Big Brother 13 Episode 12: Week 4 Veto Show Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 13 we’ll get to watch the latest PoV competition and from all the bizarre recounts from the players I can’t wait to see what really happened out there. If you’ve got one of our free Big Brother mobile apps then you probably already read how the competition and ceremony turned out, but if not, then you can go ahead get all those Veto spoilers.

After the chaos of last week’s fights and verbal brawls the HGs settled down these past few days. The eviction results appear to be finalized and now it’s just a waiting game until the next phase begins. Of course when you have nothing to lose it’s always easier to flip out and say things you normally wouldn’t. Let’s hope for a little of that action between now and Thursday night.

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Check back in tomorrow morning for another episode review by BB12’s Matt Hoffman.

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  1. Come on HG’s, please do the viewers a favor and send Dani a message…SEND JORDAN HOME!

      • @zigg1 – I agree with you completely. Who do you think Shelly will go with. She plays both sides so I can’t tell.

      • Shelly is a JJ groupy if they told her to drink poison to further their game she would.

      • Too funny Jackie – I do agree. It would be interesting to see what would happen if they were final 3 (Last thing I would want btw). I bet you she would promise her life and turn right around a stab them! Till then, pass the posion!

      • Bye Brandon…I think it will be 6-0 vote for Brandon to go. The only one to vote for him to stay is Rachel. I think Porsche doesn’t want to vote for him because she is setting herself up to be in good with Dani.

      • Did anyone else notice the way Jeff & Dani interact, stood next to each other @ the wedding toast, how much they had in common with the sports & the bars? how she “LOVES” Chicago? I would think they would be a really good couple. With Jordan it is as if Jeff has to babysit her.

  2. I sure hope Brendan goes out with a bang and shows some more of those true ugly colors of his!

    • Hey Namesake, let Brandon leave with a bang. Someone pushing him out the door! Shelly is shaking to me, do I am curious to see HOW she really votes. I wanted this season to be all new people, no vets! The Vets could have come by to MC the games and so forth.

      So good bye Brandon! Let’s pray that Rachel is next!

      • hey there Nadine – not that many of us around! I agree with you that I think after last season Jessie’s return (even if for a min) was enough of the HG flashback for at least a year!

        I really thought they would have been better served to have all newbies and do an All-Stars for next year.

        I think we should do a replay of Brendon’s eviction for Rach next week with her and Jordan again just to ensure she’s out too! Or just put up Porsche against her (Rach) then it wouldn’t matter who had the votes, either could go!

  3. dose anyone know if the vet’s are getting paid to be on the show? Someone said they were getting 30k and last nite Rachel said something to Brandon about getting money for being there.

      • Yeah, the Vets were paid more to come back. I hadn’t heard the precise amount, but I’d believe $5K/wk.

        Meanwhile, the Newbies (and HGs in regular seasons) earn only $750/wk. If you make it all the way to the end (either through the game or Jury House) you earn a whopping $8250 for the full summer of Big Brother.

      • HG of BB are one of the lowest paid. I think it’s crazy since they obviously have the ratings and sponsors to be airing 3days per week!

        Survivor ppl get a 10k min even if they are out the first week if they show for the finally…….. (sd the grapevine)

      • well no wonder everyone wants on these shows. Now I hope all vets go home and a newbe wins and now I believe BB has it’s hand in what happens and when it happens. AM DONE WITH THIS SHOW!!!

      • So Ziggy1 are you saying they shoud or shouldn’t get paid? I’m confused.

        IMO if it’s the guest that ARE the show, they should be getting paid. A Lot. Because the network makes money.

        Kinda like how a baseball/football players get paid crazy money, because the industry does.

        I personally don’t think HG on BB get paid enough!

  4. If Jordon wins BB13, she should invest in some schooling. My Gawd she is dumb. The girl asked if Canada is a country..I could not believe my ears.

    • I think that’s the real Jordan. I always thought she was a little dim. She has moments of lucidity and occasional awareness, but yes, she’s pretty dull. I’m just sayin yo. SEND HER HOME! SAVE BOOKIE!

    • You said it, poor thing. No wonder Jeff yells at her. I read that too and had to reread it as I was shocked. She is very sweet and personable but dumber than a box of rocks. I hope she skates by tomorrow night but too many undecideds remain. But I’m sooo looking forward to Rachel self destruct. If she pokes out her lip any farther she could use it to carry drinks. She is a train wreck once again this season.

      • I think Jordan is a little dumb in real life, however she actually is really smart in the Big Brother game. Everyone underestimates her. I mean if you remember the luxury comp, she was the only one who guessed correctly and it was the very first clue. It could’ve been luck but then how come no one else got it right? And if Rachel really opened her eyes, she would see that Jordan is a floater as well. But she’s too busy whining and pouting every time she loses a competition.

      • I think it’s more likely Jordan heard someone in production mention David Hasselhoff in some manner and she put two and two together. Einstein would not have guessed it from the soap and opera glasses. Even if she got the soap opera part, Susan Lucci would have been a better answer. She overheard something.

      • if you remember her explanation of how she figured it out she thought the opera binoculars were a clue to “Watch”
        …. so there you go

      • Nadine, Where did the “bay” come from? We “watch” our clothes in the “bay” with the bars of soap? No, there is more to this than meets the eye. SAVE BOOKIE!

      • @ Wayne from what I remember, she walked her way around the soap part so I’m not that sure.

        Given prev HG opinions that it would be way to hard and obvious for production to give clues durring the veto comp, I’m not buying the conspiracy just yet.

      • Sorry if I offended you Karen.
        I guess you are one of those who would prefer to copy from Jordon’s exam paper than Lawon.

      • You need to leave your guessing to the game…I have a masters degree in nursing and I am a manager on a critical care unit in a very large hospital and do not think Jordan is stupid. She is innocent and just because she does not know everything does not mean she’s stupid BG.

      • Karen,
        I hear you, and with all due respect, she asked if Canada was a country?!! That’s not innocence talking, that’s borderline you know what.

      • Well I could not name every country and like I said I have a Masters degree. I hated history in school and there is a lot I don’t know. But I’m not stupid. I do know Canada is a country but just because she doesn’t who cares. My dad who is passed away now had only a 8th grade education and he made a good living for his family and was one of the smartest people I knew. I just think it’s wrong to call a person stupid.

      • Karen, travelling the world open your eyes and teach you thinks that 10 years in school won’t. She is not stupid, she just never left NC before. That limits her knowledge abou things. I happen to a be a professinal myself, but I wouldn’t called her stupid, but sometimes limited to other things….

    • Well good for you have your opinion and so do I, therefore don’t attack bloggers because they dont think like you and Jordan. What are you Jordan’s attack dog.

      • BG, don’t take it so seriously. Karen is just being passionate. Like you, I agree that Jordan adds nothing but lots os people love her and she is sort of a sacred cow. I HOPE SHE GOES HOME! SAVE BOOKIE!

      • Thank Wayne, I dont attack people for their opinion even tho I might disagree..BUT if people attack me then it’s game on.

        Anyway, I dont want Jordan to leave this week because I want Bookie gone.

      • I know marie, Jordan’s constantly moving her hair out of her face is distracting.

        btw wayne u r hilariuos r u marcus in disguise? LOL LOL LOL

  5. I think that Lawon is in on BB. He told Cassie and other house guest that they will be surprised at what he does for a living. Being a legal file clerk is not that shocking so I think that he might work for CBS/BB in some type of way.

    • He could have been just talkn smack trying to get them thinking something. Never know. I am hoping to see him play some more right about now (HOH comp) would be great timing!
      He could have been just talkn smack trying to get them thinking something. Never know.

      I am hoping to see him play some more right about now (HOH comp) would be great timing!

      I have found myself pulling for Dani and I think a non-flipped newbie winning HOH would work best for her game. So we are down to him and Kalia since I’m not sure about Adam.

      No secret that Porsche and Shelley are definite Not’s!

      • I hope so too. Just to keep it exciting. Unfortunately though, I don’t think that Lawon nor Kalia can pull it off. Again, it would be nice though.

  6. Dear Big Brother,

    Stop adding previous season guests to the house. We would like to see a fresh version without someone coming back. The partner idea was a good one however adding the “vets” was a horrible idea. We only want to see the Vets on the next All-Star edition.


    • Hik hik… screw production… they did it in Survivor tooo.. , I guess they don’t like most of the new folks that audition so pull the twist of bringing back some of the notorious suckers again…& again.. ;(

    • I’ll sign that petition. I like fresh meat. The vets had their chance. Whenever vets on these shows return, they are really aggressive and feel as though they own the show because they are “seasoned”. What a joke.

  7. I just read that R/B was talking to Shelley and they are all convinced that Jeff has a deal with Dani. Shelley said she was going to talk with Adam today to try to keep Brendon. I think Shelley has a thing for Jeff and would love to have him all to herself. I hope the pawn doesn’t go home. They are suspicious because Jeff and Jordan haven’t gone to anyone about votes to keep Jordan.

    • Shelly is playing Brendon and Rachel. She is just getting information from them. Wants them to trust her. She is 100% for Jeff and Jordan. I really don’t think she will turn on them but anything can happen.

      • I’m not so sure. She lied about voting Cassi out. I think Shelly really likes Rachel and Brendon because they are good at the game physically. She also knows that Rachel or Brendon will be left (we know Rachel) and they win the most. She wants to still ride shotgun with the people that have the highest chance of winning HOH and POV because they are the ones that can put her up for eviction. Why go with Dani now when she knows at this point she will be safe no matter who she votes to evict?

      • I think Shelly might vote for Brendon. You can never really tell with her. She always seems so honest and believable.

      • Oops — I meant she might have Brendon to stay especially since RB are stronger. That way she can continue to ride their coat tails.

      • Shelly has been with Jeff and Jordan since day one. She wants to be final three with them.

  8. Don’t forget there is going to be another twist so anyone of the evicted house guests could be back. Watch the fortune teller Thursday…

  9. Rachel is so threaten by Dani she told Brendon is going to copy Dani’s workout regimen because she knows she can beat her. Dani has obvious trained before and has prepared for the game. Rachel on the other hand is mimicking Dani without really knowing the reasons why she is working a muscle set or how to work her muscles properly may hurt herself. Dani knows about working out, like when she told Kalia not to work her muscles before the comp. I think that helped Kalia’s game. Dani should use lite weights improperly to throw Rachel off.

    Rachel is not as confident as she has Brendon believing. Rachel’s head freakouts will ruin her game quicker than her physical conditioning. All someone has to do is mention that Brendon was checking out the girls in the house i.e. Cassi and Porche, whether it is true or not Rachel will freak, even better to wait until she is competing in a comp. Can you imagine just say it is Rachel, Porche and Dani left.

    Kalia: Porche whats that web address Brendon said he would send you those pictures to.

    Porche: What r u talking about?

    Kalia: U no the web address Brendon gave u.

    Whether the conversation happened or not, whether Rachel realizes Kalia is goadding her crazy will be in full effect. Brendon already exposed himself to someone he met on the web. Rachel forgave him but the constant asking if he loves her, the attacks on pretty girls is proof of her mistrust. All it takes is a moment of disorientation to lose a comp. I think who ever falls (Kalia must likely, lol) should play head games with the remaining player. Kalia probably is not the one to work on Porche. The only ones that have the capacity for that is Jeff or Dani (because Dani’s a thinker a Jeff because he is an attractive male)as Dani will probably be in the game, Jeff. Porche is overly concerned with getting atention from attractive men. To be dissed by one would get inside her head. I know, I know Jeff does not trust Dani and will probably not work with her unless he finds himself in immediate danger. But it would be good TV, LOL.

  10. I know Shelly is with JJ, but exactly how much game have JJ talked with Shelly? It seems like they are more interested in siding with Dani than Shelly. That should kinda tell Shelly something.

  11. In the beginning I was all for Jeff/Jordan and Brendon/Rachel making it to final four but now I want Brendon gone and the biatch Rachel gone next. Rachel is such a backstabbing liar. She’s telling Jordan she won’t campaign against her or throw her under the bus. Yeah right Rachel. I can see asking people for a vote for Brendon but you don’t have to talk crap about Jordan. Jordan is asking everyone if she has there vote but she isn’t saying hateful things about Brendon and Rachel. I hope Jeff and Jordan team up with Dani and get rid of her next.

      • This is still America! We have the right to call anybody anything! Well, maybe except “stupid”…right Karen? (Just kidding!!!)lol…

      • Bitch is how someone is acting…everyone can be a bitch at sometime or another. Calling someone stupid or dumb or ugly is going after them as a person. Calling them a bitch is going after there actions.

      • lol lol karen u set yourselve up for that one. Jordan will not stick her neck out unless she has someone to prop her up. Its cute but child like in an adult game. If she were on the disney channel she’d be a huge hit, but prime time TV require much more than Jordan is comfortable with and this is her second rodeo so she can’t cry, well she can and usually does cry ignorance but it does not on over well with the general population. Even people who onceliked Jordan and I was one of them are over her. A person should show growth over time. She has travelled the world in the Amazing race show. That ingenue routine does not apply now. It comes off as disingenuos and unbelivable to those who know history.

    • Oh come on, you can’t single Rachel out for that! They all do it–every single one of those people in that house play two faced, wheeling and dealing. I see Rachel as having stuck to her word with the vets and the vets having turned on her and Brendon.

      • Knowing CBS they probably think that mock wedding will interest viewers and they will campaign to keep him. If Jordan isn’t evicted they will probably lock the door so he will continue to play the game. Wasn’t Keith a minister or something? Wouldn’t it be funny if he married them and they didn’t know it was legal?

      • Wayne you will take anything to save your bookie! lol

        BTW Mary – it takes a license to be legal!

    • Yes he has a chance. Shelly is all over the place. She could flip and bring Adam with her.

      • Wayne BOOKIE is leaving thur so watch him all you can today and thur. I don’t know what you see in him. Maybe your working for cbs and bb they would do anything for ratings.

      • I will LMAO if they figure out a way to SAVE BOOKIE! It would be so funny! The BR haters would go NUTS! OH PLEASE GOD, PLEASE SAVE BOOKIE!

      • I actually wouldn’t care if he was saved as long as Jordan doesn’t go home. It would be funny to see the look on Dani’s face if Brendon came back in and all four of them were still together.

      • Yeah, that would be great. I don’t care if Jordan stays, I just want to SAVE BOOKIE!

      • The look on Dani’s face and probably the rest of the house for that matter, would be priceless if Julie were to act like she was going to say “Brendon, you are safe. Jordan, you have been evicted from the BB house”. LOL.

  12. I do have the gut feeling that Brenchel will be kept in tact, poor Jordan, Shelly about backstab her if she laid back… , usually when on the block the person that campaigns more won the vote…

  13. Uuh but there is still that other unknown twist …. Dani and team Brenchel probably won’t like it.

    • It might be a double eviction which I am rooting for! I think they did that last season. So much better because I would like nothing than for Danielle to be booted out the soonest! Why even wait till next week! Of course, the newbies can take control by winning HOH and the veterans will be on the block and another veteran will go home! It will teach the veterans a lesson if you destroy your alliance—-you will go down with them! Something that is lost on them right now!

  14. Shelly is very dangerous. She is double sided and will be willing to swap week to week… when there’s a chance if they had notice enough her slapped face attitude … she needs to be nominate and remove as soon as possible, otherwise she will rule flow til the end…. and that fatso Adam relying on her, haha mother and son playing Christmas in July…. hik hik hik… boring season indeed.

  15. In my opinion the following could happen;

    Jordan is voted out, will cause BR to soley focus on D and K and maybe Jeff, depending on where his head is at if Jordan left. It would be possible for them to try two weeks in a row. Basically, if B stays it will be Vet against Vet. So, if the newbies can help fuel the fire without being direct. They could take the game.

    If Brendon leaves, Dani gets her target but leaves herself open to being on the block. I am sure she is well aware that she must play and win the veto next week regardless of any outcome of this thursday. However, if Brendon leaves and JJ kept their deal and fully work with Dani, I can see the Vets taking the house.

    I enjoy watching Jordan, but if the newbies don’t start taking action, they will be left out of the game and sitting in the Jury house. Which means we will be watching a reboot of previous seasons combined.

    It is funny to me that the newbies started 8 to 6 and refused to play it. They could have cleaned the house out. They had previous knowledge of how the Vets played the game. But instead, got “star struck” and let that control them. In a way, it is almost like someone giving them the next day’s winning Lotto numbers and them choices not to play.

    Now we all know that the Executive Producers have final say in how the game is played and can change the rules of the game soley at will. (It says that clearly on the application). So wouldn’t it be funny if B gets voted out and the front door doesn’t open? (which I believe they did in a previous season). They need to make up for Dick not being there, unless they are going to have to skip an enviction to keep the show’s schedule on track. That final is live and it has to happen on a certain day and time (which is already booked), unless CBS wants to deal with other production company’s complaining.

    Sorry for the long post, but I was pondering and writing and it just got a way from me.. :o)

    • now that I know everyones getting paid to be there anything can happen as long as cbs and BB get the out come they want

      • Nearly every show on television (scripted and reality shows) pays the people on it.

        Big Brother pays HGs a minimal amount each week. The real money only comes if you win first or second.

      • I think he must think they should leave their lives and be exposed for 3mos with no friend/fam contact FOR FREE.

  16. I do have to say that the B.B.A.D. last night was very good. I loved the ” mock wedding” between Rachel and Brendon. It filled a lot of time, but was good to see them all working together for a change.B.B also let the H.G. sing at that time…way to go B.B.!!!! I am sure that will be my favorite B.B.A.D.GREAT SHOW !!!!

  17. Surprise surprise, Shelly goes running to spill her guts to Jordan about B/R’s conversation this morning. Did we see that coming???? Yeah, we did. She cracks me up with her “honesty”, “you can trust me”, “I have your back” speeches to everyone. Pure snake with two heads.

    • That’s what I have said all along…Shelly is working with Jeff and Jordan. My previous post said she was just getting information from Rachel and Brendon and was going to let Jeff and Jordan know. I said she wouldn’t flip. Bye, bye Brendon.

      • You’re right. Question is, who will take out Shelly? So far, everyone trusts her. She has to slip up sometime. If not, she will totally win.

      • @Karen — I doubted you because I thought that she would flip. Wow, you were right. Shelly is such a snake but I kinda like it.

      • Kami, I like it for now because she is on Jeff and Jordans side. LOL In case you didn’t know I’m for Jeff and Jordan all the way!!!

  18. I totally agree that would be so awwesome if jordan was sent packking now that would be something very exciting. To watch for. Please excuse all the periods. Lol

    • mandi karens gonna cut u if u keep talkin like that and with a surgical knife no less. lol.

  19. Nadine7601 no am not bad about them being paid just tried of them crying about what they had to give up to be on the show. If I was getting paid I’d do it to. That’s why Rachel meant when she said she came back to pay for her wedding-she dosen’t have to win just stay in the game(she not working so this is her job for the summer)for me it takes something from the game if you get paid no matter if you win or lose. And for me I didn’t believe cbs or BB had anything to do with the out come of the show now am not so sure.

    • No kidding…she is digging her own grave and taking Brendon with her. If there was any doubt about Brendon going home I think Rachel and her little temper tantrum just sealed his fate.

  20. I heard someone say once that the producers “suggest” to the players whom to vote out. Oops –> I just heard a voice say that I am not allowed to talk about production. Sorry.

  21. Well then if the producers. Cared. About the ratings they would “suggest” jordans eviction. Gosh is she ever a drag all she does is stare off into space all day.

    • She is probably thinking about the $500k that she is going to float her way into – again. Really don’t want her or Jeff to win. Then again I don’t want RB to win so I am running out of options.

    • The producers do care that’s why they brought back Jordan and Jeff. 90% of the viewers are hoping Jeff and Jordan make it all the way.

  22. Houseguests get paid 700$ a week each, I think it’s more now.

    I hope Brendon gets evicted, I don’t really like Kalia but I love Daniele so it looks like the only way Daniele can be safe is if either Kalia or Lawon win HOH tomorrow … ugh.

  23. Well the twist could very well be them bringing a house guest back because eeveryone keeps talking. About that. Inevitable double eviction because there always one person higher than # of weeks they are there. But everyone seems to. Be forgetting that dick and keith went. Home in the same week. So in a sense there has already been a dble eviction. The only way they would need to have. Another one is if they brought a player back…please as always excuse the periods lol.

  24. Matt(BBN) What is going on right now with Rachel, danielle, and Shelly???

    • I think it is something about what Daniele wrote on her HOH blog, not sure though, but I do know Rachel is pissed, (what else is new) Jeff found out that Brenchel was basically throwing him and Jordan under the bus this morning, I heard the whole conversation, they kept saying that Jordan does not deserve to stay, she has already won, that Jeff is afraid of Brendon, blah, blah, blah, the thing about Brendon and rachel is that they can dish it out, but man they can’t take it when it is thrown at them. Also, I am getting really sick and tired of these damn feeds going out every two-three minutes, CBS wants your money, then cuts the feeds all the time. I realize they have to cut them when they sing, talk about DR whatever, but too many times they cut them for no good reason that I can see.

      • They need to tell the houseguests that if they continue to sing they will get fined and lose part of there stipen at the end. Explain that everytime they sing they have to cut the feeds to people that are paying for them. Maybe if they know there going to lose money they will quit the singing.

      • When did Jeff find out about brenchel throwing them under the bus? Right before this stuff happened? I need to flashback so I can find out what the hell is going on

    • Rachel got into it with Dani because on Dani’s HOH blog she sent a message to Shelly’s family for Shelly and Rachel got all pissed off saying Dani did it for Shelly’s vote. Duh Rachel what are you doing for Brendons vote. Oh yeah lying to everyone about Jeff and Jordan. Throwing your BFF’s under the bus. Now she wants to leave. Grow up Rachel.

      • I heard the whole conversation they had with Shelley his morning, they were definitely throwing J&J under the bus. Rachel makes mountains out of mole hills and I am just so tired of watching the stupid antics of these two.

  25. Rachel stuck her nose in something that was none of her business. Dani did a shout out in her blog to Shelly’s daughter Josie. Shelly got emotional about but appreciated the gesture. Rachel accused Dani of playing on Shelly’s emotions to keep on her good side. It was none of Rachel’s business. Jeff told Brendon that he needed to calm her down and that she should talk to Shelly. So BRENDON is blaming production and gonna take Rachel & leave…Whew that was a mouthful.

    • What the heck. They want to leave over that! Oh my goodness! They are more juvenile than I originally thought.

  26. There have actually been a large number of comments on here stating jordan should leave. So just randomly making up a percentage of 90 is a little over the top. Brendan and rachel and jeff and dani make it interesting cause they’re dramatic jordan is just boring. Drama = higher ratings.

  27. Jordan and jeff have had no problem throwing brenchel under the bus either. Just because. They seem so sweet. And innocent doesn’t mean it’s a fine when they do it. Its the name of the game and for them to not only be so sure that jordan is staying but to also plan to get rachel out next week is even worse. Then. All the vets will be gone for sure. They need to focus on getting dani out.

    • When did they throw Brenchel under the bus??? All Jordan is doing is asking everyone if she has there vote. She is not making up lies about Brenchel. And Jeff and Jordan were not planning on getting Rachel out. They were talking about putting up Kalia and Porsche.

    • Go to and they have all kinds of articles. Don’t know the exact link I was just looking for info on past seasons and there was an article that I clicked on. This was last weekend.

  28. Exactly, so to be able to think. They can figure 90 percent of viewers out anywhere is completely inaccurate. 100% of veiwers haven’t even been polled. I know I haven’t, neither has anyone I know who watches the show. So. That’s. An automatic fact. I work in data analysis and statistics I know better than that. ; )

    • They did not say in the article that this was a survey…I never said it was a poll taken. The article was commenting on remarks that viewers have made and said that 90% of the comments were in favor of Jeff and Jordan. I made a comment don’t get so political about it.

  29. The dam feeds keep going off cause they keep talkinjg about production…SHUT UP PEOPLE!!! Then maybe we can watch what we paying for.

  30. If you. Have watched bbad at all. You would see. That. Once by. The pool table jordan was talking about getting rachel out next week and then they were both talking about it. With adam and shelly in the sink area of the bathrooms. Also. The only reason brenchel are in this situation is because they called dani out on her plan and saved jeff. And jordan from being ousted. So they should appreciate that, if they were really in an alliance they should have been going up. To dani and telling her they will all 4 have her back if she puts up lawan. Not trying to just keep themselves off the block. Just for the I really hope jordan goes. I really hate when people are so sure they’re safe.

  31. Exactly jackie! Very well said! I like jordan the first time around. But this time…not so much

  32. No, you said 90% of veiwers want jejo to win. So I corrected you. Also I am not going to fish through a website to find an article that I doubt is there. I just wanted. To see if you could so. Kindly provide. The link.

  33. No, I would never pay money to watch these ppl sit around and do nothing its not that important. And I work a lot I wouldn’t have time. However I watch ad and I didn’t just spew random made up things like you did. I said what I hearrd on ad I. Didn’t. Say anything about live feeds. I heard all I needed to hear to back up my comment

  34. Yeah but are we even so sure that. There willl be a dbl eviction this season. Being as how week. 1 was basically a. Dbl eviction?

  35. Nobody said that. Brenchel. Wasn’t throwing them under the bus. Just said that jejo was also throwing brenchel under. The bus and that started happening. A cpl. Days. Ago. But nobody gets. Angry about that.

    • Mandi,Karen is this blog’s version of Shelly without the lies. She’s just super loyal to Jordan. I say mean things about Jordan to get a rise out of her, not that I don’y mean them,lol lol.

      • So you even admit your mean. I state my opinions and feelings I don’t play games with other people on this site. Grow up your acting like Rachel.

  36. I think Shelly’s going to vote to keep Jordan . She seems like a fan of J&J- although she likes Brendan she doesn’t seem to be a fan of Rachel.Jordan’s appeal is that she’s sweet and down to earth. She balances out all the drama queens(Rachel)and the annoying know it alls(Kalia).I’m actually rooting for Porsche for final 2

  37. Dani is so full of her self….she thinks she is the biggest player ever at this moment on BB.
    I guess daddy is coming to give her comfort and advice {besides what ever it is he will be there for} because no one trust her at all.
    She can’t even show her face with the other HG.
    She has locked her self away in the HOH room.
    Only the as.. kissers come up to talk to her about
    trashing R&B and to make deals with her.
    I wonder where all those as.. kissers will be when she is booted?

  38. Exactly. When. She. Gets booted(hopefully next week). They will all be voting her out. And as far as jordan being sweet and down. To earth. Ha, my ass. She is the worst cause at least the things rachel says she says to ppls faces. Jordan just sits around talking shit behind everyones backs. She’s the definition of a fake. Call rachel dramatic, but. At least. She keeps it real.

    • THANK-YOU!!! I sooo agree! Yes Rachel may be a drama queen and cause caous but at least she plays the game like it is supposed to be played. I love Jeff and Jordan but come on Jordan where is your back bone? It’s Big Brother not Lets Make Friends.

      • She plays a different type of game .Rachel wouldn’t have to try so hard in comps if her social game was better.I’m a Porsche fan but I can see the appeal of Jordan.And she does try in the comps…

      • But Jordan has friends and isn’t the one targeted so obviously she plays a good game….she won last year duhh

  39. You know this season was tainted from the very beginning. They should have never given Dani that golden key, they should have given her a new partner or made her and the remainder of the porsha/keith alliance partner up. Now if she wins, they can forever say she was given. A free. Ride because. Given. The choice brendon. And rachel would have backdoored dani. Last week. But they cldnt cause she. Had the. Golden. Key. And. For what? She didn’t. Earn it.

  40. I hate to see you leave bookie, last year you went threw hell to stay in BB house. All those dipps in crap every 2 to 3 hours a few hours of sleep at a time to make the dipps in the tub on time, I remember it well. You gave your all and had your hair shaved off. I do not see any one before you or after you do what you did to stay in the game. you have guts Bookie!
    A lot people hate you and Rachal, but they forget what you did to try to win a game.
    Maybe you have the right to be crappy to people!
    None of the HG in this BB house would be able to do what you did last year. No one in this BB house can hold a candle to you. You will be missed Bookie

  41. I. Agree! People. Hate. Them. Cause they’re. Sickening and. Dramatic. But their comps speak. For. Themselves they are very deserving.

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