Big Brother 13 Fortune Teller

The Big Brother 13 HGs have been waiting all afternoon for the Power of Veto competition which has been delayed until tonight (possibly due to heat, as suggested by HGs), but that doesn’t mean craziness is on hold. As if the new Pandora’s Box twist wasn’t enough we may finally have the Fortune Teller Lady coming to life in the Lounge.

Flashback to 3:04PM BBT today and you’ll find Shelly inspecting the Fortune Teller box. Kalia comes by and Shelly starts to explain she found out “how to get it to go” and the “don’t disturb” sign had been removed. Queue frantic button pushing and inspecting.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 27, 2011 @ 3:04 PM BBT Cam 1
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Shelly and Kalia are initially convinced it’s going to reveal another big twist. Shelly is begging it for “a bone” as she pokes and prods. Is this about to become another big part of the game? Keep watching the Live Feeds to see. Don’t have ’em? Get the Free Trial.

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