Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 5 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in Big Brother 13 and this may go down as one of the craziest moves in a long time. The upcoming twist has left the Newbie alliances spinning with what could happen after ignoring the possibilities for several days. Realizing the Vets alliance could be right that a HG is coming back they decided to take drastic actions to prepare.

Read on for your Big Brother 13 spoilers to find out what happened today at the Veto ceremony.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Jeff, obviously decided to use the Veto to take himself off the block. That’s where things go a little nuts.

Kalia was required to name a replacement nominee to fill the void on the block. Per the insane plan set in place yesterday by Shelly and ultimate agreed to by Kalia and Daniele, Lawon was set as the renom. On Thursday, Lawon will be evicted and Rachel will be kept in the game. Lawon expects to return with superpowers.

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Once the Feeds returned Lawon told Shelly he was “pissed” and wanted to “punch a wall.” Neither of those are true. He knew this was coming and he helped plan it. Shelly tells him she heard he volunteered. He denies it. She said that’s good because that’d be a stupid move. Hah!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show? Share your thoughts below then watch the fallout on the Live Feeds (get Free Trial).

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    • I hope you are right! This is so great! Yes, Virginia there will be a good show yet this season!

      • Whoever posted the Cassie reference under my name is pretty lame. Everyone who reads my comments knows I’d never support her. Even Marcus could figure that out.

      • I’m so tired of the brenchel show…I’m not gonna quit watching because the best competitor is still in the game, Jeff of course. But If brendon does come back to battle lawon…it won’t be Americas vote, it will CBS’s vote. Im so tired of their crying. I’m not sure who cries more, brendon or Rachel? Definitely brendon!

    • oh god I hope not. it’s enough that Rachel might not go home now to bring back Brendon would be torture. blah. silly Kalia should have gone with the original plan. Now she’s got everyone gunning for her. JeJo, Rachel, and probably Danielle too now since she put up Lawon instead of Adam. urgh.

      • Fans of brendons, please close you’re mouths I hear enough of it on tv from Rachel. He is rude, disrespectful, has zero common sense, and he is all talk but NO walk! CBS could not pay me to be portrayed as such an imbocile.

    • i hope lawon goes home>>> brendon comes back and jeff wins hoh sending the bitch danni home!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree CBS will bring him back. Which is total crap. He is a mean bully. Mean to Racheal and other HG. So over Brendan. Please bring back ANYONE OTHER THAN HIM!!!!!

  1. If CBS bring Brendon back, Rachel will be happy, Daniele will be angry, and that’s pretty much it. If Dominic or Cassi return, there will be REAL drama, honestly Brendon is boring, it’s obvious America doesn’t like him and CBS knows that.

    • Why do you think America doesn’t like Brendon? BR got almost 22% of the vote to come back for this season. I think he’s coming back fair and square.

    • You’re right. Brendan coming back will take away all the drama and unpredictability. Lawon is an idiot.

      • Where’s the other 10% in your model? My point is that BR did well enough to get voted back on the show once, so he’s got to be the favorite. He’s got lots of support.

      • Yes, because PT being Danielle’s lap dog makes for way more exciting tv. You do realize that Big Brother is a tv show right? There needs to be drama otherwise people won’t watch it. BB12 had the highest ratings ever because why? Hayden was so interesting?

      • You guys are reading unofficial polls that have nothing to do with CBS and is a small fraction of the actual BB fans. Don’t believe everything you read

    • Honestly, the only reason that B/R got that many votes was because the other teams pretty much sucked. I mean, come on, Enzo and Hayden? Jessie Gnatalie?

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSS I’m so happy for Rachel!!! My girl is not going anywhere!

    With Lawon competing against any of the first 4 evicted HGs, I’m pretty positive that he isn’t gonna win. So we can fairly say that Lawon is done, and didn’t even make jury. Either Cassi, Dom or Brendan will take his spot on thursday night.

    I hope JJR’s side get HoH next week and nominate both Kalia and Dani and laugh in their faces! That’s what you get for playing dumb!!!

      • Kalia, I call her kaligula in reference the the Roman emporer caligula. He was big on food and sex orgies. Kalia is always talking about sex and eating food, so it fits.

      • OMG I LOVE the names you gave Kalia & Daniele!!!! I might just have to use those!! I’ve been calling then Kaliass & Daniskank!!! But your name for Kalia is exponetially better!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

      • Wayne, I know you mean the name Danimal for Dani as negative, but as a Dani fan, I like it.. She is fierce! Thanks for coming up with it.

      • True Rob…..Go Shelly! No Brendon, he needs to go cure cancer. Rachel needs to get enrolled in Secretarial school so she can get a job, although only Anold Schwartzeneger will hire her!

    • Shelly is playing an amazing game. Shelly actually is what Danimal thinks Danimal is, a great player.

      • I totally agree with that. I said a few weeks back to watch for Shelly, I think we’ll see her in the final four at least. Assuming everyone does not catch on to what she is doing.

      • right. Shelly may be a great player for now, but Matt did the same thing last year and she is destined to have this blow up in her face, she has got to choose a breking point where she will make it known she is team JEJO. I think that time should be soon.

    • It doesn’t take a LOT to convince a M0r0n …

      IF Shelly had tried that move on Dani, I guarantee you it would NOT have worked …

      Dani actually does NOT fear comps, Kalia does !

    • Shelly isn’t a good player, she only has a social game which involves her lies. She is a good liar. However, once Brenchal and JJ devour one or the other and Danielle, Shelly’s lies will be exposed and whoever is King or the hill will oust her because she has no competitive game.

      • shelly is a back stabbing liar. that may get her far in this game. my problem with her is that she thinks she is playing an honest game and that she is a “straight shooter” and wants to set a good example for her daughter. either she is delusional and believes she is playing honestly or she is pathological liar in which case she doesnt even know she is a liar..what kind of example is that for a child?

      • will OWNED hos behavior and his personality. he was not a delusional hypocrite. shelly is a horror of a human. good bb game? who cares? her horrible personality transcends the game.

    • She sure did. I cannot believe they fell for something sooo stupid. Now if Brendon comes back all is well but I still want Jeff or Jordan to win. I will even be happy if Cassi comes back. Just not Dom or Keith.

    • That’s a great way to put it. If it’s not Brendon who comes back, and if Lawon goes, I hope he beats Dom or Cassi. That would make up for BOOKIE not coming back. Seeing Dom or Cassi lose to Lawon would be perfect.

      • He did let himself be nominated because he felt everyone hated Evil Dick and everyone but AMERICA did. He felt he was going to just be a pawn. America wanted Dick to stay so plans were hatched to keep him.

        On the other hand Lawon KNOWS he is going to be evicted and wants to be evicted. Completely different circumstances and I will be insanely happy to see that moron leave.

      • I was thinking the same thing Wayne. I sure hope it’s Brendon but if not I’d rather have Lawon come back because he’s useless. So far this is going great though. Rachel stays now all we need is Brendon to come back and then Brenchel, J/J and Shelly clean house.

      • yep, you are soooooo right, he knows he is going to be evicted and is sooooo excited because he thinks he is coming back in..tooooooooooo stupid!!!

  3. Kalia is such a waste of life. Apart from being dumb she is a horrible player…. She easily could have nominated jordan. Evicted Rachel. Ughh honestly she should have thrown the H.O.H she wasnt even a target. DANIELLE WAS. ( whom I hate btw ) I want Jordon to win again and Jeff in second place.

    • At this point I’m sure CBS got these spineless jellyfish to see how much the vets could manipulate them. Shelly is the only newb with a brain and is playing a master social game, hats off to her, but I think Jeff deserves more credit for putting the fear of death in Kalia otherwise I don’t think she would be so receptive to Shelly’s plan that helps Kalia in no way at all. lol

      • I totally agree lol. That was hilarious, glad to see I’m not the only one that thought that was great. So many people were saying hes a bully,but how? its all part of the social game that he is playing and clearly it worked. I thought it worked, of course he had to win the Veto to back his position.

    • Jeff is by far playing the best game so far this year. I think Dani could still pull it off. If Dominic comes back it will be game on. Rachel is going to self destruct because she can’t be without Brenda. Kalia, Shelly and Adam have no competitive game and they all fear Jeff and Rachel. Shelly has said many times she wants JJ to be the final 2 and win. What kind of “winning” instinct is that. No, Shelly is a tool.

      • That could be part of Shelly’s game plan. Shelly is the most successful HG irl. You don’t become an executive of a large company by not knowing how to tell people what they want to hear.

      • Jeff is a bully, I wouldn’t call that great gameplay. Now Shelly on the other hand is straight shooting it. Shelly deserves the credit for this nomination.

  4. I’m officially rooting for Shelly, she’s a master manipulater. I’m amazed that she pulled off this move.

    VOTE BRENDAN TO COME BACK! We need the vets to be strong and take down Dani and Kalia so they can celebrate Daniele’s 25th birthday in the jury house!!!!!!

    • i like the way you think lol. i always thought ppl dont give shelly enough credit. and i soooo want brendon back, though i cant vote, i want rachel and brendon reunitied, that would be really exciting, then brenchel, jordeff and shell would run the house.

    • I totally agree. We need Evil Danille JR to be evicted. Vote Brendon BACK!!!We need the numbers to get rid of Evil Danille Jr!!!!

    • Really, why do people like Brenchal? All they BOTH do is CRY and WHINE. Everybody hates us BOO HOO HOO! I have had enough of that. Dani and Dick never acted like that. Besides, Brendon/Rachel are not a healthy couple, they are verbally abusive to each other.

      • i totally agree with you kimba all they do is bully wine throw fits etc..and after jeff last night i lost all interest in him and jordan both they are starting to threaten and it’s a game ppl get nominated and get voted off….they are bullies in my eyes as far as im concerned!!

    • a master would be dan, the winner from a couple of years ago. none of these nincompoops could hold a candle to him as far as game play..and that includes br and jj.

  5. This was a great move for Team JJ / Team BR and a horrible move for Team Dani. I am glad Rachel is staying. On a couple other sites I see there is a three way race between Brendon, Dominic and Cassi. All are within a couple percentage points of each other. Let’s get Brendon back in the house. Go Team JJ / Team BR!

      • no he wont-he’ll play just like he did and give Rachal another chance.But now he’ll COME back(IF HE DOSE)with a bigger head then before. and we’ll be back to the R\B show. Not a good move all the way around.

      • Ziggy,yesterday you were sure BOOKIE was cooked. Not so sure today huh? LOL…VOTE BOOKIE!

      • no Wayne am still sure Bradon won’t be back(IF EVERTHINGS ON THE UP AND UP CBS DOSN’T ENTERFER) Cassie or Dom should come back. But what I will agree with is Kalia made a BIG mistake.

    • After the exit messages Danielle and Kalia left for Brendon, you can bank on him coming back and being uber-pissed. Cassi or Dominic coming back would be anticlimactic after the initial re-entrance into the house. Cassi isn’t liked by Rachel or Danielle, so she’d just be gone next week and PT is too well liked by everyone to cause drama. Brendon is the only choice if you are making a show you want people to watch, which I’m pretty sure CBS wants.

      • Oh my GOD I totally forgot about the exit messages for Brendon by the Skank & the Bitch!!! How sweet would it be to see the look on their faces the moment Brendon walks back in the house!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!

      • Actually Cassi coming back would be GREAT for JeJo who wanted to work with her. If Cassi comes back you’ve got a huge block now of JeJo and Shassi both of whom where partners from day 1.

      • Yeah, because Cassie coming back is plain boring. Sure she could team up with JJ, but that’s not interesting. Dom will come back and cozy up to Dani and they will start playing Big Booty again, that’s not interesting. The only choice that makes sense is Brendon, he will not only bring the most drama, but this will be a hell of a game to watch JJBR get Dani and Kalia out, then next watch JJ battle BR. At first I didn’t want to see this battle (BR vs JJ), but I think I am down for it now.

    • Again, agree with ziggy1. We will see nothing but a Brenchel show. I actually think this hurts J/J and Shelly. When Brendon returns Brenchel will realize they need to get J/J and Shelly out. They all know Shelly’s game and know if she was in the final she is liked by everyone so would probably have a good shot at winning. She won’t be safe long unless she turns out good at comps also. They have gotten the biggest floater out Lawon. They may go after Porche first, but the day will come when they turn on each other.

      • Brenchel and JJS will obviously turn on each other…at final 5. That’s the idea. The vets turning on each other will be awesome to watch, and I think that’s what CBS had in mind all along because with the exception of Shelly, the newbs are all kind of a bunch of followers that aren’t ever going to make any noise on their own.

  6. Bye Lawon, :( I wish they would have put of Jordy….then we would guarantee no more soft porn from the king and queen of after dark-iiiiick!.

  7. This is epic!!! Lawon, come on?! WHEN has BB EVER! just given the HOH to someone who was just evicted… They should know that BB always has americas vote. Personally I am team Vets. and would love brenden to come back in…

  8. Lawon really? I can’t believe it. I am praying real hard that there is no Brendan/Rachel reunion they never change.

  9. I wish I could vote more than just 10 times. It won’t let me vote anymore. I would love for Brendon to come back.
    Wouldn’t an endurance comp take too long if they are going to have an HOH comp after? Maybe they will hurry voting like they do for a double eviction. I wonder if the hg’s will also see the comp live or if they will be surprised as to who will come back.

      • You may be right, Gail. But for now, it helps them because they will work together to get Dani and Kalia out. We don’t know what will happen from there, but yes eventually BR and JJ will turn on each other.

  10. Marcelle, I know I misspelled his name, but I think he has been cleared of the laughing stock when he did not take himself off the block when he won the veto. Lawon is now the bigger laughing stock. WOW!!!!! I do not think Brendan will come back but it would definately be great to see the
    expression on Kalia’s and Danielle’s face.

  11. I’m sure the feeds might get nuts today. Will someone please keep us updated! Jeff said after veto he was going to tell kalia off.

      • Shelly is playing a good game. If you don’t have to win why go out and win and have someoneand be mad at you just sit back and let everyone take each other out and be freindly with everone. It goes to show you no one thinks she a threat.

      • There are many aspects to Big Brother game play. The two big ones are competitions and the other is social game. Shelly has a masterful social game, but she isn’t good at the competitions. She is basically the yin to Rachel’s yang. Rachel is great at competitions, but her social game is terrible because she is such a mess and makes enemies by running her mouth. Honestly, Rachel and Shelly would make an awesome duo if they were to team up for these reasons.

      • I normally am quick to call someone a floater, but Shelly is no floater. She is aligned with JJ all the way.

        We need to be very careful in what we call a floater. A floater is not necessarily someone that doesn’t win comps. Most times they don’t win, but sometimes they do. A floater is someone that has NO one true alliance. They basically try to get in good with everyone. If they do win HOH, they put up people that pleases everyone else in the house. If the don’t win comps, they suck up to people with power. By this definition the BIGTIME floaters are: Lawon, Porsche, and Kalia.

        Now Kalia was not a floater a few days ago when she won HOH and put up JR, but now she is because she is back pedaling and trying to please everyone (mainly trying to get back in good graces with JJ). She can’t be Team Dani and Team JJ. That is why Kalia is a floater. However, Shelly has always been Team JJ, so she is not a floater.

  12. I am so happy that Rachel is staying would be so cool if Brendon would come back also….i would pay to be a fly on the wall and see dani’s face if Brendon would be choosen by America…I am loving BB and how crazy it will be by the time Thursday gets here….

  13. whoever america’s vote is will undoubtedly beat Lawan. he’s going straight to jury and the sad thing is he doesnt even see it

  14. Is Jeff crazy? He can’t tell Kalia off. He needs to keep his mouth shut. He will spoil everything. In my opinion Adam and Shelly’s votes can go either way. To guarantee Lawon gone he needs to be quiet.

    • I was just thinking the same thing! I hope Jeff doesn’t let his anger get in the way of good gameplay!

      • I don’t see on any other sites that Jeff is mad. I just read it on one of the replies here. He seems to think this is funny. He knows Lawon is acting.

  15. I think this is kind of perfect, now Kalia and Dani have a 75% chance that whoever comes back will be on their side. Dom will, Cassi will, Lawon definitely will, things aren’t looking too good for the vets with this twist. Just look, they only have one vet with the chance of coming back and thats BRENDON!! America hates Brendon! Go #TeamDani&Kalia!

    • @K.T.M. Cassie would never be on Dani’s side. Dani wanted her out and was a big reason Cassie got evicted. Cassie will be with Shelly and J/J.

  16. I still think lawon might stay. you never know how shelly and the others will vote. I still think rachel will get evicted and will face either dominic or cassi to come back to the house.

    • Kalia and Dani already talked about how if they think something is funny before the eviction that they will give each other signals to flip the vote back to evict Rachael.

      • I hope they realize it. Shelly is a master at hiding things. Just hope Porche or Adam figure it out. They need to spend more time with Shelly and watch her.

      • I think it will be too late to switch..cause RACHEL has 4 for sure votes..Lawon only has 2..

      • It don’t matter now they can do whatever signals they want. Adam and shelly won’t go against jejo. Lawon is a moron and so is kallia and dani. This will go down as the worst move ever. I’m shocked that this has happened and it would be so awesome to see brendon come back and see the looks on dani and kallias faces. This is so funny.

      • Yeah i agree flyonthewall. Even if Dani and Kalia think something, it will be too late. Rachel has 4 votes because Adam will vote however Shelly votes. The only one that will flip would be Porsche and even with her and Dani against Rachel, it wont be enough to evict Rachel.

    • Shelly is for sure voting to keep Rachel. Adam will likely vote with JJ too. That’s the part of the plan that I think Shelly kind of screwed up on, all she had to do was have Kalia nominate a floater to please JJ and Rachel, but tell Kalia they would all still vote to evict Rachel, but then backdoor the floater.

  17. What did Danimal say in one of her diary sessions oh yes karma is a bitch.
    If bookie comes back I guess her karma just bit her back
    The law of phisychs says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the law of God says what goes around comes around
    I cannott believe that Luan the prop thinks is coming back with super powers really? Oh yea I forgatt it must be the vanishing power look at me poof I am goooonnne

  18. I would have put up anybody loyal to Rachel as the replacement nominee, so Porshe would have gone up if it were me lol. There is a good chance though that the person coming back will be on Kalia’s and Dani’s side so this is really interesting. Please let Rachel get the boot though! I wonder if Brendan would want to come back without Rachel?

  19. Was Kalia dropped on her head when she was born? Or is Dani just insane now. Lawon sucks period whoever gets voted for the 2nd chance out of the first 4 out will beat Lawon and come back. I think Kalia must be brain dead at this point in time.

    • But atleast Rachel isn’t going and Brendon may be back. I just want to see JJ and BR destroy the rest of the players.

      • The Fawk Yes, but I think Brenchel will destroy J/J. J/J have not been strong in comps. Jordan was given one and Adam was only 2 seconds behind Jeff in veto. That’s fine if you are a Brenchl fan, which I am not.

      • I for one can’t wait until Brendon comes back. There will be multiple wars going on: BRJJ vs rest of the house and then BR vs JJ. Man it will be awesome if Bookie comes back.

  20. Do the producers have the final say in who comes back or is the decision 100 percent by the fans?

    • They say it’s our votes but how would we really know if CBS just did what they wanted.

    • America’s vote is kind of like voting for the next president. It counts as long as it’s what the electoral college(CBS)wants. ;)

  21. this is my take on the whole big brother this season…Kailia is just a puppet to Dani..Jeff and Jordan is always crying..Porshe needs to go..Rachel needs a reality check..Lawson and Adam are scared little boy’s….Really the only one that has went and made it a game is Shelly..liked her at first, then thought she was just a big story telling fool and the more you watch her is has a game play…she is actually the only one with her head on her shoulders right now..she is thinking…and she is doing it well…hat’s off to you shelly.

    • Brendon is hands down the best player in this game, if Rachel wasn’t in the house he would have won this season easily. Last year it took a double eviction night to finally get him out and that’s because he had no time to play a social game. Brendon undisputed best player this season and I’m sure he’s coming back.

      • I agree, but I don’t think Brendon wins simply because he has to carry Rachel’s baggage. She holds him back and people dislike him by association. Brendon sans Rachel? Just give the guy the money.

  22. the vote is BS tryed to vote and want let me tryed to text want let me tryed to call co.survis thay gave on web disconeted i think ther will bring bake the one thay wont and say we voted that way

  23. It is time for Lawon to go, am tired of watching him primp and admire himself in the mirror, trying on wigs, clothes. But I will say please vote whiney Rachel off, or otherwise we’ll be going through the same thing next week, I’m tired of the Brenchel show, she is so ugly I don’t think I could watch her another week.

  24. wow newbies are clueless, Brendon officiallly has my vote cant wait to see danis face DOUBLE-FAIL.

  25. Classic move… I so hope this comes back and bites kalibeotch and Daniebeoch in the behind… lets see how smug they are on the block … see the true version of them.. I hope brenden comes back and rains hell upon them.. sorry all you haters.

      • I love this “America hates so an so”. It’s a tv show and you have to have villains! If CBS put up a poll where you could vote for the HG you hated the most, the 12 HG’s with the most votes would be the cast of BB14. The more people that hate Brendon the more likely he is to come back.

    • If Brendon does get americas vote and can beat the powerfull game play of lawon, BB should create a new room for isolation. Not alowing Brendon to interact with anyone in the house, especially Rachel.

      • That’s a good idea. I like Brendon when Rachel isn’t around, like when he’s playing pool with Big Jeff. Rachel has also been about 75% less crazy with Brendon not in the house. Rachel just acts out to get attention from Brendon, she’s like a spoiled child and Brendon is the parent that can’t say no.

  26. adam will be the key vote for rach to stay. dani will turn on kalia and cassi might come back. if rach stays don’t be surprized if dani and her make a deal. those to could together destroy the house which would cost shelly the game. i still think it will be a newbie and vet in final,however,the true gamer has not awakened yet.look out for that person for the best player has yet to appear.

  27. I love Brendan and hope he returns to the house. He should be evicted by the house instead of saving his princess. I really feel Brendan did not get a chance to play this game and will come back with a vengence.

  28. I think it is sad that cbs is continuing to use Rachel for ratings. Her behavior is bizarre and she needs help!! It is sad to see CBS use her to continue like this for their ratings. She needs help. She will never overcome this spectacle .

    • Cheers to that….but beware the backlash for this comment. Mandi will be coming after you big time now

  29. Brendon is a poon-tang.
    Kaliah is decidedly wicked and shouldn’t be put in power.
    Rachael is incredibly manipulative.
    Shelly is caught up in the persona of who she wants to be.
    Lawon is a characacher of himself.
    Porshe is finally getting past herself.
    Jeff’s anxiety is turning him into a bully.
    Jordan is getting jaded and losing her grip on herself.
    Danielle’s allegiance extends just past the amount of trouble she’s in.
    Adam has calmed down, and seems to be mulling over adulthood.

  30. Lawon?? Really? Voluntarily????

    This ranks right up there with the dumbest moves in Big Brother history.

    I personally don’t care whether Rachel stays or goes. Or who ends up coming back, for that matter. (obviously, CBS would like to have the Brenchel “love story” back in the house and are probably peeing in their pants right now, they’re so happy). But regardless of who you like or want to see in the house, this has to be one of the all time dumb moves from strategy or gameplay standpoint. A total miscalculation, and poor decision based on horrible assumptions. (by ALL involved in the decision)

  31. i believe bringing Brendon back is genius, it will cause a heck of a lot more drama then any of the newbies. They were all useless to begin with why bother putting them back in the house taking up space and getting rewards on behalf of the veterans!!

    • Youre so right…..I mean just have BB eliminate them all and make the whole season about Jeff and Jordan vs Brendon and Rachel…..because the ratings would be so high to watch 4 players fight a whole summer for 500k….

      • Heck ya! That’s what I’m talk about. That is one of the reason why I want them to get to the end!! I completely agree that is what America would love to watch!! Talk about drama. Look at how many times they have already tried to go against each other it’s comical :)

      • If that sack Snookie or whatever that ball less pump comes back, I will and I’m sure tons more will stop watching this rigged crap of a show. I’m hopping it is cancelled after this year.

      • I dont understand why if you hate the show and the network so much, the why are you A:watching and B:taking the time to come post on this site?

  32. I would REALLY like to know why splitting Rachel/Brendon and Jeff/Jordan up is not the best game move for the people in the house? Rachel and to an extent Brendon are competitors and hard ones at that. Their social game is pathetic and anyone who tries to say different is having a laugh. Jeff and Jordan had (yes i said had) a great social game their season. So those 2 couples pairing up is a “dream team” in some aspects…..I don’t see how if anyone on these boards were playing the game would just let Brendon, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan just make all the decisions and think they would take you to the final 2.

    • It’s a great game move, I don’t think anyone ever said it wasn’t. That’s what I would do. Danielle had the right idea, she just did it about 2 weeks too soon. I think Evil Dick said something like that too.

  33. BTW Lawon you are an idiot!!!!! Who would ever even try to get evicted even if they did believe they would become HOH! MORON!!!!!!!

  34. o well at least we know that lawon when evicted has a slim chance of coming back..this stupid move just could pay off watch and see.

    • Imagine the blow up people would have if he did come back….I mean we dont even know what the challenge is…..he could pull it off….IF he gets evicted because he hasnt been yet

  35. I think there should be a boycott of this show until CBS gets their grubby hands out of the show….let the game play without them manipulating the game for ratings…..I long for the early days of BB…when game play was with the players… is turning into the “Real World”

      • The newbies are only after their 15 minutes of fame. Non of them will ever amount to much in life.

      • Tyler, your correct. This year that is all people are concerned with. What contract they may get after the show. Past seaons this type of behavior wasn’t quite so evident. Evict them all and start over.

    • did you hear about the “Real World” contract? I wonder what the BB is like. Because in the Real World nothing is real. That’s why am questioning cbs involement in this america vote.

  36. That bb house must have made people crazy how the hell do they know they are going to get special powers if they get evicted and come back lmao..bring back dom so dani can play with sensible people bb producers cause she has porche,kalia and lawon LMAO possibly the worst alliance in history lol give dani a break people

  37. This is my first time of watching Big Brother regularly so these are my observations from a newbie.

    Rachel- very insecure and wears her emotions on her sleeves way too much. I don’t think she even realizes how catty she can be. She is a tough competitor though.

    Dani- Little girl trying so very hard to gain daddy’s approval even though she says they haven’t spoken outside of the game in several years. She wears her emotions on her sleeve as well. She says there’s nothing personal in this game but you can tell she really hates Rachel and Brendon. My personal opinion is that she is not a very good person outside of the house. Not a fan of hers at all.

    Adam – Who?

    Shelly – Playing the best game so far. No one is targeting her but she is influencing who stays and goes.

    Lawon – Who? Oh yeah the guy who wants to be evicted because he thinks he will come back as HOH. There is an old saying about a fool and money and Lawon lives up to that saying.

    Kalia – wasn’t thinking to much of her until the last 2 weeks, but she should realize that teaming with Dani won’t get her far (right Dom?) But she does fit with Dani as that she is a very ugly person as well. (I would love to see Brendon come back in after those messages Dani and Kalia left him)

    Porsche- Really? Does she really know what’s going on? She screwed up her own alliance and now is trying to gravy train to Kalia and Dani.

    Jeff- Could be a very strong competitor, but lets his temper get the best of him. That’s going to cost him at some point in the game.

    Jordan – Could be the biggest threat in the house. Everyone likes her (well maybe not Dani) She could be the hardest to get out of the house. Doesn’t matter if she has won before, it would depend on who she is up against, but right now who would have the votes to beat her for the $500,000?

    • In response to ADAM. If you remember the sitcom the addams family, he played uncle fester

      • OMG–I work nights and spent all night trying to remember Uncle Fester’s name. Thanks!!

    • Obviously you didn’t watch season 8. Daniele is an awesome player, and according to the majority of BB alum on twitter and such, they all root for her and claim she’s a great person outside the house. Everyone is better outside the house, even Rachel as Evel Dick said.

      • Like I said in my opening line, this is my first season watching regularly so I have no idea about Dani in season 8. Just basing my opinions on what I’m seeing this season.

    • Awesome Observations, I feel the same about every single one of this people. Dani is playing a bad game.Jeff need to control his eggo, and my favorite Jordan… I like Rachell, she is a strong competitor, that needs to grow up.. Otherwise she has passion for this game..

      • Thank you Tyler!
        I am getting funny looks for laughing so loud about that one! Now I need to explain the situation. My dad is going to love this one.
        BTW, Jeff really should try a little better to control his EGO.

    • you are on the money with every single person!!! I would love to see Brendon come back now. I liked Dani at first now I would like to see her go.

    • Adam actually reminds me of cookie monster…listen next time he yells…lol he even has a shirt that says “B is for bacon”

  38. Is this Big Brother or the Rachael an Brendan show??? I am so sick and tired of hearing their names. I had to stop watching last year until they were both out. Guessing this is it for this season also. Thank God for quirkydude at least I can watch old seasons on youtube

    • OMG!!! Thank you!! Real life or TV, I don’t like Rachel and her “maaannn”. She’s an idiot and he’s gay!

  39. I really hope dom comes back, Jeff will shit a brick, Danielle will have another person on her side and it

    If cassi comes back, Rachel will shit a brick, But if anyone but a newbie wins HOH shes gone.

    As a guy, cassi would be nice for eye candy, But Dom is a player, and he could win. I voted for dom online.
    And it must really suck for keith, Having to be in sequester, Even though he has 0% chance of america voting him back.

    • gooo dom i can’t believe lawon offered to go up and they agreed it’s soo dumb rachel better be leaving even if it’s only for 20 min i hope they annouce the 2nd part of the twist before voting so they can make a last minute fix

    • totally agree, bringing back the veterans was a huge mistake… the end is near for this show

      • i’ve been entertained. it would have been even more entertaining once dick would have tired of brenden and rachel’s idiocy and turned on them.


      • and really, the vets weren’t the problem. the noobs, for the most part, just don’t know how to play this game. dom, keith, and adam have all claimed to be experts, but their gameplay has been horrific.

      • ED said on twitter that out of the house Rachel was different ..she was

    • I think of myself as a true BBfan. My team just made a mistake(lets see how that plays out), BUT i will always watch BB. If my fav house g(DANI) is evicted, I will bitch and complain but will continue to please dont say Cancel BB.

    • If you don’t like it, we’re not forcing you to watch it. I for one, will continue to watch until Daniele wins or loses.

  40. I like how atm Kalia and Danielle are trying to figure out how to get ppl to vote to keep Rachel..hahaha

    I like how Kalia and Danielle are going to offer Rachel a deal or else she’s gone…hahahaa

    I like how they think it’s still up to them !

    • Its like the blind leading the blind, Neither Kalia or Dani really have a clue how to play the game.

  41. I am confused as to why it says Lawon will be going home, as if it’s all ready definite. I don’t see Rachel staying, and if she does, she will just be put up again. No matter what, neither her or Brendon will win, and that’s all that matters.

    • one side of the house will vote to keep rachel. the other side of the house is purposely going to vote out lawon. there is no third side to the house.

      seems pretty cut and dry to me.

    • Even if Adam and Daniele both vote for Rachel, and if Kalia decided to vote for Rachel given a tiebreaker, then at least one of Jeff, Jordan, Porsche, and Shelly would also need to vote for Rachel, which of them do you think would?

    • Lawon offered himself up and wants to go thinking he can win the challange and somehow, dont know how, he thinks he is going to come back, as if he would win against any of the ones who went out, with HOH. Have no idea how he got that idea. Probably someone planted it in his head. Worst BB move ever. I like JJ so it makes me happy. I never thought someone could annoy me more than Rachael but Dani and Kalia managed.

      • Lawan. Didn’t go out thinking he. Will win the challenge the hgs. Have no idea there. Will be a challenge in place. All they. Know so far is. That soneone has a chance to come back in and. Play. Lawan and the crew are just under the assumption he will come back with the HOH title

  42. OK, I am confused. Do Kalia and Daniele think they have the votes to keep Lawon? Why do I keep hearing them talk about a deal with Rachel? If I have this right, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Adam will vote to evict Lawon, Dani and Porshe (the girl who does nothing but eat) will vote to evict Rachel? That is why I am confused about them talking about a deal with Rachel if they plan on voting her out..or am I just way off base on everything!! If Lawon does go, he will not beat HG waiting to come back in. I pray that HG is not Dominic, I don’t want to give any more ammo to those three dummies..Kalia, Dani and Porshe.

    • This is all a convoluted ploy the newbs are trying because they think the twist is that whoever gets evicted will be coming back to be HOH. Lawon actually volunteered to do it and is all excited about being part of the big twist to prove he really is a game player. The joke will be on them when they find out he actually has to beat either Cassie, Dom or Brendon in a stay in the game. They were going to talk to Rachel to make a “deal” with her so she wouldn’t come after them this coming week.

      • Thanks, Ellen. That clears things for me. In other words, Lawon is not a smart dude, of course, I already knew that. So, when he goes on Thursday, are Kalia and Daniele prepared for that? The only way I see this going badly is if Dominic comes back in the game, he will for sure run right to Daniele and then he will just replace Lawon as far as numbers go.

      • I sure hope Dom doesn,t come back. I hope it is Cassie or even Brendon would make it funny. Wouldn’t Dani and Kalia crap if that happened. I think someone would let Cassie know why and who was really behind her eviction. Rachael was a pawn in that. She fell for that one. Dont think it would set well with her when JJ tells her Dani wanted her out because she wanted Dom to herself.

  43. this is the stupidest move in big brother history. Rachel should be the one going home. her voice is annoying and she is straight up mean.One why would you volunteer to go up and leave the house. You should never do this. The main target should be Rachel. Rachel doesnt hold deals she will go against her words and still try to get Kalia and Daniele evicted. These people do not think in the long run.

    • lol..YA THINK?? we are well aware of what Rachel is capable of…that would be what most viewers want to see happen…lmao..looking foward to this week and especially next week…gonna get interesting..

    • Agreed. At this point Khalia and Daniel are over playing the game. One of them will likely be gone next week. They have no insurance of who is coming back. Get rid of Rachel should be the only concern as Its the only thing u have(had) control of.

      • yeah…but
        Is Rachel is evicted she has a huge change of beating Dom or Cassi.

        This way they will keep the bitch in the game… but wont give her the Taste of walking back in the door and saying ” I am back bitchesss

    • I feel Lawon will be evicted because the houseguest except for Dani are somewhat intimadated by Rachel plus Jeff will be in their ear.J &J will vote to keep a veteran so they can go after Dani. The rest of the newbies will make deals with Rachel.Everybodies looking to save they’re ass this week because they’re afraid of the twist. Adios Lawon.

      • Lawon is just as dumb as Keith. No game. Who volunteers to go home without knowing all the facts? If they dont get rid of Rachel, she will definitely win HOH again (she’s proven she can) and Daniele will be the one going home(not that I will be upset by that). Kalia will squeak by the skin of her teeth if Rachel wins HOH (unless Cassie comes back). So question – is the person who is co0ming back into game (the winner of the survivor rip-off duel) going to be HOH, or just back in the game and then all HG get to play for HOH (except Kalia)?

  44. Lawon is about to be the Marcellas of this season. Volunteering to go on the block. Stupid move.

    • a lot of people have volunteered to on the block and be the pawn. what makes this so stupid is he is volunteering to be evicted as if there is a guarantee the evicted person will come right back into the house.

      • Julie told them there is a CHANCE not a GUARANTY he is an idiot for that. One lol…BRING BACK BOOKIE! LOL let the show get good again!

      • Yeah, but he volunteered to go because he assumes he will come back AND be HOH. Dumbest move ever. Of course, as a J/J fan, I like it!

    • The Newbies are making BB/ Reality TV History!!!! Noone wants to be the forgotten player that got voted out too soon. Well, they won’t be. Voted out?….. ummm…. probably. Too soon?…. for their liking.

    • America hates Brendon and Rachel

      we all want to see Dan and DOminc now

      Brendon evition had only, 6.90%…

      • Sorry you’re wrong. America watches this show to see controversy. We all want Brendon back because it will create the most fun watchable goooood TV.

      • We don’t ALL want ditzy dani and dumb Dom. Brenchal and jejo all the way.

    • Where do I go to vote for Brendon to return? I would pay money to just see the look on their faces…hehe

      • Go to O and make sure you vote for him 10 times as thats the maximum number.

    • CBS is not going to show how the polls are going… you are gonna have to wait and see thursday

  45. Who is to say that PDA don’t vote out Rage,maybe even Jeff Kahlua will have to brake tie she will learn then she took out Keith,Law Dom why? shes a punk, they all trusted her.Dani was just trying to show her the game but shes not there trying to be to smart,Dani is going to drop her like a hot potato Dom will walk in and help her. JUST SAYING

  46. I want kalia out if she wins hoh againn I’ll stop watching dickani playing mind games with her she stupid enough to believe her she lazy I never see her wash dishes

  47. TEAM DANI!! :) i think she’s the only normal person in that house…besides JJ…but their association with rachel is sickening. anybody know the status of polls for the comeback player?

      • awesome…dom will help dani out big time. i really wish i knew what jeff and jordan are thinking by teaming with rachel. i was for them initially but i just can’t stand rachel as a person..competitor or not. dani is the only 1 not scared to be real and take them all on. she’s just gona have some problems with a jury vote…unless she starts getting back in good graces somehow with jj.

      • Dani broke the alliance and that is what brought them with Rachael and Brendon so strongly. Dani made a move to quickly. It will be her demise.

    • Dani is worthless without ED and playing a horrible game and way too predictable. Baaaaaad TV

  48. As far as Lawon is concerned, Did someone say Marcellas? I was giving Dani a second chance this season, until the little snide comments started flowing from her mouth again. She claims she doesn’t play on a personal level…yeah right. Kalia and Dani will fall apart…soon I think. It’s amazing that Shelly has not been ‘discovered’ yet! Gotta admit I am team JJ.. Bring back Cassi, or Brendon (but only if Rach leaves upon his return). Pacer…I mean Porsche…go away please!! Adam………………..exACTly! Nothing to say about the BB expert. Just my opinion!

    • baby….Danielle and Porsha knows what Shelly is doing… you can just go back and check on the post here..
      They even were saying that Shelly is so stupid…that she thinks nobody knows she is playing both sides…
      Kalia is the only one who does not…

    • Dani suggesting to Jordan to put up Cassie was nothing but personal.She wanted PT all to herself.

  49. It looks like Brenchel will be in the Jury house together… haha .. if Bookie comes back & Rach stays this week, he and Rach will be on the block right away…if Dani or a newbiee is HoH… .

  50. Unbelieveable. I was at the lake this weekend and have been so flipped out after sitting here today catching up on my BBNetwork emails. Then watching BBAD and laughing my @#$ off. How in the world did they pull this off. All I can say is Lawon finally made a move to PLAY this game. LOL. Too funny it was the move that will send him packing….

    • Noticed there is another Mindy. I live in Branson so will post that so there is no confusion.

    • I’m catching up on BBAD right now from last night. Reading about Lawon putting himself on the block. Does it show him doing this on last night’s BBAD?

      • i think shelly has a good chance to get to final 3 if she keeps playing both sides without getting caught. i think dani is on to her though, especially after this most recent stunt. my best guess for final 3 is my girl dani, jeff, jordan

      • having JJ and Shelly on the final 3 would so boring that nobody would even wanna watch….

      • Sure what that movie how to kill a sales man… that’s Jeff profession and Jordan was a waitress maybe now she ha her own restaurant. and she could make Shell management,they will go out soon no matter what you think of newbies

      • zee and fabio are the only Dani fans…sorry she is going home next week! we all feel for you lol

  51. This has to be the worst season so far , I cant believe how dumb these people are playing. I think BB purposley chose these bunch of retards so they could showcase all the Veterans again.

    • I love the show but hate this season.
      Putting the vets on was a big mistake. I love them all but it didn’t allow the players to naturally take sides. Dani saved the season by making really bad choices lol. Otherwise we would have just watch the vets win every single week. Mostly because the newbs were all starstruck.

  52. @ MJ, agree for sure. Kalia is lazy lazy lazy. I have never seen her cook or clean. And to be so Hair-phobic, she is always picking up hair and throwing it on the ground. Not the trash. The floor. Shelly is the one that cleans up the hair with her broom slash swiffer she made. Look at the HOH room this week. OMG I am really suprised production hasn’t said something to her since alot of footage is shot up there. Kalia = SLOB

  53. I hope the idiot is evicted and who America chooses beats him. He doesn’t deserve to play Big Brother. I think Dom or Cassi returns. I hope Brendon does. Drama from him returning.

    • Brendon would create the most excitement. Everyone would be scrambling including JJ. For the reason of Goooooooood TV I want Brendon.

  54. What cracks me up is Kalia telling Jeff last night that Her, Dani, Jeff and Rachel are the 4 strongest players in the house. Really???? Isn’t this your first win Kalia? Boy her head sure got big after only one win. And I’m tired of people saying Jordan can’t win anything. She won an HOH and knowone hit that ball in the 3rd slot for her. She also won a luxury comp. So she’s won more than you Kalia. I would love it if Jordan won HOH this week so she could shove it in everyones face!!!

      • your right Karen,I laughed sooo hard when Kalia said she was one of the strongest players(maybe she’s right-she eats enough)and what a slob I wouldn’t even go up stairs in the hoh room. I feel sorry for who ever has to clean it. An as for Jordon wining once so what let her win again and watch R\B scream about how unfair it is.

      • Ziggy LOL your right if there’s an eating contest she’ll win.And Lindsay I didn’t know it was in the rules that you couldn’t win twice. If she makes it to the end she deserves to win. First player in BB history to win twice. Love it!!

      • I agree with Karen and Ziggy1. No where does it say you can’t win more than once, otherwise she wouldn’t have been asked back to play the game.

  55. I want Brendon back, just to see the look on Kalia’s smug face when she realizes she made the biggest blunder in the history of everdom. Then let the best BB player win.

  56. Evcting Lowan is not good but was the best idea.
    Of course this dont cross their mind.

    But Rachel would probally beat Cassi or Dom.. something that bitch don`t deserve,

    this way… Dani-Kalia will get Dom back in the game..
    And Dani and Porscha knows Shelly is a bitch and she is playing both sides..kalia is the one that needs to see that also..

    • Like I stated earlier the blind leading the blind. Maybe they just have jellyfish as brains.

    • How would it be something thatt “bitch” doesn’t deserve? If she won it she won it…period..and ill bet. Moeny cassie or dom will not be returning?

  57. America hates Brendon and Rachel…and they love Dom and Danielle…

    Will be really interesting to see when Dominic comes back…. Dani, Kalia , Dominc and Porsha woull go all the way.

    And even more interesting if they stupid lazy, Jeff, Jordan and Flotter Shelly goes home..

    and see what Dominic and Kalia would do? Keep their best freind but strongest players ever in the game? or keep flooter, but weakest players?

    COme back Dominic////we all wants to see what Will happen btw you and Dani…

    We Love Dani/Dom

    • What has Dominic done that makes him a strong player? Oh yeah he threw a POV…smart move. All he did was lay in bed all day with Daniele. Boring TV. Bring back Brendon.

    • Wow…clearly you don’t watch the show…don’t place your opinions on the rest of America! Moooosstttt people dislike Daniele..for sure, she is a skag

      • I would have more respect for your posts Mandi if you didn’t try and belittle people and become childish and call people names. You make your point heard 40 times a day but yet can’t articulate an argument for anything. Your social etiquette is on par with Rachel’s… wonder why you are all about her. And before you get on my case….I was team Rachel her season til she came back for 24 hrs and made a fool of herself.

      • Tyler…as do you try and make your point 40 times a day. You show me where I belittled or personally attacked someone??? please, I am waiting. I find it absolutely hilarious how Brendon and Rachel haters act. That is what is so hilarious about this website.
        You guys act like you know them personally and God forbid someone like them. Well guess what Tyler,I could not care less what you have to say or what you think. Go ahead and compare me to Rachel, one thing you can count on from Rachel is that she keeps it real as do I. She is not afraid to say things and people think thats bad? that is why this country is made up of a bunch of lazy pushovers. I dk you, nor would I ever care to, so why on eaqrth would you think that I ever cared what you had to say to or about me. I find it funny that you have the nerve to post underneath my comment trying to acuse me of the same thing you are trying to do to me. The only difference between the 2 of us is that I couldn’t care less. I unlike you actually realize this is a game that means nothing to my life, I come here when I am bored. I find it quite amusing how mad people get when you like Brenchal. So save the drama for someone who cares. Don’t get mad at me because I was right all along, like I said I would be, it was only obvious. So like I said, you go find a post where I tried to belittle anyone and talked to anyone about anything besides the game, and did the same exact thing that anyone else on this website did. Like I said, this is just a game show that you will never be on, so why would you take it so seriously? you must have nothing better to do with your time. I just love how Brenchal haters say they should get therapy…but yet all of you guys get so uptight and seriously pissed when people say VOTE BOOKIE VOTE BOOKIE VOTE BOOKIE EVERYONE!!!!!!! btw, I actually want Jeff to win. I just loved to see people like you fly off the deep end for a game.

      • It’s amazing that I do this although I just started posting a day ago so thanks for trying to “check” me. If you realized this was a game you wouldn’t spend every free minute on it. You get on and act like a 5 yr old when someone goes against your beloved Rachel and Brendon. You’re “comebacks” are so childish. I seriously would love debating you about gameplay and you obviously don’t read what people write because I said I was Team Rachel at one point and I’ve posted that Rachel is one of the most serious gamers in the game…..OMG compliments for Rachel….and yet you attack me like a 5 yr old. I’m glad that you can repeat over and over again that you don’t care about what i write.

        If you didn’t care your response to me wouldn’t be so long and drawn out to make a simple point.

  58. random…i thought that jordan made money 4 her mom the last time,so why is everybody saying that she’s doing it for her mom again…did she blow all that $$ already…i wish everybody can see that shelly is not all that nice..

    • she bought her mom and sister a home – just like she said she would. So let her win again and least she won’t blow it on a wedding(Rachel) That won’t last. What a waste!

  59. The only good from nom Lawon is Kalia and Dani will now know where Shelly stands. Even though Dani already knows and Kalia is just playing dumb. It was funny watching the show last night and seeing Jeff bash Kalia for crying. I’m sure whenever Shelly actually wins something people will come running and congrats her on the win. Pathetic. I’m getting sick of Shelly playing “my kid, my kid” card. She’s greedy and wants the money just like the rest of them. And, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it. No matter how many people she has to rat out and walk over. Great role model. This season is designed for the Vets to win. Kalia admitted to not watching last season. Makes me wonder with all her overthinking if she ever watched a single season of BB. Can they just evict every newbie right now and bring in old HG’s? I could cast a better group of people. My guess, they will rig the voting for Brendon to come back to cause more drama. Thursday may be the last night I will watch this show. At least from my point of view, the Vets aren’t pissing this experience away like the newbies are. Well, maybe Rachel is, but she’s a crackhead.

  60. If Brendan comes back, the JJ BR alliance will be broken within 2 weeks because BR will start bragging and whining and Rachel will say something stupid that’ll piss off Butthurt JJ. That’s just what they do. I wish Brendan luck after this is over with, he’s gonna have a hard time getting a job. He comes across as a boderline sociopath. UCLA must be cringing everytime he wears that T-shirt.

  61. What a stupid move on Kalia’s part !!!!! She should have put Shelly up…than it’s Good-Bye Shelly . I cannot believe that Kalia was so dumb in listening to Shelly do her evil..When are the H.G.going to wake up and vote the way they want to with out people in their ear all the time…as I said before..NO GUTS !!!! Dominic come back !!!!

    • Dominic is boring. Nothing but a puppet. America watches this show to see controversy. We all want Brendon back because it will create the most fun watchable Goooood TV. No one would know what to do LMAO

      • I disagree with Brendon coming back..he and Rachel are the biggest cry babies in the house..Rachel cries with no tears…the biggest fake if I have ever seen one !!! Brendon thought he was the KING of the house until Kalia won the H.O.H. than all we saw on B.B.A.D. was crying and kissing Rachel’s a#@ and saying “I know you can do it” I don’t think anyone of us cares to see those two making out for the rest of the season..we need the new blood in this game to make it work…SORRY to all you Brendon and Rachel lovers !!!!

  62. yes jordan does deserve more credit..and why on earth does kalia think she’s considered a ‘great’ competitor, granted she won HOH ONCE but still after this POV ceremony um, i think her name and HOH will always have an asterik “*” beside it! :P (for craziest move eva!)

    • The only other thing Kalia probably has ever on was “Best in Show”. That would be the days of her beauty pagents. The grand prise was kibble and bits

      • Wow….Bosco can you actually make a post without degrading people or are you that angry of a person that that is all you can do?

    • I would have to say Jeff is the only one that will ever know if there spectacular.

  63. I just looked up the voting poll and it’s a three way tie between dom.cassie and brandon with cassie in the lead (but very small%) also I found the thay jj came in frist for the coule to come back in the house and dani and dick came in sceond than r\b came in third. Just thought you want to know.

    • Ziggy, those numbers are not offical. Nobody but CBS knows for sure. But my guess is that BOOKIE is in the lead!

      • I just checked the CBS site. They are not showing any totals. Where are you getting the totals you are talking about? VOTE BOOKIE! SAVE RACHEL!

    • I am not sure I would believe the voting results regardless. I think they’ll put in whoever can bring in the most ratings…

      • I went to the big brother poll cbs and they have it there. Really I just went back and checked it it’s a three way tie with (whoever dwag is) and keith with 1% still.

      • Ziggy, that is a fan polling site which only records one vote per person. DAWG is not real! Hence that poll is not Real! LMAO…

  64. is lawon for sure going to be evicted? is there a chance they get rid of rachel? if rachel left and dom came back, that would be awesome. i think adam needs to get the hell out. he’s done nothing. shelly can go with him too cuz i think she’s a crackhead rachel sympathizer. TEAM DANI! (or team jordan) :)

  65. Dom is boring. Nothing but a puppet. Why would we want to watch more of that. America watches to see a train wreck. We want Brendon back just because it would be such Gooooood TV. Everyone would be crying, even JJ. They thought they got Dani to do the evil deed of getting them out and dani fell for it. Now Dani has mud on her hands and JJ benefit. Brendon needs to come back in and convince Rachel and Dani to team up. Now that would be Goooood TV.

    • Agree, once brendon comes back in dani will have to team up with them, or shes is gone. but it wont happen. cuz dani’s destiny is a backdoor!

      • I agree. They gave her to many shots to be trustworthy and she opted not to take them. Plus I think her sinful pride will get in the way, she wont want to deal with them

    • When you say America you are referring to who exactly? Everyone knows that if Brendon came back there would be no way in hell they would all team up together it failed the first time for a reason. frankly as a former fan of brendan and rachel im sick of hearing them cry every other second about how their lives suck and how no one likes them and how danielle is evil by not listening to their bullying. Go back to ucla brendon and finish that PhD that is if they’ll still take you back…

  66. Shelly is so worried about being a bad influence on her daughter by lying,yet has a cigarette in her hand every time we see her. What kind of influence is that on her kid ? Just something about her I can’t stand.

      • YES ! You are so right. Especially when she does that kiss her fingers thing in the Diary Room. It’s so disgusting and creepy.

      • ahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
        too funny

        poor shelly shes lied to everyone in the house
        so much for being honest

  67. Dom won’t be coming bcak in. who wants to watch him and dani? season 8 it was her and nick and this season it was another nick(domiNIC)…

    Dani messed up…plain and simply so shes won what 1 hoh? meh…

    Brendon and Rachel 2 hoh’s and 3 vetos…

      • At one point brendan and rachel asked her if they show replace dom/adam with kalia/lawon but dani was hell bent of jeff… so its dani who messed up

  68. I really hope Dominic doesn’t come back into the game because him and Daniel are soooo boring to watch. Brendan and Rachel can be annoying but entertaining. Jeff and Jordan are kind of funny and not afraid to stand up to people. Why does Daniel say OMG every 2 seconds in baby weird

    • I neither would like to see the little dom back. I would like to see cassi come back. Just imagine if cassie came back, she could get in Dani’s face stating things like oh me in dom in the sequestor house was so fun. Just to get under her skin.

  69. Well if Lawon is evicted, the player we select will beat the pants off of him. Cassie or Brendon will be back.Oh please don’t subject us to Brenda and Roachel together again

  70. If the Americas vote works out for Cassie or Dom, then Dani’s team is in luck despite the ignorant move to evict Lawon on purpose. If Lawon battles against Cassie or Dom, whoever comes back in is going to roll with Dani’s team. If Kaliha had put up say, Jordan, Rachael would’ve been evicted, then mopped the floor with Cassie or Dom and stomped back into the BB house angry and out for vengeance. But the fact that Dani’s team doesn’t know this is the twist, makes the move really ignorant. If Brendon wins the vote, you can kiss Dani’s team goodbye, the numbers just don’t add up for team Dani with Brendon back in the house and two newbs rolling with the vets.

    • If Cassi returns she will lean toward the vets to partner. Last time she dind’t and she was sent. I’d rather see keith come back vs Dom, Howeever my vote is for cassi.

      • You guys stop thinking “boring” and think what would be the most fun to watch. The reason we all liked Evil Dick is because he was evil and didn’t follow any of the “rules” of life. We’re all stuck in our boring little lives and we want to watch people kicking, scratching, fighting, swearing, backstabbing, lying, etc. . . . . . all the things we can’t do LMAO. Vote for Brendon, not because you like him or Rachel but because it would cause the most upheaval. YES!! Now that’s Goooood TV

    • There is no way Cassi joins Dani because she is friends with Jordan and likes Jeff…. By extension, she will join Team JJ and help take out Team Dani….

    • Kalia is to arrogant, she really feels shes a stong woman player. Her only goal in this game is to get a contract as a talk show host. She probably feels if Oprah did it she can. Again arrogance.

    • I still say that Jeff listening to natalie and Kevin and backdooring Russel was even more stupid.

      • Not really because Russell said if Jeff didn’t get him first he was going to put Jeff up.

  71. Well sorry to tell you all this, but Rachel does alot of charity works when she is not on bb, Brendon is trying to cure cancer and will use some of the money for that. Love then or hate then but at least they do good work for people on the outside. Dani as not talked to her Dad for another 2 yrs, but when her Dad won she got a new car, her colleged payed for (so did her brother). So who is the better person here. (not Dani). So why dont you check it out before you all hate Rachel and Brendon. My pick for this season is not Jordan, (she has already won) Jeff has made alot of money off CBS already. I do not want to see Shelly win or Lawon, or Daniand Kalia. But would not mind seeing Poerche or Adam. Poreches is taking care of her disabled parents.Adam i really think he could use the money. (oh by the way you can go on google and read all of them bio)

    • It’s one thing to hate someone on the show, but it’s another thing to make rude comments about them personally. Probably 90% or more of the people on this website do NOT know these people….

    • I agree, people get so uptight and crazy about these players. We dont know these people lol. Who cares if theyre annoying, theyre insanely competetive and good at being it and the last time I checked, thats what playing a game is all about?

  72. This years BB13 house guests are the sorriest ever. They have no clue how to play the big brother game. They are totally messing it up and making this season horrible. You can say what you want I loved BB12. I was glued to the live feeds mostly all day and night, because I liked the players. Did not always like the mean gossiping, but loved the players, with the two exceptions.

    This year there is not one I like and I have tried. I tried liking Kalia, but she is clueless as to who to trust and how the game is played. I have no more interest in watching the live feeds and the train recks showing up.

  73. Shelly has made the best move this season. She realized early the rookies were not smart and teamed up with the vets. I think she is throwing the competitions. Why win when you can control the game without being the HOH and not have a target on your back. All the people hating on her saying how bad an example she is for her kid. Guess what its a GAME and she is by far the best player this season.

    • I tend to agree with what you have said. She is playing the game of BB and I too think she is throwing comps and keeping the heat off herself. Anyone going onto this type of show could be considered a bad example for their children….but others have done it (ED) and perhaps it would be safe to say that they have done it FOR their children. Money talks.

    • this is such a thoughtless comment. game? so what? its just a job? its just a deal? its just a friendship? its just wall street? shelly is the reason we are in the economic position we are in. she is a disgusting, manipulative trashy treasonous, corporate pump whore. she continuously boasts that she learned this behavior because of her job. she is a corporate slug and its clear she acts this way everyday in her “real” life. what is worse, she is a hypocrite. she pretends to be a straight shooter and an honest woman and she believes her own bs. and, because of this ridiculous, shallow inability to see and own her behavior she deserves to rot. i hope she loses the game and her job. suffer hag. nothing but pure hatred in my heart for her.

      • Uhm, FYI, it’s a TV show/game for entertainment. It’s amazing how people lose sight of that.

      • i wouldn’t go that far but I agree her game is bs
        it consists of being the house rat fullstop and ending each sentence with I’m a straight shooter

      • Though I think your loathing for Shelly is misplaced, you are spot on that she has the job she has because she can BS people into doing what she wants. Who is really at fault though? The BS’r, or the person dumb enough to fall for it?

      • Wow…that made me laugh. All I have to say is that I take it your a Dani fan and your just mad that she outsmarted them…it is just a game. Period point blank. I don’t see you complaining about all the other women walking around half naked…and they just do that for tv. Not to benefit in the game. The people shelly are snaking, are just snakes themselves on the show…WE DK THEIR REAL LIFE!

      • While this may be a bit extreme, I do agree with what this poster is saying. Yes, the show is edited. Yes, it’s “just” a game. However, the people still make their own decisions for the most part. How someone acts in the game IS a reflection of who they are as a person, maybe not completely but at least partially. If a person is willing to lie in a game especially one that is streamed and on TV, it shouldn’t be a huge stretch to assume that it’s possible for them to do it in “real life” (no, not all people are willing to lie just to win $, most but not all). If a person is stinks because they’re a slob in the house, do you really think there’s a chance that they’re a clean-freak in “real life”?

        Idk about being a “disgusting, manipulative trashy treasonous, corporate pump whore” but Shelly is definitely NOT a straight-shooter as she claims and is a liar, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she’s a lying crooked-shooter in “real life”.

      • If I was in the game, I would love everyone to their face and hate them behind their backs, people like Shelly are why we watch, so Bravo!!

      • @izatty a little jealous are we? Shelly is playing one of the best games in the house. And please tell me who hasn’t lied in the house???

      • That is awful to say about Shelly. She has played true to her first alliance and done no worse than any one else playing. She is the one who most deserves to win right now. Kalia and Lawon are the idiots who fell for her plot. How stupid!!!!!
        This country is in the shape its in because of the low life lazy people who would rather draw a welfare check than get off their sorry butt and work. That’s what is wrong with America. Sorriness and laziness!!!!!!!

      • I think you need help – don’t you know that what you think of others is a true reflection of yourself. Poor you!

    • I agree. Shelley has done a great job with game play, starting out too strong too soon only puts a target on your back. i really hope Cassie comes back and maybe they’ll ride to the final two together! If not there is always Jeff & Jordan! Love them! :)

      • I would like cassie back in and her and shelly go all the way.also shelly owes cassie big time.

      • I am with you…I read an interview from cassi that she still wants to remain friends with shelly in real life..even knowing what she did..I think they really connected…would love to see them reunite and win!

      • They’ve had no connection to the outside world yet so how would she know what Shelly did, they never showed Shelly telling her???

    • It is a game and all house guests are trying to win that $500,000. All of them had lied at some point, back stabbed others, betrayed alliances. Shelly is just playing her game which is way better than that of Danielle. People take this seriously that the house guests will be the same if out in the real world. This is scripted like the fights in Jerry Springer, the romance on the Bachelor and Bachelorette, the competition and back stabbing in Survivor. This is a game show with a huge prize which is why people decide to try and win that money! Nothing wrong with that! I hope Shelly makes it to final 2 as she deserves it!

    • Shelly is the Ultimate floater. I think being a floater is a big part of winning BB but those days are over. If that was the case why Enzo didn’t win last year. They jury want WINNERS Shelly has been close but still haven’t. won anything yet. I make me sick how far up JJ ass she is to. I wonder what her daughter ( because shelly says she watch ) think about her game. Just tell your children to follow the leader and stay stuck up their asses. The VETS were bullies from day 1. Threating people ” if you don’t vote this way, we coming after you “. Now that the tables are turning Dani and Kalia are the bad ones. When newbies left the left with class. When you tell the vets they are going they act like children….The newbies is schooling the vets on how not o be a sore loser.

    • I was pretty nuetral toward shelly. Now she has earned my respect. She’s not going to win though. I don’t believe she is throwing comps. she is just not a physical threat.

    • You nuts! Shelly has been floating back and forth..Now I do believe she likes jeff and jordan. And I dont believe she is a bad mother. But a FLOATER she is!

  74. I cannot believe this kalia i was rooting for her but now shes just stupid is she that scared of the vets seriously. She keeps claiming that shes her own person and she’ll do what she wants to do but once again she did exactly what they told her to do uugh. Lawon come on who cares if you’re a floater who cares at least u had a guarantee till like final 6 you’d still be there (i’m not a fan of floaters but he was in a good position) omg danielle come on u of all ppl kno that u have to read into everything julie says by listening to people like jeff and jordan who lets be honest arent the brightest ppl you just shot urself in the foot. I guarantee if rachel got evicted her and brendan wulda gone back to l.a and had a nice little summer together because if she’s battlin against dom persay maybe she wont get back in. wow kalia wat a waste of an hoh just got rid of an ally. Another thing why do ppl care so much about jeff and jordan i was a fan of theirs until this season because I noticed
    a) jeff has a horrible temper and he can be incredibly rude
    b) jordan is a baby when things dont go her way and she finally has to try for once in the game she starts to cry about it.
    I’m not saying they’re not nice ppl im just saying they’re not everything they’re edited out to be and its pretty funny how the biggest floater in bb11 is crying about floaters not doing anything this season it’s actually hilarious

    • Kalia is smarter to listen to Shelly than Dani anyday. Dani was quick to throw kalia under the bus when telling Jeff and Jordan about how dumb it was for Kalia to nominate Jeff even though it was her (Dani’s) idea!

    • I agree with your points about Jeff and Jordan. I was very disappointed with Jeff and how rude he can be when things don’t go his way. Jordan is sweet and funny with her innocence(?) but she has to work as hard as everyone else and she should not be sad about it. Kalia is half an idiot, Lawon is useless, Shelly is by far my least favourite, Rachel is tiring to watch… how can she keep up so fake emotions? Must be tiring for her too. I like Dani this season (didn’t her season). Hope Cassie comes back she and Dom were the only ones with intelligence and balls.

    • I agree, Jeff has been a big jerk. He talks about other people for being too sensitive, yet tonight because Rachel said his soy catfish didn’t taste Asian, he became bitchy about it. Dude, chill out. She didn’t say your catfish sucked, just that it didn’t taste Asian. However, Dani said it sucked behind your back to Porsche and Kalia.

      Jordan can be annoying. She complains just as much as everyone else in the house, it’s just that nobody thinks anything of it because it comes from her. Who else in BB history interrupted someone during their nomination speech. I think that was very rude.

      I don’t know why so many people love this couple. They’re the ones that are arrogant.

  75. I have to say I’m excited about the recent turn of events and I can’t believe Shelly was able to influence Kalia over Daniele. Kalia really is a dumbass, but at least this game move makes it less likely that Daniele will win, which makes me happy. She’s such a tramp and I hate that smirk she has on her face whenever anyone is talking to her…she really thinks she’s the best player in BB history or something

    • Danielle is so arrogant too. She is laughing at the newbies backs like Kalia who allowed herself to be Danielle’s puppet. She got Kahlia to nominate Jeff and Rachel and said on TV that she is glad not to have blood on her hands that Kalia is doing her job for her! Porsche is another of the puppets and totally useless! Does she think Danielle will help her in any way, shape or form? She is just being used yet, she turned from Rachel who was supposed to be her friend? In the HOH, Porsche pitted Shelly against Jeff. So, one can easily see she is following Danielle’s lead!

    • Yeah, I totally agree. Dani always bashes her dad for having bad gameplay, yet he won BB. She seems to think she is such a better player than he is, but she can’t even hold a candle to Evel Dick. If Dick were in the house, he wouldn’t be all cozy up in HOH with Kalia, he’d be in everyone’s face getting all the lies out in the open. Boy I wish it were Dick coming back.

  76. If Cassi wins, Lawon has a chance to win. I would rather see Lawon in the game than Cassi even though Cassi would be more likely to help Team JJ.

    If Dominic or Brendon face Lawon, they will beat him.

    Most people are underestimating Lawon, so I woulldnn’t be suprised if he shocked everyone and does better in the duel to reenter the BB house. He may find out how D and K were so fast to sell him out that he turns on them?

    To all the Lawon doubters, during the last POV comp Adam almost beat Jess and lost by only 2 seconds. Adam suprised everyone with that perfomance. Lawon may shock us all!

    ***** Go Team JJ / Team BR *****

      • Ziggi What’s the deal with you loving cassi. She’s a horrible game player and I doubt anyone was jealous of her. Only thing she has is her looks. She was horrible at the comps and the social game.

      • wayne I voted 1000x for Cassie!(hah) AND Moe Cassie wasn’t there long enough to know how she would play. but she seemed nice and YES Rachel and Dani was jealous of her from the frist day. They never gave her a chance and she didn’t kiss their butts like all the other newbes. Plus I liked the way she didn’t throw Shelly under the bus. also I think she would be a good freind. to bad Shelly couldn’t be a good freind to her.

    • Cassie is ten times more intelligent than anyone else in the house and at least has the guts to do stuff. Would love to see her play more. You can’t have too many Vets or it just gets boring again except for the Brenchel show and that is getting tiring too.

      • She is so intelligent that she got booted out of the house easily. The smart ones last far longer than that and are able to form alliances so that, they can go much further! Cassie turned down the alliance offered to her by the veterans so, why is that a smart move? Those that sided with the veterans are still in the game and they are the dumb ones? There are a lot of veterans in the game because the newbies will not make their move.
        Whose fault is that?

      • the only reason went home is Rachal and dani were jealous of her(rheir both so catty) so no matter what she would of done they would have gotten rid of her.

      • Dude, no one was jealous of Cassie, but Dani. Dani wanted Dom and Cassie had him. So Dani got in Rachel’s head while Shelly made some deals on the side. So that’s why Cassie left. She freakin sucks.

      • sonya Yes Rachal was jealous of her! The very frist day Rachel asked Brandon if he thought she was pretty. and every time Racheal said anything about her it was about her looks- the only mistake Cassie made was not kissing her butt and trusting Shelly.

  77. Without Rachel, Brendon alone is a completely different person. It’s sad for the guy, not to be given a chance but he’s ridiculous when those two get together.

  78. Let me start this post by saying I don’t have the live feeds. So the question I have is why is everyone so sure that if Dom comes back he will team with Danielle. From what I saw (what CBS showed) he blamed Danielle for him getting evicted.

    • He blamed Danielle’s bad plan not really Danielle herself for him getting evicted. It was obvious that it was not her intent for him to go down because of her and she did do her best to campaign for him to stay. It was just bad game play but with them ending on good terms it’d be likely that if he did win the battle they’d team up again, and if so hopefully they won’t do as poorly.

      • I think now that they put Lawon up, he may go home, Jeff and Jordan want Rachel to stay at least one more week. People haven’t thought about it, but what if he goes against Brendan to come back, Brenchel back together, and Danielles worst nightmare. Total hell for the houseguests, and the newbies + Dani get picked off one by one. Yeah, they are annoying, but makes for more interesting tv.

  79. MATT(BBN):

    To all with live feed, please, please keep us posted if Kalia figures out “she got got” before the eviction on Thursday.

    While I still believe Marcelus wears the crown for stupidest BB move (not using veto on himself), I can be persuaded that Kalia’s move to nominate Lawon earns her the crown.

    • In the past few hours Kalia was still discussing with Daniele and Porsche that they’re making the best move. She’s still concerned that Rachel would have come back anyway (we know it’s not certain this week’s evictee returns), so to them it’s still a smart move.

      Very, very risky though. And pretty much negates Kalia’s reign as HoH.

      • Kalia doesn’t strike me as the person that can easily admit she made a mistake. She could probably watch the whole season over again and be convinced that was still a great game move, when in reality she just gave JJ/S/R exactly what they wanted and got nothing in return.

    • I’ve been telling people this since the start of the season. Shelly knows what she’s doing when it comes to telling people what they want to hear. You don’t achieve that level of success in business without being able to tell people one thing, do another, and still look like the good guy.

    • So Shelly is really there for the game…Is a no brainer that she does not need the money…

      • That’s why Shelly said to Jeff and Jordan she would like to see them at the end. She doesn’care if she finishes 3rd or 1st. She said yes it would be nice to win but if she doesn’t she won’t be upset.

      • I Thought when the game started, Julie said “For the first time in the history of BB, someone is playing, but Not to win?” Did I misunderstand that?

      • that is really sad that a 41 year old woman would leave her 8 year old daughter for 90 days to play some stupid game …its bad enough that she already travels a ton for her job..i guarantee her husband has something on the side! &her daughter probably hates her

    • Key word ” work Profile” . That is something a lot of people who play Big Brother have no real experience with. Why are people down on her for that? More people should try working for what they have. She is a true hard worker, good wife and mother. If she wasn’t there that house would be a pigsty like last year. UGH!!!!!

    • He’s not a pawn..he is going home because they think he will be able to come back in and automatically be HOH…how stupid. Can they be???? Lmao

      • get the you no what outta here are they really wanting Rach to stay was that
        Shelly plan omg they really are dumb i cant stand that crying any more but alot of people say Brendon is coming back

  80. I have a question. I’m catching up on the BBAD from last night and Dani is in the HOH with Kalia. She just opened the fridge and pulled out a baggie with pieces of coconut in it. Isn’t that for the HNs this week? Is she allowed to take food from the HNs? Doesn’t seem fair since she has a whole basket and fridge full of food and can eat what ever is downstairs!!! :-(

  81. If Kalia was her own person Shelly wouldn’t have been able to convince her so easily – what happened to not trusting her? If everyone was their own person that evictions wouldn’t be so predictable since people wouldn’t sell their own allies out merely to “vote with the house”. What would be awesome is if they continue this ploy but end up evicting Rachel anyway, even if JJ vote Lawon, it wouldn’t be difficult to get Daniele to vote Rachel and maybe Adam & Shelly will follow? If Porche continues to be on the fritz with the vets than maybe it will sway her to vote-out Rachel.

    If Rachel gets evicted than at least the battle to get back in will be more interesting to watch and not so predictable. And if Rachel battles “her man” I don’t think either of them will fight too hard and either way one will get cancelled out for good, so it’s a win-win. I really like Lawon and it would be great if he got evicted and won the battle but I don’t see that happening, plus people need to learn that social-game is just as important. The whole argument against “floaters” is STUPID, if you spend most of the season getting out who you’re afraid to go up against or whoever the click currently has a cat-fight with, who does that leave? Your so-called floaters and if ppl really hated them then each eviction, at least the ones at the beginning, would be of weak players and NOT the strong or current enemy. Plus, what do you end up with when you have a player who is good at challenges but their social game is lacking or nonexistent? RACHEL!

    • You know if I was in the house I would take Rachel to the final you be guaranteed a win in my opinion.

    • Sorry, we hate boring, stupid, do nothing, floating players. We want drama. We love the players who try hard and win, possibly putting themselves in jeopardy by causing waves. Go Rachel, Brendon, Jeff . . . at least they make it interesting. I love it when players are crying, yelling, lying, backstabbing, etc. Bring on the Goooood TV!!

  82. This all just proves thet newbies are just as clueless now as they were when they first got there…I don’t see how anyone thinks Cassi, Dom or Keith deserves to come back. Keith and Dom chose to throw their POV because they assumed they had the votes..if your dumb enough to make a move like that, then you deserve to be gone. Cassi chose to go head to head with Rachel(one of the most dominant forces in the game) wayyyyy to early on, just to prove a point. In reality Cassie started that whole thing with Rachel, Rachel just made good on her word, Cassie. Shouldn’t say what she can’t back. Then there is Brendon. Who gave his veto to his fiance not like it was a stranger or something. He thought he had a better chance with votes than her. What was so wrong with that? No matter what one of them was leaving. Plus Daniele got the advantage of floating through the first 4 weeks, just cause her dad left. They should have paired her with Porsche after Keith was gone. So it is only right that Brendon comes back in and plays the game with JeJo..they deserve an advantage just like Dani got. As far as the newbies..aside from shelly and adam, they came on too strong way too soon. None of them have played a good game and certainly don’t deserve to come back.

    • So Cassi shouldn’t come back because she went head to head with Rachel too early? Wouldn’t that equate to fighting hard? Imo, whether you like Rachel or not, at least Cassi didn’t back down and had the courage to not do whatever the house did merely to stay in their good graces.

      • she didn’t go home for game play she webt home because Rachel was jealous of her.(like she would want Bandon)I hope she comes back and kicks her out and Shelly better help her!

    • You have no clue what you are taking about..

      Just do like Jordan does… sit down , play with hair and people will love you…

    • I agree with you 100% Keith, Dominic and Cassi do not deserve to come back! They would just be taking valuable space which could go to someone playing the game! These guys have no clue on how to play the game! All they did is oppose the veterans to their faces and nothing else! If they used their heads and pretended to be on the veterans side, they would have gone on further in the game. In contrast, Shelly is playing a very good game. Even better than the game being played by Danielle which is betraying her alliance and trying to take them out one by one with them knowing it! How smart is that? Even if they get eliminated, they will be voting in the jury house so, why would you alienate someone who could hand you $500,000? If she waited a few more weeks then, she could have peeled off and even if she voted her alliance out then, there would be no hard feelings as it is part of the game. In contrast, her premature move and her subsequent moves to use the newbies to do her dirty work will come out at some point so, even if Danielle gets to final 2, she burned too many bridges and will not win!

      • Exactly! The point isn’t that Cassie came at Rachel and didn’t back down..the point isher mouth wrote a check her ass couldn’t sign, all. Because keith got voted out.I mean for goodness sake it was week 1 lmao and she was trying to pick shit with the strongest Players in the house..stupid move on her part. That’s why?

      • So they were suppose to kiss ass and hope that the Vets would play with them? Are you kidding me? They tried making moves to get the Vets out and it didn’t work.

      • @Mandi, Rachel already made up her mind on day one that she didn’t like Cassi because she has no self esteem and could see that Cassi was more attractive than she was (Rachel w/o all that makeup and fake hair is sort of ugly, her skin doesn’t look healthy whereas Cassi looked nice even w/o makeup). Cassi, not being a follower, stood up to Brachel and that only sealed her fate, so I guess Cassi is to blame for not being a follower. But I think that even if Cassi wouldn’t have confronted her she still would’ve been evicted because that’s what Brachel wanted from the get go and the house is FULL of FOLLOWERS even Cassi’s own allies sold her up the river to appease Brachel.

        If yall really wanted entertainment/drama vote Cassi to come back if for no other reason than the possibility of Rachel freaking out like she did on her season. Voting back Brenden will only bring back more theatrical lovey-dovey garbage and whining, that’s not entertaining imo it’s just annoying.

  83. i want Jeff to win 1st place and jordan win 2nd she sure came along way from her and her mom getting evicted out there home her being a waitress and having to live in a trailor with her aunt her moms sister plus getting a fireman like Jeff in her like the deserve to win

  84. Ok people the premises of the game is to create drama so everybody will watch just like in soap operas everybody hates the villan but yhey keep on watching and watching It’s a game u r locked out in an enclosed space with all a bunch a people u dont know eventually paranoia sets in Its a game and like any other game thats not set in stone rules and alliances will change

  85. Glad Brendon’s gone. Will be glad when Rachel’s gone. Would love to have Cassie or Dominic return. I wish I knew why BB decided to have the “twist” on HOH nominations, now. I’m beginning to see a pattern.

  86. Did you guys know Brenchel is on another show right now? It’s called Bachelor Pad but they call themselves Vienna and Kasey. I sure hope these television studies have deep pockets when it comes time to pony up for therapy sessions for contestants because ti me it’s turning otherwise normal folks into mean, spiteful, angry humans that think nothing of attacking verbally other mouth breathers in front of the audience. Incredible.
    I think next week I’ll get a tally sheet and count how many times I hear LIKE come out of their mouths….something to do anyway.

    • I watch that tonite to and thought the same thing. Who would of thought twins. Maybe they can meet and to another show together.

  87. Does nobody else see that this was a good move for Dani? I mean, in Dani’s mind…I think Dani played dumb and decided this was a great plan… A: because she would rather see Lawan go over Porsha cause he is dead weight to their alliance and won’t win crap. B: because now she figured out this “great scheme” so when she votes Lawan out, it doesn’t have to be suspicious or anything, so in turn she can try and prove something to Rachel..(but I don’t think rach is dumb enough, when they see Dani voted out Lawan they’ll know there was an alterior motive) C: with Lawan out of the picture Dani is absolutely securing Kalias vote for herself. I think Dani knows that if she was on the block or in F2 w/Lawan that it would be tough for Kalia to pick between the 2. I mean think about it, do we really believe Dani is dumb enough to think this would actually be a BB twist? I think in this one Dani out-smarted Kalia to cover her own ass without being obvious. BUT I’m so happy it happened..I was trying to tell everyone there was a huge chance Rachel was gonna here’s to hoping for the return of BOOKIE! Lol yay!

    • If Brendon comes back, we alreday knows who the show will end up…. JJ and Brechal final 4…
      and we alreday know Jordan will win again.
      And how boring is that?

      America hates Brendon and Rachel…and we love Dani and Dominic..

      Dani knows what she is doing… she is a Pro while the rest is ..well the rest is the rest

      • That is a big joke. If you just count the number supporting Danielle and those who hate her game play—-you are in the minority! Also, Dominic does not know how to play this game so that, he got evicted so early in the game. Danielle made a lot of dumb moves and her own Dad, Evil Dick called those moves stupid and he said it so many times I lost count! He said she needs to make up ground which I take to regain trust but, who will trust Danielle when she continues to backstab people left and right? She backstabbed Kalia saying it was Kalia’s idea to nominate Jeff when the nominations were all Danielle’s and she
        just made Kahlia carry it out! She also was shown on TV saying that she is glad Kalia is doing her bidding so that, she does not have blood on her hands. Danielle is a manipulator and nothing else! And she can only manipulate the newbies as the veterans know her enough not to trust her!

      • I hated Dani and Evil Dick before and I still do. She has no class and Dick is just that. When he threw that drink on Jen in his season she showed so much class by not busting him upside the head. I am pretty sure I would have got evicted immediately as soon as they got me off of him. He is a horrible person in my book and did not deserve to win anything . Sadly Dani is a lot like him in this game.

      • Babara i feel the same way… if i was jen, i would of took that cup n jam that down his throat… the donatos are just classless

      • You don’t know that if Brendon comes back, BRJJ will make it to final 4. That’s assuming they win every single comp. Highly unlikely, so at some point one or more of them will end up in jury. Just calm down, it won’t be the most horrible thing in the world if Brendon comes back. You’ll still be able to eat cereal when you get up the next morning.

    • I don’t have the Live Feeds. Only watch BBAD to catch up. Are you saying that Dani came up with the idea that Lawon would leave and come back as HOH? I’m picking up bits and pieces from other posts. Plus at the end of last night’s BBAD, Dani kept saying the twist was a “Blessing and a Curse”.

      • I dk if. She did for sure but that was what I gathered about the posts I was reading earlier…@ Fabio…in regards to you saying America loves Dani…I dk what America you live in, but it damn. Sure isn’t the United States of America…the reality of. It is, America loves JeJo and Brenchal is part of the jejo alliance so brendon. Shall return! Yay!

  88. Dominic or Cassi needs to come back.

    If Brendon comes back, will be so boring because the next 2 week will be just like the last 2 weeks

    They will just try to take Diva Dani out… and if they take her out… everyone will stop to watch the show, because will be so boring

    Acatlly the show was getting boring and going to be the wrost season ever….just like season 9, But Dani come out and saved this season for us…

    COme Back DOminic…

    We all love Dani and Dominic

    • Sorry my reply posted in the wrong spot…quit starting rumors joanna…I heard everyone wants you off this site.


      • its just a chat room wow dont take it so seriously and i have made like 3or 4 comments whats your problem sheriff

  89. News flash to everyone: while their plan is dumb to us, it is not to them. From what information *they* know about the twist, their plan is plausible. Though they may be a bit dumb in running with one assumption/guess, they should know by now that the twists aren’t always what they seem and banking on one could ruin your game.

  90. I wonder if production waited to see who the actual participants would be for Thursday before they decide what competition they will have. That way they could favor whichever HG will create the most drama for the show and I don’t think that would be Lawon. I don’t really think Lawon will win a physical challenge–but you never know.

    • I think it will be a whole question and answer thing, where you have to pick a houseguest. Then the actual HOH comp will be a physical challenge.

  91. I can’t stand shelly she’s such an ass kissing floater. She’s a fraud to the core. I don’t want to hear any of that its just a game nonsense either. Life itself is just a game. If you worked on wall street would you rob people for a billion dollars? Probably, because that’s who you are if “its just a game”. But that’s not why I hate that broad. I just hate her manly voice and her goofy face. Having said that I think lawon is a dumb negro and I hope he gets voted out. Then I hope dom comes back.

  92. oh my goodness what a stupid move. Lawton is going home by a vote of 5 to 1. Kalie just made the dumbest move in BB history and just gave back the power of the house to the vets. I wonder how much BB paid her to make this move.

    • Keep dreaming…… Team Dani is down to Danni the Tranny, Kalia and Porsha…… Team JJ and R will be gunning for Team Dani with the assistance of Adam, Shelly amd hopefully Brendon when he retirns to the Game!!!

    • Rachel ain’t going nowhere. Team Dani is just Dani. Kalia is back pedaling and Porsche is a super floater.

  93. They would be stupid to not it least try to get rid of Rachel when they have a chance it’s not likely lawon will be a threat anytime soon

    • What does that even mean? Lawon is not a typical anything. take your politics down to jump street and fly a purple kite.

  94. Brandon and rachel were stupid for going after danielle and dom was stupid for going to shelly. And people are stupid for buying into the antidani propaganda. I hope dom comes back and then they can pick off some worthless floaters like porche or shelly before its too late.

    • Dani won a single HOH and that equals to what Kalia has done. Dani has been riding coat tails from day one and then screwed herself by trying to BD Jeff too soon which cost Dom his game!

      • Dani has been able to only compete in 2 HoH’s and she 1 of them and gave the other to Rachel can’t really say Dani’s been riding coattails when she cant do anything

      • Dani was able to be guarenteed 4 weeks of safety because her dad ED had to leave. She had a free ride aka floater deal for the first 4 weeks and wasn’t smart enough to focus on her social game because she was jealous of JJ and BR because they had partners and she felt alone, so she wanted to have Dominic!

  95. dani is just a kick ass chic and she hates rachel as much as i do. and i still love team jj too. i’ll be happy if any of the 3 of them win. i think shelly’s gona be tough to beat tho..

  96. If you recall it was actually Shelly who broke up the vets. Shes a dangerous floater but somehow people keep revealing vital intel to her. Dani was right about Brendon and Rachel needing to flip on Jeff and Jordan before Jeff flipped on Rachel. They should have just waited and kept silent about it though. That week they should have replaced Dom with Lawon and Kalia. But instead Brendon and Rachel foolishly flipped on Dom and Dani. And after that Brendon acted really arrogant and god doesnt like arrogance. So for that he deserves to be out of the game. Dom simply made a rookie mistake and deserves redemption. I think Dom should come back and target Shelly. If somebody doesnt take shelly out soon she threatens to float to the end like her type of floater always does. The vets should call a temporary truce and target floaters next week. I personally want to see Dani or Jeff win.

    • Shelly broke up the vets? Not even close to what happened! Dani screwed up the vets alliance trying to protect Dominic.

      • Yeah it was shelly. Rachel and Brendon were fine with Dani pushing for Jeff to be backdoored until Dom lobbied Shelly to form a group to go after the vets the week after. Dom made that mistake before he was taken off the block as promised. Then Shelly took her big mouth up to Jeff and Jordan and told them what Dom said. This made Jeff and Jordan think that Dani was trying to play ring leader. Jeff and Jordan then went to Rachel and Brendon. Thats when they all confronted Dani. It was all actually because of Shelly but DOm should have kept his mouth shut until he came off the block.

      • In reality it really was in Brendon and Rachels best interest to side with Dani and Dom against Jeff and Jordan because Jeff doesnt really like Rachel. Jeff was already thinking about getting rid of Rachel way earlier. Brendon and Rachels mistake was going after Dani after they already knew Dani wanted Jeff out and they all discussed it. Theres no way Dom could have rallied the noobs against the vets because all the noobs except Lawon had secret alliances with the vets. That mistake is what got Brendon out of the house. Now Jeff and Jordan have a huge advantage over Rachel. Shelly is their lapdog and they can easily flip Porche if they havent already. Kalia is making a mistake by putting up that dumb idiot Lawon instead of Jordan. If she put Jordan against Rachel one of them would go home. Probably Rachel. Then Rachel would have to battle Cassi, Dom, or Brendon. It would be interesting to see what would happen if she had to battle Brendon. Because of the vets mistake Shelly, Adam, and Porche are floating their way to the top. Ironically Shelly achieved what Dom and Cassi couldnt even though Shelly sided with Jejo.

  97. Dani and Kalia still think it is up to the to keep Rachel or not….. Either she makes a deal or she goes home… Rachel has JJ, S and A while Lawon only has D and P as well as Kalia…..

    • Rachel is definately staying by potentially… Even D and K are going to vote Lawon out even though Rachel doesn’t need their vote and doesn;t need to make a deal with them.

  98. D & K think everyone wants Rachel out….. If R, JJ, S or A win, they will all go after D and K. If Brendon or Cassi come back, they will go after D & K…… Not Rachel but D & K will be gone next week! Happy birthday Dani!

  99. Dani saying the fish Jeff cooked wasn’t good even though she ate it and everyone else liked it…

  100. Kalia says she only has D and S…

    Shelly is with JJ

    Dani says she doesn;t have deals with anyone…. Yeah right, she threw K under the bus with JJ and has K, P and thinks she has A and S

    They don’t think Shelly has anyone… S has JJ, R and A

  101. This season is beyond insane. At this stage of the game, all of the newbies who remain in the house have accomodated the BR/JJ alliance’s wishes at every turn.

    What do they think they’re going to get out of it? Sure, they may be kept safe for a week or two, but what’s their endgame strategy for getting to the final two? The BR/JJ alliance will stay tight until the final three or four (and don’t be surprised if CBS declares Brendon the winner of the poll, regardless of the actual vote count).

    Soon, the newbies won’t have the numbers to outvote BR/JJ even if they wanted to, and they’ll just get picked off one-by-one.

    Kalia should have followed her first instinct and played this week as if there wasn’t a twist, since they couldn’t be sure how the twist works. Had she put up Jordan as a replacement nom for Jeff, there’d be a chance that one of Dominic/Cassi/Keith would be back and have beaten Rachel, and the newbies would have gotten two vets out of the house.

    Now, however, the best case scenario is that one newbie returns to replace Lawon (or Lawon wins the showdown), and the BR/JJ alliance is still three strong. And if Brendon walks back into the house on Thursday night, the BR/JJ alliance will be back to four members.

    BR/JJ have played the game brilliantly from the start in the way that they persuaded so many houseguests to act against their own best interests time and time again. I can’t figure out why everyone else went along with them…if there’s a strong alliance in the house which you’re not a part of, you get as many of them out of the house as quickly as possible.

  102. Rachel called Brendon her pumkin bookie bear then Adam reminded her it is pumpkim head!!! L~O~L!!!

  103. Dani talked crap about both Kalia and Porsha behind their backs and now is their bbest friends since she needs allies!

  104. ***** Team JJ / Team BR Fans *****

    One thing Team Dani fans are over looking. With JJ, R, S and A they have 5 members. Best case scenario for Team Dani is if Lawon of Dominic reenter the game, they have 4 members with D, K, P and D or L.

    Best case scenario for Team JJ / Team BR is 6 members with JJ, R, S, A and Brendon or Cassie.

    ***** Go Team JJ / Team BR *****

  105. Lawon – goodbye!! Is he really that stupid or did someone slip him a stupid pill. I really hope Brendon is the one who comes back. I know people think R & B should go – but you have to admit they make the show exciting.

    Who does everyone think is coming back.

    I agree – Shelly is playing one heck of a game. I think she needs to win at least one competition to solidify her spot in the finals. She is playing one of the best games ever of BB.


    • i really hope brendon comes back. Would love to see Dani’s face when he would walk back into the house.

      • Nooo i do not think that rach and bendan would be the dynamic duo think about it wouldnt it be fun to see dani and dom once again get the game going? i dont like him its a love hate thing, lol

    • This is exactly what I expected would happen. Newbies go home dummies!! I don’t like Brendon but hope he comes back!!

  106. such a weird season…i wonder who would win america’s favorite..probably jordan. she’s the only decent and nice person in there.

    • Jeff has already won it once. Unless he shows a lot more of his true colors, I think he will win again.

    • yes, it is wierd and big brother let us down by that stupid “two-some” having to vote a couple and the other was safe until the last 10 weeks? BIG BROTHER STILL NEEDS TO GIVE US, THE VIEWERS, SOME DECENT SURPRISES TO KEEP THE INTEREST, LIKE LAST YEAR THERE WAS THE SECRET VILLIAN, sorry for the caps, why is shelly not being found out? dani talked to too many ppl and she was found out and shelly seems to get by without winning a game yet having the confindence of them all. she walks like a tall gangly boy and her facial expressions are toooo funnny, question??? … why did jeff blow up like that instead of trying to reason with the HOH? i dont get it. he yelled and he walked out after telling jordan not to get all riled up.

      • Wow with the spelling damn. Lol. But I do get where you are coming from. I think Shelly established her character in a different way than Dani did. Dani was too aggressive in her manner (because she wanted to come out of her dad’s shadow). Shelly took it laid back in a way. I don’t think her appearance has anything to do with this- why are we getting personal like that?

      • i think this is true i read a post by one of the others that mentioned shelly mouth and it is too funny to watch her. i like shelly actually nevertheless, cute expressions i agree. Dani did come on very aggressive and i think she is going to reveal her true colors by “accident” perhaps? lol she will be fun to watch and i hope cassie comes back. Rachael will stay for now :)

  107. aaaaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, my friend told me and forgot to say spoiers. DAMNNNN!!!!

  108. ***** Team JJ / Team BR Fans *****

    One thing Team Dani fans are over looking. With JJ, R, S and A they have 5 members. Best case scenario for Team Dani is if Lawon of Dominic reenter the game, they have 4 members with D, K, P and D or L.

    Best case scenario for Team JJ / Team BR is 6 members with JJ, R, S, A and Brendon or Cassie.

    ***** Go Team JJ / Team BR *****

    • How is CASSI on Rachels Team?
      She got evicted because of the Vets, she sure as hell would go with Kaliah and Dani just to take out Rachel, then to work with Her..

      • That’s true. But Dani was the one to push for Cassi because she wanted to work with Dominic. If J/J/Shelly (all who Cassi likes) make her understand that, then Dani will be in trouble.

  109. Everyone has their own opinions on the HG’s (including me) and what they do that gets on our nerves….imagine if cameras followed us 24/7? What would the world see us doing or saying? Then magnify it by being locked in a house full of people you don’t know all trying to win half a million? I’m sure I would have haters/fans and mortify myself when I watched the season back I was on…if I was ever to be on?!

    I WISH I could try it! It’s on my bucket list, sadly I wouldn’t know how to apply. But, I could be entertainment for many…lol…my family/sons/friends may disown me, but hey whats life without some fun!! lol

    • You can get an application for the next show on the CBS website when the time comes. Give it a shot. You never know. This time next year we could all be sitting around talking about what a loser you are….(just kidding!) You might be great and win 500K. Give it a shot.

      • lmao, I would be a loser you’d be talking about…but I’m a good sport about it. I won’t cry missing my kids or family, but I also wouldn’t be running around in a teenie weenie bikini either lol

      • That is so funny. I can just hear the comments about me if I were on BB! “Who is that big, southern girl thats acts as crazy as Rachel?” lol, I am not really as bad as her, but you never know, I probably would be in that house.
        I have seen how brutal people on here are, myself included, and someone would have to be pretty thick skinned to know what is said about them.
        Oh, yeah…GO DANI!!!!!

  110. Does anybody know whos up in the votes for americas choice or what ever, because last i heard brendon was in the lead? Well if anybody has any information just let me know, thank ya’ll!

    • Dani hung on her dads coat tail before and now she is showing she dont have game. She is making stupid mistakes. I believe her and her dad lied about their relationship before and I believe they were going to do it again. They didnt want people to think they got along. J&J all the way. Love the good people.

  111. how do Brachel make this season interesting all they do is cry, I actually like Rachel with out Brendon.

    • Exactly!! I cannot stand either one of them. Rachel has mental issues and has no self-esteem. Brenden is an idiot who cannot stop telling people that he’s a PHD student, how long can you be a student and still be “trying” to become a doctor? Tells me that he probably isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, people who really are what they say they are have no need to tell people every chance they get. Also, it seems that both of them are either faking their love or are overly attached to one another. Not to mention that their social game includes kiddy-petty stuff and they’re sore losers.

      • He says he’s PHd a few times maybe. However, the editing team puts the reel in again and again. How do you not know that they ahve the contestants repeat a lot of stuff?

    • i really hope Brendon comes back that would be just great..i was told that cassi was leading but i hope it is brendon. would love to see dani’s face along with kalia’s

  112. VOTE BRENDON! he needs to get back into the house people. get an account at and vote BRENDON! we need him back in the house. the reason that people watch reality television is for the drama, and nothing more dramatic could happen than brendon returning to the house! think about, even you BR haters. plus, can you imagine the look on daniele’s face. BRENDON!

    • Oh, you are so right. Danimal would have a cow right there on the floor! SERVE THAT LITTLE SNAKE RIGHT!

      • Going to vote now…and vote every way I can, along with all my friends and family that watch…just for the look on Dani and others faces if Brendon walks in!! Then Kali and Dani will know they shouldn’t have put lawon up, porche would have been better in case rachel went out, only one could get back in….lol

  113. Danielle is going to throw the HOH comp to Porsha or Shelly…… I hope Shelly wins, so she can nominate Dani and Kalia or Dani and Porsha… WTG Dani!!!

    • I think if anyone goes to take Danielle out she will need to back doored. Doesn’t she hold the record for veto wins?

      • Neither Dani nor Rachel are doing as well as they did their first seasons on Big Brother. She is facing better competitors this season than she did in her first season. Jeff and Jordan plan on backdooring Dani, but I think Rachel and Shelly would nominate Dani up front. Adam is a question mark.

  114. wake up and smell the roses people.
    floaters be dam.ADAM is a sleeper rarely mentioned.
    He eats, sleeps,listens.He is a key vote to
    either side.He does not want HOH yet.
    House guests BEWARE.

  115. Its very likely Dom will Re-enter the game, Lawon will have NO shot at returning, so, its important for eveyone to see this deal through, otherwise, if Rachel doesnt make it back, the Vets are in BIG Trouble , with Dom back in the fold and Brendon &Rachel BOTH out , Jeff/Jordan are all alone, the floaters will rally behind Dani/Kalia

    • I don’t think Dom is coming back. If he does, he and Danimal are going to have a pathetic platonic showmance and Dani won’t last long because her father won’t be able to save her like he did with Nick in season 8. Dani is nothing without Daddy. If Dom returns it will be the end of her game.

      • Woh Wayne relax! I’m a Vets alliance fan too (as I noticed in the comments section you are). It would be pretty funny to see Kalia, Lawon, and Dani rip their hair out over listening to Shelly’s plan. However, chill out dude.

  116. I Agree about Adam…hes a huge wild card, if he remains , something tells me hes going to be HOH then , everything will be turned up side down, who knows just WHAT he ll actually do or side with, the VETS need to target Adam VERY soon…..

  117. Dani had better plan on winning the next HOH. What the H-LL was Kaila thinking!!!!!! They could have gotten rid of another Vet if she had put Jordan up.!!!!

  118. SUCKS! sounds like that is what will happen :( bringing back Dom would be interesting too. Brendon just recently got caught sending photos of himself (nude) to a woman online and Rachel has left him.

  119. i enjoyed the show when all hg’s were new. it gets uninteresting to see rachael cry and dani look smug/jordan being her little southern self/jeff just enjoying playing with jordan. if you have all new hg’s then all are on equal footing and each one has a chance of winning it all. it gets boring seeing the same HOH room over and over.

    • I agree. this is why we shouldn’t bring back Brendon. Because once they get rid of Dani, the house will be BORING!!!!

  120. Did Dani and Kalia actually buy into Lawons heinously stupid idea? Im glad to see Lawon go because hes so loud, stupid, and annoying but it was a waste of HOH for Kalia if they dont get one of their main enemies out. Kalia seems like the smartest out of the three black players they had this season but this is a mistake. I hated Keith and Im glad he has no shot of returning. Hopefully it will be Dom, Dani, and Kalia vs Jeff, Jordan and Rachel. Adam, Porche, and Shelly can be “Float City”.

  121. Everyone has their own “winner” in mind. I personally thing that Brendon is the best player of everyone on the BB13. Thats why i want him back. Branchel made a mistake the first time, so it would be nice to see it reversed. Don’t mind Rachael to go, but not before Daniel and Kalia are out.

    Adam is a sleeper. All he needs is to last a few more evictions and then just win 1 HOH when needed.

    Jordan, Jeff, they are not strong but lucky. Jordan won by circumstances in her season.

    BEST THREE players this season are BRENDON, DANIELLE, SHELLY. And i give Shelly props for starting to take the lead and show her skills.

    • Yes love to see her face.Dani is no player. And to the peeaon who said brendan was a food player.ARE U NUTS! Jeff is the only one with a good head on his shoulders. Even, Jordon,can play a better social game than he does.

  122. It is so funny how Rachel won’t commit to a deal with D & K…. Rachel will put D up as payback for Brendon….

  123. I have feeling that Brendon will be back and I think if he does come back in the house then the game will be over. The alliance of Jordan, Jeff, Brendan and Rachael will be back together and will be bound by thier need for revenge against Daniel. They will be unstoppable. The show was really boring in the begining when Rachael and Jordan were taking turns being HOH. It didn’t get exciting until Rachael and Brendan started slipping. If they want the game to stay interesting then they shouldn’t bring Brendan back.

  124. Kalia, u r so short. U would put up someone that haven’t done anything to you but baby sat ur butt when Rachel, Brendon, Jeff, & Jordan bullied everyone in the house before Brendon left. You slow boo…you get rid of the people who most likely would put ur butt on the block i. e. along with Rachel, Jeff, & little sweet Jordan (please). It’s a game of champs & u playing like a chump rookie. Just saying…no common sense.

  125. Has anyone thought about if Rachel is evicted and Brendon wins America’s vote they will have to battle each other. What do you think would happen?

  126. Hey Jeff ,from the beginning has tried to keep them lunatics together. Even Jordan knows to think before she leaps. Dani moved to fast. If anyone should win it should be Jeff or even Jorda. They are having to work harder becauseof their team and them dum floaters,including shelly.

  127. So disappointed in kalia she needed to just suck it up and put jordan on the block. Now she loses a newbie and puts all the vets against her. One week the vets dont win and they start bitching about how unfair they are being treated giv me a break. There have been some spineless competitors this season bending over for the vets

  128. i want Cassie back i think she didnt get a chance to really play the game if she comes back i hope she keeps her mouth shut and pay attention and dont let others get on her nerves

  129. big brother fudged the numbers i doubt america voted brendon in, i just really have a gut feeling its fudged.

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