Big Brother 13 Week 9: Veto To Be Decided

Big Brother 13 Adam

The Big Brother Veto win can be a blessing or a curse. You can save yourself, save a partner (heck, save yourself and a partner), or just wreck havoc on the HoH’s plans. Then again, you can get stuck in a corner for two days as a million reasons to use it bombard you. This week’s Veto winner falls in to the latter category and can’t wait to be done with that after this Veto’s ceremony.

When the Power of Veto ceremony takes place, presumably this afternoon but who knows for sure with this wacky special eviction on Wednesday, we’ll have confirmed what we’re expecting: Adam will not use the Veto. Porsche and Kalia should remain on the block where one of them will face eviction. This week’s first eviction should take place on Tuesday but won’t be aired until Wednesday so that could change around the normal Veto ceremony schedule. We’ll keep you posted on the latest.

Kalia has been working Adam non-stop for him to use the Veto but she isn’t making any progress. When she recognized she wasn’t making any headway Kalia resorted to asking Adam to use it on Porsche. That would force Rachel to renom Jordan and he doesn’t want to see that happen either.

Last night (3:25AM BBT) Adam talked to the camera and confirmed he won’t use the Veto to save her. He’s still upset that she exposed his F2 deal with her to everyone and then voted him out. Both are good reasons not to trust another HG. Kalia, on the other hand, thinks he’s making a mistake, of course. She told Porsche he’d be working against his alliance member (Kalia). That would be the same alliance member who voted him out. Sounds like Kalia wants it both ways.

Do you think Adam is making the right choice to leave Rachel’s nominations as they are or should him force a Jordan renom?

Update: Trivia hit the Live Feeds at 10:45AM BBT today, so the Veto ceremony is underway. Spoilers to follow soon.


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  1. Can someone please explain what this special week has in store for us?

    Like what’s the schedule? Is there a double eviction again? What’s the deal?

    • There will be 2 evictions this week, but on separate days. CBS has not provided exact details, but based on past seasons we’re expecting an eviction to be recorded on Tuesday and then shown on Wednesday.

      They will probably also go ahead with the next HoH comp and Veto comp before Thursday. Then on Thursday’s show we’ll see those results.

      Thursday’s show will also feature the start of the 3-round final HoH comp.

      • Matt (BBN),

        Do you think Live Feeders will be able to see the comps on Tuesday, or will BB just show rereuns the entire day on Tuesday, so people won’t know who is evicted?

  2. Adam is absolutely thinking the right thing lol. It would not be smart at all to work with someone who clearly isn’t working with him.

      • True but I don’t think he can beat any of them. He could beat Kalia.

        I think Adam is destined for 3rd or 4th place.

      • I don’t think he should use the veto. But after the veto ceremony, I think rachel and jordan should seriously consider getting out porsche. I think one of the main things that’s keeping Adam from using the veto, is that he knows jorchal wants to vote kalia out. Therefor he doesn’t have to cause any rucus using it because jordan and porsche will be safe. Jorchal doesn’t realize in the right position adam will flip and go to porsche. If he has to choose between rachel and porsche, I think he’s taking porsche. They have to get porsche out now.

    • Lurker i agree with you. Adam can only have a chance to with jordan. Even though i think J should win over A, HGs will probably want to give it to him bcause she has won b4. If he chose newbies they would give it to them automatically cause they view him as the ultimate floater.

    • Plus, you never know. Adam could finally win an HOH, and that would change everything. There are no guarantees at this point.

  3. I believe the best move for Adam would be to use
    the veto on Porche and force Jordan to be put up
    and then vote Jordan out. But he won’t. He will
    not use the veto and vote Kalia out along side of
    Jordan. As long as Jordan is in the game he doesn’t
    have a chance to win anything. Even if he lucked
    out by some stretch of the imagination, he could
    never win against either RJ. I am still very un-
    happy that someone like J can get all the way to
    the end with the poor attitude and lack of skill
    she has shown. She at least worked hard the last
    few weeks in her first season, but the effort hasn’t been there this season. How many people get
    even one chance at $500,000, much less two? Yet she
    has over and over repeated how much she wishes she
    wasn’t in the BBhouse and how much she hates it. She has called BB stupid and looked like she was on
    a leisurely walk on comps. I don’t think I have ever seen a poorer game spirit in all of the years
    I have watched BB. Then you have Rachel who loves
    BB and works as hard as she can on the comps. She
    has even worked hard on her social game and growing
    up this season. I am rooting for her.

    • That is not true, Jordan is good for Rachael and keeps her spirits up. She isn’t as good in some competitions, but she is a wonderful person and she is playing a different kind of game. Have you noticed that most people really like Jordan, that’s not by accident. Just because she doesn’t back stab like most of them, and doesn’t sleep all the time like Porsche and Kalia, she is playing the game, and if you hadn’t noticed most people won’t vote her out, so she deserves to be there. You however, should rethink what you are saying. Rachael wants her there and she is no dummy at playing this game. Out of all of them, Jordan has done this before, not stupid I would say. Go Jordan and Rachael.

      • Sorry you feel that way Kay. It is ap-
        parent you are one of JJ groupies and
        that is fine. But I believe if you watched unbiasly BBAD and regular shows
        you would see I have a point. Jordan
        has done some backstabbing and lying,
        also. She and Jeff several times con-
        sidered getting rid of Rachel and Jeff
        handed Brendon’s eviction to him on a
        silver platter for the money. She has
        done her share of trash talking about
        other guests, too, but just not on the
        level of the other girls. But this all
        just opinions on this site and nothing

      • I’m waiting on Rachel to turn on Jordan and take Adam to final 2. Not sure that would happen but would love to see it. At this point, I think Rachel is by far the best player in the game. Just not sure if she has a chance against Jordan in final 2. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Well said Sherry and totally agree with you. If people who had the feeds would also unbiasly watch they would see even more that Jordan is not completely the sweet person she portrays. As Jordan says “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice than shame on me”. She fooled me once – her first season. Not this season. You are also correct about the J/J groupies they have their opinion and that is fine. If we have a different one they jump all over us.

      • @Sherry: And clearly u are a D/K/P fan because obviously u cant see reason. If Adam uses the veto, he looses any chance at A.) Getting any Jury votes if he was to get in the final 2 and B.) Stay friends with JeJo after the shows wraps up. Just look at what happened with Shelly. If Jordan was evicted b/c of him, then he automatically looses two jury votes and subsequently, Rachel would most likely go home the following week in this scenario. That’s another two votes gone. The winner of big brother needs at least 4/7 jury votes to win. Therefore, Adam would at best get 2 since Dani said she’d never vote for him. Get your facts straight!!!!

    • I don’t think Rachel worked on her social game intentionally. I think BB started giving her meds a few weeks back and I’m not even being funny.

      • Cartman jordan helped R. She probably would have been voted out if J hadn’t calmed her down. Her &Jeff babysitted R for a long time. Plus when Brendan left the last time she seemed to calm down with talks from J.Between them they have the social and comps games covered.

      • Sherry,clearly you havent watched all of bb! R&B was the first to seriously think of turning on J&J. J eff had a feeling something was wrong,which it was! But thought through it and didnt do it. I guess who ever you go for your their groupie!

      • @Cartman I was thinking the very same thing. lol What a difference and in no way am I thinking it is just Jordan’s influence.

      • If Adam is in F2 with Jordan then Jordan wins. Jeff will vote Jordan, of course, Brendon and Rachel will go Jordan too and then Shelly, who will also vote for Jordan so that she gets to be friends with her again.

        That’s a 4 vote majority and the win in a Jordan/Adam Final 2.

      • I think his only chance of winning is to be in the F2 with Porsche, or Kalia, but I think she’s going home this week.

      • I can’t see Adam winning against anyone at this point. His only chance would be winning the remainder of the comps, much like Jordan did her previous season.

        I’m currently rooting for Rachael, since she’s fought so hard and then Jordan as a second choice since she’s entertaining. K and P may have won some comps, but they both annoy and bore me, sorry, a guests entertain value is of importance to me.

      • Even though a lot of people might not be crazy about Rachel, I agree with Titan: A HG’s entertainment value is huge, and who could be huger than Rachel? If Rachel can make it to F2, she should win. As for Adam, realistically, 2nd place is his best case scenario, but I don’t think he deserves it.

      • @ cartman. Do not be so quick to think that shelly or brendon will vote for jordan. If jordan goes to F2 and doesn’t win anything else to get there. I HIGHLY doubt anyone besides Jeff will vote for her to win. If adam makes it to F2 with porsche. Or kalia….that most likely means he bd jordan this week. I’m sorry but that its, 4 votes lost instantly. And if Adam makes it to F2 with rachel, rachel will have brendon jordan kalia porsche and most likely dani. The only one who would possibly vote for Adam to win is Shelly. I don’t care what anyone says by finale night people have let go of all the beef in the house, and for rachel to make it. To. F2 she basically has to win the next veto and FHOH. That means she will have won 9 comps this season-7 major ones and then 2 food comps. I think nobody would be too unwilling to give her the money being as how she made it through all of this. So as I stated before adams best chances are with jordan.

      • I think Adam’s only chance is to win veto and FHOH and bring Porche. He will have a record of 1 HOH and 3 vetos. Porche will have 1 HOH and 1 veto. Not saying that will happen, but that’s the only way I see of him winning.

  4. I think that it would be senseless for Adam to use the veto on Porsche because he and Jordan aren’t going to vote out Porsha anyway, so what’s the point. Personally I think he should tell Kalia that exact thing so she would know that they were going to vote her out (just like she voted for him). Would be funny to watch her reaction.

    • Adam won’t use the veto, he thinks he is going to hang out with Jeff when this is over. I can’t wait till he sees the show and sees what J and J said about him during the show. Only way he has a chance to win is to get rid of Jordan. Wonder what his girlfriend is thinking right now as he blows his chance at winning…..

      • They haven’t said anything bad about Adam. And just as Adam has been saying for the last couple of days “this is a big DUMB move” to use the veto. He gains nothing using the veto. It would strictly be a good move, for Kalia and Porsche.

      • I bet he Hurry’s home cause he lives in Hoeboken New Jersey. And that got hit with the hurricane. Adam don’t know anything about it.

      • You better go back and watch again. Jeff and Jordan have trashed Adam when they are alone. Jeff probably the worse trashing of any HG.

      • Wow…there. is quite a difference between trashing someone and poking a little fun. There is also quite a difference between speaking the truth of someone and talking shit about them. MAYBE in the beginning they said a few things here and there, but they have been just as good to Adam as he’s been to them. Its just the people who dislike jejo who seem to think differently.

      • Adam will NOT beat Rachel or Jordan as final2!! Are you serious!! He needs to make a Man-up move!!,, Dani is not going to vote for Rachel!!,, Did y’all forget Rachel cursing dani out and telling her she didn’t need her jury vote!! That was enough already,,, you gotta know Dani personally to know that she’s not going to vote for Rachel.. What a boring season!! Not a strategic game ,, but a personal game.. I

    • The only way I see where it possibly may be good to use it on Porche is if and that’s a big if, that it comes into play when getting rid of the extra HG. If Adam truly wants to go to F2 with Porche and there is a way she can be saved because of the Fortune Teller coming into play somehow. If not, which is more likely the case, then since Porche is not the target, Kalia is for the moment, it would make no difference.

      Adam would never backdoor Jordan because he loves Jeff and her so much.

  5. Adam’s actions are a repeat of Zack’s from Season 8. Zack was in a position in the final weeks to get out either Dick or Daniele (don’t remember which) and chose not to out of loyalty to them. This proves the ridiculous idea of sticking with a final three deal with two people who are closer than you are to them. Shelly finally got a clue and voted Jeff out, now Adam should be smart and realize Jordan and Rachel will not take him to the final two. I think Kalia and Porsche would both know they have a good chance to beat him and would bring him to the final two. But after Kalia leaves this week, I can guarantee Porsche will go next week, Rachel will win the final HOH, Adam will leave, then Rachel will win. Terrible, terrible end to a terrible season.

      • If you think your theory is correct, then it works both ways. Porsche and kalia will also pick each other over Adam. So what’s the difference? Did you ever think Adam wants to be in the FHOH with jordan and porsche? Because he thinks they’d be the easiiest 2 to beat? Everyone fails to realize that just because porsche or kalia goes home today, it doesn’t mean the other automatically doesnt make it to F3. In any case, the only person Adam should be worried about is rachel, she has no shot at HOH. That means if she wins the veto(which we all know is very likely) and adams not HOH, but kalia or porsche is, he better be very worried because rachel would be the sole vote, you really think shed forgive him for bd-ing jordan this week? No chance.

    • Shelly did not use her head which is why she is out. Jeff saves her ass and if he had stuck to the alliance then, she would still be in the house and maybe, Kalia or Porsche in the jury house. It is all about timing. Moving too soon against your alliance will cost you and your alliance plenty. That has been proven with Danielle, Jeff and Shelly.

      • Evil Dick was and is an awful man. I say he is a poor excuse for a man, even his daughter doesn’t like him, and so on…..

  6. even if adam used the veto still doesnt mean jordan would be evicted, cause whoever he would save would vote to evict jordan and he would vote to evict either K/P and that would leave rachel to break the tie

    • I agree with you. He shouldnt use the veto because it would tick off the vets and also it would not matter since Rachel would be the deciding vote. Also what is the chance of Adam winning HOH anyway, if he did use the veto- put up Jordan – even vote to evict her than Porsche and Kalia would probably win HOH and try to take out Rachel and it would wind up with her winning Veto again and sending Adam to the jury. Thats my opinion

      • All of our comments do not change anything. BB is going to decide who wins. If you don;t think this is fixed you are nuts.

        1. Pandora’s Box favors Jordan and Rachel bad for the rest of HG Fixed.

        2. Proof they can fix the game. Pandora’s Box two. Tori Spelling shows up. You think this in the plans before the game started? Wake up an smell the roses. Either way the fortune teller will save Rachel or Jordan. FIXED

      • Cb are you really that slow? I mean really?
        Pandoras box 1: porsche got a blessing($)…so SHE also got a curse. You do know that’s how it works sometimes right? It wouldn’t have benefited rachel and jordan had rachel not won the veto, in fact it would have been worse for them.

        Pandoras box 2: no, I don’t think anyone was stupid enough to believe that Tori Spelling was planned before the show lmao…nobody ever said or thought she was, you know how. Easy it is to say “we will. Have acelebrity twist that week, as the time gets closer we will see who we can and should get”…hello, common sense.

        Now your slearly implyng it is fixed for the vets(excluding Dani, cause there is a supr special kind of fixed where Dani doesn’t get counted as a vet, they must have also planned on Dani breaking away from the rest before the show started) sooooo my case to. You is.

        Most important veto for the vets number one: cornhole veto, brendon and rachel are the only. 2 who do not get to participate and brendon. Is bd and sent packing.

        Most important veto for the vets number 2: jeff is on the block and there is only 1 person who can’t play. Magically happens to. Be jordan… in this case any vet fan could make a very compellng argument by simply stating their chips were never in the bag to begin with. But, do you see any of us crying fixed constantly? No, because it is what it is and things happen in this. Game.

      • @cb – You fail to see that if someone else had won the veto, the 1st Pandora’s box wouldn’t have benefited R&J. Anyone could have won that veto, Kalia did well in the veto, Porsche did well in the first hoh, which was similar. Also, everyone has been saying they threw the 1st hoh, so it was anyones game. Also, nominations were’nt even made when the box was opened, a number of things could have happened.

      • My thing is I’m so sick of people and their comments regarding the game being fixed! Has anyone ever heard of the FCC? As far as game shows the FCC has to enforce rules , regulations and ethical standards regarding any “game show” in which money is awarded. Now for those of you that don’t believe that ( and I know there are lots of conspiracy theorists out there), my question is simple- WHY WATCH?

      • @Vet Fan when you said: “Now your clearly implying it is fixed for the vets(excluding Dani, cause there is a super special kind of fixed where Dani doesn’t get counted as a vet, …” I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

        Thanks for pointing out ways in which BOTH sides could claim things were fixed.

        Do I think production is rooting for some players and not others? yes….do I think they are devising “plans” in how to make sure they win? NO.

        It is in production’s best interest that the power switches every week, if possible, to keep the drama going.

    • If he talked to J/R about being a good way to blind side Kelia they might go for it.
      But Rachel would get mad if they do not do it her way and Jordan would not accept the idea of going on the block.
      If he wanted to do it do not tell R/J before hand.
      Adam would still have to win comps to assure his safety.

      • First of all when you open padora’s box it’s either good for the HOH and bad for the HG. Bad for the HG should include all of them. Do you think they don’t have time change pandora’s box before they let the HOH see it. They have several different ways they can go. It’s all about the numbers.

      • No CB its not always like that. If its good for the HOH And bad for the HGs, that means that the HOH Esentially got 2 blessings. Sometimes if you get a blessing, you also get a curse which is what Porsche got. Also, your sadly mistaken if you think he FT will bring any power to anyone. The producer of the show simplay said “she. Will speak in the near future”. Id bet money she is going to speak today and let the HG# know how the next cple of days play out as none of them are aware someone is going home tomorrow ans. Again on thursday

      • Cb ur going nuts again! P didnt have to except the might try to put in things in to see if they can change things for ratings, i agree with that. But its still up to the hgs if bb gets their way.

  7. sherry, I don’t think Jordan believes she deserves a second win and is trying her best to prove it. She has a really big heart (remember giving Shelly her family phone call?), and I think she’s pulling for Rachel to win it all. So by doing nothing, she’ll be proving to the jury that she doesn’t deserve to win, should she and Rachel wind up in the F2.

    I don’t believe Jordan thought she would get this far, by virtue of having already won. So please give her the benefit of the doubt, since you’re not inside either the BB house OR Jordan’s head. (And no jokes, please, about there being plenty of room there for everyone to move in. Jordan may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she’s a good person who doesn’t deserve all the stupid jokes about her intelligence.)

      • Have you forgotten she gets $50,000 as
        second place? And there is still a chance she might win it all for emotional votes. She isn’t that altruistic.

    • Jordon is so sweet is why people dislike her.She has been on BB alot more times than us so she must be doing something right.Go Rachel and Jordan.

    • Have you seen how upset Jeff get’s and blows up. What do you think he would do if Jordan gave it to Rachel? What was the point of them comming? Just to be together, are you crazy. Jordan cannot win comps but sure can fool everyone on how nice she is. America’s Vote for 25,000. Look how you all think she is so nice and going to give it to Rachel. About as dumb as Adam.

      • Cb why do you think Jeff has a temper. Who dont get upset when a friend or an alliance member screws you over. Hey if evil dick was in the house i bet u wouldnt be talking about Jeff temper. I also dont think J is giving it to R. I think she thinks her chances are slim,so if she cant have she wants R to have it.

  8. I think Adam is smart to get out Kahlia, then work with Porshe and it will be two against two. Its his best shot at making final two.

    • If he used veto on Porsha but still voted to evict Kelia he would score points with P/J/R and maybe a better chance to stay to final two.
      Or he could just win the remaining comps.

    • Mg1437 A only has a shot with J! And only bcause she has won b4. She definitely played a better game.

  9. I bleieve he is doing the right thing!!! If he did like sherry suggested if he made it to the f2 he would never get the votes to win by backsliding Jordan!!! Keep doing what your doing Adam and you’ll be good!!!

  10. Don’t you people count Adam out, he’s deliberating all the moves. I hope Rachal comes first and Adam second and I hope, he shows all who doubt him what he really has for game play Good Luck Adam, all the way

    • Moe are u nuts? Everyone talks about J not doing nothing! J has played since the beginning.she has won 2times. She has the perfect social game and ive heard her tell S&R&A&B how to act so they wouldnt get voted out. She definitely helped R.

  11. I bleieve he is doing the right thing!!! If he did like sherry suggested And if he made it to the f2 he would never get the votes from JH to win by backdooring Jordan! Keep doing what your doing Adam and you’ll be good!!!

  12. I do think he should use it. But he won’t. No one gets anything for third. That is the most he’ll go with Rachel & Jordan. If he wants to make it to the final two, he has to break up those two.

  13. He is an idiot not to. he can get jordan out, and rachel cannot play in HoH.

    -If P/K win HoH, then they try and get rachel out. Rachel wins veto, then she takes out P/K.

    -If adam wins HoH, then he is safe.

    simple as that.

  14. Kalia to be evicted to join her pal Dani in the jury house and than JRAP fight it out to the end.

    Go team JRA!!!!

  15. If any of the crew from BB read this; Please slap Adam into reality and make him see his ONLY chance is to use that darn veto! I Hate BB this year!

    • carolyn you know what i hate? People who talk about J not doing nothing but she has played a good social game.And she has won some. But yet everyone is going for A even though he hasnt done anything until veto.I dont count it cause he hasnt played! He has had his head stuck up J&J butt the whole game.Which i didnt mind cause im aJ&J fan.

      • Dontlikepiggys – you love Jordan and that is fine, but Jordan won 1 HOH and 1 lux. comp. She has played before and had a strong alliance protecting her which included her boyfriend.

        Adam has never played before, was in the same alliance and was told how to vote. He has won 2 vetos. He has been nice to everyone so has played a good social game.

        Just asking what’s the big difference?

  16. Adam should show Kalia and Porsche they can’t stab him in the back and get away with it. He should hold the veto for himself, that’s all he has to worry about he don’t owe Kalia or Porsche any favors. What did they ever do for him

    Adam needs to hold onto the veto for himself. He doesn’t need to stress himself out over it. He owes Kalia and Porsche nothing. Stick to your guns
    Adam you owe these hypocrits nothing. Take your chances with Jordan and Rach. Who knows you may land up on top with these two.

    • It is not about getting even with Kelia and Porsha but what is HIS best chance to win. Take his chances with Rachel and Jordan, unless he wins the comps, they will take each other not Adam.

      • Agree completely, Kalia is sneaky and really just plain tired of watching her whine and eat. She has not been loyal to her alliance either so why should he be loyal to her, she voted for him to leave and it didn’t bother her a bit…

    • I don’t think she is any stronger than kalia. However I do think adam would strongly cosider siding with porsche when kalia is gone.

  17. This is so rediculois why wouldn’t Adam use the veto? If he doesn’t he will find his self out the door!!! Jordan n Rachel r not going to take him. Rachels biggest threat in terms of competing is Kalia.. Jordan rode the coat tail of Jeff now she’s doing the same with Rachel!!! Porsche well what has she done period? Adam ultimate floater.. Rachel and Kalia at the end would be the most interesting episode of Big Brother in terms of players that have made it this far that have won competitions and actually played the game!!!! People please let’s look at the game which is what it is and take our personal feelings for individual players out of the equation!!!

  18. Rachel and Jordan are talking in the HOH…. It sounds like Rachel and Jordan are planning on letting Adam win the HOH because they don’t think the HOH will compete in the Final 4 POV comp……

  19. Jordan just said she will try in the HOH but wants Adam to win so she can compete in the POV so it won’t be Porsha and Adam against Rachel…

    • Jordan thinks you can’t compete in POV if you’re HOH but you can. Because on her season Natalie couldn’t compete in POV but that had something to do with a twist.

  20. I find it funny that people think getting rid of Jordan is best for Adam. Say he does get rid of her. What happens if rachel doesn’t win the veto next week? That’s it, she’s gone and bam done and done. 4 vets voting in the jury house, they decide who wins and certainly will not choose Adam if he bd’s jordan this week. Nobody thinks about the math. If adam ends up in F2 with Jordan, then you’ve got 4 vets and 3 noobs, but one of them is Dani, so she’s going the opposite way. Daniele will certainly not give jordan money again.

    • You are right….. That is just the Team Dani fans trying to rationalize a way for both Kalia and Porsha to make the Final 4….

      • As opposed to JJ fans saying that J/R deserve the final two? No one in the house at the moment deserves to win. The two people that actually played the game (no matter how controversal their moves) were J(eff)and D. Everyone in the house has coasted along in the game with some partner or alliance. Yes, floating and coasting is a strategy but it is not a strategy that I feel deserves half a million dollars. Especially when J had already won that money she had it handed to her by J(eff) and America.

      • @Chris

        Whoever ends up winning Big Brother 13 deserves it! Why should Danielle and Jeff deserve it more because they made early dumb moves? They lost. Live with it. They are not going to win this game! If Danielle and Jeff made stupid moves, whose fault is it? And whoever wins deserves it more because they played a much better game to stay in it till the very end! The fact that they last that long proves they played the game and played it good. That is, no matter how they managed to do it!

      • Chris do you watch bb? J is quiet but not that quiet didnt you watch her strategize with Jeff, keep R& sometimes b from messing their game up. J&J can b thanked by B&R for helping them with their game.

      • @Ritchie

        I just feel that people who don’t play the game doesn’t deserve to win. That is just my opinion, you are entitles to your own.


        Yes I watch BB and if you read my post you will see that I was talking about her last season. I don’t think that anyone deserves to win half a million dollars twice. However, that is just my opinion. You are entitled to your own.

      • Like promises this late in the game mean anything. What matters is who you can trust? Rachel and Jordan versus Kalia and Porsche. I will take Rachel and Jordan because they are bound to be more honest and reliable. Probably what Adam is thinking considering Jordan and Rachel voted out Shelley while, Kalia voted out Adam!

      • @ chris…are you kidding me? Rachel. Has won comps on top of comps and NEVER swayed back and forth between any alliance. You ain’t got your head straight with this one. You need to check what you been watching. Your CLEARLY a Dani fan. Wth would make dani any. Better than. Rachel? Lmao the fact that danis gone and rachel sint? Or no wait that wouldn’t make sense.

      • @vet fan

        Yes, Rachel has won competitions and as far as I am concerned she should win this season because she is better than anyone else left. I never said anything about swaying alliances. I was saying that her alliance carried her and protected her the way they did with Jordan. The only thing I was saying is that Rachel and Jordan got through this game with Jeff and Brendon. I am a Dani fan and I am also a Jeff and Jordan fan. Stop making assumptions and actually read everything I say instead of reading bits and parts of it.

  21. Matt (BBN Moderator),

    Do you think Live Feeders will be able to see the comps on Tuesday, or will BB just show rereuns the entire day on Tuesday, so people won’t know who is evicted?

    • @Leo Matt said the live feeds don’t come from this site. They come from the CBS site. So that would be my guess that we will not be able to see. Guess this site supplies the flashback which wouldn’t include what CBS doesn’t give them. IMO

  22. the next hoh is likely a brain comp. rachel can’t compete. if it involves memory (likely) then khalia is the front runner. adam would be smart to eliminate her to give him a better chance to win hoh.

  23. newbies to the end, and Big Brother should never put newbies and vets together ever again and winners should not be able to compete again. If they want vets then they should put just vets in a game by themselves and newbies in a game by themselves.

    • Hey Jo!!! Any hg could have voted Jordan off bcause she had won b4 ,but they didnt. So if she makes it to the end she damn well deserves to win! Bcause that makes everyone including R the dumbest players ever! But only bcause she should have went along time ago. Now she is the only one that A can win against.

    • @Jo I agree with you regarding this whole newbie versus vet game. Either all newbies or all vets. If all the J/J and Rachel fans think they are so great than have them play against all vets. No partners either. Let each one play in their own season against other vets. That way it would be fair for all. Whoever won that way it would be completely fair.

  24. Im done talking about Adam. After seeing his obsessive groupie like reaction to Tori Spelling, I question his ability to think logically period. Come to think of it what more can one expect from a 40yo foolish metal head?

      • That can be avoided if Adam or Jordan win HOH and POV next. Then, Porsche can be evicted! It is in their interest to beat Porsche and evict her! At Final 3, Jordan, Rachel and Adam has a chance at that $500,000!

  25. talk about biased opinions, only reason anyone says it would be dumb for Adam to use veto, is because your precious Jordan would get the boot or because you don’t like Kalia

    well you should be saying that, instead of that he stands more chance with J&R or because he’ll lose jury votes if he uses it. that’s all bull

    first of all, J or R will never take him to F2. P or K would, second he doesn’t get vet votes if he is against a vet in F2, so who cares if he pisses off the jury(vets)

    personally i don’t want him to use it, but i still understand that it would be the best possible move(for him) to use the veto. but he is just plain gutless. anyone who is gonna give up $500k to be friends with people after, really doesn’t even deserve to be in the house period.

    Go Porsche and Rachel

    • You assume that Adam cannot win any of the competitions. The fact that he won the POV shows he is capable of winning which means he just needs to get to Final 3 to have a shot at it! Also, the HOH competitions is going to be a best of 3 competitions which means the winner of competition 1 waits while, the two other house guests fight in competition 2.
      Then, Winners of competitions 1 & 2 fight and the winner wins HOH! So, Adam has a good shot at this but, first he has to get to Final 3!
      That means reducing the number of good players meaning, Rachel, Porsche and Kalia so, getting rid of Kalia and then, Porsche next week can only help Adam’s chances at winning HOH!

      • @ richie she also assumes porsche cannot win any comps either. What if porsche wint this coming HOH? Then. She will be in F3 automatically. They act like keeping jordan automatically means her and rachel are in F2. What happens if there is not another HOH between now and the. Final? What happens if they play in some sort of comp where whoever has the slowest time, gets booted automatically? I think if anyone isn’t thinking here its rachel and jordan. I am hoping when kalias knows adam will not use the veto, she tries her damndest to make jordan and rachel see that. Porsche and adam are close. They. Need to vote porsche out this week. Not kalia.

    • it would be a dumb move for him to use it that is not bias it is reality why would you not get rid of a weaker player vs a stronger player that you know will cross you

    • Be miz why do u like Kalia? Yuk! FYI i like J and think she has a good social game,but no i dont just want A to leave th noms the same bcause of J. I think shes the only chance he has of winning.He is the ultimate floater!

    • But u see, if all the vets go into the jury, they have majority and decide the winner. That’s why, he should not piss of the vets. But at this point, there’s nothing that Adam can do to win the game. Kalia, Porshe, Jordan and Rachel all seem more deserving because they have at least won something that wasnt thrown at them. lol and dont bring the whole Jeff/Brandon let Jordan win excuse. She got a 3 and therefore both guys just didnt attempted b/c at this point there alliance was in power, no matter what :P

  26. if adam wants to win he must back door the biggest floater jordan win hoh and go final two with k has won four vetos so it is possible but requires intelligence so NO

  27. All of you who want Adam not to use the Veto is for Jordan or Rachel to win, not what is best for Adam. Game fixed anyway.

    • And you are for Kalia and Porsche? Of course, you are! Good thing Kalia is going to the jury house. Hopefully, Porsche goes next! Time for the Danielle puppets to go!

    • All. Of you. Who want adam to win the veto is for kalia or porsche to win……see how this works? Its obvious. Adam will do what adam pleases and at the end of the day, integrity and honesty can get. You far in this game. Keeping your word does work.

  28. Not using the power of veto is really the best thing for Adam’s game. If he is in the final 3 vs. RJ or vs. PK he is at a huge disadvantage. For him to get ahead both the strong pairs need to split up. Since Jordan is less strong in comps than Porsche or Kalia, Adam should want either P or K home this week and either R or J home next.

    • adam wont win the hoh or the big broter game if e does to the finle two with r or j he will win in the finle two with p or k

      • adam wont win the hoh or the big brother game if he go to the finle two with r or j he will win in the finle two with p or k

  29. This morning Kalia told Adam to make gingerale by mixing sprite and coke for his upset stomach. WTF is she talking about, how the hell does that make gingerale, she is so stupid.

    • She is not stupid. Try google that’s exactly how you can make what they call a fake gingerale. Coke is for upset stomachs as well as gingerale. If you don’t have the real thing that is exactly what you do.

  30. Adam should not use the veto because if he wants to get into the final 3 with jordan and rachel then he should stick with them instead of turning his back on them AGAIN! If he does use the veto i will be so angry, only because i want jordan to win the whole game, and i want rachel to be sitting next to Jordan. This game might just have started because if he does use the power of veto he will be the next one out of the big brother house!!

    • That could very well happen because if Jordan is booted out and Kalia or Porsche next wins HOH then, Adam and Rachel will be on the block.
      If Rachel win POV then, Adam goes to the jury house with not a chance of winning anything!
      That would be the ultimate dumb move on Adam’s part! Adam needs to get to Final 3 because he starts thinking of Final 2.

  31. Just goes to show a simple meaningless (at the time) gameplay by Rachel & Jordan. By not revealing their votes to evict Shelly, they led Kalia to believe her vote may mean something & because she was not being led by the nose ring by Dani, she royally screwed herself by exposing the fact that she is not a gamer. Kudos to Adam for fessing up directly to Jordan & Rachel that he voted for Jeff & told Rachel no offense & Rachel to her credit accepted & was truly human towards Jordan’s heartbreak.

  32. I think Adam is a sleeper. The donut HOH contest proved this for me – had he moved any slower he would have say down and just started to eat donuts. You cannot be that bad.

    He POV when he had to win.

    I think he will win HOH remember he gets to win HOH twice because in the final one the current HOH gets to play.

    You watch – he takes Jordon to the F2 wins- the jury will agree he played a good social game along with a good strategy and give him the win over Jordon – being nice and sweet does not make you the best player

    Adam is about to shock

  33. There is no way that Adam should use that Veto on Kalia. I really liked her in the beginning… but now I can’t stand to hear her talk. She is one of those people that refuses to take responsibility (or even acknowledge) her own actions and feels as though others should do as “she says” rather than as she “does”…. She would make a great politician….their ethics are the same! Send her packing and let her “think about it” in the jury house. Her remark that 50 grand would mean so much more to her than it would to the others made me ill. Then in the next breath she brags about all of the places she has worked and how she simply got “burnt out”. She really thinks A LOT of herself…much more than BB fans do of her. She might be slowly replacing Rachel as the most despised…never mind…. Shelly took that spot already!

    • ya but if he get rid of kalia he will be evicted next week or thursday eviction show there is a spiscl eviction show on wednesday that lave prj if he get rid of j he will have a canech in final 3 so i hope adam use the veto

    • if he dont use the vteo then he will go on thursday eviction and the that led to all the newbeie but one done out of the huse

  34. The JJ groupies are either followers or teenagers. They think that JJ are perfects but they aren’t. They lied, backstab, sleep (especially Jordan that hasn’t realized yet that she’s in the house to compete),… I honestly start to question myself the average age of people who are posting the comments on this page. I used to like JJ in their season but this time, it seems that their heads are getting bigger… can’t stand them!!!

    • How rude! I am neither and have a mind of my own and i do like them and how arrogant is it to assume that if you like a team then you are groupie or teen. How can you say something like that and then accuse them of having big heads. Also jj are the only one to market that all the vets had the same problem dani wasn’t much better

  35. Adam needs to wise up and send Jordan to the jury so she can be with Jeff. Jordan didn’t deserve to win her season and she surely don’t deserve to win this season. Wise up people the girl does nothing.

    • adam is dump he should of used the veto on Porsche or kalia now he will be evicted on thursday after wednesday night eviction

  36. It really doesn’t matter who the hell Rachel takes. She can choose either Adam or Jordan and win. (Adam is easier) Plus if she sticked with Adam, Danielle even said he doesn’t deserve to win this game and that could be an easy win for Rachel

  37. I think Adam was smart in his choice. This way he has split one of the two pairs and has a chance to have a final 2 deal instead of a final 3 deal. (No matter what he would have been the third wheel with J&R or K&P.)

    If he had used the veto then he would have pissed off R and J for no reason.

    He can still work with Porch if she wins HOH this week because she has no one else to work with. Those that say she will be mad he didn’t side with them, need to realize that she will buy the fact that Adam couldn’t trust K after she voted against him. All he has to do is tell P that he KNEW K would leave and knew Porch was safe.

    As it stands, no matter who wins HOH this week, he is NOT their target.

    I have hated how he always floated to the group with the power, but it has kept him in the house and is continuing to work for him.

  38. Adam will not win against anyone! He has only won two competitions… the veto he just won and the one Dani and Jeff LET him win… so he hasn’t done a thing till now. He also isn’t going to use it, which could be a game changer, which would give him slight approval from the jury house. I think Rachel can beat anyone, except maybe Jordan because all of the remaining house guests(including jury members) do not like Rachel. Yes, Rachel did not do anything for a portion of the game, but she has been one of the best competitors. She was able to get DANI and the house to not vote her out of the house. Rachel has her best chance of winning with either Porsche or Adam.

  39. I am glad Adam did not use the veto. Now Kalia can pack her bags and take her big mouth, attitude, and appetite with her.

  40. ******* No gamme talk going on*******

    I have no idea wear Adam is right now…

    Rachel, Jordan, Porsha and Kalia in the HOH room discussing how when they started thinking Adam was looking good, they got pictures of brendon and how they needed it because they think Brendon looks hot with long hair…..

    Jordan says Adam is looking better and has lost a lot of weight…

      • Unless Adam brings it and wins the next three competitions he has no chance of making it to the final 2. I don’t see that happening.

      • Adam can make the Final 2 under 2 circumstances:

        Rachel chooses Adam because she doesn’t believe she can beat Jordan in the Final 2

        or Porsha wins the final 4 POV and evicts Rachel and then wins the Final HOH and chooses to take Adam to the Final 2 because she believes she can beat Adam but not Jordan in the Final 2.

  41. Don’t the vans realize that the gipsy did play in the game already, she kept moving and that kept Shelly in the room for 3 hours instead of compaining to stay. I thought that was funny. Shelly thought it was a sign that she was going to say something, maybe a little Leron in her, you think???

  42. adam is making a awful misstake, he should take porchea off so that jordan can be put up. adam is a idoit and he wont make it to even third because porchea will win and i hope she beats both of those sluts.

    • Rachel needs to drop Jordan already, somebody do it, she’s already won on kindness but that is not a game play, I don’t know why she would come back when others could have had a chance. Go Rachel!

    • Well,the weaker competitor is Kalia on physical and Porsche on questions.So which one does Jordan mean? lol

    • I think they are worried about it but just not enough. I agree they should vote her out over Kalia even though I don’t like Kalia’s game play all that much. I’m not a big Porsche fan either though.

      Has anyone been paying attention to Porsche on BB After Dark when they are sitting out couch and she has a blanket covering just her stomach area and nothing else? She has put on a lot of weight…..could that mean she is pregnant or just gaining too much weight from all the food she eats?

  43. Rachel and Jordan are aware the next player is being evicted tomoorrow. They are talking about it in the HOH room…… They are talking about theb eviction and HOH comp tomorrow…. They said if there is no lockdown, it will be a Q & A comp tomorrow….

  44. I would still get rid of Porsche first,just in case one of them gets to final 3,cause it will be ore trouble against Porsche then Kalia.

  45. Rachel, Jordan and Adam are talking in the HOH…. It sounds like Jordan will vote to evict Porsha and Rachel will rbeak the tie and send Kalia home because Rachel doesn;t care about breaking a tie

  46. Adam, Rachel and Jordan think a live eviction will be tomorrow, but they know for sure either Kalia or Porsha will be evicted tomorrow followed by the next HOH comp with the Final 4 POV comp being played on Wednesday and the next eviction on Thursday night….

  47. It is HOH picture time…. All the Houseguests are putting on their Jesse from BB 10,11,12,13 gear that says continuoisly awesone on it!!!

  48. Everyone has on their Jesse gear that he gave Rachel in Pandora’s box – t-shirts and sweat pants on… They are getting ready for Rachel’s HOH pictures with their continuously awesome gear!!! LMAO!!! CHeck out the live feeds from 4:58 – 5:10 PM BBT all the Live Feed Cameras… It is hilarious!

  49. They all struck poses with them looking like they are working out in Jesse’s gear…. All five were lifting weights with Kalia doing situps….. Then Adam, Rachel and Porsha took booty shots with their sweat pants on because it says continuousyly awesome on their buts while they flex their muscles like Jesse,,,, This is hilarious… from 4:58-5:06 PM BBT on all the Lve Feed cams… Go to the flashback mode and rewind to these times ok? I am heading back to a bbq…Have a great Labor Day everyone!!!

  50. they need to through kelia a bone like they did Rachel
    and Jordan.let the fortune teller give her a golden key and change the game why only the vets get a second chance in the game. Big brother just want to give the game to Rachel
    how obvious.

  51. I think that Racheal and Jordan need to be careful because Jordan cannot possibly win HOH next week and Rachael is not allowed to play for it so a newbie will have the power. I think that they should get rid of floater Adam or they will get beaten by him in the end and one of them will be going home. I think they need to rethink they’re strategy.

  52. Adam should use the power of veto! get Jordan up there and get the vets out!!! Rachel reallly??? wish she was out 2 weeks ago! this is getting SOOOOO predictable to where i truly believe its scripted!!!!

  53. I think Porche should go before Kalia. Last night Porche new everything the fortune teller was saying word for word. Porche made a deal with Rachel but she will vote her out.

  54. Porsche is a floater who turned her back on Rachel towards the beginning…Same thing with Jordan. She was sooo ready to drop Rachel when Rachel was down. Rachel and Kalia deserve to fight it out in the end. They are the only two real competitors left, in my opinion. And I think Rachel is the only one who deserves to win!! She has really held her own through ups and downs. Get Jordan out!!! She already won and she will win again if it comes down to a jury vote. I wish people would realize that this is a competition!!!!

  55. If this game is a set up oh well they get money to play so everyone wins just to play around for the whole summer, and guess what we watch it for nothing and love it, I love this show no matter what I dislike some and love others and cant wait til it comes on again. I love reading the things on hear everyone is great. get mad get happy but keep on watching maybe we”ll get some oldies on there lol I would hope Have a great day

  56. at this point i have lost interest in watching bb and don’t care who wins what. i come to realize that this reality show is not so reality or as entertaining as past bb shows. in the last few weeks and in the final weeks to come this show is run the way the production staff and producers want it to go and that none of the newbies were ever supposed win. they want nothing short of having rachel and jordan sitting together at the end with america’s sweetheart winning again. if rachel was smart she should realize she has a better chance of winning going against adam who doesn’t deserve to win. she should also know she can’t win the jury votes with jordan by her side. plus jordan is the second biggest floater next to adam left in the house and doesn’t deserve to win again. she has been carried by jeff throught the whole show and now rachel. i think the first pandora box was conviently and stratigically played to do what it did to save rachel and jordan and get rid of another newbie shellie. well this week we lose another newbie kalia i’m sure unless there’s someway production has come up with a way to save one of them…not

    • I cant wait for Jordan to leave, she is sweet but that’s all she does, no cooking no studing no gameplay, just playing with her hair. Plan a wedding to Jeff, you need to see him, you don’t even want to play cards, just wade in the kiddie pool, hot tub. Good luck with Jeff.

    • How can anyone call Jordan a floater. She has stuck to her alliance since day 1. I certainly don’t call that floating. I call it loyal. Rachel and Jordan have been pretty faithful to each other since the beginning. Don’t rule out the possibility that Jordan might just win the last competition. Never say never.

  57. It’s an idiot move not to use it. The only way Adam has a remote chance to win this game is if he takes Rachel final two.

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