Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 5 Monday Highlights

Anticipation was running wild through the Big Brother house Monday as everyone was waiting anxiously on the veto ceremony to see exactly what Kalia planned to do.  The new plan launched on Sunday by Shelly is in full swing.  Now it’s time to see the reactions of the house guests.  How does Dani feel about the new developments?  Could this end up being one of the dumbest moves in BB history?  We’ll have to wait to watch it all play out but it should be fun.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 8, 2011

9:35 AM BBT –  Shelly and Adam are up, smoking cigarettes and wondering who is going up.  Shelly says it won’t be him.  Neither can believe Lawon volunteered to go up as a pawn.  Never a good move in this game.

10:00 AM BBT – Kalia is putting on makeup and talking to herself.  She hopes her plan works and is glad to not make anyone mad since Lawon volunteered to be the pawn.

10:20 AM BBT – Dani is in HoH with Kalia.  She seems to be ok with the plan to send Lawon home.  They know he’ll get over it when he comes back in the game.  Dani better hope for her sake Dominic comes back in and helps her out because the vets are taking back over.
10:25 AM BBT – Shelly is running her mouth about Dani and her negativity.  I’ll never understand why these people don’t call Shelly out on playing all sides of the house.
11:30 AM BBT – The feeds are back from the pov ceremony and no surprise that Lawon is the replacement nomineeThis is the worst move ever! I can’t believe Dani and Lawon are both on board with this stupid plan. Lawon is acting all mad he was nominated.  He has no idea Kalia told Shelly who told JJ he volunteered.
12:05 PM BBT – Rachel goes to HoH and thanks Kalia for doing what she thinks she’s going to do.  Rach doesn’t understand the full plan.
1:26 PM BBT – Kalia and Dani in the HoH talking about Lawon acting mad he was on the block. They discuss when to tell Rach she is staying.  Trying to decide when to make a deal with her.  They have no idea Adam and Shelly have already made a deal to keep Rach safe.  Kalia and Dani will go on the block if Dani doesn’t win HoH.  This was such a bad move on their part.  I’m disappointed in Dani.
4:34 PM BBT – Dani and Porsche talking in HoH and Porsche shares she hates the faces Shelly makes sometimes and imitates them as you can see below lol.  They talk about Kalia being outside with Rach and the vets chilling.  Porsche says it will be her and Dani on the block.
4:40 PM BBT – Now Dani and Porsche are talking about how nice Shelly is to Rachel after all the mean stuff she said about her last week.  Saying how Jordan was laughing at what Shelly said about Rachel.  Please call Shelly out for playing all sides!!
6:00 PM BBT – Daniele and Kalia in the HoH wondering where Shelly stands in the game.  Dani wants Kalia to ask who she would nominate if she wins HoH.  Dani wants names from Shelly.  No more beating around the bush.
7:00 PM BBT – Dani and Porsche saying that shouldn’t have voted out the “characters” in the house because us live feeders have to be bored and the ratings are probably down.  LOL so start some drama girls! A little later Shelly and Kalia are talking politics and Jordan asks if Jimmy Carter was a president lol.  That’s funny!
10:00 PM BBT – Dani and Kalia talking in HoH room. They don’t understand why Rachel thinks she’s safe. Because she has 4 votes to stay. Daniele does not want to win HoH this week so she can wait and try to get it next week, her birthday week. Horrible, horrible plan. Daniele’s plan is to clap during the live show if it sounds like the twist could be bad and she thinks they need to send Rachel home. Daniele and Kalia have no idea how much they screwed up.
11:00 PM BBT – House guests continue to talk about Lawon and how he is still acting surprised and mad he is on the block when everyone knows he volunteered.  Dani is in a particularly bad mood as she said she wanted to seriously punch Lawon in the face lol.
I don’t really see much hope for Dani at this point especially if Brendon comes back in the house which is the worst case scenario.  Fingers crossed it’s Dominic!  I don’t see all the the hype on Shelly being some great player.  She needs to be exposed for the lies she tells to everyone.  Last week she hated on Rachel so much and this week she’s saving her butt.  She’s not Dr. Will.  Hello people??  Shelly does NOT have Dr. Will’s charm and charisma lol.
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