Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Highlights

Anticipation was running wild through the Big Brother house Monday as everyone was waiting anxiously on the veto ceremony to see exactly what Kalia planned to do.  The new plan launched on Sunday by Shelly is in full swing.  Now it’s time to see the reactions of the house guests.  How does Dani feel about the new developments?  Could this end up being one of the dumbest moves in BB history?  We’ll have to wait to watch it all play out but it should be fun.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 8, 2011

9:35 AM BBT –  Shelly and Adam are up, smoking cigarettes and wondering who is going up.  Shelly says it won’t be him.  Neither can believe Lawon volunteered to go up as a pawn.  Never a good move in this game.

10:00 AM BBT – Kalia is putting on makeup and talking to herself.  She hopes her plan works and is glad to not make anyone mad since Lawon volunteered to be the pawn.

10:20 AM BBT – Dani is in HoH with Kalia.  She seems to be ok with the plan to send Lawon home.  They know he’ll get over it when he comes back in the game.  Dani better hope for her sake Dominic comes back in and helps her out because the vets are taking back over.
10:25 AM BBT – Shelly is running her mouth about Dani and her negativity.  I’ll never understand why these people don’t call Shelly out on playing all sides of the house.
11:30 AM BBT – The feeds are back from the pov ceremony and no surprise that Lawon is the replacement nomineeThis is the worst move ever! I can’t believe Dani and Lawon are both on board with this stupid plan. Lawon is acting all mad he was nominated.  He has no idea Kalia told Shelly who told JJ he volunteered.
12:05 PM BBT – Rachel goes to HoH and thanks Kalia for doing what she thinks she’s going to do.  Rach doesn’t understand the full plan.
1:26 PM BBT – Kalia and Dani in the HoH talking about Lawon acting mad he was on the block. They discuss when to tell Rach she is staying.  Trying to decide when to make a deal with her.  They have no idea Adam and Shelly have already made a deal to keep Rach safe.  Kalia and Dani will go on the block if Dani doesn’t win HoH.  This was such a bad move on their part.  I’m disappointed in Dani.
4:34 PM BBT – Dani and Porsche talking in HoH and Porsche shares she hates the faces Shelly makes sometimes and imitates them as you can see below lol.  They talk about Kalia being outside with Rach and the vets chilling.  Porsche says it will be her and Dani on the block.
4:40 PM BBT – Now Dani and Porsche are talking about how nice Shelly is to Rachel after all the mean stuff she said about her last week.  Saying how Jordan was laughing at what Shelly said about Rachel.  Please call Shelly out for playing all sides!!
6:00 PM BBT – Daniele and Kalia in the HoH wondering where Shelly stands in the game.  Dani wants Kalia to ask who she would nominate if she wins HoH.  Dani wants names from Shelly.  No more beating around the bush.
7:00 PM BBT – Dani and Porsche saying that shouldn’t have voted out the “characters” in the house because us live feeders have to be bored and the ratings are probably down.  LOL so start some drama girls! A little later Shelly and Kalia are talking politics and Jordan asks if Jimmy Carter was a president lol.  That’s funny!
10:00 PM BBT – Dani and Kalia talking in HoH room. They don’t understand why Rachel thinks she’s safe. Because she has 4 votes to stay. Daniele does not want to win HoH this week so she can wait and try to get it next week, her birthday week. Horrible, horrible plan. Daniele’s plan is to clap during the live show if it sounds like the twist could be bad and she thinks they need to send Rachel home. Daniele and Kalia have no idea how much they screwed up.
11:00 PM BBT – House guests continue to talk about Lawon and how he is still acting surprised and mad he is on the block when everyone knows he volunteered.  Dani is in a particularly bad mood as she said she wanted to seriously punch Lawon in the face lol.
I don’t really see much hope for Dani at this point especially if Brendon comes back in the house which is the worst case scenario.  Fingers crossed it’s Dominic!  I don’t see all the the hype on Shelly being some great player.  She needs to be exposed for the lies she tells to everyone.  Last week she hated on Rachel so much and this week she’s saving her butt.  She’s not Dr. Will.  Hello people??  Shelly does NOT have Dr. Will’s charm and charisma lol.
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  1. This is the best scenario. I am so happy Rach will be staying. JeJo will keep their alliance with her and Shelly.
    Adam is dead weight…
    Why is everyone saying Porsha is on team Kaligula and Danimal?
    We should all know that she will go running to Rachel when the vets get HOH again. She is a super floater. Floating to the power in the house.

    • I agree. This would of been a good week to get rid of Porsha. I can’t stand her or anyone else other than Rach, Jeff, Jordan, and kindaaaaaaaa Shelly. But, I like her just for the plan she made for keeping Rach.

    • Porsche went to Danielle’s side after Danielle
      threatened her. If someone threatened me, I would go after them! Danielle had no powers this week and was most vulnerable yet, the newbies like Kalia and Porsche have been manipulated to do her every bidding! I am glad that Shelly was able to change Kalia’s mind. That was a very good move on Shelly’s part. If Rachel survives which I think will happen, the veterans if they win HOH next week will be going after Danielle and Kalia! It is about time! The other veterans are fools if they continue to allow Danielle to remain in the house! She is a big threat to them because she has already shown that she will betray everyone including her alliance and manipulate and lie to everyone in the house. If the newbies were using their heads, she would have been long gone! Following whatever Danielle tells them does nothing to help their game and only puts a target on their back! Kalia wasted her HOH. She should have backdoored Danielle to get rid of a competitor and huge manipulator in the game and a veteran. That would have given her a better chance if she used Danielle as a bargaining chip for safety. Now Kalia is a target because she listened to Danielle instead of using her head to further her own game!

      • What Kalia SHOULD have done after being called out, threatened and yelled at by Jeff and Jordon is to put both of them on the block! Split them up and have NO real life partners in the game. Then, see where everyone’s true game play will go.

    • I am so glad that Kalia put up Lawan at his request. I can’t stand Dani. I want Rachel and Brendon in the game!

      • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let it be anyone but Brendon coming back in the house. It amazes me why they think it is oksy to act the way they do, it is disgusting. If for some horrible reason one of them wins this game, I hope they save soe of the price money for their divorce.

    • As much as Rachel annoys me, I really do like the fact that Jeff & Jordan are keeping with the alliance they made at the beginning. I do hope that Brendon comes back cause that would be just too funny. Dani trying her hardest to get him out and then he waltzes back in, that would be EPIC!! Shelly`s not so bad, so what she`s a floater, i think she truly wants to go the end with jeff and jordan though. Porcha (ha ha) needs to go, like yesterday, she`s a BITCH!!

  2. I agree!! Love this scenario :) I am a huge fan of JJ and R&B because they stuck together no matter what, even when they thought that they were being thrown under the bus and even though the stree got to the girls ( of course it would ) This is turning GREAT – Dani hassss to go home next, like HAS to !!

    • Lets just hope a disaster doesn’t happen before Thursday and lawon stays. Oh I hope not. Brendon better come back! Please please please!

    • I agree. Last year i did not B&R but this year Daniele & Kalia are the worst i hope Jeff & Brendon are fiel two and Jeff wins

  3. bring back Brendon….i would love to see the look on backstabbing Danielle face when he walks in!!!

    • I am rooting for Brendon because he will atleast, play the game. He is ten times the player that Dominic, Cassi or Keith was! If not Brendon, then, I would root for Lawon to beat Dominic, Cassi or Keith. I think Lawon can be a good competitor given the chance. Would also like to see him pissed at Kalia and Danielle for the lies and if he comes back to go after Danielle and Kalia!

      • Brendon doesn’t play the game, he bully’s his way around the house and muscles up in the competitions. He is a creep, why can’t you see that.

      • Why would anyone root for brendon the only one who actually did anything is Dominic. If brendon comes back rachel and brendon will be put up and brendon will just save her again.

      • What did Dum do beside have a pathetic attempt at a showmance with the Queen of the night?

      • Other than that showance thing with Danielle, what has Dominic really done in game play. That 4 player alliance at the start? When you were facing 6 veterans who have played before and know how to win—-Dominic should wear a dunce cap! I don’t know how he gets so much credit—-is it because of the good looks? Well, Danielle obviously feel for him but, that is about it! As for gameplay, Dominic has done nothing!

  4. I m still unclear who cooked up this plan? Who suggested and convinced luan the prop to go up because thet are sure he will come back with HOH?

    • I think Lawon thinks that if he comes back he will automatically be named HOH and or given a special power..He has overheard the discussions about the twist and has surmised that u get extra benifits from it..I think Kalia told him it was a possibility and he hesitated at first but then oked it..He is supposed to be acting really pissed but Kalia told Shelly that he voluntered..

      • It’s so funny. He hasn’t done anything in this game. How can he be dumb enough to think he could be hoh?

      • Yeah, i think your right, i think there is a special power to whoever comes back in. i do hope its Brendon, cause i can`t stand the other alliance….Kalia, Dani, Porcha, even Lawon and Adam…. Adam can`t be trusted, he`s floating around as much as Shelly.
        so curious to see who comes back.

      • I also think there will be a power given to whomever comes back in the game. I think that person will be the HOH. On Thursday, how will they have enough time to do the eviction, competition for the person to come back and an HOH competition. There could be an endurance comp for HOH but I really think the person coming back will be HOH.

    • Shelly devised a plan to put up Porsche. She went to Kalia and talked her into it. Kalia talked to Dani and it was back and forth all day. Lawon finds out about the plan and volunteers to be put up and sent out. Now, the reason being is that he thinks the evicted house guest will return as the new HOH. Its incredibly stupid on so many levels, but hopefully it’ll be entertaining come Thursday.

      • well at least he has done something now he will always be remember just not in a very nice way
        This is got to be the dumbest thing beside M giving away his veto
        It’s comical really

  5. Brendon coming back would be hilarious.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Cassi come back, find out about Shelly lying to her, and go on a rampage.

    • First, she doesn’t know about shelly lying to her, because she has been in a house where she knows nothing. Also, Cassi wont be coming back. It’s between either Brendon or Dominic.

      • First, Hoops didn’t say she knew…he said he hopes she finds out. Second, it’s between 5 players. No one REALLY knows who’s in the lead. Some unofficial polls do say Cassi is in the lead.

      • Boy Melissa, you failed twice in a small paragraph…congrats. Reading and Comprehension is a beautiful thing to learn.

  6. Should he be (for sure) evicted I wanna see Lawons face when he realizes all he got was “gone”..and that he ain’t going back..Do not walk up to the not ring the not collect $500,000.00…A mastercard moment no doubt…priceless

    • Agree. I think Lawon has been playing just for a summer vacation in jury house & collecting the per diem. The joke will be on him if he doesn’t win the comp to come back.

  7. First of all, much thanks to Matt and his people for the updates and recaps. The first thing I do every morning is sit down with my coffee and check out this site. You guys are doing great!! Keep up the good work.
    Now, these flippin’ HGs are driving my crazy. Mainly the newbs.. it looks as if they are playing for someone other than themselves. Big dummies!
    RIP, Lawanda!
    I want the real life couples split..period! Then, let the games begin!!
    Oh, yeah.. Go DANI!!!

  8. I really hate as you – Chloe put your two scents into everything. Such as how you think Brendon coming back is worst case. I read the blog to read what happens and I wont be reading it anymore if I find out that it’s also about how you want to say who you like, and blah blah blah. By the way, telling people in the house about playing two sides, J/J know about that. So really it doesn’t hurt HER game as much as you’d think.

    • I really hate as you – Melissa feel the need to complain about something so stupid. She’s allowed to put her opinion in her writing. Who is to say otherwise? If you don’t come back to this blog, alright. See if any of us care.

      • i really don’t mind the commenting. I think Matt hates BR way more than Chloe. Between Matt and Matt it’s a Rachel hate fest. They probably gossip about how horrible Rachel is in text messages as they watch the feeds.
        I think Chloe is pretty fair.

        I would like to see Brenden back in the house but i really enjoy seeing Rachel alone and without him. She is stronger everyday. I will take Independent Rachel over Cry baby Rachel any day.

      • There’s alway someone who is miserable and takes it out on this site. The majority love what Matt, Chloe, and Brandon write. Keep up the great job guys!

      • I really hate you-Emory as you feel the need to complain about someone else complaining. I agree with Emory that Chloe is aloud to voice her opinion, but I agree with Melissa, that her opinion is WAYYYY to strong and overpowering. Like every single update is about UGH I HATE BRENCHEL. or YES BRING BACK DOM!! Why not just have a section at the end with YOUR opinion. I dont need to be reminded about you hating brnechel at every sentence. Its annoying to brenchel fans, ever though of that?

      • Oh I’m firmly in the anti-Daniele camp, so anyone opposing her that week gets my support!

        I was okay with Daniele until she threw away her game a few weeks ago. She made so many bad choices that she really frustrated me.

      • Thanks Ivy. Because, honestly, it’s nice to have support. And yes, just like chloe has her mind, I have mine. Not everyone is going to like eachother but I feel as a writer, it does mean that you should hold on what you feel about people in the house. JUST what I was saying. It has nothing to say badly on your part, and I don’t dislike you for it. I just want to read the middle ground of the house. Not what you as writers think of people in it.

      • What??? Rights have been violated? Just what rights are those? Can you please point out where those rights are located in the Bill of Rights? If you don’t like it, it’s simple…DON’T READ IT! If they find readership is down, they will change. Until then, its Matt’s site and he can run it the way he wants. That’s HIS “right”.

      • oh its HIS right to run a site? show me where THAT is in the Bill of Rights hun. Don’t accuse me of making stuff up and then YOU start making stuff up.

      • Sorry Ivy, but you have no rights here as this is a privately owned and operated website.

        I could censor, ban, moderate your comments and in no way “violate your rights.” It’s a privilege, not a right, for you to be able to visit this site and even leave comments. Both of which I could change within my rights.

        If you feel your life has been so heinously destroyed by the writer’s comments, then I’d recommend you not return.

      • I am NOT a Rachel fan, However I do agree with “rachelfan” that independent Rachel is way better than cry baby Rachel.

      • Ivy, I didn’t make it up. It’s the first amendment – Freedom of Speech/Freedom of the Press. Considering that CBS allows this site to interview the contestants while they are sequestered, I would venture a guess that this site IS considered part of the “Press.” This site hasn’t done any of the exceptions (libel, incitement to commit a crime, etc) so Matt (and his website) is good to go. Your rights have not been trampled on.

    • blog — “a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites”. This is a Big Brother Blog written by a group of writer’s expressing their “observations, opinions, etc.” as they have a right to. Just as you have a right to express your opinions here in the comment section. If you do not like what the writers post, then visit one of the many other big brother blogs out there. I read this site as this is one of the most informative sites and I enjoy reading all the opinions written here. I personnaly agree that Kalia has screwed herself along with Dani with this stupid move…Lawon, good riddance.

      • No this is ridiculous. Our rights were violated, and they have no entitlement to express their opinions

      • Beth…thanks.

        Ivy…”our rights were violated”…how do you figure this? This is an open forum blog. There are no “rights” as you put it. Each blog you read is about people expressing their views and opinions. I can guarantee you that if you visit any other big brother blog you will find writers that express their opinions as these writers are fans just like you and me. Matt, Chloe, etc. are “entitled” as you put it, to exprss their opinions. I repeat…if you do not like the writer’s here, then visit another site.

      • I absoulutely do not understand your belief that your rights are violated. This is ridiculous.

        I repeat, the definition of a blog — “a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc.”

        A blog is all about opinions. The writer’s voice theirs…and readers respond with comments. It is a simple as that.

    • isnt that the ENTIRE POINT of a blog is to write your opionions on what you think will happen??? I mean seriously… maybe you should stick to the tv show if you dont want to hear opinions.. then you will just have your own to listen to.

    • This, to me is the most interesting and imformational BB site. I do think its good, and the writing is good. However I kind of agree woth Ivy an a way(not as dramatically, I don’t feel my rights have been violated lol) But I do think it would make for a better blog if there was a section below, after all of the informative stuff for the writers opinions. I know that is just by opinion, ut thats what I’m here to share. Expect some of the stuff is funny, so it does add good entertainment value. Ivy I think you have come here to violate Chloes “writes”..
      lol I know I know corny joke.

  9. The lastest is that if Dani or Kalia suspect anything underhanded before the vote they will signal each other by clapping their hands…I think it’s gonna be toooo late..Rachel has as of now 4 votes..Lawon 2…unless Porsche flips as only she does..No matter what Dani & Kalia get Rachel to agree to as of right now she is safe..The best laid plans….lol

    • I know! I am so excited. They are so stupid that you’d really think they’d suspect anything DIFFERENT? Haha. Dani and Kalia are going to be known for stupid game play. Dani really has just messed her game up. Kalia is still safe. But, she’ll be on the block. Rach better win HOH, and I hope Brendon comes back into the game. FKLSKLFDMSKLfsd. I am so nervous.

  10. @ Chloe – The main reason people are saying that Shelley is the best player in the house is because she has managed to hide her duplicity from the other houseguests. It’s pretty obvious you are on team Dani who made her “big move” too early in the game and got called out for it. Dani also talks more than she should especially when she wants something. Even though she has won a lot of comps in the past I do not consider her a good player.

    • I agree. I think the writers on this site should keep their own thoughts about people to themselfs, because I could go to a different site.

      • This is a fan site and we write as fans of the show not reporters. Your threats of going to a different site will not stop any of us from writing what we think.

      • I never said it would stop you, but I do agree you lose fans when you start putting who you hate/like. It’s almost like a star saying how they like this side of politics, some people like them still and some hate them. It’s the same here.

      • I was hired to write what I think and feel about what is going on in the house. If you have issues with that, take it up with Matt. I bet you wouldn’t be so quick to complain if I was pulling for Rachel.

      • Melissa, you’re more than welcome to go to another site.

        There is zero justification for you to get to have an opinion on this site while the writers don’t.

      • Matt, Chloe is voicing her opinion in the COMMENT section. ALL types of fans (Brenchel, Dannila, JOrdef etc.) read your main page. When you voice your opinion so strongly, its very unsettlilng for say a brenchel fan, when you continue to disparage them EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE!!! If you put your opinion at the end of the section, that would be great. I would be more than happy to read it, but it sucks to have to read updates then brenchel beating then updates then more brenchel bashing.

      • Im pretty sure the point of this site is to HAVE an opinion.. maybe you should stick to the tv show!

      • Why is this an issue? Every recap I read is slanted towards who the writer likes or slanted against who the writer dislikes. I don’t think it matters what site you go to, it will be the same thing. Maybe you will find a writer who likes the same HGs that you do and then can read what they write and not complain. I don’t always agree with Chloe, but at least she makes some interesting points. Keep up the good work everyone.

    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion regardless of whether they write for this site or not. I wasn’t criticizing Chloe for her comments – I was simply saying that Shelley is playing a good game because the other houseguests are not aware of what she’s up to which is something that Dani did not achieve. It is really easy for us to sit here and criticize the houseguests when we have the advantage of knowing everything that is going on while they have to made educated guesses at what their best moves are.

      • I appreciate your commments about Shelly. I realize she has many fans. I just think she’ll get confronted with her lies soon and will be evicted. I know you weren’t criticizing me for my opinions and I thank you.

      • I also appreciate the writers here keeping us informed of what’s going on in the house. I assume this is a “volunteer” position and not a paid job so thanks to you all for your time. I am not able to subscribe to the live feeds and like to know what is going on immediately and not have to wait for the edited TV shows. I don’t see any reason why the writers can’t express their own feelings like the rest of us and if that offends some people maybe they should get their BB news elsewhere.

      • She may have too many people willing to keep her as she has helped the Vets upteen times…It is known that she is playing both sides..She has been confronted about things she said but each time she has an explanation and talks her way out of it…I guess that is why she is Vice President of sales at the company she works for and gets paid the really big bucks..

      • I’m really not a Shelley fan – and actually, I don’t have a favorite this year – but I do appreciate good game play.

      • No, everyone is not entitled to their own opinion. This is totally unjustified. I’m leaving this site. Good Day

        “marissa” is the same person as “ivy” as they have the same IP/email. User banned. – Admin

      • Excuse me charanne52, that was totally innapropriate. You have violated my rights as well. Think before you post, that was just uncalled for much like everything I say because clearly I’m insane.

        My rights! My rights! My… oh, time to take my crazy pills again. I’ll be right back when they let me out of my padded room.

      • Sorry – I thought most people wore undergarments – maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps this is not the site for you and you would be happier joining Melissa/Marissa in a more congenial setting someplace else.

    • Danielle is not a good player. She has already shown her hand. It is like playing Texas Hold Em and she shows the other players her cards. Seriously, that is plain dumb! First, she betrays her alliance and backstabs them, she gets exposed for her stupidity and was very angry that she got exposed and her love interest sent home! LOL She was able to manipulate the newbies because these newbies cannot use their brains if their lives depended on it! I am referring to Porsche and Kalia especially since, Kalia is HOH! LOL I am rooting for Rachel to win HOH next week and Danielle and Kalia to be put on the block.
      That would guarantee that Kahlia and Danielle
      campaign against each other if they cannot get off the block! That would really be funny!
      Danielle will go because Porsche is the only newbie on her side. Even she would flip to the other side because she would be scared to be put up on the block if Danielle or Kalia get off thru veto. Go Rachel, Jeff and Jordan.
      Play hard and win that HOH and send Danielle home!

    • well I think the whole point here is that this kind of has turned into a Brenchal bashing site vs a BB fan site, but mostly by hand of the writers. I think that is why there are alot of Brenchal haters here, because they feel most comfortable expressing there hater about them, when the blogger themself is on that same side. I’m just saying

      • OMG r u serious? i personally don’t think this is a brenchel hater site. The writers have had a good and/or bad opinion about every house guests so far. Ppl, please grow up and act mature. Enjoy it or leave.

  11. best scenerio.. Put Kalia & Porsche on block..if one wins POV put up Dani..she has no chance to come back unless she plays and wins veto..and u know she will not use it..

    • If you win veto and use it to take someone off the block I don’t think the person that won the veto can be put up. I think they are safe, too. Not sure. Am I wrong?

  12. I wonder what Evel Dick is thinking right now. I don’t know if this plan will work. Rachael has Jordan, Jeff and Shelly. I’m just not sure about Adam and Porsche. Maybe Adam, but I don’t think Porsche. I’m not sure about those two.
    Shelly is a little rascal. I can’t believe she convinced Kalia to do that.

    • It’s over for Lawson. Adam will vote him out. Adam wants to be the only male Appletini drinker in the house.

    • If ED was dead he’d be turning over in his grave right now. As he is still alive, I’m sure he is throwing up his hands in disgust wondering what the heck his daughter is thinking.

    • HE IS LIVID!!!! I been checking his Twitter page and he is soooo pissed at Dani..He has noooo kind words for Kalia…hmmmm hmmm..He is mad..

      • No wonder Dani goes years without speaking to ED. Even if you don’t like the decisions your kid is making, support her anyway. GOSH…. Dani is a bitchy girl with a god complex but she got it all from her father.
        His parenting style seems wacko. Don;t bash yer kids on twitter.

      • nooooooo if my kid was playing for half a million and he/she made personal stupid moves u bet I would be kicking some ass when they got home..I didn’t raise my kids to be stupid..They all street smart..they can survive… I’m here if they need me but they adults so their decisions are their own..

      • Sure kick their ass when they get home. I hope you wont blog about how you raised an idiot who made dumb personal moves. Family is family. You can dislike what they do and even tell them off, whatever. I’m sure you would not talk bad about them for the whole world to read. that’s just… well… mean!

    • Well, in the TV show Evil Dick was viewing Danielle’s game play and he kept saying stupid move, stupid move, over and over. In the end, he said she will need to cover a lot of ground which I took to mean that she would have to regain trust with the house guests. How is Danielle supposed to do that now because she has been exposed as a traitor to her alliance, lied numerous times, manipulated the newbies to suit her needs and
      trust is a valuable commodity in reality games and when it is lost—-it is gone for good!

  13. people come on its just a game everybody likes whom ever they like if it was the other way around and Deny was out and we hsd to vote we will probably want to vote her back in this game is all about drama if everybody was nice nobody would be watching like in the soaps or tv show we r happy when the couple gets togheter but if they stayed that way theyll become boring so they insert break up ex wives/husbands to stir up the pot
    This is not the Walton it’s BB

    • No, what chloe and matt are doing is completely ridiculous and absurd. This is an UPDATE website where i read the UPDATES and spoilers. If i wanted opinions id go to the comments section. My rights were violated and this is unjustified

      • Why don’t we all just get our toys and go home??? You keep ur opinion and I’ll keep mine and we won’t have a Big Brother Network…

      • whow u r really pissed Im sorry I dont understand why if u dont like the way this sites runs dont come on it

      • Are you joking? You can’t be serious. I guess you better stop writing your opinions too then

      • I mean yes this is un update and spoilers site clickink on the comments its all up to u nobody is telling u u have to read other people opinions and comment

      • if you dont like the players dont play the game…if you cant accept other peoples opinions dont read them.

      • Matt, can u please block ivy from these comments. It will keep the ppl that know her/him, thinking she’s crazy. lol

  14. Seems like most people here want Brendon back. Based on popular polls on various websites, I think either Dominic or Cassie will be back. Should be interesting if one of these two comes back. Dominic will once again align with Danni, and Shelly might be called out for playing all sides if Cassie comes back.

    And poor Lawon.

    • nooooo most people DO NOT want brendon back but if they say anything they get harrassed by the brendon/rachel fanatics

      • YYou are so right. I am still. Team Kalia. Even though she has made some dumb moves. I can’t stand Brenchel and will be miserable if Brenden comes back. But will I act like a two year old and say I will quit watching bc he comes back? No.

    • i dont think shelly will b called out if cassie returns because cassie hasn’t been told any different than they way she felt about shelly while in the house. i think thats why production chopped shelly off when she was going to apologize for switching the votes to vote out keith instead of keeping him.

  15. Can anyone tell me what happened that Dani and Kalia decided not to kick out Rachael. I am happy about that, but don’t understand their thinking. If you could answer please.

    • to appease just in case she were to be voted out just to come right back in and she would be gunning for them with a vengence this way they have a 1 week truce. Offcourse they only know half of the twist
      If they knew all of it R would be out of there because there is a chanche B might be back

      • I still don’t get why Dani and Kalia want to keep Rachel safe this week. Do they worry that she might come back right away if they evict her?

    • U really think they have a “truce”??? U really believe that??? WHOA!!! Ain’t gonna happen if one them Vets or Shelly (possibly Adam) gets HOH the crap will hit the fan. I include Adam cause Dani has indicated to him that “he owes her” for not putting him on the block (I think)…Adam made it known that he owes Dani nothing and did not appreciate her saying that.

  16. I love how many people secretly love Rachel!!!

    Everyone was Shelly bashing the past couple of days. She is a shady snake but she is playing a damn good game. She plays both sides (Seems to be loyal to JeJo and Rach) but she is devious and can get the other side to trust her. No one even comments about her conflicting stories or deals that are made (though Danimal and Kaligula seem to be wising up)

    My point in all this is, since she concocted this plan to save Rachel (Brilliant)
    It seems more people like her and respect her game play.
    I love My BIG RED, she may be annoying but the BBhouse would be a borefest without her and her drama.

    • Agreed Rachel drives me nuts but I think the house will get boring without all the drama she creates. Plus I want brendon back! Go bookie!

      • I so agree. I really think Rachel should have Bookie back, and I agree that she makes good drama.

    • I kinda like the Rachel without Brenda. It seems to me that Rachel and Dani are the only two playing game for themselves and not others. Sure, they have both made big screw-ups along the way but, no one can deny they are making moves.. more than anyone else can say.

      • I agree. Rachel is great but was to emotional with Brenden. If he comes back that’s great but if not it’s ok too.

        JeJo have stated they are there to spend the summer together, not necessarily to win it all (that would just be a bonus) I bet they would love to go out on the double eviction night. JeJo get no nookie in the BBhouse.

        Let keith come back! He will self destruct after his first day in the house.

  17. Again, can anyone tell me why they aren’t planning to send Rachael home. I thought that was what Dani wanted and then Kalia. I am happy she is supposedly going to stay, but don’t understand their thinking. Again please anyone answer???

    • Kay, Rachael isn’t going home now because they put lawon up. Lawon said he wanted to go up and get whatever ‘power’ was outside. Lown be told, there is no power. It’s going to be another player playing with him. So, the only think I am HOPING doesn’t happen is that the person who walks in the door is HOH. Because if it isn’t Brendon (because you like Rachael so I am supposed that you like him as well) I don’t want Dominic to have power for Dani.

    • Again…lol..go to post#5 for a short explanation…it’s easier if u read previos post..Then to u can go to yesterdays blogs and get the full story..

  18. WOW…I can’t understand why ANYONE is a Brenchel butt buddy. They drive me crazy and are soooo annoying. If Brenden comes back I’m disowning BB and canceling my live feeds…that’s for sure!!!

    • Rachel is great! Last season the houseguests hated her for being annoying. They thought she was annoying because she was so confident with herself and was better than them at everything (challenge wise)

      She did not lie about a family member (MATT)
      Hide a secret shomance (Hayden and Kristen)
      She was not bitching and complaining every second. (Brittney)
      and she was not totally clueless (Regan) I mean the brigade alliance was in front of Regan’s face and i think production even hinted at an all male alliance and he just did not get it! clueless!

      Rachel is less self confident this year because people were so mean to her last year but if you think about it. Brittney and Regan were way more catty and fake than Rachel ever was.

      Rachel my darling i hope you get back that swagger you had.

      Rachel rocks and has a lot of fans. Hope we all show her some more love when the show is over this year.

      • I agree RachelFan.

        Botox, breast implants and a penchant for jealousy are all signs of self-confidence.

      • When you look good, feel good. You have self confidence.
        Botox – No wrinkles
        Breast Implants – instant flotation devices
        Jealousy -A brainy chemist fiancee, got watch out for the snakes who want her man

        You must believe in sticking with what God gave you.

        Thanks for your sarcastic comment.

  19. For all the people who want Brendan back in house with Rachel “for the drama”, go watch a soap opera!
    If you want him back because you really are a fan and want him and Rach to win, thats one thing, I cant fault you for that.

  20. Completely agree with u Chloe! Well said. Fingers crossed for Dom or Dani will get the boot. Kahlia is useless PERIOD. And Shelly needs to be called out on her B.S. All about who’s gonna win HOH

  21. It would be hilarious if Brendon came back…I can’t really stand Rachel and her blah, blah, blah’s…..but if Brendon came back and then B, R, and JJ went after Danielle to get her out….The newbies may have watched BB but they don’t know how to play the game.

  22. It’s really hard to expect an older married lady with a kid to play with the same charm and charisma as a young attractive male like Dr Will did. That obviously couldn’t happen. But she could still use the traits and abilities she has going for her to get to the same result of manipulating everyone in the house into thinking she’s on their side and cruising to the end without having to win anything.

  23. Shells daughter goes to catholic school thou shall not lie for shame Shell. Josey most be ashamed of you

    • Josey “I’m so ashamed you lied mommy, but i’m so proud you won half a million dollars!”

      It’s all relative. Like lying about your age or a nose job.
      those lies aren’t sins and especially when your playing a game. :-) LOL

  24. It breaks my heart that Dani let Kalia over brainstorm about this weeks decisions. I guess they get what they deserve in the end. The Newbies are going to get wiped out now. Danielle stated early on that you should go with your gut. Kalia was on that track and then she let Rachel, J&J get into her head and she over thought the game. She will hate herself when she realizes what she has done.

  25. Personally I like Rachel better without Brendon. She is ACTUALLY showing some skills as a player. It was refreshing to not hear the whinefest from last week. For that reason I dont want Brendon to come back.

    • I want Brendon back, but just to further ruin Kalia’s HOH. He does make Rachel look bad (IMO) and he is a whiner. Bring him back, Get Kalia out, then the next time a DANewbie wins HOH… boot him.

      Like the new term I coined (DANewbie)?

    • Vote Dum-b

      Vote Brenden or Cassie.

      Not a puppy for Danimal to drag around by it’s cute little leash

  26. soounds like dani and kalia are really screwing up. uggggh. hopefylly they recover. not a big fan of kalia but if she’s dani’s ally i guess she’s good people. reign in dom and porsha and they will be 4 strong..not bad.

  27. Some of you just kill me…Shelly is playing the perfect floater game. Give her credit, since the other dummies don’t catch on or call her out! Vote Brendon! Watch some real gameplay with loads of drama! You know you love it! Dom is boring by the way! Why watch awkward flirting with Dani. Both think they are so “awesome”!

    Vote Brendon!!!!!!

  28. Wow, shelly could do a commercial for the ugly truth on smoking….for a 41 year old woman, she looks 20 years older. Porche is right about her expressions! Comical:)

  29. Porche seems unnaturally sedate. Shelly seems … ummm … manly. They both give me the creeps as they float along the BB river. lol. Gotta give Shelly credit though, she turned Kalia’s HOH into her HOH.<<<< So maybe she is floating until it is time to sink or swim <<< Just like Dani did in season 8.

  30. It would be good if Brendon came in just for the simple fact that Dani & Kalia thinks their untouchable; shame on Kalia for not making her own moves would be great to see how things shake up when he returns

  31. I have to admit I was really starting to like Dani but I have to admit she is no poker player, I luv J&J and Rachel is great by herself, BB PLEASE don’t put Brendan back in the game. Lawon how dumb can you get??? Porche needs to go, Adam please do something soon your boring me to tears. If you can’t beat them join them, Shelly you go girl! now is the time to step up your game. K/C/D who to choose?? Dom we don’t need another couple, Keith, nevermind, that leaves Cassie and I am not convinced but curious to see her game play. JJ&R if either one of you pull this off then the season was worth watching. Matt loved you last season thanks for BBN it is great! BTW if you haven’t blocked Ivy/Marissa or whatever her name is, you would make a lot of readers happy by doing so.

  32. @Ivy and Melissa, this is a game for goodness sakes!!! Who care who hates who, if you dont like the opinions they (the moderators) post, simply click on the “X” at the top right of this window…. I love this site and thankful for those that are devoted to keeping it up!!! KEEP it UP ladies and gents!!

  33. When Dr.Will lies and manipulates, he’s a puppet master. When Shelley does it, she’s a lying, manipulating Biotch. Sounds sexist to me. Go Shelley, playing the best game so far.

  34. You are supposed to be the Big Brother Network to inform the fans. You are so biased it’s ruining reading these updates. Don’t get me wrong- it’s informative. But you keep badgering on one side. WE get it- you don’t like anybody that is against the huge Vets alliance. First, the Vets, then Shelly. Yeah she’s playing both sides but good for her if it takes her far. You are acting as if lying and playing everyone makes a bad player- it makes a good player until exposed.

    • People need to quit griping about the writers and their opinions..get over it. If you dont like what is being said, go find a site where you agree with them. OR better yet, create your own and say what YOU want to say.
      I have a different fave than the owner of this site, so what? He “disses” my girl, so what?
      This site, IMO, was never intended to be the flippin’ serious, unbiased Newsweek or Wal St Journal. Its for FUN!!!!

      • Wow Mara sounds a lot like Ivy, no I mean Marissa, No it must be Melisa. Give it up whoever you are no one gives a S—! BTW did you read the commenting rules? “Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban.”

    • Actually you don’t get to dictate what we do on my site. Thanks though.

      Chloe is very supportive of Team Daniele while I’m on Team Anyone-but-Daniele. Doesn’t get more balanced than that.

      I like Shelly’s game play. Chloe does not. Yet somehow I manage not to stomp my feet, hold my breath, and have a tantrum demanding that Chloe has to change her opinion to fit mine. You should give that a try.

  35. Im really starting to hate this season. everyone is so stupid!!!!! especially dani, lawon, and kalia. what the hell is wrong with those three?

  36. Can not wait to see Kalia’s face when Brendon walks thru the door. Especially after her goodbye speech to Brendon.

  37. I think that Shelly is playing a good game for now because she has both sides. BUT.. if someone puts everything together and all the lies come out, she’s a goner for sure.

    I hope Brendan comes back, so I get to see Kalia’s face is shock. xD

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