Big Brother 13 Fortune Teller Finally Plays A Part In The Game?

Big Brother 13 Fortune Teller

The Big Brother 13 HGs have been waiting all afternoon for the Power of Veto competition which has been delayed until tonight (possibly due to heat, as suggested by HGs), but that doesn’t mean craziness is on hold. As if the new Pandora’s Box twist wasn’t enough we may finally have the Fortune Teller Lady coming to life in the Lounge.

Flashback to 3:04PM BBT today and you’ll find Shelly inspecting the Fortune Teller box. Kalia comes by and Shelly starts to explain she found out “how to get it to go” and the “don’t disturb” sign had been removed. Queue frantic button pushing and inspecting.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 27, 2011 @ 3:04 PM BBT Cam 1
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Shelly and Kalia are initially convinced it’s going to reveal another big twist. Shelly is begging it for “a bone” as she pokes and prods. Is this about to become another big part of the game? Keep watching the Live Feeds to see. Don’t have ’em? Get the Free Trial.

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  1. WOW, that fortune teller is VERY creepy…. when I saw it from the corner of my eye as the page loaded I was like, eeeeeeee! LOL

    I’ve been wondering since the first episode what that thing was going to be about and I can’t wait to see what happens…. imagine if another player is able to come back – like picking a number or pulling the right string or something crazy with it going any which way.

    Right now, since half my favourite alliance is gone J/J and Ra/Don (my preferred nickname for them) I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see as many new twists and turns befall the HG’s as whats possible and that its those very twists that truly keep people on their toes and the show all the more interesting to watch!

    • HOPE the bone it gives Shelly is it throws her one as Jordan and Rachel kick her sorry butt out of the house!!!

    • I hope Shelly wins just to piss off all of you for your ugly comments about her. No one is all good or all bad and everyone in the house has had their time to be ugy and nice. So get over your shelfs and let them play their game the way they want to. So what if she lies and then goes in the dr room and thinks she done nothing wrong-maybe she thinks she hasn’t in this game but she dosent deserve all the name calling’ If you don’t like her than fine just don’t talk about her! personally I really don’t like anyone in the house. Am tired of everyone playing the victum and that they never done anything wrong. That goes for Jordon to!! She no angle.

      • Its funny how it was game play for Shelley to lie and backstab the newbies in the first half of the game, but as soon as she made a great move against Sir Jeff she is enemy#2. Dani is #1.

      • Hey ziggy, what kind of angle is Jordon, a right one or an optuse one. I think you mean angel, because that is what she is.

      • Many people were saying what a snake shelly was for floating back and forth before she betrayed Jeff so not sure where you got this idea that it was game.
        She is an enemy because she betryed her alliance and floated to the other side.
        Dani is no one’s enemy she has been evicted she is just a loser now.

      • Bg you know I think jordan is an angel but you would still have a good cup of coffee with me and we’d walk away with a :) I have been looking for a familiar face on here.hope youre doing great!

      • I haven’t liked how shelleys played the entire time.I figured shed kick bum in challenges.I was so wrong.she appeared to be sporty, rugged outdoorsy. I dont think shes a floater, shes a bouncer. She bounces from hoh to everyone.shes played a crazy social game. She fooled me too and im watching her bounce and lie .I just never figured shed jump jordan when she was down. I just thought more of shelly.

      • Hey bg I was excited to see ed, dd, and brenchel.can you believe that I was looking forward to watching it unfold. What a different season it would have been had ed stayed.I can only imagine rach crying, people floating, brenden giving in to rach, big jeff wouldnt be big jeff, guess all I can do is dream haha

      • Hey Nanny, how are you? long time no hear from. Yep we can have that cofee over at Survivor Fandom, so I hope to see you there.

      • I agree Ziggy, Shelly is doing nothing but playing the game. If playing both sides gets her to the end then she has done her job……….People really should keep their ignorant comments to themselves.

    • Not good tv?? then stop watching and quit complaining….jordan is a floater and rachel is a whiner!!

      • Shelly is not playing game she is the biggest liar than r ever was. Pretty sad when Jordan trusted her and even gave up her phone call so she could talk to her kid. Her kid even told her to quit her lies and play the game right. How sad is that. I do hope she gets the boot cause her newbie friends find her useless KARMA.

      • he means your nasty comments! Because if you beleive Shelly is like this out of the house than I think all of you who leave nasty comments on this site are just is nasty too!

  2. My favorite part of the day is when Jordan and Rachel were discussing how the veto competition will probably be tailored to help them, and after Jordan said that a few times they immediately cut the feeds. LOL

    I’m guessing this fortune teller will once again try to help out the “poor” veterans.

    • see even they know it’s fixed to help them. Is it just this year or have they always talk so openly about their dr sessions?

  3. Kalia is my fav. I hope she win the veto and seal Racheals excuss me Bratcheals fate. Soon after that Jordon excuss me Jordass will go and they will join there men in the jury house. Kalia have this in the bag

    • Kalia are you for real, she claims to be this big christian and cares for all!!! Not!!! When Dani was there Kalia was right there along with Dani, Porshe, Shelly, making jokes being caddy, hiding Rachels things talking bad about Rachel being pregnant laughing when Porshe wanting to hit her in the stomach all kinds of bs!!!! Yes Rachel is full of drama but not threats of killing someones baby that is low….Jordan is sweet she has been nice to everyone yes she has her opinions on the rest of them but looks like she was right about them all. She has more class then any of them in the house and Im hoping her and Rachel are in the final two!!! or at least Jordan and Adam they both played good and both had the best attitude with all thats left!

    • WOW you can call Shelly and the rest of house names but not Jordon. SURPISE SURPISE-SHE know better than the rest-she just hides her’s behind that sweet smile.

  4. I can’t imagine it will have that much of an impact. I think they just took the idea from Bob Righter, and he will just give them cryptic info about tasks and such. Which that may help them, by telling them what they should be studying/preparing for.

  5. I feel sorry for her daughter, this has to be so confusing. I just hope the kids she goes to school with are not giving her a hard time. Shelly is not looking good on tv as a good person.

    • SHUT THE HE** UP ABOUT HER DAUGHTER!!! You know nothing about the real Shelly and what her family thinks of her. IT’S A GAME. Your kid’s freinds probly talk more about you and you faults.

      • Angel is right about other kids, they listen to what thier parents are saying and then run down other children with thier regurgatation

      • Mad much? From reading your constant comments and your defense of the lying sociopath, one might get the impression that you are related to this nutcase in some way.

      • Unless you’re a robot, you can’t go day by day and not be yourself at or not. Her nastiness and backbiting ALL THE TIME of mostly Rachel is unconscionable. How can anyone with a good character mistreat anyone like she does non-stop? She seems to be the kind who would do ANYTHING for money. No thanks Shelly. I hope you’re gone soon to the jury house.

      • I agree with Ziggy1! All you of haters need to stop posting your nasty comments. It’s one thing to post your opinion about the game but STOP posting your comments of YOUR PERCEPTION of how someone looks! If you insist on posting your crappy comments about someone’s appearance, PLEASE post a full body picture of yourself! Let’s see what potshots your fellow haters throw your way!

      • I wouldn’t want to know the real Shelly,she is mean and hateful, and doesn’t know how to be nice or tell the truth!

    • I too feel sorry for her daughter. Shelly’s family loves her, but I’m sure they can’t be happy with the behavior she has shown, and her husband surely must be embarrassed and wondering why she would think the prize money is worth destroying their family/life. Hope she gets kicked off this week so that her daughter can start getting back to a normal life.

      • i agree it is a game in which people lie and backstabb…but why go into the DR and lie to america (like we aren’t seeing what you’ve done and know better)? she cries in there and talks about her character as if she’s trying to convince us otherwise!

      • Shelley opened the door by constantly mentioning the name of her daughter and husband. She is no better than Matt from BB 12 who lied about his wife being sick. She has used Josie to pull at the heart strings of the house guest and it backfired on her. She should have just come in and played the game and left her little girl out of it completely. Sadly, now her daughter knows that her mama is not only a liar and a back stabber but as we all now know, Shelley is a theif who stole Rachels Stuffed dog from her and then lied to her face when Rachel asked her if she took it. She has proven to her husband that it means NOTHING to her to lie and steal and most men would be concerned if their wife who proudly proclaims that she is out of town “on business” most of the time, would be concerned if she is faithfull since all of the aweful things she did came so ntural to her…unfortunately, her daughter will never have a normal life thanks to her mom who drug her daughter in to this mess and she will always be the little girl who has a mom who is a liar, back stabber and THEIF…shame on Shelley!!!

  6. Can’t stand watching anymore – Shelly, Porshe, and Kalia all make me sick. They are all just mean and nasty pigs. I’m sorry, but I can’t find that to be entertaining and stratetic – at least Evil Dick was entertaining to watch. Who agrees?

      • Evil Dick was not interesting to watch, he was a nasty man and I use the word man (loosly), he was some kind of bad person who even his daughter has talked to, what a guy.

      • Rachel wins get mad with power Rachel loses cries for hours thats just Rachel, but at least she has reasons for acting like a bi-polar whats Shellys excuse Im a loser so I just act like one all the time

      • Note: I said “entertaining” and watching Rachel has been entertaining to say the least. But the others… are just gross.

    • What with ALL the name calling?.Please remember these people have family not only Shelly. Dick was not a nice person and he was not call name like Shelly and the other house guest.

    • I agree 1000000000000%! I called them all pigs on another article! Everytime I watch BBAD Kalia is eating! Porsche has a sweatsuit on! Shelly is talking about sabotaging Rachel involving things that have nothing to do with the game (stealing and destroying things Brendon has given to her, etc). What a great example she sets for her child-if you don’t like someone be mean to them!!! Yea!!!!

      • I hope her daughter doesn’t take after her mother!I could see her doing terrible things to kids in school she doesn’t like.I really hope she doesn’t think it’s ok to treat people mean and talk about them the way her mom does!

  7. There’s a major twist planned tonight to help the vets. We have realized that too many Jeff and Jordan fans are crazy and are acting extremely irrational.

    • Don’t think Big Brother wants to lose Rachael or I look for them to make it so they don’t leave.

    • I heard that there were some crazy Jejo fans talking about torturing Shelley’s daughter Josie etc… On some other site don’t know if its true or not.

    • I have a feeling that Jeff threw a royal fit after leaving the show and probably threatened to sue. He was pretty pissed off when he got evicted.

      • Don’t you think they should have checked the bens to see if both shoes were in there, I don’t think they were. They never should have left the area until all of them had both shoes. Just saying…

      • Gee, I could have sworn those were GROANS I heard when Jeff was evicted? How could I have mistaken groans for cheers?

    • I wish I live in philly so weare waiting to get hit by Irene I just hope I have power tommorow to see what happened since thier holding out on us

  8. Perhaps the fortune teller will give Shelly info about the veto competition or something, or clues as to what to know or think about.

    • Or give her info and say remember this you never know when you’ll need this info and it not mean a thing.or play her daughters tv cameo saying she needs to quit lying and make amends with jj ohhh that would be good

  9. Wonder how brendon is going to cope with being a dad. He already said something about her spending money! Luckily kids are cheap ha ha. Why would u not use birth contro if you have sex 15 times a day like they said while your in the PHD program at USC thought you had to be smart to cure cancer ha hs

    • No one ever said she was really pregnant. I don’t believe they would let her run and jump over those things in the Veto comp and take a chance on her slipping in the suds if she were.

  10. Heard that the pairing of couples is supposed to last 2 weeks. What happens next week to the person without a partner? Anyone know? Are they gonna be safe next week?

  11. somebody give Shelly a quarter and maybe the dam thing will work…lol..she is obsessed

  12. I hope whatever it is that it will bring “DANI” back!!! If not then “Go Newbies” Vet’s go home, you had your chance.

  13. I will laugh if when she decides to go outside to smoke, it starts talking. Or when she walks out and someone else goes in the room, it tells them something about her, lol

  14. regarding the clown compeititon with the shoe. after the comments about jeffs missing shoe, i rewatched tat part and you can see that one of jeffs shoes are on the grass near the house. when clearing the balls he must have missthrown the shoe out. so no need to say it was irgged against him

    • I don’t think the show was rigged against him. I think he threw the competition because he knew that Jordan would be put up if he took himself down. I think big brother is favoring Rachael. Big Brother has thrown her two lifelines so far.

  15. why did bb pick these vets to play again this year? i think its because we loooved to watch them lol dani and dick we loved to hate just like brenchel, and we just loved jeff and jordan! bb knows how to make us watch lol go jordan and rachel, i think it would be awesome if jordan wins again…its never been done before so u go girlie!! :)

      • oh i would too, just saying these particular vets were chosen for a reason…i think we may have a new reality show in the works…the lives of dick and dani, brenchel and jeff and jordan…not gonna lie i would dvr every one of them…;)

    • Well no it’s never been done before, 100,000 of applicants and BB gives her a second free shot, then rigs it so everytime her side is trouble they get out of it (bringing brendon back, physical comp against Lawon, Jeff hand picks have nots, pandoras box, now a physical veto SA against JR ya right)

      • well if bb gives her a second chance over the other people that auditioned then the hgs should have made her a target from the beginning…yet they never did…i think its because jordan really is a great person, how many other hgs would have given shelly that phone call? i wouldnt be mad if a great person won the money again…so once again u go girlie :)

  16. ok let’s review a few things. Dani took the chess pieces so the HG couldnt play. Shelly steals Rachel stuffed dog and hides it, and then talks w girls abt cutting its legs and head off and leaving them in R bed.and of course they all laugh. Porsche puts Fiber? something in the mix for the Havenots but they do find out abt it.I hope it was b4 anyone actually drank any. I dont beleive I have ever seen Rachel do anything like this have you? oh and cant forget the rumer that R is pregnant. Dani over heard J/R talking abt her being late,J said it was probably nerves but the week B left she was a B**** and B asked her what her problem was and she said she was on her period. so who actually started the rumor? hum what else have these girls done? I am refering to Kalia, Dani, Porsche, and Shelly. everyone is sure quick to jump on what a B**** Rachel is and I think she is totally different than last season what is the problem these girls hav? I dont reply to many of these comments, but I feel that R has been given a bad rap because of last yr. I dont realy care who wins this yr. if I had to choose I would draw one of their names out of a hat. Porsche or Rachel are the only ones who really have competed. Loved the Zingbot he was on the money for almost everyone there! cant wait to see what the Fortune teller will do, or Pandoras box. as long as its not Jessie coming back into the house! LOL LOVE BIG BROTHER!

    • Kalia is a competitor too, beleive me, I am no fan her hers, but the facts are the facts.2 HOHs

      • 2 QUESTION HOH’s. She can’t do ANYTHING physical. That would require exercise and clearly……

    • Karen,
      thank you for saying that. I totally agree with you that Rachel is getting a bad rap….yeah she cries slot but at least she was never assay floater like Shelly, Adam and the rest.

  17. I can’t believe I actually thought it would be nice if Shelly won (if Jordan didn’t) at least the $50,000. Now, I hope she doesn’t win one cent!! After Jordan gave her the phone call prize which she was “Oh so grateful for and she would never forget it.” Then she does a 360o degree turn and stabs Jordan in the back. I was absolutely apalled! I don’t know how she can look at herself in the mirror.Shame on you Shelly!!!

  18. Soory “Blackgirl” you know I love you, But shelly didn’t mave a great move, She only voted the why she did because other poeple ie; porsche and kalia won The veto comp. and HOH, Shelly would never had voted or changed sides if that didn’t happen, She just went over to the side that she thinking winning the game, But you and I know that she will never make it to the final two unless she wins something, which it seam she can’t do.

  19. I’m ready for the veto. I to hope Shelly leavethis week. I was thinking that I didn’t care who won after Shelly left until I read on here that Kalia said she hoped Rachel had a miscarriage. How sad is she. Someone that could be that cold doesn’t deserve to stay. That statement is unforgivable, don’t ya think….It’s a game. Why do these people have to sink so low.

    • OMFFG? Kafoody said that? That makes me hate her even more. God, how can one stoop so low? And I wouldn’t even say anything about her out of control eating if she were a pleasant person but again, clearly she is far from that. Wanting an innocent child to die because YOU want 500 G’s? Why? She would spend all of it on food anyway! What a waste!

  20. The comments about shelly are getting worse i hopes she wins or makes f2 and not your precious jordan..shelly has been a backstabber from day 1 so what is the problem now LOL.

  21. I e-mailed (feedback) that I won’t watch any episodes if J/R goes. It has been said on I/N that he clown shoe comp. was fixed by production and Dani’s production friends were involved. I can’t stand watching Kalia, Porsche “whispering” anymore. Shelly walks like a man, talks like a man so she must be a “man”. If Jeff was there when she got in Jordan’s face he would have decked her. I’m tired of watching her sucking her chain-smoked cigarettes, she must smell great huh? Adam deserves to win more than anyone. Go ADAM!

    • ur email was probably one outta of million or more…but they’re getting the point..

    • It was not fixed watch the show again he threw all the balls out of his area and probably threw out some clown shoes as well his area had the least balls out of all the HG’s.

    • I am a jj fan however, must admit I saw jeff throw the other clown shoe out when he was scooping out balls… yelling at my tv did not help big jeff.

    • yea like they care what you think-but they might get the point to but out and the house guest play without them.

  22. Are Porsche and Kalia gonna be in the veto comp?? I thought that it was gonna be between A/S & J/R..maybe I misunderstood the set up

  23. Nonna ..did you not take your meds today..sounds like it! If not,why such crap spewing from your mouth??

    • seriously – mystery was solved…he threw the other shoe out of the bin just after he started looking…watch it back. i mean, i would like to see jeff back…but you sound ridiculous!

  24. Shelly’s nothing compared to Jun and Alison from season 4. Those two were probably the most cutthroat in BB history. The jury was so disgusted that they had to vote for one of them to win it.


    • what else is there to do -their on lock down. what is with you guys no matter what she dose you find fault. Maybe she just trying to have some fun because no one else is fun to be with. they just want to pout and cry and think they know how to play this game.

  26. I’m wondering if there is a clue to the fortune teller in another part of the house.


    I wonder if the magic ball needs to have hands on it.

    OR . . .

    I wonder if there are instruction clues within the pictures in the purple room.

  27. I think that Big Brother should penalize any player that commits a crime such as stealing or destroying another player’s property, doctoring food or drink, or putting their hands in anger on another player.

    • They did one time…Someone broke the have-not rules (I think Jen from BB8) and they gave her an eviction vote before voting started. So she had a vote against her on eviction night. BUT I totally agree that production needs to step up and make the stealing and food “spiking” stop. I heard that Rachel(thinking that Dani took her puppy) took Dani’s unicorn, BUT production MADE her put it back. I think it is horrible that grown women to act so childish. I am totally rooting for Jordan and Rachel.

      • Since they made R give D back her unicorn why have they not made S give back R’s dog

  28. Adam is the father of Rachel’s baby! Production just confirmed it. What a disgusting whore.

  29. The fortune telling machine is designed to speak.

    I wonder if there is a “clue” that a player needs to find in order to get the machine to “speak” — I wonder if that is connected to the possible secret power and Pandora’s box — Has Porche had a fortune telling session with the Fortune Teller?

    • My guess is there’s something in that room that Shelly needs to figure out. She should be looking around at all the weird crap laying around, from the pictures on the wall, to everything.

    • Stop enough of this. Not all of us are born beautiful and as for taste thats why none of us are the same. Stop how would you feel? She is not Filthy look up the definition in the dictionary. Oh wait are you stating she will be filthy rich after she wins.

      • if she wins I’ll bet she also leaves Brendon and heads back to vegas and her wonderful life there.

    • The article said it will be sometime tonight possibly — it’s only 5:45 Pacific Time right now and still 100 degrees…

      May be a few hours yet — perhaps BB is waiting for the sun to go down.

  30. This has nothing to do with the game play. I just wanted to let everyone in the northeast know that we here in Florida are praying the storm does not do much damage. Stay in doors and safe. Praying for you…. Peace

  31. I would love to see Jordan win it again for the 2nd time for her and Jeff. They deserve it. Would love to see Evil Dick’s expression also because he wanted to be the first to win Big Brother twice.

    • I’m a huge Jeff and Jordan fan, too: I loved them their 1st season, I loved them on ‘The Amazing Race’ and I love them equally this time around if for no other reason than I find them simply endearing.

      However, with all that in mind, even I can admit that I’m not so sure Jordan is ‘deserving’. One H.O.H. win does not a “deservee” make.

      If Jordan and Rachel don’t step up on this P.O.V. comp and actually win the darned thing, my cheers will be directed to another houseguest for the first time since this season started — outside of Shelly, that is, whom I, personally, find to be despicable in all aspects, socially and game wise.

      • If Jordan wins she’ll be winning it for her man Jeff who would have won had he not been evicted.

      • yes Karen and if I knew all the lotty number I would of won. get real he was voted out the house has spoken.

    • When the ‘Fast Forward’ came took place, THAT was the time for Jordan and Rachel to step it up — otherwise, Jeff (who is my screensaver, by the way-ha! GORGEOUS) wouldn’t have been evicted.

      I just feel, as much as I do adore Jordan, that she’s been given many chances…

  32. there’s a “We Hate Shelly Moore” page on Facebook where BB fans are losing their freaking minds.

    really horrible things have been posted about shelly and her family, as well as phone numbers at her work urging people to call and leave messages about her – threats against her – and REALLY horrible wishes about her daughter being raped & murdered. omg.

    personally, i haven’t liked shelly since day 1 of this show. but this facebook page is WAYYYY OVER THE TOP of anything that is acceptable. i posted a “dislike” and urge all of you BB fans to go do the same…


    • It’s ok if you don’t like Shelly, but DEATH THREATS thats freaking crazy! People need to chill, it’s just a game

    • I just checked it out a few minutes ago. Man there are some real nutbags out there. It’s just a show. Dear God. She’s gonna lose her job because of these a-holes. She might’ve plaid a dirty game, but it doesn’t give you the right to take her livehood away. Those people are even worse than she is.

      • Dirty game? I think she’s played the best game in the house.

        She stayed close to the vets when it suited her, then shifted her loyalties when the game got to the point where there was no point serving herself up as a sacrifical lamb to the vets alliance.

        She played a strong social game, staying on the right side of just about everyone whenever she needed to stay on their side, by talking game with everyone and telling them whatever would keep her safe.

        That’s the game, people. Sometimes it’s more valuable in BB to keep the target off your back than it is to win a lot of comps.

        I think that, unlike Adam, Porsche, and Kalia, she “gets” the fact that going up against a vet in the final two means that you’ve already lost three potential votes.

        On the other hand, she can make a compelling case if she goes up against Kalia, Porsche, or Adam in the final two that she played a great social game and deserves to win BB.

      • TW I agree with you, I only say dirty because most of the time you say she’s played a good game, which she has, other people will just attack you and cannot separate the game from to real life. I thought the goal of the game is to win 500k anyway possible without physical confrontation, not turn it into a summercamp lovefest.

      • THe object of the game is to win but to do it with somesort of morals which all have done but Shelly. She has STOLEN, CHeated and lied and then blames others. This woman is a snake and nothing about her game has been good and that is why all America now hates her and her daughter is also disgusted with her.

      • Disagree, they may all lie but I have never seen them lie and then act like they are the innocents like this snake does. This snake actually believes that she is the innocent and should not be held accountable for her actions and does not even own up to them. Two of the best BB players ever, Dr. Will and Evil Dick, never blamed everything on everyone else like Shelly does and they always owned whatever they did. Shelly does seem to be like a sociopath. She lacks remorse, shame or guile, she is manipulative she has a grandiose sense of self and is a pathological liar just to name a few. Granted this is a mental sickness but CBS should never of let this woman on the show.

      • She has played a stupid game have you ever watched survivor if so Russell? Its a good game to maybe get to the end but you will never win. Remember it is the house guests that vote the winner not the viewers. The only slim chance she could still win is if she is in final 2 with either R or J. Ironic!!! But I don’t think is smart enough to have figured that out. There is no way JJ or BR give her a vote to win. Takes 4 jury votes to win the game there are only going to be 7 jury votes total.

    • Ya that’s crazy! I think the page is funny until they start with the threats. That’s crazy. I hate shelly but don’t wanna hurt her or her family. The pic’s of her are so funny but people should’t go overboard

      • There are no threats of the Facebook sight to either Shelly or her family. Just total disgust at how she has played the game and at her.

    • To wish harm to a child for something you think the mother has done is way over the line and completely unacceptable. I’m going to go over there right now and post my dislike.

    • I have checked it out and I still haven’t found any threats against her family or job. I have checked it all day. Can you tell me what post it is and the time? I would love to read it if it’s there!

    • Her husband and daughter should not be part of her stupidity.

      She choose to do what she did and play how she wanted and is probably just another person who wanted “air time”. When you have a family, it is not all about “you” anymore and she obviously forgot that most important part just to have some air time. So sad.

      As we already saw her daughter tell America that her Mom needs to “stop lying”

      Just like Pandora’s box you get good things with bad things and if Shelly wanted tv exposure to further her own agenda, she should have known by watching previous shows that the producers talk to family members and friends and that “exposure” can be used anyway they want and anything you say or do in this game can be used against you…again this was her choice.

      I will say what somes around – goes around and hopefully Tony and Josie will leave and start their own life without the “hate” she created. I do ask that people leave Tony and Josie alone as they did not have any say in her entire decision….. just asking for Josie’s sake.

    • I cannot stand the woman and totally believe that she will get hers when she gets out, but her daughter is the innocent and would want nothing bad to happen to this little girl. She is already so disillusioned with her mother that her daughter has already been hurt enough.I think her work has already fired her for her actions on the show and have to say if I was her boss I would of fired her also. That one she brought on herself and do not feel sorry for her, but her daughter deserves nothing but totally sympathy for having Shelly for a mother. Hopefully, her father I hope is at least a decent role model for this little girl.

      • There is nothing on there about her daughter or husband. It is just about people that cannot stand the woman which is all of America at this point.

      • OMG people this is just a TV REALITY GAME. Shelly is and has been playing the game all along. She is NOT going to get fired from her job, her husband is NOT going to leave her and her child is NOT in danger. Bloggers spew a lot of garbage. It is a game and being in that house for weeks, with all the lying and back stabbing would bring out the worst in anyone…has anyone actually read The Book? Big Brother watching and thus able to manipulate everyone’s actions will turn man against his fellow man. Jeepers………

      • In the corporate world yes she very well could get fired from her job for the way she has acted. A company is no better or worse than their employees and sorry but Shelly’s actions on Big Brother probably will get her fired. All companies have morality clauses in their contracts and guarantee Shelly’s actions on Big Brother are total violations of all morality clauses. No company wants anyone that is this hated representing their company because it will cost them business. Why do you think no one will hire Casey Anthony. Actions have consequences and Shelly’s probably will cost her her job and possibly her family. She was very stupid to act the way she has especially at her age and being a parent. STUPID MOVE!!!

      • Than why would the woman even consider going on the show. She watched BB in the past and knew what the game was all about and how she would have to “act”…she is a smart woman, therefore she would have thought about her career before agreeing to join the cast. You don’t put a 6 digit paying job in jepordy on a whim. Just my thoughts and opinion.

      • NO this woman is stupid because I will be shocked if she is not already fired. No CORPORATION wants someone like her representing them. Only thing is the woman is a sociopath because she does not seem to even see all the bad judgment calls she has made. She brought it all on herself and have no sympathy whatsoever for her.

      • Sheri, they can’t fire her for what she does on the show. She could sue the hell out of them. If there were any concerns about it, they would have laid down the law. But I do beleive they will try and remove her by giving her a crappy job position making her quit because of the rabid dog a_hole “fans” that have bombarded thier website and trash talking due to the fact that the brainstems can’t separate the game from real life.

      • Sorry, Gene but you are wrong yes they can if she signed any type of moral clause. They do not just include her business life it includes her personal like and she would have absolutely no recourse whatsoever. Like Trump says it is just business and believe me they can fire her and not give it a second thought.

      • Gene I agree….and if nothing else all these haters have brought a ton of attention to the company Shelly works for.

      • @ annie…shelly. has represented herself. As a hanious person…its not. The game playing and the lieing its the. Way she has handled herself, I don’t care what anyone says, there is a line to be drawn…there is a little truth. In the ywa these people act on tv that shows how they behave in real life…for instance the way shelly htreated rachel calling her a bitch and everything, and then going in the DR crying because rachel “lied” who is she kidding??? We know she lied, production knows it was her….so why? That was where we all got to see that shelly wasn’t “scheming” she’s actually certifiablly insane…now I definitely don’t agree with the site or ANYONE talking bad of her daughter…but that is the risk shelly took when she came. On the show…and then she CHOSE to behave that way….and btw her company already took her pic and profile off their site….would you want that representing your company?

      • That is the facts and that is why companies have moral clauses in their contracts when they hire people. People have been fired for a lot less than the stuff Shelly has done and the publicity that it has brought this company has not been good publicity. Not all publicity is good publicity and this has definitely been negative for this company. They are trying desperately to distance themselves from anything to do with Shelly Moore and they are doing it in a hurry. If they have taken her photo down then she is more than likely already fired.

      • Sheri, are you freakin kidding me. What do you mean she will get hers when she gets out and she should lose her job. Over a silly game you sound like one of those nut bags. What do you mean took a risk being on the show? Damn your just as stupid as those other idiots. Get. A life it’s a game!!!

      • Gaurenteed if Jeff and Jordan were playing the way Shaelly is , you guys would call it great game play and strategy and that’s the way big brother is in a heartbeat.

      • I am sorry but when Shelly gets out she will have to face her daughter and her daughter already admitted that she was ashamed that her mom was lying. That will be a hard thing for Shelly to have to face when she gets out and it will be the thing that will hurt her the most. That is what Shelly will have to face and how can she explain that to a child who Shelly admits she punishes for lying and it is not allowed in their home. Sorry, but in a business world Shelly’s actions will more than likely have consequences that she will have to face. That is just the truth of the matter, and Shelly should of thought about that before she went on BB and played the way she did. I really was impressed with Shelly when she first came on the show and liked her a lot because I believed she would play the game with integrity, but when you put yourself on National Television and act the way she has it may end up costing her. I think she got caught up in trying to win the money and forgot that everything was being televised for the entire world to see unfortunately.

      • Listen, I can’t stand Shelly either, but comparing her to Casey Anthony and discussing possible job loss are out of line! I’m sure her company is well aware of what goes on in the BB house and the publicity might even help buisness! Shelly is useless and a non entity on the show, but some of these comments are truly ridiculous. I’m sure her company was aware of all the possible scenarios which arise in a cut throat game! Come on!

    • I went to look for the page it pulled up 2 but one had no content while the other it just had pics someone made like with shelly and casey anthony but no comments or nothing I was gna write fb about it

      • Once you become a public figure which is what Shelly is there is nothing you an do about the Facebook page. Totally different rules apply to Public Figures that the average Joe and there is nothing bad on it just people stating why the do not like her which is their opinion and which they and all of us are entitled to do because we have freedom of speech in this country.

      • Do not feel bad for Shelly at all. She is to blame for everything and she is way old enough to know better. The only one I have any sympathy for is her daughter for having a mother like Shelly. Poor Josie!!

    • do not know where page is on FB or what under, but this needs to be reported to FB, they will look at page and remove it if needed, but the damage is already done, but does not have to snowball more, I hate her to, but woulde not go that far, so if true, report it, the more that do, the sooner, FB acts.

      • There is nothing bad on the Facebook page and to be honest it is not as bad just people voicing their dislike for the woman or making fun of her which they are entitled to do.

      • the page is nothing different that what we are doing here no death threaths no getting her fired from her job just people that dont like her actions on BB

    • OMG too crazy. i mean ima jj fan and i hate that jeff left too but dam guys he aint dead!

    • Wow i did not like her play but her fam., should not be target. that’s not nice and all in the game have done things ,and we get carried away ,i have seen hate pages for Kaila too but i would not put like on them its ok to have fun but not really hurt and there fam .its a no no, think this is my last post .

    • oh my gosh people leave shelly alone already she just miss’s her daughter .I bet she is really a very nice person .some people just like to say mean things ,and like shelly she believes others give her a break

      • Sorry, but nice and normal people do not act the way Shelly has. That is not what normal people do or how they behave. If she misses her daughter then she should of thought of her before doing the things she has. I mean her little girl even thinks bad of her mom!!!

    • attention idiots who think it’s ok to start a hate page for people and threaten people and their families and wish them harm those pages on facebook have been reported and i asked all my friends to report them too

    • You can call KALIA what ever name you want to but make sure you include that is is a WINNER. She won more that the stupid Jordon who btw had a HOH thrown to her. Racheal eat more than Kalia. You can call her Cowlia if you want but make sure you give her a last name or I will something like:
      Cowlia Winning. JJ and BR LOSING or alredy LOST you can choose.

      • Jordan has won two comps. And I am so sick of people saying her HOH comp was thrown to her. Did someone hit the ball in the 3rd slot for her??? NO she hit it after all the vets and got it in the 3rd slot. Kalia has not won more she won 2 also and they were on questions which she said she guessed that she didn’t know the answers. All she does is eat and sleep and sing causing the feeds to go off.

  33. I love Jeff and Jordan like everyone else.. But Rachel and Brendon were the first person in whoever was HOH trying to throw Jeff and Jordan under the bus whenever they could… Yes the things Shelly did were over the top but; let’s be for real ;Rachel is a fake weirdo..If she doesn’t talk about Jordan if it’s between the two of them for eviction I will take this all back..

    • Ok….clearly you haven’t watched the same season….the hoh’s went rachel, jordan, rachel, daniele…when dani was HOH (the first time) jordan and jeff went up there and told dani to use jordan as a pawn to ensure one of them (brenchel) goes home…meanwhile brendon and rachel kept trying to make deals with her to keep all 4 of them safe….this was the first time brendon wenr home…and then we all know about the veto throwing comp by jeff the second time brendon went home…brenchel were just saying what they needed to say to keep themselves safe that week, THEY. KNEW they were the deciding vote if Jeff was on the block, and would have kept jeff.

  34. They said they have the advantage to win, not won altogether – can anyone tell us what they’re seeing? who’s winning?

  35. Jordan and Rachel:

    We are waiting here to celebrate with you your veto win!

    Go Jordan and Rachel!!

  36. any ideas what kinda veto comp it is? before Pandora’s Box i thought it might be the face blending game, i guess they could do that one in duos too though. i think that comp is done in the evening usually.

    • I ont think so, they usually do the face blenidng game laterr…I think it wwill be while there arre 4 people left.

  37. LISTEN PEOPLE ..We know nothing we have no feeds ..U WILL KNOW AS SOON AS ANY OF US WITH FEEDS KNOW..SO JUST PLEASE STOP ASKING ..It is nerve racking

  38. Time to go youtube Thin Lizzy and Neko Case. Staring at a blog page ain’t gonna get the results any faster.

    • What would be better, toasty, is for you to pay for the feeds, as the rest of us have done,


      try the free trial.

      • I think that’s borderlining on personal…It’s nice if one can afford live feeds, Dane, and I can truly appreciate a site like this and what it takes to run it — but I, for one, simply can’t afford a luxury like that and have counted on all the good folks here to update us as things progress, which I appreciate greatly.

    • excuse me! i paid for them last year and they were not worth it! i understand the comp is not on the live feeds so i don’t know where the info is coming from.

      • i did not know it was against the rules to post a question! what i do believe is against the rules is to write in caps and attack other posters. if i knew asking for a simple update would get your panties in a bunch, i would have not asked. matter of fact, the question was not aimed at yu but was a general question. i don’t know why you took the tone you did.

  39. Why are there so many JR fans? For one, they’ve already had a chance to play this game before and still aren’t playing any harder. Two, they both came in with partners (who they love) giving them a leg up right away. Finally, they both acted like arrogrant a-hoses when someone from the vet alliance won.
    I also don’t get the petty insults towards the newbies. Call Khalia a cow? Most of you poster are probably overweight yourselves. Attacking Shelley? At least she is playing the game. You aren’t supposed to win everything and be honest with the other housemates–that’s how you get kicked out.

    • You call most posters here overweight and you’d like anyone to consider your thoughts?

      • Hmm, about 7 of 10 Americans are overweight. And I also didn’t mean it as a insult, just starting a fact. I don’t have a disdain for people, no matter the size. Hence why I will never refer to Kalia as “Cowlia”. Thanks for your reply, anyway.

    • They are likable!

      Some of us very much dislike Shelly, Kalia, Porche, and the way they have played, but more importantly the character they show.

      Why would we be a fan of theirs when we find them so repulsive in character.

      Evel Dick was a master at the game, and “not nice” but not wicked in the way Shelly, Kalia, and Porche have been.

      Would Evel Dick have walked up to a person lying down, crying and began attacking?!

      Would Evel Dick have tampered with other people’s food?

      Would Evel Dick approve of such behavior? No.

      • OK, I see how a lot of people might find Jordan likeable, but Rachel? You’ve got to be kidding.

      • Did you not watch the season with Evel Dick? He blow second-hand cigarette smoke in Jen’s face and poured water on someone else’s head. I remember reading the blogs then and everyone hating him at the time, but respected his game after it was over.

      • wow, it is never accepable to physically taunt someone. i am shocked that BB would permit that.

  40. Time for someone to kindly give us non-feed subscribers an update…

    What’s happening — how’s it looking thus far?

    • My apologies, ‘Flyonthewall’ — I obviously missed the post where you guys said there are no feeds. Got the message now loud and clear…

      Simmer down, we’re all anxious about this outcome. All in good fun.

  41. Jeff and Jordan are not flawless. Shelly do what you got to do to win that money, after all that’s why you are there. Go Shelly!!! Haters not hating, cause Shelly is playing the game and not letting the game play her. Give it your all every second that you are in the game, don’t give up until you hear the words “you have been evicted “

  42. As I sit here and wait for who won I have been reading the feeds on the hurricane. Maybe each of us should say a pray for those people who are living one hell of a night…

  43. yes, i don’t like ShellHE either. Porshe is a mean girl and so full of herself that it is really hard to watch, listen or to like her! any of the others i wouldn’t mind it if they won.

    • I am pretty sure if RJ lose most fans are not watching the season will be just way to boring

  44. The site could go down cause of the storm..I just got a warning..The entire site,,

  45. I just read on another site — and I hope to God someone is just screwing wiht me — that Lawon is back and has a POV necklace on?

    Can anyone confirm or deny this?

  46. Shelly is not nearly as bad as Rachel and Jordan so I hope the fortune teller helps her out. I hope whoever wins the POV keeps the nominations the same and Rachel gets evicted. She really is witchy.

  47. A bit of humor while we wait..Shelly has been offered a guest shot on an episode of Swamp People

      • So, you have chose to not subscribe to the feeds,


        You expect those of us who do subscribe to tell you what’s going on,


        You don’t accept that the feeds are not up yet.

        Okay, I’ll make up a winner for you:

        Kalia and Shelly won. Adam is on slop for a week with Porche. Rachel and Jordan won a trip to the Bahamas.

  48. Its a game and I just hope the one playing to win and actually wins SOMETHING in the game gets to the final 4 I mean Adam yes you won 1 thing dear Shelley hasnt won a damn thing so why would those 2 make it to the end I want to see Jordon Rachel Kalia and Pors to the end Shelley and Adam you need to go Please either wake up and win something or leave the house

    • UMM blondie, kalia has not done poop, except maybe poop! pors is really good at coming in second! Jordon is really good at hanging onto shirt tails! (other peoples) Hate to say it, Rach is the only decent player left in the game. imho!

  49. I dislike Shelly, Porche and Kalia (especially Kalia)because they are mean petty punks who act like middle school girls – then Iread the same type petty mean comments against Shelly – why so much drama and pettiness

    BB never should have brought back the vets – it made for a bad season – I always hate repeat guests – nearly 300 million people in the US and CBS could not find enough new people – sad for CBS

    • It’s about ratings: Rachel and Brendan are the couple America loves to hate — or, in some cases just LOVE because of their flare for drama — Daniele would have been better to watch with her outrageous Dad in the house (whom I think adds a lot to the game) and Jeff and Jordan are the couple next door.

      Just my opinion but CBS naturally wants ‘Big Brother’ to be a success and the above mentioned have all the elements…

    • I’m very glad they brought back the vets. Had they not, I wouldn’t have watched this season. They chose well.

    • I don’t mind the repeat but they should have had an all star where they are all on even ground this season is the worst season yet

    • I agree. Bringing back the vets was a huge mistaken. All-star seasons are always fun, but mixing it with newbies isn’t entertaining.

    • I agree about the vets returning. I think I would be upset if I was on there and they came back. That’s what the Allstar is for or do a Couples one. And CBS needs to tell Rach and Kalia to take their mic’s off while they eat…annoying!

      • Hahaha!I hate the sound of people eating, especially if it’s loud. Nothing drove me more crazy than listening to Natalie from BB 11 whisper talking.

    • they should have done an all star season then. or just entire newbies. i wish evil dick had stayed!


  51. I want Shelly gone but I do not like the idea she is being threatened. Nobody should be threatened.

    I would not be surprised to see her go next. If people are getting that carried away, Big Brother may decide she is a liability. I want her gone but not that way

    • so did shelly serioulsy say that she hopes that the comp is to throw a medicine ball at Rachels stomache so they can save 400$ on an abortion!!?? (after a discussion about rachels weight gain) She has a child and she hopes for someone else to lose a child??? she is a sicko beyond belief! How will she explain THAT comment to her own daughter!!?

  52. I have a feeling this is going to be a timed challenge. Like whoever gets the fastest time wins.

    • If that were the case, then they would only be outside for a few minutes each. Why the need to wait until it cooled off?

      • I doubt it because that one isn’t done in partners and wouldn’t take this long. I am guessing it something like the first hoh they had

      • No last year the. Morphed faces comp came when. They had onle. Enzo hayden and lane left and lane. Won…I think it’ll be when there are 4 people left…because the season started with 14 people.. you gotta think, if they do it now they’ll have only 4 morphed faces…I. think thyeyll do it when there can be 5 morphed faces…hey they may not do it @ all lol.

  53. Porsche should be kick off the game for trying to put something in a drink and for saying she was going to hit Rachael. Shelly has something wrong with her.I would be afraid she could hurt some one like Jordan or Rachael.

    • i am shocked BB would let her do that. she should have been evicted. you never know about food allergies. she could have seriously harmed someone. she is a mean person and i don’t like mean people! the comment she made about Rachel and the abortion shows what type of person she is. i don’t like her at all. also, she’s always looking at herself! how vain is she! get over yourself!

  54. why was SHELLY told about the fortune teller and
    no one else??? the B that hasn’t done nothing at all
    the biggest B
    WHY HER???

  55. I don’t know if I’m going to believe anybody about winners until Matt confirms it himself.

      • If you are team R/J (which I am) why would you want them to vote out S S has not won a comp, both sides of the house have commented on not caring if she stays or goes (they obviously don’t repect the way she has played both sides) It would be a pretty good chance of winning if you took her to final. J/R need to start thinking about the end game and stop playing with emotions. But go JR

  56. Im sorry people you need to stop calling Shelly names.Remember she has a daughter and she has to go to school and if any of her class mate get in these chats.I feel sorry for her.Shelly not my favorite player Dani was.But Im looking out for Shelly sweet daughter that hasnt done anything.Kids can be mean lately.I wouldnt want to be Shelly daughter and have to face all my school mates making fun of my mom.Shelly has only played a game like the rest of the people have.Just put yourself into Josie place people callimg your mom a man.Swamp thing.The ugly fortune teller.Get a life people its game.

    • She entered a game that displays the lowest of human misery. Now it’s time to take the consequences, she is a nasty character.

    • A child 8 years old has no business accessing a site such as this…Get real…If u don’ tlike what we say in here move on somewhere else..don’t let the door hit u in the ass on the way out..Children don’t belong on sites like this..

      • I agree that her child should be left out of it. But I also agree that Shelly is a lying sociopath who is incapable of showing compassion. Not sure she even knows the meaning of the word. No wonder her, Dani, and Porsche get along so well.

    • There is a difference between commenting on Shelly’s behavior and Shelly as a person.


      Shelly put herself out there,


      Unfortunately, this is part of what happens to public figures; Shelly made two choices: 1)She put Josie in that position by choosing to be on BB, and 2) She chose to behave the way she has.


      Ultimately, it is Shelly who is in control.


      It would be extremely decent of people on this site (and other sites) to be mindful of the child. This is where Americans can improve themselves, be better people, and be better to each other — especially children.

    • I so agree with you Lori. People have gone completely out of their minds with attacking Shelley and her family. They need to get a grip.

    • If she is so concerned about how she is being portrayed for her daughter’s sake, then she shouldn’t have signed up for the show. I’ve watched this show from the beginning (all 13 seasons), and even the nicest, genuine, honest person lies and back stabs to get to the end. Shelly will have to write a million sentences after this show is over.

  57. For week now, Ive been trying to come up with a proper adjective for shelly. Mine were just to crued and I proably would have been banned from this site. However, my better half as come up with the perfect name “Shameful Shelly” ftis her to the tea. Thank you honey.

  58. The long pov is geared toward either Rachel, Porche or Adam. Shamefule Sheely ,Uncler Fster, and Sweeti Jordan doesn’t have a change. Hopefuly Jornan or Rachel wins the veto.

    • How do you figure? Did you not see jordan on that log in her season?? She is very determined when she’s set on something. As far as adam? He’s a nobody, why would it be geared toward him.

      • The longer the comp is noramlly geared toward a phsyical player. I too want a vet to win. I’m just thinkg Uncle Fester is going to slip through the back door.

  59. OMG we are dying her
    please hope it ends soon and we get some GOOD news!!!

  60. Jordan has acted like quite the spoiled brat hasn’t she? LOL I was really too busy laughing to be annoyed. She may have beaten Rachel for having the most absurd emotional outburst this season.

    • All she did was defend herself when she was attacked without provocation by the sociopath nutcase

    • get a grip
      wouldn’t u be doing the same if u had faith in what u thought was a real friend then found out that they’re nothing but liars?
      she has an innocent kind heart and it hurt her
      plus Shelly provoked her, she was laying minding her own business

    • If Shelly would have left Jordan alone. Jordan would not have had an outburst. BUT when someone starts jabbing at you when you are down. Crap happens.

    • I think you mean Daniele has acted like a spoiled brat, followed by Kalia, Shelly, and Porche.

      Jordan has NEVER acted like a brat.

      You think crying and being hurt by betrayal makes one a brat? Or, you think standing up to someone who is attacking you makes one a brat?

      Perhaps you ought to review the show.

      • Jordan is a big cry baby, I will be so glad to see her go, she cannot win nothing, all she can do is whin and cry, go home aready Jordan. I wish that Daniele was still there she can play this game.

      • Oh, please – you must be deluded. Jordan has done NOTHING (repeat, NOTHING) to deserve another $500,000… Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that one HoH Jeff threw so she could win… Well, aside from that lame win, she hasn’t done anything. Even Rachel has done more. Jordan does NOT deserve to win, and if it weren’t for this stupid Pandora’s Box twist, she would have been out sooner rather than later. And she called Shelly and Dani b*****s, so that makes her a sweetheart? Please. She’s fake, weak, and rather useless. Just like Adam.

      • Zach you are going to get “assaulted” by a bunch of crazed JJ fans for not liking them or for posting anything negative about them. I think this is not longer a BB spoiler site…the JJ cult has taken over. No one wants to have a conversation with you unless you are a JJ fan I guess….LOL it’s a little scarey. Hopefully none are too serious and they realize it is just a game.

    • Yes amanda…jordan was attacked by shelly…after being stabbed in the back be shelly….but no no your right…geesh jordan you bitch.

      • Ahaaa yes Jordan How dare u? Your boyfriend has just been evicted ur upset u dont want to talk about it and u get attacked and u defended ur self
        Whow what a spoiled brat u are
        You know I am kidding vetfan :)

      • LOL Matt H said it perfectly…the vets have this overwhelming sense of entitlement. You have all obviously bought into it as well and that’s fine but let those of us with minds of our own have opinions….Jeez it’s like Jeff possessed you all into thinking that if we aren’t fans of his and his sister then we are obviously evil….muwhahahahahaha

      • I think Rachel is a nicer, better person when Bookie isnt around, its like he brought out the worst in her and now that he’s gone, its like she’s human again, Im almost not quite, but almost a Rachel fan. She’s been handling her self much better without the Bookster.

    • Yes, I mean how dare someone get upset after being stabbed in the heart by someone that they truly trusted and thought was a genuine friend.

      • Guess jordan is wishing she would have taken all of the warnings about shelley seriously….darn the luck. JJ were more interested in taking S&A to the final four b/c they sucked at competitions and would be easy to bull doze through. S & A kept kissing their butts. Like it or not…it’s a game and Jordan did just as much “floating” as K and P have done….if not more. I’m not a fan of K or P or Anyone else in that house. I’m just being more objective than any of the obsessed JJ fans.

      • That is how the game is played, Shelly mad a bold movie and poor Jeff and Jordan. Maybe she will leave next!!!

      • Shelly didnt do amything bold she didnt make some huge game move she made a stupid mistake jeff and jordan saved her while on the block twice they wouldve atleast got her to final 3 where she could then atleast fight for the final 2 spot instead turned on them and cut her game shorter than what it wouldve been so yea shelly woohoo way to go big game move on your part NOT

    • Really/ Dani put on the biggest whining cry baby show when she knew she was leaving! I wanted to slap yhat brat bratty “My stonach hurts from slop ” pout right off her witchy face! Zingbot said it best about her “riding the coat tails of her father” Maybe if she had stayed with her original alliance instead of having yet another “showmance”, she could have furthered her game! She actually made me love Rachel! Say what you want, but Jordan already won once, didn’t she? you can call Jordan all the names you want, but at least she does have a conscience!

      • Hey Amanda your mother really raised you right with that pretty language! Unacceptable! Bitter, perhaps? Matt, how about those flagged words? Maybe she hangs out with chain smoking Shelly and trashy Danille- seems like the type!

      • Whoa….? I did NOT curse in my post. Unless you think “butt” and “darn” are unacceptable. You better read my post again. I don’t mind anyone correcting me or arguing with me b/c it’s all in good fun. But don’t you dare say anyting about my character or my language! I mean…seriously did you even read what I said b/c based on that ridiculous character assault you just posted I would think not. Please re-read it and recognize.

      • I know Roxie2 you feel a little embarrassed by what you said but it’s okay I forgive you. I’m not sure whose post you were refering to but once again, I’m glad we cleared up that it was not mine.

        I come here to post about BB the game and I certainly don’t expect or appreciate having my character attacked by anyone simply b/c they got my post mixed up with someone else and/or b/c I don’t share the JJ love with them.

  61. Wasn’t Shelly in Ace Ventura? Lt. Einhorn?
    I think the Live Feeds just caught her adjusting ;)

  62. holy moly…….the anticipation is killing me. just before they shut off the live feeds Shelly was getting it to do more and more…..hmmmmm???? Any ideas? If she somehow wins the veto im gonna be sooo……pissed!

    • This is from another site please read. People have got to get lives LMAO

      7:23 PM Feeds back; Shelley won Veto and drama ensues:Shelley won VETO, Jordon initially thought she had won and wouldn’t give Shelley the Veto, then took it and threw it in Shelley’s face chipping her tooth. Jordan was ejected from the game. Rachel has left after confirming her pregnancy. Dani and Jeff are now back in the house and Jeff is threatening to stab Shelley family to death.

    • Now that I think of it – Shelly discovered the Fortuneteller right before POV and stares at it for a while. It could mean CBS thinks that she can keep the drama with Rachel gone. I’m starting to think this POV was geared for Shelly to win.

    • Oh bbaddict do not be pissed! The best part of this game is the surprise!!! Shelly could not win a fixed bingo game! No worries!

  63. We are going to be hitting the two hour point. Are we sure it is veto. Maybe Shelly’s husband came and got her and she is having to find everything that she has taken. LOL

  64. OMG i’m gonna have a heart attack
    please don’t give us bad news

  65. from another site

    7:40pm JR Bathroom They won the VETO.. talking about when Shelly gets to the Jury house there will be a big fight between Jeff and Her

    They mention how the comp was all Rachel she won it for them


  66. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Good bye Shelley. Don’t le the door hit you on your ass on the way out. Actually, I hope it does.