Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations Revealed – Updated

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feed we saw a returning player win HoH again for the sixth time in the endurance competition “All Washed Up.” If you missed those Big Brother 13 spoilers, then check out who won HoH for all the details.

We watched some surprising discussions this afternoon in the lead up to the nomination ceremony, so these spoilers shouldn’t catch anyone off guard.

Big Brother 13 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Kalia
  • Porsche

For more punishment fun, Jeff got to handpick 3 HGs for Have-Not status. No surprise here. He picked Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche. They’ll be eating jalapenos and hard-boiled eggs this week.

Jeff and Jordan have been discussing their options for putting Daniele up as a renom on Monday and then getting her evicted. Flashback to today at 2:23PM BBT for all the details. Later they agree they’d be fine with either Kalia or Porsche leaving instead if things fall apart on that evict-Daniele plan.

The Power of Veto competition should be held on Saturday, so stay close and check back for those spoilers too. Join us on Facebook, get our free email updates, and grab our free app to find out as soon as the Veto results are in.

Update: The Live Feeds went to Trivia which usually indicates a competition. Could this be another attempt at a late night fake out for the Veto competition?

Update 2: Live Feeds are back. Veto players were selected. Everyone but Rachel will play. Rachel will be the host. HGs suspect it could be a late night comp.



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    • Good for you buddy. Do you get a special feeling inside. I wish I could evict you off here with your “first” comment. Loser. Anyways, watch out Jeff. Adam is coming for you.

    • hahaha i know right? i dont get ppl who leave comments like this. leave an actual comment, who cares if ur first? better to be last and have 3 paragraphs of opinion then first with nothing to say.

  1. great move Jeff your playing exactly like you should be…and Im so glad to see Porsche on the block and a have not finally she gets a lil taste

    • I think this is a bad idea. We know Dani is going to play and likely to win Veto, so he won’t be able to back door her if she does. Not only that, he’ll have to use one of his team (and a crucial Vote) WHEN Dani uses her Veto. At least if Dani was up and won Veto, he could have put Porsche up as a renom, keeping his vote count. If Dani wins HOH during DE week, Jeff is GONE!

      • Now, one of the veterans needs to win POV to pull off one of either Kalia or Porsche and put Danielle in as replacement nominee! What makes this dangerous is Danielle if she wins POV she can take out Kalia and save her! She is obviously the better player compared to Porsche. If Danielle was on the block with Kalia then, Kalia will go all out to win POV and if she gets it, it would have been Danielle evicted to the jury house! Jeff is clearly not thinking and if Danielle escapes this eviction attempt, she will go after Jeff next when she wins HOH!

      • I believe they took Rachel name out of veto bag. 2nd week in a row that name wasn’t drawn. Darn it I wanted to make sure none of the Dani team wins.

      • Dani told jeff she will not even try and win the veto because she trusts him and she knows kalia will expect her to use it on her. Also, if she was on the block, shed be plaing in the veto anyway. And if she was gonna win the veto shed win it, no matter what position she took. Let’s just hoe she doent win it. Also, now no matter what, she HAS to win it. If anyone else besides her wins it, she’ll be backdoored. Now I hope kalia or porsche win it lol.

      • Dani told jeff she will not even try and win the veto because she trusts him and she knows kalia will expect her to use it on her. Also, if she was on the block, shed be plaing in the veto anyway. And if she was gonna win the veto shed win it, no matter what position she took. Let’s just hoe she doent win it. Also, now no matter what, she HAS to win it. If anyone else besides her wins it, she’ll be backdoored. Now I hope kalia or porsche win it lol. What would be so sweet is rachel winning iit and using it, so she can get her sweet revenge!

      • It was a good move. Dani plays anyway so if she wins she would take herself off anyway. This way Jeff doesn’t piss her off. He made a deal with her if he didn’t put her up and she won POV not to use it and Dani agreed. If she doesn’t win then Jeff will backdoor her. But this way he covers his ass.

  2. I know this is easy for me to say. But I sincerely think I could have a legitimate shot at winning big brother if I was facing this pathetic excuse for a cast. If this is the best CBS has to offer now. I’m signing up soon.

  3. the noms are smart because they can still backdoor Daniele and if she wins veto, then Jeff is still good with her because he didn’t put her up to begin with

    • Just like Daniele was good with Jeff and Jordan because she didn’t put them up? Doesn’t work like that.

      • this jake character is stupid. straight up. you think you can win big brother HA! your calling dani jeff jordan a waste of a cast….you need help

      • It’s called a hyperbole dude. It’s an exaggeration to get my point across that this cast is pathetic. And they are. Numerous former BB house guests have said the same. And Jordan is clearly a waste of a cast member no doubt.

      • How? Karen speak your mind. Tell me how I’m a waste of a chat member? Can you honestly deny this season is filled with bad game play? I don’t see how anything I’ve makes me a waste of a chat member. Make a valid argument to exactly why you would say that.

    • That has to be utterly stupid. Do you really think anyone can trust Danielle? She has backstabbed, pitted the couples of her alliance, lied left and right and made puppets of the newbies by her manipulation. How in hell will anyone with an ounce of logic trust Danielle at her word?

      • the same reason they can’t trust ANYONE in the house. BR would have went back on their word with her. They DID try to back door Jeff. And JJ voted twice against Brenda who was part of their alliance. You take a risk when you trust anyone in the house…just part of the game I suppose.

  4. i can not wait til someone else besides one of those 3 yayhoo’s win the veto and then they find out it’s a double eviction week. now that’s gonna be a true bb mastercard moment.

    • Be careful what you wish for. Even if you’re rooting for JJ, can you imagine how boring BB will be without opposing sides? It’ll be one big love fest for the rest of the season, and that doesn’t make for good television.

      Bring back the days of Chima, Russell, Ronnie, Jessie and company. Even last season’s Ragan vs. Rachel fireworks are a lot better than everyone acting politely like they’re doing this season. (It’s hard to believe that so many people thought last season was boring…this season tops last for lack of excitement. When ED left, he took a lot of the planned drama with him).

    • NoOne is scared of Porsche or Kalia. Dani has game that makes her worth trying to bring over into an alliance. I would rather have Dani as an ally over any of the other HG, (If I could work out a deal that I felt comfortable with).

      • Danielle is a snake not to be trusted and why would anyone want her in an alliance? She already betrayed all 4 people in her alliance, pitted the couples against each other including suggesting they backdoor each other. In
        addition, she struck alliance with other house guests and manipulated and threatened the newbies to join her!
        Trust is a precious commodity in Big Brother and Danielle has none of it!

      • That’s why I said “IF I felt comfortable with the arrangement”. I agree trust is valuable but so is knowing where you stand with another HG’s eyes. It is possible in the BB house to work with someone you don’t trust and come out successful. Whether people want to admit it or not Dani’s got game. As a complete JEJO fan, I would love to see the two use Dani to their advantage.

  5. It’s gonna be great seeing Kalua on slop this week …that means we don’t have to watch her stuff her starving body….hahaha!

    • Yeah, and seeing her wierd lower lip stick out, all the time.CREEPY!!!..She is so dumb, she let Dani talk down to her, and bully her continuously….and Her good bye to Brendon was hateful, and un-necessary….

      • You guys think any of the other HG might be scared of Cow-Lia getting too hungry? I would be…There’s a chance she could turn cannibal. Her big ass would go through the BB house in less than a week, but it would be great for the ratings!!!

      • first of all, i agree with jake; this cast is pathetic. secondely i think kalia’s lip is a race-related thing so you might want to shut your gullet about that. thirdly, i am so sick of people being obsessed with jeff and jordan. i mean talk about talking down to someone constantly! i don’t feel bad with jordan though because we train people how to treat us. obviously she doesn’t mind being treated like a schmuck so have at it.

      • yeah that’s one thing that bugs me about her….she has no idea class when she does that. I think Dani and Brenda even show a mutual respect of the other’s “competitive nature” and most of the things she says are her sarcastic personality. I just don’t get Kahlia….she’s just trying to be one of the cool kids and it’s just sad…

    • And pray tell why should he not choose those 3 if given the opportunity?? THEY NEED TO GET BACK SOME OF WHAT THEY BEEN DISHING OUT. Rachel is a 90% in ur face bitch..It’s desperation when she stabbs u in the back hence the other 10%…Dani is a 100% stab u in the dam back bitch..or she has someone else to stab u..I don’t like Rachel but if I had to choose sides I’d go with Rachel…U can fight off a knife if u can see it coming but the stab in the back is the lowest…

      • Backstabbing is the game. Dr. Will didn’t win by playing nice. I’m not comparing the two but don’t say that it’s wrong to do what Dani is doing. Lying is how you play the game.

      • lol…WHAT?? Dani is no better than Shelly when it comes making deals telling lies and using people..Dani has used Dom Porsche and Kalia to do her dirty work…Rachel does her own dirty workand so does Shelly..Dani is out for Dani . !!!!! She could care less about the other HG’s..In that respect she’s like RACHEL “The world is all about me” syndrome..So I can’t say that Dani is wrong?? GET A LIFE

      • No you clearly aren’t paying attention to what I’m saying. I’m saying that stabbing somebody in the back isn’t bad in this game. That’s how you win it. I never said Dani was a great player. She showed her cards far too early. Rachel does her dirty work. Sure, but last time I checked Dani has 2 HOHs this season. She’s working just as much. Only difference is Dani has allies. And what’s your problem? Telling me to get a life?

      • @ jake…there’s a diffeence between stabbing someone in the back and being “good” at it to further your own game….and..dani. lol, A: she isn’t good. At it AT ALL, because everyone knows she’s doing it. B: she. Even stabs people in the back for fun, because she is a very lonely person who has a deep need for attention. Clearly, hence the “showmances” all the time and always talking about how good she is, she has a huge hatred for men, that is clear. She’s always making comments to the effect of her vs. A man…like lastnight with brendon, saying the “smallest girl in the house, getting out the biggest guy” she’s desperate For approval and attention, that is why she acts the way she does, not because shes “playng the game”

      • @ jake…there’s a diffeence between stabbing someone in the back and being “good” at it to further your own game….and..dani. lol, A: she isn’t good at it AT ALL because everyone knows she’s doing it. B: she does it even for fun, like throwing even Kalia under the bus..for no apparent reason.

      • Once again I completely agree that Daniele is playing this game very poorly. But what you had said gave me the impression that you were saying that you shouldn’t stab people in the back in Big Brother. In my mind nobody deserves to win this game this year. Nobody is playing the game very well. I just can’t believe that CBS couldn’t find any better newbies than this. Makes me think they clearly want a veteran to win the game this season. Idc about what Danieles personal feelings are about her need for attention. I’m just looking at her gameplay. And I don’t see anybody this season that deserves to win the game.

    • Because that happens in bb…sometimes, the hoh winner gets to pick. Has anyone watched bb before geesh?

  6. Now the smart thing would be to throw the veto competition so that either Kahlia or Porsche wins it. The winner would take herself off the block and then Jeff could renom Dani. Or if Rachel wins it and wants to get some revenge, she could take Porsche or Kahlia off the block so that Jeff could backdoor Dani.

    • That would make sense only if Danielle is not winning POV because if you do, you would be assisting Danielle to put a knife to your back! Danielle would probably save Kalia who is better at competitions compared to Porsche if given the chance. Why chance it? Just win POV, take Porsche out and put Danielle as the replacement nominee against Kalia! Kalia and Danielle would both be begging to stay in the big brother house! As a bonus, Kalia will expose all of Danielle’s lies and that would guarantee Danielle being sent to the jury house! Brendon can keep her company! LOL

  7. I think its great Jeff got to pick the have nots this week!! Should be HOH job anyway!! Keep things interesting!!

      • Just when I thought CBS had managed to dodge the favoritism charge, they let Jeff pick have nots when no other HOH got to do that.

      • If HOH picks the have nots…. keeps things interesting!! You get people doing what you want so they get to eat something worth eating!!!

      • You act as though it is the first time, ever, that HOH has hand-picked HNs.

        Sounds like a tissue issue.

      • I’ve never liked the concept of HOH picking Have Nots. It’s a ridiculous thing. Let there be a competition so they at least have a chance. That said I’m happy to see Kalia being a have not. She eats WAY too much.

      • Omg I swear if someone else says. “Iit. Wasn’t fair for jeff to pick have noots” they do it all The time! They’ve done it in past season including last season

    • If BB is going to do that, why not make every HOH hand pick have nots? Imagine how many friends or enemies the first two or three HOHs would make!

  8. “what goes around comes around”….”you get back as good as u give”…HMMM…. HMMM… BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD GIRLS….LMAO

    • Pleaseeee Jordumb is not as nice as CBS or all the JJ fans are saying… And I’m not a great fan of any of the cast- I am a fan of Big Brother ( except BB has to do more so the house guest do my know what the comps are going to be)

      • sighhhhhh “jordumb” seriously i LOVE it. i don’t like her either. she has her moments of kindness like everyother person there, but watching afterdark… she talks just as much crap as anyone else. she talks about porsche not doing **** and i’m thinking “um…do you own a mirror? what the hell have YOU done? besides stick by your rude bf’s side and enjoyed the perks of aligning with someone who wins something every now and then?”

  9. I can’t wait for Daniele to win Veto, take down Kalia and force Jeff to put up one of his own(i say it would be Shelly), then Rachel’s gonna flip and vote out Shelly along with Dani and Kalia, Then Jeff would flip out.

    wouldn’t it be a scene if Jeff renominated Jordan, thinking she was safe(much like they did to Brendon on his first eviction) and then Rachel flips her vote. now that would be good tv and GREAT feeds

    • Adam will be a pawn again because Shelly won’t evict him and neither will Jordan or Rachel…. Jeff would never nominate Jordan and vice versa.

    • Jeff will put up a pawn but, whoever is the ally of Danielle on the block goes home! There is enough votes to guarantee it! What would really be great is if Jeff, Jordan or Rachel win POV then, they can take off Porsche and put in Danielle as replacement nominee against Kalia! Then, watch the fireworks as Kalia tattle tales on all the lies Danielle has been telling her to save her own ass! That would be so funny! If Danielle wins POV, she will save Kalia.

      • omg you are so right! i don’t want dani to go home, but it would be interesting to see kalia talk mad crap and tell allllll their little secrets!

    • Your such a dreamer team dani lmao. If jeff has to put up one of his own, I’m almost positive it will be adam. Jeff knows there is tension between shelly and rachel so he won’t risk that.

    • Jeff was instructed by Big Brother to pick 3 HGs to be the Have-Nots. This happens in the game and is not the first time.

      Earlier in the season the winner of a comp was made to assign other HGs to the Have-Not status.

      We’ve seen other seasons where the HoH had to put others on slop as well. It happens.

  10. OK stupid question, but if Daniele wins the Veto and uses it on Porsche or Kalia…can’t Jeff still renom her?

  11. Porsha just told Dani if she wins the Veto, she won’t use the Veto to save herself because she will stay over Kalia but Dani would get evicted

    • Wow, Porche is dumb… does she really think this will get her further in the game? She is a total kiss ass. Jeff should have nominated Dani, although I think he didn’t because he wants to pretend to play nice if she wins the veto.

  12. Porsha is so confident due to hher 2 straqight second place finishes that she thinks she can beat Rachel in HOH…. LMAO…. Porsha, you have never won anything and Rachel has won plenty comps this season and last!

    • Rachel has only ever won a comp with Brendon cheering her on, she won nothing since he left, that’s 3rd straight HOH that Rachel has lost.

      so i agree and disagree, Rachel with Brendon backing her will beat Porshe every time, but i think Porche could beat a Brendonless Rachel. she did it last night,the order was Jeff 1st, Porshe 2nd and Rachel 3rd

      • Rachel will beat Porsha in a physical comp or an endurance comp where people have to hang onto something all night.

      • That’s the worst “justification” of winning I’ve ever heard..don’t worry, she’ll have her time next week.

  13. Jeff made a huge mistake. He should have put up Adam and Porshe. Everyone thinks that little Dani is the strongest player. But if you look hard enough, Adam is the biggest threat to Jeff. Look at the last veto and you can decide.

    • WHAT?! Adam was GIVEN that POV. Not to mention Dani currently holds the record for most POV wins in a season with 5. She also has 2 HOHs this year. Adam is in no way a bigger threat than Dani what so ever.

      • Jake,

        Dani does not hod the record alone..

        Janelle is the first person to win 5 Vetos in one season.

        BB Records being held for by Janelle

        Veto – 5 times – Tied with Dani
        HOH – 4 times

      • Are you guys serious? Adam was killing the competition like the Navy Seals killed Bin Laden. Jeff better ditch the hidden alliance with Kalia and Jordan, and hook up with the real alpha male in the house.

    • Yeah I know. I realize it’s tied I never said it wasn’t. I saw all stars. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Dani is clearly more of a threat than Adam in this game.

  14. If dani is smart she will keep her veto ticket until she really needs it, She thinks a Double Eviction is coming next week, So if she’s smart she will keep it, just in case one of the vet’s win HOH, If she uses it and saves Kalia and then Julie tells them about the Double Eviction this week her or Kalia have to win HOH or it’s all over.

  15. Kalia and Shelly agree that is Dani saves Kalia, then Adam would most likely be a pawn. It would never be Rachel as a pawn…. Kalia is trying to talk Shelly into keeping Porsha over Adam.

    Dani and Kalia already discussed how they know Jeff will backdoor Dani…

  16. omg i hope dani wins POV takes kalia off the block, jeff puts adam or shelly on the block and then dani convinces rachel to vote for porsche to stay and they make this super awesome and strong alliance of four kicks everyone out the house

    • That may happen because Adam refused to vote to keep Brendon and Rachel may decide to keep Porsha over Adam.

      • It will most likely be because she won’t want to see Porsche go into jury with Brendan alone.

      • Yeah but leo, we have to remember..porsche also refused to vote for brendon…and porsche is on the enemy team. Besides were all talking like dani has won the veto, here’s my theory.

        If bb is not “tweeked”: it will be something like what they will do or not do to win the pov(like brendon last year with the chum bath and shaving his head)…that way it will be fair, everyone will have an equal chance of winniing. Just depends on who wants it the most.

        If bb is “tweeked”: it’ll be a comp geared toward small girls(like the ski one) who also have a little strenght, and what do you convenient, Rachel won’t be playing in it.

    • I wish that would happen…not that I like Kahlia or Rachel really…or Portia. I just do NOT want JJS winning anything. I’m so sick of JJ….well I’m sick of a lot of people but those two are really working my nerves. That HOH comp Jordan started out doing poorly…like she wasn’t even trying b/c she was just banking on J, S, or A winning. But boy can she run her mouth about how people play the game.

      • I was go Jordan during her season- but this season i can’t seem to stand her or Jeff!! And has Jeff always talked ” down ” to Jordan or are my eyes just wide open?

      • Exactly!!! JJ will probably end up winning b/c shelley was shooting straight and told them she’d just give it to them if she had the chance! UGH…I loathe this season. I need a new hobby obviously! LOL

  17. I hope Danielle wins veto. It is her only hope not to get back door-ed. Bye Dani if you do not win you are a great BB player.

    • Bev, please stop asking that over and over. This week’s nominations are posted above in the article. Scroll up and read it for yourself.

    • bev, since i am not rude, porsche and kalia are on the block. seriously it takes more time to write a condescending comment than to just tell her who!

      • LeannnieP, your comments at first glance seem to be nice and taking up for the “underdog” or “victim.” But, they are in fact thinly veiled passive aggressive comments. There’s nothing rude in someone teaching someone else how to find information instead of just blindly asking questions. If you just keep asking questions over and over, you’re not learning. I would rather someone learn how to to do something and empower themselves, wouldn’t you?

    • Bev, stop asking dumb questions. Jake, get your facts right before you post on here buddy. Shouldn’t you be concerned about Vienna on Bachelor Pad? The rise of the Adam & Jordan alliance is dawning upon us. Rachel needs to go. Put her in and on General Hospital.

      • Get my facts straight? I didn’t get any facts wrong. Dani does have the most POV wins in BB history. I just didn’t think I NEEDED to say Janelle was tied with her. It had nothing to do with my point.

  18. Dani told Porsha, she thinks if Jeff wins the Veto that he will keep the noms the same or throw it to let P or K win, so they can evict themselves

  19. Matt (Moderator),

    Isn’t it eary for the POV players to be picked already? I thought they would be picked tomorrow. Do you think the comp will be played tonight?

  20. Okay I’m not a fan of Portia but isn’t she the youngest player in the house….like 21 or 22?

    I think a lof of her “lack of game talk” with people like Jeff…were b/c she was a little intimidated by them. I don’t remember her talking much to brenda either now that I think about it.

    My point is that she is YOUNG and obviously not BB material in the way that some of the vets expected her to be…or heck, even the way we would expect her to be. LOL I think Jeff’s attitude toward her when she tried to talk to him was typical of his arrogant a-hole ways…but rude and probably why she never wanted to talk to him about “game” any other time. I mean wasn’t it obvious during the beginning that the vets were after the newbies? I think that’s why Adam just seemed to plant his lips on Jeff’s butt and shelly planted hers on jordan’s….they put them on a bit of a pedestal of awe and wonder!

    I’m not saying her game plan, her choices, her “prank” or anything she did was wonderful…I’m just pointing out some obvious reasons for her “not discussing game” with the almighty a** jeff. Because for him to take that so personally is an example of how arrogant he is…he didn’t go to her and discuss game did he? (if he did I missed it) He pretty much stuck to whoever he needed to get by….hmmmm kind of like everyone else does….

    • Porsha is 25…. Read her profile by clicking on her picture that is to the right of the posts with the other HG pictures ok?

      • WOW…you are so rude! didn’t your mom ever tell you “if you don’t have anything nice to say, …….”?? and i’ve noticed you doing it a few times, to a few different people.

      • LOL my mistake…I did read many bb profiles and it was several weeks ago, and I mistakenly thought she was just 21. OK? ;)

      • LeannieP, again with the seemingly passive aggressive comments. I have a question, is it rude to call someone rude? What is it that is so rude about their comment? Because they want her to know how to find out her own information, instead of just asking a question? By the way, she does know the info because of her reply to the post. But, it’s not rude to point someone in the right direction. But, it is rude to call someone rude. Now, I will say, I haven’t paid any attention to posts that Leo has made. But, a couple of yours have jumped out at me on this page, because you take constructive comments as criticism. I see nothing rude in the comment made, just trying to help. Again, I don’t know intent, I’m just going off of my perspective.

  21. Kalia as Hoh and evicting Lawon was a big mistake. Lawon was a vote for them no matter what. I think Kalia should go.

    • Kalia will go if it is her and Porshaq on the block….. However, if Dani is nominated, bye bye Dani!

    • Dani will be gone if she in on the block. If Dani wins the Veto, she will probably save Kalia and neither will go home….. Dani would be in an interesting situation if she wins the Veto and had Porsha and Kalia campaigning for her to use it on the…..

  22. wow, Rachel not playing in Veto, let the paranoia begin, all Dani need to do is plant that seed in Rachel’s head that she heard about a backdoor plan that Jeff has and stand back watch Rachel say or do something stupid

    • that would horrible, in my opinion only HG’s that deserve to be in final 2 are Dani, Jeff or Rachel.

      • That would have been fine if the veterans stuck to each other and all went on to final 5 atleast! Since, Danielle broke off and starting going after her own alliance, then, it makes the game more fluid. Anything can happen including Danielle getting backdoored! The newbies may decide if there is one veteran left in the house to get rid of that veteran and guarantee one of them wins! And there is nothing the veterans can do to prevent it if it happens!

    • i’d bet in the morning, since they already picked players. if it was gonna be in the afternoon the picking players would have been in the morning. i could be totally wrong though

    • i would think someone picked Dani’s name and she didn’t need to use it or maybe it was always gonna be 6 player, if she wasn’t chosen maybe she got to replace one of the people that was picked.

      follow up question.. if you didn’t use it, is it still good, if she makes it to next week, could she cash it in then? or was it a one time deal.

      • If Dani didn’t use her veto pass, I think she can use it when she wants. I don’t remember them saying it was only good for a certain amount of time. But I’m also asking how can everybody but Rachael be playing? That’s 7 people playing if Dani didn’t use pass. Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Porsh, Adam, Shelley, and Dani? Somebody else has to be on sidelines

      • I thought she mentioned it being wasted if she didn’t use it this week…as if this was the only week she could use it. I could be wrong though…I don’t spend much time on here really

      • Maybe we can ask Matt(BBN) to clarify that if he by chance has the answer. In re-watching the episode, Porsche states that the Veto Ticket allows Danielle to “play in next weeks veto competition.” Does this, indeed mean, that the Veto Ticket now goes to waste or will she be able to save it for a later date Matt(BBN). Do you know? It would be AWESOME if you had the answer for us ;-)

      • I think she said that because once they are down to six hg it will be wasted because she they won’t need to pick players, everyone will already get to play. Also I read somewhere else that the veto players are Jeff, Jordan Kalia,Porsh, Shelly and Dani. Adam not playing, but I could be wrong since I read it off a comment.

  23. I hope either Shelley, Adam or Jordan win the next two HOH competitions ! Yes, I’m watching the show. Yes, I have a life. No, I am not crazy. I think Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam are good people! Too bad being “good people” isn’t enough to win the game!

    • shelly is not a good person she is the wrorest big liar.

      I dont know why every one hates rachel, is it because she is a strong player , I did not see her talk or do any thing bad about any one???? and what about jordan she is very lazy and sutiped player and she does ot deserve to play again in big brother Iam afraid if she won this big brother again because she does not do any thing to desrve it!!!!

      I hope that jeff or rachel win this season :)

  24. hi
    Iam from UAE

    Iam one of the big fans of this exicting and interesting show :)

    about the veto competition I hope that porcha get the veto and save her self so jeff will have to put the devil dani.I used to love her at first but now I want her out and kalia they both suck and big liars and shelly also with them

  25. I think Dani’s veto ticket is only good for this week only if I remember correctly or maybe I am wrong. I would love to see Dani and Jeff as the final two as they seem to be the two playing the hardest and hope they somehow figure out that it is good for both of them to work together. Hope Dani does not win POV and that Kalia goes home as just sick of her whining once she has to be a havenot and sick of all the crying if she loses Dani. Sick to my stomach of her!!!! GAG!!!!

    • That’s what I think too Sheri about the veto pass. but you know what? I bet someone is making a mad dash through all the archives right now looking for the correct answer as to whether or not the veto pass is good for one week or more….just give it a few minutes….LOL

  26. since there is not a lockdown, i’d think veto will be a simple set up, i’m predicting it’ll be something like guessing the HG’s blended faces. that set up is basically the large screen, the HG’s nameplates and a podium.

  27. How weird are some of you people? What sane person could possibly like Rachel and hate Daniele? Seriously? Seems like some of you have the same problem Rachel does…..jealousy. The hot girls are always the ones being hated on.

    • who said that dani is a hot girl she is very old, her face is scaring me and her body is not sexy.the hotest girl in the show is porcha.Nobody care about beauty because thier beauty will not make them win!!!!

      • Are you sure you aren’t talking about shelley instead of dani? Shelley is the older one…dani doesn’t look old at all. Not to me anyway

    • Its funny how your the only one here saying that lmao..dani is 25 and looks like she’s 45. And why do men like you think that people dislike dani cause they’re “jealous” women? I see a lot of men dislike her as well. We don’t dislike her cause she is “hot” we dislike her cause she is cocky, phony, and kniving. If you must know.

      • No strictly by her game play, she is an amazing competitor. She was enemy number 1 in the house 2 weeks ago and she managed to stay in the house by winning HoH twice. Also in season 8 she won half the POVs for that season. So even if shes a liar sometimes, she is an excellent competitor. If she makes it to the final 2 against jordan and they vote for jordan that would just be sad. She worked hard to stay in the game, she played big brother like a pro. Im going strictly by her competition, nothing on her looks or her personality.

  28. Also Daniele is actually playing the game and not acting like a baby/floating like most of the house guests. Can you imagine how BORING the show will be without her? AWFUL. She’s the only one with balls and she should be commended for it.

    • I agree the season would have just been BR and JJ being in love and blah blah blah BOO BORING! Danielle at least started making some waves when the rest of them were just drooling over the other vets.

      • Exactly, Dani saved the show. If not for her it would have been a snooze fest. She has balls, shes not afraid to stir things up and shes the best competitor in the game.

      • Yes, that and Matt Hoffman’s hilarious articles. That’s more interesting than the actual show!

      • I KNOW RIGHT! Its just there are soooo many boners for Jeff and Jordan right now everyone thinks Danis the devil for trying to backdor them.

      • Does it make anyone else laugh that the two people who have professed love and admiration for JJ are Adam and Shelley? It just suits JJ to have such devoted players “working” so hard for them LOL

        I mean Jeff (since he actually has to start playing now) will have to carry his alliance as much as Dani has had to carry hers.

        With the exception of rachel of course who is in the middle.

    • I totally agree Dani is a leader not a follower.some people just wanna kiss jeffs butt all the way to the end and then say that was my game plan. I hate weak minded followers Dani has guts unlike most of the people left in the house.GO Dani

    • I totally agree Dani is a leader not a follower.some people just wanna kiss jeffs butt all the way to the end and then say that was my game plan. I hate weak minded followers Dani has guts unlike most of the people left in the house.GO Dani.

    • I totally agree Dani is a leader not a follower.some people just wanna kiss jeffs butt all the way to the end and then say that was my game plan. I hate weak minded followers. Dani has guts unlike most of the people left in the house.

  29. Whats up with everyone hating on Dani. She deserves to win big brother. Jeff and Jordon SUCK at competitions. Jeff has won HOH 2 times in his life. Dani has won it 4 times. She won half the POVs on season 8. She is clearly a better competitor. Jeff is just annoying, he thinks he is a good player but he isnt. He kept threatening Kalia as if hes the best player in the world. If Dani was in the competition she would have bear him Jordan is super sweet but come on, i doubt she knows whats going on half the time. In the end Dani deserves to win big brother because she is a better competitor. Shes stupid to not try for the veto, because shes risking being evicted and an ally on her side. If she won the veto she would still be in the house for sure with an ally. Jeff cant play next weeks HOH so its probably that she will win. Dani better play for this veto. It would be the smarter thing to do. I really really sincerly hope Jeff doesnt win and goes home soon. Hes annoying.

  30. Ok, I don’t understand something here, when Brendon was on the block with Rachel and he won the POV and saved Rachel, why did he not become safe? I’ve read the posts, if Dani wins the POV, she’ll take Kahlia off the block and they’ll both be safe. How can this be?

    • Because Brendon was still on the block after he used the veto on Rachel. Dani can use the veto on Kalia and they’ll both be safe because Dani is not on the block.

    • they both were on the block he used the veto to take racheal so he was still on the block and not a replacement nom

    • Whoever wins POV cannot be put as a replacement. Brenda was on the block already and he used it to take off Rachel who was also on the block.

    • dang it was his third chance at BB! LOL They gave him more shots than anyone else….he just should have never hooked up with Rachel. That was probably the beginning of the end for him.

      • I think that Brendan might be tied with Jessie for how many times they have come back in the house….either way 3 times was just 3 times too many. LOL

  31. Just seems to me, if you’re on the block and you win the POV and use it on yourself, you should be safe. If you’re not on the block, but win the POV, if you use it on someone else, you could go up. I’m just saying, it would be more fair that way.

    • I could understand that concept. At times I think that would be best. The veto wouldn’t be used nearly as much though.

      • a few seasons back they had a special veto. 1 yr they had one where the HG that won got to pick the replacement person. dk what season it was though.they had a silver veto too.they did hav one where if u won veto and used it u could then be put up. of course noone used what season these were does anyone remember?

      • yeah idk what seasons you are refering to Karen but ive watched every season since season one and nothing like you said happened.

    • I. Agree. I also think you should be able to play in hoh everytime, whether you won the prior week or not. If your someones that good, then let them be.

      • YESSSSS, genious, i have thought that and i was always thinking it was ME who only thought that way, thank you for pointing that out.

      • well that wouldnt be right because what if the person who won the HOH the last week wins again? thats why the give EVERYONE a chance to win week after week.

    • I. Agree. I also think you should be able to play in hoh everytime, whether you won the prior week or not. If your someones that good, then let them be. But with the veto, I guess I can also see why they made that rule, cause nobody would use it if that were the case.

      • Well that sounds good and all, but another big point of the game is to play a good SOCIAL game which is probably why they don’t allow you to play HOH after you’ve just been HOH. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to worry about getting along with the other house guests.

      • Yea but you’d still be relying on yourself too heavily to win every HOH then…that’s a lot of pressure if you’re friends with nobody…but hey, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these seasons upcoming we see the twist of the year being you can always play HOH, or that everybody plays veto, or that if you use veto you yourself can go up…or all of the above lol

      • Remember, there are supposed to be consequences to everything in life. In the BB house it is the same. As HOH you get all the power for a week and the limited luxury of the HOH room, etc. Your consequences, at the very least, are the requirement to make enemies (put on the block) and the inability to defend yourself the following week, if you don’t want the consequences, don’t win HOH.

      • This is going to sound incredibly flawed to many of you, and rightfully so because even I know it’s not exactly the best strategy, but even though I understand the value of knowing when to hold and when to fold, if I ever played this game I would go guns blazing, winning everything I possibly could, and then convincing people instead of targeting a strong player, side with me and when I win you’re safe. While HOH of course I’d make deals with anyone I felt was seeing me as a threat and a target, I keep you safe now you keep me safe later, etc. If I actually somehow made it to the end, I should get the jury votes since nobody would be able to call me a floater lol. I also think I’d strive at the social game, so nobody could flat out hate me either…cheers to maybe getting onto Big Brother 20!

    • Did Dani use her POV? If she did why would she throw the pov, she wasted her free pass to play pov when she is on the block.

      • Orr…if your saying that like she missed her free pass in the even she’ll be on the block next week or you automatically play when your on the block

      • No, there are 7 players for the POV which has to mean Dani did not get picked and used her POV ticket as this is the only week it is good.

    • I agree. If you use the pov to save someone else, the HOH should be able to put you up. Its only fair. Not playing in the HOH is a good strategy to make the show more interesting.

      • In past year, if you were not on the block and used the POV to take someone off you could get put up but they changed it a few years ago it you won the POV you were safe from being put up. Good are bad that is the way it is

      • I agree that if you use the POV for someone on the block for eviction that you should then be able to be put up on the block. The way it is now is that the POV can be used to protect two people which doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why Jeff didn’t put Dani on the block?

    • I think the powerof veto winner shouldhave thepower to pickthe renom. Then the vetowould really mean something.

      • I have a bad feeling Jeff won’t use Rachel as a replacement and you’ll be right Leo, but he better if Dani wins veto and pulls someone off the block. Rachel is the only one who might flip the vote in favour of Dani’s side. I just hope Jeff sees this before it’s too late…but I have a bad feeling he’ll not trust Shelly to resist evicting Rachel and might put up Shelly…and then it really wouldn’t shock anybody to see Rachel take the chance to evict Shelly…go against Jeff then side with Dani’s team the next week…

    • I agree put up that brat Racheal. I really don’t see why people like her this year because she is even worse than last year. Dani don’t need to go because she make things interesting. The 2 couples was running that house until Dani THANKFULLY broke them up twice. I think the producers wanted Jeff to win to stop Dani and her alliance. I even think that Jeff cup could have been a little bigger than everyone elses just so he can win. The producers are very smart with coverups and I know Jeff didn’t win far. He and Jordon are the most useless people on the show who use others to float by. Jeff will go next week during double eviction anyways so. Yall Jeff and Jordon stans get ready for you hearts to break.

  32. Why is everyone acting like Dani is in the veto comp, so that means she’s winning it. First let’s get one thing straight, dani won 5 pov’s in her season right? But she came in second place, and dick threw one to her. Soooo if she made it to F2, one would absolutely expect her to win more than someone else. The last few vetos would have been her against a couple other really, its not that impressive.

    • How come Dani WINS aren’t impressive. She have won 9 competitions in 2 season SO FAR. Four HOH’s and five vetos. That rivals the best in history ( my fav. Janelle ). I think she leads with the most win and she is not done yet. YES, she LEADS everyone in BB history in wins. That is impressive because she is the smallest women an how many big men played BB. She is a beast at what she do and that is to play BB very well. BTW, she should have won over Dick. He wasn’t all of that.

      • Brendon comes close with 7, (1 HoH and 6 Vetos,) if only he would’e stayed longer and gave the red-headed witch the boot. (No offense Rachel, I’m a ex-fan.)

      • Day Day I agree Dani is Feirce. People have their picks. 2 b honest I thought Dani was awful to her father and a little brat. But I seen some of the things Dick says about Dani and they have not been fatherly. He said she sucked @ BB to the world. A parent supports unless the child is doing somethng detrimental. I will admit Dani has a hard time with filters and can b selfish. I have children and no they can b guided out of that. Dani personal relationship shaped her game play. She is selfish and plays selfishly @ time, but she is also feircely loyal. She did not want Dom to go and his departure turned her emotional and made her make a move too early. If only were to analyze Dani is the only one who played the game. She thought her way thru her and Kalia’s mess. Dani desrves to win.

    • I get that you don’t like Dani, but seriously her wins aren’t “impressive”. What a laugh. This year alone, she’s won every HoH she was allowed to compete in except the first, and she threw that one to Rachel. She’d have won that one too. That veto last week, she threw it as well, after she realized that Jeff was going to throw it to Adam.

      Hate on her all you want, but to say her wins aren’t impressive is a joke. She wins when she has to, and when her back is against the wall. No one else in that house is even close to the competitor she is. Just count your lucky stars that they don’t allow them to compete in back to back HoH comps, or BR would have both been gone by now.

      • Vet fan didn’t say that her wins weren’t impressive, just not that impressive. Because it’s not that impressive. If you win against 11 people, then you have 11 people you have won against and it’s more impressive. If you win against just 2 people, it’s not as impressive. It deals with scale and magnitude. It’s like being faster than your neighbor at running or being faster than 100 people at runnin. Which is more impressive? Even in your response, you did exactly what vet fan said, which was acting like if Dani is in something, that she’ll automatically win.

    • That last pov, she was putting everyone to shame. She was slamming those bean bags in the hole every single time. Just my opinion, but that was impressive.

      • Well it helps if Jeff is not even half trying. Danielle herself said Jeff was the best in the bean bags but, he never even gave it any chance at all! So, we will never know who could have won if Jeff was really playing to win! It is on him though because he is the cause of Brendon’s eviction and with Rachel in her sorry ass mental state, she is no help in the competitions! If Jeff gets evicted and he might end up getting evicted sooner than Danielle—-he can blame himself for his very dumb moves. The last one is not placing Danielle on the block versus Kalia.

  33. Why is everyone acting like Dani is in the veto comp, so that means she’s winning it. First let’s get one thing straight, dani won 5 pov’s in her season right? But she came in second place, and dick threw one to her. Soooo if she made it to F2, one would absolutely expect her to win more than someone else. The last few vetos would have been her against a couple other really, its not that impressive…sorry.

  34. It’s the second week in a row my girl Rachel got left out of the veto competition. Production is doing a fine job showing its hand. JJ is in every one of them! Production favorites are Dani and Jeff. They always come up with a plan to save those two from ever getting evicted. Poor Rachael and Brendon…left out in the cold!

  35. Jeff is an idiot!!!!….. this season is full of the biggest morons… if you know dani can play in the veto put her up. its not backdooring if you are able to take you and your best ally off the choping block. i love you dani even though your one of the idiots that makes the dumb moves yet still can live another day!!!

    • I agree with you. I like Jeff, and he’s a nice guy. He and Jordan are an attractive, really salt of the earth couple. However, Jeff is an idiot not nominating Dani. It is such a poor lack of judgement that he believes Dani’s lies when she has shown her desire to rid of him in past. Producers will probably have a veto comp. which will favor Dani, and she will probably win. I would be shocked if one of Dani’s troupe, herself, Kalia or Porsche don’t win POV. One of them will go home this week for sure, but if Dani stays she is the true competitor and has a great chance of beating the others. Jeff will probably go home in the second part of the double eviction, since he won’t be able to play,and if Dani’s still in the house, it will probably be Rachel and Dani as final 2.

      • I don’t think so. I think Dani will put up Jeff if she has the chance. I don’t think Rachel is her big target at this point.

    • Jeff is not an idiot, he is playing for the long haul. Remember, he and Dani made a deal and he is just honoring his half not to put her up. Renom is another story.

      • I agree with Rachel must go. He covered himself in case Dani wins POV and he can say ‘yea I’m still with our deal’ and then she’s not pissed at him next week when/if she wins HOH

      • D made a deal with J not to change the veto. She has a respect for J’s play. D needs J’s help to get rid of R (it’ll be soon). R has been needling D ever since The slop began for D’s birthday. Last nights after dark showed r’s black colors

    • Why not nominate Danielle and make her use the veto ticket? That way, that weapon is disposed off! Also, Danielle is never going to honor her promises! She has already betrayed her alliance members multiple times, lied multiple times, manipulated the newbies and Jeff trusts her to keep her word? She is only a docile pussycat right now because she is vulnerable. She reverts to her usual mean and nasty self if she wins HOH next time out!
      Jeff and Jordan could wind up on the block!
      Rachel has not regained her form and confidence making her useless right now which is why the eviction of Brendon instead of Shelly was one big, bad move!

    • Why are people keep talking about Kalia. She actually WON a HOH when everyone was gunning for her. She is very focused player and she exercise everyday. All I see Adam doing is talking about bacon. Jordon need to get up and do something to. Her HOH was handed to her and she haven’t came close in any other competition either. People kill me with talking about Kalia when Jordon lazy ass is just easing on by drinking juice all day outside. I never seen her exercise and if she has it was only for a minute. Everyone is picking with her because she is BLACK and knowone can relate to her. Thats why BB need to put more black people on the show. I guess yall would watch then would you. Yall are racist and don’t even know it. I like all of them as people. They seem pretty cool. In the game I do have my favorites ( Dani, Kalia, Porsha ) but I don’t pick on one person. People are responding to personally towards Kalia and it is just a dam game show. They all are lazy if you ask me. They laying, sitting, eating anything they please ( unless on slop ).

      • First dont ever call me racist, one of my dearest friends is black, there is good and bad in every race, also I dont think Kalia is just being picked on, Porshe weight also keeps coming up on how she has gained since being in BB and also Rachel takes a beating everytime the girl opens her mouth. You need to focus on the game play and layoff the race comments, no need for them.

      • Really dayday? I read these blogs all the time and I havent seen one yet mention Kalia’s race except yours. People dis her on is her being lazy, talking too much, eating all the time and being fat. None of this has anything to do with her race.

      • Don’t play the race card. You’re being racist in the process. I read the posts and nobody brings up race, except people that are racist. I did like Kalia, but what made me not like her was siding with Dani. I did think her one HOH was fixed, because it sounded like she buzzed in before the question was asked. But, after looking at it on TiVo, I can see where she was asked enough of the question to give the answer. On Dani’s season, I liked her, but can’t stand her this time. So, it’s guilt by association. Now, Porsche, on the other hand, I can’t stand. Also, on one show, she made this weird snorty sound and absolutely grossed me out. I think she’s a disgusting person. Enough said, not trying to upset you, but you did call me racist. Don’t do that; not cool!

      • I personally don’t like Kalia’s game play and woulg not b ubhappy if she left becasue she turned on the newbies and lied just as much as Shelly. But these comments you all r making r singling her out when many other people are lazy and floaters. As a black person myself I have been on the receiving end of this kind of treatment and tried to not bring race into things but many people here do. You say harbor negative feels and those feelings display themseleves in your comments. The only reason y people r saying they are’nt racist is because they don’t want the backlash. But your words betray u.

      • First of all dayday grow up. Don’t use that racist bullshit because people don’t like Kalia. I don’t like her but I also don’t like Dani or Porche and there not black!!! Second maybe you don’t watch the live feeds or BBAD but Jordan exercises everyday for over an hour and she won that HOH knowone hit the ball in the 3rd slot for her. Your also wrong about her not winning anything else because she won a luxury comp too. Kalia just started to exercise a week ago. And her HOH win was just lucky guesses. Just because people have there favorite players does not make them racist. Maybe you’re the racist!!!

      • @Jackie, you dont know what the F youre talking about, keep race out. And dont ever say its because of backlash, I dont give a F what you think of me, but bring it on ( your backlashing ). Im NOT racist never have been, like I said one of my dearest friends is black. So keep your idiot comments to yourself, seriously like I would be afraid of you and your backlash, I dont even know you!!!

      • I do not like Kalia, so what? This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a horrible player Kalia is. She talks about being so proper yet curses like a sailor. She was shaving her privates in the same room while having a conversation with Dani and did not excuse her self. Forget race or color, Kalia gives real woman a bad name. Chicken George has a better body shape than Kalia.

      • @ kathy that my best friend is black bs is so played out. I can tell by your comments the type of person u r. Your best friend would have given u insights to not sterotype. U r the worst kind a racist a closet one that never gets found out until a person is in a pinch and ask something of you them u show your true colors. I don’t know you but have come across your type many a times. I have plenty of white friends and I don’t judge them but I steer clear of your type and “your best friend” should do the same!

  36. I can’t even take how stupid people are playing this season! I don’t even like Jeff, but that was such a dumb move for his game. There is still a chance that Dani could win the veto and save herself and an ally. Any good game player would just put her on the block to ensure somebody in that alliance goes home.

    That being said, I hope Dani wins the veto and saves one of them. I also think Dani’s best bet is to team with Rachel and break up JeJo. I hope that anybody besides Jeff, Jordan, or Shelly gets HOH during the double eviction.

  37. i gotta agree with Mo I hope Dani wins it 2 she is the only 1 actually fighting,, the biggest floater is Jordan just like on her winning season,, she sux and im nt afraid 2 say it! And ya’ll k now its true!!!

      • A floater is somebody who sides with whoever’s in power, befriends them, etc. Switches sides to try to stay safe and good with the new king or queen of that week. Jordan has never strayed from Jeff’s side nor gone and kissed ass to an HOH not in her alliance like Dani or Kalia, she barely even talks game at all. She’s not a floater and you’re calling her the ultimate floater, really? Even moreso than Porsche? What’s she done other than switch from Rachel’s side to Dani’s side when she started winning? And not winning anything herself, when Jordan has

      • J and J are floaters to a degree. They just have people doing their dirty work (Shelly) and keep numbers because of floaters coming back to their side. They are keeping Rachel close just to use her. They did the same with Brendan and look where he is.
        Maybe they havent and kissed HoH butt, but they DID go “threaten” and intimidate a weak person. All I am trying to say here is that J and J suck as much as the next person.

      • Jordon is playing a brilliant game. Think about it, she is probably playing the best social game of anyone because they all love her despite having the “couple” tag which has never been a bonus in the game. She is shown to be much more of a player this time than I saw 2 years ago and that dressing down of Rachel she did while HOH was absolutely classic. Not a floater in my thinking.

      • Exactly, but nobody can see how Jordan is subtly playing a good game. Nobody wants to put her up, but that’s not good game play? And to flat out say Jeff and Jordan suck…I just looked at the records, Jeff has won 2 HOH’s and 3 vetos in 1.5 seasons, Jordan 3 HOH’s and 1 veto in 1.5 seasons…say they’re not the best, but don’t say they suck. And enough with nitpicking how the wins weren’t ‘good ones’, Dani just won an HOH by lucking out on not counting too high or too low, that doesn’t qualify as ‘awesome’, and that’s just one example.

    • Jordan won 2 HOH’s in the season she won, including the big final HOH that nobody helped her win. She also won a veto that season. She didn’t float to the win, and seven jury members had the choice to not vote for her if they felt that way, yet she got the votes to win. She wasn’t handed her HOH this year either

      • She wasnt handed the HOH this season? Obvious you didnt watch that episode, Brendan and Jeff both let her have it. Also, I dont think she is a floater, I think her season she won when she needed to. Also how anyone can be rooting for Rachel I dont get it . She is annoying and sleezy, team Dani all the way and if she goes in the jury, then Im team jejo, I just dont want Adam,Shelley,Kalia, RAchel or Porshe to win, I do believe Jeff wins this season.

      • The second HOH Jordan won during her season, the big HOH, was because Natalie didn’t really try to win. She had deals with Kevin and Jordan. So Jordan was really only competing against one other person.

      • Why is it just an automatic assumption that Jeff and Brendon would’ve putted a 1 or a 2, or even a 3 to tie Jordan and force a putt-off? A 3 is a good score to match let alone beat, when Brendon did his putting in the veto the week he used it on Rachel, there was like 2 seconds left on his 33 second clock before he sunk the ball to win, and you’re making it sound like he’s some automatic putting champ who would’ve sank a 1, 2 or 3. Right…

      • And DGold, I really think Natalie was still trying, you don’t take chances when you’re final 3 if you actually really want the prize money. Maybe she wasn’t as nervous about losing, but no chance she wasn’t trying to put the power in her hands at least a little bit. More importantly, even if she tried her heart out, she wasn’t much of a competitor to be a real threat to win anyway. But before that gets pinned on Jordan for not beating a strong competitor…nobody ever wants to, unfortunately. Right now Dani’s plan is to eliminate anyone she doesn’t think she can beat, that’s why she went after Brendon, twice. Nobody cares how they win or if they do so while taking out the best players, as long as they win.

      • Jordan also won the luxury comp after the 1st clue. Her social game is awesome… she cried for joy when hearing her 24 hr solitary would include a call home, then, an instant later gave it to Shelly.I truly don’t think anyone else in that house is capable of such a selfless act. It really ticks me off that haters are saying JJ are not even really a couple just bc they haven’t had sex. Really people? So, not having the morals of an alley cat or saving yourself for marriage is beyond your comprehension? That’s just sad. I hope she wins this year again…it’s great to see good things happen to good people. Unfortunately, I’m afraid Jeff keeping his word to Dani by not putting her up is going to be his downfall, bc I think Dani will backstab him in a heartbeat.

  38. Well that was expected.
    Dani was already on the POV, so it wouldn´t get anything new getting her on the block. Jeff knows that.
    Getting 2 others on the block will ensure that if dani doesn´t win the POV, she will go home.
    Even if Adam or Shelly get the POV they will get someone out of the block (porshe) and dani will be seated. If dani wins the POV, she will get kalia out of the block and porshe goes home.

    • I really honestly think that if Dani wins POV and Porche is on the block with either Adam or Shelly, Dani will be able to convince Rachel to flip. Rachel is emotional enough to be swayed by an argument that goes something like “who would you rather have spending an entire week alone in the jury house with your man, blonde beautiful young Porche or Adam/Shelly?” If Dani wins this POV, she is going to take over this game.

      • Georgia thats a good argument. Lets hope it happens. Rachel is really trying to get under Dani’s skin. Lets hope Dani keeps it together. In BBAD they had a tiff because Rachel was lining food on the counter in front of Dani becasue shes on slop. Rachel also ate chocolates in front her saying “were these yours” to taunt Dani. Rachel does not learn this behavior is y America hates her. Go Dani! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dani!!!!

  39. People need to wake up and realize Jordan isn’t as stupid as they all think. She plays a persona for the cameras just like Rachel plays super-villain for the edited shows, Jordan’s persona being the lovable ditz who can’t say simple words properly or forgets things easily, etc. Watch the live feeds and see what the truth is, suddenly Rachel isn’t a constantly obnoxious baby (not saying never, just saying not nearly as bad as its portrayed on the edited shows) and Jordan was giving Jeff pretty decent insight on nominations, telling him put up Dani to ensure she doesn’t take Kalia off the block and tell Dani she’s not your target so she feels safe. Maybe that’s not rocket science, but if she was truly a complete idiot that wouldn’t come out of her mouth. And nobody try to say that thought was “given to her” like some think she was handed her HOH this year, even though nobody sunk that 3-putt for her. I’m not sitting here saying Jordan’s the brightest bulb in the box, but she’s clearly not as stupid as many of you think, and even if you’re falling for the on-screen persona, what’s the need in being so judgmental to somebody who’s very clearly got a heart of gold and cares about others so much, often even before herself.

  40. Are Dani and Kalia in a fight right now on BBAD? It seems like there is some awkward tension between them and they are not talking to each other.

  41. First off,Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche are legends in their own mind!
    Daniele is going home via the back door, that is barring production dosen’t step in to save the spoiled little brat again.

    Big Jeff Rules

  42. What the hell is wrong with Jeff? him & Jordan are pissing me off! Why didn’t he put up Dani? I swear their just as stupid as the others! Jordan really shouldn’t talk about other people floating by cuz she don’t do shit either unless handed to her! She is just so sweet nobody wants to put her up. I love them both but they are really making me mad!

    • What show are you watching? Jeff’s strategy is a very sound one and Jordan is playing like a true veteran.

      • How is it sound not to put Danielle up? If Danielle and Kalia were both on the block, it would give Kalia a huge incentive to win POV and ensure Danielle goes home! Now, against Porsche she does not have as much incentive thinking that Danielle if she wins POV will use it to save Kalia.
        Huge difference there. Also, if both Danielle and Kalia were on the block, if Danielle goes off, Porsche will take her place and Kalia will probably be voted out! If Danielle wins POV, she will save Kalia because she would be utterly stupid not to save her ally.

  43. Poor Rachel can’t win for losing. She is trying to be social but these mean girls just won’t stop the bitchiness. How funny that Dani is pulling the poor me on slop card and thinks Rachel is being mean by saying things yet Dani didn’t feel sorry for Rachel when she was on slop! Hypocrites!

  44. If Dani wins veto, goes against her word to Jeff, and uses it to pull Kalia or Porsche off the block and makes Jeff put up one from “his side”…he better freaking make Rachel the replacement and just tell her don’t worry we have the votes. Rachel is the only one who might go against the vote then go play with Dani as they’ve already discussed, when that side has the numbers if she screws up the vote for Jeff

  45. Can someone tell me if Dani used the Veto pass. On BBAD they were discussing whether she had to say if she was going to use it before veto picks, or could wait until after picks and use veto card if she was not playing. I still say HOH should bring all chips out and put them in the bag as everyone watches. But I really think everyone should be allowed to play veto

    • Everybody but Rachel will play the veto comp, and there’s 8 people left. So with 7 players in the competition, that tells me Dani did indeed use her veto pass

  46. It will be awesome if Portia goes next and her and Brendan are in the jury house alone for a week. I bet Rachel freaks out and I get Brendan and Portia cheat!

  47. Did Shelly give back Rachel’s beanie baby dog? I felt so bad for her with Shelly lying to her face. Then no one cared to help her look for it. Meanwhile Shelly had her daughter’s toy on the arm of the chair during eviction. I thought Shelly was playing the game like it should be. Now I have lost all respect for her

    • Wow Shelly actually took her beanie baby? I didn’t know that…I saw Rachel upset about it and trying to look for it and yes, nobody trying to help her find it…that’s just as stupid and juvenile as a lot of Rachel’s actions and makes Shelly no better…if that’s really true I’ve lost a lot of respect for Shelly too…kinda hits a nerve I just got my girlfriend some beanie babies lol…if she couldn’t find them and nobody helped her I’d be pissed!

      • Last night Adam told Shelly to put it back and she said no. Then she went to the kitchen and badmouthed Rach. Then on top of that she went upstairs to HOH room with R/J/J and laid into her about the way she looks at Shelly

      • Damn that’s just ridiculous…I saw her trying to clear the air in the HOH room with Rachel but I guess I missed the part right before it…taking her beanie baby is ridiculous and childish

    • me to jlf when the game started I like Shelly but now she has showen her true colors, Jeff no longer trust her, I am ready for her to go

      • now Shelly is threatening to get scissors and start cutting the paws off and putting into her bed. She is doing this to make Rach loose it and self destruct. I hope BB steps in.

      • I will personally get mad if Shelly does that, as mentioned she has her daughter’s stuffed animal, what if somebody did that to hers? She would lose it. Shelly doesn’t know if that beanie has significant meaning to Rachel, even if just ‘Bookie’ gave it to her that’s reason enough but what if it’s more, for all she knows Rachel’s now-passed grandmother gave it to her or something. Insane, Shelly’s an idiot

      • I wonder if it’s that Ty Beanie Boo rottweiler named Tuffy with the big cute eyes…..that’d be pretty funny because that’s one of the ones I got for my girlfriend recently…

  48. @ Tim have you not watch any of big brother after dark? Yes Rachel is being somewhat a brat but that is nothing compared to the bitchiness of Dani and her gang of mean girls! Shelly has become the worst and I bet she will be so embarrassed once she gets out of the house and watches the show! How can a mother act the way she does?

    • Trish do you know if Shelly really did take Rachel’s beanie baby dog? I’m sorry lol I just really want confirmation from somebody who saw it since I clearly missed it…

    • I’d rather Danielle get backdoored then, she can have some quality time with Brendon in the jury house! That would be classic! LOL

  49. this is easy one to figure out. dani will win pov pull porsch off and jeff will put up rach. shelly whispering to dani something and its set. rach goes to jury. double eviction dani, porsch or kalia will win hoh put up jeff he will follow rach out the six will fight it out. dani wins first place and porsch second place.of course jeff should of put up dani and kalia but it probably would not matter bb still would not let rach play in veto. the show wants her out and calm before they back door her.because she’s so hated by cast and bb fan’s

    • You obviously can see the future, so please tell me, while you’re at it, who will win the 10th race at Belmont today?

  50. @David, Jeff win bb this season, the producers have this already set, Rach,Dani Porshe are just jurors.

    • Any chance you know this for sure? Or is it just your guess/assumption? At this point amidst all the talk of rigging, I don’t think I care anymore if it’s fixed for Jeff as long as he wins lol…so yeah…did you somehow hear that officially? No idea how you would but…

  51. Yes i this is an ok nomination given who is in power all dani has to do is pull of one of her allies if she wins and jeff will have to put up one of his allies.He has the numbers to evict so it depends on who the replacement is.
    Dani my girl u need to win this. :)

  52. These people just don’t think. If Dani were on the block and wins veto, she takes herself off. If she isn’t on the block and wins, she is safe and gets to take of who she wants (either K or P). Why give her the choice? Dumb move Jeff!!!

      • I wanted him to do what you guys are mentioning, but I see his angle. By not putting up Dani right off the bat he can pretend he’s following through on the deal she tried to make. This way he’s covered if she wins veto and he can’t re-nominate her, he can say oh yea I was with our deal all along and then stands a chance (albeit a slim one) of Dani not going right after him next week if she wins HOH, which she’s likely to unfortunately

      • And the way he did this, if Dani wins he creates a renom. that will prob. vote against him in the future (A or S). He better hope Dani does not win, or he may have just tilted the votes to the other side.

      • I really hope he puts Rachel up but I don’t think he will. She’s the only real threat in regards to flipping the vote against Jeff’s wishes then teaming with Dani next week. And he can just tell her don’t worry you’re safe anyway we have the votes. But he’s using this week to drill into her that she’s on his side…so he won’t even renom her…damnit

    • I agree. Also, Danielle versus Kalia would be interesting because Kalia can win competitions and wouldn’t it be ironic if Kalia wins POV and that Danielle ends up going home?

  53. Shelly is horrible. She is sick. Why doesn’t Adam tell people that Shelly took Rachel’s beanie dog?

      • I don’t get the live feeds, so I really appreciate you guys writing down what happens. So, thank you! I’m not a Rachel fan either, but that is just wrong!!! I agree that Adam should tell people, as well. Did he say something to Shelly?

      • I heard he told Shelly to give it back and she said no. And even worse, far worse, I heard her talking about cutting off the beanie baby’s paws and putting them in Rachel’s bed. I don’t care if she was kidding, because she’s in that house holding her daughter’s stuffed animal, and if somebody even talked about that, let alone did it, Shelly would blow a gasket

  54. Jordan isn’t stupid , Rachels act is gimmick for live TV. Theifs & people who contaminate food, should have consequence. Dami is what u see is what I get, Adam as elf was amusing . Kalia & Porche are waiting for Dani to tell them what to do. Hey, it’s BB, just enjoy the ride!

  55. I too resent dayday’s remarks about racism. She thinks every white person is picking on Kalia when Rachael, Jeff and Jordan are the ones people hate or love. Everyone isn’t going to like anyone and Kalia is no exception. I think she’s cute and has a great smile but doesn’t play the greatest game in BB but that doesn’t make me racist. The number of blacks on BB probably pretty much represents the percentage of the population (or maybe not) but isn’t it a little racist to expect more blacks just because they’re black? There are dozens of great black actors, singers, atheletes and various others that have made it in a big way thanks to the white population participation and, although there will always be black and white racists, I believe most black and white people judge others on who they are,not the color of their skin.

    • Besides, it is a reality show and the producers are going to try to put the people on who will create the most controversy, regardless of their color.

      • There were 3 black people this season out of 14 total guests, I don’t think that was exactly leaving them out. Dayday probably thinks Keith was gone first because he’s black, not because he appeared to be athletic and because he threw a tirade in his first week in the house. Wonder why she thinks Lawon is gone, because the only reason is his own unbelievable stupidity, and Kalia helped him get there so I guess she’s racist against her own…bottom line, like many are saying, enough with the race card

      • I don’t see how I namecalled, but I agree let’s stick to game talk. That’s why I ended my comment with “enough with the race card”. That’s not game.

      • @Jackie, you started this race bs, even after everyone told you to talk game. DO NOT BRING IT UP AGAIN! enough said.

    • @ Kathy and then I am done with u.Your black best friend says you should read Jackie’s response in comment 10.

      • @Jackie read it, not impressed by someone who knows nothing about me except whatever her delisional mind can come with. I also am very aware of people like you, who plays the race card as an excuse. GROW UP!!!!!

  56. I predict Dani has done it again. Shelly is going at Rachel like no tommorrow, so much 4 their truce, lol. If Dani wins POV and Jeff puts up Shelly as he has been talking, Rachel will vote Shelly out no matter how much Jeff threatens her. Her caontant taunting of Dani lets me know she is as emotional as ever, lol. If he puts up Adam again as a pawn he loses trust with him. The first thing Adam says to Jeff is “atleast I know I am not beiing used as a pawn”. He Jeff puts Adam up this will give Adam a cause to flip, again! He won’t put up Rachel because he believes he needs her for next weeks hoh. Dani does it again.

    • He can still put up Rachel, he thinks he has the votes. He’s talked about Rachel or Shelly flipping their vote out of emotion so he’s aware of the possibility but says ‘they better f***ing not do that sh*t!’ in classic Jeff talk lol…but anyway, he can put up Rachel and tell Shelly repeatedly if she votes out Rachel she loses his trust, and I don’t think Shelly would risk that, she loves Jeff and Jordan. Adam also owes Jeff a loyalty, he wasn’t made a pawn and Jeff threw him a veto, he’ll vote as Jeff wants. Jordan clearly will vote in Jeff’s favour, 3 votes is all that’s needed this week

      • i do not think he will put up Rachel because he said last night the way Rachel was acting, it takes the target off him.

      • MJ thats a sound strategy but jlt is right. Jeff knows Jordan is not a strong competitor and the remaining strong competitors in the house r part of Dani’s alliance except Rachel. He needs Rachel, he won’t nominate her. What is pressing for Jeff is even if Dani goes which is his goal, he will still b nominated by Porche or Kalia or maybe even Rachel, she is still mad @ Brendon. Big Jeff’s in a pickle, lol.

  57. I’m tired of the crazy talk about Jeff being floaters. Even though Jordan is a little slow in the head, they always compete. They also have a good social game. Adam is a floater. Porshe looks she can do some hardcore adult porn with that smoking body, but she is the biggest floater ever. Don’t get me started with that red headed wrench. I will not mention her cursed name. By the way, Kalia needs to get on Jenny Craig.

  58. Daniele BETTER win the POV! I’m pretty sure she will, whenever she needs to win something she ALWAYS does, and this time she NEEDS to win or she’s going home!

  59. You are very rude addressing Kalia’s eating habits. She eats every 2-3 hours as part of her diet. Big brother doesn’t have much regarding healthy snacks or foods as well. She has to eat what is there. Everyone in that house eats constantly and makes heavy, fatty meals. Jeff, Brendan, and Adam eat a lion’s share of food but that goes unnoticed. I am sick of your comments. Thank you.

  60. I TOLD YOU BB is scripted………BigBrotherLeak
    Jeff saying he’s been getting influenced in the diary room to keep Daniele. Jeff saying no way is he going along with it. #BB13

  61. Since its a double eviction when does the other one take place and will change this one in anyway?

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