Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 8 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in Big Brother 13 and the results are in. No surprises here, but there’s still a lot of time to go before Thursday. Lots of time for deal making and backstabbing, something we’ve seen a lot of from these HGs so they’re sure not to disappoint.

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Rachel, decided to use the Veto to save herself and Jordan from eviction thanks to Pandora’s twist. As a result, Porsche, the current HoH, had to name the only option: Shelly and Adam.

Either Adam or Shelly will be evicted on Thursday and become the next member of the Big Brother 13 Jury.

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There are three potential votes out there for Thursday night. No chance of a tie. Let’s see what happens!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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  1. Why was Rachel able to save hereself and Jordan? We haven’t had power for the past few days because of the Hurricane , so if somebody can fill me in, I would appreciate it. Thanks, muchly.

      • Thanks. This game is SO FIXED this year. BB decides who stays and goes, and it is so obvious.

      • I agree. Of course everyone so far has opened Pandora’s Box when given the chance. And this twist is so stupid. It’s not even a twist. By putting them as duos again, there was no one else to put up except Adam and Shelly. Of course CBS knew that. It is sooooooo obvious. I guess CBS was hoping we’d be as dumb as some of the HG’S. Geeez……

      • I hate this season! The new players should NOT have had to put up with 3 duo’s from the past. Bringing back Jesse, the bodybuilder guy, one year is different than 6 people. I think the competition would have been MUCH better with all new people. JeJo and Brench-hell have had too much face time as far as I’m concerned. JeJo couldn’t even win at Amazing Race.

    • Porshe use Pandora’s box. She got 10k but duo’s came back. Whatever team won, the pov saved both.

      • Gene,

        Actually she only won 5K the other 5K was supposed to go to someone else. I wonder if Kalia got it because she was her partner?

      • Just read on one of the Facebook pages that Kalia told everyone that one time she threw her dog up against a wall, and that everyone gasped.? Does anyone that watch the feeds know if this is true; I hope not. The more I read about Porsche saying she wants to throw a medicine ball at Rachel and save Brendon $400 for an abortion, and Shelly’s constant lying and stealing Rachel’s dog and constant bashing, and now Kalia who I sort of liked being that cruel to animals the more I want all of these people to be evicted. What kind of human beings do these sort of things to other people. All three of them apparently have mental problems and need a lot of help. GO RACHEL and JORDAN!!! You seem to be the only ones in the house with Adam maybe that have any compassion for others. Those three are sick!!!

      • yes, Kalia did just say that earlier about her dog. I left my feeds on because they were talking about dogs and I’m a huge animal person, and she said her dog nipped her one time and she grabbed it’s face and threw it against the wall. They were all shocked. Rachel was talking about rescue dogs, so was Jordan, how they rescue shelter dogs that have numbers and no names, telling cute dog stories, and Kalia said that :(

      • Seriously, what is wrong with these people. I also am a huge animal activist and love animals and that is just beyond sick. I did not think these three could get much more hateful, but they keep sinking to a new low. They do not deserve to win anything. It just makes me want to cry to think of anyone doing something so vile. :(

      • Am i missing something here. Kalias dog bit her so she disciplined it? What a HORRIBLE person. I think she should have let her dog get away with it. good lord you people act so self righteous it makes me sick. You act like you have never said anything negative about anyone, or done anything bad in your lives. get over yourselves. Good lord.

      • ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!! You do not discipline a dog by throwing it up against a wall!!! It is a defenseless animal, and if it bit her then what was she doing to it before she threw it up against a wall. IT was probably just trying to defend itself. What is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @ Gellieman, I think you actually might be missing something. One doesn’t “discipline” a dog by abusing it. Good Lord indeed.

      • They are some pretty sick people. I thought Porsche was supposed to be a christian (with her bible readings) and she’s talking about causing Rachel to have a miscarriage, if she’s even preg. Now Kalia throwing her dog against the wall for nipping at her. My daughter’s little 7 pound chihuahua dog was just killed the other day by our neighbor’s 70-80 pound monster dog by ripping it out of my arms. I wanted to shoot it but I didn’t.

      • It does seem that CBS really pick some really cruel and hateful and even rather sick individuals to play BB this year. If Shelly, Porsche and Kalia do not get sent packing I am done with BB. They are just too heartless to win this game, and if they do then this show needs to be cancelled because these three are sick.

      • All of you guys talking about how Kalia was so vicious to her dog are probably okay with people threatening Shelly’s family! You defend a dog but feel that it’s okay to call someone out of their name and to threaten harm to their family. My question to you is this: do you have so much little to do with your time that you have to watch live feeds of this show? Isn’t the one hour that it is shown on CBS enogh? they have a name for people like you — vouyeurs.

      • @ Reality Check, You said “probably okay with”. Huh??? No one on this particular thread (haven’t read every single thread so I don’t know) has said anything like that they are o.k with what is happening to Shelly’s family. For me, it makes me sad that Shelly’s family has to go through this. But this particular discussion is about the dog comment. Please get your facts straight before making generalized accusations and try not to compare apples to oranges.
        & my question back to you is, if the CBS hour show is enough for you then why are you here?? Perhaps because an hour just isn’t enough?? Just sayin’.

    • Sharon,

      Rachel was able to remove her and Jordan because Porche opened Pandora’s box and releasing the couples twist back in the game for a week. The couples were Rachel/Jordan, Adam/Shelly and Kalia/Porche.

    • Sharon
      Big greedy Porsche opened Pandora’s box in her HOH bedroom and the couple’s twist was part of that. For one week the houseguests must be as couples and that is why Rachel was able to save both her and Jordan!!

      • “Big greedy Porsche opened pandora’s box”, r u kidding, has anyone not opened the box? Please be realistic, $5000 is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you are not sure you will reach the final. R

      • Guess you forgot big greedy Brendon last year opened Pandora’s Box and brought Rachel in the house for 24 hours

      • Thank you Flip the house and Waytogo. I can’t think of anyone that passed on Pandor’s Box. Seems like everyone thinks just Porche is greedy. What about Jeff and his throwing the veto which enabled him to take $5,000. He also came off his challenge early and ended up with $10,000. Jeff lied to Rachel about that veto throwing and Jordan went along with it. Rachel has yet to find out. I am actually surprised that Rachel and Jordan want to go to the finals together. Wait until Rachel finds out that they were lying about that. Brenchel tried to get others to consider throwing J/J under the bus while being HOH. It’s not all one sided.

      • Could someone who likes Rachel say what it is they like about her? I genuinely don’t see how anyone could find her personality appealing and root for her .

      • She has calmed down and seems normal. It could be for now and change later, but I like her over Kalia, Porsche and Shelly

      • I started liking her because of the way all the other girls were picking on her. She’s handled herself amazingly well this summer.

      • Rach-hell acted a fool the entire first month, she’s as much a bully as her hus-gay and little Jeff. But she has definitely held her tongue the last few weeks. Bren-gay was a good influence till he left, even JeJo got tired of her whining. But now, she’s a little lamb.

    • Pandora’s Box hit and Rachel & Jordon are a team Shelley & Adam are a team also Kalia & Porsche are a team

    • So many people are wondering why so many others are rooting for Rachel & Jordan.
      My answer, as one that is 100% for R & J, here are a few reasons;

      1.) Porsche just woke up last week after a 45-50 day nap where she only woke up to eat, and to eat, and to eat…
      2.) Kalia is more concerned with beeing ABLE TO eat, and eat, and eat…
      3.) Kalia and Adam, since Porsche cannot compete for HoH this week, have come up with the oh so brilliant idea to THROW this weeks HoH! Their logic? If they do not compete THIS week, they CAN compete NEXT week.
      4.) As stated in #3, what good is that “brilliant” idea if one of them goes HOME!? It’ll be a bit hard to compete from the Jury House!
      5.) By throwing the HoH, a Vet will win no matter what; that said, another “Newbie” goes home and we’re left with 2 Vets and then only 2 Newbies.

      Side Note – I would have loved it if Cassie and Dom had stayed, as they appeared to have REAL potential to compete and play this game. But, Daniele wanted Dom all to herself so Cassie had to leave. Everyone else saw how close Dani was getting with Dom, so he was the next one out.

      And that Everyone, is my own “round-up” on “How NOT to Compete in Big Brother”.

      • This is why this people should no win BB
        Kalias plans are so out there I have to laugh Like trying to convince Rachel not to use the Veto today

      • 1.) DIRECT quote from jeff. wonder if you’re bias… can you tell me what jordan has done?
        2.) kalia has 2 hoh wins. nuff said.
        3.) They arent actually going to do that.
        4.) this isnt a point. its the same as 3. just using it to make it look like there is more points against them.
        5.) another point 3 reiterated. you made 3 points.

        They are still there, your favorites are gone. give them all some credit.

      • @JoeyLee Why do people so many people say that just Kalia and Porche eat, and eat as you have stated. Have you ever seen Rachel. I have noticed that she eats, and eats, and eats.

        Porche just woke up and started to play? First of all she had the Golden Key and could not compete. She was also on the other side and was basically told what to do and how to vote by the leader Jeff.

        What has Jordan done so far in the game to protect her alliance except be protected by Jeff? I know you are going to say she won an HOH. Both Brendon and Jeff have said they let her win and she even thanked Jeff for letting her win. Rachel could not win any comps after Brendon left until the POV yesterday. Her first was given to her by a deal with ED and her 2nd came after people were instructed to throw it that were in the alliance.

        Geilleman is right they are still there and obviously did something right or they would be gone.

      • @Gellie – I DO like Jordan, and have come to like Rachel as well.

        Jordan won her HoH fair and square, her score at the golf putting game was a three. The chance that either Jeff or Brendon would get a higher score was minimal at best.
        Jordan’s “social game” is rock solid. I can’t think of anyone in that house, current or past, that does not “like” Jordan. She’s a sweet, simple, honest young woman. She has morals unlike hardly any other player.
        Lastly on Jordan, as was true inn Season 11, where her neck is on the like, she will kick a$$. (I’m not counting this past week as she was “broken due to Shelly’s betrayal and Jeff’s eviction.

        Rachel, although hard to take most of the time, has really changed a lot in the past few weeks. She’s more competitive than just about any BB player, past and present. This does NOT mean she wins every time,but she definitely gives 110%.

        I think the bond Rachel and Jordan created this past week has boosted both of them. I believe each has their own strong personality and together, they will be very hard to beat.

      • @Gail – If Porsche was TOLD what to do, I’m sorry, but that was by Daniele. Jeff even stated TO Porsche, when he won his HoH that itwas the very first time they had even spoken to one another. Porsche, right or wrong, stayed in her room, surrounded by Kalia and Daniele 24-7.

        As for Jordan’s game play, HER Social game has been 100% perfect.
        I have already stated, regarding the HoH she DID win. After 6 or 7 people had their turns putting the golf ball, Dominic and Kalia were the only two wo even get their ball into a number. They both got a 6, or a 7.
        When Jordan played, she got a THREE. There were only two narrow slots left after the THREE, 2 and 1, after that was the water.
        The chance of Jeff or Brendon getting a 1 or a 2 was minimal, and unlikely, and they knew it.

      • Whether Kalia or Porsche eat or not, they have both played the game well. Kalia has won two HOH comps. Porsche came in close in the ski HOH comp (remember who fell off 1,2,3,4,5?), and she came in second to Daniele in the most important HOH comp of the season! You sound like a bitter, sound grapes Jeff-wannabe who can’t accept that his favorite person is not winning. If you look at the game objectively, Daniele was the best player in the game, until she got backdoored by Jeff. She won two clutch HOH comps. What the heck has Jordan and Rachel done since they won HOH how many weeks ago? Four weeks in a row and they could not win HOH nor POV? Give me a break! Poor Adam is such a waste of space in this game that his family should be embarrassed by him. No chance that he gets to take home half a mil. But, hey, this is BB. Expect the unexpected. Wouldn’t it be a farce if Adam was able to float to the very end of the game???????????

      • Dani had the potential to be THE Best game player ever. Evel Dick, to this day, says that Daniele made her “big move” TOO early! She was sitting in the perfect position for the first four weeks and she got bored, period.

        Am I upset that Jeff is out? Yea, but not crying over it. Rachel and Jordan ARE still there. WITH how the Newbies are playing now, as they no longer have Dani to steer them, is almost guaranteeing that Rachel and Jordan will make it to final 3.

        With TWO weeks left to this game, Kalia and Porsche want to “throw this week’s HoH”. Their position, if they were to win this week, they couldn’t compete in next week’s HoH. That won’t matter much if one of them is GONE.

        I’m only going by their own words and discussions. I’m not making it up nor am I dramatizing it.

        Sorry Gail, I do not “wannabe” anyone but who I am. I’m 45 and I’ve been with my partner, David*, for 19 years this past August 7th.
        I Am A Fan of Jeff & Jordan, big difference. I’m nowhere near bitter, just stating things as I see them and by what these people are saying and planning.

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if it was revealed to Rachel that Adam voted for her to be evicted from the house. And then Rachel voted to evict Adam. The next-to-worst- BB player in history!! (Lawon is the all-time worst player ever!!!!)

      • Rachel knows that Adam voted to evict her over Jeff. He told her he was sorry. She understood.

    • Shelly is such a liar, all season she’s ta lk
      ed about her daughter and the importance of telling the truth. Don’t think she’s she knows how… Kalia’ s voice is like fingers on a chalkboard, I mu te her …and now she’s curel to animals, God is watching you. So shelly will be leaving this week, I wonder if dani will tell her NONE of
      them ever liked her, that Jordan was the one and she ¿@#%&$ that up. If you lie that much, you ‘ er probably the same way in real life.

  2. BYe-Bye Shelly. Have fun facing Jeff. He’s wearing his special ocassion wife beater for you.

    • Jeff is going to be so happy to see Shelly, he will laugh, laugh, laugh, ha has Shelly what goes around comes around, he will be proud that Jo/Rach are still in the house.

      • No, I think rather than him laughing he
        will gloat and make her life miserable
        for a while. He is not a good loser and
        an even worse winner. People keep giving him credit for being compassionate, but I saw very evidence of it in BB house. I thought he showed
        very little emotion towards Jordan as

      • I agree with you 100 % Sherry. The only person Jeff cares about in that house is himself. Not only not a good loser he’s a bigger SORE loser. He absolutely shows nothing towards Jordan. In fact, I don’t remember if it was on the live feeds (only had them for 3 days on free trial) or not, but there was I clip I saw where he and Jordan were talking and he kept saying how he couldn’t stand Adam because he is useless and can’t win a comp. Every other word was the F word. Even if that is true, I wonder how Adam will feel if he gets to see that. Adam was so obsessed with Jeff but all Jeff was doing was using him to get further in the game. Also, in part of that clip, Jordan was trying to give her opinion to him on a scenario that could happen and his response to her was Jordan I don’t want to listen to you right now, I don’t care what your saying. With that she said I don’t want to talk to your right now when your like this and left the room. He treats her like an object, IMO . Wake up Jordan, he’s a pompous ASS ! His eviction talk with Julie made me wanna puke !

      • @Sherry and Eimee – I could not agree more! Did you hear Jeff say that no one in the house had a sack? And that they looked to him as the leader??? I could not believe my ears. Jeff is definitely a legend in his own mind. First time he wins HOH and he’s out the door less than a week later. And what happened to all of the talk that he and Jordan were doing about the floaters in the game? If they were sincere about getting rid of the floaters, Adam should have been the first one on the block. Honestly, people what has Jordan done this season but sit around with that vacant look on her face? But, hey, she did say that the only reason she came back to the show was to spend the summer with Jeff. Hey, Jordumb: plains, trains and automobiles Chicago! Excuse me, but I try to be really objective but Jordan’s ignorance irritates the hell out of me. Why didin’t she spend some of the 500K on higher learning? And the obligatory kiss that Jeff gave her when he left was insulting. But then, Jeff was too busy being a prick and using foul language. Notice how the 5-second delay was used in his departure speech? And then he slammed the door open to leave. Yeah, folks, real class act, that one!!!!

      • @Reality Check, OMG! How dare you speak ill of Big Jeff. He is the greatest thing ever known to humankind. Jeez, I cannot believe the things you said about this wonderful, sinless person. He is not a bully, he politely in all humbleness asked Kalia to please not nominate him. It really made him sad when she did. PSYCHE!!!!

    • In Jeff’s OWN words in an interview after his eviction, he said, “I love Jordan, but I do not feel like we need to have a poster stating it to everyone around them”.
      When asked if he will be proposing to Jordon on Finale night, he said, “No, I will not. Finale night is the ‘winner’s’ turn to be in the spotlight, whomever that is, and I will not take that [spotlight] away from them”. When pushed about his “future” with Jordan, he stated, “when WE made the decision, together, to return to the game, we decided that afterward, WE would then take OUR relationship up to the next level”.

      Unlike Rachel and Brendon, Jordan and Jeff do not feel the need to be on top of each other every minute. He has told her “I love You” on several occasions, privately, as has she.
      Jeff and Jordan do not need anyone’s acceptance or approval. They love each other, they have beaten the odds of making a two year long-distance relationship work.

      Lastly, if anyone remembers Season 11, Jordan is very conscious of what they “do” and “do not do” with cameras on them 24-7. Jordan has said it’s how she was raised, and, she will not upset or embarass her Mother or Grandmother on National TV. Her family is “old-fashioned” and Jordan, AND Jeff, respect that.

      IMHO – I find that to be 100% Classy on BOTH of their parts! I believe whole-heartedly they will have a very long life together.


      • Thankfully it won’t be me either with Jeff. He’s so arrogant. When talking with Julie on eviction nite he said, I’m so fired up rite now Julie. Why is that Jeff ?? Because you were so taken back because people have their own minds and do not have to listen and obey your every command like Jordan. He said people were jealous of him and his life. Yea rite, that can’t he further from the truth ego head. Jeff was mad because everything he tried to do to others they did to him first. So Jeff move on with your life because we are tired of seeing you on reality shows !

    • Jeff got what he deserved. But I have seen him acted with good manners in the past. But, his bullying got the best of him. I’ll never forget his yelling at Kalia a few weeks ago, and then went on to say he was the most considerate and noble player. He lied then just like Shelly has lied EVERY DAY. This season is a disappointment.

    • LOL.

      Kalia’s next. Throwing a dog against a wall! Unbelievable cruelty. Not surprised though, it is consistent with the character I’ve seen from Kalia.

      I wonder if someone Kalia knows will be reporting her to the SPCA. In my state, she would be prosecuted after publicly admitting that.

  3. well Porshe won the HOH. She opened Pandora’s Box for 5,000 and led back the duo twist for one more week. So jordan&rachel, kalia&porsha, adam&shelly. Rachel won so she took both of them off because they are a duo. so adam&shelly got put up and more likely shelly will go home

  4. SO TMZ says that Shelly’s family is getting death threats because she voted to evict Jeff. Get a clue TMZ. America hates Shellly because she she went far beyong game play to forming a fake friendship and truly hurting JJ, not just the usual BB type lies.
    With that said…. what kind of sick (swear word) threatens a hg’s family?
    Shelly is a soul sucking Bee <<< yes she is. Now everyone knows the truth about her. Let that be enough and leave her family alone.

    • YEA!!! america should hate shelly!! how dare she get rid of jeff? doesnt she know he is big brother royalty?! my god. serves her right to be hated. lord forbid if she actually evicted him and not just voted for him to leave.

      SHAME ON SHELLY! she went nothing but personal on jeff because its not like he’s a real strong competitor (yet at the same time the best ever!) shelly just hates him and what he stands for. its clear she hates him on a personal level.

      the audacity shelly has on even thinking of getting rid of jeff. I JUST CANT BELIEVE HER!


      • Folks this is a game, not life. It has become a FBI case now because death threats were made against not only Shelly, but her INNOCENT CHILD whom I sure Jordan and I HOPE Jeff would not approve of. Let’s not get crazy over something so trivial as a person being ejected from a game. Shelly had every right to want to win a half a million dollars for her family JUST LIKE JEFF DID. Seems Jordan has moved forward and who are we to judge and condemn especially an innocent child? I don’t think Jeff and Jordan will approve of all of it once they find out about it either.

      • I thought it was obvious.

        On your point though, a lot of JJ fans are in love with idea of the couple and feel entitled like you point out with sarcasm. I’ve said repeatedly, they lie and backstab like everyone else in there, they’re no more worthy than any of them even Shelly. At least Shelly has a game strategy (apparently lie and deny those lies to everyone), I think Jordan’s was to ride merrily behind Jeff to the 500k again.

      • I agree with you Arky. I didn’t know the death treats had come about til reading this. I think this is going overboard. It is a game. Get over it. Jordon and Shelly have already made up. Everything is back on level ground. I think whomever committed the death threats should be found and put in prison with Charles Mansion. See how they like that.

      • Actually, as I am NOT a fan of Shelley, the threats to her and her family have now made it into the FBI’s hands. And Yes, the Threats are NOW being Investigated. People need to be carefull with what they say!

    • Sheesh. Some people are cuckoo for cocoa puffs. No holds barred on the show. People do what they need to do to win. It isn’t a popularity contest and it isn’t a place to make friends. Get over yourselves people. lol

  5. U know what? im sorry but i still have that bad taste in my mouth from that b.s. twist. i’ll get over it but dam, it was just so obvious.

    anyway shelly is gone. dont really need to spend time on that.

    adam is one of the most pathetic houseguest ive EVER seen. i would put him in the same room with kathy from last season. he’s a joke. and its kinda frustrating to watch because this guy will make it another 2 weeks IMO. and he’s been out like first or second in the last 2-3 comps.

    hopefully kalia can beat rachel for HOH(she has twice), then rachel or jordan are gone (HOPEFULLY W/O NO B.S. TWIST OR ANYTHING), then im assuming porsche/kalia (one of them) will be gone. they both cant make it.

    2 things:

    1-when the pairs were put back together, i would have paired up with jordan/rachel if i was porsche and kalia. would have been the OVERLY smart thing to do(so dani would have done it. maybe even brendon), it would have made u look like a genius, but more importantly u basically still have some control on who gets evicted. u almost out smart the twist/plot to keep rachel/jordan.

    2-if im kalia/porsche i want jordan in the final 2. with jordan still in the house, u keep that 4th vote out of the hands of the sore losers.. i mean the vets(not including daniele ofcourse). then they cant decide everything because they’re poor sports… OBVI!! plus what is jordan going to win? haha please!

    but make no mistake shelly is gone. and really she didnt deserve to win on a game level or a personal level i mean… did we see THAT house? my goodness lol

    • Marcus i strongly disagree with u about teaming with opposite alliances in the duos thing because adam is there as a swing vote and both kalia and porche would be there for the picking had they been on the block. That would not be a smart move for them adam would pick them off

      • good point craig. really good. however adam has said he’s all about going with the power. if u get rid of rachel the numbers would be 4-1 against jordan.

      • Actually, I disagree Craig. Marcus was correct to begin with. Let’s say the teams had been Shelly/Rachel, Adam/Jordan instead of the way it went.

        If Porsche/Kalia win PoV noms stay the same. If either of the other teams win, they remove themselves and up goes the other. In that scenario there’s a vet up on the block either way. If it’s Adam/Jordan still on the block, Adam doesn’t even vote, Jordan is gone. If it’s Shelly/Rachel, then and only then would Adam’s swing vote matter.

        Instead of a 66% chance one of the vets were gone for sure, we had a 33% chance neither vet was gone at all. Stupid. In the scenarios above, Adam might not have even saved Rachel, so it might have been a guaranteed vet gone. Oh well.

      • If, if, if…Rachel and Jordan would never of teamed up with anyone else so why are you even arguing what could have been???

      • It is easy for us to sit here and come up with better strategies, but Porche had no time. She had to go down and read the card in front of the others. No time to make a decision. She could not look at it first.

      • @Craig and Marcus – that’s how you play the game: strategy! Look at your odds. I always said that Daniele was the best strategic player in the house this season. The ones that let their emotions rule their game are now out of the door. And Daniele had the best poker face of anyone I’ve ever seen. The girl was good!!!

    • Marcus that is what they thought before and Jordan won. I think she wins again if she makes it bc Shelly will vote for her and so will Brendon Jeff and Rachel assuming that Rachel got voted out. So of it is Porsche or Kalia they will have 2 votes for sure and even if they get Adams vote I don’t see how they have the numbers to win. Basically the beat play is to take Adam otherwise they lose in the finals against Jordan. It would be closer with Rachel but I think if she gets to the final 2 she has a good shot. It would be interesting to see who won if Rachel and Jordan go up against each other in the finals.

      • nah i dont think jordan would have shelly’s vote. she’ll be hanging out with dani in the jury house, and dani will give it to her straight. unless its adam sitting next to jordan, i dont think she will win. i hope not anyway

      • Marcus, I think you are right. Had not
        thought of that. But I don’t think
        R or J would have agreed to be anyone’s
        pertner but each other’s. It would have
        been great if it had worked the other way as you suggested.

    • Even if they wanted to do that they couldn’t it was personal choice, so Rachel and Jordan wanted to pair with each other because they only trusted each other at the time.

      Oh my I can’t believe I said Jordan trusted Rachel, my how the times have changed. Come on people it makes the game get better.

      • Why is that a big surprise. In spite of everything, Rachel has stayed true to Jordan as well as Jeff. I don’t know why it should come as a surprise that Jordan trusted Rachel who she knows really well over Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, or Adam. All of them except Adam voted to evict Jordan’s man. Rachel has been loyal but it is a game and there is only so far loyalty can go when only one person can win 500K.

    • Do you honestly believe Big Brother will have any viewing audience left if both Rachel and Jordan are evicted? One or both have to make it into the finals. I certainly don’t want to see Porsche, Kalia or Adam win.

      • its irrelevant. its a game. so u supports production tampering with the game to push ppl to the end? do u only like it because its ppl u like? do u realize thats unfair?

      • Absolutely! There are a bunch of folks out here in BB Land that do NOT want to see either Rachel or Jordan make it to the F@. What have either of them done in this game? Jordumb has floated by on Jeff’s coattails. Rachel has done nothing but whine and complain the entire time. Yep, both of them won HOH (Rachel only because her father asked her to throw the comp!) and Jordan. But did either of them make any big plays. No! Cassie got evicted because of Rachel’s insecurities and Do got evicted because of Jeff’s insecurities. And now folks are threatening Shelly’s family. What freakin’ losers they are. It’s A GAME people. And to top it off, it’s on television!!!!

      • Marcus do u have a job??? You spend way too much time on here spewing ur crap its obvious you are biased towards the newbies. Which makes me wonder if you have been picked on and made fun of throughout life. You just sit and say ridiculous things and twist it all around to try and make your point. Half of the things you say dont even make sense. Then act like you are an authority on all of it. You say things and claim they are facts when they arent. You should get off the computer and do something constructive with your time.

      • Having production fix the game to benefit the VETS is seen as fair to a lot of viewers who support Jordan. They don’t care about the game, as long as Jordan comes out the winner.

      • Marcus and TopFlightFanSeason1-13 I agree with both of you and have been saying the same thing.

    • yeah its a game sorta like football when a ref decides to change the rule that says if the other team moves the ball you have to give the ball to the other team.this is a game where the person betting on the game(rating) gets to change the rules at there whim with no consequences

    • On the other hand, you could say that Adam is playing an excellent game. He’s managed to keep the target off his back every week, relying upon the protection of the vets alliance without antagonizing the other side of the house.

      There are different ways to play and win, and someone like Jeff, Brendon, or Daniele will always be perceived by the other houseguests as a threat and become a target because of that perception.

      Even when he wants someone out of the house, he doesn’t position himself as their enemy, he lets other houseguests get their hands dirty.

      You might say that it’s both smarter and more difficult to keep the sort of low profile which enables you to get to the end of the game than it is to win a lot of comps.

    • Absolutely agree with you Marcus. What a lame “twist”. Producers knew that Porsche was going to open any Pandora’s box. And don’t tell me that that twist was already created before. I like having balance in the house to make things interesting but it is so ridiculous that they had to do YET AGAIN another “twist” to screw over the newbies. Brutal. Say what you want about Dani, Porsche, and Kalia but they really have worked their ass off in competitions in the last month and have HAD to because of the lame “twists”.

      • Kalia couldn’t work her big butt out of a paper bag!! Unless, of course, it was filled with food!! She has to go even before Porshce!!! Let th rue players unite!!!

      • The last monyh??? Hardley and if its so fixed , that means they were all in it and just let Rachel win right??? Please.

      • @jubjub – I’ve said the same thing and posted it on CBS page. They do not allow the players a fair advantage. Why bring back that stupid Duo Twist when they had just gotten rid of it. I still feel that the America Vote to bring back Brendon was not America’s Vote at all. If you look at the consensus of the posts, no one liked Brendon. With that reasoning and logic, who in the world voted for him to come back into the game. We have to remember that this is television and what matters are ratings. Of course it would be a big ratings night. Even bigger ratings night when Brendon got evicted. Both times! In the earlier seasons, they had twists but none like they have had in recent years. I wonder could the production team not come up with anything else but the Duo Twist? Makes you wonder what the hell they are smoking! :-0

    • I agree. Although it is her strategy of how she is playing the game, she can’t win anything but she sure has taken control over the house with her stories. The only thing I don’t like is how she is doing it, she seems to be attacking people on personal levels if it is just a game then don’t scream and yell about it just simply say “it is just a game”. I feel that her integrity is one of the worst I have ever seen in the house. Even compared to nasty Natalie, at least she didn’t crawl up to you and totally act like your best friend she just made up stories.

      • On last nights BBAD I noticed that Shelly’s back is hurting her. And Kalia had a sterile bandage on her arm. They must have hurt themselves in the veto comp.

  6. So hoping that ShellHE goes home. Kalia should be right behind her. For the people who are sooo glad that Jeff is gone, you obviously think its ok, for people to lie , lie , lie and betray friendships. Yes, I understand this is a game, but with all of america watching, I think that the game should be played with honesty, trust and respect for one another. You dont have to lie, just because its a game!! The reason america is cheering on Jeff and Jordan is because they are GOOD, HONEST, BIG HEARTED people. At first Shelly seemed that way and played on their kindness. Now we all know what kind of person she is. To be locked away for that many days you get to see the true sides of people. So I feel bad for those who have lied and played both sides of house because when they get back in the real world, do you think they are to be trusted by co-workers, family and friends? Money does crazy things to people!!

    • Jeff and Jordan have done their fair share of Lying and backstabbing. Remember what they did to Brendan twice? He broke his word to Dani, yeah he said he wouldn’t backdoor her, but that’s BB good for him it’s gameplay. You are on some serious drugs if you think you can play the game honestly and win 500k. the only way you can do that is ride coatails to the end and not make one desicion.

      • it is the same as before… Jordan hung onto Jeff untill he was evicted… then she started to play… I beleive Shelly really was with JJ… and would have sayed with Jordan… but it is a GAME like everyone is saying and she needed to get rid of 1 of them to stay and win the money

    • to all reading here, everyone in the house knew all about shelly it’s like working a 9 to 5 job, we know who the back stabbers are it’s no real secret. shelly has been on everyone’s radar for some time, remember jeff would always ask her if she was on board with decisions they were making. jj was not blind-sided by shelly they just used her to get info from the other side. they were going to dump shelly at some point believe me

      • How else would they win if they didnt dump shelly at some point. Shelly is not a competiter. Shes a pathological liar,bullying,psychotic. The way she got in everyones face when she got busted out. Earlier with Rachel and then Jeff and Adam then Jordon. Thats not normal game play. Everytime i ask you jj haters to give me an example of how they are so low down and dirty. NO ONE has done it.

    • I’ve thought the very same thing. How can you really be one way in the house for so long w/o your TRUE character shining through? Me thinks it’s next to impossible. Shelly I would think, will have a tough time being believed by friends, relatives and co-workers. How will they really know that her kiss-ups are real? They won’t. They will wonder.

    • shan shan shan… shan. Big Brother is not the show for you. this game is based off of trust and how good u can lie and ur poker face beside the athletic side of the game

      u MUST lie in BB. if ur not lying, ur not playing. nobody will EVER win EVER w/o lying. its not possible really. u cant be an open book.

      for as good a guy as u think jeff is, have u ever heard him talk to ANYONE when he doesnt get his way? or how he talks to jordan?

      “with america watching” u dont play the show for america. america isnt going to give u 500k. america isnt going to evict u. u play for urself.

      c’mon shan. the reason america is cheering on jordan and was cheering on jeff is because they are being EDITED as the cute, american, sweet, attractive couple. thats what america sinks their teeth into. its not as true as it comes across on tv, but the ditsy blonde, and clean-cut guy with an accent that sweet (he’s not) has worked for years.

      america doesnt care about gameplay (obviously) its who they gravitate to emotionally.

      any of the past houseguest for the most part dont like jordan/jeff because of the treatment they get with there lack of playing-the-game.

      • i forgot to put this. jeff and jordan are good people more than likely outside of the house. but they’re not the only ones. im sure kalia, porsche, daniele, and brendon even are good ppl. ragan, matt, natalie (season 11) are all good ppl.

        everyone knows what the deal is though when u step in the house.

        i say jeff/jordan are being edited and produced which they are but i dont mean that to say they are really terrible ppl.

      • @Marcus – true comments! Dani had the best poker face of many BB players. I loved how she could sit and listen to folks present their deals and would tell them that she would “think about it”. From Season 1, BB has been about physical ability in comps, intellectual ability in comps and being able to play the better strategic game. If that meant lying, well, if the strategy worked, good! So many folks are tied to Jeff and Jordan emotionally and cannot see how they are not good players. Jeff displayed poor sportsmanship last year when he tossed the golf club when he lost. Poor baby! Will and Mike have been the best players by far. Worst for me is Lawon and now Adam. Still wondering how in the heck CBS selected them to compete????????

    • Great point Craig. JJ knew what she was about and still kept her in an alliance, so what does that tell you about JJ? I’m not Basdhing but there are JJ fans that can call it like it is and then there are the people who part of the JJ cult. Are they good people outside the house, more than likley yes, but when you’re in that house, you turn into a lying scumbag. That’s just what the game is about.

      • The lying is part of the game
        Lying to yourself and America when we KNOW your lying, Well thats just wrong and crazy

      • @Gene – Wondering how long some of the posters have been looking at BB? Someone mentioned earlier how well Janelle played the game. Good reminder because I had forgotten about her. It also seems as if the JJ Team (I will be nice and will not call them a cult!) folks get on here and like to name-call. Shows real character, doesn’t it. Jeff is just as big of a liar as Shelly. When Rachel asked him did he throw the POV Comp he still lied. Why didn’t he just tell her that yes, he did throw the comp because he did not want to be put in the position of alienating his alliance. Now that would have taken a “sack”. Which we now find out, Jeff does not have. ROFLMFAO!!!!!!!!

    • JJ did not do even half of the dirty things Dani, Kalia, and P. did. If you have to play dirty to win by stealing or putting things in the food, talking like breaking legs etc why would you want the nasty to win. Can’t they play a game with a little more class. Sure JJ may have lied but it sure wasn’t like the rest of them. Also I know Dani feed Shelhe about coming in 3rd and no money. Shellhe said in the begging she didn’t come for the money she came to play an honest game. By the way didn’t anyone see the Corvette in Shellhe garage when BB came to pick her up???
      What comp did Shellhe think she was going to win to come in 2 ir 1st? She was never in for 3rd unless some giant mistake ocurred. Did she cry because she sucked? Yes she did but if the other side cried she bad mouthed them. JJ were always nice to her period. If I had been Jeff the last day I am afraid my mouth would have kicked me out for sure. She thinks she is so great for kicking him out and flipping the house that was another Dani move not hers. Dani was so mad she was leaving she said she would make sure Jeff paid and she did, she told anything she could to make others knock him out. Hopefully Brendon and Jeff do not talk to her in the jury house and let her be totally alone but since they are the nice people they will talk to her. To bad. I may say I forgive you but I never forget that is for sure. Hope they remember all and do not become friends outside of the game.
      While I am at it P thinks she is so hot and I am sure there are some men who think so but what is the real reason? They were so jealous of Casi they put her out. I wish her and K would end up how they wished others the injurys some would bestow them

      • @Martha – you seem to forget that Shelly was the last one of her alliance to come off the ski slopes. She held on for over ninety minutes. Jeff and Brendon were both off the slopes before Shelly. Even before Porsche. And that was not a mistake! Also, to clarify, Rachel is the one that was jealous and insecure of Cassi’s beauty! Remember the awful names that she called Cassi? And, pray tell, what dirty things has Kalia done? My only fault with Kalia is that she tends to be slow in the physical comps. But she rocks in the mental comps. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for your two BFF’s, J&R. Good luck to you and don’t blow a gasket when your buddies get evicted! Just keep saying over and over, it’s only a game, it’s only a game, it’s only a game! :-)

    • So when Jeff told Rachel that he didn’t throw the corn hole comp. That was Not a lie? Really? In order to play the game you must lie. There are no two ways around it.

      • I’ve said this before.I dont believe Jeff would throw any competition unless Jordan had it already won. First, you never really know if anyone will keep their word. Second, Jeff is too competitive and egotistical to throw anything.

      • But he is greedy for money for than he
        is competitive. Money was his real mo-
        tive and not wanting to have to save
        Brendon while someone else would get
        their hands dirty.

    • Does Jeff backdooring Russell, after telling Russell that he was safe, in BB11 qualify as honesty? Do his homophobic comments make him goodhearted?

    • What is up with the nominating Jeff and Jordan for sainthood? Jeez… they are not that special. Jeff is arrogant and quite rude when things don’t go his way. Jordan is nice but there are alot of nice people out there who don’t go on reality tv. When you go on the show you can’t expect everyone to be nice to you just because… They know EXACTLY what kind of people are there. It’s BIG BROTHER for crying out loud. EXPECT people to be against you. That is the whole point to get to the end by yourself. The person who wins is the last one left not necessarily the one who is the “nicest”.

    • @Shan I can’t believe you really think both Jeff and Jordan are good, honest, big-hearted people. Jeff did plenty of lying and Jordan stood right next to him and agreed. When Rachel came to ask Jeff if he threw the corn-hole veto. He lied to Rachel and Jordan later agreed. Rachel believed both J/J.

      If BB were like you wanted it to be nobody would watch. They may all be wonderful people in the real world, but that is not how the game is played.

    • Yep. We have 1 more HG at this stage than we did last season since Brendon came back. BUT, production’s schedule always had this # planned since Evel left on his own and Brendon’s return put that back on track.

      It’ll either by another fast-forward or another twist. My guess for the twist: Rachel gets to hand pick the Final 3. Then Jordan gets to hand pick the Final 2. Problem solved!

      Or they could just do a rushed week near to the end to avoid last year’s repeat of the Nerd Herd lovefest with the Brigade just sitting around on their duffs for the last week and a half.

  7. OMG..Kalia and Porsche gonna miss alot nap time in the next 3 days..Porsche wanted to nap ..but Kalia said nooo “We have to watch everybody”…they so smart they actually dumb..

  8. What is up with people hating shelly for lying? Its a game! Forget “friendship” people don’t go to BB for new friends they go for the MONEY! she made a smart move, and if this twist wasn’t around she would have been golden for another week. I don’t understand what the JeJo hype is about. Sure shes a a sweet girl (jordan) but shes a FLOATER, and Jeff was way to arrogant….

    I could care less who wins, but i’m hoping its a newbie just so on finale day the veterans rely that turning on each other was the stupidest move possible.

    • Everybody lies but at least the others can admit that they’re lying in the DR. LoonyshellHE actually believes that (s)he’s not lying…he is after all a STRAIGHTSHOOTER..yeah…all the way to the jury house.

      • and for her age, to join in the rachel-bashing 24/7 and then insist that she has CLASS. right, because it’s really classy to steal somebody’s stuff and to bash a person 24/7. major mental issues there.

    • I don’t hate anyone. Shelly went beyond lying, that is why a lot of ppl hate her. She actually hurt ppl.
      Jordan is Not a Floater. A Floater sucks up to whoever is in power from week to week. They do not stay true to their alliance. Shelly is the biggest floater ever. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a good strategic game.
      Jordan did ride coattails to the win in her season, but she DID NOT FLOAT. Please, understand what you are saying before you post.

      • @Liz(AFF)…I agree with you completely. There has to be lying in this game, and when the opportunity to come clean in the Diary Room is afforded, all these players, except Shelley, admit what they are doing. Shelley is delusional, and an angry liar. She gets in the face of those who catch her, and projects blame on the somewhat innocent (Adam, and to a degree Rachel). She is difficult to like, not because she lies, but how she lies.

        In regard to Jordan, she is probably the most genuine person in the house, not athletically gifted, but as honest as you can be in this setting.

        Nice post!!

      • Liz, I also CAM. I said it b4. Watching S do that to Jordan was like watching someone kick a puppy. {Or throw one into a wall~OMG! still cannot believe K would admit to that}
        When J won the phone call S leaned in and said something to her. Did S actually ask J to give it to her? S said the phone call “saved her life/sanity in the house”. J also had to wear that stupid costume on top of it. If I were J, I would steer clear of S when they return to “real life”.
        BB is a liars’ game like poker… returning a kind act with nastiness is just plain wrong.

    • Yes, everyone lies to some extent on Big Brother, but the problem with Shelly is that she can not even admmit the truth in the DR. Even Dr. Will, who was and will always be the biggest liar in BB history, admitted in every DR that he was lying to everyone and would continue to do it. Shelly actually believes her lies and believes that she is the wronged one. She has some very serious problems that she needs a lot of help with once she gets out of BB, and she is a 50 something year old woman and her making fun of Rachel and stealing her stuffed dog her mom gave her is just juvenile and wrong. She needs to go and figure out who she is going to explain all of her horrid actions to her daughter, but then again she does not think she did anything wrong. ALL THE WAY TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!

  9. you all forget jordan won her season by winning comp without jeff, people in the house always lie, the reason the brigade won last year is they didnt betray each other like some of these vets have(daniele)

    • The Brigade betrayed Matt. It turned out to be a smart move for them, because he could have easily won a lot of comps at the end, but it’s not like they told him that they were kicked him out of the alliance before voting him out of the house.

  10. Well we now know the price of Shelly’s soul. It is 500,000 dollars. I am a firm believer of what goes around comes around. I hope she is getting ready to go home and wander how it feels to be going home and it is JJ that is sending her there. All she has done is ride the coat tails of everyone in the house and got as far as she did because of others work.

    She thinks she is so smart. They say with age comes wisdom but such is not the case with her. As soon as she walks out of the room Kayla and Porsche plan her demise. Poetic Justice.

    • what goes around comes around. ask fugly danielle and jeff haha (for the record, I’m team Vet except fugly Dani). can’t wait for loonyshellHE to get evicted this thursday. one thing to lie to the HGs but to insist during her DR session that (s)he has CLASS and doesn’t lie? Come on. Get a grip on reality psycho.

    • Yeah, remember when Dani was talking about backdooring Jeff to Dom, and Shelly ratted her out to JJ? She could’ve kept her mouth shut and Jeffy would’ve been sent packing a long time ago. What comes around goes around? Yep, Jeffy got his for what he did to Brendan TWICE and that means that Jordan’s due for betraying Brendan as well.

      • Wow… Betraying Brendan? The same guy who was bashing jejo to try and make a deal with dani, we all know if he stayed they wouldve went after jejo, I’ll give you that jeff doesn’t practice what he preaches cause he told Brendan there was no point in tying the vote cause dani was going to send him out anyway but then he told Adam to vote for him no matter what, to make kalia make the decision. I thought that was messed up, I don’t think he screwed Brendan the first time but after he came back rachel forgot all about jejo taking care of her so in the end Brendan got what he deserved. It kills me how kalia talks about Jordan winning a comp that was thrown to her but all the comps had people throwing them, I hope she gets the boot she is on cloud 9 when her alliance wins but kiss butt when they don’t. I’m tired of all the dancing and gloating. She is practicing her speech to the jury as we speak…. What a joke. The only reason Porsche has started winning is because the lee is no one to beat. Shelly and Adam throw every comp, they belittle Jordan saying she can’t win so the only person she beat was Rachel. Hope kalia and porsche hit the jury. Jordan maybe a little ditzy but she will win when she has too.

      • Brandon I agree with you about the whole idea of JeJo betraying Brendon being off, because like you said he bashed them in trying to make a deal with Dani, and if I’m not mistaken as he left told Rachel to shake up the game aka flip on JeJo (only Rachel hasn’t had a make-sense opportunity to do so) but about Jeff not practicing what he preaches in terms of tie-breaking…I would really think he told Adam to vote for him anyway because he still held out outside hope that Shelly would vote for him too, just going on that she was his ally the entire game. Even if there was a feeling she wouldn’t, why not take that chance when your game life is on the line? That and yeah, he probably wanted useless Kalia (yes I know she won twice I still consider her useless for several other reasons) to get blood on her hands, or potentially anger Jordan to go after her.

      • Jordan pawned herself with Jeff’s approval the first time around. If that’s not a betrayl, I don’t know what is.

  11. I agree with melo. What is the big deal about everyone hating Shelly. 1. She did exactly what Jeff wanted her to do. She was the spy for the vets and was able to get that information from the newbies to take back to Jeff. 2. She was right when she was trying to talk to Adam. If there is a final three (for instance) Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly, and Shelly helped them get there, who do you think they are voting out SHELLY…… I believe she made a great game play in evicting Jeff. 3. Jordan gave her that phone call, SHELLY NEVER ASKED FOR IT……. 4. The vets need to get off their HIGH HORSE and face the fact that the newbies do have brains of their own and don’t need to fly on COAT TAILS LIKE RACHEL AND JORDAN

    • Rach can win, and she’s the reason why the game is where it’s at right now. She made the biggest move in the house and CBS dropped the ball by not showing it. It all went down the night before evictions.

      • Come on… He told her she didn’t have to do that Trojan horse anymore, if you can’t see that there is something wrong with what she did. I don’t care that she dumped jeff, it cost her the game by the way, but it’s how she did it. She befriend them and used te friendship as a springboard to get her this far in the game. She wouldve made atleast final 4 with jejo and had a chance to win but she can’t beat anybody so she was afraid no one would carrey her to the final two. Which even by betraying jeff she has no one so sh got we she deserved. That’s fine that she did that but afterwards going after Jordan was a little much, I’m sure the guilt ate at Shelly but she can’t admit doing any wrong. It goes to show you what a person Jordan is by appologizing to her even when she wasn’t at fault but something tells me jeff will be less forgiving. Shelly was being used either way, but she was in better hands with jeff.

    • Shelley had no choice but to vote against Jeff. He was so pissed off at her that he would have went after her if she didn’t get him out. She didn’t enter the big brother house to do Jeff and Jordan’s bidding and settle for final 3. She was there to try to win some money. People need to get a grip. Yes she was playing both sides and lied at times. Most of the other players did too.

      • Yeah but you have to get to the final 3 first. She jumped the gun, she doesn’t have a chance with kalia or porsche either. Atleast she could trust jeff, it cost her the game so I’m sure she regrets it, it’s pretty sad to SSS her go to Jordan and appologize after the veto was won and she knew she was the replacement. Her game is only lies, and not to play emotionally but she used emotions against her own team. The threats to shelly’s family are a little much and hope they are safe.

    • Barb what is your point in saying Shelly never asked for it? And so adamantly as well? It’s still an extremely nice gesture, in fact it’s even nicer BECAUSE Shelly didn’t ask for it, and shows even more what kind of heart Jordan has. She was in tears thinking about talking to her mom then said “Oh wait!” because Shelly has a daughter, and asked “Do you want it?” and Shelly didn’t exactly say “No no Jordan it’s yours!” she said “Its ok…” with a hangdog look on her…who the hell would flat out ask for it when it means taking a call away from someone else? Shelly not asking for it is a completely irrelevant point

  12. When Dani called Brendon a zombie, she must have been looking at Shelly’s face, im glad i wont be seeing it as much anymore.

  13. Captain Obvious here: If Rachel or Jordan (fat chance there, eh?) don’t win H.O.H. this Thursday, then everything they accomplished this week will have been for naught.

    I’ve been rooting for the vets this whole time and with them being outnumbered now and Adam being unreliable, I’m afraid Rachel and Jordan’s chances on going all the way to the end are slim…

    Would LOVE to be wrong, though.

    Am anxious to see how the Fortune Teller plays a role, if at all — any news on that yet?

    • @Leo…..I do agree with you that IF (hopefully) Rachel or Jordan wins HOH they need to get rid of Porsha for she is somewhat the fittest of her group!!! PEACE!!!

    • You may be right.

      Just don’t forget there’s another guest in that house…production. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the fortune teller messes the vets up next. CBS is vested in keeping the sides even and have proven repeatedly they have no qualms about tinkering with the game to get what they want this season.

  14. As I read all the above comments I guess that at least the newbies have worked for where they are. Jorden & Jeff, Rachael and Brendon, were all able to have the luxury of being able to trust their partners, and the newbies had to rely on just playing a game. Not fair from the start if you ask me.

    • I agree with Roda. Adam summed it up by saying the newbies didn’t get the chance to know each other,it was like 20 min. before the vets came in. Then the newbies immediately started sucking up just to have a chance in the game. I for one have not been happy with the twists that only seem to arrive when the newbies have a chance:(

      • Agree with Roda and Ericka. Thank you Ericka for stating what I have posted so many times. Nice to see someone who agrees.

  15. Now Adam says in the house it is impossible to trust anyone. He says you can’t play the game honest…. Or can you? He is trying to hard to play honest and stay to his word.

    • and where has that got him… hope he is happy with being number 2… if he makes it that far…

  16. A bit off topic — and UN-kind (for which I kind-of, sort-of but not really apologize in advance for): after watching last night’s episode and finding myself gasping out loud, I would LOVE to see Porsche wearing something that actually FITS her and where the term ‘Muffin Top’ doesn’t spring to mind.

    Just sayin’.

  17. People hate shelly cuz she is frickin insane. Lying is part of the big brother game, you gotta make deals and lie sometimes to get your way. Shelly is different shelly lies lies lies lies, then comes in the diary room stares and cries at the camera and tries to convince US that she wasn’t lying! We see everything she does and she still tried to convince us and herself that she wasn’t lying…that’s not gameplay in the house, that’s plain crazy.

  18. Finally!!! Shelly the B***** needs to get the heck out of the house. She is only getting what she deserves!! Wahooo! Go Rachel and Jordan!!!

  19. Adam says he came in the game and be the manipulator and be strong in competitions

    He thinks he has succeeded in proving he wants to be i the BB house and wonders how far will that get him. He asks why he trusted Shelly? He should have listened to people about Shelly but he didn’t want to believe it…

    • INO, Adam has been a real disappointment. He’s been poor at everything and switching sides. Nice guy but a real dud of a player.

    • just wondering if anyone picked up on the fact kalia is campaigning against por by talking to all in the house, making a final 2 deal with adam, telling jordan she never put her up {good luck wit that one} and speaking to rachel. smartly she feels the other side will win hoh she is quietly throwing por to the curb

      • Craig,

        Kalia is smart to do that to cover her own a**…. Porsha may be hot but she isn’t bright enough to realize she hasn’t won sh** yet! (As far as being Final 2)

  20. Had a dream last night that the next HOH comp was another endurance and Adam, Kahlia and Porsha fell off first and Rachel fell next and Jordan won the HOH…..hope this dream comes true bcoz I think it’ll be best for Jordan to win this next HOH and have Rachel fight for the next one!!! PEACE!!!

    • That is what I’ve been hoping (for Jordan/Rachel to win back to back HOH) but the possibility of that happening is pretty slim (okay, less than 1% IMO).

  21. There is an episode of the Twilight Zone that takes place during Mardi Gras where an ill elder man asks his family to put on masks. Once they remove their masks their faces have changed…Shelly reminds me of a character in this episode…ANYONE OUT THERE AGREE????

  22. Shelly and Rachel in the BR joking about how Brendon and Rachel won another comp together during the last POV…. Shelly said Brendon just hung there while Rachel did all the woork…

  23. These twists are planned out way ahead of time…plus Porsche simply could have not opened the box. She figured out she was only going to get $5K. There is no great conspiracy here.

    The producers put in the 2nd elimination last week and it took out Jeff. Also, the only way for Jeff and Jordan to be safe was to let Jordan compete in the POV and have her save Jeff but she wasn’t included in the contest.

    They let America vote to bring back a contestant (Brandon) but he still had to compete against whoever was eliminated and that easily could have been Rachel. They also didn’t give him immunity and he was gone the next week.

    There are simply too many parts for anyone to think they are trying to manipulate the game for Jeff and Jordan or Rachel or anybody.

    • someone had to come back because Dick left… Casi was in the lead until right before the show… “could CSB fix the vote…” but yes he did need to comepete… which even if it was agains rachal… it would have been intresting…

  24. Does anyone remember shellhe telling jj she
    Wasthere to help them win andthat she didn’t
    Need themoney now she is allabout backstabbing JR now if she hadn’t acted so
    Fake in the beginning ppl wouldn’t be hating on her now and I want Rachel to win with jorden 2nd the others arejust a waste of space and the kind of ppl who are rude and nasty

  25. By by Shelly u made ur bed now lie in it….that’s right u r a big fat LIRE …who states on live tv I teach my child not to lie …good going SHELLY I think u should get mother of the year award

    • Yet another point in the endless list of reasons why Kalia’s the biggest joke I’ve ever seen in this game. I don’t care if the dog made her bleed something fierce, it’s a dog, it doesn’t have the same brainpower as humans (well maybe, if that human is her or Porsche). You don’t grab a dog’s face and throw it against a wall. Disgusting

  26. I wonder if the company that ShellHE is the Vice President at is considering that the lies she has told and backstabbing that she has done shows them that heshe maybe doing the same within the company. Once a liar always a liar.

  27. Been without power for a couple of days and I am probably saying what has already been said.

    Jordan cries her little eyes out and all of a sudden a twist to save the last wto vets. What BS!

    I did not care before who won, but I hate to see such an obvious heavy handed ploy by the producers.

    I imagine that if you are rooting for vets, you are fine with it; and if you are rooting against the vets you hate it.

    For me, even though I was a Evil Dick fan during his season, I put an asterisk next to his win because, but for BB production saving his but from eviction, he would not have won.

    Just like but for BB production saving Jeff and Jordan the year Jordan won, she would have gone home after Jeff and probably before Jesse or Natalie.

    I have found myself watching BB and BBAD less and less over the last three seasons (this season included) not because BB has pandora’s boxes, or diamond power of veto or special powers, but because the timing is always suspect to favor a particular player or group of players.

    Next time CBS, once the new HGs have been picked and sequestered, tell the viewing audience that we will have a special twist in let’s say weeks 3, 7 and 10. That way, there can be no question about the timing.

    • Good idea about future seasons, but there’s no chance CBS will do it. They want ratings and will use these “twists” to keep players America loves or hates.

    • I disagree…
      Matt got the Diamond power of Veto last season and he was in a good spot in the house and people did not like him.
      If it was so rigged they should have gave it to Brenden the week he was HOH so he could save himself.
      These things go either way.

      • They saved Brendon once this season, or does your bias forget that? Dani had to evict him twice.

      • I am talking about last season.

        Please read the post and understand it before you comment SCott!!!

        Some people don’t even understand the difference between seasons and past players.

      • The fact you’re replying to a comment about CBS tinkering/rigging THIS season with “proof” from something that happened last season, says a lot about YOUR reading comprehension.

        I don’t give a rat’s ass what happened last season. Maybe last season CBS was less prone to “fix” things, although, no they weren’t. This season though, it’s been one example after another. Oh and it’s Brendon with an O, at least try to spell correctly when you call someone else stupid.

  28. Rachel took a pregnancy test and came out negative
    Good for her, she can focus on her game

  29. Well it was pretty obvious that Shelly was going to go home since Rachel won that veto.

    There’s no chance she’s going to be able to persuade Jordan or Rachel after the bridge she burned.

    CBS is probably just going to force her to try to campaign for herself when she knows she’s going home.

    Just like they did Regan for last season.

  30. OMG…the bathing “beauties” think they’re great looking. What a good laugh for us all.

    • Can’t blame her, I heard at least in part of the country (CA I believe?) that there was at least consideration of changing the word ‘supposedly’ to ‘supposably’ officially, in the dictionary…which is a huge laugh lol. I hope that never actually happened/happens…

      • Porsche is from Florida…

        I am a born and bred Californian and hearing people say “supposably” as opposed to the correct way of SUPPOSEDLY is like fingernails on a chalk board to me.

        It’s right up there with all the “LOL’s” — which I don’t think anyone over the age of fifteen should be using and, more often than not, I find that when someone has typed “LOL”, rarely is it anything that is laugh out loud notable.

        Just my opinion.

        Unfortunately, we can’t ban all bad grammar.

        While I do hear “supposably” more often than I would care to, let’s not brand California the state of all that is ignorant.

        Porsche is proof enough of that.

  31. ShellHE kept telling Jordan that it was Kalia’s fault that Jeff went home because Kalia was the third vote. How stupid do you think we are? If ShellHE had voted for Rachel then Kalia wouldn’t have voted and Jeff would still be there. DAH. Does she run her company the same way as heshe does in the BB house?

    • She obviously thinks people are dumber than her, and she is a chronic liar so it just comes naturally to her to lie so easily.

    • Jordan and Adam voted for Rachel
      Porsha and Shelly voted for Jeff
      Is shelly loosing it?

  32. Very cool conversation between Jordan and Adam in the have-not room. Hopefully, RJ and A will knock out all the others…at least for another week or so.

    • Adam needs to go because he hasn’t done anything but kiss Jeff’s %%Z and I’m surprised no one on this post mentions Jordan won before…Geez! Remember Lawon? LMFAO!

  33. If Rachel, Jordan or even Adam…ha…win the next HOH, I don’t care if the smarter game move is evicting Porsche, I need to see Kalia leave more than I think I’ve ever needed anyone to leave in the history of watching Big Brother. And I can justify it by saying it’s not exactly a bad game move, take the slightly better brains out of her group (so sad that a dummy like her is the bigger brains of those two) and take away someone who scraped out two HOH wins. Without a friend left, Porsche might be moldable, even this late in the game.

  34. I have never felt the need to comment but this season I have read such hateful stuff that I feel the need to express my self. First Shelly, everyone seems to hate her the most, making it personal with the nicest person in the house was stupid for game reasons and was not nice, but it shouldn’t make her someone to hate. Next, Jordan so many people make her out to be so stupid, so she hasn’t gone to collage and she is bit clueless some times but she has class and a really big heart and as for her game she is a winner. Jeff, why is he being called a bully. He got upset and raised his voice and was honest about what he felt. BIG DEAL
    As for Rachel she can be such a B—-h and her and Brendan show no class when it comes to frisky behavior but they are both good at the game. Lets face it no one else in the house is worth much game wise it would be a shame to see any of them win.

    • We were on the same page until you said Jeff wasn’t being a bully. Did you watch the episode when he stormed at Kalia for nominating him???Hell- everyone gets nominated and when he screamed at Shelly for not having her vote??? Waaaat! I mean he was all up in their faces. Then what was really funny is when he told Kalia if she makes it off the block, they can be even again! I liked Jeff before this season but he really did go too far. He’s cool when he has the power but loses his temper when he’s up. Silly boy!

      • Sorry I’m with Jean on this one, Jeff just got passionate and everyones screaming bully. I don’t mean any offense but how old are we? It’s a game where you’re playing for a significant prize and we sound like we’re on the schoolyard. To show I’m not bias, I even think calling Shelly a bully is odd (anyone getting that in this game is odd to me) and I hate Shelly. A lot of people point to Jeff “storming” Kalia when she was going to put him up. I watched that scene, more than once, he maybe didn’t have the friendliest tone but that wasn’t a storm and that wasn’t bullying. All he said was I’ve never been your target and suddenly I am, frustrated because it seemed (not just to him but to MANY viewers) that she was just doing what Daniele suggested, that’s why he said look around the room at these photos these are your people not Dani’s, Dani isn’t in this room. I wouldn’t even classify what he did as yelling, let alone “bullying”, he just raised his voice and was honest with Kalia, you put me up then you become a target for me and I will do the same. Really not seeing what’s wrong with what he did. Wanna call it a threat? So what, it was a game ‘threat’, he didn’t say ‘if you put me up I will come after you outside of the house’ or anything.

      • @Ericka I agree with every post you have made. I am definitely on your page all the way. lol

      • Jeff is a bully. You don’t have to raise you’re voice to be a bully. You use tone, posture, body language. Remember porsche told him he was intimidating? That was her response to 49ers days before taking game with him – since of course one needs to request an audience with king jeff. Couldn’t he have gone to her to talk game? Someone should tel the king that this is BB and not The Tudors.

  35. Big Brother is going to run out of food unless they can get rid of Shamu and Muffin Top. Those two would never make in on Survior.

  36. Honestly if Shelly hadn’t gone to the DR and said I don’t understand how people can lie and made us think she was a bit coco I would like her. But what she did was sick, she lied to throughout the season and when Rachel “Supposedly” did it she flipped and bullied her. I can’t stand bullies she deserves all this crap that she’s going to get from Jeff. Her own daughter believed that she had an alliance with JJ, all Shelly taught her daughter was that your supposed to stab people in the back even if you genuinely care for them to get further in life. When she re watches all the episodes she’s going to realize that 1.) She influenced her daughter to hate Rachel 2.) That she taught her daughter to lie

    Have a good time in jury Shelly if it’s possible

    • Have you forgot the concept of BB?

      BB is Physiological mind games. Players sign up to be LOCKED UP for 3 months.
      The result =
      Manuplation of other players
      Lies to meet the means

      Winner = the BEST mind player WINS!!!!!!!!

      The win is based on outcome of the strongest mind and not the ethics of the person. When confined from the outside world one becomes different. DR further plays on the HG thoughts.

      Think about how you would perform in a BOX/House for three months, cut off from the world?

      • Your argument was so contradicting to what I posted myself I have no clue what you said. You pretty much are trying to say that Shelly has a mind for the game. My main problem was that she believes her lies a truths and that she’s always right. Shelly is far from a amazing social game player, she’s good but Enzo from last year did way better IMO. Yet both those people fail in comparison to the greatest social game player ever Dr.Will. Shelly has already lost her mind if you were watching. She was crying over the fact that Rachel found out about HER lie and told everyone and she told the DR room “I don’t know how people can lie like that” Shelly in all honestly is a good person all jokes a side, but her mind is gone and she went overboard on lies. It was going to come bite her in the ass at some point and this Thursday we will arrive at that point.

      • I was not directing the concept of BB game towards any BB13 HG. I was stating that when people are placed in a confined environment with limited input from others it effects their thought process. DR manuplates further with the HG minds.
        Players values/ethics are tested.

        For me Shelly came into the house with warfare mentality. Kill or be killed. Her game plan, she will have to live with when she exits the game.

  37. I just realized that Porcha never actually gave Kalia the other $5,000 (or did she? b/c Kalia said, in the DR, “You never give up a full house,ect…I hope she got something good”)- so Porcha can choose to give it to whomever she wants. This sounds to me like a bonus negotiating tool come the next HOH/veto comp.

    • I don’t think production would let Porsche hold such a significant bargaining tool…if the next HOH is clearly not on her side, to be able to say keep me safe and I’ll give you $5,000 is an unfair advantage for Porsche…I can’t think of anyone in the house who wouldn’t take that, best chance is Jordan and even her I can see taking the money…I would bet and strongly hope that if production hasn’t made Porsche choose yet, they’ll make her choose before the next HOH competition.

      • That’s what I’ve been hearing and that’s what BBN Matt said, so I was just thinking that’s what happened, Kalia got it by being her partner. But IF it wasn’t done that way and Porsche had any choice at all…they definitely need to make her make it sooner than later or it’s just unfair. I’m thinking if she handpicked her choice, she’s already done it, and yes, that it was Kalia

      • I don’t know if she gave Kaliah the other 5,000 but i think she was suppose to not sure though but part of the big brother rules is that you can not bargin with money or jury votes to stay in the game. They can swear not to vote for you but they can tell them they will vote for them or give them money if they don’t nominate them that is considered cheating and an unfair advantage and can be through out of bb

    • MJ is correct. Kalia has already been told she gets the other $5K. Porsche told her so it’s already been given away. She won’t be able to regift that one.

      • I think kalia told porshe that she could keep the $5000, but in return she would get to take home the BB refrigerater with all food in the house in exchange for the money when all the house guests were evicted and they remained for the jury to decide their fate LOL!!!!!!

      • Good to hear, it would’ve been nuts to let her hold onto that. Thanks for the clarification

      • I thought I heard kalia say she also wanted all the beds out of BB for her apartment so she can sleep in any room at any time!!!!!!!

      • BB canceled all garbage pick up to the BB house since she has been there no leftovers have been thrown away securing her position in the final 3.

      • i will be so glad to see the last of uncle Fester what a floater kisses everybodys but. hopefully Jordan will see through him before it’s too late

      • I agree Shelley must go first. No one is gonna make a deal with her she already back stabbed Jordan once

      • unless he is just playing a very week game he cant win a comp to save his life…….Rachel and Jordan would be better off taking him to final three and getting rid of Kalia and Porsche next

      • I agree with LakotaWolf, I would love to see J, R & A in the final three. Then the house will ‘have to’ vote for one of them. Great outcome to the show especially because of how they were talked about….serves the other’s right!!

  38. I think BB Put the “duo twist” in Pandora’s box because Jeff and so many of his suPpprters wee whining about people coasting and possibly winning. Jordan coasted to half a million dollars and is doing the same this year. Jeff trend into a serious bully this season and who would have thought Jordan would be as profane as she is? I was a true fan of theirs before bit not any longer. I say if coasting through to the end works, it works. It has been quite an interesting season. I don’t particularly like BB stepping in to influence tue game, however.

    • I AGREE!! I admired Jeff and Jordan last year or when she won, but Jeff and Brenden definitely bullied their way right out the door. They bullied Kalia and Porsche and now the Newbies FINALLY have the upper hand. Thank you Danielle!!

      • I disagree totaly the bully in the house has been S. Catch her in her lies and she shouts you down. As for Jordon I don’t blame her for losing it. Wasn’t it again bully S listening at the door not being able to stand someone saying something negative about her. Coming in trying to force J to talk to her. Come on S couldn’t even give J the respect of leaving her alone to cool down. Then S is yelling at her first. Wow really dellusional. I would have lost it too.

      • REALLY, Jordan coasting by last season?? You must’ve been watching some other version of BB. Jordan is by far one of the only (and there is only a few) players in BB history that play the game and do it with dignity! If you can say that Jeff turned into an a** this year…he must’ve taken a number behind, Brendan, Daniele (Queen Biatch), Kalia, Shelly…(I know, point proven!!) And Porshe, talk about a conceited floater biatch…if I could buy her (and Daniele, too, for that matter) for what they’re worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth…I’d be RICH!!! Try actually listening to what they say to each other, it’s amazing what OCD does to help a viewer watch this show.

      • Ans shelley just bullied herself right out the door. Good ridence shelley u deserve it

      • Have to say I love that Jordan finally stepped up to Shelly for stabbing them in the back!!! Anyone would have done that same thing, a person can only be pushed so far before they blow!!

    • This is insane you’re saying Jordan turned out to be profane because she lost it in one argument? When she had every right to be livid? She’s human and has emotions, do you never ever let a few f-bombs drop? Even if you don’t I’d bet you do get heated sometimes, she was just blindsidely backstabbed by someone she considered a close friend and someone she wore a stupid humilitard and gave up a phone call for. And I don’t think they’d insert some twist just for Jeff and his fans sake to help stop a floater in their tracks, that gives him/them satisfaction for what, one week? There’d be a case there if he was put back in the game or something obvious. Jeff made a game threat to Kalia, you put me up I will return the favour, and everybody screams ‘bully’. This isn’t a schoolyard, get over it

      • I agree I do not believe Jeff is a bully at all. I think the bullies of the house are Shelly (NO. 1) and then Porsche and Kalia just from some of the comments that they have made. These three are just cruel, cruel individuals and hope that they all three get evicted very shortly. Team Jordan and Rachel all the way!!

      • I whole heartedly agree with u MJ. If it had not been for being booted out of the BB house, Jordan should’ve COLD COCKED that B—-h!!!!! I sure would’ve!!! And Jeff is no more a Bully than my Grandmother! It’s about being honest and standing behind your word. BB aint real life but it symbolizes what you are like in real life! And Shelly you aint got a chance on the street. you’d been dead long time ago,. That’s what’s up!!!

      • I agree, Jordan had every right to be upset. She and Jeff had supported that witch the whole game and then she back stabs them. I know the game is about that but I don’t believe they would have done the same to her. Money does crazy things to people but she talked about doing the best thing for her family. That has really worked out well, hasn’t it??

      • Totally agree with all the above. Those three are not nice in ‘real’ life either, there’s no way. I know it’s a game and all but you don’t act that differently in the bb house than you do outside of it. They are mean and very cruel the way they all sit in the hoh and talk about the others. Dani did it too. They will all get what’s due them…hopefully.

      • It’s not even that she back stabbed her but she couldn’t even leave her alone. S was the one that forced the confrontation. Jordan tried to be classy and say I don’t want to talk with you. S was the one that started to blow up at J. My god J showed great restraint, I would have blown as well. Did anyone notice the look on S’s face when R took J away. She actually looked pleased. I wouldn’t be surprised if S was trying to get J to blow hoping she could make her look bad and turn others against her. Just saying!

      • Faye I wouldn’t put it past Shelly if on some sick level she was trying to make Jordan slap her so she’d get expelled. That’s a stretch I know, and I’m not saying I think that was the case, just saying I wouldn’t be surprised. She had no business starting that yelling match and Jordan had every right to, the fact that it was vice versa was just bizarre.

    • WOW!!! For the millionth time . Dont comment on something you dont know about because obviously u dong know!! In no way did Jordonfloat last year nor is she this year. There is something called a social game which she played very well up until the end where she won 3 comps to win. Correct me if im wrong but the houseguests choose who gets the money in the end and they chose Jordon so apparently they felt she deserved it. Jordon sticks to her alliance she is in no way a floater. Apparently she does something right since no one votes her out!

  39. I think one of the most appropriate things shown on the feeds so far was when the newbies were in the HOH doing their regular Rachel bashing, and Rachel was in the purple room alone…reading her Bible! LOL Spoke volumes!

      • THAT Is because they are all hypocrites. Love seeing Rachel and Jordan like this. I think they have a friendship that I hope they keep outside of the house. It is like Rachel is watching out after her little sister, Jordan. I actually believe that either will be happy if the other wins the money, but not saying that they do not want to win themselves but they would be happy for whichever one would win. GO Rachel and Jordan. You are the only two that deserve to win the money.

  40. I’d like to see the ladies band together and oust Adam leaving females to fight to the bitter end!

    • that will never happen shelly will be the next to go. i think adam will stay loyal to jordan. then it will be 3 vs. 1 in the next hoh compition cause porche wont be able to play. i hope jordan wins again but id be okay with rachel winning. aint it kinda wierd how rachel went from being the biggest BITCH to now becomming a very likable person?

  41. My problem is not with Shelly’s lying as much is it is with her telling other people to their facesthey are lying when she gets caught in one of her lies. She thinks she’s smarter then anyone left in the house when in fact she’s not even close. That will all end this Thursday.

    • Hopefully. The BEST lies are the ones where she says someone called her a bitch and in reality no one said a word to her.

      Bye Bye Shelly!

  42. I am genuinely surprised by this outcome. Lol. But seriously, in order of who deserves to win: Rachel, Kalia, Jordan, Porsche, Adam. In order of who I want to win: Adam, Kalia, Rachel, Porsche, Jordan. Nothing against Jordan just against someone winning twice.

    • Kalia is now my favorite player!! She broke from the Newbies at first, but showed her strength by week 4 or 5 and even with a bad HOH week, she won another and pushed old Jeff out the door after his bullying!!

      • I second that, ang. And I can’t even fathom anyone but her family members saying Kalia’s their fave…..

      • Kalia is as much a bully as anyone. . Whe held her own with Jeff if you think he bullied her. Shes not the brightest bulb on the tree. I still love jeff and Jordan but probably think Rachel is the best player left and although she can be annoying I dont care if she were to win over Jordan. Kalia and Porshe are smart a–es. Cant stand Shelly and Adam isnt very good.

      • Are you kidding? Kalia’s only strength is when she’s eating a Twinkie. She was a shadow in arrogant Dani’s footsteps. She and chubby P are the worst players I’ve ever seen on BB. P didnt get involved until weeks into the game she was probably SAVING her strength Shelly is in a catagory all her own for the most insane. She is a crazy b…. Rachel is the best game player and she at least has a personality. Yo-yo Adam just bounces back and forth. I’d love to see Dani’s face when her weak army enter the jury house.

    • What is your thought process on why Adam should win? Just curious as to what he did that would get him to deserve 500k?

      • I guess I dont understand why anyone would feel Adam should win, like how do you come up with analogy on why he should win.

      • The reason he should win if he gets there is because he actually did not talk filthy about others, was mostly honest in his game play considering most others, and if the game was based on that – he would be probably first or second. Depends on how you look at what a winner means!

        Go Jordan and Rachel!

      • But he had no game play, the only comp he won was Jeff giving it to him, he hasnt lied because up until this point nobody cared what he had to say. It easy to be honest when nobody cares if your there or not, kinda like a FLOATER/COASTER/ he cant even decide right now which side to be on, how is that worthy of 500k?

      • Don’t think he deserves any of the money however, if you were to reach final 2, you would want Adam to be the 2nd person because there would be a huge contrast and the jury would have no choice but, give you the $500,000! If it were Rachel and Jordan then, Jordan will probably win it because she is well liked by majority of house guests. Kalia, Porsche or Shelly would have gotten Team Dani’s votes so that, leaves just Adam for the 2nd slot.

      • @Feather…Adam may not bash as much, but he IS the one who came up with the idea of having a POV where you throw a medicine ball in someone’s stomach! That was beyond low.

    • I did like Kalia up until she admitted to throwing a small defenseless animal against a wall. THat i just wrong on so many levels and being an animal lover she just sunk to right above Shelly and under Porsche on my scale. Takes a really horrible person to do something like that. Shelly, Porsche and Kalia all need to go home because none of them deserve one penny of the money.

      • I didn’t hear that part – what and why did she do that in the first place? Horrible!

      • What gets me almost as much as doing that to a dog, is why would you talk about it? What kind of reaction were you expecting, Kalia? People to say “Ohhh you go girl!”…? I’d ask what is she thinking but it’s clear that thinking gets in the way of eating and sleeping, so she doesn’t do it.

    • If Rachel or Jordan don’t win then my next hope is Adam. I do not want to see Kalia or Porsche win this. Shelly and her gangster walk is just ridiculous.

      • My thoughts exactly, I love Jordan but if Rachel wins, I will be alright and if the two of them can’t, Adam is the only one of the newbies left I would want to see get the money. He flip flops some but he isn’t just mean like the girls have been.

    • That’s like Tom Brady saying “Well I already have 3 superbowl rings, so I should just let someone else win”! Hello! This was the whole purpose of this season, pitting 6 vets against 8 newbies and to see where the chips fall! Then the vets were immediately blind-sided by Dick’s departure and it was JEFF who rallied the troops to stay together and fight! It is unfair to Jordan to handicap her foe already winning once!

      • I’m just tired of people picking on Jordan in particular because she already won. She was smart enough and strategic enough to take the biggest foater in BB history with her to the finals- Natalie! She may not be a liar or cunning, but she won out of respect for a brilliant social game that she doesn’t even have to pretend at. Jordan’s “daydreaming” consists of letting everyone else talk smack and lie to eachother and letting them hang themselves! While Porsche and Oprah are acting immature and hiding or stealing Rachel”s things, and Shelly is cleaning like an OCD lunatic and chain-smoking like a truck driver and Adam’s incessant, boring conversations and comments, Rachel and Jordan are being civil and classy! Go R and J!!

      • AGREED, and they at least have some sort of compassion and seem to genuinely like one another. I also agree why penalize Jordan because she won once. I mean with her winning she bought a home for her mom and her brother who is apparently disabled. I mean I am impressed with this young woman who thinks of others before herself like giving snake her phone call and buying her mom a home. Very few people that age have that kind of kindness and compassion in their hearts, and Rachel taking care of Jordan after Shelly attacked her was very sweet. These two definitely deserve to go to the final two and will be happy and thrilled for either to win the money. GO TEAM JORDAN AND RACHEL!!

  43. Does it make anybody else sick that Shelly’s family is receiving death threats? I’m not the biggest Shelly fan but I don’t think anybody on a REALITY T.V SHOW deserves to be put in such a predicament, and realistically, Shelly probably did the most logical thing by voting out Jeff over Rachel (if she has ANY chance of winning, she would win easier over Rachel then Jeff…)

    • No one should threaten her family
      and she’s not my fave AT ALL, but no threats should ever be made over this game…..Jeff got what he deserved. He had bullied too much.

      • I’m not one to care about Jeff’s supposed bullying. I hadn’t really seen it and yes I think what Shelly did was a dirty gameplay move but no one deserves the hate she’s getting. I can see people being somewhat hypocritical in “she’s a man I hate her,” but the EXTREME hypocrisy in death threats and all that is gross. Dani was my favorite player and when she got out I didn’t whine. When Jeff goes his fans start contemplating murder. Lol. And I’m not saying all of his fans so relax, people.

      • jeff didnt bully he played the game if you dont like it then dont watch it i love jeff and what that fat stupid kalia did was plain wrong and jordan was truthfully hurt was i the only one who noticed that. and i am a huge jeff and jordan fan but i would never ever threaten someones family but shelly is a dirty liar and she sucks at playing the game

      • It is really wrong to threaten her family. They have done nothing wrong. It is also wrong to threaten S. She is playing the game she thinks she needs or wants to. Not the game I would play but that was her choice. I kinda feel sorry for all that she will face when she leaves the house. I think she is clueless as to how people perceive her. I don’t think people would feel this way if she were honest with herself about playing a dirty game. I really think that she believes she has played with integrity.

      • I think everyone that watches BB has had enough of Rachel, and she should have gone home not Jeff but that doesn’t justify threatening her family. Shelly has no chance of getting past this week, never mind winning the entire season. She could have made it to top 3 if she kept Jeff, but now its probably going to be a newbee floater that got a little lucky with 1 or 2 competitions. The J House may have even voted for her since JJ won 2 years ago.

      • Sprry but finally three does not get you the money…Shelly played the best hand she though she could to get those players out that would more than likely win THE money. Not saying she will not feel the effects of her game play once the show is over, but she did what she thought could take herself further. For 500 or 50K we might all do the same.

      • Show me where one death threat or any other kind of threat was made please.I’ve look at several sites and can’t find one.More BS from the Moore clan.TMZ posted something on that line but has nothing to back it up.My brother works for a law enforcement agency and said do you believe everything you read.Her husband (if he really did report this)is hoping for Americas Favorite through pity.Child protection shoul look into this family and save the child before it’s to late.

    • It is sad that Shelly and her family is recieving death threats all because of a great move on a reality game show. I am glad that Jeff and Brendon the bullies of the house are voted out, they deserved it…all the so-callled fans of Jeff get over it, its a good game move. Floaters, as Jeff called them need to be voted out which include is girlfriend Jordan (who i did like at one point) but has done nothing but ride Jeffs coat tails needs to go next since she has alredy won. I think Kaila or Porsh need to fight harder to get to the finals they are my favs now that Danni is out. Good luck HGs and may the best girl win!!!

      • Don’t you get it. We don’t like how Shelly played the game. I wonder how she will fell when she gets only negative comments when she walks out the door.

      • I think she should have stayed true to J/J and when she got to the final three, fight with everything you had so you can evict them then and win the money, that would be the only honorable way to do it but she chose to make herself look like a dog! Nah, I don’t even know a dog that would turn on someone like she did, sorry dogs!!

    • How do we know they recieved threats, this family is such liars you don’t know if threats are real or just Shelly’s family trying to take the heat off of her.Can’t believe anything that comes out of shelli the snakes mouth or anybody associated with her.

      • I was thinking the same! An apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree….Shelly is by far the nastiest ever..Go Jordo, at least she is sweet and caring….let them have a good start her and Jeff….they care :)

      • I agree that it is probably a publicity stunt as sick as that is. Just think if they were real that BB would have had to of told Shelly and since she does seem to care for her daughter she would of left the show immediately just like Dick did. I mean they called TMZ which makes me think it was just a publicity stunt to try and get sympathy for Shelly. If they are, however, it is totally wrong to take the disgust everyone has at Shelly and how she played the game out on her family.

    • IMO I think what really torqued peoples headbolts was that she went to the DR and said things to try to glorify herself, blamed everyone else for lies when she was the one making them and had a holier than thou attitude being the devil in disguise herself.

      She was trying to convince America she was honest, has morals, has class etc. when we saw her in action, yet she honestly believes she it all those things and more. I think was her downfall and the anger from people at her specifically is what she caused herself but Josie had no say in Shelly’s selfish decision to get air time, and seeing the way she threatens people when they call her out – I bet Tony didn’t have any say in her doing what she wanted either. Pack your bags and leave her in her own mess.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more! I have no problem with HGs lying to each other because that’s part of the game (Will and Boogie anyone?) but her DR sessions…wow. Doesn’t this loony realize viewers can see her every lie, especially with the live feed? DUMB! LoonyShellHE has got some major mental problems. I hope they take her to a mental hospital instead of the jury house.

      • I think it was a cheap shot to put the kid on TV. That really shaped a lot of people’s opinins of her whether they realize it or not.

    • Ive heard she is but havent seen it myself. It does make me sick and is ridiculous. Shelly on the other hand {not that she deserves to be threatened for a game} but she is not very bright because she now has no chance to win. She screwed her whole alliance and if she had made it to the final three no one, not Porshe 0r Kalia, Jordan or Rachel would take her to the final 2. They would probably now choose Adam over her because he is a floater too and wouldnt win the 500K either but if anyone thinks Kalia and Porshe want to sit next to Shelly in the final 2, think again. Maybe not the dumbest move in BB history but close. You dont really get that far when you turn on your alliance before the final 4.

      • i liked her over and over saying i am the trojan horse BS shelly always trying to cover your slime.I saw her for what she is and couldn’t wait for the house to find out

  44. Your right, Porshe is holding out, to save herself in case she’s nominated for eviction! Now she’s playing shrewd like Danielle! Adam will probably be evicted, cause Porshe needs Shelly’s votes, what do you think?

    • Adam and Shelly both flip flop too much so it is hard to tell how either one of them wil vote. They should be looking to the jury votes. Rac-Hell or Jordan should b in the finally 2 in order to keep the vets from having control of the jury. Adam does not have to kiss Jeff’s ass now because at that point the game is over and Adam can vote anyway he wants.

      • Bunny, come on you can work this out… There are only three (3) votes. Jordan’s, Rachel’s and Kalia’s soooo I’ve used my fingers to do the counting… Jordan and Rachel vote Shelly out, Kalia votes for Adam so guess who goes. So despite whether or not Porsche needs Shelly she doesn’t stand a chance of staying.

    • How do you figure that? RAJO have the votes. Porshe cant vote. Shrewd. She wouldnt have opened pandoras box if she were shrewd. Shes just in la la land. Count the votes.

    • Adam is aligned with the veterans although, he goes to the other side when it suits him. So, he is floating alright. Compared to Kalia, Porsche and Shelly, Adam has been the least abrasive, least arrogant and just playing to survive which is why he will probably get to final 3 given the chance.

  45. by shelly , rachel is going to be stepping up her game ,porshsa you are next to go to the jury house,go rachel win bb 13

  46. Shelly will be evicted.Jordan and Rachel will vote for Shelly and Kalia’s vote will not matter.There are only three votes.Shelly didn’t think her strategy out well enough.She would have made it alot further by staying with Jeff and Jordan.The final three would still have given her a chance to win.She kept saying she had no shot if she were with them til the end.Not true.The other girls were not going to keep her.If she turned on JJ,then she would turn on them too.When she backstabbed JJ,I thought oh well I guess she will come in 5th or 6th now. Staying with JJ, she would have at least had a shot in the last challeng,coming in 5th or 6th the way she went.Not too smart.

    • I agree Steve and also think that she would have probably won against Jeff/Jordan pair if she played half way human! I think it would have come down to the end and they each fought for their own.

      I am not saying anything bad about Jordan and I truly like her and would like to see her and Rachel in the end for sure.

      Shelly and Dani made their moves too soon and should have stayed true to their alliance longer and played with a bit more class bringing them a bit further …just my opinion. That is what Adam is trying to do – he wants to play as honest as he can and he has floated by so far…

    • My thoughts exactly, she went from having a one in third chance to having zero chance, bad game move on her part!

  47. if porshsa didn’t open the box they would of kept control, that was a dumb move, now the vets are in control.rachel.jordon&adam final 3

    • thats a good thing porsche is stupid and she is the worst player besides shelly in the house

    • I’m glad too. But for all the people saying the game is rigged. I don’t believe that I believe this pandora’s box was put in play long before the players hit the door.

      • I agree. They do it almost every year. Someone is always coming up with some lame conspiracy theory. Oh well I guess they are entitled to their opinion no matter how wrong it is.

      • Exactly. And Porsche read the warnings that good and bad can result out of opening Pandora’s box but, she could have easily played safe and not opened it! Her greed got to her so, there are no “I didn’t mean to do that” choices.

      • The game isn’t rigged. Yes, they put the temptation of a twist out there, but Posche’s greed allowed the twist to be unleashed. If she hadn’t chosen the money, Rachel would be going home Thursday. Thanks for being greedy Big Porsche!

  48. I was ticked when they kicked jeff out. but jordan needs to win this game. stupid porsche and kalia need to go. ones like a stripper and the other one is a sex blogger no wonder they get along

    • How ridiculous r u. Jeff needed 2 go and Jordan does not need to win again! KP have played a good game inspite of a couple of bad decisions. Get real!!!!

      • jeff did have to go but as far as u to say porsha and kaila played a game i dont think they did, the only reason porsha is still ther is cause rachel gave her the key

      • I hope Jordan does win again because with her first win she bought her mother a house so that didn’t leave much left for her after taxes etc. I give her kudos and hope this time she wins to buy herself a home! Go Jordan and Rachel!

    • K made one of the dumbest moves in BB history with the lewon eviction. K would not be where she is without riding Dani’s coat tails. Dani’s fatal flaw was going against vets too soon. Think about it all but 1 vet would still be in the game (unless K played the same stupid move. That would be 4 or 5 vets still left in the game. That would have been a great final 6 to watch.

    • I hope Kahlia is next to go after shelly because shes a”bigger” threat than Porsche.

  49. Anything can happen in the last challenge.If Shelly would have stuck with her alliance (JJ), she could have,might have won the endurance ,which is usually the norm.Even if she wouldn’t win,second or third is alot better than sixth. BYE SHELLY roflmao.

  50. I have seen so many comments from people that are not only rude, but completely cruel when talking about the HGs. I suppose each and every one of you have a perfect figure if you are a female, or perfect physique if a male, have never told a lie in your life and are just a perfect human being.

      • Uh no I don’t have a perfect body but I wear clothes that fit and keep my womanly curves covered up! And NO I am not overweight! I don’t talk about their physiques but you put it out there so that’s my opinion! You know you are on TV so have a little class about your attire! Just saying!!

    • Sorry but I don’t lie it only gets you into trouble, Telling the truth gets you into trouble too, because people really don’t want to hear the truth some times, but lies you have to build upond and sooner than later you get caught.

      • everyone lies.
        So someone asks you how do you like my new hair cut, outfit etc. You hate it come on you don’t tell them that.

        A friend invites you to dinner you go and really don’t like the meal. They ask you how you liked it. Come on you say it was good and thank you for inviting me!

      • Sorry but you are wrong, If I don’t like your hair cut I’ll say so, And yes I’ll thank you for asking me to dinner but If I don’t like the food, I’ll tell you so in a nice way, but I won’t lie about it, It’s just the way I am, any one who knows me, and is my friend knows that.

  51. Has anybody told the 2 genius (POSTER GIRLS FOR WORLD HUNGER) that there is an extra HG in the house?? When they are upstairs playing with the little candies have they not realized they need to make plans for an extra HG..???

  52. I think the only person who deserves to be in the house.. Is rachel. Fighting since day one. She’s had a rough road! Unlike those HORRIBLE floaters. Their most dfficult time in the house is whether or not to eat or smoke. I do NOT like ANY of the newbies. They havent even played the game! Lol

    No jokes.. Final two should be the 2 vets! :)

    Rachel deserves the 500,000, and jordan should get the 50k!

    Anyone else (newbs) wins the 500? I’m sure cbs will notice a fall in the rating ;-p


    • NO WAY! The newbies played when it counted! Besides, it was unfair for them vets into their game. Go NEWBIES – BEAT THE VETS A–!

    • Yep, rach deserves it, but if she takes Jordan to the finals, Jordan wins I don’t care what anyone says. Everyone bur Brendan will vote with Jeff to try and kiss his ass one last time.

      • I love Jordan but I bet she wont win. They will go for the person who won more competitions. What do they have to lose?

      • I agree with that view as Jordan is well liked by most of the house guests even Danielle. The person Rachel should take if she gets to final 2 is Adam. Adam has done essentially nothing but, float so, the contrast would be very extreme in Rachel’s favor. If Kalia or Porsche get to the final 2 then, they have a chance to win it if they both get to final 2. With Adam as the 2nd person, Adam could conceivably win because he is well liked compared to Porsche or Kalia. It is still a social game so, being nice still pays!

    • Not true newbies had the numbers at the beginning of this game 8-6. If they had stuck together maybe Opps not they couldn’t win comps against the vets. Comps 1 rach 2 jordan 3 rach 4 dani ok 5 kalia 6 dani really think of how this game would look now if vets had stuck together. Just saying would have been an interesting showdown.

  53. I hope Shelly enjoys the mess she has brought down upon herself. Traitors are never trusted by the side they’ve left or even the side they join. The side they join uses them up then discards them like the trash they have made of themselves.

  54. Jeff didn’t bully anyone, all he said was if you say you are on my side, be on my side, if you cross me then we have a problem, He always came to your face and had it out with you face to face, As for all the lower life forms that hate shelly, why do they have to be jeff fans?????? They just people that think it’s funny to do that kind of think, there are alot of sick people in this world.

    AS for shelly she made a mistake in her so call be move, She thought that Kalia and Porsche would take care of Jordan and Rachel and that there wouldn’t be a twist to change thing, She was wrong and now is will pay for it, She didn’t think what “IF” before making her big move, And the reason she didn’t think about that was because it was Dani that gave her the ideal, She didn’t think of it herself.

      • The only reason Shelly commited to flipping was that Rachel suckered her into believing she was gonna vote for Dani. Shelly then was gonna say Adam voted for dani. It would’ve worked if not for the fact that Rach went and ratted her out to JJ and adam.

    • How dumb was S for trying to flip R. R can’t hold it in if she is upset. S should have known she would talk to Jeff about it.
      Her other mistake was she was buying what Dani was selling. If you keep JJ in the game you can’t win. What like she had a shot with Dani how stupid. At some point in the game you have to stick with a side and be loyal. You have to maintain some jury votes. She had already been exposed to the other side as lying to them. Once you get caught that side will tell you anything but not stand by their word tit for tat

  55. I don’t see how Jeff was a bully. I don’t have live feeds so please explain to me. I saw Brendon’s bullying at Cassi but not Jeff. And even so that’s the way the game CAN be played. Same with Shelly. People need to cut it about how it’s immoral an crap like that. Who cares when it’s entertaining? I’m actually glad Jeff went to Jury because unlike others I don’t support homophones or their girlfriends to win half a million dollars. Nothing against his gameplay but have an issue with what he has said. And If he won it’s bot like I’d flip out and send him death threats. Reference should be obvious.

    • Yea even if people saw bully tactics from Jeff, Brendon, anyone, it’s a friggin game and as long as the tactics are kept game-related, ie. not threatening anybody outside of the house, then who cares, we’re not little kids where bullying is so horrible. I bet the same people liked Evil Dick’s gameplay, and whether or not they did, it won him the game…somehow

    • Lmao. I reread this and realized it didn’t make sense. What I’m saying is that I don’t think anyone should be against “slippery” an “snake-like” gameplay. Everyone agrees Shelly played like this and some say Adam, Jeff, Daniele, etc. But I like when people play differently. Its more exciting. People just get upset when someone does these bad things to their favorite players. (i.e. Shelly to Jeff) And the other thing I was saying is that there is no reason to hate a player for their gameplay. And I don’t hate Jeff. I was just disgusted with his homophobic comments. Same with Kalia and Porsche an their miscarriage jokes. Some things are off-color to joke about. (though Jeff was serious) He seriously seems to think all gays are pedophiles and shouldn’t be allowed near kids. Now, saying that, if he did well in the game I wouldn’t mind. He played HIS GAME. Even if it involved bullying (which I never saw btw) My final thought: people need to enjoy watching this show and stop taking things personally and stop getting so angry all the time.

      • As someone who was/is still a Jeff fan, I clearly don’t like or condone his homophobic comments. However, unless I’m mistaken, this happened once, at the near beginning of Season 11, not since and not ever during Season 13. My point is it’s been a while and for all we know he regrets those comments (even if people felt he said them in a serious tone). It wasn’t good on his part but to hold him to it forever when it happened once…I don’t agree with that. For example my dislike for Kalia has several (at least ten without officially counting) points of back-up to justify it.

      • He was talking about not liking the change after the last Harry Potter Book and didnt like that she all of a sudden said Dumbledore was gay. I agree with him that was stupid to bring that up after the book was finished. She was just trying to get a shocked reaction from people. I would never read anything she writes again. Kalia blew it all out of proportion because of her sister being gay.

  56. Sorry “Gene” but Shelly was trying to flip Adam long before she went to Rachel, And the only reason Rachel thought about it was because Shelly doing Dani’s work told Rachel the Jeff thru the Veto comp to Adam, She never really commited to ahy-thing, Shelly did it all by herself because she believed Dani.

    • Rachel told both Dani and Shelly she was gonna vote to keep her. They knew Adam was doing it. Why would Shelly commit on a maybe? That’s why she went to Rachel in the first place. If you got your info from CBS, I can understand why you feel that way,but the live feeds the night before showed Rachel playing a huge part. Rachel suckered them and then went to JJ and told them. Sorry but that’s the way it went down. Ask anyone who saw those feeds the night before evictions.

      • Feather, that was an awsome night. rach played it beatifully. They should have known something was up when she kept her mouth shut and started playing nice with them for that whole week.

      • Rachel was just prying for information about the supposed veto competition that is why she asked Jeff. Jeff realized he had been exposed as throwing the veto so, that he tried to put out the fire by confronting Shelly about it. Shelly blurted out about a plan to support Danielle and Jeff asked why Shelly did not tell him about it! Shelly’s lies were exposed as she tried her best to save Danielle.
        Rachel never committed to voting for Danielle but, gave Danielle the impression in their talk that she would flip. Rachel was trying to get valuable information and nothing else!

      • Like I said Ritchie, if you got your info from the CBS show, I understand why you feel the way you do. The live feeds tell the real story. And I never said Rachel commited to vote for Dani. They already knew Shelly was lying by 3am that morning. That’s why Jeff was saying he was tired of all the back and forth before him and Shelly got into it.

    • And sign on to a show like this one and get her where she is at now? She opened the can of worms herself.

    • That implies people who smoke don’t care about other people. That’s just looking for things to hate about other people.

      • The hate word was not used..they were just making a statement and about her family and not about all people who smoke.

      • Are you kidding? The intention was obvious. One of this person’s issues with Shelly is her smoking and that makes her not care about her family. The way it was put implies smokers don’t care about their families. And I’ll substitute hate for dislike in my previous comment. Still doesn’t change OP’s message.

      • if u care about ur family, u wouldnt smoke in front of them… aka second hand smoke harmful

  57. My last thought, If you all want someone to blame, It should be BB for not inforcing the rule’s like did use to, There letting the HG’s get away with thing that they didn’t in the past.

  58. If they get a chance to evict Jordan they had better do because none of the remaining Bozo. do not have even a slight chance pf beating her l like Jordan but.send her to the house. Kalia and porche are walking around idiots they will be imbarrased when they watch how yapping with her lip hung out laying dOw and eating something

    • Yep, I think Rach is the only one that realzes it, but she can’t be the one to get rid of her, She needs JJ’s vote and Adam will follow suit for the win. Now way Jeff, especially Adam dani,porshe or Kalia would vote for her if she goes up against her. the others are too stupid think theycan take from her because she’s already won.

      • If Rachel gets to the F2 it won’t matter who she is up against…
        Noone will beat her–not even Jordan…

  59. To: CBS Production: I am a single mother of four,, who’s really struggling.. Do you think if I cry my eyes out for awhile,, will you give me a half-mill?…. ,,, Because BB is not a game anymore,,, it’s an emotional charity!!!:// Sad!!

  60. When Kalia goes home, I hope she watches just how often she yacks away while food is in her mouth. The woman is disgusting!


    • Jan
      I saw Jeff and Jordan on amazing race and the first BB they were on. They are a cute couple and I think they have alot going for them in the love dept. He is kind to her. You may just be jealous. You might want to stick to your own love life and leave them alone.

  62. My god Rachel is so annoying I don’t even like to look at her face when she’s on TV. And her voice/laugh is enough to change the channel.


    • Danielle and Shelly can remember being in the jury house that being mean and nasty will get you nowhere! They are probably kicking their own ass for being dumb as a door knob! You do not betray your alliance so early in the game!
      The same goes for Jeff who betrayed Brendon. Now, they can watch on TV someone else win that $500,000! That is a $500,000 lesson Danielle, Jeff and Shelly will not forget!

  64. Bye Bye Shelly, your so going home!! Now if it wasnt doubles, then Jordan would most likely be going. She shouldnt of turned on them just yet.

  65. God this game has gotten so rigged now. It’s obvious that because the veto had nothing to do with duos they didn’t plan for the twist, they just threw it in to keep the vets in. SO ANNOYING.

  66. I think it’s funny how Shelly claims she is doing this for her family when we know she is a high ranking exec for a sporting goods company and we saw her $500,000+ house. Doesn’t look like they want for anything, except perhaps an honest, respectable human being for a wife/mother.

  67. I dont think some of the Jeff Jordan and Rachael and Brendon haters have been watching the same show the rest of us have. What do you think?

  68. Kalia, rachel, adam and jordan in backyard right now…all compairing shelly stories, going over. Lie after lie…then jordan sayd,”what if she’s like the CEO of the company?” Pretty good jordan for realizing not onnly is shelly a liar but she’s well-off….yeah she’s definitely leacving.

  69. Jordan and Adam are so good at floating, they could both make it from California to Japan and back without a boat!

      • And why are Kalia and Porsche so much better than Jorrdan and Adam? Until last week hadn’t Jordan, Kalia, and Adam each won 1 competition. Now, since Jordan missed a before after question—and Porsche plays well with balls —They are big time floaters.
        Seems Jordan woulld have actually won the “snake” competition if everyone had only gone through the game 1 time rather than a placement round.

    • Wow what are you 12???? For your information a floater is someone that floats from alliance to alliance. Which Jordon has never done! The biggest floater in there is is Shelly. Whom talks out both sides if her mouth.

  70. Yikes people! It’s a game guys no big deal! I am upset with Shelly.. I truly liked her and was pulling for her to at least win something but not now! I like Jeff and Jordan I think they are adorable and I hope Jordan and Rachel will go to the end(Jord an winning of course) and this says alot coming from the me, I was never the biggest Rachel fan! I couldnt stand her last season but she is better than the other options!

    • I don’t blame Shelly for what she did. I remember her saying quite a few times throughout the season that she said had to hedge her bets. Her number one goal was to make final three with whomever, she made no bones about it, she preferred JJ but if it wasn’t then she had to make sure she was covered with everyone else. Said it plenty of times. You guys stay in a big box for three months cut off from the world. It’s gotta play with your mind, but in her case, I think it exposed Shelly’s mental illness and I don’t say that just to bash her, that’s just my opinion. I’ve known people with mental illness and the signs are there. God bless her and I hope she gets the help she needs.

      • yeah it’s sad I actually feel sorry for her she is like that kid in high school that would do anything to belong
        She needs help

  71. I have seen Shelly’s pushy attitude before. Corporate bulling is what it is and she is trying to use BB as her board room . Do as I say, that is the rule. If it goes wrong it is your fault, if it goes right she takes credit. I have seen people move up in management by what others do, only to come back and cut jobs out. (thrown under the bus) She doesn’t know people as well as she thinks she does. I don’t think she derserves to go any further. BYE BYE

  72. It’d be funny to see Adam in the final two and someone ask him “what did you do that I should give you my vote”. He’d probably say something like “well….. I played so that I went under the radar and aligned myself with whoever was in power…”

  73. The only real player left is rach. the rest are floaters and very bad at game play. This season has been very underwhelming, thank god for danielle and jeff or nothing would have got done

  74. Adam always seems surprised he doesn’t win any compo’s. Darn I can’t believe I lost that one. Maybe BB needs to have a piece of bacon in a maze – get to the bacon you get to eat it.

  75. How funny is it that right before Danielle left, Kahlia’s #1 enemy was Rachel, but right now on live feed, they’re all chummy. And now Kahlia’s cuttin’ on Danielle.

  76. Stop talking about Jeff (the other gay houseguest)… he’s gone and good ridance. Can’t stand his voice. Everytime he open his mouth is for yelling or bulling!!

  77. The problem with Shelly is she lies so much and isn’t good at it and when she gets caught she doesn’t know how to get out of it. Like when Jeff found out that she turned on him she actually tried to through adam under the bus but it backfired. The problem is she plays to many sides and has no loyalty but she doesn’t win so her only option was to get everyone else to move everyone out of her way but at some point you have win something or you won’t get to the end.

    • Great comment I dont understand why everybody
      classifies Jeff as a bully he confronted her and he had to go
      Rachel knew she was lying hence the bashing of Rachel
      Jordan finally stood up to her so you go on the attack because now she knows who you r
      She is like a pingball ball Back and forth all the time

    • That is one of the best parts of the game.
      But you have to love Lawon getting that “super power”.

  78. I wish there were cameras in the Jury House
    that were included in the Live Feeds!!!

    • I agree On survivor they have the Ponderosa clips I think it would be fun to have clips on the jury house to see
      how they interact and what happens from week to week

  79. Hi everyone first time writer and first year big brother follower. Last 2 weeks for some reason got into the spoilers and have been reading most of the comments. First of all I never was a big fan of Shelly but who hasn’t been screwed over by someone for something of a bigger value than a phone call and much closer than a 2 month relationship. How on the world can people vote for Rachel when she’s so fake. Jeff liked him till he really became the big bully and he’s ego became too much to handle. Now Daniel oh yeah. Real woman has guts, looks and the craziest bubble. Really everyone u have to be very jealous of good looking women like Daniel not to want her to win and wish degenerates like Rachel win who the only thing she’s done is whine whine and whine. Sorry Adam is the ultimate gamer. Powerhouse player he’s contribution to big brother was shaving his beard. Jordan so sweet until Jeff left and then cry baby. Bottom line this game is for 500.000 dollars folks and backstabbing is a given. Trust me all of us would do it for half that amount.

      • Well ellablue, I am NOT a first time follower of BB and I totally agree with Louis. I can’t stand it any more. All of you lower class people that think Brachel is so great. Really???… What a crying bitchy fool.
        WORST BB EVER………….

      • Just because someone has a difference of opinion you shouldn’t bully them around Ella. The problem with people like you is instead of discussing game and logic like an adult you try to put them down and talk horribly to them.

      • Everyones is allowed to have an opinion no matter how many seasons they have watched. However just because some one likes or dislikes someone is not always about looks. Now on all the other post I read and the Shelly hating. it is over the top I’ve been pulling for Jeff and Jordan all season and Shelly’s move was smart but just to early. She was right she was not gong to win unless things changed. I do understand the lying to the players but the lying to the cameras is a little confusing. Also Jeff threw the POV to keep Jordan safe. He would have been pressured to use it and Jordan would have been the replacement nom. so he either uses it and puts Jordan a risk or he does not and upsets Brendon and Rachel. Plus in my Opinion Jordan is not a Floater. she may not win allot of compitions but you know what side she is on. To me a floater does not pick a side and just goes to what ever side has power. So in closing any spelling or gramar mistakes does not mean I’m not allowed to have an opinion and at least try to convey it.

    • You should really watch the rest of the seasons before you post again. Also, you should truly practice your grammar. Start with season two. Then you’ll have to redefine gamer for all of us and correct your statement about Adam being the ultimate gamer. (Hint: Janelle from season seven and all starts is the ULTIMATE gamer.)

      Emjoy :)

      • I agree that it shows by his words that Louis is a newbie to this show…but…I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic about Adam…he followed calling him an ultimate gamer by saying his biggest contribution to the game was shaving his beard…

      • Louis the best gamer was dr Will and Mike boggie. I hope shelly leaves Thursday she was a lousy player

    • You do not understand BB. You never mention anything about floaters. BB has good players and floaters. If the good players go after each other or do not protect each other; like Jeff throwing the veto; then the floaters will win. Good players at least some of the following:win HOH or Veto, in alliances, have opinion on vote and are not told or just ask who to vote for,and will sacrifice to try to win like resist Pandoras box. Starting when Brendon left the good players are Brendon,Danielle,Jeff,Jordan,and Rachel. The floaters are Adam,Shelly,Kalia,and Porche. Although Adam has tried with bad partners and Kalia did win one HOH when competition was still there. But Adam did not influence others so still a floater and Kalia messed up her 1st HOH noms and floated from group to another untill Danielle showed her the way but again she just followed Danielle’s lead.

      • Excuse me, but HOW exactly is Jordan on your list as one of the good players, and not on the floater list?! Jordan is the ULTIMATE floater! The only competition she won this season was because Jeff and Brendon threw the golf comp!! Also, Louis- don’t listen to most of these supposed BB know-it-alls. a lot of them are just posers who would give their first born to see Jeff and Floater Jordan win.

      • Bengallancer: Excuse me, but HOW exactly is Jordan on your list as one of the good players, and not on the floater list?! Jordan is the ULTIMATE floater! The only competition she won this season was because Jeff and Brendon threw the golf comp!! Also, Louis- don’t listen to most of these supposed BB know-it-alls. a lot of them are just posers who would give their first born to see Jeff and Floater Jordan win.

      • Bengallancer: Excuse me, but How exactly is Jordan included on your list of of all the “good players”, and not instead, on your list of floaters?! Jordan is the ULTIMATE floater! The only competition she won this season was because Jeff and Brendon threw her the Golf comp!! Aslo, Louis: Don’t listen to most of these supposed Big Brother know-it-alls. Alot of them are just posers who would give their first born just to see Jeff and Floater Jordan win. Those of us who can actually read knew you were just bein sarcastic about Adam, bro. Probably the only thing we can ALL agree on is that he sucks balls.

      • Crap. I don’t know how that comment got written three times…I had to re-write it because it said Error: cannot post at this time. Sorry, y’all.

    • I agree with you Louis. Jeff is a tool. He has a big head and Shelly did what she had to do! BRAVO SHELLY!!!

      • Shelly is a snake and needs to go. A mean and hateful individual who cannot even admit her own hateful decisions. She needs help.

      • @ Shelly go home: Dude chill it’s just a game. She made a decision that nobody else would. That doesn’t make her a bad person or a “hateful” individual.

    • Well to make this season even worse apparently the sheriff in the county where Shelly lives has just reported that they are investigating no death threats against her family. I mean glad that there have not been any death threats, but Geez, does that mean that it was all done just for publicity purposes and to get Shelly some sympathy. Sorry but if that is the case then BB has really resorted to sick thinking and must really be desperate for publicity and ratings!! SICK, SICK, SICK!!!

      • I’ve read that the FBI are doing the reports about it and looking into it not the local sheriffs

      • Ok…I totally agree with ella…louis your opinion definitely shows that you’ve never watched the show before. Also, you opinion is extremely juvenille being as How you just Think Women who dislike daniele are “just leaous of her”. My. Lord if I have ever hear something more ridiculous, then I dk what the hell it is…dani is a mutt, looks like Dick but 100 lbs lighter with long hair… and if she was so great at the game she would not be gone. There is a diffrence between being a balls to the wall ultimate game player…and an ego-tistical little b****, which is what dani is.

      • So because they admitted that this was their first season watching you’re going to bash them for it? And then call them juvenile but then do essentially the same thing back to them? You just made your argument a moot point

      • if Louis hasn’t been such a prick saying that viewers who didn’t like fugly Danielle are just jealous of her “looks” (evil looks?) then maybe the others wouldn’t have ridiculed “Louis” in return. you get what you give. Sure loonyShellHE lies but again, the problem is in the DR sessions where (s)he’s trying to convince America that (s)he’s never lied. Can’t wait for leatherface loony to get evicted on Thursday.

      • At goodolella. Or whatever the hell your Name was…no the point is I AM A WOMAN…..I DISLIKE danielein the game of BB, and I dislike her Because I think she is a horrible player and she is extremely ego-tistical…she’s arrogant beyond her rights and she did nothing but talk shit about Rachel EVERY WAKING SECOND OF THE DAY. So the point of me saying his comment was juvenille was saying all of thatt about dani…now my point being moot would have been me saying “oh dani is so ugly, buut your just jealous of jeff cauuse he’s buff and hot hot and if you didn’t want him to win its because of that” get the eff outta here with that bs, clearly if you missed the point, that makes you not bright, not my point moot…gosh you Dani fans are so die-hard…get a life

      • you retard. the FBI is looking into the death threats because death threats are serious. it has nothing to do with them being fake, its about them being a danger to shelly and her family. grow up.

      • @Vet Fan….Who said I was a Dani fan? This season was lost for me when ED left….he was the one I was looking forward too….so my “favorite” left early on in the game and I thought the twist was lame because they should’ve brought in pairs that would go after each other…make it really interesting but thats my opinion. But seriously you gay WAY too worked up if someone doesn’t stroke your ego.

        And looks at who is being juvenile again….”get a life” is that the only comeback you could make?

    • Good point louise- but if you want to post a honest thought that may bash Jordumb be ready for the attacks . So just sit back/ play with your greasy bangs/ and say y’all and then u can be a ” cool kid ” on the site. LOL

    • I don’t even know where to begin but for the record not jelous of danielle i find that statement ridicules and very narrow minded. You are entitled to like who you like but just because we don’t like the same players does not make us dumb or jeolous. You obviously haven’t watched bb enough to know the difference between a good player and a bad one. As for shelly she isn’t a good player she tried to manuipulate everyone like will but the difference here is will had crisma and he know how not to go to far to make him a target. She doesn’t know how to win her stragety is to let everyone do the heavy lifing the problem is that she told so many lies that no trust her if you are going to lie and back stab don’t get caught. Will was very successful at it becasue he never got caught. I am more of a jordon fan then a rachel fan but at least rachel has won stuff which is more then shelly has done. She deserves to go on thursday and i don’t see how she won’t RJ will never trust her and even KP wants her gone. I strongly suggest watching the other seasons before you give an opinion

      • Y’all just keep throwing it is his face that this is his first seasson of watching. Get a life, chick- he’s entitled to his opinion. Why did you take his comment so personally? The world doesnt revolve around YOU, and he doesnt even KNOW you, much less CARE about you. So you’re offended? Go join a crusade somewhere and censor some childrens books or something, and quit watching BB if you get offended that easilly.

  80. I hope Shelly gets evicted. She is nothing but a lying, cheating, backstabbing bitch. And I can’t wait to see Jeff tell her I told you so, you shouldn’t have betrayed me.

    • I totally agree! Her own 8 year old daughter told her to stop lying. What kind of a message has she sent to her daughter: that it’s ok to lie, backstab, be a hypocrite and screw people over as long as it’s for money? She’s now burned a few bridges inside and outside of the house, has zero chance of winning any money and looks like a complete idiot with a ton of enemies in the process. She excels at “how not to play Big Brother 101”.

      • And its people like you that post things about making enemies outside the house that probably has fueled the fact her family is getting death threats and people calling her job over a “game show”….seriously….get a grip its a game….dislike her for her gameplay nothing else….it’s not a game anymore when you leave the house and the winner was crowned.

      • I definitely think Shelly should be evicted. I liked her at first. I thought it was sweet that Jordan gave her that family phone call only to have her stab Jordan in the back. I wonder what Shelly’s daughter thinks?? I hope Shelly’s raises her better than she acted on the show.

      • Waytogo, I COMPLETELY agree. It IS people like this one who take it way too serious and try to ruin peoples real lives. Witch, honestly, just stop writing. These threats HAVE been substantiated. Do you read, or do you live with your head in the sand?

    • Isn’t it funny every one going out caused their own downfall since the big target of Brendon was sent out. Danielle break alliance and Jeff gets her. The one player everyone wants out,Brendon, more then Jeff and Jeff throws Veto to let Brendon get backdoored. So when others in control they of course get him. Not fan of Shelly and like Danielle she made move to soon is all to go against Jeff the way she did. So now Rachel and Jordan can vote Shelly off. If this pattern continues Jordan will win next HOH and will get rid of Porche for opening Pandoras Box. For if she did not Rachel could only save herself Porche puts up Adam so Kalia and Shelly vote off Jordan. The box saved Jordan so the pattern would continue. Could that really happen???

  81. I hope Shelly gets evicted. She is nothing but a lying, cheating, backstabber. And I can’t wait to see Jeff tell her I told you so, you shouldn’t have betrayed me.

      • Why not Jeff took one? There are no good people or bad people in this house just ones that choose to play the GAME the way that gets them further.

    • why would jeff be able to say i told you so? jeff is irrelevant to the events of the house now. production can say i told you so.

      • Well, she could hurt company sales. I surely wouldn’t want the negative publicity that they’re getting and I’m sure they are. They did take her pic off their website. Not good.

        Hell, she’s only been there for 8 months. She’s expendable.

      • I get she’s expendable but to a company, any publicity is good publicity. You can’t say she isn’t getting the company known. It’s indirect but true. And I’m not sure if you can fire someone because of their choices on a reality show. Anyone in business have an answer for that?

      • @Lurker….you could to an extent. They could say that she gave the company a “bad name” or “questionable reputation” and fire her on those grounds but in order to prevent a lawsuit it would have to be reasonable grounds for firing. If she does lose her job she could probably sue the owners of all the sites that were all about her getting fired for slander.

      • Any publicity is good publicity if you’re a rock star but that
        s not true of companies who have to answer to stockholders and employees. Think of this: If you were her boss and watched her delusional lying this season would you believe anything she told you?

      • @DB….its a gameshow….it’s not real life. She’s lying in a game on a reality tv show on a major television network. How they are in a game does not mean that’s how they are in real life….you must separate the two. She’s doing what she needs to do in the game to get herself further…..her gameplay is horrible but she played how she wanted too….but thats a side note. Her boss knows her BEFORE the game and his opinion shouldn’t change AFTER the game.

      • I know in a lot of the Southern States you can fire at will. You do not have to have a reason but you can fire just because you want to fire someone and they really have no recourse such as suing you. I think actually that it is pretty common practice for companies to do this and sad to say but the employees have no recourse legal or otherwise.

      • There is legal recourse if you can prove that they fired you unlawfully….in the south it is harder but I’ve heard it done before and with a situation like this…..being on a gameshow….she could prove it in her favor.

      • db, seriously?! IF they took her pic down, (and you didn’t just make that up) they did it to stop the phone calls from all the lunatics. I don’t like her either, but -now repeat after me- IT IS JUST A GAMESHOW, NOT REAL LIFE.

      • @Shelly go home, I totally read your post wrong. At first I thought you meant shoot someone when you want to from the “fire at will”. I was like WTF? Glad I took another drink of coffee and reread it.

    • The behavior she has shown on television, such as lying to herself and America in the diary rooms about lying, taking a personal possession — a sentimental one, attacking Jordan the way she did, AND constantly mentioning her company — I sure as hell would not want that woman working for me or in my company.

      Donald Trump might have her on the Apprentice for sheer publicity — not ethics or ability. Maybe that should be Shelly’s next job interview. I have a feeling she’ll be looking.

      • you are out of your mind. shes not going to get fired over a game.

        stop watching big brother if you dont like lies and deceit. its what big brother is founded on.

      • @Gellieman~

        Re-read my post. Your comment does not follow.

        Anyway, I like Big Brother just fine. I don’t happen to care for Shelly.


        I WOULD fire her from my company because I would not want that kind of representation in my company. Period.


        I stand by my comment that she may need to be working on her interview skills . . this time as the interviewee.

      • Dan- re-read your OWN post. It DOES follow.


        Good thing she’s NOT working for your “company” so in essence, it doesnt MATTER what you think. That you would strip away someone’s livelihood based on a show that is founded upon deceit that YOU like just fine illustrates the mindlessness of the Group Mind.

      • @Patricia-Teller~

        I invite you to re-read my post as well; you seem to COMPLETELY miss it. Instead, you are reading into it.

        Anxious to look for something to snarl at, are you?

        I stand by my opinions.

        Further, I would not have YOU in my company because you cannot seem to read and glean content. Additionally, you are an emotional reader.

      • As I said, good thing no one’s trying to work for you and your imaginary “company”. I am just so fed up with folks who equate someone’s actions on a reality show to real life. All these types of speculations and posts accomplish is to incite hatred and perpetuate idiocy like calling her job and threatening her family.
        Further, your POST was out of context anyways. The Apprentice and Donald Trump have absolutely no bearing on this conversation OR big brother. And you keep telling people that we don’t “follow” and that we are “missing” it. What, exactly then did we miss? Gelieman said “”you are out of your mind. shes not going to get fired over a game.” You alluded to exactly that when you said “Maybe that should be Shelly’s next job interview. I have a feeling she’ll be looking.” How do you figure that doesnt follow? Sounds like YOU don’t follow. You’re likely one of those close minded jerks who follows the group. You probably stopped reading this comment after the first sentence and are already composing a rebuttal.

      • @MattBBN

        Your comment isn’t worth a “rebuttal”; you still don’t follow, rather you are looking for a reason to spew.

        Calling me a “jerk” is a violation of the TOS here and may get your comment deleted or get you banned.

      • @Dan…..if getting called a “jerk” is worth getting upset about and trying to get someone banned…..I’d be really curious to see what you would say to most of the constant “posters” and what they call people and if you would feel the same way…..

  82. hope shelly is sent packing but i wonder in her pairing with adam who was the real man in that paring because she sure had the balls and adam cant make up his mind almost like a womans perogative to change it. id take him to the final 3 knowing no way can he win it all

  83. I am not a Shelly fan by any stretch but I will give her credit for making a move to remove the strongest player from the house (I’m very sad to see Jeff go–wanted him to win). This was smart game play and BB is only just a game. My issue with Shelly is her deslusional belief that she is an ethical player in the game–she declares loyalty to her alliance (Jeff and Jordan) and is offended if questioned about her loyalty. IN my observations this season her declared loyalty didn’t appear as strategy rather it seemed to be her genuine feeling about working with Jeff and Jordan to the end and she reassured them throughout. It wasnt until it dawned on her that J&J might be the last 2 standing that she dumped them as an alliance. Jordan had every right to stand up to her after she wouldn’t let Jordan be alone in the purple room–she was the bully in that circumstance and others during this drama. I just don’t respect players who aren’t honest with themselves about who they are and how they play the game–and in my humble opinion Shelly is one of thoes players :-)

    • Couldn’t agree more. If she was at least up front in the DR problem is she really believes what she is saying. Worse yet I think she must believe the viewers she her as an ethical player. I feel sorry for what she is going to have to endur after leaving the house.

      • Ditto to that. Shelly’s no Dr. Will. Dr. Will was a liar and a backstabber. But he admitted it and was proud. If you believed one word out of his mouth you didn’t deserve to win the game. In the all stars, those players were stupid to keep him around. And I love Janelle, and believe her to be a great BB player, but boy, did she fall for Dr. Will b.s. It cost her the win! I was so proud of both Rachel and Jordan. Jordan for getting angry and letting Shelly’s have it. Go Jordan! I think her family is proud! True character of a person is knowing when to be angry, and standing up for the ones we love! Jordan did that! Bravo! Rachel also deserves kudos! She stayed close to Jordan, and instead of joining in the argument, she protected her friend. She was loyal to her alliance thru the game. She’s a great player and hope she wins! She’s not fake like somebody said. She’s so emotional and a bit obnoxious at times, but totally harmless, and fun. Always trying to make up games. When she’s happy she’s really happy, and when she’s sad, she’s really sad. What’s wrong with that? Hope Porsche or Kalia don’t win the next HOH! I don’t like them. Porsche thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips. Kalia can’t make a decision on her own. I hope its Adam, Jordan and Rachel final three, and Rachel wins. Adam is a nice guy. Hope he stays true to his buddy Jeff and stays true to that alliance. I couldn’t believe how Shelley tried to lie and throw him under the bus to Jeff.

        So sorry Jeff was evicted. He and Brendon deserved to win more than anyone else. Brendon chose to leave. But Jeff didn’t have a chance. The true worth a good competitor? Twice evicted in a double elimination! No other way to get him out!

        Voting for Brendon to win America’s favorite player. That will help him get thru his phd without having to struggle.


      • you can’t really compare her to will first off will never betrayed his own allience by the time he started backstabbing and lying chill town was gone. He then started lying will was very good at playing people against each other and he was more suddle. Shelly biggest mistake is she was to aggressive and she played both sides but she would focus on one side which would make the other side suspicious. The less people in the house the more that is noticed. Will was a master he would go in the dr room and make fun of how no one every though he did something. Shelly made her self a target she took jeff out but she made it obvious she took him out. If she never reacted to adam and jeff talking or telling jeff about the plan she would have gotten away with it she could have voted jeff out without anyone knowing. Will would vote people out and no one was ever the wiser

    • I agree- just like how she said in her first houseguest interview on the first episode, “you wont find me cleaning up after anyone, Im not their mother” but she did exactly that. Obsessively, even!

  84. Lmao. I’m on my cell phone so I don’t see all the comments but every comment i can see right now if about how awful anorexic Shelly is. Relax, everybody. I can’t wait to see her go so everyone will start complaining about someone else like Kalia again. “she eats so much food” who gives a damn?! No one wants to talk strategy anymore. It’s all “I hate this person.” That being said *ahem* wouldn’t it be smarter to bump Adam instead of Shelly. She can’t compete for anything. Adam is in that same boat also but he’s at least slightly better than Shelly.

  85. I will agree with your argument except that she voted to keep another stong player in and that is were it falls apart

    • I agree! I couldn’t understand the push to keep D (no way anyone beats her in final 2)
      Between K & D K much weaker player. If she really believed D would not have put her on the block (shocker Dani would have lied). If she would have just stuck to the plan she still would have had the chance to vote out Jeff but without the allience knowing for sure that it was her that did it. You know she would have thrown A under the bus on that one. At that point J really trusted her and probably would have believed her. That would have been a good game move. Not what she did it was dumb. I have never liked the way she was playing but the push to keep D made me realize there is something serious wrong with her thought process.

      • yeah i don’t get it either she said getting jeff out would get her family closer to the money but i don’t see how dani staying would do that. Dani was probably a stronger player then jeff she would have been harder to get out not to mention it wasn’t like it was jeff or dani going. Dani vs kaliah and for some reason i think she forgot that

      • I think she felt Jeff was a much better player than Dani. In my opinion (and here’s where I get yelled at by everyone) Dani was a far better player than Jeff. I know I’m gonna get “BUT HE LASTED LONGER!!” comments but so did Adam and Shelly. So there goes that argument.

      • I won’t yell at you lol, I’ll just defend my case as to why I actually felt Jeff was a stronger player (this is where I might get told I’m biased). Jeff made sure not to make any ‘big moves’ too early, unlike Dani, and maybe in the two seasons each that they’ve played Dani has won more competitions (9-6), but speaking on this season, I felt Jeff won more in crunch time, when he absolutely had to win. People will say he didn’t win that last veto but I still stick to the fact that it shouldn’t have been a must win, his ‘alliance’ held the voting power and screwed him over. That being said he still fought so hard for it. Dani needed her Veto even more, lost it and got backdoored. Jeff also had to win his HOH when he did, for Dani’s HOH wins, only the counting competition could be seen as a must win, and frankly that game was all luck. Jeff also won the veto Dani needed and that can be seen as a crunch time win too, as well as of course the one to take himself off the block when he was up against Rachel. 3-1 in terms of crucial must-wins. I give Jeff a slight edge but I think Dani is also a very good player in her own right, and I respect your opinion in thinking Dani is better…but not in saying ‘far better’ lol

      • Dani was good at comp and plays a good social game but she made one of the dumbest moves anyone can make turning on your allience before you have the numbers on your side. It was way to early for that move but she didn’t have her dad there to do the thinking for her. Became clear to me that he carried her during their season together. Think about the strong players the vets had she could have really had a shot because I believe BR would have always been a target before her with the vets.

      • Lmao thanks. And yeah he may have played better this season. I’m just looking at it from my poor of view that big and bold moves=better. She played great in her season and mediocre this season. Jeff played good both times just not great.

      • Well Dani won every HoH she could play in….aside from the first one. I think had she been able to play for HoH and ED stay in the house it would’ve been a very different game. I think her game was harder than Jeff’s because her partner left day 1 and she had to scramble to find someone else because unlike the newbie partners the vets weren’t trying to go after their own partner. That aspect of the “twist” I didn’t like.

      • I am a jj fan and i agree dani is a better player she wins everything the problem i think was that the vets turned on each other. Dani never should have tried to backdoor jeff because if she didn’t the jj would have stayed loyal to her and chances are KPAS would be out of the house and she would still be there. Dani biggest problem is she spent to much time going after branchel that she let the lesser players coast by

    • Bahaha! EllaBLEW! (I think that was an insult)She’s also saying that you BELONG in that madhouse. I concur, tishe!

  86. Rachel, Jordan, Dani and Porsha are in the backyard bashing Shelly, Shelly promised to vote to keep Kalia instead of Dani but voted Kalia out anyways….. Kalia and Porsha are telling Rachel and Jordan that Shelly has claimed to have not talked game with them….. Porsha and Dani complaining about Shelly lying to their face.

    Jordan said Shelly wants a Final 3 with Rachel and Jordan and Kalia and Porsha said Shelly made the same deal with them…

    Everyone is outing Shelly’s lies in the backyard now!

  87. Dude or not, it took chutzpah to make a major game move and shake up the status quo in the house. Despite the fact that Shelly made a hail mary play, she WILL be evicted. BB will prob make the next HOH comp one that Jordan or Rachel can win. I feel for Porsche & Kalia. Meanwhile Adam just keeps on floating….

  88. Porsha is a b**** because she just loves talking sh** behind people’s backs…. First Porsha, Dani, Kalia and Shelly talked sh** behind Rachel;s back…. Now Porsha and Kalia are talking sh** behind Shelly’s back…

    • Are the talking sh** or just sharing all the lies S has told? I don’t like it when these girls start making personal attacks against each other. To talk about game play fine. But I can’t stand the personal crap.

  89. J,R,S and K talking about all of Shelly’s lies…… Even the Dominic votes…..

    Shelly asked Kalia if she would want a final 4 with Jeff and Jordan!

  90. Is it not a little late in the game to be comparing notes about Shelly’s lies and manipulations?? While I do feel bad about the way she treated JORDON I feel almost as bad for ADAM..He has been her friend thru it all and just like Jordon he is now finding out that she was working against him the whole time…he is more upset than Jordon actually..I would not be afraid to bet $5.00 that before Thursday that Shelly will cause all hell to break lose in the house again…I DON’T HAVE A DOUBT..

    • Break out the popcorn.

      ShellHe is a manipulator. She wouldn’t be a VP in her company unless she were. Very few nice ppl make to the top in ANY profession.

      • that is not true! I know many people who are very respectful and at the top of their profession. Just a thought! Out with Shelly even though I wanted her to win from the begining. She messed up big time. The newbies should have stuck together from the begining.
        Go Rachael and Jordan!!!

    • I would guess she is up there trying to find a way out now.The question JR need to ask themselves—Would you rather Adam or Shelly win money if it came down to that…Then, get rid of Shelly…

    • I’m not even sure that any one will give her the time to do anything like that. She’s a dead man (unintended) walking. It’d be more shocking than Dani and Jeff out in the same episode if she stays.

    • Shelly puts a whole new meaning on how to play the BB game!! To bad evil d left, (if he had stayed) she would have left a long time ago! On the flip side, Dani would still be in the game.

  91. J,R,K and P all say that Brendon and Jeff looked at Shelly as a mother figure and would never believe anything bad about Shelly….

    They talked about Shelly saying the same thing to both Rachel and Jordan and then going to Kalia and Porsha with the same crap.

  92. sorry but jordan or rachel dont deserve to win because on of them should of been gone this week

    • I dsagree–Jordan should have won the snake game.Why go through the game once for which place you go.Isn’t that the purpose of drawing your name.Jordan should have won the competition–then the newbies would have gotten the chance to save themselves.

      You could stop whinning then…

      • what? jordan should have won because she was put in the best position. she only had to beat one person. she choked, so i guess she deserved to lose.

    • and one of them would be going if not for P real good game play P hope 5 g’s was worth the risk Go JR!!

      • can you name one person who hasnt opened pandoras box? i do believe that none of the other consequences (outside of matts dpov) have resulted in a huge advantage for two houseguests. money falling from the sky, workout with jessie, having the opportunity to pull two people off the block. good one cbs.

    • How do you know? There has been a lot Of things happening this week..comparison of storis and everything regarding have no idea who would have been on the block with jordan(incase you didn’t realize that rachel won the veto regardless, shed be staying) they could have flipped adam or shelly to vote their way…it seems like there are so many new people. To the show….THAT IS HOW THE GAME WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS THE IDEA OF PANDORAS BOX…..HELLLLLOOOOOOOO. GET OVER IT RACHEL HAS WON. 4 COMPS THIS SEASON THAT IS HOW MANY PORSCHE AND KALIA HAVE WON COMBINED…AND I PROMISE YOU RACHEL WILL WIN HOH ON THURSDAY…SO WE MIGHT AS WELL SAY 5….. LMAO

      • Breathe woman….you get WAY to worked up about things…..its a game…I hate to see how you are when BB is over for the season…..

  93. Jordan telling Adam that her and Rachel have Adam’s back and that Kalia and Porsha want a Final 4 with Rachel and Jordan. Jordan is playing the game now people. Jordan is like Adam, P & K want you out….

    • ACTUALLY P/K wants Jordon in the final 3 they think they can beat her so they in no hurry to get her out..

      • Jordan has finished 2nd in the last 2 competitions she played in. And imo should have won the snake game.

      • they all thought that on the season she won as well and when it counted the most she won the comp. I wouldn’t be so quick to count her out. GO RJ

      • why should she have won the snake game? because porche beat her fair and square? good lord give it a rest.

    • Rachel on tonight’s BBAD has brought back her alliance with Porshe. They saluted it with wine while Rachel was making the so called Cinnabon thingy in the kitchen. Now I don’t know if she is meaning it or not but that is what has happened. Now Rachel could be using this to backstab Porshe. I don’t know if Jordon knows this or not. Time will tell I suppose.

  94. wow bb rating is going down this season no wonder they rigged the show so much people are losing interest

  95. i used to be a fan of Jordan but now i cant stand her.. she got a little fame and she thinks she is a star …people change

    • AND>>> if that don’t work out maybe the company that sells GENSU KNIVES would hire her.. She would be good at that..

    • Lmao. I’m always against this Shelly bashing that involves her losing her job and having a mental problem, but I lol’ed at that one for some reason. And on that note Im out, people. Goodnight.

    • Might want to watch out…..if she does lose her job she can use these sites and your comments to sue you for slander. Just might wanna be careful with the comments….all i’m saying.

  96. Adam’s gonna win this week’s HOH! Adam hasn’t won one and its probably gonna be something geared towards a man to win. It makes sense cause Adam will then have to grow some chest hair and pick a side. We’ll know how strategic a player he is by the side he chooses. If he picks K/P, he’s wants to win. If he picks J/R, he’s more of a fan of the game. Personally, I hope he chooses J/R. I can’t stand Kalia and Porsche. The mean girls. Unethical, totally junior high level of intelligence. Class less. And Kalia can’t make a move without somebody else telling her to.

  97. *reminiscing*

    I’m just SOOO proud of Jordan standing up to Shelly like that! She deserves $10k for that.

    What that must have done for ratings! CBS should share.

    Dang! I’m proud of Jordan!

  98. Isn’t it ironic that it was Shelley who broke the news that Dani wanted to backdoor Je/Jo which when she did Brenchel backed off on the plan and Shelley was doing Je/Jo’s dirty work and they didn’t care one bit but when you play along with someone like that they will burn you like she did when she voted Jeff out. So essentially Shelley saved Jeff only to vote him out earlier……crazyness

  99. It really gets on my nerves when Porsche bashes Jordan for not winning anything…bitch you have won ONE thing…I mean for real?

    • Porshe also won the veto which she didn’t use that resulted in Jeff being blindsided. he was pi$$ed

      • ok two things. but she has no right to bash jordan for not winning as if she is the ultimate winner!

    • Rachel has a great chance…. Even Evel Dick, James from BB6 & BB7 and Matt from BB12 say Rachel will probably win…. Don’t believe me? Watch Dick at Night on RTV . com and hear it for yourself!!!

      • LOL…Rachel’s Baby doesn’t have a chance in life…..Rachel may win this game; some of the worst people that are in the house each season have won; i.e., Will, Evil Dick, …

  100. I can’t believe that you folk’s get so wrapped up in this,WAKE UP,it’s a reality show, what a waste of time go live your life in the REAL world

  101. Shelly and achel in the kitchen talking about Brendon and Jeff

    They said Rachel is more like Jeff and Jordan is more like Brendon.

    They asked who has the biggest bromance this summer? Adam and Jeff, Adam and Brendon or Brendon and Jeff? They say Brendon and Jeff.

    Shelly says Brendon and Jedd want more guys in the jury house ie get Adam evicted instead. Shelly says if she goes to the jury house, she will have to rub Brendon and Jeff’s back… L~O~L!!! Shelly is sucking up big time to Rachel… Don’t listen to Brendon talk about your cooking Rachel ok? You know how to cook girl! LMAO!!!

      • Matt (BBN Moderator posted that info on the last blog entry and confirmed it on here…. BB will probably discuss that during Wednesday nights show with the nomination ceremony, POV comp and POV ceremony! That is going to be a lotm in one show huh? LMAO!

  102. Shelly to Rachel, you make your icing in the bowl? I do mine on the stove…. Rachel you really are the best….. Brendon should never criticize your cooking ever again!

    Rachel, Brendon is the best cook!

  103. ******* Spoiler ~ Spoiler *******

    Rachel and Jordan were just called to the Diary Room together now!!!!

    This is interesting ******** Check it out on the Live Feeds or BBAD everyone!!!

  104. What I don’t like about Shelly and why I’m glad that she is most likely going to leave this week is because she misrepresented herself to America. I remember her crying the first week abouth lying to Cassie about the way she voted and thinking she was disappointing her daughter but now she has no problem with it. I get it’s BB and everyone is going to lie but she makes it seem as if she thinks she’s above all that. Also, I get Jeff was the best competitor left in the house and she didn’t believe she could beat him in the finals but I can’t think of a houseguest who she could win against. Seriously, Shelly what have you won?

  105. BB Camera guys are hillarious… THey are filming Porsha take a shower in the HOH room……

  106. Don’t believe me, watch the flashback on the live feeds from 10:00 PM BBGT until 10:15 PM BBT on Camera #1…..

  107. Make Porsha do her part to make BBAD and the Live Feeds interesting BB camera people…. Make up for sleeping the days away right? LMAO!!!

  108. @ellablue, I would love to call ya a bitch! We started a club! It is called the “Bitch Club” (hold on folks (Matt) ya all will love this!
    B- Beautiful
    I- Intelligent
    T- Talented
    C- Charming
    H- Heavenly
    Be proud to be a bitch, Ladies!!
    I am sorry to say, this does NOT include a few of the women on BB!

  109. Now Shelly is bashing Kalia to Adam saying Kalia doesn;t have a filter or restaint…. LMAO!!!

      • Wow. Shelly is a piece of work.

        She’s beyond arrogant.

        Several here keep saying “delusional”. Every time I get the notion to defend Shelly from the “delusional” accusation, she does something else to justify and support it.

        Oh well . . .

        To borrow Shelly’s phrase (about her daughter) “poor kid” — to have a mum like that.

  110. Ok…For all of you that think the producers are behind the scenes trying to protect Jeff Jordan Rachel or Brendon then WHY….when Porsche opened pandora’s box the penalty was she left the house immediately and the last person evicted(Jeff) got to come back and take her place….Meaning he would have been HOH…I think Kahlia would have spit her next meal right out of that terrible mouth of hers.

      • That is my point Leo…All these comments about the producers making behind the scene moves for ratings is ridiculous….Rachel and Jordan winning veto was no gimmie..

      • but sally, the point is that if one came off, one would go home regardless. this way if one of them wins, both come off. its giving them an advantage to save both of them that dani and kalia didnt have. im not picking favorites here, but come on. fair is fair.

  111. Kalia and Adam talking about life in New York…. I am actually liking Kalia at this moment…. I repeat at this moment ok? LMAO!!!

    • Shelly is amazed at how people in NYC are because they aren’t as friendly as other parts of the country!

      Shelly says she likes to talk..

      Kalia and Adam said Shelly can talk to people in NYC, well the people Shelly knows… Then they laugh…. LMAO

      Kalia, says people in New York City are arrogant!

  112. Jordan and Rachel are sure being nice to Shelly. Guess they need her vote in the jury house! I don’t know if I could do it. I give them credit for doing what they have to. I know you have to forgive, but forgetting is a whold other thing altogether!

    • Probably they realize….hey its a game….and we should start playing it….and maybe Shelley was playing it too….I mean the winner does get $500,000 and Jordan should know….she did win….but she never got her hands dirty that season…..just coasted thru….which kudos to her….but now she ACTUALLY has to play….so maybe she learned something….although I’m not quite sure she really gets how BB works….nor do most of the fans that realize Shelley made a bold move….and that how she is in the game…isn’t necess how she is outside of the game.