Big Brother 13: Brendon Villegas Interview..Again

Big Brother 13 Brendon

Today we spoke with Brendon Villegas who has now been evicted twice this season.  See what he has to say about floaters and who will get his vote in the end.

Chloe:  Would you still like to see Jordan in the final two with Rachel?

Brendon:  If Jordan and Rachel were in the final two I would hope that everyone would vote for Rachel to win since she has played a stronger and tougher game. So, yeah. I think that would be OK.

Chloe:  Are there any reasons why you could see voting for Dani if she happened to make it to the final two and wasn’t against Rachel?

Brendon: Because Dani had to fight to get to the end. Even though we were on opposite sides of the house she will always have been in the same boat as Rachel and I were.

Chloe: Who should Rachel align with in order to go the farthest?

Brendon: At this point, I told Rachel to try to stay in the middle and align herself with Jeff and Jordan on one and Danielle on the other.

Chloe:  Is Dani the sole reason you were evicted this time or do you blame anyone else?

Brendon: I think Daniele was the main reason I was evicted but all in all everybody in the house wanted me evicted because they were threatened by me and afraid that I could win.

Chloe: Why were you so hard on Jeff and Jordan when you tried several times to align with Dani and have Jeff nominated instead?

Brendon: Because I had known that Jeff had struck a deal the first time I went out. We had gone to bat for them and they had already turned their back on us the first time. At this point, Jeff hadn’t done a single thing for our alliance. If we could have gotten him on the block it would have weekend their hold on Adam and Shelly.

Chloe:  Would you really have gone against the house and voted to keep Jeff if the roles were reversed?

Brendon: Absolutely. Rachel and I both would have voted to keep Jeff just to piss off Danielle and make her have to use her tie splitting vote.

Chloe:  How surprised were you to receive over a million votes from America  and come back in the game?

Brendon: I was really surprised, and grateful to be given the opportunity to come back into the game.

Chloe: You said you will give your vote to a competitor.  Would you consider voting for a floater in the end that plays a good social game and fights to stay in the house but doesn’t win comps?

Brendon: At this point, there is not one floater in the house who is playing a good enough social game to get my vote to win big brother.


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  1. I was very sorry to see Brendon leave the house (yet again); but I do believe Rachel and Brendon would have voted to keep Jeff and/or Jordon if Danielle had stuck either of them up as a replacement nominee. Frankly, I’m disgusted with how quickly Jeff and Jordon were willing to break their alliance with Rachel and Brendon just to show deference to Danielle. Danielle will not keep an alliance with them; neither will Shelly if it comes down to it. Jeff made a major mistake trusting that Shelly will come through in their alliance.

    • Anita Shelly will go where the power is and let everyone else do the dirty work for her. She has a deal with everyone in the house including Adam and herself.

    • Sorry but that’s kind dumb. The whole point is to have everybody like you and not mess with your game. There was absolutely zero upside to them voting to keep Brendon.

      • I think Rachel and Brendon deserved to win this year, yes they lied but not as much as anyone else Shelly is the biggest two face and watch she is trying to stay close to the other side to get jeff out

    • That is what I do not understand. With still a lot of house guests on the house including newbies, why are the veterans tearing each other down? Danielle started it and now, Jeff is doing the same thing. Granted that trust is a very scarce commodity in the big brother house, Danielle should have been the target yet, Jeff is destroying what is left of his alliance? How smart is that? Danielle is sticking to Porsche and Kalia after betraying the veterans alliance and you would think that Jeff and Jordan would use their heads? Jeff threw the POV to Adam on Danielle’s say so? Super dumb move! Now, he does not put Danielle on the block because he is afraid of displeasing Danielle? Wake up Jeff! This is double eviction week and Danielle will put Jeff and Jordan up if she regains HOH and then, he will see how stupid he has been!

  2. I know Brendon respects strong play and I thought he would vote for Dani if she was in the final 2 without Rachel. For his feelings on that issue I totally agree with him. I may have not been on his side, but strong play and winning comps is how I believe BB should be played.

  3. If I read Brendon’s comment correctly, he told Rachel to be a floater. “At this point, I told Rachel to try to stay in the middle and align herself with Jeff and Jordan on one and Danielle on the other.” Is his definition of floater different or is it just the typical of him that what he & Rachel do is OK?

    • You’re right. That’s typical for them. They want everyone else to fit the mold of how they believe the game is to be played. However, if their game has to be modified to keep their position intact, that’s a different story and perfectly fine.

      Just like their claiming to play a consistent game and honor their alliance and word in the game. Lies, lies, lies. Which is fine for a game play strategy, but don’t be all holier than thou, getting pissed off because someone else played the game just that way! Like claiming they never considered putting JeJo on the block and wouldn’t, but during Week 1 with Rachel’s first HoH, Brenchel laid up in the HoH room talking about whether they should go after JeJo yet or was it too soon? That was WEEK ONE!!

      So, all this crap about Brenchel playing a good, consistent game is a bunch of horsepuckey!

      The name of the game is FLOAT! Try not to piss people off and get them to vote for you at the end! It’s now how many comp’s you win, it’s can you make it to the Final 3 and then, win the Top Seed and be guaranteed the Final 2 or lose the first, must win the next one, then the ONLY comp left. The jury vote!

      • Agree, Rachel has done nothing this season but ride coat tails. When Dani was hoh where were B&R in the hoh room throwing JJ under the bus, Now Jeff is hoh where is Rachel? stuck up JJ butts. Now who is the floater this year?

  4. Very Happy brenda is out of the house! how many times did he and r threw jj under the bus.

    • How many times did people throw everyone in the house under the bus? man i hope Dani and one of her crew go to the jury house this week

      • I’m tired of Danielle and would love for her to join Brendon at the jury house.
        They can spend quality time together! LOL

  5. This is a game!!!!!! If you can’t lie, betray others and win comps when you have to, you don’t deserve to win. I know a lot of you won’t like this, but Jordon should be out the door. She’s cute, nice and dumb, but hasn’t done a dam thing in this game. Don’t really like Jeff and Dani, but they keep the game going. As for Rach, I really don’t think she knows where she is.. She should have walked out with Brendon the first time.

    • I totally agree about Jordan!!!! I do not understand why people will not vote for her. She has done nothing and this season having the late night feeds has shown me she is not at all what I thought!!!! She is the whiniest person in the house. She and Jeff both are so arrogant.

      • I don’t know who will eliminated next week but, I could not comprehend watching the rest of the season watching Jeff and boring Jordan whine about floaters, she is the definition of a floater.

      • I call BS! Jeff & JORDAN have played this game as well, if not better, than any other this season. How stupid of you to say that P, K, S, or A have out played them. No game play? J/J have stuck to their game play, not kissed any a$$ & not lied. Sounds like you feel inferior?

    • I agree too! And I really do like Jordan, but she hasn’t done anything in the game. It’s almost like she isn’t even trying. There’s a lot of money on the line, and I’d rather see someone who is actually playing the game win. A lot of people may argue that that is her strategy, but Jordan has complained about other house guests when she hasn’t done anything either.

  6. That would have been funny if Rach walked out with Brendon the first time and then he came back.

  7. I like Jeff and Jordan. Jordan is far from floating. She is getting people to show their colors without them realizing she is doing it. She and jeff are playing a good game, together, just as they did in the past.

  8. Well Brendan, I hate to break it to you.. But if all that is left in the end is floaters (by your definition) your going to have to vote for one of them.

  9. I like Brendan, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan. (I did like Shelly until her true colors came out.)

    I like them all for different reasons.

    Rachel and Brendan are fascinating to watch. The devotion they have to each other, and the immaturity/naivete they both have. It’s a paradox with Rachel: on the one hand, she’s the secular, world-experienced “Vegas girl” and yet she is so naive, but that’s truly what makes her fun to watch. Annoying in an endearing sort of way.

    One thing Rachel is not: malicious. She strikes me as a very honest individual, that in her childishness makes ridiculous blunders that can only be described as annoying.

    Brendan is devoted, level-headed, and not likely to be a loose cannon–ever–except that his love of Rachel is fascinating and seems to contradict the rest of him.

    Again, fun to watch the dynamics of these two individually and together.

    Jeff and Jordan. Well, they are both just plain good people. They both deserve credit for a good social game, which does count and is a strategy–even if it comes naturally to these two.

    I like watching Jeff blow, at Kalia, at Rachel (and Brendan), but the honesty and control and directness he employs works for him. He has been successful this far as an honest player. (I know some will disagree.)

    Jordan . . . she is sweet as pie, but she is also just as direct and exhibits self-control and class. Her natural personality makes her an unsuspecting threat, and yet if one addresses her directly, she is a straight shooter and tells them where she stands. In so doing, because of her delivery technique (natural sweet nature) she still fails to be an obvious threat.

    I liked the Brendan/Rachel, Jeff/Jordan alliance. I wish it were still so.

    Shelly was likable until she melted down, began lying and backstabbing. She is a smart woman. She did employ a lot of self-control and managed to be honest and a friend to all. Her mistake was similar to Dani’s, but employed differently: Shelly began pushing too hard, too soon, and it back fired. She put herself in the spotlight and made enemies, and subsequently lost control of herself and her game. I don’t see her winning.

    I dislike Dani immensely, but I respect her game play–for the most part. Dani is to be given credit for trying, for thinking logically (for the most part) and not making her game decisions personal vendettas (for the most part).

    She did push too soon, which was her biggest downfall, but that effectively illustrates her lack of character (not skill) as an individual. She has no loyalty to anyone but herself and has no problem putting “blood on her hands” or “washing it off” without thinking twice — this is what can work for her in the game to a point, but this is what makes her so unappealing as a human being, which also wrecks her game, after all it is a SOCIAL game.

    When it comes to a social game, Dani hasn’t much of one except that she does manage to keep her mouth shut more than a few of the others.\

    The other “social” bit that Dani did–while gritting her teeth–was pretending to care about Kalia’s pity-party/temper-tantrum/sob-fest. I couldn’t have done that, couldn’t have faked that. I’d have told Kalia to pull it together and get out my HOH room until she did so. Given that Dani faked concern — we all saw her give a deep sigh and grit her teeth — she deserves credit.

    In the end, I’m okay with these winners: Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Adam.

    Shelly, Kalia, Dani, and Porshe–BLECH!!

    • Well said and, for the most part, I agree wholeheartedly. I’d like to see Jeff win. Jordan isn’t as dumb as some people think. She watches and listens and she discusses with Jeff. I’m not saying she’s a genius, but she won before because people liked her and the social part of one’s game is important. She is NOT a floater. She has been in one alliance the whole time and, in my opinion, people know where they stand with her.

  10. I think Rachel needs to be in the middle because if she isn’t, she’ll be out in no time. That’s not being a floater. But I’m sure Rachel will have to fight for herself till the very end due to her ‘big mouth’.

    • Shelly is already wealthy and jj have tons of cash.. i’d only be okay with dani or adam winning– adam only bc he needs the money probably the most but he must stop kissing jeffs ass.

      • It shouldn’t be about who needs the money the most, it should be about who played the game the best.

    • Rachel is a lost cause I am afraid. When she is unable to rein in her emotions when $500,000 is on the line then, she does not deserve to stay in the game. Unfortunately, she has been unable to regain her confidence and tenacity and that is what she needs to survive in this game. Not likely to happen the way she is playing. That is why she is an easy target for everyone else! Her only chance is to win competitions like HOH and POV and move to evict strong players like Jeff and Danielle then, she will be feared like everyone fears Danielle right now! That is what she needs to do and will go much further if she is able to pull herself up together! If not, she is toast!

  11. Dani is the underdog and i want to her win… The others are so arrogant or completely gutless (s&a)

    • Dani is the underdog because of the way she has played the game. You think she isn’t arrogant?

    • Danielle is the arrogant one! She demeans everyone tells them how great she is lying left and right and manipulating the newbies which are her puppets! She is nasty and mean and that is why I do not appreciate her game play. Too bad the other house guests like Jeff are wussies! They should be mean and nasty too at Danielle and evict her! The reason Danielle is arrogant and confident is because the other house guests allowed themselves to be cowed by her and they are quaking in fear of Danielle over what? See, she cannot play for HOH this week and she is not even nominated! Give me a break. That shows you how the other house guests are so afraid of her! Next week when Danielle is able to play, watch her take no prisoners if she is still in the house. Jeff and Jordan will be on the block and will be evicted because they should take out Danielle and evict her when they have a chance. Do not give her so many chances because Danielle plays to win and is very ruthless at that!

  12. I sure Brenden would not have been so nice if he knew all the mean things Chloe says abotu Him and Rachel on the posts here.
    Thank God they don’t have internet…

    I’m only joking. I respect Chloe’s opinion

  13. Why is everyone dumping on Je/Jo for voting Brendon out. At least twice Brenchel were shown in the HOH room trying to get Dani to backdoor Jeff. Then they have the nerve to act all offended because Je/Jo voted Brendon out and went against their alliance? Where was their alliance when they were trying to shmooze Dani?????

    • That is a very bad move and only helps Danielle. If you are not paying attention, Danielle is still in the Big Brother House! Jeff follows it up again with another bad move in not nominating Danielle this week and instead puts up Kalia and Porsche. Don’t tell us Kalia and Porsche are the better targets and not Danielle? If Danielle wins HOH next week, watch her put Jeff and Jordan on the block. Unlike, Jeff, Danielle is ruthless and will not hesitate and do what she needs to do
      to win! Danielle is playing much better since, her bad moves to backdoor the other veterans blew in her face! If Danielle wins POV, she pulls out Kalia and you will have Kalia and Danielle, two strong competitors for HOH and Jeff cannot play and Rachel is an
      emotional mess! So, yeah, letting Brendon leave is a major dumb move! Jeff is just pretty much clearing the path for Danielle to go farther in this game. Now, how smart is that?

    • Oh, that deal with Danielle. Do you really think Brendon and Rachel would have stuck to the deal with Danielle? The only ones sticking to deals with Danielle is Jeff because he is a wuss! He is so afraid of Danielle evicting him last week when, all he had to do was win POV and that problem would have been solved. Duh!

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