Big Brother 13: Week 3 Tuesday Update – Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Daniele

The next eviction is just two days away on Big Brother. At this point things look pretty solid for which HG is heading home, but since even that HG thinks he has a chance lets run through our weekly exercise of “who has the votes.”

This Thursday there will be only eight votes which leaves the option for a tie-breaker by Rachel as the current HoH. That means to be completely safe either nominee needs at least five votes to avoid any interference from Rachel. This week’s likely evictee has been busy counting votes with Lawon and Daniele, but he keeps making the mistake of thinking he can get votes from HGs buried deep in the Vets’ pockets. Lets review where everyone is at this point.

First up are the obvious votes: Veterans, minus Daniele, of course. Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan will all be voting out Dominic. That means Dominic would have to get every other single vote available in the house to stay safe because if Rachel gets involved, she’s breaking the tie against Dominic’s favor.

The remaining votes belong to Porsche, Kalia, Lawon, Daniele, and Shelly. Porsche remains Rachel’s lap dog and will vote however she wants. In this case that means voting against Dominic, who happens to think he can get her vote. So we’re now at 4 votes already. See how bleak things are for Dominic? It’s only going to get worse.

Shelly has remained close to Adam since the start and considering a vote to help Adam would keep her in line with Veterans you can definitely bet she’ll be doing just that. Now we’ve got 5 solid votes for Dominic’s eviction. Is it even worth still running through the rest? Sure, why not?

Kalia and Lawon aren’t ones to rock the boat. Matter of fact, Kalia would prefer you not rock anything she’s in because it makes it hard for her to keep sleeping. Lawon knows the house is “kuhhh-raazy” but he isn’t. I think we’ll see a repeat of last week where both Kalia and Lawon encouraged the doomed HG to campaign and offered support but ultimately sided with the Vets. That’s two more votes against Dominic.

Ahh, Daniele. You really screwed the pooch this week, didn’t you? Your golden boy of hope is heading home thanks to your overbearing determination to force his survival on to everyone. Instead you were busted, your alliance doesn’t trust you, and you’re about to lose your new pet. Boy, that was really worth it, huh? Daniele should go ahead and vote out Adam just for the opportunity to deny it later and create doubt for someone else. But she probably won’t. Dominic could leave with a clean sweep. Good luck out there, PT.


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  1. when u ask Who Has The Votes? its clear. Dom doesnt haha. he really wants to stay, but he doesnt have a chance. feel bad for the kid, he was playin the game, making moves, but just got caught up.

    one thing that is kind of annoying is how kalia thinks she is a big target. she is big, but she isnt a target. ZING! but she talks like she has doen something in the game. she is the ultimate floater, and u have to try to be that big of floater in week 3/4.

    kalia is the type of BB “player” that will never win a comp, scared to win a comp to get any blood on her hands, will virtually throw every competition, but will literally run to wherever the power is. like if shelly won next week, she would best friends with shelly, and not ever be seen with daniele. basically kathy from last season. soon as monet and britney went up, she gave them the coldest shoulder.

    is it good game? maybe if u cant do anything and ur trying to survive, but i just cant respect that. take a chance. play the game.

    • yeah am listening to Kalia talking to Dom on live feeds…She claims that if it is an endurance comp she gonna hang on till she pukes…Yeah right…lol..they don’t stop the game for pee or food breaks..She is a ditz…Somebody (NOT ME) tweeted to ED that Kalia thinks she is MS. Africa USA and they wanted to know why she was in the house and how she got on the show…I ask the same question..the girl is clueless…unless she is hiding energy,stamina, and her brains inorder to play the game later I am also clueless…And to have Dominc set there and tell her that HE DANI and she KALIA are the only 3 people in the house that know how to play the game is so ignorant…lol…totally lame..

    • Yeah, I don’t respect people that don’t compete either. But for some reason in America’s eyes, Jeff and Jordan are exempt from competing. There’s this so-called social game everyone mentions. Rachel plays her a** off and can’t get any credit for it, but I’m suppose to be all for the social game of JJ. I say screw social game. This isn’t Real World. Social game is another way of saying, I’m going to chill this summer and pretend I’m friends with everyone even though I hate half of them. Social game = cop out.

    • Dani screwed dom over, he was playing a pretty good game until the vets figured her out, it made it hard on him, and everyone may like shelly in the house, but i hate her gameplay, she is the definition of a floater, she is jj toy that just gets them another vote, she will never make one big move, i really hope something can happen and dom stay, hes been the best newb in the game, and who really wants too see brenchel win, or jj? danielle is the only one i have respect for, even though she screwed dom over.

      • Tyler, I want the best, smartest, most loyal to their
        original alliance,strongest physical competitor houseguest,to win. Right now that person is Rachel. Next would be Brendon, next would be Jordan, then Jeff. Obviously this will change as the game is played. I’m from Chicago, we don’t back no losers in Chicago.(inside chicago political joke) Dom, Cassi, Keith and Dani (so far) look like losers to me.

  2. ur line “Lawon knows the house is ‘kuhh razzy’ is the best. u got a great laugh out of me just so you know.

  3. Too bad Daniele tried so hard to keep Dom, he was doing ok on his own. She is the one getting him evicted!

    • Let’s see…Dom formed the “Regualtor alliance with Keith, Cassi, & Lawon…probab;y the worst in BB history.
      Yeah, he was doing great before Dani screwed up his game…

      • Absolutely! Dani was playing a fairly smart game until she got too cocky and too soon. Ah what a tangled web we weave …. She got caught in her own web of lies and, now Dom is now going to pay the price for it. Her plan is about to backfire on her. Her (snake of a ) dad must be going crazy watching his offspring self-destruct. :-)

      • Wayne, in theory the initial game play of the newbies (all) uniting against the vets made sense. The vets were fewer in numbers and they were up front (especially Evil Dick) about being united against the newbies. Where the plan went wrong was when the weaker newbies panicked when Rachel won the first HoH and, turning on their fellow newbies (starting with Porcha, then Shelley & Kahlia). They either fooled themselves into thinking the vets wouldn’t cut them loose once they used them up or, they resigned themselves to only making it as far as the jury. Either way, the initial game plan of the newbies uniting made complete sense. They just didn’t have the experience and confidence to see it through. The early cracks in their foundation is what did them (or the plan) in. The vets have BB experience on their side and, actually somewhat of an unfair advantage over the newbies.

      • DR, all well and good. My point was that Dominic alligned himself with the 3 weakest players beside himself. Keith was an idiot… Cassi was self absorbed…Lawon and Kalia, well need I say more. Don’t blame Dani for Dominic’s troubles he screwed himself.

      • Wayne, a little too neat of theory I have to say. Just like the JFK “single bullet” (Oswald acted alone) theory doesn’t hold up under the slightest bit of scrutiny, neither does your ‘Dom did himself in theory’. He had help. LoL! I’m giving this way more thought than a reality show deserves! Chalk it up to BB fatigue. ;-)

      • DR, For the record there was no conspriacy to kill JFK and it’s not a single bullet theory, it’s a single bullet fact.

        As for the rest of your comment, Dom really didn’t need mush help. He sucks at BB, he reall does.

      • Fact you say! Hmmmm. Regardless of the outcome of the Warren Commission, there are many critics of the single bullet theory who question not only the bullet’s trajectory, but also the question of timing of the hits to both the president and Connally. But…. I digress. Dom, I agree clearly didn’t pay the game well however, I stand by my previous comments. I think this will have to be a case of agreeing to disagree. Good debating with you though Wayne! Night.

      • Dom is him and will be sad at him being evicted..Dani’s dercpetion with the vets is sending him home

    • The best thing about Dominic leaving is that people will stop using the annoying reference to him as “PT” which always causes the question of what does “PT” mean. Why are there so many follower type personalities? Dani is the only one who uses it on the show, yet all these commenters can’t get enough of it.

      • wayne, have you been whatching the show?dani dug doms grave, i dont get who you want to win, and it seems like you want somebody like brenchel or jj to win, brenchel is stupid, brendan is the most retarded bb social game in bb history, and rachel nobody likes, jj just sit back and whatch as they know brenchel will be the target b4 them, especially knowing that shelly is there little pet, so they have an automatic vote, yes they figured dani out but who told them, the little rat in shelly, so i dont agree with any of your comment5s about dom and dani.

      • oh, and PT means partime model, they cant have a little fun with the names, haha, c,mon.

  4. Adam is so boring, I really wish he was the one going home on Thursday but I agree Matt :) looks like it’s dooms day for Dom.

    • At least with Adam, what you see is what you get. Like Dominic himself, I don’t know who he is.

  5. I wish Adam was going home. He’s so annoying! Kalia & Lawon have done nothing. They are the two worst players this season.

  6. i wish they would have had duo with people that hated each other from previous big brother maybe they should vote like BB in England where the room mates put up the 2 people And then the people decide who goes home.

    • Didn’t they try that here in season one? Everybody was so nice to each other and they let the one legged guy win cause nobody wanted to look bad?

      • I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I absolutely LOVED Big Brother 1. The first season I ever watched was 8. Then I watched each following season until two years ago when I was able to watch all the previous seasons from the beginning. I was shocked to see how different season 1 was but I thought it was such a unique study in human social behavior. That is the excuse I use when people ask me why I still watch. Ha!


        I was so excited when they came up with the idea to all leave the house. I really, really wanted it to happen because it really did seem like the producers were manipulating every little detail in an unfair way. You gotta love Chicken George. And I had a slight crush on Sloshie.

  7. That’s true! Season 1 was stupid compared to all the rest! They were too nice, and the guy who won was a little bit of an ass! He just won out of sympathy for his missing leg.

    • Yeah, I didn’t start watching again till a few years later. What a joke season one was.
      I think that’s why they took the voting away from the audience.

    • I don’t agree and think this is a ridiculous comment. Dani is into Dani, she has been using Dom all along to see if she could further her game. I don’t think there are any warm and fuzzy feelings, just Dani trying to stay in the game….poor game play this week, btw.

  8. im curious to see how lawon will play within the next few weeks. kevin from season 11 was kind of like him he layed low and was very low key for several of weeks but in the end he started playing very hard and nearly won. I wonder if that will happen to lawon.

    • i think lawon will be like the regan of last year, just because he thinks him and kalia, are the tightest people in the house, but in reality she will screw him over in the end for the vets.

  9. I really don’t like this season of Big Brother nearly as much as past seasons. They do so little in the house except lay in their beds. Adam is a very intelligent guy and I cannot understand why he is so over the moon for psycho Rachel. When he finishes medical school can’t you just see her trying to interact with other doctors wives at the country club, what a circus that will be. Jordon was such a whinning brat on the Amazing Race that I am surprised Jeff remains with her. That girl is stupid, nice but dumb.Dani looks unattractive to me, but the last time she was on I thought she was pretty. Who was the guy she hung with? If only one of the others would win HOH, they could put up one of the veteran teams and shake up the status quo a bit and make things a little more interesting. right now I am rather bored with the show.

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Too many dummies and cowards in this house. Everyone is too afraid to go against the vets.

  10. I cant stand Dani. Didnt like her in season 8 and dont like her now. I dont know why people think she is such a good player. Her father pretty much carried her the whole way. She dumped her boyfriend on TV to be with Nick and later he dumped her and started dating Jen. Those two are still together. As much as Jen was seen as the B**ch on that season I think Dani is the really B**ch. She always have a sour face and is just moody and cranky. Get over it!!!

    • Chris, Great comment. Dani does win comps but has no stratgic game without daddy. She better win either HOH or the veto starting this thursday or she won’t make the jury. Oh, and if she does survive, she better win veto the following week. Get it Dani fans? Heat’s on.

  11. Dominic thought that he had Dani,
    That succubus with the fine fanny.
    When it came right down to it,
    He can say that he blew it–
    I guess he’ll just have to get “handy”…

    Still a virgin living at home
    With Mom, so he won’t be alone.
    Teddyboy, meet the world,
    You won’t get the girl.
    Regulators are down to one.

  12. i dont think dom is going to leave i think he has something a little sneaky up his sleeve because if u think about it he is actually playing really smart and the fact that the vets arent really sure yet who they want gone helps dom.if he plays his cards right and watches what he says and who he says it too i think he has a very good chance of staying this week.

    • I don’t think he gets any chance with Jeff, Jordan and Shelly.

      Maybe he can try to swing votes from other HGs.

  13. and shelly is so stupid .doesnt she realize that the vets are jus trying to use her too.if everybody else excluding brendon,jeff,and jordan come together and stop and think about what is going on they could possibly save dom and try to get rid of one of the power couples next week.

  14. The newbs now can make a big move and twist the whole game if they stick together and get rid of Adam.

    They will isolate the Vets (minus Daniele now) and it will be their game next week.

    But I guess no one is going to go bald this week cause they all are chicken, scared of being picked up by the Vets, especially the “maiden” Porsche and the “queen” Shelly.

  15. I know that you do not rock the boat unless you think you have the votes, but this is the 13th season of BB and with PT certain to go home why is not start getting the newbies in line. I would keep in the back of their mind that it is going to be going to individual soon and with ED leaving the game early he should be using that to his advantage stating they will probably bring back another player.

  16. Dani really feel bad for Dom ,she is not so bad like people think,it might of started like a game play but not anymore not for now ,last night i could see K L and the rat are not making a move against the vets until they have no chance of jury But Kaila will eat everyone out and she does nothing no play cant BB see that. I notice last night Shell cleans house for BB and Brand cant drink he gets nasty.

  17. shelly has the longest legs i have ever seen on a woman! in fact she looks like a man with the longest legs i ever seen on a man

  18. If Dani is smart and wins hoh she would put Kaila, first ,and if she wins again Shelly, lo wan in jury is a dunk lol, poach might join with her if Dom does not come back, Adam has to go too , she needs help but maybe vets will get smart and play with her i know Rachel might she is a good player don’t know about the ding dons lol

  19. I can’t stand Dani’s gameplay. She NEVER take responsibility for her own actions. Just like Jeff said, when something doesn’t go her way, she blamed it on everyone else, but herself. She is an ugly person inside and out. She is so arrogant. She can’t stand her father Evil Dick, yet, I think Dani is the EVIL one here, not Evil Dick. At least, Evil Dick is a straight shooter. Dani is a nasty and backstabber acting all innocent. She is so STUPID to think the viewer doesn’t know what kind of evil person she is!

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