Big Brother 13 Week 3: The House Catches On Fire Again

Big Brother 13 is alive and kicking again this afternoon. I haven’t seen this much yelling and anger all season. If you’ve got the Live Feeds then turn them on now. Don’t have them yet? Then now is the time to get them and see what everyone else is watching.

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Big Brother 13 Week 3 House Fight

You can keep watching the fight right now (all cams) as everyone in the house is in the kitchen or Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 1:20PM BBT. It started when Kalia tried to call out Jeff and Brendon for making deals with everyone. Things quickly shifted to Kalia teaming up with Daniele. Finally Danielle speaks, calling Rachel an “idiot” and saying her attempt to oust Jeff was because she thought he was the biggest threat. Commence more yelling and anger. Everything is being exposed.

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Dominic tried to get on the fight train and starts calling out the voters who flipped on Keith. Shelly is furious and starts yelling back at him that she has no deal with the Veterans (she totally does). Dominic’s attempt doesn’t go too well.

Update: Reader Liz correctly noted in the comments that another fight precedes the house meeting. Flashback to 12:50PM BBT to see Kalia and Brendon fight.

The Big Brother Live Feeds are awesome this week and if you’re not watching them then you’re missing the real game. CBS can never show this type of action.

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  1. rachel is now starting to get into her ways that make u go “i hate rachel” she is starting to make things up, be-little people, and become hypocritical. she says they didnt tell anyone to throw comps, then when asked again, she says its game.

    jeff is such an A-hole. he is an A-hole to the exact definition.

    what the vets are trying to do is erase the deals they had with shelly, porsche, and adam. notice because they havent said anything.

    did i mention jeff is an A-hole?

    brendon is doing what he always does, making stuff up to being able to draw arguments to go to. by the way he is messing up his words alot.

    daniele is fighting as well she should, but her honesty cant get across because nobody will be quiet (everyone is talking over everyone) and rachel and brendon, and jeff are trying to keep there stuff in tact. which i guess is smart but when u want to “Get everything out” it looks bad

    • Daniele has 0 chance of winning and you need to get over that she turned to the most likely to win bb13 to probably not even making the jury Her dad carried her the entire season 8

      • Dani wasn’t carried through Season 8. Dick was not a very good big brother player and only won because america saved his ass multiple times. If the game was played straight, then Dick would have been gone pre-jury and danielle would have still made it pretty far maybe not as far though.

      • I use to like Jeff about after tonight all 4 of them can LOSE!!!! There is NO reason to be nasty to Dom(yes he maybe going home) but he is the youngest one there and he hasn’t done anything the rest(the 4 fab) hasn’t done. What two face back stabbing tweets!!

    • Dani is the A-hole. She is the one that started all of this. If she would of stayed true to her alliance she would of made it all the way to final two. She thought she was the best game player and it backfired. Oh did I forget to say Dani is the A-hole. Go Jeff and Jordan

      • same with u. start tuning in to the season. jeff hushes his girlfriend like she is some trick on the corner. jeff makes the homophobic comments and cant control his temper and is always calling people names when they dont agree with him.

        dani pulling out of her alliance which rachel and brendon were in on for a second, doesnt make her an a-hole. it might prove to be a dumb move, but it doesnt make her an a-hole

      • I think your are on the money Marcus and the other two women are wrong. The women are thinking emotionally the same as Rachel. Dom and Dani exposed too much of their game though. They could have felt people out before they talked though. Shelly sold them out.

      • Jeff asks Jordan to be quiet because sometimes she speaks without thinking about who she’s talking to. He is trying to protect both of them in the game…doesn’t make him an a-hole either. Jeff also tries to calm everyone down when things get heated. He tries to act like the adult. And just because everyone doesn’t agree with you does not mean they don’t watch the show. I have watched every season.Oh and by the way Jeff and Jordan have a really good friend that is gay. He was arguing with Kalia about a character in a novel. When are you going to tune out???

      • Karen,
        I’ve given it a lot of thought and considered your comments in depth and Imust say that yes, dani is an A-hole. She might get lucky Thursday or get a “break” from production, (or god forbid the twist is that only GK people can compete for HOH!), but soon, and I mean not soon enough, the second pasrt of the A-hole team will be going home soon. Dom + Dani = A-Hole Team. Lol…

      • Karen I guess I don’t understand why you think Jordan needs Jeff to tell her how to play BB considering the fact that she won all by herself in her season. Not all women need a man to tell them what to do. Just saying

      • Why is it ok that porche, shelly Adam and Shelly backstabbed their alliaqnce but it isn’t ok Dani did it. If the newbees would have stuck together from the begining the vets would have been gone by now.

      • Josie, do you not remember the first week Dom, Lawon, Keith and Cassie made a deal to keep each other. So who turned on there alliance first??? They did!!!

      • Oh another added thought I never said Jordan needs Jeffs help I said Jeff is trying to look out for her.

      • Karen The alliance held that first week Dom, Cassie, and Adem voted to evict Porcha. they did NOT turn their back on their alliance. what were they suppose to do BB make it impossible not to have to campaine against their partner by forcing them to take partners. so they made an alliance and they did NOT break it. But in any other situation they were going to vote with newbies that could not happen because Shelly, and Kalia jumped to vets side and made deals that they were not in danger at the time and did not have to make… And shell has been running around bring a two face lier making them think she is with them and than running to the vets like their lap dog telling them everything (while they make fun of her and call her a floater)

    • I agree that Rachel is a total “B”. I love how she is always saying everyone else plays “The Victim” or is “Manipulative” yet it is she who hides in the bushes and fake cries constantly trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her. Fortunately Brendon is the only one STUPID enough to fall for it. They make a great couple because he’s an educated idiot which goes great with her “feel sorry for me/scared of me” attitude. They will have a miserable life together if they even make it that far. I despise Rachel and now don’t care for Brendon either.

      I love Jordan but Jeff has turned into an A@@ this year…what happened to him? Jordan doesn’t seem very happy this season. I think all the fools in the house are just irritating her to no end, especially Rachel and Brendon. I feel sorry for her.

      I was really hoping Danielle would go far and I love her logical mind, but she did start playing way too hard, too soon. I think she is the only one left in the house that has the balls to stand up to the vets. I think the only other one was Cassi and look what happened to her. I wish Danielle had put her jealousy of Cassi and Dominic aside, teamed up with them and worked on getting control of the house. THAT would have been my dream team.

      Shelly is a snake and it makes me sick to hear her talk about how important it is that she play a “clean” game to make her daughter proud. WTF? Seriously? She’s playing the dirtiest of all. Lying, throwing her partner under the bus, pretending to be nice, rolling over and playing dead in competitions and pretending to be everyone’s friend and ally. She has absolutely no mind of her own, no competition skills and no courage. Which probably could have gotten her to the end since it’s happened many times before, except she made the stupid mistake of telling big mouth Kalia that she is a liar and traitor. She didn’t stop to think that Kalia is a liar and traitor, too, so of course she is going to blab it to everyone. I now think she may have screwed herself and I’m glad!

      Adam’s funny and if Dominic goes home I hope he sticks around for awhile even though he is super wish-washy. Porsche, Kalia and Lawon are ultimate floaters and can go anytime now. I’m sick of hearing Porsche stroke Rachel’s ego, but she knows how to keep herself in the game. She’s really in trouble once Rachel is gone though, if not before. She’s easily dispensable and a real dimwit/sucka@@.

      So basically the only newbies I still like in the competition are Dominic (but probably going home), so second would be Adam. Don’t care for ANY of the rest of them at all. If Dominic or Adam can’t win it I will be rooting for Jordan or Danielle. Hate to say that since they have both already won first or second place, but can’t stand anyone else in the house.

      This season started out so boring and predictable when the stupid newbies didn’t stick together. However, the fights and cracks in alliances are starting, so it is getting MUCH, MUCH more interesting!! Although if I have to hear even one more time, Rachel scream “Who wants to see my HOH room?” followed by that God-awful donkey laugh, I may stop watching this season.

      • no you won’t, we may say we will stop watching, but BB is addictive just like checking these forums…we all still want to know what is going on in the house.

      • Annie T, you are right. I say I will stop watching, but I won’t, darnit. I am a Big Brother addict and I need a 12 step program, help me please!!

      • Lol! You hit the nail on the head with “Who wants to see my HOH room?” And the donkey laugh! That cracked me up and turned my stomach at the same time! That woman is dillusional and freaking crazy! Is she that nuts or just really stupid?

      • Completely agree with everything you said… Jeff is a total ass telling Jordon to”just stop talking and eat” (right in front of everyone) because he felt she would say something he did not approve of.. what a jerk he seems to think he should be bowed down to.. I can’t believe how he acted over someone thinking of putting him “the great jeff” out of the game… Does the word GAME mean anything?? Here are brandon/rachael ready to backdoor him and than they change their mind and say it was ALL Dani.. If they are so much better players than Dani than why are they standing there saying she played them and they almost fell for it.. And why are they so easy forgiven? rachael is HOH she is suppose to be so much better player than Dani (per her and brandon) so how could dani have convinced such “good players” unless they were thinking of doing it already. which they were. oh and almighty JJ were thinking of doing the same thing last week… I am so sick of watching them (Brandon and Jeff) on the live feeds during the day strutting around the house bullying anyone that has the nerve to disagree with them. belittleing and talking down to the girls ) they say they love??) I have been married 32 yrs if my husband talk to me the way they both talk to Jordon and rachael I be in jail for assult.. these girls better really think about how they are being treated in front of everyone. Jaff/brandon are both ego pumping jerks. I always like Jeff until this season I got the live feeds and could not believe how mean he is.. and Brandon he makes rachel cry at least once a day. I loved it today when Kalia told Brandon to stick it and than told F##k You….

      • Don’t watch then. Jeff has a quick witted sense of humor. He makes little cracks to Jordan and they both laugh about it. He just is a guy that can comeback at you real quick with a comment. I think he is funny and he also adores Jordan. You don’t see them fighting back and forth all the time. In fact they haven’t had one fight.

      • DUH Karen never said I would not watch.. And if you have been watching the “live feeds” and hearing how Jeff throws his weight around bullys everyone that even acts like they are not bowing down to him including Jordon. But maybe you think it is ok to belittle people and call them horrible names and then if it gets heated make them feel like he could get violent that is what both Brandon and Jeff have been doing, But maybe to you that is an acceptable form of joking. Also if jordon lets him talk to her like that it is on her. But the problem is he talks to and about anyone in the house even people he is useing and calling his alliance the same way. I don’t happen to think it is quick witted to call a person Fu##kin stupid…

    • Adam is keeping on making deals with the
      veterans when his ass is on the line but,
      reverts to being against the veterans when
      it suits him. If the veterans do not trust
      Adam it is with good reason. He cannot be
      relied on to vote with the veterans and
      should be voted out right after Dominic.
      And I do not think the veterans are in complete control. If Danielle is evicted,
      the newbies will have the numbers to vote
      out the veterans if they win HOH! Stupid
      move by Danielle which probably cost her
      the game! Newbies will vote out Danielle if
      she is on the block because that is one less
      veteran to contend with! Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel need to stick together and
      win HOH because Danielle’s move put the veterans at serious risk of being booted out!

    • RACHEL ROCKS! GO GIRL, everyone always hates on the chick they can’t beat.

      Come on you know it’s true.

      • No that is not true at all. I LOVED Janelle and she was way better at competitions than Rachel (plus she played a great social game and was very well liked). Rachel is a really bad sport who pouts/crys/whines and blames everyone else when she loses and gloats outrageously and unnecessarily when she wins, even demeaning all the other contestants. She acts like a royal “B” all the time, so much so that Brendon, Jordan AND Shelly have had to talk to her about her attitude. It’s pretty bad when other people have to point out her bad behavior and she is SHOCKED to hear it. Of course it will do no good, it will NEVER sink in and that’s too bad because I liked and rooted for Rachel at the beginning of her first season. Unfortunately she quickly became the ultimate “mean girl” that she is always complaining about. Although I admire her ability to win at competitions, I will NEVER respect her as a person because she is so rude and hateful.

    • Daniele has no honesty whatsoever, for once rachel didnt cause trouble but yet she still gets hated on….

    • I love Daniele. She is making the game more interesting. Sriously, im tired of watching JJ and BR dominate the game and how the floaters and cowards play so poorly. Also, I can tell that Daniele is head over hills for Dom and she trusts him 100%.

      • I agree. If it weren’t for Danielle at least TRYING to do something in this game it would be totally boring. Up until this week I was bored to tears with this season. At least she is making it interesting! Between Survivor being a snooze-fest last season and Big Brother starting out completely predictable I was beginning to think there wasn’t going to be any good reality shows this year. Come on CBS, you’re losing your edge.

  2. oh and by the way, shelly is full S. she make honest, and her skin may look like a dried piece of bacon, buts she is full of it.

    • Marcus you obviously jumped on the Dani bandwagon. She also has been lying trying to get her “alliance” to turn on each other because she feels lonely. And that’s okay– it is a deceptive game. It’s supposed to be!! If you play with a “holier than thou” “im goody ms.honest” attitude, you’ll get your behind bounced out of there.

    • Marcus you obviously jumped on the Dani bandwagon. She also has been lying trying to get her “alliance” to turn on each other because she feels lonely. And that’s okay– it is a deceptive game. It’s supposed to be!! If you play with a “holier than thou” “im goody ms.honest” attitude, you’ll get your behind bounced out of there. You’re so in band wagon that you’re getting personal with their appearance because apparently that’s what makes a good player according to you lol.

      • Agree with you that there’s no need to drag in there appearance. It has nothing to do with the game.

      • The two pairs had an edge from the start-paired with your significant other and previously played. Everyone else had to team up with a stranger. Dani had the guts to make a move and play the game. The pairs strategy is win every comp. Good luck. Rachel hates floaters but she loves hanging on to the biggest floaters Shelly and Porsche. I hate to see Dom go- a good person willing to play. I hope Dane wins HOH. We need something interesting to happen, so far BB is very boring.

  3. when keith, cassie, or dominic come out of pandora’s box and back into the game to take Dick’s place it is gonna burn too!

  4. I believe that it is time to shake up the vets. Daniele can play competitions well and the vets should have listened to her. Instead they ousted her and her opinion. I hope she fights no matter what. I still believe Dominic and Daniele would have made a good shake up alliance. Although I like the vets, letting them know that they are not going to dominate the season without a fight is great game play.

  5. nothing came out of that. the deals are still in place. only one who came out of that differently was kalia.

    AWWWW daniele thinks she got shelly’s vote for dom. no u didnt. i wish u did, but shelly blows more smoke up the newbs a** then she does on the outside couch. shelly was bought a long time ago. same with porsche. thats not changing.

    • delete^ nevermind looks like shelly IS voting for Dominic. everyone body has a price… except for shelly.

      • So is Shelly voting to KEEP Dom or get him out? I’m so confused. Who is MOST LIKELY going home tomorrow? Or is it now unclear?

      • Melinda, don’t worry, once they calm down Dom will be gone. He’s probably not even gonna get Dani’s vote by tomorrow night. Her only chance to get back in any good grace with BRJJ is to throw Dom under the bus and push for a unanimus vote. In my opinion of…Bye Dom…

    • In the beginning when rachel was HOH, the Regulators was made. That meant whoever was not in that alliance, one of them, would be going home for sure! So Porsche, Shelly, and initially Kalia did the smart thing by aligning themselves with the Vets. Think about it- Shelly is doing the best thing to stay in the game right now. It’s a GAME- not a moral obligation show.

      • Wrong!! Shelly is a snake… She turned on the newbies in the first 2 days which lead to the vets taking full control and than just picking them off. Than today in the huge house fight it is made completely clear to her that the vets had made deals with everyone… they had played her and most of the others all thinking they were going to the finals with them. Once it is out in the open she sits there and agrees with all the newbies to send adam home and they will have the control of the house back. allowing Dani and Dom to fight to win the HOH.. what does she do the minute she walks away from them run to the vets that played her and don’t even like her (she just doesn’t know that) and tell them EVERYTHING once again being the person that screws over the newbies. she should do the math with the vets the best she can hope for is 5th in their alliance.. Jess,Jordon,Brandon,Rachael than her… If she had stayed loyal for once to newbies they would have had the numbers.. (porcha would have joined them if shelly had). at the house fight she lectures everyone on playing the game without lies and backstabbing saying she has morals and could never lie or backstab anyone because her daughter is watching.. I hope that she is lieing about having a daughter because she is the biggist lier and backstabber in the house and a fool on top of that!!

      • I agree it’s not a moral obligation show, but when you CONSTANTLY talk about playing a “clean” game for your daughter’s sake and then lie and back stab more than anyone else…well that makes you morally bankrupt in my opinion. Just quit talking about playing a “clean” game and I would have never thought anything about it because that’s the way most others play. Fortunately for Shelly her daughter is young and hopefully won’t understand how dishonest her mother is being. If she were older, she would probably be totally embarrassed to hear her mom talk about honesty and then turn around in the next sentence and LIE and LIE and LIE through her teeth. At the very beginning I was rooting for Shelly and Cassi. Thought they were the team to win, but then I lost respect for Shelly as soon as she “rolled over and died” (basically day 2). Jeez at least pretend to fight a little, ugh.

      • Duh Liz who turned on who first???? Dom, Cassie, Keith and Lawon made a secret alliance the first week. So your saying Shelly will only get 5th well if she stayed with the newbs she wouldn’t do any better. Dom, Dani,Lawon,Kalia, then Shelly.

      • Liz you have got to the jest of my problem with Shelly. Shes selling a bill of goods and I know that lying is part of the game but she mentions her kid and ask of people trust that she does not give. Ka;ia has teh right of her. She is all smoke and mirror, telling people she does not lie then lie. I know its a game but one does not have to sell ones soul.

      • Duh Karen i did the math what I am trying to point out is that either way with the vets she is #5 period unless one of them gets voted out. That may not be the case with the Newbies I think if they could trust her she would not be low person on the pole but even if she was. at least she would be working people that are on the same playing level and she would have a chance to convince them to sometimes vote how she wants that will NEVER happen with the vets and we all know they do not even like her..and if you read my prior post Dom,Cassie and Lawson did NOT break their alliance with Keith they voted to evict Procha….

  6. I really wish I had the live feeds but the hubby won’t let me. He says he pays for Showtime so I get BBAD. =( Oh well. As for the show-downs this week, I hope like h*ll that Dominic goes home & then one of the Vets wins HoH and sends Daniele home after him. I’m so sick of her playing both sides of the house. I know a lot of people don’t like Rachel, but I’m one of the few that actually likes her. I think she’s annoying as crap sometimes, but she plays one helluva game. So she hates to lose…who doesn’t?! Yeah she’s whiney when she loses but again, who isn’t?! lol I’d like to see her at least make it to finals. I do NOT want Jeff/Jordan to make to final 2 and if the newbies were smart they’d go after them. I think Jordan is a sweetheart but she’s already one once. PLUS, here’s my issue with her…I am over her stupid blonde countrygirl act. She’s making blondes as well as us Southern girls look like we’re a bunch of moronic airheads…which we most assuredly are NOT. As far as the Newbies go, I think I like Shelly the most. I don’t like Kalia or Lawon at all. They are both 2-faced liars. I get that it’s a game and eventually you turn on each other but they give new meaning to 2-faced. Both of them agree with whatever is being said by the person they are currently talking to then they run to the other HGs and tell what was said…even make a few things up. It gets old. It’s like they are trying to stir the house up. While it makes the live feeds interesting (or so I hear) it doesn’t do anything for their game. All it will do in the end it piss people off and put a HUGE target on their back. It’s really kind of stupid on their part. And Porshe…oh lord. There’s just something about that girl that I don’t trust or like. I’d like to see Dominic go home tomorrow, then please send Daniele and whiney a$$ next week. She can go cry to her PT (could someone PLEASE tell me what the crap is up with that. I can’t for the life of me figure out why she calls him PT and why she calls Jeff “best friend”. ) Anyway, thanks so much for all the amazing updates!!!! It’s how I know what is going on with the HGs during the day!! Thanks!!! =)

    • well to date we are getting to watch…Last year all we saw was we will be right back…if that crap starts again this year I will cancel need paying for a blank screen

    • finally!! someone who i agree with, i cant wait for dominic, daniele and kalia to get out…Rachel had nothing to do with this fight, and she feels genuinely bad for dom and then daniele goes off calling her an idiot i really want one of the couples to win…

    • Jordan’s obviously not a moronic air head- her mind just works a different way. She figured out the David Hasselhoff thing. Plus, so what if she isn’t intelligence. That’s just as shallow as looks because not everyone can achieve it. She has a nice heart- I think that’s why I have NO problem with her.

      • She’s just very honest and innocent. She has a good heart and sometimes she says things that are funny like walk and chew gum at the same time. That does not make her stupid.

      • Please don’t misunderstand what I said yesterday about Jordan. I do NOT think she’s a moronic airhead…I said she’s ACTING like one. and the ACT is getting old. Her figuring out the Baywatch thing right off shows just how smart she is. And yes, we Southern girls are hot tempered, smart, & quick minded. I include myself in this statement because I am EXTREMELY PROUD to be a Southern girl. Originally from Atlanta but have lived in Tennessee for 17 years now. I think Jordan is by far the sweetest player to ever play Big Brother but her dumb girl ACT gets old. And again, I agree with cnakdiamonds that one of the reasons I love Rachel is because she takes no crap and says what she thinks and she has AMAZING gameplay. She annoys the h*ll out of me sometimes with her annoying laugh and whininess, but Daniele whine more than Rachel & I don’t see people hating on her. Seriously lay off Rachel. People love to hate her because she can play the GAME and play it well. Also yes, she is indeed the HoH queen!!!!!

      • Jordan is not playing dumb. Like I said she is just a sweet girl and that’s her personality.

    • we southern girls are not airheads or dumb
      we are smart, quick minded, and hot tempered
      maybe that is why all the gals my way love rachael’s gameplay not her laugh mind you just her gameplay
      she is the hoh queen

  7. Anyone know anything about the HOH comp tomorrow??!! Will they be split-up? Will it be endurance?

    • This is the first non-partner comp of the season since they’ll finally be down to Top 10.

      We’re 99% sure it’ll be some sort of endurance comp. The HGs are on lockdown so production can have 26+ hours to work in the backyard. Only an endurance comp could be that complicated.

      • Oh goody… an endurance!!!! I hope Jeff or Brendon wins or possibly Shelly. Pretty much anyone but Daniele…I want to see her go home! I think Shelly is the only newbie that will turn on the other newbies but only because she like Jordan so much! Like I said earlier, I like Rachel even though she annoys the crap out of me. I really think she deserves to win based soley on her game play! She’s a great competitor and she plays the game. Of course, this is just my personal opinion!!! Thanks for all the amazing updates! They keep those of us who can’t get the live feeds up to date! =)

    • Shelly doesn’t want to win a dn if she’s gonna win she needs to send home some of the veterans but that’s not gonna happen. I actually hope that Dani wins HOH because the house needs to be shaken up.

      • I agree. Shelly would be fifth in their alliance, She is not playing to win she is acting like a groupie doing all she can to impress a celebrity, if JJ were celebrities, Shelly is a waist of space as far as playing to win goes, but shes good for production. I’m beginnig to think this is scripted.

      • I soo hope dani wins tomorrow Brandon and Jeff need to be taken down a peg. On the live feeds you see just how mean they both are strutting around bullying everyone including Jordon and rachael they treat them like they think their idiots in front of the whole house. the go on to tell the newbies how great they are at the game and they better roll with them or they will get sent home. NEWS FLASH both Brandon and Jeff you DID NOT win your season… That little blond you think is so dome WON!!

      • oh and agree with you shelly is a backstabbing liar that seems to be obsessed with pleasing JJ…

      • Not sure why so many of you say jeff and bren bully everyone and treat there girls bad. I have watched it from the get go and I havnt seen any of that. All I see is they compete very hard and don’t want to make any misstakes because they know once they do its over for them. One other thing is rach is playing a very good game she is nothing like last year, all you hater are only going by last season when it comes to her. Dannie will become the worst game player I’ve seen on bb. She could have stayed with the vets and she would have gone to top 3 easy. I see it like this if the 4 vets get to the final 4 that 5th player will not get knocked out both couples will want to take that person to the final with them. Now on to jordan, she only won her season because jeff carried her and then he saved her late in that season with bb stupid award that jeff won. I’d love to see adam go home so the show gets really nasty, even if that happens I don’t see any of the newbies winning an Hoh, Dom may come close but he won’t out dual jeff and bren in any endurance and won’t out dual rach in the others. Rach won’t win bb but in my mind she is the best female player there has ever been. The best player never wins remember that. o

      • Moe do you watch the live feeds??? BB is not showing a lot of what A holes jeff/brandon are. Brandon to rachael – “you ARE NOT allowed to talk game with anyone unless i’m in the room “What is wrong with you are ruining my game” “I am not going to marry you if you act like this” He has her crying every day.. And I am shocked she is allowing him to do that to her on TV in front of everyone.

        Jeff to Jordon- “why don’t just get something to eat and STOP TALKING” “I don’t want you in here being friends w/kalia” he constantly making remarks that inply that he think Jordon is stupid..

        Those are just a couple examples of how they talk to the women they say they love..

        And they are so much worse with the newbies actually threatening them. They walk up to them and start yelling and intimating until the newbie that may have been trying to make a point get scared and backs down. They strut around the house bullying everyone..

      • Jeff and Jordan/Brenchel are playing the best game for now. And they are not threatening people. Like Jeff said to Dominic we had your back and then you plot to get me backdoored. Jeff told him just say it to my face and then ok game on. And Jeff adores Jordan. It’s stressful in that house and he is just trying to help her make it to the end. Sometimes Jordan does say the wrong thing to people that don’t have her back.

    • Thanks!! That’s been bugging me for days now!! And what is the deal with calling Jeff “Best Friend”? or does anyone know?

  8. Hey Matt, im gonna do the free trial for the live feeds, i wanna see the fights do you know what times all the drama and fights?

    • am not Matt but time was about 3:57 pm..according to when I first posted about it

    • Hi Taylor: You can Flashback to today at 1:20PM BBT (Big Brother Time) for when the bleep hits the fan.

      You should also Flashback to check out the other big fights this week. I’ve listed all the times in the linked articles above.

      • it actually started at 12:50 BB time with brandon/kalia going at it outside by the pool. That is what lead up to Kalia finally losing her temper and telling Brandon to “shove it” and started yelling to all the newbies in that house that they were being used… I LOVE whan she warned brandon that he was going to far and he was so stupid he really did not think she would go off in him.. I may not think she has good game but I was so happy to see someone stand up to then and tell them to F off…

      • The house/kitchen fight starts at 1:20PM BBT as noted above. Yes, there was a preceding argument between Brendon and Kalia around 12:50PM BBT.

  9. well if the nebes don’t come together now (after the fights and the meeting today) they all better start packing. None of the have the brains to play this game. It’s a shame soooo many others wanted to come in and play and could of done a better job with the vets.

    • Boy do I ever agree with you there. They had it made in the beginning if they had just stuck together and not started backstabbing each other immediately. I do wish they had come up with a cast of newbies that had the balls to make some big plays. It’s a shame that it’s taken Danielle (a VET) to try to get the newbies to do something, ANYTHING even remotely against the “Fab 4”. I’ve never seen such a large cast of nothing but followers and floaters. Sickening and totally boring!!

  10. @karen same with u. start tuning in to the season. jeff hushes his girlfriend like she is some trick on the corner. jeff makes the homophobic comments and cant control his temper and is always calling people names when they dont agree with him.

    dani pulling out of her alliance which rachel and brendon were in on for a second, doesnt make her an a-hole. it might prove to be a dumb move, but it doesnt make her an a-hole

    • So it’s ok for you to call Jeff and A-hole?? Who died and made you ruler??? TUNE OUT!!!

    • Marcus,
      It’s all about opinions. You like who you like, we like who we like. 95% of the houseguests every year are A-holes. That’s why they pick them for the most part.

  11. Some of my friends were talking the other day & we all agree that cbs should do a reunion show about 2 weeks after the finale. The ratings would be outrageous after all these fireworks. I would love for this to happen!!

  12. AGHHHH!! My feeds aren’t working, my flashback isn’t working. Is anyone else having problems?

    • I was having that problem with the flash back. I had to clear my cookies, then restart my pc. Try it & I hope it works for you. This fight is epic!

  13. I love the vets minus dani, but I have to laugh because what everyone in the house is forgetting is this is a game. But I hope the 4 vets go far, I love watching them, as for jeff I think he worries about Jordan because she is so sweet and possibly plays on feelings and can feel sorry for people.
    I’m confused why they are even having a meeting when this entire game is manipulation and alliances.

  14. Boy, oh boy!! I certainly got my money’s worth today by having the live feeds! I have never seen a more explosive showdown on BB, and I have been watching since season 1! It was awesome!! Name calling, screaming, lying, oh Daniele, look what you have done!

  15. Daniele can play and win competitions hopefully she does well. I do not dislike the vets but Daniele played socially with both sides of the house.

  16. Quick question… Who actually watched BB 8? I did, religiously. More than the crap seasons that followed. It was by far the best season to date, and Dick and Danielle are 50% why. As disappointed as I am that Evel Dick left, but I’m grasping onto hope that Danielle will win. Once she’s allowed to play comps, I’m hoping, and I know that she’ll win some. This next week is make or break for her, but I’m hoping she can redeem her game. Yeah, she’s kind of a snake in her social game, but she’s playing BB! Jordeff’s social game is “being a cute couple”, and Brenchel’s is just.. I won’t go there, even though I respect them for their competition track record.

    • I loved Dani on her season and was excited when she was coming back. My dislike for her started when she tried to turn her own alliance against each other. Now I want her gone.

      • I personally thought it was a brilliant move. At least she’s doing SOMETHING unlike anyone else in the house, even if it doesn’t work out for her. I think the vets need to be broken up because it would make the show much more interesting. It’s not like the other 4 vets hadn’t already talked repeatedly about taking her out BEFORE she ever even started stirring up stuff. She’s not dumb, she knows she has no chance as long as the “Fab 4” are whole. She took a risk. Whether it pays off or not, it has shaken the house up and THAT is playing the game!!! Hate her or love her, she is the only one making the season interesting right now. That is just my opinion.

      • She played too fast, too soon. There was plenty of time later in the game. Like Jeff told her we had a solid five alliance and chances were they all would not make it to final five. Some of them would get knocked out along the way but they they team up with someone else.

  17. Remember to that ED picked Porsche for a vote to be with the alliance. When ED left Daniele did not associate herself with Porsche who has been hiding under the radar.

  18. I hope Dani picks all of them out vet first one by one Brenda is such a jack ASS, hope jj go too would not mind Rachel and Dani staying good players. But the worst one is Shell of a crab.

  19. wow porsche has become so low key in the game ever since dick and kieth left. same with lawon and kalia, what have they done? something tells me that lawon is going to start playing hard in the next couple of weeks I think he might be the surprise of the game and no one will see it

    • That is the opinion of my associate at work. Lawon is entertaining but her needs to win comps to win votes.

      • he may be entertaining but I’m so far not convinced that he realizes he is on BB.

  20. I hate the fact that I don’t have the live feeds. the game is starting to get really good and im missing it all :( ah man I wish i had a credit card!!! is there another way to get the live feeds???

    • go buy a green dot visa and put the money on it..can get em most anywhere..

  21. I know everyone is saying that they are going to break up teams cause we are at 10,but Julie said they will have the golden key for 4 weeks and that it has not been cause Evil left the same weak as the 1st vote out.So dose anyone else think that they might hold off one more week before they split the teams up and they take the keys away?

    • this week is the last key the last one is worthless, but Dani is it i bet on her, bones cant play ,k-l Adam bacon lol have not seen porch play so don’t know whats up with her, B J are getting sloppy i don’t know why Dominic trusted Brenda and let him win . But if Dom goes would like to see R D and Jordan play against each other.

      • The three of them at the end would of been good but I don’t think their all going to make it cause they let to much break them up already

  22. K for everyone who says dick only won season 8 because of America is full of shit how can you even say that!?! like if Eric wasn’t playing for America dick would of played and did completely different stuff he wouldn’t of called people out for those random votes from America it would of been completely different game and completely different situations the best player one under that circumstance end of story.

  23. Cassi was the sweetest of the lot …. very honest. Too honest for this game. Itd be nice to see good ‘people’ finishing first, but it doesnt happen in real life.
    Evil Dick didnt stay in long enough. I dont know if he should even be brought back.
    Porsche is just Rachels little puppy and proves she has no mind of her own.
    Adam may know BB trivia, but he doesnt seem to have learned much from watching the show. hes a follower.
    Shelly is Jordans groupie, and for someone ‘crying’ about being a bad role-model for her kid has sure proven how dishonest she is (to all of the newbies and especially to her ‘friend’ Cassi).
    Kalia has been a whiner and a waste of space on the show and accomplished nothing.
    Lawon isnt even worth remembering as he has done nothing at all and is so afraid of everything he goes along with anything hes told to do.
    Keith came in thinking with the wrong head and wasnt there to play.
    Jordan doesnt seem to bring much to the table except for her ‘sweetness’. Shes just a second vote for Jeff. Jeff is a bully and an a$$ He uses Jordan to entice the dumber newbies to the vets side, but keeps jordan on a tight leash. This may be a look into their married life too :D
    Dominic seemed like a smart guy and had a great idea to team up the newbies. He shouldve gone further but he didnt count on the gullibility of people such as Shelly, Porsche and kalia. He should be brought back!
    Dani played a good game, but she has played her hand too early and may not make it. If she can regroup with the remaining newbies they may be able to do something. but i dont think Shelly or Porsche will wisen up in time.
    Brendon and rachel certainly bring in controversy and drama, but theyve always been great competitors. Their public drama and making out etc is a bit much. Did they really think they would repair their image ? It seems more like they confirmed why America didnt like them. Brendon is a bully and makes up BS all the time. He has lied to every single person and then makes a big drama about others trying to play the game instead of just taking it in stride. rachel is cocky and a drama queen, and its funny that she wonders why others get ticked off with her :D

    This couldve been an interesting scenario with vets and newbies. But the whole game basically became predictable since week 1 when Shelly and Khalia backstabbed the other newbs. Shelly is still so enamoured with Jordan that shes no longer playing the game because the vets will discard her as soon as shes no longer relevant. Same with Porsche. And Khalia (except shes realized it finally).
    If the housemates had played well and taken out ppl from each alliance periodically, the game wouldve been up in the air. As it is, we seem to be just waiting to see which vet wins.
    Hopefull BB will throw in some turmoil to shake up the house and make things unpredictable and fun again.

    I heard thatr in England, one season, noone in the house knew that evicted houseguests did not LEAVE BB, they were escorted to an adjacent house and were allowed to watch the live feeds. Then some of them were shown back IN to the main house !!

    • I would LOVE to see something like that happen. Cassi could see what a snake Shelly really is and Dominic could see that he really could trust Dani. Would make such a GREAT twist!!

      • right Dani can be trusted….lol..sure..I got some ocean front property in Arziona…u looking to buy?? LMAO

      • lmao @flyonthewall …and btw cassi was not honest rachel is a drama queen but this drama started cause of daniele..a

    • Can we please just never mention cassi again? I mean i’m serious here. i’m going to draw a pentagram right now!, i swear i will

    • if dick were to come back and i am sayin if
      the whole house would go up in flames b/c when he found out about the fight with dani
      omg he would bring he11 fires

    • Omg I just hate Shelly. I dont care if she wants to play the game by lying, backstabbing, and sucking up but to use your own daughter/son to get you sympathy is just terrible OKAY!!! Not to mention she caused the game to Cassie and now prolly Dom.

  24. Why would big brother subject me to almost 30mins of luwan and dominic talking trash they are so clueless!!!

    • tell me about it..I am paying for 4 cams not one…keep them cameras moving through the house production..don’t dwell on trivial dribble..

  25. BB should evict all the people with golden keys, and bring back their partners !!!

    That would throw a real twist into things !! :D Talk about drama and tensions :D

    • just started watching bb after dark tonight and lord and behold the newbes are talking about coming together–but saddley alittle to late!! They still think they can trust Shelly and she’s still playing the same two face game shr’s always played(please get rid of her) I don’t want Dom to go but it dosen’t look good.

  26. Dani has zero chance to win after this. But it was a great ‘discussion’ to watch. I was very impressed by Shelly and what she said.

      • I don’t know if it will help her game in the end but she said a lot of about playing the game in a way that you can leave the house and ‘hold your head up high’. Meaning to play a clean game and that you don’t need to backstab and such to win the game. She said it a lot better than I am saying it right now. :)

      • Lora r u seriuos, She claims to love Cassi but if she would have atleast told her the truth at the end when she was leaving she would have redeemed herself in my opinion. She remained a snake to the bitter end. If she is proud and can hold the example she claims to be setting for her daughter up then so be it. All I can say is shes going to be writing a lot of lines when she goes home. The honest Shelly would gave said “I’m going to do what it takes to win”. Even ib confessional she keeps up the facade, maybe she’s bipolar and does not know what the other personality is doing.

  27. I want Lawon or J/J to win. I know Lawon hasn’t done anything yet, but if he ever did he seems like he would be a legit player and not resort to lying and throwing people under the bus. Shelly claims to be playing a ‘good’ game but clearly she is not, in that she DID throw her partner under the bust and resort to lying even though she has not convinced herself of the opposite. I cannot stand Kalia, didn’t care for her personality at all and I didn’t like how she was so quick (along with Shelly) to appease the vets – if those two bozos would’ve kept their word for at least a week the newbies would be a lot stronger then they are right now. Porche is the new Rachel, that’s all that needs to be said on that one.

  28. Does anybody else think the twist is going to be that the only people allowed to compete for HOH are the people with golden keys?

    • The keys can be a blessing or a curse….The blessing would be a free ride for 4/5 weeks..the curse is yet to it would seem..

    • It may be that but I don’t think it would be fair because they have had a free ride for the last few weeks.

  29. @Matt BBN … I am sure something has to give because CBS has a contract to run so many shows so with Dick excusing himself early doesn’t that leave BB one week short of fulfilling their contract? This may eliminate the double eviction since it has kind of already happened. What are your thoughts?

  30. Jeff and Brendon are what!? brothers from another mother lmao …

    Jeff: love you are too cuddly can u please give me some space tonight u knw im strong out from today

    jordan: ok sorry turns over upset

    jeff: come here lets cuddle

    jordan: no goodnight

    brendon: babe can u please give me some breathing space tonite u know i have a big game tomorrow

    rachel: okay turns around upset says goodnight

    brendon: u upset dont be silly good night

    bed time for me now kalia’s not worth staying up for ..looking forward to eviction

    • Lawon? Never heard of him. Next thing I know you’re going to try to convince me there’s a HG named “Porsche.” Yeah right! :)

      • that is funny! I said earlier that I don’t think Lawon has figured out that he is on BB….don’t know where he thinks he is and what game he is supposed to be playing but so far it is not BB.
        ED approached Porsche for a reason, she is way too low under the radar…watch her.

  31. The twist is…… Keith, Cassie, and Dom will be competing to get back in the game. That’s my theory. They need to make up for dick leaving.

  32. They may not need to make up for dick leaving. They can just skip the double elimination week this year.

  33. I really don’t understand how anyone could love Rachel/Brenden, tolerate maybe, but love or be their fave? Trying to be funny but at the same time I really don’t see how anyone could like them. Rachel/Brendan have got to be the most annoying duo to ever be featured on reality television letalong BB. Brendan seems to have only gotten worse since last season, all that whining and crying for nothing. They may be good at challenges but that’s about it, their pitiful social game will never allow them to get to the final two – at least so I hope. And I personally haven’t met any one who ‘tried’ (he never says he is going to be or wants to be, it’s always ‘try’ to be. if he’s half as smart as he claims, why would you have to ‘try’? you either will be or you won’t) to become a doctor who actually did, if I have to hear that line one more time…..

  34. The biggest A-Hole is Shelly What a dumb BackStabbing Bitch, does she nort realize this is a game . She is not going to win here or anywhere else. Do it on your own idiot! You are an embassament for all women and ……

    • Believe it or not SHH told MR Jiffy that she would hold on in comp because she wanted letter from daughter??? Mr. Jiffy said if its between you and me ill drop Oh yea she said oh no you have to win LOL. He husband the good”guy? he most be thinking i did not know that woman was such apiece of work.Ha Ha

  35. Damn, I wish I got the live feeds. Sounds like it’s actually turning into a good game.

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