Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 3 Tuesday Highlights

Things calmed down a bit on Tuesday in the Big Brother house after Monday’s insanity. The late night crew stayed up well in to the east coast morning so they were late to rise and get back to their futile efforts. Never fear though because before the day was over Dominic found himself pleading for his life to the Veterans while throwing every Newb under the ol’ Big Brother 13 bus.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 26, 2011:

11:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Shelly gather outside for a Daniele and Newb bashing session. Nothing serious, just moaning and groaning about HGs.

11:50 AM BBT – Lawon finds out from Brendon that Kalia has been working against him to push for his eviction. Lawon tells Brendon what he wants to hear: planning to evict Dominic this week.

3:00 PM BBT – Dominic hopes for a chance to return as part of Pandora’s Box this season. Kalia tells Adam and Dominic that they did this to themselves. Well, Kalia helped it a bit more than Adam and Dominic did… Kalia tells Dominic to go upstairs and tell the Vets that Adam has a secret deal with Shelly and he can’t be trusted. Dominic and Kalia discuss that Daniele had a solid alliance and she screwed it up.

3:45 PM BBT – The big conversation of the night begins and it lasts more than an hour so you’ll need to Flashback to catch it all. The short of it: Dominic goes to Brenchel and Jeff to ask where things when wrong and what he can do to fix it. All say they really liked him and wanted to keep him, but Daniele has tainted him and he might not trust her anymore this week, but they can’t be sure he won’t go back to her and betray them. He’s guilty by association and has to go. Dominic ends up throwing every Newb under the bus during the course of this meeting. It’s a very in-depth conversation and definitely worth a watch on the Live Feeds Flashback.

5:10 PM BBT – After Dominic leaves Rachel says she feels bad and wonders if they should keep Dominic. Brendon gets irked and says Dominic is definitely going home on Thursday. No way around it.

6:00 PM BBT – Dominic is in the backyard doing lots of weights and crunches to blow off steam. He’s very, very frustrated and even walked out on Daniele earlier after his meeting with the Vets. Brendon offers Dominic a spotter on the bench, which he declines. Brendon says he doesn’t want Dominic to self-evict (kill himself on the bench press).

7:00 PM BBT – Jordan and Kalia talking game. Kalia wants to know why they haven’t been talking as much. Jordan is nervous about who was plotting against her and Jeff so she’s been trying to talk less and watch more for a little while.

8:15 PM BBT – Kalia and Shelly come clean to each other about the first vote. Shelly confirms she voted against Keith and she knows Kalia did as well. Kalia had previously lied to Shelly about it. Kalia is nervous about Dominic making a big splash on his way out the door and exposing the Newbs plans. What? To keep losing everything? Shhh…

9:30 PM BBT – Kalia relays her conversation with Shelly back to Daniele. Real smart move, Kalia, considering how well loyalty to Daniele served Dominic…

9:40 PM BBT – Lawon and Kalia whispering about Daniele. Looks like they don’t trust her too much either. Things are not going well for Daniele these days, but no one to blame but herself here.

11:30 PM BBT – Daniele and Dominic discussing if there are any options to save him. There aren’t. Talking about various HGs and if they can flip them to keep him. Dominic mentions how the Vets said they’d keep him if she came up and spilled her guts.

1:15 AM BBT – Vets can’t decide whether to try and backdoor Daniele or just nominate her right away. They’re leaning to nominating her up front. Brendon plans to show Daniele up in the next Veto competition and then rub it in her face that he beat her. Sounds risky. Safer to backdoor, but he wants to show off.

Things have changed so much in this game over the past week. We’ve got alliances splintering and Newbs crumbling. Well, what’s new there, right? This next HoH competition is going to be critical as we are just 2 evictions from Jury House.

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  1. I really would love to see a newbie win the HOH, it woluld certainly shake everything up and maybe things wouldn’t be as predictable as they have been so far. Even if Dani gets HOH it will stir things up. I am sure it will be an endurance comp for HOH and there are only a couple that will be in competition for the win………the rest will
    drop off like flies.

    • I would love to see a newbie or Dani win HOH would shake things up. I still think Dominic should stay and play competitions he is a better player than Adam.

      • I would love to see Dani win HOH this week and she really has no choice but to do whatever she can to win it. I love Dani and its sad to see that she has really messed up her game still so early on in the season.

  2. If this is an indurance contest, Brenden,Jeff and Rachel will be right on it. they are known for there staying on in this kind of comp. the newbies will try but dont think thye will make it, even Shelly dont know if she has it either, and u know adam, Kalia, lawon dont hav the staying if it was a food comp, Kalia and adam would be right on it! LOL this is a joke. so it should be a great comp.

    • hey Karen, those were the players I was thinking of. If Dani is in the comp. she will try harder than anyone, because she is the target, Rach won’t be able to play (I assume)….so the power is likely to stay with one of the power couples (wheather they are playing as such or as individuals you know they will act as couples). should be good.

    • To bad Rachel cannot play as she is the current HoH so it’s up to either Jeff or Brendan to win. Many times these endurance comps favor smaller people so I’m thinking Danielle has a really good shot at winning here. Remember in the first endurance comp, Dani only came down after making a deal with Rachel.

      • Hey there’s another Karen on here. So there’s no mix up I have been blogging since the beginning and my name is with capitl “K”. If the HOH comp is endurance I think Jeff or Brendon will outlast Dani. I hope either Jeff or Brendon win and put up Dani and the annoying floater Kalia

  3. mamma long legs shelly ……she don’t have to float she just has to walk all over them and i mean OVER them

  4. i can’t wait for this to blow up in Brendan’s face, he is too full of himself, he thinks he is gods gift to big brother, i hope Dani wins HOH, puts up Brendan and Jeff, wins veto and makes them really suffer.

  5. I hate how Brendon acts when he has a little bit of power. I really hope Danielle can win HOH and make that idiot squirm for a week. How can he even talk about who is putting up next week when he hasn’t even won HOH yet. They are getting too cocky with their vet alliance. They have huge ego problems and the way they are treating the other HGs is sickening.

      • There playing the game…and I must say doing a great job so far. Of course things can change in a matter of minutes but will see after this next HOH comp. And as far as talking about who to put up they are just going over things if they win.

  6. Dominic is so full of himself. I wonder how the newbies will feel when they watch the tapes and find out that he called them all “retards” yesterday while he was giving his fake speech to Brendon, Rachel and Jeff. After watching BBAD last night, he for sure cannot be trusted, he is already plotting with Daniele once again, he has to go, those two cannot be in the house together.

  7. Its funny how among all this chaos no one is mentioning porsche ? This girl is staying so low !

    • If Porsche makes it anywhere near top 5, it will be the biggest travesty to hit the game of Big Brother.

      • NOOOO The travisty awards is split between 2…Natalie & doubt they win hands down

  8. The saddest part of all this mess.. Is that even if a Newbie were to win HOH, there is no way any of them, with the exception of possibly Adam that would put up Rachel Or Brendan. They are all controlled by those two and would not be willing to risk their wrath. The only shot at getting one of the 2 couples broken up is if Dani wins. So wether you want her to make it far or not, if you want one of the power couples gone, she is your best shot.

  9. Last night, during BBAD I kept wondering WHY Dani kept shooting Dom these sad and lingering looks. At one point, it seemed at if she were taking photos of him with her eyes (that way we do when we want to remember someone), & that when it became clear that Dom was definitely being evicted on Thursday. No two ways about it. Shortly after the sad glances in Dom’s direction, Dani began to cry and Dom seemed more resigned to his fate. It was always obvious to me that she really DUG this dude. In the end, I guess Dani’s emotions overruled her game-play.

    Peace-out Dom.

  10. Dani had the world in her hands. All she had to do was dummy up. Nobody would have out her up. WhaT WAS SHE THINKING? Can’t wait for the J&J and Brenchel showdown.The ret of the houseguest don’t desreve to be there.

  11. brendon would show he rup in the POV,and then rub it her face. thats the type of guy he is. but he will whine and bitch about it when its done to him. this is the same guy who walks around the house saying “we/i want to be fair”

    speaking of him, u can FLASHBACK to 11:56 i think on camera 4 to hear the truth about Rachel. not as if we didnt know. but daniele says when she met rachel in vegas the reason rachel went back on her theme of wanting the best gameplayer to win and all that B.S. thus voting for lane over hayden is because she wanted to make “Great tv” YEP.

    Kalia, Porshe are so annoying. they cant play the game, and i dont feel like getting into hard right now, but they refuse to play the game.

  12. Well, Lawun and Kalia better hope that one of them win or else they are going. I think it is doubtful that Kalia will win, because is rarely ever mobile or upright. Lawun just doesn’t have an game at all.

  13. This Big Brother is hard to watch but can’t stop watching. I was sick to see Brendon and Rachel back. I am finding it hard to root for anyone at this point. Dani has been disappointing in her play. I will be sorry to see Dominic gone. I want to see Brendon out of there. I haven’t liked the golden keys on this one. In my opinion the newbs have played themselves right out of the game. Rachel and Brendon just cannot get HOH anymore.

  14. This season is a mess They better bring in someone in there that is going to play the game. The half of the new ones are star struck the other half have no play. and Marcus kalia came in this game to get a boob job. I wish she would have asked her rich parents for the money and quite wasting the time of the viewer. Don’t have a clue what lawan is doing there..Please BB bring someone in to help out these new ones..The vets has walked in that house and should have said “I can’t believe you have the gall to even be here. I really think Dom would have been OK if cassy would have stayed and dani would have left him alone. It must be hard to be in a house with all strangers. i thought that was the point and they bring back these pack of wolvs..I was really pulling for Jeff last year. now I can see he can be quite a bully. As for Shelly I hope her business Parterners watch this, Not her child..Her husband should be very proud of her. When she came in the game she said she wasn’t cleaning after any one. She should just give Jeff and Jordan the money and go home..Seems that would have been easier. Can’t wait to see those hand fall off tomorrow night Really MS Shelly Your nose might grow some for all the lies you have told and those lips might fall off for all the kissing ass you have done but not the hands..You don’t have the ball to win if you could ….Go Dani

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