Big Brother 13 Week 8: HoH Competition Results

Big Brother 13 was insane tonight! Best episode of the season. It had something for everyone. Team Jeff struck a blow. Team Dani got revenge. Newbies stepped up. What else could you ask for? A late night HoH competition? Sure, I can do that for you.

Just short of two hours after the live, double eviction show concluded the remaining Top 6 HGs entered a major HoH competition. With only 2 Vets left, the odds were stacked against them. Jordan had already blasted in to Shelly for betraying her. Definitely worth a Flashback to 7:06PM BBT to see Jordan absolutely screaming at Shelly and dropping more F-bombs than a sailor Adam. Now is the time to get your Live Feeds Free Trial.

Big Brother 13 Week 8 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • Porsche won the HoH competition!

I’m not surprised at all. I called it Thursday morning after watching her practice. That’s another good reason to follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook!

The nominations will be revealed Friday night with the Veto competition to follow on Saturday afternoon. There will be a LOT to watch. Don’t miss it.

The Big Brother 13 house will be awesome to watch this weekend. Be sure to turn on your Live Feeds and settle in for some awesome action. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Then get the Free Trial now and catch the weekend’s events even on your mobile device.

Hmm, I wonder who will get nominated…

Big Brother 13 Rachel


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    • Well if what I thinl will I wont be watchong anymore.jordan and rachel npminated if vetp used adam gpes up.vets dropped ball this seaspn.hpuse full of floatwrs o.the end just aa dick said day 1 they let vets lfight till they jad numbets tp win

      • Kinda figured out what you were saying but if the Vets were so smart they should have not voted each other out. Brendon twice by Dani and then Dani by Jeff. Jeff had to know this was going to happen if a newbie other than Adam had won. Jordan could not win the HOH nor did he win the Veto so he had to go.

  1. Most set up season yet…and why CBS? Do you really think we all want to sit around and watch porsche kalia adam and shelly? F no!. I find it vey funny that all of the sudden porsche and kalia just come out and win bam bam bam everything back to back..get the f outta here…no way no how.

      • Porsche fan…I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER seen a Porsche fan on this before, or ever for that matter. You must be a floater then too… don’t worry, a lot can happen in a week, do not be surprised if jordan and rachel are still here at the end of next Thursday…I don’t think CBS would do that to their ratings..sorry bud.

      • There are not Porsche fans and all of the real BB fans are just going to quit watching this piece of crap!!!

      • I agree , I think this will be the last season .Ratings arent good and Dani gave alot of information about how cbs favors certain players. They even let them hide things that dont belong to them , but if someonoe else does it they get introuble. Shelly should be made give the puppy back and skanky porsh should get in trouble for contaminating the muscle milk with fiber powder. In the real world that is a serious crime. Yet they did nothing to her . Shelly is a true definition of a floater along with Adam. Cowlia has makes me sick watching her eat 24/7

      • wow you people are pathetic, i’ve been a fan of Porsche since she aligned with Dani. i used to be “Team Dani”, that handle doesn’t seem to fit since she is evicted, so my number 2 has become number 1, no flipping or floatings here.

      • Porsche Fan…sorry but have to agree with Vet Fan on never seeing you on here before and I think that maybe you have been sitting in the wings also. The house can flip fast, as we’ve seen in the last two weeks…they can’t be too excited because one never knows who will be the next HOH….A VET maybe? Hmmm

      • Don’t worry Porsche Fan, I’m with you. She may not be the greatest, but I’ll take her over anyone left. Besides, she was loyal to Dani and that counts for a lot in my book.

    • First of all, how the hell could they have rigged it? Kalia won fair and square — there was no way they could rig the before/after comp. Then you watched it right in front of you, the veto comp wasn’t tailored for Porsche. Jeff could’ve easily won, he’s a strong physical player. And I’m guessing the HoH comp right now was what the houseguests were practicing for the past week and guess who was the best at it: Porsche. The only thing that was most likely rigged was Brendon’s return and that was for fans like you.

      • that before /after comp was wrong on the last one..It was after…not before..go back and check the vids
        This season was rigged and as a BB fan am very disppointed that mimstake was not caught….

      • all they have to do is when they call them into the dr is give them the same before and after but not tell them the answers. I know BB was convincing Shelly to turn on JJ

    • When things don’t go your way, scream “set up”. Oh wait, you already did. Hey, at least the Vets will get to pick the winner.

      Adam screwed himself by not joining up with Shelly to save Dani.

      • I am not happy with the way things went, but I dont think it was a set up I think it was a leather faced hermaphrodite, who lies like most people breath air. And makes up stories in her own mind to justify her actions, I am not saying any names but I bet you all know who I am talking about!!!

    • Turn off you Tv set oh and the live feed too, then you won’t have anything to complain about. Go Porsha

    • totally agree with you vet fan…. this season is rigged and i am over watching it. really no point now… everyone left in the house sucks except jordan and rachel and they will be going up on the block. lame.

  2. I think its official, this season is RUINED and floaters are going to win it.. Pathetic. Well, i guess that Adam’s got this in the bag if he makes it to the end with ANYONE excepts Jorchel.

    • Adam is the ultimate floater. Shelly is the only newbie who is playing the game intelligently. I don’t like her, but she will probably win, unless the vets keep it personal when they cast their votes.

      • Adam and Jordan are the ultimate floaters. Shelly is a snake, but what she did today was an awesome game move!! Kudos to her for standing up and not being bullied by JJ.

  3. YES YES YES!!! Cant wait to see Jordum and Adam and Rachel crumble up and get what they deserve!!!!! REVENGE IS BEST SERVED ON DOUBLE EVICTION NIGHT!!!! #TeamPorsche

    • for some reason Adam seems to think he is with them(Porsche/Kalia/Shelly), yet he voted against them. Porsche/Shelly twice. what a floater he is

      • What about kalia? Porche and Shelly both voted to evict her. To make things worse for her she talked about dani being her bestfriend which at the sametime dani was throwing her under the bus but kalia did all this for dani. When dani told everyone to make their own choice who was she talking about cause it’s seems kalia,porche and shelly are doing as they were told. I get that ots a game but Shelly is a real piece of work, she did nothing but kiss jejo butt, and talk about them hanging out after the show and after the many times jejo defended her and protected her she was sharpening her knife te whole time…. What a joke. Cowards!

  4. Holy Crap! Prosche is really kicking ass right now. Where has she been all season? I’ve not been a fan of hers at all but OMG! She has really stepped it up!

    • Stepped up , there is no comp left for her to compete against . Wow if that is all it takes to impress you .

      • give a little credit, where it’s due, She beat Jeff and Rachel in the Veto and Rachel in HOH. Rachel was the strongest girl(Dani 2nd) and Jeff/Brendon are pretty close. so don’t use that as an excuse.

      • Hey, Porshe has always been a strong competitor, just finally pulling out wins today.

        She outlasted all the other newbies at the first HOH, and was then given a golden key for 2 weeks.

        She outlasted all the guys plus Jordan at the snow endurance comp that Dani won. She got third in the knockout comp that Kalia won. She got second in the counting comp that Dani won. She was closest to Jeff in the fill the tank comp that he won.

        She has always done well, just not actually making a win until tonight, and she won twice tonight. Props to her (and Kalia who has also done well).

      • Okay giving credit where it is due. Now she can leave, that’s all she’s been saying is she has to win something before going to jury…bye-bye then.

      • And what season did you kick so much ass in? Stop with all the hating. Sure we all have frustrations about this game, but damn, why all the hate? EVERY BB players says that you don’t realize how hard it is until your there. Give them some credit. Until your ass is away from your feeds and fighting for your own game in the house, SHUT THE F UP!

    • Wow really hard for her to win when there’s knowone left to compete against. Makes her odds pretty good. Now she can get even fatter with all her HOH food.

      • Isn’t that the point of the game, Karen? To outlast the competitors then make a sprint for the money.

        You vet fans are so spiteful it’s hilarious. Boo Hoo! Jeff went home, oh no, Jordan and Rachel will probably get nominated! Learn to deal with disappointment kid, your attitude guarantees you’ll see plenty in life.

  5. YES SAA!!

    the only thing that was sucked or was negative today is daniele going home. THIS IS AWESOME!!!

    Jeff, GET THE EFF OUT! nad guess who’s next… JORDAN (hopefully) or rachel!! YAYYYYYY hahaha

    revenge taste so dam good. i cant still taste it in the air.

    kalia is a freakin powerhouse. is eh fat? yes but who cares when u have a rack like that and HOH questions game that strong? haha

    SCREW ADAM!! trying to make nice. nah fool, ur a enemy lol.

    very proud in Porsche too. she surprised me last couple of weeks.

    scre Jeff for not giving her credit, and being a sorry, sore loser. jordan too. AT THE VERY LEAST rachel lies when she congratulates people, jordan wont even say good game. PATHETIC A** SORE LOSER.
    and thats america’s girl right there. shame shame shame.

    did i mention ow awesome today is? rachel, u got caught up in being a b*itch, u got carried away, and 24 hours later, ur in the shetter.

    jordan, u never played the game, never have. u should have never been brought back and now u will suffer ur fate.

    love this game. daniele taught them well haha jk (hmmm actually dont think i am joking)

      • Dude….You hit the nail on the head. Sore losers..Luv me some Jordan but, you are right…she really has been floating and Jeff got too arrogant. See ya! Cannot wait to see Rachel voted off next week (but if Jordan flips out on Shelley cuz she voted Jeff out, she cud lose a vote to stay). We’ll see. Did I say “buh bye Rachel”?….Buh bye Rachel (and ur annoying voice and pouty bullshyt)..

      • yes because i was the only one in the world u thought that. but yea GO RACHEL, RIGHT OUT THE DOOR TO LOSE ANOTHER SEASON! back to being broke and unemployed. ZINNNGGGGG!

      • Marcus….Lol…U r funny as he$%…! U keep it light but u keep it real… and it’s not that serious but entertaining to see WTF they’re are gonna do next.. But with u bro….SEE YA RACHEL!

    • Agree 100% I’m so glad that there are other people in this world and on here that think just like me. Sore losers that feel way too entitled – FOH

  6. wht the hell happened shelly is an idot they should have gottin rid of her right away . hate tht bitch . i love rachel & jordnn <3333333

    team Rachel & jordann <33

    And now porshe wins ?wht has the world come too?

    • Have to say, I was sorry to see Jeff go but on the other hand…hoping somehow Rachel makes it to the end..that’ll show them. If Rachel would have gone to jury….Dani probably would have run scared and left jury!! lol

  7. You have to be kidding me. If Porshe is smart, she would nominate Shelly and Rachel. Everyone knows that either one can not be trusted. It’s going to be a very interesting week. I hope she makes own her decision and what is best for her, and for not her crazy and shady alliance.

    • It would be Rachel and Jordan. Porsche will stick to her alliance. Even when Jeff lifted her from the block, she voted in favor of Danielle! Porsche might get to the final 2 although, I am sure Kalia and Shelly will make sure she gets booted out given the chance to backdoor her!

      • Yea, if she was smart, she would of taken Rachel down and put up Jordan!!!!! LOL Screw Jordan and Jeff, they bullyed Shelly. Did you hear what Jeff told Jordan about Shelly. Screw him, and I wish I could see the smile on Dani’s face when Jeff walks in behind her. :) Shelly made a smart game move and so should of Adam. He will regret his decision. He’s going to be a spinless jellyfish this week!!!

      • Bullied Shelly? WTH Shelly joined them because SHE wanted to, they didn’t MAKE her do one damn thing. I think J&J should have booted her earlier. Sorry but I liked/trusted Shelly but, NO MORE, she’s proven herself to be just like the other evil in the house. *Kalia, Porscha & Dani…in case you were wondering*

      • I agree with you nicolas,I am hoping Rachel and Jordan make it to the final 2.and kkndk Shelley did join with Jeff and Jordan,they never bullied her,I don’t know why people are saying they bullied her,,shelley has been the most 2 faced one this season,But Porche will put J and r up of course we all know that.

    • by evil you mean big brother players/competitors then yess shell/k/p are evil but definetly awesome. jordumb and ratress need to go next, won’t be too hard they both suck.

  8. The mere fact that Porsche can even SPELL H.O.H. (and even that’s arguable) moreless WIN it is in and of itself the biggest shocker of the season since Evel Dick left.

    ::Jaw literally dropped on the floor::

    Quick, someone make a clay Porsche doll and get some rope!

  9. Looks like the newbies are in full control of Big Brother now! Jordan and Rachel are probably going to be nominated and there will not be enough votes to save one of them! My guess is they will target Rachel now and leave Jordan in! This is what happens when the veterans take each other out which Danielle started and Jeff continued by helping evict Brendon. Veterans have themselves to blame notably Danielle first and Jeff second! Their bone head blunders cost them and the other veterans their chances.

    • Totally agree! Danielle thought she was a great mastermind and made her move way too soon and that set the whole thing in motion. It had a big dominoe effect on the so-called
      veteran alliance. If they had all just trusted each other and stuck together, they would have been a force to be reckoned with!
      The Newbies have been the weakest cast I have seen on Big Brother. I am not impressed at all with them, they are blah! If it weren’t for the past cast member’s I wouldn’t have watched this year at all. Without Jeff entertaining us, I don’t think the show will be worth watching at all. The Newbies just got lucky that the Veteran’s were so Power Hungry that they couldn’t trust each other!

      • Rita, I am with you. Now the newbies will get power hungry and eat away at one another, none of them can keep themselves in control (personally that is).

  10. I love it! First Jeff gone and now Porsche wins HOH!! This is priceless. Watching Jordan self destruct is fantastic. She is the most worthless person to ever win Big Brother and now she is being exposed. Take that JJ lovers!

  11. I am done with Big Brother! I have watched every season so far, but this season has been way too scripted. ***Sigh*** and I thought this year would be better than this.

    • agreed what a depressing ending… if kalia and porsche and shelly make f3 this will go down in the worst season ever just cuz those 3 dont deserve anything

      • RJ, I’m praying they don’t make it to the end. This season is way to scripted, very disappointing. :(

      • kps deserve to be here more than a/j thank go they’re in the house. this season is officially awesome. sucks when ur team is losing huh sore losers?

      • @darcy, it has nothing to do with what team is winning or losing. It has to do with the fact that the show is noticeably scripted. As I said earlier, I have watched sine BB1. The team or people that I liked didn’t always win, but I kept watching because you never knew what was going to happen next. Oh well.

    • @Adam…Bye plus surely hope u aint like the spineless adam in the BB house if you are please change for your own good LOL

  12. Wow porsche, Won 2 comps in one day, I thought you werent playing the game.

    So its a bye bye to jordan or rachel.

    Rachel is the biggest threat, Without rachel adam and jordan arent going to win ANYTHING.

    The rest of the house is screwed at this point.

    • If rachel is the biggest threat then what happens when she wins veto, and takes herself down..and they sway the votes? They only need. 1, there are only 3 votes this week. Do not be shocked when jorchal makes it through this week.

      • There is absolutely no way kalia or shelly are going to sway to the other side. They are not that dumb.

        Jordan or rachel is going home, rachel goes, Unless she wins veto then its jordan.

      • The newbies will still have the advantage because if either Rachel or Jordan get off, they will most likely nominate Adam. That would leave Rachel, Kalia and Shelly with the votes and chances are, they will vote the veteran be it Rachel or Jordan off.

  13. Okay so now I know this show is rigged for sure thank you big brother for keeping it interesting to say it in the nicest way possible you guys suck!!!

    • How is it rigged, CBS LOVES Jeff and Jordan, obviously the last thing they wanted was Jeff to be evicted.

      • Having jeff, Dani, And brendon(again) being evicted should prove its not rigged.

        I think CBS rigged it to bring brendon back, And id be willing to put money up if rachel was battling to get back in it would have been dom or cassi she was facing.

  14. and to anyone who calls porsche or kalia floaters… they have the same amount of wins as rachel. 2. so if they’re floaters… SO IS RACHEL. bam!

    its so funny ppl wanna say “oh the show is scripted” and “dam u cbs!” u should stop being cry babies, and stop being a punk. give credit where its rightfully due.

    or stop watching.

    • a floater is someone who floats from side to side depending on who is in power, it has nothing to do with competitions. to an extent Kalia and Porsche are floaters (they switched sides at one point in the game) but at this point i really think u can call no one in the house a floater. They all have a side and kinda have to stick with it.

      • WRONG WRONG WRONG AND MORE WRONG. in bb u have to “float” from a side time to time. period. u have to. rachel has done it, brendon tried to do it. u have to. because of the power shifts in the house.

        it has almost everything to do with the number of comps u have won, because if u havent won any and are still around, ur leaching off someone.

        jordan=floater. big floater.
        porsche-social floater
        kalia=floater for three weeks then played a stupid game.
        adam=fla fla fla FLOATER

    • Do you even know what a floater is? A floater is someone who floats from alliance to alliance which is what Porscha, Shelley and Adam have all done. It worked though.

      Just sad to know the chance are that some dumbass newbie who just got lucky is gonna win….like seriously these people just woke up…where have they been for 52 days.

  15. I am happy Porche won. Rachel is crying and saying she can’t win a thing anymore. Why are people saying this is set up. Kalia won 2 HOH and now Porche 1 veto and 1 HOH. I think Rachel thinks she is better than she really is. IMO.

    Jordan saying she wishes she could evict herself as she can’t take another week of this. They were so happy last week. Only happy when they are on the winning side.

    • Are any of the house guests Happy when they aren’t on the “winning” side? I’m fairly certain ALL of the house guests- in every season- are upset when their alliance isn’t the one with the power.

    • That goes for everybody, kalia and dani have wanted to quit multiple times already, they are the worst game players every, kalia got lawon evicted during her HOH and the only reason they ended up together was because of there bad game play. The vets didn’t want anything to do with them. Congrats porche you found something you are good at and they both had something to do with playing with balls…… Zing double Zing!

  16. Is there going to be another Double Eviction? Because they are in week 8 with 6 people left. So week 9 will have 5 people left and week 10 will have 4 people left (at the current rate). But in Week 10 there should only be 3 people left.

  17. Let the deal making begin. I feel sorry for Adam, stuck in a house with 5 women who will eventually tear their eyes out with spiteful vengeance.

  18. How can you stand Jordan. She is the biggest floater in the history of the show. Also she is dumb as a rock. Shes shocked Jeff was voted out. Did she really think they were gonna cruise to the final 2. Hey Jordan how about u just quit and join your dumb ass boyfriend

    • A floater is someone who floats from side to side kissing ass to ensure they are safe. Jordan is by no means a floater, she doesn’t do great in competitions, but she has never switched sides to ensure that she is safe. She picked her side in the beginning and she has stuck with it, good or bad.

      • Jordan a floater…no way in hell. She may not win much but she is playing the most honest game. Must be because she IS the most honest house guest. You don’t need to be mean to win…as she already has proven! Hope she ends up there at the end again.

    • You’re too far in the season to stop watching, empty threats….I’ll bet you’re watching the live feeds right now…LOL.

  19. YESSSSS! Dani still get her revenge. Iam so proud of Kalia for slapping all the haters in there face by evicting America’s sweetheart Jeff, HAHA. Yall was calling her fat and lazy, a floater now just call her a WINNER. She won 2 HOH comps, the same as Dani and Racheal . They are not floaters neither is she. Yesss, get tht brat Jordan and her friend Racheal out and the season will really began. The newbies are WINNING. I hope ADAM LEAVE TOO

    • First off the first HOH she won almost every question was about Dominic, which that’s fine she won but she got lawon evicted…lol. Second of all she fell into this alliance by accident because her game play was so bad the vets didn’t want her anymore. They are just as cocky as the vets. Didn’t see jeff doing a happy dance and talking about flipping a unflippable house. The vets went after each other and it cost them which is what I figured would happen. They better win the veto because Shelly could change sides at any minute. I’m sure she wants to make it up to Jordo! I hope Shelly gets screwed that’s all I’m looking forward to.

  20. Haha nahh this show is not rigged j/j fans are just mad because Jeff got went home and now Rachel or Jordan are next haha perfect Dani is going to have blast in the jury house laughing her her ass off at these fools.

    • Danielle is the biggest fool because she cost herself that $500,000. Sure, she made the other veterans lose because they had to go after her but, at the end of the day, Danielle did not win that $500,000 as with whoever winds up in the jury house!

      • yea well im laughing cuz she thinks rahcel is disgusting but lets look at who bet dani! <3 haha dont worry jordan/rachel will come on top and adam is a tratior and shelly is the most disgusting women alive!! i feel bad for josie…kalia i am speechless

    • I’m sure she will laugh until she realizes she’s in the jury house and basically brought the vets with her because of her week two backdoor… What a joke. Dani broke everything she touched and she’s worse than Rachel in my book, the way she acted like a 10 year was the best, cause it’s on tape. I’m sure dick has seen plenty of those pity parties and that’s probably why they don’t ever speak because dani probably didn’t get her way one time!

  21. I definitely voted for team Danielle (Opps!!! I forget, it’s team Kalia or Porsche now)

    I would love to see Adam (that f***ing b***h) got nominated together with Jordan or Racheal…

    But I think it would be great for Porsche to nominate Racheal and Jordan..

    Most importantly voted out Rachel(cause she’s strong competitor)

  22. As far as I am concerned Big Brother is over!!! Kalia, Porshe, Adam and Shelly are shaping up to be final 4 and that is just pathetic!!! Can you imagine all the real players in the game…Jeff Brendon, Dani and Rachel trying to decide which floater floated the best!!! Shelly needs a lesson in parenting 101 and I feel sorry for her daughter!! Just as I was beginning to like adam he is all over the live feeds calling his alliance with jeff fake and saying he is going to pick the vets off one by one!! Porshe has finally won smoething on day 55 and is all over like she is the queen of big brother. I am so done with this season and these awful awful players. I’m ready for next summer already and a side note to production, fire your casting team!!!!!!!!!!!

    • finally someone with common sense…if one of them win imma be so done….this is horrible how can you pick a better floater like this season just made me sooooo mad -.-

    • Stop whining and hating, you just mad because Kalia, Shelly and Porsha gave your Idol the boot. Give them credit for their job well done. Adam is the true floater in the house, oh and Jordan too

    • I agree. I can’t stand it when people step up toward the end of the game. Where have they been this entire time? I am not a fan of P simply because (snore) she hasnt done anything until now. Jordan is upset because she feels betrayed. Can’t blame her there folks. She did give her phone call to Shell or did we all forget that? J/J were just shocked that is all. I would have been too. They helped carry her this entire time and this is the thanks they get. I too feel this season is done IMO. Of course there is the veto comp to be played. The game can still change but J and R need to step it up.
      I also dont understand how the vets are so terrible when the newbs have also gloated, rubbed wins in faces and acted “high and mighty” during their wins as well? Maybe I am watching a different season?

  23. I am not a Porscha fan but why all of the hate? She has been very competitive since giving back the Golden key. She has finished 2nd at least 3 times. It would be kinda hard to win with Jeff, Brendon, Dani and Rachel in the house (all Vets). She is now competing with Rachel and maybe Kalia and things are probably just a little bit easier. Get rid of the vets and let’s see how the newbies will handle the rest of the game. Enjoy watching!!

  24. I guarantee you that the ratings will drop for the rest of the season. Guarantee. This may be the last season of Big Brother.

      • Keep ’em coming! No matter who is left in the game- those you love or those you hate, this show is like crack cocaine and you are always left wanting more. Hell, I’d be happy if they did another Spring Season. I really can’t get enough!

      • Thanks Matt for busting the bubble of all the haters in here. Nothing will happen to the rating…BB is bigger than Jeff, jordan and rachel

      • @Lee: Thanks, but the credit goes to all of you. This site wouldn’t be anything without the readers!

        @dudan: Yep, most fans are fans of the show/game itself, not an individual alone.

      • No, I have a feeling that once Rach and Jordan get voted out, the ratings will go down. These people dont talk game very much, unless its Shelly debating on who to backstab this week. Once the last 2 vets are out, the show is going to be filled on clips of them sleeping the whole time.

    • Just because the people you like are out of the house doesn’t mean that EVERYONE who watches are going to tune out now. Some of us are more excited now that the Vets are being picked off one by one. They had an unfair advantage coming into this game and now they have overplayed their hands. That is what the game is all about and what makes it so entertaining.

      • I wholeheartedly disagree. If you have no dog in the fight anymore, you stop watching. Jeff and Danielle were people’s favorite and they are gone. Just watch. You will see that I am right.

      • Ummm, no. Again, you assume you know who EVERYBODY is rooting for. Jeff and Daniele may have both been popular but that doesn’t make them the only players.

      • As far as having “no dogs in the dog fight” (horrible analogy) there is still Rachel. She is still a big competitor in the competitions. Shelly hasn’t won any competitions but she is still a big player with the mental game.

    • All 3 nights of Big Brother this season are consistently in the Top Ten of the ratings. Unlikely it will get canceled … and lest anyone forget Julie Chen is married to the prez of CBS, so even if the ratings were not as good as they are, I doubt that there would be any chance that BB would get the axe.

  25. hmmm well all i can say is shelly/porsche/kalia are the 3 most pathetic people in big brother 13, prosche is so wishy washy shes so sad and pathetic, kalia is a useless fat f**k who gets lucky and shelly is the most disgusting women on earth. Jordan Rachel and Adam are the only decent ones left in the game. i luv those 3 and P/K/S if they win this will turn out as the worst big brother season EVER…maybe i should join and just do nothing and i can get far like c’mon that just ruined the whole season

      • hmmm looking for clown shoes real hard to win they put porsches on top and kalia like seriosuyl she guessed every thing

      • Hey, at least Kalia and Porsche always earned their wins. All of the competitions that Rachel, Jordan, AND Adam have won were thrown to them.

      • The golf comp that Jordan had thrown to her…. She putted AFTER all the newbies that played and did better than ANY of them, with a 3. Then Jeff and Brendon just gave it to her. but there is no guarantee that they would have beaten her. She earned that HOH!!

    • what is everyone talking about? how is kaliah a floater? she has won the most in the house of the 6 remaining! adam and shelly are the biggest floaters!! and prosche is on fire! and jordan? u tell me why she should be considered a good competitor and not a joke? ……don’t worry I will wait!!

      • Porche on fire???? What a joke. I’d say her odds are pretty good to win when there’s knowone left in the house. What is there less then 3 weeks left??? And Jordan won 2 comps. As far as Kalia she got lucky on 2 question comps. She even said tonight she just guessed and didn’t know the answers. Looks like you’re the joke.

  26. If CBS wanted a vet to win, then all the players should have been vets and just called the season All Stars.

  27. Looks like the winner of the POV can turn the game around…Rachel and Jordan put on block…
    Adam wins POV—removes one of them—and turns tables again on the Darkside….2 votes to 1…

    Smartest move is to get rid of Rachel…

    The next 3 comps could have lots of flips…

    • Oh I wish that would work out….Rachel and Jordan up on block, Adam wins POV, removes one, Porsche puts up Shelly….then the “Vet” removed and Adam vote Shelly out 2 to 1!!!

  28. If it was rigged, Dani and Jeff would still be here, ESPECIALLY Jeff.
    The truth is JeJo had everything going for them — inside the house and out (production — and they still managed to screw it up.

    This is perfect. If Rachel had kept Daniele, then Kalia never would’ve won HOH! It’s such sweet revenge! I’m shocked that people don’t like JeJo – for the last 2 months all the comments were in favour of them and anyone who was with them. Now it looks like most of these commenters just appreciate good gameplay, which JeJo have done none of it!


  29. I am one of those people here that I do not think it Big Brother is “fixed.” I could be wrong, but I do not think I am I mean think about this.

    If this is “scripted” or fixed or whatever, lot of results will be differently I think they will find a way to keep Jeff with Jordan. Maybe Brendan too. Look at the past few seasons too.

    Again, I will say I could be wrong, and I want someone to actually prove me wrong. I don’t know maybe we all should register, and try to get in the show, and find out for ourselves. That is the only way to find out for sure lol.

  30. at least jordan was someone with a heart. thats more than u can say about most of the newbies. as bad as i hate shelly porsche and kaliea they don’t deserve 2 win. i would rather see rachel win now as bad as i have disliked her…….

  31. BB is not so much set up as manipulated by production for better ratings. When people go to the DR for example production does try to influence what they do and think by telling them things and asking them certain things, etc. Certain competitions are also geared for certain players.

    This is all fact. This information came from BB players, including Evil Dick himself.

  32. I hate how people don’t even know the definition of “floater.” Rachel has been using it on EVERY player that opposes her. A floater is someone who has NO person that’s in an alliance with them and are just skating by because there are bigger fish to fry. Kalia and Porsche made it clear that they are siding with Dani. Shelly has been going from side to side, sort of floating, but at the same time keeping up an amazing gameplay (terrible personality though.) Adam is the only true floater. He bounced to Jordeff and was so starstruck by them, but the minute that Jeff is gone, he goes back to the newbies. I’m so glad Jeff is finally gone, he was the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen.

  33. It doesn’t matter how many people say they’re done watching…I read it every year. The ratings keep improving and you will keep on watching.

  34. I was one of the folks that accused the show of being scripted when Brendan returned…NOW? I was upset and canceled my season pass. As a matter of fact, I didn’t watch any of last week’s episodes. Well, now I am back in and fully committed.

    I don’t care who wins…As long as it isn’t Jordan or Rachel.

    • Oh what a difference a week makes!! All the jejo fans are crying foul, didn’t have a problem when they where running the house with their no backbone matter what anyone says shelly made the best move for her at exactly the right time.CONGRATS!!! 8/25/2010 Shelly becomes self aware.

  35. I’m so tired of looking at Shelly, she is so gross and needs a good bath and teeth brushed. Can’t stand her voice, the way she walks, smokes, dresses.. Good Greif is she married to a woman or a dude!! yuck

  36. There is no way ratings go up when the people that over half of America was pulling for is gone! When you have no dog in the fight, you lose interest.

    • You remember when the HG America voted back in was evicted? Do you know what happened the next episode? Best ratings in 4 years!

      Keep trying.

      • Yeah because there were alliances left to fight. There are no more sides! Rachel and Jordan are going home. Adam has already teamed up with the others and it will be BORING! Think about it.

      • You watch a football game more closely if you have a dog in the fight. With no dog in the fight, you may not watch. Also, you watch BB for the fights between alliances. There are no more sides! It is PKAS vs. JR and J or R are going home! So it is BORING!

      • What show has Scot been watching? I am not being disrespectful but Brendon was not voted back in because America was in love with him. America voted him back in because (you have to know that most of America does not have BBAD and the live feeds) CBS made it look like Rachel was the intended target and America wanted her to face off with Brendon. Somewhere along the way Lawal (worst game move ever)asked to be put up as the pawn because they (Dani and Kalia) thought the evicted HG was going to come back with super powers like a Diamond Veto or Coup De Taut. That was the logic behind that move.

      • @Dennis D: Oh I agree, America didn’t vote Brendon back in for Brendon’s sake. They did it for the impact on the game. But even w/ a majority of viewers only getting a short lived result they still got top ratings after that fizzled out.

        @Scot: Sorry to hear your defeatist attitude. This season will only get better. I’d say “just watch” but I guess you’re not going too…

    • Stop complaining, I was rooting for danielle, Dominic, And cassi. And they all went home, But im still watching. Im bummed dani is gone too, But i dont know what more you could ask for.

      The power has been switching from the newbies(+dani) to the vets(+adam) Non stop, It is so unpredictable, And so crazy, What more do you want?

      • Id also like to point out the complete 180 degree shift over the whole season, It started out with the vets just KILLING every comp, The newbies were either against them and voted out, Or Kissing their asses and the vets working them like puppets.

        Then dick left, Dani switched sides, Brendon left, Brendon came back, He left again, Now jeff and dani are both gone, Leaving rachel and jordan, The weakest out of all the vets to fend for themselves, With only adam, The biggest floater on their team.

        Adam will most likely try to get onto K/S/P’s good side, But its too little too late for him, Hes screwed.

        The ONLY Team Porsche could have problems is if adam won veto.

        This season just got great, Even without dani.

  37. There is hope yet… if Adam manages to pull out a POV win, assuming she noms J&R, Kalia or Shelley is going home. (probably Shelley)

      • Adam wouldn’t be able to be put on the block since he would’ve won the veto in that scenario.

      • Are you asking me? I was clarifying the scenario you pointed out – how Adam winning veto with Rachel and Jordan being nominated would probably be the best for the vets.

  38. This season of BB is like life. For example, you could work your ass off for an entire year at work and yet some lazy who just say started to put in a bit of work the past month out of the year gets a raise or promotion.

    Typical life.

    • So, true. Even in real life, the brown nosers and suck ups win over the decent, hardworking
      people. That is the reality of it all! On the flip side, karma hits the bad ones hard when it comes to collect and come to collect it 100% What goes around comes around, a good turn deserves a good turn while, bad things will be punished in the end! It is only a matter of time!

  39. To those Kalia/Porshe/Shelly haters,

    they have step up to their games… They are the ones who worked their butt out this few weeks…

    The only person who has been laid back and basically, doing nothing are Jordan/Rachel/Adam.
    They have basically rely on Jeff to win this few days…

    Jordan basically doing nothing (since she is Jeff’s girlfriend)..
    Adam (‘floating’ around and win nothing yet, not to mention he beg Jeff for letting him win that stupid HoH comp.)
    Rachel (crying and getting emotional + winning nothing)

    If those people hate those newbies so much and said wanna CBS to fire their casting director, why don’t you go to audition for the cast and stop sitting in ur couch and complaining…

    • Stepped up their game? LOL…okay. It’s called luck and who were they playing against…Jordan, as sweet as she is really has done nothing. And Rachel, well, she has won but sadly not recently.

      Personally, I can’t stand these 3 bitches because they are so damn catty and just downright sick. I don’t believe stealing someone’s personal property is okay…and she calls herself a mother…go have another smoke you lying FLOATER. Kalia, go EAT some more and shave your vagina for the camera – you are such a ‘lady’. ANd Porcsha, I’ll give her that she has stepped up but still a floater and immature catty bitch.

      • Why is it when it looks like the final 2 or 3 will be women, everyone starts hating on them? When it was all balls in the house people loved it. I personally hated the BB “man house” last year. GO KALIA/PORSCHE/SHELLY!!! You girls know how to compete when it really matters!!

    • bet Rachel wishes she had flipped? revenge doesn’t sound to good now. everything Dani told Jeff and Rachel would happen is happening. Rachel goes next

      • Same can be said for so many decisions … even Dani said she wishes she had gotten Jeff out instead of Brendon…and what if Shelley was gone instead of Brendon…and what I really wanted to see was the vets stick together to at least the final 8….thanks for f’ing up the season Dani…all because you said you got bored with the golden key. Look where it got you dummy.

      • Probably but, give Danielle credit for destroying her chance and the other veterans chance at that $500,000. On the plus side, Danielle did not win anything either so, how did her mean and nasty play help her? That serves her right for abandoning her alliance too soon and the same goes for Jeff for throwing Brendon under the bus! Two dumb moves by veterans who should know better! Now, they can analyze their actions and learn their $500,000 lessons!

      • Porche Fan (aka Team Dani) I totally agree with you. I was Team Dani all the way. I was sad that Dani was leaving, but excited to see Jeff go right after her. What started out a sad night turned out good for me. I see all these people who say they are going to quit watching now. Some people bail as soon as their favorites are no longer winning.

    • Definitely is but they’re supposed to be the Vets. They’ve got the experience and supposedly an advantage by having gone through the unexpected twits of BB. Instead of playing like a Vet, it’s water works city. Things didn’t go Jeff or Daniele’s way but they still played like they were in charge. Jordan and Rachel need to get their game on and work the newbies to their advantage if they want to make it another week.

      • They may have played like they were in charge—but, they also made the worst moves for being the better players in the house. Dani breaking the alliance too soon and Jeff throwing a challenge..If he actually did…Sometimes Jeff talked a bigger game than he had–so I find that questionable…

    • Have you heard anything about FB posting Jordo actually got the last question correct? If so they would have to do everything all over again That would be a huge turn around Expect the unexpected!

  40. But, if she had any sense–haha–Porsche would put up Adam and Rachel—and force Jordan to make the
    big POV win…

  41. I can’t believe so many people are counting jordan or rachel Out already. Don’t we all see what’s gonna happen this week? Its plain as day, mark my words. Porsche will most likely nominate r and j. They will then work on kalia all week, even with dani, kalia always had a deep need to be “in” with jordan. They WILL sway her…mark my word people. They will say look who your alligning yourself with, (s/p) they BOTH wanted you gone, they BOTH voted you out…were the ones who kept you. Kalia will be EASY to sway without Dani around. Rachel or Jordan jus have to win pov…and if its that snake thing, we can bank on it. I promise you all Kalia will flip, she doesn’t even trust shelly or Adam, she hardley trusts porshce..dani was the one always wanting porsche in the group. Kalia seems to trust jordan.

    • You do have a good point about Shelly and Porsche both voting Kalia out, But lets face it. Kalia knows better than to switch this late in the game. Rachel and Jordan would throw her under the bus in a heartbeat.

      • So will porsche adam and shelly…kalia will be the first one to go in their alliance. it wouldn’t be Kalia switching really, because he alliance really was only Dani.

    • @Vet great minds think alike. My stomach is still in knots. I read earlier that Jordo actually won the last question. In this case they should have to do today all over. Think about what fireworks that would bring. Expect the unexpected!

      • What? Are. You sure? When they played the hoh, on that last question, I could have swore she had it right…where did you read that at? On another note, adam jordan rachel and kalia talking in the kitcheen, jordan saying with her and rachel to be the going to jury for sure now, they get to decide who wins, hands down, doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, because its 4. Right away Kalia got that look on her face, like damn they’re right, I better start getting together, then offered them candy 2 secs later lol…I really think they(especially jorda), can flip kalia

      • @vet fan. Someone posted it earlier and said it was on Face Book. Matt said the look on Jordon’s face knew she got it wrong. I am thinking yes she got it wrong because she thought she had the wrong answer (understand lol) but what a game flipper would it be

      • I am not a Kalia fan but if it will keep R/J in the game I am all for it I do not know when or why Porsha turned on Rachel when Rachel was her only ally in the beginning

      • @vet fan what I meant to say is after Jordo posted her answer and she heard Julie answer the question, Jordon knew she had posted the wrong answer. If u hear anymore, let me know. Can u imagine if they brought Jeff back after everything that happen?

      • Matt@BBN posted that Jordan’s answer was wrong. He knew the answer was wrong as soon as she answered.

    • no way because they know if they stay with a vet, they’ll lose jury votes with Brendon and Jeff already there

      altho maybe production will swing things around so that we get another ‘rachel(now kalia) thinking about flippin’ to get the ratings going

      • Essie, no disrespect, but did you read what you just wrote? They won’t go with a vet because they’ll lose jury votes. There are 6 people left right now, trust me when I tell you, she will nominate jordan and rachel, if rachel wins veto…its most likely adam will replace, at this point id be willing to bet Adam is a bigger threat in kalias eyes than jordan…I’m just saying there are soooooo many different scenarios that can play out this week, not even close to over. But anyway my point about the votes is that there are 6 people left in the house, they do not have to get rid of jorchal yet, because that will be on bad terms and they’re the deciding vote…one of these 4 people left WILL decide it is going to benefit them to be on the vets good side. I’m willing to put money down that it’ll be kalia or adam. People will start thinking, “don’t I want rachel in F2, nobody likes her?” I know this sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but I think you see whatt I’m sayin

      • .Essie, no disrespect, but did you read what you just wrote? They won’t go with a vet because they’ll lose jury votes. There are 6 people left right now, trust me when I tell you, she will nominate jordan and rachel, if rachel wins veto…its most likely adam will replace, at this point id be willing to bet Adam is a bigger threat in kalias eyes than jordan…I’m just saying there are soooooo many different scenarios that can play out this week, not even close to over. But anyway my point about the votes is that there are 6 people left in the house, they do not have to get rid of jorchal yet, because that will be on bad terms and they’re the deciding vote…one of these 4 people left WILL decide it is going to benefit them to be on the vets good side. I’m willing to put money down that it’ll be kalia or adam. People will start thinking, “don’t I want rachel in F2, nobody likes her?” I know this sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but I think you see whatt I’m sayin

      • .Essie, no disrespect, but did you read what you just wrote? They won’t go with a vet because they’ll lose jury votes. There are 6 people left right now, trust me when I tell you, she will nominate jordan, and rachel, if rachel wins veto…its most likely adam will replace, at this point id be willing to bet Adam is a bigger threat in kalias eyes than jordan…I’m just saying there are soooooo many different scenarios that can play out this week, not even close to over. But anyway my point about the votes is that there are 6 people left in the house, they do not have to get rid of jorchal yet, because that will be on bad terms and they’re the deciding vote…one of these 4 people left WILL decide it is going to benefit them to be on the vets good side. I’m willing to put money down that it’ll be kalia or adam. People will start thinking, “don’t I want rachel in F2, nobody likes her?” I know this sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, but I think you see whatt I’m sayin

      • vet fan, i am sure kalia knows it’s probably the best best to take shelley since she’s most def the hated person after that whole fiasco with JJ

    • I think Kalia is over that at this point.I think she understands that either Rachal or Jordan have to go. I think Jordan because if they just keep saying Jordan is so nice and she doesn’t win we’ll get her out next time she’ll make it to the end again and win. I think they need to take out Jordan next. If they get Jordan out this week I think everyone in the house will then work to get the last vet out because if they got to the final 2 they would have 3 definite votes and you only need 4 votes to win and adam would probably vote for a vet I’m just going to assume he’s going to be in the jury house.

  42. This season is probably the worst I’ve ever seen when it comes to strategy. There is absolutely no reason those newbies should be the ones left standing.

    I really hope that next season there will be players who target people laying low so this doesn’t happen for a fourth season in a row.

  43. We have a group of 20 people who meet to watch BB everytime it’s on. We have all agreed to STOP watching if Rachel or Jordan go home.

    • This is my point! If you have no dog in the fight, you STOP watching. Deal with it people! I am not picking sides it is just common sense!

    • you guys and your i’m gonna stop watching attitude is soooo funny, cause it’s such bullsh*t. Bad things happened on both side, both leaders died, so what, Shuffle the deck. it’s just a game, get a new favorite. all your vets aren’t gone….yet

    • Well sorry you 20 bb folks. When one of these 8th and 9th wonders of ‘wonderland’ go to the jury house…. Just tune to the NFL channel and watch re-runs of preseason football. Kick their sorry ass to the curb!!!!!!!!!!!! You can start to watch again next season! We won’t miss you or them! BYE!

      • Exactly Jordan hasn’t done anything!! Now what cause Jeff isn’t there to do it for her either!! haha

      • Why does everyone assume that Jordan wouldn’t have won that HOH even if Jeff and Brendan had tried to win? She got the ball in the 3rd hole which was pretty darn close and beat everyone else. Nobody gives her any credit for anything. She won her season didn’t she? She won the final two comps of her season. That says something. Natalie and Kevin were sooo sure they could beat her and they didn’t, did they?

    • well if they lose, see ya wouldn’t want 2 be ya. It’s a game for goodness sakes, stop taking it so personal. You’re acting worst than the people playing.

      • It amazes me how many people every friggin year say they will never watch BB again! I don’t believe any of them!

  44. Jordan and rachel are sucks. They can dish it out but cant take it. Jordan is the biggest floater she cant do anything without jeff.

      • Agreed. Jordan laid it out on people who she thought were coasting through.. Ahem, you won 1 HoH that was based on a fluke shot…and the rest of your alliance threw the competition. Since then Jordan, you (including Adam) have been the biggest floater!!

      • Jordon has won nothing!!! She is a big loser and a bully!! She can’t win nothing!!

      • Who is the moron that posted Jordan of all people is a bully. Really???? Come on now. She is one of the nicest people out there. Someone that we ALL should try to be more like

    • i Hate JeJo but even i know Jordan is not a floater, she tries and contributes to her alliance and does flip side constantly. she not a physically strong player, but she is a lot stronger than gets credit for.

      • Tell me what Jordan has won this season other than the HOH that was HANDED to her by Jeff. Please… tell me.

      • she hasn’t won anything else, but not winning doesn’t mean your a floater. she tries in the comps, a floater doesn’t try to win. a floater goes to whoever is HOH, Jordan doesn’t.

        definition of a floater
        a] doesn’t TRY to win competitions
        b] does NOT make game moves
        c] flips sides each week

      • Jordan has NOT tried to win anything. In all but one comp (the one Jeff handed her) she hasn’t even come CLOSE to winning anything. Her “game moves” are that of Jeff’s. Nothing came from her WHATSOEVER. She has done nothing but rely completely on Jeff and her alliance and bully the newbies, behaviour I cannot respect at all.

      • @Nikk, just because she doesn’t win, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t try.

      • I don’t know. I think Jordan is a sweet girl, but I have to say she’s been coasting this whole game. While her vet alliance was intact, she was completely safe since out of the 4 she’s the least threatening. Still her time is about up, given the revenge of Dani will hit her right after Rachel.

      • Jordan hasn’t done one thing to deserve to remain in the house. Except for bitch and moan at people such as Porsche who are playing her type of game from two season ago pleeease jordan stop crying because all thats happened was self imposed.

      • Jordon don’t have to do NOTHING, she has already won the show. Big Deal. Jeff has won 15 grand so who give a s***. And a floater is one that goes to whoever is in power. It is power and a control thing. That is what a floater is. Jordon is not a floater. Adam is. Porshe and Kalia has their alliance still going. But it is going to fall because they couldn’t run a decent toilet together. Jordon done said she wants to go. And she will get her revenge in the jury house. She just said that on BBAD.

      • It amazes me how many people forget that Jordan did beat both Natalie and Kevin in comps to win her season. So what if she floated to the end and then won, she still beat them. It can be someone else’s game play, but not Jordan’s?? Also, Jordan has proven that you can be a nice person and still win. So what if she blew up at Shell Monster.. who wouldn’t have!? It shows that she is real.

    • Exactly! Jordan and Rachel need to be the next to go. THEN, it’ll be more of a game. Shelly was right when she told Adam there was no chance of anyone winning money if Jeff and Jordan were left. Jordan is running scared and will follow Rachel like a puppy dog. Rachel will continue to be her own pity party.

      • Are you kidding. Me? More of a game to watch what? The best of the worst winning comps? Someone has got to get these newbies fans real. These newbies have all been sooooooo lame this season I promise you the ratiings will go down this week.

    • Rachel has won three competitions, Kalia and Porche have won two competitions, Jordan and Adam have won one competition, and Shelly has won zero… I am pretty sure Jordan has not won more competitions than everyone in the house

    • Jordan won her season after Jeff left the house by beating Natalie and Kevin in the final two comps. She won the big bucks, so however she did it, she did something right! Also, I think she would’ve won the HOH this season even if Jeff and Brendan hadn’t thrown it. Who’s to say that they would have gotten the ball any closer than she did?

  45. Just saw who one HOH, makes me sick to find out who one (might as well been Shelly), this is no brainer who will be going up. I still feel that if the originals had stuck together, they would have wipe the newbies out, am thinking like others are, game is fixed to a certain point in the game. Again in my opinion, Dani was the cause of the downward spiral in the game and is repsonsible for the break up of the group, if she had the guts to goto the group and state her partner (Dick is gone) and she needed a partner and named him/her as a replacement and all 3 pairs came to an aggreement, thing might have gone better in long one, if the other two did not aggree, then Dani would have been justified in what she did.

    • Uh, she did do that. She went to Brendon and Rachel and said just that. You have each other, Jeff has Jordan, and I have no one. It made NO difference whatsoever. Dom still went home, Brendon and Rachel sat there smugly as their agreement with Dani was outed to the house…said nothing, but let her take all the blame for the proposed “back-dooring” of Jeff. That’s why Dani felt betrayed, and rightly so.

      • I agree Scott. I’m getting tired of all the negative comments about Dani when she was the only one who tried to be honest and loyal to her alliance. Brenchal and JJ seem to think they are the only ones allowed to play the game and everyone else should just bow down to them.

        What Dani asked was perfectly reasonable. With her partner gone, she wanted to replace him with Dom. This would have had no affect on their alliance whatsoever. Brenchal and JJ stupidly took her request to mean she was being disloyal and scheming and there is where the trouble started. They’ve also done this in their previous seasons and seem to have a habit of getting a bit too power hungry, egotistical, and paranoid.

        I’m not happy to see Dani go, but I’m overjoyed that Jeff was not far behind! Jordan the notorious floater and Rachel the nutter will finally be picked off like the flies they are and perhaps we’ll finally see some real gameplay. I agree that Jeff and Brendan were quite competitive, but the problem is with them in the house, nobody else was allowed to play. Perhaps now things will be fair and we can see some real personalities shine instead of Jeff throwing his weight around all day.

      • Danielle could have easily gone to final 5 easily and considering the way she manipulated Kalia, Porsche and even Shelly and Jeff himself, there is no need for another person with her! She is just pissed because her showmance with Dominic which she fell for ended so, that is what pissed her more than anything else! She took it personally and she has herself to blame when she makes alliances with everyone in the house and it gets to both couples then, whose fault is it?
        She made some dumb moves but, compounded it with her ruthless and mean approach to the game. She should realize that each person has a vote at eviction to say the least!

      • No, Dani only went rach and brendon. If she would have gone to the whole group with the idea, it probably would have went over a lot better than it did. She, however, used that plan to try and back door her own alliance, Jeff. She got self- righteous and wanted to make a “big move” she said it herself tonight, she got bored and needed some entertaining.. there ya go Dani. Hope your entertainment was worth it bc it kinda got you evicted this week. She should have thought long term.

      • Scott you are so right! John G, must have just started watching about a week ago…. He missed the appeal Dani made to keep Dom. because Dick had left. Catch up John G.

      • Dani was accused of playing both sides when she attempted to align herself with Dom, which was ridiculous because Brendon was aligned with Rachel, and Jeff was aligned with Jordan. To expect Dani to just rely on them to take her far in the game is DUMB. They would have betrayed her sooner or later, and she had every right to find another partner, this is what folks don’t get. She didn’t go against her alliance until they went off on her for being friendly with Dom and she was honest with them from the start. Brenchal and JJ ruined their own alliance with their ego’s and paranoia.

      • now correct me if I am wrong, as have been following this from beginning of season, I saw that where Dani went to them, about having no one, but they new at the time even before he went home, that he was gunning for them (dom was even playing her at time), so why would they have listened to her to keep Dom

      • Nik I hate to mention this but Dani was throwing Porshe, Kalia and basicly everybody under the bus. All Dani cared about was herself and the 500 grand. Which I can’t blame any of them for trying to win the money. But it can be done a little friendlier. It is just a GAME.

    • Being justified wouldn’t matter. Maybe it would be easier for your conscience but for the game it would result in the same outcome. You go after someone, they’ll go after you.

    • The vets were screwed when dick walked out.

      Dick would have ran the house.

      Rachel plays wayy too much with her emotions.
      Dani does the same thing, But with dick there she wouldnt have.

      Brendon came off as too much of a threat.

      Jordan just floats, And it works, But if her alliance is at war with another, She has a target on her back and has to be able to win.

      Jeff also came off as too much of a threat, He was just TOO dangerous, And was a bit too cocky.

  46. The good players took each other out and then Shelly goes in for the kill on the person who just made a good move. She tells the DR she hates liars yet she lies. Her daughter is probably devastated because she didn’t go with JJ.

    • Hate to break it to you, but Shelly made a good move. With JJ she wasn’t going further than 3rd, now it’s likely she’s final 2.

      Concerning all this BS about how awful a mother she is and her daughter must hate her, blah, blah…whatever. Big Brother is game, everyone lies, backstabs, and tries to win it. I’m sure her daughter can tell the difference between BB morality and real world morality. She’ll be just fine, and better off if Shelly brings a big fat check home.

      • shelly might have made a good move on her part but she wont win… Jeff and Jordan made some really good friends that will be in the judgement house and after what shelly did to them they wont vote for her to win

      • I’m not fond of Shelly but I agree. JJ’s only alliance was with themselves as is true with the other vets, so it is not a dumb move to go against them at this stage at all. It was time for Jeff to be knocked off his high horse. Was getting tired of his rants.

      • J&J; You’re right actually, I don’t see Shelly winning, but I do see her taking 2nd place and that nice little check. Which is more than Jeff or Jordan will be getting this year.

      • As a mother of two girls, I would never want to teach my kids that it is okay to lie and steal and backstab just for money.

        That’s the problem with world. People think it’s okay to do anything for money.

      • @BBFan
        Thats like saying to a football player “do not block or tackle the other team” because you would not do that in the real world. Both are games !

      • i guess teaching your kid that lying is ok if you get paid for it, is a good lesson for her! REALLY!!!

      • Shelley did make a bold move and it was probably the right one for her. However, she shouldn’t turn around and cry because Jordan and Jeff are pissed off at her because of it. She also shouldn’t go spouting off about hating liars when she is by far the biggest liar in the house. Despite the bold move, I can’t stand her!

      • In football you throw people to the ground.
        In hockey you check people into the boards.
        In Big Brother you lie to people to advance.

        All three are Games with rules.

        None of the are examples of how to act in the real world !!

    • Scott hate to break this to you but Shelly’s daughter probably isn’t old enough to separate right from wrong. And good from evil. And with her foul mouth, I just hope her family hasn’t subscribed to the live feeds. Her daughter will be devestated. On a further note I’ve read that the company that Shelly works at has taken her photo down off their website. Somebody has posted that on here earlier.

      • first of all shelly’s daughter LOVES her and am sure her dad has explained things to her-second her company took down her picture because to many bb fans was looking her up-third this is a game and everyone was using everyone go back and look at how many times jj was going to throw Shelly under the bus and talk trash about her. they(JJ) were playing for themselfs just like everyone should. Shelly turned when she needed to. Jordon and Rachel need to grow up and stop whinning when they were in poer everything was great and the non winners were whinning its the way it is get over it.

  47. Hey we never know…they’re still threatened by rachel, porsche may try to bd her. That will be good. She can veto and save her and jordan.

    • Keep dreaming. Porsche is putting up Rachel and Jordan, only one can possibly save themselves with the veto…then buh bye to the other.

      • unless Adam pulls a win (long shot I know) and saves Jordan. That would force P to nominate K or S and Jor and Adam would have the votes to save R.

      • Very long shot, Nick. Plus that requires Adam to want to put his neck out there for the duo on the outs. From what we’ve seen of him…he won’t.

      • It doesn’t matter there are still many more twists out there, this is around the time they start happening..and I wasn’t dreaming…clealry that’s why I said maybe, I just wanna say, don’t be mad when jordan and rachel stay this week.

      • Adam will be so scared that he will not even try to win the veto. Like Danielle said, he is the worst player of the season!!

  48. What was the final question in the HOH comp that Kalia won? The one that her and Jordan were against each other.

  49. I hate to be one of those people, but I will stop watching if Rachel or Jordan go home. I have no interest in watching the others. I’ll check in here for updates, but otherwise I’m out. Jeff was right, suddenly people wake up today and think they’re playing the game. BB is getting lame. Way too scripted, it’s just not as fun to watch anymore.

      • Dani leaving was literally the best thing that happened to the newbies. I really didnt think this was going to go down like this.

        It wasn’t even one of my assumptions, and I always pick out all the possible odds.

        This night has been a crazy one…

    • Bye! Won’t really miss you! Since everyone did the exact same to all those people who were upset about Dani probably going home.

    • Yes, it is scripted,,,, that how brendon got to go back in! ha, joke…join brendon… Bye pam.

    • i feel the same way, not one of the other people this year have been someone who has interested me or drawn me in to like or hate them, so when they threw people in that i had liked and was interested in as people, that was the only reason i’ve been watching. i think it was a big mistake to not just have all new people in the house this year, maybe one or two would have been people i liked or even hated. either way it would have been a reason to watch longer.

  50. Rachel’s got skills. I wouldn’t count her out just quite yet. Jeff deserved to leave. He tried to pull a punk move at the end and it didn’t work. Shelly’s the next one gone. Rach hasn’t forgot about her, Jordan’s mad and Adam will have Jordan’s back this one last time.

  51. jordan or rachel gone will be sweet. i really wanted team dani to get to the end cause i like the underdog.shelly f***ed her game up badd but it looks like she’s getting back in it with porche and kalia.

    • Well there’s no way Shelley will be winning BB as the vets will most likely control the jury house and won’t vote for her to win.

  52. Ok so here is how I think the week will go down.

    Porsche nominates Jordan and Rachel
    then Adam wins POV (finally makes a game move) removes Jordan then only replacements are Shelly or Kalia. Porsche replaces with Shelly and Kalia then Jordan and Rachel get revenge and vote out Shelly!!!! Woohoo!!! Go Jordan!!!

  53. I never understood why Jeff took Porsche down, not that it matters.

    Jeff kept saying he forgets about Porsche and she would probably win cause he doesn’t think about her

    Wish I could see Jordan going off on Shelly…

  54. JJBR=No strategy!
    Danielle may have made a mistake by campaigning to evict Jeff too early and forging an overt relationship with Dominic. But Rachel and Brendan also made an error by outing Danielle’s betrayal too soon. They could have used an assumption of an alliance with Danielle. For example, the weeks BR had HOH/POV they could have sent home any newbie that got close to Dani (Dominic, Kalia, etc.) The weeks that Dani won HOH they should have made her do some dirty work for targeting Shelley/Adam (seemingly nice guys who can’t win a comp). Dani couldn’t win every week…BR could have stayed on her good side, turning on her only when it was necessary. If they had saved that piece of info (backdoor Jeff) they could have used it against Dani later in the game. Instead BR made her an enemy ultimately leading to 2 Brendan evictions.

  55. Well thats it, folks.

    Rachel’s definatly out this week. If she wins pov, then Jordan’s out.

    It’s really sad how the vets were doing so good at first but now they’ve crashed and burned.

    I’ll be honest, I wanted Dani out and was happy that dani left but really. This isn’t what I wanted. I wanted for dani to be out and for the vets to finally put the last part of their plan together and make it to the top 4 with Adam. This has all gone wrong, and it really wasn’t worth getting rid of Dani for.

    Lesson learned: Be careful for what you wish for, cuz you just might get judas out and then unleash hell on the house and burn down the vet team little by little.

    • Wow. Someone who’s actually being honest. I respect that.

      Not sure what to say, except the vets did this to themselves. Jeff got in people’s face whenever the power was in his court, calling them out over every little perceived betrayal, and that hurt him and the vets in the end.

    • That rule holds in real life. Backstabbing happens even in the office and you have to be prepared to retaliate if need be! When someone is prepared to lie to get a promotion for instance and discredits another employee then, the gloves come off! The things that happened in Big Brother is but, a reflection of real life with cameras rolling.

  56. wow you guys are either fro one side or another! when you are all missing the big picture. If the vets would have sailed through as much as we love them the game would have been to easy and predictable. I wish they would have been able to bring evil dick back becuase that woould have been entertainment. It was great game play to get jeff out on the newbies part you cant argue that.

    • I like easy and predictable.

      The things with vets is that we already know them and we already know who we want to win from the get-go.
      I wanted either Jejo or Brenchal to win it, but it doesnt seem like that’s going to happen now.

      If its only newbies in the house, it will get boring. And I never liked any of the newbies. Too focused on my past favorites.

      The newbies are burning down the vets and all I could do now is sit and watch it happen while I shake my head in disappointment, I guess.

  57. Remember Rachel was the only one who gave Porsha the time of day and fought for her to stay. Now this is the way she treats her. Also never heard Porsha complain about having the golden key

    • Rachel has been a huge disappointment in HOH and POV of late. I guess her moping and crying took her out of her game totally. I just hope she regains it by winning POV this week. Otherwise, she will go to the jury house.

      • I was wondering, has anyone found out whether Rachel is pregnant or not? That might be why she is not as competitive right now. Or was that a thing that Judas started.

  58. Im a much of a fan as the next guy and have picked my side. That being said, what’s the point of criticizing the appearance and/or character of any of the houseguests? Disgusting behavior by anyone who dares to judge in that way.

  59. I agree with Jeff. Everybody was sleeping for the beginning of the summer. Now everyone suddenly woke up.

    • He bullied everybody. Anyone who tried to play the game the way he didn’t like got booted.

  60. Just don’t think I can watch anymore of this season. To see people like Kalia, Shelly, Porsche, and Adam this close to the end of the game is really sad, very sad. I have never seen so many lazy people make it so far in this game.

    • shell-lie is so spineless,what a gross person as well. Rem the phone call jordo gave you,u piece of crap!!!!!

      • Yes…she gave her a phone call and for good reason….Shelley is alone…Jordan has Jeff. She was raised well….but if Jeff and Jordon are two of the last standing, they wouldn’t take Shelley…so Shelley is actually playing a better game and made the right decision to punk Jeff. You guys, come on…the game is worth $500,000….you all play fair and think about others when you are on the show playing FOR REAL….

      • Jeff has lied also in the game and he is a bully. Glad to see him and his homophobic comments out the door!!!!!!!!

    • We’ve heard Jeff complain all season about this and for all his trying, he still couldn’t get them out. He chose revenge over having a “floater” win. I like to root for the underdogs, and they are tough!! The DKP alliance has fought tooth and nail to stay in and you have to give props for that. They do not deserve the label floater.

  61. just a bunch of sore losers. it’s funny how it’s all the JeJo fans who are mad, Dani fans have moved on with the rest of her alliance. why can’t you do the same

    so how about everyone stops all the i’m not watching anymore, this season is going to suck now comments. we get it, your sad you lost Jeff, i swear Jordan is taking it better.

    • Whoever wins it deserves it because they played a better game! Veterans blew it and Danielle and Jeff just made some pretty dumb moves which hurt their alliance big time! I saw this possible scenario because of the numbers. Someone said then, that the newbies were not in an alliance. Well, they are now! Give credit to the newbies because they are using their heads for once! That is without anyone telling them what to do!

    • I agree, I was a die-hard Dani fan but after Porsche won the veto and HOH I am rooting for her! I can’t wait to see the look on Dani’s face when Jeff walks into jury right behind her! He’ll feel like such a fool. At the end of the day, if Porsche can win BB13, it would be the closest thing to Dani winning (which I wanted).

      JeJo fans who are complaining about how it was “rigged” … too bad, whenever Daniele won you said it was rigged too, can’t have it both ways.

    • I’m on board. Was pulling for Dani, but I think given the choices Porsche is my next favorite.

    • Let’s clear one thing up. There is no Team Dani. It is the newbies team. Adam wanted nothing to do with Dani.

  62. Love seeing Rachel eat ice cream like the pig that she is, oh boohoo party for Jordumbo!!!! She cant win without Jeff showing her the way.

    • she deserves to win, a Rachel/Porsche final 2 is what i’d like to see. Porsche really proved herself tonight, 2 comps, 1 night, no one else can claim that this season

  63. Bravo for tonight! Jeff, you got too arrogant and you got your ass kicked out from a brilliant move. Now..if Porsche wins HOH…SEE YA RACHEL ( a boo-hoo..a boo-hoo hoo….buh bye). Regardless of your true feelings, the things you said about Dani in her goodbye messages…was trailor park sad and no regard for your dignity and the cameras before you, an absolute train wreck. You get each vet off the set….then the NEWBIES kicked ass! Oh…. Did I say “buh bye Rachel”..? Off you go…2yrs in a row….LMAO (who’s the punked “bitch” now???). Odd game playing this season, but an amazing turn of events and on those that thought they “had it”..

    • Jeff getting dani out wouldn’t have made. A difference. He made. A game move that was GREAT whether he went home after or not, it wasn’t because he got dani. Out.

  64. i don’t understand, all of a sudden they start winning everything?
    as Jeff said, they were sleeping the whole 55 days and now just woke up to realize they are in BB
    something fishy in here i think!!!
    and why would they let them practice on something for a hoh or pov comp; i didn’t like it

    plus too bad that Jeff droped the other yellow shoe on the side without noticing, some of you were saying that so i had to watch the show again on the rerun and saw that it was true, too bad!

  65. think someone’s been writing under Leo’s name or maybe he flipped as well?!? here’s what was written under his name:

    23.Leo says:

    August 26, 2011 at 1:27 am

    Love seeing Rachel eat ice cream like the pig that she is, oh boohoo party for Jordumbo!!!! She cant win without Jeff showing her the way.

  66. If kalia and Porsche make it to the final 2…wonder who the fab 4 ( in their own minds ) are gonna vote for..that would be hilarious to watch..They would be disgusted..the whole time Dani would be snickering…..

    • That would be sweet! My guess is Porsche would win in that scenario.

      You’re right though, I’m sure they’d be wringing their hands and crying about how a “floater” is going to win! Boo Hoo. They did it to themselves by going to war with Dani.

  67. I’m sorry….I love jeff, but I have to say he was verrrry stupid to throw that corn hole comp. Had he won it, none of this woulda happened cause shelly would have been gone. Jeff was intimidated by going head to head with b/r in the finals, so he wanted brendon out. As much as it pains me to say this, jeff did this to himself…on the other hand, at all you people who think one of rachel or jordan are defintely gone this week, have you never watched BB before? Shame on you! Lol. It will be easy for them to flip Kalia or even Adam. Let’s not forget, shelly and porsche tried to get dani to stay, which means they tried to get Kalia out..she’s gonna start thinkin heavy about that.

    • I think Shelly’s the next one gone. Everybody knows she’ll flip on a dime and will have no problem throwing her under the bus.

    • No, jordan rachel or adam is going this week, no doubt about it.
      Nominations: Adam and Rachel
      Jordan can’t win shit so if Rachel or Adam win veto Jordan will be the replacement.

  68. You guys are crazy… low blows to these people who are trying to play this game the best they can… “floaters”????? Get that label outta here! The best players in the history of big brother played all sides. You’re lying to yourself if you think you’re not going to lie or be lied to. This game is not about winning every competition, it’s about playing smarter not harder… you need to tell lies to win! That being said, this season isn’t that great…

  69. Well, this season has reached it’s predictability point like last season. Tonight’s double eviction was great tv but it is dissapointing to see Dani and Jeff gone already. Jordan and Rachel are the new underdogs that, well, will be wiped out. Jordan or Rachel winning HoH would have been more entertaining in my opinion. My final 4 choices would be RJPK
    But I believe the Final 4 will be PKAS. I’m not going for either side anymore now that the season’s predictable point has been reached again. But who knows I may be wrong. If the vets are taken out like they most likely would, I’d want Porsche to win.

  70. It’s BB—Rachel and Jordan put up—Adam wins POV

    and the house is flipped 2 votes to 1…never know.

  71. I think the fix is in but not for or against any one Vet but rather for then against all of the Vets. If something was orchestrated by CBS it was to bring back controversial or fan favorite past players who already have a fan base to string them along for ratings and then at a certain point get rid of all the Vets ensuring that a Newbie wins.

    It’s just too bad the Vets got out all the good Newbie first because I think it’d be much more interesting if Keith, Dominic, and Cassi were still in the house over Adam, Kalia, Shelly, and Porsche.

    Admittedly I’m rooting for Rachel to win(like a moth to a flame she draws me in) but I think CBS won’t let that happen. On the other hand I feel like all these Vets already had a crack at winning this game and I don’t like them mixing Vets and Newbies because it just seems like an unfair advantage. If you want all-stars then make it all Vets or just start fresh with all Newbies. I don’t like the premise of this season. Plus as I said before the Newbies that are left are not players I want to root for.

    • See, I don’t wanna sound like a whiner and say its “fixed” but I do find it very convenient that all of the sudden porsche and kalia step and do something….get the eff outta here! Too obvious!

  72. Shelly needs a lesson in basic math; as does anyone else who plays that game when it’s down to the wire. There are going to be seven jury members; to win she needs four votes.
    Her last minute betrayal has undoubtedly cost her Jeff’s vote, Jordan’s vote, Rachel’s vote, and you can bet Brendan’s vote once he gets the news – and he already has at this point.
    For someone who stood up just a few weeks ago essentially telling everyone to be true to your word as there is more to life than money; well, to her hypocrisy one can only reiterate that ancient phrase of reckoning “Karma’s a bitch”.
    Had Shelly remained loyal she might have had a shot at it once they were at the final four or five; but now she’s kissed it goodbye – both literally and figuratively. Her stupidity in betraying her team – a decision she made driven solely by greed – just cost her the $500,000 prize. And more so, something even more valuable – for she’s also now lost any chance of a friendship beyond the game too. And had I been Jeff I would have made sure she knew it as I left the house.
    The smart move for Kalia, Adam, or Porsche – whichever one makes it – would be to take Shelly to the finals, and guarantee them self the money.

    • Amusing that I agree with almost all of your post. Just one thing. IF Shelly had been loyal and got to the final 3, that would have been it. Jeff and Jordan would both taken each other over her. So…she wins 0 money there.

      Now, she’s got good odds at final 2, she probably would lose but it’s better money than nothing. So her best move was in fact the one she made.

      • Only if you think that 50 grand – 30 or so after taxes – is worth losing a potential life long friendship over. She had formed a bond with J&J, and there is no reason for it not to have remained and flourished.
        But not now.
        And for me a car or fancy vacation isn’t worth that.
        Besides, once it was the five of them – J, J, R, S and A; it’d have been a whole new game and at that point ‘game on’; and had she taken him out then it’d have been one in which he, and others, could have respected.
        True game play one can respect; lies and betrayal you can’t. You might in time forgive it; but you’ll never respect it.

      • Shelly’s the next one gone. Nobody will think twice about throwing her under the bus. Burned all her bridges.The only one dumb enough to be her friend is Porshe.

  73. The vets did it to themselves.It was the beginning of the end for them when Jordan put herself up as a pawn to get rid of Brendan. So if you guys are mad that Jeff’s gone, that’s where it started. They could have controlled Dani if they had each others back. That’s why Brendan was at peace the 2nd time he left, he knew Jeff wasn’t to far behind him for jury. Jeff was dumb for what he said,because he forced the newbies to lay down by intimidation. Everyone else that played the game got booted quick so strategy had to be changed to survive. Shelly played all sides but she;s getting booted next week. She played all sides and is not trusted for that reason. Rachel’s gonna get to the final who goes with her is the real question.

    • Is Rachel pregnant? That would explain her lackluster performance in competitions the last couple of weeks. Kept hearing Dani and Porsche talk about it last night. Does anyone know whether or not any explanation of that discussion was given?

    • The vets downfall started when Dani split the
      alliance early…That was what gave the newbies any chance…Now maybe the newbies have leaned to scheme and backstab from their leader…

  74. well, I have loved this game from the begining, and it really makes me wonder when I read the messeges left here if anyone watched this game before? You can only stay true to each other for so long if you are in it to win. To stay true to Jeff and Jordon would be the end of you as they were only for each other and no one else! Jeffs bullying was because he could see people finally were getting wise, so he thought getting louder would put them at odds. He was wrong.. I also wished BB did not bring back vets..they had there turn, I like to see new people each year..

  75. This is for Vet fan.I went back and checked The thing about Jordo saying the correct answer is on the Double Eviction & HOH results. #11 the 10 post @12:20. More than 1 person has read it.

  76. I think Big Jeff went out like a Big Baby…he wanted to cry and it was soo funny. I was definately NOT team JJ because Jeff was behaving like a Big Pimp the last couple weeks and Jordan is basically dumb and didn’t play, exactly the way she did when she shouldn’t have won. Shelly is Shelly and can’t win no matter what, Adam is a tool and Rachel under estimated the other girls this season…too busy hating on the pretty girl that left early (4got her name). Kalia is not dumb and neither is Miss Porche. Hahahahahahahaha Big Jeff, your girl will join you next week.

  77. Let’s. Assume jordan does go this week. ( I don’t want her to, but I want rachel to stay over her)it’ll be pretty much the same as jordan her season, she can make it to the end….just watching posche dance her disgusting ass around in the mirror….this is already the beginning of the most boring next couple of. Weeks in Bb ever!

  78. Jury member # 1 – Brendon
    Jury member # 2 – Dani
    Jury member # 3 – Jeff

    What is wrong with this picture?
    Why are all the best competitors in the jury and not in the house?
    If those three could have just come together and stayed loyal they could have been final three easy.
    Why are all the worst player still in the house?

  79. All this talk about floaters – answer these questions:

    Was Jeff a floater? Was Dani a floater? Was Brendon a floater?

    You probably answered NO to all 3 questions!

    Where are Jeff, Brendon, and Dani tonight? Outside looking in.

    Is Adam a floater? Is Porche a floater? Is Kalia a floater?

    Where are Adam, Porche, and Kalia tonight? Still playing the game.

    Is Shelly an evil, conniving, cold and calculating bitch? You betcha, and she’s also still playing the game. Key word – GAME!

    BB-13 just took on a whole new life. Roll with it and enjoy the ride!

    • You don’t have to continually assert your devotion to someone in the game, and then betray them. Lying is acceptable in the BB realm of reality. However, constantly proclaiming your loyalty to someone, riding their coatails, and then betraying them last minute to get ahead is low life. Shelly has no excuse for what she did to Jeff and Jordan. I’d like to be there when she tries to explain it to her little girl. Her little girl even told her when they interviewed her last week. Stop lying mommy. That’s sad! Shelly’s true character is evident.

      • I guess Shelly’s daughters friends are saying your mom is an evil, conniving, cold, calculating bitch but she’s still in the game…and her daughter understands that since it’s for money…

      • Is there a difference between being a big liar and a little liar? Trying to justify one lie over another does not make sense to me. They are all liars and we need to understand that they are all trying to see who can lie the best until the end. If her dad has not explained the game to his daughter then shame on him. If anyone wants to believe they should not lie on BB then I suggest not watching because I am sure no one can point out a person that has not lied on this show.

    • I am not an OMG person but OMG – someone else understands this game!! After reading several of the post I felt like I was stuck on this site with a lot of middle and high school kids. *****Please read before you start to bash me for my comments****** I am directing this at all of the name calling about the HG as well as the name calling amongst the people who post on this site. Stand back and give some objective commentary and move on. IT’S JUST A GAME!!!!

      • This really is a two sided issue.
        On the one side are those who say “it’s just a game” and condone doing anything to win – lie, cheat, steal, you name it; and on the other hand are those who also know it’s a game, but who see how you play the game as a reflection of the true essence of the person you are.
        And the fact is, the latter is the truth; not the former. How you conduct yourself in the game IS a reflection of your being and how you are in the world at large.
        This ‘game’ is not played in isolation – it is broadcast on TV continentally; and to the world via the internet. Anyone can either see now, or decades from now, your actions and gain a sense of you from the recorded videos that will linger in perpetuity. Add to that, your actions effect others in your life – your family, children, friends, co-workers, etc. – and for some your behaviour could draw them unwarranted negative experiences.
        Shelly will invariably regret her lies and betrayal. At first (as in, right now) she’ll try and justify it as ‘game play’ and ‘making a bold move’. But inwardly she knows different; she knows it was unethical and pure betrayal. There’s no game play there.
        And once it’s over and she goes home it won’t be long before she notices dirty looks from people she knows; her neighbours, friends, co-workers, employer; and people start gossiping about her and some of it makes its’ way back to her – and it’s not nice; and she senses people standing back to take a long, hard look at her, debating if she’s someone they want to do business with, or to promote, or to have working for them in the first place; and her daughter gets harassed at school because of her, and her husband has to try and defend her actions. The probability is she’ll find she loses some friendships at home because of this, and some relationships become strained as a direct consequence of her actions in the ‘game’.
        What happens to a person videoed beating an animal that gets broadcast on the news? Or a public official that misappropriated public funds? They find they garner negative reactions – people distance them self from that person; and forever look differently upon them. Excuses (such as claiming to be just teaching the animal a lesson, or didn’t realize it was wrong to spend public money on Hawaiian vacations for friends and family) don’t cut it. People know different; and such actions speak to the essence and nature of the person.
        And so it will be with Shelly. She’ll realize then what she should already know – Big Brother isn’t just a game; it’s a microcosm of life – albeit a very public one; and one’s conduct in the house is a message to the world of who you really are.
        Do you think Jordan is so upset simply because Jeff got taken out? No, she’s upset because it was Shelly who did it. She had offered something to Shelly more than just being a team-mate; she’d given to Shelly her trust, and her friendship; and Shelly used and betrayed that.
        You can’t buy friendship or love, you earn it. And once you destroy it you might never restore it.
        The message is clear – conduct your life and actions with honor. If you do even when you lose, you win. And this is especially true if you are going to play a ‘game’ in a house of glass.

      • I agree, Doug. Shelly said it herself earlier in the game when she asked if winning money was worth losing your integrity. I guess she decided it is worth it because her integrity is down the toilet.

  80. Thanks for the update on Jordan’s answer, Matt. Now, do you know whether or not Rachel is pregnant? That was something being discussed by Dani and Porsche yesterday.

  81. Can someone explain what the “blowup” was that happenned this morning between Jeff & Shelly? Julie eludes to it and so does Jeff, but it wasn’t in the show.

    • Jeff confronted Shelley because he was informed that she was going to vote to keep Dani in the game. Sheeley was smart about it because she new that she had no chance to win if she made it to the end with Jeff and Jordan. Dani also tried to get Adam to flip and he wanted no part of it even though he would not win in a final 3 with J and J.

      • I saw Shelly talking to Rachel & Adam, but I never saw Rachel go tell Jeff or Jeff confront Shelly. I wish they had put that into the show tonight.

  82. Kalia is going to win because she got affirmative action and will beat everyone there with most hoh wins./

    • OMG I hope not! That woman loves the sound of her own voice and is as lazy as they come!

  83. Can you all please stop with the conspiracy theories? I am sure for production value they are somewhat involved but not to the point of scripting the whole show. I am sure there is enough drama in the house with the HG having cameras on them 24hrs a day that CBS can just sit back and watch and edit. Some of the games take strength, some take knowledge and some take a measure of both so please help me see the conspiracy!!!!!!!!

  84. Dominic won the veto when the houseguests had to stuff their mouths filled with gumballs during the second week of the game when Jordan was HOH.
    “Big Brother Candystore”

  85. Can someone explain what the “blowup” was that happenned this morning between Jeff & Shelly? Julie eludes to it and so does Jeff, but it wasn’t in the show. Please! Really curious!!

    • Shelly got caught flipping on JJ. She was trying to get Adam and Rach to keep Dani. But Rach set her up by saying she ws voting for Dani and went to JJ and told them.

      • I understand game play I have been watching this show since the first one but Shelly is the worst human being I have ever seen in the game. She is not playing game she is being herself that is a lier, a theft and a horrible person. I hope she goes home soon !!! I am cancelling my after dark this year is the worst and I am done !!!

      • You are forgetting the reason they are there. To win $500,000.00. Not to meet new friens. Alao Jeff was the biggest liar i there, He backstabbed Dani all while carrying his floater girlfriend

  86. This is the last season I will be watching big brother I never knew that they cheated for certain houseguest jeff Jordan brendon and Rachel had to fight to stay in the house while most of the newbies had gold keys and didn’t have to do anything to stay in the house and the first competition kalia won was sooooo fixed and porche is making me sick she is so full of herself it’s gross and shelly is just evil what a good example she had sit for her daughter if big brother wanted to have newbies against the vets that’s fine but make it fair for everyone not just the newbies and evil dani

    • You’re kidding right? Let’s examine everything that’s wrong in your moronic statement.

      1) Anybody could have gotten a Golden Key, even veterans. In fact, a veteran was the first to win a Golden Key.

      2) Anyone could’ve answered those questions in the Check Mate HOH. All Kalia had to do was listen for the signifigant words in each question and then answer as quickly as she could. And she did.

      3) People seem to forget that Dani was a veteran and that Dani was the reason the veterans imploded. Bad gameplay for her, but entertaining for us.

      4) Brendon and Rachel had to fight. Jeff just started playing last week. He and Jordan coasted through everybody. Kalia and Dani had to work their asses off to survive each week, only to have their three-week reign erased. And yet, despite Dani leaving, Kalia and Porsche are still going strong.

      5) WAH WAH WAH! You are nothing but a cry baby because her favorite left the house. BOO HOO! I look forward to this week because people like you make me sick. The ones who cry “cheating!” when they’re favorites lose and then act totally hypocritical when the “cheating” benefits their favorites.

      • Andrew, you are just as morally deprived as Shelly is to conclude such rubbish. I suppose you enjoy watching dogs fight to the death too? What Sandy wrote did not even close unto what could be defined as “moronic”. Her objections are well stated and appropriate in this matter.
        Those that support that type of behavior displayed by Shelly, in my opinion, shouldn’t be allowed to guide or parent children. Sandy’s position will be approved by those that know the importance of being True and Righteous. Sadly, we all must endure mindless ramblings such as yours, given the fact that there are indeed people like you and Shelly!
        In closing, please consider pounding sand in your ass, and die for the world’s sake!

      • Do you have flash back if so go back to when Kalia won the signifigant words were WHAT DID and she gets Dominic Really come on that is so fixed get your facts straight !!!!!

      • I don’t agree with Andrew!!
        As for the Newbies, they are only now able to play because there really is no one to compete against. As for Jeff just starting to play?? WhAT SHOW WERE YOU WATCHING ANDREW!! Give me a break. I hope Shelley rots!Always wished Jeff had not trusted her because she is a piece if turd!!! I would not trust her and if I was one of the other newbies she would be the one I would get rid of next. Rachel’s game is off and unless Jordan starts to get angry and fight back Porsche or Kalia will win. God help us all!! The thought of Porsche winning makes me sick!

      • Love that Jeff is gone, CBS’s little sweetheart is gone and the pathetic cookie dough eating floater is left. Can’t wait to see her gone too. Stop whining you losers, you guys all rejoiced when Dani was leaving well what goes around comes around.

    • So get this guys, What the remaining Newbies did was inevitable as long as they won “competitions.” The game was already unfair to begin with since 6 players came in guaranteed a trustworthy partner and already having exp. in the game (newbies got a lucky break with the dick Just so people don’t think I’m biased, as a fan, in order, Dom, BR, JJ, and last Dani be would votes for winning the game for me. But in the perspective of a newbie player going in you have to understand that there is no way you should allow someone with you to the final two that’s guaranteed a winning vote, let alone any member of an alliance of 2 “pairs” not people, “pairs”!, now the newbies could have avoided having their “persona” stained on national television if they have gotten rid of the vets and any suspected allies of theirs in the beginning to avoid backdooring more then necessary but obviously it was too late for that. Which eventually led to this moment wherein J or R is leavin no doubt about it, unless the newbies do something stupid in that case the Newbies stupidity would be questionable(rigged to its core? beacause Kalia and Lawon confirmed the stupid part already)and that the remaining newbies are hated by many. In any case in order for a vet to win she needs to win all comps from now on, which is doubtful, and if any newbie wins, its bad for cbs coz most pipol hate whos left, adam and porshe have been floaters till now,(adam is a major dissapointment) kalia made too many wrong decisions which enraged both newbie and JJBR fans, and shelly has back stabbed every single person in the game and has done a great job at it, hmm, “winner?”

      • Shelley has not won a single competition. Winner you say?? What’s even scarier, it could be any one of the newbies. If you go strictly by what competitions they have won then all of a sudden Porsche’s in the lead?? maybe Kalia?? Really?? The vets unfortunately are done unless Rachel and Jordan do something.

      • Like Rachel or Jordan deserve to win. Kalia and Porsche have both won 2 HOH and porsche another pov. Rachel 2, one was thrown the other with bredon against two ppl throwing the veto. This season Rachel sucks as a competitor thats why no one is rushing to get her out, she’s a complete failure. Jordan.. please. I don’t even need to dwell on that. So yes Porsche and Kalia have proved themselves as competitors and they’re defs not floaters they picked a side long time ago and took a stand. Stop being bias and rooting for your favs even though they haven’t done sh!t but coast.

    • I agree completely! I will no longer be watching anymore either. I am disgusted by Shelley. I understand that lying/bluffing is a small part of BB; however what Shelley did to JJ unacceptable. I believe that Jordan is one of the most genuine people I’ve seen on a reality show. I’m sure she has her faults, but she cared about Shelley and the ONLY reason she made it this far is bc ofJJ. Jordan will leave with her integrity in tact.. Can’t say the same for Straight Shooter Shelley.. Same with Porsche Brenchel secured her golden key. Those key holders got to sit around for weeks while these other people battled competition after competition to survive. This is the worst season so far. Vets..lesson learned you were the key to your demise.. Should have stuck together til final 5 (or let dani choose a partner) and make it final 6 like if Evil Dick was still there! Then a battle to the end would have been awesome.. CBS I would rather see an all star BB not a vets/teams against unknown players..

  87. I think people are really underestimating Rachel, She will win when it counts and Rachel knows that this is not the HOH to win. Rachel will win the POV if put on the block. She will win the next two HOH’S. and she will be in the final 2, the only problem I see that could effect that happening is Rachel giving in to the sorrow of all the bs and feeling Jordans pain cause she understands exactly what Jordan is feeling right now, which only reinforces Rachel missing Brenden. However I think she will pull it out though regardless, unless she wants to leave.

    • I really put my hopes up when rachel came out with the first shoe found for the veto and she ended up blowing it yet again.

      I honestly thought Rachel was going to dominate this double eviction night, or at least Jeff or Jordan.

      Boy was I wrong.

    • Seriously? She sucks. Sure, she won 2 HoH early on, but she had her “bookie” for support. Every week she tells the camera that she is back, bitches, and to watch out… and nothing. No one gets in between her and her man… except the HG’s. No one gets in between her and her alliance… except team Dani… absolute suckage.

    • R and J Will not win any comps. they have both become the ultimate floaters that have been played. TEE HEE

      • You will be proven wrong, Rachel will make it to final two.

        Jordan leaves this week,
        Shelly follows, and then Kalia.

        Porshe, Adam, and Rachel final three.
        Mark my words.

      • Totally agree with you floater patrol!!

        Rachel and Jordan will leave the house!!

        Either Kalia or Porsche will go to final two.

    • underestimating her? REALLY. This whole season she’s really been doing poorly and yes last season she really fought this season she’s been a whiny brat and I can’t to see her butt go home.

  88. Big brother has been pulling in some nice ratings. Can they increase the prizes? I have watched this show for 12 years and still 500K? Maybe the season would be more interesting if the stakes were higher. The top prize should be 2 million. Second place should be 200K. America’s choice player should get 50K. Come on. I also think that the cast should be bigger=more drama. I would love to see a Big brother with 2 houses. Just when you think you are in the final 7 2 houses merge and it’s a whole new game!

  89. I see a Brendon, Jeff, & Dani 3some in the jury house 2night baby !!!! If the jury house is a rocking don’t let Rachel or Jordan come a knockin !!

      • lolmao what a night the look on jeffs face was priceless now porsche as hoh jeff and jordan will soon be together in the jury house with adam soon to follow

    • The game’s 3 best competitors are in jury, how exciting a show this has become. Now they have to probably throw half a million dollars to a useless piece of crap because 4 of the 6 left are just that

      • I love how everyone keeps saying all these clowns that have been evicted are the best game players. Obviously this is incorrect because they have all lost. Jordan is a great game player because she won last season. Other than that, those that are still playing are better game players than those that are now gone. Pretty obvious when you think about it. And now, for the hard of thinking, if you have been evicted maybe it’s because you were too aggressive, too arrogant, too cocky, too stupid, or just not paying attention to who your friends were and were not. Those that are still in the house are there for reasons as well. If I went in I would stay quiet, lose comps, make friends, eat and sleep alot and when all the cocky, hyper competitive A Holes self destructed, I would step up and sprint down the back stretch. Losers lose and winners win. Period.

  90. I’d like to walk up behind that disgusting hermaphrodite ShelHe and stick my two fingers in the side of her mouth and rip the side of her gross leather bag face off. The money she wins will bring a curse to her and her arangement family. Also would like to drag Cowlia and Fat Ass Greasy Hair Sweatsuit Competitive Eater Bitch behind a pickup truck tied to chains. Thanks.

    • You have serious, serious issues if you would even joke about a little girl having cancer you derranged freak.

    • Not kind…not in fun…NOT to ALL of your references. Why is there ALWAYS someone somewhere wearing a hood?

      • I’d never hope for Josie to have cancer but I’m starting to hope she grows up resenting her joke of a mother. I’ve always been able to seperate game from the real person outside of the house but the way Shelly has carried herself and everything she’s said is indicative of her true self. Even Josie knows she’s lying and I hope she’s damaged her relationship with her. Yea I said it, I don’t care if it’s too harsh.

      • In 2 weeks (or less) America will forget who Shelley is and in 2 years (or less)her daughter will forget about the deception on the show. Has no one ever played poker. In life it’s lying. In a game (and BIg Brother is a game) It’s bluffing.

      • I’m not saying you shouldn’t lie on Big Brother, but Shelly pushes so hard to tell people “I’m honest and I hate liars” even when nobody’s asking, even when nobody brought it up, so why say it? Then to go and do what she does. And more than lying I have a problem with her stabbing Jordan in the back after what Jordan did for her with the phone call. I also had a problem with her stealing Rachel’s dog and threatening to destroy it. These can be left out of gameplay. Like I said I’ve always been able to say ‘Take it easy’ to commenters knowing outside-of-house and inside-house personalities can be so different, but this is a rare time I really think I’m seeing signs that this is at least partly who Shelly is. It’s not all game talk on the live feeds and I still get that vibe even when she’s interacting on a hangout level

      • MJ your point is taken but maybe don’t bring it up under a pint where someone is to make their name so pointedly mean. Shelley’s mentality was most likely to make evyone think whe was honest even though she was in fact the most dishonest this season. If you hope that this costs her the game that’s fine you are entitled to your opinion. But to wish a rift between a mother and daughter over a TV show, that is too far for me.

      • I can agree I’ve said some things heat of the moment and that I shouldn’t have. And believe me, I really do hope this isn’t even close to who Shelly is outside of the house, I hope it’s not even a tiny part of her. I just have a feeling it is, but I could be wrong and I hope I am. All I know is you don’t go crying in the DR (when nobody else can see you) about setting the wrong example for your daughter, and then go and do what you did to Jordan. She’s said (also in the DR if I’m not mistaken) that she would ride or die even if it cost her the game, ok fine if that was a lie, that I can pass off as gameplay, but not what she did to Jordan and not for the threats to destroy Rachel’s possession, for f’s sake she’s carrying her daughters stuffed animal around and threatening to destroy someone elses? And then she says she’s worried about setting the wrong example…..

    • Its soo sad to see that you JJ fans can’t get over Shelly lieing but you’re so quick to excuse JJ. Face it Shelly made a smart decision getting Jeff out he is a HUGE threat and now she’s still here. She’ll probs make it to final 3 or 2 thanks to her smart gameplay and quick thinking.

    • To MJ:

      Fist off, Sheeley never asked Jordan for the phone call. She willingly gave it to her. Secondly, Rachel has bothered other peoples stuff in the house as well. Remember when Brendan got on her about knowingly opening Porshe’s beer. Her response was “I don’t care.” If she can’t take it, she shouldn’t do it.

  91. It’s hilarious to see Porsche trying to show some kind of evil personality and failing miserably.

    • She is making me sick… literally… and I like Cowlia and Dani… she keeps dancing around, but she’s not playing for her but for Dani!! Disgusting HUMAN!!

      • Why is that disgusting? Rachel did the “come see my HoH room dance” twice and even the HG’s hid from her and then threw pillows at her! (She never caught on how no one wanted to hear her poor winner glee gloatfully be doused on them!) Plus, Rachel’s been doing the same thing, playing for Brendon since each of his evictions!! If she had played her own game, rather than trying full force to avenge Brendon, she’d be in a better position.

        That’s what happens when you play emotions rather than game.

  92. To the people who say they will stop watching cuz their favorite is out, quit it.

    We all know you guys probably will anyway and are just saying it to act all tough and shit. No need for that here.

    The vets will be gone by the following Thursday (Not next Thursday) and then it will be the newbie show, but oh well since you’re already too far into the season to quit now. Unless the pov says otherwise, its game over for the vets, game over for who I wanted to win.

  93. Everyone says Shelly made a good move, but what did it get her? Dani still got evicted and she was outed

    • The move she made was to out herself…and then be thankful Jordan didn’t win the HOH…
      She could have waited until after the HOH to
      make a move….Keeping Dani around was not a smart play…Dani was a great player…Jeff also was a very good player–it could have and will cost her…

      • Jordan gave Shelly her phone call, when Jordan thought about the idea of hearing her mother she was in tears, but still gave Shelly her call so she could hear her daughter instead. In turn, Shelly stabbed Jordan in the back by voting to evict Jeff. Shelly can go to hell, Rachel should have joined Dani and Brendon in jury

      • Amen sister!! I hope Shelley gets her ass kicked and out the door!! I can’t wait for that to happen. Jeff mad a huge mistake in trusting her do much but I really felt for Jordan last night. I hope Shelley is feeling like shit and by the way she sure won’t be getting Je Jo’ svote in the Jury house!!

      • Its a game MJ and if I recall correctly Shelly is playing for herself just like JJ. Techinically JJ backstabbed her they had no plan of taking her to final 3 but they were taking Rachel. Shelly went with her gut and now shes that much closer to half a mill thats more than I can say for JJ. See you in Jury Jeff, karma is what got you there. See he screwed Dani and now he “got got”.

    • It gets her a true chance at top 4 or better! With JeJo intact, Final 4 was to be JeJo, Rachel then Adam. The alliance, plus the power floater (wherever the power is will be where Adam floats to). Shelly would have finished no better than top 5. Now, this week, she’s made top 6. Get rid of another vet, that’s top 5. Get the last vet, top 4. Get Adam, top 3.

      That’s totally possible as long as Porsche, Kalia and Shelly can continue to perform or if Adam wins and they can keep him focused on the prize and not Jordan’s or Rachel’s game.

  94. Vets need win veto to stay alive in house. At least try to get Kahlia on their side to match the playing field. Porche HOH – finally. Watch BB after dark and Porche is annoying as hell. Adam is kissing her ass beyond belief while Shelly the LIAR fills her head with negative thoughts. Pretty sad how Shelly hurt Jordan.
    Guess the thought of half mill in her pocket was worth more than a friendship outside the house. Adam is toast if he doesn’t win HOH.

    • Shelly’s on the chopping block. Rach doesn’t trust her, Same with Jordan, Adam and Kalia. Porshe, who knows? Kinda airheaded.

      • Adam or Kalia need to win POV and remove a vet…flip the house and drop kick the Shelly…

    • As if. Jordan didn’t care about Shelly. She said so many times in her private convos with Jeff.

    • They all entered the house to do the same thing…win. It’s an effing game. You people who think that a player back stabbing someone in this game makes them a bad person are idiots. Oh know she hurt poor Jordan who already won half a million bucks and oh no the newbies are gaining control over the people who already had their shot in previous seasons….get effing real people. When someone back stabs the vets they are horrible mean liars…when the vets backstabbed someone it was excellent game play…hypocrites

      • There is backstabbing, and then there is what Shelly did to JJ. Backstabbing is a legit thing in the BB House. Always has been and always will be. What Shelly did was completely dishonorable. Jeff and Jordan have been nothing short of saints to Shelly and that was how she repaid them? Jordan gave her the phone call from home because it would mean more to Shelly! And in turn she evicts Jeff? What kinda person is she? Apparently a bad one. If she was capable of winning any kind of competitions, she would’ve done so already. Not to mention she’s been THE floater this season, not Adam or Porsche. Crying to both sides of the house. She just lost any chances of going to the final three. JJ would’ve taken her. She could’ve stood a chance at winning money. Instead she flipped on the best alliance in the house. I hope it’s either Jordo and Rachel or Jordo and Porsche in the final two. Either way Jordo would win.

      • And also when the vets backstabbed someone, it was mostly the correct time to do it. Only Dani’s backstabbing was horribly timed and cost her the game.

    • hell yess it was worth more than a friendship. No one came here for friendship, if so the prize would be bffls, it isn’t big best friends get a grip. Everyone is playing for themselves just because your precious Jeff got taken doesn’t mean you have pull this whole friendship crap. Get it together, JJ lied to Dani, wasn’t her friendship worth more than half a mill like who the eff cares.

  95. We already know these people play with their emotions not their brain. Porsche will nominate Rachel, even when Danielle especifically told her not to, even if she really felt like it. Danielle told her there were bigger threats.

    Alas, the girl is nothing but an ass that gets bigger by the hour.

    • Agreed! If I was in the house I would nominate Jordan and Shelley. Shelley can manipulate just about anyone and Jordan has already proven she can win it all by winning one comp. Unless Rachel has been throwing comps she is useless….doesn’t work well under pressure. If I were Porsche my final four would be Adam, Kalia and Rachel. Final three Adam and Kalia. Final 2 Adam. Jury votes well I would say that the last adam that won from Jersey squandered his $ on drugs and got arrested.

      • I would take Rachel to the end. It’s almost a guaranteed win at this point, with little risk involved. Again, these people are not picked because they’re smart. They just showcase the lowest of human misery.

      • I would not want to take the chance that Brendan, Jordan and Jeff would vote for Rachel. I think as long as adam remains HOH-less he is the safest bet.

      • But even if those 3 voted rachel, she does not have any other votes. Anyone else is a gamble. If I was playing for half a million i wouldn’t think bringing her with me twice. Alas, we established thinking is not these people’s strength.

    • I think that adam would vote for Rachel. As a superfan I think he has proven to be easily swayed. I would rather take out all the vets and take my chances.

    • How bout put Rachel and Jordan up get one of them out, next week percentage wise the newbies have the odds to win hoh get the last vet out…then play this game the way it should always be played with every new season….just newbies. I unfortunately see Rachel riding coattails tothe final two, because at this point anyone can beat her…..

      • i don’t think it will be that easy to win against Rachel in the final two. she has at least 3 votes. by remaining in the game til the end, people might vote for her because she was a target from day one. she may surprise you!

      • Just think with Rachel and Jordan gone, what kind of show you would be watching.
        I can only imagine the intelligent game play that will be going on over the next few weeks NOT)!!
        I hope there is another twist coming that will shock all the newbies!!

  96. And please, if a newbie wins is not because they beat the vets. It’s because the vets were too busy coming after each other.

  97. I would love to see Rachel and Jordan on the block Rachel to win the vito then the replacement nominee get voted out cause you only need 2 votes to stay 1 Rachel and 2 Kahlia, cause she did say she would never put Jordan up or vote her out.

  98. The show officially went down the gutter in one night, nevermind who I was a fan of, both Dani and Jeff gone the two best competitors and the only two who keep things interesting. I really don’t think I want to watch a show with Shelly, Kalia, Porsche and Adam, the only one with half a personality is Rachel and she’s annoying so it barely counts. Jordan is now my favourite left and that’s saying so little it’s almost painful. Shelly is the biggest bitch the show has ever seen, she swore up and down she was with JJ til the end, then when she has the chance to vote to evict someone she hates, Rachel, she chooses Jeff? Where was the production ‘suggestions’ on that one? I don’t even want to hear it was smart gameplay. I was out of town until late tonight and I wish I didn’t read these spoilers, just watched the episode sometime whenever I could download it with one last time to watch the show with some suspense of not knowing what might happen. This is likely it for me. I won’t be able to handle if Shelly, Kalia or Porsche win this whole thing. Screw everything

    • I think they will win unless there’s one last twist. Danielle was dumb for going after their own and perhaps the other vets as dumb for not not letting her go earlier (Jeff should’ve tried to keep Brendon and evil Shelly would be gone by now).

      • I don’t even care at this point if the whole world calls ‘rig’ and ‘bs’ and whatever the hell else, there’s already so much taint on this show, inject some ratings and somehow bring back Jeff, or even Dani who I wasn’t a fan of just to show this isn’t a biased comment, just bring someone other than these jokes of players. It’s so sad saying I want Adam to win over Shelly, Kalia and Porsche because Adam’s not a good or interesting player either. I’m so sick of this they clearly were in houseguests ear to try to save Dani but they do nothing to watch her AND Jeff go back to back? Nevermind it being double eviction night, it’s their show they can do anything. Jeff voted out Brendon who he wanted to work with and saved Shelly’s stupid ass and now she votes him out? Somebody please throw a full unopened can of Monster directly at her head. I don’t think any player in the history of this show has made me react like this as Shelly and Kalia have, and I bet they both make it through another week with “I can’t wear anything else” Porsche at the helm.

    • Kalia has something like 3 2nd place finishes and two hoh wins Porsche has 4 2nd places one veto and an hoh….yet still people say they don’t deserve to be in the game….here’s a news flash if the newbies sweep the vets these next two weeks, kalia will win ….the only bad part ofthe season as much as I like dani AND jj is that brought vets intothe house, they already had their shot and don’t deserve another especially not Jordan(after already winning)

      • I could not agree more. I hope they never do this again. I could not stand another BR or JJ. Not to mention the whinning. Spare me BB please.

      • Rachael could have been gone already,but they were stupid enough to keep her. Jordan would have been the only one left,and she would have been gone also.

  99. I’m curious as to if CBS would let Rachel go and have a bunch of strangers with zero personality sitting around. But they all already had too many twists. Coup d’etat would be fun.

    • Coup d’etat is the only possibility for anything half-interesting now, I know they definitely won’t bring anyone back, that’s already happened this year. Someone overthrow Porsche’s nominations and put Kalia and Shelly up and start weeding out the crap. I can’t believe I actually want a Rachel/Adam/Jordan final 3 but I do

      • Yes it really is and I can’t stand it. I’ve never been so bothered by this show as I am right now

      • I don’t understand how people think KP don’t deserve to be here. Shelly is a master manipulator but hey that’s what BB is about. Kalia and Porsche are really good competitors. Rachel atrocious social game and Jordan even more atrocious physical game. Those two need to leave thats the only way they can “weed out” the crap. Thank god big douche opps typo big jeff is gone.

    • Remember season 1 when Chicken George’s hometown set up a voting line….that bothered me. More people=more conflict. It’s always less exciting as the numbers wind down.

  100. I can’t believe how much Porche and Kahlia think of themselves! And Shelly should be ashamed for her lack of loyalty. What an example to set for her little girl after weeks of telling JJ she was with them till the end! At least he was a kind and classy HOH.

    • Kalia’s a god damn joke and she thought the world of herself for one stupid HOH win (at the time). Putting herself on the levels of Dani and Rachel in terms of strong competitors. No surprise now Porsche thinks she’s the bomb too. I loved when Kalia said “It’d bother me leave before someone who’s literally done nothing”. YOU’VE done nothing you stupid cow, nothing but eaten and napped and complained and faked injuries so go you know what yourself.

      • Rachel hasn’t won anything for weeks, neither has Jordan. I don’t understand the hatred towards K & P. They stepped up when it counted and now they’re sitting pretty. We knew Porsche had potential when she kept coming in 2nd and now she’s HOH.

      • Which one of Porsche’s 2nd place finishes was actually legitimate? Of 3 of those finishes, 1 was legitimate, the HOH she lost to Jeff. The veto she lost to Brendon she didn’t DO anything, she let others try the tasks until they eliminated themselves, and then Brendon tried and was successful, she sat on the sidelines. The HOH she lost to Dani was a mindless luck-heavy counting game. And when I mentioned putting herself on the levels of Dani and Rachel, I meant at the time, and at the time Rachel wasn’t far removed from 2 HOH’s and a paired veto win with Brendon, and Rachel won things in BB12 too. I agree lately she couldn’t win to save her life, but I meant overall.

      • The only reason she won HOH is because all the real competitors are gone now. She won because everyone else is either too emotionally damaged to actually try, or they’re too fat and stupid.

      • I agree Cowlia is so full of herself, nomatter what she does she still not a Super Player like she believes she is. The only thing she was good for in the house was eating and eating and eating…Evil Dani made the worse move and I agree with her father she don’t know how to play the game and she’s not a good player because she made the wrong move too soon to go against your own alliance early in the game, Greasy Porsche I can’t stand her she needs to go back to stripping, ShellHe made the worse move in BB that I have ever seen, how could she do that to Jeff when he voted out Brenden to keep her manly look self? and do that to Jordan when she gave ShellHe her phone call so she could talk to her family? If leather face ShellHe make it to the finals to the jury she doesn’t have the votes because that’s the worst you could do when it comes to an alliance and they are in the house. Adam float on keep floating can’t do anything else but got to respect him he stuck with his alliance!, Rachel needs to wake up and get her head straight and play the game because if she is not going to bring it from here on out in the game she might as well pack her bags on her own and just get to stepping, I feel sorry for Jordan but now she really have to step it up because eventhough I like her she is floating also and Jeff is not there to steer her so she needs to come hard now or go home. Cowlia, ShellHe, and Greasy Porsche is playing for their evil boss Dani they can’t think for themselves. Big Brother needs to throw in a twist now because this game this year is lame! That is all.


      • Get over yourself. Kalia and Porche have won more competitions than Jordan and Rachel. They should have won the first hoh but they didn’t.

    • Dude did you forget this is a game. JJ turned on R/B and Dani. They threw the pov that could’ve saved B and lied/backstabbed Dani. Now that karma returned the favor and Jeff is in jury you talk about honesty/loyalty. Jeff is fake and he’s sitting in jury because of his lack of loyalty. What goes around comes around douchebag.

    • JJ fans are almost as self delusional as Shelly appears to be. Jeff is a few things, but kind and classy are neither. The guy has serious anger issues, and lies oh does he lie.

      He made a deal with and lied straight to Dani’s face leading up to her exit, showed no regret, and justified it by her being against him. Jordan also suggested she be nominated to make sure Brendon went home, she sure threw her ally under the bus, hm? Oh, and lets not forget Jeff threw the veto comp that could have saved Brendon.

      Sorry, if your favorite lied and backstabbed like everyone else, don’t pretend he’s anything but like everyone else.

  101. Shelly must go!!I personally think she is a horrible person.You don’t have to play like that.She should be embarrassed of herself.Stabbing them in the back after she was so up their a$$es the whole time.Jordan even gave her that phone call.

    • That’s exactly why Shelly can go to hell as far as I’m concerned. Jordan was in tears thinking of talking to her mother but still gave Shelly her call, then she votes to evict Jeff? Her constant insisting that she’s being honest even when nobody’s freaking asking her she still makes it a point to say it, then does the things she does. Actions louder than words, and these are indicative of Shelly’s true self, in or out of the house. Somebody seriously ‘get her got’, immediately.

      • Totally agree about Shelly! Go away snake, after all Jeff and Jordan had done for her, she totally stabbed them in the back x5!

    • Thank god Jeff is gone like jordan’s fata$$ deserved a free ride to final 2. Let’s see the cookiedough tub of lard play without her big jeff. She can’t do crap and she deserves to see her man walk out that door. That’s what you get for backdooring ppl! Fake a$$ liars. JJ is a garbage team.

  102. Shelly is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen Jordan gives up the call from home and this Big Lipped botox piece of crap who walks like she has a stick up her but lesbian wannabe screws her over she should be ashamed even her daughter has better values and she will never win any money if she thinks she will she’s even dumber than she looks jury votes and her new “alliance” isnt going to help her….

    • I couldn’t have said it better, yours was one of the most spot-on comments I’ve read all season

    • At first I kind of liked Shelly with her ability to play both sides of the house but now she is just annoying as heck by going against JJ and all her lies. They should’ve evicted Shelley when they had the chance instead of Brendon -.-

    • What in the heck is everyone so pissed at Shelly for?
      This people is the name of the game..expect the unexpected.
      Shelly in my opinion is a smarter player that nayone gives her credit for.
      She smoozes her way inot everyones heart with her maternal actions and then plays both sides of the house to learn the strength in the others and then uses it to her advantage. I find nothing wrong with this game play at all.
      She may have back stabbed Jordan..which is ot nice I agree but then again listen to the way Joerdan talks about her to Jeff during BB after dark. So jordan is no angel herself. Showing true colors just take a look at Miss southern belle whenher and Shelly go at it over Jeff….
      As for Jordan she should enjoy the next 3 weeks of this show away form Jeff and his disrespect an verbal abuses of Jordan and all the women in the house for that mattter.He is an arrogant BIG PRICK…and I was thrilled to see his ass off. He went out now only with the 750.00 + a week they are paid to play….but also with 15,000.00 to his name in winnings.
      Also why should Jordan win..she already has….and again in the last BB she rode on Jeffs coat she did this time…Rachel ..well she is a moody person but I kind of like her but do not want her to win.
      Adam cripes I have been a fan since the on set of BB and this I also must say along with Dani..he is the dumbest player BB has ever had…get him gone…..and jordan as well.
      Let the final three be Kalia Porsche and Shelly. But what will be ..will be…stay tuned folks

      • Finally, someone is spot on about JJ and I loved them last time. I was really shocked then turned off by how Jeff used intimidation in his game play with women and how he talks down to Jordan. Never cared for Shelly but you’re right, Jordan is not an angel, she’s a human being and as such made lousy comments about Shelly herself. What tipped me off to what kind of person Shelly is was from the beginning. Anytime you come across a person who continues to make it a point about how “honest” they are, they never fail to prove just how dishonest they are and Shelly is a perfect example of that! And just because I don’t like how the season turned out doesn’t mean I’ll never watch the show again. Jeez, I hated the nerd-herd from S5 and the morally bankrupt souls from the winter season of BB but I still come back. Why? Because in the end, I’ve been entertained and Summer Re-runs suck.

      • I whole heartedly agree. Don’t downplay shelly has Jeff would say “I got got”. He did the same thing that shelly did to many other ppl in the house but its okay when JJ does it? Stop the hypocrisy ppl, Jeff is in jury now GET OVER IT.

  103. Come on guys Kalia and Porchse really stepped it up!! I can’t believe people are still calling them floaters. They went from being at the bottom last week to straight to the top. Rachel still cannot prove that she’s a good competitor.

    • They’ve done nothing. Kalia’s first HOH win was a trigger-happy accident, and no I’m not saying the questions weren’t answerable when she buzzed in, I actually always blamed BB for that final question because it sucked, the only possible answer was Dominic and they should be trying harder to fool players, especially for a final question to win HOH, it was a joke of a question. Porsche hadn’t done anything, forget her cries about all the 2nd place finishes, her 2nd place to Brendon’s veto she didn’t do anything to finish 2nd she sat on the sidelines til Brendon won it, and so now she wins an HOH with what, 6 players left and none of them good competitors (since Rachel sucks lately). I didn’t see tonight’s show so I won’t comment on her veto or HOH win other than on how many players were in it. Bottom line, these two are not suddenly strong players. Oprah-wannabe Kalia and Shelly are the biggest jokes I’ve ever seen play this game

      • And what did Rachel and Jordan do? They have won crap since Week 3. Kalia and Porsche stepped it up when they needed to. Stop crying because you’re favorites are losing.

      • Dude Dani wasn’t my favourite or even close and I’d still rather see her hear than these jokes of players. Brendon wasn’t a favourite, same goes. I’ve lost one favourite this entire game, so maybe don’t comment based on assumption and speculation only

      • You people are so stupid! They didn’t step it up! They were at the same lazy level, the only difference is the REAL competitors are gone, so they pretty much win by default. The only reason Kalia has won anything is because they were trivia competitions so she didn’t have to move very much.

      • @ Andrew:. Rachel stopped winning comps cause Brenden told her too, he told her to step up her social game but to be subtle about it and make people think that she isnt a threat anymore. That is exactly what Rachel has done. The problem now is Rachel just wants out of the game and to go be with Brenden cause she knows that there is no one else in the game she can semi trust or talk to. So she would rather go to jury then stay in a house where people constantly remind her they dont like her. Porsche is so jealous of Rachel that she cant see past her jealousy of Rachel and that will cost her in jury Kalia will win the 500k.

      • If you did not see tonights show then why are you blabbing away about it…..and actually Kalia is like Oprah and Shelly is no joke she is the smartest if not the stronest player…just keep watching or subscrib to the feeds or tape the BBafter dark…ya learn lots there

      • @shooting straight…blabbing away about it eh? I just re-read my comment and there was maybe a line or two talking about tonight’s show. How is Kalia like Oprah other than trying to imitate her with things she says and the way she says them? Let’s see if she comes out of this with a huge TV show and contract to become one of the world’s richest people, fat chance. Shelly I call a joke for the way she’s carried herself, I’ve written this many times now, and I’ve pointed out things that were not at all gameplay necessities, so no, I’m not just referring to her lying in such a black and white manner

    • only because there are no competitors left! now a slacker has to win comps. after yjr vetsd go, i have to vote for Adam. these newbie girls are repulsive people. CBS this is the best of who audtioned for the show? what lame choices. if you don’t have any interesting people for next summer, at least give us an all star show, no this crap! i feel i wasted my summer now that only losers are left!

  104. Where does CBS find their players? With the newbies they failed miserably. The should come lookin in canada and give us a chance! And i disagree with giving the vets a 2nd shot at it (3 for brendan. They have already had a shot give someon else a turn

    • The newbies were at first bums and absolutely useless. Now they’re playing the game and winning, what’s wrong with that??? You people want them to play hard and win, but when they do you say it’s not fair and the vets deserve it. The newbies came into this clueless and they managed to turn their game around completely.

      • What’s wrong with that is that they’ve ridden coattails until it got easier to win, and after better players did all the dirty work. I understand that’s some peoples strategies to play this game but I can’t respect it. Although, it’s not just about how I feel they are as competitors. I want Adam to win over Kalia, Shelly and Porsche and Adam has as little or less than them in terms of winning. Adam over them because of the way he’s carried himself. Kalia and Shelly, don’t even get me started because I could write a novel. And Porsche thinks she’s amazing because she finally won something and is now full of herself, but still not as bad as the other two. If Kalia and Shelly are gone soon maybe I can actually watch the rest of this season

      • K&P are just pawns of dani as A&S were pawns of J&J. the vets protected these lazy idiots and now that is what we are left with. all of them coasted and did what they were told. they didn’t start to play til this week. now of course they can win. their are no competitors left!

      • to: MJ

        Didn’t Porshe beat “Big Jeff” in a physical competition for the POV. She also finished second to him in his HoH win.

  105. I have watched this show 3x a week from the beginning 13 seasons ago. We have had many a Thurs nite eviction party over the years as well. Tonight there were 23 of us watching and waiting for final HOH results. What a complete waste of time. Most of us will probably not watch again this season and the rest, after all the crap from production this week, will never watch this show again

    • Exactly! All the production interference has left such a massive amount of taint on this show. And now we see the two best players gone in one night and we’re left with 4 complete jokes of players, nice work guys. I guarantee I will be missing episodes for the rest of this season even if I’m at home and fully able to watch. All I know for sure is I’ll watch finale night, that’s it. I don’t even want to be on this show anymore like I’ve wanted to for years, what the hell is the point when production is going to tip the scales against me if I’m not good for ratings or they’re better friends with my biggest target in the house

      • You’re comments are a joke to read seriously. The amount of backstabbing that exists in the game, oh wait that’s right it is a game, and everyone is playing to win. /Cry my favorite was kicked out boo hoo, clearly all their own backstabbing/flipping on x,y,z house guest the next week is game, but the others oooooo no, don’t you talk about my fan favorite!

        I would love to see half or any of you jump into the game and claim you’d play one way and then like every other contestant has done in the past, say how surprised you are that you had to play the way you did. The game is a social experiment at the roots, and most who play it will get absorbed into the flow.

      • More commenting based on total speculation and assumption I see. I’ve said multiple times it’s not about favourites exiting the game, Dani wasn’t a favourite and I’d take her in the house over these jokes. And my talk about production interference and tainting, Dani and Rachel among others have let it slip on the live feeds that these things exist. Dani has mentioned having a good friend in production. If that isn’t a conflict of interest to you I don’t know what is, and if conflicts of interest aren’t an example of taint and interference…Rachel has mentioned something about having deals to go so far in the game and being guaranteed jury sequester…

    • This was an exciting night!2 big players evicted in the same night. if it was rigged, would production have let that happen? I have´more of a problem with so many vets being brought back when season 14 should be an all stars season. It was a waste of time because your favorite player was evicted. I felt that way just about every year. But in the end if the strongest competitors go after each other, weaker competitors will watch as the strongest axe each other and then go and claim the $. I want to see the prize go higher.

      • Do you think Shelly thought about flipping to vote to keep Dani all by herself? Because it certainly came out of nowhere if she did, and she’s not that smart. I’m not one to call conspiracy, I was even saying ‘oh come on’ with the earlier calls of rigging this year, but unfortunately Dani among others (Rachel too) can’t keep their mouths shut on the live feeds and let cats out of the bag, in this instance Dani mentioned having a friend in production. Doesn’t that seem like a conflict of interest to you? Either don’t cast her or don’t employ that production worker for the season if you actually care about integrity and fair-play. I also heard from more than one place that Jeff was being pushed to talk to Dani to keep her, but Jeff refused, so ok cudos for not ‘forcing’ them, but there shouldn’t even be influence, aka bias. That being said, their show, their ratings, their chances at renewal for season 14 on the line, and that’s just how the world works.

      • Of course production pushes their own agenda (Ryan over sharon). But, not every winner was an evil dr. or an evil dick. There are plenty of interesting people to cast and plot lines that could have been played out this year. But last year’s ratings were good and Jeff and Jordan are so popular. Bottom line summer TV is notoriously slummpy and BB is a halo. people watch it.

      • @ MJ:. Shelly voted for Dani cause she wants her jury vote, Shelly believes that she will be in the final two. Shelly is under the impression that she will win BB.

  106. I have watched every single episode of this dumb show for 12 1/2 seasons. After all the obvious tampering production has done, I’m out. I wonder if Shelly will sleep well tonight?

    • Production brought the vets back especially Dani and Rachel for ratings. If this was a show about rigging, Why would winners like adam from the couples season be in the mix….fine your Jeff/dani went home. But don’t act like a reality show show have all this integrity. If you want integrity, watch PBS or listen to NPR.

  107. Here’s how I would love the week to play out:

    Nominations: Rachel & Jordan

    PoV: Adam (yeah right)

    Re-nom: Shelly

    Evicted: Shelly the snake

    A guy can only dream

  108. you’re all still complaining? you people are such sore losers, seriously. if you guys are the kind of fans that won’t watch just because your precious Jeff got evicted, then see ya, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • let me guess you’re a porshe fan the ultimate floater wins something YAY only took 50 days and whats happened to her ass it got huge …must be too many naps

      • Yea exactly where were the Porsche fans before, maybe they were cool with her because she was on Dani’s team and now that she’s gone Porsche and Cowlia are all that’s left of that team, but they’ll justify it because after 50 days she finally won something. Bandwagoning is always the easy answer.

      • You JJ fans are pathetic. So basically Dani fans cannot hope one of her allies wins the money now that she’s gone, and instead must either quit the show or pull for one of the vets? LMAO.

        Grow up. Jeff is gone, Rachel or Jordan is probably next, and the more you whine and cry the more those of us that wanted Dani to win will grin and cheer. Sorry, I too am for anyone that can get those last two vets out.

    • Definitely not the case for me, don’t know about everyone else. But people like to assume things out of my comments, so it’s cool. It’s definitely not just about Jeff leaving or about any favourites leaving, because I’d even rather have Dominic or Dani here right now and they were against Jeff. Maybe Rachel can stir something up because the rest will show us a lot of eating, sleeping and talking about their poop. It’s wanting interesting TV, not ‘I won’t watch if my favourites are gone’

    • I didn’t read no one say,an if they did it was only a hand full said that they will stop watching if Big Jeff went home. All i saw mostly was if Dani dosenot stay im not going to watch. i am so glad Dani is gone.

      • Yea, that I definitely saw a lot of, last week many talking about not watching if Dani left.

      • You didn’t read the comments in this thread then, Cath? I’ve seen at least 10 posts crying about Jeff going and now they will never watch the show! One even claimed he had 20 fans that would quit watching with him! LMAO.

  109. So get this guys, What the remaining Newbies did was inevitable as long as they won “competitions.” The game was already unfair to begin with since 6 players came in guaranteed a trustworthy partner and already having exp. in the game (newbies got a lucky break with the dick Just so people don’t think I’m biased, as a fan, in order, Dom, BR, JJ, and last Dani be would votes for winning the game for me. But in the perspective of a newbie player going in you have to understand that there is no way you should allow someone with you to the final two that’s guaranteed a winning vote, let alone any member of an alliance of 2 “pairs” not people, “pairs”!, now the newbies could have avoided having their “persona” stained on national television if they have gotten rid of the vets and any suspected allies of theirs in the beginning to avoid backdooring more then necessary but obviously it was too late for that. Which eventually led to this moment wherein J or R is leavin no doubt about it, unless the newbies do something stupid in that case the Newbies stupidity would be questionable(rigged to its core? beacause Kalia and Lawon confirmed the stupid part already)and that the remaining newbies are hated by many. In any case in order for a vet to win she needs to win all comps from now on, which is doubtful, and if any newbie wins, its bad for cbs coz most pipol hate whos left, adam and porshe have been floaters till now,(adam is a major dissapointment) kalia made too many wrong decisions which enraged both newbie and JJBR fans, and shelly has back stabbed every single person in the game and has done a great job at it, hmm, “winner?”

    • SHELLY might win the $500 g’s..but after her BB stent she will be considered one of the worlds biggest losers..I hope the kid don’t suffer for having a pitiful example of a mother.. but I’m sure she already is..

    • Shelly a winner? You do know if Jordan and Rachael goes that their alliance controls the jury vote for winner right? You honestly think they would vote Shelly to win?

    • u misread my…For the rest of her life Shelly Moore will never be a winner at anything she does..There is no amount of money she could possess that would buy her integrity and self respect…Outside of BB house would u wanna be family or a friend right now??? Would u wanna hire her to work for ur company?? Just a guess but Shelly Moore has done serious damage to her do gooder reputation in the real world..

      • Sorry I meant to reply to Bigbro but I do agree with everything you have said. You should see America hates Shelly Facebook page. It has grown a 1000 users since last night.

  110. here’s my take on the remaining houseguests…first Kahlia (useless fat seems to eat a lot and sleep very impressive) Porshe (stuck on herslef totally useless and sleeps a lot) I see a pattern with these 2 morons….Shelly …where do I start the biggest bitch phoney low life ass ive ever seen on tv or in real life she should be ashamed of herself after fake crying about what she told her daughter not to do and SHE the BITCH does it.. phoney ass big lipped lesbian wanna be suckubus i would not piss on her if she was on fire) Adam…poor bastard gotta do dishes just to try and stay in the house once he lost JEFF his game was gone…..Rachel..hated her from the beginning but now after whats left shes bonding with Jordan and she is the best player left in the house and at least she does have a life outside the house….JORDAN… biggest sweetheart ive ever seen to give up a call from home to make someone else feel better is a true statement of the positive side of the human see ass…Shelly stab her in the back and make her cry breaks my heart..all I can say is payback sucks no jury votes for sh.tty oops I mean shelly (same thing) and I wish Jeff and Jordan the best and DAMN Jeff propose already we’d love to go the wedding ..WE LOVE YOU BOTH

    • I can understand your feelings about JJ…But come on—it didn’t backstab Jordan—Jordan gave it the call—At some point I recall BB saying the game was now everyone for themselves…Granted-it was a stupid move–it worked–and Jeff who it saw as a huge target is gone…Jordan and Rachel just need to suck it up and keep on…IT will get it’s soon enough…

  111. OK….Can someone really CLEAR things up with the HOH competition where Kahlia won. Was the right answer “BEFORE” or “AFTER”? I swear the answer was “AFTER” which in that case Jordan should’ve won!!! If CBS is all about fair game they should redo the whole competition over again since they made a mistake. PLEASE SOMEONE CLEAR THE AIR ON THIS ONE!!! PEACE!!!

    • That’s what I said “after” SAID IT BEFORE THEY GAVE THE ANSWER AS “BEFORE”..I’D HAVE TO WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN to make sure I heard the question correctly and then go to flashback to be double sure..

      • I too thought that Jordan answered the guestion right not kailia That should be looked into I’ll bet they never will. That would not be the 1st time Julie ras read the answer wrong!

      • @flyonthewall….I sure hope that you can shed a light on this one. If CBS wants a little of their credibility they would redo that HOH comp.

        @Go Adan……It was the last question between Kahlia and Jordon. Don’t remember the last question but I swear that the answer was “AFTER” instead of “BEFORE”….and if I am right, Jordon should have won that HOH!!! PEACE!!!

      • You have to take into account how the question was worded..Leo maybe able to check on better than me..I will check with him later today..

      • Khalia answered it correct not Jordon. Jordon asid before which was not the answer and she talked about that on After Dark as well.

      • @Margie……..I swore that Jordon’s answer was “AFTER” and not “BEFORE” and therefor if Julie by chance made a mistake announcing the winner then it should be Jordon not Kahlia who is the HOH. I wonder since it was so rushed they didn’t really noticed the mistake they made and just went with the flow!!! PEACE!!!

  112. Shelly has made a bad move that will effect Josie for years-maybe her life. She is at the perfect age that her mothers lies will affect her. In school the kids will tease her and make fun of her mother and the way she lied in the game. It will embarris the poor child–amd its all her mothers fine ethics and trustworthy game play. The night Shelly talked tp her on the phone–Josie was thrilled that she was on jj’s side. now she has alighed herself with Portia and Kailia, who only care about themselfs and will leave Shelly wondering how she landed in the jury house so fast. Shame on you Shelly–you make Evel Dick look saintly.

    • Josie knows this is a game and does not demostrate who her mother truly is. Shelly is finally playing the smart game and not letting someone use her to further their game. She woke up people and saw the light. She would not get anything with JJ being in the final 3. I am proud of her for once this season. Before she was star stuck at meeting her favorite couple. Now she is playing the game and it is about time.

      • Maybe one day Josie will know that, when she’s older, but not now and probably not for a while. She seems at an impressionable age and according to Shelly, she and her husband have tried to teach her that ‘under no circumstances’ do you act certain ways or lie, so I would think ‘under no circumstances’ includes while playing a game to try to win money, which I’m sure she’s also teaching isn’t the most important thing in the world. One day she’ll understand mommy saw herself close to the end and got money-hungry, and one day Shelly will see what this game brought out of her

  113. I have tried to stay out of this but I cannot any longer. First thing first the newbies should have stuck together as they said before the Vets walked in. Second, they did not and jumped ship with the vets. Khalia and Shelly have played a smart game. I hate Shelly worked as a spy, but it cannot be changed now and it worked great for her. Khalia friendship with Dani was great and that too has worked great. Thirdly if what Shelly did (voting Jeff out) is a reason not to be friends with her outside the house then JeJo were never really interested in being friends they just needed someone to help their game advance them to the final 2. I watched R and J crying on After Dark and I am sick of it. It is a Game and S and K have played it well. I give Porsche two thumbs up for winning back to back comps. Jeff was a bully that needed to go and the crap he said to Shelly before being evicted made him look like the pig he is. J gave S the phone call and now because Jeff is gone she is like why did I do that. I can tell you it was so she could keep Shelly under her thumb if she has to ask. I thought she was being nice but it must have been a game move. R and J need to be on the block and they can send one packing. Get the last Vet out and may the best newbie win. Final 3 SPK and Final 2 SK. I hope BB never brings Vets into another game w/newbies. They can have some of those that did not make it to jury compete again against each other. I mean no JJ, BR, Evil Dick, Dani or anyone else that has come close to winning. Cassie, Dom, Keith, Lawon and some of those from other seasons that were ousted before their game even started. Fot those that have a problem with the turn of events then you must not realize it is a game with the winner receiving a huge life changing payoff. Wake Up People!!!!!

    • Not very good at reading people are you?
      I bet her x-marine husband is proud of her too…Semper Fidelis…

      • I am as a matter of fact. If she had not realized JJ were playing for themselves and no one else then she would have disappointed Josie. I say again Wake up!!!!

    • Like Matt (BBN) said, I guess Jeff is just automatically a bully because nobody is allowed to get passionate in this game…give me a break, I guess you’re not human and you never get heated. Maybe if you were trying to win 500,000 dollars you’d show emotion too. To say Jordan only gave her the call as a game move, did you even watch? Jordan was in tears thinking about getting to talk to her mom, and then said ‘Oh no wait!’ and thought about how Shelly has a daughter she’d like to have a phone call with. I understand things can be edited for TV but I don’t believe Jordan’s a good enough actress to pull that off if it wasn’t genuine.

      • It’s one thing to be passionate, but straight up man, he was a bully this time around. He said he hated floaters, but kept them around. The interview he gave with Julie showed that he’s an arrogant prick and has no clue about anything exept Jeff. Jordan showed her true colors by going off on Shelly. They expected a free ride and when it didn’t pan out, the real Jeff and Jordan showed up.

      • I watched After Dark and Jordan said to Rach “Why did I give her that phone call and walk around in that unitard? Jordan said it as though it was only done as a game move to help her and Jeff. When I saw it I thought she was being truly sincere, but her statement made me question her motive. That is why I said what I did about it must have been a game move otherwise why mention it.

      • Also Gene…a free ride? From Shelly who can’t win anything to help keep them safe? Shelly was the one getting the ride from Jeff and Jordan, having them around kept a target off their back, and they won things to help her stay safe. And what do you expect Jordan to do after that? Say oh well it’s ok? Come on

    • If they bring anymore of the vets in////I only hope that R/ J/ J / B are not among the mix..anyway Rachel thinks she is knocked the kid will keep her off any more BB well ashaving to find a job that Brendan bitched about her doing a lot during the show

      • Gene…I’m not using this as an excuse for Jeff like I know it’s going to sound like I am…but he had just exited the house on a major betrayal from someone he thought he was close to. There was no chance of a happy interview. I agree you can still control what you say, but people are just that, people, humans, I guess emotions got the best of him and I’m sure he’s going to see that and wish he didn’t say certain things heat of the moment.

      • It wasn’t that instant, They knew Shelly flipped. Rachel told them last night. That’s why he tried to bully her at the last minute he knew for half a day.Cmon, he said he hated floaters, then why did he keep Shelly and Adam in his alliance and send Brendan packing? Why did he not keep dani over Kalia or Porshe? They were floaters that did his bidding, but he was cool with that. Brendan showed way more class when he left. JJ betrayed him twice and he knew it. No excuses for Jeff. He’s a baby when he doesn’t get his way. He’s shown it many times this season. Don’t worry about Shelly, she’s gone next week, Rach jacked her last night.His little bitchfest showed that he’s a meathead. The game was played like he requested, it just didn’t go in his favor. Brendan’s probably laughing himself to sleep right now.

  114. Everyone is just pissed cause they’re favorites (JJ, BR) are getting evicted! well get over it cause it’s happening. And personally, I’m glad cause why would you want people to stay in the game to possibly win when they’ve already won before andthey are have tons of money. I want someone NEW to win. And the newbies have stepped up their game. I personally want someone to win who is actually playing the game, like Jeff dint start playing until a week ago so he deserved to go and Jordan has nothing and she’s already won the game once! And as for Rachel, she is just an annoying psycho that likes to lie nonstop. And I’m getting tired of people talking about how “Shelly is making her daughter so proud”. NEWSFLASH! She’s playing a game in case you didn’t notice. And daniele was a great player that actually liked playing and didn’t care about what people thought and that’s why so many people hate her; cause she made big game moves but people need to realize that they were big moves that nobody else would do cause their all scared. So I’m glad the newbies are running the house again cause they’re actually playing that game called big brother!

    • Sure it sucks when your favourites are targeted and I’m not going to deny that I wanted Jeff to win this year, but if a big game move ala Daniele’s mindset was what got him out, then I’d say ‘Damn’ but follow that with ‘Oh well’, because while not a Dani fan, I respected her gameplay, a lot actually. I don’t respect Shelly’s or the way she screwed Jeff out of it. But hey it’s all opinion right…

      • Yep let let Jeff win so he can keep up to his girl friend….another whats his face on Survivor…had to win (and he did) to not have his wife Amber outdo him….Jeff like Boston Rob is just going thru a male ego trip…glad your ass is off we get rid of Jordan….

  115. @Brutus:. You stated you would love to see how people would play if they were in the BBH. I can tell you for me, I cannot really say how I would act being in th BBH cause in all honesty no one can really know how they will act intill they are in that postion. However I can say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that I WOULD NEVER BETRAY ANYONE, I have a hugh problem with BETRAYAL and PEOPLE who do it, I am a LOYAL PERSON LOYALTY is KEY with ME. I am also STRAIGHT UP I tell is like it is I wont bite my tongue for no one, if I have something to say about a person I will say it to there face I dont hide behind BS. Now with all that said I most likely would not last in BBH cause I would not change who I am and what I stand for, there is more to life then money, life is toooooo short to play the games I see every single HG do in that BBH. So yes I would be voted out cause I would not compromise myself for money it just isnt worth it. BTW I dont have any favorites I watch BB cause I like to study and predict the behavior of other people.

    • See this show has nothing to do with loyalty. So likely you would be one of the first to be evicted.

    • your intentions are good…but then again you are not trapped in a house 24/7 with a group of people out to beat you for the grand prize. I think that all my desires at being loyal would go down the drain…as I am certain you would realize once you were in there..
      how and heck can anyone be an upright person when there are 13 other people out to kick your ass……

  116. I cant believe everyone is crying about lying and backstabbing. Its the game! I dont care how you play if you can get to the top by lying then so be it. Jeff told dani he wasnt gonna backdoor her and did. shocker. i dont even like shelly. i think she so effin annoying but by lying shes in the top 6. she’s just stupid for crying about setting a bad example for her daughter. and yes it was effed up to turn on jeff and jordan after jordan gave up the phone call but so what? its a game. jordan won a season already. she knows hows its like to be in the house so she should get over it and win something. if you ask me she’s the one coasting through the game

  117. God Bless you Jordon. There are still humans in the world who think and trust others. You are so precious and it breaks my heart to see you cry because you trusted somebody. I wish you Jeff all the luck and love in the world. I too am thru with the game after 13yrs.

    • boo hoo. like i said. its a game!!! “you lied to me. waaahh”. margie has it right. jeff and jordan were in it for themselves. either won wins and they split it. just because she turned on them doesnt make her a bad person. everyone there is there for one reason. $500,000. do you think anyone auditioned for the show and thought to themselves “i dont really care about the money, i just wanna make friends!” hell to the no. stop crying

      • Why does everyone keep saying ‘only in it for themselves’. Who the hell ISN’T in it for themselves?? It’s a game to win half a million dollars, you don’t give up as many as 3 months away from home and from your life to not be in it for yourself

      • do you really think jeff and jordan care about shelly getting to the final 3 with them? no. they’re trying to win and they’re using whoever they can to be the last ones standing. if shelly gets to the final two and jeff and jordan dont vote her to win then they’re just sore losers. they cant see that shelly made a really good game move. if jeff jordan and shelly were the final 3 and then shelly made it to the final two with either one who do you think the jury would vote for?

    • well bless her if you must over her cry fest last night…but she is up and going strong… …smiling and plotting with Rachel Rachel… tonight on BBafter dark..with the usual scheming and ass kissing…good old Jordan…hope she is toast come Thursday night

  118. Rachel will make it to final two.

    Jordan leaves this week,

    Shelly follows, and then Kalia.

    Porshe, Adam, and Rachel final three.

    Mark my words.

      • Do you guys work for production? Because you sound way too sure saying ‘mark my words’. I’m not even trying to be a smart-ass, really. For all I know this stuff gets leaked somehow. I hope TeamRachel is right but if laura is right then as long as she’s sure…somehow…

      • @ laura we can only hope and i do so hope that the last of the vets are OUT…..this will serve them right for thinking they are such pro players ..and with 3 of them now sitting in the jury house….things are looking good

    • Sorry TeamRachel–Rachel and Jordan get put on block…Adam wins…takes Jordan off…and sends sheman packing….

  119. woo about time somebody break jejo sherley made a great game move !! byebye jeff go let out your anger in the jury house dont worry your sweetheart floater jordan will join u soon
    i will miss dani she was such a good player keeping the house entertaining
    i bet all jordan will do is cry cry cry boohoo her and rachel should make we lost our partner club hahaha

  120. Its funny you got 3 of your strongest players gone and I can bet a floater will make it to top 2 how ironic sleep the whole game and boom wake up one day and start winning a few things and help the floaters to the end oh well thats the name of the game betray lie con and find any way to the end

    • “oh well thats the name of the game betray lie con and find any way to the end”. I concur

  121. It’s more like let the good players battle—while some slide through till luck bounces their way…

    • its a game and you might make friends do what you can do to survivie remember there is only 1 winner and 1 runner up so be good at your con and dont act like shelley

  122. Shelly’s words : “I never went off the page, not once.”, “If you’re voting me out, tell me straight up”.

    What a “remarkable” “person” she is !

      • The disgusting thing is that there are more people like EVERYONE who has ever been a houseguest on BB. Imagine that. All waiting in the wings for their big shot next. :D

      • And you know them personally do you GO in heck would you know their true colors on a TV show…lets hope that Jordan is not really as stupid as she is portrayed on BB

  123. And Margie…that really seems more of a ‘Why did I give up that phone call and wear that unitard’ as in ‘just so I could be backstabbed by the person I did that favour for’. That can easily be seen as just a friend thing, not ‘Oh damn why give up my phone call only to have Shelly ruin my gameplan’…

    • Frankly if someone did an act from the heart and it was a gift ~ they would not have any second thoughts whatsoever. A gift has no expectations of repayment, not so? Poor Jordan has negated her ‘gift’.

  124. im so sick of all the people hating on shelly for lying. last time i checked dr. will, daniele from season 3 , dan all lied in this game and werent so good in competions, as mather of fact dr. will dint ever win a comeptition and u people sit there and call him the best player ever while your saying shelly is rubish when they basicly have the same gameplay. its very obvious that shelly sucks at comptetions so she has to rely on other strategies like lying manipulating and playing both sides to get to the end. so all you people out there who call shelly disgusting and a liar are pathetic because shes playing a great game and she will get to the final three at least and last time i checked lying wasnt agaisnt the rules (sorry for my spelling im in a rush)

      • “dont play that way, its not right. she lied. she betrayed them. she should be honest.” she’s playing a game with no rules!!! be the last one standing by doing anything you can. its a dog eat dog world and cats cant survive!!

  125. Jeff and Jordan fans are getting sooo annoying. Stop whining and complaining since they didn’t play a very good game. The game wasn’t rigged against them so no need to make excuses. Maybe if they won some competitions they wouldn’t be in this boat. TOO BAD. They had their second chance.

    • I love how they’re talking about the phone call. Yeah it was a cool thing to do, but don’t think for one moment it wasn’t done out of strategic purpose. They sealed their fate when they kept Shelly over Brendan.

    • Pretty stupid thing to say…Dani and Jeff were by far the best players…Jeff was one question away from being in a very comfortable position…I would say that was pretty good…Especially, since the vets should have been taken out from the begining…

      • He wanted to keep Brendon, he wanted to work with him, but his vote would’ve been futile so what was the point? He tried to sway Adam to vote to keep Brendon, he couldn’t. If he and Jordan voted for Brendon to stay, Dani still got tie-breaker and would’ve evicted Brendon. So I don’t see what choice he really had there

  126. Here is a version of the game I would like to see. Porsche puts up R & J. Adam wins POV and takes off Jordan. Now Porsche would have to put up Shelly. The Vets would have 2 votes including Adam as compared to only one for the Noobs. Shelly is shown the door, which is where she belongs. I would find that just and deserving.

  127. I can just see Jeff andDani later today—calling each other dumb —– for not teaming up and going to the end….Or was it meant to be like that…lol

  128. cern should win—pretty foolish comment—you are another who would be leavng empty handed…cheat, lie, steal–whatever it takes…classic…

  129. if rachel don’t leave she will win this game,i think it will make her more dangerous if she’s on her own so if they are smart they will get her out 1st then worry about jordan.

  130. It absolutely pains me to see Jordan sobbing. She truly is a kindhearted person. She is justified in feeling betrayed by Shelly. The way in which she betrayed Jeff and Jordan was very personal. She should have been honest and forthcoming with her intentions. Please, DO NOT TELL ME IT JUST A GAME… Jordan gave up a phone call from home for her… that’s personal. Jordan is a very family oriented person. The way Porche and Dani speak of Jordan is both cruel and lacking empathy… poor form on their part. I am not saying Jordan deserves to win the game for being such a sweetheart. I am saying “game or no game, the way some of the players conduct themselves and their ideal of “game play” is inexcusable. There is simply no way to justify their behavior”.

  131. I hate to say it, but the two people I wanted out of that house didn’t get out, I hope Kalia uses her smarts and puts up Rachel and Shelley and get’s rid of Shelley because she is playing both sides and not even realizing how much trouble she is getting herself into. Another thing, if you’re going to bring back some vetrans, bring back the ones that can play the game like Evil Dick and Danielle, but leave JJ and Brenchel out, this has to be the worst and I do mean WORST season I have watched. Bringing Brendon back was fixed, Americans are noth using their brains, neither are the houseguests… Good luck I don’t think I’ll be tunning in next season. I am sick of liars like Shelley getting by under the rasar

  132. There to win MONEY. Three comps last night JRA didn’t win any of them, Duh they get whats coming to them

    • Yes, I unfortunately agree. If my favorite Rachel can’t win to save herself then I think Porsche will definitely nominate Rachel and Jordan. Geez. All Rachel or Jordan had to do was win one lousy HOH and they screw it up. I am very disappointed.

      • The only person left in that house that has done ANYTHING is Rachel. As much as I can’t stand her I now hope she wins. I love Jordan to death, but even she is a floater.

      • Rachel said earlier wish they could have the golden power of veto and hopes the fortune teller says something. Maybe this was something said to her on the DR

  133. I hope Rachel wins. She did more damage in that house in one night then everyone put together since day 1. Not a Rachel fan but she pulled a doozy of a move.

      • Let’s see, She suckered Dani into thinking she was gonna stay, outed Shelly to JJ for flipping, pretty much showed the house she can’t be trusted, because of the chaos caused, turned Adam pretty much into Porshe’s lapdog, and in the end, because Kalia’s so desperate for attention, she will team up with her and Jordan.

      • They found out about Shelly way too late for it to matter. Sure, it caused a bit of havoc they didn’t even show on TV, but it didn’t change anything.

        Is it just me, or are they showing us less this year to try to build suspense? We didn’t get to see R, and JJ talk after R found out about the thrown veto, we didn’t see any of the blow up with Shelly. It just seems we used to get more of the full story than we are now.

      • I agree with James…what move r u for real?….outing Porshe to the couple that helped get Brendon out of the house…but deal…and they already starting suspecting Shelley before that anyway….Shelley made all the much as I might not like her…had she flipped..that would have been a huge game move..

      • Rachel is aggravating at most, but I agree that she made some moves that shook up the house. Gotta give her credit. Rachel listened to Brendon and did not stir up too much trouble this past week and when it counted she got in mean girl Dani’s face! Good move!

    • So, she misled Dani and “outed” Shelly to the now defunct JJ? That’s her big moves? Uh, no.

      Dani may have hoped she would vote to keep her but she didn’t fully believe it, she was dressed to leave and her speech was planned. Shelly was already outed to JJ about her double-dealing. Besides, even if your “big moves” were real, what did they accomplish? Nothing. Jeff went home right after Dani and it’s likely Rachel or Jordan go home next.

      I’m not a fan of Shelly, but she’s pulled a big move out of her hat over the last week and it’s actually paid off for her so far.

  134. This is completely cracking me up! It still sucks that my Dani is gone, sigh, but I am so glad Big Jeff is. hee hee hee
    All these people on here defending JJs actions no matter what they do and dissing other HGs when they do the same thing. I am so glad Shelly the snake slithered to the other side.

    • Funny part is she thinks she’s safe. Everyone is gonna throw her under the bus and not give it a second thought.

      • I’m agree with you Donna. I’ve watched Shelly tell about being upstanding all season and she’s as big a snake as dani was. I think we should have a vote on the most hated person in America again and see if Shelly is on top cuz she’s got my vote.

      • The smartest move the remaining HG’s could make would be to take either Shelly or Rachel to the finals, because next to either one that HG would win the money. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Rachel win, but, she would not get the needed votes. As for Shelly, she can’t win anything and the vets in the jury house will never vote for her, for that reason.

      • Shelly is the snake…2 faced and a liar. So sick of hearing how righteous she is…NOT! There’s playing the game and then there’s down right nasty. Which do you think is Shelly?

      • @Gene, I completely agree w/you They are using Shelly till they no longer need her for the #’s in voting & then kick her out as fast as you can blink. She thinks she is safe but in actually she isn’t. They will get rid of her soon enough. I predict they will want to get rid of Rachael lst, then Jordan & Shelly & Adam in that order. I think it will be Kalia & Porsche in F2 unless Rachael manages by some miracle to get one of them on her side which I doubt. Oh please watching Jordan boohooing so badly and saying all she wanted now was to go to Jury house since Big Bully Jeff is gone. Do us and her a favor and get rid of her next. Please her & Jeff were all over Rachael for her crying jag when brendan left lst time, now she’s doing pretty much same thing. What has she got to cry about? She won 500k in her season & Jeff won $15k …not like they hadn’t won anything like Rachael & Brendan. Love to see Rachael in F2 with either Kalia or Porcha. The rest are just useless & taking up space IMO

    • @Becky my other Dani fan. I thought the same thing. I was sad to see Dani go, but what happened after made it so much better. I was so proud of Kalia and Porche. Every person plays differently in this game. People need to stop dissing the other HGs when they have all been guilty of doing the same thing. Everyone saying Shelly is a snake for the way she is playing and her family and friends will hate her. Are they forgetting Dr. Will? Is it because she is a mom that people have a problem with it? Even Rachel told Shelly when she decided not to work with Dani that when people get to jury they cool down and think differently. Shelly was helping them by letting them know every move the other side was doing. That was fine for the vets at that point.

  135. Why are so many of you crying about Jeff being gone? It doesn’t matter who does “good or bad” in this house, because if all the good players go home and the bad players are left, that means that either the good players have only themselves to blame for not getting rid of the bad ones, or maybe the good players wern’t actually the good players after all.

    Unlike most, I love the way Shelly has been playing the game, but only for one reason. All season, the Vets kept talking about “I’m gonna make a big game move that will shake the house” and none of them really did. Shelly did, and look what it did for her. The Vets alliance went from 6 strong to 2 in a single night, and Shelly is a huge part of that reason. So like her or not, THAT was a big game move, and if she makes it to final 2, a good enough reason for me.

    • So true Eric…

      I am JJ fan and I’m actually glad Jeff is gone. I said two weeks ago that Jeff should have stopped being pigheaded and work with Dani. At least for 1 or 2 more weeks to get some of the useless newbies out. Everyone wants to talk about the stupide gameplay Dani did, but Jeff did also….If he would have took the olive branch Dani tried to give him, this week would have been totally different for both of the. Porshe, Shelly, or Adam would have been gone (but who really cares about them???)

      At this point I don’t care who wins as long as it is not Shelly or Adam. Mainly Adam because he has done absolutely nothing in this game! Did you see the look on his face when Jeff got evicted??? He was looking like, “Uh Oh, I actually have to make my own decisions now”. Yes, Adam, grow some.

      The exact thing the vets didn’t want is happening…they were so busy taking out each other, they are basically going to hand a newbie, who didn’t do much, 500K. Now that R & J are without their men, they are not going to win much. Oh well

      • Your assessment is pretty dead on. Not a fan of JJ personally, season long Dani fan actually, but they did this to themselves. Dani was sincere in her offer for a truce, I bet Jeff is kicking himself now and wishing he’d gone after some of those flying under the radar.

        I do love how he was blindsided though, his comment about them playing the game for 50 days and just now waking up was priceless. Too bad Big Jeff, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

        Of those left, I guess I’d like to see Porsche/Kalia finish off the vets then whoever wins is fine by me. Except Adam, he’s an idiot and has done NOTHING this whole game. Talk about a floater, there’s exhibit A.

    • totally agree with you on this LOL. Last night was the best Jeff knew he couldn’t save Jordan and seeing how he was to convince Porsche to uses the Veto on him as he did the same for her LOL.

    • It was Danielle who destroyed the veterans alliance with some help from Jeff himself. The veterans lost the fight when Danielle betrayed the alliance and Jeff compounded the problem by listening to Danielle to throw the POV when winning it would have guaranteed everyone safe including Brendon. That was such a dumb move and only slightly less dumb than Danielle peeling off too soon and making alliances with the whole house and getting exposed for the liar and backstabber she is!
      Evicting Danielle is still the right decision but, getting rid of Brendon as Danielle wanted only help to destroy their alliance. Brendon could have had an extra vote for them and an extra body in the HOH which would have prevented Kalia from winning HOH in the first place!

    • Couldn’t be more right. I respect Shelly more now for picking a side and running with it. I was tired of her being in the middle and being friends with everybody. She made a big move and made it at the perfect time, and in the process made Adam look like an idiot for not having the guts to make the same move. Benefits Shelly and puts her in a good position in the house. Would not have a problem pulling for her anymore.

      • @BBF I agree the vets played badly however Shelly’s day’s are numbered. There is no way she can win any competitions and Kalia & Porsche will not take her to F2 she will still walk out w/nothing except be forever known as a hypocrit w/her statement of she played straight w/honesty & integrity. Please I’d have more respect for her as a player if she just not have made those statements like she was better than anyone else. Lying & backstabbing is good its what BB is all about, but please don’t act like you were above that & played cleanly. All she’s doing is handing over 500k to Kalia or Porscha. I doubt she will even get any votes for America’s player. I hated the couples thing & golden key. I think they should have not had so many vets in there & let everyone play for themselves…much better. Big mistake BB w/that Golden key & couples theme

    • I really have to agree with this. I find it almost comical how the power has shifted this season because of the many stupid moves made.

      The newbies had the numbers going in, but they didn’t stay strong. The vets voted out the only newbs with any potential, but turned on each other. One alliance votes out a member of their friggin alliance. All the while, everybody still tells secrets to the person they know is revealing everything.

      You can’t write funnier tv. These people have to be truly inept because the fact that Porsche, Adam, Kalia, and Shelly are now in majority is ridiculous. Ridiculous!

      • @Mo right on ..I never shook my head & laughed so much this season w/all the stupid moves!

    • Shelly FTW. Though she has not won a competition, she has been the most active player in the house. She manipulates people so well. She was right last night — if she kept her friend Jeff, her family would not win the money. Period. Her family must come before people she just met a few weeks ago.

      • @LIGrr Shelly will not make it to F2. Kalia & Porscha have already made a pact together for F2..neither will take her. She will need to knock one of them out (Kalia or Porscha) in order to get to F2 & unless she has been throwing competitions…I don’t see her winning any $. She will get exactly what she would have gotten anyway w/all her moves..Nothing!

  136. I always hated when people threatened to stop watching and never thought I would. Actually, it’s not a threat since I will not watch any longer. I will also be boycotting monster drinks and any other brands associated with the remaining three mean girls. CBS marketing, do you hear me? Hit CBS where it really hurts and I guarantee results!

      • Wow…get a life old are you, like 10? Calling them fat and boycotting shellys company…how ridiculous you sound.

      • If every one in the country was skinny it would be a boring world!!! I dont think anyone cares if you people stop watching bb.

      • @ Donna what is it with this fat thing. I cannot imagine why everyone must point at Porsches ass…I could only wish to have her figure..and likely you do too…..

    • You people sound conceited and stuck up. Stop taking the game personally and please shut the hell up. CBS doesn’t give a crap if you don’t watch. They’re already making enough money.

      • lol you guys are funny lets not take it personal I love Jeff, Jordon, Rachel and Brenden but its not that serious, hurling insults attacking people personally, WOW someone sounds really unhappy with themselves..its just a game and its just tv you may feel like you know them but you really don’t know any of these people…calling people fat,now thats just shameful

      • @fan of the show. I couldn’t have said it better. I liked Brenchel, not so much JJ but its just a reality show ppl. I mean look at the way Brenchel went after Ragen & Matt & now Matt is going to be Brendan’s best man & Ragen is going to the wedding. Doesn’t mean that all HG will hate each other outside of the show. They may not hang out & be best buddies but doesn’t necessarily mean they will be enemies either. PPl. just take this show way too seriously when their fav’s don’t win. I certainly won’t be distraught or depressed if Rachael doesn’t win. My life doesn’t revolve around ppl. I don’t know or not part of my family

    • Geez Donna grow up for goodness sakes. It’s a game and may the best player win. Threatening a boycott is just ridiculous. I see you would never be able to play the game, whine, whine, whine- well boo hoo you

    • Bye! No one cares if you plan to never watch again. Especially not CBS, because I bet that last night’s ratings were the best for the entire season. Sucks for you JJ/BR fans, but learn to move on.

  137. Sucks balls to say this but……. I hope adam wins this one. Him or jordan will do.

    This season has just been crap, If I wanted to see floaters win, they should of have just brought back Enzo from las season, He floats but makes it interesting at the same time.

    • yea i agree , the black girl the big titty white girl the old hag don’t deserve to win

      • and the fat ugly turd who didnt win crap does? or how about the nasty prostitute with cheap extensions? or the disgusting hypocritical chunky tub of lard cookie dough eating floater? you think they deserve to win? As a group those 3 won exactly two comps.. two povs all by rachel. Sorry to say but KPS deserve to win they’ve won a good share of the hoh/povs plus shelly managed to control alot of the votes.

      • Which one is the big titty white girl? LOL You have such nice pet names for the house guests.