Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 3 Wednesday Highlights

Wow! What a day it was in the Big Brother house. The HGs were fired up and being put on lockdown for 26 hours while production built the next competition (read: endurance) wasn’t helping the tension. A massive fight broke out just after 1PM (use your Flashback) and lasted over an hour. Nearly every lie and back room deal was exposed. Daniele is now forced to abandon the Vet alliance and openly support the Newbs. After Thursday’s big competition we’ll know just how much trouble that’s caused her.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 27, 2011:

9:00 AM BBT – Brendon and Shelly are the early risers. They’re discussing their next targets which is pretty much all of the Late Night Crew. Shelly is relaying everything she’s heard from the Newbs. Both have agreed a Daniele win in this next HoH comp would be bad for them.

11:15 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon having yet another argument in the HoH room. Brendon says if it comes down to the two of them, he hopes he gets the money because he balances the checkbook better. He tries to make it a little joke, but you know he was serious.

12:00 PM BBT – Rachel gets her HoH camera and runs around the house taking pictures. Lots of faked smiles this round.

12:50 PM BBT – Kalia and Brendon begin arguing. She says she had nothing to do with the Backdoor-Jeff plan. Brendon was probably saving this joke for the past year: “I’ve studied rocket science, and this is easier.” Brendon accuses Kalia of being a floater. Kalia starts yelling back at him.

1:15 PM BBT – Jordan calling for a house meeting. Even she is riled up.

1:20 PM BBT – The house meeting ignites. This goes on for over an hour. No way to capture it all. You’ll really need to watch it on the Live Feeds Flashback (Free Trial). Kalia is shouting, waving her hands, and doing lots of pointing. For whatever reason she’s completely standing up for Daniele and explaining why Daniele flipped on the Vets. Way to sink your own ship, Kalia. Jeff is yelling that he didn’t make deals with everyone in the house like Kalia is saying.

1:30 PM BBT – Daniele finally joins the house meeting, but sits there silently. Everyone is shouting about “her” and “this person” which we all know means Daniele, but no one is willing to say her name.

1:40 PM BBT – Rachel tells Kalia “her friend” (again, code for Daniele) will backstab her and not care in the least. Daniele finally speaks, “Rachel, you’re an idiot.” Daniele finally admits it was her idea to backdoor Jeff but she did it out of respect because he’s just so darn threatening.

1:50 PM BBT – Dominic tries to get in on the arguing but fails. Says Brenchel were in on the backdoor-Jeff plan. Brendon points out they were because Daniele was lying to them. When they figured it out, they dropped the plan. Nice try, Dominic. Stick to modeling Gap jeans.

1:55 PM BBT – Dominic didn’t learn his lesson at all. Now he’s trying to call out Shelly and she’s not about to let him get away with it. She’s furious and starts yelling back at him that he’s lying. “Roll back the tapes!” she shouts.

2:20 PM BBT – Shelly is angry that Dominic implies the Newbs don’t have a chance in competitions against the Vets. She says they all have a chance but each have to play the game differently.

2:30 PM BBT – The house meeting disbands and HGs scatter. Daniele retreats to the Have-Nots room while Kalia and Jordan hold session in the Lounge room. Kalia is crying and apologizing to Jordan. Dominic, Lawon, and Shelly join Daniele in the Have-Not room and discuss a plan. Shelly seems to be in on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a front. Dominic heads out to find Porsche and work on her vote.

2:50 PM BBT – Kalia has moved on from Jordan to Jeff and is apologizing for the whole “backdoor Jeff” plan. She promises to come to him with any information she gets from the Newbs.

3:30 PM BBT – Shelly approaches Jordan, wants to make a Final 3 deal with her and Jeff in exchange for information. Jordan agrees. Shelly tells her about the Newbs plan to flip Porsche and keep Dominic. They go upstairs to also tell Brenchel. Shelly explains the Newbs whole plan to the Vets.

5:30 PM BBT – Dominic is now trying to work his magic on Porsche for her vote. It’s not going to work, but he really thinks a wink and a smile is all it takes. Quite an ego.

9:15 PM BBT – Shelly promises Adam he has her vote. She’s giving the Newbs lip service and won’t flip on him like they think she will.

5:00 AM BBT – Kalia, Daniele, and Dominic are still up and chatting in the Have-Not room. Did they forget about the endurance competition coming up Thursday night?

The house must have really been burnt out by the massive mid-day fight. The rest of the day was spent stumping for votes and bashing the other side. The Newbs are pressing hard to keep Dominic and they just might think they have the votes. They don’t. If the Vets really wanted to mess with their heads then they should let them think Dom is staying and then, bam!, drop the hammer.

Either way, tonight’s HoH competition will be a critical point for both sides. If the Vets win then they’ll control the Jury House when the final votes arrive. If the Newbs can finally pull out a win then they’ll be on their way to the first Vet eviction. You won’t want to miss the competition play out on the Live Feeds.

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  1. I can’t believe Dani, Kalia, and Dominic are so stupid to keep telling Shelly things. Do they not see her run straight out the door with the information? Tonight is going to be the best episode this season. Someone from the other side the house better win this. PLEASE let someone else win this, I do not want to spend the summer watching Jordon, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon win everything. That would be so lame.

    • I completely and totally agree! It is incredibly boring watching the vet 4 walk all over stupid newbies.

      Does Shelly actually think that she’s going to win by being the vets lapdog? Even if she is in final 5 with them, she’ll be 5th place! She has no chance! She’s not playing to win and that makes me so upset. Why even be here if your not playing to win?! Same with J/J. I’ve heard multiple times that Jordan just wants to get to jury with jeff. Why? So you can have a vacation? You are pathetic. I am no longer a j/j fan — especially with Jeff being so cocky and such a bully.

      How can anyone be a fan of the vet 4? You have Brenden who is a controlling geek. You have Rachel who literally has the IQ of a 10 year old. You have Jeff who is a bully and is constantly talking down to Jordan. He believes everyone needs to fall in HIS line. The only one I like is Jordan.

      Shelly is the biggest snake I’ve ever seen and Porche is brain dead — just following the vets blindly. Sixth place is the farthest chance she has in this game.

      I used to hate Dani – in her season she was such a brat and hid behind her dad. But at least this season she’s sticking up to the bullies and is willing to do some damage. She’s obviously here to win!

      • I totally agree with you!! I don’t want dom to go home and I think dani really likes him ( their cute together)as for jj and r/b am over them. I feel bad for Adam but bb will better with Dom in it. Can’t wait until tonight.

      • I DISAGREE! vets are way smarter and have a game face on. shelly is playing the best game on the newbie side. everyone else is just laying back laying low. dani was trying to get everyone to do her dirty work for her but they are way too smart for that!

      • I disagree with you about Shelly. It may seem like she is 5th on the totem pole now, however if she makes it to final 5 with the vets then she becomes the swing vote, almost guaranteeing her a final 3 spot. (Which would have been Dani’s position had she not tried to flip the house, that girl had it so easy, she played too hard too soon, its fun to watch but terrible gameplay)

      • Hey Sarah how will Shelly be a swing vote when there will be an 80% chance shes on the block….then only a 25% chance to win the POV…clueless…She shoulda stayed with newbs from get go…They are way more easy to control with her skills…

  2. To Matt with BBN:

    Matt, any ideas on what the “twist” will be tonight? I have heard that they are reshuffling the duos, random draw, I really hope that is not going to happen, if it does, I think you will see 3 or 4 HG’s run for the exit! What is your opinion?

  3. Who on the newbies can win an endurance comp, other than Dom? I hope the vets win one more so J/J can at least get to the jury house. Get Dani out, she was a whiner last time and she is even worse now. Evel Dick was the only reason she got 2nd place, we see that now.

    • I agree. I hope the vets sweep the season… the others flip too much and are not consistant. I would rather see a good strong player win than a floater….


      • How can floaters need a life vest if they’re already floating? Yeah that Rachel logic is so clever.

      • @tete yes they may be floating but they need to grab a life vest because they are about to get sunk(evicted) if they want to be saved they need to grab a life vest (veto)

      • It is pretty clever considering she has won the most comps and has outsmarted pretty much everyone

  4. I LOVE that the NEWBS are so stupid and cant hold it together. j/j &b/r — well i have to give them some credit! dani tried to break them up … and to me she was convincing.. but the 4 vets are playing a SMART game and they know better than to believe what they hear on the first note… something that they were not good at in their prior seasons. My hats off to them.

    • Here is my thought….is it fair to bring back hg who have that “advantage” of knowing how to play (or thinking they do) and throwing unadvantaged people in………I prefer a whole new cast each year (unless it is an all star, which I would love to watch every winter). just my opinion of course.

      • I believe it should be new casts each season period. I am kind of bored watching the same thing as previous seasons over and over again with either returning HGs and/or All-Stars. It is time for production to quit trying to tweak the ratings with past popular HGs. Bring in newbies only from now on please. Watching the house dynamics develop with new people is much more entertaining than watching the same dynamics that returning HGs are already known for.

      • I believe it is fair when the new comers have the numbers stacked in their favor. They just happened to blow it – big time!

      • I believe it is a huge disadvantage bringing couples in. Everyone else has to work the house to gain people to trust, and these 4 walk in engaged and stuff. That’s not fair, they always have someone who is not going to flip and always have an extra person fighting for them, while everyone else has to worry about their closest ally backstabbing them.

  5. i want Dominic to stay so bad, so him and daniele can run through the house but sadly for both of them, they think they have shelly’s vote and will the same with porsche after she tells they do to get them off ehr back.

    speaking of porsche, i cant stand her. now i see why everyone atleast on here ddidnt like her. she is not here to win the game, she is LITERALLY here to put this down on her resume. one of her reasons for not wanting to truly play the game is “i dont want my gameplay to hurt my chances of getting jobs (acting) after this” WHY IS SHE ON THE SHOW? and she also said she would rather play the game by herself which she admitted knew it would never work then join with the newbs.

    can i say something about that house meeting? the only thing that changed from it was nothing. the deals or “Agreements” are still in place. but more importantly…

    we found out how much of an A-hole jeff and jordan is. jeff telling jordan to shut up and eat something and dont talk. and brendon basically doing the same. its EFF’d how they talk to their girlfriends. im surprised more people dont get on that. maybe cause they love jeff so much which i dont get either.

    same with jordan. “oh she so cute” “oh laugh out loud jordan spelled LITTLE, oh she is so cute” NO SHE’S NOT. she is has no game. her social game isnt even a result of her, its how she’s portrayed. im not saying she is a ugly person, but she is biled as amaerica’s sweatheart yeat her gameplay is awful.

    daniele. ahhh daniele. i love her. her yesterday saying “im going to win this HOH” is exactly how she has to think. i hope she does. honestly, i wouldnt take anyone else in this endurance. didnt this girl hang for 7 hours on her season? brendon is too big, rachel maybe but i doubt, jeff… hell no and jordan… NO.

    but again why do the people in the house i.e. Adam, Porsche, and probably Kalia after this week roll with the vets and are so quick to make deals with them in lieu of playing the game and going after them? IT DRIVES ME CRAZY

    • If they stayed up half the night talking game, they sure won’t be able to play the game later today…especially if it is an endurance, which we all agree it will be.

    • You can’t say porsche isn’t doing anything because she doesn’t have to because of the golden key she would be in dani position if she did. Also what are you talking about with jordan! Ah if you don’t know jordan basically won her just on her social game alone! Like people underestimate her all the time and still do I don’t understand like she has won the show before

    • I completely agree with the disappointment and frustration of having people in the house that are not playing to WIN.

      Jordan has said multiple times, “I just want to get to jury with Jeff” and Porche and Shelly have to KNOW that they are not going to win with two couples (who are tied at the hip and NEVER going to break) still in the house with them being the outcasts. It’s just frustrating. Shelly and Porche are up the vets’ butts because the vets intimidate them. Shelly is such a J/J fan, you knew she was going to get on her knees and worship them the moment they came in..

    • As people, JJ are just like everybody else. Nobody is perfect, especially Dani. We will see now what your fav Dani is made of THIS year. Here’s my prediction: If a female wins HOH it will be Shelly. Remember, she is an exectutive in the outdoor industry and sort of looks like a 1980’s German Olympic swimmer…lol

  6. and dont we all know the twist? isnt the twist that the couples are broken up? i mean im sure that was THIS week.

  7. Right when BB started I had read a rumor that “Jesse is in the box”. Wondering if they put another house guest inside BB, if it will be Jesse?

    • Let’s hope Big Brother has had enough of Jesse, I know I have. I have a feeling that those keys unlock something and someone’s partner will come back tonight.

    • omg i hope thats not true, i cant stand jesse blahhhh i hope they wouldnt do that this far into the season when i am already so invested in this season, if that happens i guess i will have to clean a little more instead of watch the feeds lol

      • i dont think its true though cause he posted on his twitter page 3 hours ago…..i just went and checked it lol cause i really dont want him back lol

  8. You can’t really say that porsche is not there to play the game though. She not doing anything because she has a golden key she be in dani position now is she tried something insane and the first week she did play game just now she doesn’t have to cause of that key. I think its bad twist no one should be safe for that long I’m glad its the last day of it

  9. I hate the Vets— I’ve always hated Brendon & Rachel but Jeff & Jordan use to be my favs and now I can’t stand to watch them! It says alot about a woman who is willing to be cussed at for the smallest thing & sit there & take itwithout so much as standing up for yourself!!! It infuriates me that Jordan has a “yes sir” attitude with him!

    If Daniele herself doesn’t win tomorrow thn she’s done– but I’m confident that she knows it make or break at this point.

    I think the twist is an evicted houseguest being voted back in…..I would have pushed for Cassi but now that Doms leaving, I’m sure it will be him bc that’s good tv! And I would love to see it happen!!!!

    If I have to watch the Vets pick the newbs off one by one all summer, I won’t be watching the final 4! I don’t think Rachel & Brendon deserve the money & I damn sure don’t want to see Jordan or Jeff win ANOTHER half a million dollars to do nothing but vacation with…

  10. I don’t like shelly. She said she wanted to go through the game not lying and stick with her morals, yet all she does is lie.

    • Hell to the yes. I cannot stand Shelly. She’s a filthy, dirty liar. Which doesn’t usually bother me in this game unless you ride in on a cloud of moral superiority.

  11. It never ceases to amaze me how 2 people can watch the same, exact thing and see it totally opposite…just one of those things that makes me say “hmmmm”…

  12. Shelly’s game play is the worst! It’s infuriating! All she wants to do is kiss ass to Jeff and Jordan and hand them a win.

    What kinda idiot makes a Final 3 deal with a KNOWN alliance?! There is no chance to win the money. None.

    • watch and see…in the final 3 anyone can come out ahead and win…you just need to make it to that magic number, no matter how much lying it takes.

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