Big Brother 13 Week 8: HUGE Twist Hits The Game – Pandora’s Box Returns

Big Brother 13 Pandora's Box

When the Live Feeds returned Friday evening we were expecting this week’s Big Brother 13 nominations. Instead we had the Newbies panicking and Jordan and Rachel celebrating in the backyard. A BIG twist has just hit the game. Details are still coming in and I’ll continue to update here as we learn more. Pandora’s Box is back!

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 26, 2011 @ 4:48.45 PM BBT on all Cams
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Turn on your Live Feeds right now and listen in and read on to find out the details!

Porsche’s bait was $5K which she took. Adam said the HGs will compete in 2 Veto competitions. The pairs return. Rachel is ecstatic, says this is their lifeline.

Big Brother 13 Pandora's Box rules

Here are the rules as read by Porsche:

All the original duo rules apply. Duos will be nominated as a pair. If the Veto is used, they’ll be removed from the block as a pair. If the duo remains on the block, they’ll be forced to campaign against one another in order to stay in the house.

Ahh, production has wrestled back control of the game.

Porsche checked with DR. Duos are self-assigned, but obvious. If the duo not on the block wins the Veto and uses it then they’d have to go up on the block. So that’s obviously not going to happen.

Duos should be: Porsche & Kalia, Adam & Shelly, Jordan & Rachel.

Kalia appears to have also received $5K. Both Kalia & Porsche are safe from eviction this week as Kalia is paired with Porsche. One of the other two couples WILL be on the block this week, but only one HG from the duo will be evicted.

Couple of potential scenarios. Porsche will nom Rachel & Jordan, she’s confirmed that. If Rachel & Jordan win the Veto then Shelly & Adam go up. Kalia, Rachel, and Jordan vote. Rachel & Jordan would vote out Shelly. If Rachel & Jordan don’t win the Veto then they remain on the block. Rachel is the real target this week. Jordan stays.

Update: Flashback to 6:06PM BBT Cams 3/4 to hear Kalia plotting with Porsche on how they can take advantage of the twist. Kalia suggesting they consider ditching Adam and Shelly and offering a Final 4 deal with Rachel and Jordan.


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  1. I wanna know what it is now ! OMG, my hands are shaking. plz someone come back ! My hands are shaking ! Plz update it asap, Matt !

    • THE DUOS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!! Jordan and rachel have to play together shelly and adam and porsche and kalia….lol she has to. Nominate them as duos and they play the veto as duos and they come off the block as duos!!!!!!!!! RACHEL AND JORDAN BETTER WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So does that mean that Kalia and Porsha can not play veto beacuse they are alraedy safe, that put rach & Jordan up against Adam & shelly I hope so PLEASE !!!!

      • Hey that is a good point! Because they received 10k between the 2 of them and porsche is offering her 5 k to s and a as long as they win the veto.

      • Hey that is a good point! Because they received 10k between the 2 of them and porsche is offering her 5 k to s and a as long as they win the veto….but I dk. I. Want to see jordan and rachel beat them cocky bitches.

    • they realize the rating they had yesterday were high….so you have to fine a way to flip power to keep ratings cause we were about done for the season

    • Hell yea Jordan is the classiest girl that I have seen on reality tv in a while and can’t belive im saying it but Go Rachel. haha

    • Matt do you know if all 3 pairs get to play for the veto, if Porsha & Kalia are safe should they be able to play for veto ? It should just be Adam & Shelly vs Rach. & Jordan?

  2. A new twist? It looks like the producers put their heads together heads after the show last night and thought up a “twist” manipulate the game so that whoever they want to have the advantage will get it. If this were a real game show, the FCC would be investigating.

    • this isn’t a game show idiot… it’s a reality show that is allowed to put ANY twist they want into the game for whatever purposes they want… if you don’t like it, don’t watch

      • Josh, If you understood my point, I was saying the same thing that you said. Perhaps you should explore the inner source of your misplaced hostility.

  3. “Porsche’s bait was $5K which she took. Now the HGs will compete in 2 Veto competitions. Sounds like the pairs return. Rachel is ecstatic and says this is their lifeline.”

    this was made for them and i love it!

  4. I am a little confused as what I just read seems to be mixed signals. First, Pandora’s Box has appeared. Rachel and Jordan are dancing and happy. Porsche’s plans have changed but she has confirmed the nominations. I guess I am a little slow because for me this is not a no brainer–who did she nominate? I read she was not going to nominate Adam but she would nominate Rachel. If it was Rachel and Jordan why are they jumping up and down happy? Sorry, I’m slow here. Please explain???

    • She will nominate Jordan-Rachel because Duo twist came back. She should nominate this duo. But if Rachel and Jordan wins POV, they can take off themselves from block together. So, that way two people can be safe and Porcha will force to put Adam-Shelly duo. So, if Rachel and Jordan win POV (which I believe they will…) they are both safe this week

      • Thanks for the clarification. I was pretty sure I understood it right, but wasn’t 100% certain!!! Glad to see I’m not the only one who had a bit of DUH moment! LOL Thanks!!! I certainly hope Jordan & Rachel win & Shelly the lying snake bitch goes the f*ck to jury to face the wrath of Jeff!!!!!! MAN I wish there were feeds in the jury house this week!!!! =)

  5. I agree completely. And all the name calling coming from Jordan has made me lose all respect for her. I am glad she is going to lose.

    • Really? Pretty sure with the new twist jordan and rachel will both. Stay this week…bet money

      • Of course they will, now that BB production has essentially rigged the game for their favor. Shocking. This is just like Survivor, where they will keep bringing back veterans until one of them wins the million. No matter how many twists or times it takes. It’s all for ratings anyways.

      • People – did you not read what happened last night. After the show stopped airing. Shelley is the one that attacked Jordan 1st without provocation I might add. Good for Jordan for standing up to her when she was clearly upset by what had happened. Shelley is a lying ungrateful bitch period !

    • name calling from jordan? uhh, ok… unless you mean reacting to shelly’s holier-than-thou bullshit, sure, otherwise you are clueless

      • I just finished telling people that it was Shelley that attacked 1st. Why shouldn’t Jordan stand up for herself!!
        God she made me so mad last night I cn’t remember a time before this episode that i was so pissed.

    • jordan was defending her self when shelly attacked her in the purple room. i hope shelly goes to jury and she will get to see jeff….

  6. « Now the HGs will compete in 2 Veto competitions. »

    Uh? 2 veto competitons? Don’t you mean that the HGs will be competing as pairs in the PoV comp? If so, RJ NEED to win and take themselves off the block!!!!

  7. O.k., I understand a little more now but they have to win 2 vetos? Won’t that be hard. I want Rachel and Jordan to stay more than anything and get out that nasty Shelly and Kalia. But, I would settle for Porsche to go along with Shelly.

    • Shelly and Kalia are nasty, but Rachel isn’t nasty? I can cut the irony in air with a knife it’s so thick.

  8. okay so two veto comps with pairs.

    for rachel and that rbat to stay, they both have to win it, or one of them has to win it. but rachel and jordan both have to still win a pov. its NOT where if one wins, they both do because then 4 ppl can potentially stay, and with one HOH, there is only 1 person that can be nominated with 6 ppl left in the house.

    hopefully rachel wont win, i dont expect jordan to win. what has she ever won by herself? she’s one of the worse BB players ever.

    allow me tor ant quickly on jordan.

    she is worse than rachel. atleast rachel wins something, but dont get me wrong, she’s awful too. jordan sits around, does nothing, get portrayed as the Tim Tebow of the big brother house. AND GUESS WHAT? Tebow cant play QB, and jordan cant play the game.

    its really sickening. jordan now has a problem with shelly and adam being floaters, but she was gonna bring them to the end. well she wasnt, jeff was. he runs thigns in that relationship.

    she utterly pathetic and the biggest mystery is how everyone LOVES her.

    back to the twist, its still 4 vs 2. adam would be stupid to pull one of them off. in the second veto its 3-2. and u have porsche who has been on fire, as well as kalia.

      • and? whats ur point? she only won because everyone hated natalie. that has nothing to do with jordan. its because lydia, jesse, and michele were bitter because natalie was still standing and played the game better then they did, and didnt like her on a personal level.

        “she still won half a million dollars” HAHAHA please.

    • if its duo’s pairing up for 1 veto then it doesnt matter. rachel and jordan working together is a fail waiting to happen. rachel is okay smart, and jordo is an idioto. like my spanish?

      and EVEN IF rachel or jordan pulls ONE of themselves out, adam is gone.

      • Shelly would go home before Adam.
        votes to send Shelly home: Jordan & Rachel…votes for Adam: Porsche.
        Go team Rachel, Jordan, & Adam!

      • if they are back in pairs and they play like they did at the beginning. They will all play veto separate, so Rach won’t have Jordan holing her back. Then if Rach wins she can pull both her and Jordan off forcing P to nominate Shelly and Adam. Then Rach and Jordan would vote together, they would choose who leaves.

    • jordan won the final HOH comp in her season to win the half mill… way to know nothing about jordan and still bash her

      • @josh

        she didnt win an HOH, she won 1/3 of an HOH. glad YOU know about the game. and she only won because lydia and jesse, and michelle wanted to piss natalie off.

        and her 1/3 HOH was ONLY because it was against 2 other ppl because before that she “won” ONE HOH that jeff threw to her.

        thats only how she’s ever won ANY competition. all 2 of them. jeff throws it to her.

        nobody is bashing, its facts

      • okay? (i thought she did after i typed it but didnt want to have leave another comment)

        ive always given jordan winning credit for winning those late comps. ive always said it was 40% her getting hot when needed, and 60% of how many ppl it was against.

        but it changes nothing. ESPECIALLY her actions over the last 24 hours.

  9. No they will not compete in 2 vetos…they. compete as pairs…so porsche. Has to. Nominate as pairs and and if rachel and jordan win the veto they come down as a pair.

    • It’s not logic 2 comps
      It should be one that could save the pair on the block, otherwise they’re toast, one of them of course cos they would be then campaigning against each other for one to leave
      So let’s hope JR wins it and get off the block then AS are the replacement and one of them will be buh bye

  10. Hate Shelly all you want, but when somebody always goes around saying that they are a straight shooter and have morals the way she has, that person always turns out to be the biggest hypocrite and liar. Learned that lesson when I was 8. Shelly just showed how dumb that house is.

    • I agree if u are all that u dont have to keep on saying it u just behave that way: actions speak louder then words

      • Shades of BB11 Natalie who kept swearing the entire game she never told even one lie in the game. Biggest liar of the game!!

  11. this is not fair

    they are to make rachel and jordan stay?
    come on… Hopefully kalia and porshe wins

    But how 4 remainig houseguest will choose a new pair?

    like if Porshe choose Kalia… that means…will be Jordan-Rachel vs Adam-Shelly only?

    Not Fair

    Rachel gotta goo

    • Your right this isn’t fair to the players but CBS can do what they want. I would really like to see the script and when it was drafted to play out I BET IT WAS IN THE LAST 24 HR. How sad BB hAS to interfer with the game this way but R\J fans will be happy. I wonder what BB will do if they lose fix the game or just try something else. Before you say anything I REALLY don’t care who wins I just fell like I’ve wasted my time watching bb up tp this point. Sad because I really enjoyed up to this point.

  12. So stupid, anything to keep the same fricking idiot coming back… So frickin stupid… Big BROTHER Sucks. CBS it sucking this season down the tubes… Not even enjoying it…

  13. Well what looked like a sure Rachel eviction turned into a probable Shelly eviction. My prediction: Rachel and Jordon go up, Rachel wins veto, Rachel and Jordan come down, Shelly and Adam go up. Rachel evicts Shelly, Jordan evicts Shelly, Kalia evicts Adam, Shelly goes. Next week back to normal. This game is too predictable lol.

  14. I hope those two j and r go to the jury box so they can be with their boyfriend like her or not Shelly has played the game and everyone in the house. As for j if uncan’t stand the heat get out the kitchen

  15. Shelly and Adam are out, they suck at comps.
    So its fifty-fifty. Rachel and Jordan HAVE to work this out, its literally their life on the line!

    • Now i saw that Kalia won 5k and she is also safe.
      So it comes down to Rachel-Jordan x Shelly-Adam.
      If RJ doesnt win i think i’ll shoot myself!

    • Lmao. A little over-dramatic? It’s not literally their life on the line and you probably won’t shoot yourself if they lose lol. But seriously, I agree that this is basically their last shot and it’s a big one at that.

  16. I will be glad when bb is over they have screwed this game over so many times .why did’nt they just leave it to the players to play the game .is’nt that what it is suppose to be .It makes me upset to see cbs mess with this game .itused to be my favorite show/not now

    • This game was set to help Rachel and Brenda win from the beginning (setting the stage for the wedding) which CBS will likely broadcast…unfortunately, their playing skills are sooo bad that it has been too difficult to help them win…this is just another attempt…this show is really not fair..and the duo thing has been stupid from the beginning…it made the beginning of the game really boring.

  17. YALL LIGHTEN UP..THIS COULD BE GOOD TV COMEDY AT IT’S BEST.. Physical comp?. Porsche has Kalia…( they have a chance) Rachel has Jordon ( they have a chance) Adam has Shelly (don’t see a chance) could not resist..Do u get the partner paring now?? this is gonna be good ..really good..PORSCHE got greedy…$ 5000.00 sure win verses a possible $500,000.00 win…hmmmm hmmm Porsche may have screwed herself..

    • Jordan has to bring this out, this rage, this fury lol
      And Rachel too. I’m guessing i wont sleep very well until i see this veto comp

    • I’m starting to think they really don’t have a choice in Pandora’s box, because you know it’s gonna ruin your game play. especially for a measly 5k?

    • I don’t think I like this new twist. I think
      it gives Rachel and Jordan too much of a
      chance to still stay as a duo in the game and
      end up winning in the end. It looks like they
      are still trying to push Jordan to the end.
      Hope I am wrong and there are some more
      we don’t know at this time that will make it
      a more even playing field.

    • Porsche wouldn’t have won anyway unless she went against Shelly. If I were in her position I’d go for the 5 grand too lol.

    • Shelly really stinks at comps and Adam won one, I think, because Jeff threw it to him. Of course, anything can happen.

  18. I think it’s great that the newbies are starting to step up. Didn’t care for Rachel/Brendon 1st time around and Jordan already won half million – give someone else a chance! Rachel tries to think of something but nothing intelligent comes out of her mouth (explains the sweat on her forehead-trying to think too hard!) and Jeff and Jordan admitted at the very beginning they were only there to spend the summer together (try getting married Jeff!).

    Go Porche and Kalia!

    • Your kidding right/ Even if she made the final two, no way in hell would she get the 500k. Left two nasty messges with Brendan and sent Jeff packing.

  19. And once again production wins. They had to do something since Golden boy was evicted to save America’s Sweetheart

      • I THINK but not sure that they were talking about 2 weeks which meant two comps & two vetoes before they could get rid of Jordan & Rachel. Said it would have taken 2 weeks anyway per Porsche.

  20. Go Jordan/Rachel. Cue the game is fixed. Pandora Box is planned from beginning. No one forced Porsche to take it.

  21. i like this twist, Kalia and Porsche are still safe this week no matter what, i’m ok with Adam going home, it’s not like he’s gonna be any help to K&P.

    besides that i think final 4 should be Porsche, Kalia, Rachel and Jordan. they are the only ones that deserve it

    • Too bad. Adam won’t. Go…the vote will be. Decided by jordan. And rachel….shelly willl def be gone.

      • Yeah dude, Shelly’s gone. Nobody has her back, she’s too dumb to see it. At least Adam tried to smarten up, but it’s too late. WWJD and the J doesn’t stand for Jesus.

    • First of all, Adam is not even going to try to win POV. If JR win they come off, AS go up and Shelly goes home. If PK win, noms stay the same and Rachel goes home. WIN-WIN just don’t win, Adams got his lifevest and not letting go!!!

  22. It’s not a dumb crap move by production, it’s smart. Porshe screwed up taking pandoras box. Lessons learned

  23. this is the best case scenario!!!!!!! PHYSICAL COMP! LET’S HAVE A PHYSICAL COMP! Yeah porsche will be good at it, but Kalia will weigh her down! Adam. And shelly?????need I say more….and. rachel and jordan, definitely not a bad duo for a physical comp! Go JORCHAL!

    • 1) Kalia with slow Porsche down but Jordan won’t screw up Rachel?

      2) Who says they compete as teams?

      • No jordan will not, she hasnt spent the whole summer eating and gaining wait…porsche and kalia will. Be slow, and adam and shelly will be more slow….greedy. greedy porsche lmao…can’t wait!

    • I am guessing on the physical comp part…I do not know that for sure..but Rachel and Jordon have a good shot against Adam & Shelly…

    • Ditto!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was waiting for this all day long. If BB left the 4 floaters in and Rachel and Jordon left, their ratings would tank. Who wants to watch Shellie, Adam, Porsha and Kalia?

    • You really dont need to call people fat to prove a point, I get that you want the vets to win, But seriously. Chill out.

  24. Should have stuck with her instinct and not opened it.

    As usual, production tries to ride to the ratings rescue.

    The PoV competition will be “most pregnant gets pov”, or “worst spelling of mischievous”

  25. if Rachel doesn’t win here will that finally prove to everyone she is useless in comps without Brendon? cause the girl hasn’t won anything since week 3

    • well she came pretty close for the last comps she was in.. so i’m thinking if it is an endurance comp she might have a pretty good chance

      anyway whoever made the pairing is dumb!! if it was porsche, she deserves to leave lol

      • Without Brendon????
        1st HOH – Dick & Dani gave it to her.
        1st POV – No one was even tring to win but BR.
        2nd HOH – Brendon was tring to throw it to her and she said she would cheat off Jordon over Lawon (Which does look alot smarter now, even in his Yale sweatshirt LOL)

        Please someone tell me why she is such a GREAT competiter?
        Is it because she acts like a 3 year old spoiled brat?
        Is it because she is so obvious when she has her “Secret Ideas?”
        Is it because she has to have Brendon tell her “You can do it, you just have to try” “Your are smart, their stupid” “Your ruining our whole game with your BS, and you wonder why people dont want to work with us” ect., ect., ect.

        PLEASE tell me what she has done thats so GREAT?

  26. So if Jordan and Rachel go up and Adam/Shelly win veto. do both have to agree on using it because it would be best for Adam to put himself on the block and Jordan and Rachel vote Shelly out

    • That would be awesome if that could work but I’d say that he couldn’t use the veto without her saying they could, but maybe somehow it could happen

    • My guess, no. If they compete as individuals whoever in the pair that wins the veto gets to decide whether or not to keep use the veto on them and their partner

  27. I am hoping Jordan and Rachel win and Shelley must go! Shelley is so bad I lost all resect for her at all.

  28. I knew CBS would add a twist because with the prospects of Rachael going home, which can still happen, the house is boring. The 2 Fat Guys and Tranny (Kalia, Porche and Shelly) would do nothing but eat, sleep and do pilates which makes bad TV. This makes it more entertaining….

    • I agree…I have already decided that if Rachel and Jordon are voted out, I will not continue to watch. The show would be way too boring after that.

  29. i was thinking, does the non evicted nominee get a golden Key this time too? since all duo rules apply. that would make it very interesting, meaning 1 from each couple goes final 3

      • Thats right lets cheat so a vet can stay and win! Am really disappointed in BB with all this interfering and cbs for letting it happen just give Rachel or Jorden the 500,000 and get it over with.

  30. Here’s a break down of what will happen this week and next week.

    Newbies are screwed. CBS’ new twist left Porsche and Kalia in a shitty situation. Lets say Jordan and Rachel win veto which is a huge chance seeing as it’ll probably be tailor made for them. Shelly and Adam will go on the block, this will leave room for TWO votes (Kalia can’t vote anymore because CBS is screwing her over) Jordan and Rachel will vote to evict Shelly. Now, its HoH time. Porsche can’t play because shes HoH this week. Kalia can’t play because CBS made it so HoH’s partner can’t play for next week’s HoH. Who does that leave? Rachel, Jordan and Adam. If you watch the live feeds Adams switching sides to Rachel and Jordan. In other words, Porsche and Kalia will be put up next week, Shelly will be evicted this week.

    Good job CBS, you just rigged the rest of the game. I’m all for Rachel winning if she does it fair, but come on, this is just bullshit.

    • Do you know this for sure? because in the beginning of the show the partner of the HOH still got to vote in eviction.

    • From what I’ve been seeing Adam has been on Joradan and Rachel’s side for a while now.

    • playing as duo’s is only for the veto comp, not HOH and yes Kalia will get to vote, which will not matter it will still be two to one, if R/J win then shelly is going home.

    • Its not really that much of a game changer, Before this they were in trouble if adam won veto and took someone off. Now they know that adam wont use it if he wins, Though now there is a problem if jordan or rachel wins.

      Its still 4 against 2 at the veto.

      And even if shelly goes its not like she was gonna win the next HoH anyway… Kalia HAS to win the next HoH if they want to stay in power, Whether shelly is still in or not.

      My guess is that this PoV comp is geared toward rachel or jordan, One of them wins, And shelly is sent packing and adam is safe to float around another day.

      Im really starting to wonder why adam is even in this, He isn’t that bright, Hes far from athletic, And he is just a fanboy. My only guess is that CBS knew he would side with the vets.

  31. It is so funny…didnt see much postings from rachel and jordan fans earlier ( before the twist ). They must have been in their beds sulking like jordan and rachel. Amazing how a new twist breathes life in them again…lol
    Anything for ratings…
    I actually think it is awesome……keep the twists coming….the newbies were getting too cocky….and couldnt stand watching the pity party…( rachel and jordan )…

    • Porsche was absolutely ridiculous with her dancing and ego trip on BBAD. Oh my goodness someone pleasse get that girl some Biore nose strips so she will quit squeezing them in the mirror! Gross!

      • Yeah…that was definitely gross…but I do seem to remember Jeff picking his nose and lot and then flicking them boogers. YUCK!

  32. It was kinda a given that Porsche would open Pandora’s Box. She kept saying she wanted to win something so it makes sense she would go for it. Maybe now Shelly will be the one sent to jury and she and Dani can keep each other company.

    • I don’t think it matter if she open it or not BB would of said do the samething because she didn’t open it. I really didn’t think this show was rigged but now I know it is and I don’t like it.

      • Of course she would open Pandora’s Box. She thought there was a bigger track suit in Pandora’s box. That and a grilled cheese!

  33. I want to see Rachel and Jordan go to jury. I’m tired of BB (and soon Survivvor too) bringing back some vets to play game with newbies. So, hate to say it, I hope one of the newbies wins BB13…

  34. Again i like a game to run like a game..I am glad how things went down last night..Dani leaving wasnt in vain, But i like this twist too..I like things being shooked up! Remember its a game! Let them ALL play for it.Gonna enjoy watching!

    • yes it is a game fixed for one or two players that BB wants to win. What realty about this show if everyones told what to do and if they don’t BB comes in and fixes it their way.

  35. there will only be one veto comp. They will be as duo’s If rachel or jordan wins they both come off and the only ones that can go up are shelly and adam, If that happens ther are only three people who can vote, rachel, jordan and kalia, Shelly goes, If adam win’s he would be smart to stay on the block with shelly because we all know who going, that would mean at the next HOH it’s Three to one, Kalia (1) Rachel, jordan and adam (three)

  36. i’m good if a newbie wins, but i will give the devil her due and say Rachel is most deserving out of anyone else in the house. followed by Kalia and Porsche, then Jordan.

    Porsche and Rachel or Kalia and Rachel as final 2

  37. This wasnt fixed. Porsche had the option to not open pandora’s box.

    The producers didnt make her open the box. She did it on her own.

    You cant even blame CBS because even if they didnt design the twist for J/R, its up to the person who has to open it or not!

    So really, shove your blame on Porsche, unless you’re just one of her fans.

    • why should anyone blame Porsche? this twist is making it more watchable. i bet some of the people who “quit watching” are back. Porsche made it interesting.

      i think the one thing that JeJo people and Daniele/Porsche people agree on is that Shelly can’t be trusted(in the game, not life) and Adam who is kinda useless have gotta go ASAP.

      P&K and R&J need to make a 2 week truce, kick out Shelly/Adam and go head to head in final 4

  38. Shelly is a goner. There is almost no way she can survive. She can ONLY survive is Porche and Kalia win POV.

    Noms- Rachel and Jordan
    POV – Rachel and Jordan (used on selves)
    Post veto noms – Adam and Shelly

    2 Rachel, Jordan)- 1 (kalia) vote Shelly is evicted

    Noms- Rachel and Jordan
    POV – Adam and Shelly (used on R J)
    Post veto noms – Adam and Shelly

    2 (Rachel, Jordan)- 1 (kalia) vote Shelly is evicted

      • Please oh please let Rachel and Jordan win that veto because as long as Shelly is gone then any of the other players would at least be worthy of winning. Of course I am rooting for Jordan and Rachel to be final two but as long as it is not that lying snake in the grass Shelly I will be totally happy with the end result and will continue to be a huge BB fan.

      • How can know not root for Kalia or Porsha. They are playing the best right now. Kalia been playing good by winning a HOH why all the vets was still there except Brendon. She have won 2 HOH’s and she could pull off another one next week. I know Jordon and Racheal are most of yall favorites but how can yall not respect a competitor that had to fight for everything since week 3 when the house turned on her. Remember the whle backdooring Jeff was not her fault Dani just told her about it. They turned and made it her fault. She came out since then guns blazing. What have Jordon done lately??????? or Racheal???? NOTHING.

      • Just read the post Porsche made about hitting Rachel in the stomach and saving her money. Sorry but CBS with Porsche making comments like that and Shelly going after Jordan like she did last night these two liars (cannot call them women because women do not act like these two)need to go home. They are almost as insane as the guy that got evicted a few years back because of safety issues for the house guests. Something is wrong with anyone that acts like this and sorry but I just cannot watch this show anymore with them on. What is wrong with CBS for casting these two nutcases???

      • Yes Yes Yes!!! Go Jordan and Rachel win it and get out Shelly and Porsche! Fingers crossed!!!

      • No way I can respect anyone that says she will hit someone in the stomach and save her $400. That is a disgusting thing to say and it is a threat to Rachel which is reason for her and anyone else that was with her when the comment was made to be evicted immediately. Physical threats should not be tolerated and that comment was so vile and disgusting that there are no words to describe how horrid that young woman is.

      • I have to say I am sicken by CBS allowing two people such as Shelly and Porsche to be on Big Brother. They are disgusting and sick individuals.

    • Why would Adam/Shelly use the POV on Rachel/Jordan? they would automatically nominate themselves, I really don’t think they’re that dumb!!

      • but if Adam wins it he may because he is on JR side and if he uses it JR would vote out Shelly over him

      • If Adam floats again, she puts himself and Shelly on the block, and then Rachel and Jordan vote to evict Shelly! yay

      • That actually would be a really smart move for Adam because if Rachel and Jordan are evicted in the game after Shelly’s rear end is kicked out, they would definitely get their alliance to vote for Adam over either Porsche or Kalia and he would definitely win $500,000. A very smart move for Adam!!!

    • After the way she went after Jordan unprovoked last night, I think this lying snake has serious mental issues and BB needs to get her out of the house before something happens bad.

    • It is funny that all the twist came when one of the vets went home. The whole America’s vote to bring back Brendon now this. Why don’t they stop waisting Kalia and Porsha’s time and just say that the HOH belongs to the producers. I really think that BB is fixed now. How can they allow Dani to leave, she is one of the best players in BB history. When Brendon left the first time it was a twist now Jeff left it is a twist. This is BULL****. Just give Jordon the money AGAIN already.

    • That has to be the dumbest prediction EVER!

      Why would someone use the veto knowing that they would be the replacement’s?

  39. So it seems that production favors the vets……… really pairs again. Guess since all the ratings went to the jury house, they are trying to bring in some type of attention.

      • Whatever…. Hey in case you didn’t notice…. the year is 2011, were not in the 90’s no more.

    • Noir- what does that tell you? That the vets are the only liked ones…id say 90%/10% lol

    • Great point. I said personally that if Dani left the ratings would die. Hate her or not she really made things interesting. Jeff claimed to be the only one with a sack but really Dani started that train. She was the one who said you have to make big moves to win. In the end Jeff move really did him in more so than Dani’s. She stayed 4 weeks after the backdoor plot, he left the same week of his ” big move “. I hate that the producers are making it easier for the vets to win. They must have promised them something in order for them to come back.

  40. Why did Kalia lie about being cornered by Rachel /Jordon??? Kalia was in the room changing clothes and they were having a conversation..There was no need to go outside and lie about it..Kalia was not cornered..

    • Maybe because she wants to flop or is thinking about it, and wants to start setting the path for it to not be obvious…maybe she will throw the veto if. Jorchel keep her safe next week (assuming things work out that way)

      • Well they have to realize by now that if all the vets are in the Jury they totally control who wins and Kalia is at this point definitely going to lose to Porsche because Brendon, Rachel, Jeff or Jordan would not pick her to give the money to because she is the reason for Jeffs eviction. Kalia and Adam better start playing smart if they want any chance at winning the $500,000.

      • agree if all of the vets go to the jury house as long as brenchel and jj stick together they pick who wins in the end. so in my opinion. the vets still win on a game level. at this point whoever wins the money wins the money.

  41. OMG shelly never seizes to amaze me!

    Shellyy to Adam: “theyre sitting over there calling me a bitch, I made a big game move and I get treated like this. I am so dissapointed in Jordan and the way she is acting, I will be SHOWN AS CLASSY, NOT AS AN ASS!. When we get out of here, and she watches the tapes back, I am not accepting her apologyy call, HER MOM MUST BE SO EMBERASSED”!!!!!!!! Ii am officialy emberassed for Shelly. This woman is a certified nut job, she needs meds…bad! I bet those “back pills” that she ran out of, were really to keep her coocoo out of her cocoa puffs.

    • Nutso Shelly. I will say though, she is playing the game. I don’t like her gameplay, but I think what is annoying is that she believes her lies. I would respect her more if she played innocent by was honest to the DR in private. I think she believes the lies she spews, which makes her crazy!

    • Shelly is a B**TCH!!! And needs to go! Come on Rachel and Jordan!! They really need to win that POV to get that NUT JOB out of the house!

    • I agree!!! I watched that and thought the exact same thing. Also shelley went on about how her daughter was going to see them talk about her that way. My question is why would you allow your 8 year old to watch big brother without having your husband watching what she is shown first!!! I don’t think the big brother live feeds is appropriate for an 8 year old to just watch!

      • Why would you have a room full of kids watching that show anyway? What the hell kind of people are those morons in that town she lives in? Apparently, she’s not the only stupid, crazy degenerate that lives in that area. Looks like they all get together for Sunday dinner.

      • Her daughter is already embarrassed by her mother and knows that her lying is wrong. Her daughter is going to hate her mom just like all America does right now. Her daughter would agree with everything that is being said about her mom because even at her young age she knows what her mom is doing is wrong. This woman I really believe is insane and for everyone’s safety in the house she needs to be sent home. I believe she is NUTS!!!

      • Oh yeah…she says the hard part aboout it is my daughter will watch and see them calling me a bitc*…but it was ok for your daughter to watch and see you calling rachel a bittc*?

      • Or her daughter seeing her lying, which she already has seen and knows it is wrong, or see her backstab and cheat. Her daughter already knows that her mom is a bitch, and she would probably agree with Jordan and Rachel. I know all of America does.

      • I actually feel sorry for Shelly. She thinks everything she is doing is for her family with that last game move. Jordan gave up her family call for that. There was no reason for Shelly to twist the game now when she was golden on J/J side. She shoulda kept riding the coat-tails until you eventually win something. Im a big J/J fan but I also feel he shouldnt have backdoored Dani. I know its getting near end, and they all talk game every week BUT Dani did not evict him. I dont like Dani but I think it should waited another week or two, maybe form good vet alliances again.

      • Sorry but Shelly does not deserve sympathy for anyone. She is a apparently a pathological liar and it seems has some real mental issues that should worry CBS for the other house guests safety. If you want to feel sorry for anyone her daughter, Josie, deserves your sympathy for having Shelly for a mother.

      • Seriously I would hate to be Shelly when she gets out of the BB house with all of America hating this liar right now. I mean she made her own bed and now she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions but I would not want to be her, and I do not feel one bit sorry for what she will have to deal with. She brought it all on herself!!!

      • And yet she is continuing to lie and backstab as i type. She is acting like Jordan & Rachel are in the wrong & she hasn’t done anything to deserve it. Just made a big move. what a LIAR!!!!!

  42. This damn Pandora’s box again.I hate it.
    I wonder if Porsh is telling the whole truth about what happened, I think she got more than $5000..or an extra power perhaps.

    • I wouldnt be surprised if she got an extra power that she wants to keep a secret. But maybe it was just 5000$.

      • Remember Matt BB12 could not tell anyone about the his extra power so I am hoping Porsche got one too.

    • She didn’t get anymore powers…she got 5 gs and so did kalia…its a blessing and curse..that was their blessing, pairs was their curse

      • Matt didn’t get a prize and power, just power..and porsche wouldn’t kkeep it scret from kalia.

  43. Okay my new thinking: if Jordan and Rachel win veto then one of them will win this game but if Kalia or Porsche win then one of them will win this game. Shelly and Adam are basically out. One of them may make it to final 2 but they can’t possibly get enough votes unless against each other. Out of these four, Kalia probably has the best odds of winning (even with the Lawon incident). Then Porsche just because at least she won something without it being handed to her (Adam). Then Rachel. I’m not sure who’ll actually vote for her to win though. Brendon, Jeff, Jordan obviously. Maybe she’ll pick up a vote from Adam. I can’t see anyone giving Jordan a half million for a second time. I know people have said that about Sandra from survivor also though so who knows.

    • if Jordan makes final 2 she will win. BC A)she’s against Adam, no one will vote for Adam (duh) B) she’s against Rachel, she MAY lose its a toss up. C) she’s against anyone else, she’d have Jeff Brendon Adam And Rachel vote for her.

      • To be honest I hope Jordan does win again this year. She is the only one that has any compassion in this house. She is just such a sweetheart and truly cared about Shelly and for Shelly to do what she did and what she is continuing to do Jordan deserves it, but as long as it is not Shelly I am alright with the winner. Adam would be smart to throw the competition and so would Kalia to try and get back in the good graces with the vets in case they all four are in the Jury House because they will decide the winner. That is how stupid these other players are that they do not see that they need those four votes or they are sunk.

      • Why would the jury give Jordan the money if she is in the F2, she hasn’t done anything in the game. I don’t think these jury members are that stupid.

  44. Sounds to me like cbs wants to change the rules every time someone gets evicted that they deem unacceptable for ratings. So they throw in a twist so they can manipulate the game for better ratings. Really in the end it has nothing to do with gameplay. Bring on the drama.

    • True. My cousin’s best friend’s co-worker’s nephew works in the jury house. This is Jeff’s and Brenda’s wish.

      • SHELLY is unacceptable for ratings or television or the human race. She is so crazy they are probably a little worried for the other houseguests I would be if I was CBS. I think there is something seriously wrong with her. Do the house guests have to go through any psychological counseling before they are allowed in the house because she seems to have some serious mental problems. LIAR, LIAR, needs to go this week.

      • yes, i agree shelly is a nut case! any one who lies like her has to be crazzzy! i wouldn’t want to be alone with her.

      • haha… “my cousins best friends co workers nephews” who has an in-law that once lived by the jury house knows the garbage man and he can tell you everything!!

    • Well, duh! You heard the gasps and groans when Kalia voted Jeff out. America loves him (with the exception of the Dani fans, lol). Plus, Shelly’s behavior has made her so disgusting to viewers (we all see what’s being said about her on here, and all of us are thinking the same thing) that she is killing the ratings. So, enter Pandora’s Box with the new twist that will save their ratings and force Porsche and Kalia to rethink their gameplay.

      Meanwhile, anybody notice that the game changer twists seem to come up whenever a newbie is HOH? Kalia – Brendon returns; Porsche – Pairs return. Coincidence? I don’t think so, Big Brother!

      • I can live with any of the remaining winning and staying in the house and will remain a BB fan as long as they get rid of Shelly this week. This woman has problems and should never of been allowed to be a guest in the BB house. She has issues and hope Production is watching Jordan and Rachel’s back because after last night not so sure what that nutcase shelly might do.

      • some of the things she said that she wanted to do to rachel when she was with dani and her girls,made me think she could really hurt someone,

      • Didn’t Julie talk about America’s player before anyone had been HOH? My thinking it could have been anyone in HOH

  45. Interesting question although irrelevant: What happens is SA win veto and use it?

    No one can go up.

    • They would have to go up. If they play separate Adam may use it if he wins because he would know that Jordan and Rachel would vote to evict Shelly.

    • No, julie said to porsche, “if the duo holding the veto does use it, they will be replacements”

  46. If for some crazy and you know there’s a God reason that Adam and Shelly pull this off. It would be very interesting to see them have the power. One has his lips attached to Jordan’s boytoy and the other can no way in hell vote to keep Jordan.

    • if Adam and Shelly are final 2, i’ll quit watching with everyone else who threatens to do it

      • I agree if Porsche,Kalia, Adam or Shelly are in the final 2 I wont watch anymore. I don’t really care for Rachel (although she is better this yr than last yr attitude wise), but I would rather see Jordan or Rachel win rather than someone who has don’t nothing but eat, sleep,and smoke this whole game.

      • I agree seriously I have already quit watching because I cannot stand to see Shelly’s lying face, but if she stays I will quit watching just everyone else forever. As long as she is gone from the house, I may have favorites but any of the other five players would totally have my support if they won.

    • this is for veto though, not HOH.. i am assuming if rachel and jordan are nominated and adam/shelly win the veto they won’t use it

      • It would be a very smart game plan for either Adam or even Kalia and Porsche to win it and use it on rachel and Jordan because if both rachel and Jordan are in Jury they control who wins and I would want them and Jeff and Brendon in my corner for the win.

    • If you mean a bold move to keep ratings afloat, then yes. People have to remember that this is what the game is all about, watching crazy people like Rachel go out of control on T.V. It would be boring if a bunch of people that like each other stayed in the house. No one wants to watch that.

      • I love all the crazy people but not the pathological liar and insane person like Shelly. She reminds me of the crazy guy that was on a few years ago and BB kicked out of the game because he was apparently a little mentally unstable. I believe Shelly is also and she needs to get out of the house asap!!!

  47. This is so much better than the big brother we have here in the uk! I am rooting for rachel!

  48. Ok if I am correct all 3 pairs will compete for the veto. Here’s one scenario I’m hoping will happen.

    1. Rachel and Jordon makes a deal with Adam and have him throw the veto that way they will only worry about Porchops and Kaligula to beat.

    2. If Adams agree with Rachel and Jordan then they can also promise him a final 3 and once it’s final 3 everyone is playing for themselves.


    • Ahh…one of those people who uses “PEACE” at the end of their messages.

      Nothing to see here folks, move along.

    • but if he stays with kalia and porsche, he gets F3 as well.. same deal, they would have to offer him F2

    • Thats actually the perfect plan… if he loses and they win, put them on the block, Shelley is guarenteed an exit this week.. Perfection!!

    • if it’s the same “duo rules” as in the beginning; both people have to agree to use the veto; so even if Adam wins veto, Shelly would NEVER let him use it, especially if it meant that they would go up as replacements. Best case Jordan or Rach has to win

    • This would be a good argument for Adam if he became F2 with J or R. The vets will appreciate loyalty and not turning his back on J/R

  49. IF,

    Rachel and Jordan win veto, are off the block, and Adam and Shelly go up,


    Adam would be the better choice for Rachel and Jordan to evict.


    Because Adam is a nice guy who has played well compared to the snake-like qualities of Shelly. The jury would vote for Adam before they would vote for Shelly.

    It is smarter for Rachel and Jordan to plan to sit next to Shelly (if not each other) over Adam.

      • I want Shelly humiliated (blood). I also want Rachel and Jordan to win at this point. I’m keeping the goal in mind.

      • No way Shelly needs to go just because the woman is a snake and I believe certifiable crazy. I honestly believe Rachel and Jordan would both give up any chance of winning just to have the satisfaction of getting that lying hypocrite out of the house.

      • Essie, you make me laugh my ass off everyday. My adult grandchildren say that I should have put “LMAO”, but I just have to say it. Too late for game talk is right!

    • however, if Adam goes against either Jordan or Rachel he would lose. No one really wants him to win this.

  50. Jordan won’t make the final two. Everybody knows that she will win it almost hands down. The only person that has a decent shot at beating her is Adam. The only person he pissed off was Dani and the way he’s playing, he ain’t pissing off anybody else.

    • no, Adam would lose. sorry. Jordan would have Rach, Jeff, Brendon, And Dani (she hates Adam’s game play) the other 3 wouldn’t even matter.

      • Dani would never vote for Adam. Not for all the tea in China, not for a lifetime supply of mustache remover,hair dye and batteries for her dildos. Dani holds one hell of a grudge, remember?

      • But having said that, Rach and Brendan wouldn’t vote for Jordan just for the fact she has already won it and sorry to say, As pathetic as Adam is, he played a game a smidge more than Jordan has and that’s really what thier vote will be based on if it came down to those two. When they find out tha Jordan Pawned herself to get rid of Brendan, game over man, game over.

      • no R and B would vote Jordan over Adam. They don’t want to see newbies win this. At this point no one is really holding her winning already against her. And honestly, if she makes it to the end again she deserves to win.

      • He’s gone against Jeff one time and made up his own mind. That’s why I say his game is a amidge better. Jordan has sat back and let Jeffy do the work. Take off the JJ blinders.

    • The jury doesn’t vote for who they like best, they vote for who played the best game. Jordan may not have done much in her season but she was up against natalie who did even less. Also, neither Shelly nor Adam have any shot at winning as no one in the jury has any respect for their gameplay.

      • Did you watch season 4 with jun and alison? Jun played the game the best between the two of them but lost in a 6-1 vote. If they respect Jordan’s gameplay this time around, they’re stupid. She’s has no game this season. Now they’ve paired her up with Rach so Rach can carry her to the final.

  51. Porsche should go and make a final 3 deal with R&J. that trio would be unstoppable against the other 3 and if Porsche want to win, she NEEDS to be sitting next to a Vet

    • How do you figure she would win? If she sat next to Jordan she would lose, if she sat next to Rachel she would probably still lose.

  52. I have to tell u guys that yesterday I wanted the newbies to win…Couldn’t stand Rachel and Jordan. The oh poor us routine got old quick, They had no one to blame but themselves for not winning comps..But after Porsche’s and Adam’s comments about “abortion” I am disgusted. They are idiots. I have now flipped to Rachel and Jordan. Just please don’t call me Shelly.

      • I didn’t care for the “poor me” routine either but I didn’t care for Kalia, Porsche, and Shelly talking about how R/J were in there crying and Kalia said they have to suck it up they made a wrong game move. I wanted to say “Ummm and who was in the have not room just earlier that day and all week crying I think it was you and Dani you stupid Bitch”

      • That is exactly what I mean they moaned and cried and bitched all week and now they have no right to open up their fat ugly mouths. I have always been a Jordan and Rachel fan, but just seeing them makes me sick to my stomach but as long as Shelly gets thrown out of the house I will keep watching just for giggles, but if she stays done with BB FOREVER!

      • AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh those two. Brendan cheats and she gets knocked up.

      • She told Jordan today, in the bathroom, around 3:30ish PST.

        Brenchel’s baby’s possible date of conception: on or about July, 11, 2011 in the HOH, 3:41 am Flashback time.

    • being “late” can also be caused from STRESS – and rachel has been through alot of that lately!

      worst part is… porsche made a comment earlier about rachel possibly getting hit in the stomach during the veto comp saying it would “save her 400 bucks” (cost of an abortion)

      ugh. porsche disgusts me.

      • OMG, that is so disgusting!!! How can anyone be so damn cruel and hateful. No wonder her and Shelly have become buddy buddy. They are both total bitches!! Now both Shelly and Porsche need to go asap!!!!!

      • Rachel made a comment the other day that her period was late. Right away Porsche & Dani started the preggo smack talk. They are despicable girls.

      • I am with you stress and probably the slop does not help. I could have swore, that she had started the week Brendon was voted out. She was apologizing and Brendon said she was starting her period.

  53. Wow how. The tables have turned lmao…everyone is already discussing possibly dealing with rachel and jordan…….hahahahahaah this is great… so much for that F4

      • S they have been the WHOLE SEASON…..tell me how 4 grown women literallyy spend an entire sumemr talking about another woman lol..just pathetic

    • vet fan whay do you mean by saying: ”everyone is already discussing possibly dealing with rachel and jordan”
      could you be more specific please?

      • Adam was talking about it…and then kalia. And porsche. Were talking about. Making a F4 deal wiht jorchel now instead of their crew they. Have now.

  54. wouldn’t it be cool if adam did win and cbs said kalia now had to partner with shelly as a replacement nom and doesnt get free week plus 5k!

      • he’s the floater where have you been he only one the pov because jeff threw it for him. incase thats not what you mean he’s the only dude in the house besides shelly!

  55. Porsche nominates Rachel and Jordan
    Kalia Porsche or Shelly win veto
    Nominations stay the same
    Jordan or Rachel get evicted
    bye bye bitches -janelle

  56. well this is a perfect situation for Rachel and Jordan. They should now increase their odds by having Adam not try so hard in the competition (no problem there) by promising him they will not vote him out if he and Shelly get put up and tell him he’s guaranteed final 3 with them over final 4 with PKSA also hint hint they control the jury votes too

  57. YES!
    The chances of my girl Rachel staying just went up so much. If Adam plays and wins the veto, he oughta use it. In that case Rachel and Jordan would keep him. If Rachel or Jordan win, same thing happens.

    Hopefully Kalia and Porsche actually do make this deal with Rachel and Jordan.
    OH, how I live the power of Pandora’s box!

    • i want rach to win she needs the money for therepy and maybe her new baby on the way! LMAO Oh and couples therepy with Brendon as well! Go rach!

      • If Rachel really is pregnant (they haven’t let her do a pregnancy test yet, I think she said), do you think they might give her the America’s Favorite money? Because I know they do that sometimes for HGs whose families have suffered through some calamity while they were on the show (not claiming that’s how Brit got it last year because I honestly don’t know what her popularity percentages were, but I know they did do it before, just don’t remember the HG’s name or what season it was).

  58. Wow Porsha saying maybe someone can throw a ball at Rachel’s pregnant stomach at this point between you or Shelly take a pick for worst

      • It has nothing to do with Rachel and Jordon in the house. It’s illegal and immoral to cause someone physical harm, especially if Rachel is in a delicate condition. If they were to do something like that, there would have to be some serious consequences.

    • thats flat out uncalled for why be mean to the kid! I hope she dont have any children of her own!

      • itmade me so mad that I switch from cheering for the newbies to cheering for rachel or jordan to win

    • porsche is making lots of comments about rachel & abortion. she said getting hit in the stomach would save rachel 400 bucks….

      whether you like rachel or not – that’s not cool.

      • omg i bet cbs wont show that comment on the actual show. I really dislike Porsha more by the minute. she a class a b_ _ _ _! and wht gives the rest of us women a bad rep!

      • Before Porsche went in the house she said she is going to lay low and then win comps at the end and she said she is planning on being the bitch of the house.

    • you know in the begining she defended porsha against cassie and now she goes and says something so cruel. id love to see rach punch her in the face if it wasnt for her being thrown from the game!Go Rach sorry jordan you won your season already! if rach goes then go jordan!

      • i think production should step in under circumstances like this and tell porsche to shut the f up. SOME THINGS should be strictly off limits – and this is one of them.

        i don’t think rachel knows yet that porsche said that… she will be devastated when she finds out – understandably.

        anyway, i wonder how porsche knows an abortion costs 400 bucks? hmmm…

    • Does Porsche not realize that if Rachel is pregnant and something happens to the baby from a stupid move like that, it could be considered some type of murder? Maybe someone needs to throw that ball and Porsche’s butt and see if it will get rid of some of the fat that has been gained since she went into the house! Geez! What a winner she was to pick for a houseguest!

      • yea… she has developed a big bootie since she’s been the BB house. must be why she wears sweats most of the time – they stretchhhhh!
        i also noticed quite the “muffin top” around the waist of her jeans in last nite’s pov comp.
        eat another cookie porsche!!

      • I know a lot of my friends let their kids watch this show Im sure CBS knows that they will never let that come out just in case she wins that been said I dont care who u are rooting for but her comment just like when she wanted to rip bibles pages off because it’s fun really people do u want to give half a million $$ to somebody like that? There is not coming back from that I despise Shelly but she made a GAME move this is nothing like that not game at all

      • Actually adam said the ball thing too..adam said maybe there will be a medicine ball and it will hit rach in the stomach, then porsche said yeah. And save. Her 400 bucks.

      • @ vet fan since I did not see Adam and the medicine ball conversation. But was he talking out of concern. Or did he say the 400.00 thing also. I guess I never saw that side of Adam

  59. I’m really getting tired of CBS. The duos were fine in the begining but not now with only 6 left. It almost gurentees one of the vets to win the game I think. Thats the only reason why they’d do this.

    • i think this will be a one time thing it will go back to singles again after this i bet!

      • Ii dont think there will. Be. Mosr partnering after this week. The numbers would be 5 they wouldn’t make one of them pair with the. Remaiinder of this week.

    • Stop blaming CBS for this! It was PORSCHE who decided to open the box, if she didnt, the duo’s wouldnt have come back!

      Im not a porsche fan, but I dont like it when people just focus all their blame on CBS when its the players that play the game, CBS just edits the film.

    • I cant believe how awful some of these people are,so very sad.I have watched BB sence day 1,and this is the worst cast ever,im sure Jeff Jordon Rachel and Brendon are all kicking them selves for being a part of this.BB need to pick better casts,or Im done..Im thinking the Bachlor looks good at this point!!!lol I hate that show…

      • this has definitely been an eye-opening season for the veterans. they had descent cast members during their individual seasons.

        on bbad last nite, Jordan said she only came back because Jeff wanted to – and Rachel said Brendon came back for her.

        do they regret it? I don’t think so… I think they all now have a new found respect for each other.

  60. People expect the Veto comp being a couple competition. I think it will be a solo competition.

    • I agree…I think it will be a punishments/przes veto..i f that’s the. Caso, rach has it, handa down shell do ANYTHING.

  61. Shelly is psycho and has to go. She keeps telling PKA that RJ keep calling her and everyone a bitch and I’ve been watching the live feeds and RJ aren’t even talking about any of them!!

    • i used to be a shelly fan but not so much anymore. i just hope her little girl isn’t watching the way her mom is acting; especially lately

      • I think Shelly will have to explain her behavior to her daughter in the house, but she will spend more of her time when she comes out of the house explaining why Americans are so hateful towards each other.

    • but thats her game she cant win in competition so she is mentally working everybody Doc Will did that but not at the low level she s at

      • Katie- That’s the only game Shelly has. Telling lies to get people pissed at each other. She goes full circle back & forth so everyone is pissed at each other & she is the one in the middle no one is mad at. So far. Hoping they all catch on soon.

  62. My take on the Shelly issue and first there argument “she started” with Jordon and now this new issue as to her overhearing R&J calling the all the females in the house bad names and more. If it happened I did not hear it and I been here most of the day..I’m gonna venture a guess here… Shelly maybe trying to get in a Physical Altercation with either J or R so that they would hit her and possibly be removed from the game. Shelly is mean sneaky and underhanded. Put nothing past her.. The woman is gonna turn like a worm on her 3 new allies..Don’t be suprised at anything she does or says..She is a constant trouble maker..

    • I agree whole-heartedly. The way she got in Jordan’s face last night & yelled at her was like she was trying to get Jordan to throw a punch. And I thought for a second there Jordan was going to do just that. Thankfully Rachel stepped in as the surprising voice of reason & kept Jordan from doing something she’d regret. I think Shelly deserves to have her a$$ beat by both Rachel & Jordan. And if I had to bet on it, I’d bet Rachel and Jordan could take Shelly. Have you seen her skinny dried up nasty looking self?! And have you seen Jordan & Rachel?! They both got some junk in their trunks so to speak and I bet they could kick some serious a$$. But put them together and it just wouldn’t even be a fair fight!! LOL Please let Rachel/Jordan win the Veto & send Shelly out the door.

      Thanks Matt (BBN) for keeping us updated as best you can!!! You kick ass!!!!

    • I agree and I mean I think Shelly has serious mental issues and Big Brother should be truly concerned about Jordan and Rachel’s safety with Shelly in the house. She definitely is exhibiting signs of unstability and she may be certifiable. Hoping Jordan and Rachel win veto and Shelly gets sent packing just so everyone will be safe because do believe there is a safety issue in the house with Shelly going crazy and attacking Jordan like she did.

      • Sher, are you serious, what pathetic drama, safety issues, oh my God unbelievable. The people outside of the house are crazier than the people in the house.

    • Shelly was mad this morning because she said good morning to Jordo and Jordo just looked at her. She wasted little time in running to the others and complaining of the look Jordo gave her.

  63. Dear Big Brother Network (Matt),
    I freaking LOVE you and this sight!!! I’ve basically stopped watching the show except on Thursdays for eviction. I use this handy-dandy sight & facebook (and my brother who has live feeds) to find out what is up in the house. I think your thoughts are enlightening and many times side splitting funny!!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to do this site!!!! I hope to see you back again next season!!!!

    Mels =)

  64. Both Shelly and Kalia betrayed their alliance in week 1, which gave the vets the upper hand. For that, I don’t want to see either win.

    • Porsche pretty much changed sides also all be it later on..really don’t like any of those 3

  65. Just got an interesting email from a VERY reliable source, A well known actor wants 100,000 signatures to boycott BB if Jordan makes final 2, because he says it IS production making sure she wins . I hate R&J, I am on board

  66. At this point in the game, I wonder why you’d want to open Pandora’s box. The chances are that it is going to put you at a disadvantage, so why risk it? Not opening it would also screw with the way CBS wants the game to play out too.. lol.

    • it would be very hard to turn down $5000, you might be voted out winning nothing. that’s why most people take the money. but i do agree, it’s a way for BB to manipulate the game

      • Yeah but Porsche (with Kalia and maybe Shelly) was pretty much in control so she has more to lose than to gain. I’d understand if the HOH was in a minority alliance though…

      • right now tho. we are taking her word that that is all she got. she may be lying. she may have gotten some special “magical powers” (Lawon was in the box)

      • lmao..u calling LaWon a magical What they gonna do?? Have a comp to see which one can wear the same clothes for 2/3 days at time with no Shower??


  68. CBS let Jeff and Jordan and their entitled attitude reign for a whole week and make Danielle and everyone bow down to them. Jordan criticized Danielle for being upset. CBS could not let jordan suffer for a half a day and then they had to change things up. Americas sweetheart showed her true colors with her mouth last night. Also changing things so quickly . Danielle is right . Just write the check out to Jordan. She has done zip.

      • Has Shelly or Adam done anything to win?? I do give a bit of credit to R/K/P as they have won something as has Jordon..

    • well if we all remember well, she didn’t want to come to the show, she just came because wanted to be part of it and asked her to be his partner
      that’s all, so if she wasn’t that active physically is just beacause she wasn’t in for the game but mentally she helped Jeff with lots of stuff and pointed some good points as well

    • Lawd have mercy! While I have stated before that Jordy and her sweetness is “nothing special” to me because I know plenty of people like her. The thing is, just because Jordy is sweet that does not mean she has to take stuff lying down. She has a right to be upset even if it is a game. Just the same way I defended Dani for being upset, I will defend Jordon. Just so yall know..nice, country girls like Jordon (and myself) will cuss a person out when necessary. Another thing girls like us do is pick ourselves up, shake it off, kick some butt and say good game!

  69. Seriously who is Adam? I have been watching this season since episode one, and no one named Adam has made any relivance to the show :P

  70. Why is it J7J can get in everyones face and that is ok but if anyone else does it ya’ll have a fit. Jeff going out the door last night, PRICELESS, hope Jordan goes next

    • Why is that TEAM DANI supporters can’t see both sides of the games. Was J&J hiding peoples stuff…were they putting additives in the drinks?? were they constantly bad mouthing any and everybody…I did not see it if they were doing it..So GO FIGURE UR REASONING..

  71. @CT, As a person who has lost a baby due to miscarriage the comment made by Porsche is appalling. She is a wicked nasty dirty girl. CBS needs to call her to the DR and tell her to stop immediately with those kinds of comments or she needs to go. I think Porsche came on BB for free food and free room and board for the summer. I am disgusted with her right now. Shame on you, Porsche.

    • I agree CBS really picked them this year. We have the certifiable lying nut, Shelly, the wicked nasty girl, Porsche, and the others. This has to be one of the worst casts CBS has ever had on Big Brother next to the year they had that other guy that they kicked out because of safety issues. Believe, they need to get rid of Shelly because I think she could potentially harm Jordan after last nights attack on her.

    • well said
      don’t understand why they allow all this bullying and stealing
      Rachel was called right away to return Dani’s plush toy and even if some said maybe just because Dani was leaving, still they should ask the rest to return her stuff
      miscarriage is a serious matter and it affects deeply the woman if it happens to her
      it took me a year to get over it
      these girls are so mean, OMG we have to blame their mothers too, didn’t raise them well
      too bad

    • I don’t have the live feeds, but based on what everyone is writing, I think they should ixnay the comments and they shouldn’t be letting people put stuff in other people’s food. What comes around goes around and based on Porsche’s growing waistline, she puts away a lot of food. Somebody is gonna mess with her food. Agreed with the free food comment. I just wish Betty White would come bedazzle Porsche’s track suits. You know, class them up a little bit! ; )

    • @Lynn, I kind of understand what both you & anonymous are saying. I have never experienced the loss of an unborn child, but I have a friend who went through a medically necessary abortion that look over a year for her to overcome – it was awful.

      I think Porsche believes that taking cheap shots at Rachel makes her “likeable” in the eyes of the Rachel haters who watch this show. Little does she know that THIS ONE is going to backfire on her – BIG TIME.

      As “vet fan” stated earlier, ADAM was right in there with Porsche on the ball throwing/abortion trash talk, too….
      Can’t imagine what he was thinking, but I wonder what his girlfriend will have to say about that…

  72. I have only one word for Shelly. Crazy. She is an absolute lune. I hope Jordon and Rachael cut her a new one.

  73. Imagine if rachel or jordan go home even with this twist in their favor lol that would be hilarious.

  74. Pandora’s box is a lot like Rachel’s box. You go in there and its a mistake that will stay with you for a long time.

  75. Seriously did Porsche loose her luggage before the show, she was been wearing the same 3 sweat suits for weeks now, whats the deal. She does not have any cute clothes??

  76. Who wants odds that Jordan’s edit will include none of the new words she has added to her vocabulary this week.

    • I don’t know, maybe it will, but will just be bleeped out. I watched it on YouTube (I don’t have the live feeds) and she was 100% justified. Shelly is a piece of trash. She gives he/she’s everywhere a bad name.

    • whow if u r rooting for JOrdan not to win because u dont like her or whatever thats ok But by doing that u justify Shellies actions and Porsha saying lets throw a ball to Rachel stomach so she will save $400 on an abortion

  77. What is great is this next HOH probably will be endurance. Porsh will not be able to play. Question, if Shelly is evicted, what happens to Adam as far as having a pair?

  78. Poor Jordan is afraid her Grandpa and her mom is going to be upset because of the fight between Her and Shelly.I think they are going to be proud she stood up for herself.

    • they should be cos still she is well behaving
      not trashing and gossiping and bullying like the other 3 urghh

    • as a mother myself, I’d be proud she stood up to her after being ambushed w/out being provoked. I understand we should respect our elders – but she’s shown no respect toward Jordan.

      • I still think that Shelly is trying to PROVOKE Jordon or Rachel to hit her….That woman is a sad case..

      • CBS needs to evict Shelly before she does something to Jordan or Rachel, and as a mother I am proud of Jordan for standing up to that lying snake. Jordan was standing to up the evil that is in that house and that is Shelly!!!! That woman is totally nuts!!

      • You guys do know this is a game where you will be betrayed/backstabbed … if poor ole Jordan couldn’t handle that then she shouldnt have signed up for the show.
        Jeff wasust as bad as anyone else … except he did all the backstabbing/talking bad about others behind closed doors …he didnt have the balls to say it to anyone’s face

      • I’m talking assualt..physical contact….GRASP THAT..a serious issue if carried out..The woman is 41 yrs old..A company vice president of sales married with a child ..well educated ..well traveled BUT she acts like a crack addict needing a fix or an alcoholic needing a drink..GRASP THAT ..The woman has serious issues..

      • So do you flyonthewall….I mean you were the one talking about how she is like Casey Anthony. Talk about serious issues.

      • I use to think Shelly was ok, and I know its a game but I have never seen anyone who can lie and get so upset when caught in a lie, Jordon took her at her word and I understand why she felt betrayed. I would like nothing better than to see Shelly go home. She is worthless

      • You are so right! I think Jordan did great. Shelly is not who she preaches about. She is lieing trash and I would hate to be her when she goes home, and has to explain to her daughter why her mother is a lieing cheat who acted like she was trash. Hate her. And after what Jordan did for her. I don’t know how she can live with herself.No concience I guess.

  79. Has anyone watched Monster with Charlize Theron? That’s SHELLY right there! It’s virtually the same person!

    • Ontariostr8, that’s not nice at all. Monster was much prettier!!!!! No need to insult the hooker!!!!

    • Ontariostr8- I love ur comment about Monster! How true-Shelly is such a dude-she cant even walk right!!!

    • so I see lying is bad … but it’s ok to make fun of the way people look … you’re just as bad as Shelley if not worse for making fun of someones appearance

      • Lying is not the only issue here with Shelly. She constantly gave her word to Jordan and Jordan gave her word to Shelly, but at the last minute before goingon live TV Shelly announces what we all knew, that it was shelly starting the rumors, instigating fights, lying cheating misrepresenting herself and giving her word on her love of her child as well as crying over lying to someone and now her kid will see it and know her mother is lyng and it will traumatize her child. She is simply mean and an ugly person and now all of America knows it. In my opinion she just knocked Casey Anthony out of first place most hated woman in the US. ahh thats all

      • Sally, you think Shelly is worse than Casey Anthony ( whom by the way most people believe she murdered her child )there is really a pararell between the two? ITS A GAME PEOPLE !!!!!!! let her deal with her outside issues when she leaves.

    • Lmao yall are wild!! but I agree I cant stand that woman, just the thought of her urks me ugh

  80. Yall gotta hold the fort down..I gotta go to midnight land back about 3 am to see what I have missed ..if anything..

  81. I dont think P&K realize Jordan will win the money if they take her to the final 3 with them…

    Its in their best interest to get out jordan now, Then rachel next week.

      • I am praying either Jordan or Rachel win POV. Then Shelly and Adam go up and the look on Shelly’s face when she’s voted out will be priceless.

      • It has to be a comp that Rachel will have an advantage in. They are going to do for Rachel what they did for Judas in week four when she won HOH to stay in the game. GO BIG RED!

  82. Jordan needs to grow up. She is more worried about people making fun of her. She made a decision to trust someone and they let her down. That will happen many times in life. Move on!! her problem is she things that no one has the right to do that to her. Danielle trusted jordan and Jeff and they let her down.
    She is not the only person to be tricked in the big brother House.
    Grow Up!!!!

    • George, what you do not get is that Jordan is the kindest person in this house and she believed that Shelly was her friend, and when she told that lying skank that she did not want to talk to her she got in her face and started screaming at her. In my opinion, it is Shelly that needs to grow especially as old as she already is and she has a child and acts this way. She is a disgusting example of a mother!!

      • Hello … but you don’t go on Big Brother to make friends… if Jordan wante to make new friends, she shoulda gone to play at the playground instead

      • My god it is a game. They are there to win not support someone else to win. Shelly has no skills so she did what she could to get where she is. She had guts to stop setting JJup for the win. They all lie, It is part of the game. She came in like a mom everyone trusted her and than she went to work to advance herself. I think she is a great player.

      • How is good for Jeff and Jordan to backdoor Dani to better their game, but and for no one else can mae a game move to better their game. What a joke! They are suppose to try to win $500,000 not help some else get the money.

      • I totally agree with the reply to George here but I have one question… seriously George who on earth would have any cause to say anything mean about Jordan? She is the sweetest girl on any gameshow I have ever seen, why put her down for tears … geez your life must be completely empty to want to put down Jordan for any reason. It may be a game they are playing, but when people watch these programs they come to know character and Jordan is the top just like on Deadliest Catch when Phil died, I cried for weeks. I cried when I saw Jordan cry. yeah I am a girl … much better that then a heartless whatever you are George

      • Plain and simple Jeff and Jordan are fake as hell and they both SUCK, and to you Shelly, great move taking Jeff out

      • Shelly has played the best social game. If you run down all the evictions, she has had some influence in every single one of them. She reminds me of the movie Inception. All you have to do is plant a little seed, an idea, and let it grow on its own. She is a genius at that.

        Now that being said, I think she is a worthless hag. I understand her not winning physical comps (she can barely walk), but for crying out loud win anything else. She is supposed to be this smart executive.

        But I’m just bitter that Dani and Jeff are gone. They provided all the drama. I can’t stand Porsh and Kalia…complaint central. Adam is irrevelant. Shelly is a hag. Jordan is boring. Rachel I can watch… I like crazy.

      • Of course I would BR win, but at the end of the day, I just hope sb more deserving, not because of he/she can lie down the road. Besides that, I just hope Shelly can give the viewers a break, don’t lie and cry at the same time. It gave me the feeling she is playing the drama what a criminal would say right before a judge give a judgement.

      • When some one says they don’t want to talk to you……plain and simple!!!!!You should be an adult and walk away….

    • i agree…i feel bad for her but that’s part of the game,pretty much every player goes through it. she needs to suck it up and compete for her life

    • They didnt promise dani anything. They did what they had to to get her out. Shes the one who started.the rift between them and as i said before the only reason she didnt put jeff up when she was hoh is because she was so focused on getting Bre nden out so she could get back at Rachel for the Dominic situation.And the second time it was Brenden again because she felt stupid. Otherwise it would have been Jeff. They didnt let her down. Shelly is doing more than just letting people down. Shes making this whole season seem like they let the crazy from the mental ward out. Its all been headspinning and weird. Between her and Danielle the season has bern a real downer. Im so sick of hearing about jeff being a bully!!! He didnt bully anyone. Tje bullies are Shelly and Danielle

      • i didn’t think Jeff was a bully either, he’s was just getting “cocky” especially when Brendon left.

      • Jeff was a total bully, he told them during their fight before the live show, that he would have to discuss their actions with him after the show. Poor thing he didnot know at the time that it was a double eviction night. I guess he didn’t get to have his talk. He felt everybody should answer to him.

    • Did you forget George that Dani went against Jeff and Jordan first and they couldn’t trust her. Jeff stuck with his alliance and never swayed from it. He said lets just get to final 5 and then we can battle it out. To bad that snake, lying bitch stabbed him in the back and Jordan in the heart. And talk about grow up what show are you watching??? Shelly who is 41yrs old is hiding a dog of Rachels and acting like she’s 2yrs old. Good example for her daughter!!!

      • woow tough harsh words there

        I think Jordan forgot what Big Brother really stands for the show isn’t called The Next Best Mom or Best Friend. Big Brother stands for lying, backstabbing, cheating, stealing friends wallet and then turning around and stealing your own mama’s wallet. Like honestly as much as I don’t appreciate the way Shelley has played the game, Shelley has played the same game from Day 1 and it didn’t bother Jordan when Shelley did the exact same to the Newbie side of the house because it benefited her now that she’s getting the brunt of it now she’s pissed. Anyways this is a repeat of 2 years ago for Jordan not like it’s her first time please move forward it’s a game

    • There was a reason jeff nd jorden let dani down because she tried to get everyone to turn on jeff in the beginning nd she would of turned on them again givin the chance shelly just did it cuz she’s a bitch

    • George, I totally agree with you. The other players came to win for themselves. No one came to help J/J win. Jordan acted like a baby, it was ok for her and Jeffy to plan and plot, but they truly felt no one else had a right to play their own game. When Shelly was going back and forth and it was in J/J’s interest they loved her. Jeff needed to go, and if Jordan needs to be with him, self evict.

  83. I do not have the live feeds but did Porsche really make the comment about hitting Rachel in the stomach and how it would save her $400 and if she did who else was in the room with her. These people are really sad examples of humanity and it sickens me that I have watched Big Brother all of these years. Shelly and Porsche just by their actions and physical threats of violence should be evicted from this show before something either happens to Jordan or Rachel. Very disappointed in you CBS and will not be watching any longer.

    • I agree with what your saying. There was a time when you would be kicked out for putting stuff in ppls food,or even threating someone the way they do.What happened to bb this year is beyond me.Not only that porche has friends on the production set and that isn,t fair either.I think she should go now!! Hopefully J/R win the veto and get shelly out.

    • THis is a game. A BABY IS NOT A GAME. SHAME ON YOU PORSCHE.wILL PRAY FOR YOU. CBS I will no longer be watching.

      • Do you really think CBS gives a rats a** if you don’t watch honey….(rita eads)…the ratings this show brings is not because you rita….do or do not watch PLEEEEEEZE..they should cast you in BB14….another immature idiot!

  84. I heard that this year was supposed to have 2 double evictions but when Dick left they changed it, the game would have been soooo much different if Dick stayed! I seriously think Dick or Dani would have won if he stayed.

    • Dick is a poor excuse for a man….Look what he has done to his own daughter…He should not win anything and should have been kicked out on his season for what he did to people, talk about a bully, that was all he did.. Scuzzy Scuzzy man.

  85. Let’s just put things straight. I have a list of the current houseguests and a brief description of their current gameplay:

    Jordan-She now has to step up a protect herself now. She was just riding Jeff’s coatail. Now she can prove herself.

    Rachel-She is playing cool and not having out-breaks at anyone. But so far, she isn’t doing dirty things like the other girls. (except for Jordan)

    Shelly-A liar, theif, back-stabber, and do I really ave to go on?

    Adam-Who? Oh, yeah that floater…

    Kalia-She needs to stop eating and starting to exercise. Ah, the glorious outdoors!

    Porshe-She got smacked in the face mentally and it came with a little message from Dani, “I’ve been evicted. You need to step up and compete.” She’s been mean to Rachel though.

    Well, that’s it from me. Bye!

    • Jacob I agree but don’t forget Porshe needs to stop with the comments about hitting Rachels abdomen with the medicine ball….now that is WAY BELOW THE BELT and SOO uncalled for. She is a person with a huge amount of hatred toward others. She honestly makes me sick throughout the game but much worse now that she friggin won HOH…..could she stop with the constant looking in the mirrors admiring, talking to herself? Puke! If Rachel was really pregnant would production do something – especially re: her drinking? And if Rachel really thought she was god I hope she would really stop drinking.

      Also re: the comment about Kalia stop eating….you need to add Porsche to that list also. And did you see last night that Kalia busted out the crotch area of her (what used to be) loose fitting comfy A pair of jeans.

      I pray that Rach & Jordan step it up today, win the veto and get rid of Shelly! Oh can you imagine the jury house if Shelly is next to walk in? I hope Jeff and Brendon eat her alive!

      Fingers crossed for veto results………

  86. I agree Sheri…I am so appalled by the statement Porsche made about Rachel. Something should me done by the network….the comment was serious and so inappropriate, they need to do something

    • It was Shelly, Adam, and Porsche sitting on the BY couch. Porsche said “Maybe it will be a comp that pregnant people can’t play and then Rachel can’t play.” Adam said, “Maybe it involves a medicine ball and it hits her in the stomach.” Porsche said “No, that would save her $400.” Shelly did not defend against this conversation, with her being a mother and all.

      • ok how does porsha know how much it costs to have an abortion? and why is she the only only one getting posts if adam was just as involved i say send them both packing. sorry im not the best speller!

    • Oh really, you think slopping kisses and sex in front of the nighttime show audience is classy. She is discusting, Getting pregnant on TV. Staining sheets and blankets.

      • OMG… Raunchel is a crazy B-oche. She has no class… and I am appalled at Jordan screaming obscenities at Shelly. I used to like Jordan more than any of the other players but now I see she is no better than the rest.

      • Both you two need somesense knocked into you. Anyone in Jordan’s position would have reacted the same way after being stuck in tht house for so long and then being stabbed in the back by an alliance member. And Roz please, if people can watch jersey shore, then a little sex from an engaged couple while being locked in a house for weeks should be nothing that’ll scar viewers.. we’re all human beings

      • I was disgusted with the way Jordan acted towards screaming and shouting. The real Jordan finally showed up. Jordan keeps wondering if she is percieved bad by America because she is worried about them giving her the money. She talked to Rachel about how the audience reacted to Dani when she left. Jordan is fake and it taking Americans for a ride, pretending to be all sweet and innocent. Get her mad and she is like everyone else in the house.

      • Roz, youre a newbie to bb guess how I know? Rachel is way at the bottom of had sex in bb house. so has dani.on live feeds in community bedroom with people in the room.and her dad in the house

  87. I read on joker and P/S/K/A were talkin about a comp with a ball of somekind where it would hit R in the stomache.How can they be so cruel.If she is pregnant they need to control thier thoughts and mouth,s.I can,t believe production hasn,t a a serious talk with those ppl. It,s only a game thier on tv and should respect the other houseguests and expect us the viewers to complain.Shame on CBS for tolerating the crap!!!

    • BB lost control of hgs season 11. They gave them gifts for being unruly, thieving, mean girls. They should have penalties for bad behavior and until they do this show will continue to go downhill.

  88. I agree with so much of what you all are saying. Shame on Porsche for those disgusting comments. Shame on Jordan for saying about 12 times that Jeff is going to kill Dani or I hope he kills Dani in the jury house. In her DR speech to him she said “kill Dani in the jury house’ and she called Dani a ‘whore’so she isn’t as sweet and innocent as she plays it. Shame on CBS for not finding out if Rachel is pregnant…if so she should not be in there.

    • Jordan’s behavior is really disappointing…I don’t like her anymore…she mayhave fooled all of us with her acting so sweet—maybe her true colors are surfacing….very disappointing.

      • Yea Jordan may be acting out of character and saying nasty things, but you have to remember she feels betrayed and angry and lost and anyone with that combination (even other hgs) will say things they don’t actually mean.

      • Okay, so Jordan in her goodbye message tells Jeff to kill Dani in the house, we’ll excuse her bad behavior because she is acting out of character and is mad because her boyfriend went home. Someone should have explained to her before the game that her and Jeffy might not be sitting together until the end. You can’t just sit all summer and expect to get to the end. Stop excusing Jordan’s bad behavior they are all doing and saying what it takes to win the game.

      • are you serious Jordan being a whore if she was a whore she would be sleeping with everyone in the house give me a break Jordan wouldn’t even have sex with her bf on Tv why because she has class and doesn’t want everyone to see something that should be private between a man and a women and for Rachael last I checked Brendon is her man so what so she had sex with her man… GET OVER IT.. some of yall act like you have never had sex REALLY? the only person in my books that is a whore is Porsche shes the one that likes to walk around in barely anything so all the Rachael and Jordan haters GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

      • Oh and go Rachael and Jordan get all the other people out that don’t deserve to be there Jordan and Rachael Final and 2 and Rachael for the win seeing Jordan won her season…

  89. Rachel needs to step up and win the veto and send skelli(ton) to jury -then win HOH and send Porsap to jury .That’s the best revenge against the mean girls.

  90. really pandoras box now. Vets are down and out so CBS fix it again. Allison this season is so stupid I can’t wait till another network starts a BB of there own

    • yeah but the other networks won’t have Brenchel or Big Jeff, so it will never succeed….just kidding

    • CBS is just trying to keep the show interesting-Porsche didn’t have to open the box-plus Jeff/Dani and Brendan leaving takes away a lot of fans/viewers.

      • no one is going to resist opening the box, especially if they have won anything yet…brilliant on BB’s behalf; that whay they can manipulate the game.

      • Well said, vet fan. This is nothing new. and screw it production’s had fingerprints all over the season, why stop now. Change up a game that has 4 jokes of players left out of only 6

    • Of course CBS manipulates the game. Its PART of the game….will they resist temptations?? how far will someone go to win money??? these questions are the point of this type of reality show.. They ALL do it. Doesn’t mean they control the outcome of the season. Like others have said, Porsche didn’t have to take the money and open the box. It was her CHOICE. They all have a equal chance of making a game deciding decision. They just have to make the right one.

  91. MATT(BBN):

    Did the live feeders actually see Porsche open the box? If not, we do not know what happened just like the Natalie ring incident.

    While we do not know if this move favors vets until we see what type of contest the POV is (probably OTEV), the timimg is very suspect. Someone couldn’t stand to see poor little Jordan cry.

    • I didn’t see it Matt, so I don’t know. But agreed..very suspect. I would be furious to have made it on BB to be against Vets and someone who already won half a mil. The Newbies really kicked it up yesterday and I was hoping that CBS would leave it alone-just a game tho

      • the newbies should be thanking their lucky stars Evil Dick had to leave -he would have made mincemeat out of them by now

      • I agree, it’s too bad the newbies didn’t stick together better in the beginning

      • If the newbies had stuck together in the beginning like Dominic wanted, it might have been a completely different game. I seem to be in the minoroty this season, but i have liked the twists. Has made it interesting.

  92. Like I said weeks ago, the golden key crap was designed to ensure that a least 3 vets made it to the final 10.

    Now, with this pairs crap, we’ve gone from a 90+ percent chance of a vet going to the jury this week, to a 33 percent chance that niether vet leaves.

  93. Just when the game got back to how it use to be and it got interesting as far as the fights and deals went…..production just had to step back in….way to go…..I was excited to watch now I’m back to how I was….not that excited.

    • Raunchel is ignorant so the idea that she should stop drinking hasn’t even crossed her mind — if…..

    • Nobody knows if she is pregnant, so if she isn’t, what is the problem. If production thought she was I am sure she would have to take a test, because they would have to protect her in other ways..

  94. This is what shoulda happened with those damn golden keys. They should have after like 3 weeks after they were all given CBS should have done the America’s vote thing and the 1st three evicted houseguests who got eliminated may have a chance to come back. Then lets says Cassie got voted back in (just random) then their partner who had the golden key would have to leave. That twist would have made a lot more sense because all CBS did was allow people to coast their way to the end. Also they should have even brought back someone to replace Dick immediately after he left because like then that way the whole betrayal thing with the Vets may have never happened.

    Pandora’s Box man they need to cut that out and find a new power. Like Power of Eviction so like one person will have the sole power to evict the person they want (But they would probs pick a better name than Power of Eviction)

    • I agree…the Pandora’s Box twist is so boring and predictable. They know everyone is going to open it, so what? (Even though it was funny to see Britney’s face when Jessie popped out of the box and gave her workout advice while the other HG’s got a BBQ) LOL

      I think the Coup D’etat from BB10 that Jeff won was the best twist. Having America to vote who wins it. Then that players gets to change one or both noms right before eviction was….(in my best Dani voice) G*E*N*I*O*U*S!!

  95. If Rachel or Jordan win the Veto, they are safe and Shelly will be evicted…. Thank you CBS and Pandora’s Box!

    • Absolutely wouldn’t that be wonderful. She looks like Evil Dick in Drag…Oh, she acts like him too.

  96. So, I still don’t understand the new twist. I do understand the three pairs together, but is that only for this week, and does not apply after the next eviction? Or does it keep going on until a duo makes it to the finale?

    • Anon,

      If Jordan or Rachel win the Veto, they both are saved…. Kalia is safe because she if Porshas partner…. That would mean Adam and Shelly will be the replacements… Bye Bye ShellY!

  97. Although Jordan seems to be a nice sweet girl, she only has her boyfriend Jeff to blame for her being alone in the Big Brother house. Danielle promised Jeff that he was not her target and in fact, never nominated him for eviction. What does Jeff do? He nominates Danielle and gets her evicted. How utterly stupid! He could have made an alliance with Danielle and Kahlia to be the final 4. But, then the best part is that Jeff was shocked that he was voted out!! Shocked? Come on, Jeff! What the hell did you expect Kahlia to do? Kiss your butt? Jordan should be crying because her boyfriend made such a stupid mistake! Now, we’re back to duos again. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that CBS was trying everything they could to bring Rachel and Jordan to the final two houseguests. Honestly, the newbies they brought in have to be the lamest bunch I’ve ever seen. Who could blame Dani for saying that none of them knew how to play the game! Good for her!! What a woman!

    • I pretty much dont agree with anything you said—Dani fired the first shot–fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me..

      But, Jeff deserved what he got—he called out Shelly to play the game—she flipped on him (maybe with a little help)—Then, Kalia
      had to vote him out—Jeff tried the intimidation factor on Kalia earlier and then on Shelly right before Kalia voted…Major FAIL!!!

      • When should I flash back to on the live feeds to see jeff threaten Kalia or shelly with physical violence?
        Why didn’t production step in and stop jeff from threatening someone’s physical well being?

      • After Kalia’s first HOH when Jeff threatened and bullied her, this time he had no time to spin his web and make threats. Glad she got rid of him.

      • Did her threaten to kill her? what weapon did he say he was going to use?
        Or did he just say he was going to hit her with his hands? A fist? Or an openhand slap?
        cause i thought such threats were against the rules and production should have stepped in and evicted him right then. Thats what they did when one houseguest threatened another with a knife. It is against the rules to threaten physical harm.

    • And who in their right mind would trust daniele in jeff’s position? i love dani but you can’t trust the girl when it comes to the game.. she would have broken her word. jeff just beat her to it

    • I totally agree with you! Jordan does only have Jeff to blame, he was being cocky and rude while he was HOH and it came back to bite him. Kalia and Shelly did the smartest thing they could have done at that point by voting Jeff out and giving themselves a better chance to win.

      • I can’t understand all these Jeff bashing comments, been reading them forever now and none of it makes sense to me. And yes, I have been watching. Yes I was/am a Jeff fan, but I can still point out his wrongdoings. Wasn’t crazy about his eviction speech, didn’t like how at times he wouldn’t go talk game when he felt he was safe but there was a decent chance he wasn’t. But all of this bully/rude/arrogant/everything else talk…whatever, I don’t think so

      • he done the right thing! she said shed tell him anything he wanted to hear to stay not that shed reaally do it and help him get farther. i hated to see him go. i wanted him to win sooo bad! now im hoping for rachel! Jordon won her 1st season.

  98. I don’t understand why Kalia got 5 grand just because she is Porsha’s partner So again Kalia gets rewarded for doing nothing .

    • thats what im saying! I wish that if Adam won the Veto he could save j & R and kalia would have to go up with shelly as replacements since normally if you win veto you can be a replacement. why does she get a free ride?

  99. Maybe if Rachel gets a HOH basket, her puppy will be in there. Also Rachel could have taken Shelly’s daughter’s dog, but she did not

  100. What exactly did Shelly’s flip accomplish? Dani still left. And yes Jeff left. But she tore Jordan’s heart away. Even after Jordan promised if Jeff left, she would take Shelly to F2. Say what you want about Rachel, she does stick to her alliance.

    • I agree, Rachel has been loyal except when her or Brenden were being threatened and that’s more than most of those players can say. Shelly had to flip and get rid of Jeff because if she didn’t do it soon and they got to the end Jeff and Jordan would take eachother not her. I think Shelly really wanted to go to the end with them but she knew she wouldn’t have any shot at winning.

      • Shelly’s a ding dong—she flipped too soon and outed herself…What if Jordan won the HOH…If Shelly had kept her mouth shut a little longer the snake could have slithered further…Now everyone knows she’s FOS…

  101. Need something clarified.
    is the duos twist for the rest of the game? what about golden key did that come back?

    • That is so rude! What does their weight or age have to do with anything? Kalia deserves to be there more than Jordan, Adam or Shelly and probably even more than Porsche.

  102. I think it is so weird how many of you wrote about what bad players Kalia and Porsche are. Kalia has won more than Jordan! And Porsche had a golden key from the beginning so she didn’t get the chance to compete as many times as everyone else. I think that Shelly is a major floater and a liar but let’s remember CBS edits things in a certain way, everyone in that house is there to win money. Adam and Jordan are two of the biggest floaters out there. So I think that Kalia and Rachel are the ones who should go to the end because they actually played the game and both of them, love them or not were pretty honest about their moves every step of the way. Jeff deserved to go home, he was being cocky and wasn’t thinking long term.

    • Until the duel eviction –Rachel had 3 wins, Jordan 1 win, Adam 1 win, and Kalia 1 win–leaving Porsche and Shelly at 0…I don’t believe anyone has run away with winning a bunch of comps…and throwing comps are pretty much bs…You probably wouldn’t have actually won anyway…

      • To even think Jeff would throw a competition surprises me…He has to big of an ego to consider that happening…Making someone think he is trying to throw one is something else however…

    • Mary…You spoke of the movie that Jordan won, refresh my memory, I think I remember that her and Jeff saw it, but didn’t see pick 2 others also, just can’t remember who???

  103. You know the newbies have been there long enough that they are not “new” anymore. The childish behavior is the difference between J/R and even Adam. So when they lose, they can not blame it on Rach or Jordon because they have been there before. They can blame it on themselves for taking lessons from Dani.

  104. Porche & Kalia are stupid to target Rachel. They should have been afraid of Jordan. Jordan have won the game quietly before, they might not win the game if Jordan is in final 2 with them.. Stay toon who will fall victim Rachel or Jordan ? Adam or Shelly ? Just wait and see no choice if Rachel & Jordan wins veto.. ; )

  105. I can’t believe Porsche has been allowed to stay in the house after spiking the shake powder and threatning to kick Rachel in the stomach! Rachel saved and defended Porsche at the beginning of the game. That’s enough to earn a bit of loyalty and respect from Porsche. Specially when Rachel was upset about her partner being evicted. Porsche should have been a better friend and tried to stand by and help Rachel. Shelly and Porsche are poor excuses for human beings. Their selfish, backstabbing, mean people. Hope Rachel is back to her competitive winning ways. She needs this win.

  106. Read this blog and the twist but…. truly believe PRODUCTION is attempting to SAVE BB13 from being known as the season that bombed!!!

    The remaining players = lack luster players.
    VETS =
    Jordan – sadly the facade is gone and her true self is showing,….. temper and “F” word shooting out of her mouth. Her family should love that!!! Sweet Jordan has left the BB13 house.

    Rachel – is showing her insecurity issues. Her actions with other is what I call, a bad case of personality “uglies”.

    Adam – decided to play without his balls & backbone!

    Porsha – needs to get her ego back in check, and remember that the game/production is still “IN CHARGE”, with the last “POWER”.

    Kalia – if only she could talk “LESS”, and think more before she opens her mouth.

    Shelley – I truly do not understand how she went from being “the MOM”, to being the least like person in BB13!!! Rather sad as I thought Keith had that title. I hope she wins VETO on Saturday, but, alas that might put her back in the game but will not save the image.

  107. Even ‘good girls’ can lose it when they’ve been unjustly betrayed by someone they trust. Jordan has every right to be upset. We all say things and act in ways uncharateristic of ourselves when we’re hurt. Jordan is a human being, not a saint! Jordan’s ‘true colors’ have been evident through two seasons of BB and one season of the Amazing Race. No one can fake who they really are for that long! Jeff knows Jordan very well. She’s constantly describing her as all heart, and an angel on earth. Cameras reveal the true character of people like mirrors project our true reflection. Jordan is the sweet girl everyone perceives her as. She’s responding normally to a set of very unfortunate betrayal.

  108. Even ‘good girls’ can lose it when they’ve been unjustly betrayed by someone they trust. Jordan has every right to be upset. We all say things and act in ways uncharateristic of ourselves when we’re hurt. Jordan is a human being, not a saint!

  109. Shelly needs to go I am proud of jordan sticking up for herself and proving she doesn’t need Jeff to do it for her. I wan’t either Rachel or jordan to win because the newbies SUCK :0(

  110. To be perfectly Frank, Shelly and Kalia betrayed their alliance in week 1, so neither deserve to win. Adam has his brains up his buttox, so he doesn’t deserve to win either. Rachel and Jordan are very competitive, but relied on their boyfriends to carry them to this point.

    On the other hand, Porche is smokin hot and I wouldn’t mind eating the peanuts out of her poop.

    With such a dilemma in your face, how could anyone vote against such sweetness?

    • dwap i hope you dont want childrens shes clearly a baby killer! read the posts.i think they should send her and adam packing for such horrific statements about unborn children. As a mom of 2 1/2 yr old twins this is very disturbing to me. hating rachel is one thing but to drag az potential child into it is unreal.

  111. I’ve been a huge Dani fan, and was hoping she’d squeak by. The results of the last two days have made me change my allegiance, though. I don’t like Shelly (never have). When she ran to J/J to snitch on Dom back in Week 2 or 3, I knew she was someone who couldn’t be trusted. After her unwarranted blow up at Jordan, there’s no way I can support her or anyone she’s aligned with.

    I’m siding with Jordan and Rachel and I hope they win the POV.

    • Oh, gawd! I think I am too. I cant blame Shelly for evicting Jeff, but her confronting Jordon for being upset about it was just bitchiness. Dont worry, Jordy will have the last laugh on this.

      • She was actually crying just as much because of Shelly’s betrayal, not all because Jeff is gone. Then later she cried cuz she was upset with how she acted. She really as a good heart. When they filmed the H.G.’s zinging each other, Jordy zinged herself. She was raised to not be mean to people and to put others first (she did not even hesitate and try to make a deal with Shelly when she gave her the phone call!) I do not think she came here to win, but now that she is mad, watch out!!

  112. Jesus christ does nobody ever remember that these people are still human? Jordan drops some f-bombs while she’s heartbroken and suddenly this means her ‘true colours’ are coming out? She didn’t even start the yelling, Shelly did because she’s a child who likes to steal peoples belongings, so Jordan stands up for herself and swears in the process and suddenly she’s not a good person anymore? Shelly completely backstabbed her after they helped her advance this far and after she gave up her phone call. Wouldn’t you be upset? I guess Jeff and Jordan aren’t allowed to show emotion or be passionate because if they do they’re either a rude bully or a closet-bitch who finally came out. Give me a break, seriously

    • amen mj you rock! shelly deserved everything she got from jordan and more. i hope she goes to jury next and jeff rips her a new one as well. her daughter will be scared for life watching her mamma. i dont blame her for eviting jeff because she could never win against him. its the whole Jordan thing that got me!

  113. So since when did the rules of the game turn into support Jeff and Jordan so they win, otherwise you’re a disgusting human being. Don’t act like Shelly is the first one to backstab someone in the game. So many delusional people on here!
    And for the record, I love Jeff and Jordan, just pointing out the obvious. Its sad they didn’t win, but its their own fault, they should have won the competitions they needed to win.

  114. All I have to say is “Mean Girls Suck” Jordan is not a mean girl, but when you hurt her or someone she cares about her claws come out! Rachael is insecure and caddy, Kalia is self absorbed, Porsche is obviously a mean girl in disguise (the things she has said and done show her non BB charcter – no one you would want for a friend) Shelly is a shrewd business woman which has now come thru loud and clear to the viewers, but obviously not a friend, co-worker you could ever trust – (I have respect for tough UP front people) So…..I am routing Jordan and Rachael all the way. There are some things even in games you just don’t say or do if you are a decent person. Dani was arrogant and caddy and pretty childish…..I expected more from her…

    • I agree about Dani – I expected way more from here. I am still so bummed that Dick left the first week… The thing about Dani that amused me the most is that she was so so so pissed at Rachel when Rachel was following her around and making comments to make her uncomfortable. She was bashing Rachel for doing that to her, but… hellooooooo… what did your dad do his entire season? lmao!

  115. I can’t believe that people are so stupid(especialy Rachael). Dosen’t any one of them(the HGs)realize that each one of them wants to win the $500k and will do anything, including lying, backstabing, and throwing each other under the bus to do so.It’s like each one (Rachael) thinks all others should help them win.

  116. Shelly needs to go. She makes me sick. she is a back stabbing piece of trash. She has shown her true colors and is setting a bad example for her child. She is a two faced, lying donkeys butt. I just hope Jordan holds to her guns and not have anything to do with her EVER. Jordan has more class in her little finger than shelly has in her whole body. GO HOME shelly!!!!

    • who cares about jordumbs class, these people beat out hundreds of thousands of applicants to get on the show to win Half a millon dollars

      • dd, thanks for saying something smart. This site is full of J/J supporters who put down and criticize others who came to play their game. I bet when Shelly was working for J/J they did not object, but when she started playing for herself all of a sudden the swords and nasty words come out.

  117. Why do people keep deffending shelly???
    YES we all know this game is about LYING and winning comps! BUT…
    SHELLY LIES TO AMERICA ABOUT LYING TO AMERICA, WHEN ON NATIONAL TV….. jesus and then she cries about it.. even her OWN DAUGHTER CALLED HER OUT ON IT!!! thats why i cant stand her.
    IF her diary rooms were something liek “man these people are so dumb, im playing all of them and they still dont get it!” … but no it was ” *sobing* omg my daughter will be so upset people talking trash about me blah blah blah .. and then after jeff left all she did was cry and then attacked jordan? wtf GET THAT BITCH OUT OF THIS HOUSE CARTOON NETWORK NEEDS SKELETORS WIFE BACK….
    On this jordan rachel thing..i love it, it gives them a chance, and creates true competion, that no one should throw. What a useless season so far… everyone keeps throwing comps, and bragging about it. Atleast everyone will have to fight this time.

  118. People are really getting delusional over poor jordan…..its a game people where the objective is to lie and make your own way to the money not be best friends with jordan and jeff and help them win,Its a game and they got played its sad for them but hello again its a game and shelly cant be blamed for actually playing

    • if you are reading the posts no one blames her for eviting jeff its about her being so hideous to jordan for no reason. Jordan was just sitting on the couch minding her own buisness crying jeff had just been evicted and her heart was breaking. shelly started a fight and jordan defended herself righfully so. So get over it!

      • i dont fault jordan for being uspset since her guy just left but shelly really didnt start the figth not defending her cause idont care for her much but all she did was say she felt bad about voting for jeff to be evicted which last time i checked wasnt an excuse to be attacked

      • I blame her for evicting Jeff. She claimed to be friends with them ,not just an alliance member. She cried and said she could never turn against them. They truly loved Shelly. You could tell by Jordans actions(when she give her the phone call) Shelly sank to a whole new level than game.Yeah you lie in the game but you dont have to sell your soul to the devil.

    • Ohhhh believe me they never gor played! They knew about Shelly but tought she was real. Come on give Jeff some credit. He worked hard for his crazy alliance. Eveeyone eft in their now he had to baby sit. He deserved to win.

  119. Relax Jordan and Rachel fans. We all KNOW that they will win the veto and send Shelly to jury. They will then win HOH and send Porsche to jury. Kalia will win next HOH and send Jordan to jury. It will wind up between Rachel and Kalia. That is the way CBS wants it. They have to keep their ratings up and viewers hanging on from week to week. We all know that it is geared for ups and downs on both sides. So much for TRUE reality tv.

    • Scary but sounds like what will happen….btw if you are right can I ask you the lotto numbers and split the profit? ….lol

      • I do not know if that is necessarily the way CBS wants it but after watching Shelly I am convinced that they need to win the POV and send Shelly to the Jury House or even better home because after the way she went after Jordan I believe that she could be potentially dangerous. I mean she appears to be mentally unstable and I think if she could hit Jordan she would have the night she was in her face if she could of done it without getting caught. For everyone’s safety and well being Shelly needs to go home and not even sure if she should be allowed in the Jury.

      • Does anyone remember the $64,000 question if you don’t because you were not born this is what happened contestants were in a sound proof enclosure and asked questions to work toward the prise $64,000. Yes it was actually rigged and exposed so right do not think CBS would go there however do think certain things are sometimes geared toward the under dog especially if they are pulling in viewers so this is what I think may occur Jordon and Rachel will win Shelly will go home and should then Adam and then who knows not sure Jordon will win again but then why bring back a vet if its not a possibility poor Porsche seems she has watched some shows from her conversation but she surely does not know how to play the game stragy wise but is doing okay for herself she just does not know how to talk game play sort pulling for her Kali has turned me off do not know why

      • I missed the conflict between shelly and jordon and actually Jeff did promoise Dani safety but do not think Jordon was there when it happened if I remember but Shelly was offered from Jordon if she wanted to play her own game when shelly said she could not win against J/J but said she would stay with them when Jordon said she would understand, wonder if Shelly boss is watching if so would ??? her truthfulness big time even thou this is a game something is really weird about her big time for a CEO she does seem unstable and keeps talking about maturity well she is not mature and do not think it is game play with her think it is second nature what happened know Jordon cused her out from what I heard but that is all I know do not know what Shelly did

      • Linda, you are wrong after Jeff got evicted Jordan just wanted to be by herself and shelly got in her face and started screaming, cussing and yelling at Jordan and do believe she would of hit her had she been able to get away with it. Jordan only started yelling at her because Shelly would not leave her alone. THnk Shelly’s whole story is a lie and that she will be fired after this show and she should be because she has serious mental issues to act the way she does. Her own personal he** will be facing her young daughter’s face and seeing the disgust that will be there. Shelly is crazy and need to be evicted for everyone’s safety.

      • LINDA, Jeff didnt “PROMISE OR SWEAR” to anything. Dani asked if he would put her up as a renom and he said ” no no ur good ” that’s not anywhere in the realm of a promise or a swear. Although ur correct about jordon not being there cuz they were in backyard alone. But it sounds like u didn’t see either u just heard what others pass on. I all but quoted to u what was said. Just saying….

    • wrong. Jordan will win and rachel or kalia will come in second. Also cbs is not rigging the game. Why can’t so many people understand that. A big part of big brother is to expect the unexpected, not expect the expected which is why a lot of peoples predictions on who will be in the final two will be wrong. Also if the game was rigged than Daniel and Jeff wouldn’t have been evicted.

      • I didn’t say it was rigged. But I do believe CBS gears certain comps towards certain players strenghts. BTW,was just watching live feeds. Jordan stated that the veto comp will be geared towards their win. Straight from Jordan’s mouth. Must be true if “MISS COGENIALITY”

      • This game is not rigged all the twist are determined before the season. There is actually a law written that stats game shows can not be rigged for players to win. I don’t think CBS would risk that over big brother. The ratings aren’t that great.
        Communications Act of 1934

      • There is nothing you can say that will convince me that CBS did not intend to give Rachel and Jordan both a chance to stay in the house by having them compete in pairs for the veto. If those two cannot pull off the veto win they don’t deserve to stay.

      • Dj…i just thinks its funny you say “wrong, jordan will win”….so on and so forth. Then you say most peoples predictions are wrong… is yours right then?

    • the last part might be wrong because the last HOH is a 3 part hoh for final 2 so it may get intresting. man id go nuts if kalia in the final 2 lol but rachel would win so id be ok with that

      • Earlier in the feeds both Rachel and Jordan said they would vote for Kalia to win. Rachel said that Brendan probably would too.

      • it depends whos sitting next to her. if its any of the other newbies then yea she prob would win but if shes sitting next to rachel she wont get squat lol dani will prob vote for her tho

    • they should get ride of all of them and then it should come down to rachel and jordan because everyone else are major floaters!

      • Has everybody forgotten that
        ( Jordan ) has already won bb wasn’t that about 2 yrs ago my gosh people wake up little miss sweetheart is not all that sweet .

      • why should Jordon or Rachel win? Yes Shelly shouldn’t of gone off on Jordon but I think she was feeling a little guilty and feeling bad herself and wanted to talk-all of us has blown up at someone and later wish we hadn’t. Shelly’s not that bad she’s just playing a very strong game.

      • thanks for sharing that about shelia and jordon because I did read a blog that Jordon cussed Shelia using the F word like a sailor and I knew if that happened something else must have happened as well..Jordon though she had a real friend for after the game and Shelia seems to work on people using comments to make people thing she is going to really entertain them after the game and she knows a lot of people etc etc.

    • so illegal what they are doing. you can’t rig a gameshow it is against the law. never watching this show again. they lost a fan for life

      • Well they are manipulating the game as much as possible to go their way.But they still dont know if it will turn out the way they want it to. If they were hiring people to lie ad come on the show,then I believe its illegal.

    • CBS can want it but they can’t do things to help on contestant over another because of Standards and Practices that game shows must abide by or be punished with fines etc. CBS has lawyers ready to pounce in case of such things. There was an interview with Robyn Kass on King Mac Radio and she touched on standards and practices in ref to Brenden being brought back. Here’s hoping for some good weeks of fun on BB :)

    • So when will we know who got pov I,m on the eastern part of the map so just wondering so I can find out asap.I pulling forj/r

    • What about Adam? He will bang his head all the way to sweet, sweet child ‘o mine victory. Anyway, just heard Porsche say that the veterans all received 3x weekly pay than the newbies to return this year. Now that is truly bullshit. Look up at 2:56pm C time on cam 1 to confirm this. Then feeds went away for 5 minutes. Back now, anyhow, I hope to shorten the time that my eyes, ears and soul will be exposed to Rachel’s bad attitude and see her finally tossed, once and for all. Please evict Rachel…PLEASE!!!

      • Drake ur talking about porsche. The girl who put benefiber in their food. She doesnt know shit about who got paid what just like Danis friends didnt quit when she got voted out. R u as gullible as the cats in the game

      • Of course the well-known, rating-drawing, returning HGs would get paid more. Former winners of BB agreeing to return is a good bit more attracting to viewers than “that guy you’ve never heard of!!”

        Newbies are clamoring for a chance to play while the formers have to be convinced to return.

    • I soooo hope that you are right! I am soooo over newbies, especially Kalia & her big, arrogant mouth. She is so impressed with herself that I can barely stand to look at her must less look at her. Just wonder how many people will cancel thei live feeds if Jordan leaves????

      • I agree Kalia can be extremely annoying. BUT don’t you think Jeff went too far with his HUGE EGO. That is why he is gone. I believe he became verbally abusive to the females in the game. I think he thought he was god of BB13. When he left where did that leave Jordan. Make sure you realize his EGO became out of control.

    • Sorry Mary but I did see Dani and Jeff were out in the yard and Dani even said if I win the Veto what do u want me to do and he said leave it the way it is and Dani said then I should throw it if I dont I will make enemy in jury u understand dont u and he said yes and she asked if I do u want backdoor me will you and he said No it is not like they were not having a serious promoise one on one they definitely were Look I like J/J too but to use his intergrity and say it did not happen yes it happened and then he immediately said in dairy he did not trust her if he gets the chance he would backdoor here but he definetly had a firm deal not to backdoor her, sorry I watch it on Showtime as I miss somethings because they happen before or after those three hours I saw this no doubt and I do listen to others that is what a blog is about but I dont post from anothers blog thanks

      • I agree Jeff did make a deal with Daniel. I can’t understand why everyone wants the vets to win. They got paid 25 grand each to come back and j&j got another 15 grand playing the vetos. Yeah i can see they really need the money. You go bb how to rig a game what’s the point of playing when they know who’s going to win. I thought this was a game.

    • I don”t getit with Shelly! Integrity is all she”s spoken about and being a good example to her daughter. Kalia, Porsche and Shelly sit around talking about how immature Rachel and Jordan are, while they are plotting to hide or steal thing and gossiping about whether Rachel got a home pregnancy test and hid them in her boots? Not to mention the immaturity of valley girl/ Oprah and fat ass Porsche sitting around playing with their play dough and Shelly smoking like a chimney! I never thought I’d say this, but they make me love Rachel Good example for your kid in a lesson in “integrity”, Shelly. By the way, Jeff never made a deal about back dooring Dani,just nominating herand she surely would have back doored him, so she should have known better! Is Shelly completely OCD or what? I can’t figure out what personality disorder she has, but it’s up there! Unless something really good happens within the next week, I’m done with this boring “newbie” group! CBS, fire your casting directors! PLEASE!

      • Dani is a sleeze as is her father i have friends that know of them and no one can stand her

      • Everyone made fun of sad, whining, mopey Rachel after Brendon left! Did anybody see that complaining, bratty Dani’s act when she knew she was going? Poor Dani”s tummy hurt because of slop! All she did was pout and act like a 2 year old! PATHETIC!

    • no way. I hated Dani. shes the biggest beyotch in the world. I love rachel. Jordan 2nd. But def rachel. I can’t STAND khalia porsche dani or adam. Dominic was hot though :)

    • Sorry, I thinks Dani is a mean, self-absorbed, whiny little bitch and the only houseguest she should beat in the popularity poll is Shelley.

    • You have got to be kidding! I wouldnt vote for that heartless piece of crap! Cant you tell that girl hasnt got no heart.

      • I agree7 i wouldnt voye for her even if she came back in the house for one day and when she left got to take someone out with her and that perdon was shelly….sorry folks, jeff will win ac

      • Please not Jeff. Why do you people love Jeff and Jordan so much? Please help me to understand