Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Final HoH Part 2 Competition Results

Big Brother 13 Final HoH

Big Brother 13 final HoH round 2 is now complete and we have the results for you. After Thursday’s round one endurance competition where the obvious happened and one HG appeared to easily outlast the other two, the remaining HGs faced off for the chance to move on to the third and final round. Read on to find out which two HGs will battle it out to become the final HoH of the Big Brother season.

Big Brother 13 Final HoH Part 2 results:

  • Porsche beat out Adam to win the second round.

The HGs are discussing the competition and Final 2 potentials on the Live Feeds (get the 3-Day Free Trial), so turn yours on and listen in as they talk it through.

Big Brother 13 Rachel and Porsche celebrate

Flashback to 9:29PM BBT (9/10) to see Rachel and Porsche dancing and celebrating while Adam is in DR. They’re confirming a Final 2 deal no matter who wins Round 3.

It was an underwater competition. Possibly similar to BB8’s final HoH round 2 comp. Adam threw away his goggles after they started to fill up and is now regretting it.

Adam tells both ladies, if either one takes him to the Final 2 then he’ll tell the Jury to give them the half million because he doesn’t deserve it.

Rachel will now face off against Porsche in the last round. That winner will cast the final eviction vote and move on to the Jury for the chance at the half million dollar prize.

Which HG do you hope will win the next round and who do you want them to take with them to the Final 2? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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    • The final HOH is always questions, it’s the one where they sit side by side with the divider in between them, when they have to guess what a past HG would have said about something. I pray Rachel wins this, Porsche makes me ill.

      • Wish Adam would’ve won, then Porsche would have to sit by and watch her fate be in someone else’s hands. Rachel should do well in the questions round, however, Dani prepared Porsche, so she may have strategy. Hope Rachel is not the good sport she’s been this season and does not help her study.

        Porsche should not have been allowed to remain in the house by BB production after the stuff she pulled this season, so I pray she loses, and Rachel does not take her to final 2. The fact that she’s up against Rachel is rather ironic, since she turned her back on her and worked hard with the mean girls to get her out. Her buddying up with her in the last few days has made me sick. What a hypocrit! Rachel is ignorant of the things Porsche said and did (worse one being when she said she wanted to kick her in the stomach when they were speculating that Rachel was pregnant). That was down right the worst example of unacceptable behavior I have ever witnessed in the BB house. And there are many to choose from! That remark had nothing at all to do with game play, but everything to do with a vindictive, mean spirited mind. Specially after Rachel stood up for and jeopardized her own safety in the house at the beginning of the season protecting and defending Porsche.

        Porsche is total slime in my book, and third place would be the best karma she deserves. Third place is the worse place in BB standings, in the house the whole time competing, without any compensation! Porsche deserves that!

        Rachel so deserves to win this season. She has fought hard to stay in the house every week with a target on her back. She’s redeemed herself from her spoiled, whiny behavior of last season and has blossomed into a really likable, fun and entertaining contestant to watch. She’s a great competitor, has a contagious joy for life, and she’s been true to her alliances.

        She has sealed her place in the BB all star list, and if she wins this season, will be up there with Janelle, specially since Janelle never won. Dr. Will, of course is still the king!

        I hope Adam is number two. He has been a fairly good competitor in the last couple of weeks, and played a good social game throughout. He stayed relatively true to his alliance with Jeff and Jordan and their team, and has tried hard not to back stab and lie and has been entertaining to watch. I know some of you believe him to have been a floater, and he behaved like one at times, but I believe he stayed pretty consistently with the Jeff/Jordan team unless it totally jeopardized his game play. You can’t blame him for that.

        Go RACHEL! WIN! WIN! WIN!

    • Round one – Endurance
      Round two – Skill Competition
      Round three – Guessing Jury Members’ quotations from two possible endings (A/B).

      Standard Big Brother Final HoH Formula; why change it now? It’ll be Questions

    • I just really don’t want to see adam win I don’t respect him. Secondly, who the hell cares if porche slept and ate all summer. You ppl make up some stupid excuse as to why ppl don’t deserve to win. She competed when it was necessary. She did fairly well all along. She competed period. Is there some rule saying you can’t friggin sleep or eat? You ppl are gettin annoying with that. Rachel is still the same person as she was last season at the beginning of the summer. Not sayin she doesnt deserve to win but for no more reasons that Porche deserves to win. They both competed and won when the needed to. Thats why they are here

      • Porsche does not deserve to be in the BB house period. If she wins it will send the wrong message to any future house guests who compete on BB. She poisoned the milk and got away with it; if she makes it to final two no telling what future contestants might do to either the food or drink because they will no there are no consequences, and anyone that talks about doing something to another person in the house that would kill her unborn baby and save her fiancee $400 should of been evicted a long time ago. Praying that Rachel pulls this out and takes Adam who at least a conscience because it is apparent that Porsche does not.

      • RIGHT ON SHERRI! I totally agree with you and have been seriously protesting to CBS for the last couple of weeks. I hope they penalize or fine Porsche in some way. I am not giving up until they take me seriously and respond.

      • Thank you! It’s getting more than monotonous when the reason someone comes up with for not having Porsche win is ‘she ate and slept ‘.
        I personally would rather have a newbie win. Even Adam (uggh).

    • Ah yes, worked out perfectly! Rachel has it sewed up now. Porsche is horrible at questions, and especially “Jury Statements”. Rachel is notorious for being a bad ass in questions, so she’ll get this last round in her column quite easily.

    • if rachel wins hoh, she should take adam – she wins & he gets 50 grand.

      if porsche wins hoh, i think she will take adam because porsche doesn’t think she can beat rachel… then ADAM WILL WIN half a mil!

      • CT, what makes you think Adam would win against Porsche? Porsche will automatically have the votes of Daniele and Kalia. Then she only needs 2 more. Everyone knows what an absolute floater Adam has been, so it will be very unlikely that anyone would vote for him.

      • Tristin, ADAM wins against PorkChop because he would have Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. CASE CLOSED!!! Rachel you have to win Round 3 and take Adam to the finale.

  1. i don’t like porsche, but i’m glad she won…

    it will easier for rachel to beat porsche than adam in part 3.


  2. one word:




    which ever u prefer. i perfer the latter

    so now whoever takes adam should be guaranteed to win.

    hopefully porsche takes him, i want her to win she deserves it. rachel does to but not as much (but close) as porsche does in my opinion.

    still waiting here in SD (San Diego) for Thursday’s episode to air due to the blackout.

  3. I think Rachel tends to do well in almost all types of competitions. Porsche hasn’t done well against Rachel that is for sure. If I am remembering correctly, most of her wins have been when Rachel wasn’t competing.

  4. I hope Porsche wins. I can’t stand Rachel!!! I can’t stand Adam but I think if Porsche wins she will have a better chance of winning the $ she takes him.

    • Don’t worry, you may not stand Rachel, but for every one of you, there’s 5 or 10 more that are rooting for her :-)

      • @ billmc your dead on with that one! Cmon LET’S GOOOO TEAM RACHEL!!!!!!! To say Porsche deserves it more than her is like saying Shelly would deserve it more than Dani.

      • Oh please. The only reason people are rooting for Rachel is because she aligned with Jordan and Jeff. That was probably Brenchel’s best PR move. All the delusional J/J fans have suddenly started rooting for Rachel & Brendon when hardly anyone could stand them on their orginal season and people were dreading them coming back.

      • EXACTLY BBFan.

        100% correct.

        the only reason the perseption on rachel has done a complete 180 is because she LET jordan work with her.

        it just goes to show how ridiculous some fans of some ppl are. i dont wanna diss anybody for liking ppl but at the same time, it is what it is.

        everyone hates shelly because she HELPED get out jeff. everyone clowns on kalia and porsche because of the same. everyone hates daniele for the same.

        now all of a sudden rachel and jordan are paired and everyone loves rachel?

        yea okay lol

      • @bbfan and marcus…do not begin to tell us why were rooting for someone. Just an fyi to you, I rooted for brenchal last year and this year from the beginning. I really like Jeff, but always wanted Rachel to be the winner. So please dont say why people are rooting for Rachel when you have no clue. Jordan and Jeff both sat on the block next to Rachel and both went home and I was glad about that no matter how much I liked jejo. We root for rachel cause SHE’S ONE BAD BI***!

      • Rachel came back to redeem herself from last year and she has completely accomplished that. She’s still the same warrior she was last year, but so much more likable. Porsche is slime! She betrayed Rachel after she defended and protected her at the beginning of the season, and said things which would be unacceptable in any social setting, even the BB house. SHE DOES NOT DESERVE TO WIN, BUT DESERVES TO GET PENALIZED BY CBS FOR HER REMARKS AND HER ACTIONS. SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OUT AFTER THE BENEFIBER INCIDENT. SABOTAGING PEOPLES FOOD IN UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR.

      • I am a Rachel fan and want to see her win. It is true, most of the comps Porsche won was when Rachel wasn’t competing.

    • Hey bbfan how can you say that you knew people knew Brenchel was coming back this seasnon. No one knew they were coming back. I personally liked brenchel last season and this season as well. Rachel deserves to win the 500,000 dollars.

  5. I hope Rachel wins. I don’t want Porsha to win, due to the fact that she tried to make Jordan sick and about Rachels unborn child comment. She is not a good person. Rachel has really changed being around Jordan and is fighting this whole season. Very proud of Rachel…Go Rachelllll

    • You are so right Brenda.Porsche is just a very evil and hateful young woman and it sends the wrong message if she even makes it to final 2. RACHEL WIN and send that piece of crap Porsche to JURY with nothing. No one that has done the underhanded things Porsche has done deserves to make it to final 2. BB should of had a backbone and evicted Porsche a long time ago like they used to do when they had undesirable contestants in the house that were bent on harming others. She has no right being in the house after the poisoning incident ant threatening to kill Rachel’s unborn baby.

    • I agree Brenda…I just hope that because Porsche is friends with Janelle and we know production loves Janelle that if Rachel wins round 3 production doesn’t try to talk her into taking Porsche to the final 2.

    • TOTALLY AGREE, BRENDA! It’s one thing to be against housemates for the sake of the game. Backstabbing and lying are legitimate strategies with the BB setting. But jeopardizing people’s health and threatening to kick pregnant women,unacceptable, psychopathic behavior. CBS should hold Porsche accountable for it in order to prevent future contestants from repeating anti-social behavior of this type. I for one am under protest. As fans, we have the right to set a line across the sand between right and wrong, and demand that behavior this abhorrent be not allowed to continue.

  6. i want rachel 2 win the final round..and take porche because adam proved he sucks…he needs to get evicted nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

  7. Yay! I’m so glad porsche won. F round of HOH is ALWAYS “how well do you the evicted hgs”! Porsche spent all summer sleeping and eating she doesn’t know any of them! @ Leo, it suck being right all the time lol! Jk!. I know your happy as long as red wins!

    • The risk of course is if Porsche wins the Final HOH and takes Adam to Final 2. Porsche will probably not take Rachel knowing full well that Rachel played a very good game and could win it!

      • Porsche will absolutely NOT take Rachel. There is 0% chance. So for Rachel to be in the final 2, she will have to win part 3 because Porsche has stated that she wants 2 newbies to be in the final 2 so that it’s not a veteran vs newbie kinda thing.

      • I think Porsche will take Rachel(if she wins fhoh, I believe Rachel will win) but anyhow, you guys don’t think its logical for porsche to think if she takes Rachel the votes will go:
        Porsche:kalia dani shelly adam
        Rachel:jejo and brendon
        If Adam:
        Adam:jordan jeff brendon rachel
        Porsche:kalia dani (shelly is a toss up)

        rdan jeff

      • vetfan,

        Adam has said he will vote for Rachel if he were evicted and did not make it to Final 2 so, Rachel will get the 4th vote and win it over Porsche if that is the case because Porsche will only get Danielle, Kalia and Shelly on her side. Also, Rachel played a much better game than Porsche so, she might still get another vote from Kalia or Shelly even if she does not need it!

      • @ richie. I agree, I think rachel will win. I’m saying I think Porsche might think thatt way cause she figures she had Adam wrapped around her finger all summer as she told dani a few times she was gonna flirt with Adam to get him to do this or that. And then she also knows dani kalia and shelly dislike her. All I’m saying is do not be surprised if Porsche were to take rachel to F2 if she won hoh

    • Me too, I want Rachel to win and Adam could get lucky and accidentally win it all but if Porsche wins anything, I am going to feel like I wasted my entire summer. I do not like that girl, don’t even like to hear her talk, wow, I am being petty tonight, haha!

  8. This is why I wanted Porsche out ahead of Kalia. Porsche is a better competitor and there is always the chance she can win the Final HOH. I hope Rachel wins the 3rd competition for HOH because that would guarantee her control over who to take to Final 2.

    • Well richie, anyone has a shot at winning the final round. We just have to remember that Rachel is good with questions and porsche not so much. Also the theme of the last round is “how well do you know your house mates” or whatever..but moral of the story is that porsche took no time getting to know anyone.

    • am with you ,but they know they could win ,but the 2 girls started together and i think they should end together

  9. I hope the last challenge to tuff for Prosche.I hate to see her lazy ass win this.But then again I don’t believe either one of Adam or Porsche can beat Rachel.I’m pulling for you Rachel,go get’em.And i would like to see Jeff get America’s Choice.

    • I would have expected it to be on the finale show since it’s usually held live, but then when would the jury get to do the interrogation session? Short answer: not sure.

      • Wasn’t last year the first time they asked the questions live on the set of the BB House? Where they each got to ask so many questions that they decided on as a group. Maybe I’m mixed up but I thought that’s what happened. Then again the older I get the worse my memory is. LOL

    If I made it to the Final 3, I was gonna tell the others to take me to the final 2 and I would tell the jury I hate them or something….

  11. Rachel should win this one.

    I think Rachel take Adam.

    Rachel/ Adam

    Rachel will get Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Kali and I think Shelly’s

    Adam will get Porsche

    Rachel / Porsche

    Rachel will have Brendon, Jeff, Jordon, Adam, and Shelly

    Porsche will have Dani,and Kali

      • That one is up in the air but Rachel should win in a land slide!

        I am 100% sure about Berndon, Jeff, Jordan.

        I am 95% sure about Dani, Kali. They hate him.

      • I think the newbies will vote for one of theirs and there was no love lost between Shelly and Rachel!

      • I think she will 100% shelly disliked porsche too. She just wasn’t as openly vocal about it and I think the reason why is because Rachel called her out.

    • Adam wouldn’t get Porsche’s vote. i think Rachel would get 7-0 win over Adam. even against Porsche Adam would lose in F2, he’s playing for 2nd place at best

      • Don’t know about that. If it’s Porsche vs. Adam, Adam could get Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Brendon’s votes.

        Adam is smart enough (and Porsche isn’t) to make an argument for himself that he played the game well by keeping the target off his back by aligning with bigger targets like Jeff and Brendon, avoiding conflict with other houseguests, and then winning a couple of key comps near the end of the game.

      • Against Porsche, Adam has a chance to win that $500,000. It might not be apparent but, if Rachel gets evicted, there would be 4 veterans in the jury house who would have more sympathy for Adam who played a much cleaner, friendlier game than Porsche who was nasty and mean and arrogant like Danielle. For that reason alone, Adam could win it and score a huge upset!

    • I don’t know how you can assume that Dani and Kalia would vote for Rachel if she’s up against Adam in the final two. Her insulting and demeaning manner with the other houseguests speaks to her poor social game. Anyone arrogant enough to insult departing houseguests in the taped video farewells doesn’t deserve a penny.

      Frankly, I don’t see how any of you can actually like Rachel. The insults, the fake crying, her sense of entitlement…she may win comps, but the art of BB is getting rid of everyone else in the house, but treating them with a measure of respect and good humor as you do it.

      • Measure of respect??? Hahaha, you obviously watched none of this show. Rachel has more “measure of respect” than Kahlia, Shelly, Porsche or Danielle. Please, don’t make idiotic comments.

      • I have like her ever since BB 12. Was she treated in the nicest way and by anyone besides Brendon, and Jordan. Frankly, Porsche and Shelly should been exspelled for the cruel and threats of abuse to Rachel when she thought she was pregent.

      • @TW Dani and Porsha Shelly and Kalia demeaning Rachel all the time speaks to their poor game and their spechees to departing HG were insulting as well

      • Give it up already. Danielle lost. She is the meanest, nastiest house guest this season! For each fan that hates Rachel, there are atleast, 4-5 fans that hate Danielle because she was utterly despicable in her actions in the house! And speaking of insults, how many times has Danielle, Porsche, Shelly and Kalia bad mouthed Rachel? That is not even counting Porsche spiking other house guests food with Benefiber with Danielle keeping watch. Porsche stealing Brendon’s toy. Danielle deserved to lose as well as Kalia, Shelly and hopefully, Porsche too!

      • Because as much as dani dislikes Rachel her and Kalia have stated multiple times that they feel Adam has done nothing in this game and they would 100% NEVER vote for him to win. And now that he did not win FHOH I think they definitely won’t vote for him.

    • Shelly would never vote for Rachel, she absolutely hates Rachel. I’m not exactly sure about Dani or Kalia, they are both disgusted by Rachel and hate her, but Dani knows what a super floater Adam is. I’d say I’m about 80% sure they wouldn’t vote for Rachel to win.

      • @ tristan- well I’m glad you have the powers of telepathy cause the rest of us have been wondering how the votes would go.

    • @ roberta it is the name of the game. Natalie also lost 2 comps but jordan took her. Its about awarding the final HOH to take the person they feel they can beat in F2.

    • Him not deserving it is a great reason for either porsche or rachel to take him. Its likely the jury members feel thhat way as well.

  12. I think that Rachel will win the last head of household and then she will take Adam to the final 2 and Rachel will send Porsche to the jury house

  13. “Adam tells both ladies, if either one takes him to the Final 2 then he’ll tell the Jury to give them the half million because he doesn’t deserve it.”

    No crap, Sherlock.

      • I don’t think adam invited to the F2 party.
        Going from Newbee to Vets is going to be his downfall.
        If only he had been a RISK TAKER and stood firm earlier he might have been invited.
        I think P no longer cares for Adam’s game play. B

      • And !!!!!!!!!!!!! If u were RACHEL or PORSCHE would u really trust Adam to do that??? Would u really trust him??

      • @Leb: Yeah, I think so too. I have a feeling Porsche wants to be the only Newbie at the end so she doesn’t risk splitting Newbie votes.

        Adam has already said he’ll vote for Rachel if he’s in the Jury (he told Jordan on Thurs), even if Rachel evicts him and especially if Porsche does it. If Rachel gets to F2, she wins.

  14. As much as Rachel has annoyed me all season long, no one can deny that she is one of BBs best competitors. Even when she has been kicked & down, she somehow motivates herself to fight. She has saved herself & others throughout the season AND definetely, when she had to fight for her life. Say what you will but, looking at the remaining 3, no one can deny that Rachel deserves to win based on effort, competitiveness & comparison. Neither Adam or Porshe played the game as well. Just my opinion. Remember… the question is: WHO PLAYED BB THE BEST?!

  15. Rachel has to win this last round, Porshe wont take Rachel to f2, she wont win against her, Porshe can win against Adam, maybe if most think he just floated. Damm Rachel win this thing PLEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Porche rocks, she won the 2nd HOH comp. We’ll see Adam on his knees begging to be taken to the final 2. Anyway he said that people should earn a final 2 place – which he hasn’t coz he lost

  17. Adam might get to Final 2 without even trying. That is the reality of it all. I think whoever wins will take Adam to Final 2 because of the contrast. Porsche can still lose even if she wins Final HOH and takes Adam. That would make it 4 veterans in the jury house against Danielle, Kalia and Shelly so, Adam could end up winning it all. You can say Adam floated but, he played a smart game all thru out. Porsche can take Rachel and still lose out because Rachel played better than her! Rachel if she wins Final HOH should take Adam.

      • That is not the point. The winner of HOH gets to pick who gets the 2nd slot. What better choice than someone who has not done enough to win Big Brother! The jury will vote for the person who played the better game. Having Adam in Final 2 improves Rachel’s chances. With Porsche, I am not so sure because she is a Danielle puppet which could hurt her in the jury house!

  18. Oh what a shocker, Adam loses again.

    I hope that it’s Rachel and Porsche in F2. That way whoever wins, i’m OK with.

  19. I hope racheal wins and takes Adam… I think Adam and Porsha were both major floaters but Adam was honest about it… I think racheal should win it but Adam deserves the 2nd place over Porsha!

    • This whole thing with calling people floaters is BS. Keeping the target off your back and not getting evicted is more important than winning comps and being a visible alliance leader and, resultingly, a big target.

  20. I believe Rachel has played the best game no matter how bi-polar she is and that she should take Porsche, since back at the beginning of the season she told her she would.

    • ABSOLUTELY! Finally someones says the obvious. These three are easily dumb and dumber and dumbest (well maybe that was Lawon). Painful season… excruciatingly so with really no one to root for.

    • The dumbest house guest starts with Lawon who volunteered to be put on the block. Not too far behind is Danielle who went after her alliance which protected her and gave her the best chance to reach furthest in the game. Next in line is Jeff who betrayed Brendon which resulted in his eviction. He lost one vote and a good competitor which could have helped him get further in the game. Shelly comes next because she betrayed her alliance when she needed to stick to it and got her evicted! Kalia for being a Danielle puppet and not using her own head. She should have formed stronger alliances and not relied on Danielle who was manipulating her. These are the dumb ones! The ones who slashed their own throats so that, others can win it in the end!
      Rachel, Porsche and Adam were the smart ones as they are still in the game! LOL

  21. I have a STRONG feeling porsche is going to get lucky and win the final HOH. She would then evict Rachel and the jury votes would be

    Porsche- Dani,Kalia,Shelly,Brendon,Rachel
    Adam- Jordan,Jeff

    Doesn’t matter to me who wins at this point, but here is my guess at what is going to happen.

    • If that does happen then I think Rachel should get the 25K America’s Favorite. She deserves it.

      But more than likely Jeff or Jordan will win it. They can do no wrong…Barf

    • If Rachel gets booted off by Porsche, that would leave 4 veterans in the jury house. That is Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon. Adam played a better social game which could be enough to win it for him! Four votes is all that is neede to win! Danielle, Kalia and Shelly’s votes will not matter at that point.

  22. rachel to win and take adam. rachel to win it all, she definately has worked for it.not my favorite but the best player.

  23. Come on Porcha has been a good player all around, and without faking crazy ,drunk or crying give the girl a brake she even helped Rachel in the beginning, 23 year old she deserves to win . Or atleast get 50k stop the bacon he is out.

      • Are you kidding zee? She helped Rachel!!!!!!!!!???????? If Rachel hadn’t been there Porsche would have been gone week 1. Rachel did all of Porsche’s campaigning for her. She’s lucky she made it to week 2

    • sure..u keep thinking that..I will remember that she was trying to make people sick and cause harm to an unborn child..U remember Porsche ur way and I will remember her mine..

      • A)There iss no unborn child, & B)She never triied to cause harm to one…. which takes us back to A).:) I dO agree the Benefiber stunt was ignorant & completely uncalled for. But on another note, Porsche & Rachel (am I really typing this??) ALLL the way! Was hopig for Newbies Final 2, but Adam? Dunno about that one. Seems cool enough but that’s where it ends for me.

  24. OHHHH ..Adam is laying the compliments on thick..whoa…he’s got about 4 days to convence one of em that is the man to lose too..

  25. I hope porche wins and takes adam! If rachael wins this will be the last bigbrother I watch,she has been a cry baby all season. It doesn’t matter who wins the money as long as it is not rachael.

  26. if rachel doesn’t win hoh, porsche will evict her and take adam and THAT would be a damn shame :(

    come on rachel…. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

    do it for ‘bookie’

    do it for your dream wedding

    do it for YOURSELF!

  27. Hope Porsche wins part 3! Then she can take Adam and have a good chance to win because of how good she has done in the past few weeks! Rachel played a good game too but I am not a fan of hers so I would rather she did not win! GO PORSCHE!!!!!

  28. hands down rachel wil win the second hoh against porche and she wil take adam ,rachel wil win all,


  29. Yayyyyy Porsche! I hope she makes it to the final 2! For those who say she is lazy the others were just as lazy as her cuz S was the one who did most all of the cleaning! Aside from comps there is a lot of downtime. Jordan was always sleeping when they would be playing pool or cards or chess. Yet she still complained of being tired and bored. Im not saying Im a P fan just saying she isnt anymore lazier than most others.

      • Umm Agena.. Rachel actually said she wouldn’t say anything bad about Jordan. When the F3 were going through the pictures on the wall saying things about all of them, Rachel said she couldn’t say anything bad about Jordan, that she was such a sweet person.

      • When did rachel say anything bad about jordan @ agena all she kept on saying even till this morning is how she loves jordan and last night she said even though her and jeff had differences she loves them both and they make a really cute couple get your facts straight agena it was porsche who kept on insisting she was the cuter blonde yesterday..

      • Agena- I. Dk wth you’ve been watchin buut rachel even told adam “if you even dare try and burn book jorrdan I will kill you” rachels gb message to joordan was very sincere. Even today porsche was trying to say BB geared Jordans win toward her in her season and Rachel said absolutely not, Jordan deserved the win. Then porsche said ?oh God, hopefully Jordan doesn’t win Americas favortie” and Rachel said”why? She is a very sweet person and America loves her”. Incase you haven’t noticed Rachel is very loyal when someone is loyal to her.

      • I agree. Rachael has to make the idiot believe that she will take her to the end, when really she will take Adam. I hope Rachael wins. She has played the hardest no matter how annoying she might be. She deserves it over anyone. Porsche only woke up after most of the competition was gone. And if it wasnt for Jeff taking her off the block, she would have been gone by now.

    • L also hope Rachael wins and Adam 2nd, as I can’t stand Porsche. She thinks she,s so gorgeous, and hopes to get discovered, but I don’t think either is true. Does anyone know if any of the other houseguests gets a weekly stipend, as how can anyone go for over 2 months with no paycheck? Also, what did Jordan do with the $500,000?

  30. GO Rachael, GO!! She’s a fierce competitor and I’ve been pulling her from the start of the season. Yea, she bawls too much but hey…she pulled herself together and put it in gear! Go Rachael!!

  31. omg!!! people why do you want to reward adam final 2 he proved he cant beat two women…sorry excuse for a man…that would be stupid to take him he dont deserve nothing except the boot to the door!!!!!

      • Well I think its kinda sad you say “he proved he can’t beat 2 wome” what makes him any better of a contendor just cause he’s a man. The fact that 2 women are going to be standing in the 3rd round of the HOH means all of the men in the house proved they couldn’t beat 2 women.

      • yes the other men could beat the women they got back doored they got a screw job and didnt get kissed lol..

    • i think it should be porche and rachel in the final 2 and let the best one win they both have an equal shot at winning the money

      • @ jessie, may the best man win. Then rachel already won. Porsche started winning comps when no one was left. Rachel has been winning them since the beginning. Against 10 + people.

      • @vet fan
        Eh, not really I don’t think. Rachel’s first two HoHs were thrown to her by Dick & Danielle in the first and Brendon in the second. After that, she didn’t win anything until even later than Porsche started winning.

      • @ mw. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Up on those banans Daniele looked at Rachel and said “Rachel, deal?” And Rachel said in the dr, Daniele wanted to deal with me, yeah I’ll deal with yyou because I ain’t droppin so that’s your only option in our deal”. When you propose a deal to someone next yto you, that is clearly because your going to drop and they’re not. You don’t just make a deal for the fun of dealing. In Rachels second HOH her AND brendon knocked everyone else out in a “what did america say” challenge. Her and brendon got the second to the last questions wrong and and then she got the last one right. I dc what you have to say about it, there is NO WAY you can throw a comp where you’re guessing someones answer. Its impoossible because its based purely on a guess, you have no knowledge of what someone did or didn’t say. So your claim of both of them comps being thrown to her is bs. And Rachel only stopped winning when she was an emotional wreck with Brendon gone. Why do you people act blind to the fact that she’s a great competitor. Rachel has won a total of 9 comps not counting any have have nots and luxury comps between this year and last. 6 this year alone. So come up off it, she was far and away the best competitor this year.

      • Wow. I put in a calm, 4-line response and I get back a 24-line tirade. That’s the internet for you.

        First off, there are plenty of other reasons to throw the endurance competition. Two examples are that you don’t want to drag it on for hours, or that you simply don’t want to win first HoH.

        On the second HoH, there’s a perfectly good way to throw a competition like that: TRY to get the wrong answer. Kinda like Matt did last year with the “Big Brother Says” HoH. I’ll admit I might be wrong, but it looked to me like Brendon was intentionally trying to get the wrong answers on the last two questions. And considering his relationship with Rachel, it’s not unlikely for him to throw her a competition.

        Also, she only won 2 comps last year, and I’m pretty sure 6 + 2 isn’t 9. I know that’s a little nitpicky, but still.

      • Okay, nevermind. I went back and watched the “Big Brother Online” again, and I think I was wrong about Brendon throwing it.

    • I don’t want to see Porsche get to the final 2 because I just don’t like her all she did this summer was sleep and eat at least Adam tried.

      • are you on glue , Adam has’nt done anything but go from one alliance to another , and begging Danni and Jeff to throw the veto comp for him.

      • Poor Adam, all he did all summer was follow Jeff around like a love sick puppy. He looked like he was more in love with Jeff than Jordan was.

    • I don’t think it’s so much about rewarding Adam with 2nd place as it’d be about insuring 1st place for the person who took him. I think either HG would beat him. I know if I had the choice I’d take him as he’d be an easy defeat.

      • I agree matt. @ roberta the only mand that got bd was brendon and he lost in that HOH dani won. The bottom line is it doesn’t make you less of a man if you lose to a woman.

      • I agree with that statement now because Adam collapsed these last 2 competitions but had he been able to win the underwater challenge then beat Rachel it would have been earned. But since he lost he doesn’t deserve the 500k. Porsche & Rachel both deserve it by coming through in the clutch.

  32. I am gone for the nite…There will be plenty of ass kissing by Adam to watch in the next 4 days…g’nite all..

  33. If Rachel wins: She can buy some new tear ducts. The ones she has doesn’t seem to work.

    If Adam wins: He can buy some balls. Yes we get it that you are a big fan but a lousy contestant.

    If Porsche wins: She can buy more velour track suits. I have to admit I like her big(ger) butt :)

    Painful all around. None of these people really should win but who else was there? Dani vs Jeff at the end would have really been the only interesting pair.

    Would have loved to see Jeff come in third. He would have totally LOST it. LOL

      • Sorry vet fan I think there are more people out there that dont want to see Skanky win than you think. If she does make it to the end I believe it will depend on what mood Dani is in if she has a chance to win. I dont think Dani would vote Adam period but she might actually vote Rachel which would give skanky 4 votes to win. If Portia wins round 3 I think Rachel will win the next ride to the jury.

      • Sorry karen i think you are mistaken and jealous.
        Rachel has a fun and exciting life leading you jealous old bitties to call her a skank.
        If you have a boring life its your own fault dont take it out on the best player in the game.

      • i think racheal has come a long way since last year. shes rough around the edges but like most of us i think she just wants people to like her. i truly think all the trash talk about her last season hurt her alot. i also think she looks so much nicer without all the makeup and brendon seems to adore her. i hope so…..isn’t love grand?

      • guess again , she was annoying last year , and annoying this year . I disagree that she has worked hard , Porsche has won when it counted and was not protected as much as Racheal was

      • @ kim. Look around read around there are many more sites than this. For every 1 person not rooting for Rachel there are 10 more rooting for her.

  34. second hoh, rachel v porcha = rachel wil win,

    then rachel wil take adam

    and BB13 WINNER RACHEL,GO,,,GO RACHEL!!!!lol

  35. BB13 season had been like watching which HG can make the Dumbest move and still come out the winner!!!
    Adam played as is having no backbone, being wishing washing was a reflection of a great BB player.

    Porsche believed being a WELL RESTED HG will be the best approach to winning $500K.

    Rachel…Oh Rachel… after “Your Man”, left the house you became a NICER and still a smart player. I can’t believe that I am ALMOST starting to want this person to win.

    Wait….. I am back to reality, and Rachel’s make over is just a little too late.

    Sorry Ms R but the $50K should cover the wedding expenses!!!!!!!!!!!

    • but i think adam has enjoyed the game the most he was thrilled to see tori and he made a friend with jeff. yes hes a poor player but an awfully nice guy. trouble is they wont give him money for that.

      • Adam’s already won! The money would be just icing on the cake! Adam is a great guy and very entertaining to watch! I hope he gets to be number 2. Of the newbies, he, Cassie and Dominic were the most likable. Kalia lost me when she laughed through her throwing her dog against the wall story. Shelley, well, I hardly have to go into details about her! And Porsche, if CBS was doing their job, she should’ve been thrown out for ethics violations 2 weeks ago.

  36. Go Porsche i hate rachel shes overrated she wouldnt be there she came in the ouse with an advantage over porsche

  37. That’s too bad porsche.
    You would have had a much better chance of beating Jordan.
    Rachel will dominate you and then take Adam and evict you!

    • Well this post look pretty dumb right about now haha.
      Sorry everyone but let me amend it by saying I think Rachel is making a stupid move keeping Porsche and not adam. I think Porsche can get more jury votes than Adam can (like dani’s and kalia’s.
      I know there are some who might say that Jeff and Jordan might vote for Adam instead of Rachel but i am not so sure and they may even split their vote and cancel each other out in that situation.
      Sehlly hates Rachel so she would probably vote for Porsche or Adam if they were in the final 2 with her. If i remeber correctly Adam and shelly don’t get along so i guess she would vote for Porsche if she faced off wtih Adam.
      Porsche would prob vote for Rachel over Adam and Adam would prob vote for Porsche over Rachel

      • She’s just pretending to take her. When the time comes Rach will take Adam. I don;t think she is stupid enough to take Porsche. She’s playing her like a fiddle. Rachael will get Danni’s vote and she will get Shelly’s vote as well as Jeff Jordan, and Brendan.

      • Yeah Matt can i just say this is one of my biggest pet peeves when someone gets on here and does this.
        All the confirmed results are right there in the body of the website just click on the link and read it for your self. Don’t ask me to bring you up to speed or tell you what has been going on because you have supposedly beeen out for a while or whatever. This is a spoiler site – use it.

  38. Rachel is poised to win part 3, as it’s question and answer, which is not Porche’s strong point. Rachel should take Adam to the final 2, and win Big Brother 13!!

      • Lying, conniving, backstabbing, crying? You must be referring to the mean girls aka porkche, cowlia, bratty dani, loony shellHE. You can add sleeping/eating (the zingbot and fortune teller even noticed this) to porkche/cowlia’s list of accomplishments on BB13.

    • I think the final HOH comp will be anyone’s game because who knows what the Jury members will say in there sentences that they do for the final part of the HOH comp! Porsche has just as good of a chance to win and will take Adam to final 2!!! GO PORSCHE!!!

      • Hey Porsche Fan, do you enjoy your food being spiked with laxative without you knowing it, and are you in the habit of threatening to kick pregnant women in order to cause them to abort their babies! That’s behavior of the person you are a fan of. God protect the people you come in contact with!

      • my question why did cbs allow this? and to let her advance is a slap in the viewers face. whats going to be in bb14 rat poison?

      • You Rachel fans don’t get it through your thick skulls that it is just a game! Porsche would never actually kick a pregnant woman, even if it was Rachel! You guys hold on to the craziest things and blow them way out of proportion! Like I continue to tell people! Get over it! Porsche is not a bad person but Rachel fans cannot fathom anyone beating Rachel so they constantly complain about the same old things about Porsche and how she is a terrible person! GROW UP!!!

      • Porsha Fan has a right to support anyone they want, who are you to say otherwise. As an adult Porsha Fan and has chosen to support Porsha regardless of her miss deeds, stop telling him want to do.
        The arrogance and sense of entitlement on display here by JJ &BR fans is just appalling…SMH

      • Hey Dudan? Are you drinking the Porsche kool-aid? Be careful, it might be spiked with something you might find harmful to your health!

      • I will heavily be encouraging people to protest if Porsche goes further than number 3. I refuse to allow this kind of behavior go unpunished. As fans, we have the right to draw the line somewhere between right and wrong. Within the structure of BB, alot is acceptable in the name of game play. Jeopardizing peoples wellbeing and health is not one of them. Sorry. I for one will not stop protesting and arguing this point. I find it morally offensive. I could turn off the tv and not watch it again. But why should I be penalized from watching a game I find fascinating to watch because one young girl believes her behavior is acceptable. If she were my kid, I’d hold her accountable for her behavior. As a fan, I have every right to draw the line between what should be socially immoral behavior. If you don’t like it, Porsche fans, than you can conduct your life anyway you want. I, for one, and I believe there are others out there, will continue to voice my outrage. Especially if Porsche gets any further than third place. I don’t know if my protest of one will get far, but I’m certainly not going to dissuade me from trying.

      • Did anyone every consider that none of the players health was in danger. It is possible that production removed the contaminated item from the fridge during one of their lockdowns. I think if they allowed it they would be putting themselves in a situation where they could get sued. Just saying I think this is all hype and it’s time for people to move on.

      • Sandi, Jordan DID consume the tainted slop, and as a result ended up in the bathroom every half hour one night, confused as to why she was going so much. It wasn’t until after that BB called Porsche into the DR.

  39. Watching the live feeds with these three morons is actually painful. You can see why CBS wanted to keep Jeff around longer, at least he was entertaining.

  40. sorry rachel haters porche wil not win next hoh but rachel wil win and by the way rachel wil take home half million while porcha fans wil be cryin ,her brendon wil be doin the weeding of the year ,lol

    • Sorry for what? Dont count your chickens before they hatch. Newbies control the jury. Rac-HELL is one of the worst people on this planet. GO PORSCHE!!!!!

      • Really, Den? Rachel is worse then Porsche!? How do you justify that opinion? Did Rachel put laxatives in anybody’s food behind their back? Did she threaten to kick anybody in the stomach? I must’ve missed that!

  41. I’m glad that Porsche won the 2nd round of hoh, i’ve been rooting for her all year. I think final-2 should be Rachel/Porsche…Adam should get the boot. I don’t think Rachel can win though…Porsche wins 4-3. I actually think Adam might beat Rachel 4-3. If Porsche wins and takes Adam it’s a toss-up.

    • Please, David, read my remark to Porsche fan above. My faith in humanity is being tested by all you Porsche fans!

      • hey linnie its kind of scary that fans aren’t in an uproar over that. is this what America is coming to? nobody cares very few morals from the fans and no one seems to be able to spell anymore. bad behavior is accepted by all even cbs. very sad that she not only got away with it but was rewarded by making it to the final 3. go figure

      • i’m right there with you linnie but it looks like we are a team of two. i know why i feel the way i do i’m older but morals should not be an age thing.

      • I’m glad to know you agree with me, bevb! I thought I was fighting this by myself. I find Porsche, and the rest of the mean girls behavior disgusting. I think CBS should be responsible for holding the contestants to some kind of socially acceptable behavior, specially where their health is concerned. Even the threat of someone doing what Porsche did is enough in my world to have her penalized. Somebody’s got to draw the line somewhere as far as morals are concerned!

    • How would Adam win 4-3 v. Rachel? I wouldn’t be surprised if Rachel won 7-0 v. Adam in the final. Maybe Shelly would throw Adam her vote. No way would Dani vote for Adam.
      Rachel v. Porshe in the end would be close. Porshe would have Dani, Kalia, Shelly. But I think Rachel would have JJBA.
      Adam v. Porsche, Porsche would win with Rachel, Brendon, Dani, and Kalias vote at least.

      • adam already said if rachel wins the final hoh he is voting for her …so even if she takes porsche she is winning the money for sure!!

  42. I hope Rachel takes top prize and I would like to see Adam get second, though it should have been Rachel and Jeff final two!

  43. Whats messed up is that Jeff used POV to take Porsche off the block, then she didn’t return the favor & take him off, then she was the deciding vote to evict Jordan. Just saying!!! He don’t need to be pissed at Jordan when she comes to jury house, cause its his fault their both there!!!

    • It looked that way as they were jumping up and down. But how could Porsche be that stupid to throw away 500K just for Rachel? I never thought I’d miss a bit of Shelly’s deviousness.

      • Rachel is ignorant of the stuff Porsche did and said about her. PORSCHE IS THE BIGGEST, MOST HYPOCRITICAL, UNGRATEFUL CONTESTANT IN BB HISTORY! She makes me sick! She is undeserving of even being in the house, never mind having the opportunity to win anything at all. No telling what kind of stuff future houseguests will try to pull in she’s not made to pay consequences for her actions.

  44. even if rachel take porche or adam finals hands down rachel wil win against both of them , if it was adam and rachel second hoh adam would have won may be but rachel\porche Q\A,watch she wil win in a heart beat this second hoh because p is not good in question,lol

  45. I believe Rachel will win #3 comp as Porche is not
    very good at Q&A comps. If she stays true to the
    philosophy she has used and talked about all this
    season she will take Porche with her as she is the
    stronger competitor. I think it could possibley be
    a 4-3 vote with Porche coming out the winner. But
    it can change so easily when the jury gets together
    and talks and they may vote for R because of her
    strength as the best player. If she takes Adam she
    might have a better chance, but not necessarily. D,
    K,S, and P may all vote for Adam because of their
    strong dislike for Rachel. However, Dani and Shelly
    may vote for her because she WAS the best of the
    HGs in comps and gameplay. I don’t think it will be
    a slam dunk for anyone.

    • In the end, I feel Rachel would win against either one, and maybe handily. There’s no denying Rachel’s the best player, and I don’t think people hate her as much this season.

      • Rachel will win hands down against either. If you have any respect for the game, you have to vote for her because she’s been by far the strongest warrior in the house this season. She had a target on her back from day one, and from day one she fought to save herself, winning the first HOH. By far the most deserving this season!

    • Rachel bad mouthed Dani cause she deserves it. She bad mouthed Cassi cause she was protecting Porsche when she they were friends at the beginning of the season. Porsche, on the other hand, was bad mouthing Jordan, who’s by far the classiest, sweetest houseguest in BB history. GIVE ME A BREAK, RICK!

      • @lennie

        Your obsession with Rachel and “hate” of Porsche is beyond unsettling. Not everyone agrees with you or has to. If someone likes Porsche, more power to them. Seek help.

  46. Number1Rachelfan ,i hope rachel doesnt take porcha finals,jordan tel her to take adam and adam deserve over porcha finals but rachel either way rachel wil win,,,,lol

  47. I would love to see Rachael take it all with Adam but am holding my breath. Porsh is competitive and is going to give it all she can get. I don’t like her snug attitude. Hard to call this one. I could not stand Rachael the last time she was on BB but since Brandon left this kind of broke her and I really like who she has become.

    • Rachel gives all of us hope for change! Jordan had a good influence on her, and saw through her rough exterior. Jordan helped Rachel enormously with her social game, and to keep her grounded. Rachel kept her in through the competitions she won. They were a great team, complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

      I am voting for Jordan to win America’s Choice!!

      She’s an example of true class and gracious behavior. After having watch Dani, Shelley Porsche behave like the mean girls, Jordan gave us a true example of how to behave in the face of adversity.



  48. Rachel and Porsche made a deal to take each other if they each one one of the first 2…since Porsche did, they previously agreed to take each other….

    Rachel will beat either one…Adam will vote for Rachel along with Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and I predict even Dani will vote for Rachel over Porsche…that is my hunch…

      • Doesn’t matter. Rachel doesn’t need Daniele’s vote. Adam will be her 4th vote. He’s already said he’ll vote for Rachel over Porsche in F2 even if Rachel evicts him.

      • lol matt i wasn’t insinuating anything, i just think dani would not vote for rachel as doni would think

    • I think those two may have been working together longer than any of us have thought. From watching BBAD, that is the feeling i have now. They have been playing together for a very long time……those sneaky little devils. I just hope Rachel wins the big prize. Not sure about the jury votes for her, I know she will have Brendon, Jeff and Jordan, not sure of the other mean girls and Adam, this may be really close. the final vote will probably be 4-3.

    • Rachel will live to regret taking Porsche to the end when she finds out the garbage Porsche said and did against her this season. Right now Rachel has no clue what a low life hypocrit Porsche is. I feel sick CBS has allowed Porsche to remain in the house without penalizing her in some way.

    • Are you and Rick on Porsche’s payroll derrrrrick? You are definitely clueless if you think Porsche’s behavior during this season deserves any kind of reward. After what she’s done and said about Rachel in the house, she is by far the biggest hypocrite BB has ever seen. One thing to lie and backstab for the sake of the game. Quite another to mess with people’s food, and threaten to kick them in the stomach. Sorry. Not acceptable in any social setting, not even BB.

  49. i w as surprised and disappointed by jordans game but now i wonder if she just didn’t want to beat jeff again. i think shes a sweet wonderful woman and will make someone a great wife and mother. just not sure its jeff. i did not want to see them pawing all over each other but i did not see many affectionate moments between them. maybe its a made up cbs relationship

    • Jeff and Jordan respected themselves, each other and their families too much to be making out all over the place in front of the cameras for the world to see. Brendon and Rachel should learn something from that kind of respect and restraint.

      • exactly. There were many moments between them.A quick kiss, A hug and just the way they look at each other tells me they are in love.

  50. Whoever wins part 3 of the final HOH will win Big Brother 13! Hoping it is Porsche cuz she has stepped her game up immensely and deserves it! The final part of the HOH is almost impossible to study for and is not like any other question competition so Porsche has just as good a shot as Rachel to win it! Porsche for the win baby!!!

    • Porsche has done well and has been entertaining. She deserves it. Would love to see her and Rachel face off and plead their case for the votes. They were a good match because Porsche is a pretty great competitor.

      • Thank you RachelFan for being the lone Rachel fan that I have heard actually respect Porsche and not wine and complain just because she is Rachel’s competition! You should really tell your fellow Rachel fans to follow in your footsteps and to stop being biased against anyone who isn’t Rachel! Sure I don’t like Rachel but I admit she played a good game but Porsche has made a great case for herself to win also so it could go either way!!!

      • Porsche Fan, my dislike for Porsche has nothing to do with the way she’s played the game as far as competitions are concerned. It has to do with her lack of conscience and morals which she has proven with her words and actions she has little of either. I may sound self rightous, but as a fan I find her anti-social behavior disgusting. I wouldn’t want anyone I care about to be given food they did not realize would mess up their digestive system, and I certainly wouldn’t want any pregnant woman to be kicked in the stomach, would you? Those are two things at least, I’ve heard and seen Porsche do in the BB house. Forgive me if I find that kind of behavior out of the realm of social realm, even in the BB house.! Big Brother production should have rules that sanction that kind of bad behavior.

      • It’s been real entertaining watching her hang out with the ‘mean girls’ and talk trash behind people’s back. Only thing I can honestly say I give Porsche credit for is being arrogant and narcissistic enough to take Rachel to the final three believing she can beat her. Karma is a bi…!!!

  51. Live feeds: Confirmed – Rachael and Porshe celebrating in the kitchen and talking about final two. Adam has missed the boat

  52. The way Porsche and Rachel were jumping around and celebrating while Adam was in the DR it sounds like they are taking each other to the final 2. Unless there lying to each other. But they were saying no matter what we have at least 50,000. But Jordan told Rachel not to take Porsche or she might lose jury votes. I want Rachel or Porsche called to DR so I can listen to what Adam will say to them and what they tell him. I want more game talk…come on production! Also Porsche told Adam last week that she wants 2 newbies in the final so it’s not divided between vets and newbies.

      • No disrespect intended, Lennie, but one could ask you the same of Rachel/Jordan, could they not? Or at least to spark a crusade against Porsche. :) What she did was distasteful (no pun intended), but you’re gonna be needing blood pessure meds at the rate you’re going.

  53. I think Rachel is making a stupid move keeping Porsche and not adam. I think Porsche can get more jury votes than Adam can (like dani’s and kalia’s.
    I know there are some who might say that Jeff and Jordan might vote for Adam instead of Rachel but i am not so sure and they may even split their vote and cancel each other out in that situation.
    Sehlly hates Rachel so she would probably vote for Porsche or Adam if they were in the final 2 with her. If i remeber correctly Adam and shelly don’t get along so i guess she would vote for Porsche if she faced off wtih Adam.
    Porsche would prob vote for Rachel over Adam and Adam would prob vote for Porsche over Rachel

    • If R take P to the fianl 2 I think it will be at least 4 votes for R
      BJJ & A
      If she takes A it could be more complicated because of JJ
      If P wins final HOH she would have a better chance against A but don’t think she could beat him either. Obviously she has already told R she would take her to final 2 if she backs out of that she can probably kiss br votes goodbye. No way JJ vote for P over A.

      If R can get the final 2 she should win!!

  54. @ matt(bbn) did you mean the third round? And while watching this they both seem serioud about taking eachother no matter what…so hopefully its the truth. Idc if rachel brings porsche, because she’ll beat her.

  55. If Porsche takes Rachel to the final two (assuming she wins part 3), then she truly is a fool. I believe Rachel will win the jury vote. If she goes head-to-head with Adam, then she has a chance.

    • I’m pretty sure they’re taking eachother hands down. They just sat there and talked about how one of them has made at least 5k a week this summer and the other made half a mill. And that it was Rachels job to win endurance and Porsches job to win skill… sorry folks but Rachel is clearly a much better social player than people give her credit for. A: most people think rachel will get the votees in jury. I even see a lot of porsche fans saying it. So clearly rachel played a good social game to get those votes. She B: is also the one who came up with this whole scheme…lmao. she wanted so bad to go to F2 with Jordan and when she saw that wouldn’t happen it took her literally 3 minutes to get Porsche on board with this plan! Rachel has got her social and comp game down !

  56. Honestly guys, I really want to like rachel, seriously I do. She is great at competitions and I love her “floaters better grab a life vest” motto.

    BUT what’s stopping me from liking her is her strategy “win as many competitions as possible and become the most hated in the house”. I bet she is a nice girl in real life; but comes off as a huge bitch in the house. Plus her constant crying to brendon is to much to handle.

    I think big brother wanted rachel to be the next janelle, which is never going to happen.

    • @ animel. Rachel has been no more hated than any of the other girls. The rat pack that ganged up on her (dani shelly kalia and porsche) turned out to be much more hated by america than rachel was hated. So that should tell you something.

      • I was never a Rachel fan. But since Brendan has been out of the house I’ve liked Rachel more. I think Jordan had a positive influence on Rachel also.

        Also, this year Rachel couldn’t be so mean about floaters or say comments like “better grab a life vest” because she would have had to give Jordan a life vest too. She was nicer to the floaters cause she had one on her own team.

        But it was funny to hear her say every week. “Jordan dropped again, now it’s up to me again”

      • The ‘mean girl’ earned their America’s hatred by their poor sportsmanship and disgustingly uncouth behavior. As a woman, I found them hard to listen to and watch, and fast forwarded thru alot of their air time. Just the little bit I saw and heard was enough to make me sick and ashamed of female behavior. Women can be the worse at supporting each other with their catty behavior. Unnecessary and disgusting! I am one woman who is ashamed of behavior like this. One thing to talk game, but quite another to do what these women did against those they considered not in their click. Mean girls all the way! Shame!

    • I’m for team Rachel. I have always liked her. She puts up a false front and has a lot of people fooled. It’s all entertainment folks!! Even Matt and Jordon saw the real Rachel. The girl LOVES life! She may whine a lot, but don’t all the HGs? That is what Production and ratings want!

  57. I hope Porsche WIN the 500K. I love that girl. Rachel is a drama queen. You don’t cry your way to victory looking for sympathetic votes. Then Adam sucks. He had the chance to blow this game open with the newbies but he got scared. See where it got him

    • My faith in humanity is being seriously tested by all you Porsche fans. Have you people actually been watching the same show I am. The world is in bigger trouble than I thought when behavior like Porsche has exhibited this year is not found to be disgusting by everyone. I guess you Porsche fans like your food being sabotaged without your knowledge, and the pregnant women in your life threatened to be kicked in the stomach! I will be praying for you and those you love!

      • Porsche fans understand the game concept of big brother! People say and do things that they would not normally do in real life! Rachel has said her share of rude and obnoxious things this season as well but Rachel fans deny it and say Porsche is the only person who said something bad about someone else! Porsche fans unite!!!

      • You can defend her all you want, fan, and compare her to anyone you want in BB history. No none else has ever gone so far as to put stuff in people’s food to cause them to get sick, and threatening pregnant women (whether or not true) doesn’t threaten just the mother, but he child, who is innocent. Sorry is I find that over and above acceptable behavior, even in the social realm of BB bad behavior. Obnoxious and rude are one thing. Actually doing it is another. Laxatives, that’s what I guess you would like somebody you trust put in your food. Especially when you are trying to compete and need to be in the best physical shape you can be. Sabotage and cheating is what I call that!

    • Rachel has more fight, integrity and heart in one little finger than Porsche will ever dream of having! I was not a fan or a hater of Rachel’s last year or at the beginning of this season, but she has redeemed herself in my book since Brendon has been out of the house. She protected and was a great friend to Jordan, and stayed loyal to her alliances. She’s fought hard. She’s worked hard. And she’s been loyal to her alliances, to a fault I may add.

      GO RACHEL!

  58. Porsche deserves to win just as much as anybody else. People saying P waited till the end to step it up. Ummmm it wasnt her fault not winning comps. She wasnt allowed to play due to the golden key. Once that ended she earned her right to be in the finals.

    The comments saying she did nothing but eat is ridiculous because everybody else did the same thing. If anybody watches bbad you would have seen that all of the hg ate continuously so its a shame that just cuz someone eats they get called pigs or being fat. I feel bad that so many people are making fun of K and P. Would you tell your own mother/father/sisters etc that they were fat and lazy?

    Oh R just told Adam if she wins she is taking P to the final 2 and P visa versa LOL R used to drive me nuts but she has calmed down after b left. Id prefer a noob win but not adam. Was hoping for K and P in finals.

  59. Matt, someone said Rachel has beaten or will beat
    Janelle’s comp scores if she wins part #3. Is either of these statements true?

  60. I’m not going to lie. As much as I LOVE RACHEL. I will be very dissapointed in her if she doesn’t take Porsche to F2(if she wins) just after watching them celebrate together and act like that (although sort of phony) it will be pretty sad if neither one of them stick to their word.

    • Rachel will probably stay true to her alliance with Porsche. She’s done that through the whole game, and I would be surprised if she doesn’t do it. Sadly, because she’s no clue what Porsche has done and said about her behind her back. Porsche is the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen in BB history. Wait till Rachel hears and sees the truth when she gets out of the house. She will regret it. One thing she’ll be grateful for, Porsche being arrogant and narcissistic enough to believe she can beat Rachel with votes in the jury house.

      • @ lennie. You are literally inside my brain. Someone up above was sayin Rachel doesn’t deserve to win because of all the crap she talked about Jordan after Jordan left. Umm excuse me? Rachel is a very sweet person as long as you do not rub her the wrong way, she has never said anything bad about Jordan. And if people are forgetting the whole reason Cassi disliked Rachel was because Rachel stuck up for Porsche in the library room when Cassie was talking crap about her. Rachel has ALWAYS been true to her worrd. Down to whether she is in an alliance with you, or if she says she is coming after you lol, she sticks to it. So its DEFINITELY not that I want to see Porsche in F2 its that I like when people keep their word. That iss a great quality to have and Rachel is one of the few who manages to do that in BB so id like to see her carry that out through the very end.

      • @vetfan – While I always seem to agree with you I feel the same way about Porsche as I did Natalie BB11. I hate to have someone who has degraded herself & so many others in the game to win any of the money.

      • I said that above, vet fan. I believe Rachel will take Porsche to the final 2 if that’s the agreement she make. She’s not aware of the stuff Porsche pulled, so she’s unknowingly making a pact with someone who totally betrayed her and personally trashed talked her. Rachel risked her existence in the house to defend her friend, and Porsche repaid her by ganging up with Dani and the mean girls, and laughing about kicking her in the stomach in order to abort her baby if she was pregnant. What kind of sick human being does that? What a two faced, hypocrite, buddying up to Rachel again! Disgusting! I’m not even watching it makes me so sick! I want to yell through the screen, no Rachel, don’t trust this totally corrupt human being!

    • I seriously hope porsche and rachel go to the final two, because seeing adam in the final 2 and possible winning would be painful to watch.

    • Yes I do agree with you both. I don’t think Porsche deserves anything. But I also don’t want to see Rachel break her word : ( lol wish she never would have gave her her word in the first place.

  61. Anyone out there recall R&B trying to get J&J out before them. I liked R in her season, but come on. I would love to see A&P go for the money

    • if you watched it correctly you would see jj started plotting their demise in week 2 when jordan was hoh dani knew this and brought it to br attn hence their thought of getting them out which they never really did considering the fact the didnt believe dani.

    • @ wicked. Do you mean after jeff and jordan went up stairs and offered jordan up as a pawn to get rid of rachel? Yeah because that came well before. But this is the “game” aspect all you guys are talking about. You can always be loyal. But just as jejo did, with jeff also throwing the corn hole comp, when you know it comes dwon to you or someone else you have to save yourself.

  62. I want Rachel to win and take Adam.
    I want Rachel to be the big winner.
    I either want Jeff or Jordan to win the 25k
    Vicki in St Louis,Mo

  63. cannot believe how much bickering there is over a show that has become so boring. The people who would be worth watching on feeds are all gone now. I think a lot of people no longer care who wins. Watching the show…or the feeds has become boring beyond belief. Rachel plays well but is annoying personified. Porche needed to use her own brain a lot sooner in the game and stop trying to use her breasts to win. Adam –I think he purposely lost a lot of the comps…but maybe he really was dumb and clumsy. It is sad how most of the contestants talked and acted despite knowing that they were constantly on camera.
    Who cares who wins at this point.

    • Take a look around you, search the whole web lol…MOST people are rooting for Rachel. Just and fyi

      • It’s true the best players, with the exception of Rachel, went home way too early. However, Rachel still being there is worth the watch. Porsche hopefully going out #3 even more worth watching!

        GO RACHEL!

  64. Loving all of the newbie fans who finally are helping me take on the vet fans! If P wins the next comp then she wins bb13 no doubt about it! Sorry Rachel, you will have to get by on only having a 50 000 dollar wedding cuz the 500K is going to Porsche!!!

      • Rachel and brendon will not vote for porsche if she sends Rachel home. At Porsche fan…you guys are, always have been and always will be BEYOND OUT NUMBERED.

      • That is my point! People for some reason like Rachel! I have no clue why but when Porsche comes out on top then we will have beaten the numbers game and come out with the win anyway! Then Rachel fans will have to cry without actually shedding a tear like Rachel does! Man that is just creepy! Too many injections for Rachel I guess! Lol!

      • Who cares about her tears.. she played a better game… and both Porche and Adam sucked all summer so even if one of them wins… they still sucked all summer… so floater fans can’t really “win”.

      • @ porschefan your a little too involved in the game, who is “we” lol anyhow…it won’t happen dear, but keep your hopes alive!

    • Rachel is the only one in the house that deserves to be there the other two just started playing toward the end. They dont even deserve to come in second….but if I had a choice it would be Adam and Rachel final two….. Porshe sucks period……

      GO Rachel Boot her Ass Out Already!!!!

      • PorscheFan, I hope you won’t be disappointed if Rachel ends up winning…as long as you don’t cry and whine like you say us Rachel fans will do, then ok lol. If Rachel ended up losing, I really don’t think she’d whine or cry. She would walk out and talk to Julie like an adult. She’s probably SHOCKED that she’s made it this far..

      • While I am no fan of the final three to say Porsche doesn’t deserve to be there is funny. She has won her fair share of comps. Remember she was not allowed to compete the first 4 weeks because of the golden key. Her only dumb play was Pandoras Box, which Rachel opened also. If she wins the 3rd part she deserves it more the Rachel.

    • Best part of watching on Thursday will be watching Porsche go home #3. Having Rachel make that choice, payback! I wonder if Adam knows exactly what stuff Porsche pulled against Rachel. If he does, I hope he starts talking!

    • Rachel needs to win this last competition so she can take Adam to the final 2 because I believe that she will have the votes to win the 500K.

    • Porsche fan I’ve always cheered for the newbies. These Rachel fans aren’t really Rachel fans their just going for her bcuz their favorite player is no longer in the house. Rachel doesn’t deserve to win, jus bcuz her physical game was good her social game still sucked. She put on a front & a fassad so tht ppl on here could start liking her just in case she doesn’t go to the finals she can whn America’s player. Rachel is a bitch! Look @ her good bye messages and her DRs. She may have everyone else fooled but not me. The person that should win is one that had a combination of both a good physical and social game. With that said, GO Porsche!!!

  65. how can anbody in there right mind even vote for porscha, not only is she a floater, but when she did win HOH she made 1 of the most stupidest moves in big brother history she opened pandora box, which allowed rachel and jordan to save themselves, and she also made another dumb move and that was when she one power of veto and took herself off the block, and had the choice to eliminate rachel or jordan, and she eliminated Jordon….. not realizing that jordon is a weak competitor and having her, adam and porscha in the final 3 would of been a guarantee that she would win the final HOH…..

    • Jordan and Adam would have eliminated Porshe and taken themselves to final two since Adam has loyalty / fan issues with Jeff and Jordan

      • jordan, was not winning any type of HOH….she is a weak competitor….and so is ADAm

        Porscha has a better chance of winning final HOH, and eliminating jordon and than, facing adam in the final 2 for the money….

        Porsca leaving Rachel in the game in the final 3, makes it harder for porsche to win HOH, cause rachel is such a good competitor……

        Rachel wins HOH, she is gonna take adam to the final 2……Rachel is very slick, she isn’t dumb, throughout the game he made deals, as if she wasn’t gonna vote a particular person out, but when its time to vote she always makes the smart decision…..

        she did it with shelly, she also did it with kalia and she also did it with Dani…….

        Rachel smiled in there face and made them feel as if she wouldn’t vote them out, but, when it came time to vote rachel did what was smart and got rid of them…..she is gonna do the same and eliminate porcha and go to the final 2 with adam

      • Completely on-POINT, Mickey. I’m pulling for Porsche/Rachel final 2, though. Just don’t have it in me to support Adams ‘game’. But again, spot on!

    • Hey Rick! Totally agree! Don’t know what these people see in Rachel! Porsche is way better!!!

      • I’t not a competition on looks, it’s about who played the game the best. Both girls are beautiful when they are in full make up, and just plain when no makeup is on. I think either one could win,I hope Rachel does, could she played so much better.

    • same with the people rooting for Rachel.. we don’t know what the Porkche supporters see in her —- not knowing where her shoulder is, bashing R 24/7 with the other “mean girls”, spiking the drinks with benefiber (how can making another person SICK be a good prank at all? Childish), the list just goes on and on. And smoking HOT? If you prefer an ass the size of china, sure, why not.

      • If you prefer someone who can’t produce tears when she cries and who thinks lip injections are where it’s at then you are out of your mind!

      • Let’s see, you’re a fan of a person who spikes drinks to make other people SICK and thinks it’s just a “prank”, bashes a person 24/7, didn’t start realizing she’s on BB until..say Day 50 or 55, doesn’t know where her shoulder is (you can rewatch it on youtube BBFan76 — “Big Brother 13 USA Episode 11 2/3 Head of Household Endurance Nominations” at around 00:30. I’m sure you’ll love how smart she is)..and I’m the one out of my mind? Good logic you have there.

      • Maybe I’m wrong, but the average guy wouldn’t find a girl with a big blob of muffin top fat hanging out from her waist…Porsche may have looked alright in the beginning of the season, but she’s let herself go quite a bit….

      • theWitchis Dead – I agree with your comments. Porsche did show a LOT of anger toward the vets especially. Putting Benefiber in their drinks should have gotten her booted off the show. That was a childish prank that could have had some serious consequences. Porshe is a very pretty young woman, but, guys, this is NOT a beauty pagent – it is a skills competition and skills should win the game. Rachel is the only one left who has played a skillful game. Poor Porshe has packed on some significant pounds during the BB13 period – her ass IS the size of China and now she has rolls of fat around her mid-section. To keep her classy “waitress” job when she goes home, she is going to have to go on a major, fast diet or she is going to be the “Big Fat Waitress” instead of the “VIP waitress”. I am team Rachel all the way – she is going to win. And when she wins, if her tears are fake – who gives a crap. She has played a fantastic game.

    • Rick your nuts if you think Porshe should get anything …..after her not doing nothing all summer but eat and sleep….u think that is hot….your standards must not be much!!!!!!!!!

      Go RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Seriously “rick”???? Porshce is “smoking hot”?? She IS pretty and has a beautiful smile, but this is not a beauty pagent! Just HOW shallow are you? I already know the answer to that ?? – you are scrapping pond scum you are so shallow. BB is about skills – Rahcel is the only player remaining who has played a skillful game. Skills should reap the rewards in this game. Rachel will win the $500,000!

      • bb isnt about skills. look at the greats. will, dan, dick. they didnt win much… bb is all social, and rachels social aspects were awful.

      • Dan actually won 5 competitions in his season. May not be any kind of record, but it’s pretty good and it’s not ‘not winning much’. Dick was overrated, not saying not good, just overrated. Daniele’s Veto wins saved him so many times (granted he saved her a couple times too). Other HGs in BB8 were too stupid and scared to pull the trigger on getting him out.

    • the right to win has nothing to do with hotness ! its about who played best and Rachel deserves to win !

    • On Porsche’s payroll. I’ve got you figured out.You are not a fan of BB. You are just somebody who must have something to gain from Porsche winning. Sorry, I don’t believe anybody could possibly have watched this show and been a fan for any amount of time, and be supporting someone like Porsche. She’s a disgrace, in the house and in life. I feel sorry for you if she’s someone you know personally. I hope you have sense enough to ask her where her sense of entitlement and morals came from? I know she’s young, there’s time for her to be taught some sense of right and wrong! If she were my kid, I’d certainly try to set her straight! No offense to her parents, cause I doubt they raised her to threaten to kick pregnant women in the stomach (game or no game), and or spike peoples food with digestive remedies they are unaware of. She’s an adult, responsible for her own actions, but if I were anyone in her circle of friends and family, I would be ashamed of that kind of behavior. CBS should be held responsible for not censuring her in some way.

      GO RACHEL!

    • smoking hot does not make you a good game player, would love to see Rachel win but it is up to the last HOH

    • Rachel will not win! Even if she did she should probably think about using the money for something more important than a wedding, like getting her tear ducts unclogged so she can cry like a normal person instead of in her tearless fashion! Go Porsche!

      • Perhaps Porkche can use the money to buy a brain. That way she’ll know where her shoulder is o_O

      • When Brendon first got evicted, Rachel looked like a mess (mascara/eye liner streaks) from crying. So there goes your “theory” about unclogging tear ducts. Perhaps somebody should unclog porkche’s brain (if she has any at all).

      • So? And how can you tell if the poster is a guy or not? My username, for one, is ambiguous. Jumping to conclusion much? LOL.

      • Porsche should use the money to go to Dr. Phil therapy so she can learn how to have a moral conscience. She’s still young enough to change her ways. Afterall, if Rachel can change from one year to the next, so can Porsche. Of course, Porsche is so smug, and so narcissistic, I doubt she even realizes the things she did and said were totally socially unacceptable. At least Rachel realized from last year she needed to come back and redeem herself. She already had started on that road when Reagan admittedly became her best friend outside the BB house. I wonder if Porsche’s behavior will have any effect on her. Looks are not everything in life, and right from the beginning, she stated on her montage she always knew she was the best looking person in any room she walks into. Sorry, Porsche, but in the BB house, there were many better looking than you, starting with Cassie, Jordan, and even Daniele. Not the smartest, not the prettiest, not the best competitor, not the best dresser, not the most interesting conversationalist,not the strongest, not the hardest worker. But
        most importantly, not the nicest, not the most loyal, not the most grateful,not the most humble, and lastly the MOST IMMORAL! HATS OFF TO YOU!

    • Porshe is as fake inside as she is out………NO class….If she even made it to bb end I would be very disappointed she dont deserve nothing, I hope Rachel finds out what she joked about her baby too….so Rachel can see that Porshe isnt worth the ground she walks on!!! Go RACHEL win final round and take Adam BOOT Porshe out the door with nothing!!!!!

  66. rachel and kalia, made some of the worst big brother moves in history……lets not forget that time when kalia won HoH and she had a chance to eliminate rachel, but instead of eliminating her she got luwan or however u spell his name eliminated a member of her own alliance, smh….. which back fired on her and allowed brendan to come back in the house….

    Dani was the only brains in that alliance….which was obvious….

    Rachel deserves to win, she plays the game smart, and didnt make any bad decisions when it was time to eliminate certain people in the house…..especially when it came to Dani, kalia and shelly, when all 3 of them at one point or another tried to save face with her and try to manipulater her into not voting them out, when they each was on the block…..

    • Dani was behind every Kalia move, Mickey! It was as much her decision to boot out Luwan as is was Kalia. Kalia was every bit Daniele’s puppet. So was Porsche. GIVE ME A BREAK!

  67. i agree with lennie,p doesnt deseve final 3 because what she was doin behind r ,she wanted to kil unborn child,,,that is disgustin,hop r does take a ,i wil be hapy if r evict that ugly person inside and outside p,lol

  68. Porscha needs to be PUNISHED for trying to cheat and harm the other player’s………….that is totally wrong…………she does not deserve to win, for that is no way to win…….these people could have seriously been hurt, then what, would they have done something to her?? She need’s to go…………..NO ONE SHOULD BE ALOUD TO TRY AND USE LAXATIVE ON ANYONE>>>>>>>>what a B———–……Go Rachel, and please take Adam with you…………….to the end……………….

    • Get over it. You all keep saying this, she’s not going to be punished so let it go. It’s a laxative that can be taken everyday.

      • I respectfully disagree. Laxatives may not be completely safe for all people depending upon the dosage, etc. It was just not a childish act, but a criminal act. What if the person was highly allergic to the stuff? Where does it say in the contract they sign that they can inflict spiked food/drinks onto another person just to win a game. Not a harm? What if they next season someone spikes a food or drink with something more toxic like cleaning fluids. Even BB has to meet specific guidelines of what they can make the HG eat. If I had done that to a co-worker, my backside would have been fired and in jail. Yes, it was a criminal act.

  69. Rachel will win the big $500,000! Yea! She will beat Porshce easily in the 3rd round of the HOH competition and she will take Adam to the final 2 because she knows that EVERYONE knows that Adam was a floater for 99% of the game and that none of the jury members trusted Adam because he kept changing his alliances. The jury does respect a good game player and feels that the grand prize should go to a real game player– and the only one of the final 3 who is a real game player is RACHEL! You go girl!!!

  70. Rachel has beat out all those crappie newbys. Rachel has been “what you see is what you get” can’t say that about those newbys……..what morons I say cancel BB, this what just an awful seaon and the competitions could have been performed by a 5th greater (and the 5th graders are probably smarter). LOL!!!!!!!!

  71. Total Rachel Fan… I hope she wins HOH so it’s a guarantee that she will be in final 2 and will win the game… Adam and Porche are mega-floaters who did nothing productive throughout the game until the very end… they should have been eliminated weeks ago.

    • I wonder what Adam will do to commemorate the day. He is from the town in Jersey where the Holland tunnel crosses the Hudson River to Manhattan. I know cause I lived a little further up the river, and know Hoboken well. The skyline of New York, directly across the river from Jersey, was dominated by the World Trade Center. Alot of people from Hoboken worked for the transit authority and the twin towers. I’m sure Adam lost a few acquaintances and even friends. It’ll be a sad day for him, of that I am sure, and he’ll be spending it with people who may have little understanding of how devastating this incident was to the people of his town and all of the New York City Metropolitan area.

      My thoughts and prayers to all those reading this who were personally affected by this attack. May God Bless and comfort all of you.

      • there are not words that can be said that can mend their broken hearts today. Prayers to every one that lost a love one, friend and family member 10 years ago today.

  72. i dnt even now how somepple are fans of p,she was sleepin the whole game and she only wake recently after the best players are out of the game and she only started atleastto win,she has now only 2hoh also 2 vetos, ,so i dnt see her a competitor like r,rachel is one of the best player in the house now,GO….RACHEL,,,,GO RACHEL WIN FOR BOOKIE,,,,LOL

  73. Lennie… I agree with you 100% when it comes to Porsche… I just cannot find myself liking the girl. Porsche didn’t do that bad in the competitions BUT I just didn’t like her social game or her personality… I like Adam I think he played a clean and decent game at least he kept his integrity in tact unlike Shelly…YES Rachel annoyed me with all of her crying but so did all the other girls…BUT as far as playing the game Rachel played the best game, fought the hardest, took the most insults and kept on smiling and most importantly she didn’t give up…SO Rachel take the baton….kicked hard…take a deep breath and hit the finish line and WIN… YOU TRULY DESERVE TO WIN!!!!

    • The vet haters complain about Rachel being a crybaby when they really should look at the “mean girls” first. boohoo.
      Cowlia: It’s soo unfair.
      Porkche:It’s more on my shoulder right here — points to her inner elbow. Good job Porkche! You can rewatch it on youtube, BBFan76 — “Big Brother 13 USA Episode 11 2/3 Head of Household Endurance Nominations” at around 00:30 gotta love it.

    • A lot of people make comments about Rachel crying — they have forgotten about Kalia laying in bed for days and crying and saying “this is so unfair” – as if she was “entitled” to win for some reason. Even Jordan did her share of crying. It’s tough being in a house with strangers, separated from family and friends, so crying is just a natural response to being disappointed. Nothing wrong with a few tears as long as you get over it and get back in the game – which is exactly what Rachel has done. She has taken more abuse and ridicule than anyone in the house, yet, she got over and kept her game on!!

  74. @Matt BBN. Thanks again for another great year for this site. Maybe you can answer two questions I have and can not find the answer. First, what made Ragan do a complete turn around about Rachel. From her being his worst enemy to her being his best friend? Could it be getting away from Britney (who I could not stand) Second, a few weeks ago, Rachel hinted about Brendon and Lane almost coming to blows last year in Vegas. Do you know the story behind that one? Again Thanks for your hard work! Go Rachel#1,Adam #2 and Jordan for AF

    • I don’t know, but I think if you take the time to look past Rachel’s rough exterior, you find a girl with a really good heart. That’s what Jordan did, and she said it on several occasions. Rachel is spoiled, but she’s a good girl underneath it all. Some people are diamonds in the rough. You have to put in a little bit of work before you can find the precious jewel.

  75. Rachel fans grab a life vest! Your ship is about to sink and according to you none of you are floaters so you better jump over to Porsche’s ship which is heading all the way to the 500K!

    • I suggest you read morty’s page rocks’ comment below before you go hanging the wreath around Porsche’s neck.


    From the sounds of it, Rachel and Porsche have made a Final 2 deal, so it won’t matter who wins the last HOH competition. Whether this can be believed or not remains to be seen, but I’m pretty sure Rachel’s gonna keep her word, since she told Adam she promised Porsche.

    Rachel’s been playing the “I’m getting second place” angle. However, we know from her interview that Jordan’s voting for Rachel to win if she gets to Final 2. Jeff will probably vote the same way as her. Rachel always had Brendon’s vote. On BBAD, around 10pm BBT according to Morty’s page, Rachel and Adam were talking while Porsche was in the DR. Here’s what he had to say:

    “Adam tells Rachel that no matter what, she has his vote. He says she played the game very well and deserves to win. ”

    If Adam is to be believed, then that’s the 4 votes Rachel needs to win Big Brother 13 and half a million dollars.

    Again, who knows if this is just game talk or if any of them are being sincere. Guess we’ll see on Wednesday night.

  77. I would like to see Adam and Rachel in the F2 and Rachel with the win. Out of the three she deserves it the most. She has fought since DAY ONE!! Brenchel was a bit annoying but Rachel alone…. SO much better! GO RACHEL…… Do it for bookie!

  78. rick and porch fan,you guyz stop whinin,do you guys realised you two are the only porcha fans in this site ,guess what you need to get a life and stop repeatin the same things you wrote before and you know the majority fans here who they support to win,known other than RACHEL,BBB 13 WINNER RACHEL!!!! LOL

  79. porche fans, what about this porche is the worst bb player in bb history and she is worst floater,she need to grab alife vest,,,,may be you can do for her since your another floater here,,,,,lol

    • I don’t like her, several of her comments/actions have annoyed the you know what out of me, but she’s not the worst player ever…

      • Lawon has got to be on the top 2 at least. Or is he that irrelevant that he can’t make it even on that list? LOL.

      • She’s not the worse player as far as competing is concerned. She has some skills. But she’s the most immoral.

      • Their floaters because their ‘life vests’ are the players who they use to keep them above water and save them from drowning. Parasites would be a better word to describe them.

  80. God damnit lol…I didn’t want this spoiler I just wanted to check back on comments on the Kalia exit interview page, but someone on their said Porsche won this so I said ‘Ah screw it it’s too late now’…anyway, I hope if Porsche wins she sticks to this supposed deal made while Adam was in the DR and takes Rachel, her second stupid move involving taking Rachel, because she won’t win the vote against her. However, I think Porsche will realize this, I don’t think she has much but she has enough smarts to realize she might actually win $500 grand against Adam…

    • You give her too much credit. She doesn’t have a brain to begin with. Or if she has, it’s probably almost non-existent.

      • Matt (BBN) says he has a feeling Porsche will want to be the only newbie in the final so she doesn’t risk splitting newbie votes…

        I heard a few days ago Porsche saying she wants an all-newbie final so that they don’t pick a side and just vote for who played better, without the labels attached (so ironic because she’s been harping on the labels all season)

        So I don’t know if I agree with Matt and that doesn’t happen often…but I really do hope he’s right on this, and/or I hope Porsche changed her mind since what he heard was after what I heard.

  81. Rachel fans are so easy to toy with! Like Rachel, they take everything personally and can’t understand why people don’t like her! I personally am hoping to see Rachel go cry in the bushes one last time after she doesn’t win! The funny thing is that Rachel actually likes Porsche but Rachel fans still bash her anyway! Guess they aren’t that up to date with what is going on in the house! Probably cuz they are further up Rachel’s butt then even Adam dared to venture! Scary thought! Lol!

    • So what’s your opinion on Adam telling Rachel she has his vote? Rach all ready has Brendon and Jordan, which means she’ll have Jeff, too. If Adam’s telling the truth, Rachel’s gonna win.

      • I guess Porsche Fan has nothing to say, anon. Guess that says it all, though. Can’t use a comeback to counter a good argument, because Adam actually did say that tonight while Por was in the DR.

    • I am a fan of Rachel because she has played a great, skillful game! I don’t take this personally at all! I don’t “know” any of the players except what they show in their gamesmanship. Porshe and Adam have floated their way to the final 3 – it is just astounding that they have made it to the final 3. But, skill will win out, and Rachel is the only one who as skillfully played the BB game. Porsche has lucked out a few times to win some competitions, but she is not a smart player – she doesn’t make good strategic moves like Rachel. Adam has dug his heels in and started playing the game in the last 3 or 4 episodes but he has been a floater and no one trusts him because he keeps switching alliances. Porche and Adam are probably fine people – but, this is not about who is a good person – it is about skill. RACHEL ALL THE WAY TO THE HALF MILLION!

    • Rachel is ignorant to the real transgression Porsche committed against her. She believes Porsche just did things in order to play the game. Porsche did alot more than that. She personally attacked Rachel in ways that are inexcusable and hard to forgive. Sorry, but I find Porsche’s hypocrisy with Rachel now almost as bad as the stuff she did. No scruples. No conscience. Sense of entitlement. Narcissistic.

  82. porche fan is the same person changin the name,hey no one cares you any more,,,,,LOL ,,,,,GO RACHEL,she is THE WINNER ALREADy.

  83. I wonder where Porsche thinks her elbow is ? Maybe the last comp. will be on body parts and their location.

    • LMAO! She probably think her elbow is up her a$$. She already thinks her shoulder is her inner elbow. Too funny!

  84. Watching everyone argue over this makes me laugh . I love Porsche . I love Rachel (even last season I was a huge Rachel fan). I will be happy if either of them win. I do disagree , however , that Porsche is worse than Adam . I feel Porsche has done alot more than Adam in the game. At least Porsche picked a side . Adam went to everyone and simply kissed their butt to stay safe . At least Porsche had the guts to say “I’m with Kalia and Daniele now !” In my opinion , both of the girls deserve to win. Adam deserves nothing except for a trip home to Farrah (spelling ?)

    • Someone else with my name but lowercase r. or imposter?lol Of the remaining players, I’m for Porsche, all the way.. no question.

  85. Porsche will win! End of story! Rachel fans are so entertaining! I will be sure to check this page out whenever I need a good laugh! So hilarious how they are devoting their life to supporting Rachel! Their loss I guess! I know I will enjoy living a life that doesn’t involve obsessing over a tv show contestant!!! SHOCKER!!!

    • Then why don’t you just shut up and go to bed all ready? I’m going to now because I actually have to go earn a living tomorrow.

    • I am laughing as well.
      Very entertaining. P Fan, I read all the posts. You seem to have devoted your life to
      supporting Porsche and obsessing over a tv contestant! ? Hmmm. The pot calling the kettle black??
      Rick must be about 13.. all he says is Porsche is smokin’ hot… way past his bed time. LOL!

    • At this point, its not only about supporting Rachel, whom I like but wasn’t rooting for until everybody else who deserved to be in the house was gone, and she earned my respect due to her competitive nature, and willingness to change her attitude. It’s about Porsche not deserving of being in the house, not because of her lack of competent competing, but based on her lack of morals. Porsche would’ve been kicked out if she had physically hurt someone in a fight. What’s the difference between that and causing someone to be physically ill?

      • CBS needs to make P pay for the benefiber. Can’t the houseguests do something about this when they find out what she did.Go Rachael and take Adam to final 2.

  86. Anything in brackets is opinions made by the people who update Morty’s page.

    “Adam and Porsche are alone on the patio and Adam explains to her that he’s her swing vote, because if he’s sent to the jury, he’s voting for Rachel, and if he’s in final two, he’ll tell the jury he’s happy with second place, and that they should gice first prize to Porsche. [Sounds good, but if Porsche doesn’t take Rachel, then Rachel would vote for Adam.]”

    Sounds like Porsche’s screwed if she does, screwed if she doesn’t.

  87. Somehow it just hit me now that last weekend I drunkenly referred to my friends as Jeff and Jordan at a campfire, and then told one of them (the girl) that we should go on Big Brother and I’d keep her safe as long as she didn’t flip on me…..

  88. Rachel is looking to take the cash and the respect. I don’t see why Adam and Porsche would take Rachel. They would lose, and lose badly.

  89. Adam is a sore loser, now that he knows he aint going to the final 2 , he’s trying to claw his way back by saying he will have the deciding jury vote

    • I hope Adam knows something about the stuff Porsche actually pulled on Rachelf and tells her about it. I for one will for sure not rest until CBS penalizes Porsche for her behavior in the house. If Porsche gets to F2, it will be a travesty against other players who’s behavior did not fall to the level of Porsche’s.

  90. It’s official, stop speculating. Rachel and Porsche have made Adam aware they are not taking him. The two girls are the final 2 – and it is looking like Rachel will win this season…who knew?

    • Hope you’re wrong, Ontario. It makes me sick to think if Rachel wins the final competition, she’d choose a person who totally betrayed her in the worse way. Wish I could crawl thru the tv screen and tell her Rachel the stuff Porsche said. CBS should do something about to stop it, like penalize Porsche in some way. She deserves nothing less.

      • Even if that’s true, the HG’s are not aware of the kind of things we are. At this point, Adam has been told he won’t be final 2 – the girls are taking each other. Adam said he’d vote for whoever wins the final HOH – he could be the deciding vote.

  91. God Bless, and protect America. Today is a day to remember all those who’s lives were forever changed by the actions of mad men. May God protect us in the future, and may we never forget how great a country this is and how blessed we are to live here.

  92. Remember when Adam first shaved and they called him Philip, does anyone else feel this was a missed opportunity to call him Hobo Ken? Especially when he used to wear the Hoboken shirt more and not just bacon-themed ones all the time.

    Doesn’t exactly matter, didn’t then nor does it now, but…just sayin’…

    • Hoboken is an appropriate shirt for him to wear on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. They were very affected by the attack on the Twin Towers. I lived in close to Hoboken, a little further north, and watched the Twin Towers being built. I’ve lived in Texas for a long time now, but the thought of the skyline of New York without the skyline is almost surreal, even after 10 years. That a few mad men filled with hatred for innocent strangers could carry out an act of such destruction is beyond tragic. May God bless and protect us from another act like this one, and may Americans get back the feeling of patriotism and unity we felt after we were attacked.

  93. Rachael needs to take Adam because he will probably get zero votes, whereas Porches may get votes from Daniel, Kalia, Shelly, ,and Adam. Adam hated Rachel so much throughout the show he want give her a half of million.

  94. I would love to see Rachel aka the comeback kid win the money. She was the A#1target since she walked through that door. And her ridiculous whining for Brendon and her hussy fits made it worse. But she made it through every eviction she was nominated for. If she wants to win she needs to get rid of Adam. Someone needs to put a hole in his flotation device.

  95. Dose anyone know when the last part of hoh is? GO REACHEL WIN BB13!!!!!!!!! no matter who is in the final 2 with Rachel ,Rachel is going to win and get 500000. oh ya porsha sucks and should of got voted out the 1st week.

  96. If Porsche and Rach make F2 then it’ll all be on Adams vote.
    – Dani/Kalia/Shelly vote for Porsche
    – Brendon/Jeff/Jordan vote for Rach
    Could be down to who evicted Adam

    • and adam is a superfan of bb.He knows r is hated by america,he doesnt know that changed some this season.He loves jj do you think he really votes for (in his mind the most hated player)r.

      • i see shelly trying to make peice with the vets goes along with them to vote for rachel no matter who she faces in the final but i hope its rachel and adam even though that is a vote she wont have in final

  97. Porsche deserves to win! Bacon brain Adam is a total waste, he is only good at eating and farting. Rachel is too messed up to have that kind of money, she would probably go to Vegas and lose it on the tables and then cry about it. As for tampering with the food, whatever! Benefibre is harmless, get real.

    • I agree Val. People need to get over the benefiber thing. I am all for Porshe winning. Rachael had a lot of help from big brother this season and for that reason alone she does not deserve to win. I hope she does choose to take Porshe to final two because Porshe has a better chance of getting some votes than Adam does.

  98. I hope Rachel wins and takes Adam to the F2. Then I hope Rachel wins BB13. She deserves it. She’s worked hard all season while Porshe just laid around doing nothing until the end. And Adam deserves 2nd over Porshe because he was loyal to his word. Porshe turned on Rachel after Rachel had done so much for her. I like Rachel’s personality better than Porshe’s. Sure she has issues, but I feel she’s grown this season (with help from Jordan). Porshe’s just snotty.

  99. Go Rachel and take Adam to the final 2, he tried and was a loyal friend in the end Porsh is a mean nasty person,based on the things she said and did to the other players in the BB house They were not part of the game they were nasty things showing her character as a person

    • Moe, I agree Porsche is not an honorable person, however, if Rachel sends her to jury, Rachel will not win. Unless…Jordon is able to ‘guilt’ Shelly into voting for Rachel. Personally I believe Shelly owes Jordon at least that.

      Adam, if sent to jury, would of course be angry, plus…he and Porsche have had some kind of ‘dialog’ all summer, and lastly, Adam is a Wildcard…but, at the very least, Rachel would have a chance.

      Sincerely, I hope Rachel wins. She fought the hardest and deserves the WIN.

      • If Rachel sends Porsche to Jury then she has an even better chance of winning. Daniele won’t vote for Adam. Daniele, Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon would be the four votes to give Rachel the win.

        Adam says he’d give Rachel her vote in the F2, but if Porsche wins Round 3 he may feel inclined to vote for Porsche. If he votes for Rachel, then it’s Adam, Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon. Rachel wins there too.

  100. Who is Adam kidding? No way he will tell anybody that he does not deserve to win all that money. The deal is already set. He will be evicted.

  101. weather you like her or not Rachel is one of the strongest players in bb history as far . it would have been great to have seen evil dick in this years house as planned, but it was not to be . jeff is my fav.

  102. There’s game play and there’s just plain cruel and Porsche is the latter of the two…I cant dismiss the comments she made when it was thought Rachel could be pregnant. I sincerely doubt that Rachel would ever stay in contact with her after she finds out what Porsche said behind her back. Adam really didnt compete until the last couple of weeks, but his social game got him to F3 and so he deserves to be there as much as the other two. I certainly hope that there are RL consequences for both Porsche and Kalia, I wouldnt employ anyone that admitted to harming a pet or have someone host a function that openly joked about causing harm to a pregnant person. Neither of those topics had anything to do with gameplay and directly reflect their true personalities.

  103. You got to remember Porche and Adam only won comps after the good players were gone. Rachel has always been a fighter. But I think Porche has a chance of winning HoH due to the fact she was kissing and shoved up everyones butt. So when the part 3 of HoH and they ask the former housequest questions Porche just might know them. Ahhh but Porshe chokes under pressure which gives Rachel an advantage. Btw has anyone heard if Rachel is preggers or not! Go Team Rachel you deserve to be there enjoy your win!

    • No she is not with baby, she took two test that Big Brother got her, no BABY.I would like or love to see Rachel win, she really has earned every penny of it.

    • yeah, rachel earned it from the very start of the game. she might not be a good social player but she’s on the top 3 now, winning competitions is one very important factor of winning the game.

    • Did it not occur to Big Brother that Adam would have a hard time holding his breath in the last contest? Any one listening or watching BB After Dark should recognize Adam has a breathing problem due to smoking….or maybe it did occur to BB and it was meant to be that way?

      • ALL the competitions that will be used all season are designed and scheduled before the season begins! They do not make them up as they go along!

  104. I really hope one of them take adam with them, probably they’ll win rather than against each other but Rachel and Porche would be great together!!! :D

  105. Rachel needs to win and win the half million dollar once Brandon left she paid a great game she deserves it. Saw a different side of her.

    • i really hope rachel ends up 3rd. too funny by half . i hope the newbies are in the 1st and 2nd seat because it should have been this way from the beginning. the vets were just too arrogant to win and rachel doesnt deserve to win

      • Just her luck- the vets especially rachel worked their ass off all summer, handing out golden keys to all the noobs.

      • Rachel deserves to win. After Brendon left she played an awesome game. She may be nuts but she is a WINNER.

      • I agree that Rachael doesn’t deserve to win. She crumbled everytime things didn’t go her way and 2 times she was pretty much saved by Big Brother’s twists. Had it not been for those twists she would have been evicted weeks ago. I also do not believe she has changed at all. Her good-bye comments to many of the newbies who were evicted were very nasty and very Rachael. I would love to see Porshe win HOH and take Adam to final 2 and make all the vets vote for a newbie. I know that isn’t going to happen though. The writing is already on the wall and I can read it.

      • Hahaha I hope Porshe wins the thrid hoh compitition and takes Adam with her !!
        I would LOVE to see Rachel come in third…but I think Rachel has a really good change to win the third HOH compitition and if she does she will have to votes to win with whoever she takes with her but at least someone who played the game will win ! :)

      • Just her luck. YOU don’t deserve to be able to make your stupid comments on this board. Rachel deserves to win you moron.

      • Not even worth responding to you and herself…Apparently the two of you have been watching reruns of the Flinstones!?!

  106. Wow! I cant believe it is almost over. Anyone know where BB Anon meets? lol

    I can’t believe how much I started this season “hating” Rachel. Now, I just love the girl. She overcame alot. I still think she is one nutty beeotch, but in a good way now. Good luck and best wishes to her, Brendan and all the other HGs.

    Crap.. it looks like now that BB is soon over, I will have to do more housework than laundry, dishes, and making a trail through my house.

    I also wish my fellow commenters the best in all you do. (even vetfan ;) )

    Thanks to Matt(BBN) for this wonderful sight.

    One a more serious note, my prayers are with all of those who lost someone in the terrible acts on 9/11. May God be with you.

  107. Wow! This is the fir st season watched Big Brother , Porsche really played the social aspect and Rachel competed her butt off, I just want to say way 2 go.

    • If you had watched other seasons of BB, you would have been left utterly disappointed with da low quality house guests this season (except for Dani). I encourage you to go watch past season and you will see what real competition is. Oh don’t bother watching season 12 and 13, coz all you get is another dose of Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brenden…Save yourself from seeing their usually display of

      • can tell ur a dani fan… to bad she played the worse game EVER!!! i cant wait to see what DICk says about how stupid dani played

      • This season would suck badly withour Dani… she makes this season less predictable. BB should choose this kind of players in the future. Adam type should be banished!

      • I agree Dani made it exciting and if Dick was there would have been even better. I don’t understand the love fest for Jeff and Jordan, don’t get me wrong they are nice, but Jordan an idiot and Jeff was a bully, and pretty deceitful.
        I hope Rachel wins she deserves it although Prosche didn’t play a bad game, maybe Dick saw something in her when he asked her to join the vets. Adam, what can be said about him only that he was probably the worst player to play Big Brother, and his constant bravado about how he played makes me want to throw up.

    • Porsche played the social aspect! The only time porsche opened her mouth all summer was to eat or talk shit aboutt Rachel!

      • I agree, Porsche never had a good social game, she only talked to Newbies. Jordan said she never knew anything about the girl! Like everyone said, she just woke up Day 55 & started playing the game…..

      • @Amia……Yeah….but look where she is now! It takes two to talk…Jordan didn’t play and was carried all the way. Folks may not like Porsche, and Rachel brings my lunch forward but, in a game worth 500K you gotta look at ALL game play, behaviour (with and without Brendan) and HOW they got where they are. Adam floated (and when he finally won, he made a stupid comment about the girls stepping up their game….REALLY dude?), Porsche played and made key moves at the right time..AND she didn’t back down by keeping Jordan…she kept the competitor. Again, Rachel (aarrgghhh!), but whomever wins round 3 should win BB13…(my opinion of course).

      • Exactly, that is why Adam needs to tell Rachel about all of P badmouthing if she wins last round. Although, A doesn’t deserve to win either…I can stomach him receiving $50,000 abit better than P getting $55,000.

  108. Funny how this all worked out.Rachel won the first HOH and Porsche got the first Golden Key at the beginning of the show.Now,they are both together in the end.(Unless they are dumb enough to take Adam).

  109. Porsche has never won on questions that I can remember. Rachel has shown she is much better at questions. If the final comp is questions, Rachel should have the advantage. Porsche had the advantage over Adma in a physical challenge. Porsche has street smarts, maybe, but not intelligence. Go Rachel! Win, win, win. How about Adam saying he would turn down the 500K? Do I believe that? No.

    • Hope neither one of them take Adam. Want Rachael to win, thinks she deserves it much more than Porsche. Still can’t believe she didn’t get slap on the wrist for tampering with their food. Not right at all.

      Back to Adam, like him ok, but he thinks he is a lot better than he is in the game. He was carried a lot of the way, but doesn’t seem to think so. When he turned on Jordan, that showed his true colors. Enough of Adam..
      Be gone!!!

      • I hope rachel wins she needs she is getting married and the money will come in handy for for porche all she will do is piss it in the wind and she also didnt play the game well

      • Just because Rachel is getting married does not mean that she deserves to win. She played the game…but i still do not want her to win any money !!!

  110. So,on the feeds at 1:25am,it says: Rachel tells Adam and Porshce that on all the Big Brother fan sites the three of their faces aren’t x’d out and on the opening credits for the show their faces are still in colour. How does she know that?????? They don’t have Internet,right? HOW does she know that??????

    • Because she’s a fan of the show and read fan sites in the past. She knows that sites, like this one, marks out the evictees. Therefore, Rachel can say she knows it has happened again this season.

      • Oh,Ok Matt.Since you say so,it must be true.And,by the way,how’s your sick wife? I read somewhere that even she said “you lack common sense”,just saying.And,if you don’t want to print this or kick me off this sight,that’s ok.I’ll understand.

      • FYI, The Matt (BBN) is not the Matt that was on BB. I’m sure he works hard on this site to give us all the spoilers and such info. I think you are being very rude.

      • @Shaun: Wrong Matt. I am not Matt Hoffman. I can see now how you’re not bright enough to understand Rachel is aware of a world that exists outside the Big Brother game.

        What’s more likely: a grand conspiracy to allow HGs to read Big Brother fan sites while in the house OR Rachel is aware of fan sites from previous seasons before she was in the house. Hmm…

    • YES SHERI, I agree with you all the way. Rachel did cry a lot when Brendon left, but there were a lot of tears, no one else comments on them do they. So, she loves HER MAN way to go Rachel. I hope you get ALL THE MONEY and have a wonderful wedding and life and live happily ever after. You worked your butt off, and played a smart game. RACHEL ALL THE WAY!

  111. Rachel has been fighting since day 1 she deserves to win it all. Win Rach ! she will have a beautiful wedding and money to start a family that she wants. I think she should take Adam with her, everyone in the jury knows Adam just coasted his way up. IMO.

  112. I hope it’s Rachel and Adam in the final two. Rachel is sure to win. Only because Adam and Porsche have been floaters most of the season. They didn’t step up their game until most of the veterans were gone. Porsche always complained about the veterans taking over, but never did anything to stop it.

    • what exactly was she supposed to do. all big move players end up gone from the game. She was smart to wait to make her move , she is at the end isnt she. hope rachel leaves… go Adam and Porche

    • Monica…LOOK WHO’S LEFT….! ALL vets but Rachel are gone…ALL vets knocked off by newbies….most competitive vet kept by newbie (instead of floating vet). If Porsche wins round 3, it would be MAJOR for her to kick out Rachel…2 newbies left, BEST game player (liar or cheater…whatever)wins…and if last two are Adam and Porsche…Porsche should win…AND, if she keeps Rachel, she should still win because she didn’t back down and took a risk to keep her…. Just sayin’.

      • LOL Not ALL vets were knocked off by newbies, Brendon got evicted twice by dani and dani got evicted by jeff and for porsche to win bb13 would be sad but not as sad as Adam. I mean starting to play on day 55 and choosing a side 1 week before finale night is no way to win bb. Rachel is not the best player with Brendon around but when she’s alone she’s pretty good. She deserves to win

      • i think rachel should take adam and leave “miss do nothing” until the end to leave her out of the money porsche doe not desetve to go she just coasted for most of the season JMO GO RACHEL! to be honest adam pretty much coasted too but they’re her only choices. its the lesser of 2 evils. in other words, they both bad choices

  113. No matter what you think of Rachel personally, she is the only one left that deserves to win. Adam and Porche have done nothing but ride the coat-tails of other players. Rachel has fought like crazy to be where she is. I want her to win the HOH and take Adam with her because Porche has too many friends on the jury. I believe the jury will have a harder time voting for Adam than they will Rachel. Go girl go!!!

    • If Porshe wins don’t you think she will take Adam to the final because she would be able to say I brought the newbies to the end just like dani would have wanted!

  114. Hi Matt
    the show on wed the finally is 1 and a half hour
    do u think they will show Kalia and Jordan arriving at jury house?

  115. Speaking of Jury votes. Has anyone thought about Brendan may have been working on the juries the moment Jordan walked into the JH? The Couple is intellgent people, if I was him I’d be offer $1000 or maybe more for whoever is voting for Rachel if that’s allowed of course. But even if its not, making deals under table and who would know? Porsha and Adam don’t have anyone in the Jury who likes them that much to working on votes for them so like so many others, I believe Rachel would win if she made it to F2. GO GIRL!!!You deserve it and keep up the good work!!!

  116. we want racheal to win……way to go racheal….porsche you have the looks but not the brain….adam you did nothing the whole season…you deserve not to win…..i say racheal and adam as the two….not porsche. she has too many friends on jury.and the jury wont be fair towards racheal…..racheal should win…she has really palyed this game…..

    • rachel has played the worst game, can you remember the wailing, the crying, the tantrums… come on, she is basically a mean spirited nasty girl who has no game play at all.

      • @just her luck…AGAIN…on point! Did everyone else miss the MANY MANY times that Rachel…(boo hoo, boo hoo….aaaa boo hoo hoo) dry cried and tantrumed out…and pouted….and said “blah blah…don’t mess with my man”…and Brendan…Brendan…Brendan…Brendan…Brendan…Bookie)…I mean good grief! There has ALWAYS been this false sense of entitlement by the vets and their fiances’, boyfriends, girfriends…whatever! This is a game worth 500K and if you got your butt voted off by someone who betrayed you and is still there then…who REALLY played the game. A good chess player can “checkmate” you in the beginning or the end of the game (depending on YOUR moves and game play), but the bottom line is….game over, you lose…CHECKMATE!!

    • You must be saying nasty, mean spirited while you brush your rotten teeth in the mirror…Leave R alone and try another Chat Room that is more your level. Rachel Rocks!

  117. Rachel is always so mean in her goodbye thoughts for evicted house guests, she is just a mean person. She enjoys hurting people. She has to play
    twice to win ? Loser.

      • Yeah…remember..on live TV, in her goodbye message, she called a player a a “bit**”. Whether she thought that or not, that is NOT the reflection of a good game player but that of a spoiled rotten “Nellie Olsen”, with no dignity or decorum who is “big mouth” when supported by those that agree but less force when left to play alone (much more humbled). And, not to be mean….but so many people think she should win bcuz her and Bookie are getting married. STFW? Does anyone really believe that will last? Their behaviour is young and immature and only stimulated by their “lust” for one another (and Bookie posted a video of his face and private parts on the internet since they’ve been together, for OTHER women to see). Once that’s gone…SEE YA! Brendan is going to school and working and if she did the same, they may be long lasting but…lust and instant cash may only amount to instant “Buh Bye’….

      • The “mean girls” supporters (that would be Cowlia, Porkche, bratty/fugly Dani, loony shellHE) have selective amnesia, just like the HGs they’re supporting. They cry “rigged” if the outcome does not go their way. They ridicule Jordan for being dumb when Porkche doesn’t even know where her shoulder is. They ridicule Rachel for being a crybaby/whiny, when Cowlia/fugly Dani beats her in that department hands down. And now the goodbye messages — they don’t remember Cowlia/Bratty’s goodbye messages? Don’t even get me started on LoonyShellHE.

      • True, Cowlia was particularly vile when Brendon left.

        Surprisingly she didn’t have any food in the DR that time.

      • Rachel is just a nasty girl, she doesnt have any redeeming values as a person. she doesnt deserve to win anything

      • making comments based on body type is a typical thing a mean, nasty girl would do. the name calling and bashing is unbelievable, rachel’s moral character is at issue, she is a mean girl so i guess all the mean girl wannabees want her to win. sad really

      • Exactly…people ONLY see what they want to see. Rachel did well, and carried herself in a respectable way. She did everything for Jordan to keep her in the game, and Jordan was appropriately appreciative. Shelly simply SUCKS, I hope her daughter does not realize what a deceiving liar and cheater her mother is.

    • i agree, she is a very mean spirited girl either winning or losing. nasty and doesnt deserve any win

      • @just her luck, So it’s ok to put benefiber in protein powder so the other houseguest will get sick? It’s ok to hide other houseguests things? It’s ok to throw your dog against a wall? It’s ok to talk about throwing a ball at Rachels stomach to save her money on an abortion? Now who did you say is the mean one????

      • Wow, you must really be jealous of her, all your posts are so focused on talking about Rachel. For someone you hate so much you sure spend a lot of time on the girl. We get it, you don’t like her. Guess what, nobody cares what you think!

  118. Have to admit…..I never cared for Rachel last season or this season, however after watching the way porch and dam have played…………for the first time ever I say GO RACHEL!…….did I just say that?………wow

  119. Rachel needs to win the third round and take adam cuz porche has too many allies in the jury house. Adam has none therefore rachel taking adam is her bast bet. If she takes porche she will give up the half million.

    Votes for rachel: brendon, jeff, and jordan.

    Votes for porche: shelly, dani, kalia, and adam if rachel doesn’t pick him to go to final two.

    Ultimatly dani is the deciding vote. If she is a true bb player she will choose rachel but considering her social game I don’t see her voting for rachel with porche in the running.

    • Her chances are better taking P. Jeff was very close to A in the house. I really believe if A is in the final 2 Jeff will vote for A to win. Voting out P is risky because I think P will vote A to win. A I believe will vote for R to win.
      Either way will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I hope that Rachel’s deal with Porsche was just insurance in case she loses round 3. The only way Rachel will get the votes to win will be if she’s against Adam because there’s no way Dani will vote for him.

      Shelly, Adam and Kalia are pretty much writeoffs for Rachel because they either like Porsche or hate Rachel too much.

      • Don’t be so sure that Dani wouldn’t vote for A to win if he is sitting against R. Dani really doesn’t like R at all. That could out way her dislike for the way A played the game (which by the way got him to F3 and her a seat in the jury).

      • @Faye: Daniele said Adam was the “worst BB player ever” which was a bitter exaggeration on her part at the time due to frustration, but she still doesn’t respect Adam’s game. Meanwhile Daniele does like Rachel and does respect her game play even if she was frustrated with how things turned out. Daniele is too much of a BB fan to award the crown to Adam over Rachel.

      • No Mathias,Rachel wouldn’t LIE to Porsche about a final 2 deal,then STAB her in the back,would she? No,not wonderful Rachel!

    • dani will nver vote for Rachel if porche is there. Rachel will dump porche in true rachel fashion if its left up to her. She is a mean ugly girl inside and out. she is a very mean spirited girl either winning or losing. nasty and doesnt deserve any win

  120. An under water comp…… Way to unbalance the odds there bb.

    Either way If rachel or porche want to win they would need to take adam. Yes everyone thinks that adam shouldn’t even be in the final 2, but strategically he is the one that did less in the house out of the three. The best game move at this point is to take him.

  121. I really don’t look for D, K, S, or P to vote for Rachel on jury. They torn her up with thier ignorant remarks throughout the game and are all very clueless regarding “good game play”. If Rachael wins comp 3 and takes Adam, that will be one less vote she will have for herself. Is that right?

    • Dani won’t vote for Adam because of how much of a floater he is and how he didn’t vote for her to stay.

    • I’m not sure about S. She may have been trash talking R as part of game to keep R the #1 target of DKP. Since S was not honest in her DR tapings it is really hard to determine what she was really thinking.

      • Rachel voted out Cassie and Shelley cared for Cassie, so she may back Porsche and tell Jeffy to “sit on a bed post”. She has to have realized by now there will be no friendship with the “J-sters” outside of the show! That’s NOT what’s gonna happen..

    • Not really. If adam is in the final 2 with rachel, then rachel gets votes from breandon, jeff, and jordan. That makes 3

      Dani absolutely hates adam, and she has stated that adam is the worst player in the house, so another vote for rachel. That makes 4

      Kalia absolutely hates adam as well. We know that she would never vote for adam, another one for rachel. That makes 5.

      I am unsure what shelly would vote, and as for porche, well she could go both ways.

      If rachel were to take porche, than instatly she would have shelly, kalia, dani…… Rachel would have brendon, jeff and jordan. Adam would be a swing vote and chances are he will vote for rachel .

      • R was not too smart to say on the exit of D that “I do not need your vote.”

        That would be enough for me if I was in that situation to say “Fine, You will not get it!! Would of voted for you on your game play but you just released me of that obligation!!”

        Careful what you ask for!!

  122. Rachel’s best bet is to bring Adam – She will get all of the votes in the Jury over him – K,S,P and even Dani would not give it to Adam the floater. If she was up against Porsche however, K,S,A would all vote for Porsche cuz that was the alliance and they would want a newbie to win. Plus Dani would be the swing vote and she would just be her vindictive usual Rachel hater self and not give her the winning vote. Go Rachel – take Adam to F2 and win the $500 K

    • Rachael will win regardless who she takes to final two. She already has 4 sure votes in the jury house. Brendan, Jordan, Jeff, and Shelly. Shelly will vote according to Jeff’s wishes so she can prove her loyalty to him and Jordan. The only way one of the newbies will win a half million is if Porshe wins final HOH and takes Adam. Unfortunately that is not going to happpen.

  123. Go Rachel…best player of the season hands down! Haven’t always liked her but regardless…a great player that I have been rooting for since nearly beginning of this season.

  124. Mr. Matt (BBN)… curious of something. Of all the open & seemingly weelcome hate-filled messages expressed here, why are mY comments suddenly under moderation approval? Don’t know unless you ask…. Thanks for your time.

    • Comments that trigger the software filtering system’s flags are sent to a moderation queue. It’s not a manual decision or review that makes that happen.

      For whatever reason, your comment triggered those filters.

      The software is not capable of detecting “hate.”

  125. i hope that rachel wins it. i was wanting jordan to win cuz i do love her and jeff. but rachel deserves it if jordan is out. she deserves it because of all the freakin tears she has cried in the house. cannot stand all the crying.

    • @Gina…..OK doll! I am applying for BB14 and I promise to cry ALL SEASON..(dry tears, coughing, hacking, poor meeing)..Please, vote for me and want me to win! Lol….(all in fun Gina ;-)

  126. I really don’t want Porsche in the final 2!!!! She does not deserve to go, if not for her game play, for her horrible comments and lack of character. Go team Rachel! My seven year old says,” Rachel is awsome!”

    • you mean rachels horrible comments… come on rachel needs to go! The worst bb player in history… cry and whine rachel

    • I would never allow a seven year old to have Rachel as a role model!!

      Poor sport when she looses and glotes when she wins.

      I would actually use it to show what not to do!!

      But to each his own and that is your right!!

      • Way to go Frank…Totally agree. Awesome? Please do not let the child follow that or think that is cool! NOT

  127. Rachel Rielly deserves to win Big brother 13 because she has fought tooth & nail to stay in the game since day 1. Once Brendon got evicted, she stepped up her game and carried Jordan to final 4. Now she has proven that she is the top competitor left in the house with several HoH wins and Power of Veto to back her up. You may not like her personality, but her gameplay is what counts and I love her…….

      • Not a strong player? Like her or hate her, Rachel wins a lot. In BB12 she won 2 of the 3 HoH comps she competed in. In BB13 she has so far won 3 HoH comps and 2 Vetos. Hard to say someone with 5 HoH wins and 2 Vetos on her belt is “not a strong player” whether you like her or not.

      • @Matt

        You are always the voice of reason and appreciate that there is someone that has been there and can bring some reality to the msgs. You have been there and can shed insight!! Amazing the arm chair quarterbacks that have no clue what it is actually like to be in the house!!

        Rachel makes for good tv and that is what it is all about!! I am glad she is still around because I could not imagine watching the end of the season with KPA hehehe.

        Have a good 1 along with everyone one else that watches BB!!

  128. Where can I buy past seasons from – Maybe – I would like to watch from season 1. Anyone have any ideas?

      • @Debbie: You should be able to watch the backyard interviews on SuperPass on finale night. The Wrap Party might be viewable on SuperPass, I’m not sure. Then the Vegas Party is available for $20 from Live At The Studio (not associated with SuperPass).

  129. I really don’t want a vet to win. Porsche is my first choice and Adam second. I would pick Rachel for second but I read on two other sites that the vets got paid $25,000 to play. The newbies got $750 a week stipend. Of course this is probably what made Jeff feel so superior and bully all the newbies.

    • The difference is because the newbbe applied and were picked for the show
      BB had to call the vets to get them on the show
      If u want to complain about that complain with production or CBS not the players

    • I Agree!!!

      p is the underdog on the final comp because she does not know much about the vets. R has a big advantage because it is about jury members and most are vets.

      We will see what happens!!

      If she does pull off HOH, she should take Adam!! Can make a good case if she plays her cards right on making her case for winning.

      Can not believe how Adam is saying that if you take me to finals, I will say you deserve it? Nobody has respect for that type of game play!!

      I like the guy but he had his summer and I think he enjoyed it but if he comes back he will be nicknamed “Dead Meat”. He has shown how he wants to play the game as a floater and nobody will keep him because he can not choose a side till day 65!!!

  130. It looks like Adam giving up… He is just riding the ladies tail…

    Looking at votes if Rachel & Porsche up as the 2 finalist :
    Brendon -> Rachel
    Dani -> Porsche
    Jeff -> Rachel
    Shelly -> Porsche
    Kalia -> Porsche
    Jordan -> Rachel
    Adam -> he is the tie braker

    It’s a 50/50 ….
    Go Rachel !

  131. Rachel does not DESERVE to win. She wines all of the time. When she wins she is estactic, but when she looses. LOOK OUT. What a baby. I don’t think anyone that was on BB before needs to win. They already had their chance at the game, but failed!!!! Good Luck to the newbies!!!!!

  132. 100% Dani & Kalia will not vote Rachel !
    100% Brendon, J&J will not vote Porsche !
    Shelly & Adam is the deciding…
    Adam might gets vote if either R or P takes him… Porsche will once again make a big mistake if she do not take Rachel… Rachel who can read her mind… she will only take Adam is sees… P.. makes deals with the nutshell…and Kaliaa….

  133. Didn’t read all comments, but Rachel & Porsche are celebrating winning $50,000 a piece….$5K for each week in the house, and they’ve kept it from Adam. How could whoever wrote about celebration picture missed the important dialogue about the $$$$$?

    • What? The girls don’t win $50K a piece.

      I posted the girls celebrated a F2 agreement while Adam was gone in the DR. A F2 deal implies the obvious: one wins $500K, the other gets $50K.

  134. the 10 commandements according to Adam
    1 Jeff is my lord my god;
    2 I shall not take the name of Jeff my god in vain
    3 I will remeber to keep Jeff day holy
    4 I shall honour Jeff and Jordan
    5 I shall never have to make a decision
    6 I shall (but want to) not commit adultery with Tory Spelling
    7 I shall not take the BB 13 win
    8 I will never lie
    9 I shall not covet Jordan
    10I shall not covet Jeffs good looks

    • HaHa, but if that were true, then Adam would have nominated both J & R and backdoored Porche. Maybe he was too chicken to do so, but it would have been a LOVING JEFF kinda move.

      • Hey ellablue do you think P & R will keep their final two deal? It would be stupid, since Adam is the ultimate FLOATER: even Dani hates him.

      • @kitty kat I think so Porsha wants to be the only newbee so she (thinks) will have their votes including Danielle
        Rachel wants to take Porsha because she wants to win against the stronger player which Adam is not
        If Rachel wins final hoh then she will have JJ A B votes and she will win

      • Good Reasoning, but Rachel would win FOR SURE against Adam. JJAB votes are true, but she still needs one more, and if Adam went, she would get Danis. I think your right tho, especially about Porche.

      • oh wait, your right ellablue, I wss thinking there were 9 people in Jury, DUH!! Rachel will win against Porche.

  135. I want Rachel to win the 500k! As much as I dislike Porsche, you have to think about all the final 2’s in BB, a woman has never won against a man. So would Rachel be better off taking P? Then again, it would be nice for Rachel to make history and be the first woman to beat a man in the final 2.

  136. I loved reading all the feedback. Lot’s of good points. I see Rachel winning BB- and it’s so deserved. I think it’s funny how much “just my luck” hates rachel. She hasn’t missed a single chance to throw in her hatered on every single post. Get over it girl, she played the best game and deserves it more than the two remaining players.

  137. I think out of the final three, only Rachel deserves the win. Porsche slept through the first two thirds of the season! I really don’t want to see her get ANY money! She name dropped Janelle’s name all summer to impress the other houseguests. I really don’t like her sarcastic and mean demeanor. I don’t like Dani either. I want to see Rachel win with Adam in second place. Ditch Porsche! Ewww!

  138. The only thing Rachel deserves to win is some free acting classes. She needs to perfect her tearless fake crying. No way does she deserve to win. She needs to learn some humility and how to lose with dignity vs throwing a hissie fit everytime things didn’t go her way. How she made it as a cocktail server in a service industry that relies on tips is beyond me!

    • She may have had some fits, but please, nothing like Kalia!! She was arrogant when she won and a total baby when she lost!! Rachel kinda had the world upon her shoulders with everyone against her, so give her a break.

      • Rawr Kitty Kat,

        Some fits? Have you watched this season at all?
        Ask yourself why Rachel had everyone against her? Perhaps it was her rude attitude. I don’t think she deserves to have her behavior excused. In all fairness though she has been a stronger competitor (I hate to use that word because its been so overplayed this season) than Porsche or Adam. So if your basing who should win strictly on competitiveness then yeah maybe she should win but I don’t think that should be the only criteria to judge. I am glad there are Rachel supporters out there. Atleast this time around when she reads these posts she’ll have some fans on her side. The thought of her sobbing to her FEE YAN SAY that nobody likes her is heartbreaking to say the least.

      • LANCE, I love the Rawr, but I think I prefer MEOWWW!!! Anyway, you have some good points, Rachel probably did over act (and I mean ACT) but I still say she had people gunning for her when she first walked in, before she even had a chance to piss people off.

  139. It’s laughable to me watching the writings of all the critics here!
    How can anyone even think for a sec that Rachel didnt do anything???z Emotional=Yes, Undeserving=NO.
    Also, if CBS & the powers that be feel that allowing Porsche to mess with the food in a way that’d send any IBS patient to the hosp…then I guess they dont care much about anything but RATINGS
    As far as Adam lmao…in the final 3..? lmao..maybe he can win a spot in a tobacco commercial for smoking making ya hoarse…hahahaha!
    (sorry Fara)

  140. Rachel was way more stable without Brendon… what does that tell you… very disfunctional relationship… either that or BB finally put her on stabelizing meds to get her through the season…