Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Friday Highlights

Big Brother 13 was running on full steam on Friday. After another shift in power, and yet another Veteran win, the HGs came together to plead their case ahead of nominations. Once nominations were laid out the game moved on to picking the Veto competition players for Saturday’s battle. It’s going to be another busy weekend for Big Brother!

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 19, 2011:

11:52 AM BBT – HGs are let back inside after a lockdown. They discover their Have-Not food for the week: jalapenos and hard-boiled eggs. Jeff, as HoH, has to name 3 HGs to be Have-Nots. No surprise here. He names Daniele, Kalia, and Porsche.

12:14 PM BBT – Kalia talks with Jeff about upcoming nominations. Jeff warns her she is definitely being considered for the job.

12:32 PM BBT – Daniele talks with Jeff about his plans. Jeff plays it cool and indicates he’s thinking of going after Kalia & Porsche. He wants to know what she’d do with the Veto. Daniele says she’d avoid winning it or else Kalia would expect her to use it to save her. Could both Jeff and Daniele be lying to each other?

1:45 PM BBT – HGs discover they’ve got a new, smaller dining table.

2:11 PM BBT – Porsche talks with Jeff. She says she doesn’t want to get backdoored. He jokes that she “wants to get nominated then?”

2:25 PM BBT – Jeff and Jordan discussing options for evicting Daniele. She seems to remain his goal for the week. They want her to feel as comfortable as possible so as not to suspect their real plans.

5:20 PM BBTLive Feeds return from Trivia. Nomination ceremony is over. Porsche and Kalia were nominated.

7:40 PM BBT – Live Feeds return from Trivia. Veto players were picked. All but Rachel will be playing. Rachel will host.

7:55 PM BBT – Daniele talking with Porsche. Says if the noms change it will either be her or Adam going up on the block. Nah, just you, Daniele, unless you get that Veto.

11:40 PM BBT – Discussion about Daniele’s birthday coming up (in a few mins). Rachel and Daniele having a little argument. Rachel has been drinking and annoying Daniele. Daniele, who is about to turn 25, keeps rolling her eyes at Rachel. 25 years old. Rolling eyes. 25.

12:00 AM BBT – Kalia gives Daniele a birthday crown. Daniele is very pleased and shows it off around the house.

1:00 AM BBT – Jordan is free from the humilitard.

3:00 AM BBT – Jeff wants to make a deal with Daniele to evict Kalia. He’s worried they might need Daniele next week and Kalia continues to annoy him.

If Jeff had any solid hopes of evicting Daniele or Kalia then he should have nominated both of them together. Now if Daniele wins Veto she can save Kalia and Jeff will waste his week on evicting Porsche. Not the best move. But all of that hangs in the balance with the PoV competition coming up. There will be lots of drama in store, so stay close by for all those Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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  1. Weird I’ve never been first…but I won’t just leave it at that like some…here’s something I’ve been thinking about…

  2. Putting it out there to see who agrees…does anybody else think CBS/Endemol/Grodner, etc really kinda dropped the ball on how they handled Brendon’s return? It seemed to me like a really missed opportunity in the way it was done, with Julie telling them in the living room that a past houseguest might be back, and then having everybody
    including all possible returnees in the backyard so all current houseguests could already prepare themselves for the idea of one of them coming back. Then watching them compete, knowing it’d be one of the two, and knowing Lawon is useless and it was going to be Brendon…I really think they missed the chance to see Dani’s face of shock/disgust like I know so many viewers wanted. Lawon and Brendon should’ve competed with everyone else still in the house, then Brendon should’ve rung the doorbell and walked in to all the faces and their reactions, with the camera focused a lot on Dani, and even Kalia…they easily could’ve explained to everyone later how Lawon is gone and essentially replaced
    with Brendon. The only shocked look we got to see was pre-battle and one that looked totally fake, Rachel’s no-blink wide open mouth look and that wasn’t nearly as cool as it would’ve been to see Dani’s face if it was handled better. I dunno, just my take on it, they want ratings and ‘TV moments’ and didn’t do a very good job capitalizing on that. Thoughts?

    • I agree
      It was not handled well at all
      The HG should have not be present
      Lawon should have being evicted and then have the comp with none of the HG knowing what was going on waiting for the face to turn to gray and then have B ring the bell and back in the house
      They missed CBS screwed up

    • I agree as well. I was waiting to see the reaction from Dani and it was really never a focal point for CBS. In fact, not much was shown. It was a bit of a letdown, i.e., the reactions from the house to Brendon’s return.

    • I totally agree. I got the feeling that CBS/Endemol/Grodner/BB13 was trying to piggy back off of Survivor Redeption Island but failed. In my opinion, they should have had all 4 of the evicted house guests battle each other at the same time with the current houseguests still in the house in lockdown and then as you suggested have the winner ring the doorbell and enter the house. I think that would have been more fun to watch as viewers as well. Why keep all of the evicted houseguests evicted for that long and not use that opportunity to let them try to get back into the game. Survivor Redemption Island they were evicted and held in “sequestor” on the island and were each given the chance to play to get back in the game. I think using it as an “America’s Vote” was a waste of time. Why even go through with the challenge when it was between Brendon and Lawon because you knew who the winner was going to be. And if CBS/Endemol/Grodner/BB13 wanted to let the current houseguests watch, like on Survivor, they should have not been able to cheer anyone on, they should have had to remain silent like on Survivor.

    • BB is not the dani show why should they do that just to see dani’s reaction that would have been stupid and either way brendan is out again so it doesn’t really matter..Maybe you can make a youtube video of dani if your that obsessed with her.
      Another thing you know what was priceless?When the every single member of the anti dani team were out of the HOH moments after jumping for joy with Brendan in the purple room

      • Way to assume there, I’m not a Dani fan, let alone obsessed with her, but she would be the one most ‘affected’ by a Brendon return seeing as she’s the one who had just been HOH in his eviction, and if you read, I said Kalia’s face too. Basically saying anybody who didn’t like Brendon and was glad to see him go, pinpoint all of their reactions. Just like if Cassi came back, show Rachel’s reaction. It’s not hard to figure out

    • I think they wanted the Rachel Riley reaction more because Dani has too much of a poker face and probably would have had minimal reaction.Plus the shock on Lawon’s face when it hit him that he made a big mistake was good tv..

    • MJ i completely agree with you! they really should have not allowed all the houseguest to be present during the competition between Brendon and Lawon, Rachael helped brendon cheat and nobody helping lawon. I really think it should have been kept private, like you said then see the surprise on peoples faces.

  3. I’m confused…you said that if Daniele wins Veto, she would save Kalia and then Jeff would “waste his week on evicting Porsche.” But if Dani wins the Veto and uses it on Kalia, couldn’t Jeff renom Dani in Kalia’s place? I didn’t think the Veto made two people immune like that but maybe I don’t remember correctly…a little help, please?!

    • Dani is not up so if she wins she can take some body off and Jeff has to put up a replecement and Danny is still safe because she won the veto she cannot be nominated

      • Hey Matt, how about hiring me as an editor to correct this awful grammar! As an english major, I cringe while reading the posts. There’s a spell check and these people still can’t get it!

    • If a person who won the veto and is not on the block and decides to use to veto to save someone on the block it also saves them from going up so yes if dani wins the veto she could take off kalia and not be put as a replacement nomanie. Lets hope thats gonna happen!!

      • Whats with all the sounds she makes?
        I was watching BBAD and she keeps smacking her lips and making this weird sounds
        Whats with that!!!

      • It’s because she’s a parasite ella…eats and sleeps all day, doesn’t do her own dishes, talks incessantly, thinks she’s among the vets in terms of being a strong competitor just because she won one competition, gives up on competitions if she gets tired, fakes injuries…list goes on and on, all of that is sadly just off the top of my head, starting to think I’ve never disliked a BB player more, ever

      • I said it a little bit ago but I’ll say it again…I wish Kalia’s annoyance would finally get to Dani and make her slap Kalia in the face and scream SHUT UP, then they’re both out of the house this week, Kalia evicted and Dani expelled for physical contact lol

  4. no matter how disasterous this turns out for Jeff he still has numbers in his favor for the double eviction . Not saying he won’t be evicted – but team Dani will be down to just 2 people and if Dani wins she might make a deal with Jeff to go after Rachel.

  5. What the H is Jeff thinking? He should have just put her up and took his chances on the veto card. Team Dani should all go before Rachael.

    • Jeff and Dani both are remaing loyal to their deal up to a…lets see which one wins out..

      • Still wish Jeff had listened to Adam & Jordan and put Dani up. Dani will put Jeff up in a NY second without a doubt. Watch & see. He should, at the very least, win POV so that Kalia is out & he wouldn’t have to put one of his own up as renom. Dumb move & trusting to a fault. Who cares about Porsche… & Adam or Shelly could vote his renom out.

      • Danielle will put up Jeff and Jordan first time she wins HOH. There is no other threat to Danielle as Rachel is but, a shadow of herself—-unable to win HOH or POV for the last how many weeks now? Shelly might even join Danielle when it happens.

  6. Team Rachell and JJ! Hey did BigBro give Rachel a Xanex cause she was all gigle and happy on bbro after dark you go Rachell LOL!

    • to save his ass Jeff will backdoor anyone except Jordo, especially during a double eviction when you don’t have time to think things through plus Jeff’s annoyed with Rachel -kind of like he was with Russell when he backdoored him (jeff’s 1st season)

  7. I have a feeling Danielle wont go this week
    Like in any story you need a good villain and she is good for ratings
    I really hope Jeff can backdoor her so she can go to the Jury house and keep Brendan company
    If she stays and next week is DE than unless Jeff wins a veto and then on the second HOH wins it either him or Jordan will go home

    • I am hoping now that Dani just does not win POV and that will solve much of the problem of Jeff’s stupid move. I think it is stupid because if Dani wins HOH, I believe she will immediately go after Jeff and Jordan. I don’t think she is after Rachel so much because Brendon is gone. Dani will want to break up the current dynamic duo. And, Dani doesn’t care what she said to Jeff just like he doesn’t care what he said to Dani so this crap about Jeff trying to halfway honor his deal with Dani doesn’t hold water for me. Of course, since Dani has the POV ticket she could have won and taken herself off so maybe that is why he didn’t nominate her—I hope.

    • Remember, it was said that producers want Dani to win. Also, the veto must be something that Rach could have won. Maybe that could be the reason her chip with her name on it was accidentally left out of the veto bag 2 weeks in a row.

  8. I was busy yesterday and I got behind on the happenings..Question??? Does JEFF PLAN ON BACKDOORING DANI if she does not win the POV??

    • Jeff has put up so many dumb moves this season so, I will not put it behind him that he will not again make a dumb move. Logically, you backdoor Danielle if she does not win POV and remove the biggest threat in the house. Why would you not do that? Still, Jeff seems to be a wussy dealing with Danielle and might be a wussy again in evicting her even given the chance! I will believe it when I see it!

  9. I think the only thing that dani is going to do is go to the JURY house. If not she will be the only one left in her crew,the other two will be gone.Thats what im hoping

    • If Danielle wins POV, she will save Kalia and that would be two good players, Danielle and Kalia for HOH against Jordan, Rachel, Shelly, Adam. Jeff cannot play HOH so, the deck is stacked heavily in Danielle’s favor. Watch Danielle put up Jeff and Jordan on the block when she or Kalia wins HOH. Another stupid Jeff move which could be very costly for him but, he deserves to be evicted with such dumb moves of late!

  10. Now, Rachel’s beenie baby has gone missing..And Brended isn,t there to rescue him, whatever will Rachel do??

    • Normally I wouldn’t feel sympathy for someone like Rachel, but Shelly took the beanie baby which is just childish and sinking to her level, something she said she’d never ever do. I’m not a Rachel fan, but this was just not right, especially threatening to basically destroy the beanie baby. Even Adam her ‘bud’ told her to give it back and she said no. Nice. Keep showing your daughter that class

  11. what is jeff thinking if dani doesn’t go this week. she may win hoh and am sure jeff/jordan will be going next

    • Jeff might have numbers to stay because Dani can’t vote -Jordan might go because Dani will probably put up J/J. Jordan will probably tell everyone to keep Jeff. Maybe…

  12. MJ I agree with you about the ratings. I think CBS made a lot of money off of the voting. Unfortunately our world is money hungry so I’m sure that had something to do with why they didn’t do a better job with that whole deal. Can’t wait to see this double eviction…this should be good!

    • Yea I just found it strange I mean they obviously have a whole marketing team working for ‘good TV moments’, and that’s what they came up with…there was little to no suspense the way it was done. For the viewers I understand little suspense, but they should’ve built it up better for the houseguests and hoped the viewers enjoyed watching them react/suffer/have a heart attack, etc. What’s done is done I guess…

      • MJ, definitely liked your scenario much better with the doorbell entrance… it was really anti-climatic watching Brendon slaughtering the dumbstruck, “…but i didn’t get my special powers yet” Lawon. Not much of a twist to watch Brendon go right back out either. I think the real twist will come from Pandora’s box if Jeff should actually succeed in ousting Dani…in the unlikely event that Dani keeps her word not to win veto.

      • Yea exactly TeamJJ, what suspense is there in watching Brendon compete with, as you put it and I loved it lol “…but I didn’t get my special powers yet” Lawon. Once Julie announced Brendon won the vote everyone knew he was back in the house (except maybe Kalia). And I agree Brendon going right back out wasn’t entertaining, I don’t think they should’ve played that HOH that soon after his return. He just played a comp against Lawon and he and Rachel were probably on some emotional high. Let them sleep a night before that HOH competition…anyway as for current events…I hope some twist comes now, because I also find it too unlikely that Dani doesn’t fight her hardest for the veto, and unlikely she doesn’t use it if she gets it

  13. rach will be backdoored than jeff pay close attention to the feeds and after dark.code words and whispering going on. just a hunch and a twist. right jeff should of put up dani. not sure he really wants her out

  14. I agree that Jeff may want Dani to stay. All the Dani haters can say what they want, but my take is that Rachel does not like Dani for two reasons.

    1. Dani took her man
    2. She knows Dani is a strong comp, much like herself and is very jealous of her. The way she acted to Dani was very immature and when she retold it to Jordan, Adadm and later Jeff she twisted it in her own way.

    Every single person lies, backstabs and whatever they feel they have to do. When Adam was talking to Rachel and Jordan and the newbies reaction to when the vets returned to the game. I am sure Rachel didn’t really care for it when Adam picked ED and Dani over her and Brendon. Later in the conversation Adam also talked about all the vets that could possibly be voting for the winner and was sure that they would vote for the strongest player. Jordan had a very surprised look on her face. I think she realizes she would never win like she did in her season. She said, “oh I forgot about that”.

    If Dani does not stay, I will continue to watch, but could care less who wins. I was hoping J/J would work with Dani in the beginning. When they did not want to and picked Rachel I thought maybe Dani and Rachel could team up. After seeing the way Rachel acted last night when Dani was trying to make slop things it reminds me of why I cannot stand her. I know many people like Rachel and that is fine that is your opinion. These are just mine.

    • she was drank I am not making excuses for her but Dany is the one that sent Brandon out and off course there is antagonism between the 2
      You know Danny was on the lookout for Porsha when she spiked the protein drinks with the fiber
      Everybody in the house are not Behaving in a very nice way
      Shelly stealing Rachel stuffed animal I mean she is a grown women and her daughter is watching Porsha to stole Brendan stuffed animal on top of getting HG sick
      U put A bunch of strangers in a house to win $500 there is a big chance that some of them if not all will behave in such ways

      • @ellablue I did say that Dani stole her man and I also said that they are all guilty of doing bad things. I realize everything you stated – they are all doing bad things. I was just saying that I like Dani. I did not like Rachel last season and do not like her this season. I stated my feelings and also said others may like Rachel. That is fine. We all have different favorites. If you take all the bad things that all of them have done out of the equation I think Dani’s gameplay has been the best and she has been the best at comps so far. When Kalia was HOH Dani had a gut instinct that they should have stuck with their original decision and forget about the twist. If the twist had not happened both Rachel and Brendon would be gone. Even that last veto that Adam thinks he won was thrown to him by both Dani and Jeff. Dani whispered to Jeff he was safe and they both threw it.

    • Jeff and Jordan season was the only one I did
      not watch because I worked nights at that time.Can someone tell me how did Jordan win that season because she is not a good at this game at all.

      • Jordan laid low for the most part, played a very good social game, allied with Jeff (her other allies were gone weeks 1 and 2), found a side-ally if you can call it that. But she didn’t float to who was in power to kiss ass, she just wasn’t seen as a threat because she was so nice and sweet and innocent-looking. But she DID win 2 HOH’s, a veto, and the final HOH when it was just final 3, and chose to take Natalie to the finals because a few jurors disliked her. Her closest ally Jeff won 1 HOH and 2 vetos to help her get there. Jurors voted for her because of her social game, everyone loved her, and nobody could say she did nothing/didn’t win anything. She won more competitions than Natalie as well

  15. Jegg helped her a lot she was liked by everybody and the other contestant Natalie took her to final 2 because she thought she had the votes but she did not play a very good social game (Natalie) was hated by America and the jury gave the votas to Jordan they felt if she got to the end she desseved it more then Natalie

    • Justin if I am not mistaken you should be able to see that entire season on u tube
      Try it it was a crazy one a good season

      • Sorry about the spelling a little hangover today took a drink every time shelly said she is a straight shooter

    • no and it is crazy the HG are under the impression that it is the week after not this one coming

    • Danielle has been the nastiest and meanest player this season bar none. While, Shelly has been despicable too, Danielle trumps her with her backstabbing her alliance members, pitting couples against each other, lying multiple times and manipulating all the newbies to make them her puppets! As for game play, she is playing better after the backstabbing her alliance blew up in her face!
      Danielle is as ruthless as Attila the Hun with her take no prisoners approach. Jeff is a wussy though and so afraid of displeasing Danielle it isn’t even funny. That is why I do not like Danielle—-I do not appreciate her game play but, give her credit for it none the less!

      • Shelly is by far the meanest, nastiest most awful person in that house. She has spent the entire tine lying and backstabbing (have you been watching). Dani tried one big move, which was not even her move to make and has been beaten around the head for that insessantly. Shelly on the other hand has told lies upon lies and backstabbed many, just not been caught. Her dreadful character shines through as testament to all that is wrong with our society. I pity her child having such a person devoid of character for a mother, Shelly epitomises all that is wrong in this world. She is pure EVIL

    • I do not get it at all. Dani is an angel when compared to the evil, nasty Shelly. She claims such nastiness as lying is beyond her because she is a mother, but all her actions show that setting a good example for her daughter is at the very bottom of her list of importance. Shelly is just evil and at her age she should know better. I pity her child having such a terrible mother. Shelly does not deserve to even raise a child with the actions she has displayed on big brother. It just sickens me.

  16. Let Matt spread the “hate”. Actually even though I am a fan of Brenchal I am happy when Matt tells it like he sees it. Also @MJ, love your posts!!!

  17. C’mon Baconman you got to step up and help your alliance this week.Quit focusing on Porsche she’ll be your downfall.

  18. In my opinion i see a floater making it to the end e.i like Adam… which is sad cause this happens way to often.

    • Final 3 should be Dani, Rachel, Jeff. they are the only ones that really deserve it. but it’ll most likely be Jordan, Adam, Shelly.

      i love how Jeff preaches “we need to get out floaters”, yet that’s all he is surrounded by and that’s who he’s protecting. kind of a hypocrite

      • i only see that happening if they all end up working together. promising one another safety till the final 5 then have it every man/women fight for themselves(that will be a game i’ll def watch). And that’s true jeff did say that when jordon,jeff and dani were outside talking. when she was trying to make a truce between them.

    • Anything is possible in this game. I see Jeff and Jordan being evicted by Danielle if Jeff does not lift his little pinkie to evict her now! Once, Danielle gets HOH again, it will be Jeff and Jordan on the block and everyone will be analyzing why it happened! Simple. Jeff was a wussy and would not take on Danielle when it counted if it happens!

  19. who needs Brendan and Rachel- it looks like Dani and Porsche are becoming the next showmance couple in the have not room.Kalia seems p-d off

  20. I, for one, want to see Shelly out of there. She’s been lying to everybody and plays boo hoo fake tears when she wants sympathy. She walks like she has a load in her pants and talks like a truck driver (no disrespect to truck drivers). She’s a grown woman with a kid who called her out on her actions and yet she plays the game very immaturely.

    Can’t get Dani out, then bye bye Shelly

  21. Seriously, how can you possibly like Rachel? She’s a nut job and a complete weirdo who acts like a 3 years old. Wow, that is mind boggling. I find her to be one of the most unlikable characters in big brother history. She’s not all there mentally.

  22. BB picks people that they can boss around in the diary room… thats why they are in there so much… being told what to say and do next… its all soooooooooo scripted…

  23. i find it easy to like rachel because she never did anything personal to me, but im team dani all the way, if she goes home i dont care who wins.

    • i totally agree, Team Dani all the way, i hope she can pull off this veto. what’s better is if she does, it’ll put the fear of god into Rachel. She already thinks Dani is hard to get out. if Dani wins veto, i see Rachel jumping ship(out of fear) and putting the numbers back on Dani’s side

      • Rachel is non-player at this point. They can evict her but, it would not affect the game. The only thing she has left is her vote if she is not on the block. Her being too emotional hurt her game big time and favored Danielle so, say Rachel would be afraid of Danielle is like killing a rag doll that has been beaten down by time and ready for the scrap heap!

    • The way I see it if Dani leaves, so do I, I will cancel my superpass, and write off this show. Daniele is the last remaining person that makes this show interesting, Keith is gone, Cassi is gone, Dominic is gone, and as sad and pathetic as he was, Lawon is gone I just do not buy anymore that America’s Vote actually is America’s vote. I know on the few things I have bothered voting on in the past that the results are shown cumulatively as the vote progresses. I just do not believe a vote that would put Brendon right back in that house over Dominic, and it is even more suspect when the vote tally is not shown as the week progresses. It appears more and more apparent to myself and my friends that this whole show is not an experiment at all but simply a scripted, and this time very uninteresting show, which I for one will no longer add ratings to. This whole season was a bad idea from the start pitting veterans against newcomers. Please, CBS should have picked one or the other, to combine both was just a dumb idea in my opinion. Perhaps others find Brenchel interesting and entertaining, I for one do not, I had more than enough of them last season and in my opinion it was way, way too soon to bring them back. They are just sad and disgusting, Jeff is boring, Jordan is sweet but incredibly dumb and stupid, Porche and Adam are just plain boring, Kalia drives me round the bend with how fabulous she thinks she is and I just want to strangle her every time she opens her mouth to speak or sing. As a mother myself, I believe Shelly is a total monster, and almost does not deserve to have a child after watching her despicable actions and words. So finally… GO DANI… CBS should hope to god she stays, because in my opinion, without her there is no show worth watching anymore.

  24. Team Dani all the way!!! Jeff said he wants to see Dani/Kalia/Porsche sweat this week, well I’m sure he is disappointed(he’ll be using the f word even more). Dani being able to win comps, not play with emotions, and be social player makes her have the best game play IMO. J/J have all that 2gether.
    BTW, Rachel has grown on me. I actually feel sorry for her extreme insecure personality. Also, I wonder why she cannot get a job if she is so competitive? BB is not watched by every single HR or hiring manager in the U.S., tg for them.

    • If every HR for every company in the USA would watch BB then Rachel would never find a job. If she went to school and according to her and Brendon she is so intelligent, but spent all her money she had saved from being a waitress. Rachel looks and acts like she is bipolar!!!!!

    • Pretty sure that that’s not true, if Dani survives only 1 of her alliance members may be evicted leaving her + her other ally to compete for HOH on double eviction night. Without Jeff competing, the rest of the house really doesn’t stand a chance against Daniele. Maybe Rachel but Daniele is definitely better at comps than Rachel.

  25. Looking at Rachel she aged since last time she might need some help she is not well she s ok with Brandon but not complete and is not all from BB . She should wait to marry till after she gets help.I hope Brandon helps her get the help she needs maybe he contributed some.

  26. Hey,Hey,Hey, don’t you get it? Rachel wasn’t drunk when she was teasing Daneile about her age, and about eating her chocolates. She and Daniele have definately teamed up to get Jeff/Jordan out. That scene was staged to throw J/J off, making the house think they hate each other, they do, but that’s another story. It was so obvious, I was afraid Jeff would catch on, but he didn’t. Also, I don’t think Rachel is going to let the Jeff team send Porsche off to be with her man, so maybe, good-bye Kalia, it was nice while it lasted. P,S. I’m now a Rachel/Daniel fan.

  27. I don’t know if I really care who wins. I like JJ but really the best part of the show is the lying, backstabbing etc. I think that it would be fun if Dani went this week. Then next week Porshe then Kaliah and Shelly. They could all announce that they are on the way to the jury house to go after Rachels man. Ohhhhhhhhhh the drama that would cause. Rachel would implode.

    • I agree but would like to add something. I think that being in the house is stressful enough without people tampering with personal items. Rachel’s beanie baby Rottweiler dog was taken by Shelly. She even said she was going to get a pair of scissors and start cutting the paws off and throwing in her bed. Not to mention someone took Brendon’s duck. These items are probably adds a little comfort in a place hatred

  28. I think Jeff will be better with Danie for last 3 No matter i dont think Jordan will make it to last 3 My god she cant even do a puzzle.

  29. I hope Jeff doesn’t use the POV to backdoor Daniele, then the house can vote off Porsche, or Kalia. I could care less which one goes, because both of them screwed up the VETS in the very beginning, that led the vets down the trail of doom.

  30. I just cannot stand Shelly and her holier than thou attitude when she is the biggest snake of anyone in the house. Some mother she is!!! Dani is certainly not nearly as mean and underhanded as Shelly. I truly hope that Shelly gets what she deserves very soon. She absolutely disgusts me as a fellow mother and as nasty as I thought Rachel was, Shelly steals the title of the most horrible, nasty person in the house. If she should win, I will never watch this experiment again.

  31. Livefeed action developing:
    1. Rachel hanging out in the have not room with D/P/K. Is another game play hatching?
    2. Shelly/Adam discussing how Jeff is getting too high and mightly. Are the Newbie’s begining to realize that J/J are for JUST for J/J?

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