Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 4 Thursday Night Highlights

The real action in Big Brother 13 yesterday took place after the HoH endurance competition so let’s jump straight to the good stuff. The house has a new Head of Household and nominations are coming up quickly with a Friday night reveal.

With the lines drawn in the sand we all have a pretty good idea of who is going up on the block, but where we go from there is still waiting to be found.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 28, 2011:

12:06 PM BBTOkay, one pre-eviction highlight. Brendon managed to go full-frontal nude yesterday with a shower scene during the HoH lockdown. Gotta watch out for those shower cams!

8:28 PM BBT – HGs start heading back in. Daniele is the HoH winner.

8:30 PM BBT – Kalia and Daniele are dancing in the Storage room.

8:32 PM BBT – Jordan is crying. Daniele promises Jordan she won’t nominate JeJo this week. But will she renom… Jeff says they’re in a great position this week. Famous last words!

8:35 PM BBT – Rachel and Kalia start to argue. Rachel saying she felt picked on by Kalia and she hurt her feelings. Kalia promises she wasn’t trying to be rude. Brendon snaps at Kalia in Rachel’s defense. Not sure what he’s thinking at this point. Rachel and Brendon head off for their own pity party.

9:30 PM BBT – Adam’s punishment, similar to Casey’s banana suit and Enzon’s penguin suit, is to wear an elf suit for a week. He can only take it off to sleep, shower, and swim. As of this morning Adam still didn’t have the elf suit. He said earlier they had to go looking for the biggest suit they could find (self-deprecating joke, not serious).

10:00 PM BBT – Daniele and Rachel have a little talk in the Candy Room. Rachel asks Daniele if she’s going to nominate Brenchel. Daniele dances around it. She swears she was trying to help Brenchel and they didn’t trust her. Daniele reiterates her “it’s nothing personal” stance. You should safely expect a Brenchel nomination on Friday. Daniele has been previewing her speech about them not sharing a key so she has to nominate both. Rachel pressing hard to try and make a deal with Daniele. Rachel sounds willing to throw everyone under the bus to make that happen.

12:30 AM BBT – Kalia says she won’t be mad at Jeff anymore because he offered her food…

12:45 AM BBT – It’s HoH Room time. Everyone looks terribly thrilled. Not so much.

1:10 AM BBT – Kalia reiterating what Daniele told Jordan earlier: you’re not a target.

1:30 AM BBT – Jeff and Rachel discussing their options. Both agree that Daniele is doomed in the long run because they have the numbers to get her sooner or later. Rachel wants to go talk deals with Daniele, but Porsche strongly advises against that move right now. Rachel really thinks Daniele will make a deal with them. I think Rachel is crazy.

1:50 AM BBT – Rachel goes alone to talk game with Daniele. She is pressuring her for a deal. Rachel proposes safety from the Vets for a week if Daniele keeps them safe this week. Daniele says she doesn’t trust them. Daniele hints that Lawon is expendable. Rachel points out Daniele has just 2 supporters while the other side has 7. If she goes after the 7 this week there will be 6 against her 2 next week in the HoH competition. The biggest take away is what I wrote about earlier: Rachel tells Daniele she can not get 4 Jury votes from the HGs remaining. She can’t win this game.

No one should be surprised with this week’s outcome. Daniele’s back was against the wall (no pun intended) and the endurance competition was tailored for the smaller HGs (reference: same comp last season). What’s unfortunate for Daniele is her lack of vision of the long game. Considering Kalia was securely in her pocket, Daniele should have dropped, let Kalia make the same nominations, and then been able to play next week. Instead, Daniele will most likely be on the block next week when her opposition has three times the competitors (6 vs 2). I can’t help but think Daniele let her ego do the thinking because she had been dying all week for a chance to eliminate Brenchel.

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  1. OMG! I cant express how happy I am to see Dani win HOH when she needed it the most & last night Rachel was back to her old ways, playing victim again and acussing Kalia of making her cry lool

  2. I never thought about Dani making a mistake by not letting Kalia take the HOH so she could play next week. Maybe that shows Dani doesn’t trust Kalia. I honestly didn’t think Kalia would ever come close to winning. She fooled me. And yes, when I saw the skis I knew all the men would fall off. This is designed for women. Production is sticking their noses in again. Oh well, at least Jeff got $10,000 out of it. OK now I think I will have myself a pity party. Anyone want to join me?

  3. Daniele could indeed win this game, jury votes are usually based off who played the best game and even though she messed up, she could pull it together and fix her mess.

    • *Usually* yes, but the Vet alliance has all said (and keeps saying) they won’t vote for her now. If one of them goes home this week then that will be 3 votes against Daniele if she makes it to F2. She can’t lose a single other vote and still win.

      • Agree complete Matt, I think Dani didn’t think rational & emotional even though she’s claiming she’s not playing the game that way. Dani had kalia perfectly placed in her back pocket & should have let her be HOH. Kalia do her dirty work this weeks so she could play in next weeks HOH which is the one she really needed to play in. Her fate is sealed & I don’t think there is any way for her to win BB 13.

      • Agree completely Matt, I think Dani didn’t think rational but emotional even though she’s claiming she’s not playing the game that way. Dani had Kalia perfectly placed in her back pocket & should have let her be HOH. Kalia do her dirty work this weeks so she could play in next weeks HOH which is the one she really needed to play in. Her fate is sealed & I don’t think there is any way for her to win BB 13.

      • sure the vets say this now, but think about a situation where, say, a “FLOATER” were to make it to the final 2 with Danielle. Brenchel would likely never vote for a floater to win!

        In my opinion, it’s still too early to say that someone has lost there chance at winning. A lot is going to happen between now and the end.

      • Dani also has another option. She could easily eliminate one vet this week, and then take another vet to finals.

        That would only leave two in the jury house to vote.

        I think of all people Dani really wants to sit next to rachel in the final two.

      • @Sean…that is my take on it..She thinks America hates R&B so sit next to either in final 2 and u win..Then America loves J&J so sit next to either in the final 2 and u lose..maybe she thinks if she gets rid of the favorites and keeps the dsiliked that she will win it all…Since R&B are more apt to win a comp than J&J she might go for putting them both up cause only one can win the POV…if one gets the veto power she puts Jeff up..She has options but only for this week..She won’t have the power next week..

      • that just shows you how bratty they are and bad sports they are all 4 of them. if they can’y win then it’s fixed. R/B need too go and hide and for those of you who think she’s great in comp’s watch again either she makes deals or they are given to her!


    fitting is it not? well let me tell u… IT IS. watching that HOH comp yesterday, and i just knew Daniele was NOT coming off that platform. one by one the vets and their chumps fell, and rachel….

    ohh rachel was talking sh*t and being the WORSE poor sport u have ever seen. its amazing her and brendon and how they act when they dont have ALL the power. then in the Have not room saying “well its cool because even if we all go to jury we’re not voting for her” like my god dont u two pride urself on ppl who played the game winning?

    the best part was the rachel and daniele talk. daniele basically telling rachel “u F’d up. u turned ur back on a great gameplay move, and u lost someone that had ur best interest” which is all true.

    i wish Dominic who had a good exit speech (up until the last chunk) was still in the game.

    cant wait for the a** kissing, and the respect they have to show. YES SIR!

  5. And Porsche is the dumbest big brother house guest i have ever seen. she has no logic in most of her decisions, besides the fact she isnt here to win the game, and to play to win the game.


    she literally walked into the have not room aka the pity party last night and said “what do u think the chances are we can get daniele to put up kalia and lawon, i think they’re good”

    -_- really?

  6. WOW! I really don’t care who wins -but the vets are such whinners. It’s seems the only way they can be happy and think this is a fair game is when their in charge. If she dosen’t put Brandon and Jeff up BIG MISTAKE and she should(Dani) could go home next week. I don’t know if I can stand watching and hearing the vets cry all week bring on the twist!!!!!

    • lmao..Dani was at one time a vet..she did her share of whining and soon we forget..

      • she has been playing this game on her own – the other 4 vets would of gotten rid of her frist! And NOOOO body whinnes more than Rachel,Brandon and Jeff. So go Dani!!!!

  7. As long as either Brendon or Rachel goes home next, I could care less! Those two have the worst sportsmanship, as long as they are in power, Brendon is like friggin Fidel Castro, marches around the house like he owns it, with rachel as his lap dog, and there she was, already talking to Daniele about deals last night. I just cannot stomach Kalia, thought, the girl irritates the hell out of me.

  8. Yeah I agree danielle can totally win this game like if she made it to the finals from her position now how can’t you vote for her and things change instantly in the big brother house. Like look at past house guests who would of ever thought will would get jury votes to win over Nicole. Or dick in his season he personally slandered and attacked everyone personally on the jury and only had one vote against him and even jordan season no one expected her to get more jury votes than Natalie you can’t just say its a done deal when it hasn’t even happened yet

  9. I’m on my android soo. My 1st post said it didn’t post, so I fixed the errors & both posted. My bad, sorry.

  10. The only person I saw whining was Rachel. Jeff and Jordan said they were kissing no ones butt and I have total respect for them for that. If you have to go out they can go with integrity! Danielle should try to make a deal so she can stay longer and she should thank CBS for giving her this comp so she can win..

    • I hate the way production interferes with this game, to me, that HOH was a perfect “set-up” for Daniele to win.

      • i think they made a big mistake with the couples thing..they needed to fix their mistake…

      • PLEASE she won get over it. Next week when your fav wins it will be fixed and so on and so on.

  11. i agree with lynn, it was a set up for danielle to win hoh. personally i don’t like danielle. don’t want her to win bb.can’t take rachell either so guess i am rooting for jeff and jorden…

  12. Hahahahahaah Hope Dani puts Jeff and Jordan on the block to get Jeff out ASAP…that’s what I see happening LMAO

    • YEA!!! Jeff wasn’t kissing any a**.well excuse me Jeff ..that’s what you want everyone to do…….send him home …and it really ticked me off every time i would hear Jorden say well if jeff goes home i will be pi**ed i want to spend the summer with him..Well than you should have stayed home……….

      • exactly donna you see how he basically was bullying domonic i used to be a fan of the guy but he is a real a-hole..the only reason he got the coup de dat his season was because his back is against the wall to a power full alliance very similar to the vet’s..

  13. I was happy to see Dani win HOH. While I have always been a Jeff and Jordan fan and still am I just wish they would break their ties with Brendon and Rachael who I just cannot stand. This season is such a snooze fest. Every thing down to the competitions is just the same old same old. I see no change in either Rachael or Brendon and just am getting so I cannot stand the sight of either one of them. Rachel came in to change her image of last year. She is no different to me. My feelings of last year have not changed this year. She has always said she hated floaters and they need to to, but instead left them in and we are stuck with a boring season. Last night when BBAD started I knew Rachel would be with Dani trying to work a deal. So Rachel. None of her annoying laugh last night. As usual a pity party when they are not in power. Brendon was acting like the dictator he is and his last year speech about his big feet costing him the game was the same excuse this year. I just wish Jordan and Jeff would team up with Dani and go against Rachel and Brendon. It would at least make this season interesting. I have never seen such a group of floaters that are so afraid to make any kind of move. I was not a fan of Dani before but she at least tried something. I just wish Dom was still in the game with her and they had decided to go with Jeff and Jordan against Brendon and Rachel. Cannot stand Shelly (what a role model for her daughter). Forget Adam, Lawon and Porche. I was not a fan of Kalia, but hope she stays with Dani and gets Jeff and Jordan to join them. Lawon and Adam will jump on board with anyone in power to get them to stay in the game longer to play the game. I cannot understand why they even are there. Does anyone really think they are there to actually play??? What a different game it could have been if the newbies had just stuck together. Even my favorite players are letting me down. Jeff and Jordan basically just looking for a summer vacation??? I was so looking forward to a real twist – returning players or something to make this dull season more interesting. My only hope is for Jeff and Jordan to jump on board with Dani. They were discussing making a move against Brenchel when Jordan was HOH, but were afraid it was to early. They could make that move now with Dani and since she does not have Dom I think they could get her to make a long term deal, not just a one week deal. Please Jeff and Jordan wake up and get Brenchel out of the house. Make this so predictable game more interesting. These are just my opinions and certainly not meant to offend others. For me this season is such a disappointment. Hated the Golden Key idea which just let people sit back and do nothing as far as competitions and then on top of that we seemed to have a house of floaters afraid to do anything. Where are all the surprise twists Big Brother promised us? I just hope something happens soon to liven up this season.

  14. Sorry for the long post, but was on vacation and trying to catch up. I saw a mistake in my long post. I meant to say Rachel hated floaters and they need to go instead of they need to to, – wish we could edit out posts.

  15. Jeff is a asshole there is no going around it we already know b/r are a-holes but jeff suprized me it just goes to show how much people change imagine kalia was apologizing left right and center and they still wont give her the time of jeff and jordan remember their season when they were public enemy #1 guess not.
    There are three massive floaters in this game shelly,adam and the biggest of them porche,they are going to coast straight to the end cause a vet will be going home this week.
    My dream scenario is that lawon and kalia win in the up coming weeks..the other house guests hate them with a passion for what only god he knows its cleary a racial divide.

    • its not racial, everyone can see that they are floaters… and not many like floaters. you are there to play the game and win money. so play it dont just float thru it!

      • I don’t think it is racial either. Just hoping that Kalia and Lawon will surprise us. Kalia has said she is ready to play and I am hoping that it turns out Lawon will make a move and show us he is not a floater. Otherwise, he should have stayed home.

    • King, I agree about Jeff. I really liked him in his season and don’t know what happened. I would love to see Kalia win at the word puzzle. Also, I am completely baffled by Lawon. Is he just playing like he is in another world and is waiting to show his true game?

      • Wayne, I agree it is NOT racial and the person who thinks so should be ashamed. I have said in the past few days that Lawon doesn’t seem to remember he is on BB and what BB is all about. Kalia has started to get into play and this is a “twist” I wasn’t sure would come. but it is not racial.

  16. Its great that Dani won, but looking into the future she could be setting herself up to get kicked out next week, she doesnt hav enuf ppl to back her. I just hate to think that a floater could win the BB game it pisses me off that they dont get rid of them right away.they need to get rid of the them and then it would be the original 5 and then they could fight it out. if she gets rid of B or R or even J or J this week. whoever stays will go after she cant play in HOH comp.and the floaters will go w whoever is in charge. B/R are really good at the word comps and so is J/J. and next week will be one of her best bet would be to get rid of a floater. adam or lawon,kalia,Porscha,shelly and she would be guarnteed another week in the BB hosue and the vets wont go after her so she could be safe for 2 weeks. thats what I would do if it was me. it would be so tempting to get rid of a vet but not in the long run.. what do u think??

    • I agree Karen that she has possibly set herself up for going home next week. My hope is that for now since Kalia is with her just maybe Kalia is good at word puzzles as well and wins. Kalia would put another vet up. Kalia lasted a long time on the endurance so maybe she is not a real floater and is making her move now. With the stupid Golden Key we have no idea how good Porche, Shelly or Dani are at word puzzles. I just want a more interesting game. I don’t want a true floater to win, but don’t want Brenchel to win either. I just wish Jeff was like he was in his season. Don’t know what happened to him this year. Even though we don’t have true couples J/J and B/R will still be together and Dani needs someone.

    • Dani does not have the vision to see where her best interests lie. She will send a vet home this week and the rest of them will send her home the following week. That is if production doesn’t save her again with a Dani slanted POV competion. People can call me whatever they want, and say whatever they want, but Dani was saved on purpose. Even Little Stevie Wonder can see it, it’s so obvious.

      • oh boo hoo….seriously. Are you telling me Dani was the only slightly petit woman in that challenge??? She won because she was best. Plus, Big Brother always has an endurance challenge at this point in the game…Dani kicks ass…no ifs ands or buts about it:)

  17. this isnt one of my favorite seasons, I dont think they should bring anyone back that has already won money. they hav 1,000 of ppl they could get to play BB so why do they do it? for the ratings. they knew bringing B/R back would be drama and so would Dick if he had stayed. I’ve watched every season and it seems like thye keep doing the same stuff over and over. I was watching season 1 last week and it was so different even the comps and the stuff they did and could hav it was really a great season and yes I know it was the first one and noone knew what it was abt but if u havent seen any of the older ones you can go to and type in bigbrother archives and this one guy has all the seasons on youtube. it was great seeing some of the old ones. check it out. have you checked out Matt’s website from season 12 its called the Gremlin Cave. 4 ex BB ppl are in there and they talk BB. its Matt, Lydia,Annie,Ronnie and usually a special guest. they answwer ? and talk abt thsi season its an hour long once a week. great show online. also Regan from BB12 also has one too its really wild and off the wall.. be sure to check it out. thanks

    • I have watched every season also, but you forget all the details so I will check out the older seasons on youtube. I agree with you about bringing the previous players back. I think that has ruined it for this season. I was not ready to see Brenchel again at all. I will also check out the Gremlin Cave and the Regan one. They should only bring back old players when it is the All Stars.

      • I’ve been watching all the past seasons also the last three days.It’s amazing to see how the game grown and changed.

  18. Dani needs to take out rachel. Brendon will come after her, But She may be able to make a deal with J&J For them not to put her up next week, Especially considering they were considering backdooring brenchel.

    I just have a feeling if she takes out rachel, She will be less of a target.

    • So agree Tanner. I think she could do it with the help of Kalia, and if J/J were onboard she would be okay. Would love to see that happen. Rachel first, then Brendon.

  19. Brendan & Rachel seriously should have checked their huge egos at the door before they came into the game. They can’t believe anyone else would actually go and make their own decisions and play their own game – OGMAB! Dani made a move, though perhaps not the best timing & not without some errors … obviously, as Dom is out of the game (for now??) but, she tried to shake things up. However, BR act as if she went against ALMIGHTY GOD and thus shall ” suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune…”! Again, OGMAB! I hope Dani kicks their overblown egos out the door and onto the curb. Brendan in particular is really a controlling egomaniac … who now has Porcha convinced that Rachel can’t speak without his permissio! It’s all about control with Brendan, which is why he needs to be the next to go.

  20. After Rachel’s talk with Dani last night, Brendan was upset that she talked without him. He seems to think that she can’t do anything without him by her side – I was wondering – since they say they spend $300 a week on groceries, does he go shopping with her as well. I mean after all, she may pickup the wrong bunch of bananas or choose the wrong bread. This would mean she has to make a decision on her own!!!!!! Does he chastise her at home for buying the wrong brand of laundry detergent??? Just wondering.

    Also, I dozed off for a few seconds and when I awoke I must have still been dreaming – Kalia was actually washing a dish…….

    • LoL! Brendan’s control over Rachel has actually now extended to Porcha, whom he’s convinced tas well that Rachel cannot think or speak without checking with him first. What about Rachel’s bowel movements Brendan? Can she shit without the green light from you! Oh GMAB!

  21. Brenchel know they are dead meat. Dani has to put them up cuz nobody will use POV on them. Bye_BYE Brendan and watch Rachel have the epic meltdown.

  22. I think Dani’s best move would be put up Jeff and Brendon. That way if one vet wins the veto. She can put up their partner.

    It will also show Jordon or Rachel depending on which team gets broken up. Where they actually stand in the house.

    Not to mention. If Brendon goes home because of vote and Jeff stays. Dani might be able to convince rachel to target the people that voted Brendon out.

  23. Both Brendon and Jeff are arrogant a-holes. Rachel is so insecure unless she’s in power and has Brendon okay’ing her every move. Jeff is rude to Jordan many times and thinks too highly of himself. Jordan seems to be the only one of the four with any sincerity. There wouldn’t be any love loss if Brendon, Jeff or Rachel were evicted. Dani is a pretty smart cookie. I think we’ll have to see how things play out – it’s too soon to say she’s lost the game. My vote would be for Brendon to go home next week. Rachel without him would be pretty funny.

    For the record…Lawon, Kalia and Porsche get on my nerves!! They are all floaters!

  24. Personally, I can’t stand Danielle, I don’t think she’s as good as she thinks she is. For those who say they will be glad when Brendan and Rachel are gone, wait for the show to become really BORING to watch then, like it was last season after they had been evicted. None of the other housemates are as nearly entertaining to watch, in my opinion.

    I do agree with everyone who have said that Brendan and Rachel really did not enter the game with the right attitudes…they should have learned some hard lessons from last season and known NOT to antagonize practically all of the other houseguests! I would think that would be the number one thing to learn when playing Big Brother or any other reality show with a social aspect to it.

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