Big Brother 13 was insane tonight! Best episode of the season. It had something for everyone. Team Jeff struck a blow. Team Dani got revenge. Newbies stepped up. What else could you ask for? A late night HoH competition? Sure, I can do that for you.

Just short of two hours after the live, double eviction show concluded the remaining Top 6 HGs entered a major HoH competition. With only 2 Vets left, the odds were stacked against them. Jordan had already blasted in to Shelly for betraying her. Definitely worth a Flashback to 7:06PM BBT to see Jordan absolutely screaming at Shelly and dropping more F-bombs than a sailor Adam. Now is the time to get your Live Feeds Free Trial.

Big Brother 13 Week 8 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • Porsche won the HoH competition!

I’m not surprised at all. I called it Thursday morning after watching her practice. That’s another good reason to follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook!

The nominations will be revealed Friday night with the Veto competition to follow on Saturday afternoon. There will be a LOT to watch. Don’t miss it.

The Big Brother 13 house will be awesome to watch this weekend. Be sure to turn on your Live Feeds and settle in for some awesome action. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Then get the Free Trial now and catch the weekend’s events even on your mobile device.

Hmm, I wonder who will get nominated…

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