Big Brother 13: Veterans Meet, Reunite, Remain Suspicious

Big Brother 13 Veterans

After a tumultuous day in the Big Brother house the Veteran alliance came together late last night for a mini House meeting which was more of an alliance meeting as none of the Newbs were invited or participated. Instead the fifty minute exchange featured a perturbed Daniele, a defensive Daniele, and a joyous, cheerful Daniele. Well, not that last one. It was mostly just Daniele pissed off at the group while she should have been angry at herself for completely blowing her once strong position.

Flashback to 11:47PM BBT last night on Cameras 1 & 2. Brendon opens the meeting by expressing his concerns that as a group they’re starting to falter. He wants to get back to the way they were on Day 5 in the game when they banded together and promised to protect each other and first focus on eliminating the Newbs.

While Brendon tries to very generally imply everyone in the alliance isn’t focused on supporting just the alliance Jeff jumps right to the matter. “Where are you at, Daniele?” Jeff asks. Daniele immediately pushes it back on them saying they’ve been acting weird to her and woe-is-me as the “odd man out.” She insists the late night crew (mainly consists of her, Dominic, and Lawon, and slightly Kalia and Adam as well) is only talking “nonsense” which isn’t completely true, but she presents it that way.

Jeff starts airing his concerns about the way Daniele has avoided him in recent days. She’ll leave the room within thirty seconds of his arrival. He got to the point he was counting. His conspiracy theory goes a little overboard when he suggests Daniele would leave and Lawon would enter as if there was some sort of trade off going on.

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Daniele insists there is nothing romantic between her and Dominic. She says she’s keeping emotions out of it and he doesn’t have any control over her. Daniele again starts strongly insisting her partnership with Dominic was completely Rachel/Brenchel’s idea and she only did it at their request. This is completely false as Daniele had been working on Dominic well before she planted that idea in Rachel’s head.

Knowing that she’s lost this battle and Dominic is on the way out this week Daniele states she doesn’t care who goes home. She won’t be thrilled if it’s Dominic, but she’ll go along with the group. Daniele does care and has a vested interest in keeping him.

Jeff says he’s willing to forgive and forget, but Dominic can’t stay. He was okay with that plan until very recently, but he doesn’t trust him and he knows this “backdoor Jeff” plan came from somewhere. Brendon later agrees and echos Jeff’s feelings on Dominic. Daniele overplayed her hand, shoved Dominic’s survival down everyone’s throat, and now she’s going to lose him. Poorly played, Daniele. I expected better.

After a few more arguments and disagreements the Veterans alliance meeting ends. Hugs all around, but I’d wager trust is no where to be found. Dominic will go home this week and Daniele will remain outside Brenchel and Jeff & Jordan’s trust. Daniele has already told the Newbs that she’ll nominate Jeff given the chance and I don’t doubt it. Time will tell who gets to make the first strike.

If you missed the rest of the heated fights yesterday on the Live Feeds then you should really use Flashback to watch them and get caught up on the game. This season is really starting to heat up and with the partners splitting up this week things are only going to get hotter! Now is the time to get your Live Feed Free Trial and see what the other Big Brother fans are watching.


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      • I agree. I was counting on Dani to play a better game because she started off so strong but I think she’ll be able to bounce back. She’s a fierce competitor and all it takes is for her to get some power and they will all come crawling back to her.

      • Tonya you are so right. If she does not win she will be alone and the main target because the newbies know what the power couples think of Dani….and they will follow like sheep, just trying to stay off the block. Dani will be thrown under the bus. If she wins, the sheep will kiss up to Dani and go along with whatever she says. Once again showig that they are too afraid to play their o w n game.

      • You are all on-it! AnnieT said it best, the sheep will follow.

        Fingers crossed for Dani HOH!

      • Is she even gonna be able to play on Thursday? I thought that they wouldn’t be able to play until next week…

    • Dani needs a miracle to rebound now. The four best players in the house have marked her for eviction. Anything can happen like a super duper, gold and platimum key or whatever, but she better get about six of them. I never thought she was much of a player anyway. Hope she goes after Dom.

  1. I wish Dani played with Jeff and Jordan and brought Dom over with them to make it them 4 and got rid of Brendan and Rachel.

      • But Tonya, dont you know that Sir Jeff can gun for other hgs but they better not do the same to him. Hope Dani wins HOH so that they can feel some heat this week.

      • Jeff has been straight up about who he’s after. If you watched the live feeds he said in there meeting he knows only one person will win and if someone wants to come after him just don’t lie to his face. He said you tell me that your coming after me then thats fine game on lets play.

      • Jeff aint the refined class act big brother would like you to think he is but there is a drastic difference between one player targeting a threat, and a player getting blindsided by a teammate and back doored.

    • I agree. They should be a little wiser tho. Adam backstabbed them once. Wish they would let adam go and keep Dom. After all Dom. Did give them a heads up.

    • Thats a good idea Ashley! Brenchel cant leave fast enough for me! If I have to look at Rachel and her fish lips much longer I’m gonna scream!

  2. Dani has made a giant mistake in thinking that she can outsmart Jeff and Jordan. Her best bet was to team up with Jeff, JOrdan and Dominic to eliminate Brenchel. She needs to be the next one to leave the house. Her gameplay sucks and maybe the name evil should atttached to her and not her father. Evil Dani is more accuarate than evil Dick. At least with Dick you know what you getting unlike with Dani, the lying snake.

    • David, they all lie hon, it is part of the game…BB has always been about lying and coniving…it is the only way to stay in the game. my humble opinion of course.

      • I agree again. This is a game and lying is unfortunately part of this game. It is all part of the game. I do agree that she overplayed her hand too fast this early but people are underestimating her ability in competitions. She’s known for winning HOH and POV when her back is against a wall, just like it is right now.

      • 100% agree, Annie T. The only way to make it past week 3 in this game is to tell at least 1 lie it seems. Everyone in the house has lied so far, and anyone on this site would lie if they were there. So I don’t understand these people who are saying “so-and-so is a lying snake and deserves to go home!!” Just doesn’t make sense.

      • Yeah I agree lying is part of the game but you don’t lie and turn on your alliance, especially this early in the game.

      • Mary, I agree that lieing is a part of the game. The trick though is to be a SMART liar. Dani has shown she isn’t. She wanted a showmance with Dom (Lawon had a better chance of that happening, lol)so she told stupid lies to further that. Again hot pants have derailed a players game.

      • The biggest liar in this house is Shelley and from the begining. Poor Cassi didnt have a chance. If the word evil needs to be appiled to anyone it needs to be her.

    • Dani’s plan was actually brilliant, she just executed it very poorly. I dont think it mattered which couple she put up or decided to roll with, Rachel & Brendon just happened to be in power that week. Had she been more patient and played things cool she could have convinced both couples back dooring each other were their own ideas.

  3. I wish Danni were after Brenchel instead of Jejo. I would rather see them in the final 3 instead of watching the phony soap opera that Brenchel performs to get camera time. It’s so annoying. Also hoping the lose Porsche quickly. She’s so ridiculous!

    • Agreed there! I think she thinks she would have a better chance at beating Brenchel, in the least within the jury vote!

  4. Dani is a great player, but, she got too aggressive too soon. Jeff better win HOH and take her out before she gets him! GO JEFF!!!

  5. Dani’s in love – her game’s pathetic- the Newbies are all annoying especially Kalia

      • NOOOOO..Dani said in the DR..I need Dominic ..”for right now”…DANI IS USING HIM…when he serves her purpose he’s outta there…lol

      • She didn’t need him. She HAD the support of the strongest alliance in the house. Her downfall is nobody’s fault but her own!

  6. And lets not all forget about the woderful,constipated looking Kalia. Shes another one who needs to go. I wonder when she gets put up she will fake another boo boo.

    • They need to put Kalia up and all tell her she’s safe. I would love to see the look on her face as she’s walking out the door.

  7. Dom needs to go! Then Rachel,Porsha,Brendon,and Kalia! If Dani stays she’ll end up with JJ. If Rachel&Porsha go she will have nobody. Them 4 get on my nerve.

    • Dani is not gonna end up with JJ. Jeff says if he wins HOH this week he is gonna stick it up her ***. Dani is toast if she doesn’t win HOH or veto or get a super duper turn the house upside down pass/key.

  8. Don’t forget people, dani allowed Rachel to win the first HOH, Dani looked like she might have stayed on that banana all night to win. She is very tough to beat. It should be a good fight to watch.

  9. Still so many people want to get Brenchel out over JJ. My question is why? Whether you like them as people or not, Brenchel has won more POV’s and HOH’s than JJ and everyone in the house is actually scared of Brenchel, not JJ. That’s the reason no one has won and put BRJJ up on the block. If you notice, everyone in the house feels they should put JJ up before Brenchel. (Except for Shelly)

    • Some (not all) in the house feel they should put JJ up before Brenchel… at times and perhaps mores lately. It’s gone back & forth. However all prefer JJ to Brenchel for obvious reasons: Brenchel openly discuss having sex in house (cameras …hello?!!); flaunt their affection 4 each other …. not good game play as even Brendan has told Rachel, as it alienates others; they act so arrogant and threaten others (including JJ) if they don’t do exactly as Brenchel want and, they whine and argue like adolescents (my apologies to adolescents as there are many of them more mature than Brenhel). I hope they get their butts kicked …. right out of the house. That’s this person’s observations at least. Cheers!

      • Well said DR. Just because there good at competitions does not mean everything. You have to have a good social game also and they suck at that. Go Jeff and Jordan.

      • Karen, thanks and right back at ya; well said! I like J&J as well, though I’m not sure I want them to win the game. We’ll see though!

      • you know, I really really like Jeff/Jordo and think they’re a cute couple for the same reasons many others due but all these comparisons and bad wishes thrown on Brenchel are ridiculous to me. Yes, they are very, very, very annoying but I’m sure each of us has been that annoying couple ourselves at one point. They are very flawed but they are not without their redeeming qualities and Jeff is no choir boy himself.

        I don’t understand why people can’t root for Jeff and Jordan without disparaging Brendon and Rachel.

  10. I really used to like Dani but I do not like the way she is playing this season. It’s a shame her father left, that’s why she stayed in the game as long as she did the first time because of him. I really wish he didn’t have to leave I am a big fan of his!!!

  11. Alot of Mary’s here. I hope I got this right with Mary3.
    I’m just curious what the newbies can do. Are they all fooling us or have they got game and are waiting for the golden key thing to end.
    I am hoping for Jeff and Jordan to win. I do like them the best. I hope that the vets win HOH and take out Danielle. I never saw Dick play. I wish I had the chance.

  12. This whole season is a joke. There is a bunch of sick people in the house this time. They want to own the houseguest body and soul. Brendon and Rachel can talk to others but no one else can. You cannot survive mentally in that house unless you have others to shoot the breeze with and have fun. That doesn’t mean you are talking game. Someone needs to get some balls and set them strait. But I dont see that happening since everyone is shaking in their boots with fear of going home.

  13. Since this is the last week of the keys, will Rachel be able to play for HOH? Does anyone know? I hope not.

    • No, Rachel can’t play for HOH next time cause she is HOH this week, key or no key.

    • This should be an interesting HOH competition
      after this weeks eviction. Watch Danielle
      fight for her life because if she does not
      win HOH then, she will end up on the block.
      The newbies will vote against her too as that
      is one veteran out of the house and improves
      their chances down the line. Now, if one of
      the newbies somehow win HOH, who will they put up?

  14. I’m already sick and tired of Rachel’s eating all the time and that laugh ughhhhh. Jeff and Jordans thinking they’re entitled to be in the final 5 is getting real old quick

  15. Just a thought. They should have brought back Will and Mike Boogie who I believe played Big Brother
    quite well! There were just two of them mind you
    but, they sure knew how to play the other house guests very well! You have to go under the radar
    in a manner of speaking. Shelly I believe is playing a better social game among the newbies and can be a surprise down the road!

    • I agree, Shelly is playing under the radar and playing everyone else…quite frankly she is the one to watch…she is running to everyone, telling tales but realitically she is playing the game we have all known to love….lie, agree, smile and do what you have to to be safe…she does it better than anyone else right now….watch her.

      • I agree with you both; Shelley may surprise everyone. If she could win a HoH either this week or next, she could also step up her game play even further. Right now her game play is the passive aggressive approach, which has served her well … so far. However, to have a real chance of winning or making it into the top 3 or 4 even, she’s going to have to start winning … anything. This Thursday’s PoV should be interesting.

    • Mike is on another reality show on vh1. I myself thought Mike and Will were very sleazy.

  16. danie needs to go because she wont jeff and jorden gone and i wont them to stay if you people like danie you are caazy.If you wont to be in controll then you go on big brother and see how hard it is bc it is not that easy. but danie can be cool some times and she can back stab people too so be careful who you wont to go to the finnels

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