Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Wednesday Highlights

It’s the last day for Brenchel to campaign to keep Brendon in Big Brother 13 and they start early.  As the day wears on, Rachel becomes more and more emotional until she pretty much loses it and becomes the crazy Rachel we’re used to seeing from last season.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 3, 2011:

9:30 AM BBT – Shelly and Brenchel are once again the only ones up in the Big Brother house and instead of doing their usual bash Dani fest, they have moved on to JJ because Rachel says Jeff and Dani were talking and joking together.  They have a deal but Jeff is very to quick to go back on the ones he makes.  Remember Russell?
9:50 AM BBT – Brenchel saying Jordan just wants to be nice again and get to the end.  She did nothing her season so no one sees her as a threat type thing.  Brendon says Jeff would rather then spend the summer with Jordan.  I don’t know when Brendon became the Jeff expert but he doesn’t know what Jeff thinks. Rach thinks if Shelly votes for Brendon to stay that Adam will and Porsche will.  She said Dani will not stay loyal to anyone, not even Dom.  She said Dani would backstab her father if she had to.
11:00 AM BBT – Rachel continues to throw Jeff under the bus by saying Jeff hates Porsche and doesn’t trust her.  I will be shocked if Shelly doesn’t go back and tell Jordan everything unless she’s starting to listen to Rachel.  Hmmmmm They are really pushing Jordan to go.  They say no one can beat her in the end and Shelly agrees! Brendon says Jeff has been working for CBS for two years and hasn’t been paid right.  It keeps cutting out when he talks about it.  Rachel says she’s been told she’s one of the fiercest competitors they’ve ever seen and JJ shouldn’t think she wouldn’t fight.  Brendon says he knows Shelly will have their backs.  She’s the one person they can trust.  Famous last words!
11:55 AM BBT – It’s time for Dani’s HoH pics.  Check a couple out below.
1:20 PM BBT – Rach is really pleading with Porsche to vote Bren to stay.  Porsche says she will but they will be the only two. Porsche is pretty straight up sometimes.
2:10 PM BBT – Rach now has Adam cornered in the have not room trying to be another vote to keep Bren.  She’s really trying but I think it’s a little too late. Brendon comes in and they talk about backdooring Dani.
2:40 PM BBT – Uh oh Kalia has now told Jordan that Brenchel are campaigning to stay and Jordan goes to talk to Shelly.
2:45 PM BBT – Here we go, Shelly is now telling Jordan everything said by Brenchel this morning.  Jordan tells Shelly she wants to partner with her if Jeff leaves.  Said she wants it to be them two in the finals.  Shelly said she’ll be thrilled lol.  She says whatever she needs to people because she told Brenchel she doesn’t want to be sitting next to Jordan in final two.  Who would?
3:15 PM BBT – Jordan tells Jeff about her convo with Shelly including that Rach is making up stuff to screw her over.
3:40 PM BBT – Jeff is now talking to Shelly about her convo with Brenchel.  He says he’s got her back lol.  He then has a brief convo with Dani and then Dani tells Shelly she wrote to Shelly’s family in her HoH blog.  Shelly starts crying.
3:50 PM BBT – Rach goes to HoH and blasts Dani for writing a shout out in her blog.  Dani asks Rach “Seriously, what is wrong with you?” Dani leaves and goes to Shelly and says I am not using your emotions to manipulate you like Rach said I was.  Dani said she can’t believe Rach had the audacity to say those things to her lol.  Feeds go out for several minutes and then Brenchel are talking to Dani saying she didn’t have to upset Shelly and manipulate people using emotions. Dani once again holds her own and makes Brenchel look like idiot bullys because Shelly totally appreciates what Dani did.
4:05 PM BBT –  Jeff now confronts Brenchel about campaigning against JJ.  Says the way they are going about it isn’t right and it’s splitting them up.  Jeff says Rach is too emotional (yeah, you think?) Jeff says Rach was in the wrong for the whole Dani/Shelly crying fiasco.  Rach comes out and it turns out production told her to go talk to Dani and Brendon gets pissed!  The feeds cut off when they bring up DR and production.  She is defending her actions and Jeff tells her he wouldn’t do what she did.  It could have been handled differently.  Rach cries to Brendon for a long time.
5:20 PM BBT – LOL Porsche tells Rach to lay off the sad face because the other hg’s were uncomfortable.  Rach doesn’t like that and goes to the hammock with Brendon to cry some more, for at least another hour.  He constantly reassures her.
7:25 PM BBT – Rach is starin at the memory wall crying and Bren wants her to see a psychiatrist.  He goes to the DR.  Never heard if she was going to see the doc. Bren says he will not leave the house if he doesn’t think Rach is ok.  She wants him to go out a hero and not as mean Brendon.

A Crazy emotional day in the house and everyone pretty much turns on Rach for her blow up of Dani.  She completely lost it for a few there.  I’m thinking she needs to take Bren’s suggestion and see the shrink.  It might be good for her because her emotional state is not the best right now and I don’t know how she’s going to react without him next week.  It’s going to be a rollercoaster!

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