Big Brother 13 Week 7: Nomination Anticipation – Updated

Big Brother 13 Jeff and Adam

New power in the Big Brother 13 house means new nominations. After 3 weeks of Daniele’s leadership and 1 collective Veteran eviction the pressure is about to hit her side of the house. The new Head of Household has some nominations in mind and is ready to return all those favors from the past few weeks. Read on to find out who should be sweating tonight’s Big Brother nominations.

Once Jeff settled in to his HoH room he pulled together Jordan, Rachel, and Shelly for a quick “we’re all together” talk. Flashback to 8/18 @ 11:28PM BBT. Shelly wanted to clear the air between her and Rachel since they’ve had open issues with one another over the past week. Once that’s out of the way they all agree that they’re on the same page and working together. It’s pretty funny to listen to Shelly asking Rachel to stop rolling her eyes at her and causing problems. Next on Shelly’s list: stop the sun from rising and do something about those pesky tides.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 18, 2011 @ 11:28 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
August 18, 2011 @ 11:37 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
August 18, 2011 @ 11:59 PM BBT on Camera 1/2
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After Shelly leaves Rachel and JeJo start working through various scenarios for nominations and Veto. Flashback to 8/18 @ 11:37PM BBT. Jeff initially discusses nominating Porsche and Kalia with a backdoor option for Daniele. That raises the obvious concern that Daniele wins the Veto since she’ll definitely play (remember her Veto ticket), could win the Veto, and then take off Kalia which would force Jeff to nominate one of his own. No one would be dumb enough to do that, right Kalia??

Speaking of Kalia, Jeff is really excited about getting to nominate Kalia after she nominated him the other week and told him it was as a pawn. He wants to give her the same speech. Look for Kalia to definitely go up on the block this week.

Later Adam comes up (Flashback to 11:59 PM BBT) to HoH and celebrates with Jeff and Jordan. He tells Jeff that Daniele and Kalia are fully expecting to be nominated while Porsche thinks she’ll be a renom. They go through the different scenarios as well. Adam feels strongly that it’s too dangerous to not nominate Daniele. If Daniele isn’t nominated but wins the Veto then they’ll miss their chance to remove Kalia or Daniele.

Jeff seems to be wavering on whether or not to just straight up nominate Daniele or go for the backdoor. It’s a very risky move that he’ll hopefully recognize as too dangerous.

Nominations will arrive tonight, around 6PM BBT. You can expect Kalia as a definite nomination. Daniele is the pivot point. She’s Jeff’s target for the week, but he’d settle for Kalia. If he figures out the only way to insure one of them goes home is to nominate both up front then those are your noms. If Jeff instead decides to gamble, with really nothing to gain, then he’ll nominate Kalia and Porsche with Daniele waiting in the wings to be renom’d and sent to the Big Brother Jury.

There will be lots of deal making (or at least attempts) this afternoon on the Live Feeds. Be sure to keep an eye on the HoH room all afternoon to see who offers up what. Then check back here tonight for the nomination spoilers.

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Update: Flashback to 12:14PM BBT Cam 3 to see Kalia discussing with Jeff whether or not she’s going to be nominated. Jeff can’t say she is, but indicates she’s in the mix for consideration and she has to expect repercussions for his nomination the other week.

Flashback to 12:32PM BBT Cam 3 for Jeff’s discussion with Daniele. He’s asking her if she’d use the Veto to save Kalia if she won it. Daniele says Kalia would expect her to do that so she’d avoid winning it. Ugh. Jeff really seems to be considering not nominating Daniele, though I wouldn’t rule out his intent to renom her given the chance. Big Brother 13 has a new title: “Summer of Stupidity.”

On a side note, Daniele tells Jeff she thinks the Fast-Forward night will be a week from Thursday. We know it’ll be this Thursday though.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 19, 2011 @ 12:14 PM BBT on Camera 3
August 19, 2011 @ 12:32 PM BBT on Camera 3
August 19, 2011 @ 2:11 PM BBT on Camera 1
August 19, 2011 @ 2:23 PM BBT on Camera 1
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Porsche gets her time in with Jeff as well. Flashback to 2:11PM BBT to hear Porsche trying her best to avoid getting nominated. She says she’d rather not get backdoored. Jeff responds, “so you want me to nominate you?” He’s teasing her. Looks like Porsche will join Kalia on the block tonight.

Jeff lets us in on his plan with a private discussion with Jordan. Flashback to 2:23PM BBT. Jeff tells Jordan they need to make Daniele feel as comfortable as possible. He relays that Daniele offered to throw the Veto to keep from having to save Kalia, but neither believe she’ll throw it.

Update: Thanks to reader Jason for catching the second set of Flashback times were set to the wrong day (18th vs. 19th).


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