Big Brother 13: Week 4 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s our very first Big Brother 13 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is called “Big Brother Slalom” and it’s set up just like last season’s surfboard style competition. This time around the HGs are standing on swaying skis and the last HG standing becomes the next HoH.

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Big Brother 13 Week 4 Endurance HoH Comp

Big Brother 13 Week 4 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:10 PM BBT – Waiting for the Live Feeds to return…
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Adam & Lawon are down!
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Jeff is fidgeting with his mic and wants to take off his coat, but is nervous that he’ll fall.
  • 7:26 PM BBT – Brendon falls! 6 HGs remain in the comp.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Feeds flip to Trivia while production checks in w/ the HGs.
  • 7:33 PM BBT – Feeds are back. All 6 remain: Jeff, Shelly, Jordan, Porsche, Kalia, & Daniele.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – HGs getting pelted by fake snow. Kalia looks like she’s in rough shape. Slumped to her side. Turns out Kalia was short enough to rest her weight on the ski pole.
  • 7:43 PM BBT – Jeff is down! Only prize left: $10K. It’s his.
  • 7:48 PM BBT – Jordan is down! No Vets remain, well except Daniele.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – 4 remain: Shelly, Porsche, Kalia, & Daniele.
  • 8:08 PM BBT – Porsche drops!
  • 8:12 PM BBT – Kalia questioning Shelly if “they got to her” because the Vets are cheering for her. She says no, they just want her to see her kids.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – 3 remain: Shelly, Kalia, & Daniele.
  • 8:18 PM BBT – Shelly drops.
  • 8:27 PM BBT – Kalia asks Daniele for a deal. Daniele agrees, kinda.
  • 8:28 PM BBT – Kalia drops. Daniele won & is the new HoH.
  • Timestamps corrected. They were off by 1 hour. – Admin
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  1. shelly deserves crap!! she has been lying and playing both sides.
    she ratted on Dom
    her daughter will be so confused?
    she teaches her to not lie

  2. CBS and Real Networks are true scam artists. This site is false advertising. As several have nores the “live feeds” have not begun immediately after the live show. So please chargeback your monthly fee as “service not rendered”, until they get it together.

  3. these newbie should be picked off one by one stupid they are spineless all that talking kailia did she didnt even have the balls to cast a vote for dom

  4. That whole getting stupid from day to day, not will watch it anymore CBS waste money on this show to bad for the new guys

  5. After tonight – and the giant fight – I’m totally on Danielle’s side. She’s right…she’s the only one with the bollas to take on BR and JJ.

    Maybe she has some power to convince the newbie floaters to grow some hair on their chests, and do something productive this summer.

  6. as long as a non-vet wins…the vets are one from each duo up and if one wins pov,…just replace them with another vet!! NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

      • yes i meant daniele included…shes not a “vet” anymore lol…anyone other than jeff, jordan or brendon

      • That is probably going to be her game plan because she has been exposed. However, she is slitting her own throat. If she wins HOH this week, she gets to send home either of Brendon/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan however, next week, she cannot compete so, will be on the block if any of the veterans wins. Even if a newbie wins, they might still put up Danielle because they can get rid of a veteran. Danielle dug her own grave by etraying her alliance so early in the game!

      • Richie, Daniele is just an idiot who got frustrated that she got found out. And at the end of the last show she was all dramatic and trying to pretend like she had actually been on Rachel and Brendon’s side with her fake comment that she was done looking out for them. She and Cassi are in a tie as far as being fake goes.

  7. Team Vets! They’re the only ones who’ve played at all this season, and they’re the only ones who deserve it. I liked Daniele in BB8 but I can’t stand her this season. She completely screwed herself over in my opinion.

    • Totally! The Vets are the only ones with the balls to play! BB has been getting worse and worse every season.

      • Never fear. Season 14 should be an All-Star season. Which means legit players throughout the whole season(hopefully).

  8. Ok. Best bb episode this season tonight. Omg!
    Thank you Dani for going against the grain!
    Bout time and one thing Dom was right about,
    none of the newbies have the guts to win
    This game, had they banned together from
    Jump they vets would be gone!
    Go Dani, win hoh, please send rachel home
    And form you a new alliance..and kalia
    Is a punk! All talk!!!

  9. You know, I’m really tired of all these rachel haters. Without her this show would be so boring. Yeah her laugh is annoying, but at least she has enough balls to put herself out there in front of millions even though 95% of them hate her. YOU GO RACHEL!

    • I dislike rachel, but you have a point. Plus all the haters are making her more known. Lol, there stupid.

    • It’s all jealousy. Jordan was pretty much the biggest floater ever in Big Brother 11, always being carried forward by one man or another. She absolutely did not deserve to win at all. By comparison, Rachel is strong and a go-getter. Besides, would anyone really want homophobic Jordan to win? Not that her boyfriend is any different in that regard.

  10. Dropped so far in this order:

    1. Adam
    2. Lawon
    3. Brendon
    4. …..

    Feeds are down :(

  11. jeff and jordan or shelly need to win jeff trying to fix his mic boy i hope dani doenst win

  12. Normaly when someone evicted Juilia says thel be on the early show but she did not say that about dominic i think their brining him or someback next week with americas vote :O

  13. I notice Kalia is still in it as of the last update…it would be rather hilarious if she won

  14. People still left are (from left to right) Jeff, Shelley, Jordon, Porsche, Kaila, Danielle

  15. Jeff or Jordan need to win and get Danielle out. I would love to see Jordan win again

  16. danielle needs to win this or else she is done because i will guarentee she will be put up for eviction.

  17. Go Dani, I hope you win, do this for Dom. Kick brendon out of the house he is so stupid and then Jeff next.

  18. Danielle or shelly needs to win. Porsche and Kalia are puppets. Shelly could go either way.

  19. As I saw/heard, Adam got the Elf Suit, Brendon either is a Have Not or has a Have not pass, Jeff has 10K, and I don’t know about Lawon… I want Dani or Kalia to win =] Show them who is boss =]

    • Kalia? WTF? She voted Dominic off. She’s all talk. And she is the biggest FLOATER! Why was she so offended by the truth? lol.

  20. Do it for Dom????? He called people a jellyfish but yet when he got the boot he told Julie he tried to align with them because if you cant go against them then he should go with him. He was a wimp playing both sides. Go Jordan!!!


  22. Porsche or Shelley better win and start paying the vets back for protecting them this far!!!

  23. I’m not sure Jeff got the $10,000. He was the fourth down. Not the fifth so there is no guarantee he got the money. Jordan may have got it. They haven’t said that I’ve heard.

      • Hey Matt what is up with this? Why is this not being sent to moderator before posting? Is is pure trash and garbage…I’m with JJ on this one. What is up with this?

      • We are on this site to post comments about the game not talk trash and act like an idiot.

    • They just haven’t had a chance to see it yet. It will be removed and caca boy will be banned. There is a link to let BBN know about crap like this. Matt when you see this can you repost the link. I’ll save it this time.

  24. Shelley says they want me to see my kid. Riiiggghhhtt! They just know she’s loyal to the Vets.

    • Sweet revenge! I hate that Dom couldn’t be in the house to share the victory…he should have never thrown the Veto challenge! In BB you must take every chance to control your destiny in the house and he gave that chance away by throwing the challenge. Karma’s a you-know-what…

      • I’ve been wondering how cone I haven’t seen much discussion about throwing competitions when your a@@ is on the block! Always save yourself.. others (vets) can “trust” that!

  25. Daniele I knew you good do it. Keep the faith use it wisely. I know you will make the right decisions.
    Please don’t trust Shelly and watch Kaila no matter what. I am so happy for you.

  26. The writers who were writing off Dani all week failed to remember she has a history of stepping up in competitions when she needs to.

    • She has proven herself in competitions
      however, this win is bitter sweet. If she
      nominates the veterans as expected, she will
      be a target next week for eviction. I still
      believe that was a bad move of her to try and backdoor Jeff and Jordan. And can Danielle really trust Kahlia or Lawon or Adam? Once, the veterans go after each other which is going to happen starting with this nomination, the newbies interest is in voting out those veterans. Danielle if she is on the block will not be helped by these newbies as they will easily see that she is a threat because she can win the competitions. So, a veteran is guaranteed to go home 100% this week and maybe, next week too! Pretty much,
      Danielle is on her own and has to win every
      HOH and veto competition from here on in to survive. The other veterans are going after
      her too and that is guaranteed!

      • She could try to get back in with JJ, but BR and dani are history. She will either nominate Jeff & Brendon or Brendon and Rachel. God I hope there is a twist where Jeff gets a golden whatever and puts two other people up like in his season. Dani would out freak Chima!

    • We also failed to remember that production likes to keep Dani in the game. Wonder what easy competition they will have for her when she needs to win the veto next week. It could not have been more obvious that one side shook less and gave an easiet ride. I mean if KALIA stayed on, then that side had an advantage.

      • @ wayne- Get over it, your precious vets are all talk. LOL They fell before Kalia- you should really be ashamed. ( It seems as though we switched places- you are the one complaining, and I am having a blast, LMAO)

      • You are so right Wayne about the one side hardly shaking. And look at the space for there feet. It should of been made large enough for everyones feet. Jeff and Brendons feet were too big that is why there skis broke. I said as soon as I saw this comp it was made for someone small. (Dani)

      • Ill be glad when she is gone. Cant believe she just sat there and let everyone else take the heat for her. Her dad carried her before secured her safety for the first weeks this round. She screwed up on her on, and its time for her to go. I hope Jeff and Jordan stay safe. Brendan is already trying to figure out a way to kiss Dani’s butt, I hope he goes next.

      • You are so right Karen, I knew aswell that the comp was made for someone small, cause it was the same comp as last summer but with skis instead of surfboards. Brenden lost that comp too, matt one that comp.

      • She can’t play HOH next week but she can play & win POV if she needs to.

    • Whoever leaves next Thursday will be the last person to NOT make the jury. The first jury member will be evicted two weeks from Dom’s eviction night.

    • Not yet lizie….one more HG goes then when it gets down to 9 HG’s the next 7 goes to Jury leaving us with the Final 2…. :-)

      • If someone comes back next week then it will be another week after that before jury. Once they have only 9 people left then they start going to jury.

  27. Figured Daniele was going to win. I knew this Endurance competition was going to be built up for someone light to win. Im skipping BB for this whole week cus i cant just sit and watch Daniele blab about how awesome she is by winning obviously rigged competitions for her. Hopefully is not Jeff/Jordan going home. Could be risky for her since she is going to be Public Enemy #1 next week and she’d have no shot at HoH. Cant wait for thursday!!

    • I am with you. How is it that the two people next to each other were the last two standing?And the first ones to fall were on the other end.?

      • lol…obvious fix. CBS might as well just admit they have a script. I’ll keep watching, but this competition reminded me of a professional wrestling match.

      • Did you look at the comp? It was made for girls and one end had a big advantage on the other. Watch it again.

  28. Scene: Daniele telling the truth to Rachel in back yard after winning the HOH Competition

    Rachel, your gameplay was weak.
    Your friendship I tried to seek,
    But you spit in my hand,
    Like I messed with your man.
    Looks like your future is bleak.

    You thought that you were the best,
    But the houseguests weren’t impressed.
    You’ll be up on the block–
    Better just watch the clock.
    Sorry, you failed the test.

  29. In UR face rachael!!! Jealous b****!! Once again u did it, America still hates u!! & to the few people who do like her-GROW UP& OPEN YoUR EYES& EARS! This girl is a horrible person inside which makes her ugly outside!!

    • I think you need to grow up and realise that this is just a game. Ya so what if she cries and argues that don’t make her a bad person, and this season she didn’t start much, people started with her.

    • If you’re watching the feeds Rachel is actually not starting shit she actually talked to dani.
      I don’t understand the rach-hate this year she’s not doing anything….

      • It’s pure and simple jealousy. She’s a smart, strong, capable girl who doesn’t rely on her man to make her decisions for her like Jordan. She’s a fighter, and moreover, a winner. She reminds me of Big Brother 6’s Ivette Corredero in many ways. Ivette is such a beauty too, I really wish she’d be brought back in one of the new Big Brother seasons.

  30. I really wished it had been Shelly. Did not want Kalia or Dani to win. Dani has not had to do anything for the first three weeks. No slop, no have not no competitions. So she was well rested. Then when she could not get someone else to do her dirty work, she turned on them. She will be gone next.

  31. Dear Lord, it’s bad enough that I have to watch Daniele in all of her glory this week, but, Kalia too?
    I am sure she is aware that Dom did not have the votes to stay, so why didn’t she just give him the sympathy vote…Lawon too. I have alot of patience, but this girl gets on my nerves so bad, she stomps around the house, clapping, burping, singing, TALKING, I don’t think I will turn into the live feeds much this week, until Daniele and Kalia are out of the HOH room. Just can’t.

      • Thats ok Wayne only 1 person will go. Hopefully not Jeff or Jordan. And if Brendon or Rachel does go and someone comes back next week and it’s them the look on Dani’s face…priceless.

  32. Watch Danielle nominate the veterans. That is a
    no brainer for her. However, next week she becomes
    a target herself for nomination not being able to compete for HOH. Will the newbies make their move?
    It seems to me that Kahlia has struck a deal with
    Danielle. Whoever gets nominated, the newbies will vote out a veteran. That is to their advantage. If
    Danielle or one of the veterans are booted out next week—-that would seriously weaken the veterans. Will the newbies go after the veterans then? I suspect that they will because it is getting closer to that $500,000 prize. The overly timid will not win if they do not make their move!

    • Whose back will Kahlia ride next?She drives me crazy. Dani got a FREE ride this week and it was obvious!! Can’t wait to see who finally nails her to the wall, hope its Jeff: but it would be funny if it was Shelly.

      • I think so too. To bad we have to put up with listening to Kalia for at least 2 more weeks. I’m going to need some serious meds by the end of next week.

  33. i think danielle puts jeff and brendon on block with to see who comes to her with a deal

  34. is bb13 manipulated for ratings just like everything else you see? so says the all seeing eye.

  35. That HOH competition was totally setup for someone Daniele’s size.

    I’m just saying

    • IKR!!! I really don’t like Danielle I mean she just starts trouble. And it ends up coming back to hurt her. I wish Jeff would have won and gotten her out of that house!

    • Maybe Dominic, Cassi, or Keith will return to the game through pandora’s box or whatever and then they can have a double eviction week?

      • Ya I definately think something like that will happen. I hope it is Cassi. That poor girl didn’t do anything wrong! She left because Rachel was jealous of her. It’s not fair at all fo Cassi. And then Rachel goes and says O I did nothing to her she is just so mean! UGH! Jordan should have put up kalia and Lawon. Those dang floaters need to leave!

      • Whitney, you’re joking right? Cassi didn’t do anything wrong? Who are you trying to kid here? She kept trying to find ways to start an argument with Rachel just because Rachel actually liked Porsche. Not that I like that blonde bimbo, but let’s be clear on the fact that Cassi was the one trying to stir up trouble. She’s as fake as they come and I have absolutely no idea what a sweet genuine woman like Shelly saw in her. Of course, that could have just been faking niceness on Shelly’s part as a way to feel sorry for Cassi.

    • @tenkuu “sweet genuine woman like Shelly”
      R O F L!! Have you not watched this whole season? Shelly is the biggest 2 faced backstabber in the game! She voted for Keith then she stabbed Dom in the back & ratted him out to Jordan, who evicted her “good friend” Cassi. Shelly is a pos!

      • Your point being? It’s not how you play the game that matters, it’s the kind of person you are inside. And of course Jordan evicted Cassi. Rachel was smart enough to know to get rid of a troublemaker and was able to influence the nominations. Also, Shelly had no loyalties to Dominic, he only assumed she did.

  36. I love how rigged Big Brother is. And Im actually glad Dani won. She will finally make this season intresting. No more Rachels House. And No more Big Jeff being all talk.

      • How is Jeff a floater??? He doesn’t run from one side to the other side like the real floaters Lawon and big mouth Kalia. CBS made that comp for someone small like Dani. I guess they were sick of her crying even though she has had a free ride for the last 4 weeks. No slop, no have not room, no cold showers and now HOH.

      • yes Karen is right, Jeff is not a floater. He isn’t good at comps, that doesn’t make him a floater. A floater is someone who doesn’t play the game with a team, they are in the middle…

      • A floater is someone who “floats” through the game with out winning a single HoH or veto. And relying strictly on social game and lieing low. There are no for sure teams in Big Brother so your defintion of floater means everyone is a floater.

      • No JKRbb… A “floater” floats from side to side remaining untouched while the sides pick each other off. They float to the winning side from week to week staying under the radar. They do not need to win competitions because they are not the focus! Jeff is not a floater. He is just a bad competitor! Although I would like to see him and Jordan in the final two…

      • JKRbb, Maybe you should watch the show more often. Floaters go where the power is. Jeff has an alliance and is sticking with it for now. And also there are a lot more HOH comps and POV comps to be played so how do you know that he won’t win some of them???

      • I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU KAREN. So sick of whiney, controling, snotty, thinks she’s all that, flipping her hair all the time, Dani. I hope she’s booted out asap. It was obvious that the competition was geared for shorter people. No-one could lean on the handles like Dani and kiss-up Kalia (sick of her too). It cracks me up how both of them think they beat everyone else because of their special abilities. NO brains involved for either of them. It was about being SHORT, pure and simple. Except for Danielle, GO VETS!!!

  37. I hope Dani puts up Jeff and Brandon. That will leave their partners to go up if one of them comes off the block.
    Yea newbe’s

    • That isnt the way it works. Example it Brenden goes on the block and Rachel wins the POV and takes him off Dani cannot put Rachel up, the only way that would happen is if Brenden is on the block and then wins POV and takes himself off.

      • I think you’re mistaken, Blue. If the POV winner uses it to save someone else, they themselves become vulnerable. Why else would it have been used so little by people who were not on the block. They know they expose themselves if they save someone else, and they have to feel safe enough with the HoH to do so.

    • @tenkuu: “If the POV winner uses it to save someone else, they themselves become vulnerable.” WRONG! The pov winner is 100% safe if they use it or not unless they are on the block themselves & dont use it to take themself off.

      • Is this ever mentioned anywhere? As far as I can tell, people either win the Veto to take themselves off the block or to take someone else, but in doing so they give the Veto to that other person, so why would they still be safe? It would only make sense that saving another person would risk your own safety unless you are very comfortable with the HoH.

  38. OOOHHH, it is about to be on and poppin now! I know Rachel and Brendon are pooping bricks right now!! LOL They act like no one else but themselves are able to win HOH and vetoes!! They have talked themselves on the block now!! LMAO

  39. I can see what everyone is saying about this show being scripted because Dani winning after having a huge target painted on her back is a very storybook type twist. However i think if hollywood was writing the story Dominic would have gotten the votes and stayed in the house. And how exactly do you rig an endurance comp? Are you guys saying her skis were wider? Or they didn’t sway as much? Or the wind/snow wasn’t as bad in her position? Or her handles were different from everyone else’s? Can anyone back this up with screen caps?

    • Thank you JhonnyD. It’s funny how people start saying the competitions were rigged when it’s not the person they wanted to win. Maybe, just maybe it was her pure will to win the com because she knew if she didn’t she’d have a huge target on her back. Any other person who could’ve won would probably be easily swayed to put Dani up. Dom had it completely right when he called the other newbies spineless jellyfish. So glad Dani won HOH.

      • Dani is a great competitor! Just look at the season she took second! She backs it up with confidence! I think her game play is weak though… She should have kept Dom from rallying support. It was his demise and it ultimately revealed that she was floating. She could have floated at least another 3 weeks while both sides eliminated each other.

    • She has also had plenty of time to rest so she should have been ready to compete. I don’t think it was rigged… She was just had the most rest as she was the first person who had the “Golden Ticket” and had the longest time of not competing in competitions.

    • u r absolutley right! This show is not rigged. Dani knew she had to win so she would’nt go home next week. She fought hard and she was mad cause Dom got sent home, witch is awful! He was the only newbie who had any guts. It is revenge time for dani!

    • Where there were standing was a very small space for there feet. So anyone with large feet like all the guys had a hard time because there feet were hanging over. It was only obvious this comp was made for someone small like Dani. And rewatch the live feeds you can see how that end was hardly moving.

  40. It is only my personal opinion but I think that Dani is going to back door Rachel, cause she is her biggest competition and she knows it. Dani knows she can beat Brenden and Jeff hands down. However if she does get rid of Rachel then Brenden will win the next HOH, cause that is what happened last season, It was the only HOH comp that Brenden won. However if Dani plays smart then she can stay in the game longer if she places her bets else where then she will be the next to go!

    • Rachel isn’t the competition. Brenchel is! BB12’s problem was they were so sick of Brenchel and especially her, they eliminated her first leaving Brendon to “avenge” her eviction.

      Don’t serve up a repeat! Send Brendon packing! Cause that fake assed Wicked Witch of the West to go into meltdown mode!!

  41. Super stoked Dani won…woot woot. Jeff and Rachael need to be put to the block pronto

  42. GO Dani GO Dani !!!!and did they light a fire under Kalia to be the next to last? Nothing like fights to cause floaters to fight. Brendon is still trying to act like king fish and like Jeff is his best friend. When he sees that Jeff really did talk about dominating them I wonder how his bromance will survive. I personally think Jeff is toast. Dani is still talking game to Rachel, the girl has her head in the game. Jordan is afraid to make a move to save her game unless she gets the ok from the Godfather. Shelly is an option to nominate as a favor to Dom. Dani is still pissed at how personal it got so I think she will put up Jeff and Brendon and make and alliance with the girls not to nominate her if she keeps them. I think Kalia is finally in the game but Rachel is allowed to play for HOH next week, so Dani will have to do damage control. I know the vets will be gunning for her but she is use to this. She will pull it out, Go Dani, Go Dani!!

    • In one way you are correct, she needs to put Jeff and Brendon up,this way Jordan will not vote to evict Jeff, that makes Brendon the one that needs to be evicted provided that Rachel or Brendon does not win the VETO, another thing possible is that she put both of them up and hope neither one wins the VETO, I feel that Brendon and Rachel right now needs to go, he is too cocky and if Rachel only could see the game that he is playing on her, she would step aside and play her game the right way.

  43. WTG Dani!!!

    Now, to get Brendan out!! Get him out and Rachel will have a major meltdown!! No one to cry too! No one keep her satiated!!! No one to stop the house from calling her a liar!!! You could use Rachel’s shortcomings against her! She’d cry doing that wasn’t fair again! Just like when Cassie mentally crushed her!!

    Now, THAT WOULD MAKE GREAT TV!!! That’s Rachel’s goal last year! Why would this year be any different?

    • Everyone thinks that Rachel will fall apart without Brenden, I say everyone is wrong she will be better off without Brenden. Brenden is Rachel’s downfall cause he keeps her in a manic state that is his way to control her, to keep her on an emotional rollercoaster.

      • I agree in part; Brendan does “keep her (Rachel) in a manic state that is his way to control her.” She can’t even talk to whomever she wants without him getting on her case.” As I’ve said before, they are two co-dependent, emotionally stunted, basketcases! I hope they both go, first Brendan & then Rachel.

  44. Dani needs to get her competition out – Rachel. She needs to put up Brenchel and make a deal work with jeff and jordan. She needs to keep the newbies for their votes, except Shelly shes should go. Porche and Shelly are just hanging out for jury??? They are useless. The only vet that has back up their tough talk is Rachel. Jeff can’t win stuff so he should stay. Now lets see how much game Jeff really has. He is saying he is not going to backstab Brenchel, but I think the vets are going to start scrambling now.

  45. The smartest thing Dani could do is save face with her orginal alliance put up newbies then she will be safe next week and free to keep playing the game and take the target off her back. But I dont think Dani is going to play along I think she is going to shoot herself in the foot and be the next to go after the next HOH comp. I think the vets should stick together then battle it out once they are the final five, then get rid of Brenden and Jeff, and see who the best female player is.

    • Do you watch Big Brother After Dark Or Live Feeds at all? Any relationship Dani has with the vets is totally done Jeff Even said he will never work with her again.

      • I see what you are saying and I know that Jeff said that however Jeff isnt going to win HOH Rachel will. And Rachel wont put Dani on the block, she and Dani will stick it out until the bitter end, providing Brenden will shut-up and leave Rachel alone.

    • Shelly is the biggest liar of then all and uses her age to Manipulate them. Why is she worried about if Kalia comes from money. Is is because she has class.

  46. All I am saying is that Dani should play it safe, and not get the big head, she already screwed up by backing dom, going after the other vets in the house will only get her out the game faster. Play smart not emotional.

    • You are correct in this assumption. She cannot afford to step on any toes right now. Yes she does have power right now, but she needs to think about the following week. Say she puts up Brenchel, or Brendon and Jeff. If one of those guys or their significant others win veto, then she will most definitely be out the door afterwards. However we know this will not happen because her dad isn’t in the house to tell her to knock her stupid game play off. She has already burned her bridges with the vets. She’s played a horrible game so far and I only see her getting worse.

      • Thats exactly right! The only reason Jeff could be going home is because of him wanting to air everything. He should have just kept quiet, Vote Dom out, Not make it personal with Dani, and she may have floated back, or at least target Rachel for payback…

      • Dani isn’t playing a horrible game. In fact, because Dick left she hasn’t been able to play until now. Sure the golden ticket got her this far, but it also prevented her from doing anything but float. The first time, aside from week 1, she has a chance to play and she wins. That’s good play. If she hadn’t, she’d be in trouble as almost every newbie has a vet thinking ad pulling the strings behind them.

        I think the entire house is tired of Brenchel, rather it be Brendon thinking he is king-of-the-house-Mr.-Know-It-All-I’m-PhD-Bound bully to all the women and fearful of the men, Rachel and her whiny cryin’ self or the two of them making out everytime they turn around and leaving cum covered sheets in every room of the house!!! With little persuasion the newbies, as well as Jeff & Jordan, should jump at the opportunity to evict Brendon or Rachel! If a newbie wants to finish better than top 5, they’d better get rid of Mr. & Ms. Egomaniacal!!!

        Remember, week 2 with Jordan as HoH, they were already discussing the demise of Brendon and Rachel!!! If Jeff would back his emotions down a little and play game, he can work with Dani and they can still head toward the end game in the top positions, but do it without the scurge of the house, Brenchel!! Take Brendon out first and Rachel falls apart. Yes Brendon is overbearing and Rachel doesn’t fully act on her own. However, she has also been under Brendon’s tyrrany for over a year now and likely cannot function without him. They are co-dependent on each other, as dysfunctional as they are. Besides, without her daily sexing, she’ll be frustrated in that way too, helping to fuel her meltdown.

        Go Dani!!!

      • Talk about your dirty, classless comments, MacMeanie. Aside from your obvious nick, you don’t appear to have much knowledge about the two smartest players of the house. I’m rooting for them all the way, and can only hope and pray for whiny ultimate-floater Jordan’s downfall.

  47. I think Daniele is gonna put Brendon and Rachel up because she said she would show no mercy this week :D

      • One problem with that. What if the vets were to win veto? Epic fail if that happens. She can’t backdoor anyone because it’s incredibly risky. Yeah she could’ve done that back in the day when you could pick players for the veto. Seeing as that’s not an option anymore, backdooring just truly doesn’t happen anymore.

      • No. Put Benchel up from day one! Let them sweat the full way. Brendon already said if they’re on the block and he wins veto, he’ll take Rachel off the block. With that said, if Rachel were to win it, Brendon wouldn’t allow Rachel to use the veto on him but would nsist she use it on herself. Epic fail? I think not! Epic win? Yes. End result, Brendon left o the block, name anyone as a token to replace Rachel. Goodbye Brendon!

        The next HoH hopefully goes to anyone but rachel (NO ONE could take another, “Who wants to see my HoH Room?”, from her. Hope for another HoH endurance challenge and Rachel will be toast. After all, no one really likes Rachel. Even ever sweet Jordan has serious issues with her!

  48. I was telling my sister yesterday morning that I bet the endurance is going to be something to do with skis, because men have bigger feet than women and they will fall. All men fell off before the women. This was rigged so a woman would win. I didn’t want Dani to win and am a little bitter about that,I know it’s just a game, but it is strange how all men fell off before women. Could someone tell me how long the whole thing lasted?

  49. If she puts up Jeff and Jordon or Rachel and Brendon and the “other” team (is selected) and wins veto aren’t they not allowed to be put up either. Wouldn’t that leave the only team of Lawon and Kalia or any houseguest now, since none of them are safe?

    That would be a good (un)controllable twist. (depending on the veto game they pick)

  50. It’s blatantly obvious that many of you are sore losers just like Rachel is. I mean now you’re all pouting because Dani won FAIR AND SQUARE, none of this BS “oh it was rigged” yeah yeah yeah.

    What about last week when JC let Rachel SWITCH HER VOTE only seconds after she called for last vote.

    Am I mistaken or did ALL the women last long in this comp?

    Grow up all of you, it’s not like Brenchel had even the slightest chance of winning the 500k anyways. No one likes them.

    • The comp was rigged for women. That is why all the women were left and all the men dropped. It has something to do with the skis. I knew if it were skis that the men would fall because their feet are bigger.

    • The men all fell off because it was skis. The skis are for smaller feet, rigged for women. Production is always trying to control the game. I am for Jordan and Jeff, but it’s just a game. Jeff won 10,000 so that’s enough for a ring for Jordan. What surprised me is that Kalia almost won. I thought she was a floater, but she proved me wrong.

  51. I’m so happy that Danielle won the H.O.H last night. Good for her !!! She is the only one with guts to take Brendon and Jeff down. I’m tired of listening to them brag on how good and smart they are. Trouble is, they had control in the house from day one. It’ good to see someone that is not scared to go against the vets. I don’t care for Kalia anymore… I thought that she was with Danielle on keeping Dominic. I sure hope that B.B brings him back.Watch everyone kiss #@% this week . I agree Danielle should watch out in the next few weeks.

    • Kalia is just playing the game like all the rest of them. Lokk at what Rachel and Brendon told Dominic, they told him they would keep him, look at what took place and Rachel telling Danielle that when she makes a deal she sticks with it, no she did not, she voted to get Dominic out because that is what Brendon wanted her to do, so they all are playing the game, and it is who plays the game the best. Now i was thinking that yes, she needs to put Jeff and Brendon up and hope that neither one of them wins the power of veto or that Rachel nor Jordan wins that veto either. If that happens, then they will take their partner off of the block, and yes Dani will have to watch out for the next go round, I think that is what she will do, she will possibly put up Kailia and Lowan before she puts any of the others up

      • I see where Danielle put Rachel and Brendon up on the block…GOOD JOB !!!
        Now lets hope that if Jeff or Jordan gets the power of veto, that they don’t use it on either one of those two. I really hope that Brendon gets voted off. Rachel doesn’t seem to be as “crazy” as she was last year.Her laugher is toned down quite a bit .I believe she is playing a much better game.

  52. too sweeeeeeet!! finally brendon or rachel will be nominated or both because i was duped thinking that bretchel would play the game different i guess some people just don’t like to change

    • Kalia would get farther if she can control herself… She let the gaming get to her, thats a flaw of the game… Its hard to be fake though… Gotta stay under the radar. Game On!

    • WOW….really? Kalia..I am so tired of her. I havent liked her ever since I saw her video interview. She is thee BIGGEST floater in all of Big Broter history and the WORST game player. No offense to you but I am SO tired of that chick!

      • Me too…all she does is talk, talk, talk. She never lets anyone else get a word in. Oh she also does do something else…EAT.

  53. ALL I have to say is YESYESYESYESYES!

    Haven’t even read the comments yet, just straight to the time line. SOOOOoooo excited.

    It’s official – I am ON the Dani train! She is totally right, she made a big move and it went bad. That is the risk. AT LEAST she is playing!

    Luvd last night when she casted her vote. Too bad for Dom but the GAME IS ON!

    Down with the Queen!

  54. Yes this is exactly what i wanted the happen go dani…seriously tho how can anyone like the veterans with the exception of jordan those guys are so mean they talk down to kalia and lawon so much i dont know if its a racial thing but just by watching bb after dark these people are horrible..

    • Lawson will unleash on them! Not yet… he’s waiting… Wait til you see his game! He may Just make Brandon cry… I would like to see Jordan win, Only because I think she has been playing an Honest non Egotistical game.

  55. Who cares about the guys. Why is no one saying get Rachel out. She is so dangerous because of her ability to win the games. The longer she stays in the games the stronger she becomes. What does she have already…2 HOH?

  56. AW! I really hoped that Jeff would win. It seems like I am the only one who likes the veterans. All the newbs are floaters! They never do anything but sit around! A real game player needs to win! I personally want Jeff to win. I would root for Jordan but she already won so it kinda isn’t fair…GO JEFF!!! GO VETERANS!!!!

    • Your not alone sister. I’m for Jeff and Jordan final 2. I think a lot of people are for the vets. There the only ones that can play a good game. GO JEFF!!!

  57. I am so happy she won! I am sorry for all the people who like the veterans but really, you only like them becasue they have been winning and a real game play needs to win…. not its big brother, not some vacation, if they wernt a game player then why did they win. and do you really just want to sit around and watch nothing happen in big brother, it needs drama… no wornder i likes dr.will, mike boogie and evil dick so much.

  58. so glad Dani won u go girl stop talking bad about Dani she is the best in the house she sticks for herself without anyone’s help in the house. she needs to kick jeff out of the house he thinks he owns the house good bye jeff. dani’s biggest fan u go girl

  59. Good 4 Dani 4 winning HOH, hope she gets rid of Brendon or Jeff because Jordan or Rachel cant function without them, hope Big Brother brings Dom, Cassi, and Keith back,

  60. Does anyone know yet if Brendan used the Veto to save Rachael or him? And who Dani put up for the replacement?

  61. FYI….kittykat…Jordan and Rachael both won without Brendan or Jeff there! Just saying

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