Big Brother 13: Does Daniele Even Have A Chance Anymore?

Big Brother 13 Daniele

Daniele Donato came in to the Big Brother 13 house with a chip on her shoulder. During a preseason SuperPass event with Ragan Fox, Daniele stated she was “robbed” in season 8. She repeated that same “robbed” sentiment yet again last night in explaining why she returned to the game. That deserves a quick refresher.

In Season 8, Daniele came in second and won $50,000 after her father, Evel Dick, picked her over Zach to go to the Final 2. She was practically gifted $50K and second place after losing the last three HoH comps (Wk 10 + Final HoH parts 1 & 2), yet still complains that she was robbed. I haven’t a clue how she was robbed. While Daniele often likes to make her problems everyone else’s fault (hence the frequently quoted “it’s naaahhhtttt faaaaiiirrr”), she has little room to blame others this year.

A week ago Daniele was sitting pretty in this game. She had a Golden Key through no efforts of her own and could coast through the first four weeks of the game doing nothing but focusing on building social relationships and keeping the strongest alliance, the Veterans, on track to insure her safety. Instead Daniele got greedy, overplayed her hand, moved too soon and too fast, and has now effectively sunk any hope she had at winning the half-million dollar prize. I’m ready to propose Daniele has no chance of winning this season and here’s why.

The Big Brother Jury House will be filled with seven votes. After this week’s eviction there will be just one more week before we’re filling the jury one by one. If the four Veterans can make it another week without losing a member then even at their worst case (all four sent to Jury) they will still have complete control over who wins this game since obviously four of the seven votes is all you need to win the $500K.

The Veterans have already said Daniele has lost their support should she make it to the final two. So in Daniele’s best case, likely in her mind seen as sitting next to any of the underachiever Newbs, if the Vets stick to their vindictive guns then she’ll lose by at least 4-3. Say Daniele is instead sitting next to one of the Vets. Her opposition will automatically get three votes and need just one more to win. Do you think Shelly would ever vote for Daniele over Jeff or Brendon? Not likely.

Even if Daniele outlasts all the Vets the Jury vote is stacked against her immediately. Should she be in the position to bring one Vet with her she’s still can’t lose a single other vote and hope to get better than second place again.

Daniele’s may only have one hope left: evict a Veteran next week before the Jury House. With nearly the entire house against her she’ll have two chances: HoH and Veto. Daniele tied the record for most Vetoes in a season at 5 (tied with Janelle) so she’s clearly a threat on that front and the house knows it. The Veterans are already debating whether to backdoor her at next chance or nominate her up front and let her compete for the Veto. It’s a risky decision and their egos may sink them.

I’m disappointed in the way Daniele played this season. I expected better. She did have a lot to prove, even if I don’t agree she was “robbed” in the past. I imagine she’d have played this game a lot differently (read: smarter) if her father had been able to stay, but does that mean Daniele was always just a second-place player best suited for a supporting role in the game of Big Brother? It’s time to see what Daniele is made of.


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  1. She does, but she has to win HOH on Thursday or the veto after she gets nominated. Even if a vet doesn’t win HOH, I think the new HOH will put her up to please the vets.

    • Yep. That’s what I said above. She has one last hope: HoH/Veto. But it’ll be a tough battle.

      And I agree. Only Kalia or Lawon might not nom Daniele, but even those two could be persuaded to make the rest of the house happy.

      • Dani was playing such a good game until this last week. All she had to do was stick with her alliance a bit longer and she would have been sitting pretty. I agree that it doesn’t seem like she has much of a chance now.

      • Good article Matt…Dani does think everyone owes her. She acts like a baby when things don’t go her way. Probably why her and her dad haven’t talked in 3yrs again after they fixed things between them in season 8. She needs to grow up.

    • Lol…you’re right on the money as usual Matt. I did go back and read it though!

      • As annoyed as I am with Daniele and wouldn’t mind seeing her evicted for her troubles at this point, it might be even funnier to see her get to the end and get 2nd place again.

      • Well, we will find out what she’s really made of now and see how far she can get on her own. Should be good either way.

    • i think that you are so on target about daniele she shoot herself in the foot this time

    • I do not see the newbies passing on a chance
      to vote out one of the veterans. The less
      veterans in the house, the greater their
      chances at that $500,000. If a newbie wins
      HOH, they can put up one of the veteran couples and if they get off, put the other veteran couple in place guaranteeing a veteran going home. With Danielle having
      peeled off way too early, the newbies need
      to wise up and seize the opportunity! If they
      do, the veterans could be in a heap of trouble
      because the newbies still have the numbers.

  2. Even if she wins the next HOH she will be out the next week or the one after. I cant stand the girl. Her father carried her the whole season and she thinks she was robbed? She “cheated” on her own boyfriend over Nick on live TV and is just a real whinner and blames everyone for her issues. Grow up Dani!!!!

      • It true… the girl blames everyone for her issues. Even Nick figured that out and dumped her for Jen. And Jen was portrayed as the villain of that season. Jen and Nick are still together. Guess we know who the real villain is!!

    • You can only “cheat” if you are married. Mem / Women need to get over that “cheat” thing unless they are married!!

  3. I agree with everything you said Matt. I was hoping that Dani could have went further. But I don’t know, the vets are getting pretty cocky lately, and if Dani would win HOH we would see alot of people changing sides and talking crap about the vets. It only takes the vets pissing off a few people to change alot of things. ( at least that’s what I am hoping for)

    • If Danielle wins HOH then, the veterans are
      in danger. She is slitting her own throat
      the same time she backdoors either Brendan/Rachel or Jeff/Jordan. The newbies will vote with her to get rid of a veteran. The next week she will not be playing for HOH so, regardless who wins could be placed on the block. The newbies can go with the veterans to evict her and then, two veterans out and four veterans against five newbies left. Once, Danielle is voted out, it will be three veterans against five newbies. Who do you think is in charge now? Even if Danielle wins veto and escapes, that will leave her and two veterans against the newbies. Newbies
      have all the incentive to keep getting rid of the veterans so, she will be very weak and vulnerable because of her own doing. If she
      stuck with the veterans a little longer like for another 3 episodes then, it would have been different. She could still peel off with an excellent chance at winning because she can win competitions. Now, she is just fighting to survive and the newbies will wise
      up and vote the veterans out real soon. They
      know what they have to do with the split in the veterans.

  4. Since noone else has brought up that Dani has her old photo on all things BB, I will. Why put blonde Danielle pics on all BB sites. I havent noticed any blonde roots growing in yet either. What’s up with that?
    So, why go so far off topic to talk about something so stupid? Just acting like this seasons hg’s.

    Rachel needs to lose Brendon… atleast for the game. Jejo are a good team. Dani is making power moves way early…. but with all of the twists that BB throws at them… it could work in her favor. So far haven’t seen any game from the newbies yet. Looking forward to the end of golden keys and the beginning of the real game play.

    Oh and Kalia needs to shut the heck up.

    To all Dani haters…. would be funnier if she went out 3rd to last.

    • A twist that could happen is that they will bring an evicted HG back because of Dick’s departure. In that case I would think that America would vote and I am pretty sure that the vote will be for Cassi. Cassi will most likely work with JeJo at least for now.

  5. I aggre, I am very disappointed in Dani. I really didn’t care for much in season 8, but at the beginning of this season, I was warming up to her. Lately, however, she is back to her old whinny ways.

  6. I have been watching bb8 and some of the comps she is credited for winning were thrown to her. So why do people pick on Jordan so much? I really didn’t see a tough competitor from Dani. There was one endurance comp where all the guys fell off under one hour, so maybe she could beat the girls, but if these guys can last for more than an hour and a half they will win the HOH. And I hope there is alot of cold water falling, cause she can’t stand that.

  7. she has a shot, but not really. the vets have seemingly bought off Porsche, Kalia, Shelly, and Adam. they will do whatever they vets want them to do even when the vets dont have the leverage. Its getting to the point where they will control the house with no chances of turning over.

    Brendon and Jeff have literally put a thick piece of tape around the mouths of their girlfriends. Porsche wont play the game, and Kalia last night when she was SUPPOSED to go out there and make the argument for Dominic to stay, she went out there and didnt pick a side and once again proved she cant talk game. Like she truly doesnt know how.

    Daniele blew it, but it only exploded in her and Dominic’s faces because of Kalia telling the wrong things to the wrong people… constantly. It made since for Daniele to fight hard for Dom, but what did her in was the plan of back-dooring Jeff getting out.

    Even if Daniele wins HOH, sends home Brendon, she is the number 1 target. EVERYONE in the house would be on her a**. No newbie is going to even compete to win tomorrow’s HOH because none of them want have to make a move (even if that means not going against the vets)

    This season is shaping up to be a F up if the newbs keep playing.. or not playing.

  8. Grab the remote get the live feeds…Brendon is going at it with Kalia..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s not the over BRENDEN’S confidence it’s the confrontation…now she’s at with Jeff…SHE’S is good the money for the feeds is soooo worth it..

      • By overconfidence…. I meant him thinking he can yell at anyone he wants bc they are HOH right now. Same mistake he made b4. Keep your friends close fly and ur enemies CLOSER!!

      • I didn’t think Brenden was “yelling” at all. I thought he kept his cool.
        just saying…..

      • yes he did keep his cool kalia was the one who went nuts and lied till she finally made her self look stupid by admitting she was lying, all brendon wanted was to get her to say the truth and he stirred her off on purpose..

    • Brendon told Kalia the truth about her and her playing both sides..Since when was Kalia promised to part of the final 6??

      • DAM jEFF SOMEBODY GO GET jORDON…please…this is wild..thank goodness Jeff walked in

      • Is this stuff being posted on youtube or anything? I am afraid of the live feeds. I have no self control when it comes to BB.

  9. I am reading that the duos are over and the golden keys are a waste in a number of places, but all that is being written by those of us who are not really in-the-know. It seems that it might be time to alter the game, but what if it isn’t? What if the producers have another plan? I know that the game has to go to singles at some point and the top ten is a logical place to do that, but no one has stated that will happen. And isn’t there a chance that the golden keys might mean something after this week? Expect the unexpected, right? Just sayin’

      • I wondered about those keys as well…and do they have something to do with the fortune teller…have we heard anything about that yet….ummmm just wondering.

  10. Why is everyone so sure that the newbies won’t go after the vets? They haven’t had a chance to do anything bc the vets have controlled everything till now. A newbie win could turn this season upside down. If I was a newbie I would make a big move if I won HOH 4 this season. As a fan, I am rooting for the vets tho…. Dani included.

    • Everyone is assuming the veterans will win this. Not so fast! Newbies know that their best chance is voting out the veterans and they have a perfect opportunity handed to them by Danielle. If Danielle wins HOH, a veteran will be sent home. If not, then, Danielle gets on the block. If she gets off,
      a newbie might be put in her place. If she stays on the block, the newbies will vote her
      off including the other veterans. Again, a veteran is voted off. This is a game of numbers and the newbies get the upperhand when the veterans are booted off! Danielle will not win because the newbies will be against her, the veterans will be against her
      and she has to win each HOH and veto competition to survive! If she loses one then, she is gone!

    • THEY AIN’T ALL IN THERE YET…Dani is in no hurry she’s talking to Porshe..Shelly and Adam are in the purple room..I have no idea wher Rachel is..

      • i dont blame daniele. i dont blame anyone. when u dont have leverage the house meeting is the worst thing for u. thats why jordan was so willing and pushing hard for it. and its why brendon is ALWAYS pushing for it. good point, WHERE IS RACHEL?

      • the vets have final six deals with everyone. the 2 couples and then a pair of two people. so like the 4 solid, then porsche and shelly. porsche adam. adam and porsche

  11. kalia needs to shut the up….. if she wants power in the house and not them its called friggin get off your and win something……. thats whats duuhhh kalia, she need to quit her rampage and realize already she is in the big brother house, do something other then eat and maybe you can control what happens in the game

  12. Rachel is back Shelly is out in the roomhere comes Dani they all there now but maybe Adam

    • dam..EVERYBODY IS A TARGET THIS COMING WEEK…whoa Shelly & Dominic had words now Kalia pretty much admits that a floater runs back and forth giving info..but she is not a floater

  13. You guys are out of your minds how can you want dani to leave.If that happens who will challenge the veterans,dani has to win the next Hoh and put them up.The game is being dominated by the veterans and it needs to be shaken up or this will be the most boring season in history.
    The newbies have no other option but to keep kissing the vets asses cause they haven’t won anything.I dont see the newbies uniting they seem way to different its basically 2 rednecks with 2 black people along with porche..the veterans winning streak needs to be cut or i cant bare watching Jeff and Rachel and Brendan’s arrogant ass anymore

      • Dani’s not going anywhere! What a day I can’t wait until thur.’s show. I hope the newbes get smart and come together. watch out r\b and jj

    • Who else but, the newbies? The veterans do not
      have the numbers if you count it and if a newbie wins HOH then, they can get rid of a veteran easy. Say, Danielle is voted out this coming week, leaving 4 veterans, Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan versus 5 newbies, Kahlia, Lawon, Adam, Porsche, Shelly. If one of the newbies win HOH, they nominate Brendon/Rachel or Jeff/Jordan. If one gets off via veto then, they nominate another veteran so, a veteran goes home regardless of the vote! Now, you have 3 veterans left versus 5 newbies. Newbies are in the driver’s seat now if they unite and go against the veterans. Danielle’s move cost her the game
      and possibly the other veterans.

    • Yeah, I have thought that too. That’s what messed up her game. She didn’t want him to be her pawn, she wanted a showmance with him. The pawn stuff was just a cover in case he wasn’t interested. That’s why she wanted Cassi out so fast.

      • She don’t have no crush..she is using him..she let that be known in the DR that she needed him…”for now”…SHE COULD CARE LESS THAT SHE IS THE REASON FOR HIS GETTING EVICTED..if he does..She don’t care ..she is a user..

    • I think Dani has fallen for Dominic despite,
      her denials. That is what ruined her game.
      She was too emotional when she thought he was
      going to be evicted! So, she panicked and showed
      the other veterans that she is allied with Dominic!

      • Dani is in love with this dude you spend that kind of time flirting touching laying next to each other …taking lil pokes at one another playfully …just look at the way she looks at him…’s like puppy love I think Dom..likes her as well…but he’s more serious about staying the game for money than she is……….ISAY….I’M right..LOL

  14. Dani/Dominic and Jeff/Jordan are my favorites. The newbies are idiots! They will probably win HoH and not put either vet couple up because they are so stupid and put danielle up.

    As for Season 8, Dani did not ride on her dad’s coattails. She won MANY competitions and her dad didn’t win nearly as much. He says he was “manipulating” people but lets be honest, if not for America’s Player Dick would have been LONG GONE! He was saved multiple times by america and he wouldn’t have even made the jury. I like dick, but he isn’t that great of a big brother player. I wish someone like Dr. will/Dan would come back =/

  15. Dani is such a liar. She said she has no interest in Dominic, and she doesn’t care if Dominic is leaving. But her action is opposite of what she said. If she doesn’t care, why did she got so upset when Rachael refused to backdoored Jeff. She got aggressive. Dani, if you want to backdoor Jeff, get your HOH and do it yourself. Stop telling people to do your dirty works. You such a crying bratt! When you don’t get your way, you start acting like a witch! I can’t stand you. You are so evil!

  16. stupid dom !!! it’s big brother ,why did u throw the game ….another twist… E.D SHOWS UP

  17. Dom was dumb, dumb, dumb to throw the comp. It sent him home. Now Dani gets to play. She unlike Kalia, in reference to her comment in BBAD that she would hang like a monkey, can hang like a monkey. As a heavy girl myself, Kalia girl the G force of all that weight and no muscle to hold it up is against you.

    I say GO DANI!!!!! She made the mistake of getting emotion but that what makes us lovavable. Don’t get it twisted when the time comes Dani’s going to put it down. GO DANI !!!!!

    • I agree he wasn’t smart but rember he’s young and was home schooled. I still want him to stay and win with Dani. I guess thurs. will tell who’s still lying(Shelly)

  18. The girl is mad cause she’s jealous of what JJ and RB have lol. She disparately needs her dad! I always wondered how she wold play BB with out her dad..

    • You’ve got to be kidding!! Who in their right mind would want what R/B has and as for JJ am starting to wonder about Jeff–He’s starting to act like Brandon(bulling Dom ) I feel bad for Adam but I would like Dom to stay and see what happens with the fab 4. Just saying it would be intersting.

  19. Dani is really showing her true colors right now and i think your right a lil bit about the jealousness…..but thiers noway you can say she’s not head over heels for PRETTY BOY..

  20. On wed nights show Julie said that a new twist begins tomorrow. Who knows what it will bring?

  21. dani should go, if her head can fit thur the door on the way out!!!! She thought she was going to take the house. Hope they never ever bring her back!!And get her out asap.Sick of her mouth

  22. You sound just a little biased. Although I didnt much like season 8 Daniele, season 13 Daniele kicks ass. She has orchestrated the past 2 weeks in the house, and if it weren’t for Dominic’s big mouth, she would still be sitting pretty (and so would have Dom)
    Please stop being so damn biased — would it kill writers to have a little objectivity–esp when they are reporting on something?? lol

    • An addition to my comment lol

      The writer of this article needs a serious reality check. Seriously… its annoying.

      A guy can be as backstabbing and horrible as he wants and he’s called a ‘good player’, but as soon as a women shows the same grit, its all ‘omg what a B—-!”

      Dani is one of the best players in BB history—she made NO mistakes. In case no one was watching–Dominic went home because he confided in Shelly, not because Dani overplayed her hand….

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