Big Brother 13: Daniele Donato Interview

We caught up with Daniele Donato before she made her way to the Big Brother 13 jury house to face Brendon.  Check out how she really feels about Rachel and Dominic and why she wouldn’t change anything about her game play.

Chloe:  Dani, what are you going to do for a week sequestered with Brendon??

Dani:  I’m just thankful that this was a fast forward week because hopefully it wont be so AWKWARD

Chloe:   Did you have any real feelings for Dominic and would you like to date him once you’re out of the jury?

Dani:  I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to meet Dominic. I think he is one of the sweetest people I have ever met in my life. I know no matter what happens we will always have a really close relationship.

Chloe:   You said you had no regrets so there is nothing you would do different if given the opportunity?

Dani:  Looking back, it is easy to say that you would change things, but in the moment the only that you have to go off of is your gut and I did.

Chloe:  Rachel called you a bitch in her goodbye message, if she is in the final two will you question her about that before you cast your vote?

Dani:  If she is in the final two, the only person she is going to get a vote from is her fiancé. This is a game about competition, strategy and social game. Rachel is terrible at all three aspects of it.

Chloe:  Did you ever consider teasing Rachel with the fact that you would be alone with her man for a week and use her jealousy as leverage to keep you in the house?

Dani:  I never thought about it, but Porsche did and has. It makes me laugh but it is so ridiculous. She can have her man. Trust me.


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  1. Ding dong the witch is dead!

    Thankfully Dani is out of the house.
    She was nothing without her Dad.

    • She is hardly dead… it’s a game. Get a life. And No, I am not a Dani fan. I hated her from her first season, but I realize it’s just a TV show.

    • The only thing she was hoping for was a showmance, and because it did not happen for her she was bitter, even her father said so!!
      all she did was lied in bed with Dominic…god game he!!

    • Judas is so pathetic. Rachel is a much better all around BB player. Judas has a crush on a gay man! This is too funny! She threw away the game and the strongest alliance in BB history to have a showmance with a gay man! lmao…

    • sorry but danielle sh’s a good player’s
      i don’t like her before with her dad…but bb13, sh’s change and her and Jeff, are the very big and good player to bb13 to bad they go……i’m so rrrrrrrrrrrr.Danielle go………Jordan deserve and adam to go
      500…… jordan is offffffff, not 1 million???????????she’s not deserve to win 2 times!sh’s bad player’s win first is jefffffffff don’t help her sh’s win nothing…
      nice girl but…stupid…….

      • someone is jealous!!!

        Jordan has played the game it is not her fault that everyone was so much into themself making themself a target !!!! FUNNY!!!!

      • She had a partner. His name was Dick and when he left she got 4 weeks of immunity. Once that was over there were no more partners but she had one anyways. Her name was Kalia.
        Dani did do a lot. A lot of leaving for the jury house in 8th place that is.

  2. I hate to see Dani go… I really wish she would have stayed in the BB house a while longer…

    I am a Dani fan…. :D

    • me to i like Danielle, sh’s so good player’s…i’m very like Dominic they deserve to be happy to

    • I was so happy to see Dani go…BYE I screamed as I jump up and down!!! With Dani, Porshe, Kalia, Shelly they acted like such two year olds but then again two year olds act better then them….I hope Jordan and Rachel take the rest of them out!!! I think most people watched because of Rachel and Brendon Jeff and Jordan they made the show this year a lot better the rest were not interesting I found myself fastforward through them just to get to Rachel & Brendon and Jeff and Jordan…..If evil dick would of stayed would of watched him too but not dani she was boring!!!!

  3. The only person in the house that has made no enemies is Adam and won when he had to.He could be a dark horse.

    • Adam hasn’t won anything. He had the veto thrown to him by Jeff and Danielle. He has done nothing and been horrible at everything. I hope he doesn’t win.

      • Adam BEAT Jordan, Kalia, Porsche, Rachel, Shelly, and Brendon to WIN that Veto and take himself off the block.

      • I saw the episode and there was absolutly no begging and he still beat all of those people i named to win the veto.

      • @johnnyD…I really don’t know what episode you watched…BUT adam was begging…and Jeff threw the compitition because he was a coward too!!

      • Thank you cath, michael, sherry and moodygirl. I don’t know what show JohnnyD watched either. He left me a very similar post on the dani and jeff game and where they went wrong spoiler.

      • Whether Jeff and Dani tried or not he still beat everyone else.
        And just because Jeff and Dani didn’t try doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have won.
        I am not going to sit here and tell you he would have won because we will never know.
        So don’t you sit here and tell me he would have lost because you don’t know that either.
        He made a deal and that deal led to him winning the game. That is winning.
        There was no begging becasue there wasn’t time to beg. Also every other houseguest was watching. There wasn’t begging because they needed to keep the quick deal they were making a secret and not have every other house guest hear about it. He asked once. They tlked about it for a second and said yes. They didn’t say no and theny adam got down on his knees and statrted whining please please! If they had said no he would have just layed the game.

      • What show are you watching Johnny D??? Rachel and Brendon didn’t even play. And Jeff threw it to him. Are you sure you’re watching Big Brother?

      • I have to agree with these other posters that Dani and Jeff threw that game for Adam. Whether you can admit that or not JohnnyD doesn’t change a fact. When 2 people are not giving it their best effort, regardless of how well the “winner” does, that is considered throwing a competition.

        Unless you’re like Adam’s brother or something, I still don’t see how you could say Adam “won” that veto.

      • There are still 4 players he beat who are still in the house in that comp even if you remove Brendon and Rachel from the list.
        Adam won because of the deal he made with Jeff. This is winning. A win is a win. Just because you win with a deal doesn’t mean you didn’t win.

      • I didn’t say they didn’t throw it. I said it was still a win. Whether Jeff and Dani tried or not he still beat everyone else.
        And just because Jeff and Dani didn’t try doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have won.
        I am not going to sit here and tell you he would have won because we will never know.
        So don’t you sit here and tell me he would have lost because you don’t know that either.
        He made a deal and that deal led to him winning the game. That is winning.

    • Adam COULD win but it would be by default.

      Kalia would prob beat him despite being stupid just because she won HoH’s

      Porsche might beat him if she keeps winning, but the veterans dismiss her because they locked her out of doing anything for a month and don’t notice the hypocrisy of now complaining about how little she did.

      He would probably beat Shelly because JJ are bitter and not too bright. It would come to whether BR (who would complain the whole time) vote for the one who played the game the whole time but won nothing, or the coward who only won a doubly thrown veto.

      He wouldn’t beat Jordan, and if that were the final 2 this would be the last season I watched.

      He wouldn’t beat Rachel.

  4. She probably said the same thing about Nick in her 1st try!Dominic run for the hills.Obviously she cant get a man unless she gets on a tv show and finds a sucker for a few weeks.

  5. Dani is a player and a risktaker. Unlike Jeff the homophope who is afraid to do some dirty work, she is not. She is not scared of anyone even the big bad bull Brenda.

    I’ll say one thing though, Dani sure got under peoples skin inside and outside the BB house. Luv it.

    • Was Jeff being afraid to do dirty work when he backdoored your idol Dani and got her evicted? No he was just beating the pants off Dani cause she was lost in that house without her Daddy to take care of her.

      • That “dirty work” was a given. Any idiot would have make the “bold move”. He was scared to win the veto in order to take Brendon/Rachel off the yes he is a chicken.

      • He couldn’t take Brendon and Rachel off the block by winning a vetobecause they were not on the block. Adam and Shelly were on the block.
        He isn’t chicken because he didn’t do something it wasn’t possible for him to do and thinking he is is ridiculous

      • Who went on the block when Adam removed himself. His buddy Brendon, and he knew this would happen because that was part of the deal with my idol Dani. As I said you are having a bromance with a chicken.

      • Look how pathetic he acted when he realized he was out next. All the bullying and in your face antics din’t wirk so off he went like a spoiled five year old

      • Jeff was bullying? Who did he threaten with physical violence? That is a blatant rule violation and production should have stepped in immediately.

      • You’re right Johnny, when there was no one left in the house to do it for him, Jeff stepped up and made one move.

        Before that he used BR as body armor.

        And then left complaining that Shelly and Adam used him the same way.

        I wonder if he or Jordan can spell “hypocrite”.

      • There were still 7 other people in the house who could do it for him mark.
        Yes Jeff relied on his alliance. That is what alliance’s are for.
        Just like the week after Dani was HOH she used Kalia as a sheild. That is just game.
        He left upset that someone he thought he had an alliance with betrayed him.

      • Dani made it far without her dad & a partner, unlike Zits (Rachel) & spoiled brat (Jordan). Their boyfriends did all the work for them!

      • You are right T Brendon was the one who did all the work when Rachel won that first HOH competition. If not for Brendon no way Rachel could have held on to that banana.
        And it was really Jeff who hit that putt not Jordan. He just borrowed some of her clothes and got a wig so he could fool us into thinking it was jordan.

    • Remember Johnny, that backdoor is the reason he got sent home. So his big move backfired and the funny part is , he’s too dumb to see it.

      • The reason he got sent home is because he didn’t win the pov.
        They were still coming after him if he didn’t backdoor dani.
        And the funny thing is people are too dumb to see that

      • Wrong Johnny, if he didn’t backdoor Dani, Kalia would’ve left pure and simple. So-uh, if that means Kalia was gone, she wouldn’t have won the HOH that put him on the block in the first place and get handed the deciding vote by Kalia. If dani was there, she would have gone after rachel.

      • And nobody was going after him. That all changed in one night because Rachel set the ball in motion to get Dani and Shelly. But what Rach did in that one night Rocked everyone. She doesn’t even understand how big that move was.

      • Right and if Kalia left Dani would have been there to play in the HOH comp and she might have won it and then she would have come right after Jeff.
        I would much rather put Dani out of the house and compete against Kalia for HOH than put Kalia out of the house and compete against Dani for HOH.

      • Dani most certainly was trying to get Brenchel to backdoor Jeff.
        What show are you watching?

      • Dude, Dani said if she stays, she’s going after rachel, if you get the live feeds go back and watch it. Who was going after Jeff? Brendan was already gone, Rachel, Shelly, Adam,were aligned with him. Kalia and Porshe were scared. the only reason Shelly flipped was because Rachel suckered her and told her Dani was gonna stay, then she was going to try and blame it on Adam. Rach went and told JJ. That happened the night before evictions. If Rach didn’t do what she did, Jeff was in the final 4. Dani and Shelly would have gone after Rach, Kalia and porshe would’ve kiised Jeff’s butt. The whole turn of events happened the night before eveictions. Watch the live feed.

      • Oh and when Kalia won HOH, some common sense got into her at the last minute to put him up. She saw the window was closing and for once did a smart thing, there was no plan to get rid of him, it just a lucky fluke.

      • The reason he got sent home is because the backstabbing loser Shelly flipped after he kept her in the game since week one.

      • @Gene, If you believe what Dani said about not going after Jeff I have some swamp land to sell you. And Shelly flipped on Jeff a long time ago when she was Dani’s BFF. Shelly was just waiting to get rid of Jeff.

      • Rachel was on her brain a lot more than your Precious Jeffy. I’m really gonna be laughing when your sweetheart Jordan gets sent packing, because as dumb that entire house is, they’re smart enough to know that she can’t get to the final 2.

      • If jeff belived what Dani had told him bout going after rachel and not coming after him he would have been an idiot.
        She had already betrayed him once when they were in an alliance together and there was no way he was going to trust anything she said again ever.

      • He did the exact same thing in his other season and he knew that! He questioned that before making his decision and still did it. Dummy, make a mistake onece, it’s a mistake, make the same mistake twice, then your a dumbass! If he would have kept Dani, then they both would still be there!

      • @JohnnyD, What is your hardon for Jeff all about? He floated a lot! He sat back and let others do the heavy lifting and getting the blood on their hands. Jeff had a very good social game, he had a decent competition game, and he had a decent strategy. Jeff’s problem was he was fed misinformation from Dani and Brenchel. They all used each other, the newbies and outright lies and accusations to do this.

        Brenchel were planning on how to backdoor Jeffy from week 1! They piled up on the HoH bed and talked about it, wondering if it was too early or not to try. Then, the jumped on the Dani plan in week 3. The plan was to keep Dom and take split JeJo the next week if Dani/Dom could get HoH. Adam being such the lemming was too good to lose! Besides, Adam had a bigger Bromance for Jeffy and Brenda than you do! Jordan called that impromptu house meeting after Dom was kicked and blew up Dani’s plan. Remember, the one where Brenda threatened, “Hey, no one callers my fiance a liar!” And, Jeffy puffed his chest out and said something forget-ably blase. Week 4 Brenda left and Jeffy started to kill his own game!

        Yup, Jeffy thru the POV to Adam and allowed Brenda to leave. You have to have you starstruck newbie looking to advance you to the finals, at his own expense, over the faithfulness to your Alliance pals!! You better hope that newbie doesn’t catch on. (Hmmm… maybe the sleeping giant will wake in ohh… a month?)

        Week 5 Kalia steps up. Jeffy nearly pisses himself and his game is over. The countdown has started. No more easy ride to the finals. Jeffy and Rachel on the block. Jeffy wins POV and “BIG” Jeffy comes out to play!

        The week plays out, Lawon’s gone, Brenda’s back, Kalia’s first HoH has been a step backward.

        Week 6 Daniele wins HoH again!! The entire Vet Alliance just pissed themselves in unison!! I think Brenchel might have had mud too! Jeffy’s problems get worse. He has strayed from his strategy! He is now playing on his emotions!! He refuses to believe the deal Dani offers and she all but offers her first born for Jeffy to believe he’s not her target. And, Jeffy accepts a deal to work to the final 3.

        Adam and Shelly go up. Jeffy stays emotional sweating his new re-Alliance with Dani for fear of being back doored. Jeffy and Dani agree to throw the POV to Adam and allowing Dani to back door Brenda! OMG! Brenda is and was always the target! Look Jeffy… the “evel” child kept her word! Proof she’s trustworthy.

        Week 7 Jeffy wins HoH! His “BIG” Jeffy emotions have full control of Jeffy’s game and and has decided to put his game to death THIS week. His ego won’t let him throw the POV. So, the dumbass wins it and of course, will use it on the weakest player. The same one he demanded, at the nom ceremony to, “…prove you deserve to stay in the house!” (Little Jeffy has returned.) I guess proof was in not winning the POV. Porsche is now off the block and Dani is back doored to the block. This soothes his emotions, gets Jordan and Rachel off his back, all while letting Rachel believe it was to help vendicate Brenda’s 2nd eviction.

        What? Do we hear there’s trouble in Studio City? Hmm…

        Rachel hears all about how Jeffy helped back door Brenda by throwing the veto to Adam! Shelly flips for Dani. Jeffy explodes when he finds out about Shelly, shortly before the live show. Jeffy is so visibly emotional, he’s still pouting and red faced as the live show begins. What’s going to happen? OMG!! Fast Forward week! Dani goes to jury. “BIG” Jeffy’s back. BUT, he’s still emotional! He’s wants answers from Shelly!

        Let’s play for HoH! OMG!! (SHOCKER!) Kalia wins AGAIN! Jeffy pissed himself AGAIN!! (AKWARD) As they are herded to the living room, Jeffy is yelling at Shelly from before!! Kalia noms Jeffy and Rachel! Let’s play a POV comp. “BIG” pouty Jeffy is still mad! OMG!! (SHOCKER!) Porsche wins POV! Re-enter the house. Porsche refuses to use the veto saying, “That’s the way Dani would want it! (Little Jeffy is back!) How’s that for proof Jeffy? Buh-bye!! Little Jeffy walks out with his emotions showing! His own sac shrinking with every step closer to Chenbot.

        Week 9, Porsche wins HoH! I know… (SHOCKER!!!) Jordan and Rachel are now sob sisters! Go newbies!

        JohnnyD, your Bromance has ended AGAIN! If Jeffy had just kept Dani, honored his re-alliance and kept his word Jeffy would be in the BB House headed for Top 3! But, noooooo… Little Jeffy left the same way he left BB11. On the short emotional end of a Fast Forward week. I bet that’s a BB first!

        So, why the hardon over Jeffy? He’s a two-time loser! Three time loser if you include The Amazing Race! ROFLMAO

      • I don’t like Jeff but how is he a floater? He made an alliance at the beginning of both of his seasons and he remained loyal to that alliance all the way to the end. That is not a floater.
        Brenchel did consider backdooring Jeff but they were smart and knew it was too early in the game. Dani stupidly didn’t listen to them and kept pushing them hard and it cost her her whole game.
        Dani and Jeff were in an alliance and Dani betrayed that alliance. At that point Jeff was telling her anything she wanted to hear. If Dani didn’t like toast then Jeff would say he hated toast. Dani was lying to Jeff when she said he wasn’t her target and if Jeff had belivede her and trusted her again he would have been an idiot. She would have turned around and nominated him again for sure just like she told Kalia she was going to once she got Brendon out. Jeff told dani he accepted the deal but he never did and if Dani believed him after she betrayed his trust she is an idiot.
        If Jeff had believed Dani and not evicted her she would still be in the house and he would be in jury before her. It really just sounds like you are jealous he put Dani out. Just because Jeff shows a little emotion he should be crucified? Puh-lease

    • oh please Dani is a lame. she made the wrong moves and at the wrong time causing her to walk out that door. not to mention ruin doms game. shes so desperate to get out of her daddys shadow that she shot herself in the foot. wat did she do wen she had 4 weeks to stratgize with the golden key? she got dom evitcted who was her sub alliance. wat did she do wen her alliance was in power for 3 weeks? got brendon out and lawon. another aliance member. so in that whole time she was in her house she got two of her own alliance members evicted and trained two noobies to go farther than she did. yea she won comps but she didn nothing effective with the power that was given to her. player? i think not. she wouldnt know wat strategy was even if it was given to her in pandoras box.

      • Finally someone also doesn’t like Dani. People on here go nuts if you say something bad about her. Or something good about BR or JJ

  6. sour grapes. she jumped the gun to soon and flipped on the vets. she had an advantage of 4 weeks in the social game where dani excells. she made a move, went far but fell short.end of story. i thinks she is still mad rach is in the house and not herself. to say no one will vote for rach is idiotic on her part, thus sour grapes.

    • It is so great that JUDAS thought RACHEL was gonna SAVE her! What an idiot JUDAS turned out to be! RACHEL gonna SAVE JUDAS!!!!!!!
      lmao….Silly Judas fans actually believed it…lol. That Marcus guy who LOVES Judas actually PREDICTED that RACHEL would SAVE JUDAS! HE WAS SERIOUS!!!! lol…I can’t stop laughing at that Marcus guy!!! He is so delusional when it comes to Judas. He can’t see the forest for the trees.

      • Gonna laugh my ass off when Brendon & rachel finds out that Jeff threw that competion that sent Brendon packing! Rachel is JUDAS! Hope she isn’t pregnant, I would feel so sorry for that baby!

      • Rachel already knows cause Dani and shelly told her. She still voted out Dani and didn’t flip on Jeff. Did you miss the show the other night?
        Rachel never betrayed her alliance and she is not a judas.

  7. Oh dani, when you were running high on the hog you were insulting anyone who cried. That last week with you on the block you cried and cried and cried and cried. Lost all respect for you then.

    • Agree completely! Dani engaged in a lot of antisocial behavior last week before her evcition making everyone feel uncomfortable by pouting and sulking around the house. And right after she spent a whole week making fun of Rachel for some of the same behavior too. When Dani couldn’t bully them into doing what she wanted them to do she threw a fit.

    • I think most of her tears were from anger at
      herself for trusting Jeff and Jordan. Not because she lost her “boyfriend-fiance”. She played the game from the beginning with the
      numbers against her. JJ BR always planned to
      get her out first because they each had some-
      one they could trust. Dani did not.

      • Yeah she was a definite idiot for trusting jeff and jordan after she betrayed their alliance and tried to have jeff backdoored. Of course they are going to come after you for that silly!
        Regardless of the cause of her behavior it was her behavior that was childish.
        Dani had four people she could have trusted but instead she betrayed them and instead of making it to final five she went out in 8th place.

      • @sherry I totally agree with you, but Dani haters will never give her any credit. It’s a lost cause when trying to give your own opinions unless you agree with them.

      • Again the reasons behind Dani’s actions mean nothing. It is the actions themselves that are childish and exactly what Dani was making fun of rachel for. Dani is a hypocrit

      • @Gail, Didn’t you just give your own opinion? Nobody on this site is stopping you. Just because more people on this site hate Dani and Kalia doesn’t stop you from posting your opinions. Don’t be so sensitive!

      • The 5 vets all knew they were targets with the 2 men being the biggest. They told Dani that whichever man got voted out first Dani could play with the remaining partner. They had no intention of voting her out. Also were willing to go with six (with Dominic) but that was not good enough f or her.

  8. Daniele was an amazing player in the game. She did things that no one else would. Sure, when she tried to backdoor Jeff it back fired but when set her mind on taking out Brenden, it happened..Even after he came back into the game. BB is about taking out the strongest players just to get you further and also winning the competitions and making SMALL and LEGIT alliancess. It’s a game show for a reason. You do all you can to win, even if that means getting your hands dirty and that is one thing Daniele was not afraid to do and I am sure if Daniele didn’t get evicted the jury would have voted for her because she did play the game hard and fierce and I really hope they bring both her and her father back next season.

      • Good luck Dani, loved your game, loved that you had an influence on the game even after your departure.

      • I hope not! I wouldnt watch it. Dani is the most egotistical, spoiled brat. Her speech made me want to vomit. She is the only one to love the game? If she was so great, she would still be in the game. I hope I never hear of her or see her on tv again.

    • You mean like being a HUGE part of a decision to put your own alliance member up and EVICT him, thinking he’d have a “special power” lmao. Or do you mean have a free pass for the first 4 weeks and be sitting right in the middle well cushioned on both. Sides of you, by jejo and brenchel. And then ruin it all for a summer crush(didn’t you learn last time?)or are you meaning to pick an alliance that was worthless, who decided its time to win AFTER you got evicted????you see the point? Cause we can continue. She was a cocky little bitch who thought she could have it all her way…for her to say she got bored and tried bd jeff??????really???? Pretty sure that was ALL to keep Dom for a crush, because incase were all forgetting….she held. NO power that week…how. can you bd someone with no power?

    • Yet Dani is sitting in the Jury house. Dani messed up, she targeted people that had her back because she knew they could beat her. She has a horrible personality and behaves as though she is entitled. She deserves a swift kick, maybe she would snap out of her juvenile behavior. Dani is right where anyone with half a brain knew she would be after her stupid decisions. Obviously she did not want the money, because a monkey could have played a better social game.

      • Gina, Dani is not the one sitting in the jury house messed up. She knew that she might be voted out. Jeff is the one who is messed up! He had no idea that he would be voted out of the house right after Dani. So glad it he is gone

      • @Dellie, oh yeah, she is messed up! Crying like the little brat she is no doubt. So glad that you are happy Jeff is gone, was that supposed to anger me? Sorry, it didn’t.

    • i’m so agree with you Danielle sh’s the best girl for this game and Jeff and Brandon too, is very baddddddddddd, the best player’s go.
      I think Rachel do nothing nowwwwwwwww, because her Roméo gone and jordan(julietta)always cried snif snif jeffy go……
      what a game Danielle and arrogan jeff and brandon make action even they to much…..sometimes……….

      • Rachel will win the POV and take her and Jordan off the block because she doesn’t need brendon to win. She can do it all by herself.

      • Like the big move she tried to make when she pushed Brenchel to backdoor Jeff? Yeah that big move worked out real well for her.

  9. does anyone know what evening on BBAD that Brenchel tried to swallow a tbsp of cinnamon? Thrying to use the flashback to show it to someone

  10. I’m a Dani fan, but I hate when BB players that claim to know the game inside and out, all use that same BS answer “I don’t have any regrets in the house, I just went with my gut and hoped it paid off…”

    Jeff said the same crap. Now you know inwardly they are kicking themselves and saying “Why the f*** did I do that???” Just admit you made a bad move and is out of the house because of it. It is what it is…

  11. It’s funny how Dani still hates Rachel. Funny how Rachel can call you a bitch and she gets crucified but it’s ok for you Porkchops and Kaligula to call her bitch and other deragotory names and be praised by fans. Everyone will end up playing with their emotions but in your case I think you are bitter you didn’t get to spend more time with Dumb-minic. Oh btw I think Rachel will get more than one vote from the Jury. And even if Rachel only get one she still made it further than you. Like someone else have mentioned…..SOUR GRAPES!!! PEACE!!!

    • I completely agree. Anything Rachel says is a crime and anyone else in the game can say and act as mean and as nasty as they want and it is o.k. Rachel can do no right by any of these nasty people. That interview really revealed a lot. Like we knew Dani was boring, arrogant, self-centered, and boy crazy already but thanks for confirming it, Dani. Oh, I forgot to add, a sore loser.

      • i’m not agree Danielle, sh’s o.k bb13…
        but with her father before sh’s too much…and arrogant, but very young too…her dad is something too…
        but know Danielle sh’s a nice and big player’s loyal to her love(dominic)and friends Kalia,Porsh even jeff sh’s respect a deal before….iMrealy think Rachel sleep…to this game when her fiancée go……..

  12. I really wanted her to win :(
    but big bad homophobe jeff is gone :)
    I can see Dani laughing at jeff as he enters the jury house. lol
    People who hate Dani are floaters in real life, never making decsions for yourselves.
    Hopefully Shelly, kalia, or Porsche wins. :)

    • Oh brother, you’re kidding right?
      Dani’s big bold moves resulted in absolutely ummmmm NOTHING.
      She is a twit. And got exactly what she deserved.

      • Her bold move got Homophobe jeff out of the house without her even being there. lol
        Have you been watching this season Gina?

      • Exactly her big bold move got her evicted before Jeff.
        You knwo you have to make it to the end to win right?

      • Yes I’ve been watching, seems I remember her going to the jury house. She didn’t know it was going to be a double eviction or who would win, so really?!? You think her moves got Jeff out? What are you smoking Animal? Get real!

    • Dani can laugh all she wants Jeff is entering the house a) after Dani and b) with at least $15,000.00.
      How much did Dani leave with again? Oh yeah that is right nothing. Yeah she is truly a great player all right.

      • Dani could care less about the money because a)she got 50,000 her season b)her dad has 500,000
        WOW homophobe jeff left 30 minutes after Dani. WHAT A MASTERMIND!

      • If she could care less about money then why was she so upset she lost her shot at $500,000.00?
        I am talking about this season not past seasons but if you wann bring that into it Jeff got $25,000 as america’s player and more prizes during his season and his girlfriend won $500,000.
        Dani doesn’t even talk with her dad.
        Wow Dani left one week after brendon. WHAT A MASTERMIND!

      • Dani got big headed Brandon out twice. And the reason homophobe jeff got evicted was because he backdoored Dani like an idiot. So if people played smart then Dani would still be in the house.

      • Yep she wasted two whole weeks getting out a horrible big brother competitor named Brendon. The reason Jeff got evicted is because of the fast forward twist. With a full week in the house to work on shelly Jeff would have stayed.
        The reason Dani was evicted was because she tried to have Brenchel backdoor Jeff like an idiot. If Dani played smart she would still be in the house.

      • Animal are you delusional? You are giving Dani the horrible credit she does not deserve. 50 thousand? Big whoop, after taxes, she probably got less the the average welfare recipient.

      • JohnnyO — Let’s be serious anyone would be pissed about losing a shot at $500K. As for game play Jeff got sent home because he backdoored Dani. Seems Dani’s alliance was more determined and loyal than his alliance. Jeff’s alliance has had the numbers for the past three comps, and what have they won — nothing. When the game changed from couples to singles, everyone should have played for themselves not trying to protect BRJJ. Because none of them were going to the final two. What good was a final five deal for Dani? She would have been voted out anyway. Then JJ and BR would have been trying to pick off each other with any combination of the four being in the final two.

        I wish Dick had stayed. As much as I do not like him, Dick and Dani together would have been more interesting because Dick would not have made a deal with BR or JJ. JMO

      • Jeff got sent home because he didn’t have a week to work on votes.
        Dani got sent home before jeff so Jeff’s alliance was the one that was more determined and loyal than her alliance or else she would have lasted longer than he did.
        A final five deal would have gotten Dani to the fianl 5 instead she made a simple move and went out 8th.

    • One of the worse words ever made up is homophobe. Its ridiculous!!! Just because someone doesnt believe in that lifestyle CHOICE. Doesnt mean they have a phobia. ! Phobia is a fear. Theres a difference. Thats all im going to say since this forum is about the show and not Jeffs. Beliefs!!

    • She can laugh all she wants ,but in the end she lost. She is a miserable person and talked so trashy about Rachel throughout the game. She distanced herself from others until she needed thier vote last week…. and she says she hs social game.Think again!

  13. Dani…….Rachel is still IN the game and you’re NOT. Apprently that says a lot about her gameplay. Admit defeat and just move on. And yes you will probably not give Rachel your vote but if she made it to the final 2 that means she has gone further than you in the game. Yes you have been in the final 2 before but for you to get evicted before Rachel shows you suck at this game also!!! PEACE!!!

      • Animal – you seem to have a homophobe problem. Do you have children? Jeff is not anywhere close to being a homophobe because he feels that way. It’s just something said in the heat of the moment no a well thought out remark.

    • Totally agree JB!
      @Animal, you keep seeing hate where none exist, I think you may be projecting.

  14. Even out of the house, she can’t sport a wee bit of class.

    Glad she’s gone; glad she didn’t win.

  15. I’m pretty sick of Shelly acting like she’s made all of these big moves when she’s been riding j/j coattails the whole game and then have the nerve to do what she did. I’d sure like to know how she’s going to explain all of the lying to her daughter. She’s no better than anyone else and yet she’s talking so much trash about Jordan and Rachel. And now she says she’s not going to play these childish games. I’ve got news for her, at 41 years old that’s exactly what she’s doing.

  16. I hope she finds it MORE akward than she expected with Brendon and Jeff to keep her company. Almost makes Jeff’s early departure worth it.

  17. Dani is nothing but, a imature snotty brat.. As Dani sits and says I am glad it’s a fast forward week so she won’t have to deal with the akwardness with Brendon but, look who is following her. the only thing she will have going for her is Jeff is mature.

      • Jeff and Jordan have a close friend that is gay that doesn’t sound like he is a homophobe. Maybe you’re one and feel guilty about it so you keep name calling!!!

      • Karen you dumbass that’s what all homophobes and racists say to justify their hateful and ignorant remarks. “Oh but I have a gay friend!”. Jeff said that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to teach children reffering to them being perversed in someway. Jeff is a disgusting human being. If Dani had said this you would of been all over it but because its Jeff you’re making excuses for him. You sicken me.

    • The game is over for them. Brenda’s had a week to chill out.Dani won’t have much to do with him anyway. Jeff isn’t mad at Dani. Hell, he’s pissed at Shelly! LOL

      Dani will walk in and say, “Guess who?” Brendon will laugh and clap his hands. They won’t hug. LOL They’ll try to not talk much and they’ll throw mild barbs at each other. But, they’ll be generally civil. They won’t go to war. They know they’re being recorded for our benefit. Dani will tell about the events since he left. Before they get to far, Jeff will arrive and having cooled down some himself will likely do chest bumps with Brendon. More chit chat and what happens will be shared and someone will have a DVD to be viewed and commented on for TV.

      The same will follow with whoever is next. The only variation will be when Rachel arrives. They’ll do the TV thing, then Brenchel will be off “tending” to each other. Yay! No cameras!

      Also, they must certainly have rules of behavior to follow even the Jury House per their contractual agreements.

      Ok, Ok. Move on folks! The Shows over here! LOL

      Now, back to or original programming. ;)

  18. live feeds ..Shelly must be asking the Fortune Teller for a “special power”…hope Fortune Teller spits out message “eat shit & die bitch”… I AM SOOOOO AWFUL….hmmm hmmm but..that’s life and part of my sparkling personality

    • as i’m sitting here watching the feeds seeing shelly go nuts and thinking what an idiot, but then again she is the most disliked person this season

      • We have feeds & watching. She is talking to herself & a fake fortune teller. Need I say more. LOL

      • Sherly never kill someone…is a game…sh’s do promess to jordan….but jeff is hassel,is good players but not the king…sherly can vote is out is to much good player’s is big lawer too…is promess danielle to keep her and put her outttttttttt

  19. I’m not a fan of Dani’s this season only because she moved to quick b4 she realized all of the newbies were babies that had to be hand fead the strategy of the game.with that being said she should have won her season.Dick was just the hitman for hire, Dani is the one who won the competitions.

  20. Dani was not a great strategic player. The only good strategic player in the house left before the first eviction. And even he is wildly overrated in that regard.

    But she was a lot of fun.

  21. Jeff knew back dooring Dani might be the move that sent him to the jury house but he did it anyways. So it was a good & big game move. Bottom line both Dani & Jeff made bold moves that sent them to the JH.

  22. Dani….is a total bitch & her speech was about Kaili,Porshe & Shelly….they are just too stupid to think it’s about them & they are still playing her game…wish Adam would step it up.Dani blew the game by not staying with the vets, but she got pissed cause they got Dom out, even her dad said she was not playing a good game….ZING………lol

    • Thank you, that’s the reason Kalia got some commmon sense and put Jeff up and Porshe didn’t use the pov.

    • sh’s can be piss they got dom out….
      is lover or friends …RB and JJ can have boyfriend’s why not Danielle too….
      Why he have to goo the couple of bich can be happy and love not Danielle????

  23. Give Dani a break, she fought hard and fought well!! She only did what she felt was best.. she gave a lot of ppl a break and kept mostly to her word.. she played a good game!! I really like her and enjoyed watching her this season.. I wish she had been there in the end with Jeff and Jordan.. that would have been exciting to watch..

  24. This is just a game. I think Dani is a very attractive woman and would make a nice Model for some lucky business, maybe some parts in a few movies.

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