?I was only tell the truth.Wayne call Dom homosexual.You dont do nothing to him.He call Dani Judas hundred times you do nothing.But when I say whoever called Dani a Judas should trademark it.It a sin a guess

  69. Just been reading the blog never posted but i had to say something here. why can’t Jordan defend herself to Shelly?

    What would you do if you wanted to be left alone and someone came in and starting yelling at you and pointing at you and getting in your face what would you do? i am betting you would do the same thing Jordan did. if she did nothing you would still say something bad about her. she is human she was upset. i am sure she never said she was perfect. and no i am not a fan of Jordan or anyone but i just wanted to say something here. Shelly was lucky if she did that to Rachel she would have punch her. thanks for reading this.

    • omg you are so right! rachel WOULD have punched her! i wish it had been her because then at least i wouldn’t have to look at her ugly red skanky head anymore!

  70. I just have to say a few things about Shelly, I liked her the first few weeks, floater or not. After the first few weeks, her true colors start coming out. I’d like to point out her own daughter said her mom has to stop lying and pick a side. I think her flipping was truly a great move for her game, it was…but with all her integrity talk and straight shooter BS is what makes my blood boil. I watched the feeds where Shelly was discussing the final 3 with Jordan and she was being up front in a round about way by explaining that JJ would take each other and she would get nothing. Jordan asked her if she was going to flip, and shelly absolutely not, I’d be honored to make it to the final 3 with you and jeff. Then Shelly goes on and on about how much she adores JJ and owes them so much especially Jordan because she gave her the call to home. My word is golden and I promise you I’m with you. Shelly has fed that crap all season to Jordan and that’s why i feel she should be completely embarrassed by her behavior, for someone who says her integrity is worth more then winning, she has alot of explaining to do to her daughter, I hope it was worth it to her in the end. I have to say again, it was a good move, but it was what and how she did it. Shellys conversation with Jordan ended with once we get to final 5 it will be every player for themselves. Even in the DR Shelley is delusional, but I guess the atmosphere could do that. As I’m watching after dark, Shelley says I’m 41 years old and I’m not going to stoop to their level, but rewind and look at who attacked who after jeff walked out, Shelly attacked Jordan, nothing like kicking someone when they are down. Shelley also says I’m not kissing their butt, I don’t care if I get their vote. Well if she doesn’t care to win, then why go back on your deal with Jordan and set a terrible example of human decency for your child. I understand this is a game, I understand people lie, cheat and steal stuffed animals, but I have a hard time with a mother pretending to be an honest person, telling someone they adore them, owe them everything, treasure the friendship she has with Jordan, bond with her on another level, then turn around and lie about her, and stab her in the heart, not to mention immediately attacking her because she was crying. I keep hearing her say how she respects JJ and it would be an honor to be final 3 with them, promising the world ton them, and then acting like brat as she flips on them. I love this show, but Shelly is the reason I wouldn’t last one week in the BB house. I hope Shelly is the next one out, what comes around goes around and I pray everyone sees if Shelly could back out on her word to Jordan, she would do it to all of them. I would respect her if she just admits that she did play JJ. I hope Shellys daughter has not seen her moms behavior this week, it could be very traumatizing and confusing for her, shame on you Shelly!!!

  71. So my favorite part was Dani last stab at everyone for followign Jeff. But she has two little foloowers too named Kalia and porsche,. After Jeff used the veto on Porsche and then she has the chance to pay that back and says this is what Dani would have wanted. Why not play for herself? Oh yea thats right because it =s ok when Dani tells them what to do. Then to tell Shelly after she evicted jeff that they dont need someone tellign them what to do. Guess what you guys just did what Danielle wanted so u r kinda doing the same thing. At least Jeff and Jordan are real players in this gmae.

  72. It seems that whoever makes a big move ends up in the jury house the next week. Let’s hope it continues with Shelly. She is certainly deserving of that. Then let’s see her cry her eyes out.

  73. I can’t believe that someone would actually threaten Shellys family over a game. That is terriable. All because she had balls to send Poor Jeff packing. Shame on Cb, also we all know that either Rachel or Jordan is going to win. Adam is the biggest Floater ever on bb’s history who doesn’t deserve anything . I know poor Jeff, Jordan,Rachel & Brendon .

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