Big Brother 13: Week 7 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s another Big Brother 13 Endurance HoH Competition!

Big Brother 13 Week 7 HoH endurance comp

The endurance competition is called “All Washed Up” and it’s set up just like past comps where HGs had to run back and forth across a slippery surface and fill a glass bowl to free their ping pong ball first.

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Big Brother 13 Week 7 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:00 PM BBT – Waiting for the Live Feeds to return…
  • 7:05 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and it’s close! Too soon to see a lead.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Looks to me like things are close between Jeff & Kalia.
  • 7:12 PM BBT – Shelly wipes out but is back up and running again.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Daniele just said everybody is “super close.” I agree.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Things are staying close. Porsche, Kalia, & Jeff real close.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Maybe perspective, but Rachel looks like last place.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Cams keep watching Jeff slide in the last 3 feet. Remains close. Looks like Porsche & Jeff are neck and neck.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Jeff is choking bad on soap. Daniele brings him water.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Jeff is taking a good lead. Shelly asks Daniele if she’s behind Jeff/Porsche/Rachel. Daniele says, “yes.”
  • 7:50 PM BBT – Jeff is really getting ahead now, but others close behind.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – Big Brother is dumping tons of foam on the HGs.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Not much longer. This one will belong to Big Jeff real soon.
  • 8:01 PM BBT – Adam wipes out big time. HGs rush to help. He tells them to keep going. Adam is back up and running.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – All HGs still pushing. No one quitting yet.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Daniele leaning against the wall. Looks none too pleased.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – “Jeff is allllmost there,” says Daniele. She’s right.
  • 8:22 PM BBT – And we have a winner: Jeff won HoH tonight!
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Jeff is the new Head of Household! His nominations will be revealed Friday night!

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7:20PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance comp

7:40PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance comp

7:50PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance comp

8:00PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance comp

8:01PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance comp

8:10PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 endurance competition

8:22PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 HoH winner

8:45PM BBT:
Big Brother 13 Week 7 HoH winner Jeff

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  1. How convenient for the people *cough* Rachel *cough* on the outer lanes, where there’s a lot less soap suds…

  2. brendon out BigBrotherLeak Julie Chen just announced that next Thursday will be a Double Eviction episode!

    • A guy will win it this time who will it be my guess is on Jeff since he gave bacon boy the veto

  3. OK I am going to bed but when I awake I will watch the after hours and I will make a penny bet that Big Red Jeff or Kalia wins this comp they are in the outter lanes and they have the speed

  4. wow if Jeff would have had the sense to win the veto Adam would not have one and Shelly or Adam would have went bye bye. the floater will be gone, but no so a Floater will win because everyone else is trying to get the other out wow

  5. For those who say Rachel is mean, etc., I would like to point out Kalia who could not even try to be half-way gracious in her taped good bye message to Brendan…she is so nasty and spiteful. I hope Rachel wins HOH, puts up Kalia and Danielle and Kalia ends up being evicted. She is riding Danielle’s coat-tails, she does not deserve to be in the house, nor do any of the others except for Danielle, Jeff, Jordan and Rachel as they are the only ones playing the game, the others truly are nothing but “floaters” – it’s no wonder Brendan and Rachel hate floaters. Brendan showed nothing but pure class as he left the house, the others could learn a lesson from him.

    • Well if she doesn’t get evicted lets hope she blows up between eating and listening to her self talking

    • Thanks Doug. I am a fan of Brendon and Rachel and thought that they were treated horribly last night by the group. When J&J voted to evict Brendon that did it for me. I hope their karma comes back to them. Miss you Brendon. Go Rachel and win HOH!

      • Now come on…Jeff and Jordan wanted to keep Brendon. Jeff try to sway Adam to vote with JeJo, but Adam refused; therefore JeJo could not save him; therefore were left with no choice but to go with the house…Keep in mind they went out of their way to save Rachel last week.

      • I could not agree more whole-heartedly with you & Doug!!!! =) The way they were treated last season & now again this season…no wonder they are asking themselves why the f**k did we agree to do this again. It’s sad. I hope Rachel wins HoH & lets the other vets sweat like a whore in church. I lost ALL respect for Jordan & Jeff for the way they have treated Rachel & Brendon this week. Not to mention that “Brenchel” was their biggest allie (even though they made deals with Daniele. I truly believe they would have tossed that out the window for Jeff & Jordan) and now Rachel will want nothing more than to see them gone. STUPID STUPID move HG’s getting out Brendon.

      • @Melinda, What show are you watching??? The way J/J treated them. Now that’s funny especially after J/J saved Rachels ass last week and how does she repay them by talking crap about them to Brendon all the time. Oh and also talking crap about them to Dani and Kalia and Porche. I could name a few hundred other things but I think I made my point.

    • agee Kaila is a little witch stupid one at that since look at what she did with the one HOH she will win in this whole game took out one of her own teammates will go down as the as the most stupid moves in BB history.

    • I agree with Doug, but I hope Jeff wins and puts out Dani and Kalia. He will keep Rachel because I think he does care that Brenden had to leave.

      • I would be happy if Jeff or Jordan won HOH, I do like to think that neither of them would nominate Rachel. I believe it’s basically impossible to Rachel to win BB because she is almost ALWAYS gonna be the one on the block! Truth be known, it’s not even so much because the other housemates find her annoying, it’s because they feel threatened by her. I agree with Brendan when he exited by saying that he wanted the winner to be someone that played the game and didn’t just float by. It would be a joke if someone worthless like Kalia won the game…and is it just me or is Shelly not getting to be very annoying? I cannot stand even listening to her and she is such a hypocrite when she says she wants her daughter to be proud of her yet she’s being 2-faced to everyone.

    • big red suxs she is loud dirty and cant keep her mouth shut i mean come on having sex and doing things in the house with live cams FOR REAL

  6. I think it is time for someone who hasnt played the game before to win and become HOH and next week the fun begins with the double eviction Come on people The vet’s were in here to cause drama and stir up trouble they were payed for the drama and I just betcha none of them win it will be a newbie and BB pays everyone off!

  7. Jordan is in the lead followed by Jeff and Rachel…. This isn’t looking good forn Team Dani!!

  8. Jeff is a beast….. He is winning with Jordan following and Rachel and Porsha battling for 3rd place

  9. Dani is nerbous as hell….. “Everyone is really, realy close”…. Jeff is killing them all…. L~O~L!!!

  10. Rachel is going to come in second, Jeff is going to win. Rachel and Adam will go up on the block. Next eviction Dani and Kalia.

    • No….. Dani and Kalia will go on the block because Jeff can’t backdoor Dani since she will play in the Veto anyways withh the Veto pass… JJ, A and S already discussed this…


  12. I am shocked Jordon can keep up with them in that outfit it is so adorable on her would of been funny watching a man wear something that was made for a woman

  13. in a perfect world jeff will win hoh. and put up dani and kalia and send both their butts home with a double eviction, just saying!

  14. Jeff is in the lead because he is scooping up liquid in his hands every change he gets. Look for it.

    • If Jeff is scooping the soap the liquid in his hands and not the cup, then shouldn’t he be disqualified? Didn’t Julie say to use the cup? Just wondering.


  16. Now Jeff is gagging…. Lets go Jordan in case Jeff screws up….. If Jeff or Jordan win, Rachel is safe this week…. Dani got Jeff some water…. Isn’t that sweet? L~O~L!!! Let the a** kissing begin…. Dani even got Rachel some water…. Awwww!!!

  17. reenie you are right. thats how it works. technically jeff wont be able to send them both home. but someone else can if them nor porscha wins lol. wishful thinking of course. i loved daniele in her season…now, not so much

      • I agree myrna. Dani is playing solo. The couples have always had the protection of each other. Dani’s had the harder road.

    • Well looks like Jeff is going to win, and Rachel will probably be safe. Then Rachel wins the Double Eviction HoH, and it will give her an advantage.

      • I hope Jeff wins because Jeff will not even nominate her. Rachel can win the HOH next week and get either Kalia or Porsha evicted.

      • Yeah Kalia really did leave a kind of mean good bye message to Brendon. I’m sure the house has to get to you, but claiming to be mature,etc etc…come on when ya know someone is leaving be kind. Hey they are now jury members. No matter opinions Brendon is a good sport and level headed. Possessing GREAT patience having to handle Rachel lol

  18. So Jeff and Jordan hate floaters and don’t want them to win……but…..went with the votes and the majority of the house so not to piss them off…..correct me if im wrong….but isn’t that what a floater does? Goes with the wind?

      • Difference is Dani has played for less time than Jeff and Jordan….I’m sorry I’ve been big Je/Jo fans but you can’t call someone else a floater if you haven’t won things yourself. Jeff and Jordan have won the same number of HoH’s as Dani and Dani’s only played in 3 HoH’s. Jeff has played in all of them and Jordan has played in all but 1..

    • Doesn’t a floater just kind of float through the game, not really winning any competitions, but instead just side with whoever is in power? You can’t blame them for not wanting to tick everybody else off. What did it matter, whether they voted for BetterHalfofBrenchel or against him? I mean, it just seems sort of short-sighted to worry about the one week, when they have to worry about the rest of the time in the house. Maybe one of them should have voted to off Shelly, just to cause some drama?

  19. oh come on, hope it’s soon over, I need some sleep. How close are they? 3/4 or more to the top?

  20. Curious, there was no reason for J&J to vote to keep Brendon since it would have been tied and Dani would break the tie by still voting him out. So there was no point for them to try to keep him except to put a target on their backs. Jeff & Jordan Rock!

    • The point of them voting to keep Brendon is to stay true to their alliance. Dani will backstab Jeff next just watch and see.

      • You don’t remember Lawon and Rachel being up on the block? Did you not watch BB that week?

      • They’re cutting them so they can inform Jeff (that’s who was winning right?) that he is going off script. RACHEL is suppose to win tonight then he is suppose to win next week in the double eviction! LMAO JK JK JK Please don’t crucify me for that joke!!!! Thanks for the updates, Leo & everyone else giving them!! =)

      • in the past the feeds get cut off right before whoever wins than they come back on a few minutes later or it could be storming

  21. Porsche hasn’t won anything in 48 days. In fact, she has only put on some weight since she has been in the house. She needs to go home. Go vets!

    • Monique, Please, girlfriend. Enough of the crass insults to other people posting here. Agree to disagree. If all you have is talking about hoes, sucking c*&k, and as$es, then you really need to find another blog.
      Just sayin’….

    • Um, actually I don’t. But it’s ok if you like to do that. Get real, sweatheart. If you don’t have anything to say about Big Brother then do us all a favour and don’t say anything at all. Thanks. Oh and just for the record…I’ve been married to the same man for 12 1/2 years, he is the father of my child and the only person I’ve ever slept with. If this makes me a “hoe” then I guess I am. But see, comments like this simply make you an ignorant idiot.

      • Melinda dont stoop to Monique level, she obvious not playing with a full deck, you have integrity and she just wishes she does, as you can read most people just find her annoying, we should all just be ignoring her

  22. Interesting what the “judges” will do with Jeff. The rules were clearly that you had to fill your cup and take it down to fill the bowl. If he uses his hands as well he is clearly breaking the rules.

      • Maybe you should pay closer attention. Julie’s exact words were, “On my go you’ll fill up your cup with as much liquid soap as you can and transfer it across the yard to your bowl.” Another example of the producers trying to force the outcome of this season.

    • He should so put it in his mouth !!!!
      No unfair advantage EVERYONE has hands they should be smart and use them

    • I agree with that comment. Jeff is clearly not following the rules. Julie said to use the cup. I hear all the talk about Big Brother being rigged, like Dani being friends with one of the producers, was it like that in previous years? just curious

      • Yes, the producers would clearly say to all the contestants that they are NOT to use their hands… I believe Jeff is ok.

      • OR wait till it’s over THEN say—Jeff you lost because of “blah blah blah” after he has wore himself out.

  23. if jeff wins he’s gonna put up daniele and kalia…end of story…then kalia goes home…ciao kalia

    • I don’t think Jeff will put Dani up right away. He knows that if she were to take herself off of the block, he would be her target for next week. The only way he will put her up is in a backdoor situation.

  24. Jeff and Rachel are the only 2 over the half point with Jeff with a huge lead…. Jordan and Porsha have slowed down…. No one else is half done besides Jeff and Rachel…

  25. Go Jeff or Jordan i want either one to win please keep us up on whos winning i do not have the feeds. Greatly appreciated….

  26. we all know jeff will win. why because bb wants it that way but i hope porsch wins to see jeff’s face.

  27. i dont see where jeff has done much either hes only one 1 pov and as far as some of the others they havent even had a chance 2 really play porche had the key and couldnt play same as shelly and when porsche and adam got 2 play they were asked to throw it so once again they didnt play and adam only lost by a mere seconds when jeff one pov so in my opinion most of them have been playing even kalia she lasted in the endurance comp letting dani win

  28. Where does it state that they are not to use their hand as a supplemental?????????????????? HUH!!! fritzeg, What are you BB police??? LOL

    • Julie’s exact words were, “On my go you’ll fill up your cup with as much liquid soap as you can and transfer it across the yard to your bowl.” Since when do you get play any way you want when rules have been set? Another example of the producers trying to force the outcome of this season.

  29. Where are these rules you guys are talking about?? Making up your own house rules I suppose in fantasy land

    • I know right… they are just stupid and become irritated when the competition out smarts them. Stupid tax sucks, but they still gotta pay. : )

  30. Just read on MSNBC that the players make $750.00 a week until the time for sequestered house guest start. They stated the minimum a sequestered HOUSEGUEST makes is $9,000.00. I had no clue they got payed.

    • As long as Rachel does not win, we are ok! She plays so childish! she may be good for ratings but she had her chance, and winning about wont win it.

      • Brendon said to Julie that the plan was for Rachel to lay low (if possible) stay in the middle then turn it up and shake it up a few weeks from now.

  31. hey Sue if you won every comp, you would have a bullseye on your back to why does Jeff have to win everything, He is sure capable of it. Smart player is all he is

  32. If Rachel stays i just hope she stops acting like my 32 year old nephew.really want to see Jeff and Jordo take this home with Shelly..that is my prayer.go go go go

  33. Rachel can talk the talk but girlfriend can NOT walk the walk!!! I have never witnessed such an immature beetch in my life!!!!!

  34. Jordan is tired…. She isn’t even half full now…. Rachel is tired too….. Jeff is way out in front followed by Porsha…

  35. Someone needs to block Monique from commenting on here! She lies and has a dirty mouth 1

  36. Rachel disgusts me her facial expressions, gawd just er look in general, She’s whiny, self centered and just plain UGLY, there isn’t anything nice about her.

    • Oh yeah, and everyone else in the house is sooooo nice???? Kalia is a jealous nasty woman. Look at what she said to Brendon. I am not even going to watch tonight after the way they all treated Brendon and Rachel. I don’t like anyone left but Rachel.

      • Wayne, I haven’t seen you on in a while….. I am glad Jeff will win, so he can nominate Dani and Kalia

      • Hey Leo, Yeah, I’ve been taking it easy. Judas being HOH is hard to watch. She has obviously had a bad case of penis envy against BOOKIE. Glad she came out and admited it. She is such a snot. I can’t see how anyone can stand her.

  37. does anyone else notice how much older (and not in a good way) brendon seems from last season?he has seriously gained 10 years.

  38. I hate Jeff. Dani should’ve backdoored his ass. Hate his homophobic, profane, loud mouth way.

      • Jeff a homophob? WOW! I am sure you have a degree in psychology.. “Hate” is a strong word to be throwing around about someone. My assumption is jealousy.

      • I’m sorry Emilio, if I offended your boyfriend. And I’m dying of jealousy. You hit it right on the head. Maybe you’re the one with a degree in psychology.

      • Hey, nice 2nd grade comeback stay original next time… I will stick with vocabulary that you can understand next time.. Nice try though and come again when you have a real comeback.Hasta La Pasta.

      • First of all is you’re. Learn how to write. And second of all, its really sad that that’s how he is for real. He’s probably worse when the cameras are off.

        And Ben, it’s ok, I hope he never thinks of me.

  39. spoilers from feeds just said rachel is 2nd porsche has slipped to 3rd and jeff is out front..

    • I am watching the feeds live now…. Porsha is in 2nd…. Rachel is barely over the hhalfway point

  40. My feed just went out!!! DANG!!! Can some update PLEASE???? How is my Jeff doing??? Who is 2nd and by how close??? Please tell – well, except for the liar Monique.

  41. This season bores me I thought last year was bad, now Rachel is back and how can things get any worse. She needs to get off tv all together. Where her and Brendon can live on an island, there put her on a show like that where she can get eaten by a wolf

  42. For all those calling Jordan and Jeff floaters, maybe in terms of this game you don’t know what that means. In their combined 2 seasons Jeff has won 3 vetos, Jordan 2 HOH’s including the big final one in BB11 which nobody “gave to her”, just like nobody sunk her 3 for her in the putting HOH this season, and she won a veto that year, and Jeff is about to win an HOH (don’t want to jinx it) Jeff has also been close in a lot of competitions he didn’t win, and clearly threw Adam last week’s veto and could’ve won it. Neither have ever gone to the HOH to kiss their ass and be their new best friend, which is the biggest sign of a floater, Jeff never went to HOH Daniele begging for a deal last week, in fact she came to Jeff and Jordan to “offer a deal”

    • I like you lol.

      Jeff and Jordan are definitely not floaters. And I really don’t get it when people say that Jordan is a floater. She has won competitions, but even IF she hadn’t…it wouldn’t matter. Big Brother is a competition game, but it is also a social game. Jordan has a fantastic social game (although it was better in Season 11). She’s a respectful person who is friends with everyone. But she doesn’t kiss ass and go back and forth, which is what floaters do.

      • Yes exactly, thank you, nice to see somebody see it properly. I also like when people like me lol

  43. I hope Jeff wins!!

    I want Porche and Rachel to be nominated. I REALLY want Jeff, Jordan and Danielle to make an alliance (that all three of them are loyal to lol).

    • Danielle is loyal only to herself and Jeff and Jordan are both dumb as hell as we have seen!
      This is a double eviction week so, Jeff could be on the block and voted out. Let us see him use his brains for once! Since, this is a double eviction week, Danielle could win HOH and sent Jordan or Jeff home!

      • Yah that’s a very good point. It would be smart for Jeff to get rid of Danielle. BUT it’s just me HOPING that they can make an alliance. J+J+D are three of my favourite BB players.

      • Amen to that daniwllw qill go aftre whoever she thinks will stand in her way including her good friend kalia who is stupid enough to actually believe her croc of bull

  44. Go Jeff Go! He would be smart to put up Porsch and Adam..then backdoor Kalia if need be. Break down Dani’s alliance and build his by convincing Dani its him, her, and Jordan till the end

    • Why would he get rid of them before Dani? Makes no sense…. He wil nominate Dani and Kalia withh Dani as the target and put up Porsha if Dani wins thhe veto and get rid of Kalia…. JJ already agreed on this…

      • I love her. the show make people look a way they want them too.. I dont think she is anything like that in real life..
        Dani needs to be back door this week…

    • Jeff will put Rachel up but, will be scared of putting Danielle on the block. Since, this is double eviction week, Jeff could be sent home next! Danielle will play for HOH next and can put Jeff and Jordan on the block.

  45. Okay, obviously Jeff is winning this one. With that being said, what do you all think his plan is this week? I honestly have no idea what he’s going to do. I don’t really know how good his relationships are with Dani and Rachel. I’m thinking as of right now he’d put Kalia up against Porsche, but I’m not sure at all. He could just as well go for Dani or Rachel. I think Adam, Shelly, and obviously Jordon are safe this week. That’s all I can guess. Everyone else has a shot at going. Personally, I’d like to see Kalia or Rachel go. I’d also like to see Jeff go but that’s obviously not happening.

    • I dont think so. If she hadnt wanted Jeff to win she would not have given him water. I think maybe they made a deal. Just heard its official that Jeff won. Yah.

  46. Rachel is useless, shes a drama queen. I agree with some about Kalia, shes a dumba$$ that talks and talks and actually never has anything to say. Porsche i dont think actually know whats going on at any time. I think kalia should be evicted by the producers for being a genuine idiot. Shelly is trully being a hypocrite though, shes needs to understand shes being filmed all the time and even when your 8 year old said she needs to stop lying, thats bad. I couldnt take that as a parent. Kalia, porsche rachel and danielle just need to be evicted next week all useless oxygen thieves.


        not like anyone can go on it and edit anything they want… oh wait.

        seriously, if you ever use wikipedia as a valid source, you’re a moron. that applies for anything.

  47. Wow, didn’t know people liked angered homophobes and dumb blondes so much to give them a million dollars. Everyday you learn how dumb people really are.

    • It’s not only you, I’ve actually laughed at things he’s said, unlike many others, Kalia thinks she’s funny but she’s just a joke herself. Jeff’s the only one I really want to win, if he doesn’t I don’t really care who does as long as it’s not Kalia

  48. Go jeff, I cant wait to see rachel put up and I think jeff and jordon are done with her shit anyways

  49. Jeff so has this. Meanwhile am I the only one enjoying Porshe, soaking wet jiggling back and forth. I know you ladies will attack me but hey, it’s a guy thing.

  50. whether your a fan or not rachel does make it interesting in the house and if i was in the house id probly keep rachel til the end against me cause id probly win lol

  51. Jop Rachel needs to go to the jury house where her and Brendon can be alone then they can have their own little show where she is the center of attention. Jeff send her packing, to her man…and spare us the agony of watching her another week whine and make those faces.

    • Glad someone agrees I am trying so hard not to poke my eyes out I watch the show on mute as I hate hearing her whine and that laugh OMG it haunts me. Jeff needs to win this send Dani and Rachel a packing with this double eviction. Then he can take the lead of the game as there will be no other competitors. I like Jeff and Jordan she’s cute, dumb but sweet :)

      • OMG finally! it would be nice if Rachel win but I suppose Jeff is ok too, now I can go sleep, Goodnight all! Thanks for the feeds!

    • Dani should be pissed…. She must be thinking, “If I kept Brendon and had the deal, I would be safe….. Or backdoored Jeff instead…. Now I have to rely on Porsha and Kalia to win when I can’t compete for HOH”!!! L~O~L!!!

  52. ******* It is official *******

    Jeff is the HOH…… Jeff is the HOH!!!

    ******* It is official *******

  53. I sooo hope that if Jeff wins he will put up rachel! Please!

    ~geaux shelly~
    **geaux tigers**

    • Jeff is not going to even nominate Rachel…. He is going to nominate Dani and Kalia…. If Dani doesn;t win the Veto she goes home…. If Dani wins the Veto, Kalia is going home…

    • R u kidding idiot? Rachel is a part of his alliance, plus he knows she’s a big target. He is puting up porsche and kahlia and hoping to backdoor dani.

      • Totally agree. Jeff is absolutely putting up Porsche and Kalia. He’ll backdoor Dani. I’m sure Dani has an idea this may happen. I wonder how Kalia will feel knowing that Dani tried to make a deal with JJ while at the same time telling Kalia to put JJ on the block. Hmmmm, I don’t think K would like that very much. Boy I hope some of Dani’s lies come out this week. Please let Rachel and Dani get in a a fight this week. Oh please Rachel, give us a good fight.

  54. ***** It is official *****

    Jeff is the HOH…… Jeff is the HOH!!!

    ******* It is official *******

  55. Is it over yet? i am hoping Rachel goes on the block, i can not take her winning her nothing is fair! It is getting OLD!!

      • Leo, I hope you are right. I don’t trust Jeff anymore. But he is stupid if he doesn’t get rid of Judas.

      • oh, we will see. i think as much as she is working JJ’s nerves…she wont last to much longer. Now we get to here about how she cant win because Bookie was not there! LMAO

      • How do you know for sure? Can you read Jeff’s mind? He is sick of Rachel as much as everyone else is.

        Dani isn’t a threat to Jeff, she wants to evict Shelley and Adam then J & J

        Either way it’d be very nice to see Rachel go

      • Jeff and Jordan made sure that Adam and Shelly understood that Rachel had to be in the house 2 more weeks to get rid of certain people… I.E. Dani and Kalia…

      • Joker what show r u watchin? Jeff has constantly been sayin that he will tell dani and khalia what they want to hear and that they r still his prime targets. He plays a straight forward game. He does what he says he is going to do. And rachel is part of his alliance. The only reason he voted for brendon is because they didn’t have adams vote.

      • Believe me guys, Jeff will put Kalia and Porsche on the block. Then he will backdoor Dani. He is not going to put Rachel up. He still needs her for another week because next week he can’t play for HOH. And he knows Jordo probably won’t win, so he needs good old Rachel. This week is all about the crumbling og DKP. I am ready to see some catty fights this week. I’m betting we are going to get some drama. Plus Rachel said she is going to act a fool. I sure hope she does.

      • Why? If dani was final 2 and I had a vote I would vote for her over everyone esle. Because she made the boldest move to go against the vets and all her scheming will have worked if she gets to the end. Basically if she makes it to the end, as much as I hate to admit cuz I dislike her, she will have played the best game hands down. Although she could use the implants, still hot nonetheless.

      • Why johnny? If dani makes it to the end it will b becuz she made the boldest move going against the vets and still schemed her way to the end. Hate her or not if she made final 2 u would have to vote for her. She would b the greatest game player in the history of big brother. And she is a stronger competitor than jj, so it would b highly likely thatt she would make final 2 at that point.

      • no way the other night, when the mean girls were drinking all the wine stash, she told J/J that she was going to put him up 2 weeks ago. Well then she got Kalia to do it for her.

  56. Oh my that is funny!!! and I am sure you are not the only GUY to be looking and thinking that, just the one with the ba@#s to say it!!! LMBO

  57. Hell yea..finally..sooo sick of Dani and Kalia thinkn they run the house…time 4 them 2 sweat..and go home..go JJ…

  58. My bet is Kalia and Rachel will be going on the block this week. Best to not piss off half the house by putting up Dani, whereas everyone will thank him for getting rid of Rachel.

    • I’m sure everyone will be Jordon’s best friend this week, not just Rachel. But Rachel has nothing to worry about this week. She is not going on the block. You best believe it.

  59. Dani made a deal with JeJo! He’s going to put up; Porsha and Kalia with the posibility of backdooring Rachel!

  60. Rachel and Jordan just talked…. Jordan said thank GOD we are safe…. Thhey talked about sending Dani to the jury

  61. YEAH, JEFF!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not think will ever put Rachel up even though she was so nasty and hateful to both him and Jordan. He will keep his promise and look at after her, but Rachel owes Jeff and Jordan a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE APOLOGY!!!! Yeah team J and J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy made my night!!!

    • Sheri, Jordan and Rachel talked…. JJ and R are safe and they are glad that Team Dani is going up (Dani and Kalia)

      • Good! Dani should have kept her deal with BR, they probably would have honoured it. Jeff doesn’t forget Dani………

    • Thanks for letting me know that they talked as I am not watching the feeds. SO HAPPY and hope that somehow Jeff is able to finally send Dani out of the house and she will have to live in the Jury house with Brendon. How funny will that be???? Loving it and just hope Jeff is able to finally get rid of Dani. She should of honored the deal the five of them had at the beginning. HOPEFULLY, SO LONG DANI!!!!!!!

    • Not going to happen…. Get over it…. Jordan and Rachel talked 2 minutes ago….. Dani and Kalia will go up…..

      JJ said they need Rachel for 2 more weeks….

  62. WOW being on dial up sure puts me behind on comments..LOL

    It’s nice Jordan will have the nice bed & bath for a week….whoever wins HoH next week won’t get the room since it’s a FF week

  63. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA there is a BB god Thank you … thank you … thank you….. great going JEFF!!!!!

  64. Wow……thats a shocker. Jeff HoH….oh em gee…..I need to go out and get lottery tickets because even without BBAD or the live feeds I’ve called whats gonna happen since week 3. Oh how I wish the days of BB and the “Expect the Unexpected” really was true.


    • Maybe Jeff and Jordan will decide to hook up this week since they have the HOH room. Who knows, he may get some action.

      • didn’t they do something under the covers last time when he was HOH. I seemed to recently watch a video from their season.

  66. I wonder how the double eviction will work? The HG’s don’t know it, so I’m sure there will be lots of dropped jaws when it happens.

  67. Hey put up Dani and Kalia, if Dani wins veto, put of Porcha, send Kalia home, Porcha will never win HOH or anything else. Dani will not have but one buddy left. HA HA, thats what you get for picking on the Big Boy. Should of sent rachael home.

    • That is Jeff’s plan…. If Dani wins the Veto, he wants to keep Rachel, so she can beat Dani in a physical comp…

  68. If Jeff puts up Dani or Rachel, i’d be pretty surprised considering his constant bitchn about floaters

      • obviously.. but see how he’s a hypocrite.. he tried to convince dani few eps back that he shouldn’t be nominated and to get rid of the floaters… jeff annoys me to no end when he tries to put the blame on others when he’ll do the exact same thing!

    • Jeff never forgets a slight. He knows that Judas tried to get BR to backdoor him the week Dom left. Rachel might pee him off, but he knows she was loyal to him when it counted. Nope, Judas better win that veto. GET JUDAS OUT!

      • did he honestly think he would never be nominated.. he’s a strong player he should’ve seen it coming sooner rather than later.. i don’t know why he’s so butthurt.. with his strength in comps he would end up nominating dani regardless

    • Jeff is not going to put up Rachel for the reasons I have stated countless times…. Dani and Kalia will be nominated…

    • he complains non-stop about the floaters.. well here’s your chance to stop complaining and get rid of them…

      • MC, it was not my opinion! I posed the questions as I wanted other people’s opinons. And yes, I am watching the game or I would not have posted anything. Be nice!

    • As Jeff stated over and over again, he has to keep him and Jordo safe. So, for them, keeping Rachel around for at least 2 weeks is good. Remember next week Jeff can’t play in HOH. If he doesn’t put Rachel up this week, then if Rachel wins HOH, she won’t put him up. JJ gets annoyed with Rachel, but at the end of the day they need her right now. I think you probably know why Jeff will nominate Dani or backdoor her after POV. I think he will either put Dani and Kalia up or put Porsche and Kalia up and backdoor Dani. Either way, if Dani does not win POV, she will be going on the block.

  69. when your up to your ass in alligators the orginal assignment was to drain the swamp(get dani out)

  70. I’ve been thinking a bit and I see it as this: Jeff will probably put up Kalia and Porsche. This way if veto isn’t used Kalia goes and if it is used than Dani will go. On the other hand, if Rachel continues to act the way she’s acting than she may be digging herself a hole. I see Dani going out of her way to save herself, though. And, honestly, her conversation with Jeff and Jordan seemed genuine so anything’s possible. Should be an exciting week no matter what happens. I always love a good power shift! Even if it is against the group I’m rooting for. :-/

    • Big Red has not done anything, but is should be a real interesting week, Porsh and Kalia are in big trouble and Jeff hates Kalia. Go Jeff and Jordan.

  71. Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Adam and Shelly are all hanging out in the backyard celebrating Jeff’s HOH….. It is time to see Dani, Kalia, Porsha aka Team Dani squirm!!!

    • SQUIRM, SQUIRM, SQUIRM Team DANI!!!! Please let Dani go home this week!!!! Doing my happy dance!!!!!

    • He promised the deal with Dani. I don’t see him going back on his word. He’s been too heavy handed demanding everyone should keep promises. I bet he keeps her.

      He knows it is time to dump Rachel!

      • they evict one house guest then have another hoh at that moment then the person that win that hoh puts up two ppl right on the spot then they vote again a double eviction

      • Right after this elimination they play HOH and nominate then play POV then vote for eviction.

    • needs to put up Adam and Porche- then back door Danielle- othereise he will be the 2nd one out on the dbl eviction Jordan can never win HOH- Adam won’t put him up

      • He won’t put Adam up he’s in there alliance and have you forgotten Jordan has already won an HOH and she will win another one.

    • they should have triple evictions from here on out to get rid of this stupid cast and end the most unwatchable season of BB in history.

    • The 2 people nominated will be up. HG’s vote…. A person is evicted…. They host a HOH comp…. They nominate 2 people… The compete for the VVeto…. They immediately either use it and renom or keep the noms the same and evict a second HG…. Then they have a midnight HOH comp for the next HOH and 2 noms for the week are picked on Friday as usual.

  72. Put up Dani and Kalia, convince Dani she’s not the target, she won’t believe him so she’ll fight hard for the veto, if she wins he puts up Porsche. If Dani isn’t on the block pre-veto and wins and saves Kalia, Jeff has to put up somebody from the team he thinks is his, Adam or Shelly, if Rachel is up she’ll be evicted and Jeff still thinks he needs her in the game

    • Dani and Kalia. He needs to put Dani up because she plays in the POV and if Kalia and Porche are up and she wins POV she will take Kalia off the block. If she’s nominated and wins POV and takes herself off then Jeff will put Porche up. Jeff needs to tell Dani that she’s not his target but he knows she would use POV on one of them. Then if Dani doesn’t win POV vote her out.

  73. Jeff is going to nominate Danni to void her “Veto Ticket.” That way, if she is up, there won’t be an extra player in the veto that he has to account for. As for Portia v. Khalia, I think he will put Khalia up against Danni, with Portia as a replacement assuming someone uses the veto to remove one of his nominations. For those who think he’ll put up Rachel (as much as I’d like to see her go) we saw on tonight’s show that he told Shelly that regardless of her feelings for Rachel, they still needed her.

  74. yahhh jeff won hoh, sure he will put up kp and try to backdoor dani…she has a veto ticket so ofcourse she will play! ohhh i so wish there was a coup detat this yr, it would make the game that extra exciting! double eviction next thursday! yowzah!

  75. DANI WAS NOT EXPECTING DOUBLE EVECTION this week..she believes it’s another week ..hope that made sense

  76. Dani has admitted she will say anything to anyone to get her further in the game. Hope SHE GOES HOME THIS WEEK!!!!! Don’t let the door hit her as she walks out the door. HAHA Finally, BB has gotten fun again and cannot wait to see Kalia and DANI squirm. Cannot stand either but want to see Dani in the Jury House with Brendon. That will be Funny to watch and Brendon’s face when Dani walks in that door would be PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with you sheri. As much as I hate Rachel, Jeff needs hers and he already promised brendon he’d look after her. If he goes back on his word, he loses to jury votes and that might hurt him against the big money cash prize. Best thing for him to do is to put up Dani so he could veto her veto ticket, and kalia, if one of them wins veto, put up porche as a pawn, kalia/dani goes home.

      Double eviction: Someone not part of team dani wins hoh, puts up kalia/dani and porche, someone outside team dani wins pov, keeps nominations the same, and then kalia/dani are out!

      Porche really isnt a threat and niether is adam, so from there they just get out the floaters and JJ make final 2!

  77. I don’t remember hearing Julie mention double eviction. I think it’s too early in the season for DE, unless Julie said something. She usually announces it on the live show the week it’s going to happen.

    • No Julie definitely said it tonight that next week is DE, and the whole “a whole week of big brother in one episode” with her patented smile

    • Yeah she announced it today on the live show. There will indeed be a double eviction next week.

    • I know, right. I sure hope Dani goes this week. Just to see what Brendon says to her when she walks in the jury house, just priceless. He’d probably say something sarcastically like “shocker, shocker to see you here Dani”. That would be oh so funny.

    • Jeff wasn’t even in the house for 2 minutes and Rachel said Jeff can we talk? Jeff told her tomorrow. Earlier she’s telling Brendon I’m putting Jeff up and how she hates him. I want her gone too. To bad he can’t get rid of Dani, Porche, Kalia and Rachel. LOL

  78. jeff should put up kailia and porcha and if he wins veto he can take some one off the block and backdoor dani

    • I believe that is what he will do..He needs Rachel cause he can’t play in the next HOH..The 2nd one he can..

    • Not if Dani win’s the Veto? He know’s Dani is going to play in the Veto whether she’s nominated or not. He will put her up so Dani’s Veto Ticket won’t matter. He know’s if Dani win’s veto and she’s not on the block, then he cannot back door her. Dani’s going up with Khalia.

      • This is what I’d do too. It’s be the smartest move for Jeff to break up Dani and Kalia first. The last thing he wants is to have Dani off the block and winning the veto to take Kalia off too. They can worry about Porsche later.

    • he needs dani because she has the veto card if she uses it for the veto with porcha and kailia it doesnt matter either her and kailia will go home dani will be pissed ether way

      • dani wins veto cant see be put up on the block even if she decides not to use the power of veto

    • Jeff might as well put Judas right up and put as much pressure on her as he can. She is gonna play for veto anyway cause she has the card. GET JUDAS OUT!

    • Wrong…Dani gets to play for Veto and if she wins she will take Kalia off the block. She needs to go up with Kalia and if she wins and takes herself off he can put Porche up. If she doesn’t win they can send her out.

  79. hope jeff doesnt take dani deal and back door her am prayin she doesnt win pov and she is evicted next week ,,,,,,,lol

    • He won’t backdoor her because she has the veto ticket and will play in the Veto comp anyways…. He is nominating Dani and Kalia…

  80. Are u guys sure that at the end of the show that Julie did say there would be a double eviction???

      • duhh. i meant how. like will there b 2 hohs this week or does jeff get to eliminated the next 2 ppl?

    • Next Thursday there’ll be the voting to evict the already nominated HG’s from Wednesday, it’ll happen early in the show. They’ll play a quick HOH competition, literally walk back into the house and right off the bat name their two nominees. Probably commercial break, come back and theres a quick POV comp, then POV ceremony, show ends with another vote to evict and possibly at least the beginning of the next HOH comp, or they’ll leave that til the next Sunday’s show……crazy sh*t eh?

  81. I really hope he sticks to his “deal” and doesn’t put up Dani…that doesn’t mean he won’t back door her if one of the nominees wins veto, though… should be an interesting week considering the double eviction coming up soon that the HG’s don’t know about! i think he will DEF put up Kalia…

  82. I was just thinking, if Dani goes now then Jeff would be a major target in the double eviction. Then probably Rachel would win HoH after that and be eliminated the following week. I see some power players going soon! I’m not one to root for the “great competitors.” I actually like to see the big dogs go home. This way some of the weaker players (not necessarily floaters) get to show their stuff. Basically, I am very excited to watch the next week or two!

    • Jeff will get rid of Dani because Dani can compete in the HOH next week and will go after him…. Get over it dude…. Dani is going home if she doesn’t win the HOH

      • Lol. You say “get over it dude” like I’m complaining. All I’m saying is that I see Dani, Rachel, and Jeff getting evicted within in the next week or two and they are obviously the best still in the house. I think both sides are gonna pick off the power players instead of going for floaters. All I was saying was that I’m excited to see some floaters actually have to play soon. Yes Danielle is my favorite in the house right now, but I don’t really care if she goes or not as it is just a TV show. There is really nothing to “get over.”

      • The look on Brendon’s face will be price less if it is Dani Or Kalia who walks thru the jury house. Did you see Brendon’s face when K/D goodbye diaries

  83. Have the houseguests made the connection that the only reason Brendon got voted back into the house was because we (America) really just wanted to see Rachel get evicted and have to battle Brendon? (but then Lawon wend and F***ed it up)

    • Dude, that is not why Jeff and Jordan fans voted Brendon back…. They voted Vrendon back to see Brendon help JJ

      • That’s why I voted for him too, too bad when he returned he threw Jeff under the bus. Thanks Brendon!

      • @ MJ:… Brendon nor did Rachel throw Jeff under the bus, They told Dani to put Jeff up cause they new that Jeff had the votes to stay in the house cause they both new that if Dani put Brendon up that he would be out the door. “That is exactly what happened”! Not to mention that J/J have actually had Brendon hit by the bus not once but twice and then rubbed it into R/B faces. The 1st time is when J/J told Dani to put Jordan up as the pawn, 2nd when Jeff threw the veto comp and 3rd when they told R/B they werent voting for Brendon to stay.

  84. Shelly is playing both sides again…. Shelly is telly Kalia and Dani to either backdoor or just nom Rachel…. Jeff won’t even nominate Raqchel… L~O~L!!!

  85. my prediction is that Jeff will nominate Kalia and Porsche and if one of them gets taken down with the pov, then he will replace with Dani.

  86. is funny how shelly was crying lying her wayto both sides racheal and them had a final three deal

  87. I think go big or go home. Porsche is definately playing no real game just a floater and follows the hoh every week. I get people play a social game too, but you gotta play all angles to really deserve to win. These floaters get put up and they know they don’t even have to campaign up against a vet they just sit there and it’s embarrassing. Kale and Porsche better be next, after judas of course. I love how shelleys like i never lie! And her daughters like, my mom needs to stop lying. Lol

  88. I don’t get why so many people like Rachel and hate Dani. Dani is playing the game like a pro and Rachel is always crying, lying or acting like a child. I just don’t get it!!!

    • I agree with you Dani is so pro it took her 3 HOHs to get rid of brendon and in doing so put up and evicted her own alliance. Brilliant Brilliant player best player of the last 5 seasons if u ask me. (sarcasm) dani is playing horribly I don’t think she watches that much BB if you ask me.

      • She bugs me when she talks about how she got out the biggest guy twice. Maybe Brendon was onto something when he said she wants all the guys out because that’s who she continues to go after, maybe she’s feminist, just throwing that out there as a possibility not saying she is…either way, the first time Brendon won the damn veto and she thinks she took him out? He took himself out

      • @ MJ Lets look at the girls for a sec. Which girl can beat Daniele in a competition a majority of the time? None. The closest to winning would be Rachel. I think if Daniele manages to get Jeff out, there isnt anyone that can beat her in a competition. And if that occurs, Rachel would probably run over to Daniele. Because Jordan sucks, Adam is a waste of time and Shelly is enough said.

      • I agree with that billy bob, and if she ever for whatever reason had to compete with Kalia, she’s also a waste of space. It does increase her chances of winning but (even though I realize with this I’m in the minority) if I were in the house I’d take pride in beating the best players to win the game, as in beating them head-to-head in competitions. But I understand most people really don’t care how they win as long as they win. I definitely don’t blame Dani for this route she’s chosen, just unfortunate for viewers who like to see people try hard, but it is what it is

    • Shelly is the liar ….they even showed a clip when she made a deal with Brendan & Rachel to the final 3. She made the same deal with Jeff & Jordan AND with Khalia & Dani …she is so full of it and even her daughter is saying she needs to stop lying. I hope JJ sees through her lies.

    • @ Zach:.. I cannot give you an answer for other people but for myself Dani is one of those girls that when my brother was younger I use to pound it into his head that girls like her was not the way to go. So much so I rented the movie MALICIOUS and made him sit and watch the entire movie, I can honestly say that my brother was very cautious as to who he went out with, he is 28 now and is thankful that I always looked out for him. As for Rachel she cannot help how she is, bipolar disorder is a Chemical Imbalance in the brain it was something she was born with not a character flaw or personality trait. Dani is spiteful and venomous to all who encounter her, and her actions are vindictive Dani believes that people owe her something on and off the show. Rachel is Bipolar and the people in Rachels life has let her down by not getting her the help she needed and still needs. Rachel makes people in her life want to run for the hills. Dani is the way she is cause she chooses to be Rachel is the way she is cause she was born that way.(HUGH DIFFERENCE.)

  89. Shelly knows Jeff isn’t going to put Rachel up. I don’t know why she is so worried about lying to Dani and Kalia about having Jeff nominate Rachel…. Shelly lies just to lie

    I can’t wait to see Dani and Kalia’s face when they are nominated.

  90. People like the underdog I think. Dani is to cocky and i find it a bit ridiculus. When u think ur untouchable that’s always a bad sign in the end.

  91. IF Rachel don’t want to go on the block shr needs to lose that snotty ass attitude…it’s all over her face that she is disgusted…IF she messes with Jeff too much he will try to send her ass outta there.

    • He actually won’t because he wants Dani and Kalia out next and will depend on Rachel winning a physical HOH comp against Dani is Dani wins the Veto…. They don’t know a DE is next week.

  92. A double elmination works like this.

    The regular week goes down and after the houseguest gets elminated, an hoh compitition is held like normal, but instead of waiting for the next airing to show who won or the noimations, the hoh makes nominations right on the spot and the pov happens right on the spot as well. After that, the vote is called right ON THE SPOT, and a next HG goes home along with the first evicted HG. Its 2 weeks worth of BB in one week.

  93. The best part of Jeff winning is now we do not have to watch the mean girls in the HOH room Love it

    • because she isn’t running with Rachel anymore or stuck up her booty. She was quick to switch sides. And she talked about Rachel hanging out and leaving Jordan out? For two weeks Porsche and Rachel left Jordan out! I agreed with JJ, up to Brenchel to get the swing vote, they didn’t try hard enough! And Rachel sold Jeff out. But Shelly lies too.

  94. YES, YES, YES…Jeff HoH. Couldn’t of gone any better. So all you Jeff haters that say he doesn’t do anything and he’s a floater well there you go won POV and now an HOH. Let’s see who does the ass kissing this week.

  95. Oh and one more thing I guess Dani and Kalia’s plans of them winning HOH every week just got shattered!!! LOL

    • Kalia probably ‘got tired’ like she did in the veto comp that Jeff won, then started cheering him on as she ‘took a rest’. Again, biggest joke of a player ever, she had no chance tonight because it involved her moving, something she isn’t good at.

      • I agree. Kalia is one of the worst players to make it to jury in my opinion. Let’s see her record so far:
        1. She won an HoH (usually a good thing)
        2. She wasted her HoH (which is rare)
        3. She frequently gives up in competitions
        4. She is an awful strategist (combined with bad in comps makes her a floater)
        5. See #2 (that week may put her and Lawon down as some of the worst players in history but I rarely even consider looking at people who don’t make it to Jury as good players anyway)
        Who knows. There are a few weeks left. Maybe she can redeem herself. I don’t think it’s likely but who knows.

      • ever notice that Kalia always says “I should work out”, “I really need to work out” and then she goes and makes something to eat…. heheh!

      • Exactly. Inexcusable to give up when you’re the HOH and you should want the veto to keep nominations the same or at least carry out your plan your way. But she gave up, like she probably did tonight because it wasn’t a sleeping or eating competition. She canceled out the only thing she’s won and before that was a major floater, Jordan’s friend in the beginning (2nd HOH) then Dani’s friend when she became HOH. Get her the hell out of the house

      • Yea exactly Chicago fan, because if she worked out she’d have to get off her ass and move and then she’d get tired and say omg I want a sandwich. I wish Dani would snap and slap her in the mouth, then they’re both out of the house this week lol

    • MJ LMAO too funny…. I couldnt agree more. Kalia is such a follower, she has morphed into a Dani clone… she now likes Dani’s music, she claims she works out in a spin class and she thinks she dominates in competitions. What a joke! And I wish she would stop singing, geesh! Kalia needs to go asap!

  96. Jeff will get to play in the HOH comp on Thursday if it’s a double eviction ..Is that correct??

    • INo, Jeff will not get to play in the next HOH. It’s like any other week, just played over 1 hour instead of 7 days.

      • He can’t be evicted during the first one cause he is HOH..So he should be able to play in the 2nd HOH comp possibly the POV comp???

  97. Dani’s not going home next week. I see him getting rid of Rachel, Porsche, or Kalia before her.

    • Team Dani fans…. Wake up….Wake up

      Jeff is going to nominate Dani and Kalia….. He can’t backdoor Dani because she has the Veto Pass….Jeff won’t risk Dani taking Kalia off the block

  98. It sucks that jeff, even though i like him, won cuz now he is definitely gonna put up kalia and dani. Well it was fun while it lasted seeing just 2 girls, dani and kalia, running the house. Hopefully dani wins the veto and takes herself off the block. The fact that she has the veto ticket doesn’t even matter this week anyways. Man, i wish he would put up Shelly or Rachel instead cuz Shelly is a liar and Rachel is so annoying. Huh, another week of Rachel :(

    • I don’t hate Dani, save for a few arrogant comments she makes when she’s on top, and I agree she’s playing a good game, but I’ll never trust that Jeff isn’t on her radar like she says, and Jeff being my favourite means she has to go. I wish they could work together but I know she’s lying about that.

    • Team Dani will be eating Humble Pie this week…. Get over your wet dream because neither Rachel or Shelly are going on the block this week…. It will be Dani and Kalia with Porsha as the replacement nominee

  99. I find it so obnoxious that Shelly is bad mouthing Rachel and trying to pressure Jeff to put up Rachel. Jeff already told her that he needs her and WILL NO WAY turn on Rachel at this point in the game. She needs to compromise and just be mature and hang on Rachel just a little longer. Even if he put up Rachel, she could just win pov, and then what will shelly do? Complain to the next hoh in the double elimination round to get rid of Rachel? And then what if she wins the pov again? Then she’s screwed.

    • and if she keeps pushing and pushing for Rachel, she might even convince jeff to put HER up or even backdoor her.

      She needs to stop and just hang in there like Jordan is doing!

      I know Rachel is a pest, but best thing at this point is to get rid of Judas and her minions and then get rid of Rachel and the rest of the floaters!

    • Wish brendon would of pulled through for an hoh this season. He didnt even win one this season. Last season I only think he won after Rachel got eliminated if I recall.

      It would of been great to see Dani and Kalia’s faces if rachel won an hoh and next week brendon won an hoh. lol

      • Yes that definitely would’ve been awesome. I was like “COME ON!” when they fell one by one in last week’s HOH counting game, definitely wanted Brendon to win one and that was a great chance.

  100. LONGSHOT…Dani may have an ace up her sleeve..She has yet to tell J&J about her 2 talks with Rachel and Brendon…sooo WE all know what a temper Jeff has..Lets see if Dani uses the hidden ammo..

    • Rachel would just deny and deny and deny it. Besides, I still think Jeff would get rid of dani since it would better his game then to get back at rachel.

      Other than team dani and b + r, J&J dont fight on emotion and personal matters.

    • It won’t work because JJ already knows that Rachel threw them under the bus. They talked about it last week. Jeff knows that Rachel has no one in this game. So what is the point of putting her up when everyone in the house wants her out. He’d rather keep her around a bit to help him and Jordan in comps and to be a target. Believe me, Jeff’s target will be Dani no matter what she says to him.

  101. I hope Judas enjoys her birthday gift from Jeff: getting sent to the jury house where she can spend some alone time with her best friend Jesus!

  102. My crystal ball says Jeff is going to put up Porsche and Kalie and hold off on Dani right now but who knows she could be the backdoor but I think Jeff is not holding any grudges, Rachel could be a target depending on her mouth this week,

    • jeff will put dani right on the block if hes smart, dani is guaranteed to play in the veto no matter what, so if you dont put her up shes likely to win it anyway and not use it, so you’d be screwed in getting her out, smart play is to put her up and hope she doesnt win the veto…jeff should put her up because it would be smartest for his game, if team dani HAD won this week hed find himself up there against rachel most likely.

    • Wishful thinking. Jeff wants Dani out big time. That’s what he’s been talking about for the past hour on BBAD. He wants her ass out.

  103. We all heard jeff say how much they need rachel the next couple weeks. Sorry folks but I think were gonna see dani and kalia go on the block and porsche be the replacement. Bye bye one of the darkside..

    • When Brendon said Rachel would shake things up he meant go after JJ. It’s already known that he wants Dani and Kalia out thats not shaking things up. Ravhel said if JJ turned against Brendon they would become her #1 target. So for all you who r gloating now, you cry later. There is a double eviction next week. Everyone knows Jordan needs to go to win,LOL.

  104. It feels good to see Team Dani eat humble pie before one of them go home…. I cann’t wait to see Dani and Kalia throw each other under the bus to stay in the BB house, especially if neither one of them win the Veto…. Priceless!

  105. Kalia and Porsha are talking about getting rid of Jeff next even over Rachel….. Watgch Team Dani scrample Team JJ and Team BR fans…. L~O~L!!!

  106. Kallia telling Porsha to tell Jeff they won’t put Jeff up if he doesn’t put her up….. Kalia and Porsha are smart…. They think Jeff will nominate Kalia and Porsha……. They are close but it will be Kalia and Dani

    Porsha just got it…. They will nominate Dani and Kalia…

    • that would by far be the best move for jj right now.that way even if one wins the veto your guaranteed to get the other out, they are the most threat to jj

  107. Team Dani knows they are the target this week and Porsha is worried that she will be evicted if Dani or Kalia win the Veto

  108. There’s alot of toads to choose from for Jeff to send packing this week, like Dani,Kalia,Porshe, or even his so called ali Rachel “THE LOON”, who just tried to stab him and Jordan in the back this week.

    All that being said though, it’s got to be that wierdo Daniele!

    • No way Jeff is nominating Rachel….. Jeff and Jordan convinced Adam and Shelly that they needed to keep Rachel for at least a couple more people until certain people, (Dani and Kalia) are evicted…

      • I know it’s not going to Rachel i just wanted to point out that she certainly is not the greatest ali one could have.

      • She is better than Dani who was going to try to turn the house against her dad if Evil Dick didn’t leave the game… Porsha and Kalia will float to the power side with Adam and Shelly

  109. IF IT GOES LIKE>>> 2 of the 3 mean girls go on the block..the mean girl that is not on the block wins my what is amean girl to do??? hmmmm hmmmm Do u use it on a mean girlfriend?? Like to see play out…lmao

    • Porsha can save Dani, and Kalia goes home and will have a biggger target on herself


      Porsha can save Kalia, and Dani goes home and still have a big target on her back

      Porsha will leave it the same to ride under the radar

      • if she was smart thats what she would do, but she already feels like shes in danger, she might be stupid enough to use the veto to have someone on her side, I think either way tho, dani will be spending some quality time with brendon pretty soon if she doesnt win the veto. I almost hope she does go home so no one will say that the game has been rigged.

  110. Team JJ and Team BR fans can remember one thing

    Team Dani had 3 HOH’s in a row and only got Brendon out after the jury started because he was voted back in the house and lost an ally

  111. Porsha says she doesn’t want to be evicted without winning a comp… Porsha says her friend Janelle won 5 of 6 comps…. Much like Janelle, neither Porsha or Dani and all her comp wins will win BB13… L~O~L!!! This is a great week for all Team JJ and Team BR fans right? L~O~L!!!

  112. why do yall like jeff.. he annoys me to no end!! he tries to act like he’s so righteous when he’s just like the rest of them.. he complains about floaters but DUH you need floaters for votes

    • Jeff will get rid of Dani for the same reason Dani got rid of Brendon…. They fear better competitors….

      • so then how does that make dani the ‘mean girl’ for doing what you say jeff is doing?

      • Dani isn’t mean for getting rid of Brendon… SHe is mean for hiding chess pieces, hiding other things in the house, taking items from BR, encouraging P to put fiber in the have nots food, talking crap about everyone behind their backs including Kalia and Porsha….

      • first of all dani isnt a nice PLAYER, I wont say she isnt a nice person because who knows how she is in real life, so in the house she is mean, but so is everyone else, in their own way…dani gets the brunt of it because its her primary feature….for instance Rachel is the bitchiest person in the house, by far the meanest, but shes a cry baby, so thats what people notice more. I like dani in the house and would love to see her win, but I like jj just as much, jeff doesnt pretend to be any better than the rest of them, he just wants them to think he is.

  113. I cannot wait to see these 3 douche bags kissing up. Oh lord if you can make dani go to jury so brendon can be like “told ya so”! Lol that would be amazing. But does anyone else think that if it appears dani will go there will be another “twist”?

    • I’m not a fan of Kalia or Porshe, but I hope Dani makes it too.. I think she’s a true player of the game .. by getting rid of the stronger players so that she can win comps against the weak ones

      • Essie, that is why Dani is going home…. So Jeff can win the comps against weaker players… Dani can compare notes with Brendon in the jury house now right? L~O~L!!! She should have teamed up with BR…

      • leo if she had teamed up with team br, if one of them had won hoh she would still be goin up. if I was jeff I would consider putting rachel up with dani (we both know he wont) but with her back against the wall rachel would probably win the veto then you could backdoor kalia. With rachel up, you increase the odds of having mostly your team competing in the veto comp. which in turns increases the odds of your team getting the veto.
        votes go like this
        porche – kalia (dani if she has any sense)
        shelly- dani(this vote is locked especially since jordan gave shelly the phone call)
        rachel- dani
        jordan- dani
        adam- doesnt matter (dani)

  114. Porsha impressed me tonight…. If Jeff wasn’t in the HOH comp, Porsha would have won….. Porsha is the biggest loser coming in second again… LMAO!!!

  115. Jeff is really fed up with Rach. and has Jordan, Adam, Shellie, so I think RACH is going up with Kalia or Porsha with Dani saved because she did not put up Jeff or Jordan this week…

    • if Jeff puts up rachel… he’s an idiot.

      Rachel is all alone in the house and her best bet is to all herself with the team that has the numbers. That would be JJ since they have adam and shelly. They should focus on getting rid of Kalia and Dani before even thinking of getting rid of Rachel.

    • Don’t worry…. Jeff is going to nominnate Dani and Kalia and use Porsha as a replacement should Dani or Kalia win the Veto…. If the noms stay the same, Dani is going home!

    • Jeff will absolutely not vote out rachel he knows he cannot trust dani kalia or porsche. He is fed up with rachel on a peronality levl, not a game level. Jeff knows keeping any of those other 3 over rachel will be detrimental to his game. He won’t do that.

      • Jeff, Adam and Shelly just confirmed in the kitchen at 10:46 PM BBT that Jeff was nominating Dani and Kalia…. Adam said, “we can’t let Dani or Kalia win the POV”… They agree Dani will use the Veto Ticket, so she is playing in the POV anyways, so just nominate her upfront!

    • Actually he seems to be over the crap Rachel pulls. He knows what she does and doesn’t care because he still needs her right now. He seems to be really pissed at Shelly tonight. So, believe me, Kalia and Porsche will be going on the block. And should something happen where he’d have to nominate someone else, it would be Shelly not Rachel.

  116. Shelly and Dani are talking…. They think Jeff will nominate Porsha and Kalia… Close but not close enough…. Jeff will nominagte you (Dani) and your BFF Kalia!!!

      • She is telling Shelly Porsha and Kalia are going up…. She says she will ask Jeff not to nominate her before her birthday