Big Brother 13 Episode 19: Week 6 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 19, the results of the next live eviction will be revealed along with the results of tonight’s HoH competition which looks like it could be an endurance battle. If that happens we’ll be here all night with results. While we wait, join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? get the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Big Brother Feeds come back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Live Eviction voting:

  • Rachel: evict Shelly
  • Kalia: evict Brendon
  • Porsche: evict Brendon
  • Adam: evict Brendon
  • Jeff: evict Brendon
  • That’s enough votes. Brendon is evicted again.
  • Jordan: evict Brendon

By a vote of 5-1, Brendon has been evicted. Again.

Julie announces next week will be a “Fast Forward” double eviction!

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Big Brother 13 Week 7 Endurance HoH comp

Big Brother 13 Week 7 HoH Competition – ‘All Washed Up’:

  • HGs have to run back and forth to fill a bubble and free their ball first to win!
  • Find out who won HoH tonight!

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  1. I am not sure that I wanna watch the show…TOOO many scenerios possible..the stress is unreal..and it’s just a TV show…lmao

    • Rachel has to stop tthat annoying crying. Grow up. Wish it was a double eviction tonight and plz send Brenchel home. They are the most immature couple I have ever seen in my life.

      • Wow… I’m surprised that little brat Josie, told Rachel to shut up? Am I the only one who thinks that is BEYOND disrespectful? I don’t know… but that little brat needs a spanking. One that involved baseball bats.

      • You call Josie a brat, say she is disrespectful, but you want to spank her with baseball bats. ??? Kinda of calling the kettle black, don’t u think ????

      • @eimee, do you have feeds or anything besides live show? rachel was beyond mean to shelly last week and even talked about shelly leaving her daughter home to do the show. shelly was beyond upset, hurt and crying. her daughter is well, fine, and old enough to be home with her father. wouldnt you tell someone to shut up who did that to your mom? or would your kids loveeeeeeee rachel?

      • @DumbDumb – I think u misinterpreted my comment. I was just saying to the comment TheKnowItAll made about spanking Josie with a baseball bat. And no my kids wouldn’t loveeeeeee Rachel because I myself do not. She’s pure evil, IMO. So your way off.

    • ME TOO. I wish Porsche would get sent home for her childish prank…but since that isn’t going to happen I’d rather see Shelly the lying snake go home.

    • Honestly? I think everyone saw it coming. Bringing Brendon back was all for ratings. I was hoping Daniele would do something to change my mind about her, but like expected she didn’t. This show has thoroughly pissed me off this season because it is OBVIOUSLY scripted. Such a load of sh*t. I hope Rachel wins HoH & puts up Kalidum & Shelly the Snake. If either of them can actually win a POV, I’d like to see Daniskank backdoored

  2. Q of the Day – who the hell is J-Chen’s stylist this season? She’s gone down hill!

  3. LMFAO shells own kid just said she was lying to much her own kid just watched
    her mo n turn into a snake lol on national tv

  4. Shelly’s daughter just said shut up Rachel. Seriously… Oh the child who has been taught no lying. If that was the case this child would not know the word shut up or if she did she would not sit next to her father and use the word. She would have said be quiet. Shelly is scum

    • I know right?! It contradicts what Shelly praises herself over; good parenting. Haha. I think that little brat, Joise, needs a spanking… with a baseball bat!

    • ahh hell lay off the kid..I know 2 year olds that know what “shut up” means..they will even tell u to sht up…she’s a kid…

      • My kids knew the word to BUT NEVER would have used it in front of me…. The kid is Seven not Two and a two year old saying shut up well where did they hear it … You hanging with Shelly

      • I said nothing about Shelly at all..And the KID is just that a kid..Sooo u never told ur kids to shut up??? Shut up is used in everyday language..Rachel Ray says it on a daily basis..Shut up is said in anger or in jest..And what would it matter to u if I was Shelly Fan?? What business is that of urs??..Like I said my post was about the KID not Shelly. the forum has rules..maybe u should read em..

      • So if the kid was raised as Shelly said she was raised she would have said be quiet and not shut up

      • I agree with you, Ziggy. Shelly is an adult and chose to go on the show, so she is fair game. Her daughter should be off limits. She is a child and should not be talked about in any way.

  5. I loved Brendon’s final message

    He will vote for a competitor and not a floater to win who rides coattails. He said if you are confused or scratching your head, he is talking to you. Kalia has a confused look on her face… That was priceless… Brendon finished by telling Dani she would always be Judas to him… L~O~L!!!

    • Last year he said the same damn thing. And did he and Rachel do that, NO they did not. They voted for Lane who was not the best competitor, Hayden was and Hayden won. They were jealous of Hayden and are a bunch of sore losers. Watch, they will not vote for Jordon or Jeff if either one of them make the finals because they voted Brendan out. Rachel was giving Jeff her prouty face and I’m glad he called her out on it. That’s how they roll !!!

    • That is why people saying Danielle will win this are delusional. Danielle has burned too many bridges this early in the game to matter what she does! The same goes for Jeff and Jordan so, it seems more and more likely that one of the newbies will take it in the end!

  6. Everyone shut up with all that Shelly stuff. Everyone that plays big brother has to turn into a snake so please everyone stop being so ignorant.

    • Everyone doesn’t put other players down the way Shelly did Rachel because Shelly was caught in a lie.

      • Everyone has to lie so give me a damn break. Playing with Rachel you have to be the biggest bitch an lying person you can be.

      • Leo do you have feeds? Rachel commented on how Shelly left her daughter. Shelly’s daughter is fine and old enough to be with her own father for a few months. Rachel is evil and talked about her daughter. Do you have kids? Once someone talks about your kids you can say/do whatever to them. If you have any balls? Doubt you do.

    • what show are you watching? Rachel brings everthing on herself! and Shelly asked if they would consider a 3 some to the finals like everyone else. Rachel again put her twist on it. It’s a game and Shelly’s playing it her way. O I forgot this show is soooo unfair to R\B. SORRY AM NOT BUYING IT.

      • Look, you can go over the wording 10,000 times. It is quite clear that Shelly was trying to cover her ass by wording it that way. But at the end of the day she was trying to stay in good with BR just in case Jordo got voted out. Plus Shelly has final 2 or 3 deals with everyone in the house. If someone is a liar, they are a liar. Whenever someone tries to word things in such a way that they can somehow justify they are not a liar, then this person is definitely a liar. Shelly is a f’ckin liar and that’s just the way it is.

      • Also, if Shelly would not have gotten so mad when Rachel called her out, I would have supported her lies, but she got so pissed and continued to bash Rachel every chance she got. I’m sorry, but I don’t have any respect for the way Straight Shooter plays this game.

    • People really have no problem with Hgs lying in game. We are calling Shelly out because she acts so holy about it and was mad at Rachel for calling her on it. She went to DR and said she doesn’t lie. Most of us are simply calling BS on that.

  7. Im so happy that ugly annoying Brendon got evicted again. Now he should go get a job to be able to pay a rent.

  8. How about that liar Jeff. He didn’t want to win the POV and make a choice but he and the dumb Jordan had no trouble voting out Brendon. I really dislike all of those people in the house the way they ganged up on Brendon and Rachel. Now Rachel is alone in the house with no one to support her. I can’t wait until they all go after each other now that Brendon the huge target is gone. I’ll miss you Brendon. I guess Matt is happy. Not Matt H.

    • Jeff and Jordan had little to no choice but to vote for Brendon to be evicted — here’s the rundown on why:

      Hypothetical votes to evict Shelly:


      Hypothetical votes to evict Brendon:


      SWING VOTE: Adam

      If Adam would have voted with Jeff, Jordan and Rachel to evict Shelly, then the numbers would have been on Brendon’s side to stay in the game.

      However, since Jeff and Jordan found out that Adam went over to Daniele and her posse’s side and was going to vote to evict Brendon, that would have left Daniele, as H.O.H., to be the TIE-BREAKER in which she, of course, would have voted to evict Brendon over Shelly.

      Jeff and Jordan knew that — by not having the numbers on their side — voting for Brendon to stay would have been futile and created an even bigger target on their backs. It would have been pointless.

      Why damn themselves, too?

      I support Jeff and Jordan’s decision, I wanted Brendon to stay, too, but the votes went the way they did essentially because of ADAM — again, Jeff and Jordan had no choice.

      Now what needs to happen is that Jeff and Jordan need to step it up in competitions as they are dangerously close to being floaters.

      Regardless, IF Rachel wins H.O.H., EVERYONE is a target.

  9. Dani’s goodbye message was obviously looking for a vote, Jeff and Kailia are just dumb with their messages, especially Kalia, what a dummy!!!

  10. ok so brenden is kinda hot, y didnt i like him. i like rachel too, but i want dani to win it all.

  11. Lol of course everyone lies its expected but shell made it her game to lie to everyone about everything and then cry when she gets called out about it thats why we pick on her

  12. I cant Stand Shelly!! She looks like she doesn’t need the money! She’s probably just a desperate housewife

  13. Ther game where u fill the jug or bottle….the lane is really slick..Jordon/Natalie/Kevin played a similar game..Kevin won…

  14. I hope Rachel win HOH, and puts Daniel and Jeff on the block…. and if necessary backdoors Jordumb.

  15. It’s not that Shelly is lying, it’s that she is insisting on not lying, even in the DR.

    • Finally we can stop the rigged competition argument. At least until the next veto comp I guess.

  16. Most of the soap is falling in the middle on poor Jordan, and Rachel’s lane is clear. That is so not fair.

  17. Lol. Why is everyone calling Shelly a horrible mother for lying in the game and her kid saying “shut up.” How is shut up offensive? Anyway, it’s just a game and there is no need for everyone to get so personal. Also to the person who said “she needs a spanking,” how is child abuse any better than having a child say “shut up?” Seriously people, get a grip. Also, I think Rachel is gonna win this HoH. I don’t want her to but that’s my prediction. If she does she’ll prob put up Kalia and Porsche on a floater basis and so she can keep Dani and Jeff/Jordan in her pocket for a free vote.

  18. Rachel is in the best position in the competition, the foam doesn’t even affect her that much. She needs to hurry up tho!

  19. This is one HOH I would never be able to win. I don’t have any balance what so ever on dry surface.

  20. TheKnowItAll-
    do you have feeds or anything besides live show? rachel was beyond mean to shelly last week and even talked about shelly leaving her daughter home to do the show. shelly was beyond upset, hurt and crying. her daughter is well, fine, and old enough to be home with her father. wouldnt you tell someone to shut up who did that to your mom? or would your kids loveeeeeeee rachel?

    • My kids would have said be quiet. The words shut up were not allowed in my house it is rude….

      • Oh please. So you think. In your lil white picket fence with your kids, huh? Your kids have and do say shut up. Get over yourself.

      • @Shelly is scum .. Tell me what is more rude.. someone saying “Shut Up” or someone calling someone scum????

  21. Rachel is fake and will backstab Jeff/Jordan. She already has thrown them under the bus with Brendon. She will team up with Porsche or Dani and they will be safe for another week to get her out the next.

  22. BigBrotherLeak BigBrotherLeak
    Julie Chen just announced that next Thursday will be a Double Eviction episode! #BB13

  23. MATT(BBN)

    Please, constant updates.

    Last time didn’t this type of comp last about 3 hours?

    Finally my predictions from first to drop out to HOH: Jordan, Adam, Kalia, Shelly, Rachel, Jeff and Porche(HOH)

  24. BigBrotherLeak Julie Chen just announced that next Thursday will be a Double Eviction episode!…

  25. Is Julie Chen pregnant again? She traded in her sexy outfits for a more matronly look. It made me wonder if maybe she is pregnant again.

  26. porsche was doing good but she has slowed down…the rest are about even..I can’t reall tell

  27. in this comp u have to keep up a very steady pace..if u slow down u may count urselfout..

  28. my guess is thaT WE WILL BE ANOTHER HOUR BEFOR IT’S OVER…maybe a little less but I don’t think so..

  29. Thank you for voting back BOOKIE! Watching him get evicted 3 times in a year is just good TV.

  30. I need to finally get this off my chest, Kalia might be the biggest disgrace to ever play BB, during her HOH she sits up there with Daniele and Rachel who have actually proven themselves as competitors and talks like she’s among them, for winning one stupid comp where she buzzed in before questions were read. It’s partly Rachel’s fault for going up there and inflating her head about how she’s respected now. She’s a joke. Flipping on Brendon when he called her a floater weeks ago, at the time she WAS a major floater, and she still is. Dying through to 2nd place in the slalom HOH doesn’t qualify as a threat either. Then she goes and does only what Daniele wanted during her HOH while she sat up there disgustingly picking herself under the covers then throwing them onto the GROUND, like are you kidding? Never does her own damn dishes either as if she just thinks someone else will. Then there’s her goodbye comments to Brendon, again on her high horse (who’s also probably had enough of her annoying rambling) in saying the things she did to Brendon when he was actually playing the game unlike her. I wish CBS didn’t show Dani’s or Kalia’s comments to him but especially Kalia’s. I think I’ve decided that whoever is the biggest part of Kalia’s eviction will get my vote for the $25,000 at the end.

      • Bitter about what? Kalia hasn’t won anything yet (I know she won an HOH, I mean she hasn’t won the game, probably won’t even win anything else from here on out) Bitter that she got Lawon out because she’s an idiot? I’m happy he’s gone he was an even bigger floater

      • Also not bitter about Brendon being gone, I knew he had to go and I expected he would for days now, and I wasn’t a fan of his either

      • I mean if they do the America’s vote for $25,000 to any player via text/online voting again. I didn’t mean vote for the winner of the game lol…because that’s of course $500,000…

      • I meant America’s vote for $25,000 at the end, not the vote for the winner of the game, you’re right I can’t vote on that lol

  31. Lovely show tonight!! Go dani! Take it home. Hated that brendon came back love that he is gone again! For the dani haters: hate the game never the player!! Loving it! p.s. Shelly is indeed a lying snake and unfortunately that’s usually the one who wins!! Hope not!!

  32. rundowN..looks like adam/shelly kalia are neck and neck..Jordon got behind cause she got soap in her eyes….PORSCHE AND RACHEL..2ND/ 3RD LOOKS LIKE JEFF IS AHEAD…BUT THERE IS ANEW TON OF SOAP SUDS THAT JUST FELL..

  33. Jordon was doing great then she got the eye soap..slowed her down..water water water again Adam fell but is up now and running

  34. hmmm..whats the soap suds aka foam hiding huh…almost like they dont want anyone on the feeds to see too closely…when did rachael go from last to 3rd….yowzah..jeff betta watch out! he better win this or he goes up!

    • i think if jeff wins he will put up porche and kailia and he will win the power of veto and back door dani

  35. Porsche slowed down alot..They not showing to much od Rachel…got trivia right now..maybe Jeff gets it..not sure yet..

  36. jordon gave up when she got the soap in her eyes..Think it’s gonna be Jeff but can’t see Rachels bowl

  37. why does shelly keep lying in the diary room and makes herself out to be the victim? Well isnt it obvious she knows that if she doesnt win bb then there could be a special price like they did with britney America’s Choice they gave her money so she is playing us people if there is such a thing this season do not give her anything unless its a one way ticket to hell.

    • Shelly needs to give it up.. no way will she be Americas Favorite. It will be a vet or Adam.

  38. people think dani has veto pass,so that only guarantee her to play pov and what if she doesn,t win pov,definetely she is out,,,,

  39. what is wrong with shelly,she still bashin rach ,shelly your are an old lady 40 years old but acting like in high school [her daughter says stop liein mom]her daughter gona be different from shelly,josie is cute though ,she needs to show josie gd example]lol

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