Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Highlights

It was a pretty lazy day for the houseguests in the Big Brother game but things got interesting when everyone except Shelly is sitting in the backyard and start comparing notes on all the lies Shelly has told.  I’ve been waiting on this all season.  I’ve got to give her a few props though because she lasted much longer than I ever thought.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 29, 2011:

11:50 AM BBT – Feeds back from the POV ceremony and Shelly and Adam were the only choices to go on the block.  Kalia tells Porsche she will talk to Jordan about a final four deal.  Kalia wants to nominate Rachel and Adam if she wins HoH.
12:40 PM BBT – All hg’s outside and talking about their dogs.  Real exciting convo going on right now lol.  Kalia threw her dog against the wall for biting her.
12:55 PM BBT – Adam talking to himself saying he needs to win.  He hopes he didn’t embarrass his family and friends.
1:20 PM BBT – Rachel comes out of the DR and tells Jordan her pregnancy test was negative.
1:50 PM BBT – Kalia tells Rachel that Jeff threw the corn hole comp.  Rach says nothing.  Kalia says she is worried about Shelly because she tells everyone what they want to hear.
2:25 PM BBT – Jordan and Adam talk.  Sounds like Jordan needs reassurance that Adam will not put them up if he wins HoH.  He says he only would as a replacement nominee if one of them wins veto.  She tells him just because it would be the two of them and Rachel in final 3 doesn’t mean he is odd man out.  I think she is insinuating she will take him over Rachel to final 2.
4:10 PM BBT – Kalia and Porsche talking like Adam will be the one evicted and if Rach wins HoH both of them will go up and Shelly will be replacement.
4:30 PM BBT – Jordan wants Kalia gone before another questions comp. They say Kalia thinks she is controlling the game.  Everyone thinks the next HoH will be endurance.  They hope Brendon or Jeff get America’s Choice and not Dani.
5:25 PM BBT – Jordan tells Kalia all about Dani campaigning to stay in the game and how she would do anything.  Jordan says Dani pissed her off because she thinks she knows everything about the game and things change each year.  Says this is not season 8.
5:42 PM BBTRachel flashes the cameras in the shower.
6:00 PM BBT – Some Shelly bashing going on.  Kalia, Rachel, Adam and Jordan all compare notes and realize again she’s been playing them the whole time.  Jordan says she wasn’t the only that got played because Kalia and Adam did too.  Jordan says they all look stupid lol.  Kalia says she will have her own version of the story to tell everyone in the jury.
7:15 PM BBT – Rachel admits the biggest mistake she and Brendon made in the game was not keeping their mouth’s shut about backdooring Jeff.
8:00 PM BBT – Adam going over the possibility that Shelly could be America’s Player because why else would she fight so hard to keep Dani.

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  1. Once again, THANK YOU MATT (BBN) for the latest update on the BB house-guests! You are awesome!!!
    Now, I have a question: Have they even started the voting for America’s Player? Because I haven’t seen one thing about it & I always vote for that. If I’ve missed something could someone PLEASE enlighten me on where to go to vote! Thanks!!! It would truly be a tragedy if Shelly won America’s Player after all the lies & discord she spread and all the drama she caused. I think her winning America’s Player went out the window when she attacked Jordan after Jeff left. I was THRILLED when they aired that on Sunday!!! It really showed a side of Shelly that the people who don’t have live-feeds or Showtime2 don’t get to see. LOVED IT!!!! I hate that her family is receiving death threats because it really isn’t their fault & they have no control over Shelly’s actions in the house. But like I said, I thin any chance she had at America’s Player went flying out the window last week!!! I’d like to see Brendon or Jeff win America’s Player & I would REALLY LOVE for Rachel to win it all with Jordan coming in 2nd place!!! It would be horrible if one of the newbies won when the “newbies” have done nothing but sleep all season while the vets got all the blood on their hands(ADAM IS THE EXCEPTION…I COULD DEAL WITH HIM TAKING 2ND PLACE BUT I REALLY WANT RACH TO WIN & JORDAN TO TAKE 2ND)!!!
    Thanks again, Matt for the updates!! They make my day!!

    • It’s funny how you say you don’t want the newbies to win because they haven’t been doing anything, tell me what has Jordan done? She doesn’t deserve the money. The vets that have gotten blood on their hands were Rachel, Brendon (somewhat), Dani and Jeff that’s it, Jordan hasn’t done anything. So I’m confused as to how it’s okay for her to do nothing and win the money, but not the newbies?

      • For starters she evicted Cassi taking out a newb and breaking dom’s alliance and protecting her alliance member shelly with a golden ticket key.

      • And just because a player doesn’t “get blood on their hands” does not mean that they haven’t done “anything”. In some cases they should be admired for managing to get others to do the dirty work thus gaining a jury vote not only from those who are voting emotionally but those who recognize and reward good game play.

      • Charanne youre right and that’s my point about the newbies everyone says they haven’t done anything but sleep who’s to say they haven’t been getting others to do their dirty work? Let’s remember it was the vets that gave Porshe & Shelly the golden key & next if plans had worked out they would have given one to Kalia, b/these are the same people everyone is talking about not having done anything in the game. Y’all Vets made it that way.

      • TeamNewbies, I’m with you all the way. I don’t understand them when they say the newbies haven’t done anything are they sleeping? When Jeff was evicted, I actually hollered and said finally his gone, about time. I just hate bullies and manipulator. He thought he was in, but we got to thank Shelly for turning the game around. I know people doesn’t like her, but he had to go so the newbies can win. Go Kalia and Porshe to the F2!

      • Dani was the first one to get a gold key and the first one to win HOH the second they took that boring twist out of play so whats the newbes excuse?

    • if theres a newbie who’ll win i want kalia or adam, porsche started winning when most good players are gone. rachel deserves to win too coz she plays hard on this game, jordan i dont care she already tasted 500k so i think shes good. thanks matt for all the updates, i wonder if its still ross matthews? he got interviews of hg’s last bb11, i wonder its all gone now.

    • I’m pretty sure CBS does not ask America to vote on their favorite player until we are closer to the end of the game. As long as you are watching the show on TV you will get plenty of notice on when it is time to cast your vote. I’m not sure about this but I also think that the eventual winner of the big prize also has a shot at being named America’s favorite player.

      • That’s what I thought too, Charanne but with all the talk about America’s Player I thought maybe I had missed something. I went to & there isn’t anything up yet about America’s Player!! Thanks for the reply! And thanks so much to everyone who responded!!
        Matt (BBN) Thanks for giving credit to the author! So whoever Cloe is, THANK YOU for the update!! =)

    • JohnnyD, that wasn’t getting blood on her hands. If that’s the case, every person that was HOH got blood on their hands. She went with a safe choice that way her “alliance” would be happy. I see getting blood on your hands as making a big move to get a huge target out. Which is what the others did. Jordan didn’t even win that HOH, it was given to her, so again I ask the question what has she done to win the money? Rachel on the other hand deserves to win if she goes final 2 because she’s played the game both seasons.

      • Making decisions that help your alliance is how the game is played. You don’t have to betray your alliance to make a good move in the game and most of the time someone does go against their alliance they are evicted. For example Dani tried to have Jeff backdoored when they were supposed to be in an alliance and look where that got her – a seat on the jury.

      • yes i agree Rachel deserves to win but jordan hoh wasnt just handed to her she got it in the three so you know for sure Br and Je would have done better.

      • And playing the game with your heart instead of your mind gets you to the same place, a seat on the Jury, which is where Jeff is w/Dani. Jeff was so focused on revenge that he couldnt see the big picture & that was to make it as far in the game as possible. Let’s be realistic you can’t have an alliance of 5 ppl and no one ever turns on each other eventually you have to if you want to make it to the end.

      • @ TeamNewbies…who’s to say that Jordan was handed that HOH? She was in first place when Jeff and Brendon hit their ball. No one will ever know if they would have hit the ball in he water or hit it in a # less that Jordan did. As far as that game was concerned, Jordan won.

        Out of all the players left, no doubt Jordan should win. There are more important things than comps that take people far in the game…it’s called a “social game” and Jordan has the best Social Game of anyone in the house. She is liked by everyone except Shelley of course but Shelley doesn’t count since she is evil and doesn’t like ANYONE. Of course there are those who are jealous of Jordan but that doesn’t mean they don’t like her. She had kept her cool until she found out Shelley had backstabbed her. I find it more difficult to keep a house of jealous people from voting you out than winning all of the comps. My vote goes to Jordan with America’s favorite player being Jeff. Without these two, I really think this years show would have bombed BIG TIME!!!

      • What social game? OK she seems like a nice person, but she is not the brightest bulb. Not quite a female Forest Gump. Didn’t she have a boyfriend back home during her winning season? Does anyone remember? Rachel deserves to win.

    • I think people are confused becasue Adams thinks Shelly might be americas player. they dont have the americas player twist this season. America gets to vote for their favorit and that is something totally different than americas player. Eric from dani and ED season was a twist that season he was picked as america player he had to vote the way america wanted him to if he did and got away with it he got extar money. americas player and americas choice is two differen things.

  2. SHELLY as America’s player….HaHaHaHaHa…some people are going to be SOOOOOOOO shocked when they leave the BB house.

  3. “Kalia threw her dog against the wall for biting her.”

    Wow, Kalia sounds like more of a bitch than I thought she was. Poor dog. See Kalia, that’s what happens when you try to steal your dogs food.

    • I agree with that one. To tell the truth, I was apalled she would even admit to that.. man.. she needs to go away!!! I don’t like her!

    • That was such an ugly and unnecessary comment. It’s not funny to make fun of people who have been attacked by dogs. How about you get attacked by a dog and see if you like people saying you shouldn’t have tried to eat your dogs food. You should think before you say/type stupid things.

      • From the sound of it, Kalia has a small dog. But maybe I’m misreading and your comment was a joke about Kalia was bit for trying to eat her dog’s food. (Hoping its the latter.)

      • TeamNewbies, I was attacked by a dog as a young child. I had to have surgery on my face. I spent most of my childhood terrified of dogs. That being said, I still would not throw a dog against the wall and I sure as heck would not brag about it on TV. I am more offended by Kalia’s comments than the joke by Kitty.

      • It was a knee jerk reaction to getting bite,its not like she chased it therough the house and grabbed it up to throw at a wall, she pulled her hand up in the air and the puppy flew of too bad it was so close to a wall.But I must agree you dont give a story like that to the public

    • I was shocked she said that when she knew the cameras were rolling and that comment probably inspired many people to pick up the phone and call the ASPCA. Not too intelligent a move!

      • Im sure she didnt literally pick her dog up and throw her as hard as she could against the wall. i bet the dog was biting her, and she flung her arm to get it off, and it hit the wall. you people blow anything out of proportion if its not jeff or jordan saying it. calling the aspca? you are as crazy as the losers sending shelly death threats.

    • @TeamNewbies I am in no way making fun of anyone who has been attacked by a dog. I’m pointing out the fact that it’s a cruel thing to throw a dog against the wall for a little bite. And she’s always eating all the food in the house, so I simply implied that that is the reason she was bit. My comment wasn’t meant to harm anyone.

      @Matt(BNN) Yes, my comment was meant to be taken in a jokingly manner. We are constantly seeing Kalia shovel food into her mouth. ;)

  4. I am still in shock at how much my opinion of Rachel has changed. She is still a big goofball and a little obnoxious, but she does seem like a genuinely caring person. Many of us have dissed her for various reason here, but just from little things I have seen she is someone who I would like to have in my corner. I think she would be a good friend to be able to call upon at any time from times of celebration to times of need.
    Just another observation about her.. I am kinda glad she isnt pregnant, because it would be sad if we found out before Brendan.
    I give in….. GO RACHEL!!!!

    • I said the same thing last week! As much as I’ve HATED Rachel for 2 seasons now, I saw an entire different side of her when Jordan had her little breakdown. That girl (RACH) earned a whole lot of respect in my eyes. I would have expected her to allow Jordan to just bury herself when she attacked Shelly (without an E), but she really stepped up to the plate on the friendship level. It almost makes me see what Brendan sees in her. At this point I might even vote for her as AP if she isn’t in final 2. Kudos Rachel, from one of your former enemies!

      • That is pretty much the thing that switched me Shelley.. with an I actually shed a tear when she said, “Stop Jordon. This is not you!”

      • I think Rachel outside the house would be a fun and a great friend to have. At first she seemed like a person that i wouldnt want anything to do with her. She does have a heart. go rachel she deseves to win just like anybody else. Shelly makes ED look like an angel.

    • I agree with Becky.We have seen whole new side of Rachel lately.And you have to admit she is a very strong player[every time she as been on BB].She is the only person in the house who has earned the right to win.All of the newbies have got to go one right after the other.Good luck Rachel!!!

    • Me too. Can’t believe that I am hoping that Rachel wins. She still has that “screechy” voice, but she kind of “grows” on you. GO RACHEL………..

      • yeah I couldn’t believe that I changed my mind on Rachel either! LOL! She does make it more interesting and like it when she is kinda childish to aggravate people like she did with Dani!! Go Rachel!!! :) Like Jordan to but it’s Rachel’s turn to win!

      • My problem wth Rachel is, we have watched her for two seasons and what she has reprsented in the house [having sex in front of the cameras][crying every day when Brendon was there][being a sore loser] [hiding in th bushes after losing a come]…the list goes on and on and it’s only been a week of her “change” so who is the real Rachel? The one we’ve watched for a week or the one we watched for 2 seasons? Will the real Rachel please stand up???

      • Lisa- I think we are finally seeing the REAL Rachel now. She has stopped playing to the cameras and Jordan seems to be a good influence on her. Really like this Rachel.

    • I liked Rachel last season, but this season I can’t stand her. The way she came in the house on the offense and attacking people right off the bat was not cool. She did to the newbies what everyone did to get last season and that makes me so upset because she treated ppl the way she didn’t want to be treated. The only reason she’s changed is because she got humbled by Brendon being voted put twice, Jeff being voted out, het being on the block a lot & her not winning any comps. Brendon was her savior by telling her she needs to cool out and be level headed once he’s gone. If all those things hadn’t happened everyone would still be saying they don’t like her

      • Dosent anyone remember Ragan, he hated her ,he dogged her worse than she dogged Dani and now thier great friends,hes even IN the wedding party, I like her shes just going threw alot moving to where Brendan lives and starting her life over, shes needs him TOO much thats her problem

    • I also like the “new” Rachel. She seems to have set the “drama queen” persona aside and is focused on playing intelligently. I also like how she stuck by Jordan’s side and comforted her during her meltdown.

      • Becky, I agree with you about Rachel. I wouldnt mind seeing her win, because she is not the nasty person she was last season. She has changed alot and I hope she knows that CARRYING Jordan to the final 2 will be a big mistake.

      • Lol @ wayne…I agree. : )

        @@ anoynmous, who are you to say what humbled rachel? I don’t feel she came in on the defense at all. She came in and won things right away, because shed be gone right away if the newbies won things. CASSIE started that whole war between them. If you liked rachel last year, but not this, then somethings wrong….lol. (I liked her both, just for the record)

      • Lol @ wayne…I agree. : )

        @@ anoynmous, who are you to say what humbled rachel? I don’t feel she came in on the defense at all. She came in and won things right away, because shed be gone right away if the newbies won things. CASSIE started that whole war between them. If you liked rachel last year, but not this, then somethings wrong….lol. (I liked her both, just for the record)…..

      • Dont get me wrong, Wayne.. If Dani were still there, sigh, she would still be my fave HG. I just think Rachel is no where near as bad a person as she has been made out to be.

  5. I have never seen a season where there is a mole. Do they tell the hg’s there is one? I wonder if Shelly is a mole?

  6. hope rachel or jordon win hoh. best player should be jeff .i don’t think shelly will win the best player,

      • no jeff and jordan had america’s player locked up as soon as they walked in the house. CBS has made sure they’re name is on it.

      • @marcus i was just trying to be a smart ass your comment is right i was just making a stupid comment. because everybody talks about it all being fixed that would just make it for sure proof if shelly would win that it is fixed.

      • Marcus, you do know the difference between America’s player and America’s favorite right? Your self professed “expert” status seems silly when you post comments like that. I told you Rachel was the awesome one, Judas, not so much…GO BIG RED!

      • @ marcus…. your just like shelly…your the bbn version of shelly…. did you EEVER thhink that PEOPLE, AMERICA like jeff and jhordan and they’ll vote for one of them(I think jeff)because they like them. You couldn’t be more annoying I swear, ever since Dani left you been on a rampage….jjust face it, not everyone has to have the same opi.nion as you…and as far as I can tell by this site and many others…there is probably about 1 Dani fan per 10 jejo or brenchal fans.

  7. Like I have been saying….I think Rachel is normal……. Brenchel is the problem…. Brendon might be normal but brenchel together is not normal. Anyone who flashes their junk on skype to strangers is creepy to me…… She just seems very insecure abs he feeds off that.

    • I do not think we can make an opinion about “Brenchel” inside a game. They are probly a pretty normal couple outside…the way she talks about their lives….I know he did cheat on her when they got out of the house last year but they were a new “couple” then and not committed to each other like the appear to be now. I think he is a bit controlling, but it appears Jeff is too. However, Rachel is a smart cookie and I don’t think she would stay with a man unless he is decent. This game makes people act and appear different than who they are….I for one was shocked to find out Rachel and Ragan are really good friends. That to me, as well as how she has been in the house 90% of the time shows me she is indeed a sweet girl, stil a bit immatuare, but sweet — and too competative. I would be happy to have her in my corner. When Shelley got after Jordan and Rachel pulled Jordan away – that was a true friend. She has really brought Jordan back from the brink – just as Jordan brought her back to the brink after Brendon’s first eviction. The difference (in my opinion of course) is that Jordan did it to keep their alliance together at that time. Rachel did it to HELP Jordan. I think Jordan got a whole new perspective of Rachel now as well. Even Kalia seems to be getting a bit soft on Rachel…they even said yesterday that Shelly has put a bad Rachel taste in their mouths (not those words) and that it makes sense for her to make Rachel the villian since Shelly knew Rachel was on to her from the first couple weeks. After her treatment by Britney and others last year and Dani, Shelly and Porsche and Kalia this year…I am 4ever team RACHEL!!

      • can you say meds(they gave Rachel meds). Also why is everyone ready to hang Shelly for everything she done but lets let everyone else slide. So what if she turned on Jordon and Jeff that was her choice just like JJ was going to turn on her. And Rachel and Porcha has made a deal leaving Jordon out-but thats ok with all of you. R achel has changed she’s just hidding it better.

    • Yes, yes, yes!! The problem with Rachel is Brendan. Maybe he is perfectly nice guy?? Together they are a disaster. She is constantly making sure she isn’t embarrassing him, he is constantly making sure she isn’t going to do something to embarrass him. My guess is he just doesn’t quite know what to do with a girl quite like her. She is loud, she likes a good time… He “loves her” but she is really out of his realm of reality, so he is constantly trying to tone her down. In the process she has forgotten she was that girl, and her insecurities have developed or reaccured. With him gone she can just be Rachel again. He won’t be able to critique her until they watch the tapes at home. So the stress of that is gone. All that being said I still don’t think I like her much!

      • @ ziggy, incase you havent been watching..this rachel and jordans plan. J is supposed to acr like shes bffs with k and r with p….that is their plan.

    • Rachel is keeping Jordan around for the same reason Jordan is keeping Rachel. They don’t have any other allies. The only reason the newbies might keep her Rachel is because they think she is hated more than them! They know they can’t win against Jordan.

  8. I have said all along that I love Rachel. She can be goofy, dumb, annoying, hypocritical, judging, mean, and catty a lot of the times but I guess I have chosen to look past that and looked at how she really was with Brendan. Sometimes, what you show on the outside isn’t really who you are on the inside. She has had a chance to show another side of her last week with the Jordan/ Shelly ordeal and she proved that she can be very sweet and would be a good friend! Good job Rachel for helping Jordan take the high road last week and not allow her to get out of control!

    • I so totally agree. She has moved past all the bashing against her. That has to be very difficult given the dynamics of the house. To know that no-one likes you, must be tough to live with 24/7. And yet as you say, she’s been kind and sweet this week. She has admitted more than once that she can be immature. But, to be crucified by everyone is horrible. You go girl…beat them all!

      • cd, you said everything that i thought too!
        Ppl have no idea how hard it could be if u r living with strangers 24/7 and they already hate you! I’ll give Rachel some credits for that!
        Go Jorchel F2!

    • thats why i dont understand why people are so against Rachel becasue all the guest are goofy, dumb, annoy, hypo, judging, mean, and chatty a lot of the time just some more than others.

    • Oh pulease! Rachael separated Jordan from Shelly not out of the goodness of her heart but because she could not afford for her alli to be thrown out of the house for hitting someone. The only reason that Rachael is still in this game is because Big Brother threw her a bone twice. We all know that she would have been gone if they hadn’t brought Brendan back. The second bone was the Pandora’s box twist. It is easy to keep a low profile when Big Brother has carried you through the game.

      • I admit I was really happy when that silly, greedy Porsche opened up Pandora’s box because I knew there would be something in it to benefit RaJo who would have been defeated if the box hadn’t been opened. However, I didn’t realize that CBS was responsible for that (along with other events) until Herself kindly pointed that out. I guess that means that CBS is hoping for a Rachel win and is going to do everything in their power to make that happen and I, myself, couldn’t be happier.

      • @ herself….give me a break and get over yourself….how would rachel be Gone If brendon didn’t come back? Jeff wanted her there so he certainly wouldn’t have thrown the cornhole comp to get her out…. and incase you haven’t watched. SHE JUUST WON THE VETO!!!!!!! HELLO…SOME OF YOU HATERS ARE SO LBIND TO REALITY. SHE’D BE THERE REGARDLESS, THERE WOULD JUST BE A CHANCE JORDAN WOULD BE LEAVING THIS WEEK…IF ANYONE HAS EARNED THEIR RIGHT. TO BE THERE IT ABSOLUTELY IS RACHEL 100% … she has won as many comps alone, as kalia and porsche have won put together.

      • @vet fan I think what herself meant was because of the twist that resulted in Brendon coming back and where Rachel ended up staying was the first bone given to Rachel. Kalia was HOH and was afraid of what the message that Julie told them really meant. When Lawon offered himself to go up Kalia thought that was the safest way to go. The original intent was for Rachel to go and if that twist had not happened they would have gone ahead with their plan to evict Rachel. Not sure what you mean about Jeff not throwing the cornhole comp. He did throw it and said so himself when Dani told him he (Jeff) was safe. That ultimately led to Brendon being evicted as Brendon (not Rachel) was the target at that point. The orignal intent was to get rid of Brendon first, then Rachel. Because of the twists they ended up having to evict Brendon twice. This last Pandora Box twist that brought the couples back together saved both Rachel and Jordan. If it had not happened at that precise time even Rachel and Jordan said one of them would be gone. Yes, Rachel did win the veto. So either way she would be safe, but would be alone and not have Jordan. I am not a hater of anyone. I may not like certain players for my own reasons just as you have your opinions of who you like. Again, just my opinion, but I think this whole game has favored the vets at the right time for them. I have said many times I would just be curious to see what would have happened if these twists had not taken place when they did. If one of the vets won that would be fine. No hatred of anyone from me. JMO.

        Also, to those that said Porche was greedy for opening the box everyone has opened the box whenever there has been one. Just last year Brendon opened it. If you say Porche was greedy it works both ways as Jeff also went for the money whenever it was available.

      • @ gail that ISNT what she said. However i couldnt care less what anyone says about that because as ive stated rachel had the votes to stay regardless..

    • Can a leopard really change it’s spots? I think NO…Rachel will always be the Rachel we’ve known for the past 2 seasons but she has figured out how to play the remainder of the game by trying to get people to like her. She will go back to the Rachel we have all gotten to know…no doubt in my mind!!!

      • Vetfan, Rachael was a basketcase after Brendan left the first time. She was on the Block and Lawan took effectively took her off under the guise that if he got evicted he would be brought back with a special power and then (I am convinced) he threw the competition that Brandon won to get back in the house. I believe that this was all set up by big brother to keep Rachael in the house. Come on does anybody really believe that Lawan was stupid enough to believe he would automatically be brought back into the house with a special power? And I don’t for one minute believe that he really tried in that basketball game.

      • @ lisa…are you refring to when the show. Is done? Because I would assume by your comment that’d be the only time that could make sense…if so, we DO NOT AND HAVE NEVER known that rachel..maybe the way rachel has been acting as of late is how she is in real life and she decided this is just game I need to just calm down and be me.

      • I need to correct something in my last post. Rachael was not officially on the block but the plan was to put her on the block until Lawan came to them and volunteered to go up.

      • @ herself…are you the famle marcus? Spewing all your “fake facts” lawan didn’t “takee her off” he vounteered. Himself up as a pawn. And incase you hadn’t been watching. Kalia was going with either lawan or porsche, nobody else…..rachel had the votes to stay regardllss…team idiot just made it a lot easier on them…just a little flashbak..that was the week shelly played dani and kalia like a fiddle and and got them to think her and adam were voting their way, when they were really voting jejos way….MATT, CAN WE PLEASE ADD TO THE RULE LIST…YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT, IF YOU HAVE CLEARLY NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW…LOL

      • @ herself…are you the famle marcus? Spewing all your “fake facts” lawan didn’t “takee her off” he vounteered. Himself up as a pawn. And incase you hadn’t been watching. Kalia was going with either lawan or porsche, nobody else…..rachel had the votes to stay regardllss…team idiot just made it a lot easier on them…just a little flashbak..that was the week shelly played dani and kalia like a fiddle and and got them to think her and adam were voting their way, when they were really voting jejos way….MATT, CAN WE PLEASE ADD TO THE RULE LIST…YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT, IF YOU HAVE CLEARLY NEVER WATCHED THE SHOW…LO!L

      • Omg herself…wrong again! Jeff and rachel were the first two on the block..jeff won the veto (grreek themed) and then puulled himself off….they pondered on who to replace with, they were going to use porsche cause they “knew” hey had the votes to keep porsche and send rachel homw however, shelly was playing them it was a 6 person vote, shelly adam jeff and jordan were all going to keep rachel leaving the remaining 2 votes..either dani and lawan or dani and porsche..and last minute lawan says use me, ill come back as HOH(lmao) and they tried to hold it over rachels head that they had the votes to keep her or send her packing…dani even went as far to make a plan to clap when she heard something she didn’t like with julie talking about the twist..and was so cocky to think that at the clap of her hand everyone would change their vote…and it would be 4-2 with rachel leaving..however they didn’t realize they were being played the whole time and shelly and adam were voting to keep rachel along with it would have ended up a 4-2 vote, with rachel staying, had lawan not hatched his stupid plan..instead it just ended up a 6-0 vote for rachel you get the pic now? Or no? Let me know if you need any more info on what. ACTUALLY happened okay?

  9. I really wish that she could see how many people are rooting for her! She thinks America hates her, sure some do, but she’s a fighter! She has her moments when I’m like good grief Rach, I think she’s smarter than the others in the house, yes Kalia even you! I really want to see her in the finally 2!

  10. Can someone please tell me where the death threats are i have looked every where and can’t find a single one.TMZ had a article but nothing to back it up.

    • TMZ is a notoriously BS site, but this time they’re correct. There were lots of things being highlighted around on Twitter and Facebook. I’m not linking to them though because we don’t support that and I don’t want to give those nutjobs anymore attention then they’re already getting.

      • Thank u Matt…I have been trying to tell people not to bring the threat issue in here cause it may cause problems for this site…We don’t like Shelly but we did not threaten to kill her or her family..It’s not us ..take the “stop” message to the sites that are doing it..

      • I agree…I have been saying the same thing. Because people are briniging it her, not even to point out that its wrong or insane orrr ridiculous…just to say “see all you jeff and jordan fans are sick, your gonna go murder someone if jeff says so….he’s charles manson blah blah blah…people acting like that arre just as sick as the. People doing it.

      • NOT ALL OF US DISLIKE SHELLY. Some of us can seperate game from personal life. Wait and see how quick Rachel drops Jordon-she hasn’t changed-she’s still looking out for number one RACHEL!

  11. Would love to see Rachael win and I was for Jordan and Jeff, would like to see them win something, but would like to see Rachael come in first.

    BUT, after hearing about Kalia throwing her dog against wall, have no respect for her at all. Really bothers me when someone is mean to animals. She deserves nothing in my opinion.

    • Deplorable behavior Kalia. You’ve fooled some of us with your kind, gentle nature. Yeah, right.

    • I’m glad to see someone else who is disturbed by Kalia throwing her dog into the wall. It’s a disgusting act.

    • Sometimes people don’t think about what they are actually saying and state things in a way that sounds so much worse than they actually were. I think this could be the case with Kalia and her dog story. I don’t see Kalia being a cruel or abusive person.

      • She went into a lot more detail in the early morning hours of the feeds. She really doesn’t like her dog very much. HER WORDS not mine.

  12. its occurred to me yesterday through talks w/ ppl on here and twitter that most (not all) fans of JJ are like a cult community. like its really bad. most but again not all ppl who like them, LOVE them for all the wrong reasons, and it really is like a cult following lol.

    thats why if shelly who is a good hearted person, family oriented, something america loves jeff/jordan for can be turned into america’s most wanted for voting jeff out and finally playing the game. nobody had a problem with shelly when she was being the sneaky, snake that told EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY in all different forms working FOR JJ, but now everybody has a problem and “she has to go”

    its really strange to watch. its why daniele took so much heat from the fans this season. trying to back door jeff and i guess thats a no-no. u can play the game but not if that involves targeting jeff. i mean its not like he’s a good competitor right? haha

    its like if CBS wants to make a villain out of somebody, put them on camera saying they dont like JJ’s game or target them. then they wont be liked and ppl will really hate them. i dont get it.


    if u want fans to like somebody aka Rachel who coming into the show was an antagonist, have that person, in this case rachel work with JJ and now rachel can do no wrong. now everyone loves rachel but on july 7th, she was so annoying and so this and that.

    jeff and jordan are good ppl no doubt. they are not however as good of ppl (in the house) as they are portrayed to be. not even close. u watch they’re DR’S and its clear they are produced and every DR is meant to make america like them whereas kalia’s or porsche’s arent produced and come off usually a certain way.

    its sickening yet interesting to watch/listen to ppl defend JJ guess now rachel so hard. all of a sudden rachel is a good competitor (she’s always been) but now she’s with jordan she’s great and they’re the best duo.

    • tl;dr and a little over the top but I’m somewhat in agreement….Rachel was BB enemy #1 until she was a loyal Jeff/Jordan ally, dani was considered great until she turned on Jeff and Jordan now she’s one of the worst ever, shelly was doing a great job and loved her family until she (god forbid) voted Jeff out and now people want her fired, assume she has a mental disability, and are sending death threats to her family, and GOD FORBID you bring up Jordan’s coasting this season or Jeff’s homophobia/bullying (the bullying I’ve never actualy seen) or you’ll get a million comments on your post saying your an idiot and Jeff is the ” greatest player of all time ” also if they did something “bad” to another houseguest it’s good strategy not purely evil. My personal thoughts on them is that Jordan is the better player over Jeff…even tho it isn’t rly her fault, they played both times til Jury, Jeff (seen as the bigger threat) goes after some time and Jordan really only plays the game of BB for 4 or 5 weeks….its honestly a good strategy whether it’s intended or not

      • NO wayne his commends are very good and it’s the truth. JJ and b\r fans are like rabbit dogs and they don’t see anthing but what they want to see. Yes everyone has there fav. but to throw nasty comments abiut pp you don’t REALLY know is childish. IT’S A GAME NOT REAL LIFE!!!!!

    • Marcus, that comment is hands down the silliest one you have made this year. Judas’s fans are the cult people and Judas looks just like Susan Atkins! lol…RACHEL WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE BEST! GO BIG RED!

    • Again another idiotic remark !!! Are u friends with Marcus?? I think both of your are just jealous of Jeff and Jordon because they are a power couple. Smart, good loooking ,competitve leaders.

      • power couple?!?! HAHAHAHAHA what show are u watching?

        they were more effective as a couple on the amazing race than in the BB house.

        brendon and rachel are a power couple. JJ are good for nothing.

        im jealous cause they are good looking? dam i never thought i was that ugly haha jk

    • @ marcus… everyone started to dislike shelly when rachel called her out on her lie and she flipped out and SERIOUSLY acted psychotic…and not only that but started CRYING IN THE DR TO AMERICA AND PRODUCTION saying she doesn’t condone lying, Rachel iis a bitch and she cannot believe rachel would. Just abouut her like that….that is why people do not like her, she is not like Dr Will, she is not like Evel Dick…they KNEW they were lying, they went the dr’s and laughed about it…they did not call other people dispicable human beings for lying, when she was the one actually lying…that is the problem with shelly….but I’m not gonna sttarted with you today…it is only fitting that you see things the way you do and completely blind to the fact that maybe people like decent people like Jeff and Jordan is all…. and no Jeff is not a bully, he tells it like it is…there is a difference…he didn’t run around threatening to kick people’s asses if they didn’t do what he wanted…he absolutely. Spoke his mind….I AM SO SICK of hearing people say Jeff was a bully…only because he told Kalia if you put me on that block I WILL win the veto and you’ll be the number one target for me. What the difference between him saying tthat and Dani saying the same thing basically to brenchal, about “if dom goes home”? NOTHING! Jeff simply told people straight out, look be honest with us if you don’t want to be with us, we don’t give a shit, just don’t beat around the bush and go behind our backs…..what’s so wrong about that? Anyon who has a problem with someone like that and fels that Jeff is a “bully” is weak minded and just doesn’t like a strong person who stands upfor themselves…if you couldn’t tell most jeff haters are rachel haters….and for that exact reason…they’re and asshole and a bitch if they tell you to your face what the f*** the deal is…but behind your back talking shit about you like dani kalia shelly and porsche…now that is sure the way to go right?! Lmao..thats for cowards.

    • Again Marcus u spew nothing but crap!! Ur undying devotion to the rat Danielle is different from the fans of jj right?? I hope you saw theother podr i left for you yesterday. Where i told u thst u need to stop spending so much time on this site.Since you have nothing constructive to say or relevant opinion. You dont even state anything factual!!! All you do is drag down Jj and BR. And anyone who likes them . U state ur opinion and act like its fact and you are the authority and somehow have the inside loop on everthing. Go on and do something positive please!! It sounds like you really need it.

      • tell me when u start watching the show. then start typing when u can get some perspective and can speak with some sensibility. until then nothing u say to me has any relevance.

  13. i’m so frustrated with Jeff and Jordan thinking that they are the only players to fight the good fight. Jordan was handed her HOH. i don’t think the newbies should be dismissed if these veterans are the star players they think they are and the newbies can get them out maybe they are just as entitled to the prize. Khalia and Porche have won when it needed to be won when the pressure was on they stepped up to the plate, Jordan and Adam couldn’t buy a win.

    • Jordan was not handed the HOH. She scored a 3 in that comp (better than any of the houseguests who preceded her) and there really was no reason for Jeff or Brendan (the only ones remaining) to try to outscore her. If they had tried they might not have gotten a 1 or 2 which would have beaten Jordan and their macho egos could have taken a beating as a result. As far as Adam is concerned, he is pretty taciturn – I really can’t tell if he threw some comps because he didn’t need to win and is just not saying anything. His behaviour during the comps has raised the suspicions of the other houseguests.

      • Yes she was handed the HOH. Brendan and Jeff were the only two players after her and they deliberately missed their shots. Once she had it they had no need to win it.

      • How do you know for certain that they would have made their shots? After all, none of the other players in the comp scored higher than Jordan.

      • it was handed to jordon , yes jeff &brendon threw that hoh they didn’t even try to win cause they saw that she had it.

      • Jordan. Absolutely was not handed her HOH she earned it, nobody hit that 3 for her…we saw 7 people before her go, and the highest any of them could get was a 6…so give me a brreak…and in Jordans season,,,she played the perfect game, a great scoial game and when there was 4 left..started winning compsps…I’ve said it before, ill say it again SHE CHOSE WHO CAME WITH HER to F2 nobody carried her say what you want about Jordan, but she is playing a great social game..and you know what? Adam is too. So what’s the difference. I love how you say jordan doesn’t deserve to be there..but. nothing about Adam. Jordan also won the luxury comp where she guessed David Hasselhoff on the first clue…nobody else got that. So stop under estimating her, she won her season for a reason.

      • i want jordon &rachel in the final 2, i know her and rachel can win comp’s a lot of people under estamate them 2.

      • jordan was handed her HOH. she didnt have to compete for it. everyone after her threw the comp to her.

        u guys will make any excuse for her.

        but dick threw all the comps to dani is season 8 right?

        please lol

    • @Kelly and Marcus I agree with you, but it seems like not many people on this site will ever agree with you no matter how many times you point that out. They only see and hear what they want to. Thank you.

    • Idiot Jordon beat all the others in the comp!!! So whos to say she wouldnt have beat Jeff andBrendon?? Point us she didnt need to.

      • It’s totally useless trying to convince the non-believers that Jordan was not handed the HOH for the following reasons:

        a) Because the two players after her were members of her alliance and the last two to take their turn;

        b) Both were big, strong macho men who were experts at wielding a golf club;

        c) Neither of them (Brendan, Jeff) needed to win;

        d) it is impossible to grasp the concept that a petite blonde girl has the capability of physically picking up a golf club let alone managing to hit the ball into the right slot;

        e) just plain old ignorance (or narrow-mindedness).

  14. I’m n agreement with almost evryone here today…. Racheal has fought her tail off, Jordan coasts along for anothr wk, Adam has floated only winnin 1 comp that was given to him (I thought he was supposed to b a BB quiz genius), Kaliah did sleep until all th stronger players left, Porsha has done good in comps all along, & Shelly, Shelly, Shelly… she had my vote all summer until she tried to b all billy-bad-ass…. u did good playin both sides & u got to F6, but when ur busted, UR BUSTED… jus take responnsibility for ur actions…..

    • Shelly will have to face her friends, her family and worst of all her coworkers what we say doesnt matter,they are all in the dark to anything thats going on out here. A family nember could die & they wouldent know it till they were called to the DR. The Shelly hate is apparent shes going so lets get past it already.

  15. Does everyone forget that the goal of this game is to win! Not to set up other people to win. That is how Jeff, Jordan, Rachel & Brendon acted. They thought everyone was only there to let them win and spend the summer with their boy/girl friend. It doesn’t work that way, for them to actually take the game so personal at this point where there aren’t as many choices of people to vote shows how maybe they don’t really understand the game as the think they do! It really makes me sick to hear people talk about Jordan like she is a saint. Her claws comes out just like everyone elses and acts the same way when she don’t have her boyfriend there. No one in the house has acted great but it’s TV !!!SHOCKER!!! Guess we all wouldn’t be watching if they didn’t act this way!

  16. I have to agree with you…..I used to HATE Rachel. This season she has managed to change my opinion. Shelly has flipped too many times. She has been caught in too many lies, and she is toast. Adam has not done much in the game at all. Kalia and Porsche are still following in Dani’s footsteps. Jordan surprised me when she jumped back at Shelly, but can you blame her? I would love to see Rachel win with Jordan coming in 2nd and either Jeff or Brendan as America’s choice. Also, I will agree, Shelly’s family shouldn’t have been threatened, but as to a post from a few days ago……she does seem to need some mental help. Not all of the things she has done can be attributed to the game.

  17. also real quick,

    does jordan realize dani actually knows something about the game unlike her? jordan doesnt know jack-squat about playing the game. she really doesnt.

    its not season 8 but how is that relevant? its not season 11. no what? i mean its obvious is a different season. jordan or jeff wouldnt have made it 5 weeks on season 8

    daniele seemingly did know everything. everything one COULD know. i think she studied, but she knew every dam comp that would come up and when. she knew if it was questions, what type of questions, and the format of questions being answered.

    her instincts are like geared towards playing BB. she got it from her dad probably but its crazy how much she knew.

    • hmmm evidently Dani did not know enough about the game to prevent being voted out…go figure..Her game smarts got her to the jury house..

      • well thats why i said what someone Could know. u cant know what EVERYONE is going to do.

        i knew even after i said that ppl would still go “well she didnt see her eviction coming” or something like that.

        she knew all a person Could know about the game. and she could dissect most ppl w/o that person even realizing it. like u say one wrong thing and she can totally not trust u anymore. like jen from season 8

        she was never afraid to pull the trigger, she played balls to the wall (not that she is the only one, brendon, rachel always do too) and she had a great social game.

      • Even with Dani’s “friends” on production an giving her inside info…she had NO clue how to play this game. Afte her dad left, she was lost ad had no idea what to do. She is the kind of person who would even use a family member who she, in her on words, hasn’t spoken to in 2 years to try and further herself in the game but…no such luck dani…you were a desperate idiot and now you gone gone gone :)

      • lisa u have no idea what ur talking about? what help? going and checking with production? EVERYONE DID THAT. rachel, kalia, porsche, shelly, and a few from last season did that too.

        she didnt get any help, she’s tight give her credit.

    • Dani is also a spoiled, vindictive little b***h and her gameplay was nowhere near that of her father’s. Some of the comments she made when things didn’t go the way she planned were downright mean. She made a huge mistake early in the game (when she didn’t need to) and her early exit from the house was the result. Just because Jordan’s style of play is different doesn’t make her any less of a player.

      Marcus, I’m sorry your number 1 girl got the boot but that’s no reason to spew sour grapes over the remaining players.

      • Sooo glad dan i mean dani is gone, good writtens,,,her father gameplay was WAaay much better(he Left Waay Too Soon)…maybe they will brg Evel Dick back for another All-stars!!!

      • im not giving anyone sour grapes. im glad u can read. im stating the obvious. just because u want to avoid, has nothing to do with me.

        spoiled betch? WHAT IS RACHEL? some of yall get so caught up.

        dani is hated because she wanted to backdoor jeff? like really. u guys are a joke

    • Or, and this is the most likely senario, Judas knew so much because her “friends” in production told her? Judas is an average player at best. Without her daddy she sucked. Why can’t you be a man and admit you were wrong about Judas. It’s okay, we all make mistakes. GO BIG RED!

    • Really Marcus then why did Jordon win and is still in the house. While your precious Dani is out? She was carried to the end last time by her dad. Seems Jordon has a better social game and when she won her season she won three comps to get to the win. So youshould just be quiet now.

    • Eexactly fly! Gosh Marcus what 4 year old did you borrow your brain from???? DANI IS GONE! Dani didn’t win her season and is out this season..Jordan won her season and made it further than Dani this season… like I told animallarsen…. maybe jordan can bring daniele to charm school, and they can teach her how to act like Jordan and tighten her social game up…or at least jordan can bring Dani down to the salon she works at, so they can teach her how to do her hair and make-up, then maybe she’ll actuallyually win the showmance, since we know she’ll NEVER win the show.

      • means nothing vet fan. jordan winning her season and dani coming second in her season means nothing. congrats to jordan. u floated by, got carried to the win and “showed up when u had to”.

        dani won shet, played the game, made moves and lost because her dad is a legend.

        why dont u borrow a brain before u tell me where i got mine from

    • flyonthewall I guess Jeff dindn’t know everything about the game. Like yelling and pp then wanting their votes NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

      • Thanks, Matt for the quick response. Another thing, to you and your staff, thanks for such a great site. I am more addicted to it than BB. You guys are doing a great job. I love the chatroom from here..great people and convos. I look forward to next year. Keep up the great work!

    • Honestl I have to disagree…I am pretty sure I’ve heard that first and second place cannot win it. They go with who has the next highest votes…buut I’m not positive..this is just what I think I’ve heard..

  18. Is the only reason America is sweating Jeff n Jor is bcuz “JEFF IS SEXY”??if so,, he might b easy on the eyes, but his attitude isn’t(just sayn, so all u J/J fans dnt go getting upset,he is a good player,jst didnt like his attitude, by the way Jor is not the “BRIGHTEST BULB IN THE BATCH”, she made the comment just recently, that “she will feel sorry to vote out Shelly this week bcuz Shelly is playn 4 her family” per Jordan=Jordum @times)…..hopefully she wont let Shelly fool her once again this week to keep her…Shelly is a underdog it appears..just sayn

    • I don’t think J/R will keep Shelley over Adam but if they do it will only be because they both think they would be able to beat her if either one of them surprisingly found herself sitting next to her in the final two.

      • well if J thinks that way n keep S, S will once again flip to K/P they will once again have the #’s

      • Keeping Shelly is a bad idea. She will create conflict between Rachael and Jordan. Notice she mentioned Jeff throwing the POV to Rachael again. She will just create trouble. She should go. She is just as dangerous as strong players that wins comps.

    • Name one person in the house who was actualy there to play the game no lose their temper at one point or another. Porche was only there, as she said, was to further her what? I have no idea. She didn’t care about winning comps as long as he stayed around to have a camera on her and her WAY TO SMALL bathing suits…not flattering I might add. Jeff did lose his temper a few times but who wouldn’t when your working so hard to win a game that others are floating through. Jeff deserved to win but as we know, they were all afraid of his skill. Jordan played the best social game and now deserves th win. My vote for America’s favorite player is Jeff…hands down!!!

    • No…as a jeff fan (but more so rachel) I absolutely think he’s very sexy…but I also love his attitude…I HATE people that beat around the bush and talk so much crap behind everyones back. As we’ve seen dani kalia shelly and porsche do…I just cannot stand people like that. I’m exactly the same as Jeff and Rachel I am going to tell you exactly what I think..I’m not gonna tell you one thingu one thing, then turn around when you leave and say another…I appreciate that about jeff and rachel and I really was proud of jordan when she steppped up to shelly…cause shelly got in her face..

  19. I wouldn’t care if Jeff or Jordan had one the game because of good strategy. (Jordan played very well Season 11, look at my previous post for my reason) But, I’m gonna be sad when Jeff will obviously win America’s Favorite. We are going to vote to give money to someone for being “our favorite” even though they made clearly homophobic comments earlier in the season. That’s a little frightening. I would have voted for Jordan for favorite but giving her the money is like given Jeff the money. I’m trying to figure who to vote for now. Dani was my favorite player but she also has made rude or abrasive comments. I think the “favorite” vote should go to the person who played the “nicest” game while the grand prize goes to the “meanest” game. Strategy should win over kindness in a game like this but that’s what this extra vote is for. Don’t mess it up.

    • All the players have pretty much thrown each other under the bus while fighting for their BB lives so you’d be hard-pressed to find one that has NOT said negative things about another. America’s favorite does not necessarily have to be the “nicest” but merely the player that you liked the best.

      • Yeah I think it’s terrible that “our favorite” has blatantly expressed his homophobic beliefs…he’ll obviously win no doubt…no chance of anyone else getting it…I just wish it would go to re “nicer” player…yea they’ve all said negative things about each other but Jeff basically outcastes an entire group of people when her said it wrong to have a gay teacher in a book because gays houldbt be allowed around kids

      • Haha…You all have got to be kidding. Jeff has clearly stated that he has gay friends and nothing against gay people. He was just trying to get under Kalia’s skin and it didn’t take much. Why aren’t more people upset with Kalia telling everyone that she threw her dog against a wall when it nipped at her? God help any child she may every have or even have access to!!!

    • The homophobic comments dont matter becasue it was Sir Jeff.LOL. Did you see an outrage here about his comments.NO. If it was someone else it would be hell to pay.

  20. Are jeff and jordan brother and sister? That was a weak ass goobye when he got the boot. Suspect….

    • Jordan has said multiple times that she will not have the cameras film her being openly and overly affectionate. I don’t think there’s any doubt about their boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

      • I was thinking about this earlier that it was strange they were not more affectionate with each other. But then I got to thinking if my husband and I were in the house we would not be making out all the time either

      • Jeff told Jordan he would never do anything to belittle her or hurt her or make her look cheap.Brendan & Rachel have a grownup outlook on life grownups have sex.I believe Jordan is a vergin and Jeff holds that dear.Her first feelings werent up for the public.GO JEFF for being such a man about it. He even said taking her out of her small town life could change her and he wouldent want to be the one to do that to her either, thats his problem with her hes over protective, & thats another reason why he tells her what to do ,for her sake ,not his

    • They are playing a role to cash in as much as they can. They were not afraid to be some what affectionate on season 11 so why the change now.

      • Because after they watched the show after they left the show the first time, they were embarrassed by their actions. I respect them greatly for the way they handled themselves unlike another couple in he house who had sex for the camera’s on a nightly basis which is why Rachel had to take a pregnancy test yesteday. Where is the respect for yourselves and each other?

  21. will b voting 4 J/J either one will get my vote 4 america’s favorite!!(im sure im not the only one who will b voting that way, since shelly has recvd so many threats b cuz of Jeff getting evicted)…Go team J/J…u hav my vote 4ever!!

  22. Ok this is my last post until later so sorry if I don’t answer any comments but w/e…this is how I see the nesters weeks going: shelly goes this week obviously, rach or jord wins hoh, Porsche goes, Kalia wins hoh, Jordan goes, rach wins HoH, Kalia goes and its Rachel, Adam final 2…Adam wins it all…brendon votes Rachel, Danielle votes Adam, Jeff votes Rachel, shelly votes Adam, Porsche votes Adam, Jordan votes Rachel, Kalia votes Adam…just a theory…in this scenario dani is the awing vote b/c she could actually vote for rachel

    • I highly doubt Danielle will vote for Adam. She absolutely hates floaters and she may hate Rachel’s guts but I think the ‘gamer’ in her will override that hatred and give it to her. And heck with Shelly it think it’s a 50:50 right now and when she leaves, she can’t stand Adam either cause she feels Adam gave away her game but she also hates Rachel so with her it’s gonna be the lesser of two evils. Rachel will have JJB’s votes while Adam will have KP’s vote for sure

    • We all have our theories…mine is quite different than Lurker’s. Guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

      • Yes waiting to see. Who saw Pandoras Box takingtwo off the block,and now the fortune teller has finally come to life, lets see what else we are all waiting to see. But I will say I hope Rachel wins at least finale two.

  23. Matt, thanks again for all of your great updates… I’ve gotten so spoiled to your spoilers.
    I’m really hoping for a R/J/A F3 with (shocker!) Rachel FTW! Have to give it to her, she’s really played a good game, held it together in spite of being continually bashed by most of the house (especially Shelly), won the most comps, stayed loyal to her alliance, been a good friend to Jordan, and has fought constant eviction being one of the biggest threats in the game. Still holding out hope that J will come through & win also to get them to F2. I really don’t think Adam or Shelly can be trusted but between the 2 of them, I hope Shelly wins a one-way trip to the JH & (fingers crossed) Adam continues his flawless no-win streak. Go VETS!

    • If Adam wins an HOH and doesn’t put up Rachel and Jordan he will be the worst player in BB history. If you want to win the game he’s not going to win bringing them. I don’t know why he can’t see it. Why did he want to be on the show if he’s not playing to win? He’s writing everyone besides himself a pay check, but even if he somehow manages to get to the final two I can’t see any one in the jury house voting for him even if he didn’t go against his alliance.

  24. Kalia would NOT shut up on AD! Adam couldn’t get a word in when they were talking to Shelly about NYC. What is her deal? She must love to hear herself speak! The funniest part was when she was describing getting a cab driver that wouldn’t stop talking! Pot, meet kettle!

  25. well well here we go again…Dani messed up her game when she wanted out a major player that she was in an alliance with 10 days into the game.. Stupid move..that is not the way to make allies and keep urself safe. And her reasoning for doing it was “I got bored”..What kind of great game play is that??? And then DANI alligns herself with the weakest HG’s in the house uses and manipulates them to do her bidding and dirty work all the while throwing each and everyone of them under the bus..that was great game play..cause they never realized it was happening.. Even Dom was her puppet..she said it during a DR session that he was nice to have around adding “for now”..Dani wanted to prove that she a was better player than Evel Dick but she was not…Dani didn’t play for the week.. she played 2/3 weeks ahead not taking into account the twist and turns the game can take in the meantime…A twist can shoot all ur best laid plans to hell..For whatever reason DANI turned her attention from Jeff to Brendon and that is where her focus stayed..she lost sight of what else was going on in the house..which was a plan to get her out..Dani didn’t see that happening till it was too late..DANI’s knowledge of the game is above average but her actual game plays and moves are is how u “apply” ur knowledge of the game that makes u a great game player which Dani failed to do..In short DANI was an average game player not a great player..
    This post was about DANI’s game play ..not Jeff or Brendon and my upholding either one of them..Just to make that clear..

  26. Rachel has come a long way and always gives it her all and you have to give her the respect when it’s all said and done. Kalia seems to be her biggest threat, and it would be nice if Jordan stepped up and won something. I think if her or Jordan win HOH this week one of them will make it to the final 2.

    All that said, would it be fair to rank Rachel and Jordan in the top 10 BB players of all time? Although Jordan’s record for winning competitions is not stellar, her game play is genuine and players don’t see any reason to vote her out because she is genuinely liked. Just my opinion.

  27. Its either goin 2 b: R/K/J r A thats goin 2 win HOH,,,just hopefully not “K”……..Im still not sure what “A” would do if he wins, he might let K n P control his voting selection(A is very confusing, he needs 2 c the Wizard on the Wizard of OZ, he reminds me of the Scarecrow(has no brain to think on his own, etc)….just a thought….By the way im so glad Dan i mean Dani IS GONE,(good writtens)….her gameplay is nothing like her Dad, Evel Dick Left Waay Tooo SOoon!(maybe they will brg him bck on another All Stars Episode)

    • I think is afraid to win next HOH for that very reason
      He would have all 2 sides driving him crazy
      Kalia for sure the worst she has run Porsha HOH allready

    • lol team Adam. It will be interesting to see if he can pull out a win. Will CBS cater to giving him the power? Would be great TV to see who he puts up and who he votes out (as it is likely to be a tie breaker).

      If he can’t win an HOH he will NOT win this game. At the moment I think the only person he may have a chance against is Jordan.

  28. I want more Jury House. I think it would be great if the jury house had the bb house live feeds 24/7 on big full screen tv’s so they could see the real game being played. Kind of full size screens. That would be a sweet draw for live jury feed house. I’d pay and extra 10 bucks for that!!! Hey Matt, can you make that happen?

    GO Rachael, love you Girl!!! Jordon or Adam Second, Good bye shelley……….

  29. Can’t believe Kalia did that to her dog. Her dog is probably sick of hearing her talk. I don’t care for people who are cruel to animals, especially their own.
    I really do want Rachael and Jordan to be final 2.
    Shelly has to go this week. I am so tired of her. She actually believes her lies.
    I don’t know where they get these people. I would love it if the next BB would be people on this web site. That would be awesome.

  30. But if Shelly was America’s Player, don’t you think America likes Jeff more than Rachel.

  31. I hate bullies period. Give Rachel any type of power and she goes overboard. Her first 2 HOH’s were thrown to her. The reason Rachel has changed is because she doesn’t have any power. There is a REAL person inside her sometimes and we all got to see it with Jordan. However, don’t be fooled people she is still a WITCH.

    I am a dog person. I did not appreciate what Kalia did with the dog……BUT think about it… Your DOG IS BITING YOU…….your first instinct is to get your hand away. She showed how she was just moving her hand to get it away from the dog. She did NOT mean to nor did she intend to throw the dog up against the wall.

    I’m with the newbies. The Vet’s had their turn, and Jordan has already won one. I hope Porche win’s and Kalia comes in second. Adam is just a sissy that has to depend on others to carry him.

    I’m hoping that stupid fortune teller gives Shelley SOMETHING to save herself. Shelley is playing a game, why people have to take it so personal as to threat her family shows how IGNORANT they are.

    Go Newbie’s!!!

    • ANYONE but Porche or Kalia…all they did was eat, sleep, and follow Dani’s directions. If either of them win, the BB game will be a total wash and I will call it quits. And as far as kalia, she was happy to say that she threw the dog into the wall. God help any kids she may ever have and if they make her mad..yikes. Shelley doesn’t even know one thing about playing this game. She may have watched every season but when it came time for her to play, her evil, lying, backstabbing, self came out while she proclaimed to be an honest person, Josie’s mom, Tony’s wife…blah blah blah. You can call that gameplay if you want to but the fact the Shelley is a known THEIF in the house and refuses to return what she has stolen tells me what kind of person she really is. I feel bad for her family for being related to her!!!

    • Carolyn go away, just playen. But I want my girls to win Rachel & Jordan came a long way,lots of ups & downs for both of them. It has narrowed down to an all girls game (sorry Adam but I just dont see it happening for you) Jeff lost a vito he would have won if he for just 1 second would have looked at what he threw out of the bin being so aggessive at his game play. Go R&J show america what you are made of AND WIN!!!

  32. That is soo ugly & unattractive when Shelly goes n the DR to cast her vote, then she puts up those two long fingers to her rough lips n blows,(whats up with that)…that is so not cute on her!!…..I this time someone will b blowing out the smoke with their fingers on her when they cast their vote to evict her…..haha…I’m blowing to my fingers currently to u Shelly(good writtens)…..

  33. I find it funny that the same people who want kalia and porsche to be F2(dani fans) are the same people calling jeff a bully and rachel a bitch… but yet kalia is the one throwing her dog @ the wall, porsche is wishing she had a ball or something to throw at rachels stomach(when they thought she was pregnant) and noth of them talking abouut tripping her down the stairs..and doing all this to save her 400$ on an abortion……….any comments? Yeah that’s what I thoughtt…next!

    • My comment is…I gree with you 100%. Any person talking about causing harm to an unborn baby or any baby for that matter, tells me a LOT about what that kind of person is. That had nothing to do with gameplay either, just sick evil comments about murder. Porshe, Kalia,Shelley and Adam are all guilty of these comments and if they win, I will have to think twice about watching a show that allows their contestants to talk such hatred. GO JORDON 1st place AND RACHEL 2nd place!!!

  34. I hope RACHEL wins! And with Jordan and Adam playing with her in the next HoH it’ll be a breeze for her to win. Porsche will be on the sidelines so Rachel’s only competition will be Kalia, which isn’t much at all. GO RACHEL FOR NEXT HOH!

    NO Jordan. She’s a bitch. If she would actually take Adam over Rachel in the F3 I’ll be pissed. HOPEFULLY thats just something Jordan said to him to get him on their side though.

    But after everything Brenchel has done for JeJo, Jordan better take her to the F3 if thats what it comes down to. Brechel saved Jeff’s ss W3, Rachel had Jordan’s back during the whole Shelly break out and got her out of the way.

    I can’t wait til Shelly gets evicted this Thursday.

    Porsche I lost all respect for when on the live feeds she joked “maybe one of us will throw a medicine ball at Rachel’s stomach and save for from the $400 for an abortion.”

    Gawd what a BITCH. That’s not even calling her a bitch like Jordan from a gameplay point of view. Porsche is a straight up bitch to joke like that.

  35. Hmm, just saw there’s another post under Team J/J… we are not the same and I’m the one who has been posting here most of this season. Just.clarifying since I’m actually rooting for Rachel to win with Jordan 2nd.
    All the vets had said they would be voting for best gamers…don’t think anyone wants Adam to win, not even 2nd place.

  36. Wow, Shelly said some nasty things about Kalia when she walked back into the house. I agree, Kalia does chatter and cut folks off in conversations, but I could relate to what Kalia and Adam were saying about NYC mentality versus other metros…because I’ve lived in five different states.

    I get the feeling that Shelly is not exposed to Kalia’s pedigree, as opposed to the Lawons of the world. I’ll leave it at that. Shelly seems like she is a big fish in her pond, and Kalia is an enigma to her.

  37. Adam is the only one that doesn’t go in hard with the crazy nasty comments behind the contestants’ backs. Even America’s sweetheart Jordan has said some zingers.

  38. @raspberry..I agree with u, i b glad too when P r either K is sent to the jury house to b with their boss/dani…

  39. Honestly, the only person who deserves to win now is Rachel. I really hope she is smart and doesn’t take Jordan to the final two if she has the option…

  40. If u all recall when Lawon volunteered to go up just before that he was talking to Adam stating that production told him they spoke to his employer and he still had a job. I believe really that is was the opposite. If he didn’t come back soon then his position would not be held. So this was an easy way 2 fix it and to bring in the twist for Brenden to come back hopefully stay longer for the vets to win the money but that part backfired. Now here we r towards the end and I promise you another twist is going 2 happen.There is only 17 days left with too many ppl lft in the house.Sunday and Thursday r only the live show which would only hold 2 more wks of comps after tomorrow and then the finale.

  41. this is the most boring season ever!!!!!!!!!!! Watching bb after dark is like watching grass grow!! Please do a fast forward to the end and put all of us out of our misery!!!!!!

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