Big Brother Week 8: Veto Winner Ready To Duo-ver Nominations

Big Brother 13 Rachel Jordan and Adam

After this weekend’s wild ride with Pandora’s Box we’re ready to move on to the next Big Brother 13 Veto ceremony this afternoon. There’s really no way around what’s going to happen, but here are the latest updates for what to expect later today and what it likely means for the rest of the week.

As a result of the duos twist, thanks to Porsche possibly trading $500K for $5K, and Rachel’s win on Saturday night we’re going to be looking at a nomination swap. Rachel will most definitely use the Veto to take herself off the block along with Jordan. The only other pair available for nomination is Shelly and Adam so they’ll obviously be up on the block by the end of the day.

With Adam and Shelly on the block and Porsche in the HoH room this week that leaves only three votes: Kalia, Rachel, and Jordan. Rachel and Jordan have gone from certain eviction to holding all the power this week. Whoever they decide to keep stays and the other HG heads on to become the next Jury vote.

Flashback to 1PM BBT yesterday on the Live Feeds and you’ll find Jordan and Rachel discussing their options for the week. They recognize Adam has flipped back over to the Newbies, but they know they can never trust Shelly again. Both agree that they’ll need to keep Adam over Shelly. Jump to 1:50PM BBT to hear Jordan and Rachel let Adam know they want to work with him over Shelly, making him an offer he can’t refuse. At least not on the surface.

The Veto ceremony should take place in a few hours and we’ll have those Big Brother spoilers for you when they arrive. We’re still a few days away from eviction, so anything could happen, but right now this looks pretty settled. What do you think about Rachel and Jordan’s decision to keep Adam over Shelly?


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  1. Shelly is a snake who justifies her actions for her family instead of just saying for the money, but she enables the worst things she does as necessary so she she can walk around free of regret. She’s going to be well received by Jeff in the jury house, propably with a big smile and then she’ll deny sending him there.

    • Ron, I have been thinking the same things you just said. Good job putting it in words. And then she’ll deny… deny… deny…

    • I agree with you Ron 100%. She will blame it on Adam and say she voted to keep Jeff. Even when evicted I don’t believe Shelly can ever tell the truth.

      • They’ll probably be watching video in the jury house, so jeff will surely know that she voted him out :)

      • Question (for Matt or anyone else):

        When those in the jury house get to watch the DVDs, do they get to see how the HGs have voted? More to the point, would Jeff be able to see that Adam voted for him to stay and that Shelley voted him out?

    • I would keep shelly cause everybody hates her. And I’ll try to go with her to the final two to guarantee my 1/2 million dollars. Be smart people!!!!!

      • I agree, especially since she can’t seem to win anything or even come close to winning. But don’t take her to the F2 because then she would win 2nd place money. Take her to F3 and then she wouldn’t get anything for 3rd place.

      • You don’t want to keep anyone that EVIL. She will only cause you trouble! GET HER OUT!!

    • Shelly already has a lot of money too. She acts like she doesn’t. Her house is like a mansion and she makes good money at her job.

      • Yea, why does she say the money its for her family, when I think her job provides her with alot of money, more than what anyone in the house makes. Rachel and Jordan would be best to take Adam, they can win over him, Kalia and Porshe is whom they need to worry about, those two are on a winning streak and if Kalia wins hoh she will put up R/J, however Porshe cant play for hoh so its R/J against A/K and Ill put my money on R/J, especially if its physical challenge.

    • Shelly is not a game player! Sure u lie in the game but she said she didnt play that way. She called her self friend to Jeff and Jordan She is slime not a game player.

    • I am glad Shelly is going, yes she has lied like all the others, however she seems to forget she lied and is offended when she is called on it. But the bigest porbnlem I have with her is she hides behind the lies when it is all over and done with. She should have told Jeff straight up that she was voteing against him at the double evition instead of trying to convince him she was still on his side. He only had a few minuets to do anything about it and it would have not made any difference. Jeff would still be mad but would respect the game move as a player when he calmed down. It was a great game move for the newbies, but the way shelly played it was really bad. Lie in the game when you have to, but when the time comes own up to the fact that your doing a good game play move and dont hide behind the lies and smoke. Eveeryone will know you did it and most will respect it when the time comes instead of resent it becouse of her beliving her own lies.

  2. Rachel’s winning the POV this week is the best thing that has happened in this game. I’m not a big Rachel fan, but I LOVE Jordan and HATE Shelly. So this could not have turned out better, IMO!

      • I also love Jordan, but would actually be happy if Rachel won this season if Jordan does not. So happy that snake is leaving on Thursday and Porksche opening Pandora’s Box saved this season for B and B for CBS, but she needs to go next week. Come no Jordan and RACHEL!!!

      • Rachel is the only hg that deserves that money. She has worked her a$$ off this season for her alliance and with being on the block almost every week. Rachel deserves the win BY FAR! I hope Jordan gets 2nd place so she gets to take home some money too.

  3. I am actually hoping RaJo evict Shelly this week and Porsha next. Porsha has more plus.I am suspicious why Adam is pushing for Kalia over Porsha. Adam and Porsha are too close for comfort.

    • actually Adam was up pacing outside after everyone was in bed…talking out loud his options….he wants to be next to Portia in the finals. He thinks he can beat her with all the vets votes. So he wants them out. However, he also thinks if he was next to rachel in finals he could win because the hag brigade will not vote for rachel.

      • Adam has no chance against anyone if he screws Jordan and Rachel and evicts one of them next week to keep Porsha or Kalia….. He would lose J,J,B and R….

        That means game over, good luck trying to get 2nd place bruh!!!

  4. I hope they keep Adam, I want him to win it all. But for production to favor Jordan and Rachel is not good for this show to go forward. I am tired of intervention and manipulation from production. Sure Rachel won the veto but at this late in the game she should not have to save Jordan too. Shelly did all the change up and now will be OUT because production rigged it not in her favor.

    • Porche opened pandora’s box so why blame production how do you know that wasnt already the plan.. you are assuming they new Jordan and Rachel was in trouble

      • I agree Karen!!!!.. Its irritating but it is a tv show. we have to watch it KNOWING production is going to do their part. but its sooooo irritating.

      • You can’t tell me that Shelly didn’t know when she signed up that there would be competitions she would not be able to do, they cannot favor anyone, it is partially skill and part luck. Shelly made her own bed, now she has to lay in it…

    • Production has not rigged anything, Porshe did not have to open pandora’s box, And Rachel won the veto, everyone had an equal chance to win it and she did. Get over it!!

      • The thing that bothers me..a few weeks ago i heard Rachel say …after Brenden left (the first time )”we were promised final 7.”.and the other day Jorden was with Rachel and she said ..”ok here’s the twist” and both times feed when to something else…now you tell me who is running what??????

      • Isn’t Porsche, like, a stripper or something? Of course she would take the money! Just sayin…

    • I don’t know how you feel it’s rigged when they didn’t force P to open up pandoras box she did it on her own and for a whopping 5k come on no one forced her. She knew that there are consequences if she opened it. If she didn’t open it her plan would of gone just as she wanted it.

      • Everyone on the show, including the “Newbies” have watched the show atleast one season. They all know that Pandora’s Box can be a blessing and usually a slap in the face. As P is always telling everyone… Her close friend Janella has told her all there is to know about BB. She should know as much or more so than any vet know the deal with Pandora’s Box. Everyone can see production plays a hand in keeping things jumping. That being said, no one forced her to open the box. If production were going to stop this piece of white trash from doing anything, it should be from tampering with food products, stealing personal belongings, dropping f-bombs every 5 seconds on the live feeds or stop making offensive hateful comments such as the thing about the medicine ball. The true nature of this skank is becoming more and more obvious with each moment she is on camera. She is just like an expensive car that is gutted under the hood.

    • How was it rigged? Kalia was out second from last and very well could of won and then Jordan or Rachel would of been gone. I guess then it wouldn’t of been rigged. So glad Shellhe is going out the door. Go JORCHEL!!!

    • There are only 6 people left… And this miraculously saves two people. Of course production had a hand it. It totally nullifies Porshe HoH. If porshe really wanted one of them out or had thought it out more she should have split up Jo and Rach one with Adam one with Shelley so they wouldn’t have both been safe. Idk if voting would have been cut and dried but it would have been a better shot at getting one of them out.

      • Porsha went first and picked Kalias as her partner and Rachel ask Jordan leaving the other 2

      • Porsche nullified her own HOH by being greedy…those letters were written before she opened them, not after she decided to go into the room…production dangled a carrot in front of her mouth, and, of course, with her appetite, Porsche ate it…

      • I did not see where a production person pushed porshe into the pandora’s box room, I thought she opened an envelope that explained that there could be consequences!!! Please tell me that I did not miss seeing the BB production person shoving porshe into this room!!! I believe the theme for BB is ” to expect the unexpected” in the twists of the game!!! Porshe should have not opened pandora’s box!!!! she sealed shelly’s fate!! LOL

      • to dan in cali!
        I dont think it was a carrot. have you seen this girls fat rolls over lapping her stretch pants? I think it was a super deluxe cheese burger with fries and maybe a diet drink! LMAO!

      • Porche didn’t have the option to pair anyone up except herself! It was up to the others to pair up as they wished, and Adam got stuck with witch Shelly. When Porche opened Pandora’s Box, she knew that there would be something good/something bad!……..she made the choice. If I were Rach or Jord, I would let Shelly believe that she would be saved (not lie but be evasive), but then kick her to the Jury room Thursday…….payback can be hell! She MORE than deserves it.

      • Porsche didn’t get to pair people up, everyone paired up themselves.

        Production may have tipped the scales a little, but Porsche didn’t have to open Pandora’s box. They dangled some money and she took the bait. That decision was up to her.

        I like the Pandora’s Box twist, always have. I think this one makes things really interesting. But, to each their own.

      • So how long does it take for you to be around people to know enough about them..(liars,,money- hungry,, whinners,, or two-face)?? .. Just wondering for those of you on this site,,, because for me it doesn’t take too long… Sooo I’m sure production knows what would make every HG shift… That’s their job that’s compose of writers and directors of ratings… Just a thought..

    • Porsche opened Pandora’s box, not production. Just because your player isn’t winning, it’s not production. Plus, Porsche was thinking of putting Adam and Rachel up, or Jordan and Rachel. If Porsche (who was confident she would win veto) had won both Jordan and Rachel would have stayed on the block, as opposed to Porsche’s initial thought of Adam and Rachel. Porsche opened box, Porsche lost veto.

    • @KAREN I agree that production had a huge hand in this. Not the fact that Porche opened the box. You can go back and ask why did Jeff throw the veto and win the money. It works both ways – both Jeff and Porche went for the money so to me that arguement doesn’t work. Where I think it made a huge difference this whole season was that they have thrown a twist in at 2 newbies HOHs. When Kalia was in the be careful who you nominate thing which brought Brendon back. Favored Rached. She was a basket case. Now this duo thing at a time again when it favors keeping Rachel and Jordan. I don’t care who you favor as your favorite, this was so rigged and very disappointing unless you are a Rachel or Jordan fan. I hear both Jordan and Rachel saying Porche is parading her HOH around. Doesn’t everyone remember Rachel doing the same thing when she was winning. It was all in your face. She is dismissing Kalia and Porche’s wins as nothings and tooting her own horn. Rachel may be calmer now, but I wonder if production didn’t have a hand in that by telling her she needs to stop being so nasty. This is her first win that she wasn’t in the other side’s face. Maybe Brendon being out helps her, but if that is the case I really wonder how the two of them are ever going to last at being married. JMO.

      • STOP blaming production! I dont know if you have ever watched this show before but every year there are twists there are pandora’s boxes and they bring exitement to the game. Oh and if they’re favoring j & R So much then why is it Kalia won 5k for doing nothing but sucking on Porshas faat rolls and not having to worry about the block this week? Huh answer me that?

      • Funny how the veto competition was almost the exact same comp as when Rachel won the comp for HOH. Coincidence? I think not. And as for Porsche opening Pandoras box, she has stated all season that she would, we all know that production knew this. Coincidence that pandoras box showed up during Porsche’s HOH?, I think not.
        I am a Rachel fan end even I can see that. I hope BB never mixes vets and newbies again, made for a terrible season.

      • Do you think it makes it for better tv if you throw the twists when a newbie is HOH or a vet is HOH…… much as you think the newbie has watched the show before and should know theyre reactions are so much better than the vets…….sad thing is if this season doesnt prove mixing vets and newbies dont work….i dont know what will

    • Have you watched any other seasons? First of all, MOST of the time opening Pandora’s box backfires on the greedy person who did it. If Porsche had watched any of this show (until right before she left) she would have known this. Secondly, this isn’t even the most obvious twist in Big Brother history. The “identical” twins were the most beneficial – where they switched them out and then let them both come back. There are twists every single year that helps one group or another, especially when it deals with greedy, unknowledgeable people. Shelly deserves to be out – not because she’s a weasel – but because she won’t own it…..I think that she just might be a pathological liar and actually believe all the nonsense that she spews….Own your backstabbing like Dr. Will, Evil Dick, and others – don’t CRY about it. Pathetic.
      BOTTOM LINE – Porsche brought this all upon herself – she leaves the box alone and there won’t be a twist.

    • Why should Adam win it all? He has not done 1 thng to deserve to win it. He has floated/coasted/wishywashy and still cant pick a side, how does someone like him deserve to win, would just like the thought process on how you decided he should win.

    • Why would you want Adam to win? He has done nothing but float/coast/wishywashy who still cant decide which side to be on, I just want to know your thought process on how Adam should win.

    • Why cant she save Jordan! Jordan is a good social player! And she has won some.Ill take a good hearted person over a cold hearted skank,a back stabbing lieing piece of crap,a floating turd that does nothing,a crying floater,and a no tears cryer that has been lucky and the biggest floater of all.(Dani,Shelly,Porshe,Rachel,Adam)

  5. It amazes me how many times Shelly the snake swears, wait to you see the tape, you will see I am telling the truth. Well, she has allot of explaining to do. She did make a deal with Brandon and Rachel, she did make a deal with Jeff and Jordan, she did make a deal with Dani, she did make a deal with Kalia and Porsha, and she did make a deal with Adam. Shelly who are you kidding!!! You are a snake. Do you really think your daughter and husband are proud of you? Guess again. You talk smack about Rachel, look in the mirror. I hope it is Bye Bye to you thurs night.

  6. Please go for Shelly… Adam may be flipping a lot, but Shelly doesn’t deserve mercy now, she is just repulsive to watch on the show now… she lies so convincingly that she believe it herself and truly feels offended when it is exposed!

    Bye Shelly! Hope it was worth giving up your alliance for!

    • Shelly knows how to lie,that is what she does for a living, she lies so much to ppl she can’t keep it all straight. LOL,she lost the best friend she would ever have, Jordan would have taken her to final 4,now look she is going out with “0”, nada, nothing…serves her right…fun times ahead in the jury house.

  7. I so think Shelly is a back stabber. On the other hand so is Adam. JoRa cant trust either one of them. I say send Adam home so its all girls in the house. But Shelly is the bigger threat.

  8. Shelley is a snake in the grass & a liar!! Rachel & Jordan are smart for keeping Adam & not Shelley. Shelley would turn on them in a heart beat. At least Adam would try to be loyal as far as he could. Good riddance Shelley!

  9. I think getting rid of Shelly is the best move they could make right now. Shelly is like the devil, works on the good of people to manipulate them to her thinking and her evil work. She is the worst player I ever seen in Big Brother. Lying goes with the game but not to the extend that Shelly played it.Ihope Adam sticks with R/J and they get to final three.

    • shelly should go ,she has not won anything so far she is a slider, a first I liked her now she is a big backstaber, hope she can explain all to her family when she gets home

      • She owes nothing to her family. There’s nothing to explain. She played a game. She lied just as much as anyone else in that house. It’s the crazies who need to apologize to her family.

  10. I hope they do take Shelly out, she has turned out to be a lying snake who does not deserve to win this. Hopefully Kalia will be hoofed out right behind her.

  11. Shelly deserves to go home,


    she would be easier to beat in the end.

    AT this point the two competitors most worrisome for Jordan and Rachel are Porche and Kalia as they are both capable of winning competitions.

    Peace-wise, it would be better to keep Adam in the house.

    Vindication-wise, Shelly deserves to go. I won’t miss her one little bit.

  12. You people are out of your minds. Just because what happens in the house is against YOUR favorites’ best interest, you all claim that the fix is in by CBS or production or both.
    There is no way that they could get away with fixing the outcome of the show. Think about it, if the show were rigged, no one would watch and it would not still be on after 12 years. I wish you would stop this conspiracy nonsense and be more objective in your views. R

    • When two out of three twists saved one particular persons behind that cannot be coincidence. Both of those twists were put into play when rachael was on her way out.
      Seriously did you find the whole Lawan volunteering to go up on the block believable?
      I sure didn’t. I do not think that the actual games are fixed but Big Brother has thrown Rachael a couple of bones. Also, it wasn’t fair that the veterans got to come in with partners. They have had an advantage of playing with a partner the whole time. The newbies have not had that advantage even in the begining. Big Brother wheels and deels with the houseguests to get them to do thier bidding. They also manipulate the game by throwing in twists when it suits them to make certain things happen. Big Brother was aligned with the veterans from the get go and they will carry them to the end.

      • It would have been more fair, and would have made for a better season, if the veterans were split and forced to pair with newbies on Day 1.

      • Lawon left the show, period….on his own stupidity. He thought that he was being smart…but has obviously not watched the show. As to setting it up to favor Rachel – AMERICA VOTED and then he also had to beat Lawon….. i’m all about conspiracy theories – but this one isn’t even close to conceivable.
        Lawon thought that he’s be the next superstar – but now he’s watching from home.

  13. why would any of the houseguests want to keep rachel or jordan? they have played the whole game with a huge advantage….they played with partners. even after the duo twist was over they still had partners. the newbies should get them out ASAP if they have any brains .

    • They did not play as partners they just didn’t flip the newbies could have done the same no matter what rach/jor does yall are going to say production gave it to them they won pov fair just like the newbies won hoh fair go rach/jor final 2

      • Robin, they did play as partners, but their partners were sent to jury, that’s what t_ray means. And I agree they’ve had their chance, time for them to go and the newbies to win. I will agree that the biggest mistake the newbies made in the beginning was going with the vets, they should have stuck together and picked the vets off one by one, but they were so far up the vets a$* that they couldn’t see the big picture

      • @TeamNewbies and t_Ray I agree. Let a newbie win. All the advantages have gone to the vets.

    • the odds were stacked against the vets in the begining if the newbies stuck together they could’ve done some damage to vets initially. They chose who they aligned with. Get over it! There were more newbies than vets to start with. thier lay low plan back fired in thier faces.

      • You’re kidding yourself if you believe that. The vets had every advantage. It’s a lot easier for 6 people who know each other, and who know they will be targeted from the beginning, and who have played the game before, to stick together than for newbies to form an alliance.

      • The Newbies downfall was not sticking together from the beginning. Kalia and Shelly voted out Keith because the vets wanted him gone, instead of coming together and deciding as a group who to vote out. They were so “BB starstruck” that they forgot they were playing a game to win $500K and to do what’s best for them not for the vets.

      • they were smart enough to say they would do just stupid of them not to follow thru sowith that being said you are the delusional one!

      • The main problem facing the newbies from the beginning is that they didn’t know that or if they could trust each other. So for everyone to say that they should have stuck together isn’t a fair judgement. The vets all a had a partner they could trust. No matter what they were always 2 strong. And compound that with already have played the game the Vets were just more streetsmart.

  14. also i hate when they bring back players . jj had their shot, j won. then they got to go on amazing race but since that takes athleticism and brains to win they did stand a chance. br also had their chance. i prefer to see a newbie win……..then dont ever let them come on again unless its to guest host…:-)

    • Jeff is “the man” but has he won any game that he has played in..I mean the whole thing….

    • Because the newbies were all boring this year? The best season ever was the “all stars” –

      The ONLY reason why this season is interesting is that they brought back some dynamic duos.

  15. I must have missed it: there was a have/have not competition, and Rachel/Jordan lost?

    Anyone have the details?

    I see them in the have not room.

    • They’re just using that room to talk. The Candy Room has a big hole in the top between the next room for the camera to move around so you can’t have private conversations in there.

      • Matt do you think the Fortune teller will give a hg any special powers? Isn’t it late in the game for anything ellse? Just curious….

      • I am curious about the fortune teller as well. I think it is a possibility. I watched the first episode again on youtube and in the opening sequence the last shot is of the fortune teller laughing an evil laugh….so I am inclined to think it is going to be used for something

      • No. At this point I’m thinking the Fortune Teller isn’t going to do squat. The other night it seemed promising, but then nothing happened. It’s another squandered opportunity on production’s behalf.

      • I was thinking maybe it had nothing to do with powers, but something for a competition. If they don’t use it at all, it would definitely be a squandered opportunity.

  16. i think they should keep shelly. why? because they will win over her in the end. & adam has not won anyting therefore not having to get his hands dirty so he will have jury votes. shelly had made everyone in the house so mad at her that no one will ever vote for her. like jo said u have to take who u think u can beat to the end, not your friends.

    • Agree…but no ones thinking with their brain, they’re thinking with their heart and only looking to seek revenge instead of the ultimate prize and that’s $500K

  17. Y’all say production doesn’t rig things
    But hey, it is their show! Still wondering if jeff really even Had two shoes in his bin to find!!!!

    • His second yellow shoe was thrown out his area when he was throwing the balls out of the way. Matt (BBN Moderator) posted a picture showing his shoe next to his area.

    • Yeah he did. He just flung one shoe out of the bin with his wild flailing and didn’t notice. They were light and made of foam so he didn’t even feel it. But, you could see it sitting on the side the whole time. Jeff had a VERY good chance at winning that Veto… but then Jordan would have been the replacement.

  18. Shelly is getting what she desevere she walked around that house making deal with everybody like knows the game she needs to eat maybe just maybe she can win a comp. rachel u r great and jordan sweetheart rachel u should have played the ur way not everyone tring to change u its big brother for peaks sakes

  19. I am happy to see Shelly getting the boot next.

    There is a nice theme going on in the jury house.

    Brendon was screwed first by Dani

    Dani joins him after being screwed by Jeff

    Jeff joins them after being screwed by Shellly.

    Now Shelly joins nthem after beiung screwed by Porsha and her choice to open Pandora’s box

    Hopefully Porsha is gone next!

    • Ohhh, good point!!! But maybe it should end there, because I’d like to see Kalia follow Porsche.

      • All i can say to that is AMEN! I hope you all are right! I hope racha and jord go to final 2 and rach wins cause jord won before and jordan still gets money for 2nd place. she deserves some money anyways for putting up with baby killer’s and crazy’s! LMAO

    • Leo
      did u hear what Jeff said to Shelly once he was evicted? he said something but couldn’t hear it on the show yesterday, will try to rewatch it but would be grateful if u kow and tell me

  20. You people really crack me up. Everyone is mad at Shelly because she lied and turned on JJ as if they are the best people In the world. Shelly did what everyone else would have and that is take the opportunity to get out a big threat (Jeff). So what Jordan gave her call from home, if the only reason she gave her that call from home was so that Shelly would remain loyal then Jordan didn’t do it out of the goodness of her heart and therefore it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t do a good gesture and make it seem like you would prefer the other to have it and then throw it in their face when they go against you in a game. Everyone is there to win the money, the same way Dani got Brendon out because he was a threat and Jeff got her out because she was a threat, that is what Shelly did. I wish everyone would stop being so bias and only caring about JJ, what about everyone else in the game, everyone wants the $ and you all would be fools to do what’s in someone else’s best interest instead of yours when you have the opportunity to win $500K. There is no way either of them (JJ) would have taken Shelly to the final 2 with them. JJ aren’t saints, they lie, throw comps just like everyone else. All of the decisions they made were in the best interest for them, not for anyone else, go back and look at their DRs. So why are y’all so hard on Shelly for lying and backstabbing when everyone does it and continues to do it, that is how you play the game. A lot of you on here are delusional, idiots who have your head so far up JJ’s a$* that you probably would do the same thing as Adam is doing and that is giving the game to people who already had a chance of winning one did and the other didn’t. Not to mention they were both on amazing race, seriously how about you guys talk about how they are constantly on these shows trying to win money instead of doing something with their lives. Stop making mean remarks about Shelly because she decided to do something that was best for her. Stop talking about her being a mother, if you’re going to base your opinion on her being a mother and wife because of what she does on a show during a game to win money then you need to reevaluate yourself. The way she acts during this game has nothing to do with her as a mother and wife so stop attacking her and acting like she’s the only liar in the game. I’m not a Shelly fan by far, but I am also a realist and I understand that this is a game in which everyone is trying to win $500K.

    • Lol. tl;dr…but I sort of agree I think. You may have some hypocrisies in there but I’m not entirely against how Shelly played.

    • the issue i have with shelly is how she conducts herself in the DR. she continues to play the “i hate lairs in this game, i don’t play like that” card – when we watch her do it. of course they all do, its BB – but the rest of them fess up in the diary room about why they do it and admit it…she keeps denying even to herself. as my daughter would say, VERY SKETCHY!”

      • Lmao yeah. I haven’t seen as much of that recently but earlier she would say that at least once every episode.

      • Oh I know exactly what you’re talking about and I would say to myself “this chick is delusional” whenever i would see her DRs, but I think it’s so sad that so many people are attacking her because she turned on JJ. As much as a lot of people on here say it’s because of her lying, as long as she was lying to get everyone else out it was okay, but the minute she lied and got Jeff out everyone started hating her. I think it’s really sad.

      • Last Thursday before eviction we see Shelly talking to Adam in the purple room…Jeff already starting to find holes in Shelly’s stories soes to talk to ADam in the Purple room…Shelly comes in the purple room not seeing Jeff and blows up on ADam about the whole Dani scheme OUTING herself. Then tries to blame everything on Adam. Jeff kept trying to tell her SHE is the one who told him ( Jeff) NOT Adam.

        Shelly needs mental help. She’s cracked. Now because of her craziness her family is receiving death threats? It isn’t Tony & Josies fault for Shelly taking from Jordan and then smacking her in the face. Death Threats…NOT COOL. IF Shelly has any marbles left when she gets out she needs to watch the whole season, then seek help.

        I believe the fortune teller is just something to mess with them about.

        Next Veto should be OTEV.

        I want to see Rachel ( can’t believe I’m saying it either) Jordan and Adam final 3.

        Porsche & Kalia I can’t stand. Porsche is so stuck on herself. WOWEEEE

    • @TeamNewbies you are not alone, I have been saying the same thing all along. It’s a game and everyone is playing for the win. Sure everyone has a different favorite, but to attack anyone with personal comments regarding lying, backstabbing, how they look, how much they eat, how much they sleep, etc. obviously has forgotten what BB is all about. Each and every person there is doing it their way.

    • I pretty much agree with you. IMO, Shelly would be a “hero” if she had done this to Brenchel or Dani.

    • Couldn’t have explained it better than myself! A lot of the comments I read people posting about Shelly are WAY more horrible than her backstabbing Jeff IN A GAME.

      I feel sorry for Jeff and Jordan, they seem to have many so psychopathic fans…

      • Don’t comment if you’re not going to read it. I don’t give a damn – keep it moving…

    • Hey TeamNewbies! That piece of crap Shelly went beyond the game when she cried and called them friend and said she could never put them up no matter what.They really thought she was their friend, not their ally! There is the differance.And the person Jordan is ,is the reason I go for her on the show!

      • Again, name calling is purposeless! She didn’t put them up. She kept her word, she just voted Jeff out. But I guess its was okay for Jeff to tell Dani he wasn’t going to put her up, but her did? Are you serious? I guess it’s oaky for JJ to lie to people but everyone else shouldn’t? I dont care if Shelly said they were friends or not at the end of the day, she’s there to win $500K, what fool would let a couple win $550K instead of looking out for themselves if they have the opportunity to? That’s fine you like the person that Jordan appears to be, but that doesn’t mean that she should win a game that she hasn’t been playing since we been in the house. Explain to me what Jordan has done that makes her the “right person” to win the game. I’d rather see Rachel win over her because at least Rachel has played the game both seasons. Rachel was up against the house last season because they knew she was a fierce competitor. I’d rather see someone fighting and playing the game go to the finals, than someone that is just being nice and laying low. What’s the purpose of going into a game if you’re not going to play (physically) that’s like going to a party and being antisocial.

  21. I am actually hoping Rachel and Jordan evict Shelly this week and Porsha next. Porsha has more second place finishes than Kalia and is better ay skills comps.

    I am also suspicious why Adam is pushing to evict Kalia over Porsha. Adam and Porsha are too close for comfort.

  22. The show isn’t rigged. Obviously there are little tweaks here and there but the outcome isn’t decided. All the live-feeders should know that. I’m a Dani fan and I have realized that every week her alliance had power there was a twist. However, I recognize that while this is true they still had equal chance of doing well. In fact, it’s still possible for a newbie to win. I think Adams gonna win the whole thing.

    • I would rather see Adam win than Kalia or Porsha…..

      I would rather see Rachel win than Jordan….

      I would rather see Jordan win that any Newbies…

      I would rather see Kalia win than Porsha…

      I just don’t want Porsha to win…. LMAO!!!

      • I’m rooting for Kalia, Adam, and Rachel. Any of them Id like to see win. Porsche screwed herself with this Pandora thing and Jordan already won. I don’t want Shelly to win because people will kill her and set her house on fire. Lol.

    • I agree with you that nothing is rigged in the sense that everyone has a chance to win. What I consider unfair is that these “little tweaks” only happen when Dani’s alliance has power. These tweaks may not hurt certain people in the house, yet they never help them. At the same time, they’re guaranteed to help the producers’ choice if they succeed.

  23. All of these show can be manipulated. Production can intervene and make outcomes favor one person or another. Instead of making comments read the fineprint at the end of these reality shows. Some shows of course are easier to manipulate than others…. like being confined to a house all summer, as oppose to amazing race or survivor but it’s still possible

  24. Kalia is trying to get RJ not to use the veto?
    Do u really think for a moment that they will do that? I wouldn’t be surprised that thwy laugh in her face
    She is delusional

  25. I believe the producers do try to control the flow of the show. What producers don’t do that? If the next HOH competition is a Q&A then it is obviously slanted in the favor of Kalia winning. I believe it will be a Q&A so Kalia will win thus adding to the roller coaster.

  26. I dont care who wins as long as Adam doesn’t. He literally has done nothing in the house the entire season. Shelly’s lies has at least been entertaining.

    • i think he has done a lot – i dont think he should win – but he has been “needed” by both sides the whole game for a vote, keeping him safe. flipping back and forth has worked so far…where did all those “big game moves” get the other players?

      • It’s funny. Adam is the only true floater in the house, but he’s never the target. Proof that Rachel and others really don’t understand what a floater is.

    • I want to see his face as she walks into the jury house and has to tell them all that J & R put her there!! Thats going to be priceless!!!!I Hope Jeff & Jordan are DVRing this at home so they can watch it over and over again!

      • Wait till Jeff see’s or hears about Shelly’s ATTACK on Jordan after he was evicted and Porsche was HOH. When Jordan alone crying to herself how stupid she felt believing in Shelly—Shelly standing outside the door listening and storms in very domineering and agressive as Jordan was laying..Jordan popped up and Rachel pulled Jordan out. Jeff will be FURIOUS that anyone esp Shelly attacked Jordan

      • I thought she would have kicked ShelLIEs butt is Rachel hadnt of grabbed her and pulled Jordan away from her
        She sure looked like her wanted too LOL

  27. I thought Adam made a solid deal with RJ and shook on it
    Was he lying? Is he with PK?
    Does anybody know?

    • Hard to say. Adam goes to whoever is in power. When Porche won HOH he ran right there. Now that Rachel won POV he is there. Can’t figure him out? He basically told them he wants to win on his own merit. He is just happy that they have promised to keep him safe this week. Adam gets nervous unless he feels safe.

      • I should add that they did shake on it. Both Rachel and Jordan were telling him that he could not trust Kalia and Porche. Adam said he was beginning to have doubts since Kalia telling him they had a final two got back to Shelly and then of course to Rachel and Jordan. I still say whoever wins HOH will be the way Adam goes. Hope that helps.

  28. If our Shelly wins BB, this will be $$$ will be “PLAY/POCKET MONEY” 2 our Shelly, she dnt really need the money, just a little info 4 u “not-so-fun-of-Shelly-fans”!!!

    • Oh, so the “i need it for my family” was yet another lie? What a surprise.

      Even better was the one where she said that she would give it to charity….

      I truly think that she needs to see a doctor for being a pathological liar. She really seems to believe all of the stories that she tells. If that’s the case, it’s truly sad. If it’s game play – then she needs to stop crying and OWN it; if she wants an ounce of respect.

  29. I am glad Shelly is going, yes she has lied like all the others, however she seems to forget she lied and is offended when she is called on it. But the bigest porbnlem I have with her is she hides behind the lies when it is all over and done with. She should have told Jeff straight up that she was voteing against him at the double evition instead of trying to convince him she was still on his side. He only had a few minuets to do anything about it and it would have not made any difference. Jeff would still be mad but would respect the game move as a player when he calmed down. It was a great game move for the newbies, but the way shelly played it was really bad. Lie in the game when you have to, but when the time comes own up to the fact that your doing a good game play move and dont hide behind the lies and smoke. Eveeryone will know you did it and most will respect it when the time comes instead of resent it becouse of her beliving her own lies.

    • Mike 1733, you are so right, not only did she continue to lie to Jeff but she threw Adam under the bus trying to make Jeff believe that Adam was flipping as well. At least when Dani was called out she admitted to it.

    • Remember, Shelly is a straight shooter!! Give it to her straight. Cause that’s what she does…Straight Shooter

      And she works for an outdoor company!! They should be emabrassed by her lies ( lies, yes because she swears in DR she doesn’t)

  30. @3lark3…lol,,,u r so right that is soooo unattractive on her when she blows those long fingers to her rough lips….(i guess shelly thinks thats cute)

  31. Porshe just gave away 500K. I don’t think there is anyway that Rachel or jordan will work with her. Shelly is out this week… that’s a given!

  32. What you forget is that if Jeff stayed… then it would be the same old same old… Porsche screwed her alliance… like any woman… always wanting more for nothing… even though it is Shelley’s time… they can’t let the Michelle Bachman wanna be… Rachel win.

  33. U never know between now n thurs, Shelly might b able to swing an underhanded deal w R/J. Our Shelly have skills like that……Our Shelly is just like dr will/boogie of her season!!!…Go Shelly keep doing ur thang,,,we miss u!!!

    • she is not like Will
      Will lied and told people no to trust him and they still did
      Shelly lies and then denies denied denies and acts offended that somebody would rvrn think that

  34. porche may have given away the 500k, but 5 thousand will till buy plenty of new velour trackuits………………

  35. I’M so happy that rachel has won the veto and now I can relax LOL Shelly needs to go she is the Big brother player ever if you play both side you can never make it to the end.. BYE shelly…

    I’m a on the vets side.

  36. I am so thrillrd that Joride and rach will not be leaving the house. Goodbye Shelly! You were wrong in all of your filp flopping. Now, you cannot talk your way out of it.

    I do NOT like Kaila..I want her out. I would be happy with Jordie, Rach and Porsche in teh final 3. Porsche is teh only newbie that has actually played this game once she was allowed to be apart of teh comps. If Kailia won, that be an injustice to all that actually have played teh game. For noe, Shelly, get out.

    • I do not like kalia either. I hope it is Jordan, Rachel, and Porsche. I really hope Rachel wins!!!

      • the reason i turned on porsha was the whole abortion comments that her and Adam made. so im ok with porsha going next but i hope for jord rach and kalia in the final 3! with j&R sending her a_ _ packing as well!

    • What’s wrong w/her having a huge butt? Again, a purposeless comment. I wish you guys would stop attacking people’s appearance – what’s the purpose?

      • theirs nothing wrong with your huge bottom.really its ok its just hers is really huge I mean my gosh I thought my tv was bent and it was magnifying it.but nope its just huge

    • U better believe our Shelly is trying her best to convince R n J to let her tag along w/them, our Shelly has her game-face on at all times,(why u think she has made it this Our SHELLY is Dr Will n Boogie wrap up in one!!!!…GO SHELSTER 4 the win!!!!!

      • She played an okay social game, No Where I mean no where close to the level of Dr.Will though. She’s going out this week because she went over the top. Serves her right.

      • Shelly couldn’t even begin to play against Dr. Will and Boogie. She wouldn’t have made it past the first vote.

        I don’t think it’s game face – I stick with “crying” face. The probably just believe her to make her stop.

    • Kalia is planning to do that she must think that if she keep on taking Rachel will give in just to shut her up

  37. Production may help, but ultimately the contestants control it. Production would help k and p too if they stopped sleeping, developed personalities, and were entertaining.

    • What is so entertaining about Jordan and Rachel? Jordan barely talked to anybody until recently except Shelly and Jeff. When Jeff was still there she even said she had to start talking to others and being more sociable. They all play cards together at night now and Jordan just started that. Rachel has stopped being the drama queen she used to be. I guess I don’t know what you mean about being entertaining.

  38. Did anyone else think that the choice of game for HOH (Snake Eyes) was VERY appropriate at this time. I would have thought that Shelly could have won that competition hands down in view of her behavior in this game!

  39. Is there not an extra person in the house as it is 17 days left to stay?? Am I missing something??

    • @flyonthewall, No because there are actually only 2 real HOH & 2 POV’s left. The F3 all compete in 3 diff. comps. The winner of the lst comp. doesn’t play the 2nd. The 2 losers of the lst comp compete against each other, than the winner of the 2nd comp. battles it out with the winner of the lst comp. The person who wins 2 out of the 3 comps. wins HOH & that HOH gets to decide who will stand next to them @F2. After the final comp. they immediately go to the Jury. F2 only has a night alone in the house together before finale & votes revealed. If you figure they do HOH & POV & eviction in 1 week, than that’s 2 weeks & last week is final comp. & finale…At least it’s how I remember it but I could be wrong.

  40. Shelly is a snake disguised in a mother’s clothing – the way she treated Jordan was terrible and I loved the fact that Jordan screamed at her on the last show – she deserved it and Jordon finally has a voice! I vote for Jordon/Rachel til the end – don’t take Shelly to the end b/c that means she gets 50k…she doesn’t deserve it for playing EVERYONE in the game, being a liar and back-stabber.

    • That’s how you win the game. What good is a game if everyone is being sweet and riding someone’s coattail til the end. Again, making ugly comments about Shelly serves no purpose. Jus because she got out someone you like, oh well keep it moving but dont attack her. She wasn’t mean or malicious to Jordan all she did was vote Jordan’s BF out the game, get over it it’s a game. You’d rather have someone go to the end that hasn’t done anything all summer long (Jordan) than someone who is playing the game and making good moves to get people out that they cannot beat? As long as Shelly was backstabbing the other houseguest to benefit her and JJ it was all good, not that she’s went against JJ she’s such a bad person right? They’re all playing a game for $500K, what was she supposed to do, go to final 3 w/JJ and then be sent packing?

      • Teamnewbies you and I are on the same page. I don’t understand why they think Jordan deserves to win by her game play so far. She even told Adam that they kept him safe. Her alliance maybe, but what did Jordan do this season herself? I was a fan of both Jeff and Jordan when the show started. Both of them acted so different than their season. I just don’t believe she deserves to be in the final two. Unless she wins every comp. left without yet another save at the perfect time I don’t think she deserves Final 2. If this twist had not happened with duos playing again and Rachel won, as she did, Jordan would be out. Porche took the money, but as I have pointed out Jeff took it when it was available to him so why is it wrong just for Porche to take it?

    • For a while I thought Shelly was really playing the game well. But anyone who attempts to make alliances with everyone else is doomed to fail. I guess it’s her shady tactics though, when she is questioned after having been caught, that really is mind-boggling. “Well if you really feel that way, Jordan…” Are you kidding me? Jordan didn’t even want to talk to her and Shelly wouldn’t leave it alone. Thank you Rachel for stepping in there or Jordan might have been kicked off the show for whuppin Shelly’s narrow behind.

      • @Gail, I don’t think it was wrong of Porsche to take the $$, but she had to know because its well known & also was stated to her in the notes that if she opens the box ,as well as the $$ ,she gets a consequence. That said, Hg always have to “expect the unexpected”. Hg have to really consider is $5k worth a really bad consequence? Pandora’s box is meant to tempt the HOH. I have never seen a BB season where Pandora’s box in the long run didn’t twist around to bite the HOH in the a**s.

      • @Panther Shelly and Jordan had a long talk with Jordan in the Have Not room. Jordan apologized to her for saying what she did as Shelly was her elder and with Jordan’s family watching she was very sorry. They continued talking and Shelly told Jordan how sorry she was and they both said to each other how sorry they were to each other and hugged. I am not saying that Jordan trusts her to keep her, but at that conversation there was no game talk of Shelly asking to be kept safe just both of them apologizing to each other and why each did what they did.

    • I actually found myself wondering the same thing over the weekend. it almost looks like CBS is working with the Vets to make sure one of them wins. :-(

      I hope it’s just me being paranoid.

      • totally agree. CBS should just bring back Jeff while they are at it. It is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Am really not enjoying BB anymore now that I know BB AND CBS interfer so much with the game and house guest. I think what they did with this last twist was turly to help R\J because if iether one get to the end they will win so I really don’t care who wins and I don’t watch all of bb I just flip the stations. kind of sad.

      • Even if it is an attemp by CBS to keep R/J in the game, it still depended on Porka opening Pandora’s box. If she didn’t, it would have been a different game.

    • Yes they are. For years now they throw in twists just in time to save the hero or villian. It is crap as far as I’m concerned. It was so obvious with Jeff’s season and now you can almost write the script with Rachel getting saved all the f’ing time.

      • I dont think survior was rigged…survivor is a much better quality show and Mark Burnett will never lets somthing like that happen…As for AG, shes just a bitch who wants to see the vets in the end.

    • Keeping Adam over Shelly isn’t a choice its the only thing to do. I hope Jeff saw footage of Shelly cursing out Jordan. She’ll be walking into fireworks if he did. AND NO IT WOULD’NT BE JEFF BEING A BULLY. It would be the only way he could act, he loves Jordan.

    • Idk, although Shelly is absolutely as crooked as the letter “S”, I think it would be better to keep he if I were a HG simply because she hasn’t won anything whatsoever, shes the last person I would expect to take home the prize, adam on the other hand, he just may get what he came for ($500,000). I think jordan is really nice but I don’t want to see her win again. I would rather see a newbie win, most likely porsche. Although she has been laying low for the first part of the game, she stepped up when it was necessary.

      • That would be pathetic to let Shelley who lies all the time and Porsche who puts Benafibre in there food and lays around all day and doesn’t even try to win why not Adam at least he is trying to play and win.

    • It seems so, doesn’t it. I hope not for the sake of CBS; an FCC complaint against the network and show could be filed to force an inquiry to see if the “twists” were planned on the game’s schedule at the beginning of the season – well ahead of the evictions as they ultimately occurred – and an inquiry conducted to determine whether or not by its conduct, CBS was improperly influencing the outcome of the competition. Historically, it would not be the first time a network stacked the deck in a contestant’s favor to win a prize (eg.$64,000 Question). Never in the history of this show has production’s interference with the game been so overt, regardless of for whom you are cheering. It reeks.

      • I think this season is sooooo rigged…yes porsha opened pandora’s box(who hasn’t)BUT it seems to always and only be a twist whenever a vet is on their way out….Why does it always have to involve B/R or J/J….and BTW…Yeah Right…AMERICA VOTED BRENDEN BACK IN!!!!

  41. I am glad that Shelly will be going, but Adam is also flip flopping and has been completely useless. I want to see him gone. Also, I think the duo twist for this week was stupid because if one of the nominees won veto (which happened), Porshe would have no options. She has to put up Adam and Shelly. There were too few people left to bring the twist back, and I didn’t like the twist to begin with. The veterans had immediate trust with their partners because they were dating or family. The newbies backstabbed their partners the first week because they were still strangers. It didn’t seem fair to me.

      • Shelly would promise Rachel and Jordan her kidney if she thought she could convince them to let her back “into the fold.” By showing what a two-faced, deceiving snake she is and voting to evict Jeff, Shelly invoked a spark in Jordan that was delightful to see on Sunday night. It brought out a determination in her to fight on in the game. I think Jordan finally woke up and hopefully she and/or Rachel can continue to strive to win the new few HOHs.

      • At least Adam stayed true to Jeff and Jordan. When it came time to vote Jeff or Rachel he voted Rachel. I hope they do keep Adam. I would trust him over Shelly anyday.

    • I would disagree with you. Adam has never really flip flopped. The only time he really committed to anything was in the first vote to keep Keith. Since then he’s never really picked a side/alliance to be in.

      • In the DR on Sunday’s show, Adam admitted to joining up with the newbies because he has to stay where the power is. As far as I’m concerned, he’s one of the worst players in the history of the show, and that’s saying a lot. I hope he goes shortly after Shelly.

        Of the final 6, Rachel probably deserves it the most. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t care for Rachel.

      • I totally agree Paul..I did not want her to win at all BUT if we are talking about who REALLY has played the game-I would have to say Racheal should win….

    • Also, of the six people left the only ones that haven’t been downright mean/nasty to others has been both Jordan and Adam. I have never seen either of them talking bad about anyone in the DR or heard about it from the live feeds.

  42. If they dont get Shelly out, she’ll go after them. They stand before her and her family winning the money. I would keep Adam in. He’s not a good game player and has pretty much kept his word until the last game where he saw the odds were on the newbies side. I dont think it’s rigged, I just think Karma’s a bitch!

    • I agree with you Sara. At least when Jeff won he did not dance and make a fool of himself. Like Porch and Kalia did. He knew he had to think about the next week. I cant stand cocky people.

    • Ummm, I’m thinking darryl little meant “see you at the finale shelly” as in We’ll see you on finale night because we won’t be seeing you anymore in the house since Rachel & Jordan (Rachel) won the VETO & Shelly is going on the block with Adam which means Shelly is going to jury. I don’t think he meant it as shelly would make it to final 2! lol I could be wrong but that’s how I took it.

  43. bb will do anything to keep jordan in the house she is such a big liar dani kept jeff and jordan safe and jeff and jordan did not keep their word

    • Dani turned on them first, she thre the first stone. Jeff was just paying her back…nothing wrong with it. dani sealed her own fate when she tried to backdoor Jeff.

      • She didn’t get the chance to try and backdoor him. The plan never left the talking stage thanks to Shelly. So sick of everyone saying that she tried.Love how nobody talks about Shelly doing that for Jeff. He would’ve been gone a long time ago.

    • The way I see it, Dani never had any intention of keeping Jeff and Jordan safe. The only reason she didn’t get to evicting before she got evicted was that she was so so very obsessed with her hatred for Brendon and Rachel. Lucky for Dani her puppet, Kalia, found herself in the position of being able to evict Jeff over Rachel because at that point Dani and her puppet had wanted to break up Jeff and Jordan. Jeff and Jordan never did anything Dani didn’t do.

      • right on. dani made the biggest mistake of the game in backstabbing j/j when she was safe with the golden key, she screwed herself and got what she deserved, im thrilled shes gone and am looking forward to seeing cow faced betrayer shelly gone. way to go jordan for sticking up for your man!

  44. I am glad they are sending shelly home and keeping Adam who can not use his own brain but can kiss up to whoever has the power. Is he all there or he is just playing retarded and slow for the cameras to make it to the top 3??

  45. @ LEO (if u are here) If there is only 17 days left of the show is there not 1 HG too many in the house?? Or am I missing something???

    • Fly, there are only 16 days left because Big Brothers Finale is scheduled the same day Survivor premieres… I was thinking the same thing. 5 players left this Thursday. 4 next Thursday….. 4 players left with 6 days before finale night….

      Matt (BBN Moderator)…. Will there be another fast forward?

      • When they were talking by the hot tub, they said it will be like last year. 4th person will be evicted on Sunday with the f3 finishing the comp on finale night. 3rd person goes from the game to the juror seat, and then they ask their questions. Rachel said Brit was only in jury 2 days before the finale.

    • SHELLY goes (HOPE) 9/1…next week another on 9/8… that still leaves 4 player when it should only be 3 the final week??? Is that correct??

  46. Everyone knew this would happen, look at the way that Porshe acted. It seemed as if she really did not have a choice. I think the production bosses just wanted to make sure that it was not like last years lack luster ending. So they kept Jordan and Rachel. In the end, it will be Rachel that wins. Look at the way Porshe acted, did not seem right.

    • Porsha wasn’t forced…. She was hoping it would be something good for her. Shhe knew she would get $5000 as well as someone else… She made the decision to enter Pandora’s box out of greed.

    • I’m tired of reading how ‘porkshe was FORCED to open it’ or that ‘porkshe didn’t have a choice’. Greediness took over so she CHOSE to open the box. the HG always open the box because all of them can’t resist it. period.

      • Adam on BBAD was saying if (and thats a very big if) he wins HOH and there is a Pandora box he would open it

      • The night before Porsche opened Pandora’s box, she said if she got one she would open it because she was bored.

  47. I just think people (in the house and viewing audience) think the way Shelly ACTED was rude. When she thought it was all about J&J she was in their face, but when she shifted and K won, she completely turned her back, rooted on P during HOH( Snake) in a weird way. THAT is the problem with Shelly winning. One thing to lie (that is a given) it is another to lie in DR sessions and then act like an ass

    • Did you notice that whoever wins POV or HOH Shelly is right there saying Yeah, that is a win for us? I sure won’t miss watching Shelly.

      • I 100% agree with you. I can not stand her and then when they confront her she talks in circles and goes around and around, get of the merry go round and go home Shelly.

  48. Go our SHELSTER 4 the win,make us proud keep you game-face honey,,tell J n R whatever they need to hear so you can stay another week (hopefully F2) your almost there honey hang n there,,we are all rooting for U….OUR Shelly will outplay them all like Dr Will did…….

    • Shelly is nothing like Dr. Will. At least he had some class. Dr. Will was charming and Shelly has no charm.

    • If you’re her friend or relative outside the house, you better encourage her to seek treatment. She lies so much, she won’t know how to stop and be “normal”…if she really is. She has lied to America in her DR sessions…that’s where she can really tell the TRUTH. Her brain is so clouded with lies…she acts like a mental case.

      • @cd & @sue….Our Shelly is just playing the game, like i said b4 she has her game face on, thats all, she has class,charm etc…she is just playn the game ppl…..Shelly honey we r with u all the Shelster 4 the win!!!

      • I am beginning to think shelly does not know the truch from a lie. I think she really believes her lies. At least when everyone else goes into DR they admit what they are doing, but Shelly, She is really a mental case. Poor daughter and husband.

    • Comparing Shelly to one of the best players, and most fun to watch, in BB history HAS to be a joke, right??? No one has been able to manipulate the house through showmances, alliances, and a myriad of sub-alliances, like Will. Season 7 will go down as best season ever (social play by Will, and game play by Janelle). It will be a while before they can come up with a cast that even comes close.

    • Shelly’s gone chief, nobody in that house trust her. They are all going after Adam for his vote.

    • No way Shelly is like Will or even Danielle from BB3. They may have lied and played people but they TOLD US in their DR sessions. Shelly lies in the DR and seems to think the viewing audience is stupid or forgetful. I think she is done.

  49. I’m hoping that Rachel and Jordan kick Shelly out the door. I know people lie in the game but Shelly takes the cake i’ve never seen someone turn so fast. The way she was kissing up to Dani before she left. If Rachel and Jordan do not get rid of her they deserve what they get.

  50. Thanks Production for saving me from completely turning on my most favorite show and the one I look forward to every summer. If the twist would not have taken place I would have been piesed and have of my little town would have been that way also we were ready to boycott CBS, but now we have a sliver of light…..Hopefully one of the Vets can pull this off….because the other two really do not deserve anything…well maybe Kalia…but I really wanted Jeff to win…but we can not have everything we want….

    • I agree with you Deb for the most part. I wouldn’t have quit watching and/or boycotted CBS because I’d have still been curious as to who won, etc…I was certainly glad the Pandora twist came along :)

      • I was ready to quit watching too. Porch, Kalia , and now SHELLY are so cocky. They think they can call all the shots now. The way Shelly was cheering Porch in HOH comp. just made me sick at my stomach. I say KICK her out the door Rachel and Jordan.

      • I agree!!! I cannot even stand looking at her anymore. She looks so evil. I cannot imagine Rachel and Jordan not giving Shelly the boot. I cannot wait till thurs. BYE BYE SHELLY!!!!

    • If you are liking this mess regarding Jordan and Rachel, then I would like to start the boycott. I do not want either to win and if so much folks are looking for a vet to win, then from the start it should have been all vets. Jeff need not win anything and so glad that he is out. Jordan only won the last time because of who everyone liked, not how she played the game. She is more vocal this time and that is about it.

      • I totally DISagree with you. I love how Rachel is bucking up against the MEAN girls and old woman, to start winning again. GO RACHEL AND JORDAN!

      • Jeff won $15,000 so far hasn’t he? Also we have the people’s choice. I know i was on the I hate Rachel Train, but I switched at the station, I have been very impressed with her new attitude and I have to say I wouldn’t mind seeing her win.

      • cd you are so right on. Talk about the cat with 9 lives. I love how Rachel is still there. I think she really is very compasionate. When Brendon was evicted, Jordan went on about how she could not stand Rachel and her crying, yet when Jeff was evicted, Rachel was right there. Even when Jordan and Shelly got into the argument, Rachel took her aside and reminded her this was not her. I love Rachel!!!

    • I totally agree!! I was about to quit the show if all floaters were going to the final. The twist saved the show for me and all my friends! Go Rachel!!!! You are the only one in the house that deserves to win ANYTHING!

      • u should quit watching cuz one of the floater will win cuz it’s rigged.and that will be the BIGGEST FLOATER OF THEM ALL AKA JORDAN !!!!she was riding her d’head boyfrends tail the whole time until he got booted out,and now she’s crying like a little bitch.

    • I started to root for Jeff over Rachel when she cried for two days straight, now theres a real twist Rachel is pregnant? No wonder she can outcry a teething baby, Now Im hoping her and Jordan are final 2 with Rachel as the winner. I hated everybodys rank comments about her & brendans (trashy wedding) they were showing how playful they could be. not alot of people would have done a thing like that and on TV of all places.It showed that they are just kids having fun. Too bad Jeff threw his clown shoe out of his bin then didnt see it laying there.

    • Nothing like good ole production help! I love how they constantly manipulate the game for Rachel and Jordan or surprisingly can’t win anything! Thank god people who lose majority of the comps get help when things aren’t going their way!

  51. How funny is it that when Shelly played the “Snake Eye” game for HOH, that she stuck out her tongue and was wagging it side to side!!

    Freudian tongue if ever there was one!

    • anyways,,,,,Go SHELSTER,,,we miss u,,,,,,,keep showing them how to play the u r just like dr will

      • looonyshellHE is like Will? You sure are delusional like loonyshellHE. yes, go loonyshellHE!! go all the way to the jury house this thursday! and then to the mental/psychiartic hospital next!

      • Can’t compare Shelly to Will; completely different.

        In his own way, he played with honesty: he was honest about being a liar–Shelly is not.

      • Shelly is a SNAKE! A it is going to be sooo funny when she joins Jeff in the jury house on Thursday! How’d that new alliance work out for ya Shelly?! haha KARMA

      • *ring ring*
        Shelly: Hey Dr. Will, Mike Boogie…Shelly here from season 13. What do you think of the comparisons between our gameplay?

        DrWill/Mike: How’d you even get this number. *CLICK!!*

        Shelly: Hello? Hello? Aww man.

      • Please do not compare bonehead like shelly to the smartest player to ever step foot in that house. Their only similarity is neither won any comps. Will lost because chose to throw (almost) every comp but Shelly loses because she sucks at every comp. HUGE difference!

      • Im not a hater kind of person. Specially over a show but Shelly could have used some adjustment on her reactions. Cried when voting Jeff off and ACTED like she felt so bad. Then in front of everyone Cheering on Porcha like an uncontrolled pageant mom in front of whom she was just crying for!!! Rubbing salt in a wound is pretty cool right team-Shelly?? mmmm…Anyhow your probably the same way and can relate. Shelly will be happy she has 1 fan!!!! Yes dude, you rock!!! lmao….

  52. I’m kind of stuck really. I love Jordan. I know she hasn’t done anything but it is really difficult to NOT love her, am I right? I was a big fan of both her and Jeff, but Jordan’s sweet disposition makes it difficult to dislike her. (I wish more people on this planet were like her honestly).

    Anyway, it’d be ideal for Rachel to get voted out after this week, but NOT by Jordan’s hand. If that were to happen and Jordan went to the final two with ANYONE, she’d surely win it.

    I will note I’ve grown to like Rachel a bit more since Brendon left the last time so I’m not necessarily gunning for her to be voted out. I would just rather Jordan win it out of who’s left.

    • yea J is cute, but she can b very dumb @ times…i just hope she dnt let SHELLY play her once again this week!!!!

      • Are we watching the same show. Nothing cute about Jordan and that silly act. She acted this way the first time, the same way on Amazing Race and now on BB, she needs to get a grip and come out of that mode. Nothing cute about her. Not a big fan of her or Jeff. Glory to greatness when he was booted.

    • I’d rather see R/J in the final two. I want one of them to win 500K and the other 50K. The rest (newbies, that’s you) can go s*ck.. or nap away or stuff their face with food. I don’t really care :)

    • I hope Jordan and Rachel are the final 2 …and Rachel wins! She has worked her a$$ off this season with winning HOHs, Vetos, and having to campaign almost EVERY week being on the block. She deserves the WIN by far!

      • I’d have to agree at this point, Jessica. I’ve never been a fan of Rachel, but anyone who has had a HUGE target painted on their back for the entire game to have made it this far…I gotta go ahead and give them a tip of the cap.

        Plus, I’m kinda sick of how all the girls ganged up to talk trash about how catty, immature, and what a liar Rachel is…WHILE DOING MORE OF IT THAN RACHEL COULD EVER EVEN DREAM OF!!! Anyone else catch that??

        If folks want to honestly talk about who DESERVES to win, then there is only one HG that still stands out: Rachel. (it almost hurt to admit it lol)

      • @Sheesh….You took the words right out of my brain. Cant believe I switched to liking and routing for that girl (Rachel). And yes Im feeling you about “hurting to admit it”. But we are realist for sure!! Hahahahah(Rachel laugh)…God help us all!!!

  53. I love Jordan, I think she does have game, she uses her sweet nice self, and that is hard to fight against. I would love for her to win it again. Jeff is lucky to have, CBS should come up with a show just for them. Shelly needs to go she really is not that good of a player she just goes to whoever wins that week. To lie is one thing but she is a snake. She made the wrong choice when she voted Jeff out.

      • @cd & @sue….Our Shelly is just playing the game, like i said b4 she has her game face on, thats all, she has class,charm etc…she is just playn the game ppl…..Shelly honey we r with u all the Shelster 4 the win!!!..she is NOT CRazy!!!

      • Team-Shelly,

        I recognize this is a game,


        Shelly needs behavior therapy, no doubt about it. She has shown way too many behaviors that demonstrate psychological problems.

        She may be a successful manipulator in real life, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mentally ill — some suggest delusional. Her willingness, and the EASE with which she twists truths — demonstrating her proficiency and practice — and the EASE with which she dumps those she pretends to care for; this is beyond game-play. She is a practiced liar and manipulator. Her behavior suggests she has had substance abuse problems in the past (if not still); her behavior suggests narcissism; her behavior suggests that she is and always will be number one; her behavior suggests that how she is verses how she wants people to view her are at odds.

        Shelly might indeed be CRAZY. I would NEVER want to live with that kind of instability and unpredictability. I can only imagine the fall out for her family. Poor kid.

      • Dan, don’t tell these people that, they’ll just say your crazier. Anyone with half a brain can tell she one taco short of a combination plate.

    • @team-shelly Are you kidding me – playing the game. Never in BB history has such a strong alliance been play the game but stay loyal to her alliance. I’m sorry for her family. No matter how much they want to see the good in what she did. Her daughter will forever be dissapointed in her. SO SAD!

      • the brenchal/jj alliance was never a strong one jeff was afraid of facing brendon in an 4 person alliance they were supposed to have, didn’t even give him a vote, nor did jordan. stop saying this was a strong alliance it was never the case

  54. I am so amazed how people have put Shelley in hell,, dang!!… I really wish to see how perfect everyone else is on this site!!.. Geeezz!!!.. Because of the hatred everyone has for Shelley, she’s definitely leaving this house this week no if ands or buts… as per production)).. Porsha of course was going to go for the money,,, production knows this.. I KNEW that!!Lol!!.. If we as the audience knows who talks and plays together,, I would use common sense to know Kalia is always with Porsha,, Duhhh..,, and Rachel crying with Jordan,,…Adam and Shelley always talking.. Come on!!!!.. The duo team was put together by using common sense..I have only watched BB a couple of times,, and I feel like I’m the only one on this site who can understand the rigged mystery and suspense of production.. They know everyone loves Jordan and Rachel… So.. They decided to do this duo crap,,, with 6 people left!!.. Yeah right!! My predictions,, so you can stop watching this week. Shelley is leaving this week.. Rachel or Jordan will be HOH.. and Adam will continue to make deals with no game play!! I’m glad I figured out that this wasn’t a real reality show!!! .. It’s too many people out there that need money for CBS production to play around with it!! Disappointing!!

    • Oh, let’s count the ways production forced this outcome:

      1) They forced Porche to win HOH by blowing a wind machine on everyone else’s snake eye causing them to fall to the ground.

      2) They forced Porche to open Pandora’s box. (The clues were pretty obvious about doubles returning without opening the cards — they forced Porche to miss the obvious by blowing dumb smoke on her while she read card #1.)

      3) They forced Porche to choose Kalia as he partner.

      4) They forced Rachel to choose Jordan.

      5) They forced Porche to nominated Rachel and Jordan.

      6) They forced Rachel to hold on longer in the veto competition while they greased the monkeys that Kalia and Porche held on to forcing “rug burns” from said greased monkeys.

      Yep . . . production is forcing the outcome.

      Who here on this site is logical?

      • it’s only rigged when people favorites dont win
        Ur actually wrong Dan there was an invisible wire that held Rachel up :)

      • Yeah without a doubt, production has been helping the vets a lot this season. I would think maybe here or there but they’re going all out to rig the show this year. Poor newbies they never even had a shot R or J is going to win and production will make sure of it.

    • Production has nothing to do with it. All the people left don’t trust her. I agree production interferes, but if they had that power you think they do, Dani would still be there.

  55. Seeing the newbies win so many competitions in a row was almost painful. Up until this point they really haven’t done ANYTHING and I really don’t think any of them deserve to win. As much as it pains me to say, I think that the only person who deserves to win is Rachel.

    • why do people keep talking about who deserves to win and how people play the game. everyone is playing the game. if you are in the house, you are playing. it is based on luck and timing. at the end, the jury will have personal feelings and ends up

      who they rather see win than the other

    • You just said “seeing the newbies win so many comps in a row” and now you’re saying they didn’t do anything? Get your head straight just because its so far up JJ’s a$$ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to see good gameplay. Give credit where credit is due, the newbs have worked their butts off and they are doing a good job.

  56. Matt: Did you ever answer the question about another fast forward a few comments up? I didn’t see the answer. I’m also counting 1 to many players in the house in time for finale night.

  57. @cd & @sue….Our Shelly is just playing the game, like i said b4 she has her game face on, thats all, she has class,charm etc…she is just playn the game ppl…..Shelly honey we r with u all the Shelster 4 the win!!!

    • If you genuinely care for your Shelly, therapy or a 12 step program where one begins being honest and making amends might be a good program for her.

    • @Dan & @joni…whats up w/the 12 step program….that is not needed 4 our Shelly,she is just playn a game ppl,,,wow get a grip…Anyways,anyways, our Shelster 4the win, just pull ur self outta that hole u have fallen into, tell J/R whatever they need to hear n go back to kickn butt,blow out their smoke like u have done everyone else in the DR….our beloved Shelster F2!!!!

      • @Team Shelly… We all agree that its just a game she backstabed Jeff even though he had been pulling her all this time n even kept her safe and voted out B instead. she gave JJ both her word that she was with them the whole time. JJ were honest with B that they were not going to vote to keep him. Jordan gave up something she really wanted to ur Shelly so she can talk to her daughter n her husband. She was also in a final 4 deal with JJ and A. throughout the whole season she has been saying she doesnt need the money to every1 now all of a sudden u need it? yes she did make a big move n voted out Jeff cuz she found him to be big competition but in actuality they r all big competitors cuz ur Shelly cant win SH**… Would I really dislike truly about her besides all the bash talking that she does behind ppl backs n the stealing becuz on time of her being a lier she is also a thift is her knowing that Jordon was extremely upset going up to her n yelling at her when Jordon tell her that she doesnt want to talk to her.. There is not need to kick some1 down when they r already weak n down come on.. I’m sorry I was routing for her cuz me 2 im a mother of 4 kids but the way she plays is disgusting n i would not b surprised when she walks out the door on thursday that she gets booed cuz even thou its a game there certain things that u just shouldnt do..

      • @Team-Shelly~

        One word I suggest you look up, it stands behind every good manipulator/addict: “enabler”.

    • I think we could accept her behavior as “game play” if she was honest in her DR with us… but nope she goes in there and continues to lie… trying to manipulate us ???? Like we didn’t watch what happened or see her actions.?

    • I think we could accept her behavior as “game play” if she was honest in her DR with us… but nope. She goes in there and continues to lie… trying to manipulate us ???? Like we didn’t watch what happened or see her actions.?

    • @Gene..dnt count ur eggs b4 they hatch, out Shelly might b able to convince R & J to keep her, our Shelster has skills…SHELLY honey we r rooting 4 u!!!!!Just pull ur self outta that hole u have fallen n, and go back to kicking butt!!!keep that gameface on honey!!!

      • I live in LA. I have a better chance by being stuck by lightning outside my house right now than Shelly has getting past Thursday. She’s done and done.

      • Hey, Team-Shelly, I want her to stay Thursday, I really do, because in the end, she won’t win sitting next to any of the remaining contestants;


        she cooked her own goose, turkey, pheasant, brother, sister, grandmother, “guacamol”, pear, hummus or whatever she now eats.

        She won’t be in the BB house after Thursday.

  58. Haha…who keeps calling Porsche-Porkshe? That’s funny. I cannot stand her but I think I cannot stand Shelly the most. Rachel is showing America that she can be a nice person after all.

  59. Its going 2 be crazy if JR are in the final 2 because most of the hgs hate Rachel but Jordan has already won BB once so will they vote for her 2 win again? Porsche and Kalia have played the game the way Dani wanted not with their own game strategy so they need 2 follow Shelly out the door asap! Adam is the weakest link…I say take him 2 the final 3 with JR.

  60. Are we going to have to listen to Kahlia go on for hours about her worse case scenerios with her candy to explain each one over and over again?

      • Her candy piece should be bigger. Porsches should be made out of velour. Shelly should be a cigarette. Adam doesnt need one, cause he doesnt play.

  61. Is Rachel much calmer without whats his name?Other then using the bitch word i have not heard any F=bombs lol. Porkchop,dude ect drop them all the time

  62. Does Adam seems like he is going to be another Jerry from Big Brother 10 to anyone else…?

    • chris i was thinking of this just today all of the hg probably have the same plan drag this “dufus” to the final 3 so they can get the two seats, yes

    • @Eduardo,,,U r sooo (words cant explain u),,,anyways u will regret the words of bye, it will be hi Shelly u r still here,…….our Shelly will fool J/R to keep her n get rid of A(just watch Shelly work her magic)…..gameface Shelster for the win bring it home honey,we love miss u!!make LA proud

      • Here’s where your thinking goes bad. Shelly has been talking behind Rachel and hiding her stuffed animals for the past couple of weeks. Rach found out. No amount of talking and shmoozing will make her forget what Shelly has done to her on top of the fact she doesn’t trust her. P and K don’t trust her either, they tryng to get Adam’s vote and they’ve already said they won’t fight to keep her in the game. adam doesn’t trust her becasue she tried to throw him under the bus by blaming the Dani vote on him, which nobody belives because Rach ratted her out. So She gone on Thursday- Signed sealed, delivered.

      • Sorry, Team-Shelly. Of course i dont think she is a real bitch. It’s just a game. I did like the way she acting. But she did the worse moves when decide vote agains her aliance (again). Now she will pay the price for it. If she convence J/R do keep her on the house, lol, i dont know, maybe she really deserve the million dolar. But i dont belive its gonna happen. Lets see what is gonna happen. For now i am really convenced she gonna be evicted (and you know it too).

      • maybe NOT,,,OUR Shelly might be able to pull a fast one over on JORdum…work ur magic Shelly,,,,ShELLY 4 THE F2/Win!!!

      • Shelly falls when she try to save Daniele. Now she have to pay the price. Nobody trust Shelly anymore. J/R should Shelly think she is gonna stay, then J/R must to vote against Shelly, just to make a blindside evicted. Shelly deserves it. LOL

      • Team-Shelly~

        Surely you’re just pokin’ fun at the rest of us; you can’t really be pulling for her! Surely you jest! Obvious is obvious. She’s gone.

        And, what’s the bit about “JORdum”? How unkind is that?! You must be kin of Shelly’s with a comment like that. Watch out! She’ll be serving you for dinner next.

  63. I personally could care less if Shelly lies, flip-flops, or voted against Jeff. Its a game, and the point is to get to the end to win the money. My only problems with Shelly are that she lies to us in the DR, and she has the nerve to claim she has class and integrity when she has spent the entire game lying about Rachel on a personal, not game, level. The only thing Rachel did to Shelly was tell the truth when she was confronted about something Shelly was lying about. Give me a break, and give back Rachel’s dog! Sheesh!!

  64. I know is too early do say something about jury’s votes, but look this:
    If one vet (Jordan or Rachel) go to the F2 without Adam, she must win!

    Bandon – V
    Daniele – N
    Jeff – V
    Shelly – N
    – we are tie

    ex1: F2 Kalia & Rachel
    Adam – V
    Porsche – N
    Jordan – V
    – RACHEL WINS (4×3)

    ex2: F2 Kalia & Jordan
    Adam – V
    Porsche – N
    Rachel – V
    – JORDAN WINS (4×3)

    ex3: F2 Porsche & Jordan
    Adam – V
    Kalia – N
    Rachel – V
    – JORDAN WINS (4×3)

    ex4: F2 Porsche & Rachel
    Adam – V
    Kalia – N
    Jordan – V
    – RACHEL WINS (4×3)

    • If Adam is in the jury, he will vote for the best game player. If Jordan is in the F2 against Porsche or Kalia, Jordan would get second place.

      • Adam wouldn’t nescessarily say Porsha was a better player because as of now Jordan and Porsha both have won a HOH

      • There’s still time for Jordan to do more to get his vote, but as of today, Porsche has 1 HOH and 1 POV and Jordan has 1 HOH. If they are tied, Adam may still give his vote to Porsche since Jordan already won.

      • Hopefully J wont fall 4 Shelly lies again,, (i worry about J she is not the brightest LIGHT at times!!)..

  65. As long as Porsha doesn’t win, I am contempt with this season…..

    Go Rachel / Jordan or Adam!

  66. should have been all new peeps for the show. vets already had an advantage on them, and also already had a chance to win[ which some did ] so i am rooting for a newbie to win, either porsche or kalia, although rachel is acting much better now than before, which makes her more likable to me. it is a game after all people, given the chance you all would do the same as these folks have done

  67. Just a question – As a smoker myself, who pays for the cigarettes? I know I couldn’t afford to buy 8 cartons of cigarettes before going to the BB house, so how does this work? Does production buy the cigarettes for them and take the expense out of their individual stipend? I understand BB buying food and drink, that is a necessity, but the cigs is another thing. Just asking?????

  68. I love how you some of you keep saying the game is rigged for Rachel and Jordan. You DO realize the twist wouldn’t have happened if Porsche didn’t open Pandora’s Box, right? 50/50 chance of the twist happening. No way is that rigged, c’mon people.

    • Think about it, 6 left, they brought back the Pandora’s Box. Didn’t matter what 6, just the last 6. If all the vets were the last 6 left, it would have happened the same way.

  69. I’ve been watching big brother since day one. The newbies just don’t have any charisma! Maybe it was the mix of veterans and newbies that didn’t click, I really don’t know. If it weren’t for the latest twist with pandora’s box I felt like the show was done for me. I was not a Rachel fan until the last week or so but how she has come to Jordan’s defense she has won me over! Out of all the newbies I honestly liked Shelly the best because of her so-called alliance with Jeff & Jordan. But once she turned on them I couldn’t stand her! And Dani made the worst mistake ever by not sticking to the veteran alliance for as long as possible!

  70. Well IF the next rumored twist is for real, it could definitely be a “game changer”. Supposedly, an inside production source has leaked that Jeff & Dani have been taken to a hotel, NOT the jury house. This might explain why they haven’t been showing JH clips like they normally do during the episodes. Apparently Dani & Jeff are going to compete against who gets to come back and cast an eviction vote in the next ceremony (loser of comp goes straight to JH, winner goes on show, casts vote, then leaves to JH with evicted HG). Sounds just crazy enough to be true.

  71. Really people. This is a TV show, not real life. CBS is controlling the outcome with their twist. This is the last time I watch BB. Bringing Jeff & Jordon back because they are “America’s Favorites”. Not for me anymore. More like “America’s Bullies”. When Rachel or Jordon do not get their way they sulk. Same with the other side. People wake up and stop being followers.

  72. When Shelly was looking at the Fortune Teller, I was hoping she would have found something that made BB bring back Evil Dick. I found it weird he had to leave all of a sudden and a few weeks later he was asked to say how he thought Danielle was playing. Can I be totally wrong here? Just a thought….

    On another note, I have read many posts/feedback that a lot of you feel the production team have been adding twists as they go along to keep Jordan and Rachel. I too thought this, but pandora’s box has been around before so now not so sure…I don’t want Jordan to win as she already won. Rachel is making money being on “reality shows central” so I don’t think she should get it either. Shelley is definately going home unless something changes with how JR feel about Adam, but I was hoping Danielle would have been able to save herself too and look what happened there.

    I really wish they would have all new ppl next season, half American and half Canadian. I am from Canada and sooooo wish I could play. Hope CBS sees this post….

    I have said this before, but I think they should show more of the jury room. As soon as Brendon sees Dani, Dani sees Jeff and now Jeff sees Shelley it would make such great TV..for me anyways…

    Only 3 weeks left till production picks a winner…LOL, sorry couldn’t resist….take care all!

  73. I really like Rachel, she was a little annoying last year and at the beginning of this year, but at least she doesn’t sit around talking trash about other people all day. There is a saying that comes to mind by eleanor Roosevelt, when I think about Danni, Porche, Kallia and Shelly. Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. The way those caddy girls behave is despicable and im embarrassed for them. This is not how you are to play the game in my opinion, this behavior is flat out rude. Oh and then there is the issue of stealing, or lacing food with benifiber. What the heck is that all about?? Go Rachel!

    • Totally agree. Rachel just wants people to like her, but she sometimes takes things so seriously. and btw, she really loves her man and misses him (hence the crying) I cry when I am away from my man cause I miss him so much! Porche and Kalia are jealous of her relationship. Jordan and Rachel in F2. Then if Dani doesnt vote for Rachel, she just wrote a check for 500k to J/J, after she told the other not to. Awkward!

      • I agree with the fact that Rachel just wants people to like her, she does have that insecurity about her, that is why she can be annoying sometimes. She try’s a little too hard, and because of her experience from last year, she thinks even more that people hate her. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she gets voted for fan favorite (I kinda have a feeling she might just win that one) Hopefully it will help make her a little less insecure, and then she won’t need all that negative attention that she so desperately seems to need.
        As far as the girls being jealous of her and her relationship with Brandon, I kind of doubt that. I think they are just mean bully’s. Bully in the way that a school kid that is different gets bullied by name calling just because he or she is a little different. Those girls and in one case, a grown women (Shelly) really needs to grow up.
        I think anyone would cry under the circumstances of being locked up in that house, especially when your greatest ally leaves the house. I know I would too!

  74. BB13 bombed and unless an unexpected events occur to liven up the HG the LF is not worth watching thus no need to blog. I have watched BB since BB1 and it is ashame how BB concept has fallen.

    I will stop around the blogs every ones in awhile to see if a big event occurs. LF watching not so much…what is there to look at…????????????

  75. Wait! How come Racheal did not take it personally when Adam voted for her? Remember, Rachael would have been gone had Shelly stayed with the Alliance. Think about it….. Rachel should be thanking Shelly that she is still there. Rachel should be against Adam and Jordan…. Does that make sense???

    • When you have 2 people in your alliance on the block, you have to vote for one. Rachel understands that Jeff in the house would be better for Adam’s game. She’s not upset because she knows you have to play for your own game.

  76. Could you imagine the atmosphere in the Jury Hous with Brendon, Daniele, Jeff and Shelly? Yikes! And they won’t have to be nice nice for Showtime like the remaining houseguests. I’m happy that Rachael won the veto — I think she has a shot ha the half-million.

    • I would rather watch that, than whats going on in the house. BBAD is getting B o r i n g. snooze

      • I hope she wins! She is the most deserving in my opinion! Go Rachel! PS, I really think they should show us a little of what is going on in the jury house, that would be great TV!

  77. Is it just me or does Porsche bear a striking resmblance to Kirsty Ally — She must’ve put on at least 10 lbs so far.

    • that’s what I thought too, but thought maybe it was just my tv screen or something. lord knows slop must be fattening

      • I so agree and have since found out her real name is Nancy! All her and Kalia do is eat or talk about eating, then game talk and again back to eating.

    •’s not you, Porsche has put on a few since she has been in the house. HOPEFULLY she will go home soon before getting any bigger!!

  78. J/R in power makes me smile,the only thing left to do is to evict Shelly. Hope there are no more twists to spoil this eviction.

    • Finally hopefully the horseface (Shelly) will be walking her way out the door on thursday hahahahah Jeff will have some words for her.

  79. And let’s not forget that this is television and reality tv is never truly reality. It’s still entertainment and I must say I am entertained.

  80. I am so thankful that Shelly will finally be leaving the big brother house…It is way past time. I would love to see Rachal & Jordan go to the final two.

  81. I would love to see Jordan and Rachal make it to the final two. I think they both deserve it!! As for Shelly, I would love for her to get voted out this week. She’s been there way too long and has not won anything. She is a floater and doesn’t deserve to go to the end. Jordan was kind enough to give her the phone call and she backed doored her and Jeff. If she thinks she is going to make it to the final two, she has another thing coming!!!!

    • If shelly leaves this week, Isure hope she leaves with a prize, Shelly has played her butt off, running from one to the other with lies ,Ilove shelly GET YOUR MONEY GIRL. I,AM A FAN SHELLY THE HEKK WITH YA HIPOCRITS

      • I agree shelly is a heck of a player. Jordan has not done anything this year and she only won before because she looked innocent. As for Rachel I can not stand her but if they ever take the simpons to broadway and need a stand in for Marge Rachel is your girl. Now I need 80% for finding you a job Rachel!!!!!

  82. i think shelly should get out of the house because if you think of it she has been in sooo many aliances that it got way to confusing and i cant believe she backstabed jordan. jordan gave her the most wonderfull thing in the world. i want jordan rachel n adam to make it to the final three.

  83. Getting slightly annoyed with Adam. He has not won anything and really has not assisted his alliance that much at all, and now after everything the vet alliance did to drag him along in this game, he wants to flip to the newbie side?!!! REALLY!! Come on man!! The least you could do is support your alliance to the final three….EARTH TO ADAM….WAKE UP… its going to be three against two! What a dipstick!

    • WoW!! My first comment ever!! I can’t believe Along with alot of other viewrs SOOO Disapointed in Shelly!
      Wait until She get’s out and finds out how many people don’t like her. She was worried about it too. Pay back’s a bitch!
      That Porche is the worst! I was watching after dark when she won the HOH!! Puke!! So Happy BB put another twist in..So that Jordan & Rachal stay in the house. I would have shut BB down if they left!!!! I like that Rachal isn’t a cookie cutter! Hope Rachal ..Jorda..and Adam make it to the end. Rachal #1 Jordan#2. From here on leave Danny @ Home!Too mean spirited!

  84. I am not a fan of anyone but I will say Jordan has already won and hasn’t done anything this season. I hate this twist and BB proves how much the whole thing is rigged!

  85. If Jordan is in final two, I will not watch again! She is nice and all,but has done nothing to warrant still being there. All twists have been geared to save the vets.

    • Wrong Jordan has one HOH. So don’t make it sound like she hasn’t done anything. If you don’t want her to win okay we get it.

    • Jordan has won HOH…and she must be doing something right…cause she’s still in the house!!

      • Yes Jordon was hoh but, JEFF AND Brendon let her win, she has already won the game time to see some one else win and as for Shelly she was doing game play that is what this is just a game. so let us all stay cool about it

      • They didnt really ‘let’ her win, they deliberately hit their ball badly. That doesnt mean they would have won if they tried.

    • Jordan has won HOH…she must be doing something right…cause she’s still in the house!!

  86. I am so glad for the twist. Shelly does need to go and Porscha should be after her. After all the vets are who kept her in the game. Lets go Rachel and Jordan and Adam Iguess. Still not to sure about him either.

  87. sooooooo glad Rachel got the veto. I think they should put Shelley out….she has already shown everyone she cant be trusted.

  88. Well I am about to say something I never thought I would…I want Rachel to win..YES I said is why…
    I read on the blogs that Kalia threw a dog against a wall, Porscha (sorry forgot how to spell her name) made comments about hoping Rachel has abortion if pregnant (not those exact words)…..Shelly I am still on the fence about and don’t think she should have death threats against her family…Jordan won already and Adam was a nice guy but jumped back and forth like Shelly did but he did it nicer….so that leaves Rachel…since Brendon left she has been better…so there you have it….still miss Danielle….

    • LOL…I want Rachel to win also…Jordan is my favorite, but she’s already won once, time for another…and I HOPE it’s Rachel, she’s worked so hard!!

      • I have to agree. I also never thought I would be cheering for Rachel to win but I do. Actually I wouldnt care if Rachel or Jordan win, I just want both of them to get to the final two. Rachel is the better competitor so far though.

  89. To u (3) Team Shelly fans: one of u needs to tell her that the OIL she is slathering on her LEATHER skin, isn’t working so good on her sun- wrinkled leather FACE !!! ( could be bcuz she smokes like a chimney) The lines across her forehead r growing from ALL the LIES she continues to come up with.(Shelly, do u feel like Pinocchio? Instead of ur nose growing, it’s ur LIE LINES !!!!! I truly feel sorry for her daughter. The ONLY hope she has is that her teacher at school can teach her how to tell the TRUTH !!!!

  90. well crap. thought my tv was getting bigger and its just porsches butt. go Jorden and Rachel. wish Jeff could have won but those are second choice.

  91. Can someone help me? When i watch the flashback to watch the veto compatitions, i can’t find them.Do they do them at a certain time.

    • wow this cry baby sounds like shes related to Shelly. If kalia, porshe or shelly wins i’ll be disgusted but I wont stop watching or jump up and down claiming the show is rigged.

  92. if shelly wanted to give her daughter something, she would stop smoking like a train and maybe her leather skin would get better,she looks around 50 years old.

  93. Im so happy Rachel held on to her man! R/J should get shelly out of the house. Why would anyone trust her now. Both Shelly and Adam are definately floaters and flip floppers but Shelly is a trouble maker and a back stabbing liar. Too bad R/J couldnt get rid of kalia or porshe this week and keep the weaker players. But they can get them out in the weeks to come. Rachael is the strongest competitor in the house right now! And if you all remember when Jeff got voted out on Jordan’s winning season she started winning competitions too. I think people might be underestimating R/J and i hope that porshe and kalia are and continue to do so and get booted from the house. R/J final two!!

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