Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Wednesday Highlights

It’s the last day for Brenchel to campaign to keep Brendon in Big Brother 13 and they start early.  As the day wears on, Rachel becomes more and more emotional until she pretty much loses it and becomes the crazy Rachel we’re used to seeing from last season.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 3, 2011:

9:30 AM BBT – Shelly and Brenchel are once again the only ones up in the Big Brother house and instead of doing their usual bash Dani fest, they have moved on to JJ because Rachel says Jeff and Dani were talking and joking together.  They have a deal but Jeff is very to quick to go back on the ones he makes.  Remember Russell?
9:50 AM BBT – Brenchel saying Jordan just wants to be nice again and get to the end.  She did nothing her season so no one sees her as a threat type thing.  Brendon says Jeff would rather then spend the summer with Jordan.  I don’t know when Brendon became the Jeff expert but he doesn’t know what Jeff thinks. Rach thinks if Shelly votes for Brendon to stay that Adam will and Porsche will.  She said Dani will not stay loyal to anyone, not even Dom.  She said Dani would backstab her father if she had to.
11:00 AM BBT – Rachel continues to throw Jeff under the bus by saying Jeff hates Porsche and doesn’t trust her.  I will be shocked if Shelly doesn’t go back and tell Jordan everything unless she’s starting to listen to Rachel.  Hmmmmm They are really pushing Jordan to go.  They say no one can beat her in the end and Shelly agrees! Brendon says Jeff has been working for CBS for two years and hasn’t been paid right.  It keeps cutting out when he talks about it.  Rachel says she’s been told she’s one of the fiercest competitors they’ve ever seen and JJ shouldn’t think she wouldn’t fight.  Brendon says he knows Shelly will have their backs.  She’s the one person they can trust.  Famous last words!
11:55 AM BBT – It’s time for Dani’s HoH pics.  Check a couple out below.
1:20 PM BBT – Rach is really pleading with Porsche to vote Bren to stay.  Porsche says she will but they will be the only two. Porsche is pretty straight up sometimes.
2:10 PM BBT – Rach now has Adam cornered in the have not room trying to be another vote to keep Bren.  She’s really trying but I think it’s a little too late. Brendon comes in and they talk about backdooring Dani.
2:40 PM BBT – Uh oh Kalia has now told Jordan that Brenchel are campaigning to stay and Jordan goes to talk to Shelly.
2:45 PM BBT – Here we go, Shelly is now telling Jordan everything said by Brenchel this morning.  Jordan tells Shelly she wants to partner with her if Jeff leaves.  Said she wants it to be them two in the finals.  Shelly said she’ll be thrilled lol.  She says whatever she needs to people because she told Brenchel she doesn’t want to be sitting next to Jordan in final two.  Who would?
3:15 PM BBT – Jordan tells Jeff about her convo with Shelly including that Rach is making up stuff to screw her over.
3:40 PM BBT – Jeff is now talking to Shelly about her convo with Brenchel.  He says he’s got her back lol.  He then has a brief convo with Dani and then Dani tells Shelly she wrote to Shelly’s family in her HoH blog.  Shelly starts crying.
3:50 PM BBT – Rach goes to HoH and blasts Dani for writing a shout out in her blog.  Dani asks Rach “Seriously, what is wrong with you?” Dani leaves and goes to Shelly and says I am not using your emotions to manipulate you like Rach said I was.  Dani said she can’t believe Rach had the audacity to say those things to her lol.  Feeds go out for several minutes and then Brenchel are talking to Dani saying she didn’t have to upset Shelly and manipulate people using emotions. Dani once again holds her own and makes Brenchel look like idiot bullys because Shelly totally appreciates what Dani did.
4:05 PM BBT –  Jeff now confronts Brenchel about campaigning against JJ.  Says the way they are going about it isn’t right and it’s splitting them up.  Jeff says Rach is too emotional (yeah, you think?) Jeff says Rach was in the wrong for the whole Dani/Shelly crying fiasco.  Rach comes out and it turns out production told her to go talk to Dani and Brendon gets pissed!  The feeds cut off when they bring up DR and production.  She is defending her actions and Jeff tells her he wouldn’t do what she did.  It could have been handled differently.  Rach cries to Brendon for a long time.
5:20 PM BBT – LOL Porsche tells Rach to lay off the sad face because the other hg’s were uncomfortable.  Rach doesn’t like that and goes to the hammock with Brendon to cry some more, for at least another hour.  He constantly reassures her.
7:25 PM BBT – Rach is starin at the memory wall crying and Bren wants her to see a psychiatrist.  He goes to the DR.  Never heard if she was going to see the doc. Bren says he will not leave the house if he doesn’t think Rach is ok.  She wants him to go out a hero and not as mean Brendon.

A Crazy emotional day in the house and everyone pretty much turns on Rach for her blow up of Dani.  She completely lost it for a few there.  I’m thinking she needs to take Bren’s suggestion and see the shrink.  It might be good for her because her emotional state is not the best right now and I don’t know how she’s going to react without him next week.  It’s going to be a rollercoaster!

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  1. It’s official, Big red has gone crazy!! Wait, she’s always been crazy. lol
    Bye Brendon, America will NOT miss you.

    • Does anyone think Rachel will quit the BB game when she is evicted? Her just knowing that Brenda is at home with his computer and video camera or skype will drive her over the edge.
      Joking aside, they need help and I am afraid Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil together would have a tough time on them.

      • no she won’t quit.she likes being on t.v. and making an ass of herself.(or should I say everyone else making an ass of her-because they never do anything wrong and everyone else is sooooo mean and can’t play the game right)

  2. I am sooo sick and tired of Rachel!!! she’s probably the most annoying HG in BB HISTORY!! I can’t wait till Brendon goes home, and Rachel will join him next week (hopefully)…. idk why ppl are saying Dani is a snake, I think she did what was best for her and the other HG. The should thank her after this cause Brendon is prob. the toughest competitor right now. Also Danielle never had a partner, so she has been playing the game for her self since day one… I really hope Kalia or Lawon win next week cause thats probably Dani’s best bet for safety. I can’t believe Jeff said he’d be willing to backdoor her when she APOLOGIZED and kept him safe for the week, if anyting he’s the SNAKE!!

      • Dani did not have to play the game without a partner. From day one she had the first golden key and had the advantage of sitting back and watching. No one could nominate her. She was safe for weeks. Jeff is not a snake for wanting to backdoor her. Was Dani a snake for wanting that last week? It is a game. You don’t think Dani would backdoor Jeff if given the chance? I don’t think either are a snake. It’s a game.

    • Of course Jeff is always a saint. It won’t be “a game” when someone finally gets him though.

      • I agree with u mary. After thinking about it, the night ed left dani was calm & didn’t get upset until everyone else started asking her. So with that, I would be suprised if that wasn’t a plan of her & ed after they found out about the golden key twist. That would give her safety & get her social game on. He told the vets who & when to put up the nom’s. But her being a know it all didn’t listen to him & started gaming too early. Ed loves dani & that would make up for season 7 when she got “robbed”(her opinion). Truely we all know ed deserved that win. When shelly gets out, she needs to watch that season cause u can win by being straight up with ppl.

    • Actually dani’s partner,ed,set her up for a better chance to win. By leaving he gave her safety for 4 weeks & that gave her time get her social game mastered since that cost her the win in her season. If she hadnot shown her hand too soon, she would have made it all the way cause the whole house liked her just as much as jordan. That combined with her competitor skills would have taken her to the end. Oh well, I hope if dom comes back in the house he totally blames dani & plays against her. I hope jordan is the. One to take her out! Go Jordan!

    • I wouldn’t be too surprised if Rachel kicks everyone’s azz & becomes the next HoH, yet again! This show has a history of that happening to the person who is the most miserable.

  3. Question for Matt/Chloe…. Yesterday I saw the facebook thread about voting for hamsters to return and when I clicked on it I saw Brendon. Did I miss a show where he got evicted already? Uh oh, signs of good things to come? Good, I’m ready for Both to check out of BB forever. Way too much drama. CBS, just give them their own reality show so I can ignore them altogether. ” Cry me a Rachel” or ” Everybody hates Rachel”, check local listings for times in your area. Geez

    • Later CBS had the version up featuring Jordan’s picture. They were just testing both versions and the pic on Facebook was from the Brendon testing.

      I think we all know who is going home though.

  4. This game is good enough without needing interference & manipulation by production. Are the vets paid a bonus or a higher daily stipend than the new people?

  5. dani is a snake. She the one who turn her back on rachel.brendon,jordon and jeff. And she wasn’t playing alone, she got to sit on her butt for 4 weeks cause of daddy going home. And i wouldn’t doubt cbs had it plan for dick to leave early and her automatically get a key. She will get whats coming to her this week when her so called partners don’t win hoh. who would put there faith in fat kalia and lazy lawton? what a fool she is

    • HGs being called a “snake” is getting old.
      First of all Dani may have been “sitting on her butt” with a golden key for 4 weeks, but did she get to call any shots? NO! Dani knew she was the odd man out in that alliance and didn’t have any protection like the others did. I do wish she had waited just a bit, but she did what she had to do.
      I really dont think CBS planned this. If they had, they would have kept ED around much longer for ratings.
      Back to the “snake”. This isn’t Sunday School. What do people expect? No lies and/or backstabbing would be boring.

      • Becky you are right! and people we don’t need to say things like “fat Kalia”, I agree that she talks way too much about not so much, but the “fat” things is not necessary. just my opinion of course.

      • I WISH I was as fat as Kalia, I’m twice her size. She is plump but not fat and it hurts when someone says that. Believe me, us fatties already know so we don’t need it pointed out. I’m not a fan of her game play and she is a bit too chatty for me but that’s as far as the comments go. It is still just a game folks. Walk a mile in their shoes.

    • no she’s not a SNAKE! She,s playing a game and doing it well. r/b and jj would of turned on her- she just did it frist(smart move on her part)

      • agreed! and btw I am not necessarily a Dani lover, just saying that she made a bold move and has certainly made this season more interesting than it started out.

      • Everyone in the game has to be a snake at some point but some people just love the spoon fed favorites and are blind to reality

  6. Tired of Jordan and her goody goody two shoes act. She’s starting to be just as big a skater as the rest.

    • You would not understand if your not from the south we kill people with kindness I like Jordan and I hope she wins again if not I hope Shelley does. Some people dont understand her southern charm

    • How can u skate when u win an hoh. Just because she don’t run to the power every week or say nasty things about ppl does not make her a skater. I think its funny ppl call floaters out because that may be part of their GAME. Remember dr. Will & boogie????let someone else get the blood on their hands. Duh

  7. Well I think we all saw this melt-down coming! I expect Brendan to be running around yelling at everyone today too. I’m sure he will find a couple women to put down and blame for the sadness of his “Fiance”.

    I agree with Oneil -” CBS, just give them their own reality show so I can ignore them altogether. “Cry me a Rachel” or ” Everybody hates Rachel”. ”

    THAT was worth repeating!

    • Thanks, Nadine, I’m honored!!! You just made my day. Brendon leaving the house tonight will make my night.

  8. Rachel’s complaint against Dani was that she said she gave a shout out to Shelly’s peeps when shout outs aren’t allowed. Therefore, Dani was lying to Shelly. Dani didn’t deny Rachel was right but instead told people her blog was nobody’s business. That’s why she went around telling folks what she wrote in it. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dani got special privileges and they were both right. Can’t wait to see Dani’s blog to see if she lied again. P.S. keeping Dani & Rachel in the game is great because every week, we get to see a manic depressive and a manic euphoric depending on which one is on the winning side.

    • Funny that Rachel is mad at Dani for doing a shout out to someone. She did it in her blog, too! (to her niece)

      • It would be interesting if Rachel wins HOH tonight and nominates Danielle, and Danielle wins veto.

        Hope Dominic returns because he shouldn’t have been evicted. I don’t think Keith will get anymore than 1% of the votes.

        Anyways, thank you Matt for the awesome live feed highlights, they’re always excellent!

      • Matt, weren’t Brenda and Rachel complaining that production told them they coldnt do shout outs?

  9. Jordon is so fake and it shows, she is the one who threw Rachel and Bren under the bus by running to Dani and letting her know she would go up when Bren used the POV because she was trying to save thier own butts but when they find out Bren and Rach are campaiging to stay in the game and Jeff gets upset. That is crap! That is how you play the game. Jeff and Jordon are only there to spend the summer together. I want to watch people who came to play. As for Kahlia all she does is run her mouth. I hope she goes home soon and I would laugh if Jordon got sent home instead of Bren! At least they play the game and they are a tough team to beat no matter what people think.

  10. i would love my chances if im sitting next to jordan in final 2. Jordan has NOT gameplay. she is portrayed as this cute blonde with a southern swang and saying “no booger”. it is SO ANNOYING. she is a dumba## blonde and isnt or at-least shouldnt be a threat in anyone’s eyes.

    IF she is sitting in final 2 with 1 HOH they she was in a way gifted (again), then another HOH because she’s competing against 2 people in a random guess the number game nobody is gonna give her a vote in final 2.

    not even BR would give her the vote if Jordan was sitting next to dani.

  11. @MattBBN so let me get this straight we will have an america’s vote where we will get a choice to vote someone back if that happens and waaaandon comes back big brother might come into talks of jumping the shark and i wouldn’t want that to happen because i look forward every summer and winter (that one year of the strike) but this is neither here or there i’m gonna be so ecstatic to see bretchel broken up and one of the newbies will HoH and send (retchel)rachel and kalia and then send ratchel to the jury house. i think you and your staff are the best!!

    • I wish evicted people would never come back unless it involves something people in the game do. No America votes….No free rides for the ones edited to look like angels. Have it be Pandora’s box or through a luxury competition where the viewer know’s who has the potential to come back but houseguests do not. Hence, not rigged.

  12. I want Dom back I loved him:). He made the house fun. Even the HG have said how boring it is w/o PT.

  13. I HATE RACHEL!!!!
    I have never disliked a big brother competitor until her, and her dumb idiot “Im going to cure caner” boyfriend, sereously! Rachel is as fake as her teeth and boobs, anyone ever notice when she talks she looks like a horse with swollen lips LOL
    I would love jeff or Jordan to win this cause there honest good “real” people….WIN THIS GUYS!!!

      • Yeap, RacHel & BrenDam are disliked by many. It wasn’t even funny how he wants to find the cure for cancer so he can make money for them for many years to come. What about “Helping the pain and death of humans.”

  14. Thanks 4 voting Brenden out.with the twist coming next week,Kalia should put Porsha and Rachel on the block and which ever one is evicted,should battle Cassi 2 return.

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