Big Brother 13 Week 4: Return Of Emotional Rachel – Another Day, Another Fight

Big Brother 13 Rachel and Daniele argue

Update: We’ve posted big twist news leaked from CBS on our Facebook page.

Update 2: Daniele’s blog has been released, and shocker, there’s no such message in there. Was Daniele lying or did CBS edit it out?

I still remember laughing when Rachel said early on in Big Brother 13 that she wasn’t going to play emotionally this season. The woman can win some comps, but she can not keep her emotions in check and she reminded us of that tonight on the Live Feeds.

After Daniele finished her HoH blog (each week the Head of Household gets to write a short “dear diary”) she mentioned to Shelly that she included a message to her husband to draw a heart on her daughter’s hand for the first day of school. Shelly was grateful to Daniele but also started to cry as she’s often done this season when discussing her family.

Flashback to today at 3:51PM BBT and you’ll find Rachel going in to the HoH room where Daniele has hermit’d herself away this week (seriously, she’s like Ronnie 2.0 in there). Rachel believes Daniele is lying to Shelly about the message because Rachel wasn’t allowed to include shout-outs in either of her HoH posts this season.

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Daniele doesn’t take this accusation lightly and yells for Rachel to “get out of my room! Seriously, what’s wrong with you?!” Both girls storm out of the HoH room. Daniele goes out to the backyard while Rachel heads to the kitchen to find Brendon’s support.

While Rachel talks with Brendon inside, Daniele is outside trying to explain herself to Shelly. Shelly isn’t upset at Daniele at all, but that’s not going to stop Brenchel from coming out and attacking Daniele 2 on 1. Daniele isn’t about to put up with this and tells Brenchel it isn’t any of their business and to back off.

The arguing continues and is as fruitless as you’d imagine other than being good for some great Flashback fun on the Live Feeds. Daniele continues to defend her actions, which come on, we know Daniele does things on purpose and probably did give Shelly’s family a shout-out to get in her good graces, but that’s her prerogative.

Jump forward to 4:10PM BBT and you’ll find Jeff and Brendon talking inside. Jeff is very concerned about Rachel’s emotional state and how he expects her to play when Brendon isn’t there to keep her in check. Brendon is very upset because apparently production told Rachel to go confront Daniele about the shout-out to Shelly’s family.

Ahh, good ol’ Big Brother production, stirring up trouble since things have been quiet for days now. Good work, Grodner! Brendon suggests to Rachel that they walk out of the game together. In case you forgot, Brenchel made this same threat the night Evel Dick walked out. It’s an empty threat and they won’t do it.

As Brenchel march toward their division on Thursday night I’m expecting more explosions like this one, so stay close to your Live Feeds and watch it all. Don’t have the Live Feeds yet? Get your 3-Day Free Trial and see what other fans are watching.

Update: As of 6:05PM BBT, Rachel is still crying with Brendon about the fight.

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    • Maybe they can go follow the yellow brick road and ask the Wizard of OZ for 2 new brains.

    • Disagree. Production told Rachel that Dani did not send a shout out to Shelly’s family and to confront her. Dani is a snake. She can use the eject button and join her father, you know the father she could not even acknowledge when he had to leave abruptly? I have NO respect for Dani at all.

      • I’m with you on this one Gina. I dislike Danielle very much and do not think she is very trustworthy AT ALL.

      • I am also with you on this one. Production should stay out of it. If this really is the case, then it is obvious that the entire game is fixed just like some posters were saying. If production does this once….I can’t stand Dani and can’t wait for her to leave.

    • It is going to be boring without Rachel and Brendon. It is boring enough most days that BB has to have productions step in to stir up some emotions.

      • @Gina, production may have told her that, or she could be lying, either way, she should have just let it go, so what if Daniele gave a shout out to Shelley’s family, she is a mom and is really missing her kid right now, why would Rachel even care? If I were Shelly, I don’t know that I would leave my eight yr old kid for this long, but she has and is missing her. Rachel butts in and gets overly emotional when it is totally unncessary. Oh Dear Lord, now they are reading bible verses together in the hammock.

    • I wish they would’ve. I have had enough, or should I say too much of their sickening selves. They do need help, they’re nuts. And they need to stop all of that damn crying. They are so tough, but cry every other minute.

  2. Rachael and Brendon deserve each other. They are just alike. Ugly inside and out. Mean, liars,fake,vicious. I,for the life of me, can not figure out why they think they are so smart. Having a degree doesn’t mean you are intelligent, it only means you are, possibly, an educated idiot.

    • I know you are trying to look smart, by using full words, but those grammatical errors made me cringe. You are very wrong. Having a degree does mean you are intelligent. Do you have a degree? Or are you releasing pent up anger, over the fact that you don’t have a degree? You try to get a physics or a chemistry degree, before you talk bad about someone else. If they were smart enough to get degrees in science, then they must be intelligent. Do your research.

      • Actually, I do have a degree andI am educated. Through the years of working I have met many educated idiots. How about you?

  3. I think Brendan and Rachel should walk off a plank. Gimmie a break. The chick is playing 99% emotions, and Brendan is the sappiest ‘fiance’ I’ve ever seen. If my man was ever that soft I’d question is masculinity…and him period.

    • it seems every time she gets upset the show is tuned into that ONLY. i am sick of her and her wimpy hubby. there is more ppl in this house then just them 2.

  4. I am so tired of this. IT WAS ALMOST A WHOLE SHOW FOR RACHEL AND BRENDON. Did everyone else in the house leave? Why do we have to have a whole show to watch rachel cry and whine cause she is not getting her way? IF the producers do NOT change this…….forget a whole bunch of us from watching it any more. so so so tried of watching them. I want to see the newbies play this game more.

      • who knows???? but i am just saying i am so so so so so tired of watching a whole show of rachel and her MAN and her fake crying just cause she does not get what she wants.

      • They don’t control who stays and who goes but they do put ideas in there head when they go in the DR. They try to stir things up for the show. I’ve heard different people comment when they were nominated and they would say production would tell them don’t give up and do this or that.

    • You can always change the tv channel or switch channels some of us like the drama that takes out the boredom.

    • what about all the nights it is D&K whispering so low you can not hear them. I think I would be upset of the thought of being away from my husband for at least a month

  5. It’s just so strange how B and R act as though they will never see each other again. So immature. Please get rid of one of them. If I had any sympathy for them at first, I don’t anymore.

  6. the game will be dead boring without both rachel and brendon,these newbies have brought no game plan and excitement,they are all just floating through.

    • I agree with you. Dami is nothing without Evil Dick and since he is gone she is trying hard but I don’t think she will make it to the final four.

      • I think the twist is Dick will be back thursday until the end. I hope that’s why Dani broke up the cry babies. For god sake it’s a game!!!!!!

  7. Why why why Big brother are you putting us viewers in agony there is someone out there for everyone and they are better together than separate but OMG why why why Rachel and Brendon make me sick I don’t want to watch another episode they need counseling for sure. My stomach gets queezy and I want to punch her out seriously, She is not pretty inside or out…But love is blind and Brendon why keep her in the game you prolly could have won this for you both LOSER

  8. I agree Jazzy I wouldn’t doubt if they have their own reality tv show after this, she was on an episode of some bridal dress show. Looking nasty as usual. Just poke my eyes out…

    • I just spit out my wine reading “…looking nasty as usual.” I was just telling my roommate how the sight of Rachel just grosses me out. I can’t quite put my finger on it but she’s disgusting.

  9. Well said Lynn..It is clear they need therapy when they have the self centered nerve to complain about what they do themselves! But thats different in their immature pea brains. Kudo’s to Danielle…she has guts and everyone else in the house has more class than Rachel and Brendon could ever dream of having….shame on producers for pissing off fans with that pathetic duo..we got enough to worry about in America!!

  10. I hope Jordan goes, watching her and Jeff and the rest of the house guest is like watching paint dry. At least with B&R you get some drama. Next week should be good, Rachel will be gunning for Dani and when Rachel figures out that Jordan and Jeff were in on the deal all hell is gonna break loose. Get em Rachel!

    • I agree, out with Jordan!!! It will be fun ( funny ) to watch Dani throw herself at him, to save her ass.

      Why must fans complain about Brenchel? This will be so boring without them!

      Does CBS read these opinions and care???

    • I agree, out with Jordan!!! It will be fun ( funny ) to watch Dani throw herself at him, to save her ass.

      Why must fans complain about Brenchel? This will be so boring without them!

      Do the network or the producers read these opinions and care???

      • I agree that if Jordon was voted out it would make BB so much more interesting. Jeff will go ballistic. Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel will be targeting Dani. It should be fun to see how the newbies align themselves. I think Jordon going would be much more of a shock value to the show. Really, she does nothing.

  11. I say, “good going, Daniele!” I am really not up for more drama from Brenchel. I hope she can rally the troops to take them both out – sooner rather than later. I am disappointed in the newbies and their unanimous voting patterns. No guts, no glory!

  12. I hope Danielle goes next and then PLEASE get rid of Kahlia! I cannot take her talking anymore, my lord girl shut up for once. UGH. She’s about as trustworthy as Danielle…NOT.

    • Alright Karen one more negative comment about Dani and I’m going to tell the world Jordan sleeps with a blankie, wears a retainer during sex and drinks out of a sippee cup.

    • I agree about Kahlia- she agrees with what anyone says. Major floater!! She needs to GO!!

    • I think many of the players are jealous of Brendon and Rachel, i.e., Kalia and Dani. Kalia is the pits. She is very venomous.

      • she reminds me of being in the 5th grade and playing the whisper game, when you whisper in a person’s ear then that person whispers the same thing in another person’s ear, so on and so on and then the story is all messed up at the end. She is such a tattle tale just like 5th grade

    • It’s out of Jordan and Brendon. They may vote to keep Brendon cause Jordan already won once or a BB twist.

    • Cut off your fingers for that comment right now Onyx or Karen will, she’s a trained nurse BTW.

      • There are two Karens..I asked her to use a number after her name but she still hasn’t. I’ve been on here since day one and I’m the nurse just so there’s no confusion. I am for Jeff Jordan and Dani. Was against Dani for awhile but now I want those 3 to work together.

      • You know what Jackie I just read some of your previous comments and at least I comment about the game and don’t try to attack anyone on a personal level. I may disagree about who they are for in the game or who they want out but I don’t comment on a personal level. I thought you were joking but now I see your not.

  13. There is only ONE place I want to see Brendon & Boy George (I mean Rachel) go, and that’s OUT the Door!!!!

      • They shouldn’t let him come back (Evil Dick) because he chose to leave and Dani was given the golden key. Giving Dani the golden key just because Dick chose to leave was unfair, in my opinion.

  14. I like danielle, she is a smart gutsy fighter with a strong killer instinct. and she gives as good as she gets to brendan and rachel. hope brendan goes home.

  15. I sure am tired of watching the Rachel/Brenden show. The newbies are criticized for being boring, but I’d like to know how they can be anything else with the cameras on Rachel and Brenden all the time. Get real producers, and make the show interesting.

  16. matt, I am so proud of you for saying PRErogative. everybody says perogative. As they say “it is not my “fortaa” It is spelled “forte” but pronounced Fort. Unless you are talking about music. just saying.

  17. Edit ( him ) is Jeff. Watch Dani throw herself at Jeff, if Jordan gets evicted.

    Sorry about double posting, using iPhone.

  18. If the twist is true, and America gets to vote back in an evicted houseguest, I hope no one is stupid enough to vote Brendon back in. I am tiring of having to deal with the Brenchel show for another summer. Enough already.

  19. so apparently we now will have the chance to vote ahouseguest back and Brenden is on the list.Please CBS get some new gimmicks these are getting old.And Dick is coming back on Thur..

  20. I like to keep Brandon.Jordan won on previous Big Brother. Why keeping the people who already won the big bucks…

  21. dam i should of knw tht bb production cause most of the problems tht have gone on in the bb house

  22. Dani. Shouldn’t even. Be there…if she. Hadn’t got her free pass just. For her dad leaving, she would have been back doored and eliminated last week after all that shit. She tried to pull. They should have made her pair with. The remainder of keith/porsha. Now we’ll forever have to. Wonder how. The game. Would really be right now.

  23. Gosh let’s. Hope. There’s. A. Good twist. Coming up. Or. This. Season. Is. Gonna. Get boring. Fast. And. People though. Last season. Was boring? The. Only ppl. Worth watching this season. Is. Jeff. Brendan and rachel. Excuse. All the periods.

  24. people might hate Dani but she is playing the best game in the house…and after all ths is a game not summer camp..rachel and brenden are horrible people as well as game players..they are way to emotional they both need to go.

    • whe does BB give Rachel & Brendan sooo much camera time???Gee I dont know , listening to Kalia, watching Jordan play with her hair, listening to Adem burp and fart,Watching Shelly cry for her kid and smoke, watching Portia cook, Lawon???? Dani the cold hearted snake plotting. who do you see bringing in the ratings the two who win everything and get adrenalin then dip when they lose are gone???

  25. If a returning HG is the next “Twist” then i don’t think they are going to have the fans vote someone back in, i bet like once before and they will have “The House” vote someone back and of the Evicted HG’s(excluding Evil), i think they’d vote Dominic Back in.

    BB this season has been “rigged” for the “Underdog” to win as seen by all previous HOH comps. so next week Dani will be the ultimate target and i think BB will do everything in their power to have her survive.

  26. How is dani playing the best. Game? She tried to turn on her alliance 3 seconds after they. Formed..just. for a. “Crush” and then got him. Sent. Home. Cause she couldn’t keep her. Mouth shut. Then. Continued to go against her. Alliance by putting up brenchel and then jordan. Meanwhile deciding to. Pair up with two. Of not. Only the. Weakest players. In the house. But possibly ever on. The. Show

    • How has she had the best game?, she is about to take out one of the strongest players. yes her first plan backfired and cause the eviction of Dom. but Brendon going home is all Brendon’s fault. if wouldn’t have been so paranoid about Dani turning, he would have backdoor J&J and this week Brenchel and Dani and Dom would have been unstoppable. instead he can watch the season at home.

    • Mandi- Do you have live feeds? You seem to be out of the loop as to what is going on behind the scenes of the TV show.

  27. maybe dicks coming back to speak to dani when shes being asked questions by julie privately

  28. I. Dk. What. Fb page I. Am. Supposed to. Look. For. There. Are so many. Can anyone. Please. Tell. Me? Or at least tell me the leaked. Twist?

    • At the very top of the post there’s a liitle line that says update and the link is in there

  29. nobody must have a problem with the live feed. this is my first and last year with the live feed. it does add to the game , but way to many break aways right in the middle of good stuff

  30. As. He will be. Watching the season at. Home she wil be evicted next week. You said it. Perfectly. She. Got. Dom. Evicted(strong. Ally). She is about. To possibly get. Brendon evicted(another. Very. Strong. Player). Who was her ally until her plan was ousted..which by the way was because she cldnt keep her mouth. Shut. And we have no clue any twist in the game or people. Deciding. That. Sitting next to jordan in final 2 wouldn’t be such a good idea..could very. Much so mean. That dani may. Be right. Back to. Playing against the 4 of them or at. Least the dynamic duo and jeff if jordan goes. So yeah. She’s played a very. Sloppy game so far. It was hardly balls that made her put them up. It was to avenge dom cause she was “falling for him”

  31. Ok…so how. Can the show not be set up. If brendon is on the list? Its obviously fixed…

  32. Charlotte you are my. Soul mate lol.. I. Have been trying to say the same thing. Or dom will get voted back in and work with dani, then we’ll know the show is really fixed

  33. I’ll bet tomorrow night there going to announce how America can change the game and then we vote someone back. And the fortune teller is still going to be part of this game in someway. I could be wrong but that’s what I think.

  34. If an evicted HG does come back in, and it happens soon, and if Brendon is evicted, which will most likely happen, i could see some of the HGs voting him back into the house, assuming the HGs would do the voting. I could easily see Rach, Porscha, Jeff and Jordan voting him back in.

    • From what Julie said on the live show last Thursday she said tune in next Thursday and see how you (meaning America) can change the game. So that’s why I think we will vote someone back.

  35. Man charlotte you are so on point. If they hadn’t given dani the golden key she would have been backdoored last week with all that shit she tried to pull. She woulda been gone and the game would. Be different right now

  36. I think Dani is the only one whose got the cahonas to stir up trouble . It’s about time someone got rid of one of those twerps I thought it was Big Brother not the Rachen hour. Rachel is the Beatch and Brenden is her little lap dog just like Porsche and it is obvious that none of the newbs know how to play except for Dom so I hope he comes back

  37. Yeah but it won’t be the hgs julie said last week, america see how you can play a part in the next twist of the game. I think america will vote brendon back in though

    • I’ll be extremely happy if Brendon gets voted back in! I mean let’s be real, Keith was a disaster. Cassie was approached by BB, and Dominic won one competition and thought he was the shit! I’d rather have Brendon back anytime!

  38. CBS: ENOUGH of the Brenchel Show! The majority of tonight’s episode focused on their codependent dysfunctional relationship. Dani is making the power move to break up the Bookies. Hopefully, Brendan is out the door.

    Breaking down the votes:
    There are 6 votes.
    Sure votes to evict Brendan: Jeff and Kalia.
    Sure vote to Evict Jordan: Rachel.
    That leaves Adam, Shelly and Lawon.
    All it takes is one of them to vote to evict Brendan, and he’s toast, as Dani votes in case of a tie, and there’s no question how she would vote.
    So, Rachel would have to get all 3 of ghem to vote with her, which it very doubtful.

    Intersting that Brendan told Rachel that he would find a cure for cancer, patent it, and then they would have plenty of money for the rest of their lives. Rachel reponded by saying, “I want $500,000.” The rocket scientist will cure cancer and be rich!The narcissism of this couple knows no bounds. Bye, bye Bookie!

    • Oops! I forgot about Porsche, so my analysis is all shot to hell! She is Rachel’s drone, so she’ll vote to evict Jordan. The newbies (Adam, Lawon and Shelly) still hold the power, if they would only get together and use it!

  39. @ kami. I sure won’t. Hello! All these people are stupid, they stand no chance sitting next to her in final 2. Who wouldn’t want to align with brenchal? They’re the strongest but most hated competitors, they will bring you to the end and then you stand a good chance to win against them in the votes.

    • Also by them both staying, i think it would keep the target off the newbies for a while longer

  40. A pre-show breakdown of the votes in unecessary. No offense. This is BB anything can happen. And if anyone were smart they would vote jordan back.

    • @mandi–No offense taken. But it’s odd that you find a posting about how the votes may go down “unecessary” (sic).

  41. Arthur::: they should get together and evict jordan though. None of them will beat jordan in final 2 if it came down to it.

  42. I just cannot see Shelly or Adam voting to evict Brendon, especially Shelly since shes wanted to align with JJ since the begninning.

  43. It has to be Brendon who comes back into the house.
    Dani betrayed the alliance first when she tried to backdoor Jeff.
    Brenchel could have betrayed Dani and renominated Dani for her betrayal but they didn’t.
    Dani is responsible for Dom being evicted.
    Dani then betrayed the alliance a second time when she nominated Brenchel for eviction.
    Then Dani betrayed the alliance a third time when she renomed Jordan.
    After Brendon returns and Dani is evicted then Lawon or Kalia should be the next target for the first spot on the jury.

    • Okay,

      1) Brenchel was somewhat on board with the backdoor Jeff plan, but then threw Dani under the bus in order to cover their own asses.

      And 2) There really was no more “alliance” for Dani after the first “betrayal,” so really those second and third instances you call betrayals, don’t even count.

      Thank you for your time.

      • Okay,

        1) Just like JJ considered backdooring Brenchel but didn’t Brnechel considered backdooring JJ but decided not to because their alliance was too important. After Brenchel expressed this to Dani she persisted and insisted that Brenchel save Dom over the final five alliance. JJ called the house meeting and threw Dani under the bus not Brenchel. After that Brenchel and JJ were willing to put it all behind them and continue with the final five alliance but that wasn’t good enough for Dani, she put Brenchel up for eviction. This was why it was a second betrayal because it would have mended the fence so to speak if she had just nominated people like Shelly.
        2) You may have somewhat of a point about the third betrayal because she told JJ first and they tried to be a sure as they could be that Jordan had the votes and because it was probaly too late to change JJ and Brenchel’s feelings about Dani at that point anyway. Before the third betrayal the four of them had decided they were coming after Dani next week no matter what. And once Brendon gets voted back in all four of them will target her and then they will turn their attention to shelly for the first spot in jury.

      • Do you think that the 4 vets were really going to put it all behind them? No, that would have never happened. JJ even proved it in tonight’s episode when they said to each other that they would put Daniel up no matter what next week (or try to backdoor her), even though they promised her safety. Also, even if JJ were the ones who threw her under the bus last week, Brenchel sure didn’t mind reversing and backing up right over her.

      • When it was just rhe back door jeff plan that didn’t take off yes i believe they would have put it behind them if she had nominated Kalia or Shelly or Lawon or Adam or even Porche. It wasn’t until after she nominated Brenchel that they alliance was broken forever.
        What else could Brenchel have done at that point but ride on the bus Jeff was driving over Kalia Dom and Dani? They sure couldn’t have stopped them.

    • i agree with everything you said JohnnyD I was thinking the same thing how jeff and jordan was thinking about back dooring brenden ad rachen and they did the same but thought logically to stay in the game they needed eachother

    • Dani is playing the game and unlike Brenchel she is playing it well. Brenchel took out dominic and rachel isnt playing emotional and that put them in the spot they are in now. jordan was ok being nominated she actually said she was the pawn. anyone else up against brendon would be going home. best game move yet.. buh buh loser brendon. maybe you will make some money being a doctor hahaha

    • JohnnyD Dani didn’t nominate Jordon, Jordan asked to be put up cause she knew she would be safe.

  44. No no..I didn’t mean it like that, I was being sarcastic cause Julie always says “expect the unexpected”

  45. I am so so sick of Brendan and Rachel…they act like they own the house and Are so disgusting with their affection and the way they talk to each other!!! Atleast Jeff and Jordan are a respectable couple….I think Rachel ruined Brendan and brought him down to her level

    • Tonight was the first night I got my parents to watch an episode of BB. I can safely say that they will never be watching it again because they were so repulsed by Brenchel tonight.

  46. Johnny d I. So agree!. Except one thing..brenchel never had the chance to nominate. Dani to go home because she undeservingly had that golden key. That’s why its so frustrating cause undoubtebly she would have been backdoored and sent packing last week when she did all that..damn you BB for giving her that stupid key!

    • Jury starts at nine so depending if someone comes back this week or next week. If America votes someone back then I assume they won’t be back til next week because you have to have time to vote.

  47. Matt(BBN) So if I read this correctly, the winner of the votes will battle the next evicted HG for a chance to get back in the game?

  48. Outside of actual 5 year olds. I have never in my life seen a person act like she(Rachel)does. She is so unaware it’s not even funny. How can you act like that and get through life? What kind of sick people have to massage her child-like ego every 2 seconds? The Bubble Gum Veto was by far her worst moment. 5 year olds do that……5. Last year I thought it was all an act. But now, all I can think is what a sad, sad person. The last thing this world needs is for her to reproduce.

    • She seems mentally ill to me…I have been trying to support her since last season…but its no longer possible. She reminds me of Charlie sheen only not as rich

  49. I want to bring cassi back for eye candy, but i think dominic has a better chance of winning, And seeing him and danielle team up again would be great.

    • Odds on who will coem back

      1)Brendon (Jordan)

      (Maybe switch Dom and Cassi but i would rather see Cassi make Rachel mad and bother Dani because of her jealousy over Dom than i would see Dom team up with Dani and go after Rachel and JJ.

  50. it was also said tonight that evel dick will be appearing on tomorrows show, You think there is a possibility he may re-join the competition?

    • Unfortunately, I think that is extremely unlikely because he has not been in sequester since leaving the show. I’d looooove to see him return, but it just isn’t fair. He’s probably just going to host the HOH comp. That’s my guess.

    • Evil Dick cannot rejoin because he hasn’t been in sequester. More than likely he will just visit to announce that one of the evicted houseguests will come back.

    • they said evil dick will make a special appearance so he won,t be rejoining the house. he wasn,t sequestered so he can,t come back.

    • Also when Dick left, Julie specifically stated that he would not be returning to play the game.

  51. Jen. I assume your like the rest of the brenchal haters who get extremely upset when someone likes them. That’s why you figured you’d come to me for nothing. But anyhow, do you think I would say excuse the periods if I were putting them there purposely? I am on my cell because I get email alerts in it and for some reason. The last few days my phone has been adding random periods into. My text. But thatnks for. Asking. I’m glad your concerned.

  52. No..they said. Evil dick will be. There to visit..maybe he can knock some sense into that dumbass daughter of his.

    • That would be too late for that. Danielle
      pretty much destroyed her alliance and her
      chance to win Big Brother. She could be the one to go next week so, she should enjoy evicting Brendon as her turn is coming up! Newbies would be wise to help evict Danielle out of the house. One less veteran, one less competitor, one less two faced backstabber to worry about! Jeff and Jordan better stick to the plan and backdoor Danielle next week. If they do not, then, they could be next and they would look pretty stupid then! In any case, one more veteran going home next week gives the newbies their chance to take control of the house! After Danielle or another veteran is evicted, win HOH and put on the block two veterans. If he/she gets off, put the other veteran as replacement. 100% guaranteed, another veteran bites the dust! Then, you have 2 veterans left versus 5 newbies! Veterans do not have this won—-not by any stretch of the imagination! Lots of twists left till final two!

      • Rich they’r all backstabbers even preciuos Jordan. The vets were all planning to go after each other Dani only took first strike which is good for her game. The couples would have turn against her first then each other. Dani is playing a smart game.

        Shelly may pull this off. She is now telling Adam she is willing to put up Jordan when they get to final 4. She has been riding JJ coattails, big ups to her game, even if I do find her disgusting.

    • Yeah Dick won’t reveal anything. He will give some information about his situation or introduce the new twist or something. He is not going to reveal game play to the HG.

  53. I don’t have any thoughts on Cassi either way, but I would vote her back in just to watch Rachel explode.

  54. I can’t believe ppl say rachel is abnoxious but yet want cassie back. Talk about abnoxious..”would you rather suck on a dirty. Tampon or drink a vile of port-a-poty. Juice”? Would you rather this or that for 92 hrs? Cmon kid. Grow. Up!

  55. Exactly amy! They are the only ones who even. Talk..and they’re always talking game play..they’re always winning comps..they deserve to win..maybe if a cpl people would grow some balls and play with them instead of against them…

  56. Ppl keep saying dani was balsy for putting them up…ahh no, that was the obvious move..balsy would have been to keep them around and put up jejo or lawan and kahlia and play with them..getting them out cause your scared of them beating you isn’t balsy at all.

    • balsy or STUPID!!! Rachel wins comps and Brendon can spell a lethal combination. the newbies have yet to win a comp while the vets are kicking butt and control who goes up. If one wants to control his destiny he controls who goes home, one has to win comp to do that, so at every opportunity get rid of someone who wins comps, meaning vets have to take each other out to control their destiny.

      • Agreed. The original veterans alliance only made sense for Danielle when Evel Dick was in the show. Then, they were all playing for the final six with each pair eventually going after each other at that point.

        Take ED out of the game, and it was clear that JJ/Brenchel would have gotten D out of the game as soon as they hit final five and it would have been extremely difficult for D to get to the final two with all of them coming after her.

        At least there’s been some logic behind her game play, as opposed to Porsche, Shelly, and Adam who all work to support an alliance which they’re not part of and which won’t take them to the end of the game.

  57. I agree emory..jejo will never keep. Dani safe..and she id so stupid to believe they will.

    • Yeah, it’s crazy of her to trust them. Hopefully the Donato in her kicks in and she realizes it.

  58. At richie..I see your point..but, its no longer a vets. Vs newbies all. Of that is irrevelant now..and there is no say either jeff or. Jordan will win next weeks we can’t just. Plan for them to. Backdoor dani lol..rachel will most likely win being. As how she’s never lost an hoh comp

  59. What was up with that pink bandana B-PAC was wearing? Rachel won’t last. That girl is a damage case. seriously, something traumatic happened to her early in life.

  60. I actually didn’t mind Rachel and Brendon as much this season until the last week. Sadly, I think they are back to the craziness of last season again.

  61. Well I want her gone so I don’t care lol..but none the less, she is dumb to trust them.

  62. Let’s vote Cassi back in so that we can see if Rachel will have a Cheema-like explosion. We can see if she can throw her microphone into the hot tub from halfway across the park like Cheema did. Can you imagine the look on her face when she would find out that someone is returning who she worked so hard to evict? Especially a woman who she considers to be competition in the looks department. (No competition really.)

  63. I just checked the polling for the HG to come back in, so far, Cassi is in the lead with 58&, Dom is around 38%. They will go up against next weeks evicted HG for the chance to come back in. I hope it is Cassi, that way she can go back with Shelley, then you would have Shelly, Cassi, Jeff and Jordan.

  64. RacHel & BrenDam need to go. If the network ever paid for their wedding then they would risk a lot of us never watching that show or any others! Geez she was whinny last time but he is even worse this time. Gag me with a forklift.

  65. During Dani’s nomination speech, she said the reason for her nominating R&B was because she wanted to make a big game move and they went against her. Was it not Rachel’s HOH so it should have been her own game move? I lost all respect for Dani at that point

  66. I feel bad for R&B. They have fought hard all summer just to be split up right before jury. I hope they bring him back so it will be one more person to get D&K out

  67. what really happened in the HOH room today when Rachel was told by production to confront Dani? Was Rachel up in her face like Dani said, or did Dani blow it out of proportion?

  68. I use to like Brendon but watching him cater to each of Rachels silly outbursts is so stupid. What man/boy could act like that??? I just hope somehow Rachel goes out next week.

  69. OH MY GOD, mandi, can you please stop putting periods after every word in your posts?

  70. how ome nobody wants..keith, lawan or kalia to win..oh i know, because they are black..common people this is bb not minority contest..

    • Come on now, are you serious? Black has nothing to do with it. I wanted Keith gone because he thought he was such a ladies man and a player. And as far as Kalia I liked her in the beginning until they showed her more and more and all she did was talk, talk, and talk.

    • I was thinking the same thing reading most of these comments i mean everybody is against kalaia and not so much lawon its more who people identify with more. how can you not like someone cause they talk?
      There is more to it but who cares you its your opinion

  71. So the question is: How full does one of those jugs have to be to have 3 gallons of milk in them? Till its over flowing? Ridiculous.

  72. im watching last nights episode, and shelly is a sketch ball and a half, she came in the hoh room like a crack head…anyway love danielle, i love how shes not letting the hoh get to her head!!! take notes rachel & brenden!!!!

  73. It’s funny how there are all these Brenchel “haters” on this website, yet they all find every opportunity to bash them. If you hated them that much, why would you waste your time making fun of them. Oh and the people comparing death, to seeing Brenchel for another week, really? You would rather die? That proves you are taking this show too seriously, and that you should seek help.

  74. It would be absolutely perfect if Jordan was voted off….would send mean girl Danielle into a tizzy that her intended targets are STILL in the game. And she’s hasn’t been looking to her future next week. Brendon goes, maybe Rachel will go a lot further. Jordan goes, Jeff will be on the attack. Please oh please vote Jordan off….I want to see the sparks fly.

  75. Since dani put jordan on the block, if I were them that means any deal they made is off asshe promised noot to touch them for a free pass next week… also is it me or is the hoh room more like a hang out for Kalia!!! She is there all the time doing something…

  76. Dominick should be back the other side is too powerfull right now they need to even the odds out bring back dom to work with danielle,kalia,lawon.+ Plus the dude is madd funny.
    If either b or j goes things will get better for us as the fans,if Jordan goes Jeff better look closely at his friends in the house and with Brendan gone Rachel will be a mess so either way things are looking up

  77. Watching RacHel & BrenDam swinging in that swing makes me hint the mute button so FAST.

  78. I guess RacHel hung BrendDams’s ba11s around his neck because something keeps slapping him in the face while they’re on the swing. Oh, maybe that’s America telling him “Grab your ba11s and Be A MAN and Run Forrest Run.”

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