Big Brother 13 Top 10 Events – Part 2

We’re back and ready to continue the countdown on the Top 10 events in Big Brother 13. If you missed the first half, then get caught up on events #10-6 before you read on.

#5: Lawon Self-Evicts & Brendon Returns

Big Brother 13 Lawon awaits his superpowers

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The HGs were warned the next evictee would have the chance to return to the game. After initially ignoring this warning, the Newbies, with Daniele’s blessing (“This is genius!”), set in to action the stupidest plan of the season. Instead of insuring a Veteran would be evicted the Newbies allowed Lawon to go up on the block as a renom and voted him out. Why? Super-powers, of course! A phoenix from the ashes, of sorts.

The look on Lawon’s face was priceless that night when Julie informed the HGs of the rest of the twist’s details. It only got better when he wandered aimlessly about the backyard while Brendon demolished him in the competition. You’d almost feel bad for the guy, but then you remember he did it to himself.

In lieu of an even trade, one Vet for another, or even a plus-up, one Vet for a Newbie, the Newbies lost an alliance member while the Veterans regained one of their strongest. How was this ever allowed to even be a possibility? I mean who would do that? Which leads us to our next Top 10 moment of the season.

#4: Shelly Flips Kalia’s HoH

Big Brother 13 Shelly and Kalia

For all the viewers who said Shelly didn’t do anything this season, you’ve got to stop only watching the shows! CBS completely cut this out of the broadcasts and gave zero credit where it was due.

Shelly was the mastermind of this event when she planted the seed in Kalia’s head and convinced her that evicting Rachel was just plain crazy. Why get rid of Rachel when you could keep her and gain the favor of the Veterans and restore Jeff and Jordan’s trust? Kalia, ever eager to please those around her, let that seed grow in her mind and it took off from there. While the initial plan suggested by Shelly was to renom Porsche, not Lawon, the net effect was the same. Shelly protected her alliance and screwed Team Dani when Lawon went up against Brendon and left the game utterly confused.

This might not have been the “biggest” plan of the season, but it sure was the best executed. Kudos to Shelly on a job well done for this task alone. I was impressed.

#3: Pandora’s Box Brings Back Duos

Big Brother 13 Pandora's Box

The Newbies had a plan: whatever you do, don’t open Pandora’s Box.

Rachel’s fate was nearly sealed. Porsche had the power of HoH and only 2 Vets remained. The choice was clear. They had to get rid of Rachel. It probably would have worked too. Enter stage right, Pandora’s Box.

In a move that may have exchanged $500K for $5K, Porsche took the bait, opened the box, and changed the landscape of the rest of the season. Sure, it was no guarantee that Rachel and Jordan would be safe, but it gave them a great opportunity to make that happen. Instead of leaving the game in 5th place, Jordan and Rachel were safe while Shelly took the fall.

It was a colossal mistake by Porsche. Par for the season.

#2: Fast-Forward Eviction Show

Big Brother 13 Jeff and the clown shoe

Was there a more exciting night this season? I’m not sure even the Big Brother 13 finale will rival this episode. It was a 60-minute extravaganza of Big Brother fireworks.

There was something for everyone in this Fast-Forward episode. Dani-haters? Bam! She’s gone. Jeff-haters? Bam! He’s gone. Fists of fury were flying everywhere that night with a blow-up before the show and a bigger one after when Shelly threw strategy to the wind and got in Jordan’s face for a screaming match.

Jeff will undoubtedly have heartburn for years to come over that missing clown shoe accidentally discarded during the Veto. A solid 30 seconds went by between his first shoe and Porsche finding her second. He could have done cartwheels back with the second shoe if he had spotted it on the side and still had plenty of time.

I already mentioned colossal mistakes were par for the season, right?

#1: Daniele’s Backdoor-Jeff Plan

Big Brother 13 Backdoor Jeff

What else did you expect here? Daniele’s “Backdoor-Jeff” plan defined Big Brother 13.

Daniele claims she was bored. She wanted to play the game her way rather than the game that was in front of her. I claim it cost her the crown.

After Evel Dick left the game, Daniele was awarded a Golden Key giving her safety for the next four weeks. She spent that time building friendships with the Newbies while cementing her alliance with the Veterans. Daniele was positioned to run the game from the inside out but just couldn’t wait. During Week 2 (week TWO!) Daniele began pushing Brenchel to side with Dominic over JeJo (Daniele later claimed this was Brenchel’s idea. It wasn’t). Over the next week the news worked its way back to JeJo after Brenchel got cold feet with the idea. From there things went downhill fast. Daniele’s plan was outed and the house was divided. There was no going back. Daniele played the rest of the game on the defensive side of things. One failure would mean eviction and it eventually did.

I won’t argue getting Jeff out of the game was a bad idea. Like him or not, he’s a strong competitor and he was going to get in her way. Daniele just wasn’t patient enough. Had she held her tongue, built those Newbie relationships on the side and publicly stood by the Vets she could have been golden. Why bother trying to turn an alliance on itself by pushing Brenchel to go after Jeff when an inevitable Newbie HoH win would have provided the opportunity to evict Jeff while cloaking her actions? She would have saved face with the strongest alliance while letting the Newbies do her dirty work.

Failure or not, Daniele’s plan to backdoor Jeff made for one heck of an exciting season. Its impact on almost every move since Week 2 makes it the #1 event of Big Brother 13.

What makes up your Top 10 moments of BB13? Share your thoughts!



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  1. I very much agree with you about Dani’s plan. She was in the best position in the house and blew it. I was cringing to myself saying.. hold on a bit longer girl. Let the others get him out. Other than falling for Shelly’s idea when Lawan was evicted, this was Dani’s demise. That one thing cost her the game.
    I admired her for having guts to make a move, but sometimes you gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em.

    • Becky, I just don’t get the Judas love. Unlike BB8, Daddy wasn’t there to tell her when to hold em and when to fold em. GO BIG RED! SEAL THE DEAL! WIN IT FOR BOOKIE AND HIS FUTURE BABIES!

      • @Wayne….maybe if you spent less time acting like a 5 yr and name calling and actually asked people why they liked someone you would understand…..but alas you never will

      • @ wayne. They’re just still bitter Dani is gone. Gone. Gone gone…..!!!!!!! And definitely NOT winning Americas Favorite…lol

      • @Wayne, I understand and respect that. We all have our own faves for whatever reason. Just like I cant stand Jeff, you cant stand Dani. It sure does make this more fun.
        @vetfan, not bitter at all here. It sucks thats shes gone, but , hey.. it is what it is. It hasnt made me less happy in my life.

      • @ Becky. I totally agree with you with everything. I was a Dani fan, and I wasn’t a big fan of Jeff. I thought he was really cocky.

  2. The one thing people seem to forget is the showmance. Daniele didn’t just simply “get bored” please phoniest excuse ever used. She knew Jeff and Jordan (especially Jeff) were pushing hard for Domonic to be gone. That is why she set forth her bd plan. She had the inside info from the Vets because they didn’t know she was trying to allign herself with Dom, so Jeff and Jordan were very vocal about “Domonic has got to go next”. So make so mistake about folks, she wasn’t bored, plain and simple. She was trying to shoot for another showmance and she definitely let that blind-side her

    • I agree with you vet. That’s also the reason why she pushed for Cassi to be evicted (people seem to forget this and only holds R responsible for Cassi’s eviction) — she wanted Dominic for herself. Please. That guy isn’t even good looking. Bored? Nah. She just wants a showmance. Idiot.

      • Vet fan, Yes Yes Yes, you are so right! The fumbling showmance with the virgin gay boy Dom was her real downfall.

      • People knock Keith for thinking with the wrong head, teaming up with Porsche, etc. but nobody wants to knock Dani for thinking with her you know what…

    • Umm if she wanted a showmance with him she easily could have had one. They were in the house together for 3 weeks, and they didnt do anything show-mancey besides flirt.

      • Do you realize what you just said? ” . . . they didn’t do anything show-mancey besides flirt.” I’m pretty sure that flirting is a key feature of a showmance.

      • Wow…for john K and wtf….do you realize what you just said? I said exactly that, she wanted a showmance and KNEW they were going after Dom, so she tried to do what she could to stop that. Anyone who would deny that all happened, either didn’t watch the show or is delusional period. This is what happened, its not like I pulled it ou of thin air we all WATCHED it take place. And not only that, but she spent the next few weeks trying to avenge Domonic, she even said it on her first goodbye message to Brendon. She wanted to do to Rachel what Rachel did to her ….got her “man” out.

      • vet fan, she wanted to keep dom because he was her replacement for dick. not because she wanted a showmance. and she went after brenden because hes the strongest one in the house, not to get back at rachel. stop making dani out to be a terrible person just because she turned on your precious jeff.

        your name is vet fan. dani is a vet. irony.

    • Ahh yes, the showmance. Very good point. It definitely clouded her judgment and caused problems for sure.

      I liked how ED pointed out she did the exact same thing in BB8 with Nick, only this time it was cut short.

      • I dk if he was or wasn’t lol. But it seems he could have been. But yes I think so very much. She would have been in just as good of a position letting Dom go and alligning with Kalia secretly while still publicly alligning with the vets, but she just couldn’t let Dom go.

    • spot on….Dani did have the best chance at the 500K but she wanted to sneak her way there so that live feeders, bloggers and fans of the show would say she was better than her dad. Had she not out-dummied herself and not tried the back door fiasco and actually played it out the way she could have and should have there is no doubt in my mind she would be getting a 500K check this week. She could have used the other vets to her advantage and used the newbies to her advantage whenever she wanted or needed to…Rachel and Brendon are such competitors they would have busted a$$ never knowing they were doing her bidding.

      All said and done — Dani instead showed that she is not even CLOSE to being as good as Dick at BB. Too bad cuz she did have the potential and everything there for the taking.

      On a final note…GO RACHEL!!

      • @ Doni, very well said. Her mind is far away from being what E.D. was! With that being said. I leave you all with this! GO RACHEL!!!!! Lol

      • @doni…I totally agree. IMO Dani is overrated as a player. She played off her dad in her original season and this season she, as others have pointed out, was delusional about herself as a player. She called it “making big moves” and I call it not knowing how to use what you have to make smart game moves.

      • @sparky, that joke wasn’t even funny the first time. So definitely not gonna work twice and as you can see most people are agreeing with me. Maybe a little food for thought.

    • dani became bitter when dominic left. she wanted to avenge him. she is so stupid. avenge a virgin young boy that she just met instead of trying to get half a million. bored? yeah right.

  3. Yes…Dani’s inability to control her emotions (where Dom was concerned) make this the #1 event of the season. She takes proud claim for having a hand in evicting both Brendon and Jeff; however, it would be much more commendable if she had stayed in the game longer. In two words…dumb move!

    • Wasn’t a dumb move…..just too early of a move. Had Shelly not let Je/Jo know of the plan Week 2……things might have turned out differently…..but we will never know now.

      • It was a dumb move not too early, because she held no power and wanted to try and get someone else to do her dirty work. It was a dumb move because she was doing it all to save Dom and they were only 2 weeks in. Early or not, the move was dumb. Her plan was to keep Dom that is the only reason she wanted Jeff gone. If Adam would have went home instead of Dom, she probably would have been trying to allign them all together as the F6 then battle it out down there.

      • Thats fine and thats your take on it…..but just remember your beloved Je/Jo did have Shelly doing their dirty work and you have lambasted since she realized she at the time was playing for 3rd. I don’t think it was a dumb move I think it was early.

  4. I would only add:

    – The Shelly-Jordan and Shelly-Jeff battles, including Shelly’s betrayal of Jeff. I loved the look on Jeff’s face when he realized that Shelly voted him out, and it was such a huge turning point in the Jeff and Jordan Show . . . er . . . Big Brother 13 game.

    – The overarching theme of producer favoritism for the veterans (random duos twist reinstatement to save the two remaining vets, Brendon somehow “earning America’s votes” to return, the endurance veto competition that was essentially a repeat of the Week 1 HoH when veto comps have never been endurance, etc.)

      • Gotta agree with John and Shaun. As soon as I saw Pandora’s Box, knew it was going to give Rachel and Jordan the chance to stay. If they’d gone, who would have watched, not alot. Ratings, ratings, ratings.

    • I completely agree about the Shelly events. I initially had Shelly/Jordan fight on my draft list but decided to roll it up in the Fast-Forward Eviction night event since it was one big ball of mess. It was definitely a big shift in the game.

    • producer favoritism for the veterans was the down side of this season

      if they would not bring brendon back

      dani still would have won this season

      • the producers forced porche to take the money and bring back the duo twist. the producers made dani to fall in love with dominic and got mad when he was eliminated. the producers made rachael to win challenges by giving her body strength,the producers forced lawon to eliminate himself.fabi please go away you dont have an idea what you are talking about.

  5. I would add the outrageous number of challenges that were thrown. I don’t think I ever seen a cast so happy to throw a challenge and then throw a hissy fit when something didn’t go their way because of said thrown challenge.

    • Heh. Yeah, very true. I had “pathetic endurance comps” on my list but it didn’t make the cut. Poor comp performance (or throwing it all together) really made for a sad bunch of HGs.

      • I’m speaking as a DANI FAN…I might be wrong, but as I recall… Dani attempting to backdoor Jeff was week 3 not 2… in week 2 Jordan and Jeff toyed with the idea to backdoor Brendon(don’t remember who brought this to them)… but seems to me that everyone inside and out has forgotten this little bit of info because JORDAN decided it wouldn’t be in her and Jeff best interest that early in the game… When Dani “was trying to backdoor Jeff” it was because she was trying to save Dominic. I don’t believe it was “because she got bored” but because she was simply using this opportunity to get rid of a strong competitor while saving Dominic… I believe had Jeff been HOH instead of Rachel she would have been pushing Brendon as a “target” or if Dominic was not the “target” she wouldn’t have attempted the move so “early.” But I do agree that Dominic was doing a good job saving himself so if she would have said nothing Dominic might not have gone home that week at all, thus the game would have been very different.

      • Good points, Denise, and I say that as a Jeff fan even though you’re a Dani fan. Rational discussion, wow what a concept…(last line directed at others, not at you)

    • So true about challenges being thrown. I am an 43 and an overweight woman and could have done better than lots of the HGs did. Crap, I shoulda been on this season.

  6. I can’t recall a season where Pandora’s box has not been opened and I doubt we will ever see one. The temptation is just too great to pass on it.

    Now that Shelley has been out of the house for a while I can look back at some of the moves she made and recognize them as good game play although I wouldn’t have admitted that a few weeks ago. I hope some of the Shelley haters out there have calmed down and realized this is just a game and she is able to get on with her life.

  7. Shelly deserves a lot of credit….HOWEVER, these groups of houseguests were so stupid not to compare notes – Rachel tried and so Shelly brilliantly joined the hate train and made up stuff to make people hate her even worse….When the HG finally started to take notes she was already on her way out the door.

    • shelly was a great player

      the only problem with this season, is that the newbies felt scared of the vets….

      thats why some people say this was the wrost cast ever

      i dont agree

      i think if this cast was only newbies, everyone would have show a different side

  8. i agree with you

    the did start good, vetx vs newbies, but once we saw that even newbies was playing with the veterans, and vets had all the power, we could see a esay way final 5 with all the vets, just like brigade last season.
    and the show started to get boring …but after dani`s plan , the show got a complety diferent direction…
    i know it did cost dani`s 500k, but i dont think what could happen if was not for that plan…

    that back-door plan was Mark of this season

  9. I just want to say something to all the conspiracy theorists….WE HAVE HEARD YOUR POINT A MILLION TIMES! THERE IS NEVER A SINGLE BLOG ON HERE WHERE THE SAME PEOPLE AREN’T TALKING ABOUT THE SAME OL’ “FIXED” STORY….GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!. CBS is a huge multi-million dollar network ok….it is ILLEGAL to rig a game show…being as how they’ve been in the business for umm I dk FOREVER! I’m quite sure they are aware that is against the law and quite sure they aren’t going to risk their reputation and stability as a company to make sure JeJo or Brenchal wins… you guys realize how ridiculous that even sounds????? Take a look around you! For every 1 Dani fan or Kalia fan or Adam fan or Shelly fan…there are 15-20 more brenchal or jejo fans. A lot of people didn’t like Daniele or her game-play this season. So as far as the votes for Brendon being a scam is ALSO ridiculous. People paid 1$ per text to vote, CBS isn’t going to, nor does it need to take peoples money and then bring Brendon back. They could have thought up another twist to bring him back if that were the case! But like I said a lot of people disliked Dani’s gameplay and LOVE Jeff and Jordan. Bringing back Brendon meant all of the Brenchal fans voted for Brendon, all of the JEJO fan.s voted for Brendon and all of the people who disliked Dani voted for Brendon. And people say CBS just did it for ratings!!!!! Well hello then why would you want to rig it!!!!!???? Whoever AMERCIA WANTED to come back would have sparked the most ratings, so why would you NOT go off Americas votes? Also EVERY poll taken of that on EVERY site ended up with Brendon in the lead. Including this very site. They are all still available for viewing if you’d like to go look. Also, as far as rigging the show for the vets to win for rating, why not make it an all-star season then? Then you couldn’t say what vet things were rigged for, Dani was a VET as well, people seem to forget that when they say it was “rigged” for the vets. Last year had the highest ratings since BB started, so obviously BB did NOT NEED returning vets for a good season. Its not like the show was flopping, and desperate. People just get so far into their hatred for certain players, and so irritated that their favorite didn’t make it they have NOTHING else to fall back on but rigged. First it was rigged for jejo, then when jeff went it was rigged for rachel then when the duo twist happened it was rigged for jordan, then when jordan was gone it was rigged for rachel. Porsche only had Jordan or Rachel to pick from, so I’m willing to bet if Jordan stayed people would have still went with “rigged for jordan”. SORRY this is sooooo long, but the bottom lime is you have no proof no facts no evidence the show is fixed, there wouldn’t be any point in fixing it, that’d only cause bad things for CBS, and quite surely they could have. “Fixed” it in a less obvious way if that was the case. THIS CRYING. “FIXED” IS GETTING OLDER THAN THE “SHELLY’S FAMILY WAS THREATENED BY JEFFS PSYCHOTIC CULT FOLLOWING WORSHIPERS WHO WOULD KILL FOR HIM” story…if you don’t like it NOBODY IS FORCING YOU TO WATCH!!!!!!

      • You’re right vetfan.. I’m one of the voter that had voted for Brandon to come back even through I didn’t like the guy, the only reason I did voted for him because I know if Dom had came back, the Dani’s team will have an extra vote to get rid of Jeff and Jordan, that’s the last thing I want.. I wanted Dani, Kalia and Porcshe out, and Brendon was the answer..

    • Wow vetfan….
      Instead of rigged, would you entertain this idea? Production has a laundry list of competitions that can be used for Veto, HOH, and Have/Have Not all based on the summer’s theme. Production meets and selects the competitions based on who is in the house, and who is at risk of going home. (as well as how much time they have for each program.)

      Also, I do believe that this site did not have Brendon winning America’s vote. I think that the people that voted were CBS viewers, not BBAD or live feeds. What is shown on CBS is vastly different than what is on live feeds or BBAD. I also think that the most clever people that voted were hoping for Rachel to be voted out, and to see her compete against “her man.” Maybe that’s giving to much credit, but I think it would have been hilarious.

      Matt credited Shelly with getting Kalia to flip to somone besides Rachel. I wonder if a chat in the diary room planted any of that idea in Shelly’s head. She was in the DR prior to mentioning that Porsche should go up. Just wondering….

      So, even though it would be illegal for CBS to “rig” the show, it’s not entirely out of the question for certain circumstances to be “influenced” by production. I bet there’s a contract that everyone signs saying that external influences can affect the game, and that nothing is guaranteed.

      I agree that no one is forcing anyone to watch. Even with all of the above, that’s part of why I love Big Brother. I really enjoy seeing how people react when all of the factors (including production) are at play.

      PS. Don’t yell at me, I’m just giving my opinion.

      • @ mary. I can very much so entertain your thoughts and I definitely respect your opinion, but all of the theories that go into this whole mess, would still be CBS or some part of CBS fixing or rigging the show. I didn’t write that long post to bash people or their opinion, itss just like cmon already, its the same people saying the same thing everyday yes we know you think its fixed, what’s the point of re-iderating that every 5 mins. I also wanted to point out some things that wouuld make it very unlikely that CBS would fix it

      • Sorry vetfan but you do bash people if they don’t agree with you. Even when they do agree with you if you are on a bash-fest you bash those who agree with you.

      • Irony. Telling the truth and bashing are way too differrent things I do not start bashing people I simply bash back. NOWHERE in that post did I bash anyone. I find your name perfectly fitting as I see you bashing people here quite often. : )

      • By all means if I’ve bashed you on your posts then please prove me wrong….I think I’ve been pretty civil and have debated intelligently, stay on topic, and have tried to stay as logically as possible when discussing the game. I don’t think I’ve let my personal favorites get in the way of saying what was good game vs bad game as I’ve stated maybe only once who my favorite was and the fact that this whole season and cast is probably one of the worst BB has had. In this particular post you scream at the people who feel that the game was fixed rather than giving points on how it isn’t fixed.

        And who said you were the end all of truth? ;-)

    • its not “illegal” to rig a game show. i had to stop reading right after that. thats an absurd statement lol.

      is big brother rigged? not necessarily. there are events that take place that production manipulates, sets things up, has certain things go to certain ways for certain ppl.

      just off the top of my dome i remember listening to a interview with kevin from season 11 on the mikey show in san diego where he was clearly giving hints as to like ‘no its not straight up rigged, but things are planned out’

      as much as everyone wants to believe the game is completely 100% fair and honest, its not. most if not all shows arent. u have to be able to get ur ratings from week to week.

      but make no mistake, big brother is … (i dont know what the ‘right’ word is?) maybe compromised? or tampered with? i dont know but its not squeaky clean

      • @Marcus,

        Where’d you get your law degree?

        “According to FCC statute, such shows are barred from engaging in “…any artifice or scheme for the purpose of prearranging or predetermining in whole or in part the outcome of a purportedly bona fide contest of intellectual knowledge, intellectual skill, or chance.”

      • I do believe that Big Brother is classified as a reality show not as a game show therefore they are not subjected to the rules and regulations that govern game shows.

    • Obviously ‘vet fan’ is a CBS paid corporate lacky. He was probably involved with fixing the game now he is trying to cover his tracks.

      • No sweetheart first of all I’m I woman. Second of all I have common sense. I LOVED jeff and would have been ok with him or Rachel winning, all the JEJO fans could have easily cried fixed just because Jordan was the ONE AND ONLY NAME NOT DRAWN to play in the veto that got him sent home. But its a game people, aa game just because the one yyou don’t like “got,got” doesn’t mean it was fixed. As stated above, I apologize I didn’t want to make such a long post, but you bitter fans are really beating a dead horse. That’s honesty, don’t need any meds or lack of meds for someone to see that @ Dorothy and my other (realistic) backers. Thank you : ) to the rest DANI IS GONE LET IT GO LMAO!

      • @ db…marcus is and has always been notoriuous for throwing around “facts” lol that he doesn’t knoow about. He doesn’t research much before he comments on things. In my opinion, if you dk much about what your gonna say, please makee sure its correct before you say it. @ marcus- you? A law degree? Lmao!

    • I agree vet fan. BB is a game and all games (especially lengthy ones) include twists and turns to make them not only fun to watch but difficult to win.

      A rigged game would be one where production interferes with the outcome and favors one player over another – adjusting scores, etc. America is able to see the outcome of all game events and can see for ourselves who won. CBS works hard in planning BB to ensure all is fair.

      As for production’s involvement during dr sessions…I feel they ask the right questions to gather the best footage for the viewers but they are not interfering or persuading anyone.

    • I love ya vetfan! You always make sense and great, valid points. But most of all, I always agree with what you say.

  10. getting rid of jeff, or i mean the backdoor plan to do it wasnt too early. it was perfect. he would have never seen it coming and hadnt established relationships with the newbs yet except shelly.

    ppl forget, the ONLY reasons it didnt happen is because dominic or excuse me, PT opened his mouth to shelly, and Brendon and Rachel chickened out.

    thats it.

    if one of those things didnt happen, jeff would have been gone.

    • If it was perfect, it would’ve worked, or at least gone on longer than it did. You stated a couple reasons why it didn’t happen, but they’re reasons Dani should’ve factored into her little plan. Like the article said, Dani could’ve had both sides in her good graces, waited, and had Jeff evicted with her actions cloaked. She’s even said it was a huge mistake, and even in the DR where she doesn’t have to save face with anyone, and her dad who’s won the game was even shaking his head at her actions. It’s a good thing Rachel and Brendon backed out, Dominic and Dani were only going to use them as a shield until they had their chance to get rid of them (Dominic eluded to this pretty clearly in the DR) meanwhile Jeff and Jordan helped them out and weren’t themselves, directly, going to turn on them, put them up, etc.

      • The reason it was nowheres near perfect was because Dani tried to do it when she held absolutely NO POWER. And then the next week that she did she played off emotions and put Brenchal on the block to avenge Don. Perfect plan my arse plan that screwed her game is more like it.

  11. Btw I love the picture selection for the article. Jeff looking like someone just said ‘Chicago sucks’ and Dani holding a fork with a semi-evil expression.

    Awesome lol

  12. On Rachel and Daniele: I was a huge fan of Daniele in her season and was rooting for her this year as well. However, she made a move too fast. It did cost her. But you can’t deny that she played amazingly on her season. Rachel on the other hand, I though was terrible in her season. She though she could do well by only winning competitions, but forgot the other half of the game is social play. However, this season I thought she was phenomenal. Both of these scenarios should really show you how much a second try can change a contestant. One goes from great to terrible, the other from terrible to great. That’s why when I think of the “best players” ever, I only count one of their seasons. It’s rare someone does well twice (Will).

    • @ luker. Although I feel Dani’s dad was what got her so far in season 8 and her shwomance was what killed her this season. You have a great valid point!

  13. I agree that Dani going after jeff was WAY too early. BUT without Dani the newbies would have signed jeff and jordan a check for 50,000 and 500,000 and that would have been so boring to watch the newbies be like “yes jeff and jordan we love you, please take the money you guys deserve it”. bleh. PLUS she got brendon out twice, I couldn’t stand brendon and rachel together.

  14. I just find it funny because Shelly a newbie is the one who actually sealed Jeffs fate, NOT dani. And I didn’t see people complaining that kalia and porsche were willing to sign over a check to Dani. Just cauuse your in an alliance doesn’t mean your siging over a check to that person.

    • If it weren’t for Dani shelly would have never had the courage to go against jeff and jordan. Porsche kalia and dani were in an alliance, adam was jeff and jordans slave that did whatever they wanted him to. Dani AND kalia both talked about game plans as a team.

  15. “Failure or not, Daniele’s plan to backdoor Jeff made for one heck of an exciting season”

    true, it made the season. but one question:
    were we watching the same “exciting” season? because the one i was watching was like watching dust collect on a cardboard box.

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