Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Thursday Highlights

As on most Thursdays the good stuff doesn’t happen until the new HoH is crowned in the Big Brother house and today is no exception.  So instead of writing about the boring day in the house, let’s start when the live feeds return from the live show.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 18, 2011:

7:05 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the live show and everyone is running the race back and forth slipping and sliding trying to fill up their gum ball machine first.  It looks like everyone is pretty even right now.
8:15 PM BBT – Adam totally wipes out but is ok. Shelly comes over to check on him but he tells her to keep going.
8:22 PM BBT – Feeds went off for a few minutes because Jeff is really close to winning and cut back on in time for us to see him get his ball out and become the next HoH.
8:35 PM BBT – Dani tells Porsche and Kalia not to be defeated.  It’s not all over yet.  Dani is for sure playing in the pov and can take someone down if they’re nominated.
8:42 PM BBT – Dani congratulates Jeff and they high five.  Awwww lol.
8:55 PM BBT – Dani, Shelly and Kalia talking about how inappropriate Brenchel are and Shelly says Julie Chen is disgusted with Rachel and Jeff should put her up.
10:00 PM BBT – Porsche is worried about being put on the block and going to the jury house with Brendon lol.
11:00 PM BBT – Everyone is up in the Jeff’s HoH room.  Jeff got a letter from his niece and lots of goodies in his basket.
11:30 PM BBT – Jeff confirms to Rach and Shelly that they are both on his team and in his alliance.  He’s trying to figure out what who to put up.  Says if he nominates Porsche and Kalia and Dani wins veto and takes one off he has to put up one of them.  They want Daniele gone.
12:30 AM BBT – Adam in the HoH with Jeff and says you have to put up Kalia and Dani because if one of the wins pov then it’s one of us going up.  They want to know how her veto pass works.  Could all 7 play in the comp this week?
1:20 AM BBT – Jeff doesn’t really trust Shelly because she made a final 3 deal with Kalia and Dani.  Says he might just put up Porsche and Kalia to back door Dani and if she wins veto, she wins veto and he will put up someone else and get out one of the other two.  A long night and I’m out!

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  1. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Jeff, you need to put up Dani and Kalia, so if Dani wins, Porshe for re-nom, and if Kalia wins, Porshe re-nom. Dani automatically going to play for Veto, so just put her up! Rachel seems to be safe for 2-3 weeks, but always expect the un-expected from Je-Jo and CBS. And this weeks x2 Eviction could be a huge factor for getting rid of Kalia and Daniele. So my head has literally exploded from last week’s craziness up until now.

    • Jeff needs to nominate Danielle and Kalia. If one gets off via POV then, nominate Porsche. That would guarantee a Danielle ally goes to the jury house and strips Danielle out of one of her puppets! And if Danielle does not win POV then, she gets sent to the jury house. That would be awesome! She can spend time with Brendon. LOL

    • If Jeff wants to maintain some semblance of respecting the “deal” he has made with Dani he should not put her up. He should put up Kalia and Porsche and if Dani wins the veto and takes one of them off he should put up Adam. His alliance of J,R,and S will vote to keep Adam in. (He would never put up Jordan and it is remotely possible that Rachel and Shelley would vote against the other so Adam is the safest option). If someone other than Dani wins the veto he could then backdoor her.

    • Jeff has to go for the gusto now. Being a double eviction week. Try hard to send Danielle to the jury house. If he fails, you have to know that Danielle if she wins HOH next will try to send Jeff and Jordan to the jury house as well! If they are able to send Danielle to the jury house then, they do not have to worry about her in the next HOH. That would leave Kalia and Porsche in the Danimal alliance.

  2. Well that S… Jeff the homophobic won. He has done nothing all summer but belittle people (just like Bren) and now he is HOH. He does realize that Jordan will not be voted to win this game cause she has won $500k before and now he too has won $15k so the have the targets on them big time now. Too bad Rach did not win then she could kick out Porsch to sleep in the JH with Brend. Maybe she was the the one he was skype his tallywacker with?

    • Nope, turns out he was Skyping his pics to a dude, thinking it was a girl. But that shouldn’t bother you though, since you’re not a homophobe or anything.

  3. It was rigged!!!!!! Jeff only had so many bubbles in his lane to cover up the sandpaper surface he was walking on. Plus, there was some contraption in his bowl to add more liquid.

      • Would people still think it was rigged if Dani,porscha,or Kalia won hoh?I dont think so they just mad cause they didn’t win hoh

      • Actually, yes. Everything Dani and Kalia has won has been said was rigged by some person or another.

      • @cath I think people would still think it is rigged is Dani, Car, or Kalia won. It would just be a different group of people.

    • If that’s how you want to look at it,then Rachel and Kalia had even less because they were on the outside lanes farthest away from the bubbles in the middle

  4. Becky, if this comp was rigged for Jeff, I want to hear you say the say comp was rigged for Dani ok?

    • I am all good when they rig it for Dani.. CBS WILL rig it for Dani to win….lol.. other fans might as well give up now. ;)
      Leo, I am just having fun and jumping on the riggin bandwagon that others do when it dont go the way they want it to. lol

    • I’m going to love seeing Jeff/Jordan and Rachel fans squirms next week when Danielle Nominates them!

      • Thats what Dani & her crew are doing now , Squirming and proubly looking in ther pants to see if ther is poop in them,ha ha

      • I’m also not a big kalia fan if you didnt notice, she is a lazy ass slub who thinks everything is coming to her, and the world surrounds around one person named Kalia

      • If Kalia is so lazy, then why did she win HoH before Jeff? Adam, Porsche, and Shelly haven’t won HoH, and so far, Kalia is the only newbie to win. How does that make her lazy? And calling her fat is just disgustingly ignorant and obnoxious. I like Jeff/Jordan more than Rachel, but Jeff is a homophobic bully and CBS handed him that win on a silver platter. If you can’t see that/admit that, then you’re either blind or just as ignorant as Jeff.

      • you can be lazy and still answer question right and thats the hoh she one was a trivia one you notice all the strenght comps she loses BIG time so that why shes lazy

      • Chay.. don’t forget Kalia was one of the last two standing, alongside Dani, in the skiing comp.

  5. I am glad Dani outex Shelly to Jeff and Jordan

    Shelly made final 3 deals with:

    Brendon and Racheld

    Dani and Kalia

    Adam and presumably Porsha

    And obviously Jeff and Jordan

    • She isn’t the only one who has more than one alliance. It would be kind of hard to win this game if you didn’t align yourself with as many people as possible. The player who manages to fool the most people and manages to upset the fewest should be the ultimate winner.

  6. Glad Jeff won hoh ,Dani is going to the JURY house Brendon is going to say i told u so .All the hg’s are going to be kissing A$$.

    • sorry cath but that’s not gonna happen you can hope all you want but sorry it won’t happen.

      end of line

      • Yes it will and im probly not the only one that thinks that.sorry she is going to the jury house .with brendon

  7. I am so happy that Jeff won!! I can only hope that he can get rid of some of the dead weight in the house…. Kalia or “airhead” Porsche.

  8. Rachel made a good point during her meeting with Jeff last night. Make Dani use her Veto ticket and have Dani, Porsha and Kalia all going balls to the wall for the Veto because they all know that they could be going home if they do.t win the Veto.

  9. People believing Dani is a lock to win the Veto are being naive. Porsha will be fighting for her and has done very well the last 2 competitions. Jeff,.Jordan and Rachel will want to ensure Dani is evicted. Adam and Shelly will go all out to avoid going on the block as a pawn if 2 team each other.

    • Are you serious? Porsche and Shelley, haven’t won a single competition… Jordan only won HoH cause Brendon & Jeff gave it to her. Adam was handed the Veto last week.

      The only time Rachel has been in “power” was when she was HANDED the first HoH and when her “Bookie” was HoH / Veto winner.

      The true floaters in my opinion are (in this order) Porsche, Shelley, Adam, Rachel, Kalia, Jordan… Jeff & Danielle are the only two people actually competing in the game anymore.

      Jeff knows that Dani is the biggest target in the house, afterwards it’s Rachel, he would be wise to keep Dani as he would have a better shot of winning $500k against her over anyone else.

      • What drug r u taking? lol I may not be a fan of Rachel and Dani but sheesh even I can see their the biggest competitors still in the game. Jeff is ok but has somewhat been a floater. Im almost 100% that Jordan will be in the final 2 again….

  10. i am probably going to make a lot of people mad.. so I apologize in advance… but Dani is a fake! She doesn’t REALLY have Jeff’s back. If she did, then she would drop Kalia and Porche.. they are both floaters!

    • I am Team Dani…but, that doesnt make me mad.
      Its probaly true considering thats a part of EVERYONEs strategy. No one is for sure real in that game. They all make FAKE promises. Watch.. Jeff will try and possibly succeed to evict Dani this week.
      There are only two people in the game right now who has a for sure ally.. JandJ. And even then, it may not be 100% considering its $500K on the line and they arent married or living together.

    • uumm so what is Danielle supposed to do put all her hope with jeff who has shelly as well as jordan supporting them lol.Ps and how can shelly and porche be floaters when they are competing well Porsche has continued to do well in comps and kalia has won already.The real floaters are shelly and adam.S cant win anything and adam got his veto with the help of dani and jeff.

      • Ssoo Right, King. People kill me w/this ‘Kalia’s a floater’ nonsense. Not only did she win one HOH, & very handily might I add, but was last two STANDing with Dani in the skiing comp. Granted, she may be annoying to some, but floaater she is Not… Let it go.

    • Danielle has been making alliances with everyone in the house and backstabbing and lying to everyone she talks to. That is her
      game play. She is not to be trusted and people say Shelly is the worst. Sorry, Danielle beats everyone in her nasty game play. She employs a take no prisoner approach and said so herself that she wants everyone to be afraid of her! Kalia was stupid to align with Danielle and so with Porsche. Adam was the ultimate floater going back and forth yet, he outlasts Brendon. Of course, he got the POV assist from Jeff!

      • Dani haters will say anything to make her seem like a bad player….she is yes making people believe she has their back…she has to cover all her bases…that is the game…everyone at one time or another does it…Team Danie ….win Veto and backdoor Jeff…he is a big buly

      • So true, Carol… its called “hating”. People cant stand their favorite getting out smarted.

    • The biggest floater in the game is Jordan by far. I cannot believe this girl calls other people useless!! She does and wants to accomplish absolutely nothing. There’s only one airhead and that’s Jordan.

  11. Dani and her crew are the targets this week..looks like their dream run will come to an end this week it had to happen eventually i only hope they have the balls to take out jejo next week things are going to easy for them.These people will be fools if they let them coast to the end.
    The game is so boring already ive stopped watching bbad its so boring..We all know whats going to happen this week lets hope dani survives and sends jeff packing next week.

    • Yes buy her cutesie number won her a half mil already, the kid likes her humilitard? And after Rachel took aim at everybody including Jordan, the minute Brendan was put up her first words were “I hope we dont have to take care of Rachel again this week.” Thats why shes Americas Sweetheart.I think either her or Lawon will win Americas vote for the $25.000 this year.

  12. I am so glad that Jeff won!!!! so dani and kalia are going up hopefully Jeff wins POV and I would love to see Dani and kalia campaining against eachother! I bet all the things they have said to other HG will get out and there will be a huge fight again.

  13. Jeff’s biggest competition is dani & porche. Porche has done very little and appears to have no strategy but she has come close to winning some competitions so as the numbers dwindle, her chances of winning gets higher. I don’t understand why ppl aren’t making final 2 deals with Rachel….she would NOT win, hell, even Adam would win the 500k versus her! She should be safe a few weeks. She’s not been able to win comps recently, even the last hoh she shoulda won cause quizzes are her strength. She can be manipulated by jeff if she did win hoh. Jeff needs to go for dani or he’s gone next week…the numbers are in danis favor if she survives this eviction. Best case scenario for her…she escapes eviction, rids the house of JJ on double next week, then shelly, then rachel…she can crush porche, kalia & Adam. I’m not really rooting for anyone in particular but dani has the best chance at this point. If it came down to her & Jeff on a physical comp, she still could beat him. Hs anyone noticed that Adam is the male version of shelly? Dani is not dumb to either of them.

    • ummm hello the double eviction would be this thursday with two ppl going home not 3. double is 2 so you cant get rid of J&J. Besides I am sorry Dani is going this week. the only reason she went far last time she was on was because of her dads social game she obviously doesnt have and has shot herself in the foot multiple times. THis year it was Dom last time it was Nick but her Dad made her cut her ties with him last time. Enough said I hope Dani goes and Jordan wins the next HOH.

      • Like Jeff would put himself & Jordan up when HE is HOH havent you been reading the spoilers? Good riddance Dani and Kalia or Dani and Porsha. HA HA Bye Bye

    • The jury matters more than ever and I do not believe they will vote for Danielle if she gets to the end. She burned too many bridges and ran over too many house guests to make it up now!

      • Dont be so sure. Remember what Brendon said about the floaters when he left. He said he was going to vote for whomever fought hard and won HoH and vetos. It depends on who is still around at the end.

      • I totally disagree with you…Danie has played a great game…J&J have done very little and have bullied anyone who thinks about putting them up…I do hope Danie makes it to the end …she deserves it…and if house guests vote for good gamers…and not let personal issues cloud their judgement…then she just might win…

      • @Carol Lind I totally agree with you. Dani has played a great game. I just wish Porche had won instead of Jeff, she was the closest to him. Kalia has won an HOH. For me Adam and Shelly and even Jordan are floaters. I use to be a big fan of J/J, but Jordan just floats along with Jeff and calls other people useless. Yes, Jordan won an HOH, but Brendon and Jeff even admitted they let her win. Same with Adam’s veto. Jeff said he threw it to Adam. I still hope that Dani can pull another miracle out of her bag. I would rather see good competitors go to the end and fight it out rather than seeing a floater win this game. They are all guilty of backstabbing, lying, and side deals.

      • I hardly see Brendan voting a half mil into Danis back stabbing sneaking caniving pocet. He was clearly talking to and about his lady love

  14. Although, wouldn’t it be funny if dani did go home & kalia & porch would be running around like chickens with their heads cut off! Lol. Then they could pair up with Rachel cause they can’t lead, only follow. Rachel would get a second wind cause she would gain a lil army! Not that that would ever happen but would make watching more fun.

  15. I think we need a big ol midn shocking nomination from Jeff. Ohhhhhh say he puts up: Jordan and Kalia. Then Kalia wins the POV and he puts up Rachel as a replacement. W00T

  16. You people have to understand that JJBR and Danielle have all played this game before and know how everything works. The others do follow them because it makes sense to take the knowledge thrown their way by people who’ve played this game as recent as they have.

  17. I think it would be fun to watch everyone make subtle remarks about how hot and sexy Dani and The Porch are when Rachel is around, (not to her, just when they are sitting around) and how Brendan will be in the house alone with them for a week. Keep in mind they don’t know it’s double eviction this week and 2peeps will be going. Rachel will go crazy thinking of one of them alone with her Fiancee for a whole week. I bet she then will start campaigning hard for Kalia to go, because she doesn’t think Kalia would hold any appeal to Brendan… Just play mind games with her!! Good fun had by all, well all except Rachel.

    • Porche going to jury will b an issue, lol. She hit on Brendon and he did not tell Rachel. Temptation may get the best of Brendon.

  18. Did anyone watch after dark last night? Once again kalia is playing race card. Adam called jeff’s slippers blackies and kalia said oh no you don’t say blackie. I’m sick of her !

    • YA Kalie is the one that is playing the race card cause just because Adam is white and said any thing with black in it that he is concitered racist.

      • Right evevrybody Knows that hockey is a racist sport because the puck is black. Give me a break.

    • Who’s to say Kalia wasn’t joking with Adam, granted, I didn’t see it. & if she wasn’t, who are you to say she doesn’t have the right to feel uncomforatble with that term, being the only person of color left in the house? Since you chose to bring up this topic on this particular site, you must have an increased sensitivy on issues of race…. good or bad.

  19. OMG JEFFS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey all you Dani fans saying crab about us JJfans but guess who has the ball now LOL! And even though Dani and Kalia had hoh they had to vote the same person and did’nt get any where but on peoples targets and now Kalia or Pourcha even peppermint patty Shelly will be tageted by JJ Team gooooooo JJ TEAM!

  20. wretchel will get put up against kalia and kalia is the pawn wretchel will get evicted to skank up the jury house then on the following week the house will have to be totally sanitized for the next two because of the double eviction. after wretchel gone it’ll be kalia and adam then it’s a toss up from there on.

    end of line

    end of line

    • Dani and Kaila is going to be put up for evition and if one of them win the pov Porsia is going to be put ,Now thats the end of the line!

      • one of ther (Dani’s)crew will still go to the jury house, Je will put up a pawn,that he knows who will have the votes to stay

  21. Dani’s crew is going to crumble like a cookie,HA-HA Dani is going to the JURY house with Brendon ,its Rachels turn to be hoh

  22. can we have another americas vote and get rid of everybody… none of them deserve to win…

  23. I actually want either Porsche, Kali or Shelly gone before Dani. Never thought I would say that. Porsche has gotten so mean and disgusted would love to see her or Kalia be stickers with Brendan for a week in the jury house!!!

  24. they pick people that they can boss around in the diary room… thats why they are in there so much… being told what to say and do next… its all soooooooooo scripted…

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